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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XXXI

Join us for another fun-filled night of excellent sparring, high spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart.

All levels of fighters and disciplines are welcome (including melee, bare knuckle and archery). Bring your weapons and armor or borrow the Hart's equipment and truly test your skills. Or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favourite fighters.

Everyone is very welcome. Drinks are on the house.

Donations to the Golden Hart's charitable fund always appreciated. Deepest thanks for your ongoing support!

We hope you will join us!



This event was created to have some fun and offer more chances to RP a bit before the battles to come.

As always, the Hart is open to everyone in Arx. All are welcome to attend. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please feel welcome. If you have questions, you can @mail Valencia.

Look forward to seeing you! <3

Please see the Winners Circles from past events here:


Feb. 17, 2019, 9:30 p.m.

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Gretchen Ian Elise Silvio Zeriax Merek Berenice Reese Selene Mikani Gilroy Harlex Athaur Roxana Waldemai Kaia Ajax Ysbail Nigel Baltus Domonico Mabelle Kanean Gunther


Golden Hart


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

The little vixen enters the Hart's arena with bright smile and warm incline of head as many arrive to enjoy yet another night of fine fighting and excellent company. The room buzzes and rumbles with excited guests as they find their seats and armour up in anticipation of tonight's festivities.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Zeriax arrive, following Reese.

Gretchen is at the bar near Silvio drinking something red and chatting amiably with the bartender, "If you want the closest shave of your life, definitely drop by. We usually have open appointments around eleven but after that everything books up. Especially if you have a long night tonight. If I gave you some little cards could you make sure the fighters got them?"

Renault, the fluffiest Velenosan cat arrives, following Selene.

Ian has looked better than he does today. He's keeping close track of his own footsteps as he comes into the arena, and the tension in his jaw and around his eyes ages him even more than is usual. He looks, on top of that, profoundly weary. So it should surprise absolutely no one that he goes straight to the bar and orders a drink. He takes a seat and leans his cane against his leg so that it won't be in anyone's way as the place starts to fill up.

Ian has joined the bar.

Elise streches out near the ring

Silvio drifts his eyes over the nearby Gretchen, head to toe, unabashed, then he smiles faintly at the woman before lifting his glass in a silent toast. Reese and Valencia get a particularly fond look from the man, but owing to the event, he does not initially bother them. The entirely tired Ian gets bothered though, with a silent gesture to put that drink on his bill, and the man gets a curious stare.

Silvio has joined the bar.

Sipping? Sparring? Nnning? What could be better than a night socializing over such things? Not much, that's what. They might have had completely separate reasons for coming initially, but Zeriax and Reese have made their way to the Golden Hart! To the arena area, specifically. Zeriax was, of course, far outshined by the woman he came in with, a small shadow compared to her pinkness, but his toothy grin and aura of excitement seemed to help energize the man enough. "Ah! This is wonderful. I can't wait to see what happens. This is my first time!" Zeriax cleared his throat. "I mean, uh, would you like me to fetch you some refreshments and find us some seats, your highness?" He couldn't help it.

Merek has come to watch and settle in with something to drink! He has on his usual, while he has his cloak about him also.

Valencia offers a bright smile to Ian as he arrives, a worried eyebrow lifted in his direction, allowing the man to speak or not as his pleasure. Another is offered to Waldemai as he arrives too, the Master Smith is once again well cared for and an obvious favorite to the Hart's little barmaids. An equally affectionate smile is returned to Silvio as the little vixen goes out of her way to greet him with the offer of a delciate hand and a light kiss upon the cheek, as is Reese, another warm look and gently hug being offered.

There's a difference between being bothered and pestered, and while Ian might be pestered (inasmuch as someone paying for you to get drunk is pestering), he doesn't look especially bothered. He raises his eyebrows when the bartender points out his benefactor, and nods to Silvio. If he cares that he's being stared at -- if he even realizes he's being stared at -- he shows no sign of either. He does show that he can knock a drink back like a true Islesman, though.

Gretchen gives Silvio a wink and raises her glass back to him, "Glad you got a seat with the best view?" She grins and has a sip of wine, passing over a few slips of parchment to the bartender. At Zeriax's comment she laughs loudly, "Just take it slow," she advises him, "It's goes all night I've heard."

While her escort is a familiar enough face at these events, Berenice is an entirely new one. She''s dressed in clinging layers of aeterna that sweeps behind her in a short train, a marked contrast to the darkness of Harlex's armor. "Oh look, I know everyone!" she trills, delighted. She sweeps right up to the bar, her hair a lush sweep of dark waves down her back, one side twisted up and pinned with a comb. "Silvio, darling, it's been /ages/." She sidles in close to press a kiss to her cousin's cheek.

Reese arrives while in the company of Zeriax. She is adorned in lots of pink and toting along her weapons, but Reese often is. The girl smiles over to Silvio. She leans into the kiss offered from Valencia. "Princess Valencia." The girl says warmly. "It can be very exciting." Reese says toward Zeriax. "Do you know Princes Valencia?" She adds to the man. Reese has a wave for Gretchen and a warm smile for Merek.

Lots of excitement radiates through the Hart. Selene is not quite a stranger here. The beat of her fan stirs up an artificial breeze, one that has the very thinnest fragrance of jasmine about it. Probably because of a pomade hanging from the fan itself on a thick braided cord. The Whisper clearly isn't going to be headed to the Arena without just cause, but she comes in her own time. Leggy stride ready to take down any opportunity for socialising sees her headed not far from the bar. The black silk wrapped around her calls back to Triscali's beloved roses and there's a surprising amount of skin - for any Oathlander, and no one else - to be seen. With Reese up there, she acknowledges the prince and her companion with a wave of her fan.

Mikani enters looking around. She smiles warmly at those she knows and even those she doesn't. Getting her usual rum at the bar she moves around to mingle. "Zeriax! Good to see you." She calls out to her new friend before greeting Valencia and Reese. "Your Highnesses. I hope this day has brought you plenty of adventures."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Gilroy wanders into the Hart, his first time at one of these things, "Yeah, it's my first time at one of these things," he affirms to the Darkwater sailor he walked over with from the Reach. After looking around the room with an exaggerated squint he grumbles, "Where the hell is Luca? That guy is as reliable as... oh, me. Shit. Is this what it feels like?" He looks to the sailor. "Take a note that I should send Miella a gift basket or something." Leaving the confused sailor in his wake, but not at his wake, Gilroy heads over to the bar and orders a shot of the medium stuff. Gretchen's comment gets a probably painful snort. "I... I... fuck, I have opportunity paralysis. I don't know which unkind barb to go with!" His eyes go wide, then he exhales, "Shit, missed my window."

Selene has joined the bar.

Reese looks over to Selene and her blue eyes seem to brighten. "Oh, Selene Whisper, you look very lovely. I adore that dress and slippers." She says in her direction. She then smiles over to Mikani a moment later. "Lady Mikani, hi, nice to see you too. Have you made any new rums lately?" She asks with curious and slightly excited interest.

Reese has joined the bar.

Merek receives a warm yet polite incline of head as he settles in, and Gretchen a happy and welcoming nod before Valencia's large dark eyes move to smile at Reese and Zeriax and the little raven haired princess looks delighted to be introduced. "How do you do?" she chimes happily. "Please be welcome to my Hart. I'm so pleased to meet you," she nods warmly as Mikani arrives. The Lady of Redreef recieves a bright smile and a little nod as well. "Welcome, my lady. I'm glad you are here."

Zeriax swerved to peer over at Gretchen. "Slow? Pah! Were this a drinking competition, I would have everyone under the table." He paused, looking around. "Unless maybe Sir Bayweather were around. He might have a chance." Composing himself once more, he smiled to Reese, eyes darting to Valencia. He immediately took a deep, graceful bow low to the ground. "It is my utmost pleasure to make your acquaintance, Princess." He rose. "I didn't, till you introduced us. Another person calling out his name! Zeriax spun around once more. "Lady Redreef!" He waved to her. It was likely he was going to be doing a lot of that. "Likewise!"

Mikani looks at Reese. "Have you seen Mistral? I have a bottle with me." Mikani asks Reese before taking a sip of her rum.

Reese hmms softly to Zeriax. "I am pretty talented drinking, so I wouldn't be too sure." She says, but her tone is warmly teasing. She then smiles over to Elise. "Elise Whisper." The girl says. "Mistral, no.." Reese says before looking over to Mikani, all curious again. "Is that a new drink?"

It's nothing short of a predator surveying a field for prey when Harlex comes in alongside Berenice. Although her delight has him giving a wry and quiet smile. He keeps his helm tucked under his arm. Moving steadily, patient. He doesn't make any gesture to drink, simply tagging along with the princess in the meanwhile. He's come here for a different vice. "A full house," off-handed is the comment. "Few that I know." But he does lift a hand, a gesture toward Ian in quiet greeting from afar.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Ian lifts his glass, once again full, to Harlex in response to the greeting. And then takes a drink.

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"That's something they should work in here," Gretchen muses, bringing her glass to her lips again and giving Berenice a deep nod of her head, "A drinking contest would be fun to watch and bet on," she raises her glass to Waldemai at the fun betting idea.

