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All That Glitters

A group has arrived in Arx, where did they come from? Who knows but they are one charming bunch of so and so's. They have spent time integrating into society and now are hosting an incredibly ostentatious party. The one at the center of this charming lot is a woman who seems to have perfected the art of the courtier, able to pull people to her from every level, and is loved almost immediately upon meeting. Arriving in armor would be seen as the height of insult and will turn you away at the door likely with scorning looks and officious manner.

For those social PCs who don't get a chance to enjoy many PRPs this one is for you, there will be immecable dress, there will be fine manners, there will be more forks and spoons than you could imagine, and possibly some excitement thrown in for high class flavor! Remember NO ARMOR, and the weapons should be small to medium and go with the outfit.


Sept. 12, 2018, 1 p.m.

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Gianna Merek Reigna Sabella Desiree Fecundo Perronne Zoey Jophiel Monique Ian Alarissa Zara Delilah Reese Tabitha Niklas Col



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Arx - Meerside Manor - A Horribly Ostentatious Ballroom

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As the time draws near and guests begin arriving at Meerside Manor they are welcomed to a true sight to behold. Every inch of this estate drips in money, and the staff appear to be able to read mind, they are that attentive, polite, and invisible while being admireable.

As they are shown into the estate the apparent wealth just keeps becoming more apparent, tables of food and drink from not only across Arvum, but clearly from other places as well is obvious. But the center of it all, a small group of the most attractive, sophisticated, and darn right amazing people likley seen. The fashion? To die for. The elegence? Divine. These are the hosts of the evening and every aspect of body language cries out how pleased they are that each and every one of you personally have arrived to spend the evening with them, without losing one ounce of that elegence.

Welcome, to Meerside Manor.

As the time draws near and guests begin arriving at Meerside Manor they are welcomed to a true sight to behold. Every inch of this estate drips in money, and the staff appear to be able to read mind, they are that attentive, polite, and invisible while being admireable.

As they are shown into the estate the apparent wealth just keeps becoming more apparent, tables of food and drink from not only across Arvum, but clearly from other places as well is obvious. But the center of it all, a small group of the most attractive, sophisticated, and darn right amazing people likley seen. The fashion? To die for. The elegence? Divine. These are the hosts of the evening and every aspect of body language cries out how pleased they are that each and every one of you personally have arrived to spend the evening with them, without losing one ounce of that elegence.

Welcome, to Meerside Manor. <RE>

Gianna has been hired to sing by the hosts, and she's dressed in gold. Even her fingernails are gold, and she looks every inch the part of the head of the Bard's College of Arx. Which has only been a thing for not even a year, but word gets around fast.

Merek has decided to wear his crimson-black silks which have been decorated with patterns upon them that are floral and shine like steel. He has placed up his knives to the pocketed pants which he wears, while he nods to those at the front with an incline. His fireweave scarf is about him and it has duskstone sigil upon it that show it is him. He also has a cape and a star iron waistchain while his shirt shows his midriff.

Reigna arrives politely on time, her umbra and seasilk gown fits like a dream, the painted flowers on the skirt a bold contrast to the inky black material. Her hair is in a slightly more elaborate style than her usual, but it is no less severe. Still, the coiled braids are studded with lustrous opals, shimmering with color like stars within her ebon hair. She is sans Kael for the evening, looking a little incomplete without the tall Marquis at her side.

Sabella always looks pretty well put together, but she's pretty much glowing now thanks to the pregnancy and all the aeterna and seasilk she has on, casting a glittering rainbow wherever she looks thanks to her beautiful tiara, "How have we never been here before?!" She asks Niklas as she loads up yet another plate of delightful treats. "The food is amazing! And the company of course but look at this food!"

Desiree arrives with her hair perfectly done. She wears a sparkly ice blue gown with shoes to match. She also wears a few pieces of jewelry that go well with the outfit. She looks around with confidence.

Could there be anything more representing peacockery than arriving in one of the limited cloaks won as part of recent festivities? While there may be, this is how Fecundo arrives to the event, in the Pena cloak, and amazingly without a sword at his side. He sweeps in and looks about for a moment to see who might have decided to attend, a warm smile on his face and a sharp glimmer in his eyes.

Although not noble or, technically, any longer an Oathlander, Perronne arrives in fashion that wouldn't be out of place in any ballroom of the Oathlands. The seasilk clings to her spare frame, flaring like fire around her ankles. Her arms and shoulders gleam with champagne silver ornamental armor, and rosegold scales on the torso of the dress carry the armor illusion just a little farther - although it's clear that the thin, elaborately engraved metal could never take a blow. Her hair is pulled up, and elaborately teased into a waterfall of ringlets down her neck and cheeks. She pauses just inside the entrance to the manor, too polite to gawk, but still visibly impressed.

Zoey arrives with Ian, her pace a slow stroll to match his gait. It also has the benefit of highlighting the -very- Lycene-inspired umbra gown with its matching stygian-adorned slippers. Epiphanite, diamonds, and gold gleam against her warm brown skin; even her perfume is decadently expensive. She has her alaricite bow with her, sans its customary silk wrappings, and it is gorgeous. Kennex looks -good- tonight.

Dressed in the best of his Bisland clothing, Jophiel made a promise to escort Princess Reese to the next formal event to come up. With the young woman on his arm, the dark Bisland lord smiles warmly towards Reese, a smile that touches his eyes. "I did not realize that the first formal that would come up would be to some place that is.. so refined. Are you sure that you would not rather be on your own, Your Highness?"

Monique arrives and though she may only be wearing honeyed silk, the Minx of the Marches is wearing a King's ransom in jewels. She sparkles, oh! How she sparkles tonight. Incredible tiara, /two/ exceptional necklaces, a fire of green and black and red, diamondplate hairpins to hold up her flame-tressed mane, and emeralds just about everywhere else. There are waves given to Reigna, Niklas and Sabella as she spies them, and the brightest of smiles. "Isn't this just /everything/, Marquessa, Your Highnesses?"

Half of Kennex looks good tonight. Ian is here, and anyone who's willing to start taking guesses would probably be able to come with a good one as to why. (It begins with Z and ends in oey.) He doesn't look uncomfortable, exactly, but there's no way Ian is ever going to blend with this set, and he's got to know that. So he's not doing a lot of talking. He's wearing clothes that are respectable, and that's about all that can be said for them, but at least he's clean and shaved? No visible weapons, though. Unlike his wife.

Alarissa's made her way in with Delilah, arm in arm with her protege, murmuring softly. There's a smile for familiar faces as she sweeps in all stygian and diamonds in the official Maelstrom jewelry. Even her dress is littered with thousands of little tiny diamonds like she's dressed in a night sky. Engagement ring with it's outrageous epiphanies, and all the other various bits and bobs that her rank and station afford her. And is expected of her. But the dress, the first time it's been worn out and it glints and gleams.

Zara arrives like many others, the Princess is dressed in violet seasilk that does everything for her pale skin and dark hair. The fit could not be more perfect, nor show her tall form any more elegantly than it does. A cloak trails behind her with a wonderful dragon making it's presence known. Jewelry cacades in her ay and down her back and her hair as she pauses to let those dark eyes look over the ranks of beautiful people before heading towards someone she knows with slow graceful steps/

Perronne scans the star (and diamond) studded group of attendees with a smile of pure delight. She doesn't linger on anyone long enough to stare, but comes close when it comes to two things: the mysterious hosts of the fabulous party, and the buffet table, with its exotic offerings. Her expression brightens further as she spots things that seem to come from elsewhere than Arvum, and she makes her way with passable grace through the crowd to study the table closer.

For all that this event beckons to wearing plain cloth and jewelry constructed out of glass, Delilah does not harbour that wicked sensibility to turn convention on its head. Isn't there some peacock prince to do that? She hasn't sought to fight with the wealth of high lords or buried kingdoms, instead shimmering with the glory of the stars themselves. Alarissa has a backdrop of the midnight sky on her arm, the better to reflect light back upon the princess of Maelstrom. She smiles to the stunning blonde, exchanging a few words quietly underneath the general mesmerizing hum of people out to be seen and see in turn.

Reese arrives while on Jophiel's arm. She is wearing a pink and ivory silken gown that looks suspiciously like something her sister has worn before to those who pay attention to fashion. Sabella wore the dress much better although Reese is helped by being the exact same height as her sister. "Oh, I don't mind being here with you, Lord Jophiel. It is very very fancy. I don't know how to dance though, just a warning..." She says and peeks down at his feet.

Tabitha arrives, all delicate grace in a flowing seasilk gown. With every step she takes, the exquisitely fine lengths of the fabric glimmer with shades of blue and lilac, mirroring the ethereal waves of misty seas at dawn. Her pale shoulders are bare except for the straps of the gown, which have been adorned with finely-woven lace in eggshell blues, and soft ribbons of the same hue lace the dress along her spine. Her jewelry is simple; two rings that glint golden in the light. The first, the signet ring of house Whitehawk. The second, a simple glittering band crowned with a single pearl. Meanwhile, her strawberry-blonde hair is worn up in an updo of curls, shining rose and gold beneath the room's illumination. What's that in those coiling locks, though? It's a hairpin of white glass pearls. Glass, not the most costly material, true, but this is /perfect/ glass. Glass wrought by the most skilled craftsman. That means something, right?

There is a little look of relief when Reigna sees Monique, moving closer to that friendly face in this sea of shimmer. She moves towards the Minx of the Marches and shakes her head, "I often feel outclassed within the city walls. Tonight I am truly the sparrow." Reigna's eyes take it all in and she self consciously smooths her umbra skirts as she looks around.

There's a small chuckle from the Bisland lord as Jophiel lifts a brow. "Princess Reese, I have seen your combat prowess. I know that you are already light on your feet. And combat is not much different than social dancing, except it doesn't involve weapons and the touches don't draw wounds unless you're into that." he winks at her playfully as he gives Reese's hand a light caress with his free one. "Should we join the line to meet our hosts?"

Niklas isn't exactly dripping in jewels, but he's wearing a suit of aeterna, all in pastel colors. Aeterna in colors? Hey, all you have to do is want it hard enough. It doesn't hold much, but it holds enough for the softest of pinks for the shirt and the babiest of blues for the waistcoat and trousers, all finished off with mother-of-pearl fasteners. While he's passed on necklaces, one hand does have a number of rings on it, all stygian and starmetal, and of course there's his coronet, pride of his collection, tucked neatly into his hair. He smiles to Sabella when she raves about the food. "As someone who got to join you on your diet of biscuits and sausages-only for a good two months, can I just say how happy I am that you have your full appetite back?" When others approach Niklas offers a broad smile. "Monique! Of course you would be here. A stylish event, where else would you be? How could you throw the ball to end all balls to top this without at least sparing a moment to take it all in?"

Gianna inclines her head to those she recognizes as she circulates, a glass of something lightly alcoholic in hand. So much finery to take in, and here she is, just in silks and gold. Glittering blue eyes appraise garments and jewelry with a calculating air. She smiles her faint, highly guarded smile. Niklas and Sabella get a nod; she follows Niklas' gaze to Monique and glides that-a-way. "Thank you so much for lending me an assistant," she tells the Minx of the Marches. A nod for Reigna as well.

