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Hazy Days Picnic

Join the Grayhopes, the LEGENDARY purveyors of smokable products for an EXTRAVAGANT party in Nightingale Park to celebrate Summer and relaxation. Whether you need something to make you mellow and hungry or something to just forget your problems and the rest of the world, the Grayhopes will be offering FREE samples of their wares to help you get in the mood for summer.


The picnic will also feature SNACKS* and BOOZE* for sale. And Main Stage performances!* And a demonstration from the Champion's Guild!* Don't miss it! It will be the HIGH event of the Summer!

* All offerings subject to change. We make no promises.


May 17, 2018, 8:15 p.m.

Hosted By

Magpie Mayir


Signe Aethan Margret Niklas Zoey Eleyna Verity Lydia Theodoric Ian Karadoc Wynna Mae Eirene Bastien Valarian Oriana



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Nightingale Park - The Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Nightingale Park has been transformed for the Hazy Days picnic. Well, not transformed, really. But it has been commercialized. Across the grounds, in addition to the benches and other seating areas, large blankets have been laid out for those here to stretch out, congregate, and relax. Along the edges are little stands with Prodigal and urchin sellers doling out cheap beer, wines, and spirits for low, low prices. And if the munchies set in? There is hearty pies, stews, and breads on offer. But in the center? A large wooden kraken with the foliage cleared out and a few thugs in Grayhope colors with water buckets nearby. What could that be for?

Magpie Grayhope himself is sitting perched on a table next to a locked chest that he has one arm lazily propped on as an arm rest. He's talking to some of the locals, "No no no, no free samples yet. Not until *after* the opening ceremony! Which is soon. I promise. Very soon."

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Zoey arrives, following Ian.

Bastien has apparently been kidnapped. Or him arm as been kidnapped at the very least, because Verity seems to have taken possession of it as they walk into the park. Bastien, as might be expected, is looking considerably put out by having someone on his arm. "This is idiotic," he tells her as they enter, clearly some continuation of conversation they've been having on the way here. His gaze slides about the park, narrowing on the various offerings. And then look immediately annoyed when he overhears what Magpie has said. "Ugh." They have to WAIT for the DRUGS?!

1 Greenmarch Guard arrives, following Margret.

Poor, poor Bastien having to have Verity on his arm. Clearly, he's done something terrible to deserve a punishment like this being put out in public. The darkly tanned woman in onyx silk is all smiles though at what Bastien says. "Of course it is. Just wait until they're asking for volunteers to be strung up on the may pole, I'll say your name. Come on, I want to see what they're doing to it a hand with too many fingers? No, I know what it is. A sculpture titled "Mother-in-law". See how they've captured the exquisite detail in the face? Mmmm, yes."

Ian comes into the park with Zoey and Aethan, mostly watching his feet as he walks. He doesn't looks especially enthusiastic about being here, but that's not anything new.

Magpie throws Bastien a grin, "What's wrong? You can't wait a few minutes longer? Just enjoy the fine weather, Bastien. Have some food." He says cheerfully, the man in a fine mood. Then he sees the Kennex crew and calls out, "Hello! Lord Ian! Lord Aethan! Lady Zoey.. you're married now, right?"

Lydia spies Ian and his entorage, and busies herself about acquiring some of the cheap beer.

What could buckets be for? With the swill on offer here? WHAT INDEED? Oriana moves through the assemblage, looking very much like the silk she is, though one who seems to know the angles, and any enterprising pickpockets will find a selection of dusty pebbles in her pockets. She pauses to 'admire' the scuplture and gives a dry chuckle at Verity's assessment. "I think I know just the woman."

13 House Velenosa Guards, Sybilla, the Lenosian lady's maid arrive, following Eleyna.

Aethan, walking along with Ian and Zoey, does not look particularly enthusiastic either -- but then, he doesn't look much like anything. His expression is mostly just flat, even as he looks around at all the preparations that have no doubt been carefully and lovingly set out by the hosts. Or whoever. Someone needs some free drugs, amirite? His eyes fall on the kraken statue, and his eyebrows raise a little bit -- though only a very little bit. "Hm."

Ian looks up at the sound of Magpie's voice calling his name. And his brother's. And Zoey's. He looks at the two of them before angling in that (or any) direction. "We're married, yes. I think the reception is in a few days." It's the sort of thing he should probably be certain about, but... you know.

