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Caspian vs. Luca Duel

Remember some weeks back, after the war, when Duchess Belladonna Pravus and Princess Cassima Thrax argued in the Whites over the mourning of a dead mass murderer? It was awhile ago, so you will be forgiven if it has slipped your mind. Yet it did happen, and the time of reckoning has come. Princess Cassima has charged Duchess Belladonna with "... abominable actions in the whites toward my sister. You crassly attacked a woman who was simply trying to express her grief. I cannot abide such graceless behavior. No person who is trying to grieve over a loss should have to fear being attacked by a bully."
Now we shall get down to the truth of the matter at the tips of swords. Master Caspian Wild shall represent Duchess Belladonna and Prince Luca Grayson shall represent Princess Cassima Thrax. Naturally, refreshments will be served.


April 16, 2018, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Cassima Belladonna


Isabetta Tabitha Caspian Reese Zoey Alarissa Mirari Adriana Aviana Ian Luca Graham Sorrel Derovai Agatha



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Thrax Courtyard

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Comments and Log

Reese arrives at the duel while moving with her athletic cat-like grace. Soft golden locks are tangled up with pink ribbons and rest loose about her slender shoulders. She peeks over the area, trying to get a feel for the setting and having a smile of greeting for many that she knows. She smiles again when Caspian gives Ian his congrats. "Oh, yes, congrats." She echos, lifting her gentle voice to carry.

There's a commotion out front and so that is where Alarisas's drawn out after being filled in. A smile on her face, the Princess Consort of Maelstrom moves to a bench against a wall and take a seat to watch.

Adriana looks a little intimidated and out of breath as she wanders into the square, relieved at spotting the crowd for the duel. She finds her way towards the front to get a good seat. Apprehension fades into excitement.

Ian nods to Caspian, and then to Reese. "Thank you," he tells both of them solemnly.

Mirari walks in, nodding to Alarissa as she moves to take a seat. She folds her arms over her chest and glances around to see who is present. After a few moments she slips a flask from her case and takes a drink from it, leaning back to get settled and comfortable.

Isabetta arrives at the square, looking somewhat board. She tries to see whom she knows in the crowd, notices Reese and gives her a glare. From where ever she is. Though to be entirely honest the glare seems rather... half hearted, almost forced or fake. She folds her arms and finds a place to watch quietly.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice have been dismissed.

Aviana comes walking into the court yard looking around her hazel eyes taking everything in, she moves to find a seat waiting for the duel to start.

Mirari has joined the seating along the southern wall.

Caspian finishes his stretch by pulling his other foot behind his back and tugs upon it, smiling to the crowd as it grows. Once done he takes off his jacket and hands it over to Renn, his assistant with a smile, "Hold onto that for me." He scans the crowd, sloe-dark eyes searching, spying Adriana and Aviana and gives a wave over to the two.

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If something can be cut close, Prince Luca will cut it the closest. That's when he isn't late. He's not late, a divine blessing in and of itself. It's clear that he could have made himself much later, showing up as he does in just a bedsheet of black seasilk, one he has gathered around his waist and held there by a hand. It looks a lot like a very elegant skirt, actually. As luck would have it, the man appears to have found his boots as well, and little glimpses of them can be seen as he trudges in, sheathed sword held in his free hand. "Wow. You would /never/ believe how much farther the run here is when you're wearing a bedsheet." he announces, strolling across the courtyard. He has little shame, that's for sure. "Sorry. I worked really.. very hard not to be late." He grins, lifting a hand to wave around at people, but it's the hand he was holding his bedsheet with and he quickly reaches down to grab it again before it falls.

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Ian unbuttons his coat, and slips a flask out of an inner pocket. He thinks for a moment, and decides not to button it again. It being summer and all. Alternately, Luca's arrival may have made him forget completely about his jacket. Not that he looks scandalized or anything. He barely looks surprised. Possibly because he knows Luca pretty well. He looks towards Alarissa. "I don't suppose you could send for some pants? It'll take a little longer for someone to bring them from the Kay."