1 Rivenshari Clansman, Lucky, the fishing cat arrive, following Athaur.

Zeriax chuckled. "You might be the toughest general around Princess, but I'll take you on in a drinking game ''anyday''." He elbowed her lightly. Probably a breach in etiquette all things considered, but that was how he teased. Then Mikani mentioned she had a bottle, and immediately clapped his hands and put them over his head. "I'm in." He paused. "If you'll have me."

Mikani hands Reese the bottle of Rum for her to look at. "No it's my own personal label." Mika takes a sip of her rum. Though her eyes twinkle at the mention of a drinking game. "Oh I like drinking games. Though after last night up in Redrain I maybe should lay off it. I have no idea what Princess Drea put in that whiskey but it knocked me on my ass after three shots."

"If you will pardon me a moment, I should start our event, yes? We have a beauitfully engaged crowd this evening," Valencia nods to Reese and Zeriax as she slips away, offering a bright and beautiful smile to Harlex as she passes and a warm smile to Bernice. "Welcome both," she chimes. "I do hope we will see your prowess upon sands, Captain," she smiles impishly as she sweeps by with a whisper of silks to start open the fights.

Reese turns her attention to Gretchen now. "Oh, I would join a drinking contest. I once won a unicorn at a drinking contest or rather Waldemai won and let me have such." She says, peeking over to the smith with a warm smile that reaches her blue eyes. The girl then pauses. "If we have a drinking contest, can we drink Mikani's rums?" The girl then seems amused by Zeriax's words. "Well, there is only way to know for sure.." She says. The girl then studies Mikani's bottle. "Thi does look interesting.

The sounds of jingling bells announces the arival of the Count of Riva as Athaur steps into the Arena of the Golden Hart. A wide smile crosses his face as he looks around for a moment before stepping deeper into the room and approaching the group.

Dressed in southern silks that embrace sensual curves and slender waist, Valencia gracefully moves to the center of the Ring of Valor.

Offering a bright smile, she graciously inclines her head to the room. "My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, dearest friends.... welcome to my Hart. Thank you for joining us. Tonight, as always, we offer you another exciting tournament of exceptional skills, excellent drink, and beautiful company."

"To our many formidable fighters sharing their skills here this evening, thank you so very much. And, to those who are here to cheer them on, we offer you our gratitude and fondest regard for your kind spirit and generosity of heart.

"Our Hart would not beat so strong if it were not for all of you. Thank you to everyone for making our Hart asuch a vibrant, warm and welcoming gathering place for all in our city."

"And now, if you please, the bar is open for your pleasure and the ring of honour ready to receive. To one and all, we hope you enjoy the festivities and all that our Hart has to offer. Competitors, if you would please take to the sands!"

Mikani waves to Athaur. Before taking a sip of rum. "Which game are we playing? And sure we can use my rum I have more bottles at home."

Mikani has joined the corner table.

Reese hears the sound of bells and she peeks over to Athaur, having a smile for the mysterious Count. "Count Athaur." She says in his direction. She then turns to listen to Valencia's words with close attention. "May Gloria be with all tonight's fighters." The Princess says.

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Harlex offers a tip of his head and a look toward those very sands when Valencia addresses him. He heads down into the sands, drawing his helmet down over his head. There's no time wasted, making that gesture behind the perked back metallic ear and causing the top jaw to slam down. Sparks to fly off to the sides. Transformed, within an instant, to a far more bestial vision.

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Renault, the fluffiest Velenosan cat leaves, following Selene.

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Valencia turns to smile and nod warmly to Selene as she notices the lovely woman arrive. A bright smile is offered and delighted smile bestowed without reservation. "Welcome," she calls out beckons her close.

1 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Roxana.

Harlex pulls the rubicund cleaver from its sheathe, twisting the weapon between the claws of his blackened, wicked gauntlets. An idle, if threatening gesture. "You got a name?" He says, toward Elise, waiting in that ring of sand.

Harlex wields Fang, a wolfish red-steel sword.

Mikani has left the corner table.

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards leave, following Mikani.

Elise has joined the ring of valor.

Athaur bows with a deep flourish and a beaming smile on his face. "Princess Valencia, Princes Reese. Lady Mikani, Lady Gretchen. A pleasure to see all of you again of course. I hope you are all doing well." He moves to take a seat, looking towards the sands curiously. From the fact that he has donned his armor this time around, it is likely he will take the sands at some point.

Lucky, the fishing cat have been dismissed.

1 Rivenshari Clansman have been dismissed.

Reese peeks over to Athaur with another bright smile for the Count. "I am well. Happy to be here. Princess Valencia throws such wonderful events. Do you knife throw Count Athaur?"

Elise enters the ring cracking her neck and sizing up her opponent.

Roxana enters the Golden Hart later in the evening, but not so late as to have missed the whole thing altogether. She's dressed in a seasilk sundress and simple jewelry, long dark hair piled high on her head to keep her cool. "Good evening everyone." She begins with a generic greeting, assuming it safe enough before she places names and faces properly.

Waldemai looks over the fighters. "I'll bet on the woman if you give me five to one," he calls. "200 silver!"

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Ian looks up from his drink to watch Elise join Harlex in the ring. He raises his eyebrows to the latter, then takes a drink.

Harlex rubs his jaw and looks over at Elise. He sucks in a breath and holds up a hand. "Hold."

Reese look over to Elise and has a bright smile for the Whisper. "Woot, Whisper Elise, one of the most charming fighters to brawl on spar night!" She cheers, before looking over to Roxana with a warm smile that reaches her blue eyes. "Princess Roxana." she greets.

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards arrive, following Mikani.

Weapons Rack is now unlocked.

Zeriax looked up, recognizing Athaur from back in the Shrine. "Well wouldn't you know it." He said, slapping the table. "Nice to see you again Count Rivenshari." Zeriax bowed his head, before turning to look over at the match. He stood up and cheered, knocking his chair over. "DO IT!" Who was he cheering for? Did it matter?

Settling in near Silvio, Berenice offers a brilliant smile to Gilroy and Gretchen -- the sort that's warm but entirely unfamiliar with them. The look she slants Ian is a bit more familiar. "Lord Ian, you look /especially/ dour today," she says as if offering him the most cheerful of compliments. Soon enough she's receiving a glass of wine to sip at, her gaze drawing inevitably to Harlex on the sands.

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Kaia sways her way in into the Golden Hart's Arena, and then towards the bar. Noticing a familiar face (Ian) nearby she offers a classy wave of her fingers in greeting, before adding when proper, "Lord Kennex, good to see you, I do hope you are well. How is my dear sister and my nephew doing?" she queries amicably, after having taken a sit and ordered herslef a drink.

Athaur has joined the corner table.

Harlex moves to the corner of the ring and he removes his helmet. Throwing it down. He takes off his cloak and his breastplate and just seems to be removing every piece of his armor until he's in a black shirt with trousers and boots. A few rings on his fingers. Some Stygian. No protection.

"Princess Reese! You're a vision." Roxana grins at the pink-clad Grayson. "Wonderful to see you, I do hope you're well." Her smile is too bright not to be genuine, and she glances over to the ring and back again. "What is it we are watching now?"

Kaia has joined the bar.

Harlex wields Fang, a wolfish red-steel sword.

Gilroy calls out in response to Waldemai, "I'll give you ten to one on that bet!" He then looks to the others at the bar. "Who am I betting on? I'm not good at this. I'm still not sure if Sir Corban won that horse race or not."

Elise stand in a ballerina stance and streches out. She smiles to her opponent, appraising him as he takes off his armor. Her eyebrow quirks

Reese orders a bunch of drinks for her table that includes meads, ales and whiskeys. She reaches for a mug of the sweet mead herself. She then smiles over to Kaia. "Lady Kaia, you look lovely tonight, but then you always always do." She says in her direction. The princes then turns back to Roxana. "A spar between Wolf Harlex and the charming Whisper Elise. It should be interesting."

Athaur takes his seat at the table, placing an order for a mug of Ale. He smiles to Reese and inclines his head. "Oh, I throw knives but not in any fashion that is effective." He laughs softly, the bells jingling around him. He looks to Zeriax and offers a nod of his head.

Elise still has no visible weapon as can be seen.

Harlex tugs up the sleeves of his black shirt, rolling them back, and swings his sword a bit. "Alright," he looks at Elise. Pausing. "Elise?" Catching Reese's comment and then looking back to the Whisper. "Don't embarrass yourself."

Waldemai looks surprised. "Ten? On an unknown fighter? Sure!" He dips another horn of ale from the bucket and sits back to watch the fight below.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Reese nods in response to Athaur. "I know a bit about throwing knives, but not like I know other forms of combat." She says toward him. "I wonder if there are throwing knives with bells on them. That would be interesting, if such could work."

Elise exits her stance rather dramatically, "I can promise nothing but my best effort." She takes a very low and wide stance, a large grin on her face. "I can only hope you have not fought someone like me before."

Ian just nods to Berenice; he makes no attempt to argue on the dour front. Or maybe that would just get in the way of the drinking so it's not worth it? "They're good," he says to Kaia when she joins him. "They might visit Pridehall sometime soon."

