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Kismet Carnival

The Raconteur would like to welcome all to come experience the wonders of the Kismet Carnival brought to Arx! Games of chance and luck with prizes to be won, entertainers that will dazzle and beguile you with stories and more. It's an evening of fun and games, along with some of the finest drinks to be found in Arx.


Feb. 24, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

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Brady Fortunato Gunther Perronne Berto Beatrice Khanne Lisebet Olivia Mirk Jasher Lianne Ophelia Willow Amari Berenice Calypso Agostino Rysen Amund Pasquale Mirella Waldemai Corban Sorrel



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Raconteur - Kismet Hall

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A lovely evening of games, entertainers, wonderful company, and some of the best drink I've found outside of Grenaldo and Tiaza's, located in Peddlers Row, and tell your friends!

Ugarte arrives, following Fortunato.

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Amund arrive, following Ophelia.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

The Kismet Hall is full of an electric energy this afternoon, a hub of entertainment and fun for all those who come. The Bards College has provided support to the other performers from Kismet Carnivals throughout Arvum, bringing the best of the best together. Free booze is being provided, all thanks to the House Malespero's sponsorship, and a large section in the center serves as the main stage for a variety of performances once the carnival is to be officially kicked off.

Brady steps into the grand hall, arm in arm with Willow, telling her, "Thanks for coming to this with me. I'm glad I could get some time away from work so I could spend it with you." Offering her a warm smile, he looks over the hall with widening eyes, excitement already building. "Oh, this is going to be fun. Here, to kick things off..." He withdraws a small, stained glass bottle from his backpack, withdrawing his arm from the Nightgold's so as to present it to her. The crowd filters past them, eager to have fun and enjoy the night.

Brady gets a stained glass bottle of pale turquoise, silver, and peach from a leather backpack.

Dusk, the artist formerly known as Fortunato, arrives, in dark with touches of gold and duskstone. He drifts by the drinks and, with a half smile, orders a tankard of Bitter Night before climbing himself to the highest rafters. To observe for a little while.

Fortunato has joined the Right Low Risers.

Brady gets 1000 silver from A rugged leather pouch.

Gunther Crownsworn has seen his share of distant carnivals. Albeit likely the poorer and more rural variety. The short and dumpy fellow makes his way in and lets out a long whistle atthe sight before him, "Ain't neverseen so much hustle and bustle. Shame I ain't drink'n no more neither since them drinks is free. Coulda gone swimmin' in mah cups." He rumbles, "Onna account o' my promise to my departed Sally I can't though." The man seems a friendly sort but as he considers his dead love he wears a touch of longing and hurt on his expression. Hard to keep a good Gunther down though and this is replaced quickly with enthusiasm. His comb-over is set to one side neatly and he wears his finest only worn thrice poor man's set of cotton pants and shirt. His heavy brow and neckline sport errant hairs that thrust out widly from the elder man's person.

Perronne enters the hall with a wide open smile, looking around at the all the entertainments and interesting people. She notices Dusk, and throws a big wave in that direction, but her attention is clearly caught by the games, and she starts moving in the direction of the game stalls to check out their entertainments and possibly do some danger to herself or others.

Berto is out and about for a carnival! He's smiling broadly, white teeth and cheerful earnestness, while he looks about the great and good who've come to mingle. The short man walks in the manner of a marionette with a broken string, ambling toward the free drinks with a good cheer, an meandering toward the games.

Already here, Beatrice kneels on a bench in the hosts' booth beside a tall, salt-and-pepper haired man, various papers laid out before them on a small table. She laughs, reaching over the table for a sturdy tankard of Measured Skill, and sips from it with an unrepentant smile.

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Emerging from behind one of the pillars that holds up the Kismet Hall, Venturo strides into the center of the sandy ring. He wears a carefully crafted dark red brocade jacket upon a black background, long sleeves and long tails, silver clasps upon the front that give a theatrical, dramatic flair to his appearance. Held in his hands is a shield, worn and battered, broad and metal, and when he gets to the center where a small table has been setup, he places it down with a *CLANG*, utilizing the instrument to garner the focus of the crowd.

Arriving in a burst of color, brilliant sapphire accented in a shining gold, Khanne steps into the Carnival area. She looks... tense... but surely a night out, a night here, amidst good company, good times, and lets face it... booze... will ease her tension. She wears a smile though, and lifts a hand to wave to those she knows while she takes a look around to see what there is to see. A loud *CLANG* from the ring makes her gasp, jump, and turn to see Venturo there. He certainly gained her focus with that. She chuckles and smiles, waiting to hear what he might have to say.

Lisebet makes her way in, taking a look around curiously. She pauses just out of the way to see if she can identify anyone here. A smile crosses her face, as it seems she definitely can.

Olivia enters woth her usual lost look, but also her ever present smile. She sees Lisebet at makes a bee line for the Lady, reaching to lock arms with her. "Lady Lisebet, how nice to see you here. What shallnwe play first?"

Mirk arrives at the carnival once the festivities have begun, and wastes no time in helping himself to ale and wetting his lips and his throat. He looks around, as he sips at the whiskey, and then as helowers it raises a hand to wave in the direction of a couple of familiar faces, particularly Khanne. He heads over to find himself a seat on one of the wooden rises, propping his elbows against his own thighs, his eyes on the different games, seemingly content to watch other people migrate towards them rather than participate for now.

Jasher heads into the carnival alongside Calypso and their combined retinue. He looks around the hall, the pillars, as if he had yet to see a carnival for the first time, brows furrowed. He begins to head for the blackboard to see what's on tap--and a loud clang draws his attention instead. He slows and stops to look at the perpetrator, brows furrowing slightly as he waits for the reason behind the interruption.

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Lianne must have helped with the setting up, given that she's already present, situated in the host's booth, though there's very little she's likely to have done beyond sample the drink and point at this or that. She has a pint in hand--a dark brown ale that might be recognized as Measured Skill--as her verdant gaze sweeps over the arriving crowd, empty hand lifted to waggle a cheerful wave to an artist or a northerner. But then there's a *CLANG*, and all of her attention turns delightedly toward Venturo, chin lifted, gaze expectant.

Ophelia Velenosa arrives dressed in her ebony silks and makes her way into the Hall with Amund trailing behind her. She stops short and hopes he doesn't bump into her as she attempts to assess where she should dwell during this visit. First! A glass of her favorite Raconteur drink. As she heads toward the bar, there's a loouud clanging noise that snags her attention for a moment to see what's happening around her.

