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Thursday's Child Auction

House Thrax and House Redreef invite the denizens of Arx and the Compact to turn loose their pockets and join Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax and Lady Mikani Redreef in the Elysian Ballroom of Whisper House for a silent auction and raffle with all proceeds going to Thursday's Child, which procures the debt of Thrall Children across the isles and pays for their fostering, relocation to family and education. Items up for auction can be found in an ornate chest within the Maw of House Thrax.

A cog, fresh from the dry-docks of Blackshore will be up for auction as well, with tickets at 2 resources each of any kind, no limit. All other raffles are one resource of any kind per, no limit. Please send your messengers to procure tickets and payments to Princess Alarissa. A list of all raffle prizes will be present in the maw for perusing.

Auction will close two hours after the party starts, raffles will be drawn throughout the event, you need not be present to win. Donations are being taken beyond the auction, with each one going to break the chains on a child.

Ooc: This is your link for entering the raffle.

This is your link for seeing the current high bids and raffle entries.

The boat will be given to the winner in the form of the resources necessary for them to add to their @army and a corresponding boat will be added at the docks under their chosen name to RP upon.


Nov. 9, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Mikani


Klaus Clover Violet Thorley Amari Gianna Rosalie Brigida Adora Sparte Yasmine Helia Caspian Jace



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - Elysian Ballroom

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Comments and Log

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrives, following Amari.

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrive, following Sparte.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig arrive, following Brigida.

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Thorley arrive, following Violet.

An event too produce the debts of children who are enthralled, means that this one, this time, is one that children can attend. The whisper ballroom is populated with families that are attending the festivities, placing their own bids and enjoying an early evening in the city and courtesy of Houses THrax and Redreef and the Whispers.

The silent auction and the goods for each are placed off to the side, tended to and guarded. The ranseur, clothing on forms, the dragonweep with it's own guard who stands behind the gem on it's black velvet pillow to best showcase it and the ingots and other gems that come with it.

Shrieks of delight as one of the seahorse races finishes across the room brings a collapse of laughing children. Food, small bites to best not disturb and easier for everyone to manage, is circling on trays held aloft and decadent treats, desserts and bits of sweet all surrounding a nautical and undersea theme are available.

Alarissa is circling, a smile on her face as she stops to lean her head in and nod, replying back to questions, kissing cheeks and playing hostess with an eye to Mikani.

Klaus is present, as promised, and on time, which is a minor miracle of its own. Then again he does not have Doreen with him, the cause of why he is late most of the time in the first place. He does load a plate up of finger food which almost looks piled comically high as he sits and starts to eat.

Clover steps in quietly, her hands smoothing down the waterfall of aeterna she wears. One hand briefly brushing over the gold belt at her waist. A hand waves her knight off to the side and then with dainty steps she makes her way over to the display case to look over the items.

Mikani not used to playing hostess takes a lot of ques from Alarissa. She circles the room and greets people as they enter. Thanking everyone who shows. She grins as she sees Klaus, at least a face she knows. Mikani greets him briefly. "Klaus! Well met!" Her voice full of the usual warmth and calm.

Violet is here with her family. Nestled in a baby sling about her shoulders is Sorcha. Not so sleepy and more interested in the world around her. Tala was holding one of their hands, but made a bee-line for the seahorse races. Leaving Violet to trail after her, dodging people, chuckling. "Bother, Tala, wait now..."

"I can't wait! I'm gonna miss the races!" Tala calls back after her parents, as Thorley looks to his wife in apology. "I know, I know, you said we should stop by that shop for directions, and I just went right past it.." he glances aside, grabbing a glass of wine to offer it to his wife. "Sorry?"

Amari arrives at the appointed hour by her lonesome and slips into the crowd. From a passing tray she plucks a treat, barely missing a beat, as her meander takes her by the display of auction items. As she passes Clover, engaged in the same survey, she notes, "The umbra cloak there is wonderful." Not that she's biased or anything. She glides on, angling roughly barward, smiling to those she knows.

Gianna chose to wear a bright dress with purple, blue, and green feathers on the train. She may regret that, because she has attracted the attention of some children. A child came dangerously close to stepping on the extravagent train, and so Gianna has picked it up so it doesn't drag on the floor. A little boy and a little girl are both petting the fluffy bits.

Klaus almost chokes, almost, as Mikani came up on him. His face turns a slight shade of red before he manages to thump his chest and swallows what was in his mouth. he coughs briefly before he smiles at Mikani. "Well met my lady. As I promised, so I am here. I know tonight will be all nerves and excitment for you, I think."

Violet finds herself chuckling as she gets tank side where Tala is fixated to the glass. Violet glances back at Thorley as he hands her a cup of wine. She sniffs it and peers from the glass to Thorley with a raise brow. "Wrong liquid, tis wine, my love," And she hands it back to him with a chuckle.

Much like a ship navigating the seas, thus does Rosalie navigate her way into the room despite the large belly protruding in front of her. Appropriately dressed in a Mangata-inspired gown, she offers a warm smile and wave towards Alarissa before moving to collect a small plate. Piling sweets and desserts onto the plate, she pops a few into her mouth before sailing her way towards the display to look over the items up for auction.