Reese smiles warmly over to Tabitha, giving the artist lady a wave. "I love your dress, Lady Tabitha." She says, living her voice to carry. She then notices Reigna and has a smile for the Marquesa that touches her blue eyes. She then turns to Jophiel a moment later. "Maybe I will be okay at dancing then." She murmurs, while still at hi side. "That sounds good." She says, regarding to get into line. She waves over to Niklas and Sabella as well.

Zoey murmurs something to Ian, motioning towards the hosts. Her feet turn in that direction, clearly intending to make introductions and exchange all due pleasantries.

'Princess Reese knows how to dance, she's just being modest." Alarissa teases to her cousin and Jophiel.

Monique reaches out to tap one of Reigna's fingers. "My dearest Marquessa, I very much doubt /anyone/ here can claim to be wearing Dragonweep, the way you can. I think you outshine us all on a single finger," the flame-haired Greenmarch replies to the Marquessa fondly. Laughter follows for Niklas. "Oh, I think this is far richer than even I could imagine. We really ought to pay our respects to the fabulous hosts, no?" There's a nod to Gianna. "Of course, Gianna Whisper. I'm pleased you offered me the opportunity."

Fecundo passes Reese and Jophiel, nodding to the both, but more to Reese. He gravitates in the direction of Zara, stopping to offer her a smile, "Evening, Highness." He studies those hosting the event for a moment and then all those who seems to have come out for the event.

Delilah casts a curious look in Monique's direction and utters what amounts to a contented sigh for the variety of elegant colours in that direction. One can always rely on a true redhead to come out with something smashing. She crooks her fingers in that direction, the honey and forest shadows recognizable through the sparkling demise of everything else. "I do hope they've thought to modulate the light in here," she tells Alarissa with amusement.

Reee waves to Alarissa. "Oh, Princess Alarissa!" She says, lifting her voice to carry. She then blows a kiss to Monique, seeming trying to aim for her right cheek. She smiles to Fecundo. "Lord Fecund, hi."

As the last of the guests arrive, the doors are shut. Tonight any guards the guests came with are quietly shuffled off to another wing of the house to be fed and watered and kept away from sight.

The woman at the center of the group of hosts waits for her guests to find the food and drink and begin settling in for a party. When she speaks she has an accent, but a faint one and one likely not heard before. Her voice is rich, full, and friendly with a sophistication that speaks of years of training, "Welcome to Meerside Manor, my name is Carissia Novenstacia your humble host of the evening and I thank all of you for your willingness to spend time in our humble abode. Help yourself to the food and drink, we will have music by one of Arx's most talented, and of course dancing and games. Please enjoy your evening."

Some of the guests might also notice other guests who have arrived. A few of them of note. A gentleman with two ladies on his arms, all of them wearing a manner of dress similar to the hosts. A young woman wearing a gown of deep blues and purples and dripping in dragonsweep, including a tiara coated in the stuff. (by coated I mean is all over the thing not literally coated), and finally a couple who appear rather underdressed for the evening but seeming comfortable amoungst the glittering crowd.

Niklas grimaces and murmurs to Monique, Sabella and Reigna, "Carissia Novenstacia sounds almost as made up as Lys de Lire."

Zara turns as Fecundo appears and for some reason that causes a half smile, "A good evening to you as well Lord Fecundo, I am pleased to see a friendly face.." She says to him before she nods towards the others who are near. Alarissa, her cousin even gets a smile.

Ian's slightly 'wrong' walk, with just a whiff of a marionette about it, and his tendency to look at his feet while he walks don't do much for his general presentation. But he follows dutifully along with Zoey, with only a brief pause to look back at the doors.

Merek makes a bit of a wiggle with his nose as he notices all that Dragonweep. Something is a bit weird about that, like the fact of how much dragonweep is accesssible to folk, though he looks to the host, and inclines with respect to that direction. He moves to settle at a couch and listen to some of that music, while he takes a drink of the wine he brought with his flask.

"Glorious Glutes of Gild, I don't think I've even seen some of this before. The import markups must have been staggering. And it's perishable!" Perronne mutters to herself by the tables, then takes a sample, nibbling delicately at something exotic. "And it's delicious!" When the hostess speaks, she turns and listens with interest. Her lips twitch with amusement about something, and then she starts examining the guests. The woman covered in dragonweep can't help but draw a stare, politeness be damned. She finishes her sample, then makes her way towards the young woman with a warm smile and a merchant's determination for introductions.

It's safe to say that Tabitha looks just a little apprehensive, just the tiniest bit rabbit-in-headlights as she turns a wide cobalt gaze around the room. For all her grace, she's not the most outgoing woman. It's something of a relief to her when Reese waves her way, therefore, and the tension seems to ease from her shoulders as she lifts a hand to return the gesture. "Your Highness, you look wonderful," she says, dipping into a perfectly-executed curtsy. The smile that follows is sweet and genuine. Then comes the announcement from their hosts, and so Tabitha turns to listen. To the newcomers her eyes turns, though without staring. All the while, even more curtsies and gentle smiles are given when appropriate.

Gianna wants that dragonweep. The one on Reigna's ring, but also the ones adorning that one other woman's outfit. Gianna raises her glass to her lips and takes a long, contemplative sip of her drink. Maybe she's trying to figure out if she can take the dragonweep-dripped woman in a fight. A nod for Alarissa, and one for Reese and Jophiel. She pauses as Perronne starts to move past her and murmurs something to her.

Desiree notices Reigna and smiles as she approaches her. "Cousin Reigna it is so good to see you here. I think you look absolutely beautiful." She smiles as she looks at the others nearby. "This is quite the party."

Perronne pauses at the murmur, turning a brief but brilliant smile to Gianna as she speaks quietly to her, paused in her movements across the floor.

There is a wave sent to Reese and a return of her smile, and Reigna is offering the same beaming expression to Gianna Whisper before she looks up to Monique and then down to her hand. "Well, even a sparrow must have bright feathers." There's a pause and a squint from Reigna, "I am not sure that comment made any sense, but yes." Of course then comes the woman in her dragonweep regalia and Reigna stifles a laugh as she looks to Monique and says, "Looks like I was just plucked." She looks to Sabella, Niklas and the others nearby. "I have never heard of a House Novenstacia."

Reese stars at the dragonweep for a moment and her lips pout open. She seems quite impressed. "Wow...they got more gems than my sister." She says and gives Sabella a playful smile. She then waves to Merek. "Oh, Sir, Merek, hi!" She smiles oer to Gianna as well. "Dancing and games. I do love games." She murmurs to Jophiel.

Jophiel nods his head towards Fecundo, even if the nod was meant more for Reese. There's a chuckle given towards Alarissa as she makes he comment towards Reese, but as they go to meet with the hostess. "Do you know much of our hosts? I fear I have not heard of the house before." he admits to the Princess. "I have spent more time assist in Thrax and my duties towards former thralls than to go looking. Though a house this grand should be.. more known."

Over there is her cousin, in glass pearls, and Delilah gently raises her hand in greeting to Tabitha. "You look resplendent, Tabby!" she sings in a warm greeting, though her gaze travels freely from Regina's outfit -- and a wave there -- to the glorious architecture of the building. How she manages to avoid that pile of dragonweep worn by a woman is something for the ages, proof positive that she really, really needs a preoccupation other than arches and windows. Eventually she does turn to that stir, eyes widening slightly. "That might just bankroll the whole duchy for, oh, three years? Assuming we built a city," she says with obvious amusement.

Sabella stares at that dragonweep tiara. Then she looks at Niklas. Then she looks back to the tiara. Then to Niklas. With a looooong look. Luckily, Reigna then speaks to them and her attention is dragged away, "Neither have I! Perhaps this is their introduction to society? Though I would think the King would have sent word..." She pauses to stuff her face with some delicacy. Decliately. Reese gets a laugh, "They do! And I have a husband now who should see that corrected!"

After arriving beside the hosts, Zoey offers her warmest, most winning smile, reaching out halfway with a slender hand. "Good evening, Lady Novenstacia," she murmurs. "I am Lady Zoey Kennex, and this is my husband Lord Ian. Thank you for your kind invitation and generous hospitality." What dragonweep tiara?

Monique reaches out to snag Reese's air kiss, and blows one back in return fondly. But then she's turning to spy this new sensation, and... all of a sudden, the Minx of the Marches looks distinctly uncomfortable. It's just the flicker of a moment, and then she smooths it out into a smile, and leans in to murmur something quietly to Reigna.

Fecundo speaks softly with Zara, hands behind him under the cloak. He studies those he knows and those he doesn't. He watches who interacts with whom, who's is off by themselves.

Turns as Desiree arrives and her smile is again, a relieved and happy thing, "Cousin Desiree! Oh, you look as lovely as ever, and thank you!" She moves to hug the other woman, a light gentle touch, swift and then gone. "That color looks so good on you." She smiles and gestures to the others nearby, "You know their highnesses, Sabella and Niklas Grayson, yes? And the incomparable Gianna Whisper?" There is an assumption that Desiree is well acquainted with Monique. She tilts her head as Monique murmurs to her, and her smile falters just a touch, it remains, but there is something different, fixed about it.

Ian looks up at their hosts when Zoey greets them, fixing first one, then the other with his focused electric gaze for a little longer than would be considered strictly polite. At least he's not staring at the jewelry, though; the way he watches people takes in their faces, the way they carry themselves, and the way they move. He nods when introduced.

Gianna's lips quirk in a wry sort of expression to what Perronne says; she nods, and continues making her way through the room. Passing near Zara and Fecundo, she murmurs, "Good to see you again, Princess. And hello... Lord Fecundo, I presume? In your cloak from the Gala. It's just as beautiful as I remember."

\\"Princess Zara!" The Valardin Princess is beckoned over even as Alarissa's walking around with Delilah, keeping not he move. " Have you met the Lady Delilah Whitehawk?" A glance toward one of the guests brings a touch of a smile to her face and then a murmur to the two, offering her other arm to Zara.

"I never heard of this house, but I don't follow all the noble houses, maybe I should start." Reese say softly to Jophiel while still at his side. She seems amused by Sabella's words. "I think he probably should correct it. None Greater after all." She says, but just might be trying to make trouble for Niklas. She then whispers to Jophiel.

Perronne curtsies to the nearby nobles and royals, and then also continues on her way towards the dragonweep-laden woman, her smile warm and bright as she offers a curtsy. That special sort of curtsy you do when you're pretty sure you're talking to someone who outranks you, but you don't know by how much. It's very particular. "My lady, may I say how utterly remarkable your outfit is, this evening? Even among this company, it stands out! In a good way!" She doesn't quite bounce on her toes, but there's sort of an inherent bounciness to her voice and posture, like bouncing could happen at any moment.

As Reese and Jophiel take their turn in the line, Jophiel's smile is warm and bright. "My Lady, may I present Princess Reese Grayson, the Knight of the Ribbons, and General in the Grayson Armies. I am Lord Jophiel Bisland - I wonder - do you know everyone here, or would you like some assistance with introductions? I can't help but to feel lost at these things and always want to look for something familiar, wouldn't you agree?"

"Well, she didn't say she was 'Lady' Novemscansion, just her name. So maybe they're a merchant family, like the Merciers. But even more successful." Niklas glances around. "Er. A lot more successful. You know, I always imagined that Mistress Aurora Thornburn lived in a house like this." When Niklas picks up on the meaningful looks from Sabella to the tiara he makes a face, but doesn't comment. He can't kill all the people he'd need to kill to get the money for a nice hat like that. "It's certainly interesting to find a place that makes the shrine of Gild look drab, though."