Reese's cheeks are rather pink like the ribbons in her golden locks as she notices Luca arriving in his bedsheet. She looks toward her husband, giving him a smile that she is sheepishly adoring. "Um, I should have brought pants, I didn't think of that." She murmurs.

Adriana waves, first to Aviana, and then to Caspian. "I made it," she calls out to the Champion. But then... the prince in a bedsheet. Her mouth opens and she stares in embarassed awe. It's like a trainwreck. A handsome nearly naked trainwreck.

Caspian's eyes go right to Luca as he spies the man in nothing but a bedsheet and boots...and laughs. And laughs, and laughs. "Luca!" He admonishes the other duelist playfully, "I hope you at least have something under that bedsheet! Else it might fall off and the men and women of Arx will be in for a treat...or a fright." He chuckles as he looks around at the courtyard, "Princess Cassima ain't with you? Lady Belladonna hasn't showed up. I guess we can do this without them."

"You'd never believe how much faster you'd have been running if you didn't have it, Prince Luca." Agatha calls out as she wanders in. Nowhere near as shameless an entrance as one of the champions. There's a good few waves at folks before she heads over to take up a bit of wall near that guy with the betrothal and all that, and hey, there's a Mirari there too.

It seems that many have turned up to see the duel which is always good. In steps two more Graham Stonewood enters into the area glancing about a moment at his side and having taken to his arm is Tabitha Mercier. The young soldier considers a moment "Would you like to find a seat at the benches?" He wonders to the other as they move further into the area.

Mirari turns to grin at Agatha and she leans in to bump shoulders with the Bear of Redrain. "Nice to see you Agatha. How you been doing?" She leans in to quietly speak to her.

Aviana looks over at the Prince that Caspain will be fighting a brow goes up and a gring crosses her lips, then she spots Adriana giving her a wave and then Caspian. "Good luck." she says simply smiling.

Isabetta notices Agatha and heads to stand over by her, "Hello terrifying dangerous danger bear." And watches Luca and his sheet. "You know, I think Luca has the right idea, wearing a sheet is, well, it simplifies things doesn't it. Just pull the sheet when you leave the room. . " She scratches her chin.

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Bastian, the Reformed Rogue, 4 Thrax Guards arrive, following Cassima.

Mirari is nodded to with a smile though there's confusion to Ian's request. "I am sure you could make your way inside the estate and ask for a pair in there if you are in dire need of some. I don't precisely fetch pants for anyone, not even his Grace."

Reese looks over to Agatha, waving in her direction. "Princess Bear." She greats and even as a smile that touches her blue eyes. She then looks over to Isabetta, seemingly amused. She gives her wave. "I am very excited about this sneaky contest, Lady Isabetta." Reese doesn't seem very sneaky though.

Luca reaches the center of the courtyard, and he tucks his sheathed sword under one arm so he can use both hands to sort of tie a knot in the black seasilk bedsheet he's wearing. Caspian's laughing causes the prince to grin, and he lifts his dark eyes to him. "Oh, there's something under it. Listen, do me a favor, Flash. You know I don't say this much, but keep it high, right? No need to go cutting this nice sheet I borrowed. It's seasilk and all.." and then he's untucking his sword again from beneath his arm. "You should really try this sometime. You wouldn't believe how free I feel. I might be onto something here. We could just.. /wear/ bedsheets around. I'm sure that was the fashion in Lenosia for a while." He unsheathes his sword, by gripping the handle and giving it a swing that flings the sheathe off somewhere close to the crowds, and he carries through with that swing into several more, all of them close to himself, quick and artfully sweeping things. They're all showmanship more than swordsmanship, to anyone who knows the art of swordplay. Maybe he's just showing that the bedsheet isn't going to hinder him. After, he waves to the crowds again, "I'm glad you all could make it! Didn't you get the message about the dresscode?! You're all overdressed!"

