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Ashford-Farshaw Wedding Celebration

The wedding of Duke Harlan Ashford and Lady Lisebet Farshaw. Details to follow.


March 3, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Lisebet Harlan


Kaia Olivia Gretchen(RIP) Josephine Sunaia Kincade Liara Nigel Ysabel Evonleigh Pharamond Amari Reese Tabitha Elsbetta Avary Anabelle Vasile Ysbail Gilroy Ahriman Alaric Ouida Gianna


Ashford Farshaw


Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Ashford House - Orangery

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The normally open Orangery has been populated by a number of round dining tables. They are dressed in brown and green linens. Each seat has an oppulent setting for dinner. Set for three courses, there is no shortage of glassware and silverware at each setting. The napkins are a darker ivory and have been folded in to neat little five pointed stars and sit at each place. There are outstanding centerpieces on each table consisting of hydrangeas, lillies, sprigs of lavender, and even a few of the precious dahlias sprinkled in there.

The Ashford house servants are out in force to night. They are quite excellent at staying out of the way, yet always being at hand if anything is needed. They are circulating the room ensure drinks are passed to all who want them, and food is delivered during dinner service. All and all the usually quiet Orangery is a lively and festive place to be today!

1 House Lyonesse Adept Guards, Jean, 1 Lyonesse Trained Guards arrive, following Anabelle.

Demetria Arcuri arrives, following Josephine.

1 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Kaia would make her way into the Orangery, with Kincade as her date in arm. She'd be wearing a gorgeous peachy-pink empire dress and silver strappy sandals, her hair set neatly in a stylyzed bun. She'd find her way across the busy room towards her dear friend, "Livie!~ I've made it! Have you met the Lord Kincade Blanchard?" she'd ask, gesturing to the man she was helding by the arm.

Olivia smiles and stands on a chair to make an announcement to all who have arrived. "Greetings! Welcome to Duke Harlan and now Duchess-Consort Lisebet's wedding celebration! There are tons of drinks to be had while we wait for the happy couple! Dinner service will start in a bit. Until then please drink! Socialize! Explore the Orangery... But please don't step on my flowers!"

Harlan enters from outside the Orangery, dressed in aeterna trimmed in green. On his arm is the new Duchess-Consort: Lisebet -- also in Aeterna (and probably looking better than Harlan is, as expected). He smiles at her and says, just before entering, "Ready, Lis?" Once she's responded, he'll lead the two of them in, only limping slightly at this point -- and without a cane!

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Evonleigh.

Gretchen, who has just stepped to the side and onto a flower, carefully steps off and then moves to mingle in the crowd, flashing winning smiles to everyone.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kaia before departing.

The click of Josephines cane preceeds the jeweler who has very valid reason to be here, her free hand not burdened by cane carrying lacquered box. Likely her first and only time having been in the Ashford home, the old woman steps to the side to not interrupt others going through and to take in the grandeur and spectacle.

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, 2 Whitehawk Guards, Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby cat arrive, following Tabitha.

Sunaia has been here for some time already, slowly nursing a glass of wine as she lingers by the patch of poppies. From across the room, she wiggles her fingers in greeting to Kaia and the happy soon-to-be-wed couple.

Kincade smiles and greets Oliva while being Kaia's arm candy. "Ah yes we have but I think she might have a natural aversion to me for my natural inclination to animals. No hard feelings." Kincade extends a hand to the Ashford Lady. After greeting them Kincade asks Kaia what she'd like to drink before he fetches them refreshments. Seeing Gretchen along the way he flashes her a warm smile.

Having shown up, Liara seems to whole-heartedly take to Olivia's invitation to start wandering on through, except then the newly-weds appear and promptly capture the Grayson's attention, a warm smile finding her features. "Congratulations!" she calls towards them, and she lifts her hands to applaud lightly.

2 House Riven Soldiers arrives, following Nigel.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Nigel arrive, following Reese.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

Nigel smiles warmly, escorting Reese into the Orangery, looking about. "Oh, my, this is lovely. And the scent." He sighs as he takes in the various aromas, his eyes lidding for a moment in olfactory pleasure.

Olivia steps down from her chair and begins her mingling with the crowd. First she runs up to Harlan and hugs him quite forcefully. "Brother... I am so happy for you... I hope everything here is perfect for you and Lissy." She just holds the hug for a bit.

Lisebet glances up at Harlan, and then she leans up to press a kiss on his cheek. "Ready as I'll ever be," she says, with a nod and a deep breath. She's not limping at all, though her dress by Petal fits marvellously, and her shoes, when they can be seen, match. And she and Harlan match. This may be the only time that ever happens, so everyone write the date down. "Let's go," she adds with a smile.

Ysabel wanders alone curiously, her sky blue eyes looking to find someone she knows. She wears a simple but elegant pink gown suitable for summer and her hair is tie up in a messy bun with strands of it framing her face. Her bright smile lights up the area around her as she enters.

Evonleigh enters the orangery, looking around curiously, as she hasn't been here before, before her gray-eyed gaze settles on the happy couple. She doesn't speak, watching them murmur together for a moment, a smile curving her lips upward, before she turns to a servant offering her a drink. Something clear and light is selected, the glass brought to her lips so she can sip and watch for now.

"Lord Kincade, how are you?" Gretchen asks, gravitating to the people she knows, "Do you know the bride or the groom?"

Pharamond had his job to do, being the Sword. Someone has to stand up there and meet any challenges, if they had happened. But while waiting for the couple, it is now time to have a line to greet people and as one of the ranking Ashfort types, Pharamond does so, shaking hands and kissing babies (which, I think we can unanimously agree, is better than shaking babies and kissing hands). And so, albeit formal, he is present with Oakheart, the sword of House Ashford. Still, those keen to Pharamond may notice that he appears a bit better shaven and more nicely dressed than usual. Likely just the wedding, but still.

Kaia gives Sunaia a classy wave of the fingers from afar and a smile, before glancing back at Kincade, and nodding, "A drink would be lovely." she agrees, her eyes moving towards Gretchen as she aproaches them -altough eveidently, she's talking to the man. She lets go of Kincade's arm, so he can move freely, and offers the Moore lady a smile, "Lady Moore, lovely to see you.~"

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Kaia has left the a selection of couches and chairs of deep green wicker.

Kaia has joined the an arbor with climbing red roses and green bushes.

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Kincade greets Gretchen warmly. "Ah I do not I must confess I am here with her." He gestures to Kaia respectully. He then disappears for a moment to grab drinks, before returning to Kaia at the Arbor.

Kincade has joined the an arbor with climbing red roses and green bushes.

Over by the arbor a group of musicians are playing a light and airy tune. Just some background music for the socializing part of the party. They are prepared to play for dancing later though!

Amari strolls in, not too early, and not too late, eyes alight and smile threatening to brighten given any possible excuse. The cheer is strong with this one. She claims a glass of Pulchritudinous Torments from a passing servant and once out of the way, she spends a few moments simply looking around and admiring all the greenery. Spying Pharamond going by, looking done up, she lifts a hand in greeting, her smile taking on a character of sly amusement.

Reese arrives while adorned in lots of pink and while close to Nigel. She has a gentle smile and seems to be enjoying the wedding. "So lovely here." Reese says, giving Nigel a smile. She then looks to Lisebet. "Oh, wow you are so beautiful."

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Not far behind Evonleigh is the lilac-gowned figure of Tabitha Whitehawk, trailing along behind her willowy cousin. Unlike Evonleigh, she has been here before, but unlike Evonleigh, she's not quite as assured when attending gatherings of significant number. There's something of a wideness to her cobalt eyes as she follows in the taller Whitehawk's path, selecting the same glass of light wine and taking sips of it as she looks around in silence. There's a small and glowing smile when she notices Pharamond being all Swordy and Pharamond-like, though, and a little wave given in greeting until he's done with said Swordy business.

Elsbetta is wandering around watching the guests enter. She sits down at the round table wating for her sister to arrive.

Ysabel notices Kincade and offers he a warm friendly greeting along with one for Princess Reese. She seems to at least make attempts to greet anyone else she does not know before finding herself a seat at a table. Being at the wedding alone she looks around for someone to chat with

With a grin, Nigel approaches Lisebet and Harlan, offering a warm smile and a bow. "Duke Ashford, Lady Farshaw, this is a most auspicious day." His smile widens. "I pray you are both well? And might I say, the only thing that outshines this garden is your radiance, Lady Farshaw. Though, that would never be in doubt."

It is said that everyone is happy at a wedding. And Avary is, she truly is. It is just only shown in the softness of her expression and the relaxation of her face and not so much displayed with her mouth or any discernable smile or mirth. She looks like someone who is just taking in sights in a new city and her eyes are slightly widen - and widen more when she enters to see the wealth of love that has come to congratulate her cousin's marriage.

The Archlector draws little attention to herself in a fairly austere aeterna dress and she seems to nimbly make her way through a crowd without stopping to greet anyone. It's to Harlan where she is headed. "Congratulations, Cousin Harlan." She dips a shallow curtsy to Lisebet, the obvious bride, "Lady Lisebet."