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Willow lifts the bottle to her nose, duskstone eyes crinkling at the corners as she grins affectionately at Brady, retaking his arm after she secrets the bottle carefully into one of the layers binding up her torso. She glances to the various games before buying a stein and fills it with clear liquor. Some small amount of infamy attached to how poorly the diminutive northerner holds her liquor indicates someone is already going for one game of chance. She raises the stein to Brady before taking a sip and saying, "Thank you, Brady, it smells wonderful. Where do you figure we should head first?" Sip two, and counting.

Amari strolls in as if she's been here before and knows just where to go first, and that's to have a cup of Summer Storm poured for her which she's just lifting for a sip when there's that CLANG. Naturally, her gaze snaps thataway and spying Venturo rather than some disaster, she smiles and lifts her cup. She drifts from there, drawn towards the games.

"Messeres and Mistresses, Ladies and Lords, people of Arvum," His voice lifts, a booming baritone that gives a pregnant pause to make certain everyone has settled, "Welcome to the first Kismet Carnival to come to Arx. With the help of House Malespero and my patron, the Marquessa Lianne, whom has made it possible, it is my sincere hope that you'll find some of the brighter spots of life tonight. To laugh and enjoy merriment with your fellow woman and man, be amazed at the entertainment to be found, and to test your skill," A quirk of the man's mouth comes at the conclusion of this sentence, the wording bringing out a touch of playfulness,"and to see if luck is with you in the games you'll find."

The fingers of his right hand curl into a fist, and with a wrapping sound twice upon the shield, it is this he calls attention to. "And this evening, I wish to share with you a story from when I was a late teenager in the Oathlands. I had the chance to travel with a brave band of soldiers upon patrol? and for once, I was not in their custody." Those pale green eyes go momentarily wide at in faux innocence at that admission, before he continues on, "It was one man in particular, Karl, who had caught my eye. His sword was like new. His armor, a combination of leather with metal reinforcements, gleamed in its mended state, hardly a dent or scratch to be found on it. Yet it was his shield he kept with him that was battered. Functional without a doubt, of course, but it so clearly stood out from the rest of him."

"Ah! Darling!" Berenice has arrived by herself -- well, with her usual retinue hanging back and not allowed to truly enjoy themselves -- but with no sign of it being any sort of problem, considering she clearly finds her friends wherever she goes. As she does not, as she spots her cousin Ophelia and makes straight for her side . "I am /so/ glad to see you, dearest. I couldn't bring myself to ask--" Her words are cut off in short order when Venturo clangs that shield, and her attention drifts swiftly over to him. There's clear humor in her gaze, a certain familiarity with his storytelling tones.

Calypso takes in the impressive decor of the carnival with a modicum of appreciation in her eyes. A hushed word is offered toward Jasher, pointing discreetly toward the blackboard ahead before the abrupt clank of metal snatches her attention away to its source; the proprietor of the carnival. Brows knit, her expression softening into one of open enjoyment for the story the crowd is regaled with upon the tail of opening speeches.

Slipping inside, Agostino is dressed in aeterna, leather, and silk as he quietly observes the others who have arrived before him. Slowly, he makes his way among the other carnival-goers, picking up a tankard of Dangerous Liasons along the way, and sipping from it as his attention turns to Fortunato to listen to their host begin the festivities with a tale from his youth.

Lisebet grins at Olivia. "I was thinking - " And then she stops as Venturo is speaking, turning to listen to what he is saying first. "we should first have a drink and look around, maybe say hello to those we recognize."

Brady purchases a stein of Dangerous Liasons, merely sipping at as he steers Willow towards one of the games of chance: the Ball Toss. All the while, he keeps returning his attention to the showman in the sandy ring, listening to the story.

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Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

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Upon her announcement, Lianne rises to her feet to offer a bright smile to the crowd. She tips her head first to Beatrice and then to Venturo before lifting her drink, toasting to her protege's grand experiment. Does her smile sharpen at the mention of *skill* being tested? Just a teensy little bit. By the time the taleteller sets into his story, she resettles at the hosts' booth. Some part of it earns a small, barely audible laugh, a look shared with Beatrice before her attention is back on the brewer.

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Jasher listens to Venturo's words, one eyebrow lifting slightly as the tale's told--or at what he's hearing from the duchess-general's quiet words, or both. He turns slightly to respond just as softly, his words drowned out in the rippling murmur of activity around them.

Lisebet is overheard praising Lianne: For sponsoring a fun event!

Ophelia is in mid sip of her drink when her cousin Berenice is suddenly by her side and then smiles soon afterward. "Hello, my sweet!" she says with quiet excitement when the host begins to tell a story. Her attention is then snagged and she hushes to pay attention, but not before leaning close to murmur something to Berenice.

"Naturally, being the curiously inclined man I was, I asked him why he hadn't bothered to find a better shield thinking there was some quick explanation," It's here the man takes in a deep breath, like someone walking into the maw of a trap without having realized it, ''Venturo', he told me with a voice that sharpened to such seriousness I briefly felt as his enemies must when faced with him upon the field, 'Each dent on this shield is a memory of a battle. A memorial to the fallen. A reminder of the skill it takes for me to keep sharp that has kept me alive? and of moments of karmic luck it has given me in deflecting a blow it shouldn't have. It's a tale of too much blood and pain. But,'"

Venturo's fingers curl about the edges, flipping the thing over upon its front, the soft sound of it wobbling lightly until it finally settles serving as a filler before his voice picks back up, "His expression lightened, but was no less fervent as he explained, 'It's broken up more than one bar brawl. I've used it as a drum around campfires at night as we sing songs of hope. I've used it as a makeshift table to write notes back to my loved ones, and I've even cooked off of it once or twice when we had our camps raided and were in dire times. And with my fellow man and woman by my side, with their shields? It reminds me we are stronger together. And if anyone thinks they can take what is mine? They've got another thing coming for them, for I'll die with this shield, and it will cover my body when I'm buried.'"

Rysen drifts into the hall, with the raven-haired Lygeia half a step behind him. He makes his way to Venturo, and begins listening intently to his tale.