Verity gives a wink of a kohl lined eye to Oriana. "Careful, she'll start asking why you've changed her son to hate her." before she laughs. To Bastien she says, "Maybe they'll burn..." and says something aside to him.

The Ulbran contingent enters the grounds attired in their traditional finery. Theodoric wears a broad grin, clearly pleased by the festivities, and makes a show of touring the various booths before settling in comfortably to await the main events. "A fine production, Master Greyhope" he offers the host.

Magpie throws Ian a grin, "Well congratulations. I didn't get an invitation to the reception, but I'm sure it will be fun." The man says cheerily, then calls, "I know you're all waiting for the free samples! I promise! Soon! I'm just waiting for my associate to get here. He got held up at a meeting and I'm certain he's on his way. He'll be here any minute. But in the *meantime*, there is a special role in the opening ceremony available. Are any interested in taking it on?"

Zoey looks around curiously as she walks beside Ian. She smiles when Magpie hails them and follows along in that direction. "Master Magpie," she says with a warm smile. "It's good to see you again! And yes, the reception is in roughly a fortnight. We're opening it up to the whole city, so you are most assuredly invited."

The Archduchess arrives to the park with guards and lady's maid in tow. With a jerk of her chin, the guards spread out around the area, close enough to keep their charge from harm, but distant enough to give her a little breathing room. Eleyna walks arm in arm with Sybilla, murmuring quietly to the woman. She stops mid-step and mid-sentence as she spots the kraken. For a moment, she just stares before she mutters under her breath, "Oh, for the love of Tehom."

Magpie's words bring Aethan's eyes that way, and he inclines his head to the man, replying, "Master Grayhope. Looks like you got everything you needed." A little smile touches his face then, and while it's small, it does at least stick for a while on his face. However, he does not volunteer himself for the task of opening ceremonies helper, whatever it may be.

"I'd rather have wine," Bastien tells Magpie dryly. "You're really sharing your wares with this host of silks who can afford to pay?" He looks between Oriana and Verity blandly, lingering on the latter for a long moment for whatever she murmurs to him.

Margret walks into the transformed section of the grounds at her usual limping pace carrying a package of bandages. Does the Administrator of the Commons Clinic suspect there will be an injury? She certainly is prepared for one! She wanders the stands, stopping to buy a meat pie and chatting idly, before she makes her way towards the Kraken with a curious expression.

Lydia arches an eyebrow, perhaps in just the right mood to help out. She makes her way toward Magpie and quietly asks, "How could I help?"

Ian adds, unnecessarily: "I don't think we sent invitations." Another thing he should maybe be more sure about. It's casual, but he steers the three of them AWAY from Magpie's immediate vicinity when he starts asking for volunteers.

Verity sighs to Bastien, "Such a shame, a waste. I'd love to have seen that." But someone is calling for volunteers. She is about to volunteer Bastien, but Lydia is the brave person and she lets go of the playwright's arm long enough to give a rousing clap.

Theodoric has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Oriana gives a rather toothsome smile to Bastien, breezing by him as she moves from here to there towards Magpie, but preceded by Lydia.

Magpie gives Aethan a grin, "Things work out, you know?" He says, then throws Bastien a smirk, "Look, some of us measure success in other ways. This picnic is to let everyone in Arx have a chance to relax! A chance to forget about all the endless, awful shit going on. And we all know there's plenty of awful shit going around lately." He throws Lydia a smile, "Alright.. you're interested. Anyone else? A little competition for the honors??"

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Sauntering into the park with a smirk and a jaunty step, Valarian drifts over to Oriana and gives her a lazy, two-fingered salute. "Hey, Lady Oriana. Been up to any adventures since Stormwall? I'm waiting for another opportunity. Maybe there'll be something soon, yeah?" Drifting over to a table, he takes a seat....looking warily at the kraken.

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"I got an invitation," says Niklas genially as he wanders past Ian. He looks a little better than he has the past few days, got some color in his face and his eyes are a little less haunted by specters of brandies past. He's got a banjo strapped to his back, which is a pretty mean thing to do to everyone, and he offers his cousins (and in law) a wave as he walks past. "I mean, I made it myself. But it looks great."

