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Mourning Isles Fealty Dinner

A gathering of the fealties of the Mourning Isles, to meet, mingle, feast. Open to members of the houses of the Mourning Isles and their allies.

OOC: This will be taking place technically upon the Thrax Caraval in the harbor, but as people come and go, small boats will ferry people back and forth. This is open to allies of Thrax. Don't know if you are an ally? Hit up a Voice or Victus.


Oct. 25, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Victus


Klaus Coraline Caspian Margot Karadoc Ingrid Estil Lethe Rosalie Carita Niklas Sorrel Duarte Turo



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Thrax Estate - The Crosses

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: This is not the Cross Hall. This room is subbing in for the Argonaut, Thrax's Caraval. You either loaded up at the docks, or you're arriving/arrived via a small boat that brought you over. There's low seating everywhere in the form of large stuffed cushions that can fit 4-5 people who want to sit and food and drink a plenty on tables.

There's a joke in this somewhere. There has to be. Who's bigger right now, The Argonaut or Alarissa?

The fealty dinner is well underway, the Argonaut anchored in the harbor so that there's as little swaying as possible and those who are sensitive to being on the water can at least enjoy themselves. Having inched into the docks to be loaded with those who were early, the hosts, the food and preparing the deck for the dinner, it was not out and steady.

Tables set up out of the way and lanterns hanging where they can to provide light for when dusk falls. Chairs are a fruitless task so the deck has been strewn with large cotton and down stuffed pillows that can easily seat four or five and low lap tables in the center to hold food and drinks. Servants mill about tending to all needs of those who have come to dine. The bow deck is where the hosts have settled, or at least one half of them. Musicians stroll about singing and playing music while the populace of thrax's vassals, the isles citizens and allies to it mill about.

It's a good view of the city from where they've anchored and on this autumn night, all seems to be well and merry.

Klaus is dressed finely, in a stunning rubicand breastplate, gleaming in a ruby-silver light. He is however looking over the side of the boat with a bit of apprehension. "This is not a plot to toss me over the side and watch me sink to the bottome of the bay, is it?" He says to the woman at his arm, the Princess Coraline.

Coraline arrived on Klaus' arm to the caravel and is speaking softly probably about work or something boring. As they arrive she takes a moment to appreciate the sexy ship, a low whistle further showing that appreciation. Eyes going to Klaus at his question, a little wicked smile appearing, "That depends, have you done anything to irritate me enough to toss you overboard yet?"

When the boat rows up to The Argonaut, where is Caspian? But of course standing and the front of the rowboat, foot on the stern(?) and looking all dramatic as if he is some kind of conqueror boarding his flag ship. Whether or not Alarissa is bigger then the boat doesn't matter, when Caspian's flair for dramatics outweighs both of them! He boards the ship, looking around with an easy grin on his face. "So, shall we start this party by throwing Lord Klaus overboard?" He gives a grin to Klaus, winking his way.

Margot is in her snowy attire as she steps on the boat. She pauses to let her balance adjust to the sway of the deck but it doesn't take long for her to steady herself.

"Proteges /count/ as allies -- they do. I promise that they do. Unless, you really want to knock me kick me on my posterior into the freezing waters. That's up to you." Karadoc mutters as he smoothes his hands down the breast of his emerald-green overcoat, offering someone a smile. It might just be a smile for the closest person he sees. Margot! "You must be Duchess Tyde, mm? Well met. Lord Karadoc Saik, High Lord Victus Thrax's protege. Second one. Something. Escort you to a table? Care for a refreshment?"

Ingrid Grimhall arrives, vibrant in flaming red, her eyes shifting around taking in the musicians, lights and the food being served. She aims a brilliant smile at both of the hosts, dipping a brief curtsy before she moves to find a seat, so she can sit and people watch while she drinks and eats.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, Francis, Bengalo, a sneaky black kitten arrive, following Carita.

3 Tyde Houseguard arrives, following Lethe.

Prince Biscuit, the seadog puppy arrives, following Rosalie.

'That would violate guest rights Master Wild, and since we are hosts and he is our guest and you are our guest, such things need be observed." Alarissa calls out from her cushioned perch on the bow. Furs are strategically placed for those who might seek a little more warmth on the ship. Ingrid's presence noted and Alarissa dips her head to the woman.

Margot blinks a few times at Karadoc's enthusiastic introduction and then dips her chin slightly, her hand reaching out to curl around his arm, apparently agreeing to be escorted. "Yes, I am Tyde, Voice of Thrax, well met Lord Karadoc you are very... energetic. I would very much enjoy a drink, do you see ine?"