Khanne pauses from her greeting the others at the risers and listens to Venturo's tale. Her smile grows as the tale goes on; messages of strength, and hope, and of unity... all things she believes in strongly. When he finishes the recounting of Karl, she gives a firm nod and applauds.

Calypso inclines her head toward the whispered words of Jasher, angling to procure a stein of Summer Storm and Dangerous Liaisons from the tap as soon as an opening breaks within the crowd swarming around for their first round of refreshments. "The carnival is well-attended. It seems quite a fair amount of socialites are out to play," she observes, starting toward the middle low risers for a comfortable seat, passing the prince his drink along the way. "Do you see a game you might like to try, Your Highness?"

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Amund glances about in silence, his jaw slightly set after the loud clang. Looking up to the source of the sound as he pauses in shadowing Ophelia, glancing around slowly, taking in the ambience as the story gets told, then focusing on Ophelia and Berenice as they chat. More than a bit like a bodyguard, though the story draws his attention again.

Lianne doesn't roll her eyes. She's too well-mannered for that. But she does smirk at the mention of 'karmic luck,' right about the same time that her eyes lid for just a moment. The suggestion of derisive amusement without any obvious expression. As Venturo's story goes on, her expression warms, but the conclusion of the story within the story, of Karl's explanation, has her calling out to the brewer. "Am I to assume you're a graverobber then, Master Brewer? You hadn't listed that on your resume!"

Gunther smiles and finds an out of the way spot to watch the story. The man loves the theatrics and even claps here and there. He grins and seems to be enjoying it. He watches the younger sorts go about their joy and activities. He smiles at those who pass and offers his customary and friendly 'hullo' absent provocation.

Berto simply listens to the story intently, in good humor with the free ale in his hand. It doesn't look as though he's especially invested in the story, or as though this is his first drink of the day. He does grunt out a cheerful sort of acknowledgement of a hello from Gunther.

Willow applauds after Khanne, before lifting a hand to wave at Rysen on his entrance before looking back to the ball toss.

Lisebet grins at Olivia, waiting now as she listens to Venturo's story. "He tells a good story, doesn't he?" she offers softly. And then there's Lianne's reply, and she laughs softly, amusement dancing across her face. She keeps an eye on folks, leading Olivia gradually to wherever there might be drinks. And that might have her wandering by a Berto.

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Venturo pauses briefly, turning to look towards the Marquessa Malespero. "Of course I did! It was under, 'creative methods of appropriating supplies! But I wouldn't dare have touched his grave. No. I learned two valuable things that night. The first was never to mess with Karl's shield," A glimmer of mischief dances in Venturo's features at that, his smile turning rakish and crooked as only one cheek manages to produce a dimple. From the side, the tall and silent Zane approaches Venturo with a couple of mugs. "The second is one I hope you will celebrate with me tonight, and find the happier moments of in the activities before you."

Out his hand reaches to take one of the mugs, even as Venturo continues towards that conclusion, "That while life has it's valleys that seem to surround us far too much, it also has its peaks. And that it isn't just from our laughter and enjoyment of testing our luck and skill we shall find our balance line any finely crafted shield, but we take a look around us. We see and will meet new faces. And we realize when we share those joys with others," Up his mug lifts in a toast, those pale eyes looking out over the crowds as his voice raises, "we are stronger together."

"So it seems," Jasher says, gravely accepting the offered stein as he joins Calypso on the lower middle rises. He keeps an ear towards Venturo as the tale continues to be told. "I have not played such games before. Perhaps I may watch, or try each in turn. Unless you have more experience in the matter."

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Pasquale was kept at some business or other around the Tower, but he wasn't going to miss the festivities entirely. He sweeps in, all dark silks and slightly stiff nods of acknowledgement to people he knows, winding his way toward the Malesperos in attendance. "Lianne. Dear cousin Beatrice. Messere Venturo has outdone himself." He sounds proud and, for him, happy.

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Agostino applauds the story as well, before laughing when Marquessa Malespero calls out to Venturo. He then looks around at the various games as he wanders, until the puzzle pieces catch his attention, and he steps in closer to get a better look at just how it is played.

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Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Alba, a little azure-eyed white cat arrive, following Mirella.

Rysen smiles at Willow and waves in return, before making his way towards the mugs of ale. Filling a mug to the brim, he takes a deep drought, blinks with some degree of surprise, and smiles at Venturo raising his own drink in general toast.

Having not yet procured a drink, Khanne reaches for her flask and lifts it high in the air. "Stronger Together!" She says loudly before tipping her flask to her lips. She seems determined to do just as suggested; laugh and enjoy this moment in time.

"Stronger together!" Berto shouts out, raising his cup in a way that sloshes it around but--somehow--doesn't spill more than a few drops.

Lianne breathes a quiet laugh at something murmured from her seneschal, a glint of knowing humor turned toward Beatrice. Venturo's answer earns a brighter spill of mirth and a dip of her head in concession, as if maybe the man *had* written out his skills and included precisely that one somewhere on the list. Khanne's call in answer to the full conclusion of that introductory tale has her pint lifted again, accompanied this time with a pucker of her lips, a kiss sent across the crowd to the redhead. After she drinks, her attention turns to Pasquale, expression fond. "I'm glad you could make it, brother," begins what sinks to a quieter level.

Mirk raises his own mug in the toast, a hint of a smile on his lips, though he maintains stoicism. He drinks to Venturo's sentiments, though from the flush on his cheeks, he didn't need much encouragement.

Lisebet joins in the cheer, adding her voice to those calling out, "Stronger together!" She raises her newly acquired mug and takes a drink.

Ophelia stands next to Amund and lifts her glass in 'cheers' after the host concludes his story. The smile that curves her lips is genuine and she attempts to make eye contact with Venturo from a distance -- there are so many people present! "Stronger together." she repeats and then glances at Amund. "Do you want something to drink? Try this!" She hands him her glass of hard cider, a sweet blend of cherry and lemon flavors.

Willow echoes the sentiments of various others, lifting her stein and calling out, "Stronger together!" She winces after chugging. And then smacks her lips

"Enjoy the free drinks on tap this evening," A hand lifts towards the booth with the blackboard, handing out mugs left and right, "and take your chances at the games while you listen and watch the entertainment we have in store for you!" And with that, Venturo turns, heading out of the circular ring, picking his way towards the booth that holds the hosts for the festivities.

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Brady is overheard praising Venturo: Great Showman, hosting a lovely (and well-needed event).

