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Carlotta Welcome Home Beach Party

Those who sailed upon the Carlotta are home safe and sound. To commemorate the ship's maiden voyage and all of those who went with her, there's to be a bonfire party upon Arx's beaches. Everyone is invited from those who sailed upon The Carlotta, family, friends, or just random people who want to show up.


June 11, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Kenna Sabella Tabitha


Rinel Arcadia Helena Tynan Vanora Silas Harlex Harper Niklas Esoka Verity Valdemar



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

The torches are set, the bonfires are lit and everything is READY. All that is left is for those who want to attend to arrive! The food and drink are waiting for them, as are the exuberant co-hosts. Kenna flutters about here and there with last minute preparations, mostly utterly superfluous which include tossing a stick deeper into the fire, tugging at a cloth on a table, and otherwise just staying busy until things are completely set up.

Dot, the war-wiener, Tynan arrive, following Harper.

Esoka drops a fully-stocked bar.

BRR. BRRRRRR! Down to the beach in gauzy seasilk comes Verity, her sandaled feet sinking just a little bit with each step. It's those bonfires along the beach which she aims for, holding her arms with her hands that cross her chest. "I'm going to turn into an silkcicle if I don't get warm! Someone should set a rule that adventures happen during summer so the welcoming home parties aren't so cold." she says, shivering a little bit.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

2 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor, Vanora arrive, following Valdemar.

Vanora gets The Carlotta Maiden Voyage Commemorative Chalice from a bag with party tokens.

Helena arrives with Harlex, talking quitely amongst themselves as they make thier way down to the beach. The Redrain Princess looks excited at the scene she sees laid out before her and she claps as she rushes down along the dunes. "Oh this looks amazing. This is beautiful!"

Valdemar gets The Carlotta Maiden Voyage Commemorative Chalice from a bag with party tokens.

Harper gets The Carlotta Maiden Voyage Commemorative Chalice from a bag with party tokens.

Sabella is never very far from where Kenna is, making sure everything is juuuust right! "Kenna, it looks great! Everything is wonderful!" She assures the other woman with a laugh, "The only thing we can't control is the weather and the bonfires should more than make up for it and everyone will like snuggling in front of them." She glances to Verity with a smile when she arrives, "See? Please, have a seat by one of the fires you'll warm up in no time!"

Harlex arrives, following Helena, with a sullen and uncertain look on his face as they approach the beach. The dancing flames catch off his bright eyes, filling him with a sense of unease and suspicion. Which seems solely due to the warmth and comradery that they offer to guests. But he remains near to the princess, a vigilant bodyguard. Although his eyes flirt with the spread of delicious food and drinks. "It's quite a sight."

Meanwhile Tabitha greets new arrivals to the beach, a smile on her face as she directs them to drinks, food or the campfires as appropriate. Wearing a warm blue cloak over a dress of a lighter shade, she huddles into the fabric to keep herself warm. To Sabella and Kenna she occasionally dips a few nods, as if to say, 'everything is alright, yes?' She'll be fussing all night, it would seem.

Esoka has been here since the start, of course. And before that, helping Kenna set up and attending to the table where she's helped set up all the booze. She's dressed warmly - in the leathers she tends to use as her daily wear for knightly things, so she doesn't have to pile on too many more layers than usual - and her smile is bright and merry. "Come and drink things!" she yells the party-goers.

Tynan walks in alongside Harper, gesticulating with his hands in the air as he's talking. "I'm just saying, it's the middle of winter. Fire is good and all that, but there's fireplaces inside. And chairs. And alcohol." There's a shrug as he concedes the point before Harper ever even argues with him about it and instead gestures towards one of the bonfires. "I'm going to stay close to one of those things, at the very least." All said as he steers steps towards it, although gets distracted midway through as he notices the bar. "I like drinking things!"

Helena makes her way towards Esoka, clapping her hands as she does. "Hello, what kind of drinks do you have?" She gazes around, excitement writ across her face. "Oh, I'm Helena Redrain. I don't mean to be rude, drinking your things without introducing myself. Seems very rude." That done, she is served a drink and she asks for a second, carrying it back towards Harlex.

Tabitha also gives a little wave to Esoka, a warm smile curving over her lips. Thank goodness she has someone to do the shouting for her!

Lady Vanora Grimhall walks with one hand on her husband's arm and the other holding her cloak closed just a little tighter around her body. "The breeze is beautiful. Way too crisp, but otherwise so pretty." She's bent with her head close to his allowing for quiet conversation, and pale green eyes glance away and towards the horizon now and then.

Harper walks toward the beach, peering around curiously. She grins over at Tynan, and just shakes her head at him, "I think you just talked yourself in a circle there, Slick." Then as she spots Kenna, she gives her a wave. Hearing a familiar voice yell across the way, she turns with a huge grin towards Esoka. She nudges Tynan off toward the bar where Esoka is, "C'mon you can meet my aunt and get a drink."

Kenna grins sheepishly when Sabella does the reassuring thing to her. She's bouncing on her feet a bit, all sorts of nervous. "My //last// party was pushing together a bunch of chairs so that departing Guardsmen could drink themselves insensible on the King's coin. This is just a bit more extravagant!" But her partner-in-party-crimes words do have some calming effect as Kenna leaves off bothering the fires and linens. Familiar faces begin to show themselves and Kenna bounces over to Harper's side and slipping into step next to them. "Harper, love. I'm going to start thinking that you and Master Tynan are an item after all if you keep showing up together." Tynan gets a playful wink from the woman.

