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House Laurent's Dog Show

House Laurent, with hosting duties performed by Lord Eddard Clement, have organized an Arx Dog Show. Judges will be determined prior to the event, as well as applicants. Only the first 10 dogs will be allowed entry to the dog show. Scoring will be separated into three different categories, asthetics, athleticism, and behavior.

Duke Aiden Rubino
Duke Cristoph Laurent

Dogs and Handlers

OOC: Date subject to change, depending on judges and participant availablity! Page/mail me to get yourself to be considered for the third judge or to send your dog through the gauntlet!


Dec. 16, 2018, 4 p.m.

Hosted By



Cirroch Kael Norwood Jael Alarissa Mia Reigna Jyri Reese Helena Simone Sorrel Sasha Kedehern Shae Elsa Amari Scipio Kaldur Galen Sabella Sina Gilroy Alaric



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Judgment Green

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Georgette, 1 Greenmarch Guard arrive, following Simone.

The day has arrived! House Laurent's Dog Show! A large tent is up with many braziers to keep its occupants warm. A judge's table is within with a few notable occupants. Lord Eddard Clement is in the center of the very small field looking as happy as can be, to be hosting a random Dog Show on a snowy day!

"Welcome! Welcome! Contestants, go ahead and file over and get registered with the judges and find your spots. Audience members please find a nice seat and we'll get started very shortly!"

*****Contestants, please 'look rules' for how this is going down!*******

Cirroch had arrived here early with Sasha, sitting in the bench with her in his arms, his cloak around them to provide some warmth and comfort from the snow. He speaks with her in a slightly exicted tone, telling her, "I can't wait to see what this dog show is like. I've never been to one before."

Is it any surprise that Kael and Reigna would make an appearance in a united front? Given their association with House Laurent, plus the sigil of their own House, likely no one is shocked. Whatever the case, Kael is moving with his wife on his arm, murmuring a few quiet words to her that -- from his expression - undoubtedly are ridiculously affectionate. So too is there a kiss on her cheek to punctuate his words before he is looking onward, searching for the organizer of the event. Though Oaken, a fine Oakhaven bloodhound, and Devo, a similarly exceptional specimen of Oakhaven bloodhound are both in attendance, they do not look as though they are going to compete. Or at least not Devo, there upon Kael's side.

Cirroch has left the large bench.

5 Sanna House Guards have been dismissed.

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met have been dismissed.

Eddard picks up OOC RULES House Laurent Dog Show.

Eddard checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Nowood is wearing... dogs. Two of them. It's very flappy and pretty (seriously, l norwood's dogs). He s standing stiffly as he marches through the crowd with Bayberry at his side. OH OH OH HI KAEL HI REGINA! The dog is totally going to go sniff at their heels.

Eddard drops OOC RULES House Laurent Dog Show.

Dogless and lacking dog accessories, Jael makes her way through to gathering crowd towards Norwood and the Keatons. She's here to add extra Laurentiness.

Alarissa's moving through the green with her retinue and Elegance at her side. The dog almost the same size as her. The greyhound in the sea of Keaton hounds. The double strand of pearls around the dogs neck that serves as collar and the tooled leather that is her leash. Alarissa's in white leather and silver fox fur, buried under it all to keep warm though the hood drawn back and arms through the slits on the side. Maxene goes off to register her - these are things she doesn't do herself after all - and confers with Pellinor with a smile on her face as she occasionally lifts a hand to those she knows.

The Countess arrives as she so often does -- at a brisk pace that has a habit of kicking up the hems of her skirts and parting crowds, though really, some might refer to them as 'innocent bystanders', given her purposeful stride. Today is no different, save for two simple facts. First, Mia has wrapped herself tightly up in her finest cloak in an attempt to ward off the cold and second, there's a distinct sparkle and warmth in her eyes that is rarely displayed in public. It's quite likely the result of seeing so many dogs crowded together in one place, as four-legged furry people seem to be the ones most likely to earn her approval -- far more likely than their two-legged handlers might. She's barely made it onto the green before she's found herself some stranger's hulking beast of animal to fuss over, quite possibly to the owner's irritation.

Reigna is indeed on Kael's arm and there is a grin on her face as she murmurs a few words to him against his ear. She has Oaken at her side, sitting obediantly as ever. When Kael goes in search of Eddard, Reigna remains in place, a hand reaching down to stroke Oaken's ears, smiling at her bloodhound. "You know you are the best dog here, Oaken, is that not right? Yes you do."

Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy pup, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Jyri arrives with three dogs, but he will only compete with one, his most loyal and oldest dog Onida. Still, the other dogs get some training by just being around. He signs himself up wherever you do that, peering around curiously, bowing to nobility as he makes it over to his spot, leaving the non-competing dogs to the side for now.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Reese at the doge show! She has a large hunting hound and a small yappy dog in tow. The smaller dog is running around barking and the larege hound is at quiet and close to Reese. She glances over the area, trying to get a feel for thing here.

"Jael, you look very... dogless today." Norwood eyes the Laurent up and down carefully, weighing her dog-less-ness. "Here, you should wear this." The dog blazer is taken off and shoved in JAel's direction. "It would look dashing on you."

Princess Helena arrives in her now-signature red cloak. She has no dog with her, but instead a pine marten perched on her shoulders. He chitters when he sees the dogs, and she shushes the little creature with a murmur. Her eyes sparkle a bit with merriment as she watches the dogs in the area, before looking to find a place to sit and watch the dogs. All the dogs. Much doge. Many fluff.

Helena has joined the small circular table.

Simone makes her way in with little fuss, pausing to smile and wave to a few people that she recognizes. Spotting Norwod, she gives him a warm, friendly smile, nodding to him specifically in greeting. She picks her way carefully though the area to find a place to sit and watch the show.

Sorrel has made her way here with her big white dog, who is cheerfully pouncing the snow, looking a bit like a snow drift herself. Pudding is not the smartest of dogs, but she is unreasonably happy, just bouncing and lolling about in the cold weather.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

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Sasha comes to watch the dog show one Cirroch's arm, a bright smile curling her lips as she makes her way to find a good seat. As she settles in she smiles to Cirroch as she says, "I am glad you remembered this dog show was going on today, I almost forgot getting all buried in my researching again." Her eyes soon look out to the field with great anticipation.