Ian gives Mirari a puzzled look, possibly because the person he asked about sending for pants was Alarissa.

Agatha looks from Isabetta to Luca and back again. That's one wary look they're both getting. What's worse, though, is the warinness is starting to turn into something else. Something that just might be inspiration as she reaches into a bag and hands something to Isabetta, that very super sneaky lady. "Hey, I leave it to you and Elgana to start fashion trends." And starts murmuring after responding to the other folks along the wall.

Isabetta eyes Reese and tells her, "Oh, I should mention that Luca agreed to be on my team?" She bats her lashes and waves to Reese before Agatha starts reaching into her bag and she just sort of looks confused. "A .. fashion trend? " She asks, and just when she was trying to taunt Reese too.

Luca wields Viper's Fang, an elegant two-handed steel sabre.

With one arm hooked through Graham's arm, and her small free hand gently resting on top of it, Tabitha turns mild looks around the courtyard, eyes blinking slowly and accompanied by a faintly downturned, inward pursing mouth. There is a hint of apprehension in her cobalt gaze, but it seems that in clinging onto Graham as she does, her nerves are somewhat eased. Turning to look at her companion, she nods up quietly, murmuring a soft, "Yes, please." As she moves, the skirts of her silvery wildflower embroidered dress sway with each graceful step, and the azure glass earrings she wears glitter in the light. Looking around for faces she might know, she meekly follows Graham to their intended destination.

Reese looks over to her husband once again, biting against the swell of her lower lip and looking back to Isabetta a moment later. "Did he really?" She asks.

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In that case, it's Alarissa who gets Ian's puzzled look. He looks around, catches sight of some kid lingering around the edges of the square trying to get a good look at the show, and motions him over. Words are exchanged, silver changes hands, and the kid takes off towards the Kay.

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Cassima is late! No doubt it has something to do with getting sloshed at the Ebb this afternoon and oversleeping. Still, she's a neat, orderly sort ... even in tardiness. She comes out with chunky heels clicking firmly on the stone beneath her, her stride even longer than usual and quicker than a saunter to make up for lost time. She's flanked by a fleet of what look like servants but are no doubt thralls, bearing plates of hors d'voirsesjkxkklsdfs for the eating, and trays of wine and rum for the drinking. As she steps into the courtyard, she opens her hands wide and smiles apologetically. "Forgive me, everyone. I am running a bit behind today. Please, eat and drink, and I daresay we will be getting started shortly." She turns to look at Luca and Caspian, giving the men a blink that's a bit more owlish to show how harried she really is. "Right?"

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"Uh huh, sure, keep it high," Caspian says back to Luca with a wide, impish grin. "I'll try my best. Since under dressed, let me underdress as well," he says as he unbuttons his seasilk shirt and tosses it upon Renn's head, now shirtless and bare chested. He offers a smile to Cassima, flexing his muscles for both her and the crowd. "Yes, we will start shortly." He turns his beefcake self over to the crowd and calls out, "Thank you for coming out to this duel between Prince Luca and myself, Caspian Wild, on behalf of Princess Cassima and Lady Belladonna. It seems as though there was a lot of hurrying to get here!" He motions to Luca and Cassima, "But we will begin shortly! For those who never seen a duel, this is a duel to first blood. Whoever draws their opponent's blood first wins!"

Caspian checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Cassima checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassima before departing.

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Graham smiles over to Tabitha nodding. He will make his way towards the seating where a few familure faces reside as well. He will speak something in lowered words to her before they reach the seatting. "Princess Reese, an honor to see you." He greets before nodding to the others in turn "Do you know Miss Tabitha Mercier?"

Adriana's eyes go wide as more semi-nudity happens. She lets out a surprised squeak and covers her mouth with her hand. She's starting to go pink as she looks at the two.

