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Whiskey Tasting

In these troubled times, some (most) are drawn to drinking. Others drink just as much. And yet others drink more than usual. The rest? Are on the lookout for something new, interesting, and maybe exotic.

The rest of us? Want to have a sip of the best of the best.

Duke Vercyn Halfshav is hosting a whiskey tasting. He wants to see what you, yours, or your friend has to offer. What is your favorite whiskey? What is the best to offer out there? Put it forth if you are bold enough.


Nov. 16, 2018, 9:30 p.m.

Hosted By



Arik Carmen Thorley Acantha Waldemai Eilonwy Brianna Gianna Violet Triton Carita Brogan Felicia Ouida Ajax Lore Amund Mikani Mirella Forato



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - The Spirits - Main Bar

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5 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrive, following Eilonwy.

Arik arrives arm in arm with Carita the weather outside driving snow so thick it's hard to see and the wind chilling to the bone. Luckily the spirits is ever a sanctuary in the winter months how could it not be, it's the Redrain ward afterall. The Sword of Whitehold makes a line straight for the sturdy table, claiming a chair for his companion and then himself without invitation and only a wolfish smirk for Violet and Carmen. "Baroness Farwatch." he rumbles with a squint at the blonde haired woman as he leans back in his chair. "Thank you for saving the table," he teases.

Oh look. Whiskey. At the Spirits. Shock. Horror. Pearl clutching.

WHO WOULDA THOUGHT. (Everyone. Everyone would've. The whole Compact.)

Vercyn is looking relatively well. Much better than when he first returned from the Grove, in fact. Seems his haunting of Halfshav Hall is over and just in time, too. The man is wearing leathers and furs as befits the hall and Redrain ward. Nevermind Halfshav itself. It suits the Duke well, really. He makes his way in to the Spirits and waves off the man at his elbow with a grunt. Poor Senna. Whoever assigned the man to the Duke in the first place? It was probably a terrible idea. Or a hilarious one.

The Duke Halfshav grabs a seat at the central table and drops down into it. Not long after? Whiskey is brought out (he planned this orchestrated maneuver; of course) on trays and served. This, that, and various offerings. All northern. Because of course it is. Leave the bottle? No need to ask. Bottles are, indeed, left for the tables in question. "If anyone has brought something to share," he proclaims, "please do so now before we've all forgotten what tastebuds even are."

Vercyn has joined the A central table with benches.

Perk of being really damn tall: easy view of the room during a crowded party. Carmen wipes melting snow away from her armor and drags out a chair for herself after a tip of her chin to Violet and Thorley. It's Brianna at the bar, however, that catches her eye and has her quirking a smile.

Violet drops Exclusive Bottle of Raconteur's Bold Alliances.

Thorley goes back to sitting at the table quietly, rising for a moment when Arik arrives. And then back down to settle.

Acantha gives a smile to Thorley when he introduces himself and his wife, "It's nice to meet you, Baron Farwatch. I'm Lady Acantha Clearlake." she offers with a bow of her head to him.

Waldemai looks up as the serving person puts a bottle on the table. Oooh, the good stuff. Then the host sits at the same table. Ooh, got to behave. "Thank you very much, m'lord," he says. "Looks like we're in for a fun evening."

Wandering into the Spirits on her own, Eilonwy looks about idly before finding a seat out of the way and lifting a hand to flag down a server. She gives Lord Arik a nod in passing and Violet a more crooked smile before sinking into the chair she's claimed for herself.

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Brianna wiggles her fingers at Carmen, an impish look in her blue eyes. She watches her father come in, take a seat and start to talk. She snickers a bit as his words and turns to take a drink of her whiskey, waiting for the fun to start.

Gianna sails into the spirits with her head held high. She knocks the snow off her boots on the doorframe and has a quick glance about the room, one eyebrow arched. Whiskey? Don't mind if she does. The Whisper has a glass in hand in short order.

Violet has indeed brought something to share, which she pulls from her backpack to set on the table as Arik arrives. There is a smile that turns into a momentary grimace at Arik's tease as she turns to greet Acantha. "Everyone is going to be doing that for the next few months, I think," She says with a sigh, before her eyes catch sight of red hair. Carmen is given a wave. Off duty it's all smiles and easy-going for the commandant right now. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Acantha. Please just call me Violet." And she wrinkles her nose as she grins.

Triton gives Thorley and Violet a bow of his head and a salute of his glass, rumbling at them, "Good to meet you both." He waits until Acantha's introduced herself before offering, "Triton Ravenseye.." before settling back down. He flashes a grin at Acantha and lowers his voice a bit, allowing his gaze to drift around the faces that are filtering in and setting up camp for the festivities.

"Yes.. uh, the whole noble thing." Thorley offers before sucking on his tooth with a small noise. And then he turns his attention to what Violet brings out and he laughs. "I was wondering what you were going to do with that."

Carita's shakes the snow from her hair as Arik claims a chair for her, a smile offered all around. "Congratulations on your elevation, Baron Farwatch." is said to Thorley. She dips her head to Violet as well, "Baroness," she smooths her hands behind herself as she settles, blue eyes taking in those that are wandering in. "I wonder if the Kennex Whiskey will get very high opinions?"

Warrior, a skittish pygmy goat kid arrives, following Felicia.

Acantha gives a smile to Violet, "Violet, it's nice to meet you then and congratulations on your recent ennoblement. If you need any help settling into things, please just let me know and I'd be happy to help or give pointers as I myself have not been a noble that long." she admits with a slight bow of her head to the other woman.

Arik spares Acantha a polite dip of his head and a rumble, "Lady Clearlake, you should know Baroness Violet is my other protege and presuming you will accept my offer I am sure you two will be spending a good deal of time working together."

Violet glances at her husband and says, "I'm drinking. And this is all still new. If others can say to just call 'em by their names, then so can I." Only a little playful huff in her voice. "I'll get used to it...just don't make me while I'm drunk yet." And with that she takes a gulp from her glass, turning back to Acantha. "Everyone has been most willing, so far, to offer their aid. Thank you."

Brianna is resting her chin on her palm, watching openly as Acantha and Violet chat. Then Arik speaks up and she casts a gaze over to her cousin. "How many proteges are you going to have, Arik? Do you pay them? I hope you're paying them."

"It's not my fault all my proteges go on to be wildly successful and no longer need me." Arik quips back to his cousin with a sip of whiskey to soon follow.

Arik says in Northlands shav, "And they make more than your stipend, you should be jealous!"

Eilonwy snorts and shakes her head at Arik's quip in Northlands shav and orders herself an ale to get started as she people watches with her mandatory best friends near by.

Brianna says in Northlands shav, "I'm not jealous, if you were my patron, I'd stab you."

Violet says in Northlands shav, "Hah! Do I now, Arik? I feel so special."

Gianna leans against the bar, raising a glass of whiskey to her lips. No gittern with her tonight, it seems. She lowers the whiskey when she hears what Brianna says, so she doesn't spray it out. A snicker escapes her.

The Bear-Man has arrived, complete with actual shirt on for now and Felicia on Brogan's arm. His armor has been mostly left off this time, just his good leathers and furs to add to that appearance of his. "You know. One of these days I'm just going to invest in a distillery. It will likely never turn a profit, but it will certainly be kept busy." Guiding the Harrow woman in his head scans around. "We should greet Duke Halfshav, get drinks, and find a seat." After a brief pause, he nods. "Yes, actually in that order for once. Don't keel over."

"Arik just likes the attention," Vercyn says as he procures a bottle for himself. Of course he does. It's his party, he'll drink if he wants to! (He does.) "If he could have a whole platoon of proteges he would." The man settles back with his glass of whiskey and leans back in his chair, snorting with laughter as Violet responds in Northlands shav. "Be careful, nephew. Don't want to rile up your cousin so soon upon her return to the city."

A drink. Thank. The. Gods. Carmen's gaze flits over the room, ticking off a professional assessment of those at and nearest her table while she sips her whiskey. She gives a quiet hiss and glances into her glass, frown doubtful.

Arik is distracted from the conversation at his table between Carita, Thorley, and Violet by some bantering with Brianna though when she mentions stabbing him he tugs down the collar of his tunic to reveal a tapestry of triangular scarring that seem nearly palm sized. Afterwards he lifts a whiskey glass in her direction and returns to the chatter of his table.

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Thorley listens to the language around him, before the new baron gives a smirk. "I just know this is the first knight we've had a chance totake Violet out to drink since Sorcha was born - hence I'm curious on how many it will take her to get drunk." there's an obvious tease in his voice.

"Yes Arik, don't rile me. I'll throw something right at your big head." Brianna says sweetly, raising her whiskey in his direction. She takes a healthy swallow and sets it down, gesturing for it to be refilled. "I think he was just challenging me." She mutters to anyone nearby who can hear her, dark blue eyes narrowing dangerously. "Time to put another wild animal in his bed, perhaps this'll be a woman."

Acantha looks to Arik and then Violet and there's a smile to her, "I'm sure we'll work well together." she tells her. "And if not we'll just give Lord Arik a headache. Which he might need." she grins to that. Then she gives a look to Triton and she leans in to murmur something to him before taking a sip of her whiskey.

"You say that like you have the patience for it to age." Felicia snorts at Brogan, clad in her own unassuming leathers,"Thor and Vi are over with him anyways, I haven't had the chance to aggravate them about the new status yet." there's a wolfish smirk from the redheaded Harrow as they head in that direction.

Triton tilts his head a little to listen to Arik and the others, falling quiet to savor his whiskey and work on catching all of the names he hasn't heard before. Some comment of Arik's at least draws out a soft chuckle, flashing another grin at the other warm bodies seated at the bar.

Gianna's brows arch. She is, in fact, near Brianna. "A wild animal woman? Interesting," she remarks. "And hello again. He'll go to great lengths to play a prank, as I understand it. Is this going to escalate?"