1 House Lyonesse Adept Guards, Jean, 1 Lyonesse Trained Guards leave, following Anabelle.

"Ah, Lady Kaia, right? Bisland?" Gretchen gives her a smile, "I have to praise your choice of company! And assume that you know the groom." When she sees Ysabel sit at the round table she heads that way, "This place is lovely, have you ever been here before? I didn't know flowers could thrive in such hot temperatures."

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Evonleigh turns to link arms with her cousin, perhaps sensing that sudden uncertainty from Tabitha. "Come, sit with me, so I don't look all alone until your Lord Sword is done with all his business," she says with a grin. She approaches the newlyweds, not far behind Nigel's greetings. "You look just beautiful, Lady Lisebet. Duchess Lisebet, that is," she says warmly, curtsying to both. "Congratulations to you both."

Behind Avary, headed for the newly married couple is Josephine, box in hand and that ornate cane, patient as she waits her turn.

At the an arbor with climbing red roses and green bushes, Kaia smiles back to the Grayson princess, "Truly so. They look amazing!~" she says, as she takes one of the drinks brought by Kincade.

Kincade smiles warmly at Ysabel and gives her a polite but formal greeting. As Ysabel greets princess Reese Kincades eyes lights up as he approaches her to give her a warriors handshake. "It's always good to see you mentor." He winks at the Pink Princess. His attention then returning to the people closer to the Arbor.

1 House Lyonesse Adept Guards, Jean, 1 Lyonesse Trained Guards arrive, following Anabelle.

Ysabel glances at Gretchen and says, "I do not think I have been here before, no." She sees Elsbetta join her at the table and moves to sit near her. "Baroness Ysabel Gilden, nice to meet you."

With a bit of a laugh, Lisebet and Harlan enter, and there's an announcement from a Herald. The couple move over to Pharamond, standing beside him and greeting all the folks who are coming in. Lisebet smiles to Reese first. "Princess Reese, thank you. Welcome to the celebration and thank you for joining us." She then turns to Nigel, giving him a smile. "Thank you. It's a lovely day, and a happy one. I hope my happiness shines through as it will make most anyone look beautiful."

Olivia steps down from her chair and begins her mingling with the crowd. First she runs up to Harlan and hugs him quite forcefully. "Brother... I am so happy for you... I hope everything here is perfect for you and Lissy." She just holds the hug for a bit.

"Archlector, a pleasure," Lisebet says. "I was hoping to meet you. I'm Lisebet F - Ashford." Oh wow, her cheeks go pink, as that's the first time she says that. Evonleigh gets a big smile. "Thank you. It's going to take some getting used to."

Pharamond grins as he spies Amari and gives a warm wave, after bowing as well. "I don't remember being invited to art night," he says teasingly as he offers a greeting but does spy a few other folks. In fact, Amari close may even happen to catch that quirk of a smile, a little bounce in his feet as he spies Evonleigh and Tabitha. Perhaps it was deliberately his job to greet the Whitehawk contingent and so he gestures for them to come over and congratulate the happy couple, and perchance, end up closer to where he has to stand for a bit beside the newlyweds. Still though, amidst standing all formal and proper...which is to say he's standing where he -should- be, and looks clean, but there's a little raise of his hand and a wave towards Tabitha, in an almost boyish sort of way.

Reese peeks over to Kincade, having a warm smile for the Lord. "Greetings Lord Kincade." she then looks to Lisebet." I am glad to be here. What a wonderful moment to be part of. Ashford is lucky to have you, Duchess." She says before smiling to Olivia and then to Ysabel. "Such a large turn out to."

Sunaia polishes off the rest of her drink, then takes in a deep breath as she strides purposefully towards the crowd. She rests her empy glass on tray of a servant that just so happens to cross her path, hand clutched to wrist behind her back as she watches Olivia grapple her newlywed brother into a hug.

Tabitha nods once, twice, with wide eyes to Evonleigh, as though she's keen to find somewhere quieter to sit. Because she is. She blushes fairly deeply at the words 'Lord Sword', but dips into a graceful curtsy as she makes her way over to Lisebet. Her smile, then, is radiant and full of pleasure, little romantic that she is. "Yes, you really do look lovely, Duchess Lisebet. And this is such a happy day, congratulations, both of you." No shouting, though. The Whitehawks will offer the greeting when it's time. XD

Harlan smiles towards Liara and inclines his head, "Thank you." He gives his cousin a smile as well. He hugs Olivia back with a grunt, and says, "It's lovely here, Livvie. You have done an amazing work here. I'm very proud of you." Of course, his other hand is busy with Lisebet, keeping her close, and he moves to kiss her cheek as well. He nods towards Nigel and says, "Thank you," and teasingly, "Of course, now she's Duchess Ashford." He squeezes Lisebet's arm lightly. Another warm smile is given to his cousin as he says, "A pleasure to have you here, cousin. You know you're always welcome, although I understand things often take you elsewhere." He chuckles towards LIsebet as she pinkens, fondly. Another smile towards Reese, "Thank you for coming, Princess Reese. I'm sure we have some pink flowers here...."

Anabelle is accompanying someone who is supposed to be here honest, but they part ways to get refreshments, so that leaves Ana in a goup of many potential new friends...Fun! Swishing in her golden gown, swaying along with a little skip in her step to the music, she manages to find herself a glass of white wine from somewhere and wanders aimlessly at first. Oh look a table with some likely victims...errr..prospects, this could be interesting.

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Grinning, Nigel says, "Duchess Ashford, a thousand pardons," his voice pleasant. "Your Highness, shall we join your sister?" he asks of Reese, one brow raised as he glances towards the arbor.

Kaia chuckles, and nods to Gretchen, "Yes, that's my name." she says and then smiles, after taking a small glance at Kincade, "I think so too.~ Lord Blanchard, is indeed great company to keep. As for knowing the happy couple, not exactly, only by name; the Duke's sister is one of my dearest friends, she invited me." she explains to the Moore lady. From afar, she waves a greeting to Reese along with a friendly smile, before shifting her attention back to Liara. "Excuse me?" she says with an half-amused smile and a chuckle.

Olivia decides she doesn't get to hog Harlan's attention today. She gives Lisebet a quick hug before she starts rushing around the room to give everyone she knows hugs. First there is Pharamond. He also gets a pretty forceful hug from Olivia. "You look nice uncle."

Pharamond laughs playfully and hugs Olivia, nodding, "I had a few reasons to look nice today," he offers. "You did a good job," he intones, pointing alla bout to all the fun that's going on before he looks back over to the rest of the family and those about. Olivia does get a kiss to her cheek though, amidst the hug, before he points her towards others who surely need her attention. As well there is Reese who earns a wave as the Princess walks past, the pleasant smile from Pharamond for his friend and oft training partner.

Lisebet grins at Reese, letting her continue on, and turns to the Whitehawk contingent as they come over to greet the happy couple. "Thank you, Lady Tabitha." She grins and returns Olivia's hug when she gets one. "Thank you for all the help, Olivia. This is wonderful."

"-Someone- got all involved with planning a wedding... but I'll remember you volunteered Lord Pharamond." Amari replies as she too moves to join the line to congratulate the Duke and brand new Duchess. She's probably not too far from Josephine then, so flashes her a small, but friendly smile of greeting.

The Ashford House servants are making their way around to all the guests offering a multitude of drinks. They make sure to let everyone know that the drinks were provided as a gift from Master Venturo.

Vasile casts an uncertain look around as he slips in, straightening his posture a little as he makes his way to the Duke and now-Duchess-Consort. "Congratulations," the Corvini intones with a smile that's quick to show as he makes his way to the drinks table.

Reese has a gentle smile for Harlan than reaches her blue eyes. "I am glad to be here, Duke Harlan." She says toward him. She then then looks to arbor, before murmuring to Nigel "That sound good. I do like the roses there." She says She smiles over to Pharamond.

"Lord Pharamond, how nice to see you," says Evonleigh with a smile for the Sword. "Isn't it?" she asks Tabitha, leaning against her cousin with a bright smile, suddenly releasing Tabby's arm. "Oh, I need someone I need to talk to over... there." And suddenly she's gone.

Lisebet turns to Josephine, accepting the box, and giving her a somewhat quizzical look. "Mistress Josephine. Thank you for coming."

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"True, but I wouldn't miss your big day for the world." She informs Harlan with a slight, genuine smile, that same one directed to Lisebet. "So. Feel any different being an Ashford?" She asks her cousin's beau, head canted to the the other woman curiously.

Ysabel offers Lady Esbetta a warm smile, "Pleasure to meet you." She seems distractable as she looks around trying to catch all the conversations happening around her

'Lady Amari." Josephine greets the Keaton woman. "How are you?" And the moment there's a break in the crowd and Lisebet nears, Josephine is relinquishing the box. "A gift, to the bride on this day. The groom, well, I think he'd agree that this is better suited for you, and it will make sense later." Joephine states, lifting a hand to pat the side of the newly minted Duchess's cheek in a motherly fashion. "Congratulations." This to Harlan as well. 'The both of you. May you find the joy that Pieter and I had and for far longer hmm?" She doesn't opt to linger, wanting to ensure that others get the chance with the Duke and Duchess.

