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Grayson-Rubino Wedding & Reception

The wedding between Prince Aiden Grayson and Duchess Grazia Rubino is held in great luxury at the Aviary of the Menagerie. Come join the celebration of marital bliss.


May 23, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Aiden Lumen Grazia


Kenna Macda Silvio Dafne Ian Ailys Fairen Mae Katarina Ainsley Sparte Luca Lucita Ailith Samantha Lysander Titania(RIP) Duarte Zoey



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Menagerie - The Aviary

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'The Rains of Castamere' begins to play... just kidding! Hehe..!

Following a pre-bored-to-death cocktail hour, the wedding itself is short and sweet, with the Palace Seraph or one of her proxies performing the ceremony in which Duchess Grazia of House Rubino takes the hand of Prince Aiden of House Grayson, naming him Duke-Consort of Gemecitta. (Co-Duke-Consort? I need a drink.) The newly minted couple read from inspired, incredibly romantic pre-written vows way, way, WAY beyond either of their own poetic abilities. Seriously. These are some tear-jerkers. We're talkin honoring the Gods, and their families, and the Crown. It's some quality shit!

Following the ceremony, there is a brief intermission wherein family and friends (and political allies, and future political allies, and a few enemies) share an intimate meal with the happy couple before a larger reception is opened up to the rest of their well-wishers. Festive music, dance, MOR DRINKING, and bird-friendly games ensue.

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Macda enters happily and goes to her seat

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In comes Fairen, clad in forest shaded silks and followed by a trio of guards wearing armor of the same colors. Perched on the man's shoulder is a Northern Hawk Owl, staring out into the world with harsh, judgemental eyes. As he moves, his hands are positioned in front of his sternum.

Ainsley is hiding off to the side. Dressed in his armor, all fancy and like. There was some sniffles, perhaps some proud tears for his little brother. And now he is. Hiding. Off to the side.

Dafne, clad in shimmering sapphire silk (you can tell it's an Occasion when Dafne stops wearing black) is the one who brought a cat to a bird wedding. She's allowed; she's co-duchess. Nightshade is behaving herself. Hopefully the birds are too. She settles into her seat and salutes the bride and groom with a glass of wine.

Titania had left after the ceremony for a short time and comes back looking around her ocean blue eyes look to see who is here and whom she may know, a soft smile is on her face. She is in a beautiful purple dresss perhaps taking the occasion to show some skin, her hair is up and done all nice with a few purple flowers in her hair. She spots Ainsley and moves in his direction, "Your highness, may I join you?" she asks softly.

The bride is dressed in a very Lycene sort of way, with an absolutely plunging neckline and yards upon yards of umbra fabric with glittering little red beads sewn into them. Grazia looks pleased, as much as she ever looks pleased, what with her tendency towards resting bitch face, and she holds her groom's hand in a triumphant sort of way. "Thank you all for coming," she says with pleasant blandness, as if overpriced weddings are just a thing one must do sometimes. "It's lovely to have all of you here." The smallest of smiles graces her lips.

Lucita quietly walks in and after glancing around, moves to take a seat at one of the guest tables. There is a whisper of silk as she gives a curtsy. A beguiling smile is given as she spots folks she knows and acknowledges them.

If nothing else, Lumen is cool under pressure. Let it never be said that she was seen in public hissing barrage of critiques at the caterer of her cousin's wedding. As things take their course, she oversees from a casual distance -- not interfering unless absolutely necessary. The whisper keeps to the sidelines with a subdued smile ever present on her mouth and eyes. Smoothing her aeterna gown with one palm, she sidles up to one of the servers making the rounds to claim herself a well-deserved champagne coupe. Her black eyes shoot over to Ainsley like: You're Making a Toast, mf'er.

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There was no way that Katarina would miss this important moment of Aiden's life. She's there for every moment of it that she can be, seeing him through the transition into a life of Co-Duke Consort to the Duchess. The young Valardin lingers on the fringes, finding a seat to watch over the procession in her leisure.

Sparte is there in his most respectable commoner cottons, with a spattering of armor because he always wears a little armor. He grins as he watches, like this may very well be the best thing ever. Or at least the second best. Very careful to stay quiet and seated while he watches though, it is the safe strategy.

There's something to be said for arriving after all of that boring stuff about vows is done, even if it means having to miss out on cocktail hour. Luckily, it looks as if people are still lingering around, drinking and conversing, when Prince Luca arrives with two beautiful people, one on each arm. To his left, there's the irrepressible Ian Kennex, and to his right, the indisputable Zoey Kennex. They seem to be carrying things, their own things, or things for the wedding, but the Lycene's just carrying them along, a troublemaker's smile on his lips. "See, I told you we'd get here just in time. Have I ever pointed you wrong?", he asks. "We better find the lucky couple and do some cheek pinching and some of those weird, adorable voices, quick. Whatever you fed me is catching up with me.".

Kenna sees those who hide in corners. Today, Ainsley. So the Whitehawk lass is just going to invade his hiding corner with cheer.

Ailys had of course been there the entire time, having brought a guest of her own, Mae, along to bear witness to the cocktails, the ceremony, and now the real reason to come to a wedding; the food. She had trembled with pride for her little brother, her usually racuous curls having been tamed down for the occassion, pulled back into a multitude of thick ornate braids which swing back and up into a delightful bun. She has had perhaps a glass and a half of wine during the entire time and is now drifting, hopefully with Mae, to Ainsley to harass her other big brother in his corner, "Ooof, I forgot how long these affairs can be." In her hand she clutches a glass of rose, wide smile upon her lips as she looks back over her shoulder to see whom all is still arriving now for the delicious menu coming forth.

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Ian turns up with Zoey and Luca, one piece of bread in the Kennex sandwich. As usual, he watches his feet as he walks, marking each step, each shift of his weight with care. He's keeping up pretty well, but only because Luca is in no real hurry. His features are more drawn than usual; he's tense around the jaw and the corners of his eyes. The look ages him and, let's be honest, isn't exactly flattering. Which is a shame, because he's (mostly) cleaned up and (reasonably) well dressed today. "I'll be at the bar." He said he'd come. He didn't say he'd be social.

Ainsley lifts his gaze to Titania when she arrives near his table, off to the side. A hand lifts and he says, "Of course, Countess." And then there's Kenna and Ailys. His gaze shifting between Princess and Lady. He might _feel_ the burning embers of Lumen's displeased command from across the aviary but he certainly is _not_ turning around.

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Ainsley feels his name being added to a list.

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Zoey, on the other hand, looks positively -crushed- to have arrived after the actual ceremony has passed. The usually happy girl almost wilts when she sees that things have just wrapped up. "I must have read the time wrong," she murmurs despondantly. Ah well. The former Bisland squares her shoulders and wanders off to greet her cousins. Luca can tag along or go to the bar with Ian.