Violet gives a bark of laughter at the banter flying. She raises her glass towards Acantha and bobs her head. "Indeed. Headaches are us," She says with a wink, turning to grin mischeviously at the man. Finishing off her glass she leans in to kiss Thorley. Just enough he gets a taste. Of course, it's a bit more than a chaste kiss. Probably trying to make him blush. When she settles back she sees Felicia and Brogan and seems even happier than before. "Fel! Brogan! Hello!" She lifts the bottle of Bold Alleigances and wiggles it at Felicia with a wink. "Lookit."

Waldemai sees that the Duke host Vercyn has his old bottle, and so, "I guess this one is for me, my lord," he says, and opens it up. "Ahh, that's smooth."

Vercyn says in Northlands shav, "If you put a woman in his bed, make sure it is a loud one. After all the complaining he does of his sister, I think it'd be deserved."

Arik checked charm + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Eilonwy shakes her head at all the teasing and props her chin in her hand as she listens on. The marquessa ordering a bowl of berries to munch on while she watches Arik get picked on from all fronts.

Brianna tilts her head to aim a brilliant smile at Gianna. "Hullo again, Nightingale." She casts a gaze at Arik and considers quietly for a few moments. "I don't think it will escalate, he isn't afraid of me, but we both know how far we'll go. I win on wild factor alone." She snorts at something her father says and rolls her eyes.

Thorley checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Brianna says in Northlands shav, "A howler, got it."

Acantha checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Head cocked to one side, Carmen flashes a surprised glance Violet and Thorley's way at the kiss, quickly going back to her drink, mouth quirking behind her glass.

Thorley somehow /does not/ blush this time when Violet kisses him. Perhaps he's finally starting to realize what it means when she said 'you marry Redrain, you get the crazy with it'. So instead of blushing or being shy, Thorley frees up a seat by grabbing his wife and pulling her into his lap to settle in. Take /that/, Marjawn.

It seems the banter in uncouth very dubious north Shav'arvani has garnered Arik to down the remainder of his whiskey, get up and take a deep breath. A particularly savvy commoner calls out, "Halfshav singing, rounds on them!" in defiance of the well known dying cat noises that come from Arik when he tries to do bar singing. He is lazy this evening and calls back to a classic,

'Whiskey and Snow, what do I know?

I'm on patrol and sun's low, what do I know?

There's a bar just ahead, wench is quick to bed

Whiskey and Snow, what do I know?

In the tavern and the drinks are fine

It ain't no place for drinking wine

I shout for the wench, she be fine

Whiskey and snow, what do I know?

Closing down, the fires out.

The carls are asleep, the barkeeps out

Where do I sleep, I thought you'd guess?

The wench threw me out a window, before I undressed

So now I know, I had only whiskey and snow.'

5 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, a sneaky black kitten, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, Francis arrive, following Carita.

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Waldemai laughs at the plight of the unfortunate patrolman. "Learn to work steel," he calls. "Then you're always near a hot forge."

"If I tell him that sounded like a bag of cats drowning that's bad, right?" Acantha whispers.

Gianna settles onto one of the seats at the bar, crossing one leg over the other. She looks like she's about to say something, but then Arik's opening his mouth and Gianna sighs. "He's singing again," she laments. She downs a gulp of whiskey, shaking her head once she surfaces. "And he's heard it before," she adds to Acantha.

Brianna winces, covering her ears as she starts to laugh loudly. "You foul fucker, stop singing!" She cries out, her shoulders shaking as she tries to get herself under control. "You never can get rid of Arik. When you're trying to sleep, his snores wake the dead. You try to drink whiskey, and he sings fit to make your ears fall off."

Felicia can't help but give a slight face at the amount of shav flying in the room, a brief furrowing of her brows, but takes advantage of the caterwauling in order to give Thorley and Violet her best, most flowery, overdone bow,"Baron and baroness Farwatch." the too solemn attempt at formality chasing afterwards quickly ruined by a grin.

Carita whisked out for some sort of business, and slipped back in just as quickly, taking her old seat with Violet, Arik, Thorley and Carmen.

"Oh abyss no, you of all people get a pass on this title bullshit!" Thorley rumbles at Felicia. "I'm still sore at Ryhalt for all this mess."

Triton looks up when Arik rises to sing, and the dwarf of a man winces a little, but its something else that gets muttered to him that almost has the Lord snorting his whiskey out of his nose, then managing to choke the swallow down.

Eilonwy covers her ears. "I thought Swords fought with their blades!" She calls out and looks pained a the singing.

"Oh, Arik, will you never learn?" No, no he won't. Vercyn's tone of voice says he even knows better despite his words. The man groans and drinks deep of his whiskey. He waves a hand towards his nephew. "Someone refill his drink to keep his mouth busy." He does lift his glass towards Brogan and Felicia. "I'm surprised to see you with a shirt on. Did you fall into it by accident?"

Violet squeeks a little as Thorley pulls her into his lap, but doesn't fight him. Instead she slides her arm around his shoulders. As Felicia makes with being flowery she rolls her eyes and picks up the newly arrived pretzel bites and throws one at her. And this is Violet. Her accuracy is good, aimed right for the Dame's forehead - center. Then the singing and she cringes and eyes Arik, vaguely cringing in her smiles. "Arik! Are you trying to offend the spirits?"

Arik plops back down into his chair and calls for another whiskey after inflicting his lyrical genius upon the tavern. A server comes around to collect enough silver for a round on the house as well. "It's a damn good song and good songs don't need good voices. You want both, hire the bard she's right over there!" he hollers to all the rightfully displeased patrons and waves in Gianna's direction before returning to his table, lest he be heckled again oh bold patrons.

Violet checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 25 higher.

"I imagine not many" Brogan comments as he passes Thorley and Violent with a chuckle and a wave for both. His eyes roll at Felicia. "I am capable of learning patience!" A hesitation, and a mock whisper to Thorley. "How long will learning patience take?" But there is a bottle waggled and he looks to Violet. "Something good, my memory is terrible lately. Took a shot to the head. Fortunately, mostly the head. Ah! See?! Thorly congratulations, by the by!" A slap to the mans shoulders and a held up finger for a moment. This way Brogan is next able to turn to the host of the event and at Vercyn's comment, Brogan does not bother holding back a laugh. "Who does not appreciate a loud one?!" Brogan does manage to pause his attempt at shoulder slapping Vercyn, first choosing to incline his head respectfully to the man. "Good to see you out and about and intact." Vercyn's jest gives him pause, and then he slimes. Widely. Likely not a good sign. "So. You're dissapointed I am wearing a shirt? Well, I mean. If the host insists." Brogan makes a show for grabbing at his shirt as if he is going to pull a double armed over the head shirt removal.

"I can already see what kind of tasting this is turning into." Brianna mutters, shaking her head back and forth. She picks up her glass of whiskey, finishes it off and sets the glass down on the bar. "I mean, if we're going to start disrobing the more drunk we get, we should really start drinking." She brushes her red hair off her shoulders, leaning over to whisper something to Acantha.

"Please no Lord Brogan!" Eilonwy calls out. She looks at the trouble making Halfshavs and shakes her head a little bit. Ale and berries brought over she grabs a couple to munch on.

Carita drops an exquisitely blended malt whiskey of body and distinction.

Acantha gives a look at something and there's a shake of her head, "It's too cold outside for you to take your shirt off, sir." she tells Brogan. Yes. She's telling him to leave it on. She might be the WEIRDEST woman in the room. "You'll catch a cold...or...a night in jail." she laughs. Then there's a look over to Brianna and she quietly speaks with her.

Felicia flinches at the pretzel and laughs,"Is there room for a couple more? Brogan promised to buy me whiskey." or, not, probably, but that doesn't stop her from saying it,"Lord Halfshav... you sing as well as I do. It's good to see some of my favorite people safe after this last round of problems."

Thorley checked charm + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

"Dame Felicia, you weren't there to save my life so I had to see to its safety on my own. I still remember you sparing me that poison trap." Arik says loud enough for the bar to hear even as Carita returns with a rare bottle of whiskey and his coppery eyebrows perk up. He murmurs something for those at the table.

Violet's eyes turn to the bottle that Carita pulls out and her brows arch. "Oh myyyyy. That looks...wonderful," She says after finishing off her first glass. "This is the Blades exclusive whiskey. For special contracts and occassions," She tells Brogan as she pops the cork and pours him and Felicia glasses of the reddish whiskey.

Her chair scraping back from the sturdy table, Carmen waves a hand up to Felicia. She casts Thorley and Violet another amused shake of her head as she stands and heads for the bar. "Every damn time."

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Triton rumbles and lifts his voice at Brogan, "Isn't it usually AFTER a couple of bottles have been killed before the shirts come off? Starting early!" But with that contribution made, he seems content to lean back and wait to see who's encouragement he's going to listen to.

"Not for lack of trying by the forces that haunt us," Vercyn tells Brogan. "I believe I have some new scars for it. Admittedly, this is my first day out of Halfshav Hall." He's been both healing and dealing with the letters and families for fallen soldiers. The Duke cannot help but snort with amusement as the Nightgold lord reaches for his shirt. "I think the women need a few more rounds of drinks first." He reaches for his bottle and offers it over. "Or maybe you." He waves for Senna to go fetching him another, downing the rest of what's in his cup.

Carmen wedges herself between two stools to lean against the bar. She picks up a glass of whiskey, probably for her but who really knows right now, and toasts Acantha, Brianna, and Triton at the bar with wry graciousness before turning to watch Brogan's antics.

"Brogan and losing his shirt is like.. whisky and a Redrain!" Thorley comments with a laugh, as he gets the gift from Carita and bows his head. "Thank you, my lady." he offers to her, slipping the bottle to Violet to put in her backpack. Then he considers, and frowns. "A Sword should never have to fight alone!" And with that, the other Sword starts to sing as well.

"There is a man named Brogan,

who can't keep on his shirt.

While many may moan and complain,

Felicia will not refrain,

Because she knows he's a flirt!"

"He's too salty to die." Brianna quips, gesturing toward Vercyn with an innocent smile on her face. She pounds the bar, and another glass of whiskey is poured for her which she takes up to raise toward Carmen. "To hairy men and outspoken women!" She watches Thorley sing with amusement, laughing out loud at the words.

