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Unrivaled: Aleksei vs Mikani

Aleksei Morgan and Mikani Redreef face off in the semifinals of the Champions Guild Unrivaled Tourney!


Jan. 2, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

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Aleksei Mikani


Miranda Waldemai Scythia Carmen Helena Nuala Fiora Margret Gerard Jasher Caspian


The Champions


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Miranda moves then to find a place to sit in the noble seats where she greets those already there.

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Aleksei strides onto the grounds on a brisk step, looking windswept and just a touch rakish with that snap of his leather longcoat behind him. He flashes a crooked, boyish grin off to the crowd that's started to gather and settle, his path taking him out to the dueling ring. He steps up to the edge, swinging his arms up overhead and streeeeetching out his body. He finds Mikani wherever she might be, his smile widening bright for her. "You ready for this?"

Mikani bows to Aleksei, "Aye I am. Ready to have some fun and entertain the crowd? I think they have come to see a good fight."

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Waldemai calls out, "A thousand silver on the Paladin of Freedom, Aleksei Morgan!" He spots his favorite pooch pal, but he's off in the noble section.

Moving through the fields (on the sidelines, mind you), is one Scythia Redreef. The lady has a curious look about her, peering about as though in search of something or someone. Nonetheless once she spies the noble seating she is traveling in that direction to find a location from which she might observe the bout.

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Aleksei checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Miranda eyes Waldemai at his hollar and betting. She puts a hands to her mouth, cupping them to make sure he can hear her. "Have you lost your wits, Master Isenhu? Lady Mikani Redreef has got this! A thousand coin on the Lady!" She smiles his way, winking.

Stride long and rangy, Carmen Harol grins toward the dueling ring. Her height gives her a clear view as she moves around spectators to grab a seat in the peanut gallery. Sorry, the commoner benches.

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Waldemai bows to Lady Miranda, "As always, my lady, you are faded," which is to say that her bet is accepted, not that she is looking extraordinarily pale or anything like that.

Mikani laughs and salutes Miranda as she speaks. "Thank you my Lady!" She looks over at Aleksei. "Did you want to address the crowd?"

Aleksei glances off towards the sound of Waldemai's voice, teeth flashing in a grin. "Anybody gonna take him up on that?" he calls out in return, only to find an immediate answer in Miranda. He laughs, rocking back on his heels, and then draws his sword -- plain steel for this, of course. He gives it a few twists in his hand, a few twirls, and then actually steps back a moment to spin the hilt about his hand until it has momentum to fly up into the air overhead, spinning a time or two as he watches it carefully for the descent to catch it on the downswing with a flourish. "Thank you all for coming! I certainly hope we don't disappoint."

Miranda bows her head to Waldemai and then looks to Mikani. Her eyes are lit up with laughter and she puts her elbows on her knees, chin on her hands and looks eager for this bout. Aleksei's fancy shmancy sword display is watched with appropriate appreciation, but it's the fight that's important.

Carmen watches Aleksei's display with an impressed lift to her eyebrows. Then she cups a hand to her mouth and calls to the competitors, "Less pretty, more stabbing!"

Mikani bows to the crowd. "Welcome to our Duel. Can we get a round of applause to get us started?" Mikani shouts out to the crowd to get them going. She pulls her dagger favoring the smaller weapon. "The Paladin of Freedom." She signals over to the man. "Versus the Sea Siren." She calls out not knowing what else really to call herself but she hopes to entertain the audience.

Waldemai applauds on cue. "Hooray! Let's have a gret fight!"

Miranda applauds as asked!

Tucking two fingers inside her mouth, Carmen gives a shrill whistle in time with the applause. "Knock 'em dead, Siren!"

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Mikani turns to Aleksei. "You heard them Paladin. Let's dance!"

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Aleksei offers the flourish of a bow in reply to the crowd's RAUCOUS DEMANDS for a fight. And then he turns to Mikani, humor and anticipation bright in his eyes, and lifts his blade as he settles his stance.

Aleksei wields an unadorned steel longsword with a leather-wrapped hilt.

The Redrain princess in copper looks around at those cheering, laughing a bit at the quips thrown by those who know both fighters better than she does. She applauds politely, though there's no hollering or whistling from her, as Helena studies both fighters as if to determine which she thinks will win, the flourishing of blades making her //ooh// with appreciation for the skill displayed.