A wee tiny wave of Tabitha's hand is lifted to Delilah at the greeting. And then, almost on impulse, the young artist sort of trots in the most gracefully self-conscious way possible towards the safe harbour of her cousin's presence. "Lilah, thank you! You look marvelous, as always." Of course, Alarissa is there too, so Tabitha dips into a dainty curtsy, "Princess Alarissa, hello. You look marvelous too." And if Zara should the distance, another curtsy. "As do you, your Highness!" Regardless she peers around and states, "Gosh, everyone looks so lovely. And everything too! So much inspiration for another painting."

Desiree smiles as she looks down at her outfit once she hugs her cousin. "Thank you Reigna." She nods as she looks at Sabella and Niklas. "Of course it is good to see you both again." She smiles as she looks at Gianna and Monique. "I love what everyone is wearing."

Is that Zoey and Ian? So it is, the Kennex couple sent a blithe smile if they might make eye contact with her. She isn't the type to shout across the ballroom without good reason, and simply announcing "Zoey---y" in this company isn't called for. For all that she really wants to. Alarissa is already calling her to attention on another face, a pale and lovely Valardin at that. "Your Highness," she says to Zara, dipping her knee lightly. Her arm remains upon Alarissa's unless called to release her lovely companion. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Isn't this quite the display? So many friends, too." She bows her head to murmur a quieter response.

Fecundo nods to Gianna as Zara is beckoned, "One and the same. I thought it fitting for the event. Nice to see you again, though last time was just in passing in the Ambassador Salon."

"Lady Tabitha! A delight to see you again. I have to thank you again for your portrait of my family. It hangs within our house. You caught everyone so beautifully." A kiss is offered to Tabitha's cheek and she smiles, not going for the line to greet. Just that ever slow and constant move around the room to look about and speak quietly with those in the immediate area. "Lady Delilah, if you like, don't worry, you can leave my arm. I know there might be others you are dying to speak to."

Zara touches Fecundo's arm as she speaks softly in return but then Alarissa is calling and with that touch brings him along to join the group with Alarissa. "Princess Alarissa, please meet Lord Fecundo.." She then places her other arm around Alarissa and listens to the conversation going on. And really she can only nod in agreement to what Delilah as said.

Sabella grins at Reese and leans in to kiss Niklas' cheek, "I know you would if you could, but with so many important projects going on I understand." She gives a big wave to Zoey and Ian when she sees them, then to Tabitha, "Lady Tabitha! How wonderful to see you, you look lovely! Have you been approached by anyone for commissions of artwork lately? I've been talking up your amazing skills quite a bit!" She beams a smile Tabitha's way before taking another bite of, "You know I don't even know what this is, but I want to have like twenty more."

"And so good to see you too!" Tabitha's eyebrows shoot up a little at Alarissa's praise, but then she smiles a warm sideways smile at the princess, "Oh, really? That's wonderful, truly." She accepts the kiss to the cheek, returning one of her own (mwah!) and then turns to Sabella with a dip of her knee and a beaming smile, "Yes! I have, in fact. Thank you so much for all your praise."

Carissia greets each who comes to her as though they are a dear friend whom she hasn't seen in ages, she doesn't touch but her eyes show a level of warmth, and her manner a level of friendliness that indicates she is the best friend you never knew you were missing. In fact that is a mark of each of the group she is with who begin circulating the crowd. "Dear friends, I thank you for the introduction, what a pleasure to have you here. Lady Zoey, Lord Ian, how delightful tell me about yourselves if you please." Then it is Jophiel and Reese who get her gaze, "Oh what a pleasure a Princess of Grayson, and a General no less! We are honored highness. Lord Jophiel, your offer is too kind, introductions would be most helpful. Do you know everyone here? Are you good friends? Knowing a bit about each would be wonderful." A charming laugh as the lady nods, "Oh I do agree, most assuredly."

Perronne is given a once, twice, thrice over as she arrives although the woman isn't rude, she is clearly considering the value of her reply, "Thank you, I admit it isn't mine, it is on loan. Mores the pity, but I am wearing it strictly to interest potential buyers." She gives a slight sigh of disappointment. "I hate these events, so stuffy and no fresh air to get to." She looks down at her oceans of wealth, "Now if only it weren't so heavy."

Gianna hears her name, and turns in Reigna's direction to offer one of her faint, guarded smiles. A quick, approving look over Desiree's gown - that shade of blue is lovely - and she nods to the young Wyrmguard. Another sip of her drink, and she inclines her head toward Zoey and Ian. There is so much nodding and head inclining. At least her earrings swing prettily when she does so. Over and over and over again.

Merek takes another of the drinks from the flask he has, then he looks to the woman that's the host and shifts a bit to look at the others that have come about. All the things seem to be happening, and as such it is a bit difficult for him to find much to do.

Reigna swallows a little, and then leans in to murmur something softly to Monique before looking to Niklas, "So true, she did not put Lady before her name. Still, wealth of this caliber... I cannot even begin to imagine it." Reigna is looking around with wide eyes before she clasps her hands in front of her. She is, it should be noted, neither eating, nor drinking anything.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Fecundo smiles to Alarissa, "Highness.". He looks to Zara, "I was lucky enough to meet the Princess Thrax at an Igniseri dinner.". he looks back to Alarissa, "I believe around the time of the makeup incident?". He also nods to Delilah before taking another look around and then back to the company he keeps.

Ian isn't doing a lot of greeting of people, but then again, there are a lot of people here; it's a lot of detail for someone unused to parties to pick out, and his lifetime experience rather guides him towards noticing different things. "Excuse me a minute," he remarks to Zoey, before ducking into the crowd. Possibly to find a closet to hide in.

Perronne chuckles warmly at the woman. "Oh, my, I'm sure that it is. Oh, and I have been rude! I am sorry! My name is Perronne Amboise, merchant and economic agent extraordinaire!" A playful little flourish there, as her smile widens to a grin. "And I believe that you will more than succeed in attracting interested buyers. For that matter, I might be one - I wasn't aware that there was even a supply of this size on all of Arvum! I would be most interested in knowing if you're looking for local agents. May I bring you a drink, actually? You must be warm!"

Reese steps up with Jophiel to greet the hosts. She has a gentle smile that reaches her blue eyes as she hears is greeting. She seems all flattered by the woman's reaction. "I feel like I have known you forever!" She murmurs softly while still standing close to Jophiel. She seems completely charmed by the hostest. "We know some about most of the people here." She offers, sounding rather trusting and eager to please her new friend.

Alarissa's offer earns a shake of Delilah's head, the plundering weight of her copper hair shining like the prized metal. "I am quite pleased to be where I am. Lord Fecundo, congratulations on your win at the gala. It looks resplendent." She smiles to him and then Zara. "Thank you for the introduction." She beams at Tabitha, and then on to Sabella and Niklas, since everyone is in relative proximity. "This truly is a wonderful gathering."

Zoey's eyebrows lift a little, seemingly surprised at the way the hostess slides right into warm familiarity. The former Bisland rallies, however, and spares a gentle smile. "I am originally from Pridehall, my husband from Stormward. He is the House's Sword while I am one of its Voices. Please, do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything Kennex might assist with. I'm quite sure we would be delighted to have that discussion." She glances aside as Ian departs, giving him a slightly amused and wholly understanding smile. "Of course," she murmurs. Her gaze turns to Jophiel and Reese before looking back at Carissia. "I'll leave you now to the rest of your guests." She turns then and kisses Jophiel's cheek. "Cousin. Princess. Lovely to see you as always." And with that, the Kennex lady slips away... and makes a beeline for the beverages.

Gianna passes near Merek and comments, "A fireweave scarf, in this heat? I'm not sure I could bear it. I don't think we've met, have we? I'm Gianna Whisper, Nightingale of the Bard's College."

"Oh? I know most of them, they are family." Jophiel responds. "But if you are wearing this as a favor to someone, you must tell me whom - after all, my companion.." a smile towards Reese, "Does enjoy the look of your dress and would want to find similar, I'm sure." He returns Zoey's kiss before he smiles towards Reese. "When you are ready, I do believe I owe you a dance?"

Nodding to her red-headed friend, Reigna squeezes Desiree's arm lightly in silent farewell before she moves to join those speaking to the hostess. In particular, she moves up next to Princess Reese, lingering within reach of the Grayson Princess, her attention focused on the hostess. "Thank you for the invitation to this party, I have never seen such glorious furnishings or delightful people."

Merek looks up and notices Gianna, and while he might seem to have all that attire a noble might have, he does manage to introduce him self, "Sir Merek Black, Admiral of the Iron Forces, Senior Scholar of Vellichor, Knight of the Hundred Cities and Ring. Senior Craftsman of the Merchants Guild," he states. Might as well be the Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons at that point.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

Niklas gives Delilah a nod. "An excellent gathering. You have the people to talk to, the people to talk about, the people to nod at and then make this face while you walk away from them," Niklas makes that face. You know the one. "It's the best sort of party." When he spies Alarissa he sends a wave her way. From one end of the scoreboard to the other! Then he's looking back to Sabella and Tabitha. "Ah, Lady Tabitha! I've been meaning to hunt you down about the opening of the arts gallery Sabella and I are putting together. I was- ah, well, not the time and place, but we should all meet up some other time. I have ideas for the opening." And then, with all the attention span of a ferret, Niklas turns to greet Ian as his cousin walks past. "Enjoying yourself, Ian?" A question asked in the tones of one who knows the answer and kinda finds it funny.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Reese looks toward the host. "It truly is quite amazing." She says softly. She turns to Jophiel. "I did say we would dance." She says, allowing him to lead her that way.

Zoey puts a colorful cloth bag in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Ian is watching after a servant who apparently just swung by to talk to him and then left. He looks to Niklas, and quirks an eyebrow, then says something to him; his thickly accented voice is easily lost in the general noise of the room.

Jophiel checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Perronne's conversation partner fans herself, "Oh to be sure it is stifling in here, my name is Ignacia Verronian, and I fear there isn't such a supply in Arvum. I can't tell you where, that is information that isn't mine to give. If you truly are interested see me after the party and I will get you in touch with the supplier."

Carissia gives Jophiel a delighted smile as she runs her hands over her NOT dragonweep adorned silks, "Why thank you, I will certainly let you know the fabulous tailors who made it for me. They are indeed splinded." Zoey gets a smile of warmth, "Certainly Lady Zoey, I would be pleased to speak to Kennex as to how we might be of help to each other." Reigna's arrival and her words are given equal attention and pleasant smiles, "Why thank you, we were so pleased to have found this place for our home. It is modest no doubt to your own home. Tell me more about yourself." All warmth and light.

Jophiel checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Ian checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Reigna checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Merek checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Delilah gives Niklas that long-suffering arc of a smile that burns with the sun. "And be glad you aren't wearing heeled slippers! They could be that much worse, they really might. You know the grand, glorious, pretty day is so much better with good company." And that includes everyone. She does not quite bounce upon her toes, though watching Ian go this way and that is cause for curiosity.