Not doing her usual announcement via walking stick clacks, Archlector Brigida of Petrichor enters the auction flanked by her disciples, the Templar left outside to tend to the pig. Unofficial representative of the Faith that she is, Brigida wanders over to look at the various prizes on offer, pausing now and again to offer the slightest nod to people in passing greetings.

"Of course it's lovely Lady Amari. You are it's designer." Alarissa quicks, sliding near the cases to greet the Keaton with a kiss to each cheek. "Duchess Clover! Too long. Have you come, lured by something there?" A quick glance about by the Princess of Thrax and a glance to Mikani to make sure the Redreef fares well enough. But there's Rosalie and she lifts a hand waving to the lady in waiting as she nears. "The Champagne silver gowns were designed by the Lady Zoey Kennex. So beautiful. And we have two pieces for live auction this night too.!"

Adora is not dressed up for this, but she has found the food and is currently shoving some in her face, one hand balancing a precarious amount of small finger foods. She glowers out at the crowd and specifically any children that get near her. Which of course means a small group of them are nearly constantly circling her while giggling.

"Ah. Crap. Dad brain." Thorley rumbles, setting the wine, untouched, aside on a passing waiter's platter to look for something that's a little more fittinbg for his Redrain wife. Finding a pair of ciders, he finally returns to her side. "Here we go." he offers as he winks at Violet.

Violet takes up the glass with a smile and peck on his lips, before turning back to watch Tala. She is bouncing on her toes and Sorcha is cooing as she stairs at a nearby light fixture and it's flickering illumination. "Thank you," She tells him, taking a sip from the mug.

Sparte isn't really good at the whole social scene, but the cause tonight has a big goofy grin on his face that helps him forget his usual discomfort. Maybe it is all the children present. He makes his way from place to place, looking for kids who share his awkwardness for social circumstances and sharing jokes and encouragement best he can.

Mikani nods softly to Klaus, "Aye I may not be a social butterfly ... but for this I will bear any discomfort ..." She shifts a bit off in the dress she is wearing. The Umbra though soft and luxurious against her skin it was not something that she ever wore. This night though wasn't for her comfort it was for her to be on the top of her social game. "Thank you again for coming ... I am afraid I should go greet others ... yet I am glad to see a face I know."

Klaus smiles and he does snatch a drink to wash down any reamins of the food ne nearly choked upon. He then made a gesture with a hand. "I understand. Also, my lady..." He adds with a bit of mischief in his eyes. "You look very pretty." Oh he might pay for such later.

"Archlector Brigida, how lovely to see you again. No Oswald tonight?" Rosalie greets the Archlector with a smile before looking back to the items. "Anything that catches your eye? That foxfur set looks lovely. And Lady Zoey is an excellent designer." She catches Mikani's eye and offers a bright smile and a wave towards her.

Clover totally has Lady Ivy Mae with her-- even if she didn't pose it the first time. The little blonde girl is nestled against her shoulder, big blue eyes staring out at the items on display. The blonde duchess murmurs to her daughter, before they step away from the case. The little girl wiggles a moment and then lets out a loud shout, "A'ISSA!" Clover covers a hand over her own mouth, clearing her throat and murmuring quietly to the little girl who looks cranky but settles down. Clover makes her way over toward Alarissa after that.

Adora eyes Klaus as he speaks to Mikani. "You're still choking," she informs him with a snort. "It's a nice dress," she tells Mikani, "You look like you hate it."

Gianna is still treating the children petting her dress politely. In dazzling jewelry and bright colours, she looks every inch the glamourous Whisper. The feathers hold the attention of the little ones for a time, but then they are lured away by food. The little boy tugs on Gianna's hand first, and she stoops so he can whisper in her ear. What he says makes her smile, faintly but truly. He scurries off, and she discreetly wipes the flecks of spit caused by his murmurings off her ear. Ick. Still, she doesn't look too put out. Spying Amari, she heads over thataway, still holding her train up.

Returning the peck, Thorley grins. "So, the seahorse races, and I'm supposed to listen up for you to win the Cog? Planning on taking us on a moonlight cruise?" the knight teases his wife, before he hears the call from Clover and glances aside to Violet. "Now there's a face I have not seen in a while."

Mikani laughs at Adora's comment. "I'm not used to it .... nor anything that shows every curve I have ..... at least I think I can still fight in it ... that makes it worth it ..." She grins at Adora. "I am glad you came .... it's good to see you as well."

1 Silvershields arrives, following Yasmine.

Violet glances away from the tank to follow Thorley's gaze. "Oh yes, you should go say Hi. I can keep an eye on Tala," She tells him, resting a hand of his arm. "And, well, it's for the Blades actually. Couldn't pass up the opportunity."

Klaus smiles at Adora and inclines his head in greeting. Then when she is not looking, he switches a few of her finger foods, sweets from his plate for more of those very tasty sausage pastries.

"Lady Ivy Mae!" Alarissa loudly proclaims back, leaning down with a smile to brush noses with the girl. "How is my favourite farshaw! Astrid is around here. But I say, do you want to be a princess today?" She asks the little girl.

Sparte finds the group easily enough, a little too tall for their age, jostling elbows as if to get the courage to go take up the hobby horses and the potato bags that one has to stand in while riding said horses from start to finish. One catches that look and stiffens and looks away from sparte. Well, tries to, but soon enough there's furtive looks once again.