Aleksei gets a vicious, single edged sword with a subtle curve from a black leather swordbelt.

Aleksei wields a vicious, single edged sword with a subtle curve.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Scythia finishes offering forth a few words toward those that she is settled near at the noble seating, but when the call for applause comes forth she is indeed rising and applauding. Similar to Helena, this is a polite thing, and though she sits down to observe there is no mistaking her keen interest.

Mikani moves knowing that dagger fighting is all about footwork. She moves in quickly to attack Aleksei. Her dagger barely touches the man but she tries. He comes for her but Mikani doesn't pull away in time. She tapped twice before she dance back from the man.

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It starts out as a dance, really. Aleksei keeps a careful eye on Mikani's movements, letting her come to him, testing her technique and studying her defenses. The blows he lands on her are swift and sharp, but they're blunt: he doesn't immediately manage to draw blood in those early moments.

Nuala is fairly quiet when it comes to applause. But her keen attention slips and slides between the two duelists, taking in their movements and stances.

"That's it, Sea Siren! Let him think he's got you on the run!" Miranda cheers for Mikani!

Carmen hisses under her breath, intently focused on the fighting and Aleksei's gradual bearing down on Mikani. She claps her hands together. "Come on, Siren! Knock his pretty teeth in!"

:gasps aloud. "Not his teeth!" the princess calls out, despite herself, from up in the noble seats. She realizes she called out aloud, much louder than intended, and laughs, covering her face a little, before ducking her head against Margret and laughing some more.

Helena gasps aloud. "Not his teeth!" the princess calls out, despite herself, from up in the noble seats. She realizes she called out aloud, much louder than intended, and laughs, covering her face a little, before ducking her head against Margret and laughing some more.

Miranda cheers out, "Stop making him look good, Sea Siren, and make him WORK for his defeat!" Hey, she's got money riding on this fight!

Blinking, laughing, Carmen snaps a look over to the fancy folk benches and tries to spot out whoever made the yell. Gleefully, she calls out, again cupping her mouth with her hands and her Lieutenant's bellow most helpful, "He needs a haircut!"

Waldemai loves a good fight, and loves it more when he has cash riding on the outcome. "Well done!"

Apparently feeling the need to balance out the cheering, Fiora calls out, "Go...." When no name comes swiftly there is, "Male fighter!"

Margret is watching, but she doesn't look like she wants to be watching. She's cringing with each swing and hit. With everyone else shouting she apparently decides she needs to give it a go, and calls out, "Just your best?" It starts out like a cheer, then ends pitched like a question. When Helena ducks her head against her and laughs she pats the Redrain on the back. Thump thump.

Gerard lingers silently off to one side, keenly observing the fighting with a knowing eye - judging, perhaps, every move.

Mikani dances in offensively. When the cut comes, Mikani moves back and switches the dagger to a defensive hold. Her dark eyes watch the man staying back and makes him come to her. She keeps watching his movements.

Jasher walks up, noticing the crowd gathered in the Proving Grounds. He settles with finding a seat, of which there's probably some empty ones somewhere.

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As the fight goes on and he gains a greater sense of her style, Aleksei's footwork grows a bit more forward. A bit less defensive. He moves with swift, fluid grace, his sword flashing as he searches for an opening in her defenses; he manages a solid knock against her, but again not quite enough to bring the edge of his blade to skin. Still, he's grinning, and as he watches her shift back on the defensive, he presses in harder.

Fiora's call followed by Margret's makes Helena laugh again, her cheeks a little flushed from calling attention to herself. "Cut his hair, Mikani!" she calls out. She can compromise! She throws Carmen a grin.

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Mikani when the next cut comes. Mikani jumps back and taps out. "Good fight Paladin."

"I second a haircut for Aleksei! That thing is on ruley!" though the fight ends, and Caspian lets out a sigh, then claps his hands with a smile. "Good fight, cousin! Aleksei! Y'all did good, proud of you both!"

Helena is overheard praising Aleksei: Well fought, and his hair looks just fine. So too do his teeth.

Waldemai cheers. "Well fought! Well done! All glory to Gloria!"

Helena is overheard praising Mikani: Valient effort!