Gianna checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Zoey checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

There's a lot going on! Nonetheless, Tabitha does offer a quick but not-at-all impolite curtsy to Niklas, nodding her head with smiling enthusiasm at his words. "That sounds wonderful. I'll be happy to lend whatever help I can." And then Ferret-Niklas is turning his attention elsewhere, and looking between Delilah, Alarissa and Zara with an inquisitive expression writ across her delicate features,

"Prince Niklas. Look at you. So lovely." Alarissa offers a kiss to his cheek as well, smiling, just this side of looking maybe a little tired. "Give my regards to your wife? Much love for her as well." She looks around the room at all the food and drink, wrinkling her nose. "Such decadence. I find inspiration at least in some things!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Niklas checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Tabitha checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Alarissa checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Sabella checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 27 higher.

Perronne checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Niklas is actually a little thrown by what Ian says to him, but gives a slight nod and leans over to whisper something to his wife.

Tabitha raises an eyebrow very lightly, almost as if thinking over something, but then she turns her attention to Sabella with something of a worried glint in her eyes.

Reigna checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Delilah checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 32 higher.

Zara checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 15 lower.

Perronne beams. "I would be more than delighted to do so, Mistress Verronian. But here," Perronne says, "let me get you something cool to drink. I'll be right back," she declares, and turns to make her way towards the drinks on offer, her gaze drifting over to the hostess and the group of nobility about them. Something she sees causes her to make a short, brief noise to herself, but she continues on to fetch a couple of drinks.

Zoey collects a drink, cognac naturally, and slips through the throng until she can draw close to Niklas, Sabella, and Ian. "Hello," she greets the other couple, an almost weak smile on her lips. "Quite a crowd."

"So many titles," Gianna tells Merek, her lips taking on a more wry quirk to them. "And not even out of breath. Well met, Sir Merek. Is that Lady Delilah over there? I should say hello." And she's moving off again.

Sabella looks over to their hostess as Niklas says something to her, a slight smile on her lips, "Possibly." She replies before saying to Carissia, "You're such a wonderful hostess! I'm sure everyone's sick of hearing about the Graysons. How about yourself? What made you want to settle down here rather than in Arx proper? I have to admit sometimes I'm not a fan of the walls myself. Too closed in." Tabitha gets a reassuring smile and a nod.

Reese checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Fecundo checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

There is a slight turn of Reigna's head as she looks over to Ian and then back to Carissia, with a slightly lifted brow. Subtlety, thy name shall never be Reigna Keaton. "Oh, you cannot possibly believe that to be true. The wealth on display here outshines nearly all of Arx combined. My home is cozy and warm and I adore it. Mostly because I feel comfortable in it, but that likely has no bearing on the conversation, especially since you seem to be focused on Lord Kennex. Is there something you need from him, by chance?" Nope. No subtlety here.

Zoey looks up when she hears 'Lord Kennex'. An eyebrow lofting, she glances at Reigna. All her attention is now paid that conversation.

It seems that Tabitha is reassured indeed by Sabella's smile, because the hint of tension around her slightly-tensing posture loosens up a little. And then she's smile smile smile once more, curtsy curtsy whenever needed. She does, however, turn to Delilah with a light dip of her chin and a thoughtful look in her blue eyes.

Ian stands around like a lump, talking with Niklas, Sabella, and Zoey. He did look up at the sound of his name, but more out of instinct than anything else; he goes back to talking in his low voice presently.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Delilah's at Alarissa's side yet, the vision of sparkling stars and diamonds beside her. She inclines her head and says something with an impish laugh, no doubt probably related to food, since she offers the tray a thoughtful look. Then back to Alarissa, and she squeezes her arm ever so lightly, drawn closer to Niklas and Sabella. "I have an idea of that art. Though I don't want to distract overly much, but I must ask you, Prince Niklas..."

Zoey turns her head back to her family members when Ian speaks. The other eyebrow arches and she murmurs softly in response.

Ignacia smiles gratefully at Perronne, "Thank you, I would adore one." and waits patiently trying to look happy to be in 10 tons of the most precious materials around.

Sabella gets nothing but warmth from Carissia, "Oh I adore a bit of country when not too far from a major city. It is quieter, and we are near enough to get anything we might need or want without the press of people and the noise. And please, we love learning of the families of Arx, indeed none greater is the house motto is it not?" light teasing in that.

At Reigna's words there is no sign the host feels caught, indeed no she laughs softly as though Reigna told a fabulous joke, "Not at all, I just wished to make sure he was alright. Was I staring? Oh dear I hope I wasn't being rude." now her manner is one thinking she has offended.

Merek looks a bit towards the host, and next back to Gianna, with a nod. It seems he is content as he takes a drink of the wine from the flask, and shifts to a relaxed position.

There's a nudge from Alarissa for Delilah to enjoy the goodies on the tray if she wants. "None for me. My stomach bothers." A press of her hand to her midriff. "Yes, Lady Tabitha is finely skilled." Reigna's words have her looking over, concerned but then back to her own little group nearby.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Ian just shrugs and steps away to get a drink.

Reese is on the dance floor carefully going through the steps of a simple dance with Jophiel. So far she hasn't stepped on his toes.

Perronne fetches drinks! This is probably fancy enough to have imported ice, and if so, then Perronne fetches something that would be good served chilled, and has plenty of ice added to it (less to her own glass), and makes her way back towards Ignacia, although she pauses to look curiously at the conversation around the host before moving on, and presenting the glass with a flourish. "For your tireless efforts on behalf of...why, I don't actually know if you're doing this as a favor, or as a duty or as a job." She grins, and adds in a playful stage whisper. "Blink twice if you're being horribly blackmailed."

Gianna makes her way toward Delilah and offers the copper-haired woman one of her faint smiles. "Thank you for your help, by the way. You look lovely - as do you. Lady Tabitha, correct? You worked on the set paintings for The Playwright? Lovely to see you as well.

And Jophiel is doing a fine job of leading Reese. There's a chuckle at something she says, his hand resting on her side as he moves in to whisper to her, the pair sharing soft laughs and glances that make others possibly wonder, or not.

Delilah's smile to Gianna widens somewhat. "Was it? I hope so, and I am grateful to contribute something to your studies. After all you give to Arx, it's the least I can do. As for this, the dress is a favourite. Though here we are spoiled for beauty to see. Tabitha paints the most inspiring pieces, I can't tell you how lovely they can be."

"Oh, I would not call it staring, per se, Goodwoman Novenstacia." Reigna demures with a shake of her head and a faint smile, "But he did seem to catch your eye. Still, I cannot help but wonder where it is you hail from." Reigna nods to Sabella, as if backing up the Princess' curiosity. There is a slight shift in Reigna's stance, as she realizes Reese is no longer nearby. She turns her head to gauge the distance to the other Grayson Princess.

Something Delilah states makes Alarissa stiffen, a glance to the hosts for the evening. "I apologize." She offers to the small group. "I'm not feeling very well. I should think about returning to the estate. Not well at all." And she's disentangling from Delilah, a dip of her head to those new before she's starting to carefully make her want to the doors they came in through.

Niklas nods and smiles as the evening's conversation turns to quiet chatter between old friends and kin, giving a soft laugh at some private joke with shared origins years distant and miles away. He looks to Gianna as she approaches and nods to her. "Good Nightingale, lovely to see you."

"That's such a lovely compliment, you highness, thank you." Seeming to beam from within, Tabitha turns to Gianna with that light still radiating from her expression. She dips a little curtsy to Gianna and quirks her lips pleasantly. "I am, and that's right. It was so wonderful to be a part of it. And it's so lovely to meet you too, Mistress Gianna. I watched the play a number of times, and I must say that you and the Bard's College performed splendidly." Then to Delilah she turns, face rumpled up into an 'awww' look. "Lilah, that's so nice."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Sabella laughs, "None greater, that's right!" She says with a bright smile, "Though the selection of foods here is starting to make me wonder. Never mind I've never actually seen a dragonsweep tiara before! I'm going to need to get the name of that woman's jeweler, they did such an amazing job!" She takes another bite of what she's eating and puts hand on Niklas' arm.

Monique was there one moment, and then just... gone... for quite a bit of time. But suddenly the Minx reappears at Reigna's side, dipping her flame-bright head to the host near her. "Oh, dear. What a night this has been! Fabulous party, too." She moves to hook her arm companionably through Reigna's, though there's something a touch possessive about it and the Minx leans in, ostensibly to press a kiss to the Marquessa's cheek in greeting.

Ignacia accepts the drink with a bright tinkling sort of laugh, reminicent of chimes in the wind, "Oh you are lovely, never fear, this should be the last time I must needs do this. I hope anyway, and then I will find a lovely little place to set up shop myself." she waves a hand as though to wave away such concerns, "What of yourself, you are merchant you said?"

A slight shift in look at being called Goodwoman, so very brief as to be very easily missed, "Oh not Goodwoman, my title is likley nothing heard here but I do have one. As to where we are from, oh it is far far from here I doubt you would have heard of it." Ah but people seem like they are about to leave and at speed. Seeing the change that is happening there is no sublty this time, the woman nods and does a gesture with her finger that indicates the jig is up.

Suddenly there is motion as every exit is now covered by someone who looks as ready to move as a mountain. "I apologize but no, nobody is going anywhere until I get it back. One of you has it, and you will hand it over or you will not be leaving." Said in the same best friend in the world tone of voice but dead serious as well.

Gianna inclines her head to Delilah. "It's very much appreciated," she tells her. "I'm not particularly good at research myself, and most of the time I have my assistant writing out entirely too many missives on behalf of myself and the College. And that's very kind of you, Lady Tabitha. We both worked quite hard on that play, and reaped the success. People are still talking about it, aren't they, Prince Ni..." She pauses, looking toward their host. "Her whatnow?"

Perronne grins. "I wish you well! It's always a great feeling, having a place to call your own. I just set up my own permanent storefront my...seellf..." The words slow to a halt as polite blocking of the exits ensues. Perronne turns, wide-eyed, to stare at the hostess.

Reese is dancing along with Jophiel. She murmurs softly to him and doesn't seem too alarmed until the exits are blocked. Regina probably isn't too far away from them. A soft gasp escapes from her slightly parted lips and she looks worried. Reese starts reaching for the pink hair pins she wears. "Have what?"

Ian seems unsurprised by this turn of events, but that's not out of the ordinary for him. He takes a drink, shifts a little more weight to his cane, and waits patiently to see what will happen next.

Desiree was just enjoying some food when she notices the exits all being blocked. She looks around with concern. "What is going on?"

Zoey glances back at the hostess, listening for a moment before she chuckles. Softly. She shifts her weight a bit and watches all the finery-dripping guests as they scramble to process the change in events.

Ooooooh. Suddenly Tabitha seems to realise that something's going on. Her eyes turn in the same direction as Gianna's at the exact same moment. Her eyes are very, very wide. Already, she turns to place a hand on Delilah's arm, in a gesture both protective and frightened. Then she releases the arm and turns to Gianna with a helpless look.

There is a moment of fear, bright and clear in Reigna's eyes, guilt as well as the tide and tenor of the event turns. But there is Monique and Reigna seems to relax, if just a little. She sets her jaw, eyes turning far cooler than her usual warmth, even as she murmurs something to Monique. After she's said her peace, Reigna says in a rather point-of-fact tone. "I really do not believe this is a logical way of conducting yourselves. You will draw more ire if you hold us against our will."

