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Lord Lysander Rubino

There is nothing worth feeling weakly. Everything should be experienced whole-heartedly or not at all.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Passionate Artiste
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Rubino-Zaffria
Gender: male
Age: 28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Artisan
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: deep black
Skintone: olive

Description: Long, flowing black hair falls forward around his face, framing the broad strength of his cheekbones. It is a fierce face, angled and elegant, even-featured, with a hawkish, aquiline nose, a strong, defined jaw, and a full, soft mouth that parts to show white teeth. His eyes are deep and black, beneath starkly defined black eyebrows. His skin is a darkly golden shade, and his jawline and chin have a tendency to the shadows of forgotten scruff. He moves with startling abruptness and frequent intensity; there is always a sharpness to his motion, a cutting quickness to his carriage.

Personality: Fierce and intensely creative, Lysander has a true passion for beauty and infuses his work with it. He tries to channel this in all areas of life, from the lovers he seduces -- he falls deeply in love at the drop of a hat only to crash angrily out of it again ten days later with fresh inspiration for a new dramatic sculpture -- to the enemies he castigates (see what happens to the lovers when they're no longer lovers) to the friends he vehemently defends (regardless of who is actually in the wrong). A dramatic and reactive creature, Lysander is a man of great enjoyment of pleasures to all of the senses. He can be tempestuous and difficult to control, but his loyalty to his family is paramount.

Background: Though he was forced to suffer through the training and education expected of the son of a cadet line of a ducal family, Lysander was never interested in politics. It was a safe disinterest to cultivate, but the focus and intensity to which he threw himself into his other studies made him an awkward fragment of the bloodline anyway. While Zaccheri Rubino was groomed and polished to a perfect ducal heir, his cousin Lysander was struggling disinterestedly through lessons of etiquette and warcraft, yearning to do something with his hands and to tap into the inner beauty of the world and express it.

A lesser son of a lesser line of the family, Lysander's primary potential noble purpose -- as he understood it -- was to be marriage bait. In his early twenties he had several noisy and passionate affairs with married men to generally display his disinclination to the idea, and developed a reputation as essentially an oath-baiter until his cousin, Lord Valkieri, of all men, was forced to sit him down in give him a lesson in subtlety he did not soon forget.

When Zaccheri died, Lysander began to be very concerned about his future. All he wanted in life was to capture artistic images in blown glass sculptures and occasional dives into elegant jewel craft. He definitely did not want to be at any risk of inheritance or power politics. His loyalty to his duke could not be more secure because Valkieri's presence in the ducal seat is absolute confirmation that Lysander will never have to sit in it.

Name Summary
Grazia My favorite older brother, of course, as fabulous and flamboyant as ever. It's always a challenge to find projects that hold his interest, but I think I can do it.
Miranda Would that I could so beautifully express myself so! He might make the bards weep that they lack such skill! It's great to have him home. Silvio's missed him so!
Samuele Enthusiastic and outragous as usual, glad to see him back home.