Norwood has joined the line.

Jael reaches automatically for the jacket offered by Norwood, then sees what she's holding and laughs. But she slips in on over her violet dress anyway. "You know I don't have any pets." She turns a little, checking the fit of her new garment. It could use some tailoring. She tugs at the bottom hem with satisfaction. "I like it."

"Lady Jael Laurent," greets Kael toward the aforementioned Laurent in amiable tones, his head inclining toward her. "Kata and Aeryn were talking about you the other day. Aeryn has decided that he wants to learn how to ride a horse..." He trails off, as though that was the whole of it, or all that need being said. He's grinning, maybe a touch sympathetically, toward her. To whatever it is that Reigna just murmured to her, he shakes his head and then is offering a few words in turn.

Norwood checked command + animal ken at difficulty 7, rolling 18 higher.

Kedehern makes his way out to the Judgement Green, though dogless, as something of a show of support for the family. Standing off to one side perhaps, studying both the people and the canines for now, as he rubs at his chin.

Shae makes her way into the Judgement Green, hobbling a bit, as she uses her crutch to walk. Left leg slpinted so it can not move. Her own dog, Daegmund, faithfuly following her. As Mal, a raccoon peeked out from the hood of her fur coat. His head resting on her shoulder. Moving toward Kedhern, seeing the Laurent standing off to the side by himself. Though a hand is waved toward, Kael, Reigna, Norwoord, and Jael.

"Just snowbees in the entryway, yes?" Norwood raises an eyebrow. He knows who made the snowbee. He KNOWS. Kael approaching has Norwood bowing to him, "Eadric has been asking the same thing. I just hope he does not fall off. If you will pardon me?" That said as Norwood steps away to go approach Simone. "Marquessa, it's a pleasure to see you."

Jyri gives Reese a warm smile as she takes her spot in the line up and bows to her. "Good luck, Princess!" he calls to her.

Lord Eddard starts to go through the milling crowd to /find his dang judges/ "Marquis! Marquis Kael! Good, welcome. If I can get you to the judge's table." Once Kael and other judges get moving, Eddard manuevers himself to face the majority of the audience.

"Welcome to House Laurent's first Dog Show. Myself, Marquis Kael Keaton, and <unnamed NPC> will be performing the judgements. If all the contestants can come get on line, and we'll get started on the first round shortly! The bearing round! You'll walk your dog around the outer edges of the ring so we can all see. Scores will be announced after the completion of each round!"

Elsa arrives perhaps a touch late but with a smile and a hand smoothing back the sleek tail she's wrangled her mane into. Approaching Jael, she offers a wide and warm smile, "Why as I live and breath! Look at you, its been years since we last got together! Gods don't you just look like you could take on an army single-handed, how -are- you?" Her own outfit is rather unremarkable of simple shirt, trousers, and riding boots, but her jacket is -fierce-, hues of brilliant orange shimmering under the light of the braziers with a hint of umbra to provide welcome contrast.

Reese brings her large hunting hound wither into the line while Rascal continue to jump about and bark at people. She smiles over to Jyri. "Oh, good luck as well, Master Jyri." She says. She then looks to Eddard as he speaks. "Woot dog show! and Lord Eddard."

Turn in line: Reese

Reese GM Roll checked charm(1) + performance(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 3 higher.

Amari strolls onto the green with her two dogs, River and Barf, both leashed. Not that it would be much of a deterrent for either of them should they decide they want to be rapidly elsewhere. Barf most assuredly weighs more than Amari and looks like he could drag her along after him without any trouble at all. She doesn't join the line with them to take part in the competition, but turns off to find somewhere to spectate from, nodding and smiling at people she knows.

Reese GM Roll checked charm(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 5 lower.

shouts out, "Good luck Princess Alarissa! Princess Reese" He calls out to the two princesses with his hands cupped over his mouth, then pulls back to lean in and plant a kiss on Sasha's lips. "Too bad I don't have my own dog yet. Else I would have competed. Oh well. Next year, I suppose."

Ah, and when he is being summoned forth to judge the event, Kael is flashing a hint of a smile toward those that he is gathered near. Not to mention an inclination of his head when he drifts back and moves over toward Eddard to settle comfortably at his side. Devotion, his bloodhound, is similarly sitting at heel, regarding the proceedings with a keen eye of interest.

Simone gives Kael and Reigna a respectful nod in greeting as she moves around the area, "Lovely to see you, Marquis Kael, Marquessa Reigna." As Norwood approaches, she lays a hand on his arm, saying, "Ahh, Baron Norwood! Always a pleasure to see you. It has been some time since we last spoke. I do hope you are well? Are any of you competing with a dog in the show today?"

Scipio arrives late -- though without a dog -- so doesn't seem to be taking part in the show so much as here to watch. He lengthens his stride towards to a spot on the benches, murmuring soft apologies as he moves briefly in front of others to take a seat.

Scipio has joined the large bench.

Mia has joined the small circular table.

Turn in line: Sorrel

Reese leads her large gray Tibetan Mastiff along the gree, looping around in a circle and trying to show off the big canine. The canine looks shy of all all the attention though! She woofs and presses to Reese's leg and won't go for a few moments. This is clearly a failure. Reese has a sheepish smile for the crowd. "This is Stormy my hunting hound!" She says and the dog whines. Reese blushes crouches down, sooths her dog and leads her off the green.

"Of course. Even if he is a bit flighty I do feel some measure of need to support my nephew in his eccentricities." All the backhanded complements in Eddard's direction. The baron reaches down to ruffle the ears of his large Keaton hound. "Have you brought one to compete?"

As Kedehern notes Lady Shae approach, he gives the woman a bow and a nod. "Lady Shae, a pleasure to see you again so soon." A glance at her still braced leg, and the crutch, and he offers the woman an arm. "Perhaps you might join me, over there?" his other hand gesturing to a small table.