Gianna arches an eyebrow, speaking in hushed tones with Delilah and Tabitha.

Sabella looks to Carissia, still smiling despite everything that's happening, "If you'd explain a bit more, I think we could probably help you recover whatever it is you're missing," She tells the other woman in a cheerful voice, though she's moved one hand over her stomach protectively despite the smiles. "What exactly are you looking for?"

Merek stands up and holds up his hands, while he moves towards where the host is, "Wait a moment... What are you even looking for? We can come to agreements about it, no need for all this," he offers, not trying to even berrate them, ut instead to ask about what they want here.

Fecundo looks to those that block the exits and back to the hostess. He takes a deep breath and really studies his surroundings...platters...tableware...other makeshift weapons. There is naught be resign in his expression. He hasn't eaten anything poor partaken in drink, so far.

"Do you wish he Prince Of Maelstrom to acquaint you with the sharp edge of his axe, like he has a mirror born?" Alarissa's voice booms across the room as it seems they are barred and the host is demanding something returned. "Because this is a fine way to bring his ire and his men down upon your door if you hurt his wife and unborn child." Alarissa's jaw is tight and looking at Carissia.

Reese wields aged oathlands steel dagger etched with grand trees.

Reese reaches for the dagger that Jophiel hands over to her and she tries to subtly wield such. She seems all tense and worried.

"Um, um," Perronne says, nervously, "I'm sure no one has to get chopped with any sort of axes or things! It would stain the floors HORRIBLY, and I know none of us want that. They're so nice!" She makes a nervous little hiccup of a laugh. "Right? Right. Surely we can work this out!"

Carissia's eyes scan the crowd even as she answers those who ask questions, "You either know, or you do not. If you do not know then I have no use for you, if you do know and seek to throw us off, it shall not work if we have to strip each of you down to find it. Or perhaps it is hidden. I do hope we need not resort to torture, that would be terribly messy." Alarissa's words get an amused look, "He would need to know, an then he would need to find us." And then her eyes are scanning the room again.

Merek checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 19 lower.

Sabella checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 13 lower.

Jophiel checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 17 lower.

Perronne checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 6 lower.

Reigna checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 11 lower.

Gianna checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 14 lower.

Niklas checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 21 lower.

Ian checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 8 lower.

Reese checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Tabitha, meanwhile, is standing with Delilah and Gianna, eyes wide and fearful. Oddly, though, she seems as though she might be ready to stand in front of Sabella, should the need arise. She doesn't so much as set one foot in that dirction, but the intent is somehow suggested.

Alarissa checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 20 lower.

Tabitha checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 14 lower.

Sabella checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Zara checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Passing over something to Reese, Jophiel kisses the Princess quickly on the cheek and then steps back. "...there's no reason to be holding anyone hostage, my Lady." the young man starts to say to Carissia. His eyes reach to meet the woman in dragonweep, fake or no. "Surely, you realize the gravity of the situation." As he approeaches the young woman, his eyes leap to meet hers, all charm and diplomacy for her. "If you will save us the trouble of trying to guess and simply state what it is you seek, the evening could still yet be spared. Otherwise, if you continue on this path, you rish an incident. You would not want that, would you?"

Fecundo checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 18 lower.

Alarissa has rolled a critical success!
Alarissa checked command + intimidation at difficulty 35, rolling 19 higher.

"Let's not threaten on either side," Merek states, while he holds up his hands a bit and shakes his head. "Let's not all get rough, does anyone know anything about what they think has been taken?" he asks. He shifts a bi as he tilts his head to Carissia, "I'm Sir Black of the Iron Guard, we can help you find what you are looking for if you need?"

Ian sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose as the threats and the weapons and the talk of torture starts.

Tabitha checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Desiree checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 14 lower.

Merek says, "p Any roll for my diplomacy?"

Perronne checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Tabitha checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Sabella raises a hand in a calming gesture, "No one has been threatened with violence and no one will be threatening violence," she says gently but firmly, "Let us hear exactly what is happening before things escalate more than they already have. Clearly there has been some sort of misunderstanding that we are all caught up in. If you can give us some specifics, there are those of us that can help." She says to Carissia, "Then you can be on our way and us on ours without the memory of this lovely party spoiled. If you have been wronged, let us help. You say whatever it is is with a person in this room?"

Desiree checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Sabella checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Niklas checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Gianna checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Jophiel checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Zara checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Reigna has rolled a critical success!
Reigna checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Ian checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Fecundo checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Monique, taking great care to keep Reigna with her, leans in close enough to Carissia to murmur something very quietly, a smile on her face the whole time. A very sharp smile.

Gianna stays where she is, her brows arched and gaze flicking from face to face as various people speak. She watches Monique as the woman leans in to speak to Carissia.

Merek says, "wg perception at 20"

Merek checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

"You entrap the highest echelons of society within your walls-" Alarissa's moving in from the door and closer to the hostess. "After spreading word of a party. No weapons allowed saved for small and personal ones. You remove -all- of our guards?" Alarissa glares daggers as she comes to a stand in front of the woman, nostrils flaring and her chin lifted just a little. "Our servants know where we go, and how long we are in places. Where to send messengers if important. Your ploy, whatever this is, was the wrong tact to take with trying to find something that you have lost or were callous enough to lose. There are better and more -discreet- ways to have done this. Unbar the doors now, speak with less pretense and let us see what this is that you want and then everyone can be on their way far away from... all of this."

Merek checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Zoey has rolled a critical success!
Zoey checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Perronne glances sidelong at Ignacia, her expression a bit pinched with worry. She sidles closer to the woman and leans in to speak briefly and quietly with her, lifting one hand to gently touch her arm, the move one more of attempted comfort than to restrain her.

Jophiel checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Delilah ghosts in behind Alarissa, remaining at a slight distance. That is, after all, her patroness. Better to be the one cut and bleeding from a sharp word than explaining herself to someone, like, oh, the High Lord of the Mourning Islands if something goes awry. Or maybe she simply likes to shadow people in fancy dresses. It could be the case! Maybe she can find coconuts.

Turning to Gianna and Delilah with an expression alarm writ across her pale features, Tabitha says something beneath her breath.

Zoey glances casually around the room, ignoring the threats and chatter for the moment. As she lifts her drink to her lips, she murmurs something softly to her companions.

Reigna checked composure at difficulty 25, rolling 9 lower.

Jeeves, a sophisticated valet arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Jeeves, a sophisticated valet arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

When Monique speaks to the hostess, Reigna blinks and her eyes widen noticeably. She tries and completely fails to hide the fact that she is startled in a way that she really, really shouldn't be.

Ian takes a sip of his drink, leans on his cane, and continues to watch and wait, nodding from time to time as his conversation with his family and family-in-law continues in sporadic bursts. He has regained his lump-like nature, slouching a bit.

Reigna says in Draconic, "Just so you know I really do know it!"

Reese looks over to the Marquesa, seemingly further concerned. She then watches as Jophiel steps forward. "Oh, don't get hurt..." She murmurs and trails a bit behind him. She tries to get him space though and keeps the weapon at her side for now.

The response is apparently not what Carissia is used to, indeed she looks at each of those who speaks as though they grew a second head. "Of course you people would't understand." And rolls her eyes, she is about to say more when Monique speaks to her, a thin dangerous smile appears at the words spoken, before she responds just as quietly. Her eyes then go about the room. "Some explaination perhaps could help. You wouldn't understand this, but we are the elite of a nation you will have never heard of, and for good reason. Someone was foolish enough to steal an item of utmost importance from us. This has never happened before, none have been so foolish to try. The price for doing so is words than death, regardless of thier station here. That is our law, period. We knew they were from this city, and that they were of the upper eschilons. We also have had it seen in this city as well and we knew if we were here they would feel the need to come. This thief isn't wholley unkown to us. It has to be one of you, unless you can prove it otherwise. So, you are all so intent on getting done with it. Find whoever has it, bring them and the item to me, and we will let you leave unharmed."

For some reason, Tabitha is looking over at someone. A nervous-looking person, maybe. A nervous-looking eprson with two very protective-looking ladyfriends, maybe. Or maybe she's just looking at a wall.

"It would be helpful if you told us what the item was," Sabella says gently, but doesn't seem like she's going to really hold out for an answer there. Instead she raises her voice and says, "If someone's stolen something from these people, could you please leave it on the nearest table? As you can see I am very pregnant and that means I need to use the facilities quite often and if we're all stuck in here that's going to get very messy and awkward quickly and these slippers are silk. So please, help us all out and just...drop it off somewhere!"

There is a look from the hostess around the room and her gaze settles on the man with the two women on his arm. Or that were on him arm, previously and are now looking a lot more like muscle. "I would start right there, with that person. I do not truck with thieves." A glance to Monique, "At least not reformed ones." And then back to the host, "But honestly, I would really, really let us go. There are a LOT of very protective spouses of those in this room that are a little less than logical when they feel their beloveds are in danger. And no matter how rich you are, I would *not* want to earn their enmity. So. Can we go now?"

Delilah crosses her arms lightly in front of her, swaying from side to side to keep the circulation in her feet moving. Or perchance, in response to everyone, her idea is to dance. One never can be too social at these things in the face of fear or the world's greatest scavenger hunt. She looks over her shoulder to Tabitha and smiles. "We're going to have a good cup of spiced tea when we get home. And open our presents." Proof there's not a single thought in that pretty head of hers.

Zoey's dark eyes turn to Reigna, then Monique, and finally back to the host. Her gaze then finds Delilah. An eyebrow lifts and Zoey finally speaks. "It should be a simple thing," she comments, voice mild but pitched to carry, "to simply have people turn out their pockets. You've managed to get us here in such a manner that hiding much of anything is difficult." She motions back towards the doors. "I can't imagine you'd want to prolong this anymore than we do." As far as protective spouses are concerned, it might be noticed that for all Zoey's ease, she -is- standing rather close to Ian.

"... Where are you from?" Merek asks, while he looks to the others. He seems to think about it and shakes his head, "If you're sure that someone here has it, there's no harm in everyone checking if they might have anything like it. Even though we have no idea about what it is," he admits. He seems to be ready to accept a foreign nation's wishes because well. War isn't nice.

"Your law is not recognized here, Mistress. Agents of Cardia might be present, but the rule of Arvum is the law here. Should you be searching for something, perhaps you should make inquiry with the Iron Guard-" Alarissa gestures to Merek. "For assistance. And the Inquisition. Though if it is in the hands of one who is of the great houses, then you deal with them, as opposed to the respective crown's representatives. As I said. This is not Cardia. I am sure if you simply describe the object it might help. Otherwise-" Her voice grows steely again. "Unblock the entrances. Please."

Ian seems to have... lost interest? REALLY Ian? But yeah, he's sipping at his drink and looking around. Only the focus in his electric blue eyes hints at anything other than casual intention; even now, Ian doesn't do offhand glances, so that everything he looks at, he gives a sense of choosing to have done so.

Zoey just pinches the bridge of her nose as 'Cardia' gets thrown around.