"Princess Sabella Grayson," said Princess offers to Helena, since she had just stepped over to pick up something to drink as well. Looks like she's just after some lemonade, though. "I think we've got a little over everything here tonight, so definitely help yourself to anything! And then I recommend sticking close to one of the fires for a cozy evening of enjoying the conversation of your fellow party-goers!"

"All kinds!" Esoka gestures Helena toward the table. "Help yourself. There are mugs, also." She's not tending bar. Just kind of presiding proudly over the booze. She's acquired a cider, for her part, and is sipping on it as she talks. A chuckle, to Tynan. "You're in the right place. Hello, Harper. And aye, my husband and her have chosen each other as family, so that makes her mine as well." Tabitha is also waved at. Boisterously. Hello!

Harlex takes the offered drink from Helena. "Much obliged." His eyes are shifting, catching to much movement around him, before he settles some and has a sip. The wind moves by him, rustling his black hair. He stands near to one of the bonfires. Heat splashing against his face.

Silas makes his way for the beaches, clad in linen and wool instead of his usual suit of rubicund steel armor. When arrives, he shoots a beaming smile at the hostesses - his cousins Kenna and Tabitha, and the Princess Sabella. "You did marvelous, ladies. The bonfires and booze are a particularly nice touch..." And it is the drinks at the bar he approaches first, where he greets Esoka with a grin and nod. "Good evening, Dame Esoka. And thank you for the refreshment."

"Aunt?" Tynan asks, a quick look of confusion before he remembers that whole deal. "Oh right, yeah. Anybody giving out drinks is worth meeting." He replies and then gives an all together awkward bow that's more like a stumble, as he doesn't stop walking to deliver it, towards Kenna as she comes over, grinning at her. "Lady Kenna, you must know I only have eyes for you. Beautiful as ever. Did you do something to your hair, it's unmatched in radiance." With that, he reaches the bar and simply grabs something of it without too much discerning as to what it actually is. "She told me. First forceful adoption I've ever heard of, you know? Dame Esoka, right?" Tynan says with a quick smile as he sips from whatever it is he's holding.

Steve, an ungainly pelican, Isabelle, who isn't happy to be doing this arrive, following Niklas.

Helena beams a smile at Sabella, sticking out her hand to shake. "Nice to meet you Princess Sabella. We look a little bit alike, if you had cut your hair short. It's nice to meet you." She gestures towards Harlex and grins. "This is a sellsword who is my guard for the evening. Though I don't think anyone here will carry me off. My sister would pound them into a paste."

Harper turns a bit pink and gives Kenna a 'cease and desist' look, rolling her eyes at her. "Still trying to hook me up with someone are you, Partner? You seem awful hopeful that we are. So does that mean you think I'm hopeless?" She grins at Kenna, with a teasing wink. "You've done a good job here. Looks nice." She picks up a mug of cider from the table and takes a sip, eyeing Tynan with an arched brow, with a helpful, "Don't fall," thrown in for good measure.

"It does feel nice to be out here. I can't wait to be back on a ship, heading for the Isles," Valdemar responds to his wife, something of a smile on his face as they walk out to the beach together. When they reach the gathering, he inclines his head in wordless greeting to Esoka and Sabella, the only two present he seems to recognize.

"Sabella!" Vanora calls out, waving with her fingertips. "It's been an age. I hope you are doing well and enjoying planning a very expensive and fantastic wedding." When she walks by the princess she greets her with an airy kiss that doesn't quite touch each cheek. "We'll be doing that before too long. A day or so, no?" Vanora asks Valdemar. "The sea is so lovely in the dead of winter!" Her sarcasm isn't subtle.

Sabella gives Helena's hand a shake, looking amused, "It's nice to meet you as well. And I think if I were to cut my hair my mother would disown me. Between Lou and Reese, she likes having one daughter that makes a show out of actually brushing it." When Vanora calls out her name she turns a brilliant smile her way, "Vanora! Duke Grimhall, I'm so glad you two could come! And I am having perhaps too great of a time planning a fantastical wedding. I'm sure my messages keep Tikva out, going over the ledgers wondering how to keep me from spending all Grayson's silver on one party! But. It will be well worth it! We're working on trying to set out a date now, since the courtship is going so well. Is it bad luck to say that out loud?" She shrugs, still beaming, "Ah well, it's true!"

Kenna beams at Harper, "All I want is your happiness Harper, Esoka," Kenna just draws the armored drink angel into the conversation as she gestures to both Harper and Tynan. "Don't they just look cute together? And //every// time I've seen the two of them it seems to be in one another's company. I can't help but make assumptions, right?"

Helena glances at Harlex and clears her throat, speaking to nobody in particular. "So uhm, what is a Carlotta and why are we welcoming it home?" She puts on a bright smile that will hopefully confuse people and keep them from laughing at her. "Everything is very pretty, and any reason for a party is wonderful! We're just curious if the Carlotta is a person or something?"

Valdemar raises a brow when at what his wife has to say, a grin on his face. "Dead of winter? This is a fine autumn day, Vanora, as it will be when we leave," he teases her in reply. He then turns to Sabella and raises a hand, telling her, "I am glad we could make it as well, your Highness, but I am not duke yet, nor for some time to come, I hope. My father is in good health, and I pray he remains that way for years to come."

Harlex lifts the mug to his face and takes a long drink, letting Helena do all the talking. He seems at peace near the roaring bonfire.

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe arrives, following Rinel.