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Mirella arrived at some point when nobody was looking. Or maybe she was here from the start. Whatever the case, the Lycene woman is standing at the edges of the gathering while she quietly gets her bearings among the noise and celebration. She's looking a little more dressed-up than usual -- there's a bit of sparkle in silver and amethyst on her black dress. Still, she's not as glittering as many here, and her silent presence would do little to draw attention to her being around at all. She raises her mug a little, but doesn't cheer. Then the vessel is placed down and she's over to the games.

Amari lifts her cup again, this time for the conclusion of Venturo's tale. She doesn't pipe up with a 'stronger together' of her own, but instead has a sip of her Summer Storm. Having not yet reached either risers or games, she takes stock of where she did stop, considers and heads towards a familiar voice. "Lady Lisebet, Lady Olivia." She greets, offering a polite nod to Berto as well.

Amund tilts his head in confusion to Ophelia, reaching for the glass and drinking deeply from it. "It's good," he says to the Princess, holding the glass and nursing the drink. "Do you want me to pour you another?"

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Making his way toward the low risers followed by Lygeia, Rysen smiles in greeting to Mirk: "Good to see you again, Lord Mirk. After tasting Venturo's ale, I fear I may never step foot in The Spirits again."

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Catching sight of those puckered lips, a sentiment aimed her way, Khanne smiles at Lianne and sends a puckered lip kiss, with a loud 'mwah' for effect attached, towards the Marquessa. Then, the question of WHAT free drink to have.

A pair of jugglers, one a dark skinned woman and the other a red haired man, go through the Hall, but not with balls or knives. It's apples that whirl in a frenzy of motion from one to the other, behind the back, between legs and more. They spread wider apart as they pass by where Ophelia, Berenice and Amund talk so that they are suddenly in the midst of the act, the red skinned fruit arching high, unable to clearly be sighted by the other until the last moment. With a flourish of stacked apples in each of their hands it concludes, before each offers up some of the fruit to the three of them to have and enjoy before the juggling act moves on.

Berenice draws in close to Ophelia, smiling impishly at whatever her cousin has whispered to her, and offering a low-voiced reply. Her voice is a bit more audible when she says, "I'm sure I'll be terrible at all of the games unless I can convince one of the judges to look the other way. Do you want to try anyways?" She starts eyeing the puzzle booth that Agostino is at, lifting her hand for a mischievous little wiggle of her fingers to wave at him. Any progress towards the booth is perforce waylaid, however, at the arrival of the jugglers, which have Berenice beaming delightedly to be amidst the performance so suddenly. She's laughing by the end of it, particularly when one of the jugglers hands over one of the apples, and she takes it readily.

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Ophelia shakes her head after Amund's offer and waves away the now empty glass that he holds. "No, thank you. I've plenty where that came from at home." She casts a smile up at him and then leans close to murmur something to the sellsword. As she does, she then pivots to look over at the growing crowd when there's suddenly a juggling act around her, Berenice, and Amund! She's distracted and /smiling/ at the performance, and she might even catch one of those apples upon conclusion. "I would be terrible at them, too." she responds to Berenice with a laugh. "Although I wouldn't mind watching!"

Lianne can't help but giggle at the exaggerated affection sent back her way, a warm smile lingering for Khanne for just a moment. Pasquale's answer earns him a Very Serious Look which has the marquessa on her feet in short order. "Then we've little time to waste." She angles a slight, sly smile toward Venturo, a little nod tipped his way. With a look to Beatrice, she asks, "Are you able to join us, sister?" knowing full well that her seneschal might have her hands full today, and not only with all this free-flowing ale. "I've a mind to try the puzzle, but only because I'm certain I can win. For you, my family, I will risk grave humiliation and attempt whichever of the games most piques your interest."

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Rysen chuckles, and bows gracefully to Khanne. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, My Lady. As a man prone to drinking ale, I can't say I've tasted anything equal to Venturo's brew," and turning to Dusk, Rysen says, "It's good to meet you as well, Dusk. It's always a privilege to get to know a fellow artist." Turning to Mirk, Rysen asks, "Do you go in for games of luck, My Lord?"

Waldemai wanders in like a guy who's been spending too much time in the forge lately.

Just behind the risers that Mirk, Khanne, Rysen and the Artist Formerly Known As Fortunato sit at, long drapes of narrow cloth have been hung from the tall ceiling. And quite suddenly, they are fluttering with a flurry of activity! A slender, blonde haired woman is using them as a prop for her acrobatics: round and round she spins herself into them, going higher and higher, only to suddenly descend with a kiss of cloth undone so quickly, ending her plummet only inches from the ground. Back up she goes, from one to the other, gracefully performing her own silent dance with the silks high in the sky.

Amund watches as the jugglers approach, watching their tricks with the rapt attention of an eerily silent, but still awe-struck child. When he's given the fruit, he accepts it, and takes a bite, swallowing quickly. "Want to try your luck at that?" He asks of Ophelia, nodding to the ball toss.

Brady /history

Olivia tries to get 'rowdy' with the crowd and atomsphere, "Where is the flower growing competition I need something I can win!" She says with a giggle at the end. She is not good at rowdy.

At first, Agostino is just watching, getting an understanding of the game. He does, however, notice Berenice's wave, which elicits a warm grin from him as he returns the gesture. As the jugglers get in her way, though, he finally steps up to give the game a try. He is managing to put the pieces together, though not as quickly as some of the other participants.

Mirk is in the middle of speaking when he notices themovement above him, squinting up at the woman - the acrobat? - that started her performance so near to where he sits. "Well, that's something you don't see every day," he observes after a moment.

Lisebet laughs softly at Olivia's comment, shaking her head. "The only thing I ever won so far was an oyster shucking contest once," she admits.

Catching that flurry in her peripheral vision, khanne gasps and turns to watch the blonde spinning in the silks behind them. Her eyes are wide with wonder as she watches the artistry. When she plummets, Khanne holds her breath a bit, only to burst into applause when she stops short of the ground and starts to work her way high once more. Excitedly, she turns to her companions. "Did you see that? Oh Spirits, that is beautiful!"

Mirella's in the crowd somewhere. Oh, there. By the ball toss. And she just sent a ball sailing through the air with a dainty flick of her wrist. It hits a pin with a little clonk, knocking it over neatly. But while it is an excellent throw, accurate and smooth, there's the faintest impression of a frown creasing across her aeterna-pale brow. The glint in duskstone eyes is one of mild annoyance. Not good enough.

