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The EXTRAVAGANT Wedding of Guildmaster Joscelin Arterius

Guildmistress Joscelin Arterius is (finally) getting married! And now with extra extra EXTRAVAGANCE, because this is a BIG DEAL. Join her (and Oliver Coldrain, too, gosh, we guess, he /is/ the groom after all) for an epic reception celebrating their union.

OOC note - wedding is going to be held off screen! Come for the best part, THE PARTY!!


July 7, 2018, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Joscelin Oliver(RIP)


Thena Yasmine Eleyna Quenia Ida Percephon Austen Ennettia Elgana Torian Vandred Lyiana Bliss Morrighan Josephine Khanne Jacali Magpie Alistair Valery Fecundo Grady Duarte Harper



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Crafters Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Jacali arrives, following Vandred.

The High Inquisitor of the Crown's Inquisitorial Order arrives, though with an accompaniment of Velenosa guards instead of Confessors. Perhaps he is not on duty? But that uniform and dour disposition speaks that he is always on duty. Hands clasped tightly behind his back, the prodigal born man looks about the Crafter's Hall with a critical eye, glancing from oen guest to the next.

{34Somebody strike up the band - it's party time! As the guests begin to filter into the Guild Hall, a motley band of musicians pile atop the dias and begin to play; the music is uplifting and spirited, a song of celebration and happiness. The whiskey and wine have already begun to flow, and a few Guild apprentices appear to weave between guests, offering whatever drink strikes their fancy in the moment.

Oliver and Joscelin are already here, dressed in finery (the latter much finer, of course!). They are sporting some new bling, and it is likely obvious they've only just come from the ceremony that was more privately held. Oliver wears the biggest grin he can manage, and his face may positively be stuck this way at this point in time, his arm slung around Joscelin to keep her close by in the event she wants to run away from all the attention. And as people start to arrive, he's upbeat, his voice booming, "Thank you for coming! Come and celebrate. There's a keepsake in the chest over there, if you want to take one to remember!"

Somebody strike up the band - it's party time! As the guests begin to filter into the Guild Hall, a motley band of musicians pile atop the dias and begin to play; the music is uplifting and spirited, a song of celebration and happiness. The whiskey and wine have already begun to flow, and a few Guild apprentices appear to weave between guests, offering whatever drink strikes their fancy in the moment.

Oliver and Joscelin are already here, dressed in finery (the latter much finer, of course!). They are sporting some new bling, and it is likely obvious they've only just come from the ceremony that was more privately held. Oliver wears the biggest grin he can manage, and his face may positively be stuck this way at this point in time, his arm slung around Joscelin to keep her close by in the event she wants to run away from all the attention. And as people start to arrive, he's upbeat, his voice booming, "Thank you for coming! Come and celebrate. There's a keepsake in the chest over there, if you want to take one to remember!"

Ida gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Over in one corner are a handful of Arcuri's, all of them with that brown hair, lycene silks and each one bearing uncanny resemblance to one another. Josephine remains quiet, here for the party, though there is quiet conversation with that little corner before she moves away to mingle properly.

Bliss gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Boots, Chip, a small mouse arrive, following Valery.

Josephine gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Elgana gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Eleyna gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

"I've never actually been in here... " Magpie is saying to Harper as they arrive together to the festivities. The sailor is carrying a large something wrapped in paper, a wide grin on his face. "I mean, would they really want me in their crafting club? Probably not." He peers around, then spots the happy new couple. "Joooooscelin." He snags Harper's hand and drags her in the direction of the newlyweds. "I have a present for you." And just like that he's pushing the large paper-wrapped object at her. "You remember Harper? The guard? We're here together, so I wanted to give you something that's a mutual memory for us all." Then he pulls the paper off the gift.

Magpie drops breadbox for scones.

Entering with a quiet walk, Lyiana makes her way to a corner wall, her child, Fraiya, actually dressed in a dress today, following behind her with a pouting sort of scowl on her pretty face and a woman who looks like a very pretty lady's maid, though of course that isn't true, the woman is wearing finery. As Lyiana steps into the room and makes a beeline for the quietest place ever, the woman and Fraiya move behind her, the latter speaking to Fraiya in a gentle voice.

"Now my beloved." she is murmuring to the girl as she pouts, "Dresses are worn for special occasions."

"Did you wear 'em?" the little girl asks, turning to stare at the woman who is wearing a tunic and trousers. The woman grins slightly and nods, "Yes yes, I have. Be good and go get your Mother a keepsake, will you love?"

Fraiya huffs and looking like a doll in a dress of silk and with her hair done in an extravigrant braid, she walks over to the chest.

Magpie gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Magpie gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Lyiana gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Joscelin is at Oliver's side, alternately burning in the cheeks and grinning, sometimes both, and NO, she does not want to hide! She's the Guildmaster! That's preposterous! But she does call out to the room, "Be welcome! Celebrate with us!" She's laughing, embarrassed, her voice wavering as she starts to giggle. "It's a glorious day!" February 24th, a day that will -live- in infamy?

Magpie is approaching. "Cousin!" Joscelin greets him. "A gift? Oh!" RIGHT. PRESENTS happen at wedding receptions. Right!

Joscelin picks up breadbox for scones.

Ida is the mother of the bride. Or father. Or platonic wife, really. Whatever it is, the smith looks immeasurably happy, crinkles at the corners of her eyes from smiling so wide. She is near the couple, though not intrusively so. Maybe a little /tiny/ bit but not really. Oh, but there are the favors to snag and amazing alcohol, which leads her to wander a little toward the direction of such.

The Archduchess of Lenosia arrives with her usual retinue of guards. She's dressed in her usual mixture of black and white as her pale blue eyes sweep over the gathering. Upon spotting Joscelin, Eleyna threads her way through the crowd carefully. As she approaches the pair, Sybilla passes a box over to her. She waits to approach while offering smiles and nods here and there to tose who look in her direction.

Harper walks in with Magpie and looks around curiously, grinning over at him as she says, "Yeah me either. Then again I don't make things." Spying Josie she starts to give her a wave but then is being drug across the room and stops in front of Oliver and Josie with a bob of her head in greeting, "Heya! Congratulations to the both of you!"

Austen steps in, the knight dressed a little more upmarket than he usually is. He's even wearing his best pair of boots! He pauses at the entrance, looking around with a small frown as he spots the number of people there. It's a bit of an internal war, but he comes in, approaching the happily married pair. "Congratulations to you both," he says with a small bow to them, smiling.

Magpie actually cleaned up for this event. He's wearing clean clothes and pulled his hair back and everything. He even smells okay. The man gives Joscelin a grin, then extends a hand to Oliver, "Welcome to the family. We should talk soon." He says with a cheery smile.

Joscelin, it should be noted, is wearing an exquisite aeterna gown, pale whites, golds, and deep, lapis blue. Her shrug is made of fox fur with a clasp like a jeweler's hammer on it, her various bits of jewelry all unique, individual, gleaming with their own personal peculiarities.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, Shailaja, a Whitehold Mountain Dog, GusGus, the fluffy Whitehold Mountain puppy, 2 Crimson Blades Private arrive, following Khanne.

Celeste, the realist messenger, Khanne arrive, following Percephon.

Having obviously been here all along, Jacali is sharing a quiet, murmured conversation with Vandred, the most average of people. Drinks are pilfered, any food that's not being immediately guarded is idly stuffed into the large pockets of her coat, and it looks like she thinks she's being very sneaky about it, at that. She's not. When Oliver speaks, her head turns toward him. A pauper-gloved hand moves to lift her tophat off to press it against her chest, the newest glass of booze she's managed to claim lifted toward the couple of the hour. She doesn't move to claim any of the gifts, though elbows Vandred as she watches others do so. "Made that, me, I did..." She murmurs in his direction, brows raising as she puts her tophat back onto her head with a hollow knock of her fingertips to the top. "Every drop," She preens.

Arm-in-arm Elgana enters the hall with Bliss, she gives the Whisper a grin as she says, "Glad you could at least come with for a little bit, dearest." She then casts her dark gaze out to the hall proper, nodding. "A lovely turn out too. Shall we mingle until we can congratulate the happy couple?" Behind the pair trail a trio of ladies, engaged in their own conversation and a pair of dour-faced Crimson Blades. Oh, and Jared, overworked as ever.

Ennettia has joined the line.

Valery arrives quietly, and she moves between the people trying to not disturb much. When she approaches the just-married couple, she does it like if she's approaching a still about to explode. She smiles lightly, though, and she murmurs, to Joscelin and Oliver. "Congratulations..."

The line has been dismissed by Ennettia.

"It's a breadbox! Though the scones never make it long enough to be put somewhere," Oliver declares when Magpie and Harper reveal their mutual gift, his grin turning sly. "You must be Magpie," the man booms, and reaches out to grab Magpie's hand long enough to give it a hearty shake. "Thank you, I'm really glad to meet you. Probably should've met you sooner, but. This is a good place to be meeting still!" And then he beams a smile to Ida and Austen too, waving at them vigorously. "Ida! Austen! You made it. Did you see the booze? Jacali made it, she is brilliant." He is still grinning like an idiot as he waves over to Valery, too. "Mistress Valery, don't look so scared. We won't be fighting. Now. Right now. Maybe later," he winks to her. And then he spots Eleyna, and dips into a bow for her. "Archduchess," his voice is full of respect. "I'm so happy you came."