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"A competition," Oriana tips her head, she'd been on the verge of offering to assist Magpie. She turns an appraising gaze on Lydia and a questioning one on Magpie. "You're the master of ceremonies." She waves her hand in an arc. To Valarian's hale-wellmet-greeting she smiles. "Many, and they grow in the counting. You?"

Ian settles onto a bench and nods to Niklas when he wanders by. That electric gaze follows his cousin, taking in (and taking apart, and analyzing piece by piece) all of the signs that he's recovering from... something.

Lydia pales, not being very good at most competitions around these parts. "I um, if someone else was interested... I don't um, mind?" She seems to almost wilt under Oriana's appraisal.

"Anyone else?? No? The competition will be arm-wrestling. Because it's quick, easy, and fun." Magpie says, and gestures the two to the table. "Winner gets the honor of what is a delightful opportunity, I promise."

"Apparently sometimes they do," Aethan replies, though he does allow himself to be steered away from the volunteering by Ian, starting toward the redwood benches. He passes the kraken as he goes, though, and he can't help but look at it a little more again. "Lifelike, isn't it?" he says as an aside to Margret -- or at least, apparently it's Margret. He's angled in that direction, anyway. And it's difficult to tell if it's a joke, because his tone doesn't sound that humorous. Maybe he just has a good deadpan. He gives her a nod, before he continues to the benches, waving a hand to Niklas before he sits down with Ian and Zoey.

Lydia checked strength at difficulty 5, rolling 4 lower.

Oriana points at Valarian and Niklas both, "I've messages out to the both of you. Do send me your notes." At Lydia's wilt, Oriana inclines her head. She gestures to the table and settles herself across from Lydia. She sizes the girl up and nods gravely to Magpie awaiting his call for them to begin.

Zoey settles into her seat beside Ian and leans back, watching the picnic with a bit of confused curiosity. She seems to be taking it -all- in. The people. The vendors. The kraken. And those buckets of water.

Oriana checked strength at difficulty 5, rolling 3 lower.

Lydia looks like a deer in the headlights!

"Oh right. Yeah, I forgot about that," Valarian mumbles to Oriana apologetically. "I'll get on that tonight. Tales of heroism and dashing derring do and...whatever. Clearing rocks."

Eleyna takes a seat near the arbor with the roses, watching the competition with a vaguely disinterested attention. One corner of her mouth lifts in a faint smile as both women look entirely unprepared for such a competition.

Oriana grits her teeth, tendons cording.

charm + performance

Oriana checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Verity perks up at the talk of competition and arm-wrestling. The two are at it, and she says "Kiss her!" helpfully.

Lydia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrive, following Eirene.

Margret takes a bite from the meat pie, and chews as she observes the happenings near the Kraken without making much by the way of comment. When Aethan walks past and makes his comment she responds with a faint twitch of her lips, "I can't say I know. I've never seen one in the flesh." Her eyes track him, and then she sees Niklas sitting at a picnic table. "Lord Niklas!" She calls out in a delighted tone before she starts in his direction.

Bastien looks considerably skeptical of the competition Magpie seems to be putting on, and very distinctly doesn't volunteer himself for it. He instead moves to simply take up space near the arbor, and Verity can apparently keep following along if she wants. His gaze catches on Niklas when he makes his way in and narrows on the banjo he carries. He does /not/ say hello, though.

Bastien has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Oriana checked strength at difficulty 5, rolling 11 higher.

Ian watches Niklas for way longer than is polite, even for family, and then turns his attention to the Kraken statue. "Master Grayhope probably had a say in its design."

Eirene stalks her way towards the gathering, sour expression made only moreso by the fact she's starting to show her pregnancy. The Malvici looks as if she -wants- to relax but isn't quite capable just yet.

Binky, an asshole crow arrives, delivering a message to Mayir before departing.

Magpie stands up on the table next to the chest, stretching briefly before looking down at Oriana and Lydia, "Go ahead, don't cheat or anything." He says to the pair with a chuckle, then calls out, "EVERYONE!! Welcome! I'm so glad to see such a crowd!"