With Ailys is Mae. Or, well, Mae's imposter? This woman is wearing a lovely (if not inexpensive and common) linen dress in blue-green and cream. It's fitted. Her arms are displayed. Anyone that didn't realize just how wiry and pale Mae was, well, now there's chance! She even has makeup on, lightly done, but clearly an effort that's above and beyond. And all the while she drifts alongside Ailys, seeming all too comfortable sitting still for a very long time. Even if she's not comfort in this dress. And if Ailys is going that way, so is Mae... drifting over toward Ainsley. Of course, when she approaches him, her smile goes a touch... excited? Manic?

Champagne, wine, and mead make their rounds along with sweet cream panna cotta and flakey pastry puffs. The servers are aggressive so there's really no use fighting it.

Ainsley deftly retrieves a glass of wine from a passing tray and then he steps away from his corner, clanking out to somewhere near the center. His gauntleted hand lifts and he knocks on his own breastplate to gather the attention of those present.

Ian takes one for the collective team and snags a glass of mead once he's finally made it to the bar. Just doing his part. He takes out his flask and pours a tiny bit of what's inside into the glass, then takes a sip. He looks down at the drink as though contemplating it.

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There is a bar, with relatively few people at it. In fact, there is just one face there, one that he recognizes. So, Fairen moves to join Lumen at that bar, pulling himself onto a stoll next to her.

Macda s while she is of the family, she feels disconnected from the event though excited for the love in the air. She smiles and waves at Ian before she goes back to her drink.

Already at the bar, Lumen extends a hand in languid welcome to Zoey and her posse -- and Fairen. She opens her mouth to greet them but her attention is pulled away upon noticing Ainsley giving in to the inevitable. She does him the favor of tapping some flatware against her glass to get everyone's attention for him. You're welcome.

Ian has finished contemplating his alcohol by the time people start waving at him, fortunately. He nods to Macda.

Both of the people he'd brought along with him depart, one for the bar, the other for people, and Luca is left standing there, alone. "Talk about poor backup..", he says, and then he clears his throat, running his hands down his clothes - they're nice clothes, someone else must have dressed him for this thing - before the man does what he must, which is to reach for a glass of something strong as it passes by him, and then proceed to mingling. "Mae! Oh, look at you, in a dress even!", he calls out, blowing the woman a kiss, just to call attention to her, then he's passing over where Katarina is near, "Goodness, Katarina.", he says in the most surprised fashion, and there's a smile for her, before he finally reaches the bar. Ah, the bar. Sanctuary.

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Sparte accepts a drink from one of the servers, giving them a thankful look. He doesn't drink it, but he accepts it and sets it on the table in front of him. The food he is far less resistant to, managing a modicum of civility as he samples pretty much everything they offer for sampling. He must have a hollow leg. It gives a good reason for not being conversational at least.

"Oh look," says Dafne helpfully, and far more loudly than strictly necessary. "Prince Ainsley is going to give us a toast."

Ian greets Luca by taking his flask back out of his pocket and handing it over.

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The groom, named now a Duke-Consort of Gemecitta, had dressed in a formfitted white tunic and trousers with owlish embellishments on them, covered by a sleek umbra coat with crimson embriodery, in a way matching his new wife. He managed not to pass out at the wedding, which was a good thing, care of his overseers and likely the presence of the Palace Seraph's beautiful sermon. Though he stood up well in the center of attention, his sterling silver gaze reverted to finding his brother, who tries to hide away in the crowd. The Prince-no-Duke smiles quietly at his siblings antics, relieved that they were there and hopefully having some fun? Positioned by his wife, his hand held, he follows up with a simple, "It means all the world to see our friends and families here with us today." Someone gave him wine at least? It's a cool white wine, with an after taste of almonds. He spots Sparte, sampling away, turning his eyes to Mae and Katarina, even Kenna and Titania. He says toward Grazia, "We have twice as many guests as you think we do." He points upward, where... you know, the birds are being weird and eyeballing everyone from perches.

Lumen does not appear to trust the birds.

"I am no statesmen, no speech writer. That's Tikva's strength, not mine." starts Ainsley, looking over the crowd. He's a little awkward, but doesn't seem embarassed. His little glass of champagne is raised, carefully held in rubicund covered fingers. "I don't know that I can do justice to Aiden in a speech."

He pauses to take a breath and then continues, "Aiden Grayson has always been more of a nurturing man than I. Aiden has always been a smarter man than I." A slow scan of his eyes over the crowd, "When I took to the sword, he took to books and then to the Mews."

A small, melancholy smile curls at his lips. "All my life I trained. All my life I have strived. Too far, too much. Too hard. Until exhaustion. Forgetting lessons, forgetting meals, forgetting parties. I ignored all calls. Save for one." Another slight pause, a little glance downward. "Aiden. Aiden always came out when after dark I was still doing drills. Aiden always came to me and said, 'Brother, it is time to come in and rest.' Without fail. He found me, and he cared for me. Bringing me forgotten dinners. Telling me of forgotten lessons. Reminding me to put my sword down and do something else."

He turns now so he can look at Grazia and says, "Duchess Rubino, you cannot truly know the treasure you have accepted. Duke-Consort Aiden Rubino will serve your house and your family with devotion that humbles me every time that I think on it. The selfish part of me never wanted to share it. And yet, my brother has proven once more to be a better man than I but..."

This to Aiden now, "Aiden. I'm so proud of you, and know that ... without you, I would have been lost in the dark of my own heart before my story ever began."

He lifts his glass to Aiden and says, "To my brother, to Duke-Consort Aiden Rubino."

Lysander was of course in conspicuous attendance for his sister's numptuals. Not empty handed the recently married Lrods of Rubino, Lysader and Silvio, seemed to observe from the edge ot the gathering because appetizers, and people watching and commentery is what they could be depended on to provide. He did part making a gesture of reassurance, and waded with Silvio, like the odd artisan he was, around the outside pausing to hold something out for one of the birds to feed it. The real tithe paid he wandered over to his sister and greeted with a warm grin, "All my life I have waited for this day to see you happy." To Aiden he chuckled, "Welcome to the family. I might warn or reassure that it is never dull."

Not unlike Ainsley, Katarina has contented herself with lingering in the periphery of wedding guests, watching from a side-table with casual intrigue. A glass of Lenosian white in hand, she lifts it in gentle salute to Luca when the Velenosan-born prince catches her eye briefly with his surprised regard of her. "Your Highness, why so surprised?" she wonders, only to turn her attention toward Aiden and bestow a truly affectionate, dimpled smile toward her best friend.

Her glass goes up again in toast to Ainsley's speech, supplying a short, "To the Duchess and Duke-Consort! May Limerance smile upon their union it be fruitful!"