Olivia gets shoo'd away from Pharamond, next to get her special brand of very enthusiastic hugs is Cousin Avary. "Archlector. So glad you could make it." She is smiling so brightly, her face is going to probably hurt tomorrow.

Harlan smiles towards Amari and says, "Thank you, Lady Keaton." He makes a faint 'ah' sound and says, "That reminds me...." He reaches to something and hands a small chest towards Lisebet, "My love, this is for you."

2 Whitehawk Guards leaves, following Evonleigh.

Avary just takes a shallow breath and nods with a small (very small) polite smile to Lisebet. Sunaia's arrival nearby is the nicest crutch the Gods could bestow and Avary is quick to gravitate to her sister's side and search out her hand for support.

Reese goes to curl-up near the arbor roses. She seems to be in a cheerful mood and the girl waves to Josephine.

Sunaia is more than willing - eager, really - to take her sister's hand, looking to her with an apologetic smile. "Forgive me for not seeking you out sooner." She says softly to Avary, giving her hand a small squeeze.

Gruffudd, A ridiculously large and fluffy Blackwood forest Cat, Inka Briar, Mister Bray, A charming ass arrive, following Ysbail.

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Lisebet pauses, giving first Josephine and then Harlan a very curious look. She's now got two boxes, and not enough hands, so she finds a table to put one down. She glances at the one, and smiles to Josephine. "Thank you, that is lovely. You and I should talk when we have some time, I see." That done, she does take a look at what she has in the lovely wooden leaf chest, and her eyes widen. "My - " her breath catches and then she says, "You may have to help put some of this on, because I think it will go wonderfully with this dress." Harlan literally managed to take her breath away.

The musicians play in the background. It's meant to be a tune that is lively, encouraging and supporting dance while also allowing itself to blend into the back. The music itself is playful, with tambourine, flute, and occasionally even a harp. One thing is certain by the pace that is set, this is a celebration of the highest order.

Lisebet gets an iridescite diadem of Ashford woods and green gems from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Lisebet gets an iridescite and wood ring with various green gems from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Lisebet gets a matched pair of earrings in Iridescite, Poplar and Walnut with gems from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Kaia chuckles, and nods, "It is, everything looks gorgeous! Olivia really did a fabulous job setting up everything." she comments, raising her glass to Kincade and echoing his cheers, before taking the glass up to her lips to take a sip. She then gives a nod of aknowledgement to Nigel and Reese as they join them by the arbor. "It is." she agrees amicably, "I'm Kaia Bisland." she says, "-and this is Lord Kincade Blanchard." she introduces herself and her date to the man, who she still didn't know -but who clearly, was also a lord.

Olivia after assualting poor Avary with her hug... Next comes Sunaia. Olivia hugs Sunaia very tightly. "Cousin. Good to see you again. I am guessing the Orangery looks a bit different from our last meeting in here."

Avary turns her head just slightly to murmur to Sunaia. The loose tendrils of her bangs mostly obscure her face from the others as she speaks, but the discerning eye might catch a glimpse of a smile as rare as a unicorn.

Harlan offers his wife(!) a smile, and leans to kiss her cheek again as he says, "I'd love to help with that." And he moves to help her put on his gift to her -- a full set of jewelry.

Ysbail is late but slips in quiet, Making her way over to greet Lisebet and Josephine with a broad smile. "My, my what a turnout. You look lovely." She notes before her attention shifts to the room at large moving to mingle.

Pharamond looks to Lisebet, and helping the Duchess, he will offer to take the chest and set it where there are gifts being looked after, though this one will go front and center where he can easily keep an eye on it as well. Bowing then to Harlan and Lisebet, he offers, "I'll be right over there," he intones, pointing towards the blanket and he makes his way into the crowd. And though he should go to said blanket, there is a detour that must be done as he sneaks up beside Tabitha, and simply, gently, lifts her hand as he steps around in front, bowing with a flourish. She does such a lovely job of making him seem tall, and his smile is wide. "Lady Whitehawk," he says with a smile. "Can I rescue from the extravagance of our family's celebration and lead you to a quieter spot to sit?"

"You're sisters?" Gretchen asks, looking from Avary to Sunaia, "Lady Gretchen Moore. I felt a little bit lonely being here without a date, but even moreso now that it seems everyone is related to everyone else. So if you all don't mind I'll just pretend that we're all best friends for the night," she raises her glasses to the table with a smile."

Amari stands back a little to watch Josephine dispense gifts and best wishes, smiling absently all the while. When the Duke addresses her, she sketches the outline of a curtsey with a bend of knee and dip of head, "Duke Harlan, Duchess Lisebet congratulations. I hope you'll take good care of my friend, and you'll both be happy and have some cute little children that give you prematurely white hair. I think a streak there or in your case some white at the temples, it'd make you look very distinguished." That said, she grins and starts to make way for the next well wisher, falling in with Josephine, "I've been well. How about you?"

s seems to gaze off into the distance as if lost in her own thoughts till someone speaks to her about something she can follow

Reese is curled-up by the roses and speaks softly with those nearby. The Princess smiles over to Amari. "Lady Keaton." she warmly and simply greets.

Reese is overheard praising Lisebet: Congrats on her wedding! A beautiful and gracious bride inside and out.

Reese is overheard praising Harlan: Congrats, a regal and very fortunate groom!

Sunaia gives Olivia the best hug she can with one arm, her other hand still occupied holding Avary's. "It's an impressive transformation. I can't believe you managed it so quick." She says to her cousin, her smile spreading just a touch wider and grows a little sheepish as her sister whispers to her. "Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Gretchen - And of course, be at ease. It's not like I have a date either." She replies to Gretchen, before leaning to murmur something softly into Avary's ear.

Lisebet gets her new jewellery on, and it really does look fabulous! She moves to give Harlan a hug, and then she turns to Amari to also give her a quick hug. "Thank you." She looks over to find her sister, making sure that Elsbetta is doing well, and smiles as she finds her over there chatting. Pharamond gets a smile and a nod. "Thank you for your help," she says, and then he's off.

Olivia finds her chair again that she used for announcements earlier. "Excuse me Princes and Princesses. Lords and Ladies. Master and Mistresses. The servants are now dropping off the first course of dinner! An Heirloom Tomato Salad with a Balsalmic reduction! Please enjoy at your leisure!" She says loudly, making sure everyone can hear her. Afterwards she hops back down and continues her rounds of socializing.

The Servants are now dropping salads off at all the tables, making sure everyone has one should they want it.

Amari is overheard praising Lisebet.

Amari is overheard praising Harlan.

Poor Tabitha. She's clearly overwhelmed. She looks helplessly and wide-eyed to her cousin's path of flight when the taller Whitehawk wings away. Everything about her expression seems to scream, 'gods come back Evonleigh please'. Luckily enough, Pharamond is there to come to her rescue, and when he lifts her hand she turns her head back to face him. A few blinks are blinked, a sigh of relief is sighed, and then she smiles sweetly at the Ashford Sword with a look of utmost gratefulness. "Oh, yes, please. This is all so lovely, but... yes, somewhere quieter, please." And then, after glancing around for such a place, she turns her attention back to him with an up-down-up look. "You look especially dashing, I must say.

Reese is overheard praising Olivia: A gracious hostest helping at the wedding

Avary yields Sunaia's hand and smiles fondly to her. It's a faint thing, and touches her arm for a brief moment. She looks to Gretchen and that look is about all Gretchen gets in response from this one. She promises those at her table, "I'll be back in a moment" before she heads back in to the house.

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Kaia waves her farewells to Liara, "Be well your highness, lovely seeing you!"

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen, Ahriman arrive, following Alaric.

The jewelry is gifted and Josephine smiles when it's received and falls back with Amari, offering her arm to the Keaton. "Very well. I think it's as hot outside as it is in my forge. I had a poor northerner in there today and the poor man nearly fainted." She shakes her head. 'And you dear girl? Anything interesting from the Oakhaven lands? Oakhaven should..." Josephine stops, lifted her cane and searched before pointing to a particular ring of wood. "There. There's your lands."

Departing the arbor where she had been chatting with some people, Liara heads quietly out.

Ysabel hears the menchien of someone having a similar name as hers and says casually, "She is my twin sister we are easily confused." Her looks is one of amusement as her mind wanders again

Though he's been sampling the dinner options for some time now, Gilroy Grayhope, Uninvited Guest, hasn't drawn much actual attention to himself. For once. Though when Lady Gretchen comments on being lonely, he sidles in beside her, a leg of boiled goose in one hand and a glass of something sparkly and light in the other and flops down in a seat no one has taken, or at least a seat no one is sitting in at the moment. "Why Lady Gretchen, you did not tell me you were seeking company for the evening." He looks around the venue, then tilts his head toward her and confides, "Sure, some people have dates and some people are related, but with nobs these two things needn't be mutually exclusive." Then he turns on those with whom Gretchen had been speaking, offering Avary and Sunaia each an ingratiating smile. "My ladies. Gilroy Grayhope. Of the Lenosian Grayhopes. A delight to meet you both."