"Don't even get him started Lord Triton!" Eilonwy calls out and leans over to look at the Ravenseye. Hearing Vercyn's words, Eilonwy snaps and points. "Exactly so. Too damn sober for the madness to start up in earnest."

Carita speaks softly to Thorley and Violet, pulled up from that conversation as Arik's attention is peaked with that bottle of Whiskey she's brought in. She dips her head, a smile curling. "If you like it, I'll write to Lady Zoey. She tells me that there are no others left, the ingredients dried up and so savor it if you truly enjoy it. Perhaps a few letters telling her how wonderful it is will make her hunt more down." Though her tone says she doubts it.

Gianna winces and downs the rest of her current glass of whiskey. "More," she bids the barkeep, thrusting her glass toward the woman. "I'm going to need far more if they keep trying to sing."

"My apologies lord Arik, I fear I was trying not to get stepped on during a patrol. Sadly at the cost of squire Wulfrin's life." she nods in Thorley's direction, attention shifting as she raises to make room for Carmen, glancing after her in puzzlement before 'shirt' and 'Brogan' finally filters so her and she can't help but snort and roll her eyes his way,"He looks good with his shirt off, who am I to complain? Now if he develops frostbite when we're staggering home... /then/ I will laugh at him."

Violet is perched in Thorley's lap and as she takes a sip of her new glass of whiskey, her eyes go wide. She makes happy noises. Very happy. Closing those eyes after a moment she lets out a sigh and goes, "Oh. Oh is good. Is very good," She murmers in obviously pleasure. For a second it almost seems like she will offer it to Thorley to try. Instead, well, she kisses him again. The Knight has sworn off drinking, not kisses. That's one way to sample the whiskey and stay sober. Or maybe she does it to distract him from Fel's words about his lost squire.

"Honestly Nightingale, I think it's far past time you show them how its done." Brianna suggests, a sly smile on her face as she gives Gianna a look, complete with a poked out bottom lip. "Otherwise we're going to think this is all there is in the world." She even manages a faint sniffle.

"Fecking fool. He knew what he was doing." The mention of Wulfwin has Thorley sobering at the loss of his squire. And yes, he's not drinking, but he's more than happy to accept drinking kisses from his wife - especially when they distract him temporarily from his thoughts and own emotions.

Acantha finishes off her third whiskey and there's a smile to those at the bar, "I think I'm going to head out for the evening. It's been lovely." she admits to them. Then she's standing to straighten out her cloak and giving a smile to Triton and the others.

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Pausing in his de-shirting, Brogan waves towards Arik. "Well sung!" For the critics? "I mean, who am I to deny such a request from such a fine person?" He seems vague on which person and which request, shirt on or off. For now, it will stay on. Violet has said something intriguing after all, it is about special whiskey. For Triton there is a bark of laughter. "Well, usually you are correct. However, so many enjoy my fine form! Why should I deny them the sight of it, bruises and all?" Vercyn gets his full attention once more, and briefly, looks rather somber. "It was rather touch and go there. Well done. In all seriousness. Well done." Another respectful incline of his head towards Vercyn, which is nearly marred by Brogans humor returning in another bellow of a laugh. "Oh come on Thorley! Low blow! Well, ok, Accurate! But low. I simply respond to the needs of my people!" His hands wildly and widely gesture to include everyone present in the bar.

Triton knocks back the rest of his glass and chuckles at Carmen and Brianna, scrunching his nose before offering, "Both Ladies 'scuse m'self for fleeing into the cold early. I have an item I need to get to this Lady before I forget again, so I will have to leave the shirtless noblemen in your care..." he winks and offers Acantha his arm with a bit of overdone flourish.

Tapping her glass on the bar, Carmen dips cordial nods to Acantha and Triton in turn. "You both alright to get home?" A hint of humor quirks at her smile.

"Leaving them in my care? That's not good, they'll never be found again." Brianna murmurs, casting a smirk at Triton. She sighs and bangs her half-filled glass on the bar, splashing whiskey on her hand. "We need a proper rousing Northlands song, about fighting and drinking." She stares at Gianna, before she adds, "I can't sing either, I'm as bad as Arik. I feel as if I should mention that."

Lore gets a tin of earthy Northland cigars from Large Oiled Leather Rucksack.

Lore puts Cherry Rum Bar in Large Oiled Leather Rucksack.

Lore puts Peppermint Brownie Pie in Large Oiled Leather Rucksack.

Triton mmms and winks at Carmen, "I havent had THAT much. Yet. I can make it back to Ravenholt. Have fun!" And heads for the door with a chuckle and a murmur to Acantha.

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"And I owe him, and you by extension, debts I am never likely to be able to repay. But, tonight is a night for whiskey! And drinking! And if we're short on chairs... I'll sit on the shirtless wonder to make room." there's a nod Carmen's way before she signals for some fresh mugs and points Brogan at an open seat.

Late to the party, Ouida's cheeks are flushed from the cold as she enters the tavern, one hand smoothing disheveled hair in what possibly was a racing ride across part of the city to get here. No steel armor in evidence, but she is wearing a spiffy set of leathers. With the crowd present it's easy enough to slip in along the edges, her bright blue eyes already keenly seeking out whatever whiskey might still be on offer.

Quick to shake the snow off of him, Ajax slips into the bar properly, his gaze going over towards the bar as he makes his way over his brown eyes scanning the bar for faces he knows.

"If we get more singing going please, for the sake of all our ears-" Vercyn points to Arik, "don't let him lead it. Lord Brogan? Tackle him if you must." It'd be entertainment in and of itself! Senna delivers another bottle of whiskey to the Duke as the request is delivered and the man busies himself with pouring more to drink. He does look to Felicia after taking a sip, gesturing to the table he's at. "There's plenty of room to be had. Sit on the table itself if you must."

Downing her ale, Eilonwy rises and slides a bowl of unfinished berries in front of Arik on her way out of the bar.

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Entering The Spirits with a large, oiled leather rucksack nearly as big as she is, Lore Artiglio knows how to make an entrance. For starters, not only is she severely underdressed for the weather, but her clothing, her appearance, even the scent that clings to her skin... everything -screams- foreign. The only thing that seems to belong is the very Northlands cigarillo tucked between her lips. "I have come to drink whiskey and smoke cigars and if Luck favors me, a good fight!" Even the accent she speaks in doesn't come from anywhere in Arvum, but she's smiling broadly and seems to recognize at least a few people in the bar. Heading towards the bar, she grins at the bartender and asks for whatever is most popular.

Brianna's gaze has settled on Vercyn, and there is a contemplative look on her face as she absently wipes spilled whiskey from her hand. "I mean, we can always stir up a good fight." She quips, turning to smile a greeting at Lore. "Just takes a chair and someone with a hard head and an attitude problem."

Carmen adds, following Brianna's glance to Lore, "And insults. Don't forget the insults." She lifts a partial glass of whiskey to Lore and Ajax in greeting, posture lax as she leans against the bar.

"Bah! Why are folk insisting it is cold? It's not like we're having to break ice to take a nice refreshing stream bath yet." Brogan's head shakes sadly. His mouth moves to open, and then Fel is pointing at a seat so his eyes roll. "Yes Dear." Vercyn's order though does get a large grin from the man. "Ensure Arik does not lead the singing, you say? Not a problem!" Before seating himself he takes a moment to mutter at Arik. Then he's pointing at Lore at her entrance proclamation. "I like her and her ideas!" Brogan is about as subtle as a rampaging wolverine. "Felicia, why can't you be so bold in your announcements?" Yet he's moving to take his directed seat.

Gianna listens to something one of the servers tells her; she nods, looking over at Arik. Then she's getting up out of her seat, nodding to Brianna. "Maybe a fight after." A dramatic spin and she starts to clap her hands and stomp her foot. It's an easy rhythm to take up. Her voice is strong and clear and carries well.

Whiskey, gin and brandy

With a glass I'm pretty handy

I'm trying to walk a straight line

On sour mash and cheap wine

So join me for a drink, boys!

We're gonna make a big noise!

Gianna's song continues on for several more verses, extolling the virtues of drinking, getting drunk, and buying drinks for everyone. It's catchy!

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

Brogan mutters, "Now. ... have ... ... ... to tackle you. ... ... ... ... ... in all good ... ... those orders from ... Duke have room. ... said /you/ could not ... What if ... gave me lyrics for ... ... lead and ... join in?"

Brogan has joined the Sturdy Table.

"I think people are telling me to get into trouble. In front of my father. This may be a trap." Brianna takes a drink of her whiskey, setting it aside so she can clap vigorously at Gianna when she belts out a song. "Now that's singing boys!" She calls out, inclining her head at Gianna. "Thank you Nightingale, you are quite a talented woman."

Ajax makes his way over towards the bar as he offers those gathered a gruff smile, dipping his head in Quida's direction, "Good tidings everyone. I had heard something about whiskey?" he pauses, his hands coming together to clap for Gianna, "An' a good entertainment for good company."

"Because almost everyone at this table already knows, so announcing it would be redundant." Felicia grunts at Brogan,"Just that someone failed in their whiskey providing and now I have to make my own." she offers with a side glance twoards Brogan,"Baronnesssss... you know I will forever call you that, now, just to annoy you." she grins at Violet,"Besides, even coming in on the tail end of that, they're right. Respect's due."

"You know what.." Thorley says, lifting his brow as he glances over to Brogan, and hearing his words. But Gianna draws his eyes with her song, and the knight grins suddenly at his wife. "...I think the best practice at being a parent, Lord Arik, is to have plenty of children that know who they're mom and dad are. And that they love each other, hard and deep. And I think as well, that I'm gonna take some of what Brogan said, and take my wife home, take the lead, and pray that she wants to join in." With that, he nearly picks Violet up to throw her over a shoulder. "Help yourself to the pretzels! I'm doing my own bending!" Maybe he just got contact drunk kissing Violet. "And don't get me started on you, Mistress Felicia!" he waggles his free hand at the Harrow woman.

Party looks lively, and Amund's more than fashionably late, but maybe there's still whiskey to be tasted. Noticing Brianna, the sellsword nods her way, then to Ajax, on his way to the counter. A quiet greeting to the bartender as he waits expectantly for his first dose.