"The Carlotta is a magnificant Lycene ship, that was used in an expedition set off the continent recently," Silas answers in Helena's direction. "Not a person, I'm afraid, but still a sight to behold. Too bad it can't be docked here."

Verity is shivering near a bonfire trying to keep warm as she waits. There's a bit of teeth chattering.

"Oh, is it? It's so cold, I suppose I thought winter had started." Vanora responds to her husband airily. She catches Helena's question in the breeze and answers it. "Carlotta is a ship, but was a person before that. Archduchess Carlotta Velenosa. Princess Isolde's mother."

"Oh...oh.. yes." Helena nods to both Silas and Vanora, a serious look on her face. "Well I'm glad that the Carlotta is home. The ship, wherever it's docked. Any reason to drink and meet new people is fine with me!" She raises her glass and takes a healthy drink from it. "To the Carlotta!"

"Apologies," Sabella says to Valdemar, "I did not mean to displace your father! Perhaps since Niklas is becoming a prince I am just inclined to raise everyone's station? More likely, I am just absentminded and perhaps my common sense has frozen solid in this early winter." She grins, then looks to Helena, nodding to what Vanora says, "It's an amazing ship that just completed a trip to Eurus and back! Something that is unheard of! So we are celebrating that accomplishment and the fact that everyone returned home again safely."

Harlex gets The Carlotta Maiden Voyage Commemorative Chalice from a bag with party tokens.

Tynan downs a larger mouthful of his drink, giving a small smack of his lips and a sigh afterwards. "Lady Kenna, while it's hard to fault your logic there, this is the second time ever I've laid eyes on you. The chain of evidence is too short for a conclusion, you should know that." There's a broad smile flashed over the rim of his glass, shoulders rolling as if to stave off the cold with both motion, fire and fortifying drink. "Although, it's not a bad idea. I might just bring Harper home after the party." It's said almost in passing, without looking to Harper, as he turns towards the bonfire, watching it for a second. "How close can you get to one of these things and still be safe? It's freezing."

Silas gets The Carlotta Maiden Voyage Commemorative Chalice from a bag with party tokens.

Tynan gets The Carlotta Maiden Voyage Commemorative Chalice from a bag with party tokens.

Helena gets The Carlotta Maiden Voyage Commemorative Chalice from a bag with party tokens.

Esoka waves to Valdemar. Who she does know. "My lord! Hello! How's your bladework these days?" A chuckle to Kenna. A rather snorted one, as she nods to Tynan. "Aye. And you're Master Tynan? I think I've heard the name with the face before. Anyhow, any friend of Guardswoman Harper's is one of mine." Another large wave, this time while wielding her cider mug, is directed at Silas. "It's good to see you, Baron. Particularly safe and sound and back on dry land. I still need to get Calaudrin to tell me all the stories about your voyage."

"It's funny you mention freezing, because our next game is absolutely made to try to warm you all up - and I'm sticking by my conclusion Master Tynan. Guard, remember, not Inquisition." Stepping away from the trio Kenna goes to a more central area where she can cup her hands about her mouth and shout, "If you are interested in trying to warm yourself up, wander in this direction!" Next to Kenna is a stretch of coals. None of them are alive with flame any more, but there is a distinct wave of heat coming off of them.

Silas plucks out one of the chalice favors from the nearby bag, curiously. He inspects it briefly and proceeds to pour his ale into it, because what use is a chalice otherwise!? He snickers at Tynan's reply, particularly the last part, but he waits for Harper's reply before he comments himself. He shrugs at Esoka, still smiling. "We didn't travel together, strangely enough, so his stories may be different than mine. There was mostly a lot of sweating and not a lot of sleep."

Rinel stumbles towards the table, narrowly avoiding chaos as a large pelican chases her, wings outstretched. She cackles gleefully. "I win! I win!" The scholar puts down yet another tray of refreshments--hors d'oeuvres done in a simple Oathlands style, small meat pasties stuffed with Lycene herbs and spices, and the ever-popular Crownlands fruit skewers. "I wi--ackpth!"

Scholar down. Steve is now on top of the woman, pecking curiously at her pouch. "You beast! Wretched bird! Those are for later! No fish for you! Stop it! Stoppit!" The two flail about in a whirlwind of limbs and wings. When the dust and feathers clear, Rinel is sitting on the ground, slightly dazed.

And Steve is sitting on her head.

Harlex finishes his drink. The first of what would no doubt be many to come. When he goes to set down the mug, he takes one of the Chalices. Inspecting it for a moment before hearing Kenna's call to action and moving in that direction.

Helena takes a step back giving Rinel and Steve a very wide berth. She giggles as she watches them flail around on the ground, making a move or two to assist bit after nearly getting whacked in the face with a wing she gives up. Her eyes follow Harlex as he heads towards the coals and she drifts in that direction to, more to watch than anything else.

Vanora murmurs something in her husband's ear, a furrow between her brows. "Slightly dizzy. Maybe help me get home to lie down?"

Harper rubs her face with her free hand and looks over at Tynan, her face a definite shade of pink now. "You were not helpful at all. She is not going to be happy until we call it a date." Shaking her head she snags Tynan's hand and drags him towards one of the bonfires, "It won't hurt you, c'mon. You'll warm up if you get a bit closer at least." She pauses with a grin towards Silas and gives him a respectful nod. "Heya Bosshawk!"

Valdemar seems about to tease Vanora further when she says something about feeling dizzy. Nodding his head, he moves his arm around her lower back, so that he can help keep her on her feet a little more easily, and then says to no one in particular, "It ssems we need to return home a little sooner than expected. Good evening, all."