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Reese is overheard praising Josephine: Lovely and amazing jewerly

Reese is overheard praising Nigel: A gracious and charming Lord

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Kincade is overheard praising Olivia: Playing host is often an unthanked job.

Olivia finally makes her way over to Kaia and gives her a warm hug. "Lady Kaia. Thank you for coming. I am sorry I took so long to get here. I am a little busy. I hope you are having a good time."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Josephine before departing.

Ysbail makes her way in Olivia's Direction, offering the Ashford lady a smile. "Lady Olivia! A moment?"

Kaia smiles back at Kincade, taking finally notice of the flower that had been set behind her ear -hopefully Olivia wouldn't ask about it if they ever did cross paths throughout the entire celebration. She chuckles at the interaction amongst the lords, before glancing over to Olivia, who had just made an announcement. Just then, she finds Olivia making her way over to embrace her in a hug, and she smiles. "I am, and worry not! I understand! The decoration looks fantastic!"

Gretchen glances from Ysbail to Ysabel and then says to the latter with great amusement, "We will try to speak slowly then to aid in being understood." She rolls her eyes at Gilroy's greeting, though she goes reach over to take his drink and have a sip, "I have a couple of cousins here in Arx, but that's about it. I think they're cousins. We might just share the same name and just assume we're related. Either way, they invited me to Arx and now here I am! At a wedding reception making new friends and customers."

Olivia smiles at Ysbail, "Of course!"

Sunaia settles in at the table right by where Avary was seated. "I would choose your words a bit more carefully, Master Grayhope." She says to him in a cool, level tone, eyes half-lidded as she gives him a once-over. "Welcome to the Ashford estate. I trust you're enjoying yourself?"

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The latest pair arriving to the party are coming at a slow pace. They can be seen some distance away due to the number of guards and fanfare with the arrival of the King of the Compact. It would seem that the King would have made an earlier appearance save for the single figure talking with him as they travel. Prince Ahriman Grayson's cane *taps* against the ground with every other step. He seems tired and beads of sweat drip here and there. No doubt the party has had to stop for the gaunt and thin man to catch his breath a few times.

The returned Grayson Admiral informs the King, "I do enjoy a good wedding." He states firmly. His flat and emotionless tone carries as he looks around, "Particularly nice to see happiness where the ties of kinship and the bonds of history are woven togehter in strength and solidarity." He nods, "Thank you for taking the time to escort me. I apologize for the inconveince of my slowness."

And so the pair arrive and they look upon the wedding. Prince Ahriman wears the brightest of smiles and offers some soft words of no doubt praise to the King.

2 Harthall house guards, Niall RedTree, adorably awkward squire arrive, following Ouida.

Kaia then looks over to Kincade, "Shall we head over to congratulate the happy couple before moving on to partake in the food?" she asks.

Ysbail shifts her attention as she hears her name or thinks she hears her name. "Oh - well then, that explains the confusion of the messengers." Cobalt eyes shifting to Ysabel, as she murmurs something to Oliva.

Lisebet and Harlan are by the copper poppies, and salads have been served out to those who want the first course.

Kincade beams as Kaia returns his smile. Then looks a little a little worried as Olivia joins them for a moment, but all seems fine He turns to Kaia "That is a wonderful strategy, lead the way my dear."

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Amari makes sure Lisebet is well hugged before she's off with Josephine. The arm offered is accepted, and her mention of the overheated northerner laughed softly over. "Was he still in furs? Sometimes I think it's a matter of pride, like Oathlanders sweating in steel plate." She follows the pointing cane to the wood of her home and her smile grows a bit wistful, "I haven't had much opportunity to visit Oakhaven of late. I've been helping Duke Laurent in Artshall instead. He's planning to build an agricultural school, so I was helping with that. Are you working on anything exciting in your forge?" Hearing Reese, she turns to look, promptly lifting her glass to the Princess. "Your Highness!" Then, back to Josephine, "Shall we find somewhere to sit?"

Reese is sitting by the arbor with her slender legs folded to one side. She does have a bowl of soup and seems to be enjoying her meal there. When Ahriman and the King arrive, she lifts her gaze to them, giving both men a smile of greeting that touches her blue eyes and brings her dimples to briefly bloom.

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Olivia notices King Alaric finally and she rushes over. She does stop a respectable distance away. "Your Majesty, Thank you for coming. It is nice to have you grace our Orangery." She smiles brightly. "Also my dance partner could not make it. Perhaps you would honor me with another lesson later?"

Harlan sits down with Lisebet and takes a few bites of salad, leaning over to kiss her cheek (after wiping his mouth off, of course) and says, "Livvie did an amazing job," A pause, "And you look incredible."

As people finish their salads, the music stops as the servants step in to clean up the plates. That is a bit of a performance in and of itself, for they are whistling, a tune known well to House Ashford, one often sung or played at events of importance. It's timed well, with those who have a glass or plate deliberately using a piece of silverware to tap said item, giving the music a chime, an instrumental feel as they clean away the salad plates.

The next course is led in shortly thereafter. A small single taste of sorbet is brought to cleanse the palate, before every person has a dish placed before them - venison that has been soaking in an apple cider for days. It is set atop a bed of crisped grains, almost like a risotto, before a hint of baby onions and baby carrots finish out the flavor profile. It is rich, and fresh, and the silver tops taken off the bowls are met with the steam showing the food is hot and warm and ready to be dove into.

"Hmm I can't stay. I came just to gift the new Duchess the rest of the metals and gems for the full set that she wishes. I conspired with her husband to see that she would get all that she wanted." She pats Amari's hand, dipping her head to Reese. "But I shall leave you to join the Princess's and the rest and I shall clack, clack, clack my way out of here."

Kaia smiles to Kincade and ultimately pulls him away from the arbor towards, the whimsical coppery orange poppies, where the happy couple are sittuated at. "Duke Ashford; Duchess Consort, you both look radiant!~ Congratulations on your lovely union, may the gods bless you and your house." offers the young Bisland, with a beaming smile and cheerful spirit. The lord Kincade Blanchard likely standing by her side.

Kincade,beside Kaia, Also offeres his praises to the couple and wishes the gods bless their union. His words are short, and to the point, but always polite.

Kincade is overheard praising Harlan.

Kincade is overheard praising Lisebet.

"Why start now?" asks Gilroy of Sunaia, voice cheerful. Though he grimaces when Gretchen takes his drink. "That's just the sort of thing some random person who decided to be a Moore might say, Lady Gretchen." He produces a fork out of nowhere and reaches over stab at her salad, trading some lettuce for the drink she stole. "Though we should probably not assume that sort of thing. People showing up willy-nilly claiming names that aren't theirs? Why, it's unseemly." Back to Sunaia he says, "It's been an absolute delight, my lady. The ceremony was lovely, the bride a vision of beauty and the groom as handsome as a hero of old. Truly a reminder that Crownlanders are the best of us." He goes to lift his drink in an impromptu toast, but then remembers that his drink isn't there. So instead he nudges Gretchen. "You should toast to the bride and groom for me. I can't because a spectre has absconded with my libation."

"Not at all, Prince Ahriman," Alaric declares magnanimously as he strolls in at the relaxed pace, acknowledging the various inbound gestures of deference with a regal smile. "The Grayson Ward's lovely in the summer, after all. I certainly won't object to the opportunity to take in the sights at a more sedate pace," he quips. "And you've missed quite a few weddings, so it's good we can get you starting to make up that deficit so soon. Ah, there's the couple of the day over there in the poppy patch. Shall we give them our well-wishes, then?" He smiles to Olivia. "Ah, Lady Olivia, delighted to be here on this auspicious day. Perhaps I will hit the dance floor once all the pleasantries have been handled, we'll just have to see about that. Have you met Prince Ahriman? He's Sabella, Lou, and Reese's father."

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Over at one of the tables, Gretchen raises her glass and calls out, "To the bride and groom, may their futures be ever so bright and perky!"

Olivia stands up on a chair again and tinks her glass with a spoon. "Uhh... i-if you all would excuse me f-for a moment I w-would like to make a toast..." She says this loudly, but obviously she is extremely nervous.

Kincade raises his glass to Gretchen's toast.

raises her glass as well to the toast

Kaia raises her glass to Gretchen's toast as well.

Amari looks suitably disappointed that Josephine's departing already, but comes to a comprimise. "Really? Well, when they serve the desserts, I'll smuggle something out for you and drop it off on the way home. If you find a suspiciously unattended piece of cake at the shop, you don't have to be worried." She untangles arms then, offering a farewell, "It was nice to see you, if briefly, Josephine."

Ysbail lifts a glass

Sunaia stares quietly at Gilroy with those intense, ghostly-pale eyes of hers, but she glances away to Gretchen when she lifts her glass in toast, doing the the same and then taking a sip from her glass immediately after. It's bad luck otherwise, after all.