Perhaps it was that burst of aggression that helped Aleksei get his way past Mikani's quick, deft defenses to finally slide steel against skin. She takes her yield with grace, and his smile warms wide. "Well fought!" he agrees, offering his hand to her for a clasp.

Miranda cheers, standing and applauding even if her fighter lost. It was a fun fight!

Carmen sighs lustily and sits up, joining in the applause and cheers for Aleksei and Mikani. In a quieter, content tone she adds for those seated near her, "Shit. But wasn't that pretty?"

Miranda is overheard praising Mikani: Well fought!

Miranda is overheard praising Aleksei: Superb fighting skills and grace!

:stands to applaud both, murmuring words of praise for each. "Well fought. I liked the part where no one died, especially," she says a little wryly to Margret, impish smile curving her mouth upward.

Mikani grins and clasps his hand. "May you continue on to win the title of Best Champion is it?" She laughs warmly. She looks around at the crowd. "Come on you can do better for the Paladin. He fought well and won!" She motions her arms to give him a bit of 'spotlight'.

Scythia rises when the match is called, applauding with just as much vigor as when the start of the match began. "Well done, Lady Mikani!" she calls forth, flashing a smile her way. "To the victor!" she adds with a turn of her focus, and her applause, to Aleksei.

Fiora is overheard praising Aleksei: Good Work, Male Fighter

Scythia is overheard praising Mikani: A fine match!

Margret stands up from the noble seating, and starts towards the field with her bag of medical supplies in hand. She stops at the edge and waits for the combatants to finish congratulating each other. When Mikani motions to Aleksei she holds up her medical supplies invitingly.

Scythia is overheard praising Aleksei: To the victor, an excellent match!

Though he was only around to see the conclusion, Jasher does stand to clap, the smile more prominent in his eyes than his lips.

Mikani laughs as she sees a woman with Medical supplies. Thinking that might be a good idea. She bows her head at Carmen and Scythia as her eyes find them in the crowd.

Caspian is overheard praising Mikani.

Caspian is overheard praising Aleksei.

"We'll see. I'll have to get through either Bliss or Jeffeth to get there," Aleksei says with a crooked grin to Mikani, and then he turns to the crowd, lifting his sword in a victorious salute, and then offering another flourish of a bow. "Thank you, everyone!"

At Mikani's prompt, Caspian leaps to his feet and lets out a shout, "Go Aleksei! Paladin of my heart!" He says, hamming it up as he puts his hands over his heart and mock swooons.

Mikani moves to let Margret to allow the woman to heal her.

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Waldemai oohs, when Aleksei announces the next match. "That'll be a good!"

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Miranda rises from her seating and goes over to Waldemai, though Caspian's antics make her grin. A look to Waldemai, "Well, Master Isenhu, seems you are the victor of our wager. I do not carry a thousand coin on me, but I shall have my aide," she gestures to the lanky Brenlin hovering about her. "Deliver it shortly. Will that satisfy?" She doesn't look bothered at the loss at all!

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Pushing to her feet, Carmen again lets loose a shrill whistle for Aleksei. "Until next time," she says to Caspian and Waldemai, her smile bright as she tips a nod toward the noble benches. "Should see that I didn't ruffle any feathers over there." So spoken, Carmen takes long, loose strides to move toward the benches, slowing only once she nears Helena. She gives a quiet clearing of her throat, standing taller than the princess by nearly a foot. "Right, sorry. Excuse me? I just wanted to say it was all in good fun. I hope there were no hard feelings."

Waldemai bobs his head to Miranda. "Of course, my lady. Thank you very much." It would be crazy to bring all that silver here with all the riff raff and pick pockets around!

Margret begins taking supplies out of the bag, and starts working on Mikani's wounds in a efficient and skillful manner. As she works she says, "Make sure you have someone change them in two days so they don't get infected. No going to the Grotto or jumping into pools or water or mud or sewers or whatever else you can think of." She finishes tying up the last bandage. "Try not to drink too much for the pain." She looks at Aleksei critically, surveying him for open wounds, before she shakes her head in wonder.

There is another glance cast toward Fiora, a brief thing, before Scythia is focusing once more on Lady Mikani and applauding with a surge of renewed energy when she notices her eyes upon her. Yes, this is joined with a hint of good natured mirth for those that are paying attention. She does not intervene as she has her wounds tended to by Margret, but she does linger nearby.