Lianne looks between Beatrice and Pasquale before settling her attention on Venturo and declaring, "I am alone in my bravery. And so, I shall set forth and find myself a victim." Her chin ticks upward slightly as she reconsiders. She tries on, "Conspirator," with some uncertainty. Once spoken, though, it seems to fit, and so she bows her head toward her fellow hosts and slips off into the crowd.

Rysen nods to Khanne in agreement. "I cannot say I've ever seen something like that before," he says to Mirk, with more than a touch of awe in his voice.

Dusk turns his head and shifts his spine to observe the perilous acrobat. He claps in appreciation.

White chalk has been used to create a safety zone in one wing of the hall, where a large man wields several burning torches and swords. It's near the games that Olivia, Lisebet, Berto and Amari are at, and what is at first a display of dexterity as a whirling dervish of a torch and small scimitar shaped blade becomes a feat truly complex. The sword passes through the flames of the torch, catching on fire, and after a dramatic pause, the blade is as good as swallowed by the bald fellow. After it is withdrawn, he breaths out upon the torch, casting a billowing line of fire that quickly dies off as the conclusion to his performance.

Olivia eyes get wide at the sight of a man eating a sword. "Sir as A physician I can no-" She tries to rush the statement out, but the sword is gone. "Well I still do not think it is a good diet!" She laughs as the sword comes out. She claps excitedly for the show.

Berto laughs and applauds the sword-swallower and fire-juggler, although his attention drifts none too subtly to the acrobatic women behind the risers. "Oh, what fun!"

Willow stops prematurely in what she was saying at the ball toss and steps away, transfixed by the fire show and weaving off through the crowd to stare at it with tipsy awe.

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Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Alba, a little azure-eyed white cat leave, following Mirella.

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Lisebet steps back, her eyes widening, and then she giggles at Olivia's start into serious physician, even as it's sideswiped. "Oh my goodness, how amazing," she comments. She looks to those with her, Amari, Berto and Olivia, for their reaction too. The acrobat way over there is temporarily forgotten in favour of the sword eating fire juggler /right/ /here/.

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Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Alba, a little azure-eyed white cat arrive, following Mirella.

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Brady wanders away from the Ball Toss, drinking deeply from his stein, until he finds himself drawn in by the allure of a puzzle game.

Amari takes her turn at the shell game, which quickly becomes a battle of nerves and a matter of pride for both her and the man with the shells. Each shuffle of the shells grows ever more complex and swift, but each time the shells stop, Amari smiles brightly and points directly at the correct one. She's a perplexingly excellent guesser. This goes on several rounds before she takes mercy on the shuffler and stops with a soft laugh and wave of her hand, if largely under the pretense of watching the large man with all the fire and swords. "He's got a curved sword." She observes aloud, and when he's done whirling about with it, she applauds, agreeing with Lisebet. "That was! Well done!"

Venturo watches the going ons like a hawk, now and then sending subtle gestures for entertainers to head where there seems to be a lull, or checking on the stores of drinks that flow freely. At the front of the booth, he has settled in to chat with any who pass by with questions, always a warm and welcoming word for any who want to stop. For a brief moment that focus changes however, the show man stepping up onto his stool as his bright baritone voice booms out, "Mistresses and Messeres! Lords and Ladies! It is my pleasure to welcome Lord Rysen Crovane to the center ring, a member of Arx's very own Bard College!" Up his hands lift to offer a round of applause, and then back down the brewer settles back into the booth.

Willow drifts off to the puzzle pieces, where one might suspect she had initially intended to wind up. And then Venturo's introduction leaves her clapping enthusiastically for Rysen and grinning.

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Rysen fidgets noticeably, and quickly makes his way to the ale casks and refills his mug. Once it's been filled, he makes his way to the center of the hall, and glances at Lygeia, who produces a blackwood lyre from her leather shoulder bag.

"At the request of Master Venturo, and as a representative of the Bard’s College, I’ve done my best to compose a song for the carnival. Instead of something stately or polished, I’ve chosen something fun, based on the folk traditions of Stormwall. I hope you enjoy it," says Rysen, with a smile.

Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

Mirella lifts one hand in a small, absent-minded greeting to Amund, but then her attention is drawn away to focus her attention on the center ring. When Venturo initiates a hearty round of applause, she mimics the him, but so quietly and daintily that it's more of a visual gesture than one that's of any audible use. Nontheless, she watches with understated interest, awaiting the performance.

Ophelia hands her apple over to Amund and then casts her gaze over to the ball toss. "I suppose I could. Maybe a little later?" She's focused on Rysen at the moment and now that her hands are free, she's able to clap as he takes the center ring.

Rysen nods to Lygeia, and she begins to play a simple but pleasing folk melody on a blackwood lyre. Rysen takes a long drink from his mug, and begins to tap his foot to the rhythm. As the melody fills the hall, he begins to sing, or rather to chant:

"Something ‘bout the summer,

And the golden autumn light,

The harvests spread before us,

And Nature clothed in colors bright,"

"In waving beds of flowers,

In the pollen seeking bees,

In weather, warm and cheerful,

And in pleasant company,"

"In the folk who come to carnival

To sing, and dance, and drink -

To taste Venturo’s liquor,

And from a lover earn a wink -"

Lygeia’s melody continues to flow through the hall, and Rysen takes another long drink, allowing for a momentary interlude, which, judging from the glance Lygeia gives Rysen, was most likely unplanned.

Jasher seems content to sit on the rise, mulling the stein held in a gloved hand. He listens to Rysen's performance, his gaze slipping distant, the activity and the buzz left behind for his own thoughts, whatever they may be.

Rysen continues to sing along with the melody of Lygeia’s lyre:

"Though near on the horizon

Dire choices we all face,

Brought from foreign messengers

Portents dark, with twists of fate -"

"Yet blessed is the reminder

Of freedom for which we strive,

So have another drink my friends,

And let your feet alight!"

"Dance and drink and celebrate

For Jayus high above,

With family and trusted friends,

Or someone new to love!"

Rysen ceases his song, and raises his mug high in the air. He gazes out at those in the crowd, and, careful to step out of the path of two children dancing wildly past him in the central ring, guzzles the remainder of his mug, as if in the halls of Stormwall, wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

Lygeia’s melody slows, and fades away.