Arik picks up the rare bottle of whiskey that Carita brought and passes it back outright to Brogan to have a few swigs as Thorley makes his announcement. "Well off you go, heirs are important." he claims to the pair as Violet is flung over a shoulder. "The more the better, never know which ones might get eaten by wolves or something...."

Collecting her drink, Lore looks towards Carmen and Brianna with a grin, "I found it pretty hard to pick a fight the last time I cam e up here. I doubt it will be any easier this time. Last one punked out on me at the last moment." She tips the glass back, taking the whiskey in a single swallow. Setting the glass down, she draws on the cigarillo and offers a grin in Brogan's direction, "Is that an offer for a fight later? Because that would be -wonderful-. You would not believe how hard it is to get a good fistfight going!"

"Lucky there's..." Carmen starts to pour a few shots, pauses to note Thorley and Violet, shakes her head, and finishes pouring the drinks, "... Lucky there's enough even for the latecomers." She slides the glasses down the bar for Ajax, Amund and others.

"Unfortunately can't be away from Sorcha for -too- terribly long. Otherwise things begin to ache," Violet says, using her hands to imply heavy weight. Just about chest height. That is before her husband throws her over his shoulder, making her laugh and squeel just a bit. "THORLEY!" She laughs as she lightly smacks his back, grinning like a fool. "Well, thank you for the entertainment and whiskey. Arik, try not to get into too much trouble?"

"It's pretty to get into a fight here, just insult someones mother, or father." Brianna grins at Lore, leaning back against the bar. When Carmen speaks quietly, she doesn't laugh aloud, her shoulders just shake for a few moments as she deals with her silent laughter.

Oh, there's still plenty of whiskey. At tables. At the bar. And there to be served. Vercyn did not skimp on being certain there was more than enough for people to get drunk. The man seems pleased that there's singing to be had. And him? He's just leaning back and taking it all in. He does watch Brogan and Arik with a weather eye, but seems more bemused than anything else. Leaning back in his chosen chair, he props his feet up on the table. There is a laugh as Violet is slung over a shoulder and he offers out to his nephew: "Seems you lack a protege to use as a shield now."

"Violet Farwatch, your breasts are magnificent!" Thorley can't help but to announce as he marches out, wife bundled over shoulder.

Violet has left the Sturdy Table.

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant leave, following Violet.

Thorley has left the Sturdy Table.

"My gratitude, my lady." Ajax calls over towards the bar giving Brianna a warm smile as he notices her, "Lo' there, Brianna!" he offers, shifting over towards Amund, "An' a warm lo' to you as well." he upnods, his hand resting on the glass slide towards himself before taking a quick drink.

Gianna flips a dramatic bow once she's finished; she takes up her glass again, raising it in Arik's direction before downing a gulp. A slender brunette pokes her head inside the bar and Gianna sighs. "And it seems it's time to go already," she remarks. A flash of a smile for Brianna and the bard bundles up in her black-furred cloak again.

Carmen drags a hand down her face before conceding, with quiet humor and a raised glass, "To the Commodore-Baronness's breasts, then." She downs the drink, giving a contented noise. Is it just her or is it no longer quite so cold?

Brianna smiles up at Ajax, wiggling her fingers in his direction. "Evening Ajax, how are you doing?" She asks, waving to Gianna as she bundles up to be off. She picks up her whiskey, raising it as Carmen speaks. "Breasts aren't bad to drink to, raise your glasses!" She calls out, finishing off her glass.

"That is the wonderful power of whiskey." Felicia calls in the direction of Carmen with a salute of her drink and settles in comfortably,"So now it seems we've had singing... and drinking... though not enough of the latter yet for me... and next is the fighting, yes?"

Carita raises her glass, still laughing about Violet being carted off, "We're drinking to breasts?" That seems to amuse her all over again as rich, feminine laughter spills from the Darkwater Countess. "Oo! Who's fighting?"

Accepting the bottle from Arik, Brogan starts drinking it. Deeply. It is not quite a guzzle, but it certainly makes a dent in the level of alcohol. Thorley is stared at in surprised, pleasant surprise by the grin that forms. "It is so beautiful when they grow up!" Mock-sniff and tear-wipe at the wife-carrying antics, which calls for another deep drink. One that he chokes on at Thorley's parting announcement of Vi and her assets. Cough. He looks at the bottle in amazement, asking Arik. "How strong is this stuff, what's in it? I am pretty damn sure it made me think Thorley bellowed about Vi's breasts!" Tactful as a hungry grizzly as always. It takes a moment for his brain to catch up and he points towards Lore and starts laughing. "Hard to start a good fistfight. Ha. Haha-oh you mean it. Yes. I assure you a brawl will occur. Someone blindfold the Duke first."

Amund raises his glass in drinking to breasts, tapping on the counter to rally some more adherents to the Toast to Breasts movement.

Arik checked charm + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 13 lower.

Arik slips up from his chair and gives Carita's shoulder a light pat before moving away from the table and towards a more open space while calling out, "Ooooooo." and he's watching Brogan the entire time as if daring him to come with the first line of a diddy.

"Once I knew a fella, his name was Wil

He had plenty of drink and song but never paid his bill!

Ward to ward he traveled, ever on the move.

Always seemed like a hurt soul, need to be soothed!"

Ajax's lips curl into a wry smile at Brogan's statement as he picks up his glass raising it upwards, "I've toasted fer worst. But we'll go with that." he lets out a mirth filled laugh, letting his head bob in agreement before taking a long drink of the glass.

Brianna aims a surly look at Arik, scowling in his direction. "Fifty silver to the person who knocks my cousin off his chair." She offers, slapping the bar to get a refill in her glass. She just aims a look at Vercyn, as if this might be his fault.

"Always, always drink to breasts," the Duke Halfshav agrees, lifting his cup and drinking deep in the wake of it. But then his nephew is singing again and his boots drop from the table. He gives a mock glare towards Brogan and points to the Sword. "What did we say about that?!" And if all goes according to plan, those hoping for a fight might have their wishes fulfilled.

Lore checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 40, rolling 2 lower.

Carmen returns Felicia's toast with one of her own and a belated grin in greeting and then just as she starts to look over Vercyn thoughtfully... Arik sings. Or something that vaguely sounds like singing. She shudders.

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 46, rolling 14 lower.

Hearing that silver has been put on the table, Lore perks up. Hopping off her stool, she paces towards Arik, wearing a broad smile the whole time. "Sorry, my lord," is muttered. The next moment, she swings on him, clocking him square across the jaw with nicely placed haymaker.

Brianna says in Northlands shav, "I like her."

Brianna bursts out laughing, doubling over at the waist. Then Carmen quietly murmurs something that only makes her laugh harder. "Th..this isn't my fault." She manages to get out as she keeps laughing, brushing her red hair away from her face. "Not my fault!" She insists, even as she puts the fifty silver on the bar.

He had begun by opening his mouth as if to sing, yet Arik is beating Brogan to it after all. First there is the reward, Brogan sets the bottle aside carefully to Felicia. He doesn't get a half-step and then there is Vercyn and reaffirming the instruction. One doesn't wish to dissapoint the host after all! So the man-bear launches himself at Arik immediately afterwards, ideally not crushing Lore in the process.

Arik takes a haymaker in the face even as he tries to put up his fists. His head snaps back and he stumbles a good three feet until he hits the edge of a table causing drinks to slosh and glasses to tumble over. There's some cheering from the crowd and some groans from the table that just got jostled. He looks aside at them and grouses, "I didn't do it." and then he's pushes up just as Brogan launches into him and they both go across the table and down the otherside as Arik goes *aaaaaaaaagh* and everyones drinks there are lost with commoners getting out of the way of the two northern lords and a foreigner beginning to duke it out!

Seated somewhere near Quida, Ajax's gaze moves to Brianna as he lets out a warm laugh, "Totally yer fault. Good to see you, though." he shakes his head, before looking at the exchange keeping his glass in his hand.

Lore checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 34, rolling 5 higher.

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 38, rolling 23 higher.

Brianna winks at Ajax as she climbs on the bar, stomping her booted feet. "Kill them both Arik! Don't sully the Halfshav name or you're sleeping in the snow tonight!" She starts to laugh again, throwing berries at the combatants as they start swinging wildly at each other.

Arik doesn't stay on the ground long though as Brogan and him go flying off the other end of the table the Halfshav Lord shows he has some chops at this brawling thing too and ends up on top of him with a slug across his face and then snags a wooden mug of ale from the nearby table and hucks it right at Lore's head, trying to konk her on the noggin and slow her approach.

Carmen pounds the bar a few times cheerfully, even as she shakes her head with quiet dismay at Arik's -other- performance. With the air of an experienced barfight spectator, she nudges a few stools closer to the bar with her heel.

Front row seats! There's toasts being made and fists are flying and Brogan's thrusting a bottle of whiskey Felicia's way. The Harrow pushes herself far enough back to avoid the jostling of the table as bodies start flying with a glance towards Vercyn with a laugh, apparently disinclined to intervene at the moment.

She had been heading over to pile in on the bigger of the two men and enjoy a good old fashioned free for all brawl. But then Arik has to go and throw shit. The mug catches her on the forehead and brings a growl to her lips. Rather than slow down, she picks up speed, running across the room towards both men. Oh this can't end well...

Lore claims ^

2 Harthall house guards, Niall RedTree, adorably awkward page leave, following Ouida.

There may have been a little underestimation, or it is a lack of alcohol fueling the brawling engine. Brogan's all smiles, even when Arik is throwing him. The smile does lose focus along with his eyes briefly. But he mugs a smile for everyone once again before he goes for his next move, which looks like it may be a headbutt attempt.

Not taking her eyes off the brawl, Carmen says aside to Ajax, head jerking back in Brianna's general direction. "I -really- hope you're good at catch."

The Duke Halfshav seems quite pleased with this turn of events. Particularly that someone else has joined in the fray. He settles back comfortably in his chair and goes back to drinking, turning just enough to watch the trio go at it. He takes another long drink an has only to offer: "Try not to damage the premises too much. We do want them to welcome us back again."