Valenica looks a littel concerned as Elise takes the sands but her cheer is in earnest. The Sargeant of Arms calls everyone to the center of the ring and the fight begins, the crowd roaring even louder than before!

Elise flicks her wrist and her blade appears on her right arm out of nowhere. She takes a running charge at her opponent out of nowhere. She has no regards for courtesy when it comes to fight.

Elise wields Hidden Wrist Blade.

Gilroy calls out to Waldemai, "Make it twenty to one!"

Zeriax cracked his neck, taking the free drinks. "You keep trying to get me drunk, Princess." He laughed, before looking over to Athaur. "Knife throwing is a little harder than swinging a sword. A lot less practical too, but in certain situations? Way more effective. There's so many styles, many factors to think about as well." Then the fight was on and his eyes shot over to Elise's special move. "GUT HIM!!" He called out, cupping his hands around his mouth.

Reese watches as Elise draws the hidden knife, seemingly interested. She then turns to Zeriax. "Well, I don't think you need to worry about being drunk right?" She says and then her expression is a bit more serious. "Yeah, it is good to be able to fight in different way. I guess throwing knifes could be good for when an opponent is far away?" She asks. She then starts to speak more quietly at her table.

Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid, 1 Ulbran Thug leave, following Valencia.

Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid, 1 Ulbran Thug arrive, following Valencia.

Harlex keeps his sword against the broad shoulder, watching the flick of the wrist knife and Elise's wild approach. He moves aside, gliding easily from her first hit. He strikes her side with the ringed-pommel of his sword, side-stepping and smashing the blunt face of his sword against her leg before circling around with another pommel strike that smacks /hard/ into her center of her chest. It's a dismantling series of attacks. And he doesn't to break a quiet focus in the heart of it, no wild ferocity. Moving back lightly in the aftermath with some scuff on his boots along the dust of the sands. "Tired, Whisper?"

Kaia smiles at Reese's compliment, "Thank you princess Reese!~ You as well!" she says cheerfully, before glancing back at her brother-in-law, "Ah, I see! Please, do send her my best wishes on her travels. I shall pray for their safe travels." she commented, before taking a sip of her drink and glancing towards the fighting ring. "Do you know who is fighting? I'm afraid I didn't quite catch their names." she queries (to Ian, or anyone nearby at the bar) casually, while taking another sip of her drink.

Ian keeps half an eye on the fight, but doesn't seem exceptionally interested in it. He answers Kaia: "Harlex Valtyr and..." He looks like he's trying to come up with Elise's name, and is falling short. "... and um, a Whisper, I think."

Valencia has joined the ringside table.

Elise looks up from her position and appears... renewed opposed to detered. She looks up to Harlex. "I will not tire until I am dead." She returns to her charge. She presses for speed. Her style aggressive yet defensive.

Elise checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 11 lower.

Elise checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 17, rolling 3 higher.

Elise remains alive, but close to death.

Elise is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

The drinks flow free and the cheering shows no sign of stilling. Elise's bold bravery in facing one of the fiercest fighters in Arx draws particular interst and even when she falls a chant of her name rises to the rafters for her attempt. Valencia rises too, her glass aloft, "Bravo!" she shouts with marked respect. "Bravely fought! Bravely done! Bravo!!!!"

Zeriax, after finishing whispering something mysterious to those at his table, once more leapt up and screamed at Elise. "You did good! I would have loved to see you gut him, but you did good anyway!" Then he screamed at Harlex. "Be a good sportsman! You kick ass! Woo!" Once more, with his hands cupped around his mouth. Eventually, he settled back down and started pounding back the drinks.

Waldemai sends a (relatively small) pouch of coins down to Gilroy. "Thanks," he calls before raising his voice. "Well fought! Well done! Hooray!"

Harlex doesn't seem like he's moving that fast but, all of the sudden, he has her arm with that wrist knife in his hand. It's like an iron shackle. There's no escape. He twists it slightly, enough to buckle her, and then stabs the pommel of his sword into her gut with such a force to knock her off her feet and back onto the ring floor. Decidedly finished, he waits a moment, and offers out his hand to help her to her feet. "Are you dead?"

Athaur, claps resoundingly for the fighters, a smile on his face. He lifts his mug into the air and takes a deep drink from it.

The crowd continues to go wild as they fighters are carefully checked over by the Hart's mercies. The Hart's staff waste no time in drawing up a fine mesh around the ring and targets are set up. "Last call for contestants for the knife throwing contest," calls out the gravely booming voice of the Sargeant of Arms. "Who will stand?!"

Elise collapses. A loss of breath... she is at her knees.... "I may as well be...." she collapses further as he finishes her off. She looks angry rather than defeated

Gilroy snaps the bag of silver up and makes a show of double checking its contents before he gets to his feet and claps for the fighters. To Elise he calls out, "You fought! That was a showing!" Then he plops back down and resumes chatter at the bar.

Harlex scoffs with a slight grin. He upnods toward Dolmen who hurries down to gather his armor, securing it away. The swordsman sheathes his weapon, heading back up the stairs and away from the ring in route to the bar without another word.

Reese hmms softly. "I think I will join the knife throwing." She says. The girl then smiles to Elise and Harlex. "Well fought!"

Harlex has left the ring of valor.

Harlex has joined the bar.

Kaia nodded at Ian's response, chuckling a bit at the end as he struggled to place a name. She'd be taking another sip of her wine, when the performance taking place at the ring suddenly made her wince, "Ah, that was painful to watch..." she muttered slightly under her breath, shaking her head slightly, before taking another sip.

Berenice has been chattering at the bar as the fight continues, her attention fixed almost entirely on the sands. Her conversation pauses, however, when that dramatic ending comes, and her lips curve in a slow, pleased, feline sort of smile as Harlex comes out the victor. She sits there, poised and regal, for him to join her.

Ian shrugs to Kaia. "She's probably never had to get in past someone's guard before. Fighting knife against sword is a lot different than knife against knife."

Zeriax checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Zeriax checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Zeriax checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

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Reese has rolled a critical success!
Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Reese gives Athaur this thoughtfully curious look and then she rises to her slippered feet. "Oh, I hope I don't miss it." She says toward the Count. The girl then goes to join the knife throwing contest.

Gilroy checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Gilroy checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Gilroy checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Mikani has rolled a critical success!
Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 75 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 70 higher.

Kaia tt takes another sip of her drink, taking a more careful look around at those at the bar and noticing another familiar face, "Ah, Lady Moore!" she greets, raising her glass and offering a friendly smile, "Lovely to see you again! I trust business is doing well?" she queries casually, before offering a smile and a nod to the others, "Hello~"

When it was time to throw knives, Zeriax stood, a tankard of rum in one hand and a tankard of whiskey in the other, making his way over towards the Knife throwing competition. He had one attached to his sash, but didn't seem to be too concerned about it. In fact, the large wolfish man looked downright cocky. "Alright folks. Be prepared to be amazed!" He bellowed, his deep voice booming throughout the room. He started chugging back the rum, and when that was empty, he started chugging back the whiskey. Letting both fall to the ground, he waved his hand at the person offering the throwing knives, and starred hopping in place. It was a blur of motion that followed, the man throwing all three in rapid succession. Overhand, underhand, and overhand again. Thunkthunkthunk. His cluster was nearly perfect, but he was still further from the center than he would've liked. His hands shot up, and he looked around, amber eyes saying all that needed to be said. He thought he was going to win, as a good first showing.

Athaur claps his hands together at the first round of knife throwing, cheering the contestants before drinking from his mug of ale.

Reese draws a throwing knife or she borrows one rather. The girl waits in line and throws her knife at the right moment. She is careful to make sure that nobody is in the way! Her throws are quite good. Not as good as Mikani's, but still pretty accurate. The Princess is flushed cheeked and seems to be in a happy mood. "Wow, you can throw." She says to Zeriax. "And you can really really throw Lady Mikani." The Princess adds to her. She looks impressed.

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Gilroy grabs up his three knives, tossing them from one hand to the other before turning to the target and throwing them one after the other. Each throw is more mediocre than the last. "Well," he says cheerily, "this was not at all my night! Serves me right for suggesting a knife throwing contest rather than something I'd have been good at, like taffy pulling or healing the sick with peerless Grayhope brand curatives, elixirs and aromatics." He gives a shrug, pockets at knife as a souvenir, and heads back to the bar.

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Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 60 higher.

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Mikani takes a deep breath and centers herself as she steps up to the line. Pulling out the throwing knives ahd lines up and throws them in quick succession. As she sees her score she does a silent cheer. "Yes." She says softly before grinning at the others. "Good throws to everyone." Mikani signals for another glass of rum.

Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 53 higher.

Mikani has rolled a critical success!
Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 77 higher.

The crowd cheers and the blades fly not one missed. A record noticed by the little vixen who cheers as well. Her eyes widen and she smiles aside. "I am so very impressed," she nods with more tha a little awe.

Kaia checked perception + empathy at difficulty 39, rolling 11 lower.

