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Spirit Walkers: Ritual of Remembrance

A gathering at the Stone Grove to honor the lives of those shamans who have fallen, primarily in the recent troubles at the Lodge of Petrichor. The remembrance will focus primarily on Elder Cybele and Shaman Bashira. After the ceremony, any who wish to speak or honor Cybele, Bashira, or others who have fallen are welcome to do so.


Dec. 5, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Caspian Aksel Mikani Leif Rowenova Aiden Kaldur Kalani Helena Rey Arik Mirk Fianna Carita Cadern Malcolm Shard Riagnon Gaius


Spirit Walkers


Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Stone Grove

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Caspian enters the grove with Lore in hand, adjusting his coat to keep it closer to the skin and fight away the cold and snow of winter. Spying Aiden, he gives the man a wave of his hand in greetings. he finds himself a place at the benches to sit, looking around at the faces of those who decided to show for this rememberence.

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Into the grove, Aksel strolls. The Northern warrior is painted up in elaborate nothernly designs and given the way they dip bellow his shirt line, it's more then likely his entire body is done up. Quietly he moves and takes a knee before the alter, he head lowering to whisper something softly before rising and moving to stand off to the side.

Mikani enters the grove, her body relaxes and she sighs as the peace washes over her. Mikani sits next to Mirk and smiles at the man quietly as she takes in the group. She waves to Caspian and Lore as she quietly waits for the remembrance to begin.

Leif Comes stepping in, quietly settling into the back of the grove, not wishing to interupt but to respectfully attend.

Despite his mournful eyes, Sir Floppington -- the soulful hound -- tail wags whilst being so kindly pet by Duke Aiden. The canine friend sits down and then ultimately chins the man's nearest thigh unless not let to do so.

Mikani is overheard praising Spirit walkers.

Mikani is overheard praising Spirit walkers.

Caspian returns the wave of his cousin with one of his own, giving the woman a loving smile over her way and a tiddle of his fingers

Aiden lifts his gaze at the appearance of more individuals to the day of rememberance, catching the wave from Caspian. There is an attempt to offer some sort polite smile though it is quickly settled and instead he offers a bob of his chin, pulling that canine friend in close - which is while the dog's head is on his thigh his arms wrap around the beast and he burries his face into the fur. Really, dogs are the best when someone's feeling sad. When he draws back from the canine, he is quick to wipe a finger underneath an eye, "You're very kind to sit with me." YES he just said that to Floppington.

Khanne stands at the altar, dressed in a white silk hooded gown, trimmed in equally arctic white fur. That combined with her fair skin might make her nearly blend in with the snowy surroundings, were it not for the red of her hair peeking out from under the hood. She had been quiet, meditating as people began to gather within the Stone Grove. Snow has been swept aside to accommodate the guests and the benches dry. A fire burns near the altar within a stone cauldron, sprigs of mistletoe decorating its base.

Khanne opens misty-grey eyes and looks out to those gathered there. A soft smile curls her lips and she waits for a quieter moment before speaking. "First, I wish to thank you all for coming. Tonight is a bit of an informal affair, but I have something special planned for future days when the ground is warm enough to accept new life. I will speak of that first, before I begin the Remembrance. We have long waited for the day we could plant a tree in memory of Eirlys in the pass near Stormwall. Recently, I have found out that the area is cleansed enough for us to do so, when the season permits. I will be planting a tree here as well, within the Stone Grove, in honor of Shaman Bashira and Elder Cybele. When the time comes, we will ask the Spirits for their blessing, and open the tree to others to leave remembrances of their own loved ones as well." She pauses, letting others settle in before beginning.

2 Redrain Guards arrives, following Helena.

Kaldur arrives at the Stone Grove with Ladies Kalani and Rey. The Seliki knight wears a dark greatcoat, pinned to drape as a cloak, over his armor, studded with silver drops and a dusting of snow where it accumlates. Rey has his arm, lightly for the cold, and he turns and murmurs to the both of them, his face in solemn planes.

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Dressed warmly in a cloak, hat and gloves over her winter attire, all in a somber color, Kalani tips her head toward Kaldur as he speaks in a low voice before shaking her head. "I'd rather stand," she murmurs and tucks her hands beneath her cloak, a solemn look on her face.