The Grayhope looks around, smiling brightly, "I've never done an event like this before, but I'm still pretty irritated about what went down at Setarco and even though the Gyre is toast, I just.. Felt like it'd be fun to make a big Kraken and *burn* it. But before we do, let me cover a few important things! First! Be friendly! We're all here to relax! Second, *one* free sample per person. Seriously. I'm a commoner, people. I don't have an endless supply. Third?? Have fun!" The man takes a lit torch from a waiting helper and passes it to Oriana. "Alright, just go touch that to the kindling at the base, alright? And then back up. Quickly."

Snagging a loaf of dark rye and slashing it open with his sword like it ain't no thang, a large smear of putter is grabbed from an urchin and then Valarian begins to chow down, grabbing a mug of ale to wash it down with, eyes on this odd contest, then gives the Kraken another odd look, then grins. "Awesome, yeah, burn that fucker right up then. And where's the free samples?" Getting up and nosing around, he's a man on a mission.

Ian takes note of Eirene's arrival, and excuses himself as though he's going to get up and go over to her, but the issue of Burning Kraken catches his attention and holds it.

Skitter, skitter, skitter! "I'm /telling/ you that you tell them that if they wanted to really be selling stew here, they should have gods damned set up on time!" Mayir doesn't have a little headset that he was yelling into, but if there were such things, the assistant (to the) event organizer would have one. As it is, he is yelling at a messenger and sending it off, moving on up next to Magpie. "All right! Let's get this show on the road! Cutting free! Enjoying the end of Summer. TELLING OUR FRIENDS ABOUT WHAT A GREAT TIME WE HAD!" He emphasizes that part.

Zoey glances back at Ian and Aethan when Magpie announces that there is a bonfire forthcoming. "That explains the water buckets," she remarks idly. She looks at Eirene, then, when Ian begins to excuse himself.

"Mm." Aethan nods at what his brother says, though he doesn't say anything more for the moment, instead turning his attention on Magpie's address. He crosses his arms over his chest and sits back, his head tipping to one side at the mention of the burning kraken. His gaze shifts to Zoey, and he lets out a little huff, before he looks back at the kraken.

Oriana slams Lydia's arm down, and roars, surging to her feet fists raised. There'd be a table flipped in there, but the bench is attached and the attempt would be embarrassing at best. She, triumphant, her foe vanquished she takes the torch and gestures it at the crowd, "You heard the man! Friendly!" She gives that toothsome smile again and swings the torch down to the kindling...

Taking a moment to reevaluate where he is sat, Theodoric decides that the mug of ale, the meat pie of questionable origin and the view of the assorted guests is worth the risk and remains, attempting to witness the moment when all the trouble will begin.

And then, the kindling catches and the pile of wood and

kraken burst into flames! There's a hot rush of air!

) ) ) ( )

( ( ( /( ( /( ( /( )\ ) ( /(

)\))( ')\()))\()) )\())(()/( )\())

((_)()\ )((_)\((_)\ ((_)\ /(_)|(_)\

_(())\_)()_((_) ((_) ((_)(_)) _((_)

\ \((_)/ / |
_ \ / _ \/ __| | |

\ \/\/ /| __ | (_) | (_) \__ \| __ |

\_/\_/ |_|\___/ \___/ __/ |_|

As the arms of the kraken take fire, an aroma fills the

air and mingles with the tapestry of scents already

wafting around the park. Fresh Haze and Dust hit the

nostrils, infusing a mix of euphoria to the atmosphere.

It's a pleasant feeling that washes over the people.

Smiles are brighter. Colors are crisper. Senses are

sharpening. Hunger is growing. Luckily, snacks are

available at very reasonable rates from local shops.

Magpie picks up Ten-Foot Wooden Kraken.

Magpie drops Ten Foot Burning Kraken.

Ian checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Lydia chuckles to herself, rubbing the back of her hand as the "contest" comes to its foregone conclusion. She's all smiles though at the sight of the kraken alight, and sits on the bench, watching.

Zoey checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Magpie laughs as his hard carving work goes up in flames, literally, and then winces a bit at the heat. "Okay, maybe I soaked it in too much alcohol. Remember that next time, Mayir." The man sits down and opens the chest, then starts handing out little sample-sized joints of Dust or Haze to folks. "One per person!" He reiterates a few times, but is grinning happily. "Enjoy, enjoy. Have fun!"