Harper gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Poor Jared. "You know I said I would be here if I could," Bliss says to Elgana, but her attention drifts away from the woman and toward the crowd, curious eyes darting from one face, to another, to another as she takes them all in, before smiling back at Elgana. "It's so lovely seeing faces I haven't in so long," she murmurs to her. "Mingling, I think, is the only appropriate thing to do here. Anything else would be just poor etiquette."

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Fecundo arrives, following Quenia.

Josie gives Magpie a pained expression when he says, 'talk soon'. The squint she gives him is deadly. But before she can say anything, she's grinning and thanking both Magpie -and- Harper. She looks at Harper. "We should talk soon too!" she says with a bright, cheerful, impish grin.

She's beaming at Austen but then she spots the Archduchess of her father's fealty arrive. "Your Grace!" she gasps. ALL THESE IMPORTANT PEOPLE TO JOSIE. The Guildmaster's head might explode.

Vandred stands there, staring blankly off into the crowd of well-wishers and greeters, congratulators and general party-goers. The elbow nudge rouses him back to some semblance of wakefulness, as he gives a languid blink. His eyes moving, tracking over towards the chest. The corners of his mouth crease a bit. "It is nice," He states, "To see it being given out at such a large-scale event." He turns his head a bit, looking up towards the lanterns. "It is a very pretty place." He utters, before turning his head back down.

Slipping into the reception hall, Ennettia immediately begins scanning the room for the three vital necessities of any reception: good seating, the best alcohol, and the bride. Possibly not in order of priority. She has apparently dismissed her guards and assistants somewhere else. Seeing the horde around the beaming bride, Ennettia weighs her love of the crafter against the effort.... better find alcohol first. And so she drifts towards the alcohol, picking out familiar faces and offering faint smiles. Though not to Joscelin. Not yet.

The High Inquisitor lays his eyes upon the happy Bride and Groom... and a grim look comes over his features as he makes his way towards the two. When he approaches Oliver and Joscelin, he gives a slight nod of his head to the Guildmaster, one who he considered a friend in times long past. "Guildmaster... congratulations. It is good to see you have found happiness in someone to marry them..." he remarks before his eyes slide over to Oliver. "Master Coldrain... could I perhaps speak with you for a moment...?" the High Inquisitor asks in his low tone, always business. And it does seem he has some kind of business with Oliver.

"Did you bring the wedding gift Khanne? Or, did I mess up and leave it sitting on the worktable like I am just remembering that I did just now --" Percephon sniffs, ducking his head into his sleeve as he retrieves a handkerchief. "I'm terrible, my love. Can't take me anywhere. Not even to a friend's well-deserved, oh-my-gods-it's-finally-happening reception following what was likely a lovely little wedding. Also, Khanne, remember that at some point we ought to arrange a - hrrm - an anniversary party, I suppose."

Ennettia gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Glass in hand, Ida turns and quickly espies her brother. "Austen!" The call is cheerful, the smith still boasting a bright smile. "You look very handsome," is then said with all the genuine affection sisters have for the little brothers. "I was hoping you would be able to manage to come between patrols." Oliver's warm voice leads Ida to offering him a dip of her head. The smile even stays in place! "I crafted a pair of things for you both once, but that was before. I want you two to think of this new beginning and what would best represent that, which I will make. Not today, of course," she says with a laugh. "I'm so happy for you both, I almost can not find the words. Except all those that I just said, of course."

Eleyna offers both Joscelin and Oliver a smile as she bows her head to each, "I wish you both the absolute best." She catches Alistair and frowns at her brother/cousin-in-law. "It's a party, Alistair." She gives Joscelin a faint smile as she presses the box into her hands. "A gift from me. I hope you enjoy it."

Magpie nods along cheerfully, "Great! Excellent. I'll let you get to your other guests, Oliver. But soon!" He sees that look from Joscelin and just throws her a cheeky grin back. Then he's backing up so others can get at the couple, reaching for Harper's hand to draw her along as well should she desire. Eleyna gets a smile and a brief, unpolished bow, "Archduchess."

Joscelin gets an iridescite and dark garnet handflower from a elegant wooden jewelry box.

Still pouting and being very much the tomboy, Fraiya brings her mother and the woman in her 'finery' a little keepsake, before saying to her Mother, "One of 'em's got whiskey, can I..."

"No," Lyiana says as the woman says the same thing, amking them both laugh. She takes a moment to survey the two bottles, before quietly stowing them in her bag. At all the congratulations, she just stands in the corner, waiting as usual for everyone to make their congratulations.

The woman, who we'll call Seli, moves from Lyiana's side for a moment as she makes her way across the crowded hall, seeming confident, before moving back with a glass for Lyiana.

"You need drinks," she says to the little tailor as she grins. Lyiana shrugs and takes the booze with a sigh. "You know i need nothing, Secelia." she says, using the full woman's name to her distaste, before she smiles faintly. "Well can I have it?" the woman asks with a little quirk of lips. "No you may not. Not until you are eighteen, both of you." she warns the pair, Fraiya and Secelia, who are staring at each other like trouble is afoot.

Lyiana takes a moment to look around, before allowing the other two to go off and do what they do, standing quietly and observing, as is her way.

Quenia doesn't quite know the bride and groom, only knows of them, but these days she's been making her way to all the parties and events that she can, to show people that she's no longer affected by Aurelian's execution; the man who used to be her fiancee. She comes in, arm in arm, with one of the Rubino lords. She's chatting with him quietly as she makes her way in. "So, as I said, House Igniseri will very soon be debuting a few more of its wines. I do hope that I'm not boring you by nattering your ear off," she grins a bit up at Fecundo as they walk in.

Alistair glances to Eleyna as she gives him that look! "I won't be dragging anyone off to the Panopticon." A glance at Oliver for a moment, as if assessing he can keep that promise. "Promise." he adds with a look back to Eleyna.

Harper grins at Jocelyn and bobs her head, "Sure thing, Josie." She is definitely wearing her best dress for this and has her hair neatly tucked into a braid. As she spots Eleyna she gives her a slightly awkward little bow and says, "Heya Archduchess!" She grins over at Magpie and lets him tug her away, resuming her curious inspection of the room as they walk.

Valery nods to Oliver and moves a bit on place before adding, looking mostly at Jocelin. "I brought something for you too..." She leaves a small bottle in reach for them, and then she sneaks away to hide among the people.

Valery drops a cute bottle of a sweet, lemon and strawberry scent.

Magpie has joined the Benches.

Upon hearing her title, Eleyna catches Magpie's bow and Harper's greeting, offering both a waggle of her fingers and a smile in return.

Oliver's eyes slide over to Alistair as he's addressed, his smile still ever-present. But there might be a light tightening to the edges of his lips. Maybe! It could just be a trick of the light. He sets his hand on Joscelin's hip to murmur something to her and press a kiss to her cheek before he nods his head to Alistair. "Of course," he says, stepping aside. Though he manages to snag Ida for just a moment before he steps off with Alistair completely, gripping her into a brief but squeezing hug. "I still have a basket to get you, Ida, I've not forgotten."

Joscelin watches Alistair, her old childhood friend, arching an eyebrow at him as well before the beautiful Eleyna is there, in the flesh, giving her a beautiful jewelry box. "Your Grace, does this count as our monthly bribe?" she murmurs quietly, gold eyes alight. She opens the lid and there... there is the most beautiful iridescite handflower, beset with garnets and just... Oh how could the jeweler not put it on right away?? "Oh... oh your grace.... thank you." Eyes alarmingly wet, she reaches out to embrace the Archduchess, forgetting propriety. "Thank you! You're wonderful....! As is this!"

"I thi... " Khanne chuckles. "Yes.. I think you did, my love." She smiles with affection towards the man whose arm she has linked hers with as they entre in. "It is about time for her, yeah? I am glad she has found happiness." Biting her lip, she nods. "I was telling Reigna just today that our reception is becoming an anniversary party... Shall we get in line to greet the newlyweds?"

Oliver has joined the Speakers Table.

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Joscelin picks up a cute bottle of a sweet, lemon and strawberry scent.

Fecundo is arm and arm with Quenia and has a wide-eyed stare of youth as he makes his way into the wedding celebration. Half of his attention is on Quenia, but part of it is a distracted cataloging of faces and things here. When Quenia addresses him, Fecundo shakes his head softly and offers her a warm smile, patting her hand on his arm, "Not at all. All knowledge is worth having, so can't be boring, now can it? Will have to sample those wines, mayhaps."

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Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

"I don't think it is fair to count wedding gifts as bribery. Something else will be delivered to your shop before long. Anyway, congratulations, again." She moves off to give others room to approach. Though she does keep an eye on Alistair. Just in case.