A herald for the occasion moves through the room. "A live auction for a tiara will start, in ten minutes time." He calls out.

"Thank you, Your Highness." Amari smiles at the compliment, returning the greeting from Alarissa in kind. She nods politely then to Duchess Clover, and the wiggling shouting little girl. That prompts a soft laugh and shake of her head, "It seems you have a fan, and everything looks so lovely. I'm sure it'll be a success." As she's spied, she notices Gianna in turn. There's a smile she tries to suppress for the mauling her fine dress is taking. "Gianna!"

"The last thing I need is a pile of dragonweep or the sort of dress I would have worn forty years ago. Or a bottle of rum." Brigida looks over the listed prizes for the raffle and considers. "Never been much of a boat person, but I suppose it's never too late." Brigida gives a soft snort and looks back to Rosalie. "You look well, Lady Rosalie. With your count gone from the city I might have thought you'd be run ragged. Good to see that you are as up to the challenge as ever." She looks over when the herald announces the auction and huffs a soft laugh. "Ah, finally I can be a princess." Catching sight of the ever effervescent Adora she adds, "Perhaps Goodwoman Adora will outbid everyone and walk home dripping in aeterna and jewels."

"You're a bad liar," Adora sniffs at Mikani, "It's never good to see me and I'm only here to make sure someone truly annoying doesn't win my voucher." she doesn't notice the switch as she glowers at a giggling child that passes and bites into a small apple treat rather than the sausage she expected, "The fuck?!" she asks, momentarily bewildered. Then she glares even harder at the kids.

"Lady Amari," Gianna greets the Keaton, wary of any other people who might want to paw her dress. "I hope you've been well. I'm sad we didn't get to meet. I was unfortunately quite ill for time." She sniffs. She did not care for being sick, it seems. Though the word 'tiara' gets her attention. "Oooh."

Gianna has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Klaus has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

It's just a short trip from her house next door to the Whisper House, so Yasmine still looks fresh as a daisy as she ventures into the ballroom with eight-month-old Yelena on her hip, heedless of wrinkling or mussing her gown. The baby looks around with wide green eyes, almost identical to her mother's except for the lack of gold flecks found within. All in all, Yelena looks like a miniature version of her mother other than a few minor differences. Once inside, both mother and daughter look around with wide eyes and both murmur at the same time as they looks around, "Ooooooh."

Mikani watches the herald go through the room before she looks at Rosalie and gives a warm smile. She looks at Adora and frowns a bit, "I'm sorry you think I'm lying ... I like honest people ... and you ... well I like how you push the boundaries of honesty ...." She grins genuinely at the woman before going off to say hello to Gianna.

Clover smiles toward Alarissa and sets the little girl down after the nose rubbing, and then the two of them both give _wobbly_ little curtsies.

"Princess!" The little girl repeats, and it's hard to tell if she's greeting Alarissa or if she's saying she wants to be a princess.

Clover smiles and says, "Princess-Consort, lovely to see you, and lovely gathering. I'm sure Ivy Mae will be happy to see Princess Astrid."

"A'id!" says the not-quite-one-year-old.

Amari has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Gianna adjusts her grasp on her frivolous feathery train so she can raise an arm and incline her head in greeting to Mikani. "Lady Mikani, hello," she says. There's a quick glance over the other woman's garb, and Gianna nods. It seems she approves. "Unusual dress for you, but I like the red on black. The hairpins are lovely, too. You must be pleased with the turnout." She claims a seat at one of the tables, crossing one leg over the other.

"Perhaps the greatcoat of sharkskin, then? Surely even the Archlector of Petrichor still wants to stay warm and dry in inclement weather?" Rosalie offers with a grin before looking towards the tiara that will be auctioned. Glancing back, she offers a shake of her head and smiles warmly, "I love the challenge of running the day to day of the County. Just wait until I'm able to get my public works project underway, its going to revolutionize coastal living." A pause and then, "If it works, of course. But I prefer to remain positive in outlook and realistic in planning. We have a backup ready to go in case the original plan isn't feasible." Rosalie offers, "You might even find it interesting yourself. It would make our capital city self-sustaining through use of natural, renewable resources so as to minimize our impact on the land itself." Her eyes turn towards Adora and she giggles, "I rather hope she does. I would love to see Mistress Adora festooned in such glitter and glam."

Amari gets out of the way with the suggestion of a curtsey to Alarissa and a quick grin as farewell. She's leaving her to contend with the mini-Clover on her own. Again, another polite nod to Clover then she's off to follow Gianna, recently unwell, with a concerned sort of look, "Had I known, I'd have had Marie send some soup over, or some teas." From tea to tiara, she also perks her ears up at the announcement, but her attention is nabbed by Mikani and her outfit. "Lady Mikani." She also greets.

Mikani nods and laughs, "I would have it no other way .... it is my trade mark." She makes a bit of a mock coquish curtsy to Gianna. "How are you this evening?" She looks over at Amari and greets her warmly. "Lady Amari ... thank you for your wonderful donation."