Gianna slings her free arm around her waist loosely and says, "This isn't even close to all of the upper echelons of Arx society." Not that she's complaining to be regarded as such. "This is a bad plan. You might be better served backing down and taking this through more standard diplomatic channels." Her tone is soothing.

"You speak to us of theives and robbers, yet you hold us hostage as common terrorists. As the others have saidm there are the elites of society in here, and you'd be better off speaking of diplomacy than this show of force that will surly bring the might and ire of up to the Crown upon you." Jophiel says to Carissia, trying to stay as a buffer between Reese and and the others. "There are other ways to do this."

Perronne is having a quiet conversation with Ignacia, but looks up as the High Lady of Thrax speaks. Her brow furrows. "Wait? Cardia's a real thing? I mean, it's real. Sure. But REAL REAL?" And then she realizes this is probably not the time and claps a hand over her mouth. Only to pull it down a moment later and add, "I've never been there, and I'm not upper anything!"

Gianna checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Jophiel checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

Fecundo moves around slowly, looking at the tables and the people, including those at the doors. He's taking his time in doing it and calm, as opposed to frantic or worried.

Tabitha moves closer to Delilah, just a tiny step, even reaching a hand out to place it against her cousin's arm. But then, she seems to relax, brow furrowing. She's basically in a position now where she could reasonably throw herself in front of pregnant ladies should any stabbin' occur. Maybe? Hopefully.

Desiree sighs as she looks around. She looks to Carissa. "This certainly isn't the fun party I expected it to be. I don't see how it's our job to help find this thief."

Merek frowns a bit when Agents are mentioned, and he looks to them once again to see if they truly bear such a resemblence to those folk. He lifts up his brow and looks to Perronne, perplexed by her main statement. He turns about his pockets, as well as his boots, to assure that he has nothing to them.

Niklas frowns at Gianna. "We're /pretty/ upper echelon! I'm a celebrity artist /and/ a champion jouster." When Alarissa starts throwing around the c-word Niklas looks taken aback and shoots Ian a Look.

Merek frowns a bit when Agents are mentioned, and he looks to them once again to see if they truly bear such a resemblence to those folk. He lifts up his brow and looks to Perronne, perplexed by her main statement. He turns about his pockets, as well as his boots, to assure that he has nothing to them. "Hostess, I would like to know if you'd be willing to come to Arx and discuss this with the Iron Guard if you don't find anything, no reason not to handle it that way."

Merek checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Tabitha checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Ian makes a few offhand remarks while he looks around the room. He looks from table to table. Maybe trying to decide on some dinner options?

Zoey sighs and looks at Ian. "Excuse me a moment," she murmurs. She walks over to Jophiel's side and lays a hand on his shoulder. "Forgive my cousin," she murmurs to the hostess. "He is upset." Her voice is calm and confident. "Consequences and the like are things of which you are clearly aware and do not need reminding. Is it possible that we can begin a civil and productive process of elimination? How would -you- best like to go about this?" There's a hint of wry humour in the smile that ghosts across her lips. "Preferably without begining at bloodshed."

Zoey checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 30, rolling 51 higher.

Jophiel does look a little green around the gills it's true.

Carissia's reaction to Alarissa's words is immediate and cold, "We," she says in a tone of ice, "Are not of Cardia. Your laws do not interest us, your guard does not interest us, your houses do not interest us. When we recieve what we are after we will leave, until then we remain as do you. The item is small, easily hidden, and seems of modest wealth. About the size of a woman's hand. It is green, blue, and purple in color, it looks like a bit of jewelry and..." her eyes go to Gianna first then Johiel, the latter gets a colder look still. "I could just move to have you all killed." she says coldly, "Want to try that again?" this to Jophiel. "You either are or are not the elite of this city, I have heard both in a span of a moment and truly I care not. I have given you the information you need, either find the item or not. If you choose the latter then we will take a different course."

"Yes, but you can run into ten princesses just going to a bar in Arx," Gianna explains to Niklas with a sniff, "And there are only, what, three here? And only one pr..." she trails off. Her gambit was not a success, it seems. Clears her throat gently. "I apologize," she tells Carissia, dipping forward in a slight bow.

Tabitha is next to her, and Delilah brushes her sleeve in a gesture intended to comfort. "Princess Sabella's very sensible, isn't she?" she asks in a soft murmur. "And Lady Zoey too. Lord Jophiel looks a bit poorly. Maybe we'll be allowed to fetch him a bowl?"

When Zoey steps away from him to deal with her cousin, Ian begins ambling the room, moving more or less table to table, cane clicking softly on the floor from time to time, sampling the alcohol if there's any alcohol. "Punch bowl over here, if that helps."

"They won't let us leave until they have it, that much is clear, and bloodshed isn't what we desire," Merek offers, this to all the others that are here, "It's a simple matter, if you wish to prove we don't have it, and then we can go if we don't... I think it's the best option at the moment," he admits.

"I am never, ever going to another fancy party," Perronne says, a bit plaintively. She does seem to relax a little at the mention of the description of the thing, whatever it is, but then looks mournful again at the talk of killing them all. "My lady," she says, tentatively, "the lords and ladies are right. Um, there are something like a few HUNDRED nobles and royals in Arx, and only a few of them are here, not counting those people who are notable but not entitled. You say, um, that the person who took your precious thing is not entirely unknown to you? Is there any other clue you have to go on other than 'from Arx' and 'important'? Like, um, male, female, what fealty, or anything? I don't mean to be rude! I just don't like the idea of dying. It sounds unpleasant and painful and would put a very large crimp in my financial planning for the next five years! So, um, definitely want to help you out with this! But, uh, not...not a lot to go on?" She scuffs her silk-clad toe in a way that would be better served by boots.

"I do not have it. I will not be turning out my skirts. I wish you the best of luck in finding it. Whatever it is." There's a gesture to Monique. 'Perhaps ask for her assistance. Her past likely makes her invaluable. Now, pardon me, with all due respect, I will be leaving. I highly suggest that you get with Master Black here and utilize the Iron Guard. They are very good at what they do." And she's turning toward the door again.

"There are far more people here who cannot fight than those who can," Sabella points out to Alarissa, voice still gentle. "So, perhaps we should now push our hosts. I encourage anyone who does not want to participate in the search for this item to sit down, relax, and enjoy the party. As for those of us who do," she glances around as if to say 'you? Are you interested?' "Since it's unlikely the person will hand over the item due to the whole threat of death for stealing thing, I'd encourage everyone to talk to someone you don't know and-or look around to see if the person has dropped it somewhere. Perhaps a plant? Is that caviar?"

Zoey puts a liiiitle bit of distance between herself and Jophiel. As far as Alarissa's statement, however, her face goes wholly inscrutable for a moment. She glances back at Carissia and waits.

Tabitha lightly nods at Sabella's suggestion. The artist up up for a treasure hunt, it would seem. Neutral-bordering-on-spooked expression plastered to her face notwithstanding.

Fecundo moves over to an empty table, "The ladies here who in a delicate state should sit, please. We do not need any unexpected events." He unties his cloak from around his neck and folds it, carefully, before setting it on a table. He begins unbuttoning his tunic, "Would you care to see if I have the item, madam?". He looks to the hostess.

Carissia gives an aristocratic nod to Zoey, stating silently she will allow this slight to pass. Desiree gets a look, "It is your job because you wish to leave. I was willing to find this quietly, but no. People decided to get spooked and attempt to leave. That would not do. So now we have this and you have a job to do, so get to it." Merek gets her attention next, "We have no wish to go to your Arx." she says derissively, "However, I would accept proof that none here have the item, and if that is so you may all leave, I am not seeking your deaths. I simply wish the item and the theif. Their life belongs to us, and that cannot be changed." Perronne now gets her attention, "We would give futher clue if we had it. Perhaps speak amoungst yourselves and stop wasting time asking me pointless questions, you have the information we do." Alarissa won't be touched but she also will have a very large bland well dressed couple of guys standing in her way, and a locked door.

Supposing their hostess is over there, Delilah airily waves her hand in the direction of the punch bowl that Ian so helpfully called out. "Mistress, I'm afraid I do not know what to call you, but may that punch bowl be given to that fellow over there?" She nods at Jophiel, who probably adores the spotlight being shone on him. She tips her coppery head and then gives Tabitha another encouraging little squeeze as one can in apology for interrupting her ability to be an amazing painting.

Perronne makes a sound very like a meep as Carissia turns her attention towards her. She turns beet red and ducks her head. "Um. Yes, my lady. My apologies." And then she tries to make herself very small and unremarkable, edging off somewhere out of the way - clearly, the thought of questioning or interrogating peers of the realm is not to be borne.

Zoey pats Jophiel's back once the hostess' ruffled feathers have been soothed. Job done. She murmurs something wryly to the other Bisland and then wanders off to join Ian in his trek around the room.

Merek looks then towards Alarissa, and next it is back to Carissia, "Admittedly, the Inquisition as well as the Crown and Peers of the one who has the item would need to accept a formal transfer note to turn them to the country," he admits, while he shakes his head, and moves then to the crowd, "But I'm confident I know the people here well enough to know they haven't so... If people would /please/ spare us bloodshed? We can handle any thing else after all the searching, it would be the safest, and shouldn't the safety of people be the most important?" He asks to them, trying to persuade some to check what they have. He also moves to check if anything is laying around.

Monique sighs the sigh of the long-suffering at Alarissa. "*If* I were still in the business of knowing such things, I would say look for the person trying their hardest to blend in right now. Very clearly not the Princess-Consort Thrax." Her green eyes sweep the gathering.

Merek does add to the hostess, "One thing... Wouldn't it be a nice gesture to turn out your own pockets, as a show of faith?" he asks, non-accusingly but as a means for persuasion of the situation.

Merek checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 30, rolling 16 lower.

Probably because she's an airhead, Tabitha lightly remarks, "Who are we missing from before? There were more people here."

"Green, blue, and purple. Green, blue, and purple..." Sabella repeats softly, glancing around the room like something would just jump out at her. Then she pauses and says to Monique, "You know. If I were going to hide something that looked like jewelry, I would wear a lot of it. Particularly flashy pieces. And if I were to want it to blend in, I might wear a dress of the same colors."

Desiree sighs dramatically as she replies to Carissia. "Fine I'll do what I can to find it. I do have other places I'd rather be." She looks around for anyone who might stand out to her.

Ian idly pokes his cane under a table.

Niklas just shakes his head, looking genuinely perplexed. "Why would I steal something? I'm rich!"

Where, in a hurry, would someone place an item if they wanted to remove it from their person? In nooks and crannies along the wall, or perhaps behind a painting? Tabitha checks these sort of places carefully and quietly, while not straying too far from either Sabella or Delilah.

Tabitha is also giving nervous dude some incredibly subtle side-eye while she's doing it.

Monique nods to Sabella, her crimson hair flashing. She points to the woman bathed in dragonsweep, turns her feet in that direction. "All right, this will be a fun game. Let's see if the Princess Sabella is right."

"That certainly makes sense!" Sabella receives a bright smile from Delilah, who begins the hunt by avoiding tripping over the hem of her dress, and tiptoeing hither and yon around the others.

Tabitha checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Alarissa checked command + intimidation at difficulty 40, rolling 23 lower.

For some reason, Tabitha discontinues her search and starts to back away from the man with the two lady guards.

