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Rite of Gloria - Marian and Coraline

With the coming conflict at the Lodge, Princess Marian Redrain and Princess Coraline Thrax are doing a Rite of Gloria to bring favor in the Compact's efforts against the darkness that threatens this sanctuary. Legate Cassandra will be overseeing the ceremony.


Oct. 19, 2018, 3 p.m.

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Darren Lisebet Rowenova Nuala Alarissa Alaric Bianca Victus Coraline Artur Donella Emilia Klaus Lailah Ruslan Sorrel Auda Etienne Reigna Neilda



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Gloria

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Comments and Log

Legate Cassandra Laurent was called away for business so instead she has another priest of Gloria is attending to the Rite of Glora between Princess Marian Redrain and Princess Coraline Thrax. The old warrior priest stands by and observes as the witnesses come in to find their seating. Marian stands off to the side with Coraline, her face neutral, her posture straight as she waits for the priest to open the ceremony. When her liege greets her, she gives a deep bow to first the Crown, King Alaric. Then to her liege, Darren and his wife, Donella. Otherwise, she tries to keep with tradition and stand quietly until the ceremony begins.

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard, Bigsby arrive, following Lisebet.

Darren releases an exaggerated grunt at the belly-poke. "There's nothing ew about it. It was very manly," he expresses to Donella, before he nods over to Nuala. "Stuffed with fat, of course. To keep the warmth in. But I had to cut off the feet myself. Terrible work, really," he says, nodding over to Cirroch, and knowing well enough to quiet when the Rite begins. But he does flash a big grin to Marian!

Sir Alren, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Bianca.

4 Navegant Marines, Adam, A Young Apprentice arrive, following Turo.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, Turo arrive, following Alarissa.

Alarissa has joined the Firepit.

Lisebet makes her way, hopefully not late or anything.

Turo has joined the Firepit.

With a big wave to Cirroch, Rowenova pipes up, "Marquis Cirroch! Good to see you again, and I hope you are doing well!" The sailing jerky he threw is snatched out of the air by Sir Floppington who chows it down, doing so while wagging with this thankful look in his soulful eyes for the man who fed him. "Good boy!" says the wolf scout as she pats on Flop's sides and looks up to Donnella with a light shake of her head and a smile, "Nope! He is a very good boy indeed!" She quiets down, though, looking around for the nearest Halfshav with whom to seat herself.

"Flammable," Nuala quips in a low frisson of amusement that doesn't get very far. Her contralto tends to be pitched soft in such a place. The warrior priest of Gloria getting ready to prepare the battle keeps her at the ready, alert. Fanfare wherever the king goes pulls her attention to Alaric and eventually Victus too. She dips her head respectfully. Any further comments about using bears as torches and comfortable bedrolls can be saved for later.

Alarissa is slowly making her way in, nit on Victus' arm but on Turo's. Damp from likely the springs beneath navegant and fresh from the carruagen the two are in quiet conversation as they beeline for the firepit

Alaric and the usual borderline excessive retinue roll in to add a little extra knightly presence to the proceedings, dispensing the usual regal waves and nods as he takes up a spot under the roof of the shrine to observe. Both the Highlords on the scene get a nod, as well as the participating duelists, but by and large he doesn't seem inclined to start yakking it up right before the ceremony begins, exercising a little conversational restraint for once.

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Bianca stepped into the familiar shrine and her Templar paused at its entrance. All three removed their weapons, holding it before them then kneeling before they rose again after the show of respect to the goddess. Bianca in turn bowed her head along with them, murmuring a brief prayer before dismissing the younger pair of her Templar guards to find their own place of observation. Meanwhile Sir Alren remained at her side as she stepped nearer the firepit center piece.

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Bianca has joined the Firepit.

Sweeping through the shrine fresh from the cold is Thrax's High Lord Victus. His head is low in reverence as he takes his time stepping onto holy ground, heavy bootfalls accompanying his stride. The Claw of Arx resides on his shoulder with her usual disdainful glare on. Darren and Donella would receive a nod of greeting, the King a bow, and his wife a wave. But otherwise the man is silent, a grim expression complimenting his scarred face.

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Bianca has joined the Shrine.

Glory, the proud and fickle warhorse, Doreen the curious red-tailed squirrel arrive, following Klaus.

Beside Marian stands Cora in her rubicund, her axe at her hip and waits in silence as she watches those coming to witness the Rite. As her High Lord and Lady and the King arrive, Cora bows to them all and smiles and nods to those she knows but by and large she is silent and still.