It doesn't take much for Elgana to spot Ennettia so she starts to drag Bliss after the Lycene, who doesn't move that fast. "Lady Ennettia," she says as she catches up to the woman. "Glad to see you again, dearest." A flick of a glance is given toward the couple that is Oliver and Joscelin, "Are you going to pay your respects to the happy couple?" Again Elgana's gaze flicks out as she looks over the faces gathered, her smile warm. To Bliss she says, "You did. I'm glad you are here."

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards leave, following Vanora.

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven, Voss, an icy-eyed Northlands Malsatian arrive, following Morrighan.

"Aye, aye, brilliant," Jacali parrots, nodding toward Vandred, "That's me he's talkin' about, in case you didn't follow, follow, follow the leader there, ey? Aye, should at that." She doesn't seem in any hurry to push to the front of the crowd, nor interrupt the important business that the more important people have to discuss, but rather seems more comfortable chumming around with the fellow in the dark leathers off near the food. The amount of people has her quite clearly on edge, and her hand lifts to pull the brim of her hat down over her pale gaze.

Ida can't help but laugh at Oliver's remarks. "You mean the basket I got wasn't from you? Well now, I'm almost embarrassed except for the fact that it's a rather exquisite and attentive basket."

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Austen dips his head to Joscelin and Oliver once more before he steps aside to go find his sister. "I would not miss it for all of Arx," he tells Ida with a bit of a grin, his eyes watchfully tracking people as they move around the room. He glances back to Ida after a moment. "Were you at the ceremony?"

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"We ought to," Percephon agrees, "Even if the crowd and the receiving line are making me a little sea-sick."

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The Sword of Farhaven's arrival is a little late, but least she arrives fashionably, garbed in an outfit of green, black, and gold, moving with a notable bounce in her step. There's a surprised lift of her brow at the crowd gathered, but the ight of Joscelin and Oliver in the distance brings a bright smile to the redhead's face. She lifts an arm, waving animatedly to the pair before skittering off to get in line to see the newlywed couple.

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Duarte strolls in and does 'the rounds' of 'hey how you doing?'s and 'good to see you's and all that happy stuff on his way to free booze.

"Even demons could not keep from it," Ida replies to Austen, sliding her arm into his and meandering back toward the edges of the benches. "Lets get you a drink, hmm?" It doesn't seem she will take no for answer the way she vaguely tugs him regardless.

"Elgie!" Elgana is greeted, ever so respectfully (not) as she makes her way towarsd Ennettia, and Ennettia holds up her arms - how tiring! - to offer a hug to the princess. "BUt of course. Messere Joscelin is one of Arx's best treasures, and an excellent drinking companion. How tragic that she is no longer quite fully lycene, but perfection would be terribly tiresome, wouldn't it? And Softest Bliss, here as well! How delightful. Have you received any alcohol?"

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And along Bliss goes with Elgana toward Ennettia, again turning her head as she is moved along, studying tbe others in the room. All this noise! All this conversation! The Whisper's smile brightens with every moment as she takes it all in, turning her head this way and that. Khanne and Percephon get a little wiggle of her fingers in recognition, and for some reason, an amused smile. Eleyna gets some pointed consideration, and Quenia gets a bright smile of recognition and approval. But soon, she's speaking with Ennettia and Elgana again, saying, "I made sure to get some as soon as I heard there was, but there is more wine over..." and she just points in a direction. Who knows if it's right or not? "Over there!"

Khanne nods to her husband, holding his arm close. "She's a well-loved one. Everyone will be coming by to offer their best wishes. We shall be patient, then maybe find a nice quiet place to sit. She smiles, giving a nod of her head towards those who greet her, and those she recognizes in kind. She lifts a hand though to wave to Magpie. "Mags! Long time no see."

Eleyna puts Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright in a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Valery exchanges a short hug with Joscelin and she's lost among the people... And quiet as she arrived, she's gone. Away from the still-about-to-explode, just in case.

Turn in line: Percephon

Boots, Chip, a small mouse leave, following Valery.

Austen lets himself be tugged, leaning into his sister as they move along. "Certainly, but nothing alcoholic, if you please, I do have a patrol this evening," he says with a faint grin. He looks around the room. "I am glad that so many people have come to wish them well."

Joscelin looks at Eleyna with gratitude and bows to the Archduchess, before looking to the next in line to greet the newlyweds, the beautiful hand-flower ringing with pretty notes as she moves. "Percephon! Khanne! I'm so glad you're here!" the jeweler says with a happy grin.

Fecundo speaks in hushed tones with Quenia as he joins her in the line. He looks a little out of sorts, though calms with whatever Quenia says to him, nodding softly before looking down the line towards the bride and groom, replying quietly again.

Alistair steps away from the Speaker's Table, where he has been conversing quietly with Oliver. Their talk was short and sweet. Well. Short. No one is dragged away in chains, and Alistair even offers a slight bow to Oliver. He then looks to Eleyna, raising an eyebrow to see if she is content the man didn't drag Oliver out... or worse!

Sooner rather than later, Oliver breaks away from his private place with Alistair (oo la la) and returns to Joscelin's side. There was a moment when he was not all full of smiles - but that moment is gone the moment he returns to his wife, slipping an arm about her. He clears his throat, rubbing his free hand over his chin. "Sorry about that," he says to Joscelin, pressing a kiss to her temple. "What did I miss?"

"We ARE here --" Percephon flails his hands with the mildest smile that twitches upward at the corners: this is what passes for a grin when one is ill. "And I forgot your gift back at the Hall. Don't worry. I'll send it by messenger. It's a rather unwieldy canvas." He grins before moving on.

2 House Deepwood Guards arrives, following Grady.

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A huge hideously ugly mastiff, a Solace acolyte named Pyotr arrive, following Thena.

"Josie! I guess it took you getting married for me to see you again!" She chuckles and opens her arms wide. "Come get this hug I got just for you as your birthday-wedding gift! I hope it fits... it's what you said you wanted after all." She beams a smile and leans in to hug the Guildmaster close. "Congratulations to you!" She looks over to Oliver as well and adds, "and you too. Treat her well, or your head will be on a pike somewhere."

Magpie brings Harper over to the benches, dropping to sit down. He throws Khanne a wave, "Lady Khanne! Percy!" Does he like Percy? That's what he's getting. Then he looks to Harper, "Do you know Khanne? She's my patron. Keeps me well-paid and happy and occasionally I remember to send her furniture she asked for a year ago."

Ennettia spots Alistair, as he rises, and simply can't resist-- she kisses her fingertips and blows a kiss in the High Inquisitor's direction, offering him an impish smile before turning back to Elgana and Bliss, "I suppose I shall have to stand in here, parched, until it is time to see Joscelin. But luckily it is my turn soon." A deep sigh, "How I suffer for friendship." FIVE MINUTES without wine, Ennettia.

Alistair checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Quenia wiggles fingers in Bliss's direction, and offers her a warm smile. She grins up at Fecundo and looks relieved. "Good. I'll stop talking business now so we can enjoy the party." She nods in Bliss's direction. "That over there is Bliss Whisper, and she's with my cousin, Ennettia. We can say hello to them after we get through the greeting line."

The Archduchess gives Alistair a little salute, almost, but not quite laughing, as she observes the crowd. Quietly, she moves toward the door. Well, as quietly as one can with a retinue of thirteen guards. She passes Oliver in his return from his 'chat' with Alistair, then stops to murmur something to the groom and press and envelope in his hand before taking her leave.

Grady arrives solo, just a tinge late, and hopefully in time to cheer for the bride, and looks around at those gathered. "Oh my," he remarks to no one in particular. "What a large group of friends. I'm not even a little surprised," he adds with a grin. And perhaps that craning of his neck is him looking for the woman of the hour.

Duarte ambles up to the grouping of Elgana, Bliss and Ennettia. To the last he hands over a glass of wine. "How charming to see you all. Glad you could attend."

Giggling, Joscelin is hugging Khanne and grinning at Percephon. "A canvas? Oh dear..." She looks to Khanne, embracing her tightly. "Thank you...!" Glancing at Eleyna as she speaks to the newly returned Oliver, she averts her eyes and puts her focus back on Khanne and Percephon. "Thank you for coming! Please, enjoy yourselves! I hope I get to talk to you all again soon-!"

"Fraiya!" A shriek proceeds Lyiana as she finally moves over to the line and she turns to note that Fraiya is trying to play with the wine, while also splashing Secelia with it.

Giving the two trouble makers a look, she murmurs, "Children will never grow." before saying in a louder voice, "You two get over here and stop being children. Come to pay your respects." The two wak over sullenly, almost.

Turn in line: Ennettia

"You'll have to get in line, my Lady. There's a number of threats upon my life, it seems," Oliver says in a good-natured sort of way, laughing as he bends in a bow for Percephon and Khanne both. "Thank you though, both of you, for coming. And for your well wishes. I'm very happy," he beams a smile down to Joscelin. "And I intend to make sure she is very happy, too, for the rest of her days."