5 House Deepwood Guards arrives, following Samantha.

Zoey accepts a glass of champagne as she wanders towards Ainsley and Ailys, though she does wave cheerily at Lumen as she passes the bar. Seeing that Ainsley is going to make a toast, however, she detours a little to stop by Grazia and Aiden. Aiden gets a warm one-armed hug and a kiss to his cheek. "I'm so sorry I was late," she says, smile faltering a little. "I could have sworn it was to start now... I wanted to be here for you both. But! I'm here now, and we'll have to catch up soon." She scurries off so as to not be lurking nearby when Ainsley gives his speech.

Lucita smiles and lifts her glass in the toast. Her voice lowers and she murmurs to Katarina. "At last, guilt free wine, I can finally indulge and enjoy.

Fairen still isn't the type to shout out, but when the vows are complete, he begins to clap with enthusiasm.

Grazia looks to Aiden after the toast, lifting her own glass of wine, red for her, dark and indulgent. "To my Duke-Consort!" she agrees, her smile for the groom soft and really quite pleasant. She looks to Zoey, who hovers nearby. "Thank you so much. We're very glad you came. Please, get something to eat and celebrate with us."

Ailys turns at her spot by the small pond, Mae's arm linked with her own, to first smile broadly to Aiden and his words, clear pride there upon her face. So much fun is had by she who is nearly two whole drinks in. Her nearly empty glass is lifted to offer silent toast to Aiden with her free hand, "Look at him, so handsome. I thought he was going to pass out the entire time." Murmured to Mae, soft gray eyes of hers shifting now to look towards Ainsley, eyes beginning to dance then as she lifts her glass up, taking a slow sip of it, but not before another murmur passes, "Let us see how dignified this speech is." And oh. OH. Oh how he delivers. And all over again her eyes well up with tears, free hand clutching to her chest and the rose shaped brooch found there, lips parted and she raises her glass again, more solemnly, "To our brother." She echoes, a soft breathy sort of ragged breath escaping her as she glances down to Mae, "I promised no sobbing today." Hence a fluttering of lashes and the wine shifted to her other hand so she can free up wiping fingertips to keep the tears from falling away. Nope. Stay in the eyeholes, Ailys, "All my little fledgings are gone from the nest, what is there for me to do now?" A rhetorical question asked, the little sister of the two brothers trying hard to remain composed.

Titania holds her glass up, "TO the Dutchess and Duke-Consort!" she calls out to Aiden and Grazia.

Lumen lifts her glass to the speech and the toasts that follow, lightly clapping at the heel of her hand. "Here, here!"

Ian adds another dash of whatever's in his flask to his drink and lifts his glass. He nods to Katarina when she passes by. And Lucita, since the two of them are together. "Congratulations on the kids."

Silvio sticks by Lysander's side, in good company with another ex-prince tonight. He smiles amiably, and greets his sister-in-law with a respectful bow of his head, with another for the new Duke Consort when Lysander draws them near. "May I say...that the both of you could not have done better for finding someone to make beautiful babies with." He joins in the toast, too, of course, echoing the words of so many others in a mild cheer.

"Aw!" Mae squeaks out, at Ainsley's toast. Ailys promised not to sob? Mae didn't. She doesn't start, but her eyes are quite wet as she pulls her arm away from Ailys', and proceeds to wrap both arms around the taller woman's waist. She presses close to Ailys' side, as she stares at Ainsley, then over to Aiden. She doesn't say anything. Too busy swallowing, so as not to actually start crying.

Kenna raises her glass in response to the toast, and then drifts away from the corner. Social things AWAY!

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With a visible rise of his chest, Aiden inhales a breath upon the start of Ainsley's speech, his sterling silver eyes moved with rapt attention toward his older more knightly and heroic brother. The awkwardness does cause Aiden to quirk his lips to the side, a small amusement and enduring love for his brother made with such a slight gesture. He looks over to Grazia with a wayward smile and might even give her hand a squeeze, before his attention reverts to Ainsley, hearing his brother's words and praise has the younger steel himself up to avoid any over emotional responses, though tears do sting at his eyes at the telling of their story as brothers, sometimes misunderstood and not entirely seen by those around them. When his brother finally makes a cheers to him, he lifts his wine glass up, bobs his head with a humble gratitude, before taking a sip against the cheers that follow. Then he'll depart from his wife's side (so weird that) to approach his brother and give him an appreciating hug, yes, even against all that red metal - he's used to it!

Ainsley does not _run_ back to his corner, but her certainly doesn't linger in the center of all that attention either.

Grazia says something quietly to Aiden before following him slowly over to his brother. "Thank you," she says to Ainsley seriously, as if she meant each word firmly. She nods once to him, and then she starts drifting and mingling, heading over towards her own brother and his husband, to kiss each of them on the cheek fondly. "Look at all of us. Responsibly married," she remarks.

Zoey finds herself at the bar, smoothing her silks as she slips onto a stool beside her husband. Her champagne glass is empty and she hands it off to the bartender. "Something stronger, if you don't mind," she requests.

Dafne gently chides Nightshade, who was eying a bird a little too hungrily, gestures to a server to replenish her wine, and lifts the newly-refilled glass. "To the Duchess and Duke Rubino," the Zaffria duchess murmurs. "May your union be fruitful, useful, and largely inoffensive." That said, the little duchess arises, and makes her way over to Grazia, stretching up on her tiptoes to kiss her co-ruler on the cheek.

Ainsley does, of course, pause long enough that he can give Aiden a hug (careful not to crush him with his armor).

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Once Aiden departs from the rubicund-wrapped brother hug, Aiden pulls back to acknowledge those around him who have also added their words. First to Lysander and Silvio, "I'm blessed to be welcome into such a family as yours." He takes a moment then smirks, "I very much look forward to it not being dull at all. Lively I'd say. With a lot more feathers." The birds above and around the aviary, a lot of them are sing-songing at the moment! His eyes swing to Katarina, moving to her where she lingers, "Kat! Thank you for coming my friend." He moves in for a hug there too. Ailys gets a little wave as he promptly assumes he'll get squish-hugged. Zoey too, once he gets a moment, returns her one-armed hug and kiss to the cheek, "You are here precisely when you meant to be. I heard someone use that line once- recently too. It's a good one." He winks to Zoey, "Thank you for coming."

Samantha managed to slip in quietly during the toast, and make her way to one of the tables. She defers any alcohol offered, opting intead for water she takes a seat near Katarina.

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Macda s enjoys the food and the drink as she watches the events. Normally not the quiet one, however, for family she was willing to let others shine.

Lucita gives Ian and Zoey a warm smile and a little wave. "Thank you, This is my first outing, and am so glad did not have to miss it!"