Olivia closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Finally she opens her eyes and nods. "We are here tonight to celebrate the union of Harlan and Lisebet. Celebrating the addition of a new member to the Ashford household. I do not think it is a secret how much I love my family, and how much I rely on them. So I would like to tell a little story to help explain why, and why I am so happy about today." She seems to be gaining a little confidence. She smiles to all the guests here. "It is also no secret I am not exactly... Friends with animals... Many of you have witnessed or delt with my reactions to even the smallest of animals... While I can see how many find it funny.. Even I can laugh about it... It was a lot worse when I was a child.... But enough context. On to the story. About... Tweleve years ago. I was eight. Harlan was.." She counts on her fingers, "Fifteen? Well. Father wanted me to take riding lessons. This absolutely terrified me. I had to find a way to get out of this, but did not want to disappoint Father. So rather than just explaining.. I snuck out the night before I was supposed to start, and I let every horse out of the stables in the keep. The next morning everyone was furious, and some one had claimed to see me. When they approached me about it... I lied. I blamed Harlan. And well of course the believed me. I have always been the cutest and sweetest after all." She grins a little and winks towards Harlan. "Needless to say they were so mad at Harlan. Harlan of course... knew that he hadn't done it. But he didn't say anything. He took the blame.. He spent all day wrangling rogue horses. He had seen how scared I was... and he got in trouble to protect me. He never told me... but I know he even convinced everyone I should not have to do riding lessons becuase I was never bothered about it again." She takes a sip of her wine. "He never even held that over my head after that. So needless to say... I have the best big brother ever. Now... I have to share him. But let's be honest, that is a good thing, he can be quite the handful. Better yet though. I get to share him with Lisebet. I lost one sister... but now I am getting another and she is amazing. She is kind, and generous, and intelligent, and she will be a great addition to our House. But most importantly... You make my brother happy Lisebet, and when it all gets boiled down... That is what matters the most. I love you both, and I am so happy you both have found each other." She turns a little and tries to secretly wipe her eyes. She clears her throat a little as she turns back to the crowd. "So if you all would raise your glasses with me, in congratulations to the Duke and our new Duchess! May you both have many years of happiness and health..... And bring me some nieces and nephews to spoil!"

Lisebet can definitely guess that Josephine and Harlan have conspired. She'll have to repay them in kind at some point. somehow. But she does at least get a bite of salad or two. "Lord Kincade, Lady Kaia, thank you!" There's a toast from Gretchen, so she raises her glass and then takes a drink. And then her attention goes to Olivia, curiously. She reaches a spare hand over to Harlan, as she listens to Olivia's words.

Ouida slips in, nicely coiffed and her armor and silk polished and pressed to seemly perfection. At the break between courses, she make her way to the bridal table in order to offer her cousin and now-husband a courtly bow. "Congratulations, dear one," she offers to Lisebet, "And to you, Duke Ashford. May you know increasing joy from this day forward, and countless blessings in the years to come." She will not impose long on them, however, as doubtless there will be many other well wishers, and many toasts to come as well.

Alaric is overheard praising Olivia: Very heartfelt!

From the arbor, Nigel claps at Olivia's speech. "Well said!" he calls out, grinning as he does so. "Most well done and well said!"

Kaia smiles, and chuckles when proper at Olivia's toast, and finally raises her glass, "To the happy couple!~" she chimes.

Reese listens to Olivia's words and her blue eyes widen. "Lovely, Lady Olivia." she says before giving her a smile.

Pharamond stands, assisting Lady Tabitha Whitehawk to her feet once more as well for the toasting, and he raises his glass high at Olivia's pronouncement. And though he is the House Sword, he is also doing what most would expect a Pharamond to do and that's enjoy the drink that has been provided. Though a second tilt of the glass should Alaric catch that way would be offered to the King and occasional card partner. Still though, when the heavy round of toasts are completed, he will help Tabitha settle once more while they talk.

Ysabel chuckles and raises her glass along with everyone else. She seems distracted

Sunaia sits side-saddle on her chair to get a better view of Olivia as she makes her speech, raising her glass to her cousin at the conclusion and mouthing the word 'Excellent' and flashing one of her very rare grins.

Demetria Arcuri leaves, following Josephine.

Gretchen raises her glass at Olivia's toast as well and has another sip, applauding carefully so as not to spill her drink before turning back to conversation at her table.

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Prince Ahriman nods in gracious acceptance of his generous liege. "I have, indeed. Ah, what lovely bunch of flowers. Poppies have always been a favorite of mine." Because when you get a whooooooole bunch of them and cook it down, "They are very beautiful and once they are out of bloom they have a very incredible application in treatment of wounded soldiers and sailors." Ever the ancient Grayson admiral, "I would love to." And with that a hand flags a servant to acquire some of the local gin he has heard so much about. He takes it and then raises his glass in time for the speach. He makes a servant hold his glass a moment so he can clap. He then takes the drink and samples. He lets the King lead him and seems to be tied to his movements. A step just to the back and to the side of the man.

Elsbetta is overheard praising Olivia: For being such a great sister, and hostess as well as for her touching toast

The meal and speeches taking front and center, the music gets quieter, softer, a little bit of flute, the occasonial key of a harpsichord struck, and thus the night has a romantic, soft soundtrack that blends well with the opulence and feel of celebration. The soft music carries lightly, adding occasional soft emphasis to something deep and meaningful, or else serving as that filler of silence as two people stare across at each other with nothing to say other than what their eyes romantically convey. Regardless, the notes continue to be struck in soft counterpoint to the lively conversation

Ahriman is overheard praising Olivia: Well done.

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Alaric duly rolls into the poppy patch to say hello to the newly married couple.

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Up Tabitha goes, with surprising grace and lightness for someone standing up from a dainty sitting position while wearing lengths of silken skirts. She lifts her glass to the toasts, smiling with a glint of good cheer and general 'awwwwww' in her eyes as she turns her gaze from Olivia to Lisebet to Harlan. Weddings are lovely, after all, and this is a very lovely wedding. She smiles up at Pharamond afterwards, leaning up to whisper something to him, before they both settle back down once more.

Baroness Ysabel and Lady Ysbail say that three times fast," she says this casually as she giggles before getting distracted and joining in raising her glass for more toasts

Lisebet and Harlan rise as well, and at the toast, Lisebet can be seen to get a bit misty eyed. She waits until after Olivia comes to give her brother a hug and then she hugs her new sister. "Olivia, you are wonderful," she says softly, and then her voice drops as she says something to her quietly.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kaia before departing.

Rising from her spot Elsbetta moves over to Olivia and waits her turn to so she can say something quietly to the her and give her a quick hug. She slides away to wander over to Lady Ouida and says "Lovely to see you Lady Ouida. I am so glad to see you. If you can stay a while come join us at the table"

Lisebet rises as the king arrives, offering a quick smile to Ouida. "Thankyou."

Harlan smiles towards Gretchen in thanks, and inclines his head towareds her. As his sister moves to stand on a chair, he raises an eyebrow and listens. He then raises his glass towards his sister and says, "Thank you, Livvie." He squeezes Lisebet's hand warmly, then turns towards Ouida, saying, "Thank you very much." As the King and Prince arrive, the moves to stand, saying, "Thank you for coming, Your Majesty, your Highness." And then he's hugged, with a grunt from the hug that Olivia bestows upon him. "And thank you for your well wishes, Your Majesty."

Ahriman is overheard praising Harlan: To a beautiful and flower filled marriage. May your marriage last half as long as the payments for the exceptionally high class ceremony you will be a happy man for a lifetime. Impressed. Incredibly impressed. Luxurious and worthy of a King!

Ahriman is overheard praising Lisebet: To a beautiful and flower filled marriage. May your marriage last half as long as the payments for the exceptionally high class ceremony you will be a happy woman for a lifetime. Impressed. Incredibly impressed. Luxurious and worthy of a Queen!

Elsbetta is offered a gracious bow of her own, and a bright smile, Ouida's sky blue eyes twinkling as she regards the other noblewoman. "You look enchanting as well, my lady. Have you been well? It is hard to believe the big day has finally arrived, but the Duchess-Consort makes a most breathtaking bride, don't you think?" The Harthall knight offers her arm to Elsbetta, as if to escort her back to her seat, should she choose to accept.

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Olivia says in Sylv'alfar, "Oh we can gossip like this too."

Kaia smiles at the king, "And you, your Majesty. We are.~" she agrees, amicably, "Prince Ahriman, good to see you. Word of your arrival reached us at the Bisland manor, I do hope to catch you sometime for a talk." she says, before taking another glance at the happy couple and those around. The music playing in the background, quite soothing as well. "Shall we go get something to eat, Lord Blanchard?" she then asks to her date.

Elsbetta takes Ouida's arm with a smile. She leans down and whispers in the knight's ear as they make their way back to her seat.