Luca manages a laugh for Cassima, gesturing toward Caspian, "What do you mean? We've already started, can't you see? He's cut me right out of my clothes and now I'm wearing a bedsheet. It's dire." and he does a little sidestep, first in one direction and then in another, as if he's just basking in the freedom of his garment. "This is really... I mean.. women have been holding out on us..", he muses aloud. Then Caspian's undressing. If nobody else seems seduced by that, the man's opponent does. Luca grins like a fox and manages something like a swoon, though it's a careful swoon in his bedsheet, sword in hand. "Careful there, Wild. I won't be able to hide uh..", and he winks with one dark eye at the man, before clearing his throat. He goes through another motion, underhanding and overhanding his steel saber with ease and grace, for no other reason than to put on a show for the audience. Or maybe he's warming up?

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 46 higher.

"Yes, we will be getting started shortly," Cassima manages to say, with slightly more confidence since the ones who actually have to do the work seem to be down for it. She turns away to pluck up a glass of wine, because same day hair of the dog is a thing, and when she turns back she sees Caspian shirtless and Luca in a silk toga. She looks between the men with a look of horror on her face. "What is //wrong// with you two?" She manages with a sigh and a shake of her head. She takes a deep sip of wine as she steps into the center, keeping all of her clothes on, thank you much. "This duel is to settle the dispute between Duchess Belladonna and myself over the Duchess' words in the whites against my sister, who publicly grieved for the loss cousin and a friend during the war without acknowledging the grief of someone else. Gentlemen, I know you will both fight to your best for your respective ladies." She seems ready to turn away to find a seat, but then pauses and looks to Luca. "But you will do better," she says, more as a request than anything else. Drinking heavily of her wine, her heels click click click as she moves to quickly get out of the way.

Reese looks over to Graham, having a smile for him that touches her blue eyes and brings dimples to bloom. "Oh, I have met her before." She says in their direction. Her cheeks are still pink and she seems very shy about this. She closes her eyes for a moment and sucks in a soft breath.

The pants, which Ian sent someone to the Kay for, are going to be slow to arrive, as the Kay is some distance away. Ian gives Luca an apologetic shrug.

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Aviana lets out a low whistle and looks to Adriana with a grin whispering to the woman sitting next to her as she watches Caspian and Luca.

When Luca draw his sword Caspian springs forth, taking a few quick steps before he performs a front flip and lands before Luca, drawing his knife. "May Gloria smile upon the victor!" He calls out, raising that knife in the air before pointing it towards Luca. "I'm ready whenever you are!"

Caspian wields Relentless, a keen-edged black steel dagger.

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Agatha grins from her spot at the southern wall and calls out to Cassima. "Princess Thrax, maybe you could take up a collection for one of the local charities - let the Champions set a price. If we reach that amount, they can fight with their shirts on. Or I suppose the highest donation could choose."

"You know, I would challenge that flip if I had pants, but I don't, and I don't feel much like being pelted with a shower of gold and silver at the moment.." Luca admits, thought he does look suitably and openly impressed with Caspian's little show. A lopsided grin is given to his opponent as he reaches down with his free hand to check the knot on his newfound black seasilk bedsheet skirt. He takes a step back, brings his other hand up so he can wield his saber with both, and a small smirk slides across his lips, troublesome, as he glances at Caspian's knife. "Flash, where'd the other half of your sword go?" he asks, and then he laughs and steps forward to engage.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Caspian takes minor damage.

Luca takes minor damage.

Caspian takes minor damage.

Luca takes moderate damage.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, 3 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Zoey.

Graham nods to Reese's words and then will take a seat watching as the match begins. He watches as the usual sizing up and test swings are out of the way very quickly and even some thwaps land on each side. He will look to his side smiling to Tabitha "I hope it meets expecttions."