Oh sweet Lagoma. No. Ailys' finds herself soundly hugged and she can tell just by the physical state of Mae, that's she's going to cry. One arm slings around Mae's shoulders, the woman far too short to have Ailys' do anything other than one armed hug or look like she's strangling her, some tears now falling, "///Mae///." Ailys' grouses weepily, soft gray eyes darkening from her tears as she laughs, chin nudging atop Mae's head with a slouching hunch, "Uff, you've made me break a promise, here they are." The tears. And they fall as 'Lys laughs, nudge/dragging Mae over to her brothers so she can join in the hugging, "You've both left me /behind/ so soundly!" Declared with a sob as she eases gently from Mae to join in the crush of arms, hugging Aiden first, aiming to squeeze his eyeballs out of his skull as she gives his cheek a fierce kiss, "Ugh. /Too grown/." Admonished, teasingly through tears, before Ainsley' is attacked by her hug next, his armor no match for the tightness of her hug, no doubt squishing his plates in all the tighter, "Where did this speech maker come from?! Where is my brother Ainsley?" Smerch. Right to the cheek.

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Ainsley hugs Ailys back, squish goes the healer-princess. He murmurs quietly to her before stepping back a little bit. Attempting to detangle himself.

Mae laughs softly at Ailys, but can't say much. She moves along, with the princess, to Aiden and Ainsely and Grazia and Zoey and whomever else! Once there, Mae releases Ailys... and then proceeds to wrap arms around Ainsley, herself. "Good words," she tells the paladin. Then she waits for Ailys to finish with Aiden, and then she gives /him/ a hug. Because clearly they both wanted hugs from a commoner! And Grazia? ... Okay, she doesn't get a hug, but she does get a smile, and then a more dignified cheek kiss. "You look incredible, Duchess," she murmurs.

After getting the best wedding wishes from her co-duchess, Grazia returns Dafne's kiss on the cheek with fondness one might reserve for a sister. "That is the plan, my dearest. That is the plan," she offers smoothly, letting Aiden mingle as he might. She permits the cheek-kiss from Mae, bowing her head to this. "Thank you. It was a pleasure choosing something alluring for the occasion."

There's far too many people to thank for coming and far much more to do... like getting squished by Ailys-hugs! Aiden tempers that with a grousing squawk and once he's done getting face pinched, he adores Mae's hug too! "Mae, I'm glad you came." Then a beat, "There's a game afoot though." He winks and then waves his hands to gain attention of the party, "Friends! Family-" He smiles quietly, "It would seem that the gift I was to give to my dearest wife has gone missing! I need your help," here he rolls up his sleeves and puts his hands on his sides, to get the attention, allowing those who wish to mingle to mingle, but hoping to call attention. "I think the birds had something to do with it!" He looks up and then smirks at all the feathered friends... of various sizes and species! No one is dying even! The falcons are not chasing the sparrows and the ravens are not pecking at the robins, and the geese and the ducks are waddling up to the shoreline of the pond. It's peaceful and not... really noisy as one would expect it to be. It's like, they're waiting for something. "Yes! They definitely have it." He looks out at his guests, "Would anyone like to try bird calling?" He smirks, looking to see if anyone had a playful side this evening.

So many hugs. Ainsley goes from one person to the next with hugs. Somehow he's hugging Mae! Goodness. He gives her hair a little fluff, but then manages to escape and then edges into his corner to hide.

Lysander grinned sliding the arm not holding his drink around Silvio's back drinning to Grazia, "Our parents would be very confused, beyond doubt." It was Silvio's compliment to them that pulled the usually stoic artist's grin a bit wider. To Dafne he greeted, "You look stuniing. But this is something you knew." Looking around he inquiered, "Have you seen Lucita? I swear there is a legion of people here."

Silvio lifts his hand partly into the air. "I can get /anything/ to come to /my/ call." He brags. Still...he did land the rather flighty who knows!

Titania stands up and breaks, "I would like to try." she says to Aiden, she moves in his direction her hands folded in frotn of her.

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Ailys lets her brother go with an understanding nod, her wine having disappeared somewhere, somehow, Rosalee, the stealthy Champion she is, having relieved 'Lys of her wine. This means the princess can wipe her tears away, her steps bringing her very quickly towards Grazia. She will wait, patiently, prudently, for a moment before she draws in, "Duchess Grazia. You are a glorious and beautiful bride, congratulations." Extending a hand out to her new sister in law she will spare her the bone crushing hugs, at least for now. Aidens' words come then and she half-turns, smile blossoming wide, "I'll try, dearest brother!"

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Macda grins widely at Lucita, "Pleasure to meet you Baroness. I am Macda Grayson." She leaves out her title either because she assumes it is known or doesn't care if they use it. Her attention then turnes to Samantha. "Looks like there is plenty of the good stuff. I am Macda Grayson. Congrats on your new one."

"Thank you," Grazia says to Ailys with a polite nod. "I am most blessed to have for my ducal consort your brother, who is by all accounts, an excellent man. I shall endeavor to appreciate him for all that he is worth."

"And I have highest hopes your plan will work out splendidly," Dafne tells Grazia solemnly. "Because I would hate to have to hurt anyone for hurting you." She turns a level blue gaze on Aiden just so he knows, holding it a moment too long before she dissolve into a warm laugh at Lysander's greeting, and then picks up Nightshade to make sure she doesn't interfere with any avian shenanigans.

Hugs delivered, Mae steps back. Then waits for Ailys to be done with hugs (and eye-wiping). She takes the princess' hand. Then she's staring wide-eyed. "Oh geez," she says, quietly. Then, in a soft voice, she says to Ailys, "I don't like birds..."

Aiden's mouth cracks a grin, "Great! Superb. Come over here, away from the decorations that our Lumen made to perfection. I wouldn't want anyone, bird or guest, to get in a tangle." Clearly this is all part of the plan, something to do other than drink... and one would suppose there is a place to dance right?! In any case, Aiden gestures up to the birds that have started to waddle to where Aiden situated everyone. The webbed footed ones start to pluck at the grass and look as if they're eating. The ones up top appear bored and sorting out their feathers. Suspiciously, there's a series of them that have little ribbons on their legs with little boxes too. "So those ones, the ones wearing ribbons, they're in this game. I know they are, they're practically wearing the wedding decor." He nods to Silvio, Titania, and Ailys, "Each of you will focus on one bird. There's the falcon, the raven, the goose, and the duck." He squints, then nods, "Once you pick the bird, I think they need to be impressed to help us. You know they have an Empire and everything right?" He snickers, "Greet the bird of your choice and then, well, then it's up to you how to call them to you. Perform a little dance move, sing, tell them a story, squawk at them. I don't know, I'm not a bird guy-" lies! Playful lies.

Good thing Aiden wasn't totally looking toward Dafne, he misses out on that because, well, bird game!

"I have a sister who could help you get a couple of those birds down..", Luca calls out, from over at the bar, just before taking a long drink from a double-shot of whiskey. Who can tell how many he's had, by now.