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Lydia looks between the two offered packets with some confusion, "Um, I've never... which should I try?" Her eyes lift to Magpie.

"Too much alcohol. Check." Mayir takes the wooden tablet he's been writing on, crossing things off on, making marginal notes on, and scribbles something on it. Because he is, after all, the assistant (to the event) organizer. "Hey! You! ONE!" Mayir has eyes like a hawk. He saw you, Random Lowers Urchin trying to swipe. He then says to Lydia, "If you're new, I'd start with Haze."

Eirene has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 1

Zoey slowly begins to look a little dazed. Idly, her hand reaches out and touches Ian's own, fingers lacing with his. Her expression is confused, but pleasantly so.

Magpie looks over to Lydia, "Dust has a kick and makes you feel amazing, Haze is more mellow and like a nice drunken buzz without the hangover. Mayir's right, go with the Haze." He hands her the proper joint.

Ian definitely recognizes that smell, maybe even both of them, and it (they) only darken his expression as he breathes out with a sharp hiss of air. "Excuse me," he repeats, before bracing himself on his cane and pushing himself to his feet. He's continuing to show no signs whatsoever of euphoria as he goes to seek out Eirene.

Oriana stands back as the flames beat heat at her, face lit with the blaze, eyes wide and bright. For all that she was playing at brutal victor, she very much looks it now. She turns to the crowd and lifts the torch giving a whoop before dousing it in the nearest bucket - HISSSSSSSsssss. This extinguished torch she returns to Magpie, with a smile. And, to Lydia, she smiles, "I thought for a moment I'd torn your arm off, girl." She doesn't appear totally convinced she didn't.

Eirene checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 11 higher.

Lips purse together on an O as an audible noise is given from Verity as the kraken bursts into flames. And when The Man says that treats are ready? She wraps her arm to interlink with Bastien's and says "Best we get up there before it all is gone. Come on, I'll pick for you and you can pick for me."

Ian also might be swearing under his breath in a steady stream.

Cheering wildly as the kraken goes up in flames, Valarian takes a very deep breath of the scorching air near the inferno, his smile plastered to his face, then heads over to Magpie, balancing his bread atop a mug of ale, stretching out a hand for some Haze. "Haze please! I could really use some, one of those days and stuff, you know, man? Anyways...right." Blinking for a second, "I love those boats." Yep, nothing else added to it.

"Oh, yeah, I got your message. I'm ignoring it. Should I not be ignoring it?" Niklas gives Oriana a perplexed shrug, then waves to Bastien. "Hey! Hey, Bastien! You over there! The playwright! Want my sample? You can have it!" He swings his banjo around and leans up against something lean up againstable which isn't on fire and idly strums his banjo.

"If nobody has a hangover in the morning, how do you know who won?" Lydia asks.

Eirene wrinkles her nose as she picks up the familiar scent of dust. "Oh good," she says with a smaller frown than usual. It's not affecting her or at least, since she's new, it's not affecting her -yet-. "Burn that fucker," she says grimly as the fire lights. She raises a hand in greeting to Ian as he makes his way over her towards her.

Strolling, strolling. Nothing to see here, folks, merely taking a walk through a park. Doing the thing, Karadoc fishes out his Mangataa-approved flask from his belt and starts to sip from that, finding a cozy place to flop and sprawl while he enjoys the ambiance of the atmosphere. Thankfully, aeterna does not stain. "Everyone wins."

When the flame goes up, Aethan blinks, leaning a little away from the giant flaming monstrosity, though it he hasn't moved enough that it really diminishes the heat. Apparently he doesn't care much about doing that, since he doesn't actually move from the bench.

Margret declines the packets as one is offered to her at first, but after a moment she grabs up one of the packets of Dust. A concerned look crosses her face and she starts towards Magpie. "Excuse me. You know Dust can kill people, right?" She then says a little louder, "Dust has a tendency to make people die in their sleep so I recommend no one does it!" Margret Greenmarch Neighborhood Killjoy.

Magpie looks a little confused when Oriana hands the doused torch back to him, and he just tosses it to the dirt, but when the woman murmurs to him he smiles. "Sure thing." Then he adds, "Glad you had fun with the honors."

Karadoc has joined the a serene stone bowl fountain with accented grooves.