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Lore checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Carita watches with an owlish expression, her lips parted a little as the fighting continues. She rescues the whiskey before it's tipped and once righted smiles rather proudly for having participated in the fight, while still sitting at the table. "Get them, Lord Arik!" She's standing now, whiskey in hand lifted high as she cheers.

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 45, rolling 5 lower.

Arik looks from Lore even as she begins to rush them and takes Brogan's forehead right to his nose with a crunching sound and some flash of blood as he tumbles off the giant northern man and uses a table to stand up just as Lore gets near him, completely defenseless!

Brogan checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 45, rolling 14 lower.

"Who do you think will win?" Ajax asks, scooting over towards Brianna, taking a sip from his glass as he watches the spectacle.

Amund moves a bit closer to Carita after spotting her, nodding to the Darkwater lady. "Your opinion? On the toast?" The brawl is more or less watched as a spectacle.

There is a hearty laugh from Broga as he lands his shot. Whatever possibly witty remark he may have been about to make dies as he notes the Lore-Missile and attempts to simply try to deflect her into Arik. Failing. Miserably.

"Don't listen to my father! Break something over their heads!" Obviously Brianna is cheering for her cousin, despite getting him into this situation. She steps off of the bar, leaning against it instead. "I'm pretty sure the woman is going to kick both of their asses, and then we're gonna dunk Arik in the snow."

Carmen saves a drink from imminent destruction at Brianna's heels and tosses some of it back, some of the liquor spilling on her hand in the process. "Everyone," she answers Ajax with an unabashed grin.

Felicia is so very not intervening in this, though the glitter in her eyes suggests she's watching and anticipating, for sure. The knight exhibiting at least some restraint in not getting involved in the sprawling brawl in favor of the whiskey,"Clearly... the place needs an arena." she opines to Vercyn wryly.

Her target has just staggered back up to his feet, which just makes things perfect, really. Rather than bulldoze into the man, however, Lore turns herself into a cartwheel just before reaching Arik, instead catching him about the neck with her legs and using the momentum she's still carrying forward to throw him... right into Brogan. That same momentum slams her into the wall right after, but the crazy Lycene is laughing and looking ready to dive right back in!

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 4 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards arrive, following Mikani.

Lore has rolled a critical success!
Lore checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Brogan checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 32, rolling 0 higher.

"YEAH!" Brianna yells, watching happily as everyone collides. She turns to Carmen and nudge her with an elbow. "You were right!" She turns and raises her hand for more whiskey. "Keep them coming barkeep, you lackwitted jackass, we can't watch the fight if we're not /drinking/!"

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Carita is only mildly distracted by Amund as she cheers for the Whitehold Sword, she asides to Amund, "Breasts are better toasted off of, than for. I'll lift my glass to them /anyway/ though!" She gasps as Lore goes cartwheeling towards Arik, "Get them!" She puts a couple fingers in her mouth to whistle for him.

Arik gets grabbed by the neck with legs and hurled back to the ground to flop atop Brogan with an *oof* and a generally confused expression as he finds himself back on the ground. There is a grunt and a roll up as he tries to give Brogan a kick only to have the bear of a northern Lord punch him right in the knee. He hobbles away and mutters something in uncouth northlands shav'arvani only to end up trying to grab Lore by the shoulder and huck her onto a table, with poor results... for him.

Groaning, Carmen glances to a window and reaches for her helm. "Usually am, where brawls are the topic," she quips up at Brianna before grumbling again. "Bar fights to be had, and I have to remind some recruits how not to die." Still, though, Lore's acrobatics have her attention utterly caught. Maybe a few more minutes...

Arik says in Northlands shav, "Feckin' flips... Who does flips in a brawl. Southern folk that's who... Bah!"

Vercyn says in Northlands shav, "You know, if I were looking for a brawler of a protege... I might ask her!"

Lore checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 57, rolling 5 lower.

Mikani enters in seeing not what started the brawl but only Arik going for Lore. Jumping into the fray she tries to sucker punch the man in the gut to get him away from Lore.

Brianna says in Northlands shav, "You want a wife like that, cousin. Any woman who wraps her legs around your head is a keeper!"

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

For as much as his nephew might fuss over it, Vercyn seems rather pleased with Lore's performance. If only for that fact alone. But more than that fact, really. He's about to take another drink when Brianna gets her jab in and he breaks out laughing, lifting his glass. "That much is the truth." The duke shifts in his seat, one eye squinching closed briefly. He leans on an arm, watching. "This, at least, is far better entertainment than the terrible screeching that came before. At least when the Whisper sang, it was pleasant to the ears." By leaps and bounds!

Brianna pouts at Carmen, reaching out to give her a brief hug. "Come back again soon, it was nice to drink with you again!"

There is general cursing from Brogan as Arik's knee is bloody hard, and he's shaking his paw of a hand so briefly. As next he's throwing out his other fist instinctually at the blasted Lycene acrobat's midrif in an attempt to not get smacked about again.

Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard arrives, following Mirella.

Mikani checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 40, rolling 6 lower.

Mirella checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

After a momentary look to Carita, Amund nods slowly. "Agreed." There's the slightest twitch upward of his lips as he introduces himself, "Amund." And just that, as he grabs a refill of his whiskey. Different bottle. "Very much so."

Carmen returns Brianna's hug with one arm, helplessly, hopelessly caught by her enthusiasm. "Glad you're back in the city, Lady Bri, to be sure. Might be you'll even remember saying that tomorrow." She winks up at Brianna, skirts a shattered bottle and overturned chair, and heads for the door with one last, mournful look back to the fight.

Arik isn't super human, Mikani definitely sucker punches him right in the gut the same moment he grabs Lore's shoulder to huck her. He doubles over in pain causing his already doomed attempt to manhandling Lore to only get worse but he also kicks Mikani in the shin in response! Right in the funny bone... of the leg!

Carmen has left the Bar.

Mirella may have been here all along!

Waldemai has been enjoying the fight, but not as much as the whiskey. "Thank you for your hospitality, m'lord," he says, and rolls off across the city, perhaps a bit unsteady on his legs for some unknowable reason.

Waldemai has left the A central table with benches.

Mikani says in Isles shav, "you prick!"

"When do the guards usually show up?" Ajax wonders over towards Brianna finishing off his glass of whiskey, as he just watches the three way fight turn into a four way melee.

Lore deftly avoids Arik's grab and instead spins around the Halfshav lord, leaping up long enough to hook an arm around his neck and a leg around his waist before flinging him right back down onto the floor, rolling with him so that she ends up 'on top' and grinning down at him. "Now THIS is a party!" Then Brogan is throwing a meaty fist her way and she's trying to bend backwards to avoid the hit. She almost, ALMOST makes it, but takes the punch with an 'oof!' and rolls off of Arik and back up to her feet to grin at Brogan, "Oh, you and me gotta hit the ring sometime. I'd love to go one on one with you, see what kinda damage we can inflict." But then there's a Mikani and Lore is laughing even more and trying to explain, "Its okay! Its supposed to be like this!"

Brianna is breathless once she sits back on a stool, beaming at the carnage still happening. She gets another drink, sipping at her whiskey as Mikani wades into the fray. She starts to cheer for her friend, waving her arms in the air. "Arik, you're going to end up in the snow tonight!" She turns to Ajax and blinks. "Guards?" She glances back at the melee and shrugs. "When we call for them? If we want them?"

Mikani laughs and goes to slam Arik with a hip check for the knee pain. ?Lore if you started this so help me gods I will end you!? She laughs warmly, ?After you buy me a drink!?

Arik's nose is broken, his face is bruised, he's been punched in the gut, tackled in the gut, and flipped around by Lore's well muscled thighs. He waves an arm up in the air and calls out in a slurred voice, "I'm sorry I sang... I'll stop..." and then his arm flops back down as he remains on the floor for a few moments before adding, "For tonight." and then with an almighty groan he begins to roll over and let Lore and Brogan continue the brawl one on one unless he gets sucked back into it or sucker punched by more people! - Then he gets hip checks while trying to get up but.....

Arik has rolled a critical success!
Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 40, rolling 15 lower.

"Or the business owner." Felicia asides wryly for the inquiry about the guard,"Fortunately... the Iron Guard's problem, not mine... none of them are the king." she gives a toothy smile. Poor Brogan's not going to find much of his whiskey left by time he drags himself out of the fight.

Brianna says in Northlands shav, "You'll never live this down, Arik"

Mikani says in Isles shav, "=Stay down!"

.... but Arik tumbles back and drags Mikani with him thus the Lady of Redreef is flopped unceremoniously onto the floor hard enough to take the wind out of her and the Halfshav Lord puts his hand right on her stomach trying to use her and a nearby table and leverage to push himself back up to his feet.

Mikani just elbows him in the gut. ?Down boy!? Mika uses her weight to hold him down.

Arik has rolled a critical success!
Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 77 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brianna before departing.

Mikani checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 40, rolling 18 lower.

Arik is trying to get out but Mikani keeps sucking him back in. The most recent below is an elbow to the gut, which has been abused tonight to be sure. It seems the Northern Lord has enough of the gut punches and outright clocks Mikani right in the jaw before rolling away and under a table. There is a *thump* as the whiskey sipping, brawl disheveled Sword of Whitehold tries to stand up under the table. Then a chair gets shoved away toppling over and he crawls out of it and uses the chair he didn't push away to get back... onto... his ... feet. If someone doesn't attack him yet again.

"Lord Arik has said he will refrain from singing the rest of the night," Vercyn announces, "so I do believe we can allow him to drink in peace." He down the rest of his cup before reaching for a bottle to pour more. But then the Sword is back in the fight and the Duke shrugs, settling back to watch. If the Halfshav wishes to fight, well... who is Vercyn to stop him?! He's going to drink and watch and enjoy the show. "As for guards, well. It's a mutual brawl. No need for guards." He's certainly not calling them.