Silvio pats Lysander's arm and then parts from him to participate in the contest. "I suspect I can get the crow to come over, just by virtue of some shiny things." he assures his husband.

Lucita gets a maple wood vielle with a mellow tone from twilight lioness pouch.

Lucita says, "I can try to see if any will come with the vielle played if you wish."

Lysander grinned to Silvio and considered, "Perhaps." He left his chin hover jsut above Silvio's shoulder watching the birds with an amused grin. "Silvio, you should go play, and pick teh rave. You're shiny enough that they should come to you directly. Possibly try to pick you up and stuff you into a nest."

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Grazia drifts over to the bar, though she's watching the bird game with interest, so that she can chat with Luca, a glass of wine in her hand. "Not going to be luring the very birds out of the trees?" she inquires of the man curiously.

Once Aiden has described the rules, he quickly ushers them toward the awaiting birds. "First one to claim their bird, you can go ahead and try to convince them to show you what's in their ring boxes!"

Macda has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

1 Grayson Guardsmen leaves, following Macda.

Duarte stands ready to leave. He bows to Grazia, "The best, for the best, as we discussed. Congratulations, duchess." He smiles and gazes at Luca, then back to Grazia. "He doesn't think you are scary," he stage whispers. He waves and strolls off.

Lucita sees she was not heard, and actually looks a little relieved. She simply settles back in the chair and prepares to watch and listen.

Sparte's eyes go between Aiden leading the game and Katarina at his table, both evidently having his curiousity in equal measure.

Ian takes note of Grazia wandering over to the bar to talk with Luca. Then he takes note of his drink.

Titania checked command + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Yep, there's Luca, at the bar. He seems to be writing something on a parchment, which is shaping up to be a missive, and there is a certain sort languid drunkeness to the man as he appears to be attempting to coax something from the other people around the bar. When Grazia arrives, he turns, almost with the same motion that he's crumbling up the parchment and tossing it over his shoulder, "Duchess Grazia! I'm surprised to see you here. Don't you look lovely for this thing?", he says, before his dark gaze cuts to Duarte, briefly. After, he's telling the Duchness, "Oh no, no bird calling for me, tonight. I was never much for whistling. I mostly have found myself better at hunting them down."

Titania checked command + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Titania checked command + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 53 higher.

"Luca, it's my wedding," Grazia exhales, shaking her head slightly. She offers Duarte a nod of acknowledgment, then looks back to Luca and Ian curiously. "But I'm glad you've come to drink my wine and have left the cats at home."

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Harlen leaves, following Duarte.

It's a thoughtless gesture, Ian's usual generosity with his alcohol, when he offers Grazia his flask.

Birds are not deaf. There's some fluttering that happens after Luca declares he likes to hunt them!

Silvio pulls out a gemstone ring and puts it in his palm. Then he gets closer to the raven, and holds it out in his hand. Cutting his eyes to the side, he pretends like he's not paying any attention to the creature at all, while being peripherally highly attuned to its level of interest in the gem. A slight movement of his palm makes it catch and reflect light, glinting.

Silvio checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Silvio checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

"Oh, gosh, Luca!" Mae squeaks out. "Don't say things like that! You'll hurt A-aah... the birds' feelings!" Mae says. And there's no chance she was going to say 'Aiden' there. Birds. She's talking about birds. Then, to Ailys, "Well if you're going to... I will," she whispers out. "And... the duck looks nice..."

Silvio checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Lumen offers an inaudible gasp of mock-surprise from beside Luca. So *that's* who's wedding it is! She brings up her drink to partially conceal her closed-mouth smile.

Titania moves to where the Falcon is her body language is relaxed as she looks to the bird, "Sweet Falcon, I wish to speak to you about the box on your foot." she says watching the bird of prey, "Come, sit on my arm." she puts it out to the bird her voice soft and gentle if the bird does she will sit down bringing the bird up so that they are on the same eye level showing the bird respect.

Ailys checked intellect + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Ailys checked intellect + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Ailys checked intellect + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 11 lower.

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Mae checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Mae checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 11 higher.

Mae checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 11 higher.

Luca doesn't miss the restless birds, at which point he calls out to them, "Settle down, now! It was a euphemism!", and then, "What kind of birds aren't trained to enjoy the finer points of euphemism..", he adds, before looking over to Mae, "Relax. Ophelia's the bird hunter. What would I even do with a dead bird?". After, his attention's returning to Grazia, "I know it's your wedding. I knew all along. How could I have missed it? You have such fine wine.", he assures, dark gaze falling to the woman's glass of said wine. Probably. He picks up his own glass from the bar, tipping it back and killing what's left inside, before rejoining the conversation, "You don't like the cats, Grazi?", he asks, feigning a wound.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Zoey has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Zoey puts a bagette cut schorl set in white-gold and flanked by matching milky tourmalines in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

The bird callers aren't doing half bad. Well, maybe Ailys did something at the end there to earn the goose sticking out it's wings and hissing at her! She might not even get close enough to check what's in the ring box! Geese, they are fickle things. Aiden has to even shush the bird up with a few steps to make it clear that it should behave itself. Silvio's raven, hop hops down, inspecting the glittery gemstone. It will certainly try to get the gemstone, which will give Silvio time to look into the ring box itself! The ducks... they do look nice. Presently mowing the grass and snapping at bugs. Titania manages to get the falcon to sit on her arm, pretty sweetly at that. Really, Falcon? It should have been a serious clue! She gets all the time in the world to fish around in the ring box, as the falcon looks soothed. Or really just not interested in playing the game, like where's the food man!

"I live with a cat," Grazia points out dryly to Luca, motioning over in Dafne's direction. "The only cat that we would be remiss not to invite to the wedding, after all. She's part of the family. But I prefer birds, I do, and I very much enjoy my 'bird prince's company. I think he will make a fine duke."

When Grazia doesn't take Ian's offered flask, he puts it back in his pocket and taps the rim of his glass to indicate to the bartender that it is in a state of empty and this is something that is wrong with the universe right now.

Ailys is going to die. She can already feel it. The goose. She's stuck with the goose. Squeezing Mae's hand briefly she will release it and approach, hesitantly, the goose. Geese, by their very nature, are awful creatures. Delicious creatures. And they know it. And because of their deliciousness they are quite ornery, because they know any who try to befriend them are doing so only to taste their fleshy breasts. At first Ailys' will try to purse her lips and whistle, but it comes out as a flat wuffle of air, and so with a bright blush she will try to reason with the goose, "Listen, you big bully, I know you do not want to be eaten, but if you -" She grimaces as the goose lunges at her with a hissing squack of sound, wings reigning up wide, more hissing done as Ailys fast walks around, trying to keep her composure, "If you don't show me what's in the box you're going to be tomorrows' lunch! I promise it!" Oh. Her empathy with animals is not near as good or as practices as her bed side manners with patients. The box dangles from the Goose's left leg, and she soft gray eyed princess will even try to crouch a little, hands going to knees as her skirt rustles at her feet, "Here goosie goo-SCREEE." Annd Ailys' is darting across the grass, skirts picked up in either hand, the goose chasing after her and hissing soundly, raised up on it's webbed feets, wings a'flappin'. Ailys' will be the first woman eaten by a goose, "Nnnnnnnnooooo, I'm going to eaaaaat you tomorrroowwww!!!" Said as her legs are bared to show she's wearing a pair of tall leather boots of dark brown, very sensible, perfect for running away from murderous geese.