Ohh, dear! The show's starting. Mia quite reluctantly parts with her new acquaintance, lest she make the dog late for the ring. Rising once more to her full height, she scans the crowd for a moment, offering small nods or waves of acknowledgement to those she's met before -- the Keatons, the Norwoods, the Greenmarches, Reese and Jael and Sasha -- before moving to find herself a seat somewhere out of the way.

Thistleton, an elderly and devoted manservant arrives, delivering a message to Helena before departing.

"Excellent," Jael replies to Kael, which is all that needs to be said to assure him that Lord Aeryn Squall has a riding teacher for life. She crinkles her nose cheerfully at Norwood, returns Shae's wave, more nods and waves for Amari and Mia, and then she turns as Elsa approaches her, beaming. "Elsa! I've been meaning to track you down, hello!" She laughs and pats at the lapels of her very dog-themed and ill-fitting blazer. "Well, I left my bow at home but thank you." There's an enthusiastic hug coming at the former Laurent.

Sorrel GM Roll checked charm(1) + performance(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 2 lower.

Kaldur has joined the small circular table.

Kaldur enters the field, a frame tucked under his arm, standing on tiptoe to peer over the milling throng here gathered to look at and weigh Arx's assembled doggery. Dogdom. Dogulace. He can't help but smile at all of the handsome specimens gathered, wincing at some, and after a while catches a glimpse of who he's sought out. Helena. Weaving through the throng to the small table, he joins the two women sitting there.

Reigna shakes her head to Kael with a soft laugh and then lets him get to judging. Spying a number of friendly and familiar faces, she moves up to Jael and says, "It has been too long, Jael Laurent!" Elsa gets a smiling wave, and a friendly bob of her head. Spying Mia in attendance she waves enthusiastically to the Countess and calls over, "There are so many bloodhounds! I love it!"

Cirroch can't help but let out a little laugh as Reese's dog decides that it doesn't like crowds, grinning to Stormy and Reese. He looks over to Sasha, noting, "Not a lot of people have trained their pets for this kind of thing. I'm expecting a lot of shy and misbaving dogs!"

Amari has joined the line.

Marquessa Pudding is a silly dog, all big and fluffy and more inclined to roll in the snow than actually listen to what her mistress tells her to do. She rolls over when asked to do a trick, but rather than finish, she just wiggles in the snow, biting it and playing in it and generally being silly. Sorrel puts her hands on her hips and fusses at her, but she cares not.

Turn in line: Alarissa

Alarissa GM Roll checked charm(1) + performance(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 5 higher.

"Let me get an eye on any more of them, Marquessa, and you'll have to check the pockets of my cloak for the tiniest pups the next time I'm leaving Keaton Hall," Mia calls back to Reigna, with more than a bit of good cheer in her idle threat.

There is a warm smile from Shae at Kedehern's greeting, "Lord Kedehern, it is a pleasure to see you again as well." A glace to the small table, and she nods, taking Kedehern's offered arm. "Of course," her eyes shifting to the dogs and their handlers, watching them tently for a moment. Upon spying Amari, she waves to her cousin, with a warm smile.

Alarissa is up next with Elegance and as she's direction onto the showing area, there's a click of her tongue, and the pair move forward. Alarissa has to move faster to keep up with the long strides of that grey and white hound who keeps her head lifted high and tail up. Sleek and lean, this is a dog who knows attention and seems to revel in it. The little fox fur jacket not on the dog, taken off just before the walk, when it's done, Maxene moves forward to re-dress the dog to keep it warm.

Turn in line: Jyri

Jyri GM Roll checked charm(1) + performance(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 3 higher.

Elsa leans in to return the hug, her expression one of delight, "My dear, you have never needed your bow to look stunning and fierce. You manage that all on your own. We -must- get together this week, I've had this idea brewing for some time now but I think it would work best if we worked together on it. More hands make less work and all that. And its -right- up your alley, too." Reigna receives a smile and dip of her head from the Shepherd lady, "Marquessa, a pleasure to meet you!"

Taking this all as the fun it is, Jyri still feels a tad competitive - he IS after all the former kennelmaster of the Iron Guard. So, when his and Onida's turn is up he walks out onto the grass, the dog at his side, glued to his leg at a command from the Prodigal. This is a working dog and his charm is debatable - but it's definitely a proud dog and he keeps his head held high. The Iron Guard canine is strong and fit, coat is shining. "This is Onida," Jyri says with his gruff voice. His charm is definitely debatable as well, but together they make a good team. The two make a circle and then back to the line, the Iron Guard OFficer relaxing a bit. He chuckles randomly, drawn in by the good mood of the others.

Sorrel offers a little clap for Alarissa's performance. "That is quite the beautiful dog, I must say," she offers brightly to the Thrax Consort. Her dog continues to lie in the snow, tongue lolling out happily.

As the Keaton takes his arm, he escorts her to a small table and pulls out a chair for the woman, pushing it in behind her once she's sat down. Turning to Helena as she's already seated there, he gives her a bow as well. "Lord Kedehern Laurent, and this is Lady Shae Keaton, if you have not yet met," to the unknown woman.

Kedehern has joined the small circular table.

Reese looks to Alarissa and Jyri. "oh, wow, lovely dogs." She has a smile though for Sorrel' canine as well.

Turn in line: Norwood

Truthfully, the Whisper Scipio probably doesn't know what a 'good' from a 'bad' performance from a dog is -- he just claps for all of them, as he talks in low tones with the Marquessa and Marquis Sanna.

Norwood GM Roll checked charm(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 5 lower.

Jael squeezes Elsa thoroughly, she is nothing if not a committed hugger, and then calls over to Reigna, "You. Me. Riding. Soon. I'll stop vanishing off to Artshall one of these days, I swear it!" Turning back to Elsa, she beams. "I love ideas, you always have the best ones."

"All the dogs are lovely." Alarissa points out to Reese, dipping her head to Sorrel and looking to the others that are brought forward. "I suppose it helps that I cart her everywhere and she shares my vanity. That and the Marquis Blackram had no small hand in helping to teach her this and that."