Lisebet inclines her head, with a smile to those she recognizes. She sweeps a graceful curtsey in Alaric's direction, then offers a mischievous smile his way, before she moves to look for a seat to watch the proceedings.

Chipper as ever, Artur makes it just in time, striding through the door at the pace of somebody just slowing down from a jog, so perhaps being on time is more luck than judgment! Pausing just inside, he takes a moment to look around, lifting a hand to try and straighten out is hair some as he does. It works, mostly. Kind of. Maybe.

Donella seems to still be arguing the point with Darren, but has to pipe down as things get underway. She blows a kiss for her Isles-side family expansively, and gives his Majesty his harumpf, sitting.

Standing near the firepit, Emilia watches the proceedings with only a passing sort of interest. She's done these things quite a few times. Of course, her objective was to sneakily clean up the soot and ash from the firepit, but in the blink of an eye, there's a bunch of people there now. There goes that plan. With another sigh, she drops off the bucket of water and cloth, to the side, and turns to focus properly on the Rites.

The solemn warrior priest gives a deep bow to King Alaric. Then steps forward to start the ceremony after paying proper respect to the Legates and Archlectors in the crowd, "Today I read a prayer written and spoken by Dame Emilia De Lys, Templar of Gloria before her Rite of Gloria on the 11th month, 24th day, 1007." He clears his throat and then launches into the famous words, "Her eye sees all! And Her arm strikes true!

Evil shall find no sanctuary here.

For evil is unjust. Unrighteous. Dishonorable.

When I throw my warlike shield before me,

scatter and be destroyed!

For my path has been set ablaze

and is guided by the tenets of chivalry,

My strength is tempered by honor,

and my resolve is reinforced.

None of us are born strong or powerful into this world.

But even so,

she beckons the broken and the weak to her side.

Devote yourself to her! Learn from her! Be inspired!

To be strong is a choice,

and to turn that strength to the defense of the weak

and the innocent is what she demands!

Protect your brother! Protect your companion!

Protect he who cannot do so himself!

You need not love the sword, but if the sword loves you,

then this is the path of chivalry.

This is the path of Devotion!

It is in honor, In your conduct, Not the outcome.

These honorable fighters have come here

Princess Marian Redrain and Princess Coraline Thrax

to show us the essence of honor;

to show us their honorable conduct, not the result.

Today we honor the Goddess of Honor.

Today, we honor Gloria."

The warrior priest as two acolytes come and annoint the two warrior princesses. Then they move to give Marian and Coraline room to engage in honorable combat.

Darren inclines a nod to Victus, and a bow to Alaric, before he sits down beside his Donella. He's leaning comfortably into her, but most of his attention is on the Rite as it begins.

Klaus is once again later and yes it is once again all Doreen's Dr fault. He makes his way to where he can get a good look at Coraline to let her know he is here.

Lailah observes quietly, noticing two familiar faces nonetheless and heads towards them as she keeps a watch on things.

Silhouette, a Volkov courser arrives, following Ruslan.

Lailah has joined the Shrine.

Marian stands there quietly as the accolyte annoints her with sacred oils. She then steps out into the cleared area to face Coraline. She gives a deep bow, silently recognizing the strength and majesty of the warrior before her. Then she pulls out the diamonplate bastard sword that was given to her by her departed husband after their wedding. She moves fluidly into her fighter's stance as she waits for Coraline to ready herself.

Marian wields Second Chance - A Diamondplate Bastard Sword.

Seeing Klaus, Cora smiles happily then it is serious business face as the priest speaks. She bows her head for the annointing then moves to her position. Bowing deeply to Marian in clear respect she then draws her axe and moves to stand ready.

It is a fact that Ruslan only recently bent a knee to the Compact and the Marquis has not seen any of the shrines - so he picks a Rite of Gloria, just to observe it in action as he moves to join the spectators of the group, finding a place to fit in and be part of the witnessing.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy puppy arrive, following Sorrel.

For a moment as Marian wields her sword and Coraline wields her axe it is like time stands still. A rumbling in the crowd can't seem to drown out the tension in the air just between the two warrior princess come together to clash. A sunray from the sky as clouds part shines off both their weapons, almost hints at the blessing to those that feel the Faith deeply.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

3 Thrax Guards have been dismissed.

2 Thrax Elite Guards have been dismissed.

Lisebet is there, and she smiles at Ruslan as he arrives, inclining her head quietly. She's paying attention to what is going on, but she does take a moment to say, "Good day, my Lord Volkov. How are you today?"