\"Ovelia!" Alarissa's calling over her lady in waiting and a quick murmur and soon the woman is quickly remove pins and and passes over to Alarissa the coronet that was on her head. She kneels down a glance up to Clover for permission and if given, starts to carefully and diligently fasten it with ovelia's help into Ivy Mae's hair. "You, are the Princess of Maelstrom tonight. You will have my guards, and they will protect you fiercely. An honorary sea serpent this day." And indeed, there's a guard who steps in but remains close to clover so as to not scare anyone. More for the coronet than the kid. She stands when it's done, satisfied. "They'll collect it before she leaves. How are you?" Alarissa lifts a hand to the arch lector of Petrichor and then offers a deep incline of her head to the godsworn woman. "I have to auction off a tiara but.. we should speak soon."

Sparte comes to a pause near the child that is having a hard time looking at him straight on, careful to keep his own eyes elsewhere so as not to give the child a spook. "Oh those games look like fun. Think I might be a little big for them, and my friend is too small." Sparte fishes a morsel out of a pouch, holding it near the one where Tiny Tom is hiding. Sure enough, a little stoat with a wiggling nose peeks out and snatches up the morsel before hiding again. Sparte glances over to the child who'd been furtively looking around before with a friendly grin. "My name is Sparte, this is Tiny Tom. Do you think you could give it a go and tell us what it is like? Tiny Tom really really loves a good story." There is a shift of Sparte's eyes around the room, lighting briefly on Violet and Tala. His eyes go back to the furtive child with a grin. "Please?"

Clover smiles Amari's way, giving her a little curtsy as well. And then she tilts her head and watches as the Maelstrom's cornet is pinned onto a not-quite-one-year-old's head. Ivy gives a little girly squea and then looks up at her mother, "Ai'd!" Clover gives a small inclination of her head and gestures toward one of her attendants, "We'll make sure it's given back, your highness." says Clover with a smile. Then the tiniest blonde gives a happy shout and runs off to find the Heir of Maelstrom-- in the arms of Dame Dayan the Fastidious Farshaw attendant.

Clover smiles toward Alarissa, "I'm quite well, thank you. We should have dinner soon, yes. I'll step over to a table and not distract you, I believe I see my protege and her adorable daughter over there."

"I'm well," Gianna tells Mikani with one of her vague hints of a smile. She glances between the Redreef and Amari, asking, "Oh, what did you donate?" Still, someone said tiara and she is keeping an eye out for it. Adora's given a bit of a curious look, and Brigida a nod in case the Archlector happens to look Gianna's way. There might be a comment about the feathers coming. Brace yourself, Gianna. Maybe Brigida won't notice.

Alarissa gets Starry Night Tiara from A glass front display case.

Adora eyes Rosalie as she shoves a carefully selected non-sweet treat in her mouth, "Waste of money!" she tells her with a scowl, even as she says in the same breath, "Buy more tickets, what are you doing with your money? Sitting on it?" to a man inspecting some of the raffle items.

Violet happens to be looking about the room and her eyes meet Sparte's own. She smiles and waves, tapping Tala on the shoulder and pointing the man out. "HI SPARTE!" She shouts across the distance as she waves one little arm with enthusiasm.

"Coastal living. There's a notion." Brigida almost sounds wistful. But just for a second. Then, "I don't need a sharkskin greatcoat. I was born with sharkskin skin. And it's only gotten sharkier." She gives Rosalie a tight smile, the looks over and looks at Gianna. Then the gown. Then the woman. "You may be taking the bird theme one step too far, dear."

After entering, Yasmine sort of prowls around the edges of the gathering, as if acutely aware that she doesn't really belong with this crowd, yet looking for an opening. She wanders her way toward the table of snack foods and chooses something with icing on it so that she can feed little bits to Yelena, who licks it off her thumb as she watches the other children play. Spotting Clover and Rosalie, she offers each a grinning curtsy as they glance in her direction and, for Alarissa, a deeper curtsy if she happens to look her way.

"I like it. It suits you." Amari says of Mikani's gown before tackling Gianna's question with a smile, "Well, in a roundabout way, the fox hat, and the leather, umbra and fox fur items, as well as a longbow. Have you ever considered taking up archery?" The question is for both, really, as her gaze flicks back and forth between them. "It's an excellent bow."

"We should. I would enjoy dinner very much Duchess Clover." Because there is a tiara auction to tend to. She's moving away then, heading for a Dias as a servant takes the tiara in hand from where it's been resting on a cushion so that it can be held up. She clears her throat then starts to speak.

"And se we gather, some present, some not, to see that other children in the isles, can have the moments otherwise denied to them, to play and learn and grow without the constraints of Thralldom. Already in the past two years with the joint efforts of all, we have managed to unshackle, to break the chains of over two thousand children. A great amount. A tremendous amount. Until you realize that there are forty eight thousand more children in bondage that cannot so easily be freed."

Alarissa lifts a hand to wriggle fingers at yasmine and blow her a kiss. Though the kiss seems directed at Yelena. "And so, we strive and work hard, and little by little we will see the rest freed before. The silent auctions will end soon but we have two things that were donated by generous individuals within the city. Donatiosn that Lady Mikani Redreef worked very hard to visit the purveyors of or see to their creation for all of you to enjoy. We've also raffles. The least of which is a lovely cog fresh from Blackshore dockyards. But, enough of me talking." Alarissa waves her hand as if shooing away the words.