Zeriax turned to watch the others throw, and clapped Gilroy on the shoulder. "You did well. Don't let the other contestant's winnings get you down." He smiled at the man, before turning and clapping loudly as both Reese and Mikani blew his fancy throwing out the window. "Woo! You're both kicking ass tonight!" He said, cheering on his competition. He turned to the crowd. "Lemme hear it people!" Once the first round of throws were over, Zeriax moved to collect his knives, and peered down at the third one, before dropping it into one of his empty tankards.

When it was his turn to throw again, he leapt up into the air, spun around, and tossed while mid-air. Thunk. While on the ground, he spun around while crouched, and let another knife fly. Thunk. For his third throw? He unsheathed his large hunting knife, turned around to face the crowd while twirling it, and just tossed it over his shoulder. ''THUNK''. Near bullseye, but he'd been too fancy with his throwing.

Mikani feels The Champion in her coming through as she makes her throws a bit showier. To impress the crowd more. They weren't paying but at lease they would get a show. And it made the throws more difficult and interesting to watch. All three were close to the mark. After her throws she bows to the crowd. "Zeriax ... nice showmanship ... I should introduce you to my Cousin Caspian." She grins at Zeriax before clapping him warmly on the shoulder.

Reese once again teps up to throw when it is her turn and once again she does a careful check to make sure that nobody is in the path of her blade. The girl's throws are quite good, but she doen't compare with Mikani's amazing howing. The princess peeks over to Zeriax and she has a warm smile for him. "You did very well, Master Zeriax." Reee murmurs. She looks upon Mikani with impressed wide blue eyes.

Kaia checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 20, rolling 25 higher.

Athaur leans on the table, moving closer as he watches each throw growing more impressive.

Mikani grins at Reese and winks. "You are an amazing fighter in the ring, My dear Highness. But I am one with the dagger."

The tension fills the room as the ladies rule the day. The Sargeant of Arms nods with respect to Reese and Mikani. "At your ready, higness, my lady," the grizzled warrior nods and steps out of the way, his hands waving to ask for silence from the crowd so the ladies can focus.

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Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 20 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 16 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 30 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 2 higher.

Reese has rolled a critical success!
Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 76 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 17 higher.

After collecting his big-ass hunting knife, Zeriax laughed heartily. "What's the point if nobody is watching, right?" He said to Mikani. "Have to give the people a good show." Even as he lost the second round, the lupine-like man still clapped and cheered for the final two contestants. Loudly, before making his way back to the table. He remained quiet as they were throwing, eyes plastered on the scene before him.

Gilroy scoffs at Zeriax. "I'm sure there are people who allow things to get them down, my friend, but at the end of the day I'm still me and I'm amazing." He leans back against the bar and watches the rest of the throwing. "Good gods, I was a mortal among legends, it appears. Humbling to say the least." Not that he sounds particularly humble. When Gretchen orders him the finest drink an open bar can buy, he knocks it back and adds, "Good thing I didn't wager on myself."

Kaia would be taking another sip of her wine, when Ian made his remark related to Zoey to Silvio, and she rose a brow. Her brother-in-law certainly didn't sound like he was joking; and yet, knowing her sister, she knew that comment seemed highly unlikely. Which is why, after a moment- when she heard Silvio's reply, it seemed almost as if she were about to spill her drink-but she didn't. She covered her mouth with her hand for a moment, and held in the laughter, lowering her hand at last when she was sure she wouldn't loose her composure. She'd continue to enjoy her drink, quietly listening in to the conversation around, "I'm glad to hear so, Lady Moore." she'd reply to Gretchen, before shifting her attention back to those speaking about her sister nearby.

Mikani steps back to make the throwing more difficult. This was a show right. She wanted to make the throws more difficult. To show she was one with the dagger. And her throws were good ... passible. Mikani twitched her lips to the side thinking the daggers were showing her to watch her words. Especially after watching Reese throw.

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Waldemai cheers for Princess Reese, only fair considering how much money he's won betting on her through the years.

Reese's final throws were better than her previous ones. Who knows why, but she seems to have summoned up some better steadiness in her throwing arm. The girl eems pleased with herself, but quietly so and her smile is gentle. She looks over to Valencia. "Thank you, Princess Valencia, what a great contest and event tonight." She ays, before looking upon Mikani with thoughtful and still impressed attention. "You were amazing, Lady Mikani. I got lucky in that last throw, but you were overall more talented and won two out of three rounds against me." She says toward her. Reese then peeks up to Waldemai and waves in the man's direction. "Hi, Waldemai!"

Reese is overheard praising Mikani: Amazing knife throwing!

Reese is overheard praising Valencia: Wonderful hostest!

Once the final throws were over, Zeriax stood back up, knocking his chair over. "Woo!" He threw his hands up. "Good contest ladies! You both killed it!" Once more, he was clapping, loudly. He turned to look over at Gilroy. "You!" He pointed to the man, and started to nod, grinning. "''Yeah'' you are!" Was that to the part about him being amazing, or being a mortal among gods? It was hard to tell right away, but it was probably better to take the large man cheering as a good sign regardless. "Good show! Good show! Congratulations, Princess Reese Grayson!" More clapping. More table slapping. More alcohol.

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Mikani is overheard praising Zeriax.

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The crowd rises to their feet and cheers with delight, the sound rumbling through the rafters. Valencia rises as well, her expression elated! "Bravo!" she calls out louder than before, her glass raised high to all the contestants.

Silvio is overheard praising Valencia.

Silvio is overheard praising Gilroy.

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Silvio is overheard praising Berenice.

Silvio is overheard praising Harlex.

Silvio is overheard praising Ian.

Berenice is overheard praising Harlex.

Berenice is overheard praising Valencia.

Berenice is overheard praising Elise.

Berenice is overheard praising Zeriax.

Berenice is overheard praising Reese.

Berenice is overheard praising Gilroy.

Berenice is overheard praising Mikani.

Waldemai waves his drinking horn to Princess Reese. Alas, it appears empty. He checks his bucket. It, too, is mysteriously ale-deficient. "Night, all!" he calls and staggers off toward Southport Square.

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Even the Sargeant of Arms looks impressed, giving the ladies a rare bow. Moving ot the center of the ring he calls out in a booming voice, "Who next will take to the sands? Stand forth!"

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Athaur stands from his seat with a grin. I suppose that I am willing to test my skills and see what the sands of the Golden Hart taste like this evening." He makes his way down to the arena propper.

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Mikani raises her hand. "I'll wipe the smile from his face. Or kiss the sands."

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The crowd cheers again as Athaur steps into the ring and again as Mikani steps into the ring to face the formidable Count. The drinks flow freely as the sands are cleared and the fighters are left to begin as it pleases.

Reese returns to her table after the contest comes to an end and she is quick to reach for a mug of ale. She still seems to be in a happy mood and something is softly said to Zeriax.

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Athaur offers a bow to Mikani and smiles. "Oh, you may very well beat me my lady. But you will not succeed in wiping the smile from my face." He draws his sword with a ringing of bells and smiles.

Athaur wields Riva's Fortune, a curved shamshir.

Mikani wields unyielding twilight shadowed by thunderstorms elegant steel blade.

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With a slow trudge that echoes metal against the ground, Ajax slips into the arena his hood raised brown eyes shifting towards the ring curiously before he starts his move towards the bar, keeping his head low as he weaves through the traffic properly.

Mikani bows to Athaur. "That's okay. This is for fun yes? Just think of it as a dance ... with blades." She grins a bit more before she pulls her weapon and readies herself.

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Zeriax stood back up, knocking his chair over ''yet again'' as Mikani and Athaur entered the ring. "Fucking gut his ass Lady Redreef!" Pause. "Chop her to bits, Count Rivenshari!" He started clapping loudly once more. "DO IT!" He howled, cupping his hands around his mouth. Then he collected his chair and sat back down to converse quietly with Reese, smiling.

Reese waves toward Ajax as the sellsword arrives. She then turns her attention to the spar, seemingly curious. "Woots! Lady Mikani and Count Athaur!"

Valenica gracefully returns to her seat once more and smiles aside to Gretchen. "The skills are impressive tonight, yes" she nods to the lovely ginger haired woman. "Are you enjoying them?"

"I am," Gretchen gives Valencia a smile and lifts her glass, "This is my second spar and each one is more entertaining than the last. I should start betting now that I know the regulars."

Gruffudd, A ridiculously large and fluffy Blackwood forest Cat, Inka Briar arrive, following Ysbail.

"Oh, I am so very glad this is so. I truly believe that a wager makes it all the more intersting,"Valencia beams brightly and lifts her glass. "I like that you are so into the spirit of things. But please pardon my not welcoming you sooner. There is so much to do, but that is not excuse. Please, may I introduce myself, I am the Princess Valencia. May I have name," she beams.

Mikani watches Athaur as they move around each other. Dancers. Always be wary of dancers. The foot work was always good. Instead of going after him she takes a more defensive stance. Her blade paring off his strikes. She makes a mark and grins before dancing her feet back. In the end he gets in two hits but she does leave her mark. Her feet moving as she is more used to the dagger. Her foot work is quick.