"Move. Please" Alarissa states with grinding teeth when the men still block the way out, starting to become enraged, slipping a hand into her pocket and closing it around something. Yes, the princess has pockets.

Ian sighs. He says something softly to Zoey, then heads towards the door where Alarissa's facing off with the guards, mostly watching his feet as he walks.

Having been here all along but lingering in the background and observing as is his want to do much of the time in stoic fashion, Col looks around the others and then finally decides to be somewhat social. Maybe it's the change in the situation. Walking through the individuals who have gathered to try and get a better read on just what has transpired. He doesn't immediately start harassing the guards or checking windows but walks over towards Sabella and (presumably) Niklas: "Are you alright Princess?" His voice is soft, concerned.

Merek checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 30, rolling 9 lower.

Merek moves to the man with two Guards, while he holds up his hands, "Excuse me sir, might you Guards be willing to allow your ward to assure that he doesn't have what they're looking for?" he asks.

While Ian is casually poking his cane under tables, Zoey is glancing around the room with a pensive half frown. Her husband's whisper briefly distracts her and she nods. Her eyes cut to Alarissa for a moment, before she turns away. If there's going to be a problem, Ian can probably handle it better than she could. Instead, she moves to the wall. She stands beside a tapestry, watching the room. And then, subtly, uses the upper tip of her unstrung bow to shift the tapestry -just- enough to glance behind it.

"I'm fine," Sabella tells Col with a smile, patting Niklas' arm as she does do. "We've got a mystery to solve here, it seems. Or perhaps just a treasure hunt where we'll find something left in an empty cup. It's not entirely certain, but it surely has made this a very exciting party, don't you think?"

Tabitha quietly asks, "Are you alright?" to the nervous man with the two lady guards. Her expression is one that mirrors his fear to some extent, but not to the extent that she looks likes she's going to wet herself. Because that guy looks like he's going to wet himself.

"Yes," drawls Niklas. "Though the treasure we're hunting is the right to go home." He leans over and kisses the side of Sabella's head, then says, "Did they hide the food? I could go for more of those crusty bread things with the figs and goat cheese."

Alarissa gets a look that says the man thinks she is adorable asking to be let out. "No.....your highness." the title seems to also amuse him as well as the guard next to him. Ohhhh how infuriating these people are, no respect really.

Merek's request is met with paranoia, "NO! No get away, don't touch me, don't let him touch me." Which of course gets the attention of the hosts.

Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy puppy arrives, delivering a message to Coraline before departing.

Tabitha checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Ian touches Alarissa's arm and says something to her in a voice that's easily lost in the screeching of the guy who's scared of Merek.

Monique slips her way around Ignacia and there's a certain way the Greenmarch manipulates the situation as she does it that allows her to get a closer look. "Sorry, Princess Sabella. She's clean. Well, clean-ish. I can't fault her for stealing the cutlery."

And just like that, Zoey is out of sight. There's a subtle shift behind the tapestry and then nothing.

Are we on the verge of chaos here? Because the nervous man seems to look ready to take a flying leap out of the window when Merek approaches him. Already, Tabitha is taking steps backwards, because if things carry on in this vein, those guards could very well advance on whoever is nearest.

"Move. Now." Alarissa raises her voice to the man, despite the use of honorific. She's about to turn when Ian's touching her and she pulls her arm away, looking to the Kennex. "I will not wait this out. They have invited us as guests. They have imprisoned us for something that may not even be in here, they have removed our guards and threaten our persons with death if they do not find it. The rest of you may find it amusing, but I do not." Not bothering to whisper. "I do not have what they want, so I will leave. Or by the gods I will throw a chair at a fucking window and crawl out of it, seasilk and all"

Merek lifts up his brow, as he looks aside a moment. He then motions to the Guards as well as the man, "Listen, the Crown and Grayson will not let anyone be hurt while still on their land, just show that you didn't steal, can you do that?" he asks, while he offers a nod, "No one is going to hurt anyone here," though he frowns a bit and looks aside as he notices Alarissa, but it seems the Guards at the door are well-trained. He then looks to the hostess, "... I think we might be able to solve this and I don't think it's her, if she wishes to leave." He is trying his /best/ to keep this situation from becoming crazy.

Merek checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Col looks relieved at Sabella and Niklas' answer. His expression relaxes a touch as a nod follows: "Good. It is quite the unusual situation indeed." He agrees with the pair of royals: "It seems an odd way to go about conducting a treasure hunt." His hands are laced together behind his back as he looks around and his gaze falls on the guards and Merek, then Alarissa's next: "This is not the best way to make a good impression on the notables of the compact." Col muses thoughtfully.

Ian shifts his attention to a window. "Not sure they'd let you do that, either," he remarks, still calm. Then his tone sinks below the hubbub again.

Gianna's nose wrinkles. She finally stops just standing around and walks over to a chair, from which she tries tugging the cushion from. It's sewn right in, though perhaps not well. Meant to be fancy, not to be sturdy. The cushion comes free with a terrible RRRRRRIP and a puff of feathers, which fly everywhere. Mostly on Gianna, sticking to her skin and getting in her hair. She looks very silly, and freezes in place. "...Sorry."

"I don't think they care about their impression," Sabella says smoothly to Col, giving Monique a frown, "Well, it was worth a try! Thank you for checking." She then glances over at Alarissa, still frowning, "There are a lot of people here, Princess. Who would not be able to crawl through a window. Who would be placed in a dire situation should things turn towards violence, which some of us are trying very hard to make sure does not happen. If you could take a deep breath and sit, it's not good for you to be so upset. This will be solved and no one will get hurt and we'll all go home and this will become one of those odd stories we tell on pub crawls." She looks to the nervous man, then to the two women with him. Then remarks to the room in general, "I'll say again, should anyone have this wanted item, if you could just drop it on a nearby table or something so it could easily be found, that would likely be the best scenario for everyone!"

Carissia eyes Merek then Alarissa, "Normally I would make allowances, but the moment she leaves then she can bring others and I don't feel like having to face a seige tonight. Patiance, if you do not have the object then you may wait until it is found. It is hardly like we have laid a hand on you hmm." However her eyes are glittering in a predatory way at the man's reaction, she doesn't argue the no harm thing, but she does lean forward in interest. The man shakes his head, "Don't touch me don't touch me!" He is cowering behind his two lady guards who remove all pretense and look ready to throw a punch if not worse at any who try.

Reigna looks over to Alarissa and shakes her head before she moves over towards the frightened man with his two guards. She looks back to Carissia and says, "Clearly we have the culprit in hand. Get your item back -- however, we cannot in good conscience allow you to kill this man. You would be in violation of guest-right. I mean... well. You kind of already are, but killing a man?" Reigna shakes her head. "You may have no respect for our government, but I would strongly advise you reconsider such a blatant disrespect for the gods."

Merek takes up a moment to unbutton his crimson-black shirt, and nods a bit to the man while he seems to consider, "Listen, if you are not the thief nothing is wrong with turning your pockets. That said, before you decide to have Guards throw hands, look around you... Look at all the unarmed people. If you want to keep them safe, then just allow the search."

He looks then to Reigna, "Aye, I told them as much, once they have the item, we can turn the man to the Inquisition and let it be a political matter, without bloodshed." A nod next as he holds up his hands, "Listen, there are too many people here for the Guards to handle, it'd be best not to make tbis a worry, alright? We will handle it, no one will be hurt, and all will be okay."

Gianna tries to casually put the torn cushion back down on the chair, clearing her throat gently. When she straightens up, she discreetly picks a feather out of her cleavage.

This is probably a great time to keep one's mouth shut, but Tabitha can't help but murmur, "Why is this thing so important, anyway?" Then she gasps, as though she just became aware that she spoke out loud.

"Oh shut up Sabella." Alarissa snarls. "They have violated guest rights. They have led us here under false pretenses. I am not understanding how none of you seem inclined to find this at all a violation and just stand there and take it." She looks to Ian and his words. "I'll burn this place down. He won't need to. I am done here." She looks at Carissia. "Make your men let me pass, now. Last chance. Or I -will- take a chair and throw it at that window. I care not. I am disinclined to be held hostage and in a sedate fashion as everyone else here."

Delilah leans back against a spot on the wall and no doubt gives the impression of looking muted at the turn of events. "One rather has to wonder what's so terribly significant about what was taken that it requires the forfeiture of life. I don't imagine there are many places that put so harsh a price on a crime. Now if there is something tremendously important about this, like he stole the sacred orb of your people, and its loss threatens the overthrow of a house, by all means." Blithely, she tips her head, that empty airiness to her brilliant gaze brightening by stead. "In which case, you know we might be able to help! I mean, there's... at least two or three royals in here. An Iron Guardsman! The High Lord's wife. His Majesty is outstanding at negotiating these things, if not the Court." She shoots a look at Merek and sighs. "Oh, very well, you can turn him over to me."

Nod nod nod! Tabitha just nods as Delilah puts words to exactly what it was she was wondering.

Ian checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 6 lower.

"Think of someone other than yourself, Alarissa!" Sabella snaps right back, giving a rare glare Alarissa's way. "There are people here who cannot fight. People who do not have weapons whereas they do. There are several well armed people here who are not us. Sit down and let people who are level headed make sure no one dies here tonight. That no one is wounded because the High Lord's wife couldn't hold her peace and think of the safety of others."

Ian takes in the guards at the door and various other servants with a skim of his gaze and... something he sees seems to have startled him enough to get a reaction, a slight widening of eyes and a quirk of an eyebrow. He gives the room a closer look.

Gianna pauses in the midst of plucking feathers out of her hair to stare over at Alarissa, and then at Sabella, blinking several times.

"I -Am- Sabella. So remit yourself to a cliff and leap." Alarissa yells at the other Grayson Princess.

Merek says, "ooc WHOA"

"I believe," Reigna says in a firm voice as she moves to position herself nearer the bickering and pregnant Princesses, "That instead of throwing your considerable weight around, Your Grace," This is clearly directed to Alarissa, "If you would simply cooperate, we would all get out of here that much faster. Causing a scene helps no one. And I am fairly certain casting accusations at the rest of us for trying to keep calm is not healthy for you or your child. And please, your highness," Reigna looks to Sabella, "Try to relax. Agitation at this stage is likely to induce false labor."

Niklas finds that in fact the food is still here. So he grabs something for himself and something for his wife, saying, almost distractedly, "Please cease talking that way to my wife, Alarissa. It's rude and, let's be honest here, unseemly. The reason no one is joining you in your unarmed revolt is that none of us want to be too close to you when you go crawling out a shattered window and get sliced stem to stern by one of the guards. Not everyone is wearing aeterna, you know." His eyes track Ian as his cousin gives an uncharacteristic display of surprise.

What's Ian looking at? Tabitha turns her neck to look in the same direction, frowning as she notes the slight look of emotion of the taciturn lord's face. Then she too begins to look around the room, lips pursed, quite the nervous nellie as she clasps the skirts of her dress in white-knuckled fingers.

Merek seems to be keeping to his request, not getting involved in the bickering. This man has his opinions, but it seems like he takes a lot of work to make sure this situation is handled.

Desiree is no closer to really finding anything but she keeps looking.