:comes from the direction of the main house, Helena comes upon the gathering quietly, looking about at those present and offering a small smile to those whose eyes catch on hers. She moves toward the benches, nodding to those gathered there already.

Helena comes from the direction of the main house, Helena comes upon the gathering quietly, looking about at those present and offering a small smile to those whose eyes catch on hers. She moves toward the benches, nodding to those gathered there already.

Rey seems content to stand with Kaldur as those sea-green eyes look over the gathering. She is also dressed in white, but that is probably for other reasons. A cloak of pure white falls to do hover an inch from the ground and sparkles with tiny snowflakes. The pale mercy blends in with her surrounds, white braids over her shoulder and pale skin much like snow. Her eyes look up as Khanne speaks and a softness blooms as both Bashira and Cybele are mentioned. Her teeth come to bite her lower lip and her eyes lower in sadness. SOmehow the lady looks perfectly suited within the Grove.

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Arik walks into the Stone Grove with his fur lined coat on and a hand resting on the pommel of Frostfang there is a brief look around before approaching Mirk near the benches without actually taking a seat and instead clapping his cousin on the shoulder with a rough hewn hand and then turning his attention to Khanne.

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"I will apologize," Khanne says with a lopsided grin. "I might be verbose at times. Those who know me know I am either full of things to say, or quiet as the whisper of a breeze... rarely is there any in between." Looking around then to see if they are ready, she waits for some acknowledgement before giving a nod. "Then... let us begin with hope. Let even these moments of sorrow and remembrance bring hope into our lives. Let there be hope in the hearts of those we know and love, and let there be hope in the world to carry us all through. With hope as our beacon, the sacrifices of others will never be in vain."

Sir Floppington takes kindly to the full hug from Duke Aiden, and he even leans into the man's leg to some degree. Though, he looks over to Vala Khanne and apparently listens. Meanwhile, Servant Rowenova sets aside the snowy broom and then quietly migrates to stand behind Arik and Mirk as she looks forth.

Mirk rises, offering his seat to another, gesturing once at the empty space on the bench and leaving it up to whoever wants to claim it. He glances over his shoulder once, at Arik, and offers him and Rowenova both a nod of his head, though he doesn't disturb the crowd with words while Khanne still speaks. Instead, he clasps his hands in front of him and continues to listen with an unreadable expression.

A hand rests on Sir Floppington, as if needing the steady reassurance as Aiden's back straightens when Khanne begins, his other gloved hand closing into a tight ball. One can see he's trying very hard to keep himself composed, though there are cracks showing like the downward tilt of his mouth and the slight furrow of his brows. The man is grieving.

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Leif leans his axe against his hsoulder, the but resting in the snow as he stand quietly, in the rear, his icy silver and white cloak drawn about him.

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Luna, the sweet, studious assistant arrives, following Carita.

Fianna Crovane is present within the gathered crowd and is dressed in her winter riding gear and cloak. She's silent as people arrive and she makes eye contact with a few acquaintances, though she seems focused on Khanne when she speaks. A long, slow breath is inhaled and exhaled quietly as if to center her thoughts in the moment.

Aksel was here the whole time. Standing off to the side away from where people have gathered about. His head lowers when Khanne speaks of hope. His gaze rises and he his eyes narrow a bit as he listens intently to that she has to say.

Arik takes up at a nearby bench, another bench, with Rowenova and Mirk before murmuring to the pair as Khane begins.

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Carita's entry is a quiet one, her cloak wrapped around herself tightly, and silently takes a seat.

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Mikani nods to Carita silently.

Sir Floppington sticks with Aiden, leaning close to him, but looking forth to Vala Khanne and raptly listening as much as the Scout Rowenova further back, somewhere behind Lord Arik and Lord Mirk. She carefully clasps calloused hands before her battle skirt and quietly listens.

"We begin first with a small bit of memories of each, so that we may hold them within our hearts. After the ritual, I will invite anyone who wishes to speak or add to the rite to do so," Khanne says gently.

"The first time I remember meeting Cybele was shortly after I arrived to Arx... I think it was not long after Cybele arrived too. Shaman Freja was going to ask for the Spirit's favor and guidance while welcoming Spring in a ritual she performed with Signe. It seems like a lifetime ago.. but I suppose a lot has happened in the last five years." She takes a deep breath but wears a smile as she speaks.