Shae has joined the small circular table.

There's a flash of a smile from Kael cast first toward Jael and thereafter he is catching Mia's commentary and inclining his head toward her with an easy grin. That being said, this is a dog show, and he is one of the judges. Thus his focus really is on the proceedings. When Alarissa brings Elegance up, there's a little quirk of a brow when he spies the fox fur jacket. Shaking his head, his expression is rueful, but at the actual performances his expression is relatively neutral. He is attempting to be solemn expression judge, likely.

"The best thing about dogs is they are as varied as people are -- and do you not notice the dogs sometimes sort of resemble their people?" Helena says, applauding as dog after dog and owner after owner take to the show course. "Or is it the people take after the dog?" She smiles at Jyri's gruff delivery. "That one is so fierce but I bet he'd keep my feet warm, too." Hopefully she's talking about the dog.

Norwood raises his hand in return to Mia, but then he's being called over to start his turn and so he and Bayberry set off. Bay isn't really trying hard to be charming. In fact, once during the turn he breaks away from Norwood go to snick nose nose RIGHT between Kedehern's legs if the Laurent lets him for a good solid SNIFF. "Apologizes, my lord," Norwood says as he goes to pull Bayberry back. "I think he likes you though."

Jyri GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + athletics(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 11 higher.

Turn in line: Amari

Jyri GM Roll checked composure(1) + etiquette(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 1 higher.

Amari GM Roll checked charm(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 8 lower.

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Reese smiles over to Alarissa at her words. She ets back into line with Stormy

Reese has joined the line.

Elsa lets out a laugh and shakes her head, "Not -always-. I do recall a time or two when my ideas got us called to the carpet for explanations... but I like to think that age has given me wisdom that youth didn't have the patience for."

Kedehern, let's be honest, looks perhaps a tad startled at first as Bayberry seems to get entirely too personal, but as the hound is pulled back, he'll offer a hand to sniff and then a good ear rub as well. "No worries, my lord. Hounds will be hounds, will they not?" he asks, looking up to Norwood as the man comes over.

Baybery does all the sniffing at Kedehern's hand and whines when Norwood tells him to sit. He does it though, because he's a GOOD BOY. "Lord Kedehern, yes? I haven't yet had a chance to respond to your missive. I would be more than please to sit and share with you our efforts however."

Amari watches the first dogs and their owners be trotted out, peers at River and Barf, then makes a perhaps fateful decision. She's going to take part. Since it seems terribly unfair to run both, she decides to parade out Barf. Clearly that's the worst choice, but that's the one she makes. She quickly moves to join Reigna, "Watch River a moment, please? Sit, River. Stay. Be good!" She leads the giantnormous bog dog out onto the field then and he seems a bit confused as to what's going on. He sits down. "No, Barf, we're going for a walk in front of the judges. Like Bayberry did without the going over and sniffing Lord Kedehern part." She tugs on the leash. Barf remains solidly in place. "Let's go!" Amari starts off, and he doesn't move again. In fact, he yawns. "Barf. This way!" Nope. She's starting to get exasperated when he finally gets up and walks, but only over to see Kael who he recognizes. BARK! Amari smiles apologetically and will eventually, coax him off the field.

Lord Eddard Clement is /beside/ himself with the turn out for the event. He is standing off from the judge's table with a bit of parchment. Jyri's Onida gets a big nod while he is writing something down. He'll step forward after Amari and Barf have made their walk. "Lets give a round of applause for all of the beautiful dogs and their handlers. This next event is the Obstacle Course!" A hand waves over towards a series of canvas tunnels, spaced out sticks in the ground. Balance beams and a seesaw!

Shae smiles up at Norwoood as he speaks to Kedehern. "I was hoping I could help as well." She chimes in, reaching out a hand for Bayberry.

Jael waves a hand at Elsa's words, a graceful dismissing gesture. "Just because we were called to the carpet doesn't mean they weren't good ideas, just...misunderstood." A toothy smile shows that she knows very well what sorts of ideas they were. Then her attention is caught by Amari and her faithful hound. "Gods, where did she find that exquisite creature?"

Kaldur hears a call for applause and swivels his attention dogward, smilling and clapping heartily.

Turn in line: Norwood

Looking to Norwood, Kedehern gives a nod and stands briefly for a polite bow to the man, before resuming his seat. "That is correct, My Lord. Excellent! I look greatly forward to it, when you have the time." Looking down at Bayberry, "And best of luck to this young man in the show, as well," he remarks.

Norwood GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + athletics(2) at difficulty 10, rolling 35 higher.

Reese cheeks as she listens to Eddard's words. She stays in line and close to her giant hunting hound. Rascal continues barking about.

So long as Shae doesn't mind with Bayberry tries to repeat the sniffing he did on Kedehern on Shae, since she obviously wants him to love her. "Of course - though if we encounter danger and you get hurt your mother will make it very difficult to sleep tonight - pardon me." He pulls Bayberry away and kneels next to the dog talking to him for a moment and pointing at all the nice things to run through and jump over. Bayberry's butt wiggles in excitement and then the older man and his dog are running through the obstacle course, coming to a triumphant finish with Bayberry rolling onto his back to get all the fantastic belly rubs for a job well done.

Turn in line: Alarissa

Amari has joined the line.

It would seem that Mia either has the very best taste in dogs or the very worst taste in dogs, given that it's Barf's display that brings the brightest smile to her face and draws out the heartiest of her applause. Perhaps it's a show of sympathy for the big beastie, what with her habit of collecting a motley of stray, well... people.

Alarissa GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + athletics(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 11 higher.

"Mmmmmm... I will grant you that. We were just.. ahead of our time, is all!" Elsa responds to Jael with a laugh and a touch of mischief in her smile that lends youth to her features. She looks towards Amari and the hounds with her, letting out a low whistle, "I don't know, but I wonder if she'd be willing to let him stud for one my bitches. That is one fine specimen of beast."

Harlen, The Tiniest Donkey arrive, following Duarte.