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Traveling quite alone, and likely as the only emissary from House Navegant, Estil waits patiently for her little boat to draw up so that she may step onto the caravel with ease. She steadies herself quickly enough, hands smoothing down her skirts, and draws further into the slowly growing crowd. Most faces seem unfamiliar, but at least Alarissa's face is one she recognizes. This draws her into approaching the woman, albeit slowly enough.

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"Had to be, my lady -- Duchess Tyde -- I promise that I will mellow, like wine's that has been left to breathe." With Margot's hand tucked into the crook of his arm, Karadoc works as an escort, drawing the noblewoman toward a table. On the way, he fetches her wine. He'll even pull out her cushion and make sure it's fluffed. All manners and easy-going charm. "There we go. Red or white, Duchess?"

Victus is usually one to take a festive period quietly. Although perhaps it's not quite as common a sight when one is standing on a very expensive boat, especially a Thraxian boat. Yet tonight the salt-born Prince wasn't yet among the crowd on deck nor below. Rather his point is at the quarter deck, where he can observe the whole 'field' as it were. The High Lord of Thrax had a rather neutral expression on his face, as was fitting most of the time. Though if one looked closely they might see the barest hint of a smirk at all the schmoozing and merriment abound. He lifts a hand to wave in greeting to Margot and then Karadoc as well as they travel together. Otherwise, he is but an observer.

Lethe arrives with an eager smile. She wears green, and she takes special interest in the food and drink.

Klaus steps up on the boat and he hods out a hand to Coraline like a proper noble gentleman would for her to gain the deck herself. He smiles to her and he says. "I think I have behaved myself very well recently. I mean I did not start one fight in any Thrax tavern despite they not serving a Brown Ale which tastes better than horse piss." Klaus does blink as he sees the High Lady Alarissa as then tries to lean in to whisper, but fails miserably. "You are not going to be quite so...present...when you are with child, are you?

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Margot considers the Saik lord as a cushion is fluffed for her. She takes a seat daintily. "Red please Lord Karadoc, have you met my cousin, Lady Lethe?" A delicate hand motions to the quiet Tyde lady by the food. Her chin dips to Victus, flashing the high prince a fleating smile.

Rosalie steps onto the ship, wrapped up in a warm silken cloak trimmed in white fur, the hem of a lovely aeterna gown peeking out from underneath. She moves directly to Alarissa, sipping into a careful curtsy and offering a sheepish smile. "My apologies on being late. While my sea legs are as good as ever, apparently my land legs are determined to carry me straight into every object in my path." She turns her head to offer up a sunny smile towards Victus, then aggain towards Margot, and Caspian.

Cora is more than happy to be a good sport and go along with him behaving at least somewhat until his question, which elicits a dry look, "And if I were, should I ever actually marry and am in the position to produce children of course. What then?" Now an observant man might not this is a very dangerous question, one he should answer with care.

"Lady Estil." When she spots the Navegant beelining for her. "Join me, keep me company. Would that princess Cassima were here, we could talk numbers. But I think she may be below?" She's unsure. Caspian's bow is met with a dip of her head. "That is the strong suspicion. Too many feet, means either a pair, or one child that will outrun us all." Rosalie's appearance makes her smile. "Blame it on your child and you will be well and safe enough to arrive late everywhere. Lady Rosalie, Master Caspian, meet Last Estil Navegant."

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Klaus displays a little bit of tact perhaps, some self preservation or he jsut might end up at the bottom of the bay yet. "i think you were perfect and worship the ground you walk on to the point of blasmphy?"

"I have. I pleasure to meet you again, Lady Lethe. It's been too long, hasn't it?" Karadoc yields the glass of red wine to Margot, settling with the white for now. He does turn, noticing the wave from the High Lord and Karadoc offers a casual salute back toward him. "Your Grace, thank you for your hospitality." Then, toward Alarissa, "It goes double for you, your Grace. Thank you."

Estil says, "Princess Alarissa," Estil greets in kind, expression melting into a warm smile as she steps up toward her. Upon being invited to join her, the Navegant scoots a cushion close enough to Alarissa but does not yet sit upon it. Instead, her gaze turns toward Caspian and Rosalie both, and her smile widens as she dips them a curtsey of greeting in turn. Only then does she finally lower herself down to rest beside the Princess. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, my lady, and yours, Master Caspian." Her gaze shifts toward the Thrax beside her. "I am sure there will be time enough later to talk business. I haven't properly lubricated my mind with rum yet, though.""