Col asks: "Does anyone even know what the item is that we are looking for?" He glances around with just a bit of curiosity in his steel grey eyes: "After all, it would not do for us all to turn our pockets, after being invited here, only for them to pick and choose the finest piece of jewelry we have or interesting tidbit. It also makes it rather difficult to look for anything without knowing what it is. While I am certain this kidnapping and holding hostage of so many will have consequences already this seems a rather silly way to make things worse."

Ian is singularly unhelpful; his look around the room has left him looking briefly worried, but then his attention is back on the guards again, worry set aside for later. He's making no more attempts to interfere with or argue with Alarissa, but he's not walking away, either. He shakes his head when Niklas mutters something to him, and murmurs a response.

And Zoey slides out from behind the tapestry to full on chaos. Sabella and Alarissa are yelling. There's feathers in Gianna's hair. Ian is looking... somewhat different than usual. It's bedlam. She looks at her husband, however, like half the room is, and waves just a bit. See? She's here.

But then she turns and walks over to Carissia, stepping up to her side and speaking lowly.

Sabella takes half a step forward like she is going to do something really, really dramatic! But then Reigna is there and she takes a breath and puts a hand on her stomach looking at little worried. "False labor?" She asks, like someone who's never been pregnant before. "Is that...if that happened it'd still be okay, right? It's not too early-early? Would I know if that were happening? I know we have other things to worry about but that wouldn't feel like kicking, would it, because it's kicking right now. Does that mean I've upset things?!"

Carissia and company seem to be amused by the bickering more than anything, mind the threat of chair throwing and window jumping makes the guards near the window look a bit nervous. Gianna's pillowed self is given a sigh. Col's words are given an eye the tossing about of guest rights gets a musical laugh, "What are these guest rights you people keep going on about. It sould be understood that any house even your own is likely filled with danger. What a strage concept."

"Not from our own countries, as such I don't think they have an idea of Guest Rights," Merek would talk about it more but, instead he adds to the man he's with, "Don't move for the moment," then to hostess, as well as the woman Zoey who is speaking to her, he waits to note what their conversation is about. Best not to be right on the man's case until he knows what was learned.

Turning to the nervous man with the guards, Tabitha widens her eyes in nervous curiosity. "I never asked what your name is, sir? My lord? How should I address you?"

Niklas gets shot a look from Alarissa and in a swirl of the seasilk and diamonds, she's moving for a chair just like she said she would.

Ian nods to Zoey, but he's keeping pace with Alarissa -- although not actually trying to stop her.

The man practically twitches in nerves, at Tabitha's question he scowls, "I am Marcus, you don't need to know my family name." The chairs are suddenly moved. Musical chairs by very attentive servents. Now, there are no chairs to sit in.

She has been spotted. Gianna does what anyone would do; she straightens up, puts a hand on her hip, and tosses her hair.

Reigna checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

[Fashion] With talented modeling, Gianna displays 'shimmering gold ensemble with feathers from a chair cushion' around Arx, garnering flattering conversation and murmurs throughout the city about the fine choices made by Bard's College for sponsoring someone with such exceptional taste.

"You are going to be fine, but upsetting yourself is not going to help. Let Her Grace be as she is, but try not to let her upset you further. Think of your child. Kicking is a good sign. Take comfort in your husband." Reigna, now that she's successfully drawn Sabella's attention away from Alarissa, attempts to sooth the Grayson Princess. "Focus on your breathing." She shoots a look to Alarissa, a brief, but intense sort of thing before turning back to Carissia, "Guest-right is the solemn pledge that while a guest is within your home, you are to treat them as family. You are not to bring them harm, you are to offer them shelter and hospitality. Defiance of such will render you cursed by Gild." Seeing Alarissa in motion, Reigna spins, "Alarissa, *Stop*." Yes. Reigna just pulled the care Doctor Mom voice.

Merek says, "l"

Delilah walks away from the dispute between present and past Graysons, aligning herself to a space offset from the terrified thief guarded by the women and their hostess. Not directly between them, but she lies within their line of sight. Pulling her braids around her shoulder, she holds still and silent for several moments. Enough for the commotion to slide completely off her, forgotten totally. Carissia she dips her head to, bending from the waist in a show of wordless formality. "I ask your forbearance, Mistress Carissia. This man is in King Alaric IV's domain and we -- your accused thief included -- are subject to His Majesty's laws. I stand for the Inquisition, who investigate these situations to assure all are treated properly. You say we are at risk. I heed your concerns. Allow me to give a proper forum, one where better suited than a party, no? You have your lost item, but surely you wish to make your charges before the Inquisition's leader, the Master of Whispers. A prince in his own right, and best suited to review these high considerations.." A faint smile burns on her otherwise neutral expression. "Once more, I would ask you what offenses he committed against you and your lands." She allows a significant beat, her gaze unwavering for all that Zoey is right there, conducting another quiet conversation. "If he has done wrong, then it will be investigated and responded to appropriately, as ordained in law and custom. Be assured none here take crimes lightly. If he has what is yours, let it be returned without bloodshed or risk. Then let him be questioned, where you will have full opportunity as a guest -- and witness -- to present your case. A resolution can surely be found without quarrelling. Given your high position, naturally, you will receive the treatment your status deserves."

Tabitha attempts to put a gentle, calming smile on her face and aims it with careful politeness at Marcus and his two guards. "Well met, Marcus. And might I know the names of your friends? Please forgive me if I'm being too forward." Looking from one woman to the other, the artist arches an eyebrow in polite question. Perhaps it's a delaying tactic for some reason; perhaps it's just a way of keeping things calm. Or maybe something else.

"Guest right exists in other nations as well," says Niklas, piling on the walnuts and honey, but he drops everything when he sees Sabella's distress. He moves to her side and takes her hand, giving it a squeeze when Reigna speaks to her. When Alarissa goes to get herself a chair he mutters, not quite to himself, "This is going to be very awkward when she slips while going through the window and chops herself in half on the broken glass." Speaking up he says, "They deny being Cardian, they don't look Eurusi and they don't know guest right. My guess, and I would challenge anyone to prove me wrong, is that they are from the moon."

Alarissa checked willpower at difficulty 22, rolling 8 lower.

Chairs are moved. Alarissa goes for them and they are just simply removed. She looks like she might turn and grab Ian's cane but Reigna'a voice cuts through that steadfast determination to get out of there at all costs and she stops. The anger doesn't fade, it's still there, the woman incensed but whatever is mouthed at her only causes her to lift her chin and grip her hands in fists but she at least remains in spot.

Sabella nods to Reigna, breathing in and out regularly as instructed. "Thank you," she tells the other woman. She also gives Niklas a bit of a reassuring smile, "I'm fine. Really. Just had to calm down a bit, but I'm fine." She reaches over to have some of the treats he's brought over and glances curiously over towards Tabitha and Delilah and Marcus, then over to Zoey when she reappears. "I'd make a terrible Inquisitor, I think. Do you think Luca is any better t this? He can barely find his pants most days."

Zoey inclines her head to Carissia and departs her side. She walks over to Ian's side to wait and watch. Well, after murmuring lowly.

Reigna moves to Alarissa's side, once Sabella seems to have calmed, or at the very least, has the support of her husband. Since the topic of guest-right has been picked up by others, she focuses on Alarissa, moving to the Princess-Consort's side and lowering her voice to speak with her softly.

Delilah and Reigna are given cool eyes as she speeks with Zoey, finishing that she says to them, "Whoever has it will be given the mark, there is no way to get around it. Your guest rights, your Gild, they interest us not, our families are always in danger from each other, that is the way of it, the strong survive, the weak die." And she speaks in a language that is unknown to Arvum, with an immediate reaction to all of her people who begin checking pockets. A curse in that same language and one of their own goes pale. Immediately he is set upon by his own and haulded away. Attention going to the rest of the room. "It appears that while the theif was not found, the item was. You may all leave." the doors are unlocked, the guards step aside. Down the hall all of the house guards that were brought are passed out, drunk and drugged. "You may take yours, we will be gone within the next fifteen minutes. We hope you enjoyed your stay." And she is leaving, just like that. The man who found the item in his pocket howling in terror in that unknown language.

Col nods at what Reigna tells Sabella: "That was also why I asked if you were ok, Princess." His words soft for that bit of a gathering. Steel grey eyes move between Alarissa and Ian, then over to Gianna for a few moments at all the puff of feathers. Turning he walks over towards their 'host': "It is still impossible to even pretend to find what you say is missing without knowing what it is. Even if we were inclined to do as you ask. If you wish to succeed at your recovery attempt it behooves us..." And then she is leaving. With a shake of his head he asks: "Does anyone know where these people are from so we can be better prepared for their... behavior... in the future?"

Zoey pales at the howling, her hand moving to find Ian's. Her grip is tighter than usual. She whispers something tensely.

Merek looks as the thing seems to be handled, and he lifts his brow a bit. He nods a bit, "Well, looks like we are free," he moves with them. The situation with the man is not theirs to deal with as they are from another country it would seem.

Ian doesn't look especially concerned about having his cane taken. He nods to Zoey, although something she says also gets the briefest dry quirk of a smile. And then it's all over. He takes Zoey's hand briefly, and gives it a squeeze.

Tabitha checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Poor Tabitha, she isn't stabbed but she is punched hard enough to knock the wind out of her. As soon as the doors are unlocked the man is running, his guards after him, he is NOT waiting around for the to change their minds.

Zoey looks at Ian and shakes her head. "I'd rather stay with you, if that's alright," she murmurs softly.

Gianna inclines her head to Col, flicking her glossy brown mane over her shoulder, feathers and all. She meant it to be that way, clearly. She loses some of the haughtiness when she looks to the howling man who was found with the missing bauble. A harsh punishment, to be sure.

Merek looks at the fact that Tabitha is punched, and he takes to running, and following the man as well as his Guards, "You!" he exclaims.

FWOOOMPH! Tabitha falls to her knees, clutching at her stomach. Drag her home, Delilah.

Reigna continues murmuring to Alarissa in that low tone, though as the item is revealed and the man hauled away, there is a wince from the Master Physician. She looks after him and for a moment it looks like she might object, but the doors are opening, and there are those that need to get out of here. "Come, Your Grace, let us get home. Not a word of this to Kael now... oh. Damnit Phinn!" Reigna shakes her head at the state of her guards.

Gianna killed a chair. It occurs to her that their hosts tend to be... fussy, and she may want to slip on out of there before anyone gets cross about that chair cushion. She didn't even get to sing.

Merek chasing after the man only makes him run faster, for all he is a bit plumb he can book it, and does. "Stay away from meeeeeeeeeeee." he cries as he continues to run, his two lady guards keeping pace just fine.

Merek will chase them into the night, because that's what he does at last. Seems to be doing his job. Of course.

Zoey stays beside Ian, waiting for him to be ready to go. Her eyes are lowered thoughtfully, face grim. When he leaves, she will too.

Whatever REigna speaks in low tones, the High Lord's wife is only shaking her head before she's moving, a look for Delilah and then swiftly, she's off to seek her carriage and the servants within it so that she can get her guards back and Pellinor, to Thrax. The woman is not intent on sticking around.

Ian nods to Zoey. He doesn't seem particularly moved by the terrified howls of the man who's being dragged away. Or the terrified howls of the man Merek is chasing into the night. If it looks like Reigna and Alarissa are going to get out safely, he'll leave, too.

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