"No bribes are necessary, Guildmaster." Alistair finally answers to Joscelin. "I just was looking to threaten your husband to be to make sure he does not hurt you or make you unhappy. I find being the High Inquisitor people do listen to me when I say such things." He says with a brief. Super brief. Smile. And a nod of his head to Joscelin. He slowly turns away, reaching out to grab one of his Velenosa guards and positions the poor man in the path of Ennetia's air kiss.

Elgana accepts that hug from Ennettia and gives the Lycene a little cheek kiss before she draws back. "We did, we have. Are you in need of something, lady?" And then Ennettia is fingertip kissing and sending those kisses loose into the wild. A look is given as she tries to discern the target. "Is Count Duarte here?" she wonders. And there he is! "Dearest Count! So good to see you."

Harper follows Magpie over to the benches and sits down next to him. Following his gaze over to Khanne, she shakes her head at his question, "Nope. I dunno her." She bobs her head toward Khanne with a friendly smile in greeting before looking back over to Magpie with a chuckle. "Sounds like you got a lot of work to do." Then spotting Thena enter she tosses her a friendly wave.

Oliver does manage to pass a glance back to Eleyna, his features softening as he looks to her. "Your Grace," he murmurs, bowing to her once more. Whatever is slipped to him is put into his pocket. "Thank you. Truly. I'm honoured that you came."

Sybilla, the Lenosian lady's maid, 13 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Eleyna.

"But the wine is right over there," Bliss says to Ennettia, pointing in an entirely different direction this time. Somehow, someway, she has managed to get a glass of it in her hand, probably thanks to Jared. She takes a sip of it, then hears her name, and her eyes go to Quenia and Fecundo. With her head, she motions them both over. "Ah, Count Amadeo, hello," she says once Duarte has joined them. "How are your days, now that your warm secret has been revealed?"

Torian arrives in what one might call his uniform at this point. The linen pants and top change regularly enough, but the rest of it is the same. Leather, crafted well and worn under the pretences of showing off his work rather than the assumed purpose of offering protection. He eyes the crowd and, having arrived solo, makes for the drinks right off the bat. Food too, if he can find it. Success or no success he's the product of growing up with an empty belly.

Austen's head twitches toward the shriek from Lyiana, the knight taking a moment to recompose himself before he finds himself a glass of juice. "This will do," he decides to Ida. "Have you got enough alcohol, or do you need more?" he asks with a faint grin.

Thena, in unadorned charcoal gray silk, makes her way into the hall and pauses, a little out of traffic, untl she catches Harper's wave. She weaves her way through the crowd and fetches up next to the guard. "Harper. Stuck with Grayhopes again, I see."

Ennettia laughs, as suddenly she is innundated with friends-- and a Duarte-- and some lucky Velenosa guards gets her kiss! Which she follows up with a wink. Then she turns towards Joscelin, the TRUE STAR, and offers a warm, bright smile, "Dearest, you look simply marvelous and beautiful. I am exhausted just seeing you, much less imagining how happy your evening will be." She tells hte crafter, offering a hug - one careful not to ruin the dress, and perhaps even a cheek-kiss (in the air, as Ennettia's lips are stained with color as always). "And such a surprise! I do not know you," She glances towards Oliver, "But do take care of Joscelin. She is a marvelous drinking companion."

Khanne releases Joscelin from the hug and says, "we still have to get together. Soon... soon. Enjoy this wonderful evening! Both of you!" She includes Oliver in on that too. Then, she is off with Percephon to find some quiet, out of the way place to sit.

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Ida hugs Austen's arm briefly and then laughs. "Is there such a thing as enough alcohol, brother, really," is wondered with amusement dancing in her tone. "I'm fine, though, thank you. Though I've not had occasion to wear a dress in such a long time, I'm hoping I don't manage to trip all over the lengths of the skirt before the night is over. Even had my hair done up by one of my apprentices. One of the few who don't conspire against me." A roll of the eyes follows, but she still seems amused.

Joscelin kisses Khanne's cheek as she leaves, then her arms are full of Ennettia. The Guildmaster is laughing. "We need to get together more often-" She turns to Oliver. "Oliver, love, Lady Ennettia. She has my permission to pinch your ass if you're wearing tight pants. Thank you for coming!" she tells her friend, delighted.

"Well, treacle, thinkin' it's 'bout time we mosey'd on, ey?" Jacali affords to Vandred, large pockets buldging with the foodstuffs that've been stuffed into them. "We're at a rather decided lack of titles to be minglin' with such a crowd, you and I, he and me, us and all. Wotsay we meander, noodle? Job's done, done my bit, granted a bit of a tipple, I did at that." She nods, stuffing her fingerless-gloved hands into the only empty pockets she can find. She nods toward the couple once more, and to people as she passes, but otherwise makes for the exit.

Morrighan gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

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Jacali gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Duarte gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.


Khanne gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Ida gets Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright from a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Baxtalo, a fluffy white kitten, Bengalo, a sneaky black kitten, 1 Silvershields arrive, following Yasmine.

Baxtalo, a fluffy white kitten have been dismissed.

Bengalo, a sneaky black kitten have been dismissed.

"The loss and reveal may have broken my spirits, but not my abstinance." Duarte informs Bliss with a small grin. He awaits Ennettia's return and this time more overtly offers the wine glass to her. "Princess Elgana," he then says, "delighted as always."

Oliver flashes a broad grin to Khanne before it is Ennettia's turn, his brows lofting high at Joscelin's comments. Scandalized, Oliver is! "Well," he clears his throat, his grin broadening. "I suppose if she has your /permission/," he chuckles, bowing his head to Ennettia. "Thank you for coming. I will do my best to keep care of her," he looks down to Joscelin, his eyes shining with happiness, and presses a kiss to her cheek again. "She's so beautiful when she's happy. Or angry, or mad, or drunk, or anything really."

Harper chuckles at Thena and shakes her head, "Damndest thing. No matter where I keep ending up there are always Grayhopes around. So I stuck with one for a bit I reckon." She gives Magpie a grin before looking back at Thena. "So how're you today Grandmaster?"

Oliver picks up a solid chest of fine birchwood.

Magpie throws a wave, "Hey Thena!"

Vandred's second languid blink is followed by a brief nod of the head. "This is probably a good idea. It is getting exceptionally busy. I am glad that it is a busy celebration." He offers this with a customary lack of intonation, and he paces after Jacali, tugging his cloak around him a bit in preparation for the outside weather.

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"Or, we can go over there now," Quenia says to Fecundo, a grin on her features. "And go back to the line when they're ready for us." She steers the Lord Rubino over to the group she indicated earlier. "This is Bliss Whisper," she motions to Bliss. "My cousin, Lady Ennettia Igniseri - formerly of Saik," she nods in Ennettia's direction, "And Count Duarte Amadeo." She wiggles fingers in Duarte's direction. Her eyes touch upon Elgana, but no recognition touches her features. "I am Marquessa Quenia Igniseri," she introduces herself to the Redrain princess, "And this is Lord Fecundo Rubino."

Jacali leaves, following Vandred.

Ennettia offers Oliver a slow, lazy smile, "How perfect. I shall do my best to send her back to you in all sorts of states." She teases, offering Joscelin a sly glance that is far more amused than it is anything else, adding after, "But truly, I do hope you both have all the best, dearest Joscelin. And we shall meet up soon. In a week or two, when you are released." She says, offering an idle little wave before she begins to drift away so someone else may have their turn.

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Celeste, the realist messenger leaves, following Percephon.

Josie tries to step on Oliver's foot, smile on her face while she does it, trying to 'hush' him. "Lady 'Nettia, thank you," she says, sincere.

Turn in line: Morrighan

Austen smirks down at Ida, nudging her with his elbow. "Yes, you do scrub up rather well," he remarks with a grin, though there's a twinge of concern as he spots something. He makes no public comment, just giving her a raises eyebrow.

When her turn comes to greet the couple, Morrighan does so with great enthusiasm, arms reaching out, fingers wiggling to envelop Joscelin in a tight hug. "Congratulations Josie," she murmurs softly to the woman, easing back and smiles brightly. "You look absolutely stunnin', an' you're practically aglow." Her gaze slants aside to Oliver after, giving the man a wry smile and a click of her tongue. "I suspect you'll be th'target o' many threats b'fore th'reception is over. I can give you another, if'n you like," the dame teases and returns her focus to the bride, pressing a golden object into Joscelin's palm, then murmurs softly towards her ear.

Torian, having found what he was looking for, eyes the line and decides to hang back for the moment. He eats and, more readily, drinks to pass the time. The line of course only gets longer as he stands by filling his belly, but a full belly is an important thing. He is of course mostly filling it with drinks, but maybe that'll make the line more tolerable when he finally gets into it.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Marquessa Igniseri," Elgana says warmly as she dips into a curtsy to Quenia then. "Princess Elgana Redrain. Lady Ennettia always speaks so fondly of you, so it is a pleasure to meet you finally." A grin is given to Duarte as she adds to him, "I am sad I missed that duel as I heard it was quite the sight to see. Alas."