"Princess Reese. Good evenin' to you Ajax offers with a dip of his head, his brown eyes shifting towards the arena proper as he calls over, "You got this count! Take er' home!"

Athaur relies on his usual tactic, darting in to make a strike while using his speed to increase the gap. Unfortunately, it would seem that Mikani is nearly as fast as he is as her blade get's a firm strike on him. He redoubles his efforts trading blows and in fact, seems to be taking the lead in the bout. At least for now. The bells on his clothing and hair jingle in the air as he moves quickly around the ring.

Reese is overheard praising Zeriax: Good with knifes, but great with words

Despite being very quiet and conservative when speaking with Reese at their table, Zeriax turned once more to the ring and cupped his hands around his mouth. "You two are like bolts of lightning! Strike fast! Strike hard! Give em the ''Shocker''!" He called out, obnoxiously loud, before turning back to whisper with the princess.

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2 House Riven Soldiers arrives, following Nigel.

Ysbail is late but here, offering a warm smile to Valencia and pausing to offer a proper greeting before making her way to one of the ringside tables. "Hopefully, there will be no darting out of here like a madwoman this time."

A breath taken and the little raven haired princess smooths her dress, her large dark eyes upon the sands as Athaur and Mikani face each other to the delight of the crowd. A quiet smile finds her lips, one that grows brightly as Ysbail arrives. "My sweetest Lady Ysbail! What a delight to see you. Please be welcome to my Hart," she nods warmly. "I am glad to see you and I hope so. You are so very welcome. You are well?"

Reese looks upon the fight in progress seemingly quite curious about such. She looks over to Lady Ysbail, having a warm smile for her. "Greetings, Lady Ysbail." The Princess says. She nurses a mug of sweet honey mead and speaks softly with Zeriax at the corner table.

Nigel meanders into the Hart, something of a smile on his lips as he looks about. Valencia receives a warm smile, his lips splitting in a grin, before he looks about the room. Reese receives the same. As do Ajax and Berenice.

Ysbail grins, "As well as can be expected but I can fill you in on the details another time." Grinning to Reese as well, "It's always a pleasure to be in the Hart."

An earnest, and somewhat concerned smile is offered to Ysbail, Valencia's questions stayed for now. A glass is raised as Lord Nigel's arrives, his charming smile bring another smile to the little southern princess' lips. "My lord," Valencia offers to Nigel along with a delicate hand. "I'm so you are here. Please be welcome."

Berenice is sitting at the bar next to Silvio on one side and with Harlex standing next to her on the other. She's chattering away as the various competitors compete, but Nigel's entrance and subsequent smile manages to catch her attention long enough to offer him a coy little wiggle of her fingers.

Reese lifts her gaze to Nigel, having a gentle smile of greeting for the Riven Lord. "Lord Nigel." She says, lifting her voice just loud enough to carry.

"Lady Blackwood." Ajax offers over towards Ysbail as he remains settled at the bar by Ian, every so often his gaze moves towards the arena.

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Zeriax rose once more from the table, though rather than scream obscene profanities at the fighters in the pit, he looked over to the bartender, snapping his fingers. Raising empty tankards, he pointed to them, before turning to Valencia. "Your highness, this is a superb event. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!" He took another deep bow, before returning to his seat to whisper with Reese.

"It is always a pleasure," Nigel replies to Valencia, "More mine I imagine than others." He winks once, glancing towards the bar. One of his guards is directed to the bar in search of port. Then, he looks towards those fighting. And then, the bar, the clear place to be. He follows after his guard, taking a seat.

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Ian isn't as interested in the fighting today as is the norm for him. Which isn't to say that he's not interested -- he does look up and watch from time to time. But it's not the intense focus that he's displayed in the past.

Valenica offers a gently incline of head to Zeriax. "I am so very honoured to have you join us, Missere Zeriax. I'm delightd you feel it is so. I'm thrilled that you should take part so whole heartedly. I am very impressed with your spirit. Thank you."

Ian's lack of focus and state seems to cautch Valencia's attention. She takes a sip and quietly watches him as the match continues, her tongue held for now.

Baltus enters the Golden Hart, obviously running late. As he approaches the seating area for the ring he sits down at a table, looking out onto the fighting ring, and one brow raises as he sees the contestants, and the shape of said contestants. He crosses his arms over his chest to watch idly, stretching his legs out in front of himself comfortably, and crossing his legs at the ankle.

Mikani switches her fighting style. His armor was harder to get through so she became more aggressive in her dance. Her body moves gracefully as she fights but it isn't enough to dodge the hits. More get through which only makes her fight harder. As the last slice makes it through she dances back to become more guarded.

Ian's lack of intense focus on the fight means that when Baltus comes in, he notices. He nods to the Darkwater captain from his place at the bar.

Athaur moves along with his opponent, a smile still on his face as he presses his attack against Mikani. He flows like water, as the words of his family state, dancing backwards as she advances, only to slip past her guard again and again only to push her back across the sands of the Arena.

Baltus raises one hand and nods his head to Ian, then returns his attention to the ring. The bottle of rum he carried in with him is uncorked and he takes a swig of it before putting it on the table in front of him.

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Berenice laughs at the bar, smoothing back one of Silvio's curls and shooting some comment over to Gilroy with a grin. She does notice Baltus's entrance, though, with a note of recognition in her dark eyes, and her smile warms as she offers another little wiggle of her fingers in greeting as she did to Nigel.

Baltus gives a nod of his head to Berenice, and a brief smile before taking another drink of rum. Just as he turns his eyes back to the fight there's a hit to Mikani that makes him wince. He murmurs, "Ouch, that's gonna smart."

Baltas' observation catches the ear of the little vixen and she turns to smile and offer a warm nod. "They are both so very fierece," she agrees. "Such skill is a pleasure to watch. Do you spar, sir?"

Valencia claims this <3

Mikani dances in close to Athaur and attacks with a flurry of her sword. After all her misses she pulls back and makes him come to her. She may be more injured than the other man but Mika wasn't one to stop just because she was the down one in the fight. Taking a few deep breaths she winks at Athaur before she bows to him with a flourish. "Good job Count." She concedes the fight. "Thank you for showing me how much more I need to learn about dancing with a long blade."

Ysbail watches the fight quietly mostly content to chat and catch up with those present.

Claiming his glass of port, Nigel glances towards the fight for a moment, taking a small sip of his wine. As the fight heads towards an end, the man nods once, glass set aside to offer an enthusiastic clapping of his hands. "Well-fought!" he calls out to those fighting. "Well fought indeed."

Athaur darts after her, the two of them exchanging blows as they dance in a circle. He pants for breath slightly, returning the bow. "It was good to trade blows with you, My lady. We all have much to learn after all." He slips his sword back into his sheath and gestures for Mikani to lead the way out of the circle.

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Silvio slides down gracefully from the barstool. "I should get back to the Gemecita, I am afraid. As much as I would love to keep this converstaion going." He settles up his business with the bar and wiggles his fingers. "Shall I see you again soon?"

As Valencia speaks to him Baltus turns to look at her. He chuckles and shakes his head, "I don't usually make a habit of it, no. I figure if someone's gonna stick me with sharp things they damn well better mean it." He nods toward the ring and says, "Interesting to watch, though."

Elise enters the ring stretching out again

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The crowd cheers Mikani and Athaur wildly as the warriors depart the sands. So, too, does Valencia, turning to smile once more at Baltus. "I think they fight in earnest, but not to do deadly harm. There is an art to it, but I understand what you are saying," she smiles once more. "It is a briliant thing to watch. I have always thought so. Each fighter a particular style, but all with such great heart, yes?"

Zeriax stood up, ''once more'' knocking his chair over. He might have to buy a new one to replace the one he kept scuffing all over the place. "You fuckin' killed it out there tonight Lady Redreef! Great show!" He started clapping over his head, making his way to the ring himself. "You did great Count Rivenshari! Congratulations!" The entire way, he was clapping. He stopped in the center of the ring, and bowed to the crowd with a deep, graceful flourish. As he rose, he called out. "Who wants to see this woman kick my ass!?" He started to laugh, unsheathing his hunting knife and waving it around. "Hello, little Whisper." He whispered, menacingly.

Elise glances to Zeriax. "Who are you calling little..."

Mikani laughs and nods to Athaur, "One always keeps learning." She agrees with him before she spots Baltus. "Lord Darkwater, you came." She grins at the Darkwater before she orders another rum. Mikani laughs at Zeriax's words. "You go get your but kicked well, Wolf's Guide." She cheers him on.

Berenice lips purse in the hint of a pout when Silvio slips away to begin taking his leave. "You'd certainly better," she declares to his question, leaning over to press a kiss to her cousin's cheek before he can escape entirely.

Athaur grins to Mikani and inclines his head to her. He moves over to retake his seat, raising his fingers for a refill on his ale.

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Domonico steps into the room, straight backed and serious as he sweeps his gaze around, nodding at those he knows and who sees him, the serious Malvici considering everything.

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Silvio heads towards the doorway, long hair bobbing, though when he spots Domonico, his steps do break their stride a bit. He wiggles his fingers and lids his eyes, but keeps moving.