There is a sound of protest as Mikani joins the fray on the outnumbered Arik. Brogans face suggests he realizes that Arik brought it on himself. All of this happens in about a second as he does dart that arm foreward to knock/roll Lore off Arik. "Aha!" Brogan's smile is wide and he jerks a thumb at Felicia as he addresses Lore. "Sure, why not. I get tired of brawling that one. She's sneaky. I do win where and how it counts, but she does not play nice in the ring." Then there is another brawl before him, which causes the bear-man to hesitate in getting up beyond a kneeling stance. "Damn it, I need a dri- know what?!"

There is a sound of protest as Mikani joins the fray on the outnumbered Arik. Brogans face suggests he realizes that Arik brought it on himself. All of this happens in about a second as he does dart that arm foreward to knock/roll Lore off Arik. "Aha!" Brogan's smile is wide and he jerks a thumb at Felicia as he addresses Lore. "Sure, why not. I get tired of brawling that one. She's sneaky. I do win where and how it counts, but she does not play nice in the ring." Then there is another brawl before him, which causes the bear-man to hesitate in getting up beyond a kneeling stance. "Damn it, I need a dri- know what?!" His arms cross and he yanks. Up and off comes the shirt at last.

Lore checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Arik checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 43, rolling 3 higher.

"You deserve everything you get, Brogan Nightgold. And mercy isn't going to help either of us when it counts." Felicia snorts at Brogan, definitely not calling for guards either. Indeed, one foot gets planted on the others knee, seems she's not wading in to try and rescue any of them right now.

The Lycene servant may have arrived earlier. She might have arrived just now. Only those of a keen eye will know the truth, but regardless there she is in the Spirits, dark-clad and quiet as she stands watching the scuffle between Mikani and Arik. Her duskstone eyes are relaxed in their gaze, her posture straight, her expression composed. She seems to be paying more attention to Mikani's moves than anything else, but then she moves off elsewhere with a gentle sway of her dusky skirts, towards one of the many Northmen who will obviously be in no short supply. She curtsies neatly to his companions, then utters his name in soft Lycene tones, "Amund."

A few moments of loud laughter comes from Ajax, as he lets his gaze settle into Arik who seems to be trying to get out of the main melee, "I knew I liked this town."

Brianna grins over at Ajax, giggling along with his laughter. Blows are traded, people get knocked down and get back up again and she just bounces on her stool, drinking every time a punch is landed.

"Mirella," Amund greets the Lycene servant, gesturing to Carita. "Carita, Mirella. Mirella, Carita." Introductions made, he tilts the glass of whiskey to the woman. "She's a businesswoman," he goes on to add, to Carita. "Finances person."

Indeed, once more, technically by request. Brogan Nightgold has stripped off his top and exposed his chest for all to see. He gestures first to the brawl, and then quirks an eyebrow towards Vercyn as if finding out approval of what has been caused. Then he is standing up again to put on a little flexing show, which buys him time to tilt his ginning face in consideration just who is he going to grab onto next in the dogpile.

Mikani moans as she stands. Half of her wants to go in again then she spots Mirella. ?Hello! Small world seeing you here!? She calls out before passing out.

Glancing over her shoulder int he direction Brogan looked, Lore blinks to see Mikani still duking it out with Arik. Laughing, she glances back to Brogan and grins, "Looks like we'll have to square off later. Gotta go save my friend!" She rolls away from Brogan, staying low to the floor to better avoid any parting shots, it also makes her attempted move easier to pull off... usually! Lore swings around and throws both legs out towards Arik, trying to curl a leg over his that she can use to drag him down to the floor with!

There is a brawl ungoing, someone has passed out, someone else is shirtless and flexing, and it seems still more people are duking it out.

With a lift of her hand, and the faint quirk of a smile shared between those who know each other, Mirella greets Mikani in as warm a manner as her impassive face seems capable of.

Arik thinks he's free, he's managed to punch someone out, he's crawled away, and gotten onto his feet but Lore snakes her leg around his own and they both go tumbling down with a meaty thud. Once more it seems Arik is a bit more harsh in his reaction than before as he hits the ground he grabs Lore's head with both hands and headbutts her right in the snoozzz before trying to roll away once more.

"Looks like Arik can sleep in the hall tonight. No rest from his snoring." Brianna grumbles, letting out a loud put-upon sigh. She brushes her hair back off of her face and quirks a brow. "Good fight, cousin, you're not a total loss!"

"It might not be done yet." Ajax offers in a quiet aside to Brianna.

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Carita's smile is warm for Mirella as she's introduced, "A pleasure," and as Amund explains the Lycene woman to her, Carita adds, "Countess of Darkwater," as her card on the table. She notices Arik crawling under a table and hoisting himself up, bloodied, and smiles aside at the pair, "If you'll excuse me?" She gives most of the fighting a wide berth to make her way toward Arik, pausing as he's drug back in to the fight. "Go Lord Arik!"

Felicia checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 40, rolling 1 lower.

"I wonder if we should commission some more tapestries," Vercyn opines. "For all the complaints of noise in Halfshav hall I hear." The man does seem quite pleased with the turnout for the evening's festivities. There's plenty of whiskey and thorough entertainment. Not the horrid singing there was before, oh no. Instead, a good brawl and... well, some might consider Brogan's flexing to be entertainment. The Duke just shakes his head a bit... even if he looks rather amused all told.

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 4 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards leave, following Mikani.

Brianna says in Northlands shav, "Yes, thick ones. I don't want to hear what's going on in Khanne's rooms either."

"I think that is fair!" Brogan calls to Lore, though unclear on later fighting or saving friends. In fact he looks to be seriously contemplating assisting Arik. After all, there's a Lycene, and it is snowing hard in the city, which means cold in such wind. Flexing again as he is about to go on about such business he notices something. "Hey! I said hold it!" So Brogan's hand reaches out, closes on Felicia's ankle, and unceremoniously YOINK!

Though she's not particularly expressive when she quirks one corner of her lip back at Carita in returning the smile, there's nothing unfriendly or disrespectful about Mirella's, "Likewise, Lady Darkwater." She just has one of those faces, probably. She dips her head politely when the blonde noble moves towards Arik, then turns her gaze back to Amund with an implied raise of an eyebrow. Straight to the point as she takes a seat next to him, or stands next to him as appropriate. "What's been happening? Anything of note tonight?"

Felicia is quite, /quite/ content to be sitting on the sidelines drinking all Brogan's... well, Arik's, whiskey, but it seems that the universe... or at least Brogan, has other plans. There's a split-second where she see's that hand coming for ankle and tries to jerk it back out of the way safely. Which would be easier if her other ankle wasn't resting on it. Failure comes in the form of a sudden gargle of outrage as whiskey goes flying and she's yanked down to the floor unceramoniously.

CRUNCH. Yeah, that's the sound of a nose being broken. But this is what happens sometimes when you start a bar brawl! Blood pours from Lore's nose as she gives a groan, staggered by the hit. Then there's the sound of weak laughter being spit out through bloodied lips. She lets Arik roll away, rolling back onto her shoulders before kicking up and forward, kipping back up to her feet and turning to offer him a hand up, grinning. "I think I officially owe you a drink, my lord. Allow me to buy you a round?"

Mirella checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Not seeming to mind the blinding snow outside, Forato Fidante finds his way into the Spirits with a quiet smile. His eyes seem a little wide at first but then amusement grows as he watches the brawl spread. He, himself, seems to decide on the safest possible path for the evening. He whispers something to the bar tender about a favor owed. After a few moments it seems the bartender has a new apprentice in the Fidante lordling. Mostly he's just pouring shots while learning the ropes but for whatever reason he seems unscathed by the fight thus far, just lucky enough not to be in the path of any would be violence. He looks to Ajax and Amund in particular, "Drinks?"

"Whiskey." Amund declares to Mirella, and Forato since he seems to have approached. He holds up his glass, then looks to Mirella. "And business. I was right to come here. The city does not lack for opportunities."

For all her composure, however, Mirella does turn away lightly at that crunching sound of Lore's nose going horizontal. It's more the sound than the blood that does it for her. Ari chunch thos nos.

Arik is free finally and he makes it back to the sturdy table and flops into a chair with blood down his nose, a split of skin on the bridge of it. There's blood on his pale skin, in his beard, and on his shirt but he licks his split lip and looks around before spying Carita and asking in a hopeful tone, "Did you save the good whiskey, Countess?" and then to Lore he calls back, "Don't forget your silver, traitor!" it's a good natured jab at the young woman as he motions towards his cousin at the bar still.

"A fine choice for the evening." Forato states with solemn grace as he pours Amund a top shelf whiskey, "I am Forato by the by, have we met?" He slides the glass over to Amund and it spills. He frowns faintly and glances at the bartender as the lord quickly pours another and sets it carefully next to Amund as he quietly explains, which is still loud to be overheard in the brawling bar, "It's my first day."

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Felicia checked strength + brawl at difficulty 46, rolling 14 lower.

"She's never going to come back to this bar now." Brianna states, giving Arik a hard look and a scowl. "First he sang, and now ...this!" She sighs, shaking her head back and forth. She turns to watch Brogan and Felicia get into it, her lips pursed. "This might turn into a wrestling match." She says as an aside to Ajax, a grin on her face. "If clothes start coming off, then we likely should give them privacy."

Carita's sat on that sturdy table as she watches the fight, and Arik in particular, her legs crossed. "My contribution to the fight," she slides the aged whiskey Arik's way, grinning. Lifting it, she slides a clean glass at him as well as she pours the Halfshav Lord a drink. She sides from the table and settles back in her seat, leaving the well filled glass behind for him to drink.

In return to Amund's first reply, Mirella just fixes him with her dark gaze, quite calmly, then comments, "Yes, whiskey." And then, "And business. I would be surprised if such was not the case." She turns her attention to Forato and adds, "I've met you." Then she peers at the Northman beside her. "I think you'd know if you'd met Amund."

"Well fought Lord Arik!" Brogan's taking a half-second to commend the efforts of Arik, his own lip bloodied. Yet Brogan suddenly looks surprised as if he was amazed he managed to catch Felicia off guard. Immediately he takes the one action that comes to mind. "You drank my drink!" Brogan and Felicia have brawled many a times, often in public, often over or with drinks. This time he tries a new tactic, and his hand makes sharp hard contact with her backside as an opening shot.