"Onto the first of the two live auctions. A stygian tiara, donated by a noble lady within the city. We open the bidding and unlike the silent, this, you are welcome to be as loud as you wish!"

With Clover stepping away from the Princess, it takes a moment, but Thorley rises to come over to his Duchess to offer a bow. "My lady, I am pleased to see you." he greets formally as the Sword, before gesturing. "Have you had a chance to meet mine and Violet's newest addition?" he asks curiously.

The boy, not quite scared off, perks up at the sight of tiny tom. Oh, tiny tom gathers his attention and when Sparte laments how he's too tall and Tiny Tom is too small, there's the a chewing on his lower lip before he offers up "I could hold him on my shoulders and take him?"

Well, that's not as sharp as it might have been. Gianna tilts her chin up and tells Brigida, "Sometimes 'too far' is a bit of fun, isn't it?" That said, her brows arch as she looks between Amari and Mikani. "That's quite a few things. Mmn. No, I've never thought about taking up archery. I'm sure it's an excellent bow, however." And then, "Oooh. Tiara." She sits up straighter. Her posture was already good, but... straighter. Gianna's eyes glitter.

"I have to admit, I've grown rather fond of living on the edge of the sea. You're welcome to visit sometime if you like. We're not so grand as Maelstrom, but we'd be happy to host you for a small vacation sometime," Rosalie responds to Brigida softly, offering a smile once more. Giggling over the comments about her own skin, she nods, "A fair point, Archlector. But there are still some who brave the sharkskin to enjoy your company." Then there's Yasmine and Rosalie is grinning broadly and lifting a hand towards her employer. "Mistress Yasmine, such a pleasure to see you out and about with Yelena!" Then she's laughing lightly and calling back to Adora, "Nothing tonight is a waste of money when it all goes towards freeing children!"

Clover pauses in her path toward Yasmine and Yelena to turn toward Thorley. A warm smile is given toward him and she says, "I have no, Sir Thorley. I would be delighted to meet them." She'll move to follow after the night. Violet gets another warm smile and says, "A pleasure to see you, Commandant."

"Maybe those children are jerks," Adora mutters, grabbing a handful more of some bacon wrapped things as they pass.

And it seems like Violet was just there. Ah there she is, threading her way to Thorley after a Blade comes up whispering to her. In turn she is whispering a quick word in Thorley's ear, and casting Clover an apologetic look. Sorcha. in her sling, is transferred to Thorley. The sling secured easily about his shoulders like it was hers. A quick kiss and she is heading out.

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Thorley leave, following Violet.

Klaus perks up and at the item up for auction and he raises a hand. "I will start things off for a good cause, so lets say 20000 to start."

Mikani gets somethings to nibble on as she watches as things start to get going.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

Yasmine grins at Rosalie and calls out in return, "We saw the crowd coming in and Yelena just -insisted- we needed to come show ourselves off. I mean, she doesn't talk yet, but I could see it in her eyes!" The dancer laughs merrily and passes some bacon-wrapped savory she's been nibbling on to the baby while she raises her hand and calls out, "Thirty thousand!" And then smiles brightly at Klaus, green eye sparkling mischievously.

Gianna looks from Alarissa to Klaus, then back to Alarissa. She calls out, "Forty thousand!" Gianna knows how to project. Quite well.

Now Klaus gets cheeky. "Forty thousnand and one!"

Captain Nine -- a sleek black ship's cat arrives, following Helia.

Mikani looks at Klaus ... "That's right ... get it for Coraline ... she'll love it!"

Caspian has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Stepping towards Yasmine, Rosalie grins and holds her hands out, "May I? The baby is moving around and I know Yelena was fascinated the last time she got goosed!"

"Twenty from the beekeeper!" Alarissa calls out, pointing as bids are places. "The ravishing Ravashari with their- Oh, you have been outbid by the nightingale!" When Gianna comes in with forty. "But back to the beekeeper! Forty and one!" Alarissa presses pals together with a smile.

Helia slips in, not making a big scene for once. Finding the nearest source of free booze, the duelist idles in the background for a while!

Yasmine laughs a little and hands Yelena over, who grins brightly at Rosalie and cuddles into her shoulder once settled. After shifting the baby over, the Ravashari calls out, "Forty-five thousand!"

Sir Dalan, Longsuffering Valardin Knight have been dismissed.

Gianna purses her lips, shooting a look at Klaus. The Nightingale flicks her hair over her shoulder, eyes narrowing. "Fifty thousand," she calls out to Alarissa.

Sparte carefully coaxes Tiny Tom out of her hidey hole enough for her upper half to be out, gesturing the boy closer. "You'll have to ask if Tom is alright with that, introducing yourself is a good start." Sparte's eyes turn to look around the room, a curious tilt of his head. "Though I think I may ask Tiny Tom to keep you company while I go figure out who was calling my name just now." Sparte makes a few clicking sounds to the stoat, causing her to make a complaining sound and disappear back into her pouch. A sigh, and Sparte is giving her two more trees. Pay the troll, what not. Mollified, Tiny Tom climbs back out. "She should stay with you for a while if you're nice to her. And, well, avoid cats."