Carita's been here the whole time, really! Exploring, no doubt, exploring below decks with almost girlish excitement. An excitement carefully tucked away to shine only in her eyes as she meets with the crowd of people and pauses to look for a seat. The Host and Hostess are greeted with a curtsy first before she curtsies to Margot, should she be noticed. Familiar and unexpected guests seem to catch Catira's eye as she makes her way toward Karadoc, her smile warm, "Lord Karadoc, it's been far too long since you've gifted me with your presence, tell me you're as marvelous as ever?"

Laughing softly Cora pats Klaus' arm, "Wise man, very wise indeed. So bets on if you can find your ale?" She waves to all she knows and her eyes go to Rosalie and Alarissa both in observation mode.

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Caspian offers a smile and a wave to Rosalie, then he turns to Estil, greeting her with, "Greetings, Lady Estil! I'm Caspian Wild, Grandmaster of The Champions! Are you new to Arx? Or have we just not had the pleasure of meeting?" He wonders to the woman. He turns back to Alarissa, snickering as he says, "You gotta keep in shape! Less parties, more running!"

Offering a warm smile towards Estil, Rosalie inclines her head, "My lady, its a pleasure to meet you. Am I to understand that you are also a woman of finance? If so, we really should host a numbers night or something amongst the Thraxians so inclined. A good meet and greet, sharing of all the boring numerical information that everyone else finds so utterly boring!" Coraline gets a bright grin and wave from the young lady, "Cora!! Come say hello! You can even fuss if you like! Alex has said that you have fussing rights when he isn't around to do it himself!"

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Lethe chooses a red wine and takes a look toward Margot and Karadoc. "Cousin, Lord Saik. It has been a while since we've spoken, but it is always good to see you." She smiles before taking a sip of wine.

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Margot waves a delicate hand to Rosalie and Carita before her attention returns to her impromptu escort and cousin. "Thank you Lord Karadoc," she notes for the wine. "Well that is lovely that you've been aquainted. Lord Karadoc would you mind getting wine for Lady Lethe as well?"

Ingrid watches the people roaming the ship, most of them she recognizes, even if only by name. She sips at her wine, smiling as she hears some of the greetings.

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"Gifted you with my presence, Countess Darkwater --" Karadoc takes his wine and settles at another low table, eyes lifted toward Carita, grinning. "Selfishness. I've been gracing everyone with my presence. It's a matter of excellent timing that you happened to be here." He sips from his glass, sets it aside, and will rise and move to fetch the Lady Lethe a glass of her very own red. "We have. It's been too long, hasn't it, my lady Lethe. Doing well, I hope?" He flops back onto a cushion.

Klaus does mutter under his breath a little "Brown nut ale on a Thrax ship? I am not that lucky." Perhaps he should have Doreen? He does stay by Coraline's arm and is nice yummy shinny arm candy for her.

Anyone who greets gets a lift of her hand or a dip of her head, but Alarissa holds court in her little corner of the boat, a glance for Victus now and then to ensure he's well. "A night of numbers, I am sure that Cassima would enjoy hosting that, you should speak with her and I am far from glowing Master Wild, but thank you." A glance to the city, those boats that come back and forth and the glittering from on top of the cliffs where the rest of the city resides. "It's a lovely view." She hears the words from Klaus and there's a faint roll of her eyes but she doesn't comment, just lifts her own warm cider. "Lady Grimhall" This to Ingrid. "How is the Duke?"

Lethe nods to Margot. "I believe it was Baroness Lucita who introduced us, but I yes I'm doing well. I hope you and your family are as well."

"Grouchy as ever, my Lady." Ingrid replies, a bright smile settling on her face. "He is enjoying his grandchildren at the moment, that is something at least." She folds her hands in her lap, inclining her head, before she picks up her glass and sips from it.

Niklas stumbles off of one of the boats taking people back and forth, looking just a little green around the everything. "Ugh. No one told me there were high seas and breaking waves and ... other nautical terms." He heads over to the railing, takes his coronet off and stows it behind his back (lest it fall off during any retching that may occur) and sags there for a minute, enjoying the fresh air while definitely, one hundred percent NOT vomiting. Okay? NO VOMITING. Eventually Sam walks over to check on him and he springs back, puts the coronet back on at a nicely rakish angle, then heads over to the crowd. "Prince Victus! So good to see you!" But really, he's headed over to the Princess Consort, to whom he offers a flourish of a bow. "Princess Alarissa. Your glow nearly matches that of Sabella." He looks around, then adds, "I see my sister didn't make it this evening. Lucky you!"