As the priest speaks, the Templar near the firepit goes pale, and then blushes furiously. "Why'd you have to read that one in front of the /King/," Emilia murmurs under her breath, "I have much better ones." But still, her own prayer motivated her to the point that she had to actively resist the urge to throw a fist into the air.

Lamora arrives, following Auda.

Lamora have been dismissed.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Sorrel hurries in to the Rite of Gloria a little late, but interested in the fight. She makes her way in, tall and fully armored in red, looking as fierce as the two combatants, and she glances around for somewhere to watch the fight. She heads towards her cousin Bianca and bows to her companion. "Your Majesty. Legate," she greets. "I am glad to see it is about to start."

Sorrel has joined the Shrine.

Donella links her fingers into Darren's as she observes, one side of her smile climbing on her cheek into a lop-sided thing, even though her eyes are trained to the combattants. It is a rite, afterall.

"Thank you, my Lady." is offered from Ruslan to Lisebet as he stands next to the Farshaw lady. "Do you know either of the combatants?" he asks curiously.

Victus has joined the Shrine.

Lisebet smiles at Ruslan and nods her head. "Both of them," she says with a slight chuckle. "So, I hope both fight honorably and well, but I am certain they will." She

Lisebet smiles at Ruslan and nods her head. "Both of them," she says with a slight chuckle. "So, I hope both fight honorably and well, but I am certain they will." She offers a delicate shrug, and then adds, "And you?"

Nuala's attention is fully upon observing the battle between Cora and Marian. Someone could probably throw a pot of holy water on her and the darkly clad woman might either fail to notice or go up in a puff of smoke. The sliver of a smile touches her lips.

Auda hurries into the shrine almost on the heels of Sorrel. Close enough, really, to hear the Princess' greetings and echo them! "Your Highness, Legate. Your other highnesses." The last, of course, to all the princes and princesses in the shrine that aren't the King himself.

"I only know a few people." Ruslan admits. "I am hoping to change that." Though as he makes note of the Redrain princess, he offers a bow of his head to Nuala. "Do you know Princess Nuala Redrain, my lady?"

Doreen looks up from Klaus' neck look up and about and Klaus gives her a stern glare. "Do not even think about it." He then returns and has to admit how...intimidating...Coraline looks with her axe.

All was still, both fighters appearing to be statulike in their stillness. This illusion shattered from one moment to the next. Who moved first? Impossible to say but what could be see was the fierce speed with which the two came at each other, clashing like titanic waves of fury. But fury is not on their faces, Cora's is utter stillness, the calm within the storm of battle. Her axe blade seeking to find chinks within her opponents armor and coming down with strength. Each was glancing but hit they did with a ringing clash, a metallic cocophany that can be heard across the shrine.

Lisebet thinks a bit, and then she says, "I believe we have met very briefly in passing maybe? I cannot say I know her well." That's certain at any rate. She quiets to watch the rite to Gloria, trying to follow the fight, even though she knows next to nothing about such combat.

Marian fights more defensively out of the gate, testing her opponent with a few swipes that miss as Coraline's efforts are more aggressive. She grunts at the two glancing blows that manage to get through her defense and gets a more serious look on her face as she tries to find a weakness in her opponent.

Auda has joined the Firepit.

Sir Floppington sits down like the good boy and peers out toward those who are Fighting for their Rite to... Gloria! Scout Rowenova rewardingly pets him whilst also gazing toward Princess Coraline and Princess Marian, silently so!

Auda quietly joins those at the fire pit.

Blows are blocked and perried, a dance unfolding between two of great skill. Strike and block and twirl and jump and swing. It looks coreographed and yet, there is an element here that speaks of something more than planning could give. Eyes read each motion, each intention, body language scanned for movement. Over and over they trade attacks with glances off armor or entire misses. And Cora's expression, her entire focus is locked on Marian, until at last they each manage to hit, at almost exactly the same time.

Being still and being quiet are two of Artur's very worst skills and anyone that looks might see him visibly biting his lips here and there to keep himself quiet as some particularly good hit sends him off into an exited shuffle, and likely a loud whoop if he doesn't keep it carefully under control. He sort of jostle for position a bit, working his way toward the front, though luckily no overexcited fistbumps or hopping in place yet. Good.

Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, 4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Reigna.

Reigna has joined the Shrine.

Marian moves quickly as she finds a her center and brings blow after blow against Coraline. Her armor sparks as the diamondplate axe is brought down to bear on her, but she manages to stay just a hairsbreath from a true blow as they circle, slash and parry round after round. For a moment it looks as if neither titan will get through then through a stunning display of footwork they both overreach to get the other. There is a resounding clash as diamondplate weapons ring from the mighty blows given.