Lysander finished his drink and set it on teh bar for... people take care of that stuff. Someone he was sure of. "Silvio, make me proud." Looking back to Grazia he grinned and shook his head glancing away from his husband trying to negotiate withteh crow. "I definiately married up. But, I will be right back."

And... Ailys' antics with the goose, have Aiden... bursting out with laughter. Cause, like, his sister is being chased by it. It's totally hilarious!

Zoey stops, glass hovering between bartop and mouth, and -stares- at her cousin as the Goose of DEATH starts chasing her around the aviary. And then, she begins to laugh. "Ailys!" she calls over. "Run -at- it!"

A Harlequin’s Guide on how to Seduce Ducks. Or that could be the title of this song. That or Six Little Ducks. Either or, Mae is here to try to impress a princess with how social she is. Oh, and celebrate Aiden and Grazia or something. So, she takes a deep breath then steps up toward the well-adorned duck. First, she offers a dip of her head. "Master Duck," she declares. "A song, for you," she says. Is she imitating something she’s seen Itzal do? You bet she is. Then what comes next is a rare sight. Mae starts to dance, and to sing, in what is without a doubt a child’s song.

"Six little ducks that I once knew

Fast ones, skinny ones, fair ones too.

But the one little duck with the feather on her back

She led the others with his quack, quack, quack.

Quack, quack, quack-quack, quack, quack"

And it continues like that, with Mae kicking out one foot to lean this way, then that way. And all the while her hands move. And when she quacks? Yes, her hands are up next to her head, facing out, making duck mouths. And the song continues... "He led the others with his quack, quack, quack!" And as it does, Mae turns, and starts to lead the way back toward Aiden. With a quack, quack, quack! And soon as one gets close enough, she carefully, gently, gracefully reaches down to retrieve that little box. Oh, and she'll also try to ignore Ailys. Because suddenly winning matters!

Luca's dark gaze drifts over to Dafne for a long moment, before the Lycene's attention is returning to Grazia once more, "I'm skeptical. She looks a little big to be a cat. I'll have to get a closer look, just to make sure..", he says, leaning against the bar just a little bit, that languidness still there in the man's posture. "Oh, yeah. Aiden. He's great. With the birds, and all. We're basically best friends. He's going to be a kick-ass Duke, I can tell you that. The Duke of Birds. Er.. Falcons? The Duke of Falcons. That's got a nice ring to it.". He sounds very, very confident in that.

Titania smiles at the Falcon, "Thank you for sitting on my arm it is a honor." she says to the bird her free hand comes up to gently touch the birds head, "You did a very good job." she smiles when it seems she has found something in her box, she gets up with the birdstill on her arm and makes her way for Grazia, "Dutchess Grazia, if I may I believe I have something for you." she makes her way over to wear she stands something held in her hand why the Falcom sits on her arm. "I now understand why Duke Aiden has such a love for them." she smiles softly and looks to Grazia.

Silvio keeps a little finger tucked in the ring's loop so that if the crow tries to make off with it, he doesn't lose a ring! He's able to get into the box and pulls out a small bottle. He smiles and lifts it over to show Lysander. "Look! I did it!" Now he just has to get rid of it. He bobs his hand up and down.

Aiden gets a wide silver band bracelet etched with perching birds and touched with opal from a small ring box.

Titania is overheard praising Mae for: Quack, quack, quack-quack, quack, quack

Ian checked command at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Katarina is overheard praising Aiden for: He has matured immensely before my very eyes. I am proud of who Aiden is becoming.

Silvio frowns faintly when he notices that Lysander isn't there anymore.

Sparte taps his foot to the pace of Mae's song for the duck, bobbing his head along. He is at least entertained.

Lumen can be heard muffling a little squeal of delight at Mae being a cute cutie with the duck. Y'know, until she resumes laughing at her cousin's antics with that goose.

"He is my Falcon Duke," Grazia replies seriously but with great fondness to Titania as she reaches out to very gently stroke the feathers of the falcon that sits on the woman's arm.

"I am very flattered," declares Dafne, totally not eavesdropping. "I do believe that is the first time I have ever been declared too big to be anything."

When the blue streak that is Ailys and the goose run near-ish to the bar, Ian, who did not look like he was watching, suddenly whips his cane around between her and the goose. The goose goes around it and continues to chase Ailys. Well, he tried.

Aiden checked command + animal ken at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Aiden checked command + animal ken at difficulty 40, rolling 16 higher.

Aiden notes to Silvio, "A little party favor for you. I hope you enjoy it or know someone who does!" He chuckles, seeing Silvio with a perfume, not even a /cheap/ one, but a /real cologne/. Over to Mae, Aiden watches her coax those ducks over with a song and his heart simply melts for it! She'll undoubtedly get something out of her ring box too. To Titania though, he watches carefully, as she approaches Grazia with the gift from the falcon's ring box. But then there's poor Ailys and he starts to jog after the damned goose. "HEY, now that's not nice anymore Sir Waddlebottom! Enough. She's my sister and she's not really going to eat you. Get back to your pond." For some reason his voice is very assertive! And the GOOSE, listens. For now.

"Oh, thank you," Mae says, adoringly, to the dog that sits still enough for her to retrieve the little box tied to it's neck. "And you have my permission to use the song, if you want. I think you already know all the words," she says, softly, to the duck. Box retrieved, she lifts a hand to her lips, kisses her fingertips, then presses it to the duck's head. "Now go be a duck," she says. Mae eyes the bracelet she's found, unsure what it is she was even supposed to be doing. But then, Oh! "Ailys!" Mae squeaks out, as she turns to sort-of job (stupid dress) toward the woman. "Shame, shame!" she says, at Sir Waddlebottom, as she passes him.

Luca glances over at the falcon that Grazia reaches out to run her fingers over, "He's your Falcon Duke? I thought Aiden was supposed to be your Falcon Duke. Now I'm confused.", he says, with a smirk that's crossing his features in a way that might show he's just being cheeky, and not really all that confused. He turns, picking up a drink off the bar. It's not his, but there it is. It's his now. He lifts it, toasting to Dafne, "It's fine. I'll have to measure you, but you might just squeak right in under the height limit. You might be a cat, yet.", and then he tips back that drink, something dark, probably wine.