Miranda nods to Waldemai and then waves to Mikani, "Well done!" She chuckles and heads out.. likely to the bank!

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The match over, Jasher rises from his seat to head off.

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Carmen's approach makes Helena's brows lift, and she brings her hands to her face to cover her cheeks and shake her head, a mirthful laugh accompanying the gesture. "Oh, no. It was very amusing," she says, with a glance toward Aleksei, then back to Carmen. "I mean, it would be a shame. He has a nice smile, is all. I certainly didn't take offense -- he might have, but I don't think he's the type," she says merrily enough. "All in the spirit of the tournament, after all."

Carmen's smile relaxes marginally, warming with relief, and she follows Helena's glance to Aleksei. "With luck, he'll even still have it after Sir Jeffeth or the Whisper are through with him." Recollecting herself, Carmen offers Helena her hand. "Sorry. Lieutenant Carmen Harol, my Lady."

Aleksei sheathes his sword after a quick wipe of the blood, just in time to catch Margret's critical survey. He lifts his hands, showing her both sides, and generally makes himself comedically accessible for inspection. "I'm fine!" he says, now that he's proven it. "I mean, I'll be soaking some aches and bruises, to be sure. Nothing much for you to fix up, though."

Caspian leaps up onto his seat and calls out, "Folks! We just got one more match, Bliss vs Jeffeth, for the finals! Though there will be a third place match between Lady Mikani and whoever loses between Bliss and Jeffeth, so keep your eye out for future matches! And make sure to cheer hard for your favorite!"

Caspian says, "One more match, Bliss verses Jeffeth, before the finals I mean!"

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"You know you have to be the luckiest person I have ever seen." Margret says to Aleksei as she watches him turn around to be inspected. "I don't think I've seen you get cut up before during one of these bouts." She uses some water from her bag to rinse off her hands.

"Helena Redrain," the Redrain princess murmurs to Carmen, taking the hand with a nod and leaving off her own title. "That will be something to watch. All of these are unbeaten, yes? That is something in and of itself. A pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant." She turns to Caspian as he makes his announcements. "It's hard to know who to root for in all of these; I have so much respect for all of them, but by rules of sisterhood I think I have to root for the Whisper; she's close friends with my sister Elgana."

"Yeah, I get that a lot," Aleksei says to Margret with a very particular sort of wry humor at Margret declares him so very lucky. "Not that I ever actually /never/ get hit in duels; I've gotten hit plenty. Guess you've just been to my luckier ones!"

Completely taken in by Helena's gambit, the tall soldier offers the friendly Redrain Lady an easy, professional handshake and cracks another brief smile. "Haven't met Bliss Whisper. Wrote her once, though, and she was kind and obviously she has a reputation longer than my arm." Then she clicks her tongue, amused. "But I've never lost money betting on Sir Jeffeth. Don't expect to start now. You like the fights, my Lady?"

"I think the trouble here is no one's lost money on any of these unrivaled fighters. It's hard to know who to bet on. So I don't," says Helena with a laugh. "I just watch, and I like to see the other people get excited about it. I would be happy if no one ever made a hit on their opponent and we just watched pretty dancing with the clash of metal as musical accompaniment, truth be told, but I've been told that's *not* the point." Helena sighs a little, as if quite put out by that reprimand. "Anyway, I do like to see the display of skill, and I always leave feeling even more secure in my personal safety, thanks to the quality of our soldiers."

Margret doesn't look suspicious. She just smiles kindly and nods her head once before she concedes. "No, it's probably just a coincidence." She looks at Aleksei a little longer, as if she's mulling over something, before she smiles again. "Congratulations." Then she turns to drift over to Helena's side.

Carmen's mouth twitches as she looks down at Helena with polite fascination. Pushing up the sleeves to her jacket, Carmen answers, "No, that's not the point, I suppose, but seeing Lady Mika and," she pauses, considering her words, "Councilman Aleksei fight is about as close as it gets to dancing with sharp things. You picked a good one to come to..." Carmen trails off, noting Margret's arrival with a polite tip of her head. "My Lady. You're good with a needle. Thanks for seeing to Lady Mikani."