Estil blinks owlishly at Caspian for a moment before offering a wide smile. "Grandmaster of The Champions? Then the pleasure is truly all mine, I would say. But alas, I am hardly /new/ to Arx, I am simply a recluse. Mingling has never been my forte, I'm afraid. But now you know me, and now I will have more excuses to leave my library." Her attention is drawn by Rosalie, and the lady's cheerful demeanor draws a laugh from the Navegant woman. "I think I would find that anything but boring. If nothing else, we can start with numbers and end with gossip, and I will not consider it a moment of wasted time."

Laughing Cora moves to hug Rosalie, "Well good, not that not having leave would have stopped me from fussing, but a least I know I have an ally in this venture. So how have you been fairing?"

Margot pauses when she catches sight of Ingrid. The lady seems to consider before she lifts a hand, "Lady Ingrid, should you wish to join us? I was just becoming aquainted with Lord Karadoc Saik."

Ingrid steels herself, getting to her feet and picking up her glass. "I would love to join you and your party, Duchess. I hope you are well this evening as well." She moves across the deck, taking a seat with the Tydes and Karadoc. "How does the evening find you?"

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"Lucita is doing well, my lady. And Estaban's sister -- Neilda is settling in." Rising, Karadoc moves to offer more cushions. One for Carita, one for Ingrid. "Please, feel free to join us."

Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy puppy, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Victus seemed rather cozy with his birds-eyes view of the proceeding. Though his only accompaniment is Lilybelle, who frankly makes for a poor conversationalist. Being a cat and all. Occasionally his eyes flicker from one guest to the next. Settling briefly upon Carita and then flicking to Rosalie for a moment. Then onto Klaus, where that gaze turns a shade harder. This repertoire is broken when Niklas greets him, which earns a grunt and a wave from the man himself. If his cat still possessed a tail, it would be flicking to and fro from all of this noise.

Caspian gives Estil a bright, proud smile, nodding a few times, "I try my best to be excellent company! You should come out from the library. Or invite me over? I enjoy a good book, dramas are my favorite, though I'll read romance every once in a while." Looking over to Niklas, he smiles bright to him, "There is another man who is excellent company! Lookin' green around the gills. If you vomit, do it away from me!"

"Ooooooooo, numbers -and- gossip? Throw in a good pot of chamomile tea and you have hit three of my favorite things!" Rosalie offers to Estil with a giggle and a grin. Nodding to Alarissa, she offers, "I'll send her a messenger to put the idea in her court and see if she would be interested in hosting. Otherwise, I'll put it together myself and we'll set it for sometime after the birth, so you can more comfortably join." Then there's a Coraline, and she's hugging the princess with a laugh and a kiss to her cheek. "Aside from my newfound propensity for running into things, I'm doing very well! Baby is healthy and demanding apples. I'm not sure why apples, but apples. In gravy. Brown gravy. Which, normally would be an anathema to me, but Alex assured me that its fairly commonplace for pregnant women to experience odd cravings. So my shins are bruised, and I'm eating odd things, but otherwise I am in tiptop! Loving every second of it. I keep eagerly awaiting the first movements."

Lethe looks to Ingrid with a friendly smile. "Hello that is such a beautiful gown." She nods to Karadoc. "I am so glad to hear that. Hopefully I'll get to see Lady Neilda soon."

Margot nods to Ingrid when she joins them, "Wonderfully. My daughter, Victoria, is cutting teeth so it is a great relief to be here rather than in the tower." She considers the lady, "That is a lovely red seasilk, may I inquire who made it?"

"Prince Niklas. No, Sabella's glow is finer than mine and I await news of when you shall be father. Have you settled upon a name? Come sit. The water is calm, but it will be easier if you do not pay attention to the water." She raises her voice "The High Lord is here, two voices as well. Should any of the isles or our allies have need, best to approach them now, before chaos erupts as it is want to do these days. Or a kraken attacks." But then she lowers her voice, conversation dropping to their small area of cushions as food is circled about.

Carita's smile curls higher as she listens to Karadoc, and in passing rests a hand on his shoulder to squeeze lightly, "Thank you, Lord Karadoc, perhaps later?" She leans to murmur something quietly, for him alone, before she moves onward, her hand easily slipping free of the Saik Voice. For Victus she asks, "Your Highness, might I join you?"

Sorrel makes her way aboard and brushes the dampness from her clothes. She then makes her way around to see who's here and doing what with whom.