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Baltus grins and nods his head. "I came, alright. Impressive fighting. And here I thought you were a delicate little thing." He winks at Mikani teasingly and watches the next pair move to the pit and prepare to fight.

A bright smile is offers to Silvio as he rises to depart and another is offered to Dominico as he arrives, but soo Valencia's dark eyes move quickly to the field once more. "Well done," she offers to Mikani and Athaur as the pass by. "Looks can be so very deceiving, do you not think, sir?"

Elise looks at her new combantant with a grin. She charges with no warning

Zeriax wields Hunting Knife.

Mikani shakes her head at Baltus. "Then I really do have you fooled." She teases Baltus before taking a deep drink from her glass. "After the duel you should meet Zeriax ... he is very interesting to talk to and he has no ... absolutely no fear." Mikani sounds impressed by the man.

Ysbail waives over at Domonico.

Kaia nods to Ajax, "Ah, I see." finally she sets down her empty glass over the counter and stands, "Well, it's getting quite late for me, I should probably return to the manor." she says, before glancing back at Ian "Lord Kennex. Do be well; send my best wishes and regards to both my sister and nephew." she says with a kind smile, before glancing back at Ajax, "Ajax; it was good seeing you. Good luck on your fight!" she said, before being on her way out.

Zeriax took on a defensive stance, low to the ground. It was an unusual way to fight, though it might've been just because he didn't know how to properly wield that knife in his hands.

Athaur stands to his feet and bows to the hostess with a smile. "You do us both a great honor your Highness, thank you." He straightens and offers another nod to Valencia before retaiking his seat.

Reese is overheard praising Athaur: A great Count, fights well and has nice bells!

Valencia offers a graceful bow of her head in turn, her dark eyes dancing playfully. Another sip is taken and she looks back to the sands.

Ian nods to Kaia. "I'll let her know you said hello."

Valencia is overheard praising Athaur: Always a gentleman. Honoured to know him.

Reese is overheard praising Elise: Fierce and eager to fight!

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Mikani pulls Baltus to sit at the corner table she was at.

Domonico nods his head to Valencia's smile and notes Ysbail's wave. He pauses a moment before making his way through the room. "Looks like you have another fine event," he says to Valencia before to Ysbail, "Lady Ysbail. I trust you are well?"

Elise grins as she rushes in. Her opponent wants to take defensive stance, she loves it. She pushes the advantage, she uses her speed to keep her opponent on his heels despite the fact that she also likes to focus on dodging. She keeps moving in over and over again, using feints and dodges when she can.

"Indeed, my lord. The talents here tonight are most impressive," Valencia smiles back with a glimmer in her dark eyes. "Will you be sparring tonight?" she queries.

Zeriax wasn't able to get any real good strikes in, the man focusing entirely on trying to evade Elise's strikes. He kept close to the ground, ducking, weaving, and rolling around. Somersaults and cartwheels appeared to be common, as were little frog leaps here and there. The only times he struck out with his big-ass hunting knife were just before he moved each time, making it difficult to land any blows on the Whisper, especially with how fast she moved. It looked like it was time to change tactics...but not before turning to hollar at the crowd. "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?" He said, arms wide open. That was a bad move, as he took a big hit to the back. Time to keep fighting!

The crowd roars it's answer, apparently VERY entertained by the bold call of Zeriax, rising to their feet and raises their glasses only to cheer again as the fight continues.

Ysbail smiles, "Always Lord Domonico, granted I still am nothing of a fighter but I have been working on learning how to take a hit in the sparring ring at least, it may be some time before I'm ready to start hitting back." Zeriax's statement gets an odd look from the Blackwood before she shakes her head and returns her attention to those present. "I heard you became the voice of your house - I imagine we may be speaking very soon if you want to also outfit your ships with our materials."

The question from Zeriax does get Ian's attention. Ian's very... confused... attention. He looks at the other people at the bar, perhaps trying to gauge their reactions. Everyone seems to be cheering, so he claps politely, but he still looks confused.

Domonico thinks carefully at the question and rubs his chin, "I do not know." His eyes sweep to Zeriax's comment before tsking quietly at the dropping of his guard.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Baltus before departing.

Elise smirks as Zeriax show boats. She rushes in and slides under a strike he tries to offer. She slides under his legs and makes a deft strike at his ankles... and as he fall she offers another strike... She offers no mercy... as her slide end she ends on her feet while she leaves him on his stomach from a dirty strike... This whisper does not fight fair and gives no fucks about it.

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Reese looks over to the fight in progress, seemingly curious. She speaks quietly with Athaur at her table and is still nursing the same mug of mead.

Zeriax decided after taking that hit when he was showboating for the crowd, trying to get them riled up while confusing others, he was going to lash out, and lash out ''hard''. He leapt up into the air, attempting a flying straight jab with his knife. Elise's dirty strikes were opening him up, and at one moment, Zeriax was cupping his balls with his open hand, sort of hopping on the spot. "Oh, ho ho ho, you think you can take me down, do you ''little Whisper''?" He asked, looking to balance himself out a little more.

Mabelle steps silently toward one of the seats in the ringside table, overwhelmed by the crowd.

Gilroy perks up when he sees Baltus. "Ah, Lord Baltus! The Countess said to me 'Gilroy, Lord Baltus is back in the city' and I said to her 'who is that?'." He looks at Baltus for a long moment, then nods, satisfied. "Now I know." He sits back at the bar and says something to Harlex.

Mabelle has joined the ringside table.

Zeriax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 11, rolling 31 higher.

Zeriax remains capable of fighting.

Baltus laughs as he hears Gilroy and raises the bottle of rum toward him, "Tell her I said hello!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gilroy before departing.

Kanean enters and gives the people a smile and a nod then quickly moves to the bar to watch the ongoing fight.

Mabelle's arrival does not go unotice by the keen eyes of the little vixen. Catching the woman's eye she offers a bright smile and nod. "Welcome!" she offers. "Have you attended one of these before," she asks with a little nod to the fighters in the large ring below.

Athaur stands from his position at the corner table, chearing on the fight in the center. When Kanean entersd, he lifts his mug to the Archer and smiles to him.

Domonico's head swivels at the mention of Baltus, quickly appraising the Darkwater before he approaches Ysbail, "Have you made Prince Jasher smile yet?"

Zeriax seemed to be more about having fun than actually fighting Elise, switching rapidly between defensive movements, hopping, leaping, and cartwheeling all over the place, to going full-on offensive, abandoning any pretense of protecting himself to swing his big-ass knife wildly at her. "You think you can out-last me, ''girl''?" He called out, goading her on. He was bleeding from little cuts all over, grinning like a madman. His eyes were opened wide, almost full-on yellow. Was he enjoying himself, despite barely landing any scratches on the much faster Elise? "Come ''get some''!" He called out to her, waving her towards him.

Ysbail snorts at Domonico, "Yes, but I had to eat a live octopi to do it."

Mabelle admits as she attempts to keep her voice tame toward Valencia, "I cannot say I have, but it looks very exciting", her eyes wander everywhere.

Elise dodges all attempts Zeriax can offer at assualting her. She feints in and rather than striking, she just trips her oppoenent. Despite her breathlessness, she looks to out dodge and out manuever her opponent. As Zeriax lays on the ground, she takes a moment to breathe rather than press the advantage. She grins to the cowd... "Done yet.... Little... man..."

Domonico has joined the ringside table.

The words of Elise as she out maneuevers her opponent seem to fire the crowd and the cheer louder than ever, apparently delighted to see such bold bravdo. Mercies move to check on Zeriax and the sands are cleared for the next match.

Domonico slides into a seat at the ringside table, "What did you make of the dish then?"

Elise stands in the middle of the sands offering her arms up to any who would challenge her

Mikani finishes her rum and claps for Zeriax. She then bows to those at her table. "I am afraid I have to go. You both have a good night."

After a moment, Nigel takes a swallow of his wine and heads out.

Nigel has left the bar.

2 House Riven Soldiers leaves, following Nigel.

Baltus rises as well, picking up his bottle of rum and bowing to those present. "I think I'm gonna call it a night. You know... early bird... work... all that." Then he heads on out.

Zeriax laughed, even as Elise began to breathe heavily. "I can do this ''all day'', little Whisper. I've fought elderly folk more dangerous than you." Even though he was in rough shape, he still took a bow for the crowd. "I'll take the loss. Wouldn't want to embarass you too much." He said, sticking his tongue out before making his way back to the table in the corner.

Zeriax has left the ring of valor.

Zeriax has joined the corner table.

Elise grins to all, "You all fear a whisper in the sands?!"

For a long moment Ajax just peers at Elise within the ring, the man slowly making his way into it properly, the hood of his cloak lowering as he slips his helm onwards, leveling his gaze towards the woman.

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Mabelle predictably perks her ears as she eavsdrop on Domonico and Ysbail

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Elise glances at Ajax as he enters the sands... She has seen this before....