Just outside the entrance to the Crafters Hall, Yasmine stops and scolds the two half-grown cats following her with a little pout in her lips. "No! You were not invited to the wedding! You go. Both." She makes a little shooing gesture with the hand not currently occupied with a slim case. One of the kittens looks as though he might disobey, earning him a scowl from the dancer. Obviously, he thinks better of it and scampers away, much to Yasmine's satisfaction. She walks inside. Even as round as she currently is, the dancer does not waddle so much as have a little bit of extra roll to those hips, making the chimes on her belt jingle with every step. She spots the line to greet the happy couple and finds a place in it as she tosses her hair over her shoulder. Despite that, she still calls out and waves to Oliver and Joscelin with her free hand, "Hey, Josie! Hey, Ollie! I made it, see?" Infectious laughter spills from her lips as she offers a bright grin to those ahead of her and resumes her place.

"It is alright, it nearly broke my ribs, so I suspect we are even," Bliss says to Duarte without missing a beat. She takes a longer drink of her wine, and then Quenia is introducing her! She lifts a hand toward Quenia, and then smiles at Fecundom "We met, once, at the Black Fox, but you likely don't remember. An absolute pleasure to see you again, Lord Fecundo. And to you both, this is my patron, the lovely and amazing Princess Elgana Redrain." Whose arm the Whisper is currently leaning on.

Yasmine has joined the line.

"Mags," Thena greets with a flicker of a smile that she then slides to Harper, with a shrug of narrow shoulders. "Braving a large social gathering, you?"

Ida can't help but smirk right back at Austen, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "Well, I had a couple of weeks to scrub up properly, so perhaps you shouldn't be quite that impressed," is said in a voice that sounds like she's just shy of sticking her tongue out at him. The raised eyebrows make her grin, but something else he says make her roll her eyes before chuckling.

"There's that fly tryin' to get on my boot again," Oliver muses to himself as Joscelin tries to step on his toes and scuff up his nice shiny boots, flashing Joscelin a bold grin and wagging his brows up and down in a dramatic sort of manner. "Thank you, my Lady!" he says to Ennettia before it is Morrighan's turn, the redhead earning herself a broad grin in spite of the threats. "Haven't you already given me one?" he laughs, though the sound quiets when he notes the glint of gold passed to Joscelin from Morrighan. His arm cinches just a little tighter around Joscelin's waist. "I'm glad you made it, Morrighan," he says to her.

And then, of course, the large man will look up when he hears Yasmine's voice, Oliver's free arm shooting up to wave to Yasmine. "You did make it!" he says cheerily.

And when Harper isn't looking his way, Magpie will mouth to Thena while pointing at the guard and then himself, 'she's with me!', followed with a big grin.

"Lord Fecundo, well met," says Duarte with a partial bow. He is still holding out that wine glass for Ennettia. "And Marquessa Quenia, always happy to see you."

Ennettia makes her way back to her group, idling at Duarte's side, collecting her drink from Duarte and she takes a sip. "Quenia, I didn't know you would be here. And with company!" A lazy smile for Fecudno, "Do I know you, dearest? Do say I don't, I shall be ever so embarrassed if I do and simply don't remember."

Harper grins at Thena, looking around at the very large crowd of people, "Yeah... not sure I've been at a party quite this large. It's kinda overwhelming, but fun too." She looks back at Thena and chuckles, "But it's nice to see Josie so happy."

Joscelin is all smiles, hugging Morrighan tightly, and then she's receiving a gift. A beautiful locket that is carefully examined, and soon enough Joscelin's face is streaming tears, gold eyes wide, and she's looking at the locket and back to Morrighan, embracing the redhaired woman so hard it seems her white fur shrug might swallow up the curvy Redrain. She kisses her cheek, over and over and over, saying something softly, and squeezing again.

"Lord Fecundo just arrived in Arx. I figured I'd do him a solid and escort him to the wedding, as he wanted to get to know a few people." Quenia tells Ennettia. "Besides, which, I figured it was a party and I really needed to get out more." This is spoken with a wry tone, though her eyes hold a small bit of mirth.

A touch distracted by something one of her ladies' comes to whisper in her ear she turns away from the group for a moment before she sighs and nods. It's all smiles when Elgana turns back though as she tucks a missive into a cleverly hidden pocket of her gown. "A pleasure to meet you Lord Fecundo. Lovely reception is it not?" She leans in then to Bliss to murmur something for a moment.

Fecundo is near drawn off balance as Quenia shifts directions on him, but recovers fairly well. He looks at those to whom he is introduced, nodding to each in turn. When Bliss addresses him, he studies her for a moment and then shakes his head, "That would be my failing, Bliss. Nice to make your acquaintance again." He offers a half bow to Elgana, "A pleasure." He nods to Duarte, "Likewise." He smiles to Ennettia, "You would not be alone, though I have traveled much and met too many in passing to recall in recent years. A pleasure." He nods to Quenia, "As my sister was not available, the Marquessa was kind enough to offer to accompany me to this gathering."

"I can't imagine you gave up working in the forge for a couple of weeks, not with all the noise coming from there," Austen says thoughtfully to Ida, patting her arm.

Lyiana shifts and is trying in vain not to bolt with all those people. So many people.

"Aye, I gave you one, but there's nae limit on how many I can toss at you, though," Morrighan cheekily responds, though her smile becomes more warm, head bobbing into a brief nod. "I would'nae miss this for th'world." It's when Joscelin starts crying and the fur threatens to engulf the dame, she can't help but laugh, returning the hug mightily. "I thought you might like tha'," comes a low mutter, her laughter continuing throughout the assault of kisses to her cheeks. Smiling broadly, she gives a soft exchange of words, a light pat on her back, ad begins to step off so others can offer their congratulations and the like. "I'm so happy for you, an' wish for you all th'best o' everythin'. Take care o' her Oliver, or I'll beat you."

Whatever Elgana has whispered in Bliss's ear has the Champion's face fall for a moment, but she looks back at her and just gives a small nod and an, "Okay. Just let me know." Then she shakes her head at Fecundo and says, "I may also be mistaking your face for another - nonetheless, a pleasure." And then she says to Quenia, "Marquessa, it's so lovely seeing you out and about more, the city is truly more beautiful now. I have to be off here in a moment - but we should perhaps get drinks soon?"

Thena cocks an eyebrow at Magpie and his charades, then her attention is back on Harper. "Yeah. She deserves it." Her dark gaze sweeps over the gathered crowd. "Legate's been on my ass about working too hard recently. Hopefully this counts as getting out and about a bit."

Turn in line: Quenia

"From where did you travel to arrive and entertain us, Lord Fecundo?" Duarte asks.

Ida nearly chokes on her drink and it takes a moment for her to clear her throat. "Well, no, of course not. I can't /completely/ stop working. I just...eased up a bit. How's your armor, Austen? It sounds like you've been getting the dents out of it lately."

Josie hugs Morrighan a little bit longer, wipes at her face and laughs, watery and emotional. "Yes, it's .. yes. I love you, Momo. Thank you for coming." She kisses a pale cheek again, squeezing the red-haired woman's hands.

Bliss hears something Thena says and calls out, "Not towards what you hope it does, Grandmaster!" Just letting her contralto carry over the room.

Oliver stands aside as Morrighan and Joscelin have their moment, watching the two of them with an expression of pure happiness. he gently rubs at Joscelin's back once she's released from the hug, before he moves to hug Morrighan before she has a chance to escape completely. "Thank you, Morrighan," he says to her sincerely, murmuring something to the Northerner, before he adds, "I really do think you're going to be disappointed when you don't get the chance to beat me."

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"Excuse me a moment," Quenia says to the group, and then abandons Fecundo for a moment to take her turn. She walks over to the happy couple and offers, "I am Marquessa Quenia Igniseri," perhaps putting a face to a name from past messages for Joscelin, "Congratulations on your wedding. I hope that you are both happy. I've brought you a bottle of the pale golden wine we debuted not all that long ago to help with the celebration." She passes the bottle over to whomever will take it, either Joscelin or Oliver. "I hope you both enjoy it," she says with a smile.

Quenia drops Citrus Delight, a sparkling pale golden wine|.

Oliver picks up Citrus Delight, a sparkling pale golden wine|.

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With a broad, cheeky grin, Morrighan ambles off from the crowd - definitely ensuring to procure one of those bottles for herself, and tucks it into her satchel bag - that one is going into the collection. She meanders about the hall, gazing about the numerous faces, and heads off in Ida's direction, waving. "Ida! Hello!"

Joscelin gives a deep curtsy to Quenia. "Marquessa Igniseri!" returns the jeweler, delighted. "Thank you for this gift, and your congratulations! Please, enjoy yourself here this evening! Your presence is a gift."

Thena lets her voice carry back to Bliss, "Fair enough, but when he asks you better tell him you saw me at a party."

Oliver dips into a low bow for Quenia. "Marquessa. I'm pleased to meet you," he rumbles happily, taking the wine when it is offered and holding it aloft so that both he and Joscelin can admire it. "It looks delicious. Thank you, my Lady. We'll break this open tonight," he grins to Joscelin, before he looks back to Quenia. "Yes, thank you so much for coming."