"I wish I could tell you, Duchess. My sister purchased it for me as a gift when I returned to the city." Ingrid bestows a smile to Margot and Lethe. "I'll ask her, and I will send you a missive so you will know." She takes a drink of her wine and sets it on the table. "Lord Saik." She greets Karadoc, dipping her head toward him. "It's a pleasure to meet you.

Estil grins at Caspian's rather charming take on a library. "You aren't likely to find dramas or romances on my shelves, although I could steal some from my sister's if you need them to keep entertained, Master Caspian. All of my reading is dry and boring to the outsiders, with absolutely no flair for poetry or theatrics of any kind. Just as I like it." Just as she is, no doubt. Unfortunately, she is reminded for the second time tonight about her impending marriage, and she looks momentarily embarrassed by the question put to her. "Every time someone mentions my betrothal, it is like fresh news, Your Highness. I hardly remember it until it is mentioned. Yes, in, I think--another month and a half? Something like that. I've left all of the business of ceremony up to my brother and the Countess to plan, so do not ask /me/ for any details. I know nothing."

A warm smile goes to Rosalie, "Good, well I mean I am sure the excitement is balance by the odd cravings but good that you are in excellent health in the process! I very much doubt Alex would let anything else be the case." Cora notes with a grin. Seeing Ingrid, Cora waves to her as well and of course she waved to both Alarissa and Victus. Eyeing Vic she slips up to his little high ground and speaks quietly to him there.

Margot nods to the Grimhall lady, "Do let me know." Her attention returns to her cousin and Saik, "Is Lady Neila your sister or cousin Lord Karadoc?"

"Grandmaster, so good to see you as well. I do hope Sir Gerard's notes arrived intact and that you can make something of them. I guarantee that everyone involved will walk out of this famous, and the already famous people? Legends!" When it comes to praise, Prince Niklas Grayson does not go small. Especially when it's praise for himself. Looking out over the crowd, Niklas raises a hand to the others he recognizes. "Lord Karadoc, always good to see you out and about. Your whites have made their way to the top ten in my read list. And Lad- ah, no! Countess Carita! Congratulations are more than in order. Well earned, it seems. All who see to their house's well being should be thusly rewarded." He raises his eyebrows, like he's saying something leaden with meaning, then, at the Princess' invitation, plops down nearby. "We do have a name, in fact. And it is neither a variation on Alaric nor Keskialetta. Good names, but far too many of both." He pauses, a light goes off as he remembers Alarissa's house of birth, then hastily adds, "Though some of the variations on Alaric are quite lovely, of course!"

Klaus does settle upon good Thrax rum, and gets a drink for Coraline as well. When it comes to names of things, he cannot keep quiet. "I like Honeysuckle for a name. Can you imagine the histories of the enemy being defeated by a fleet whose flagship was the Honeysuckle? They would never live down the shame." Oh yes he is a rare gem.

"Good evening, Niklas -- it's good to see you not stealing the limelight." Karadoc returns with a lopsided grin, lifting his unoccupied hand to wave. "Also, impending fatherhood. You have my deepest sympathies."

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Victus dips his chin for Carita's appearance, beckoning her closer with a slow wave of his hand. "Approach freely, Contessa. I've been curious as to how you're settling into your new role? The same responsibilities of course, but that doesn't account for how everyone looks at you now that they've realized you're real shit. Expecting you to light the path." His stony visage cracks to allow a thin grin to appear. In the meanwhile his attention splits to glance at Coraline, something softly spoken in reply.

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"Oh no, Alex takes quite good care of me. I think he's actually more nervous about the impending birth than I am! I'm just eager to greet our child for the first time," Rosalie returns the warm smile to Coraline and giggles gently. She waves her friend off before looking back to the others, her head canting to the side.

"OI am wounded Niklas, utterly wounded. I am after all the recipient of one of those historical and traditional names. But I assure you our children will not be following that naming convention, though I asm sure one of yours will. It is how it is after all" But Caspian offers up names and Alarissa looks like she might sincerely consider those though. "Alaricia...". Cider is sipped though and Alarissa keeps an eye on the main deck as best she can, a nod to Estil. "Some day, someday. Princess Sorrel, welcome" When the by way of wyrmguard Thrax makes her way over.

Speaking quietly to Victus again, Cora smiles gently at Carita, "Oh I always knew she was real shit, the title was a foregone conclusion in my mind to happen one day."