"Do you hear that lady Rosalie? Your design is going for fifty thousand. What say you beekeeper? Will you let her outbid you?"

Alarissa sing songs out to Klaus.

Brigida gives a soft laugh when Gianna makes her bid. "It's her color, my lord. You may not wish to stand between her and it."

Mikani looks at Klaus ... "Come on your princess needs it!"

Klaus is not out of things yet. "I will not, and I do not exactly raise bees you know. I now say 60000."

Caspian shuffles his way inside and straight for the bar, the man not looking like his normal chipper self as he flops his way down upon the stool and orders himself a drink, watching as the auctioning goes down, propping an elbow on the bar.

With an adoring smile for the little girl, Rosalie gathers her in and gets her settled, then giggles as Yelena's foot gets greeted by another foot, this one from inside the belly! Letting out a small whistle, she leans in and murmurs something to Yasmine, grinning before straightening to watch the bidding. Smiling brightly towards Alarissa, she calls out, "My design and Mistress Joscelin's most excellent shop! Her apprentices did wonders with it!"

"I will avoid cats sir!" Two treats, and thee boy is leaning down and forward to introduce himself to the stoat quietly, offering a pocket on his jacket to the tiny creature and if success is achieved, is off to see about racing seahorses with the stoat.

Gianna frowns. A faint line has appeared between her brows. She tips her chin up again, imperious and unamused. Still, she does not raise her voice to increase her bid.

"You are a Laurent and until you prove otherwise to his Grace, you are the beekeeper." Gianna doesn't bid further and Alarissa looks around. "The tiara to the Lord Klaus Laurent going in three.... Two...."

1 Redreef Warden arrives, following Jace.

Amari sits quietly, watching and listening to the bidders around the room, including the very keen one next to her. That is until Klaus bids sixty thousand and Gianna's left silent and frowny. She offers the Nightingale a sympathy frown that briefly dislodges her otherwise rather amused smile.

Adora watches the bidding and the interactions between the people gathered, particularly the babies being passed about. Her look isn't exactly one of disgust, but it is not far from it.

Mikani grins at Caspain as she goes over to her cousin and gives him a big hug. "My dearest Caspian. How are you?" She is wearing a dress which is unusual for her but she is pulling it off in a way.

Gianna leans over to whisper something to Amari, her nose wrinkling.

Brigida eyes Klaus for a long moment, then asides to Rosalie, "I was supposed to marry his grandfather. The prospect of it was what made me run away and join the Faith. Eventually he fell off of a horse, hit his head on a rock and died. I was so sad when news came to me that they had destroyed the horse."

Sipping slowly and with restraint from a glass of wine that she must have got from someplace or the other, Helia leans against a wall and watches silently at the bids getting made. She does give nods and smiles to people she knows, however, even though she's distanced from the action for the most part. Alarissa gets a bow in addition just in case she looks in Helia's directions, and Rosalie gets an especially warm smile and a tilt of her chin. She doesn't approach, though, just keeping herself to herself for now with a distracted look on her face.

Caspian has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Flanked by a guard, Jace probably looks more out of place than most. His garb is clean...but plain. He steps in and looks about, pausing as he sees Mikani. He arches a brow and stares for a moment, then shakes his head and finds a place to sit.

Yelena stares down at Rosalie's belly as she feels that little nudge. Then, she starts laughing and keeps staring at that spot, as if waiting for the next nudge. Yasmine glances from Gianna to Klaus, clearly considering, but she doesn't raise her voice again either. Instead, she grins at Rosalie, whispers something in return to her and then gives Brigida a respectful nod as she speaks, though she can't keep the grin off her face as she speaks of Klaus' grandfather... at least she doesn't laugh.

Jace has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"Its always sad when an animal is destroyed over something that's no fault of theirs," Rosalie nods agreement before adding. "But I do hope the poor man passed quickly, headwounds can be so messy and... tricky. And people are never the same after if they do survive it." Then she's grinning at Yelena and murmuring, "Just a few moments, little one. He's been quite active today..." And indeed, a quick series of little rabbit kicks thump against her foot. Pausing for a moment, Rosalie seems to consider something before murmuring to Yasmine.

"One. Won by the Lord Klaus Laurent." Alarissa gestures to the man. "You may pay later and collect your prize, though I know well who it will likely grace the head of." The Tiara is taken back to the display case. "And so that starts off the evening. A half hour left for the auction, we begin with the raffles. The lady Mikani will be doing the first one, for the lovely voucher for the goods at Mistress Adorn's lovely shop."

The exchange is made, and the stoat proceeds to chitter from the small child's pocket like she were giving orders. What mischief will they get up to? That isn't for Sparte to know, as he is currently making his way through the room with curious glances around.

Gianna nods at Amari's reply and rises from her seat. She doesn't quite flounce over to collect two wine glasses. It's more of a... stalk. Feathers twist and snake about on the floor behind her as she goes.

Mikani laughs softly as she sees Jace. She waves at the other Redreef as she moves over to Alarissa to get the ticket for the winner of the voucher.

Klaus leans back and does look a bit proud of himself, then proceeds to devour the sausage rolls in quick order, as well as other finger food. He is intent on his task, now being flat out of silver now.