At this point, having finished the business of behind the scenes fussing, Tabitha walks down to the warmth of the smouldering bonfires. She she moves, there's a beaming smile on her face. Heat, lovely heat! Although she's standing on the edges of the party, she's not unapproachable.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards leave, following Vanora.

2 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor, Vanora leave, following Valdemar.

Sabella heads on over towards Kenna, pausing to watch Steve and Rinel be bestest friends! She laughs when Rinel ends up on the ground, "That means Niklas will be here shortly. Steve! Be good!" She chastises the bird who pays absolutely no attention to her, then walks over to look skeptically at the coals, "Is this a test of fortitude or stupidity?" She asks Kenna with a grin.

Silas smirks and offers Harper a salute. "Good evening, Officer Ashdown. And I concur - Kenna is -relentless-." On that note, he sets down his chalice and strides in said Kenna's direction. "I'll participate in this strange coal-walking exercise, if the field is not too big." He looks around expectantly.

Tynan turns to Esoka then and dips his head quickly, "Yes, and I assure you, the negative things said about me were all slander." Stepping on over to Harper then and walks along with her closer to the bonefire, he eyes Kenna, and the coals, sceptically, "Not sure I want to warm up that badly. What?" He glances sideways at Harper, "I was supposed to be helpful? You know, need to give me the script next time before we arrive. I didn't even know there was people here, just thought you wanted me alone on the beach." A broad grin is flashed to Harper and he takes another fortifying sip of the drink.

Niklas, not having seen Steve all day, has been wandering around the city to all of her favorite stomping grounds. But no one was running of the Grotto screaming, the Iron Guard hadn't been called to the Secret Garden at the Golden Hart and Telmar Tower wasn't on fire. So he's really been at a loss and is looking downright glum as he walks down toward the beach from Arx. But then he sees Sabella and his expression perks up. And then he sees Steve. And Rinel. "Oh, shit." Niklas comes running down, calling out, "Oi, Steve! Reign it in, girl! Scholar Rinel, don't make any sudden movements and try to avoid looking too much like a fish!"

Rinel puts her hands on her hips and looks sternly at the pelican. "/You/ are not getting /any/ fish for at /least/... five minutes. Maybe ten. You be good."

Kenna waits till people are gathered and grins at Sabella comes over. "Can't it be a little of both? I mean, that's the general vibe I get about The Carlotta's journey altogether - that and a whole pile of hot sweaty walking, which makes this ALSO fit the bill." Silas gets an ABRUPT hug from his cousin before she goes back to describing the game. "Alright, so. What you're going to do is first, take off your shoes - I PROMISE it isn't so bad as to hurt your soles unless they're made of like... silk. Then you are going to walk across them until you don't feel like you can take the heat //any// more. Then you'll jump off. There's a little prize for those who last the longest. Any questions?"

Sabella checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 8 higher.

Harlex rubs his beard, skeptical about this, but he goes down and removes his boots. He sets themselves, making sure they don't get too much sand in them.

Silas checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 higher.

Rinel checked willpower at difficulty 10, rolling 2 lower.

Esoka turns toward Rinel and the pelican. Squinting. "Are you all right?" But the woman seems to be. And, with a shrug, Esoka takes her cider and grabs a spot near a fire to watch the game commence.

Silas checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 41 higher.

Rinel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 6 lower.

Harper looks over at Tynan and grumbles, "I think the two of you are in cahoots." Finding a warmer spot near one of the bonfires she settles onto the sand to sit and watch the coal walking, "Here, we can sit and watch all the crazy people try to scald the bottoms of their feet. Though if you keep making comments to embarass me, I might toss you onto the coals." She gives Tynan a teasing grin.

Sabella checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 13 higher.

Sabella carefully takes her slippers off and sets them aside then taking a deep breath, she steps out onto the coals, moving carefully but steadily forward. "I've heard people call nobles silks before, but hopefully they weren't talking about the soles of our feet!"

Rinel looks a little worried. "Soles like silk? But the lady at the cobbler's said I needed to shave off all my calluses or everyone would think I was ugly." She looks down dubiously at her unusually-pink feet.

Harlex checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Harlex checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Tabitha checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 6 higher.

Silas chuckles as Kenna hugs him. "Oh, then I'll have -plenty- of practice now to aid me." He bends over to unlace his boots and kick them off, presenting his exceptionally average vaguely corn-smelling feet. Guards don't get manicures often, but at least he didn't go on patrol before heading to the party. He looks more curious than afraid, and likely moves skip across the bed of coals first. Predictably, he finds things hot. "Wowowow!" He maintains his composure, but it's clear it catches him off guard.

"Just trying to keep you warm, Harper. Get those cheeks burning and the cold won't get to you." Tynan raises his glass in an amused salute towards her, "Yeah, need my feet to walk on, not catch on fire. Hard enough to keep warm as it." He remarks then, sliding down somewhat awkwardly to sit in the sand as well, holding his glass aloft to not spill it as Harper pulls him down by the hand. "If any Princess is going to make it across, it'll be you, Princess Sabella." He calls over then cheerfully.

Tabitha checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 1 lower.

Sabella laughs as Tynan calls out and then looks a little concerned and after only about ten seconds of walking forward starts hopping and then jumps to the side, dancing a little bit, "Hot! Hothothothot!" She says, making a beeline for the water to let the waves wash over her poor feet! Which they has her jumping backwards, "Ah! COLD! Coldcoldcoldcold!"

