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Spirit Walkers

Words: "Two souls, many paths, one voice."
Sigil: A white tree of life with roots and branches woven into a circle on a field of woad blue.
Nickname: Spirit Callers

Shamanism is a belief of many variations and interpretations, and it is not tradition for them to hold any kind of hierarchy or structure. In these times, dire as they are, those shamans who have found themselves in Arx have gathered together, to speak for the spirits and the Old Gods, the Old Laws, and the Old Ways with one voice.


Name Rank Title Description
Drea 1 High Shaman Path of Elders
Khanne 2 Vala Path of Khaaaaaaaaaanne!
Signe 4 Shaman
Ysbail 4 Shaman
Branwen 4 Shaman
Clara 4 Shaman
Magnus 4 Shaman
Kritr 4 Shaman
Mirk 4 Shaman
Volcica 4 Shaman
Cecilli 4 Shaman
Willow 4 Shaman
Neve 5 Spirit-Touched
Asger 5 Spirit-Touched
Maeve 6 Spiritualist
Bran 6 Spiritualist
Siobhan 6 Spiritualist
Rhue 6 Spiritualist
Vano 6 Spiritualist
Briar 6 Spiritualist
Kia 6 Spiritualist
Danvir 6 Spiritualist
Aedin 6 Spiritualist
Brogan 7 Apprentice
Kace 7 Apprentice
Kaldur 8 Observer
Rowan 9 Wandering to parts unknown
Luna 9 Wandering to parts unknown
Zuraida 9 Wandering to parts unknown
Valda 9 Wandering to parts unknown
Rosalyn 9 Wandering to parts unknown
Marcas 9 Wandering to parts unknown