Lysander called out, "I do. Love, what did you win me?" Apparently Lysander returned, and if he was serious about picking at Silvio's prizes? Who knows. Returning back he placed something in front of his sister, Grazia, giving her a kiss to either cheek. "So I went to go look for my key, which looked suspiciously like the one that was on me, so I return. This is why I'm not allowed to drink and find things at the same time."

Titania smiles as she hands Grazia what was in the ring box, "He is a beautiful bird." she smiles holding her arm out so that the Falcom may leave if he wishes too. "Thank you Duke." she thanks the bird and smiles see! Titania pays attention.

Grazia finds hin her hand a beautiful ring, which she studies for a moment, reading the inscription. "Fly with me," she murmurs, and she nods politely to Titania as she slips it neatly onto her finger. "Duke Aiden! This is a beautiful ring," she tells him, stepping in his direction with a measure of delight. To her brother, she says, "Look at my lovely swan ring! Thank you for fetching the things, though. I appreciate it. Do you want to set them down so everyone can choose one?"

Ian's failed attempt at heroism seems to be what makes him decide that it's time to call it a night. He says his goodbyes to Luca and slides off the barstool. "I'm going to get going," he says to Zoey.

"......drowned in cranberry jelly, goose!" Ailys' manages as she streaks by the bar, calling out to Zoey, "That only encourages him to bite meeeeee." Honking and hissing trails Ailys' who darts along the edge of the pond, lips bared in a laughing grimace, water splashing up, "SIR WADDLEBOTTOM HE LIES! I /shall/ eat you." Woof. As the goose listens, however contritely, Ailys darts off back towards the main grouping of people, the goose taking it's party favor with it to the pond, stepping in then doing a stately drift across the ponds waters, wings primly folding to it's sides. Ailys erupts into laughter, both hands on her chest which heaves heavily, "I need to run more. /Thank you/ Lord Ian for your efforts, and brother ..on your wedding day, still saving me from your birds." Hands fall from her chest to settle to her hips, head tilting back a little, the princess thankful she wore her hair up today of all days - for who knew she would be hunted by a goose.

Lysander drops a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Lysander drops a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

Zoey gets a gold ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon haloed in smaller gems from a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

Silvio comes over to Lysander once the man reappears and shows him the little bottle of cologne. He bows his head to Aiden, "Oh yes...I believe this will be put to good use." He uncaps it and gives it a sniff, with appreciation. When he sees what Lysander went to go get, he grins. "Ohhh, very man is burdened with far too many rings."

Ian has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Zoey nods to Ian and slips off her stool. "Goodnight, everyone," she calls cheerfully. "And happiest wishes to the newlyweds." Oh hey. She stops by the gifts and picks one up before following Ian out.

Lumen gets a silver ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Mae hustles, dress hiked up to her knees, to Ailys. "Are you okay, sweets?!" she asks, with genuine concern. Genuine, feigned concerned. But she's a fine actress. "Oh, I was worried it might bite you like that rabbit bit Lumen..." she says. That sounds /grave/.

Zoey has left the Semi-circular Bar.

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Zoey leaves, following Ian.

Silvio gets a gold ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

Lysander gets a silver ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

"Now I am terribly torn," declares Dafne, gesturing for another refill of her glass. "Do I terribly want to be a cat? Or do I terribly want to be too tall for something for once?"

Silvio gets a silver ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

It's going to take him a while to respond to DUKE Aiden. It's so weird right? A whole life being something else and now. Well he does eventually look back toward his wife, sterling silver eyes lifting up at her measured delight in the swan's ring. He lifts his hand and grins at her, since he was walking toward his sister. He notes, "I seem to recall that I bring the birds that you need saving from... so it's partially my fault." He winks, "You okay dear sister?" He can't help but giggle a little. Cause, well. That's what siblings do. He peers back to where the real party favors come out, eyes brightening up, as if not having expected that!

Grazia gets a silver ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Ailys gets a heavy gold ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

Luca turns from the bar, picking up a bottle of something and leaning over to splash a bit of it into Dafne's glass. He doesn't even look at what he's pouring for the woman. "Now, for that, I think you have to ask yourself.. what would a cat want? If it's the sort of answer you like, then you're definitely probably a cat..", he assures.

Aiden gets a silver ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Aiden puts a silver ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon in a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Aiden gets a silver ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Aiden gets a silver ring set with a Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Aiden puts a silver ring set with a Gemecittan quartz cabochon in a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Aiden gets a heavy gold ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

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Quiet, a Valardin champion have been dismissed.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice have been dismissed.

Silvio gets a heavy gold ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

Titania looks around and spots Aiden she heads for him once the Falcon is no longer on her arm, "Pri....I mean Duke Aiden." she smiles softly. "Congradulations on your marriage." she smiles to him, "I will miss our talks." she smiles moving to hug him gently. "I would like to continue archery lessons with you if that is ok and." she looks around, "Perhaps we can speak about your feathery friends, just now I found almost a calm with the Falcon on my arm."

Silvio gets a gold ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

"Every time, Aiden. I swear you do it on purpose for all the coddling I put you through as a child!" Said not so seriously, her light gray eyes dancing brightly, an exhale of finality given as she looks over her shoulder at the goose, "I am going to eat Sir Waddlebottom." Promised firmly even as she chuckles to Mae, "Never let it be said I would ever let myself be bitten by an ungainly goose of all things." No, she will run till her feet wear off before that ever happened. As the favors are brought out she will look impressed, looking to Mae and shaking her head, "Had I known you could lure birds with song I'd have befriended you long ago, Mae. You could have saved me from my brothers birds more than once." She will gesture to the favors, "A momento of my brother leaving our nest. How beautiful they all are."

Silvio gets a silver ring set with a Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Silvio gets a silver ring set with a Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Lysander arched an eyebrow leaning over and surveyed this. Opinions? OH he was full of opinions and his head wobbled and finally? Yes okay he was happy with this. "I can work with this." Very high praise from the man who rarely is satisfied with, well, anything. Looking to Titania he offered, Start with a falcon. You can then move up to calming pigeons. They are useless, but never calm. There's rumor that only the masters can do this you know." And it might take a master falconer to tell if Lysander was putting her on or telling the truth.

Dafne gets a silver ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

"Oh, I don't know any songs about gooses... Do I?" Mae asks herself, as she considers. "Didja ever see a goose, kissing a moose, down byyyyy the bay!" Mae sings out, in a voice that really isn't so bad. Then laughs. "Okay, just the one goose song." And yes, it seems Mae only knows children's songs? "Um, yeah, I guess I can... get... free jewelry. Geeze, this is all so /fancy/. Makes my gift for you look-..." And she scrunches up her nose, then shrugs. She tried.

Grazia gets a lovely gift from Lucita and pauses to have a few quiet words with the Baroness with a smile. She glances over at Ailys and laughs softly, pleased to be surounded by happy people and silly birds and shenanigans. She glides over to Aiden to murmur something to him next. A little pause between new husband and wife.