Magpie looks to Mayir, then makes a quick gesture and points to Margret.

Zoey frowns faintly when Ian takes off. She looks after him and then sighs and looks at Aethan.

Ian is done swearing by the time he gets over to Eirene, at least. "Lady Malvici." He nods to her. "I wanted to thank you again for agreeing to help out at Stormward. I can't remember if I ever introduced you to my brother?"

Bastien's nostrils flare with the intent familiarity and recognition of an addict. He shoots Verity an annoyed look for /still/ being attached to his arm, and then strides forward to where the samples are. He takes a Dust joint without comment until he hears Niklas calling over at him, and then he looks from Niklas back to Mayir and Magpie and notes, "He's giving me his," and takes another. "Pick your own," he tells Verity briskly.

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To Niklas, "That depends on what you want recorded in the official record, Lord Niklas." Oriana inclines her head to him and moves to and past Valarian, giving him a two-fingered salute as she goes, weaving into the crowd and disappearing.

Lydia, volunteering and now sampling, clearly in a more adventurous mood, was about to take a packet of Dust when Margaret opines on its relative safety and at the last moment takes the joint of Haze instead.

Mayir nods his head once and makes his way over to Margret, placing an arm around her shoulder, if she will allow. (And maybe if she's not so keen.) "My dear lady," he says. "There is /bad/ dust that, yes, has been part of some unfortunate accidents. But!" And here he raises his voice. "GRAYHOPE dust is highest quality Arx has to offer. Completely safe. If you die, we'll give your family your money back!"

As Bastien strides past her for samples, Verity makes her way first towards one of the tables off to the side.

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Eirene drums her fingers on her arm, crossing them across her breasts. "I think you did," Eirene replies to Ian. She glances back at Margret, the naysayer, and motions towards Mayir. "There's good and bad strains depending on who the manufacturer is. From what I understand, the -really- dangerous strains are gone?" She poses this as a question to Mayir. "Overdoses can happen but only if you're really dumb and take too much all at once."

Magpie nods, "That's right. We got rid of the bad strains. They're all gone." He says with confidence, then looks to Niklas with a grin, "You're going to play, right? Everyone! Lord Niklas! On the banjo!!"

Niklas checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Ian angles his head back towards the redwood benches in an invitation to Eirene.

Theodoric snorts at Mayir's assurances of a refund, "I would expect such a generous offer for a free sample." he finishes off the pie he was working on, passing over the free samples.

Cheryl the Assistant Innkeeper, Scourge, a hairless rat-dog arrive, following Mae.

Karadoc kicks out beside the fountain, lighting up a cigarette of his own make - ahem, like a true libertine, he rolls his own. A sip of brandy, a puff of haze. His eyes slowly close, "Serenaded by the soothing strains of a blasted banjo."

At the reference to his banjo Niklas tilts the neck up and starts picking out a rapid Northerner drinking song. It's very simple in that there's one line and then a chorus and the chorus is just getting people to shout BEER BEER BEER. It would probably go over a little better if people were drinking beer (beer beer) rather thank smoking haze (haze haze) but he's undeterred. Being deterred isn't a Nik sort of thing.

Margret doesn't shrug Mayir's arm off of her shoulder, but she does give him a rather stern look. "Oh, is that right?" She looks incredibly skeptical, even as Eirene speaks, and then she purses her lips together in an unhappy manner. "People have a tendency to be stupid, and that tendency only increases with a lack of information. You should at least tell them there is a risk." That seems to be directed at Magpie and Mayir before she shrugs Mayir's arm off of her with an, "Excuse me."

Into the park walks a small woman shrouded in dark. That's Mae. You can tell by the way she jingles! Or by the little dog that's trotting along beside her... and promptly running over to eat some dropped food. Mae pays her dog no mind. She's here to find some... well. Haze. Of course.

a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

Mayir drops his arm from around Margret. "Okay! Everyone! There's risk to everything! Be warned accordingly!" Mayir shouts that just loud enough that he plans for it to be almost perhaps kinda heard over the banjo picking. He then looks over at her. "Good?"

Eirene is about to go join Ian when a little feller climbs up her leg and onto her shoulder. She unrolls a message from his back and ahs. "I have to go meet with someone," she tells Ian. "Another time, I promise." And with that, with only a few sniffs and inhalations, she leaves.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome leave, following Eirene.