Elise cracks her neck regardless and takes her low stance regardless

When it becomes clear that Ajax is going to challenge Elise, Ian stirs from his place at the bar (and his drink) long enough to catch the man's shoulder. He says a few words, and the slow gesture that he makes suggests that he's suggesting a fighting tactic of some kind. Something specific. So he was paying attention after all, apparently.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

The man known as Ajax just stands before Elise, clad in his full armor his fingers drawing towards Retribution's hilt bringing the long blade free he readies himself drawing ever so closer to the boastful whisper.

Kanean has joined the bar.

Zeriax stood up, knocking his chair over again. For the eighth time that night. "Woo! Gut the man!" He cheered on for Elise. "Cut her down a notch!" He cheered on Ajax, before sitting back down to have quieter discussions at his table.

Kanean cheers for the Whisper, "Good luck! You'll need it." he chuckles and takes a drink from the bar.

Answering the challenge, Ajax starts the fight cautiously circling the woman, unfortunately, the moment he ripostes

Reese is perched in a chair at table and still cradling a mug of mead in her gloved hands. She peeks over to Kanean, having a smile of greeting for the man.

Ian does take an interest in this fight (after finishing off his glass of whiskey). He turns to better see the ring from where he sits.

Answering the challenge, Ajax starts the fight cautiously circling the woman, unfortunately, the moment he ripostes her initial strike and draws blood a growl rumbles from the rubicund armored mercenary as he continues his encirclement of the whisper every so often he lands a series of blows on the woman with a precise swiftness not usually seen with the trudging man.

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Valencia has joined the ringside table.

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Elise tries her best for her usual tactic... A stragely offensive defensive stance. She tries to press speed and momentum in the fight... doesn't work so well when her opponent knows what she is doing. Her feints are met early with a strike she isnt ready for. The last strike from Ajax sends her sliding back... she sit on one knee as she looks up... her red eyes... at this point have no joy... only anger and desire to win. She stands from her position to charge to try and force an advantage

Elise checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 18, rolling 1 lower.

Elise checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 0, rolling 26 higher.

Elise remains alive, but close to death.

Elise is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

As it turns out, charging Ajax may not of been the best of ideas, as she's charging, Ajax steps backwards flipping to the blunt side of retribution clanging it to the side of her head in a blow that rings out in the arena, once it's clear she's down he tilts his sword back towards the sharp edge setting the blunt side to rest against his shoulders giving the crowd a small dip of his head.

Kanean notices Reese from the corner of his eye and he gives a smile and a small nod. He claps as the duel ends.

Elise hits the ground with a grunt... but she still just looks angry as she turn her head... first to Ajax... then to the crown... She struggles up from where she is... her joins weak from the beating she just took...

The crowd applauds loudly as Ajax wins the day, rising to their feet to cheer both compeditors one. Valencia, too, cheers, her dark eyes dancing with pride and delight at the excellent sparring this night. Again, the mercies struggle to check the pair out as the crowd chants from the tables and the stands and the rafters above.

Zeriax burst up from his table. "Fuck yeah! Show her what's what Ajax! Who's the boss?! You the boss!" Then, to Elise. "You did great! Don't die!" Ahhh, 'drunken' commoners and their beligerence. After collecting his chair, he sat himself back down to converse with the table. Quietly.

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Kanean has joined the ring of valor.

"I usually don't speak this loudly in public, it ain't my place as a sellsword." Ajax calls out towards the arena, making his way towards the edge, "But I made a promise to face someone ere' tonight. An' I will stay standing until my promise is kept." he bellows, before stepping back to the center of the arena, his helmed head lowering.

Ysbail chuckles, "It's nice to have an event where I'm not darting out to deal with one emergency or another if I'm being perfectly honest, there's much to be done yet."

"Messere, have you informed the /other/ party that you're intending to face them?" Berenice calls over to Ajax with a slightly pitying sort of look. "You might be here all night otherwise."

" Let's hope you stay standing there, Old man. I'll fight you this time. " Kanean stands from the bar and enters the ring.

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Elise strugles from the ring... wiping her lip of the blood that is there... locking her blade back in to her bracer.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

"And yer highness, I would miss the fun if I did that now wouldn't I?" Ajax gives a small laugh, as his gaze shifts towards Kanean, "Even if it is just something I will have to raise once more for." he waggles his eyebrows his expression hidden from his helmet as he shifts over Kanean, raising his weapon upwards.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Reese look super surprised by something that Zeriax said. Her blue eyes widen and she falls all silent for a moment. It doesn't seem to be a bad kind of shock though, because the girl smiles a moment later. She murmurs softly to those at her table after recovering.

Elise finds a seat by herself.. clearly super pissed off at the beating she just took.

"That seems a horribly inefficient way to go about matters," Berenice says to Ajax with a careless sort of shrug.

Kanean wields Silent Whisper.

"Missere Ajax, you are so very welcome to enjoy all that my Hart can offer as you wait. You are very welcome as always," Valencia smiles brightly to Ajax and then Bernice. "I am always so glad to have excellent company. It makes things much more beautiful, yes?"

Kanean checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 0, rolling 46 higher.

Kanean remains capable of fighting.

Kanean checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 43 higher.

Kanean remains capable of fighting.

Athaur rises from the table and offers a bow. He looks over towards Kanean and chuckles softly. "Make him pay Kanean!" He grins at the young warrior for a moment before making his way down to the ringside table and bows to the hostess. "Princess Valencia, a delight as always. You always put on such a great party. Thank you so much."

A roaring laugh escapes Ajax, the next moments he draws himself into Kanean, starting off with a hungry aggression, trying to avoid the incoming rain of arrows the main launches and mostly failing at that he charges forwards in his attempt to bring the man down with blow after blow, seemingly irritated by his body not crumpling.

Domonico just listens at the table he is sat at, stern faced as always.

Valencia smiles warmly to Athaur as he rises to leave and offers him a delicate hand in farewell. "Thank you, my Count. Again, you have brought such good things to my Hart. I hope you will return soon," she nods graciously, her large dark eyes lowering gently.

Gunther arrives and has a look around. He peers through squinting peepers suggesting perhaps in his age he has lost some measure of his vision. As he looks around he smiles and makes his way further into the establishment with a glance down to the Arena floor. The bald man with the comb-over and gut is short. Five feet two which is like a foot shorter than pretty much every man (and many women) in Arx. The old fella flashes a bright and yellowish stained smile. "Hullo!" Gunther announces without a care in the world. He wears the commonest of common duds.

Not fighting for weeks may have made Kanean's skill a bit too rusty. He actually forgot to wield his own bow. So, when the duel started, he realized that he wasn't holding his bow and so he had to dodge a few blows and tries not to get hit. He managed to regain his composure and starts to shoot his arrows at Ajax.

Kanean checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Kanean remains capable of fighting.

Over at the bar, Berenice finishes off her next glass of wine and then sets it aside, leaning closer to Harlex to murmur a quiet word to him. She takes his hand to let him help her off her barstool, her layers of aeterna whispering silken about her. She smooths fingers back over the dark waves of her hair and then flashes a smile to Valencia and then Ian. "/Do/ try to avoid a /dangerous/ level of intoxication," she suggests fondly to Ian before she's stealing Harlex away.

Athaur takes Valencia's hand in both of his and bows over it with a smile. "Of course. I shall return as often as I am able, my Princess." He grins brightly as he straightens before lifting a hand and making his way out.

Mabelle observes the excitement of the room from the ringside table, the sight and smell of blood and fresh bruises bothers her not.

Kanean time to pose? :)

Ian salutes Beatrice with his glass when she and Harlex move to go. "Have a good evening."

For a minute that passes, it seems Ajax slows in his assault towards Kanean, a decision he likely regrets shortly after the man lands shot after after past the man's armor causing him to push backwards a little bit with a rasp, "Not bad kid, let's take it all the way for the crowds." his tenor sheepish as he returns to his charge onto the bow a lot more desperate to bring him down.

Harlex knits his fingers with Berenice's for long enough to draw her to his side. A murmur returned to her ear, something quiet and enough to make him edge out a wry smile. But there's a nod for Ian in turn and a /look/ to Dolmen who hustles it with that armor. But the dark clad swordsman is all the menace he needs without, arm and arm with the princess as they depart.

Harlex has left the bar.

Dolmen, a Crimson Agent leaves, following Harlex.

Berenice has left the bar.

6 House Velenosa Guards, Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job leave, following Berenice.

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 78, rolling 12 lower.

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 42, rolling 21 higher.

Ajax remains alive, but close to death.

Ajax is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Zeriax shoots up once more from the quiet conversation at his table. "Fucking ''Gut him'' Ajax!" That poor chair was knocked over again. "You too!" He called out to the man's opponent. "Congratulations!" Aaaand then he was back to drinking and whispering.

Athaur is overheard praising Kanean: Finally bringing the old man down!

Ysbail says, "Get back in there Ajax." She cheers watching the blow with a wince."

Domonico notes everyone getting worked up over watching the fight before nodding once at what Ysbail says.

Athaur has left the corner table.

Kanean manages to stand up after the fierce blows from Ajax, not willing to lose to him. He dodges his next few slashes and then takes a few steps back. He lines up his shot and releases the arrow. It hits! The arrow managed to hit Ajax on the head, knocking him down. "Thanks, great fight!" he smiles and helps Ajax up.