Torian sighs and, having gotten a little food and a fair amount of drink into him, gets a refill before finaly slinking his way into the line. Finding himself behind Duarte, he looks passed the man first to get a better look at Yasmine before standing back nice and straight and polie looking. He sips his drink and thinks aloud, "I need to get out more."

"You are quite welcome," Quenia says, giving each a warm smile before she departs back to her group.

Turn in line: Fecundo

Ida's smile brightens as she hears the Sword of Farhaven's familiar voice. "Dame Morrighan," she replies cheerfully and waves. "Can you even believe this day? Sometimes I look around this hall and think back to that very long ago dinner, when the Guild was just starting to piece itself back together under Joscelin. Look at us all now, hmm? It has been a wonderful journey, good and bad. Have you met my brother, Sir Austen," she wonders, brows arching as she looks between the pair. "I'd bet my favorite hammer you both must have crossed paths at some point by now?"

Turning in line where her little Hellian of an adopted daughter (gods bless that child), is trying to stick food into Secelia's hair, Lyiana sighs quietly and grabs Fraiya by the hand and quite literally holds her in place, while the teen makes faces at her smaller counter parts back.

Austen turns a little pink at Ida's words, even as he's smirking down at her drink-choking. "Yes. Well. It serves me just fine," he says agreeably. He glances around the room, sipping at his juice. He's about to add something when Morrighan comes over to them. "Dame Morrighan, good to see you again," he smiles, offering a small bow. "We have indeed met before."

Fecundo smiles to Duarte, "Most recently Setarco." When Quenia goes back to the line, Fecundo excuses himself as well, "I will return momentarily." With that, he retakes his place in line as next. When Quenia finishes speaking with the couple, Fecundo nods to Oliver and Joscelin, "Lord Fecundo Rubino...the Marquessa was kind enough to allow me to join her at this event as it is my first day in the city proper. I just wanted to wish you both a long and happy marriage and look forward to knowing you both better as I spend more time here."

Jared moves in and taps Bliss on the shoulder. She glances at him, and sighs. "Yes, Jared, I know," she murmurs. Then she calls back for Thena, "If he asks!" Her footing shifts, and she looks at Elgana, saying, "I have to go for a while. I'll write when I'm free." She then motions to Quenia, saying, "Drinks, Marquessa. I'm serious. I will write, ans we will come up with an evening where you have an absolute riot." Then she dips her head to Fecundo, Duarte and Ennettia. "Afraid I must slip off, but you'll all watch after the Princess and defend her honor for me, won't you?" she asks with a ghost of a smile creeping across her face.

Alistair is overheard praising Joscelin: To a happy and fruitful marriage.

Alistair is overheard praising Oliver: To a happy and fruitful marriage.

"Well met, Lord Fecundo. And welcome to Arx!" Oliver says as Fecundo comes forward, dipping into a bow. "I'm honoured you chose our little reception to be your first stop while you're in the city. It is a glorious day. The very best day in my entire life, I do believe." He grins, chuckling low. "Thank you for your well wishes. I hope you enjoy yourself."

Harper chuckles at Thena, turning back to grin at her, "I dunno, do you find it relaxing? The Legate's pretty smart so I bet he'd wanna know if it had the right effect, not just that you did it. Yeah?"

Quenia grins over at Bliss, "I'm absolutely up for that. I look forward to such an evening."

Joscelin smiles brightly to Fecundo. "The Gemecittan quartz I use in my trade is invaluable to me, and doubly so because of the bonds I forged with the twin-Houses," she tells Lord Rubino. "It is a pleasure to have you here, I thank you for you well-wishes and congratulations! Please, join us and dine and eat, and enjoy yourself." She echoes her husband, grinning.

Lyiana is overheard praising Joscelin: You deserve all the happiness in the world, my love. May the Gods be blessed by your union.

Turn in line: Lyiana

"I think my honor is quite safe!" Elgana says to Bliss as she leans in to give her a little kiss, a quick peck really. "Who is going to try to step all over it? Besides, I may yet be on your heels?" She pats at her gown. "Business is never too far from my side these days. But go, have fun whatever you are doing. Me and my honor will be fine, just fine. This is fine."

Ennettia is overheard praising Joscelin: Now there is someone who can dependably carry you home when drunk!

Elgana is overheard praising Joscelin: Congratulations! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

Elgana is overheard praising Oliver: Congratulations! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

Morrighan gives the fellow dame a broad smile and gives a companionable clap on the shoulder once she's drawn near, sharing in the merriment of the occasion. "I know, right? So much has changed in these short few years, th'Guild has grown so much an' has prospered greatly under Josie's leadership." There's a curious look that flits across her face before she leans in, whispering not very discreetly, "Which dinner was tha'? Th'one where she was chokin' on th'sausage?" For clarification purposes, surely. "Aye, aye, I've ran intae your little brother a time or two, how are you doin' t'day? I've come across him at th'Gauntlet b'fore, an' a time or two in th'Spirits."

"Another meeting, your highness?" Duarte asks Elgana with all the sympathy in the world for her dreadful lot.

Fecundo smiles to the couple and offers a half nod, half bow before stepping aside to let the other well-wishers see the couple., returning to the group Quenia was intorducing him to.

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"I don't know, people are always -" Tap, tap, tap goes Jared to Bliss's shoulder, and she rolls her eyes. "Right. I'm off. Do take care, everyone, and that is the best news, Marquessa, the best!" And then she is out through the crowd, the slightest of limps on her left leg as she finds her exit.

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper leaves, following Bliss.

"What's this about Joscelin chokin' on sausages?" Oliver angles a look over to Ida and Morrighan, having heard that not very discreet whisper. "This sounds like a story I don't want to hear and yet am incredibly intrigued."

As Lyiana is finally able to step forward, Fraiya drags her feet and pouts, though Secelia is pulling her hair as Fraiya glares at her. "Noble lady or not." she is threatening, to which Secilia is smirking behind her back. "I'll push you in the dirt."

Lyiana is happily ignoring said threats and moving along like she is quite literally just taking a walk, though inside, she may be screaming. "Joscelin." she murmurs quietly. "I do have a gift of sorts, though it is pink." She shrugs her shoulders. "It is rather... Well it is not as extravagant."

Meanwhile, Fraiya is trying to put food in Secelia's hair again. With a motion, the two trouble makers both stop and look at Lyi, and an uh oh can nearly be heard as she pulls the two forward. "This is Fraiya, my adopted daughter. That is her friend, Secelia." The two look guilty and Fraiya murmurs, "Lo ma'am..."

The teen is much more gracious, smiling gently as she says, "Hello Joscelin and company." She moves back with Fraiya so the two can have some privacy.

Joscelin reaches out to embrace Lyiana, the jeweler smelling of lemon and vanilla, her furred shrug soft. Her gown whispers as she moves, fabric along fabric, and she's kissing Lyiana's cheek. "Thank you for coming!" she tells the Crafter, sincere. "And thank you for bringing your little family!"

"Always meetings," Elgana laments to Duarte. "I have quite a few missives I need to attend to as well. Seems like a horrible thing sometimes when people start to know your name, but duty is important." She sips at her own glass of wine as she looks back out toward the crowd. "I also have a few other more personal things I need to make time for as well."

Ida glances over to Joscelin and Oliver, her eyes mainly on Joscelin as her smile is almost wicked. Almost! She is a knight of the Oathlands and all that. "Ah yes, the sausage evening," she drawls out as her gaze returns to Morrighan and the smith does her best not to laugh outright, nor keep her voice low. Oliver's remarks shatter the attempt at the former, though, and she snorts a laugh. "I'm sure your lovely bride will be /happy/ to tell the tale," is called over to him. Turning back to Austen and her fellow knight, she grins. "I suspected you two probably had met by now. Oaths and steel, I haven't run the gauntlet in forever and really should again. I'm doing very well! And am so sorry I missed the ceremony when you were named Sword, my friend. I still remember when you were knighted. And you? You're well, I hope?"

"You certainly have." Duarte says in agreement with Elgana. He looks to Fecundo, "What took you to Setarco."

"He'll ask," Thena murmurs, more to herself than trying to answer Bliss, who is on her way out the door. "No, I don't find it particularly relaxing," she tells Harper, though she doesn't have the look of someone who is having the Worst Time Ever. "Booze might help." She steps away briefly to grab some before settling on one of the benches.

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Oliver wears a grin as he returns his attention to the line of well-wishers, brown eyes softening when he sees the little children. "Hello there," he says warmly to both girls, wiggling his fingers to them, before he looks to Lyiana and grins as well. He leaves the hugging for Joscelin. "Yes, yes, thank you for being here! You should have your girls talk to the musicians," he points a thumb to the band on the dias. "I'm betting one of them will let the little ones strum the lute or something if they want."

Oliver's eyes swing back to Ida and Morrighan after, his brows lofting in dramatic fashion. "Well I do know Joscelin loves to eat. It must be a /very interesting/ story. I know she sure loves it when I give her sausage!" He says in the most totally innocent way possible. "Is it like her favorite food or something? Hmm!"