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"Your Highness," Carita greets Niklas with a warm smile, "dazzling as ever, of course. Thank you, thank you. I'm greatly honored, truly." When Victus beckons her closer, however, she dips her head respectfully Niklas' way and makes her way toward the High Lord. Rich laughter lifts as she smooths her skirts out and settles with him, "I thought it wouldn't feel different at all, once I finished reeling from the shock of it, as you said -- my duties are the same, but the feel of it is entirely different." For Coraline there's a dipped head in respectful gratitude, "Not in mine, but I appreciate the solidarity."

Klaus releases a sigh and as if he was steelinng himself for something, does join a seat near Coraline near the aft deck.

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Karadoc overheard a thing and so he speaks up to add to the thing. A definition, if you will. "An instance of true authenticity; an occuring event which leads an individual to believe that they are, in fact, the real shit. High praise."

Breaking off his few words with Carita, Victus turns fully to appraise Carita again. His expression was nowhere near as overbearing as when he was observing the party itself from afar. "You've always been leading since you held Voice. But even then, you served something else. Someone else. Now your will is what's driving your people forward. It's a lot to take in at first. After awhile though, it takes root. And it'll take deep." He assures. "It's not usually how things are done in the Isles, your succession. But we are people who respect strength and action. You'll need to show them that you are worthy of your respect, and that your wrath will be the last thing they desire."

Blinking briefly, Rosalie turns her glance upwards towards the High Lord, looking briefly unsettled before glancing back to the group she's with. Soon enough, she's smiling again and coversing brightly.

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"Just be safe at the Lodge. I know that it will not stop you from going, the child, but promise us that you'll do your best to remain safe as you defend the lodge Princess Sorrel" Alarissa instructs with a cautious tone. "There needs to be more small feet running about the halls. I look forward to further laughter in it. Laughter has been long missing." Rosalie notes her desired gender and she smiles. "It will be what it will be."

"I'd miss Kyrios too much if I died at the Lodge. I'll be as safe as possible," Sorrel says with a touch of promise to Alarissa. "Speaking of which, he's mobile and dangerous. The stupid dog thinks that him walking is the best thing ever."

Carita's laughter lifts again at the words from Karadoc as she calls back, "As long as it's not the literal shit!" before she quiets, clears her throat, and turns her attention on Victus again. Though his presence isn't as overbearing as it was, the High Lord still seems to command ones attention quite easily. "Yes, exactly," she says softly as he begins, and when he finished her smile curls. "I will," is said at the talk of showing strength and action, her smile slim but genuine. There's a light sniff, her throat clears, and then blue eyes are settling on their table-mates as the conversation quiets.

"They all think it's the best thing, until they start pulling on the dogs tails and ears and the like. Poor Mathilde." Alarissa shakes her head, a glance to those present. "This is the Argonaut. The Baroness Skye named it. Something about, this is a ship for adventuring and exploration and thus the Victorius was not appropriate, nor the Incursion. She suggested Citadel but... I felt that was a little too oathlands."

Not-quite-to-himself, Karadoc mutters, "The glorious - meritorious - Victorious." His eyebrows draw together and he shakes his head with a wince, "No. That's terrible."

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"The Velvet Box, predominantly. Although -- I have been on my best behavior lately by not scooping everything up in sight." Karadoc ducks his head with a laugh, rubbing the nape of his neck.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

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4 Redoubt Buccaneers have been dismissed.

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Elizabetta climbs out of one of the ferrying boats and staggers over toward Niklas, looking even less suited to travel by sea than the Grayson prince. Niklas' assistant Sam intercepts her and they confer briefly before both going over to Niklas. Elizabetta whispers something to him and his eyes go wide before he jumps to his feet. "Now?! Really?! Baby! What do I do? Someone get me some towels! No, wait, she's not here. I need to go!" He gives everyone a desperate sort of uni-wave, then runs and jumps into a boat along with Elizabetta and Sam. As the dinghy is slowly lowered back into the water Niklas impatiently paces, grousing, "Damned boats!"

"You hurry up and wait!" Sorrel calls cheerfully to Niklas. "Either she'll have a delivery so easy the rest of us would be jealous of, or you'll have plenty of time to get there and suffer with her. You'll be a great father! Good luck!"

Niklas checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

"Would you care for an escort back to land, Lady Grimhall?" Karadoc asks, offering his arm to Ingrid. He offers Lethe a smile, a nod, and offers a wave to the rest of the party in farewell.

Niklas trips halfway down the ladder and swings down with his foot caught in it. "Fuckety shit!" Fortunately Sam is a lively fellow and helps him get loose.