Aleksei catches that /Councilman Aleksei/ and looks -- well, honest horrified. "Wait. WAIT! I did /not/ agree to a new /title/! I just wanted to help do things!" Noooooooooooooooooo--

"I believe you campaigned and earned a title. By the votes of the people. Congratulations, Councilman Aleksei." Fiora states as she steps out of the noble stands, not really invested in this but not being able to help herself with shade flinging. "Have a lovely evening."

That look of fascination doesn't escape Helena, and she laughs again. "Oh, I'm not that naive, I promise. My sister's a knight and duelist in the champions as well. I just am more a type who tries to arm myself with knowledge, rather than swords. Not that you can't do both, but I cannot. I am terrible with a sword. It's really not pretty. I should study more, so I can rely on myself and not my guards if I get in trouble, but there's only so many moments in a day," the Redrain princess says, turning to laugh when Aleksei complains of the new title. "Hear, hear. Congratulations, Councilman." She glances at Fiora and raises a brow. "Evening, Lady Fiora. Be well."

Mikani pulls out her rum flask and takes a celebratory drink. As the others are talking she gathers her gear.

Before she can reply to Helena, Carmen's vibrant green eyes flare with surprised humor at Aleksei's interruption and she turns to look back to him. "One, for the record, I voted for you. Two, we have to call you /something/. Three, uh," and here she pauses, smile turning sheepish, "what do you like better?" Carmen mutters something under her breath, audible perhaps to Helena and Margret.

Scythia is offering forth a quiet, "Well done," in person toward Mikani in the aftermath of the bout once the Champion is gathering her gear. "Truly." She hesitates a moment and clasps her arm, as if uncertain if this will bring harm, and thereafter drifts away in the direction that she came.

Caspian lets out a laugh to Aleksei as he protests the new title, laughing as he pumps his fist into the air, "Cheers for Councilman Aleksei!"

Mikani smiles at Scythia, "Thank you." She looks over at Aleksei. "I was honored to fight such a seasoned champion. I'm glad you came to watch. We Champions like to put on a show."

"Just /Aleksei/," he responds in a somewhat pained voice to Carmen. "I don't -- need anything else. I used to have fancy titles! Now I don't, and that's /great/."

"I try." Margret says humbly to Carmen's praise before she sticks out a hand in greeting. "Lady Margret Greenmarch." As the controversy of titles erupts and Carmen points out they have to call Aleksei something she suggests, "You could always point and say 'Hey you'" She smiles at what Carmen whispers.

"It certainly was one at that," Scythia responds in kind, nodding her head toward her fellow Redreef. "I will have to make the next one as well if I am able. For now, however, I am going to see to a matter with a scholar." With another flash of a smile, she is off.

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Snorting back a laugh at Margret's suggestion, Carmen shoots back to Aleksei in a deadpan tone, "Hey you. You know you'll get another title if you win all of this, right?" She gestures to Margret. "And that was my Lady's idea."

"Well fought, then, Just Aleksei. If you keep fighting so well, 'Just' well be the next esteemed title everyone wishes to have. Perhaps we can make it an official one. I shall talk to the king on your behalf," says Helena, teasingly. "And you, Lady Mikani, very well fought as well. You are so agile to watch, both of you. It makes me wish I knew how."

"Shhh!" Caspian hushes Carmen, putting his finger to his lips as he looks to her. "I wasn't gonna tell him that! I was hoping he wouldn't notice!"

Caspian's interjection is the last straw. Carmen bursts into laughter, a hand lifting to wipe tears away from her eyes, utterly delighted. "Sorry, right, right. I'm wrong. No titles to be found here." She continues, still disbelieving, "Fight Sir Jeffeth? All in a day's work. Earn a pretty name to show off to? Scary as," she pauses ever so slightly despite her laughter, recollecting her surroundings enough to shift directions, "anything. Scary as /anything/." Sighing contentedly, Carmen turns back to Helena and Margret. "Should say my congratulations to Lady Mikani and get back to work myself. It was nice meeting you, and I hope you'll be at the next one."

Gauging Mikani's injuries with a quick, professional assessment, Carmen leans down to give the woman a warm but careful hug, picking her up off the ground a little. "You did great." Then, as quickly she. is. off!

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"I should go too," says Helena, glancing at the sky to gauge the time, before reaching to give Margret a quick squeeze. "It was good to see you as always," she says, before smiling to the others around and making her way off the grounds toward the street.

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