"It was a small ritual," Khanne continues, "but poignant. Cybele seemed.... effervescent; full of energy and smiles. In the times after, when our paths would cross, Cybele was much the same; joyful." She closes her eyes gently, picturing, perhaps, the Elder themself. "There always seemed a wisdom about them, and that became ever more apparent in times of strife. I often speak of finding my balance, my calm, but Cybele seemed simply naturally in their own. We worked together on some important projects over the years... Trying to help heal the King before his awakening, creating the foundations of the Spirit Walkers, many rituals and helping others. And yet, I never felt like I got to know Cybele well enough."

Opening her eyes, Khanne looks out to those who have gathered. "Over time, our paths grew further apart, as can happen in life. Each of us had our own interests, Cybele, of course, was a phenomenal healer as well as Shaman, and that took much of their time.As Voice of the house they bent knee to, I was proud to have them part of our household. As Vala, I knew that if ever I needed them, Cybele would be there. So though we were not close, I respected them deeply and relied on them as well."

"Now, The Queen has called Cybele back. But before she would leave us, Cybele gave their all in effort to protect the Spirits, the Lodge.. just as they always had. Only this time, their all was too much for the body. Cybele will be missed by family, friends, coworkers, shamans, and Spirits, but we can take comfort knowing they died for something they were passionate about protecting."

There is a bit of a pause as Khanne looks to find Caspian in the crowd. Still, she is smiling, thoughts full of memories of those she speaks of. "Shaman Bashira, I did not know as long, and that, to me, is a travesty. I remember when first I met her, she was so very eager to get involved. It is not very common for those outside of the North to be shaman, but that is by far not the only way that she was unique. Everything I knew of her, I appreciated. She was caring, with such a huge heart, but understanding too...."

"My life has been far too busy for too long, so we did not get together often, but on occasion, I would write to her, especially if I saw a journal she sent to the archives that made me want to ask questions. She would answer me, assure me at times, and always... thank me for thinking of her. That is the type of person she was... she did not have expectations of others, did not do things for attention. She spoke from her heart and when that brought her to the attention of others she seemed... surprised and just appreciative to have you care."

It is here Khanne begins to show a different emotion, her eyes growing glassy, glittering like sun off icicles that hang from the branches of trees nearby. She has to clear her throat before speaking, but when she begins, her words are calm, her voice only mildly cracked. "I wasn't there when she passed... That is a hard thing for me to accept. The Spirit Walkers... they are all special to me, like family." Misty-greys seek out those Spirit Walkers present here today and Khanne offers them each a gentle nod. "I had asked them to go to the Grove at the Lodge, even though my task lied elsewhere. And I wasn't there. I know she would not be happy with me for feeling any amount of guilt about that, so I try not to, truly..." A longer pause.... "But I heard about what she did, how hard she tried, how determined she was to fulfill her promise to the Spirits. She quite literally gave every bit of herself that she could. She died with honor, and I will be eternally grateful for her and count myself blessed that she passed through my life, even so briefly."

As Khanne begins to speak of her memories over those departed, Aiden lifts his free hand, the one not on the canine Sir Floppington, to wipe at his face that bows as the stories are told.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound have been dismissed.

Mikani Mikani looks down at the ground at the mention of Bashira. Her normally warm smile pulled to a soft frown. Mikani's dark eyes grew darker as she seemed to be in a staring contest with the ground. Memories of brief moments and moments lost crossed her mind as she just sat there.

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Kaldur is overheard praising Spirit walkers: A beautiful remembrance.

Cadern slips in towards the back dropping into a far away bench even as the ceremony starts. He listens in curiously but somberly.

Kaldur is overheard praising Khanne: Well-spoken remembrances of Cybele and Bashira.

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Helena sits quietly listening to the stories Khanne tells of the fallen. Her eyes and lashes grow darker, wetter, when Khanne's tone changes, when those tears glitter in the Halfshav's eyes. She bows her head, her brows drawn together, expression pensive and thoughtful, her posture deferential. The red hood mostly obscures her face, downcast as it is, but those at the right angle may see a tear slide down a cheek. She doesn't know the lost personally, but the tear falls in compassion for those among her who did.