Corban hurries on into the carnival, looking as if he -- well, like he just came here from being on duty, which he was. He smooths down his tunic, looking around, perhaps considering where to take himself first in the games.

Berto is overheard praising Rysen.

Berto is overheard praising Venturo.

Lianne slips away from the hosts' booth, her evergreen attention drawn this way and that, to the various puzzles and games, to the acrobats and firedancers, her bright smile colored with wonder. On bare feet--though who's too notice with so very many distractions--she makes her way toward the sapphire-clad northerner with whom she'd exchanged long-distance kisses, settling rather comfortably at Khanne's side with a half-full pint yet held in one hand. Though most of her attention stays on the song, she tips her head toward the redhead to murmur something softly, brows arched. Probably a question.

Lisebet is overheard praising Venturo: Great hosting!

Waldemai applauds the singer. "Well done!"

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Sorrel slips in just in time to hear the performance, and she listens with quiet attentiveness as the lute is played and Rysen sings. A little smile lingers on her face after the song ends, and she politely claps for the performer. Then she glances around to see who is where doing what when, and plans her next move.

Olivia is overheard praising Rysen.

A lift of Venturo's mug comes at the end of the last line of the first bit of Rysen's chanting, that part about whose liquor is to be had! His eyes twinkle with mischief and amusement, and then he takes a small, carefully planned swig from it before settling back down into the hosts booth.

Amari sets her cup down to properly applaud Rysen's recital, discussion continuing at the shell game booth all the while.

"As you wish." Amund's done with his apple quickly enough, discarding what's left of it in a trash bin. If there's one. "I'll try my hand at that hammer game." The song has him nodding along to the beat as he holds his new apple in greeting to Mirella, taking another sizable bite from it again.

Pasquale stands for Rysen's song. Chin lifting as if, for a moment, he's tempted to sing along. He does not, of course, but is plainly inspired by it. He raises his thin-fingered hands to applaud. Then raises his cup again.

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Brady takes a break from thr maddening puzzles to cheer for Rysen, whooping with a fist in the air.

Willow finishes up her puzzle pieces around the time Rysen's song ends and she applauds wildly for him, sloshing a little out of her stein and whistling enthusiastically.

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Corban spies a ball toss over to the side, and seems interested in that particular game. He nods over to Mirella as he approaches, frowning a little bit at the barker who has stationed himself there. "So what do we have here? How do I play this one?" He rubs his hands together, getting ready to try his luck.

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Perronne wanders away from the puzzles, and stops to applaud the song. And get a large mug of beer, of course! She takes a sip or two, then weaves her way through the crowd, towards the shell game, her eyes wide at all the entertainment.

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Khanne seems surprised when Rysen is called. She leans towards Mirk and says, "I didn't know he was performing." She sips her drink, a Summer's Storm, and listens close, a smile letting it known she likes what is heard. She claps delightfully as he guzzles his mug and turns to find Lianne by her side. She slips her arm through her friend's, leaning in to listen. Whatever she hears, her eyes go wide and she looks around, biting her lip. "Oh... um... I haven't even had time to look."

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Brady stalks away from the Puzzle Pieces, defeated, to drunkenly approach the the Hammer Bell, swagger and confidence growing in unison.

Lygeia carefully places her lyre back in her bag, and Rysen, smiling at Brady, steps out of the central ring and flashes a grin to Venturo, as he chooses a new flavor of ale to refill his mug.

Though it takes him a bit to get the puzzle put together, Agostino finally does manage it, and then begins to wander. As he observes the games and festivities going on and listens to the singing, he enjoys his mug of Dangeorous Liasons quite a bit. Enough that he is soon left seeking out a refill, bowing his head to his employer as he passes her and her conversation with Khanne.

Mirella's applause is a little heartier this time, the shift of her features a little more animated. But not much. Still quite still, an ephemeral ripple across calm water, but there's some appreciation there too for those who would care to look. As her gentle applause fades away, she turns then to Corban and dips into a silk-smooth curtsy. Then she lifts one of the balls in a small hand, gesturing towards the pin with the other. "Knock those down."

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Olivia is already trying to heft the hammer... it does not go well. Instead she just looses her balance and falls flat on her butt.

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Back up onto the stool Venturo comes, hoisting his mug up, "My thanks to you for that joyous reminder, Lord Rysen!" He allows ample time for the remainder of the applause to die down, before his gaze sweeps about the crowds, "And do go try your luck! You never know how you might do. There will be prizes for the best at each, including a trophy ale stein that will get you your first drink free when you bring it to a Raconteur... along with casks of our two summer specials, Measured Skill and Fortuitious Instincts!"

Laughter spills warm and sweet like rich honey from Willow's throat and she bends to try and offer Olivia a hand up as she steps closer to the Hammer Bell.

Jasher finally rises from his seat to head for the large table of puzzle pieces. He sets the stein down as he examines the game, parsing the explanation of rules provided. He picks up one puzzle piece and looks at it curiously, then at the rest, brows furrowing at the mismatched pieces.

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Olivia pouts a little as she takes the offered hand, "Not sure I like this game! For sure it does not like me."

Sir Corban, First Captain of the King's Own, steps up to the table where the balls have been set up and grabs one, tossing it in the air for a moment. "Oh, well, that doesn't seem so hard," he says, perhaps not realizing that as a carnival game, it is set up to try to trick him. And so he just takes the ball and chucks it right at the center of all the pins' gravity, sending them down in a heap. One shot kill. "Like that?" he asks Mirella, curiously.

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Lianne surrenders her glass while the song is ongoing--though not before she's enjoyed more of that pleasant ale--leaving both hands free to applaud when the song reaches its conclusion. And leaving one arm free for capture. Khanne's answer earns an impish grin and a little tilt in her direction, shoulder bumping shoulder. "Then you shall suffer my whim." With a nod to the nearby Mirk, she steals Lady Halfshav away, murmuring something about balls and biases.

Berto checked strength at difficulty 10, rolling 6 higher.

Berto checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 8 higher.

Amari puts a hand out reflexively to try and keep Olivia upright, but she's far too late and nowhere close. She laughs, though it obvious she's trying her best not to. "Now I'm almost scared to try." She says, gesturing for Lisebet and Berto to take a crack first. Worst for last.