Mikani has rolled 1 76-sided dice: 1

Mikani goes up to draw a ticket from the big bin. As she is moving her hand around she speaks. "I am honored to call out this raffle. This is for a voucher for a beautiful case from Bell Bookcase and crafted by the very talented Goodwoman Adora ...." She pulls out the ticket. "And the winner is .... Lady Amari! Come on down and gather your prize."

Amari was actually watching Gianna's progress across the room, contending with her feathered train while burdened with not one, but two glasses of wine, so she isn't paying that much attention to the goings on. Then she hears her name and prize. She puts it together quickly enough and rises to her feet so she might claim the voucher from Mikani with a smiles, "Thank you so much."

Yasmine exchanges a few more murmurs with Rosalie, but her eyes are on the auction, head tilted as she watches the proceedings. Yelena starts giggling against as he foot is nudged once more, clearly finding the entire experience hysterical. Otherwise, the baby is surprisingly well behaved for something that came from Yasmine, content to people-watch and suck her thumb for the most part.

Gianna returns to the table and sets a glass of wine down for Amari when she returns. Gianna reclaims her own seat, flicks her hair over her shoulder again, and resumes her pouting. But she has a glass of wine at least.

"Don't be annoying when you place the order!" Adora calls out to Amari with a glower.

Sparte scratches at the back of his neck with a mystified expression, one hand on his hip. Putting the failed attempt to find whoever said his name out of mind, Sparte looks over as the announcement is made. He smiles and claps for Amari, though it quickly slows to a stop when Adora calls out. One eyebrow lifts as Sparte gives an uncertain look towards the glowering craftswoman.

Mikani smiles at Amari, "Thank you for your donation ... you deserve the prize ... I have seen Adora's work ... you are in for a treat." She motions for Jace to come over. "Hello fellow Redreef! I'm glad you were able to make it!"

Alarissa has rolled 1 11-sided dice: 7

Jace does get up from his seat and make his way over to Mikani, "You look good in a dress, Mika. ANd when a bot is available...wy wouldn't I come out?"

That raffle done, Alarissa claps her hands. "Delightful amari! You'll find something there you like, I'm sure! The next raffle is for the bottle of alcohol, donated by Lady Mikani Redreed and Redreef. Skalds Choice." The bowl with those raffle tickets is produced for Alarissa to swirl a hand in and pull forth a ticket. "Gianna Whisper!" She calls out, sussing out the feather clad whisper.

Klaus has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Alarissa gets Bell Bookcases and Cabinets voucher from A glass front display case.

Alarissa gets A small case bearing a bottle of alcohol from A glass front display case.

Gianna perks up a little. She won something? It's not a tiara, but Gianna likes winning. Very much. She sets her wine glass down and rises to her feet, smiling again. She breezes through the crowd to claim her prize from Alarissa. "Thank you," she says, demurely. A reasonable facsimile of demurely.

With voucher in hand, Amari smiles brightly at Mikani and Alarissa one last time before turning and being confronted by a glowering Adora. She narrows her eyes like she has something sharp in mind to reply with but seems to come to some realization or another, perhaps something about her innate annoyingness. "I promise nothing! I'm sorry." She calls back before making for her table, passing Gianna on her way back to the table and grinning at her briefly. She'll settle back in, drink her wine and think of terrible, awful ideas to be made into a display case, probably.

Mikani claps as Gianna's name is called, "Congrats! You will love it!" She grins before she turns her attention to Jace again, "I Know I hope I win the boat too.... it's a pretty boat ...." She states almost wistfully before laughing. "Will look good docked at Crimson Keep."

Mikani has rolled 1 26-sided dice: 8

Mikani goes to shuffle her hand around through the bowl. "This is for the Vulpine Hat ...." She smiles before she pulls out a ticket. "Auda!" She looks around to see if the woman is there.

There's no Auda and when the woman is not forthcoming, Alarissa smiles. "All not present who win, can claim them later. Now, onto our second live auction of the evening. A donation, from Master Caspian." Alarissa steps to the side to send a messenger off, words whispered in their ear and then back to the crowd at hand. "A map. Of Arvum. It is very lovely and I have forgotten where it was he said that he had found it." Alarissa gestures to the large map, framed and on display. "But the bidding is open!"

Gianna returns to her seat and settles in again, speaking quietly to her tablemate.

Rosalie perks up as the bidding for the map begins, "Oh! I'll bid 30,000 silver on the map!" She grins towards Yelena and tickles her free dangling foot before the other gets a kick, "He's saying hello, Yelena."

Jace mms and nods to Mikani, letting her do her duties as hostess. He smiles after she pulls the winner, "So it's a matter of who gets to name her, then?"

Mikani laughs softly, "Or captains her ...." She winks at the man.

Alarissa gets Foxfur Set Garment Bag from A glass front display case.

Sir Dalan, Longsuffering Valardin Knight leaves, following Clover.

Alarissa gets a polearm case of lacquered cherry wood from A glass front display case.

Yelena pops her thumb out of her mouth to give a little wave when she hears the word 'hello' before replacing it into her mouth and leaning against Rosalie's shoulder. Yasmine looks a little wistfully at Rosalie before she reaches out to stroke her daughter's dark curls.