Magpie looks Margret's way, "My lady, there is *no* risk from these little samples, I promise. I have ... well, let's just say I did a marathon Dust session once to see how much a person could have. It was far far more than this." He then throws Mayir a snicker. The man passes off the drug distribution to others and after a clap on Mayir's shoulder he wanders to some of the other tables to greet folks, a lazy, pleased smile on his face.

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Tempest, Atila arrive, following Signe.

Ian returns to the bench after the fire salamander draws Eirene away. He sits back down, and makes a remark to Aethan and Zoey..

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Some kind of a handoff, and now Valarian has a packet of Dust and a joint of Haze. Sticking the latter in the corner of his mouth and lighting it, he eyes the dust speculatively with a grin. "Gonna be a great night, too bad my sister isn't here to get all stressed out."

Bastien sets to lighting up the Dust joint between his lips, handling it with rather intimate familiarity as he listens to Niklas's performance with some sense of growing annoyance. He inhales deep of the Dust and then draws it away from his mouth to call over, "Come, Niklas, that's not the song I dragged myself here to hear!"

"If the kraken can, so can you." Karadoc sing-songs a little to himself, slitting his eyes open in order to peer around at others. His smirk is a brief thing.

Mae continues to jingle her way along. Eyes land here and there, and she waves, but she's going for a glass of wine and a haze joint. Never mind what's in the air!

Margret lets out a little sigh at Mayir, and her eyes only manage to roll a bit. She looks to Magpie, and then a smile affixes to her face as she says, "Oh, is that so? That's incredibly reassuring. I'm sure I won't hear any reports about people not waking up." She sucks in a little breath, and shakes her head as if it is cogged with cobwebs before she wanders towards a table to sit down and watch. Probably expecting someone to fall over dead at any moment.

Niklas checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Theodoric has left the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Carmichael Ulbran, 3 Ulbran Thugs arrive, following Theodoric.

Theodoric has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Margret before departing.

Mayir is breathing but isn't inhaling! Except the mix of Haze, dust, and tobacco that is in the air. But he is still feeling good! He is pointing at one of the food vendors, making sure that that the ladles are moving as people get hungry.

When he finishes Niklas makes a face, seemingly unimpressed with both performance and song choice. At Bastien's shout Niklas waves a hand dismissively at the (other) playwright. "Three act structure, Master Bastien." He picks something a little more complicated and upbeat, a quick little southerner tune, and sings, "What color's the sky, oh my love? Oh my love? You tell me it's red, oh my love, oh my love. Where shall I put my shoes, oh my love? Oh my love? You say put them on your head! Oh my love, oh my love!" And it mostly continues along those lines. She makes him crazy, but just a little crazy, and he's not complaining.

Mae obtains wine, Mae obtains a joint, she then drifts over to Mayir's side. She wraps an arm around him (the one with the unlit joint) and then dots a kiss on his cheek. "Hi, sweets," she says, pleasantly. "How are you?"

A late arrival to the park gathering, Signe crouches towards the grounds to remove the pair of slippers on her feet before trecking along the blankets. She's grinning wide, taking the opportunity to observe all those that have gatherd and clearly feeling the effects. "Looks like I arrived just in time."

Atila have been dismissed.

Tempest have been dismissed.

Magpie is overheard praising Mayir for: The best assistant a person could have. (especially at Burning Kraken)

Mayir wraps his arm around Mae and pulls her in against his side, returning the kiss to her cheek. "I'm going okay," he says, cheerily. "Just making sure all the carts run on time. You know how it is." Another kiss to her forehead. "How are you?"

Wynna approaches somewhat hesitantly, as if she was examining from through a telescope rather than being much closer. She makes for a bench.

Wynna has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Magpie is overheard praising Niklas for: Fabulous banjo performance!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Margret before departing.

Magpie is overheard praising Eirene for: Making sure the populace is educated and safe to have some recreation.

Signe has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Mayir is overheard praising Magpie for: Purveyor of the finest relaxation aids in all of Arx! Safe, enjoyable, and toasted!