Berenice is overheard praising Venturo: A marvelous, remarkable achievement!

Calypso rises from her seat upon the low risers, taking stock of the array of games with a contemplative press of her mouth. After replenishing her stein, the duchess makes her way toward the puzzle pieces, pausing to hear the explanation of the games before tucking in to ponder over the puzzle pieces.

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Willow offers a hand out in offering toward Olivia's hammer, flushed and grinning so the corners of her eyes crinkle. "Lend me your hammer and I shall *hic* endeavor to defend thee." She is laughing, and laughing and then grins and claps at Brady's swing.

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Khanne shares a smile with Lianne and says, "your whims have not steered me wrong yet, and goodness knows what things you have braved to meet my own." Snow, anyone? "Lead me , dear friend. We will either shine bright or provide a good laugh, I am sure." And with a nod to Mirk, she is off with her friend.

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The open air building allows many potential feats of acrobatics and balance, and one such takes place over the game that Corban, Sorrel and Mirella have taken up at. A rope has been tightly strung between two of the pillars, and a rail skinny man balances upon it with a long pole. This way and that he wobbles, but always he finds his balance as he makes his way across, all to the delight of the people watching from below.

Khanne is overheard praising Venturo: A Carnival more amazing than I even imagined!

Willow manages to half lift the hammer. And it weighs enough in its own right to lift the bell a little when she forgets it and drops it ib favor of acrobats. ACROBATS. Ah, well. She laughs again and nods at Brady before haring off after the shells, hammer left sitting askew and all.

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Corban absolutely SMASHES that throw, and Mirella is looking at him now with a mixture of frowning annoyance and grudging admiration. When Sorrel appears, she can be scene dipping into a curtsy, and then she murmurs something polite to both of them: most likely an introduction. After this, her attention turns to the acrobat, who she watches with wide eyes and an upquirk of her eyebrows. That wobble is done for theatrics, probably, but the Lycene woman seems to be quite impressed.

Rysen is overheard praising Venturo: Excellent entertainment, superb drinks - truly a carnival to be remembered.

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Brady chases after a wild Willow, careful not to let his drink spill as he slips through the crowd to join the Shell Games.

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After failing terribly at the hammer toss, Lisebet heads for the puzzles. Surely they might stand a chance there!

"Ladies and Lords, Mistresses and Messeres! This is the final call for those of you wanting to try your hand at the games! We will be announcing the winners in just a short while. If you've enjoyed your time here, do consider purchasing a commemorative stein that is as functional as it is pretty!" Venturo's voice finishes booming out, and around his head turns, pale green gaze flickering out. Now and then a smile and a dip of his head comes, all to another familiar faces that goes through the crowds.

After walking around nursing his second mug of Dangerous Liasons, Agostino wanders over to the shell game. Here there is no hanging back to learn how it works; he seems quite familiar with it as he moves to take a seat.

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Amari sets the hammer down after a perfectly average and adequate strike, takes cup from mouth and drifts to the next game in the wake of the trio; Lisebet, Olivia and Berto. Puzzles may be more her speed.

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Lisebet is amused, but she doesn't appear to be more than purely ornamental today! She looks at the nearest puzzle, and shakes her head, as she tries to put one together, starting off not too badly, but swiftly getting confused. "I think the pieces are mixed up," she offers.

Olivia stands looking at the puzzle for just a moment. She looks hyper focused. It doesn't take her much time or effort after that. The puzzle just seems to fall in to place for her. No moves wasted. Only a couple of slight pauses to consider the next move.

Perronne approaches the hammer bell with interest. She hefts one of the hammers when it's her turn, and swings with enthusiasm. The best one can say is that the hammer stays in her hands, and there's even a faint 'ting' when she strikes. She jumps cheerfully regardless of the mediocre performance. "Ha! Take that, bell! Learn your place!"

Lianne fails abominably to successfully find the ball beneath the copper cups. Three attempts at tracking, all resulting in a great big nothing when her guess is made. Though she looks *determined* to get this, there are other people waiting to try, and so the marquessa slips away, escaping Khanne's side for a moment. She could do with another drink. And a confidence boost. Pausing by the puzzle table, she makes rather quick work of a portion of it. Entirely swift. Worryingly swift. It'll be a wonder if anyone's noticed she's gone at all before she's back at Khanne's side, smiling to Agostino, a stronger drink in hand.

As game booths are temporarily halted, Venturo makes his way out of the hosting area, and back into the center ring. "In just a moment, we will start with the announcement of the winners of tonight's festivities. Yet I owe you all a thanks," A hand lifts, sweeping around to gesture to each and every person among the crowd. That rakish smile returns, bright and a touch crooked, the showman's sincerity showing through, "For I couldn't do any of what I hope to accomplish without all of you. Truly, a better audience our entertainers couldn't have asked for!" Once more his mug lifts up in a salute. "But on with the show, yes? Our winners."

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Rysen makes his way back to the risers to here the winners announced.

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Brady looks towards Venturo, taking Willow's hand as he murmurs a prayer to the Gods, "C'mon, please. C'mon, -something-."

Perronne abandons the hammer, which she has thoroughly beaten and definitely did not perform badly at and is not slinking away from in defeat at ALL. She sips her ale with pleasure, and heads back towards the risers herself to take a seat and rest for a bit.

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Amari takes a crack at the puzzles when a space opens up, her pace steady and results, well, she ends up with a finished puzzle! No speed records will be broken in the attemp though. Jasher's contribution helps finish a corner, thus he gets a bright smile and a reply, "I'm sure there's a guiding logic, even if we can't perceive it, Your Highness." She's about wrapped it up when Venturo comes out to the center ring to make his announcements, so turns to watch and offer a little applause.

Willow grins at Brady and closes her eyes a beat as if in acknowledgement of his murmured prayer before she looks back to Venturo, fingers lacing with his as she sips still, the stein of hard liquor slowly but surely disappearing.

"First up is the shell game which seems to have been the most popular, if only by a touch! Yet one person put us all to shame here, and I fear may well have driven my poor host at that booth to drink heavily tonight. The winner is the Lady Amari Keaton! Lady Willow Nightgold made a good show for second, with the Lady Khanne a close third. Lady Amari, come and grab your winnings!" It's Zane, the tall and silent servant who has them at the ready, even as Venturo moves on, giving one dubious glance at the results. "For the Puzzle Pieces, our Hostess has outdone herself. Marquessa Lianne Malespero wins! Lady Olivia Ashford comes in second, with a tie for third between the Lady Keaton and Messere Brady Grayhope."