Standing to the other side of Rey, Kalani hears her murmured words and gently, briefly, rests her shoulder against Rey's as she stands in solidarity with her friend while Khanne speaks.

Arik is overheard praising Khanne: A true Vala of the Northlands and Spirit Walkers. Mum would be proud.

When Khanne speaks of Bashira, Caspian nods along, agreeing to all the praise she heaps upon the woman, even smiling a little, though it's a small, sad smile. His eyes become downcast a bit, looking to the snow that piles at his feet.

Helena is overheard praising Khanne.

Helena is overheard praising Spirit walkers.

Mirk is overheard praising Spirit walkers.

"I will now light the candles set at each one of the thirteen pillars." Khanne gestures with a hand towards the stones she speaks of, the stones that surround them. "Let the fires remind us of the energy within Cybele and Bashira, of how we are guided through our lives journeys by the Spirits, sun, moon and stars. I will then walk the circle thirteen times, to honor The Wheel that Cybele and Bashira return to." She steps to the cauldron of fire nearby to light a single long, thin candle, presumably what she will use to light the others. She closes her eyes and whispers a soft prayer to the air, the water, to fires, and to the earth, and then to the Spirits themselves. Stepping away then, she says, "while I do this, feel free to join me in the walk, or approach the altar and share your own memories."

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Malcolm is late arriving to the ceremony, but his attitude is one of reverence. He takes only the briefest look around before finding a place to stand toward the back, on a far away bench.

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Arik rises up from the Bench with some of the other Halfshavs and begins to drift over with a solemn step towards Khanne and the route of lighting the thirteen fires. He's holding what looks to be a gourd in one hand, just kind of carrying it along dully.

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Mikani follows the Halfshavs on the route to light the candles. Mikani holds her hands behind her back as she follows.

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Kaldur is staring into the middle distance, eyes foward, looking rather through the people and stones of the Grove, listening to Khanne's words lift on the breeze that tumbles a blessing of snow on those gathered. He sniffs, nose running with the cold, color high in his cheeks, eyes bright. He swallows and nods, brow furrowed. He looks up as Khanne begins her circuit, but doesn't make any move to step forward or speak any words. He swallows again.

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After her liege stands, Nova does so, too. She follows along behind him, doing so whilst staying quiet but always attentive.

Once Khanne begins her circuit Arik trails along for a short time until Rowenova falls in line. He gives the wolf-clad noggin of the young woman a pat and then murmurs something to her before splitting off to the altar evidently intend to share a memory of the departed Shamans.

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At some point, Shard arrived, though she was very, very quiet about it, easily missed. She doesn't do anything to call attention to herself either, choosing to find a good place to watch that's largely out of the way of the ceremonies.

At the invitation to walk, Mirk rises to his feet and steps forwards with the rest of the Halfshavs present. He trails behind Khanne on her circuit, his cheeks flushed from the cold, his lips moving in what might be quiet words for the spirits.

Khanne begins to walk among the stones, those following her in tow. She stops at the first candle and gracefully stoops to light it. It is nearly as white as the snow, and as thick as a strong man's fist. Her silken gown dusts the snow, leaving behind patterns in its midst. She is utterly silent in this task.

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After Arik murmurs to her, Rowenova dips down her wolf-framed visage before standing straight and then prowling along after Khanne in a silent way.

Unlike Shard, Riagnon arrives heavy footed and with a bit of a stumble. After regaining some semblance of balance (it was a close call for a second!), he skulks guiltily off towards an appropriate seat.

Carita watches as people rise, and as they do she does as well, but instead of trailing behind the group she remains by her seat, her head dipped in quiet respect.

Arik approaches the altar to speak, but while doing so he seems to be keeping an eye on Khanne and the small entourage lighting the thirteen fires. "Elder Cybele and I had an abrasive meeting. I publicly questioned their abandoned tribe and her newly arrived companion who had come to search for them. It was no secret that the Elder came from one of the furthest northern reaches of Everwinter. They were a traveler from a world few in the Compact will ever see and they were the sort of person one does not meet often." and there is a pause then as he grimaces. "Despite being all manner of an ass to someone they held close Elder Cybele never turned me away when I had questions. I was invited to the hut she called home. We had tea, they even offered to tend to wounds I had. I guess my point is it takes a strong sort of person to be a proper shaman to someone who had so publicly caused them trouble. I always respected that and I respected the dedication the Elder had to the Spirits and Mercies while she could be one."