"Of course, thank you." Prince Ahriman answers Kaia, "I am staying between the tower near the Seawatch Gate, in the library more often than not. Or in the Grayson Mansion but found in the library there as well. Or playing with my grandchildren somewhere in the vicinity. Seek me out any time."

Ahriman makes his way over to a place where he can rest. He sits and drinks his gin. A warm smile breaks his lips as he watches the events under a studios gaze.

Kincade nods to Kaia "Of course." The knight moves to shake the couple's hands and then the King and then to Ahriman's hands respectivly. "Nice to meet you Ahriman." The Oathlander then holds his arm out for Kaia as he escorts her to the dining tables.

Lisebet shakes Kincade's hand as offered. "Thank you again," she says, with a smile.

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Kaia grins, "Very well, your highness." she agrees, then glances back at Kincade and nods. Shortly after, they make their way over to the table where dinner is being served.

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happily joins in the celebration all be it distractedly. She tries to take clues around her about what to do as she sits ath the round table. Eyes Kincade join the table she sits at and offers him a small smile.

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The servants seem to come out once more as plates are cleared with an efficiency any House Steward would be pleased by. Drinks are refilled, wine and water and ciders, in pitchers and bottles aplenty, being poured freely for those at the tables and those scattered about. One need not be seated at a table to be attended to, the Orangery designed to allow that freedom amidst so many different gathering options.

Dessert is a bit of a marvel, as servants dip cups into the vat of liquid chocolate and as they pour it into the top of the silver structure, it pours down to the left and right, before meeting back down at the bowl, creating a liquid 'heart' as it pours once more. The fondue is thus meant for everyone to partake, with small wooden replicas of 'Oakheart' to use as picks to draw fruit, marshmallow, and other little treats and dip into the chocolate

For those wanting the more personal touch, trays of petite fours are passed around, with the colors of Farshaw and Ashford painted upon the chocolates, having been clearly done by hand and in exquisite detail.

And yet should one not like chocolate, there are plenty of miniature apple cobblers for one to partake in.

Lisebet laughs. "By all means. The cake should be coming out soon," Lisebet says. "And thank you very much for coming. It means a lot." That seems directed Alaric's way, and just in time, dessert is on the way.

Kaia smiles at Kincade for a momenet as they take their sits. The Bisland lady seems to be in a good mood, and she eyes the plates of food and desserts eagerly, "What should we try first, Lord Blanchard?" she asks her date, with a smile.

"Just in time for the best part of any meal, my lady," Ouida opines to Elsbetta as they have reached Els' seat just in time for the wondrous dessert is brought out. She winks at the Farshaw lady. "I have heard some tales of these wonderous fountains, but 'tis the first time I've beheld their glory. It is a good thing that I've some room still to grow into my armor."

Ysbail slips out.

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Reese is still here at the wedding. She has been rather quiet while curled-up in the arbor. The girl was largely speaking softly with Nigel. She does notice Ouida and has a smile for Warrior Lady. "Lady Ouida, very nice to see you." She says softly. "I should introduce you to my dad.." She then adds, peeking over the party and looking for Ahriman. She might be speaking to Nigel or Ouida bout meeting the Prince or maybe both.

As folks finish their desserts, servants come through with brightly colored flags on sticks that they twirl and wave about. Behind them, the band which has now added a violinist and a few other instruments make their way in. Taking up position, they create an arch of hanging flags, creating a sudden 'aisle' for the Duke and Duchess-Consort to walk down and out to one of the more, flat open areas for dancing to begin. A tapping of some sort of staff on one of the wooden planters creates enough of a noise, that the Steward's able to call. "WILL THE LORDS, LADIES, AND ALL ASSEMBLED MAKE WAY FOR THE FIRST DANCE OF THE DUKE AND DUCHESS ASHFORD!" And the music slows, a waltz, for the Duke and Duchess to show off to.

At the announcement, Nigel moves to his feet, extending his glass to one of his men, before offering something as a small aside for Reese.

Lisebet checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Harlan checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lisebet before departing.

Harlan moves to stand up, offering Lisebet his hand, with a smile, "Shall we, my love?" Once she accedes, he'll lead her to the impromptu dance floor.

Lisebet promptly takes Harlan's hand and heads to the dance floor. "By all means," she says with a smile. There's definitely an enthusiasm and a charm about her. Or maybe it's the fancy dress, jewellery and hair updo.

Ysabel grins at Kincade and says, "I am just pretending to be a dumb blonde.." She has been distratedly joining along in the event.

The nice thing about wearing one's fancy armour rather than a fine gown is that even IF you might drip a little chocolate onto something, it will blend in rather than give one's maid a fit later. Ouida doesn't shy away from tasting a sample of each little tidbit on offer for the fondue. As the dancing begins and Harlan and Lisebet are encouraged to make their way out first, Ouida will smile once more to Elsbetta. "May I offer you a dance this evening, my lady? I cannot stay long but it would be my honor to do so." She smiles at Reese as well. "Your highness, how lovely to see you as well! I hope that you are well? How splendid that your father is here for the wedding!"

Olivia heads to the dancing area to watch Lisebet and Harlan dance for the first time, maybe looking to steal a dance from Harlan when they finish up

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Sunaia rests her arm on the back of her chair as she watches Harlan lead Lisebet out onto the dance floor, watching as she makes conversation with those at the table with her.

Harlan moves to take Lisebet in his arms, guiding her in the music. Harlan himself, even after everything, still is a fairly graceful mover. However, he has nothing on his wife -- it's probably one of the easiest dances he's ever had in his life, and his mother made sure he had plenty of them growing up.

Reese turns her attention to Pharamond as the first dance is announced. Her cheeks are pink and her blue eyes are bright. "Yays, the Duchess and the Duke." She says, lifting her voice to carry, but she is far from shouting. The Warrior Princess then turns her focus to Nigel, standing up and murmuring something softly to him. She is quick to peek back to the dancing though.

It's like a whole new world, Lisebet's focus shrinking down to the dance floor and yet expanding at the same time. The whole crowd might as well not be there, for that dance. But it does eventually come to an end, Lisebet gracefully floating into a final curtsey and then leaning up to kiss Harlan, before she steps away, setting him free to dance with his sister. Of course now she's standing there without a partner.

Elsbetta has also nibbled on the offerings around the fondue. She smiles at Lady Ouida and says "I would love a dance Lady. It is very kind of you to ask." She smiles at Reese in greeting.

Olivia sees her chance and rushes in, grabbing Harlan's hands. "My turn." She smiles brightly

Olivia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Harlan checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Pharamond stands up a moment and he kisses Tabitha's hand, and gives a bow. "Excuse me a moment. I have a job to do," he says playfully and he bows, looking to Tabitha, backing away, once, twice...before he hops over and heads to Lisebet, his new niece-in-law? Niece-duchess? Ok, just duchess will do but he holds his hands up, one about her waist, and the other taking one of Lisebet's hands as he probably should have asked but A) it's Pharamond, B) there's been alcohol, and C) now they're all family, and thus formality is important but so is just knowing that family is there for each other. "Shall we....?"

Pharamond checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Lisebet checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Harlan kisses Lisebet back warmly, holding her for a moment, before releasing her in time to get grabbed by Olivia. He laughs and says, "It is, is it?" He grins, and moves to dance with his sister, though. He definitely moves to help her with the dance though, shifting to disguise any possibly mis-steps. Dances are meant to be spontaneous and ever-changing, right?

With a smile for Reese, Nigel extends his hand. "Shall we?" he inquires as the ducal dance comes to an end. One brow arches in question, that hand crooked invitingly.

:after a quick glance down at Pharamond's hand, and a brow-arched, wide-eyed blink that is so Tabitha-esque, the artist looks up to him with a slow nod. There's a pause before she inclines her head in a nod of assent, and a smile following it that makes her faith in Pharamond utterly apparent. Then she stands, allowing herself to bed led towards the dance floor. Then the hand is gone! She looks forlorn. But the smile soon blossoms again when she sees what Pharamond is up to.

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Reese reaches out for Nigel's offered hand with a pink-gloved one of her own. "I would love to, Lord Nigel." She says. Her blue eyes are still bright and the Princess seems happy to join the dancing.

Olivia struggles to keep up with the dance, but she is smiling. Clearly nothing can bother her today. She lets herself get led around. What a great day for House Ashford.

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Reese checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Kincade offhandedly says to Gretchen as the conversations around the table evolve "I have been meaning to make it back to your spa but it's been so hot to test out the sauna's. Do yu have any sort of cooling treatments down there?" His attention still on Gretchen he offers another suggestion of what to try next to Kaia.

Harlan indeed is happy to be dancing with his sister, and chuckles at what she leans to whisper. He nods and says, "Of course, Livvie. I just wish Aislin could have been here." He doesn't say it to bring things down, just an earnest wish.

And with a little wave of her hand, and a bright smile to Pharamond and Lisebet as he vaults away to dance with the bride, Tabitha sits upon the cushions, hands delicately folded upon her lap as she sways gently back and forth to the music. She's not drunk, she's just enjoying herself. How lovely this all is!