Arcadia had arrived just in time to hear Kenna explain the rules of the fiery contest, the wandering energy of the youngest of the Learies bringing her into the party as if her very nature had sensed that it was happening. Her eyes alight with irrepressible wonder. "That is on my list," the blonde daredevil murmurs to herself under a wisp of a breath, her socks and boots discarded in a clumsy hurry as she hops and skips to the pit of coals, waiting a moment for a clear path before sliding onto them with reckless abandon.

Harlex feels his muscles tense as he forces his body to experience the pain. His jaw flexes, feeling the slight burning sting after only a few seconds. He holds out for a bit, almost letting it hurt, until he makes a sharp hiss and hops off into the sands to cool his callous soles. "What's that smell..." He mutters. Wrinkling his nose.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 4 Crimson Blades Private, Prince Biscuit, the seadog puppy arrive, following Fredrik.

Arcadia has rolled a critical success!
Arcadia checked willpower at difficulty 10, rolling 30 higher.

And Tabitha is going to give it a go too. Already she's hitching her skirt up to her knees, then carefully walking across the coals with light but swift steps of her dainty little feet. Then, she seems to lose her cool, because she lets out a frightened shriek and dashes across the rest of the coals until she trips at the end, well away from their burning heat. "Kenna," she cries out in shrill panic as she lifts a foot into the air. "Did I get burned? Did I get burned?" Her eyes are wide, then they squeeze shut. "Aah! They feel really hot!"

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 4 Crimson Blades Private, Prince Biscuit, the seadog puppy leave, following Fredrik.

Arcadia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 14 higher.

Harper pulls her knees up and wraps her arms around them as she watches the hot coal walking. She grins over at Tynan, "She was rather graceful at it. This should be part of grace training. If you can look graceful walking across hot coals, you're probably good to go just about anywhere." Looking back at Sabella she tosses her a friendly wave. "Good job, Princess!" She chuckles as Silas starts across the coals, calling out in a teasing shout, "Did you think they'd be cold Commander?!"

Rinel steps onto the coals and immediately jumps off with a yelp. "Hot! Hot! Hot!" She stamps her feet in the sand, then plops herself down on the sand to inspect her poor soles.

"/Never/ trust a cobbler," the scholar says grimly.

"Good try!" The Princess cheerleading section sitting in the sand calls over as Sabella aborts soon after starting, Tynan grinning then at Harper. "Isn't it more about posture? Hot coal walking keeping a book on your head. Hmm. Think we got the start of a Princess triathlon here." There's a few quick nods to himself before he spots Arcadia coming in to give the coals a try, "Lady Cady, got complete faith you can make it across all the way. Definitely stubborn enough for it."

Niklas gets Steve calmed down and eases her off of Rinel's head. "Thank you for taking such good care of her, Scholar Rinel." Then he lifts his hand and the bird goes flying off oceanwars, in search of a bird to eat or another scholar to scalp. Niklas then turns back, sees the flaming pit and says, "Oh, fuck that right off." And turns to head toward the buffet, pausing to take a detour Sabellawards. "You were very brave and that was very dumb. I'm so proud." He kisses her cheek, then continues on toward the buffet.

Kenna giggles as people start to kick off their shoes and step themselves into the coals, their varied reactions exactly what the woman was looking for with the activity. By her side someone is carefully keeping track of the different times the contestants manage to stay upon the sands, "Go Silas!" There's absolute nepotism going into the cheering here. Tabitha distracts Kenna for a moment so that she can bend and glance at her cousin's feet, "They should be okay - BUT this also gives us the PERFECT EXCUSE to make sure Rhue is still alive." 0When Arcadia manages to last like that Kenna lets out a whistle - "Silas, you should have taken HER with you!"

When the last of the contestants seem to have pitted themselves against the coals Kenna manages to contain her giggles - barely - and steps forward. "With a time of 21.5 seconds our second place winner is Baron Silas Whitehawk! A fiery silk scarf is produced and given to the Baron with a wink. Our FIRST place, //barely// beating out the Lord Commander, is... Actually I haven't the //faintest// idea what you name is Lady..." This is to Arcadia as Kenna brandishes another silk scarf for her. But she doesn't get it till she gives up a name.

Harper chuckles at Cady and tosses her a friendly wave as she enters. She calls over to her, "This is right up your alley, Cady! Show 'em how it's done!" Looking over at Tynan she nods, "You've got a point there. The book would give an added challenge too."

Sabella digs her feet into the cool sand a bit and looks relieved. "Tabitha, put your feet in the sand! It's cold and it will feel better!" She then smiles at Nik and laughs at his praise, "Thank you, my love! I think." As he moves to head on to the buffet she grabs up one of his hands and walking a bit on tiptoe goes with him, waving to her cheering section, "I couldn't have done it for so long without you two! After all, why do anything at all without an audience?"

Silas manages to stay on the coals for roughly twenty seconds. Notably longer than most, but it's hard to tell between him and Arcadia! He looks impressed, but there is only so much dancing he can do before he decides he wants to keep the nerves on his feet. He huffs back at Harper. "No! Just less... burn-y," he half-heartedly complains. When it is revealed that he placed second, he doesn't look particularly crestfallen and offers his hearty applause. "Well done!"

Esoka puts her bottle down so she can clap and yell obnoxiously at the fire-walkers. As is her way. "Well done, Lady!" She doesn't know Arcadia's name, either, but she happily yells at her. "And good on you, Lord Silas! Your feet seem to have survived your sea voyage in tough form."