Austen smiles at Morrighan. "I am well, thank you." He finishes his juice and pats Ida's hand. "But I'm afraid I must be terribly rude and step out, I have a patrol starting soon and need to get ready, I just wanted to be here to wish the couple the best." He nods to Ida and Morrighan, beginning to move away.

Though Morrighan admires Ida's restraint, the Redrain Sword...doesn't have much of any, snicker giggling away while wiggling her fingers over in Oliver's direction. "I'll tell you about it sometime, promise," she says, grinning broadly. "Josie could, aye, though I wonder if'n she'll get tha' nice rosy shade on her cheeks as she does when someone else is talkin' about it." It's all good-natured and teasing, naturally. "Och, think nothin' o' it, it's fine. I dunnae do so well generally with crowds an' th'ceremony had a fair number show up. Words are enough, an' I thank you. I'm doin' well, keepin' busy, have'nae seen you in what feels like forever."

Secelia looks at Oliver and a smile blooms quietly. "No sir," she says with a small chuckle. "I know how to play the lute. I am not her child, no... I watch her daughter on occasion..." Fraiya is quietly braiding Secelia's hair with flowers as she speaks with Oliver, while Lyiana hugs Joscelin.

Quenia chuckles softly after Bliss, then looks over at Fecundo. "See? You did alright, and you were worried." She looks back to Duarte, Elgana and Ennettia - assuming they are all still together. "As I was saying, Lord Fecundo recently arrived to Arx," she tries to get back into that conversation.

Joscelin checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Oliver checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Lyiana gets an elegant rose pink muslin gown with full skirts from a simple canvas shoulder bag in white.

Joscelin has all her focus on Lyiana as the woman speaks softly to her, but she does catch the irreverent talk from her DEAREST FRIENDS AND HER HUSBAND, and without taking her gold eyes from Lyiana, Josie reaches down, pulls one of those beautiful slippers off her own foot, and throws it, with great aim, at Oliver's big, dumb, beautiful head.

Elgana gives a grin at Duarte's words but she turns back to Quenia. "It is almost a year for me since my own arrival. It's hard to believe how fast time has flown!" She gives a look to Fecundo then as she says, "I hope that you come to find the city to your liking. You are certain to meet all sorts of fascinating people."

"Oooh," coos Joscelin, without missing a beat, at the beautiful dress Lyiana gives her. "Oh, Lyiana, this is... oh I love it. It's beautiful. -Thank- you, darling." And embraces the tailor a second time.

Ida shakes her head to Austen. "It's not rude at all, hush," she tells him and gives his arm a tight squeeze before slipping her own free of his. Oliver's remarks draw another ring of laughter from the smith, though her attention returns to Morrighan once again. "Ah, well, I like to be there for my friends. I'm so glad for you, though, and can hardly think of anyone as deserving of the honor. I've been so busy with work, I feel like /I/ have hardly been out at all myself! I will have to amend that soon, hmm?" But then there is something zooming across the peripheral of her vision and the Oathlander's focus settles back on the newlyweds.

Lottie drops an ornately designed wedding cake with sculpted topper.

Oliver was subtly turned in Morrighan and Ida's direction. He never even saw the shoe coming - and then BOINK! It hits his head, and he whips back around to just -stare- at Joscelin. "Did you .. did you just throw a slipper at me?! OW!" It didn't really hurt, not /really/. And then he picks the slipper up off the ground and sticks it in his pocket. "It's mine now," he rubs at his head, sticking his tongue out at Joscelin, leaning to whisper something to her with an incredibly sly face.

Lyiana smiles and hugs Joscelin close, blinking back the tears. "Oh you are welcome. It was a gift that I thought you'd like, though I really wanted you to have one of the outfits I sent you." she says with a chuckle.

When he returns to the group, Fecundo is still distracted, looking at all the people, perhaps seeing who he might or might not know. His attention does return to answer Duarte's question, "I was traveling with Gemecitta's troops at the time. Good way to see the world, learn new things, really."

Turn in line: Thena

"Thank you-" Joscelin says, then squeaks as her bottom is pinched. She glares at Oliver and rubs her aeterna-covered rear, harumphing. And then the cake is unvelied, and for a moment, she's rather in awe. Goodness.

Ennettia yawns lightly, looking about the room momentarily - pausing to grin at the amusing shoe-to-the-head Oliver gets on his wedding - before focusing on her little group, smiling slightly toward Quenia, "Shall he be visiting often? Assisting in a few things?" Ahh, that slight hopeful tone: the more someone else does, the less she has to do, after all. Hopefully.

Lyiana sighs and laughs quietly as she moves off, taking Fraiya by the hand and Secelia follows behind. "Excuse me." she murmurs, trying to escape, so many people. It's a wonder she can breathe. "I will try to be back later." she says over toward Joscelin and company, though from the way Fraiya is running out the door, and Secelia is making a slow walk toward the exit, Lyiana has no choice but to shout after the two, "Do not let Fraiya step in front of a carriage."

"Lovely. Hopefully you had time to enjoy the island's many gifts." Duarte says to Fecundo.

Turn in line: Grady

Oliver pinches his thumb and forefinger together in warning to Joscelin, wagging his brows at her playfully. And then the cake is revealed! "Oh, hey, there's the cake," says the groom, nudging Joscelin with an elbow, before he cups his hands around his mouth to boom his voice across the room. "Everybody have cake! Lottie made it!"

Thena slips over to the couple as the cake is unveiled and squints up at Oliver for a long moment before turning to Joscelin and leaning in to give her the very lightest of butterfly kisses on the cheek. "He'd better make you happy." No, that's not murmured subtly or anything.

Ennettia looks over towards Duarte at the revelation that there is cake. Is she looking hopeful but secretly certain he will not play fetch? Indeed, she is. But hey, the attempt is made. Batting lashes and all!

Grady steps up to Oliver and Joscelin and gives them both a beaming smile, though his arms are filled with four large bottles. "Congratulations to both of you. I hope you're both as happy with each other as I am with my Jessa, which is the best wish I can hope for either of you." He grins between them and then his handing off the bottles to the person collecting gifts, and he bows slightly. "I thought you might enjoy some of the Deepwood cider. May your years be filled with joy, a little adventure, excitement, and terribly ugly throw pillows - err - ugly art. I mean unique art," he corrects comically. And then he winks at Joscelin, hugging both of them exuberantly.

Joscelin sighs like all this love is so very burdensome, but she's smiling very brightly, her joy tangible, and she hugs Thena tight tight. "He makes me happy," she laughs. "Thank you. Is Aureth here with you?" she asks, the jeweler standing a little taller, looking over the crowd. She doesn't see him, or her other brother-friend, Fort. "Mags is here, probably picking pockets or pinching bottoms or making out with that beautiful guardswoman he brought with him."

Duarte side-eyes Ennettia as he is delivered cake by Harlen. The Count thanks the lad and sticks a fork in the slice. He takes a sumptuous bite. "Mm!" he looks to Ennettia and points at the pastry with his fork. "You really need to try this."

Fecundo nods to Elgana and smiles, "Thank you, Princess. It is one of the reasons I am here, along with the learning opportunities." His attention returns to Duarte, "When you are with the troops, not as much time as you might like." He nods to Quenia and then looks to Ennettia curiously.

Khanne is overheard praising Joscelin: Good to see her happy.

Khanne is overheard praising Oliver: Better keep her happy.

"Perhaps," Quenia says to Ennettia, lifting a brow in her direction a bit. "Perhaps not. That's really up to Lord Fecundo, and I haven't asked him yet as that would be impolite. He only just arrived." She grins, "Let him get settled before we put him to work," she winks at her cousin, and offers Fecundo a smile.

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"I try, at least," Oliver tags his comment on the end of Joscelin's, flashing Thena broad grin. "I try really hard, honest. But you can feel free to join the long, long, endlessly long line of people who are going to beat me, stab me, rip parts of me off, and behead me if I don't. I think I'm safe." He pauses for a moment, throwing a faux nervous glance in Joscelin's direction. "I /hope/ I'm safe." And then he just grins again.

Magpie is overheard praising Oliver: Thank you! So much. Thank you!

Magpie is overheard praising Joscelin: Yay Josie and Oliver!

"Plenty of that as well," Elgana says to Fecundo as that trio of ladies approach. A slice of cake gets handed out to Ennettia, Elgana, and then one each for Quenia and Fecundo if they take by Elgana's ladies and then off they go. "This cake is lovely!"

Joscelin is overheard praising Lottie: WHAT A CAKE~

Thena returns Joscelin's hug, then glances over her shoulder and shakes her head. "No. Just Mags doing exactly what you said. Maybe the other two will show up now that the cake's being served." She flickers a grin. "I'll let you get to the other guests. Congratulations." She looks over at Oliver, another measuring look before replying with calm confidence, "I'll be at the front of the line," before bestowing one more cheek-kiss on Jos and stepping out of the way.

Grady steps up to Oliver and Joscelin and gives them both a beaming smile, though his arms are filled with four large bottles. "Congratulations to both of you. I hope you're both as happy with each other as I am with my Jessa, which is the best wish I can hope for either of you." He grins between them and then his handing off the bottles to the person collecting gifts, and he bows slightly. "I thought you might enjoy some of the Deepwood cider. May your years be filled with joy, a little adventure, excitement, and terribly ugly throw pillows - err - ugly art. I mean unique art," he corrects comically. And then he winks at Joscelin, hugging both of them exuberantly.