And just like that the tables turn, Marian has turned it up to 11 and Cora finds herself pressed to keep the blows from landing on naught but armor. Alas it wasn't to be and where helmet meets pauldron goes the sword, it's tip shining crimson. Marian has attained first blood. Seeing this Cora stops and bows to her opponent. "An honorable fight."

Marian doesn't give Coraline a moment to recover as she brings strike after strike against the warrior princess with a speed and brutality that the Northlands is known for. The light shines off her blade as that last mighty blow is given, drawing a slash across Coraline's cheek to draw first blood. Her blade immediately stills as the blood drips down her blade. She waits for the priest to confirm that Gloria's favor has been given.

Valla, Bosun of the Black Siren arrives, following Faruq.

Dorren chitters and looks to bolt like a squirrel foaming at the mouth and as if he was expecting it, Klaus grabbed Doreen about her tail. "No, no biting the victor. It was a fair fight, and besides, scars build character I hear."

Auda bows her head to Marian and Coraline as they finish

"Princess Marian Redrain and Princess Coraline Thrax, you have shown your honorable conduct before witness today, before the eyes of Glora," The older warrior priest confirms that Gloria has been appeased by the sacrifice, "You have fought well, showing your Devotion to the Faith." Then the priest turns to Legates and Archlectors present to see if they are pleased with the Rite of Gloria.

Sorrel is overheard praising Marian: Rite to Gloria!

Sorrel is overheard praising Coraline: Rite to Gloria!

Donella is overheard praising Marian: Expertly done.

Darren is overheard praising Marian: She always does Redrain proud!

Lisebet is overheard praising Marian: Rite to Gloria

Darren is overheard praising Coraline: An honorable fight!

Donella is overheard praising Coraline: Well and honorably fought.

Etienne is overheard praising Marian.

Lisebet is overheard praising Coraline: Rite to Gloria

Etienne is overheard praising Coraline.

Isabetta is overheard praising Coraline: You did a thing!

Valla, Bosun of the Black Siren leaves, following Faruq.

Reigna is overheard praising Marian: Warrior with few peers, honorable to the core.

On cue, Bianca's chin lifted and attention turned to the combatants. Her hand lifted in fist over her chest and head bowed in indication of her approval with both the Rite and the skill of the fighters.

Reigna is overheard praising Coraline: Your spirit shines as brightly as your faith, as boldly as your honor. You make us all proud.

Auda is overheard praising Marian: Such an amazing fight!

Bianca is overheard praising Marian.

Bianca is overheard praising Coraline.

Once Legate Bianca confirms that the Rite of Glora has met her satisfaction, and the support of the Faith. The older warrior priest turns to the Crown, King Alaric, to confirm that His Majesty is pleased with the display of battle given on this day.

Ruslan is overheard praising Bianca: Holding an excellent Rite to Gloria

Ruslan is overheard praising Marian.

Ruslan is overheard praising Coraline.

Alaric is overheard praising Coraline.

Alaric is overheard praising Marian.

Scout Rowenova head tilts in her wolf-framed face. Sir Floppington stands up, then that soulful hound lets out a mournful bay before sitting down again. Rowenova stage whispers, "Flop!" before quickly patting his doggie sides, so that ripe-watermelon sound comes out as she does so.

Donella rises from her place spectating, and withdraws from the gathering with a quiet sort of efficiency.

3 Last Watch Sentries leaves, following Donella.

Turo has left the Firepit.

Adam, A Young Apprentice have been dismissed.

4 Navegant Marines have been dismissed.

The older warrior priest turns to High Lord Darren, and High Lord Victus, "Your warriors have shown their devotion and brought honor to your houses." The priest turns to the rest of the crowd priest, "Praise Princess Marian Redrain and Princess Coraline Thrax for their honor and sacrifice." He then bows to the two warriors to show that he is pleased with their efforts, and then ends the ceremony, leaving the combatants to rejoin their family and friends who bore witness.

Having watched the contest with rapt interest, Etienne wears a wide smile and even claps a little at the skill of the rite.

Marian straightens and bows to her opponent, showing her appreciation for skill in battle. She waits for Legate Bianca to confirm that the fight has met her satisfaction, giving her a bow when she does. Then the King recieves a deep bow for his praise. After the Faith and Crown have been given their due, Marian bows to first her liege, Darren and then her opponent's liege, Victus, before finally giving respect to the warrior priest who oversaw the Rite of Gloria.