Reigna looks back to Elsa and offers an apologetic smile, her attention being taken by the various dogs being shown. "Oh! It is wonderful to meet you too, did I hear Jael saying you were once a Laurent?" There is a lift of her brows and Reigna is giving Elsa a wide, bright grin. "The pleasure is really mine, hello!"

Off comes that rabbit fur again on the dog and Alarissa sets off, moving to the center of the course that's been laid out. Thee's a click of her tongue, a whistle and the pearl wearing greyhound is off again. Zooming through the course as swift as any dog her breed can be. Grey and white streaks through those tunnels, dodging the sticks, the see saw conquered and the beam all with Alarissa directing the dog minimally. And yet, when it ends, Elegance finishes, careens about and heads to Alarissa to sit down in front of her with tongue out and happy dog grin."You are lovely." She states, leaning down to press a kiss to the top of her dogs head and clipping the leash back on to walk back to where others wait. Pleased as punch for her dog.

The next part comes up, and this is more to both Jyri's and Onida's liking. The two make a decent run through an obstacle course; through a tunnel, over a tipping board, jumping through a hoop and over two rather large obstacles. There's a bit of a fuss at the last obstacle but Jyri encourages and Onida gets over it alright. They make it in a good time too, and once done, Onida dances joyously around Jyri who treats the dog with a piece of dried meat, ruffling the fur and telling him what a good dog he is.

Turn in line: Sorrel

Norwood has joined the line.

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Sorrel GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + athletics(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Georgette, 1 Greenmarch Guard leave, following Simone.

Sorrel has joined the line.

Although Pudding would really prefer to be rolling in the snow, Sorrel gets her to go through the obstacle course with aplomb, tail wagging as she makes her way in and out and around. She's a pretty dog, but doing things on command is hard!

Reese GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + athletics(3) at difficulty 10, rolling 24 higher.

Turn in line: Reese

Reese takes Stormy through the course next and the hound does much better in the agility department than the show department. "Oh, Good Stormy!" She says praising her hound. Reese leads the canine off and back into the line. She seems to have having a good time and her cheeks are just a touch pink.

Reese has joined the line.

Shae's nose wrinkles up a little at the comment of her getting hurt. Eyes flickering to her braced leg and then back toward Norwood. Nodding as he heads back to run Bayberry through the obstacle course. A small smile as she watches the dogs move through the obstacle course. Clapping for Pudding and Stormy, as well as Elegance and Onida.

Elsa offers a wide smile to Reigna and gives a nod, "I was born a Laurent, Marquessa. I married one of the Shepherd men at my father's insistence when I was 18. Good man, and I do love the family. I miss Artshall now and then, but I've taken the children there a few times over the years so they can stay in touch with their roots. I was so pleased to hear that Cristoph and Jael were in the city! Its been truly wonderful, getting to reconnect with everyone."

Turn in line: Amari

Amari GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + athletics(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 8 higher.

Norwood is overheard praising Eddard: For the dogs!

Stormy's display has Kael's brows raising upward by way of appreciation. He looks about to lean over and murmur something to Eddard, but in the end, the Keaton Marquis is holding his tongue and instead turning to focus on the next contestant.

So the presentation portion of the contest was a bit rocky for Amari and Barf, but an obstacle course might be more his thing. If he doesn't sit down at the start and not move again, it should be fine. That seems to be her hope, anyway, as she gets him back around to the start with some quiet encouragements. "Alright, Barf. Did you see Princess Alarissa's dog? That was perfection. Pudding was really good too. Look, Princess Reese's Stormy, like that." He looks like he may not understand what she's telling him, or why she's pointing at the other dogs and their owner's. There's simply a tilt of head and a bored loll of tongue from him. When it's time though, he doesn't move actually. Amari paces ahead a few yards before he follows, through the sticks, over the seesaw which looks ridiculous, and then through the tunnel. It's not a pretty, graceful attempt though, and it takes a lot of direction especially on the seesaw from Amari to get him all the way to the end. He does it though! "Yay, Barf!"

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It's one thing barking commands at a guard dog telling them to attack someone, it's another making them obey around a large crowd - and Onida isn't really trained for that. Despite this, Jyri and Onida work as a team once more, dog sitting down while Jyri walks away with a treat in his hand, dog told to wait. Then Jyri just stands there for a linger moment, Onida's ears flickering and his body tense - he wants to run to his owner, but manages to stay there. Finally Jyri calls out 'Come here!' - and Onida shoots off. Then before the dog reaches Jyri, the officer calls out again: "Sit!" Onida slides on the snow but stops after a few faltering steps, and sits down. This is not what he's used to, and he whines a little, but remains there. Jyri walks up and gives him the treat. A few more displays of obedience follow of a similar vein. When the two leave the field, Jyri has a grin on his face and he is petting his dog fondly.

Reese watches Amari's with Bar, looking all interested in such. "Woot!" She says and cheers her on. She cheers on Jyri next. Rascal cheers wit her by barking lots.

Turn in line: Norwood

"She taught me a lot about riding horses," Jael tells Reigna on the heels of Elsa's introduction. "And then I taught some of her children, like I've been teaching Annalise and Baby Eddie. And Squall." It's official. She's running a toddler riding academy.

4 Thrax Guards arrives, following Galen.

Norwood GM Roll checked composure(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 3 lower.

"Yes! Squall is always asking to return to the stables. He is hooked. It was the jousting, I think." Reigna flashes a grin at Jael and then beams to Elsa, "It is wonderful to meet you! You might be a Shepherd, but I know blood ties are thick in the Oathlands. And as a Keaton I feel honor-bound to become quite good friends with you. Though anyone who has the ability to pull off that jacket I should already like to be friends with."

Bayberry is a whole pile of ?????? when Norwood trots him out the third time. HE's not composed. His tongue is hanging out and he keeps trying to sniff at all the butts that he can as they make the circut, ending with Barf's butt. Hey friend.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Cirroch cheers for the dogs, because dogs are good. Who doesn't love dogs?