Helena claps loudly for the folks who just participated in the hot coal walking, sinking down in the sand next to a bonfire with her drink in her hand. "I'll never manage to do something like that, so congrats to those who did it!"

It's an odd mixture of manic giggling and stifled, restrained squeaks of agony that bubble up from Arcadia's throat as she dance-stumbles across the burning coals. "Nnn-- Yah! Eep!" Her shoulders rise and fall, her face twisted and tensed in a series of odd expressions. With one final, half-crazy laugh, the sprightly young Leary jumps into the stand, steam rising from her feet. "Brilliant, she says in a tired whisper, before blinking rapidly. She seems to have no idea what's just happened. "Did I win?" She blinks, before muttering, "I've never won anything before. That was on my list, too..." A pause of thought, and then a dimpling curl of a smile. "Arcadia Leary," she fills in for Kenna. "Or just Cady, really," the messy-haired noblewomen tacks on.

Harlex plops down on the sand and pulls on his socks after brushing his feet clean. He finds the smell, previously unidentified. It’s him. He tugs on his boots and fastens them before coming back up and going to get another drink. Actually, two drinks. He carries one in each hand as he heads back toward Helena. "Impressive thresholds for pain all around."

Tynan raises his glass to Sabella as she passes by, "If nobody sees you doing it, is it really worth doing, Your Highness?" He calls back to her, "I've certainly never found it to be so." He downs the remainder of his drink, setting the glass down into the sand next to him and asides to Helena, who by the inverse law of sitting by a bonfire makes her probably close enough for him to do so, "There's managing to do it, there's wanting to do it, then there's smart enough to not do it to start with. I like to think we're in the latter category."

Sabella's advice to put her feet in the sand? Tabitha follows it with great gusto, burying them right under the chilly grains. She sighs in relief, sitting back on her palms, but even then she stops to brush a bit of seaweed off her dress. Her face twists. Seaweed is gross. Even the dried up stuff.

Niklas loads his plate up with steamed clams, not steamed hams, and turns to look over the drink offerings. "Of course Smoke and Spirits sends up booze, but no free cigars. Oh, poor me." Niklas heaves a sigh that is perhaps three notches too dramatic, then moves back so he can watch the other contestants setting themselves on fire. To the person standing next to him he says, "Did you know that pelican feet can withstand boiling or caustic waters or be frozen solid and it will cause the pelican no harm at all? They are amazing and deeply frightening creatures that will one day destroy us all."

Brandishing that silk scarf Kenna drapes it over Arcadia's shoulders, "Count //me// impressed! A silk sash, to match the leather of your feet." Turning she steps back, coming to Helena's side an grinning at the other woman. "I'm not at all sure I've had the pleasure of your acquaintance, but I'm glad you came! Any connection to those who went out on The Carlotta?"

Lord Pancake, the adventurous puppy have been dismissed.

Kenna is overheard praising Arcadia: Hot coal walking champion!

"Next challenge: attempting to walk on water," Silas jests as an aside to Esoka. After accepting his prize - a fiery sash - and roping it around his waist, he moves to return his feet to the safe confines of his boots. Silas offers Tabitha a sympathetic look. "You did well, Tabitha. I'm just more stubborn."

Kenna is overheard praising Sabella: For party planning with me!

Silas is overheard praising Arcadia.

Kenna is overheard praising Esoka: The drinks are AMAZING~~

Kenna is overheard praising Tabitha: I couldn't have done this party without her support!

Kenna is overheard praising Rinel: Her food! You can't hold a party without food!

Tabitha is overheard praising Kenna.

Tabitha is overheard praising Sabella.

Tabitha is overheard praising Esoka.

Kenna is overheard praising Candace: Her food! You can't hold a party without food!

"Leathery feet?" Cady asks back with a half-laugh, half grimace. But then she's cooing at the softness of the fabric as it twirls about her neck. "A prize, as well! Thank you."

After her hot-footed whirlwind of an entrance is over, Arcadia's eyes immediately begin to search the crowded beach, the stimuli of the party's energy and that sudden win fueling her as she slips and slides through the gathering of people, only stopping when she spies some familiar faces. Through the blur of lively party chaos, she approaches Tynan and Harper, plopping down beside them with an unceremonious thump of her butt. "Mister Tynan! Harper. Did you see that? I walked on fire." Boots still off, she fans her feet with a hand, eyes twitching with lingering pain. "It was incredibly painful," she shares with the happiest of smiles.

Tabitha is overheard praising Silas.

Tabitha is overheard praising Rinel.

Kenna is overheard praising Silas: The best Lord Commander, Baron, and Cousin - a man with feet made for winning!

Tabitha is overheard praising Arcadia.

Tabitha is overheard praising Candace.

Sabella is overheard praising Kenna: Best party idea!

Sabella is overheard praising Tabitha: Best party planning!

Harper chuckles at Silas, then calls out cheers as Kenna announces the winnders, "Congrats Commander! Congrats Cady!" Taking a deep swallow of her cider she grins over at Tynan after his comments to Helena. "For once, Slick, I have to completely agree with you. Don't let it go to your head though." She looks over as Kenna talks to Helena too, giving her a friendly wave from her perch on the sand next to Tynan. She chuckles at Cady, "Sure did! You were awesome!" She eyes Cady's feet, "I can only imagine, which is why my shoes stayed firmly on."

Silas is overheard praising Tabitha.

Silas is overheard praising Kenna.