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Klaus looked up and watched as someone almost went into the water. He next looks down at his big shiny breastplate. "I am begining to think my fashion sense might be lethal."

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Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leaves, following Niklas.

"I think I'm going to go myself," says Caspian back to the group with a two fingered salute their way. "I'm feeling a bit tired."

"Niklas!" Alarissa gasps, as the man makes strange noises and slips from sight. But now plash means he's fine, right? "Caspian, go with him, make sure he gets to her well and fine in one piece please."

"I'll see if I can catch up to him," says Caspian with a laugh to Alarissa, nodding as he waves his hand to her, and heads out into the wide, wide world!

Caspian has left the Bow Deck.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman leave, following Caspian.

Looking in the direction of the flailing and splashing, Cora shakes her head and eyes Klaus, "I admit, it might well be aboard ship." She says grinning.

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Lethe has joined the Aft Deck.

Alarissa has left the Bow Deck.

Maxene, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, a zealous Ostrian gelding leave, following Alarissa.

Klaus looks down at his breastplate and swear softly. "Shite, and here I was I looked presentable."

Lethe notices Klaus and Coraline. "Hello did your squirrel join you?"

Victus tuts. "Shame to fall overboard. That'll be a week's worth of bad luck for him I'm afraid." A shake of his head follows as he sets a hand down upon the banister, looking out over the deck. "Looks like folks are clearing out. Hope they took some grub home with 'em or I'm gonna get fat real soon."

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

"With all the food around the House if you were going to you would have already." Cora says dryly to Victus. Looking over at Klaus she laughs, "Yes well, you can do that not covered by metal." Lethe gets a warm smile and a wave, "Apparently he left her home this time."

"The low tide smells particularly putrid during this season. I never quite get used to it." Duarte says, ambling in after having just got off the boat. "I hope I'm not too late for the main course. I've fasted three days in preparation for this lovely gathering." He waves, "Hello everybody."

Lethe nods with a sigh. "Maybe I'll see her next time." She looks to Victus with a amusement. "I think I'd like to see that. I'll be sure not to take any home." She turns her attentuon to Duarte. "Hello."

Klaus smiles and inclines his head towards Lethe. "I am sorry my lady but yes, I did leave her back in my rooms. The last time she came with me to a Thrax dinner, she caused a ruckus. I thought I would try to make a better imprssion this time."

Carita's smile is redirected Lethe's way as she inquires about the squirrel, "I can't imagine the High Lord's cat enjoying that sort of visitor." That smile is then given to Klaus before she turns her attention back on the table.

Lethe nods. "Making a better impression isn't as much fun, but I understand. I did leave my cat at home. I'm also not sure he'd get along with your squirrel."

"On the contrary, I can't imagine that sort of visitor enjoying the High Lord's cat," Sorrel points out to Carita. "A squirrel with a broken neck makes a great plaything, if you're the Claw of Arx."

Carita's smile lifts, "Mm, I think we're speaking on the same point but coming at it differently," for Sorrel. She leans in to speak more quietly with Klaus, her smile turning impish.

Klaus has left the Aft Deck.

Lethe laughs. "I think I should be going, but it was good to see everyone."

Lethe has left the Aft Deck.

3 Tyde Houseguard leaves, following Lethe.

Harlen leaves, following Duarte.

Adam, A Young Apprentice, 4 Navegant Marines arrive, following Turo.

Victus gets into something long and winding with Carita, a slew of whispers and mutters with some exaggerated hand-gestures filling in the gaps as well. Afterwards, he takes a deep breath. "... And that's pretty much how it works. Anyhow, I was just saying that his Majesty made that expansion deal when Darkwater had little to no infrastructure showing, no? You may have lucked out on an even greater deal if that still holds true now, with all the advancement Darkwater has made as a holding."

Turo has probably been around the whole time, because he's that sort of person who hangs around the periphery, or gets overlooked when taking group pictures.

Grinning Cora nods to both Carita and Victus then laughs softly, "And now it is time for me to head off I think. Thank you for the dinner Victus, Rita we need to catch up at some point. Oh hey Vic at some point I have ideas in mind for things to do with East Light but I can wait to chat about it for a while." She waves and starts heading off, presumably with Klaus if he hasn't skidaddled already.

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3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy puppy leave, following Sorrel.

Coraline has left the Aft Deck.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Coraline.