Turn in line: Alarissa

Galen is fashionably late...which is to say he's late, and as that's not common for him making it the fashionable thing to do is the way he justifies it as he arrives, knowing that his better half is already here but as there are hounds and dogs and judging and all sorts of other things going on, the Thraxian Prince steps around the grounds, also being careful of -where- he steps because...reasons.

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Alarissa GM Roll checked composure(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 5 higher.

Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Sina.

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Eddard GM Roll checked composure(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 3 lower.

Time for obedience. This Elegance has in spades - probably little surprise - as Alarissa runs that giant dog through it's paces. To sit, lay down, present, heel, whatever the standards are. Which she does, that greyhound, with her white fur coat with it's pom pom's that dangle off the ties. Downs he goes, laying down in the snow, then snapping back up to sit, through it all and eventually with the final command, Alarissa smiles and gives her a stroke across the back of the head and a treat. "Such a lovely girl, well down." And then back to her spot to wait.

Reese GM Roll checked composure(1) at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Sabella comes in just behind Galen, giving him a smile and a wave as she heads for one of the seats, "Whew, I feel like running in this weather in these slippers was not my best idea but I really didn't want to miss any fluffy awesomeness."

Reese tries to lead Stormy back onto the field, but the hound is not having it this time! She refuses to budge and they make it out there again. The Princess stays around and cheers for everyone and eventually wanders offs.

Sina heard there was a dog show. Curious, Blessed Sina makes her way into the area, and circles around the edges of everything until she is able to find a place to sit. A bemused smile touches her lips as she glances around at all of the people showing off their dogs, silvery eyes alight. She pauses, seeing Alarissa's dog running the dog show, and her expression brightens further. She quickly finds a seat.

Turn in line: Sorrel

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Gilroy bustles in with a wooden picnic basket and looks around excitedly. "Am I too late? Can I still get in on the contest?" From the picnic basket comes a lot of scratching. Some threatening hissing. And some chittering? "Kevin here is a good boy and deserves his chance to-" Gilroy is cut off when the top of the basket is pushed open and a raccoon bursts out, then goes running off in the snow. "Tt. I told him he didn't give the damn thing enough snoozeberry powder, but does anyone listen to me?"

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Galen may not know every noble by name, but he's going to know a Grayson Princess when he sees one. Hearing Sabella's comment as she walks by, he grins, giving a warm dip of his head as he laughs playfully, finding a place to sit and watch. "Well be careful Princess - you are far too gifted a performer to have a tragic accident because you slipped and fell in the snow." But he moves over towards the smaller circular table, spying a place to sit and a few other nobles as well that he is familiar with. However, seeing Sorrel is up next he will have to sit near them knowing that his pregnant wife will want a place to sit as well.

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Sorrel GM Roll checked composure(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 2 lower.

Sorrel is standing there, waiting her turn with Pudding, who is being told that she is a very good dog, even though she's a marginally mediocre dog, truth be told. She sits with her tongue lolling out, wet with snow, and then, when it's her turn to show how well behaved she is, she promptly resumes playing in the snow in a lively and not at all composed sort of way. Sorrel gives up and waves at the recently arrived Galen with a grin, and the dog goes bouncing in his direction, tail wagging enthusiastically.

13 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger arrive, following Alaric.

13 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger leave, following Alaric.

13 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger arrive, following Alaric.

Elsa flashes a grin at Jael, "Which reminds me. Lorelei is -insistent- that she gets one of those beautiful white horses that you've been working with. She wants one with a silver and gold saddle and an iridescite horn that she can put on its forhead, with silver and gold ribbons she can put in its mane and tail." Rolling her eyes at her 'princess' of a daughter's demands, she chuckles regardless, able to find amusement in the teen's wants. Looking back towards Reigna, Elsa smooths a hand over the jacket, "Isn't it -fabulous-? Its from Vincenzo Villente's shop, he's simply masterful and I had to have it! I can't wait to see what else he'll come up with. And as a Laurent by birth, I will be more than happy to become friends!"

Eddard and Marquis Kael are both at the Judge's table taking /careful/ note of the doggos and their athletics for the last round and their demeanor for this round. Some furious note-taking about Pudding and Stormy especially.

2 Bisland pride guards arrives, following Kaia.

Sina is clapping for Alarissa enthusiastically, and then she watches with a smile on her face as Sorrel's dog is next. She lifts a hand, and stifles a giggle, when the dog just sits there playing in the snow. When Galen joins the table she's seated at, she glances over at the Prince, and gives him a bright smile and a wave with a mittened hand.

Turn in line: Amari

Amari GM Roll checked composure(1) at difficulty 10, rolling 5 lower.

Galen laughs, looking at Pudding, as she comes over and he reaches down as he pulls off a glove and lets his hand come out for Pudding to violently assault with licks and kisses. It's probably scandalous were the pudgy pup not so adorable for it. He lifts her up, "I take it that you're being about as cooperative for mama as I am," he says with a grin, waving to Sorrel and blowing a kiss, a smile given over to the other small table, the Princess of course especially, but he leans back, enjoying the snowy festival, the dogs and their showings, and the vibrancy of the company as a whole.

With the raccoon bursting out of Gilroy's shirt (what), Lucien suddenly stops being the best-behaved pine marten in existence and suddenly launches off of Helena and begins to chase the larger creature, before he gets distracted by the dogs on the obstacle course, zooming that way instead and chasing after... it's not fair, he's built for speed and agility and he darts and weaves his way easily through the obstacles, until the end, where he makes a beeline out of the Judgment Square and out of sight. Helena's eyes widen and she covers her mouth, looking a bit stricken, a statue covered in red cloak. Finally she laughs, breathlessly, and breathes out a whispered, "Sorry!"

Jael nods to Reigna. "I can start him on jousting...I've got these little training lances I use with Eadric and Amari." Yes, Amari. Then she adds another enthused nod to Elsa. "Of course! I've got my eye on one particular yearling with a lot of promise...beautiful coat and very biddable." Just add horn. "The saddle I can't help with, but I know a leatherworker who could, though he might grouse about all the shiny bits."