Lisebet laughs softly as her new uncle comes to dance with her. She smiles, as she nods her head. "Of course," She replies warmly. "Let's dance, by all means." Of course the dance floor is a bit busier this time around, but it's still a lot of fun. She tilts her head and murmurs something back to Pharamond, easily.

Ouida offers her arm to Elsbetta, in order to lead her towards the dance floor, the two noblewomen speaking quietly together.

Olivia continues being led around by Harlan... Good thing one of them learned how to dance. Maybe if she spent less time in the gardens as a child she could keep up better. She rests her head against him a moment and whispers again.

"Plenty," Gretchen says with an easy smile to Kincade, leaning back in her chair, "The steam room isn't getting much use at the moment what with the temperatures, but we offer an array of hair and skincare and minor medical procedures as well as massage. And our shop is well stocked if you just want to come by to look. "If you'd like the closest shave you've ever had make sure to stop by."

Elsbetta accepts Ouida's arm and follows her to the dance floor.

Pharamond dances well, perhaps more than even he woudl expect at times as he dances with the new Duchess, the two moving smoothly, easily around the floor as if they had been partners for years. But dance is part talent, and part comfort with yourself or the person you're dancing with! ANd the two obviously get on well as he nods, smiling as he looks towards the blanket then back to Lisebet, whispering something back again as they move.

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From his position near the King in conversation. And in particular when the King is occupied in his obligations that come with the crown. Prince Ahriman watches Reese dance with a man. He beams as he watches his daughter, "Very graceful. She is definitely carrying that poor sod. Let us hope whatever he does in his occupation he does it better than he dances with my daughter." (He's a cold hearted snake. Look into his eyes. Uh-oh.) He leans over and talks to the King a bit. His hands move when he speaks. His neutral expression on his face. He checks on Reese every now and again as a man missing fifteen years would be want to do.

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The music picks up in pace and people are encouraged to dance, servants and courtiers taking hands and drawing people out to the dance floor, dancing with them only to casually slip away, leaving Lords and Ladies celebrating while encouraging others to join in. It's hit the 'party phase' of the night, and all are encouraged to work up a most noble sweat.

Ouida checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Harlan dances with his sister a bit more, and then goes to release her, smiling to Olivia and giving her a hug. "You should go dance with more people, though." He grins.

Olivia smiles and steps back giving a curtsey, but sticking out her tongue to Harlan. "I was that bad huh?"

Ouida continues to lead Elsbetta to the dance floor, and speaking softly. As they begin to move to the music, she is happy to mostly try to stay out of the way to let the Farshaw noblewoman shine, and certainly she does. Ouida's smile is bright, as she enjoys both the music and the brilliance of her partner.

Sunaia gives Kaia one of her trademark slight, thin-lipped smiles, managing to tear her attention away from the dance floor to give her a small nod. "I'm glad to hear it. Dance up a storm out there."

Gianna makes her way into the Orangery, resplendent in white silk and rose gold. She pauses to admire one of the centerpieces before seeking out Lisebet.

Pharamond gives the Duchess a kiss to the cheek, and, conveniently, ends his dance near where Ahriman and Alaric are, should either of the gentlemen wish to step in and dance with the Duchess as he kisses Lisebet's cheek and steps back. "Now, I must away back to a specific someone," he says with a teasing excitement, bowing to both the Admiral and the King, and that a 'skip' he does as he hops away and returns back to the blanket where Tabitha was so cruelly left abandoned!

And it is definitely clear, while Nigel is not a /complete/ tyro and manages not to step on Reese's feet, that she is by far the more graceful of the two. Yet, throughout, his smile is a warm and he tries not to dull the brilliance of her dance, made all the more brilliant by the beribboned aura that like flows about her.

Olivia stands on the dance floor and scans the room, looking for her next victim... er... dance partner... well same thing as far as Olivia's dancing is concerned.

Kincade stands and offers his hand to Kaia as he leads the Bisland lady on to the dance floor.

Lisebet smiles as she curtseys to Pharamond, smiling her thanks for the dance. "Thank you," she says. So she is conveniently just by the dance floor as Gianna comes in. She finds herself a glass of wine, and is just in time to see the new arrival. "Nightingale," she calls out. "I am glad you have come to join us in celebrating!"

Reese seems to know her way around a dance floor. She has a graceful movement about her. The princess seems to be enjoying herself, adorned in her normal tunic and ivory leggings. Still the leggings are good for dancing in. She looks over to other dancers, watching them for a moment as if enchanted and Elsbetta especially gets an awe-struck expression from the princess. "Oh, wow, she is amazing." She says to Nigel, but others can hear. The girl's cheeks warm with pink at her father' words. "Father...." She says. "Are you going to dance with anyone?" she then asks her dad. "Lady Olivia, can you dance with my dad?"

Kaia grins quite excitedly and takes Kincade's hand as he leads her over to the dance floor.

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Olivia smiles at Reese, "I would be honored... if he is ready for a terrible dance partner!" She giggles a little. She turns to Ahriman with a smile, "Would you do me the honor your highness?"

"Duchess," Gianna greets Lisebet, coming to a halt by the bride and unabashedly looking her outfit over. "I love that diadem. It's not quite enough to make me wish for a wedding of my own, but you look radiant. Congratulations to you and to the Duke --- I suppose you're not hurting for dance partners tonight! I just wanted to bring you my well wishes."

Elsbetta smiles at Lady Ouida as she dances. It has been a long-time since she has danced. She closes her eyes and allows the music to carry her away. She is enjoying herself too much to be self-conscious or to notice any glances.

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Yes, so cruelly abandoned Tabitha was. But the artist is the soul of forgiveness, apparently, because she's smiling at jolly old Lord Pharamond from her seat upon the cushions when he returns to her. Then with a bite of her lower lip, she pulls a 'eeep' face as she raises her hand to allow him to help her up and onto the dancefloor. Her voice is soft and apologetic, though not without a bit of conspirational humour within the tone. "Please have forgiveness for the spectacle I'm going to make of us." She peers towards the dancers doing the twirly-dancy-stuff, as if intimidated by the prospect of getting her courtly boogie on. She smiles back at Pharamond afterwards, though.

Kincade checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

The former admiral looks to his daughter and her suggestion. When Olivia approaches him he looks at her and states, "No." Cold as ice. Murder in the dancing lane, "I'd rather sit here, watch and critique. And, were I of such disposition to dance which I am not inclined. I would need a few months before I'm rid of my cane and able. Not that I would even then." He then adds in a flat tone, "I cannot do you the honor." He asserts and then looks around, "Is there a chapion for dancing I can hire to placate this woman's honor?"

Kincade sweeps Kaia onto the dancefloor, the tall knight much more fluid than anyone would have given him credit for had they not seen it with their own eyes. His years of training obviously not for this but he's able to get into a groove all the same.

Olivia announces "Master Gilroy and Lady Gretchen should honor us with a dance together!"

Lisebet smiles at Gianna. "Thank you. It's a gift from my husband, and absolutely brilliant," she says. "And I am very happy, so I am glad that it shows. If you would like to dance, I'd be glad to dance with you, certainly."

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There's a grin from Nigel at the exquisite talents on display. "I thank the gods every day that I do not rely on my celerity for my keep or aid," he remarks, smiling to Reese and offering warm grins for Tabitha and Elsabetta. "I think this is most fortuitous for the wedding. Surely Jayus is smiling on us today."

Kaia joins in the knight on the dance floor, her movements graceful enough as she follows in his lead -although nothing too impressive. Just good enough, not to be embarrassing. Her dancing may have not been worth of much notice, however the beaming smile on her face -showing the overflowing fun she seemed to be having while dancing was another matter entirely. It was a contagious cheerful spirit and laughter echoing throughout the area with every spin and sway.

While conversing at her table, Gretchen turns a slow look over Lady Olivia's way.

Gianna's lips curve up at the corners into one of her flickers of a smile. "Perhaps in a bit," she tells Lisebet. "I imagine you have quite the line-up!" She gently touches the Duchess on the upper arm, if allowed, and moves on.

Getting Tabitha to the dance floor was a small feat, akin to the pyramids being created. But once there, Pharamond once more starts to lead, only to realize that it is folly to think that anyone would be looking at him during the dance. Even -he- isn't looking anywhere but at the beautiful woman who came out to the floor with him. But he can keep up...which is to say, he manages not to actually trip over his own feet while Tabitha shows every bit of her grace. "You....were sandbagging," he teasingly accuses her on the floor while they dance, but there's no venom in said accusation. More plain wonder!

Harlan finishes dancing with his wife and sister, and moves to take a seat for a moment. He knows the focus today should be on Lisebet, anyway!

Reese sucks in a soft breath at Ahriman's reaction, the girl having the grace to blush and looking a bit sheepish. The sheepish is quick to fade, but the pink lingers on. "I should have known better than to suggest such while you are recovering, Father. My apologies to you both." Reese says seemingly to both Ahriman and Olivia. Her is tone respectful and Reese is composed. She even continues her own dance. "Oh, I think he is." She adds, being quick to agree with Nigel.