"As for Shaman Bashira, I remember meeting here and while the Elder was the epitomy of balance, Bashira was as the Vala said... Eager. She came to the Spiritwalkers during a bonfire held by Redrain. She -met- my sister while I was kicking her on the ground... Family arguments can get rather intensive in the ward." he chuckles quietly and finally looks away from Khanne and the circuit she's making. "Shaman Bashira never balked from odd things or new things. She wasn't deterred that the Vala of the Spiritwalkers was giggling on the ground while her brother was kicking her, she wasn't deterred by being a Shaman from outside the northlands, and in the end she wasn't deterred by the darkness that threatened not only the Grove but all of the Compact. She held until the last, undeterred." and with that he dips his head and motions up the next speaker.

Turn in line: Aiden

Aiden rises up from the bench, taking a pre-lit candle and in turn dipping it to light another. That done, he quietly reflects for a moment upon the altar and turns to greet those who have arranged themselves this evening. "Walker Inbetween the Children and the Sun, Curator to the Scholars, Mercy of Blessed Lagoma - that is how I knew of Cybele first. That is the introduction to which was given to me. I am sad to say I wasn't able to fully get to know Elder Cybele, not at great depth... but Cybele helped me in a time of great need, helped me reconnect with a lost loved one and say my goodbyes. While I shall never now know the meaning behind the words I was left with, upon our last conversation," he looks up at the sky, his lips twitching as a glitter of candle light catches on a wet cheek, "Another has sacrificed so that we may live. Thank you Cybele. For everything." He pauses then mumurs, "I will never forget what you did for everyone your path crossed." A further look up to the sky, "Goodbye." With that, the Duke starts to make his way back from the altar, to give others the chance to speak.

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Turn in line: Caspian

Khanne continues to light candle after candle until she has lit all thirteen. She pauses then and turns so her left shoulder is closest to the stones. Holding the tapered candle in both hands then, she walks, beginning the thirteen circles with the others who follow. As she walks, others speak of the memories held for those departed.

Kaldur is overheard praising Arik: Words for the fallen.

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Helena is overheard praising Arik.

Kaldur is overheard praising Aiden: Words for the fallen.

Helena is overheard praising Aiden.

Khanne is overheard praising Aiden: Beautiful Goodbye.

Khanne is overheard praising Arik: Honest and touching tribute.

Sir Floppington followed along after Aiden then split off for the candle walk.

Caspian approaches the alter to speak after Aiden, addressing all those who will listen, standing before the alter as he says, "For those who don't know, Bashira is my sister, and she worshiped The Spirits and I didn't." He looks down a moment, then back up to the crowd. "I never picked it up. I guess I was a people pleaser even as a child, and I wanted to be accepted by the rest of The Compact. Not Bashira. She wanted to keep what little traditions we had left alive, she was strong like that, stronger then I," he reveals, giving a proud smile to the group. "Especially after our parents died. Where she could have turned away from Shamanism now that our parents are gone, she turned to the spirits for strength even more. I'll always remember her for her strength, for her bravery, and the unconditional love she showed me, even if sometimes I might not have deserved it. Please, if you take away anything from what I said, know that Bashira was the strongest person in The Compact." And with that, he bows his head, and heads back to the benches.

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Gaius.

Turn in line: Kalani

Kaldur is overheard praising Caspian: A heartfelt tribute to his sister.

Khanne is overheard praising Caspian: Love and respect for his sister.

Kalani slips forward to the altar long enough to look over the gathered crowd, uncertain for a moment before she speaks. "I didn't know Bashira, not at all, really," Kalani says with a glance up at the sky. "Except, in a way, I know her now, through all of you. And I'll never forget her. Her dedication saved us. The sacrifice she made, saved us. Her willingness to continue the ceremony, even with the fight raging around us, especially with the fight ranging around us. People don't start out to become heroes, it's not something anyone can just force into being. A hero is someone who is scared but does the right thing anyway. Only a fool is unafraid. She was a hero, and should be remembered as such." This said she slips back toward where she was standing before.

Kaldur is overheard praising Kalani: Said what I couldn't.