Magpie looks down to find a little rat-dog suddenly at his feet and grins, scooping up the pup. "Hey Scourge! Do you miss your daddy? Huh??" He asks, scratching the ugly mutt behind the ears. He looks around, then sees Mae with Mayir and gazes for a long moment before looking away and putting a smile back on.

During the midst of the Archduchess' quiet enjoyment of the picnic, a messenger arrives and places a piece of paper into her hand. Eleyna reads it, nods slightly, and begins to rise. "Apologies. Duty calls." With that, the guards reform around her to escort her out of the park.

Eleyna has left the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Sybilla, the Lenosian lady's maid, 13 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Eleyna.

Mayir is overheard praising Niklas for: For the banjo performance on the Burning Kraken main stage!

"Just fine... just... came to see. I'm going to the duel," Mae says to the man. "Make sure, ah-... no one dies, please?" she asks with a soft smile. She gives Mayir a squeeze, then is drawing away. "Scourge?!" she calls. "Magpie! Keep Scourge safe!"

Lydia is overheard praising Mayir for: Say what you will, that was one heck of a party!

Lydia is overheard praising Magpie for: Say what you will, that was one heck of a party!

Margret has done enough watching, it seems. She rises and starts towards the entrance of the park.

1 Greenmarch Guard leaves, following Margret.

It's a high note - heh, heh, heh - that Karadoc decides that it's time to roll off in order to enjoy the duel that's coming up in fine spirits. He pushes up to sit, slides to his feet, and starts his strolling out of the park. Hazed and confused.

Karadoc has left the a serene stone bowl fountain with accented grooves.

Cheryl the Assistant Innkeeper leaves, following Mae.

Mayir gives Magpie a little smile and a wink as he moves on from Mae. Just working the crowd! says that smile. But he notes Lydia saying nice things about the party and makes his way up towards her, bowing his head. "My lady. Are you enjoying the event? You know, if you like the Grayhope Haze, we can arrange delivery right to your manor every week." HazeBox.

Lydia has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Niklas finishes his song and probably one or two more, because making Bastien slow burn is a good way to spend an evening. "Okay, okay. So I landed a hit recently with my song about Orazio." He quickly picks out the ridiculously simple tune of He Answers Your Questions, then, "But I've had another one on tap for a while. It's a song about a freewheeling playwright with a love for life and a life for love. And his friend." Niklas starts playing again, playing out another northerner tune, and sings:

"Lord Niklas K was oft known to say that life is a story to tell!

But Bastien that bother was that like no other could make some shit boring as hell!

Oh Jayus, no! Take an axe in your hand, put that axe in my head!

If I hear him go again? Well, I'd rather be dead!"

Magpie checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Magpie checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Magpie checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Magpie is drawing away from the arbor now where he's been chatting with Bastien, but something the playwright says sends a sudden tension through the smuggler. Then he smirks, "Yeah, well. That's exactly what she wanted. So I guess it's good the way things turned out." He replies, then points, "Hey, I think that's your song!" He heads away then, wandering to socialize some more.

Magpie has left the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Magpie has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Mayir has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Finishing off the haze spliff, now comes the dust. Lighting it up off the burning kraken with relish, a deep lungful is drawn in, feet up on the bench and a glazed look in his eyes.

Bastien watches Magpie slip away with a faint smirk before his attention returns to Niklas. He listens to the song with a considerably bland expression, although the smirk lingers. It's almost as if his sobriety has an inverse relationship to his tolerability. "Congratulations! It rhymes."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valarian before departing.

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Carmichael Ulbran have been dismissed.

3 Ulbran Thugs have been dismissed.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valarian before departing.

Mayir hops up to his feet as the samples are largely distributed and everyone settles in. "Thank you all coming to Burning Kr -- the Hazy Days Picnic!" calls out the assistant (to the) event organizer. "Please do stay, and enjoy, and send us questions if you're interested in more supplies for your person, house, business, or organization! But most of all, enjoy Summer and remember: When you need it Great, you need it Grayhope!" He workshopped that.

Signe has left the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bastien before departing.

Signe departed from the bench seating Lydia to have the end of the rolled haze lit. She's goes first in bringing it to her lips for a practiced inhale, hold then exhale. "Thanks to all. I will certainly be in touch." Signe tells Mayir before returning to Lydia on the bench, the rolled haze extended in offering. "Think happy thoughts cousin."

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