Felicia checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

"Lord Nightgold it's a brawl not a bedroom." Arik calls out to the northern Lord as he smacks Felicia's tush and the Halfshav just sighs dramatically and claims the drink Carita saved for him. From there he tips it back in a slow sip and despite the likely burn of liquor on open wounds he licks his lips and adds to Carita, "Welcome to the Redrain ward."

"Well fought, mi'lord." Ajax offers with a pleasant tenor towards Arik as he claps his hands together for the man.

Lore collects up her fifty silver from the bar and grins at Arik, "I never promised to not accept money to punch you if you started singing, my lord. But I do hope that you will continue to let me know when you need something from the market, or specialty items that are difficult to acquire otherwise." Now for the fun part. Bracing herself, Lore stares into the wobbly reflection of herself in a mug, reaching up with both hands and... CRRRRRRRRRNCH. She grunts heavily as she sets her own nose as best she is able. Taking up the drink, she slams it back, quickly, then looks to the bartender and quietly asks for a few strips of clean rag. Turning back to the room, she watches Brogan and Felicia for a few moments, grinning.

Brogan checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 52, rolling 10 lower.

"I see." Amund states to Forato, nodding as the man spills the drink on the counter. There's a flat stare to the mess left behind. "One Northern adventure, another more discreet assignment." He explains to Mirella, very content with himself. Even if his tone doesn't exactly give much away.

Forato, living up to his new role as a bartender's rather clumsy but well meaning apprentice, pours a top shelf whiskey for MIrella as well and places it by her. "Ah, I am sure I would indeed." He agrees with Mirella and offers a smile to Amund, "Is it a business night?" He seems unplussed by the violence, even the terrible sounds of broken noses and broken noses being placed back into place. Though he does place a whiskey before Lore.

Brianna chuckles softly, picking up her whiskey to swirl it around in the glass. When Brogan slaps Felicia, she raises her glass and takes a drink. "Now that's how you start a fight!" She calls out, setting down the whiskey again without taking a drink.

Felicia is too alarmed to more than squawk in an undignified fashion as she's dragged down to the floor and spanked like a recalitrant child. And from the shades of red she turns in embarressment, bedroom... well, might have been where her brain had gone, but not in the expected sense. Because Brogan's left himself /wide/ open for the Dame to ball up a fist and punch him hard in the meat of his inner thigh. Possibly only missing higher up areas by virtue of his quick reaction,"You owed me whiskey!" she points out with an undignified huff.

Mirella checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

"You know," Vercyn says, but then holds up a hand briefly in a 'one moment' sort of gesture as he finishes his cup of whiskey. Once he swallows, he continues. This all in the wake of Brogan's hand hitting Felicia's ass (how can one mistake that sound?). "I really should have thought this through better. We could have had a judging contest. Supposedly the Baroness Violet has outstanding breasts, but how do we know, TRULY. And Brogan here always claims rather outlandish things of his own self and that is why he goes around shirtless. I really think we ought to begin making people back up these claims." The Duke might be drunk. The Duke is definitely drunk.

Carita lifts her glass in Vercyn's direction, "Here here! To backing up future claims!" and to that she drinks, even if no one else does.

Brianna slants a look at her father, eyebrows raised. "Did you just suggest that we ask Violet to show us her breasts?" She asks, a mild expression on her face. She maintains the look for a few more seconds before she starts laughing, her hair obscuring her face.

"Let the lycene flash skin, I think we can get by without having the Peerage stripping in the ward." Arik calls over to the other two Halfshav's even if they are sitting at opposite spots. He tips his glass back at in a slow sip and then squints one eye as if checking to see if his vision is still good.

Mirella and Amund are clearly those sort of people who get each other's lovely expressions of shallow affect, because she dips her head at his words with something of a satisfaction in her own tone as she lets out a 'hmm' of approval. "Good." She does look aside to Lore, however, with all the pokers in Arx steeling her face. "Stop fiddling with it. Are there healers here?" She looks around, briefly in some bland manner of concern, then regards Forato. "I'll have whiskey too, if you please. Barkeep." She might as well be tapping the side of her nose in conspiracy, if that was the sort of thing she would do. Which it is not.

Forato drinks when Carita gives her toas, raising his own glass to that and he glances at Brianna with a careful gaze before he laughs along with her. Whiskeys are being depositied now even with people who have not ordered them. The solemn expectation to drink during the rowdy Redrain rally an unspoken effect of the Fidante's fine service. "Immediately, my lady." Forato states to Mirella when someone finally orders something from him. He pours her out two fingers of something good looking and leaves it for her, "On the house."

Amund lifts his sort-of half-empty glass as some of it spilled all over the counter to Carita's toast.

"You know, I should come to drink here more often." Ajax offers, giving Amund a large grin as he toasts away the man sets his empty glass on the side, "Been awhile since I laugh this hard." his hand moves to palm his face his thumb rubbing against his right temple.

"You kidding me, Arik?! I don't want to make her mad!" Apparently this makes complete sense to Brogan apparently. "Exactly!" Is yelled out towards Brianna on how to start a fight. He has bigger concerns than Vercyn's doubt on the amazingness of his Pecs (and beard) at the moment. He has an indignant Felicia capable of violence in close proximity. Indeed that smug smile he had started to give her changes with his own cry of startled surprise as the blow comes far too close for comfort. He darts his hand out in reflexive attack.

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Felicia checked strength + brawl at difficulty 43, rolling 7 lower.

"I wonder if this show and tell has limits.." Brianna muses to herself, glancing down at her bodice with a thoughtful look on her face. She smirks toward Brogan, and calls out, "I think it's too late, I hope she punches you in the sack!"

Takes up the empty glass, breaking it as he tosses it into a bus bin and making a quirked brow reaction to that. He puts the bucket aside and replaces the empty glass of Ajax with a full one. The whiskey's hydrotension keeping it in a curve at the surface of the glass. "Not all Lycene skin is for flashing, your highness." Forato says to Arik with a half grin as he deposits more whiskey for that person as well even though he's not done with the current one.

"And why not? Who wants to stake their reputation on empty claims?" Vercyn may just be postulating now. This is what whiskey does after a certain number of glasses. Or even bottles. He's already pouring another. With Senna's assistance. This is probably the poor young man's true purpose in life. Or so the Duke thinks. He takes another drink and snorts at Arik's answer. "Brogan can't be all alone in stripping every time there's even a whiff of alcohol. He'll feel lonely one of these days."

Mirella has rolled a critical success!
Mirella checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

"Remember that you said that old wolf when you're sober and yelling at me for exposing myself." Brianna calls out, a smug smile on her face as she picks up her glass to drink more whiskey. "Arik, I think he's had too much tasting tonight, someone better walk him home soon."

Felicia isn't graceful in the way she struggles up onto her knee's, smirking broadly at Brogan,"Don't think, Lord Nightgold, that just because you're in the Redrain ward that I'm not going to punch you often and very hard." she cautions him as she endeavors to shift herself into a more prepared kind of stance for his next attack,"Tehom's ponderous tits I'm not stripping!" she fumes at the room with cheeks pink and points at Brogan warningly,"Don't you dare.. I swear, you do and you /will/ suffer."

"It is a good place." Amund replies to Ajax. "Usually very quiet. Very loud today." Brianna's comment and look down at her bodice has the sellsword toast again. "I pray it hasn't."

Forato moves on, dropping off whiskey for Carita, Felicia, and Vercyn largely at utter random. "I'm Forato, how's the party going?"

Is there a toast? Alright then. Mirella lifts her glass to it in a sort of light, distractedly polite way, before tipping back a sip of the whiskey without any twinge at the burn. It was only a tiny little sip, so that might explain it. To Faorato, she notes, "Not a lady, but thank you for the whiskey." There's a delicate smile (perhaps a smile) to Ajax and Brianna before she lifts her free hand and pats Amund ever so gently under the chin.

Amund offers a single grunt in response to the pat under his chin, shaking his head. "Nobody said Northerners only. You can join." This, to the Lycene. One could say he has some gall, but then again, he hasn't said it to an Oathlander. Yet.

"Empty claims?!" Roars Brogan, though his smile is still present. His hand had ben darting in for a sneaky pinch attack on Felicia. Instead, his hands splay out at the last moment and he shoves her in attempt to Ballista-Launch a Felicia-Bolt at Vercyn. It is only after this action that he realizes what Felicia just said. "Dammit I coulda showed ya off!" Understanding the potential doom coming his way, brogan establishes priorities. He is trying to grab a drink.

It would seem Arik is contented to remain out of the fight at the sturdy table but when Felicia is pushed in Vercyn's direction there is a certain attention that snaps across the room from the Sword of Whitehold.

"Oh, Ajax." Ajax calls over towards Forato raising his hand in a lazy wave, his gaze shifting to Mirella giving the woman a dip of his head before looking back to Amund, "It almost reminds me of the parties after a job back at the camp."

Forato checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

"I apologize, your highness." Forato states to MIrella. Though it may be odd, he is utterly honest and apologetic though cheerful and just offers more whiskey to make up for it. "You're also quite welcome." He adds to Mirella with a quick grin before he's moving on to deliver drinks, accidentally break things and otherwise give away entirely too much expensive whiskey. Since he's already by Vercyn dropping of a drink, he is in prime area for having Felicia impact him. He is no wrestler, rather frail in fact, and lacks for dexterity what he has in aplumb but with some pure happenstance he seems to somehow come out pouring a drink, intercepting Felicia, and dancing her in a twist back into the brawl with only a faint expression of surprise and confusion before he carries on to Brogan, "I hear you need a drink! Have two." And two he gives the man.

"We didn't have parties." Amund comments, on his former company's practices. "Too far from allies. No bonfires. Extra pelts. Around the enemy. Not directly against."

Mirella takes another sip of that whiskey, then fixes Amund with a calm but unerring gaze. So unerring. "That sort of business I save for private settings." Then a lighter, "Not a condemnation, just a preference." The gaze is averted to Felicia before she purrs in honeyed Lycene tones to nobody in particular, "I hope she bludgeons him into the ground. I think it would be a sight to see." There's an opinion and everything. To Amund goes another vaguely-curious look, though with a focus beneath.