"I wish I could say more..." Aiden murmurs but already is having trouble keeping his composure, whispering upward, "We'll fight on. For each one of you we lost." He regards the stories about Bashira with sympathy showing, before he starts to fade into the distance, walking somewhere quiet that he could show all emotion without being seen.

Gaius stand a bit on the outskirts of the gathering. Listening to the others as they speak.

The line has been dismissed by Arik.

After Kalani speaks and no one else rises to do so, Khanne continues on from her path around the stones, not quite having reached the thirteen turns. She nods to Kalani and whispers, "in my heart, they both shall be remembered as such." And then, her gaze returns to looking before her as she walks. "Thank you all for speaking." A pause as she takes a couple of careful steps. "As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so too are each of us born... and so too will each of us die. But just as each evening brings with it the memory of the day before, and the promise of a new day to come... so too will we carry on, carrying the memories of our loved ones passed and present, in our hearts. In our minds we will carry the lessons we have gained through knowing them. May Elder Cybele and Shaman Bashira go safely and well to the Wheel, and may we meet again."

Cadern is for the most part listening with open fascination. He's not the most emotional of types. He does glance over at Jeffeth's long sniff and he glances to the others again. He has a quietly sad smile as he continues to listen. He murmurs a quiet prayer in shav under his breath as Khanne begins to close the event.

Mikani followed Khanne around for the lighting of all the candles. As Khanne gets up to speak again she moves back to the crowd. Mikani's head stays bowed as she does so.

Khanne is overheard praising Kalani: Honoring heroes of our hearts.

Kalani is overheard praising Khanne.

Kalani is overheard praising Kaldur.

After the thirteen circles, Khanne returns to the altar. She breathes in and out a few times, letting the silence of winter sing its music in the air; that of brisk wind and crystal snows. After a moment, she says, "thank you all for coming to this Remembrance. I invite you all back when we plant the tree." She bows her head and closes her eyes and says, "and remember, keeping their memory alive, keeps hope alive."

Riagnon gets an all-purpose snack pouch from a simple yet fashionable black leather belt.

Shard exhales slowly, evenly. It's her only outward reaction to the speaking and the candle lighting.

At the completion of thirteen circles, Mirk bows his head for a moment, lips moving without sound, and then returns to his seat at the far bench to sit down beside Arik. His expression is somber, though there's a glance at all those who spoke with mingled respect and regret.

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Arik gives Mirk's shoulder another hefty clap as he rejoins the bench and murmurs something that sounds a lot like, "The Spirits... Drinks... Kidnap Khanne."

Kaldur watches the candleflames flickering in their sconces and then takes a deep breath, gusted out in a plume of white. He approaches the altar and says a few words quietly, and then the Vala. His smile for her is a solemn thing, a glimpse a decade or more into his future. "Thank you for this, Vala Khanne," he tucks his chin, bowing, then likewise bows to the stones of the Grove, a silent thanks to any spirits present. With the remembrance drawing to a close, the Seliki knight removes himself to the edge of the gathering, watching in silence, contemplative.

After finishing out the thirteen circles, Nova stays still for a few moments, after which Flop shows up and nose nudges her right, ringed hand. Then, the young scout again moves, following along after Mirk and sitting down near him, staying quiet and a bit contemplative.

Rowenova has joined the Another bench.

Gaius will offer a bow of his head to anyone passing as he wanders along. Ending up further back. Trying to find familiar faces.

Before he wanders off to the edge of the gathering, Khanne places a hand on Kaldur's shoulder, gently saying, "thank -you- Kaldur. Thank you too."

Arik eyes Khanne while speaking to the crowd from his spot on just another bench. "As Elder Cybele was of House Halfshav, drinks in the Spirits will be on our tab for the evening. Should you wish to share more memories of either of the departed Spirit Walkers. Mayhap laughter too, some of us will be in the Spirits shortly to honor them in a less thoughtful but very memorable way."

Having returned to where Rey and Kaldur are standing along the edge of the gathering, Kalani is silent once she turns her attention back to the crowd gathered. By pure chance she spots several people that she knows, nodding to each in a solemn manner as the ceremony draws to a close.

Leif stands stoically through the ceremony, not moving, other than his eyes moving from speaker to speaker.

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