Silhouette, a Volkov courser leaves, following Ruslan.

Cora bows to Marian as well, then Bianca, then Alaric, then the two High Lords and then she pads over grinning.

With all the pomp and circumstance over, Darren raises his voice out in a loud whoop for Marian as he hops to his feet. "An amazing showing, Princess Marian," he says as he strides over to her, beaming a grin. He turns to Coraline next, inclining his head. "And you as well, Princess Coraline. You put up a good fight!"

Reigna is chatting away with her cousins Sorrel and Bianca, though she is keeping an eye on Coraline, Reigna's fingers tightening on the strap of her medical satchel, clearly waiting for the Rite to be completely done before she hurries over to see to the competitors.

Victus steps down from his perch to approach Coraline with purpose. One hand raises to smack her on the shoulder and squeeze firm. "You did good." He looks to Marian next, dipping his chin respectfully. "And you."

Cirroch has left the Firepit.

Marian smiles deeply at Darren as he approaches, giving a nod to Reigna to let her know to see to Coraline first before herself, "Thank you High Lord Darren, I am honored to respresent House Redrain in this ceremony." She gives a glance to how her friend is doing, "That was a good fight. For a moment, I didn't know if I'd win or not." She gives a smile to Victus, "Thank you. She's a worthy opponent."

Lady Neilda Saik is here for the ceremony, and the aspiring relic-hunter is as prim and proper as can be in spite of her lesser noble station. Come to the shrine in all her finery rather than her armour -- somewhat ironically; for this is the goddess of war's place -- she looks around for those she might know, but alas there are no familiar faces, causing her to observe in solitude for now.

Marian is overheard praising Reigna: For her healing hands

Alarissa rises now that the batyle is done, murmuring to those at the firepit. She starts to move away not long after as if to depart.

"Well, you always do Redrain proud, Marian. Today's just yet another example of it," Darren says to her in a sincere manner, before he takes a step back and glances towards the exit for a moment. "I should be heading back to the Villa. But I'm glad I was able to see you fight," he says to Marian, before dipping a nod to Coraline and Victus both.

That soulful hound, Sir Floppington, gets up and goes over to Neilda, doing the twitchy nose and wagging tail Thing.

Taking off her helm, Cora beams. "Thank you Highlord," she says to Darren then grins at Victus, "And Highlord. That was incredible. I clearly still have a lot to learn but I was honored to be part of this with Warchief Marian." she beams at Marian next, "You fought amazingly, that final push was just wow." She grins at Reigna already knowing what her friend and Guildmistress has in mind.

"Raise your Voices! Sing to the gods!" Sorrel calls out suddenly, and then breaks out spontaneously into song, almost like she cannot help herself. It is the War Hymn she wrote, and the tune is familiar to many, having been used to rally many of the troops for the War Against the Pirates.

"Joined strong by unity

Faith, hope, and victory

Together we have greater might

Forever holding in the Light

The darkness will be banished

Abyssal forces vanquished

As one people we do fight

To persevere o'er endless night!"

Something the King has said has sent Reigna into giggles. She follows it up with another quip and a wink to the King before the approaching warriors catch her attention. The laughter fades and she ties her physician's robe tightly as she moves to see to her patients. Seeing that Coraline is worse off, it is the Thraxian princess Reigna looks after first. "We meet again, Princess." Reigna murmurs, trying to keep her expression that of the concerned doctor rather than amused friend.

Coraline is overheard praising Marian: A warrior of incredible skill and honor! It was a privliedge to fight her.

Bianca has left the Shrine.

Marian grins at Darren and gives a nod as he says his goodbyes. She shakes her head at Coraline, "No, you almost had me there. Don't discount your skill. I do think you are a fine warrior." She motions to herself, "I've just been doing this a wee bit longer." She gives pause as Sorrel breaks out in song and then gives a bow to Sorrel for her fine singing.

Neilda is a startled a little by the dog: she is a Saik cat rather than a pup, and though she's not an avid tamer of beasts she can't help but hold some affection for the creature. Not sussing out quite who the creature's master is exactly, when she is done singing her part in the hymn she crouches down to the creature, speaking to the dog as if she's cooing over a young child: "Hi there, little fellow: are you lost?"

Rowenova does not seem to be too worried about whatever it is Sir Floppington decides he wants to do. She waves goodbye to Darren then approaches those who fought today and shakes their hands if let to. Meanwhile, Sir Floppington is happily nudging Neilda's shoulder with his damp nose as well as looking up with those soulful eyes, wagging hard the whole time.

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