Silas is overheard praising Sabella.

"Cady! Your list must be getting smaller by the minute with those feats." Tynan calls over to Arcadia, "Well, and feet, I suppose really." before the diminuative noblewoman makes her way over, "I saw, and I imagine it would be. It's why I didn't do it. See, difference between you and I, Cady. I generally try and avoid getting hurt, but I admit, you did well there. If your ship catches on fire, you're well-prepared." There's a slight purse of his lips, "To walk on it at least, the whole burning and sinking may still be an issue to deal with."

Silas is overheard praising Esoka.

Silas is overheard praising Rinel.

Sabella glances sidelong at Niklas with a big grin, "I think what I love most about you is your mind. I never know quite what you're going to say. Have you tried some of the desserts yet? Scholar Rinel did a fantastic job with the food too!" She applauds and cheers for Cady and Silas, "Nicely done! Far more nicely than I did! Perhaps my feet truly are made of silk."

Helena gets to her feet, dusting sand from her trousers before she aims a wave at the people gathered around the bonfires. "Thank you for the lovely time and the drinks. You all seem to be quite a lively bunch. I've got to get home though, so I shall hopefully see and meet some of you another time!"

Rinel blushes furiously as she hears various cheers for her catering. "I'll go get the pie." And she bustles off, ears red. A short while later, the woman returns with a tray of steaming fruit pies--cherry, strawberry-rhubarb, and one that appears to be made from caramelised lemon rind.

Harlex quickly finishes the drink in his grip. He sets down the mug and moves to escort Helena.

Silas saunters back over to his drink at the bar, but turns to nod at Helena. "Be well, Your Highness. We're glad you had fun."

Esoka waves to Helena, shouting a loud, "Bye!" at her. The prodigal knight then approaches Kenna. Less shouty. "I promised Blessed Cassandra I'd attend to some matters at the Shrine of Gloria tonight. I can come by later to help clean up, though. It was good of you to do this. It's fine to see everyone celebrating and home again."

Harlex leaves, following Helena.

"Be well my Lady!" That called out to Helena, before !!!!! PIE. "Rinel, if you haven't been nominated for nobility yet, this would do it!" Kenna takes up one of those pies before Esoka calling out gets her attention. "I'll make sure anything left gets back to you! Thank you so much!"

Silas also adds, in reply to Sabella. "I used to spend up to ten hours on my feet, doing patrols. I was actually reluctant to try because I thought I may have an unfair advantage..." He pauses. "Glad to be proven wrong."

Tynan's wordplay has a rolling giggling escaping the manic Leary's throat, her nose scrunching up a bit, as if unable to decide whether or not she truly found it funny. "It's not pain I seek, more the thrill," she murmurs, her back stretching out in a cat-like arch as she rolls her narrow shoulders. "... I could use a drink," she decides, eyes peering about the beach for anything that could satisfy that desire. Not even burnt feet can suppress Cady's restless nature, toes wiggling in the sand as her fingers fidget with a stray twig.

Harper grins at Esoka and waves, "Bye Aunt Esoka!" She hops up off the sand for a minute and moves over to give Esoka a hug. "See you later." With that done she moves back over and hearing Cady she says, "I'll snag some." She moves off to the bar then comes back carrying three glasses precariously, carefully handing Tynan a whiskey then lets Cady take her pick of cider or mead. Sitting down crosslegged next to Tynan again, she takes a sip from her mug.

Niklas settles in beside Sabella, bumping her hip with his own. He scrapes a clam out of its shell and stuffs it in his mouth, swallows and nods to her. "Everything is delicious. As expected. Scholar Rinel can do just a little bit of everything, I think." Niklas takes in the rest of the party. "Introduce me to everyone! Or at least the people you know."

Tabitha gets The Carlotta Maiden Voyage Commemorative Chalice from a bag with party tokens.

Silas also waves in Esoka's direction. "It was nice to see you again, Dame Esoka. Send your husband my regards, too. There's always paperwork patiently waiting for him."

Esoka raises an arm to wave. And, off she goes.

Tabitha gets The Carlotta Maiden Voyage Commemorative Chalice from a bag with party tokens.

Tynan tilts his head to watch Cady at that declaration, "I'd hope not. Easy to get hurt. Hard to patch back up together again. So that's something, at least. Not here to get too drunk again, are you? Checked that off the list already, so don't make me drag you around town again. But yeah, I could use one too." Before he gets a chance, Harper is off to collect it and he calls after her. "Get you something strong, Harper. The more you drink, the funnier and more charming I am. Really increases my chances." as he looks back to Cady then, "What else you checked of the list? Was massive hangover on it?" delivered with a broad smile, one that grows wider still as Harper hands him a drink. "You're drinking sweets again, Harper." He declares as he takes a sip from his whiskey.

Sabella smiles to Silas, "Well, thank you for your service! You certainly had an advantage over me, although I don't think it was unfair in any way. I'm mostly used to walking around the halls of the Mansion and maybe the streets of the city, definitely not hot coals." When Niklas asks for introductions, she leans into him to point people out, "That is Lady Tabitha Whitehawk, one of my proteges just like you! Well, not just like you. We are not getting married. Lady Cady Leary who won the coal event, Master Tynan Grayhope he's a lawyer, Lady Kenna Whitehawk who I think you already have met. MIstress Harper...actually I don't remember her last name. And Baron Silas Whitehawk. There's a lot of Whitehawks here, which means it's a great party! And you know Scholar Rinel. Does anyone not know Lord Niklas Kennex?" She calls out, pointing to Nik. "My betrothed and famous playwright thoughtout all of Arx?"