Carita leans in to listen to Victus, her attention almost always on the floor or her feet as she concentrates on the High Lord's words. Occasionally her eyes flick up his way, until she finally nods at the end of his words with a quiet, 'ahhh' before her smile returns. "l

Carita leans in to listen to Victus, her attention almost always on the floor or her feet as she concentrates on the High Lord's words. Occasionally her eyes flick up his way, until she finally nods at the end of his words with a quiet, 'ahhh' before her smile returns. "Thank you for explaining."

Victus nods once. "'Course it might sound intimidating but a good thing to remember? No goal only has one path." With that he takes a look across the deck again, spying Turo rearing up from the depths. "Ah, the turtleshell Count! Seems you missed the drunken hullabaloo I'm afraid." A beat. "Also I recently learned how to say 'hullabaloo'."

Turo grins and says, "Congratulations, Highness! I've always said there was no one quite like our Prince, and you've gone ahead and proved me right once again." He sidles up to where Victus and Carita are hanging out, glass of rum in his hand. "There's rarely an end to the work that arrives at my doorstep, some days. I tried to tell the Countess that she can expect even more messengers, even though she was doing much the same thing as Voice, now that she has the title."

"That's true enough," Carita says to Victus, her attention turning on the newest arrival, "Count Navegant. Your sister was here earlier making friends but she disappeared before I could speak to her. The High Lord captured my attention." Her smile reappears, "I have a bet on marriage propositions. Lord Halfshav thinks that I'll get them flowing in and I assured him that won't be the case. So, in two months if no one has even hinted at it, I'll get a fox kit for my daughter, compliments of the Sword of Whitehold." There's a little more laughter, "If I lose, then I have to use the bear mask he's given me for whenever I have unwanted attention. The idea sounds so hilarious to me I've been carrying it on me ever since."

"Ah. Marriage. My least favorite political game." Victus mused with a slow roll of his eyes. "Duke Harald's advice to me once upon a time at tackling landscapes that weren't war was to treat everything like a battlefield. Negotiating marriage is an amphibious assault uphill if that's the case. Princess Coraline has had three suitors now ya' know. None of 'em have made it out well." There's a grumbling from the saltborn Prince. "I can't imagine either of you fare much better."

Turo rumbles a laugh at Carita's wager and says, "It sounds like you've won regardless. Your daughter gets a kit, and you get a mask you can use to chase away pretenders." He looks to Victus, grinning at his report of Harald's advice. "I'd marry her to my cousin Garret in a heartbeat, but I don't think she'd fancy going from Princess to Lady. And Garret would be insufferable as a Prince. Really, I do Thrax a favour by keeping him at heel." Turo sips his drink. "My wife is a good woman, and has grown to love our people, and has given me children. I can't ask for more than that. So, I am content."

Carita's laughter lifts, "I don't think the Princess and I are like minded in the area of marriage, Your Highness." She sniffs a little, clearing her throat. "I would, of course, marry for duty should the need arise. I'm just not particularly worried about it. I don't see many men climbing all over the divorcee with a child in hopes of marrying me."

"So long as children are being made and trade flows, I really couldn't give a damn about anymore complications than that. Grayson seems to have their eyes on big weddings. Me? Bah." Victus shakes his head slowly, waving his hand as well. "I got lucky with 'Rissa and I'll take my money and walk before I try that old song and dance again." His eyes look to the sky. "Damn it all, that late already?"

Turo nods sharply at Victus' comments and says, "She's a better Princess than I feared she might be - coming from Valardin and all. You chose well, and so did she." That doesn't sound like ass-kissing, but genuine praise. Looking up, Turo considers and then says to Carita with a wry grin, "I suspect our Prince is hinting we should go, my lady, lest he fall asleep here and now and we'll be tempted to rummage through his pockets and take his coins. Perhaps you'll walk with me?"

Carita grins and rises, dipping a curtsy for Victus. "Your Highness, it was lovely talking with you. Thank you for letting me take up your time tonight." She straightens and tilts her head, "Did you get a chance to try the rum I brought you and your wife? The blue bottled one?" There's a smile for Turo, "Will I need my bear mask, Count Navegant?"

"Oh you two don't have to go. Me though? I am tired." Victus mused with a small grin for the lone survivors of the fealty dinner. "By all means though, make yourself a pair o' friends. In the meanwhile, I'm gonna take this bottle of rum and shove off home. Careful around the city at night now. Weird shit always happening."

Turo replies to Carita with a smile and a shrug, "If I see you wearing it all of a sudden, your message will be received loud anc clear, Countess, now that I know what it's for." He offers a polite bow to Victus, and then offers Carita his arm.

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