Brianna slips off her stool and manages to stand up straight with only a slight wobble. She's had a lot of whiskey. She turns to find her cloak and pulls it around her shoulders, clasping the pin at the shoulder. She walks past her father, giving him a brief pat on the shoulder before she continues to the exit. She turns, dramatically resting her forearm over her eyes. "I know you're all going to miss me, but don't worry, I'll be back, I can't avoid the siren call of whiskey for long!" She blows a kiss toward the crowd in general and turns to leave, whistling to herself.

Carita smiles up at Forato as she's offered another glass of whiskey, lifting her nearly full one in his direction in thanks. "You're too kind," she calls back to him before turning her attention back to Arik and the conversation at the table.

Lore rises up from the bar, wincing a touch, before hefting up her rucksack and mutters something to Arik before dipping into an economical bow and heading out. She calls out along the way, "I will seek you out soon, Lord Nightgold! We have an appointment in the ring!" Turning a grin towards where he and Felicia are before she heads off.

Brianna has left the Bar.

The only well and true problem with having Felicia thrown his way is that Vercyn JUST had his whiskey refilled. It's a true crime to the drink. It's going to end up everywhere. The table. The floor. Himself. The woman. Everywhere but where it belongs (his belly). The bottle probably gets toppled, too. The Duke grunts and at least has presence of mind to not just shove the woman aside like one might ward off an incoming attack, but instead tries to get an arm around her so she isn't, y'know, flung. And lucky that he's not wearing his full armor this evening! "I think next time we all meet, I might put up silver to whoever breaks Brogan's nose first." First?

Mirella's face is still snow-cool composed as she leans over to whisper something to Amund.

Felicia was on a collision course with Vercyn when, of a sudden, there's a Forato, and a turn even while her brain is still spluttering as much as the dame at the push. And well, on the upside at least she doesn't go pelting into the Halfshav Duke. But with the whiskey and the turn she's unsteady enough that she trips over a chairleg and winds up landing on him anyways. Albeit at least bruising and forceful speeds. And covered in whiskey. And bright crimson to boot as she attempts to gracefully flail her way out of the predicament,"Me. Definitely me." the breathless dame claims vehemently.

"Take care, lady Brianna. I look forward to seeing you again." Ajax raises his hand to his fist resting it on top of his heart before he returns his attention to Amund, "Mm, I suppose that is the life of a long campaign." He tilts his eyes towards Mirella giving her a warm smile, "An' lo' ma'am. Forgive my lack o' manners, Ajax." his head bobbing before he looks a the encounter then a bit to his free right taking a half step out of the way from potential liquid warfare and colliding people.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Arik before departing.

Amund moves a little as he reaches for the bottle of whiskey with a deferential nod to Forato-as-bartender, pouring himself a new shot. "Long or short. Vanguards don't choose. Neither do forlorn hopes."

Carita picks up an exquisitely blended malt whiskey of body and distinction.

Arik rises up and offers his arm to Carita even though he's a disheveled mess.

Forato has earned a new best friend in Brogan. TWO drinks! These are consumed by Brogan immediately, as if they possibly may be his last drink ever. While the second glass is tilted back he has a wary eye on the Sword of Whitehold. Brogan stillt hough wears his usual happy go lucky face. "Oh hey! That's a date!" Which is called after the departing Lore. But that is a Brawl for another time. He has to be concerned with the potential brawl or stabbity here and now. This of course means, performing some flexing once more. Complete with Pec Pop of Love towards either Vercyn, Felicia, or both. Another loud cheerful laugh at the threat and or promise from the Duke on the contract for his nose breaking. "Ha!" Is his response to Felicia's claim. Blindly he starts groping at the table for another bottle to drink, as his eyes need to be kept on the Wrecking Ball and the Old Wolf.

Arik picks up Exclusive Bottle of Raconteur's Bold Alliances.

Swirling her cloak back over her shoulders, Carita smiles Arik's way when his arm is offered before taking it. Collecting what's left of her aged whiskey before they make their way out.

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Arik has left the Sturdy Table.

5 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, a sneaky black kitten, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, Francis, Arik leave, following Carita.

There's one last attachment of Mirella's dark gaze to Amund's own, and then the Lycene woman actually /smiles/. There's still something sharp and cold about it, a frost-edged dagger of a smile, but it also holds a tint of dark amusement. Her pale skin is slightly flushed along the cheekbones even in the darkness of the room, but once she turns to Ajax with a polite nod, her mask is back in place. "Good to meet you, Ajax. I am Mirella." Another sip of the whiskey, ever-so-calm.

Forato seems pleasantly surprised by the reactions giving out drinks gets him and keeps it going a bit longer. When Brogan reaches for another drink there are /THREE/ drinks newly deposited beside him.

"The pleasure is mine, mi'lady." Ajax tilts his gaze towards Forato, "Ah, a new glass please my friend!" he asks, with a large smile, before he looks back to Mirella, "I am just a sell-sword. But it is a genuine pleasure to meet so many people today."

"I will personally see to it that you are given something commemorating the occasion if you manage," Vercyn promises Felicia. He leans to reclaim his cup and refill his drink. He may be drunk, but he's not quite ready to halt in his drinking, even if his daughter and nephew have ended their evening. Nope. He will remain at least a bit longer. "I think he deserves it. We won't even suffer him the indignity of a shirt." He does wink in Brogan's direction. "Though that would be the worst of punishments, wouldn't it? Something terribly itchy, perhaps?"

"Your Grace, right now I'd just punch him for the satisfaction." Felicia advises Vercyn with a lopsided smirk as she manages to find her feet and shake off some of the whiskey, not that there's any hope of looking like something other than a half-drowned rat right now. There's the cracking of knuckles and an entirely too sunny smile at Brogan, swaggering back towards him with a glint in her eyes that promises she means to do mean things to him right now.

Felicia checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Forato nods sagely to Ajax as well and deposits a glass to the man, and a bottle of whiskey. "It's my pleasure." He yawns then, kind of deeply and pats the bartender on the shoulder, settling up for all the drinks he's given out throughout the night, and the glasses he broke, and the bottles he broke. It turns out he is not wildly well coordinated. He stifles another yawn, waving to the room, "Be well you Halfshavs and Redrains, you Brawlers and Explorers. Drink deep and sleep hard after surviving your lovers!" He bows low and grins as starts to head out into the blinding snow without so much as an overcoat. Seeming rather used to the wretched wintery weather.

Brogan checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 55, rolling 14 lower.

Mirella stips back another dainty sip of whiskey, then asks of Ajax, "I see. Where have you worked?" Oh, and then it's on again and her eyes glint with anticipation. "Bludgeoned into the ground." It bears repeating.

Mirella really wants to see that ginger vision beat down a giant man-bear.

Three drinks does provide for a mighty fine distraction. Brogan does down the first two drinks rapidly. "Ha! She needs little encouragement, Vercyn! It's not like she hasn't pasted me before." Brogan is in the process of getting ready to consume drink number three. This means he has foolishly taken his eyes off of Vercyn, and worse, Felicia. "Hopefully I didn't dislodge your inner bits too much, she's good at that." Drink number three is tipped back in time for the glass to start coming down and him to remember he should be looking at-CRUNCH! For not the first time, Felicia has broken his nose and made his eyes cross. "Oh hey, pretty birdies." Blink. Blink. Brogan's reset button has clearly been engaged.

"For a sellsword, it is more 'who' than 'where," Amund quips to Mirella while he watches a King's Own beat down someone who seems to be of her close acquaintance. "Nice left hook."

Forato is overheard praising Brogan: Powerful pecs, burly brawler and never without a smile. There is often that catalyst that keeps things going and it's this man.

Ajax gives the man a smile before picking up the bottle of whiskey and pouring himself a glass, "Mm, I was part of the Redwoods, my lady. We mostly operated in the east. Keepin' smaller towns safe from bandits an' other unsavory vermin." he offers, as he finishes pouring his whiskey his eyes moving over towards Brogan reentering the fray.

"Then please, by all means-" Vercyn gestures, drink in hand, as Felicia makes her way over to Brogan. There's a broad grin on the Duke's features. He seems more than happy to watch this one go. He breaks out with a deep laugh at the solid hit that Felicia gets in on Brogan. "I agree," he calls out in follow up to Amund's words. "That is a worthy one. Good job." After downing the rest of his drink, he shifts to his feet. "Though I do believe I may follow the rest of my family. Though I've mostly seen the lingering injuries away, I am not as young as I used to be and the cold is getting to me. Please, enjoy what drinks remain. I paid the Spirits quite well to get everyone drunk tonight."

Felicia checked strength + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 2 higher.

Forato is overheard praising Felicia: Rare it is for a room to hold a creature of such kind savagery as this ferocious female. She's a very fine dancer, also.

In return to Amund's quip, Mirella counters, "Hardly my area of expertise. Perhaps you'll have to educate me in such matters at a later date." Then to Ajax, she nods calmly, "Good. I hope you wiped their tainted presence from the land." She turns her nose up at the crunching sound when Brogan's nose gets smashed again, but looks over calmly in his direction. Felicia clearly knows what she's doing. Hm.

Felicia shakes out her hand and gives a satisfied kind of grunt as Brogan starts seeing tweetie birds. But at least she's not... /entirely/ cruel, given that she elects to, in her half-drunken state, squat and manhandle the Nightgold Lord up over her shoulder. She's at least not wearing her full armor, and really, the shirt and leather pants can't quite hide that she is no delicate flower by any measure, especially not when she hauls the dazed lord up onto her shoulders and stands, very slowly and carefully, with the intent to carry him off. That she steadies him with a hand on the ass is probably not helping at all,"Yeh, I should get him to bed before he wakes up enough to be angry." she grins wolfishly.

"Sometimes, with copious amounts of fire, my lady." Ajax replies back with an easy going smile, his eyes moving to Vercyn giving the man a half bow, "Gratitude for the hospitality, yer Grace." keeping his eyes low he returns to his spot a few moments afterwards.

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