Alaric happens by the whole gathering and spontaneously decides to sit in for a bit, evidently. No snow is going to dissuade him from checking out the doggos! As casually as it's possible with a giant royal retinue in tow, he takes a spot at a bench to catch up on things.

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Again, waiting their turn, Amari tries to convince Barf that he should be like Elegance. She does all the things, and looks perfect doing them. "So, you remember how to sit? And surely you can roll, just pretend you've found something dead or stinky. Paw?" She holds out her hand, he stares at it uncomprehending. Finally when it's go time, she marches him out infront of the judges and begins commanding him to do things. He doesn't obey even once. Not in a bad natured way, just as if he doesn't understand the tone she's taking with him. He does that head tilting thing and then looks over his shoulder to River as if wondering if she could dogsplain all this to him. "Alright, wait, we'll do the trick." She takes a biscuit from her satchel and gets him to at least stand still so she can try to balance it on his nose and then tell him when he can eat it, only he just devours the thing without chewing the instant it's close to his face. She stares at him. He stares at her. She improvises, "Good boy! You ate an entire biscuit, what an impressive trick." Yaaay, Barf. She rubs her forehead absently and decides that's probably good. "Thank you, judges!" Barf will follow her off the field.

Pudding gleefully licks Galen until he makes her stop, because if there's one thing that Marquessa Pudding, Pudgy Pup, can be good at, it's annoying her people. She takes a little nibble, too, just in case he was unsure of her affections towards him, and then, she bounds off to roll in the snow more. Sorrel heads over to put her hands on her husband's shoulders as he sits. "I don't think we've won, but some of us had a fabulous time playing in the snow and sniffing at other dogs," she remarks wryly.

'Such a good boy Barf!" Alarissa calls out with a smile to Amari's hound. "He's lovely Amari."

Lord Eddard marches up to the center of the field and rises his voice to all who came! "Congratulations to /all/ of the contestants who showed up and to put their best..../paw/ forward! I would consider all of the dogs winners tonight!"

Much clap-clap-clapping from the young redhead so that hopefully others join in with him. "The judges are going to deliberate a bit, if anyone else has brought their pets, feel free to have them run through the obstacle course." For the audience entertainment, of course.

Shae claps for the dogs and their handlers. "Good job Barf and Amari!" She calls out at them, smiling a bit.

Kael's finishing eyeing Barf in a curious, considering sort of fashion before Eddard takes center stage. There is a nod that is offered toward him, an agreeable sort of motion before he is glancing back toward some of the other participents. Take, for example, Alarissa's greyhound or Reese's own dog. He is leaning in a bit toward that other judge, you know, the nameless one, and clearly conversing a great deal. This is a ridiculously animated conversation, but it is what it is.

Kedehern gives a hearty round of applause for all the contestants their handlers.

Time for deliberation and Alarissa's leaning down to scratch Elegance behind the ears, a smile on her face, so very wide. "I wish he had been here to see this. Though if he had, likely he'd be the one walking you hmm?" A touch of sadness there. "You did very well."

Sina glances toward the King as he arrives with his rather large entourage, and bows her head in his direction. Then she's glancing at Galen, seated at her table, and dips her head in a respectful nod toward Galen, then she giggles some more. "Oh my goodness, I'm so glad that I don't have a dog." She grins good-naturedly, however, at the pupper that came over to Galen. She beams a smile at Sorrel when the Princess comes over to join her husband, and then dips her head once more. "Princess Sorrel, so nice to see you again!" She glances over then as Amari tries to get Barf to do tricks, and she grins at all the shouts of approval. She's not much of one for shouting, so she doesn't shout, but she does beam a smile in Amari's direction too.

There is a long pause as the show concludes and the judges converse amongst themselves. Or, rather, argue. Or so it seems. But then with very little warning whatsoever, Mia rises to her feet and calls across the field, "Lord Eddard?" Apparently, a member of the audience has a question about the show.

Galen laughs, watching the pup move off and he turns his head, pressing a kiss to one of her hands on his shoudler and he smiles, glancing towards Sina. I'm sure they would be one of the smartest pups ever to dog in the history of dogs if you did," he teases to eh Archscholar, his hand, at least one of them, coming up to cup one of Sorrel's. "Did you want to sit? Need anything to drink my dear?"

"I don't think he understands what I'm telling him," Amari explains to Alarissa as she finds her way off the field with Barf tromping along after, "But he's a good boy." He gets a pat on the head. "I think you may have this one. You both were brilliant." She compliments with a grin and hearing Shae call out, she waves over to her happily.

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Uh-oh. Eddard pops his head off from bantering with Kael to glance towards Mia. "Uhhh, Yes

"Pudding did very well Prince Galen" Alarissa calls out. "Though I wish cupcake had been here to see the two of them run together." She looks to Amari, coming to stand near her. "Perhaps, maybe, we shall see. I don't know. There were some fine other dogs out there. I am delighted with her turn out regardless. The Marquise blackram taught her well."

Countess Mia?" Eddard walks off towards the field and the audience itself to check in with the question.

Sorrel settles down with Galen and Sina, and Pudding looks more and more like a snow drift as she gambols nearby, pouncing the snow and biting at the wind. "It was a good show. I think we made a good showing. But Princess Alarissa has this one in the bag. She's easily got the most well-trained and naturally elegant dog here. Though there were some awesome competitors."

Gilroy narrows his eyes after his runaway raccoon, then shrugs and pats off his chest. "Well, I'm sure he'll be back. Calvin is well-trained. He's probably gone back home because he realizes I forgot my key. Or perhaps my money purse. Or he senses an intruder. Canny mind, that Kelvin." He looks around as if hoping that having a very smart raccoon that isn't here might be worth a prize.

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Both of the Countess' dark brows lift, her head canting -- rather owlishly, really -- to one side as she inquires plainly, "I was wondering. Though there is obviously an award for the best dog on display today, are there other categories? I've not heard the other categories explained to the competitors, or to the audience. And while I realize it's rather late, and perhaps a bit gauche to do so now, House Riven would be quite willing to sponsor a 'Most Determined' award category, if there's not been one arranged as of yet." HINT COUGH COUGH HINT. Did she... is... is Mia trying to award a participation trophy? Why yes, it seems she rather shamelessly is.