Luca pushes off the bar, having coaxed more than a few drinks into himself, and then looks around, "Where the heck did Ainsley go? I was going to put some dazzle in his razzle..", he says, before he's turning to wander through the people, and then, it would seem, off, right out of the wedding.

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Giuseppe, a kindly old man leaves, following Luca.

Kyan, a long-legged silver tabby-cat arrives, delivering a message to Silvio before departing.

Ailys's head drops to the side as she snorts very softly for Mae, a hand raising up to the rose brooch upon her chest, neatly pinned to her dress just below her right collarbone, "This is beautiful, don't insult something I hold dear to my heart." Admonished, softly, Ailys nudging Mae gently, murmuring something to her as she reaches out to pick out a favor to remember this evening by.

Aiden turns to Titania, after a playful arm wrap around Ailys and a sheepish, "Did you finally figure it out? After all these years?" He winks and then kisses her on the cheek, "I should have known to trust a goose with the task." He looks toward the pond and mentions, "Though enough with the eating of the goose, sis. We're in friendly bird territory." He then remarks to Titania, "Thank you Countess. It means a great deal you were here to celebrate with us." As for the missing of talks, he chuckles softly, "I'll still be in Arx when I'm not learning the ropes at Gemecitta. There will be time for plenty more talks and archery lessons." The suggestion of the falcon is met with a wide smile, "She's been hand reared and doesn't have a mean streak in her that some do. I'm glad she landed to your arm as well as she did. She didn't break your skin, did she?" His own arms were scarred up with the raking of talons, probably before he learned to wear gloves. He does hear Lysander's talk about pigeons and Aiden notes with a not so subtle grouse, "Pigeons are useless." He agrees with that. Mae's song is grinned at, but then he slides over to Sparte, "Hey. Thank you for coming Sparte. It means a lot." He will murmur something quickly, before Grazia approaches. So much going on.

Mae listens to the murmur from Ailys, then her eyes go wide. She pales, then quickly whispers back to Ailys.

Lumen can't really help with the lyrics to any goose songs. As Luca departs, she leaves her place at the bar as well. With a swivel of her hip, she side-steps around a bird flitting its way to the ground with a politely murmured 'Excuse me.' Content to take to the sidelines, the whisper goes about seeing to staff. The last thing they need to do is leave a bunch of finery and party supplies out in the middle of a zoo.

Aiden checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

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Mae is overheard praising Aiden for: Duckiest wedding!

Mae is overheard praising Grazia for: Duckiest wedding!

Lucita is overheard praising Aiden for: Lovely wedding!

Ailys looks utterly, and horribly ..bemused. She arches a brow at Mae, leaning back and looking mock-stricken, "Oh. Oh. You and I can no longer be friends. Not /new/? Not /bought/? Not originally meant for /me/?" Oh, look at her face, those dusky features of her just horrified, "I'm a /princess/, Mae, and deserve only the most extravagent, last minute gifts bought from a display case from the most expensive of merchants." It is very clear, at least to Ailys' as she clutches her chest and steps back, dramatically speaking to Mae. And then a laugh. A sweet ringing laugh, her head shaking as she plops a hand on Mae's shoulder, "Woman, you do not know me if you think I don't adore the gift all the same. I re-affirm, endearing /and/ valuable." Squeeze. Silly Mae.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

Lucita is overheard praising Grazia for: Beautiful bride!

Grazia is overheard praising Aiden for: My Falcon Duke

Ailys is overheard praising Aiden for: Setting the goose loose on his wedding day!

Lucita has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Micana, 1 Saik Guard, Jatal leave, following Lucita.

Ailys is overheard praising Grazia for: Newest, dearest, only sister!

Baron Archibald Chirpington, a Gyrfalcon have been dismissed.

1 Grayson Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Mr Tarquin, a Blue and Gold Macaw have been dismissed.

Severa, the Guard Shepherd have been dismissed.

Sir Frances Flappington IV, an albino crow have been dismissed.

Mae checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Mae's eyes go big. Big, big. Bigger than big. She looks horrified, and she's already backing away from Ailys. Because running away is what comes natural to a creature like Mae. But she's no dummy, and as the words continue to roll out, she realizes it's a jest. Which does erase that look, but only from her face, and not from memory! "Oh, geez, Ailys!" she complains, loudly. "You-... eugh!" she reaches out to prod the woman's stomach. "Graysons are /all/ brats! Each and everyone one of you!" says Mae, loud enough that any and every Grayson can hear.

Lumen veers over to Grazia's side, snaking an arm around the Duchesses. Her eyes press into tight, happy crescents. "Let it never be said otherwise," she agrees audibly with Mae, eyeballing around for Ainsley or Aiden. They really should know that they're included in that. To Grazia: "This was all an elaborate trick. He's yours, now."

"Oh my. Mistress Mae, I hope very much that I am a brat as well, for some definition of the word, for I have married a Grayson," Grazia says in all seriousness, before turning her whiskey-hued gaze to Lumen. "It's a lovely magic trick you've helped wrought. I'm very happy. Thank you for all of your assistance, my delightful Whisper."

"Duchess." Ailys declares even as she hunches over from the poke to her belly, her bodice saving her from the brunt of that slender digit, "Any who marry Grayson must have some semblence of brattiness to them to survive us! You are indeed in possession of such!" Oh, she's happily glowing, both from wine and cheer, and hip bumps Mae gently, "Drink, eat, celebrate. I will be back shortly, I need to find my brother Ainsley and harass him briefly."

"Oh, that property is indeed transferable. Just ask some of their Voices," Lumen widens her eyes impishly. What? She's an innocent! "No thanks necessary. See to your guests, and to your-" Trophy. "-husband." With a gentle pat-pat, Lumen slips back away to procure another drink and continue oversight of the background mechanisms.

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"I've no doubt, Duchess, you are a brat. But compared to Grayson, well... None Brattier," Mae insists. Then she looks back to Ailys. She's leaving? Mae's alone? She blinks a few times, then swallows, then nods. "Sure, of course," she says, with a warm smile. "Not a problem. Take all the time you need, sweets. I'll go find something to... drink." Yes, she wants a drink.

Grazia heads over in her brother's direction. "Thank you for serving as my Voice and announcing my marriage," she says to Lysander, because being a bride means a lot of thanking people for various things they've done for you. "You are an excellent brother, and if you ever decide you want less responsibility, I'm sure I know of someone willing to step up." She kisses his cheek, though, and shows off her swan ring. It's very pretty.

Ailys has left the a small green duck pond.

Mae gets a silver ring set with a Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Lumen picks up This Evening's Menu.

And so it goes, with the bride and groom making their polite departures after awhile and the party winding down, that this was indeed a wedding to remember.

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