After the final exchange is done, the sharp end of retribution slams into the ground properly, Ajax leaning over it with a sharp exhale from his throat, Kanean being the clear victor of the round, yet Ajax forces himself back up giving the lad a dip of his head from past his helm he looks over towards the people seating his expression unreadable towards the crowd, yet he forces himself back up to slowly trudge from the ring properly.

Ajax has left the ring of valor.

Kanean smiles at Zeriax, " Thanks" he gives him a nod and goes back to the bar and lets out a sigh as he sits down.

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Kanean has joined the bar.

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1 Grayson House Guards have been dismissed.

Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle have been dismissed.

Deliverance, an albino falcon have been dismissed.

Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound have been dismissed.

Rascal, a hyper terrier have been dismissed.

Rosalie, a lady in waiting have been dismissed.

Maude, a bashful mourning dove arrives, delivering a message to Ajax before departing.

Ajax With a small step back into the arena proper, he trudges his way towards the seats by the ring, settling down onto a chair by Dominico and Ysbail, he receives a bird, seemingly annoyed with a bird being in a crowded building the man opens up the letter peering at the contents within.

Ajax has joined the ringside table.

Gunther makes his way over towards the bar. The man smiles and his mitts reach up to the top. Gunther flexes his hairy arms and tugs himself up and into his char. The man calls for, "Juice, please. Any kind. No liquors." The man looks around at the others at the bar and explains, "Onna account o' my Sally. Don't wan't to get in my cups no more. Not that I'm some weak fella or nothin'. Done plenty drinkin', what -- in my day." Gunther shrugs and then sets out some coin, "I ain't one much for them metals and the like. But I'm always happy to toss knucks with a fella or lass whats wants a good poke in the cheek meats."

Elise enters the sands again after nursing her wounds... She needs to make up for her horrible defeat

Elise wields Hidden Wrist Blade.

Domonico nods to Ysbail and Ajax and stands, "One moment please. I better put an effort in tonight." And with that he steps into the ring with a nod to Elise. "That your weapon?"

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Ian nods to Gunther when the man comes to the bar. He's got no such compunctions about drinking, and he looks pretty rough, worn and aged more than usual. He notes Elise's trudge back to the ring.

Valencia takes a delicate sip from her glass and sets it once more on the table. A gentle smile is offered to Gunther as he is spotted. Magnuss, the Hart's master barkeep nods and serves the man what he wishes without so much as a lift of brow to the request. He does, however, offer an understanding nod as he fetches the man a juice in a proper mug. Valencia smiles his way and nods as well, "You need not explain unless you wish. Whatever pleases you, sir. Truly. If you will pardon my saying, I think your Sally would be so very delighted your discipline is so very strong in this."

Elise wipes the blood from her lip... She doesn't care

Domonico wields Raptor's Reach, a rubicund-tipped cornel-shafted Dory spear.

Domonico wields Wavecutter, a high quality steel Xiphos.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Domonico hefts his spear at first before he considers Elise's weapon and puts it aside before drawing his lkeaf-shaped Xiphos, two feet of shining Southport steel. "Ready."

Reese wields Devotion, a silvery pink alaricite short sword.

Reese has joined the upper rafters.

Reese has left the upper rafters.

Reese has joined the corner table.

Reese is still her mug of mead. "Who is up for the drinking contest?" She asks of the room at large.

Zeriax bursted up once more from the table. Rather than cheer for anyone, he just cupped his hands and let out a long, piercing howl. "Awooo!" Then Reese mentioned the drinking contest, and he slammed a tankard against the table. "Now ''That'' I can get behind!"

Domonico is in a low defensive stance, content to see what Elise is capable of, sidestepping and swayiing aside. It's only when he takes a swing and them a line of blood appears on his bicep does he realise she actually is quite fast. "Good strike. First blood to you." He then counterattacks with a stinging slap from the flat of his blade.

Elise dashes in as fast as she can. He has seen her feints and meets her with a strike as she makes a dodge. It sends her reeling, but she shrugs it off and rushes back in as fast as she can.

Mabelle finally intaking and settling into the arena, she beckons the bartender for a goblet of wine as she watches the ring fascinated.

"Ain't so much my disciple-in or what have you." Gunther answers Valencia, "It's just when I set my mind to somethin' I'm pretty hard-headed and stubborn about doin' what I says. And I made my Sally a promise an' all." The man smiles, "There be all sorts of things I forgotton onna account of bein hit an' the head and so forth so much. But I ain't never forgotten my word. Not since I quit lyin', cheatin', beatin', and drinkin'." Gunther tells her in typical old no-filter fashion. "So I'm just livn' her dream. Onna account I ain't got nothin' else better to live for. She wanted to see me doin' good and bein' happy." The man smiles, still jabber-jawing. He reaches up and wipes at a little redness in his eyes, some moisture. "She showed me what goodness was. So I aim to repays it. With what time I got left and what not. Just livin' for vittles. And roof. Donatin' all the rest. Don't need it. I had all I ever need. And I will again some day too. Ain't no thing gonna keep us apart forever none." Gunther drones. Pretty much with 'Work Song' like devotion to Sally.

Gunther turns back to the bar. He casts a smile to Ian once his juice arrives. And he saltues the fella with his mug before he smiles. Apparently content with his jibba jabba he just spewed.

Valencia seems earnestly touched at Gunther's words, her smile softening a little more. She nods to Magnuss and the rough hewn Gunther will find he drinks free from now on. Turning back, the little vixen takes a sip of her wine and draws in a light breath. "It must be a beautiful thing to be loved so well," she smiles softly again.

Elise runs in and dips under a strike. She slides and strikes at her opponents ankles. She fights dirty. But at this point in the night it is probably expected. Because after her strike she is met with a flat side of a blade to her temple that sends her down and across the sands.... she strugles to get back up... She wipes the blood off her face as she stands back up heavy and slow.... clearly at this point she hurts.

Domonico increases the tempo of is attacks, shifting from his defensive stance to a more balanced style of fighting. While Elise seems to be darting everywhere as fast as she can, Domonico's moves are crisp, clean and precise, clearly all well drilled and practiced, muscle memory clear in his actions. He stops a couple of stabs with his his bracer and ripostes painfully once, twice... then hisses as the dagger slides off his bracer and rakes his well muscled arm. "Good hit."

Ysbail watches the fight with muted interest.

Ian doesn't look like he particularly understood... anything Gunther just said. But he also looks like he's used to not understanding people. Or (again), it could be the alcohol.

Reese looks over to the fighting ring and has a gentle smile. "Oh, Whisper Elise is fighting again, he sure has drive." The girl says. She seems to be speaking to Zeriax and turns back to the man, sucking in a soft breath and then saying something softly.

Were it not for the fact that Zeriax respected the establishment and wanted to continue doing so, the chair under his butt would have been smashed something fierce by that point. "Gods above, you have got to be one of the most spirited Whispers I've ever met! And I meet a lot of Whispers!" He called out to Elise, before picking his chair back up to sit and whisper with Reese.

Ysbail gets to her feet, excusing herself. "Thank you for a lovely Event Valencia, I need to go take care of a few things, but I will see you soon."

Ysbail has left the ringside table.

Gruffudd, A ridiculously large and fluffy Blackwood forest Cat, Inka Briar leave, following Ysbail.

"Mm, walk well lady Blackwood, see you soon." Ajax offers, before he raises to his own feet trudging towards the door.

Ajax has left the ringside table.

"Please, Lady Ysbail, " Valencia nods warmly to the woman. "I should like that very much. Please keep safe."

Elise checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 18, rolling 7 higher.

Elise remains capable of fighting.

Elise checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 65, rolling 41 lower.

Elise checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 32, rolling 13 lower.

Elise is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Gilroy has left the bar.

Domonico keeps up the pressure on Elise, keeping her dagger at bay and delivering stinging slap after slap with the flat of Wavecutter. The end comes suddenly, one hand gripping her wrist and forcing it up high as he slams the flat of his xiphos into Elise's stomach and then follows through with a lightnining fast strike to the throat...

And then he freezes, the sharpened edge inches from her skin, quivering with the suddenness of the stop. He looks eyes with her and nods once before he steps back, "You fight well. Watch that you don't over extend."

Elise her arm twisted, almost to a breaking point... finally he lets her go and she falls to her knees... at this point she has been abused to the point she cant move and she just colapses.... any other time... this is where she gets finished off... instead she is just forces to suffer defeat

Elise collapeses on to her side

The crowd collectively gasps and a bevvy of mercies rush to Elise's side to check her over, careful to see that she is alright. Breaths are held as they check her over.

Ian steels himself for a moment before easing slowly off his bar stool and onto his feet. He paces carefully, watching his own footsteps, towards the door.

Ian has left the bar.

Elise is dragged out of the way with the help of the mercies.... she how ever does not look happy about it.

Domonico steps back and allows the mercies to do their business, sheathing his sword and making sure that Elise is still alive. He returns to the table he was at with a serious look on his face.

Mabelle records Domonico's fresh cuts and bruises in her mind with a twitch of her lips.

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