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Lady Estil Navegant

A sharp mind is as sharp as any blade.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Willed Historian
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Navegant
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Fair

Description: While certainly not prim, there is an air of efficient propriety to her with her wavy chestnut hair perfectly, if simply, coiffed. Thick and long, the rich brown locks are laced with just enough warm gold and red to avoid being rendered mousy. Her eyes are a murky hazel, nominal in appeal but with a seemingly bottomless, sharp quality that belies the many indescribable things they may have seen. She has a heart-shaped faced retaining the slightly cherubic nature of youth with skin fair and largely unblemished. The tips of her long, finely boned fingers seem permanently ink-stained, but are otherwise kept well-manicured and neat.

Personality: Estil is a decently good woman. She believes in what she does, in the strength of Navegant and her family. She is kind when she can be, but harsh when she needs to be, and gentle when she wants to be. The very essence of what makes a good matriarch of a family, fair, but stern. In this she takes after her father, not exactly approving of her younger brother's hesitancy of taking up the reigns of leadership or her younger sister trying to play soldier or Sword, but accepts the fact that at least if they're happy, so is she. While she displays a hefty amount of experience in the political arena, a passion of her's is history. Theology, the occult, linguistics, anything that can be learned, she wishes to learn. She cannot carry a sword, but knowledge can be, if not more, just as powerful.

Background: Estil knew that she would never rule after Valors passed on, even with Turo's lack of interest being Admiral of the fleet. It wasn't so much resignation to the fact of simply accepting that she will have to do something else to make herself stand out. She wasn't a fighter by any stretch of the imagination, but she was smart. A sharp mind to match her scathing wit. If nothing less, she would make herself a powerful opponent in the realm of politics.

So she poured herself into the academics, or ruling an estate. While she might never be Countess, she could hope to at least assist whoever became Count. There may be a bit of resentment at the fact that she was passed over, but love for her family usually wins out. Dogedly pragmatic as the rest of the children, she's used to fending for herself and relying on her wits.

While she was content to stay in Escuma, she felt somewhat left out when her father requested Turo to Arx, with her sister Regla, who she often bickered with, followed after him a month or so later. This left Estil in Escuma alone. Eventually this solitude got the better of her, and thinking that her two siblings would do well with her calm hand, decided to head to Arx herself, seeking out her family to bring prestige to the Navegant name.

Relationship Summary

  • Turo - Younger brother and head of House
  • Regla - Younger sister who I love dearly

  • Family:
  • Skye - Cousin
  • Romulius - Cousin
  • Name Summary
    Aodhan Intelligent and Inquisitive, Lady Estil is the kind of woman to examine a situation from all angles and willing to understand varying viewpoints, not just her own. She's willing to learn and more importantly, she's willing to //listen// to the statements of others to form her own viewpoint. I wouldn't mind at all getting to know this woman better.
    Barric She seems friendly and doesn't take things to seriously which can be a nice break at times. Especially as she does so without being insulting about it! Glad to have finally met her (Officially) and will have to talk more later I think.
    Berenice She appreciates a good insult. Which I always appreciate in turn!
    Cambria A lady of House Navegant. A hard, cold place in the Mourning Isles. Yet she is, like so many women of the Isles, a figure of elegance. Quick with a smile, and a laugh, but best of all - a sharp mind.
    Cristoph A voice of House Navegant! I was lucky enough to spend some time with her discussing various trade related subjects. I haven't had much prior experience with the members of her house, so this was fortunate. She made an excellent impression and I think our families will both benefit from the agreements we're putting together. I am curious as to whether or not her house is a giant turtle!
    Emilia Such a kind and well-spoken person. My heart is warm and cozy if I know I'll be in her prayers.
    Fairen Charming, inquisitive and intelligent. This is a woman who knows how it is necessary to hold caution when examining Abalene. I think we may get along rather well.
    Galen Charming, capable, diplomatic. Excellent protege material, in my opinion, and fun companionship.
    Giulio The delight of the quill is such a lovely quality and an enjoyment of my drink? Ah, on such things are friendships borne.
    Harlex A noblewoman. Quiet. May have been the crowd but still; it is a rare and appreciative trait.
    Helia Wow, she looks like me! Or I look like her! And she is AMAZING. Just the sort of person I like. I want to drink all the rum with her.
    Iseulet Finally, I meet my cousin. Thankfully, not disappointing. I hope she doesn't mind my sister and myself staying at her home until we have managed to rebuild... At least it'll get to know her better soon. Seems worthy of the time and effort.
    Jordan Lady Estil seems to be a very witty woman with a dry sense of humor and a non-nonsense attitude. It helps, though, to keep grounded, so maybe I should talk to her for advice on etiquette matters. Gods know I'm slow on the uptake in that.
    Lucita Meeting so many people when I am dealing with grief sometimes makes me not as able to get as clear an impression of them as I would like, but she seemed well spoken, interesting, and to be someone I want to get to know better.
    Macda I need to make some turtle leather armor designs now for this one. It's the least I can do for such help as she's rendered.
    Marian A vivacious young lady who skillfully tried to move the conversation away from war. I'm afraid she wasn't successful. Still it shows she has good graces and knows how to navigate the political waters much better than myself.
    Niklas A member of a vassal house and a considerable wit. Delightful company.
    Norwood She seems a woman of good humor and relaxed attitudes.
    Prisila Strong women are a rare thing in Thrax, but her presence is exactly that. Well spoken, beautiful and captivating enough to charm that young man so easily. I like.
    Reese Well spoken, polite, observsant, intelligent.
    Rhea Confidently positing terrible ideas to complete and utter strangers! A woman after my own heart. How wonderful.
    Romulius She seems very composed and restrained, the opposite of her sister. I scared her on accident but that's on me, not her, I forget sometimes about my scars now. She seems genuinely kind and I can see why she likes Skye, they are very similar.
    Rue Very Thrax, in that severe but beautiful way. Reminds me of the stormy seas but Estil has more humor than the waves.
    Sabella She is quite lovely and I need to introduce less scandal around her so that we can be friends instead of having her not be able to look at me!
    Sorrel Poised, polite, and charming. Exactly what one expects from a diplomat. Yet there is fire in her, and I suspect that we shall be quite close friends given more time. The start of a great working relationship and friendship.
    Theron When I met this Lady, she was completely lost at the Southport Training Center. Seemed nice, and polite, if a little confused while I was fighting Mirari Corsetina at the training ring.
    Vayne A truly astonishing surprise. A woman of singular charm and wit, with a keen insight into matters many othere refuse to engage. If this meeting was any template for what we can expect, this relationship will be rich, meaningful, and make a deep impact.