Amund picks the hammer up in Perronne's wake. He heaves it, smacks it down -- off the mark. And while there's a tiny jump to the ball, it's short of making any impressive marks. "Really? Fuck." The sellsword blurts out, dropping the hammer and shaking his head as he returns to Ophelia's side, murmuring some comment to her. (Belatedly, lights went out)

Agostino applauds the announcement of the winners from where he sits near the shell game, particularly when his employer is said to have gotten the highest score at the puzzle game.

Olivia raises her drink to all the winners names so far with a smile and takes a nice drink of it.

Perronne cheers from the risers, raising her stein to the winners. And then drinking the delicious ale inside of it.

Mirk raises his mug to toast the winners of each game, and the honorable mentions.

Willow claps enthusiastic as ever, raising her stein after Perronne and belting out a "Stronger together!" for good measure before draining the last of its contents.

Pasquale rises again to cheer the winners. Particularly Lianne, whose victory he looks smug-by-proxy about.

Lisebet raises her drink to the winners, hardly expecting anything different. "Well done all!" she calls out.

"The Hammer Bell seems to have bested many of our finest here tonight, but there was still a winner in the midst of our heroic attempts. Messere Brady Grayhope squashed it flat, winning first! Second and third was a tie by -" It's a peering look Venturo casts to the sheet before his head turns to look to the Lady whom he references, "The Lady Keaton, who seems to have either a streak of luck to rival my own, or has been on a certain wheelie horse working hard in preparation for the carnival... tied with Messere Berto Tiazza!" Up his mug lifts in salute to them, before he continues on, "And that leaves us with the ball toss. I'm really not certain where the pins went that Sir Corban knocked down, because he struck so true they scattered to the four winds, making him the winner! Second was a strong showing by the Princess Sorrel Thrax, and a tie for third between Messere Brady Grayhope, a man of many talents, and the Princess Ophelia Velenosa!"

Lianne looks surprised when that momentary diversion is announced as earning her some victory. Briefly, anyway. Then her bright smile is back in place, well-matched with that little lift of her chin, the pride in her bearing. Which, for those looking, had been there before any announcements were made. While the announcements are still being made, she looks to Agostino, making a quiet inquiry.

"Oh! I did win!" Corban seemed to have such phenomenal skill in hurling the ball that he didn't quite seem to realize how well he did. Call it beginner's luck. But he smiles and steps forward to take his gift bag, curious, and then steps back to join Mirella and Sorell at the game.

Over by the ball toss, Mirella presses her hands together in a small round of exactingly polite applause. What's going on behind that glassy-still expression of hers? Hard to tell. Nonetheless, she doesn't seem particularly vexed at not having won a prize. Instead, she just takes up an ale mug from some randomer who passes by. Not a server, mind. Just someone who just got a fresh drink, and who just happened to be within drink-stealing distance of the small Lycene woman. He gives her a hard, disbelieving look, at which point she smiles thinly before he walks away back to get another beverage. And then she lifts the ale in congratulations to Brady. And to Corban, Destroyer of Pins. She's chewing on the inside of her cheek before she takes a good long swig. Sore loser, this one? Never.

At Venturo's words, Amari does actually lean over to look to the poor fellow with the shells she may have driven to drink with her crazy guesscraft or keen perception, or witchcraft. Whatever that was. She offers an apologetic look to him first, then walks out to meet Zane with the winnings. He gets a polite nod and Venturo an amused grin before she rejoins her little group, a first and two ties for third a good showing. Her chin maybe held a little higher than usual and her smile more radiant, though the latter could just be all the ale so far consumed. Summer Storm is dangerous.

Willow lifts a hand to her lips, whistling around her fingers when the winner of the hammer bells is announced and looks every bit as pleased as she might have if it had been her name called out, pulling Brady in for a hug and rolling up excitedly onto the balls of her feet before rocking back on her heels.

Rysen raises his mug to toast the winners before draining his mug, and smiling with satisfaction.

Perronne gives a little wistful sigh, but then cheers again for the winners, and settles back to enjoy her ale and look around at the performers and excited faces all around.

Brady lifts his commemorative stein full of clear liquor, "And I never spilled a drop!" He takes an offered giftbag to tuck under his arm, before he does a little dance with Willow as his victim/partner, "I'm gonna rub this in my whole family's face. Gracefully, of course." He pauses suddenly, remembering the prize, "Oh, what'd I get?"

Brady checks and cheers, "Alcohol!"

"As you go on to enjoy your evening, it is my pleasure to announce that the Kismet Hall will remain open year round all in Arx to come and enjoy the games here as they wish. It is my hope that more nights of entertainers are to be had, and should any be interested in utilizing it for their own receptions and joyous moments. May you all find the balance in life we need, between the peaks and valleys, luck and skill!" One last lift of Venturo's mug comes in salute to not just the winners but the crowd, and then he steps back.

"Congratulations, Sir Corban! That was quite a throw. I knew my follow-up wasn't quite up to yours," Sorrel says brightly to Corban as he returns nearby with his gift bag, smiling as all of the winners collect their prizes.

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Khanne pauses on her way over to the Hammer Bell game to smile towards Venturo. She is unable to applaud at this time, so instead gives a hearty, "huzzah! To Balance!" She then continues her way to the game.

Amari is overheard praising Venturo.

Olivia is overheard praising Venturo.

Ophelia claps her hands for the winners of the games and then pivots toward Amund to murmur something to him. 3rd place at the ball toss makes her bounce a little in pure excitement! She then straightens and is sure to make eye contact with the carnival's host before bidding good evening to her friends. Soon after, she's making her way outside with the sellsword following close behind.

Beatrice is overheard praising Lianne: From tragedy, strength.. and ale... and victory.

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Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Amund leave, following Ophelia.

Lianne looks profoundly pleased when she secures both agreements. One arm snaked about Khanne's, she offers, the other to Agostino for the duration of their brief trip from one game to the next, even if that means she won't be able to drink to balance, though Khanne's call earns a warm look. Which shifts to one of the servers working the event. "Dangerous Liaisons for my friends, mm?" That's what's already in her glass. Tequila is good for... well... The night is still young by some measures.

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