Kedehern raises a brow, looking to Gilroy. "You seem to have some trouble remembering your furry companion's name, Goodman," he notes. A pause, and "Perhaps it's best if you let the animal just return to the wilds where you found him, hmm?"

Galen laughs slightly, looking to the playing and the happenings of those about from Helena's dog running off to the Pudding-pop in the making as she cloaks herself in snow. "You are kind to say so, Cousin!" He calls out to Alarissa with a fond wave from where he sits beside Sorrel, his hands closing over her own as he makes sure that the Princess' hands are kept warm as he keeps her wrappd up in his grasp then, content to enjoy the happenings.

Sina beams to Sorrel and Galen, and then she rises up from her seat. "I just wanted to stop by and see what was going on! I hope everyone wins," she says, and then she's making her way out.

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Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 1 Templar Knight guards leave, following Sina.

"Amari, if that dog sires any puppies I want one," Jael calls across the crowd to her friend, showing off that Laurent ducal line's penchant for loudness.

After there's that heated conversation between the two of the judges, Kael is moving over and starting to converse with Eddard once more. Why yes, there is more animated conversation, lots of hand waving and general deliberation -- except Mia is summoning him and thus there is a nod to him, and in her direction. However, in the end, there is a move from Kael up to the forefront. "Thank you all for attending, and thank *you* to House Laurent and Lord Eddard Clement, for your organizing this event." There is a pause, a momentary thing, so that Kael can applaud this point. His throat clears and he begins with his grand tournament voice. "As Lord Eddard announced, all are winners. In third, however, we have none other than Stormy, fabulously showed by one Princess Reese Grayson." He applauds, allows for applause to fade, and then continues on with, "Second, there is the great Elegance, living up to her name, and handled by Princess Alarissa Thrax." Again, applause, and waiting for it to die down. "Finally, we have our grand winner, Bayberry, handled by none other than Baron Norwood Clement." He looks a bit sidelong toward Mia and Edward, thereafter, and clearing his throat. "Though Lord Eddard may have another announcement." Did he just put the man on the spot? He so did. With a grin, he moves back and away from the 'announcement area.'

Helena is overheard praising Norwood: top dog!

Shae is overheard praising Norwood: Well done Bayberry!

Kedehern is overheard praising Norwood: A fine hound indeed!

Reigna applauds happily as the winners are announced, and when Kael is stepping back, she is navigating over towards him, a grin on her face as she takes up her place at his side, murmuring something to him even as she continues to clap.

"You may be confusing Corban for a sylvan fawn or perhaps an adorable fox, my lord. The wildness he came from was the garbage barrel behind the Murder of Crows." Gilroy turns when it's announced that there's going to be an announcement. Leave it to silks. "Do you think he's going to announce an engagement between a Laurent dog and a Thrax dog? That's the kind of union that could make or break an alliance, you know. Hopefully the Faith is on board."

Amari wiggles her fingers at Alarissa's greyhound, peers at her fine attire and then gives Barf a thoughtful look as if she's trying to imagine him in a coat his size. "You'd just eat the pom poms, wouldn't you?" She asks, but he doesn't seem to follow, or he's playing dumb because he knows he would totally eat the pom poms at the first opportunity. "She's lovely, and Pudding's the cutest. Was there a trophy for cutest?" She wonders, as Mia seems to be asking about different categories. Kael then is up and making his announcement, and for each winning pair she gives a generous round of applause. Jael's call out does prompt a laugh and nod, if and when there's Baby Barfs one will surely be reserved for her friend.

"A most determined? I would welcome House Riven's benedication upon one of the dogs. Or any other House." Eddard reachs a hand out towards Mia to invite her down towards the field itself. "Come down and speak your piece, Countess."

Alaric is overheard praising Norwood: So that's the grand prize winner that's licking my foot, then.

Second, Alarissa is more than content with that. A dip of her head to Norwood and his hound. The pRincess however will removing off to mingle with others, elegance at her side and talking with friends and others.

Another raised brow from Kedehern there. "Sir Corban certainly seems more furry than I remember him from our time in the Telmarch together," somewhat dryly, looking to Gilroy, and then back at the announcements.

Shae stares at Gilroy for a long moment at his reply to Kedehern, though Kedehern's reply back to Gilroy cause the Keaton to smirk a little. Her attentiong turning back to the annoucements and those at her table as well.

Amari is overheard praising Norwood: 5

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Norwood has been talking quietly at his table, with Bayberry apparently trying to lick the king. Dog dragged away the Baron nods to each of those who congratulate him and his dog as they go. He pauses not far from Eddard to let him do his thing before whispering at his nephew.

Norwood mutters, "That ... a ... ... ..."

Amari is overheard praising Eddard.

Amari is overheard praising Norwood.

Mia slips her hand into their host's, following him up towards Kael and the remaining judge. Because yes, she really did just bully her way up there. For a moment, she surveys the crowd, and the dogs, and their handlers. "If you would be so kind, my lords and ladies. I should like to announce the recipient of our final award for tonight -- a new leather collar, commissioned to his owner's specifications. For our new 'Most Determined' category -- Lady Amari Keaton's fine boy, Barf the Dog." Ohh, look! She's applauding. Everyone applaude for Barf.

Jael laughs and claps when Mia makes her announcement. "Hooray for Barf!"

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Oh, yay Barf!! Shae grabs her crutch to stand at Mia's annoucement. "Congratualations Barf and Amari!!" She calls out, smiling brightly and clapping for her cousin and her hound.

Mia is overheard praising Norwood: Such a good boy! The dog, I mean. Not the Baron.

Helena gets that 'awwww' look when Mia presents another award to Amari and Barf, applauding heartily. "Well deserved!"

Galen is overheard praising Norwood.

Galen is overheard praising Alarissa.

Helena is overheard praising Eddard.

Helena is overheard praising Amari.

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