Joscelin is turning to Grady, accepting the hug and laughing, delighted. "I'm getting another painting, it seems, by the painter who did the one of my dog. A wedding gift. I'll be sure to have you see it before I hang it up," she says with a grin. "Thank you for coming, Lord Grady! It's a pleasure to have you here on this, our happiest day."

Quenia does indeed take the cake offered by Elgana's maids. She dips her fork into it and tastes a small bite, and them practically purrs over how good it is. "Very, very good," she nods in agreement with the others. She lifts a bit of a napkin up to gently dab at her lips to wipe away any rogue icing or crumbs that might have been left behind with her bite. She smiles at Elgana, offering, "It is a pleasure to meet you as well. Ennettia often tells me how often you let he--- hrm." She pauses, glancing over at Ennettia and them simply says, "She says a lot of good things about you too."

Grady laughs. "I'm thrilled to hear it. You should get all the terribly unique art you can handle, and be better for it - and in better humor as well." He offers Oliver a cheerful smile. "And I haven't met you yet but by all accounts you're an excellent person - and you certainly have excellent taste in partners. Well done."

Fecundo takes a moment to look between Quenia and Ennettia warily, "Something tells me I should be worried." The then looks to Elgana with a warmer smile, I do hope so." He does accept the cake with a soft thanks and looks it over before taking a bit. He nods, "Very nice, indeed."

Grady is overheard praising Joscelin: She deserves great happiness, being a brilliant artist and wonderful woman!

Oliver is not expecting a hug! Perhaps he's expecting another death threat. But Grady is squeezed and patted on the back heartily. "Thank you. That is a very hopeful blessing," he says to Grady with a beaming smile. "And the cider will be enjoyed, I can promise you that." He dips his head to Grady. "We should grab a drink one of these days."

Grady is overheard praising Oliver: He has excellent taste in partners, and I hope he appreciates it as much as he benefits from it!

Turn in line: Yasmine

Grady beams. "We absolutely should and will," he says to Oliver. "You don't have to twist my arm to get me to go drinking." And then he's moving off, making room for the next well-wisher.

"Oh and you're right. I do have excellent taste," Oliver adds to Grady, as an aside!

Magpie is far too busy snagging extra snacks from a tray and chatting up Harper to have noticed the things that Joscelin is saying about him. MEAN things. Then again... they're not wrong.

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Alarissa drops Wedding Table 1.

Alarissa drops Wedding Table 2.

Alarissa drops Wedding Table 3.

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After waiting an eternity for her turn, Yasmine makes her way up to Oliver and Joscelin and offers them a beaming smile as she shoves that case at them, "Here! presents! Rook told me that you give presents when you are married and so I give you presents, see? Josie, you better be good to my friend Ollie here, else I will... what is they say they do?" Yasmine looks at Oliver for a moment before she then says brightly, "I will beat you! I will. I promise. Anyway, I wish you both good health and long life and many, many babies."

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Joscelin hugs Yasmine if the hellcat lets her, giggling happily, taking the gift offered. "Oh! I get a death threat?" Josie is very excited by this, she looks up to Oliver. "I got a death threat! Yay!" She opens the case and puurrrrs at the hairpins resting there. "Oh, Yasmine, these are -beautiful-! Thank you!" She kisses the woman's cheek.

And it was finally Yasmine's turn! Oliver wears a bright, broad smile still as Yasmine comes ... and immediately bursts into loud, hearty, rumbly laughter as she says she's going to beat Joscelin. "It's about time," he picks up his chin, laughing still, "Thank you, Yasmine. I hope your wishes come true. Sooner rather than later, on the babies part." There's a glance cast to Joscelin's belly, before he takes the gift, his eyes widening. "Wow! Thank you so much."

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Magpie suddenly stands up on the bench, clears his throat, and yells at the top of his lungs, "HEY!! Joscelin and Oliver!!!!! Before I forget! Calaudrin and Esoka and Mayir *ALL* say congratulations and shit!! WOOOOO!" He raises a glass of booze in toast, and then sits down again.

"I figured I would change things up a little. Not nearly enough people making death threats on Oliver's behalf." Yasmine says with a sly grin as she winks at Oliver. "And good. Our babies can be friends, unless this one is a stuck up little-" Magpie's shout distract her and the dancer looks in his direction before grinning at Joscelin, "I think he is drunk."

Thena, sitting next to Magpie and Harper, raises her glass on the heels of his shout.

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Joscelin giggles at Magpie. "Probably," she agrees to Yasmine, raising a magically-appearing glass in her hand to her 'cousin'. "And yes! Our babies can be friends! No babies here yet, but .... well, the tea's on the shelf." Joscelin's cheeks go pink and she kisses Yasmine's hands, one and two. "I hope I'm half as lovely as you in your state!'

Oliver utters a low chuckle to Yasmine. "They will be good friends, yes. We're going to have a girl first," he says that proudly, even though Joscelin is very clearly not expecting. He just -knows-, ok? His attention is momentarily distracted by Magpie, and Oliver realizes... he needs a drink! So two glasses are swiped from nearby, one handed to Joscelin, before he lifts his own in Magpie's direction. "WOO!" he echoes.

Ida glances over at Magpie and laughs, which only continues as Yasmine's remark. Not being shy with the alcohol herself, the smith raises her own glass as Thena does. Otherwise, she seems content to watch quietly for a bit, basking in the joy of the newlyweds and cheer of the celebration.

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven, Voss, an icy-eyed Northlands Malsatian leave, following Morrighan.

Turn in line: Duarte

"I think Grayward babies must be enormous because I swear my own mother never looked like this." Yasmine makes a face, taps her bare stomach, and then wanders off, probably to get some of that cake.

Duarte approaches the bride and groom and bows gracefully. "It is a union as finely crafted as any of Joscelin's works of art." He smiles and hands Oliver a box, "So congratulations and here is to a life time of excitement."

Torian finds himself at the front of the line with a nearly empty glass in his hand once Duarte moves to greet the newly married couple. He looks around some then, the view in front of him no longer partially blocked by a taller man. He sighs a little, the line being less than exciting eve though there's an occasionally outburst or thrown shoe. He looks at his glass and raises it, but stops short of drinking, instead lowering it and saving it for later.

Harper snags a drink from a tray as it passes by and chuckles at Magpie, "Guess that did the trick. Thanks."

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Joscelin steps forward and hugs Duarte. "Messere Count," she says. "I am glad you came! Thank you for your well-wishes and your presence, we are honored by both, my friend. Thank you!"

Oliver knocks back his drink, putting the empty glass somewhere before Duarte approaches. The box is accepted and opened, Oliver grinning broadly to Duarte, dipping into a small bow. "Thank you, Count Duarte. For your well wishes and the cigar. You'll have to get another and we can smoke and drink," he grins.

Duarte bows his head with another smiles and moves on, not taking too much time from those still waiting to pay regards.

Turn in line: Torian

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Harper slips off of the bench to follow Magpie out, giving Josie and Oliver both a friendly wave on her way out.

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Torian finds himself called forth then and he drains the last of his glass, setting it down on the floor before he approaches. He's had a lot to drink and little to eat, and he moves up to the couple with a fluid wobble. "Congratulations!" He calls out loudly, first pushing his hand into Oliver's for a brisk and firm shake. "Your proposals have proved better than mine, but I stand on the fact that I'm a better lederer than you, if not the better man! You would't be caught dead in my armor I always say!" He's laughing and it's clear he's in a jovial enough mood now that he's no longer waiting. He even gives the man a slap on the shoulder before turning to the bride. "And you... beautiful Guildmistress I see you've finally found a man worthy of your hand, and dispite what you may think, I'm very happy for it!" He moves in then to hug the woman nice and hard, keeping his hands high on her shoulders and even patting them to prove it's all platonic and everything. "I don't have a gift for you save for this..." he leans back then, speaking quickly and moving quickly and just racing through what seems like it might have been a planned speech, "I think you've made the right choice for you, and I offer my personal blessing on you both for a long and happy marriage." He pauses a breath there, add libbing, "For whatever my own blessing is worth."

Joscelin laughs and hugs Torian tightly, the moment he's in reach and stops talking for a spell. "It means much from a Crafter, and my friend!" she chuckles. "My thanks, Torian! You honor my happiest day with your presence!" She grins at him.

Torian's hand is heartily shaken, Oliver managing to not squeeze the man's hand too hard and everything! And while there might be a subtle narrowing of his eyes, there is a grin upon his face. "I'll fight you over the armor comment," he rumbles to Torian, his eyes bright with amusement for once, before he snakes his arm around Joscelin's waist and snags her close. "Yes, thank you, Torian, for the blessing. It's worth quite a lot, because I can tell you mean it," he grins to the man.

"Oh fiddlesticks." Duarte says as his cake accidentally is dropped to the floor.

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