Kenna thwaps Silas on the arm when he says that thing about paperwork. "Silas, you're so mean - it's a good thing I love you for it." Drifting away from her cousin Kenna makes her way towards Sabella calling out, "I //think// it actually came out alright! Prince Niklas, we've met, briefly. I believe Princess Sally Acorn was, ah, making a mess of the painting party. Your soon-to-be wife is an absolute godsend, I couldn't have done any of this without her."

Cady's fingers wiggle in the air above Harper's presented selection, and she eventually picks the cider, taking the glass and tilting it immediately to her lips. "Than you," she says breezily, eyes falling onto Tynan again. "Too drunk?" she asks with a confused blink. "Oh, no, but that -is- on my list," she recalls. A long, stupid pause. The canary of Leary cocks her head to the side, then, utterly bewildered. "Wait... What do you mean again?"

Harper eyes Silas and mutters to him, "You know Commander, you could have warned me that being an officer came with stacks of reports!" She gives him an impish grin though, before looking back over to Tynan with a chuckle at his comment, "But I like sweet things! And if you are angling for that date Kenna mentioned then keep that in mind." She winks at him teasingly. Looking over to Sabella, she chuckles, "It's alright Princess Sabella. It happens alot... I'm the only one of us that I've ever known. I prefer just Harper anyway, but it's Ashdown." She bobs her head in greeting to Niklas, "Nice to meet you, funny man. You're one of the people I actually read their journals."

Silas nods to Sabella. "I'd say the scorching hot fire was a bit of an equalizer. Can't say I've done many patrols on burning coal. Don't have any desire to, either." When Sabella opts to introduce her betrothal to the crowd gathered, the Lord Commander bows respectfully to Niklas. "A pleasure to make your acquaintace, m'lord. Congratulations on your impending nuptials - you're a lucky man." The smile he sports is genuine - Sabella may have successfully charmed him. He gets thwapped by his cousin and wrinkles his nose back at her. "Eh, he's already anticipating it."

"Ah, yes, Lady Kenna! I do remember that. I made a masterpiece that day and apparently Marquessa Lianne Malesparo did not appreciate it as much as she should have. One day I hope to see if Princess Katarina still has it." Niklas offers nods and waves to everyone as he's introduced. Though in the end he turns back to Kenna. "I actually have a bit before I can call myself Prince Niklas, though it's always good to have the opportunity to get used to the title." Harper's comment gets a laugh. "Thank you, Officer. Generally the only comments I hear about my journals are scholars begging me to stop." And a broad smile for Silas. "I am indeed, Baron Silas, but it's always good when others recognize it as well."

Tynan raises his glass Sabella-and-Niklas-wards as his name is mentioned, calling back towards them, "Heard the name, nice to get a face with it, Lord Niklas. You're a lucky man." Eyes draw to the side then, watching Harper for a second. "I have to bribe you for it? This is a language I can understand, why didn't you mention this earlier. It would have really reduced the amount of effort I've had to put into this whole endevour, Harper." Any further thoughts are abruptly shattered at Cady's remark and he closes one eye to peer at her. Well, stare at her. "What do -you- mean on your list? You did it. Checked off. Done. Give me the paper, I'll cross it out myself. Not dragging your admittedly light body across town again. Ask your sister or cousin or whatever Lady Elloise is." There's another, long, draw from his drink then. "The tavern, right? Remember?"

Rinel disappears to berate some people about cleaning up.

"Watch me just mess titles up all over. Aiden last night, and now today." Kenna shakes her head as Niklas corrects her use of the title. There's a dramatic sigh from the woman. "I should go help Rinel start cleaning up - if you'll all pardon me?" And she is OFF!

"I did?" Cady stares at Tynan for a long time, a rather blank look in a gaze that is usually full of dancing fire. "Dragging me?" A bird-like chirp of a giggle sounds out from the small Leary. "You were dragging me around the city? Brilliant! And -- Oh, you met Elly, too? She's my sister, yes."

Her brow creases. "Interesting. I don't recall this at all. Why is that? Is that... part of it?"

Harper raises her eyebrows at Cady, "You seriously do not remember us carting you across town to return you to Lady Elloise? Seriously? Did you not wonder why your head felt like a freight train hit it the next morning?" She just gives Cady a bemused grin and shakes her head. "Take our word for it... cause if not, then you're doomed to never mark it off your list at this rate!" Her eyes twinkle with a teasing glint at Cady though.

Sabella blushes just a bit at everyone telling Nik how lucky he, though she doesn't protest! "Goodnight, Kenna! Thank you for organizing all of this!" She calls out after the Whitehawk, helping herself to a piece of pie. "I think it went quite well considering its not a summer party!"

"Even he has had to get used to it," Silas says in an attempt to comfort Kenna about titles. He finishes the remainder of his drink and tucks the chalice under his arm for safe-keeping. "I have meetings to make and messages to write, sadly, but this was a wonderful respite from all the drudgery. Thank you, everyone. The party and company was splendid." He sends another, brighter smile Harper's way. "Good luck with your additional workload, Harper. But by all accounts, you seem to be doing wonderfully. Keep it up."

"You were technically walking. If barely." Tynan replies to Cady, tilting his head slightly and then he looks over at Harper once more, "Maybe we should take the cider from her? Before this happens again." He asks of her before giving the confused Leary lady another look. "Yeah, we met Elly. She seems special too. "

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