Olivia just steps back from the dance floor as she gets turned down by Ahriman. But the smile hasn't left her face. She sees Gretchen look her way and she just smiles.

Lisebet does allow that touch from Gianna, and then she pauses. Her gaze goes to the king, and she heads that way, offering a graceful curtsey and a "Your majesty, might I have this dance?"

Reese peeks over to Olivia and then she murmurs softly to Nigel.

The golden flowery pattern of Kaia's dress is on full display as Kincade spins her out at arms length, both of them pulling against the other. Then just as quickly the golden flowers spin through the air again as Kincade sweeps Kaia back into his arms as they continue to dance unnoticed on the dance floor. Luckily Tabitha is taking most of the attention, giving the pair an intimate dance together.

a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman arrives, delivering a message to Lisebet before departing.

Gilroy lurches to his feet at Olivia's bidding and holds up a forkful of boiled goose, which is odd since boiled goose wasn't on the menu, but these are strange times and who can say where one might find a boiled goose. "My lady, that would be a fine idea, but I would hate to soil Lady Gretchen's beauty and grace with my unwashed commoner hands and would never ask her to lower herself to one such as I. But should she dance with all others, and then everyone's dogs, and then that badger they have at the local boardinghouse, and still have her love of dance unsated, if she should deign to dance with me than I would, of course, be delighted."

Reese kisses Nigel ever so briefly on the cheek and then slips away from him, going to gather up a glass of wine.

Alaric is busy trying not to appear too amused at Ahriman shooting down the dance invitations with extreme prejudice, which seems a lot like a very extended sip of his wine. But then there's the bride stopping by, and he sets down the glass to smile at Lisebet. "Why, I'd be delighted to," he tells her with an apologetic smile at Ahriman as he rises. "Do excuse me for a few moments." He offers an arm to Lisebet to escort her out to the floor proper. "Shall we, then?"

While dancing, the Bisland lady's face seem to turn a bright shade of pink as the knight leans in to steal a kiss from her after one of those spins, and wish her a quiet happy birthday. Her expression startled, and she comes to a stop -touching her lips just slightly before glancing back at Kincade. She definitely did not expect that.

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Olivia announces loudly "A special treat! I have some of the best tonic in all of Arx to offer to all who would like to try it. Master Gilroy's Grayhope Tonic! It will put an extra pep in your step for dancing!"


Alaric checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

Lisebet promptly takes the offered arm, and heads for the dance floor. It might be a bit of a more difficult dance, this time, but she seems to be holding her own. "Thank you, your majesty. I recall that you are a fabulous dancer, and would hate to miss such an opportunity as dancing is very much fun."

As Elsbetta and Ouida's dance comes to an end, the Harthall knight will graciously guide her partner back towards the edge of the dance floor, where Els might be able to be partnered again should she wish it. "Alas, dear one, I must be away--being gone for so long I know there are a few urgent things to attend to. Will you come and visit Harthall Keep this week? It would be lovely to have you to tea, if your own schedule allows." She guides Elsbetta near Harlan. "Please give my regards to the beautiful bride, when she returns, the both of you. It was a lovely celebration!"

"Of course, your Majesty." Ahriman nods to Alaric. To his daughter he simply states his head, "The only woman who could ever see me dance is your mother. There is a not will stronger in Arvum. And thankfully she is home in Bastion or I would be.." He smirks, "Shaking my booty in shame as we speak." He asks, "Booty? I always thought that was treasure. So much changes in fifteen years." He muses.

It would be fair to say that Tabitha looks pleasantly surprised as she and Pharamond almost float across the room. She even goes as far as to giggle, raising her eyebrows, like she wasn't expecting the dance to go so well. The movements of her feet upon the floor are made with technical precision and grace as she follows the Sword's skillful lead, her lilac skirts swirling around her legs in an elegant sweep of glowing silk. Her eyes glow too as she looks up at Pharamond with a bright and delighted smile. "I really wasn't! I've never danced this well before." She wrinkles her nose in amusement, laughing again in a silvery tone. "It's you, you bring out the best in me!"

There is a grin for Reese from the Riven lord to Reese, before he turns towards Olivia, clapping at the announcement. His eyes track to the King as he dances, grinning a little and shaking his head. Then,to Olivia, he says, "May I have this dance Lady Ashford." He stage whispers, "We can be joint embarrassments."

"Why, thank you for saying so, Duchess Lisebet," Alaric replies pleasantly as he leads her in a somewhat performatively involved dance, confident she can keep up. "I do enjoy a good dance. And I do hope you've felt properly welcomed among the Crownlands today."

Reese gets a message that seems to distract her. She glances over such with a thoughtful expression. She then looks to her father with a gentle affection. The girl is quietly off a moment later.

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Olivia smiles and takes Nigel's hand, "I would be honored. I hope your feet are prepared for being stepped on my Lord."

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Elsbetta smiles at Ouida and says "I would love to come over tea soon.

"Mister Grayhope," Gianna greets, eyeing Gilroy. "Lady Gretchen, Lady Sunaia, and... pardon, I'm not sure I caught your name. I believe I saw you the other day." That'd be Ysabel. She takes a seat at the round table, reaching out to touch the petals of the closest flower.

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Lisebet can indeed keep up, without too much trouble. She is an accomplished dancer and more than willing to show off on the dance floor. "I do indeed feel welcome," she says with a laugh. "As I expected to be." Her skirts swish and flow as she moves with grace and fancy foot work, spinning and stepping and grinning the entire time, totally enjoying the music and the movement.

Nigel checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Gretchen stands up and smooths down her dress, "Grayhope elixir will certainly put a pep in your step! And once you're done in the privy, please do stop by the spa for a treatment to settle the stomach," she flashes a winning smile to the room and then says, "Are there any badgers here? I don't dance but I do like a challenge."

Grinning to Olivia, Nigel extends his hand, moving to join her in the dance. There is something placid about his movements, phlegmatic, his eyes warm and inviting. While not completely untutored, it is clear he is not a talent at this -- not by a long shot.

Kincade's eyes lock with Kaia's after she stops dancing he's worried he's done something wrong. He takes a step to her seeing her hesitation he doesn't close the distance any further.

Pharamond enjoys his dance with Tabitha, but as she says she has never danced this way before she can see the look on his face, one that is utterly skeptical. But the artist can not merely draw the portrait, she can be the art, and as such he is simply a frame, surrounding her and presenting her to the masses for the beautiful sorceress of movement that she is. Pharamond enjoys the dance, moving with her until the final note and then he steps back, bowing once more to Tabitha and then he steps forwards, simply pulling her into an embrace and laughing as he looks down, arms wrapped gently about the delicate Whitehawk and he laughs. "That was fun," he says, cheeks a bit flushed from the exertion and the drink.

Alaric is quite happy to lend his dancing talent to make Lisebet the focal point of attention as they go about the floor. "I'm pleased to hear it. House Ashford has long been one of the stalwarts of the Crownlands, and the Compact besides. I do hope today marks the beginning of a renewed rise in Ashford Keep's prominence."

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"Softest Gianna, how lovely to see you." Gilroy offers more of a bow than he's really given anyone else, then gestures from her to Ysabel. "Do allow me to introduce you to Ysabel, Baroness of Caith." He smiles brilliantly to Ysabel, then looks to Gianna and says, "She's a Gilden," as if this is an important thing to note. Or explains something key. Then he looks from Olivia to Gretchen and gives a brittle smile. "The Grayhope Curative is a miracle in a bottle, but sadly with just the one bottle there is only one miracle to be had."

Amari has just been quietly watching the goings on, applauding where appropriate and sipping a glass of Torment. Not that she looks tormented. Distracted maybe, especially after one of her green cloaked guards appears to inform her of something. There's a little frown for what's said, then the Keaton slips off into the background to deal with something.

Ahriman plucks a flower from the table and looks at it. He sniffs it and wrinkles his nose and then puts it back. The expression on his face seems to suggest he is not the cheerful sort about flowers. He makes a really nice fake smile before flopping the flower on the table and folding his arms. Watching. Oh the judgement. Those black eyes judge everything.

Lisebet smiles, and as the dance comes to an end, she sinks into a graceful curtsey. "Thank you, your majesty," she says. "I shall do my best to make that happen." She rises up to her whole five foot nothing and beams, exuding happiness.

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Kaia stares back at Kincade, startled mostly, she doesn't seem angry -just slightly ambarrased maybe- she's evidently blushing. Her eyes finally drop off from his and she suddenly rushes out of the Orangery -forgetting completely to say her farewells to all.

Olivia manages to keep up with Nigel, maybe it is cause they are both bad? Or maybe this song just agrees with them a little better. She manages to not completely destroy the poor mans feet too much. But it is clear she could still use some work. She does smile at her partner. She is clearly enjoying herself despite the fact she is not a very good dancer

Kincade rushes after Kaia. Also rudely ignoring his farewells. Quite unlike him.

Kincade leaves, following Kaia.

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