'Thirty thousand for the map" Alarissa calls out, a gesture to Rosalie.

Giggling softly, Rosalie glances towards Yasmine and murmurs, "Wanting another? I can't wait to greet this one, and I'm hoping for a speedy recovery so we can start on the next. I plan to fill the Villa with the sounds of children..."

Alarissa gets 'The River Captain's Guide', an intricate illustration from A glass front display case.

Alarissa drops 'The River Captain's Guide', an intricate illustration.

"I can want as much as I desire, but the Gods only saw fit to bless me with the one. There will be no others." Yasmine then says with a grin. "Good thing you are having a dozen little friends for her to play with. I mean, they already kind of are, aren't they?"

"Thirty thousand, going once, twice...." Alarissa waits to see if any others will bid and when none are forthcoming, she lifts a hand. 'Thirty thousand to the Lady Rosalie."

Alarissa has rolled 1 1236-sided dice: 103

Now the thing that most have likely been waiting for. The boat. A small representation of the cog is brought to the fore and the bowl with all t hose tickets. "And for the cog, straight from Blackshore." Alarissa dips in her hands swirling it around. The folded piece of paper is plucked out and she unfolds it. There's a smile and she lifts a finger to scan over the crowd before it settles on Yasmine. "Mistress Yasmine, the new owner of a cog!"

Alarissa claps her hands for the winner. "And we'll be announcing the winners of the auctions momentarily, a big thank you to those who donated prized, including mistress Yasmine and Master Rook for their gracious gift of dragonweep."

Grinning at Yelena and her foot resting on Rosalie's belly where the little one inside continues to shift and thump at the sole, she gives a nod, "They really kind of are. And you know that you're all family already, I fully expect for Yelena to be staying over with the children so they can have huge sleepovers. Kes and Avery will lead them on fantastical expeditions to slay monsters, be princesses and damsels, or rescue them!"

Jace looks a little disappointed, but does applaud for the winner of the boat. He looks to Mikani and shrugs, "Nothing ventured..."

Gianna has put down her wine glass so she can applaud Yasmine's win. She's smiling slightly. This is not like the tiara loss; this is much easier.

Hearing her name go up for the map, she smiles brightly, "Excellent! That map will look perfect in the study."

Mikani claps for the winner of the cog. She looks over at Jace, "Nothing Gained ... we can work to get you a Cog ...." She teases the man softly.

"Are you fucking serious?" Thorley laughs. Tala looks down and at the sheet. "What is it, papa? See the numbers. That ticket was right between you and you mama." there's a chagrined smile offered. "We'll buy her a cookie shaped like a boat on the way home."

Yasmine's head is turned to speak to Rosalie when she hears her name. She blinks at Alarissa and then, when she realizes what she's being named for, she laughs out loud and says, "Well, at least Rook can't be mad at me for bringing home another kitten or something. Though where am I going to -put- it?"

Mikani laughs softly, "You can dock it at Redreef ... We'll take good care of it ...." Teases warmly and obviously joking.

"And that is it for the raffles. Thank you all for your generosity. We'll be releasing numbers on the morrow with how much this round of raising has managed to bring in. As for the auctions, Princess Zara Grayson on the dragonweep bundle, the ravishing Ravashari won the champagne silver garments and the vases, Lord Jace, the menswear and the greatcoat." She's shuffling parchment. "Lady Lys for the foxfur, Countess Riven for the children tomes, Marquis Ruslan for the fine Austrian gelding, Duchess Clover for the Ranseur, that is a steal, and that, is that." She looks about. 'Thank you'd early, truly. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you all for your assistance and perseverance in bringing these children closer to a more traditional upbringing. Please, enjoy yourself, indulge."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gianna before departing.

Jace can't help but smile as MIkani beats him to the comment.

Adora watches as the servers with trays get fewer and further between and sometime between the last one circling and the announcement of the cog, she stomps her way out.

Jace blinks and looks to Alarissa and back to Mikani, "And now -I- have an outfit I can be seen out in....I think."

Mikani laughs and nudges Jace, "Look at us .... all fancy and everything....."

Alarissa gets a bag of children's books from A glass front display case.

Alarissa gets Sunset Mens Garment Bag from A glass front display case.

Alarissa picks up A glass front display case.

"Well," says Brigida, sipping from her glass of something pink and alcoholic, "that was all quite exciting. But it's only getting colder. Lady Rosalie. Mistress Gianna. Mistress Adora."

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig leave, following Brigida.

Out Helia slips, but not without a gentle pat on Rosalie's shoulder before she leaves. Big smile too!

Captain Nine -- a sleek black ship's cat leaves, following Helia.

Jace accepts the items from Alariss and nods to her, "thank you." He hands the garment bag over to the guard who has been following him , but puts the coat on. He smiles softly and looks to Mikani, turning about, "Well...does it suit me?"

Mikani nods approvingly, "Very nice Jace Redreef .... it looks very good on you."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gianna before departing.

After a few more murmured words to Rosalie and some exchanged farewells, Yasmine takes Yelena back and heads back home.

1 Silvershields leaves, following Yasmine.

Gianna wields wickedly sharp knife.

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