Caspian lets out a little laugh to Luca as he steps forward as well to engage him, then gets low for the fight. The fight begins in a flash of steel, Caspian dodging Luca's hair close cut as he moves in to strike at Luca in a couple of swings, nearly coming close a couple of times as his steel flashes in the morning sun in his quick, short cuts to Luca, body ducking and weaving to avoid his opponent's sword. His movements are fast, yet graceful and measured, with a wide grin plastered upon his face as he keeps his eyes dead locked on Luca.

Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 4 Thrax Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

There's an amazing difference between Luca in his regular life, and Luca on the field of battle. If a duel can be called a field of battle. He's always graceful, but something about having a sword in his hand seems to bring it to another level. That might stand out more if his opponent were anyone other than Caspian Wild, his fellow Master at Arms. He has both hands on his steel, curved blade and he leans into his techniques, building momentum. Whenever he catches steel, he slides right across it and continues on, not wishing to break his pacing, and whenever he catches air, he only seems to speed up. But he never catches his opponent, nor is he caught. His is a method of graceful, sweeping strikes that wheel around and around, and that really does nice things with the black seasilk bedsheet that he's wearing. "Do you see this man! They don't call him Flash for nothing!" the prince cries out, seemingly thrilled to be facing him here in the Thrax courtyard.

Luca takes minor damage.

Zoey enters as unobtrusively as possible and heads for Ian's side. She reaches out and touches his elbow, but her eyes are on the match.

Ian is pretty absorbed in the fighting, but a vague nod suggests that he knows Zoey is there.

Adriana watches in admiration and awe. Both are so graceful and so shirtless. She claps at a few of the showier strikes and more daring moves. "Bravo," she calls out. "Gloria smiles on such skill!"

They exchange a couple blows, with Caspian circling Luca, trying to get on his flank and score that hit upon the bedsheet clad man. He nearly gets his chance when Luca swings and Caspian ducks under the blade, moving in to try and swipe the man at his stomach area. Maybe he was going for the bedsheet and missed? Or maybe he meant to aim there, but ether way the blade comes painfully close and misses! "Shit!" He swears with a grin, "I'll get you next time!" Next time as in cutting him or dissheeting him? Who knows?!

It's always exciting to stumble upon a duel, and Sorrel pauses to watch eagerly, grinning at the two contestants as they circle one another and trade blows, and she glances briefly at the other spectators.

Sitting closely next to Graham, her side pressed against his, allows Tabitha to take his nearest hand in both of her smaller ones, moulding and encircling it into a fist. She holds it on her knee as reassurance, while blows are tarded with graceful whips of blades. Her slender fingers ocasionally squeeze down upon his when a slash or a jab gets to close to hitting its mark, closing her eyes with a tiny wince before opening them again.

The ring of steel against steel is thick in the Thrax Courtyard. Prince Luca's sword and Caspian Wild's dagger are like strikes of lightning, when either reaches out to strike. At one point, he catches nothing but air and swings right over Caspian, his opponent no longer where he was and coming under the blade to attempt to sabotage his bedsheet. Or at least the Lycene hopes. It's close enough that he dances a few steps foward and turns to face his opponent, finding some breathing room, and he reaches down quickly to check the knot on his not-skirt, flashing the other Master at Arms a grin. "You can have me now, if you want.", he teases, a touch of something flirtatious to his words, "But I'm not easy..", he says, double-handing his sword again and engaging, "You're going to have to work for it!"

Florian arrives, following Derovai.

Caspian takes serious damage.

Graham doesnt seem to mind as his hand is held and squeezed. He doesnt wince but does tense with every blow struck knowing from experience how that feels. "Well struck both." He calls out though smiling to Tabitha "They will be okay." He says in a promising town though he looks back to the match.

Alarissa looks as a messenger slips over to her. Taking the letter in hand, she's rising, heading back into the estate.

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The Fox-Prince seems heightened by his own flirting, it would seem. He meets his opponent in the middle, missing once, catching a parry from Caspian's dagger on a second and third blow and then spinning a step off, away from the man. He turns again, dark gaze glancing quickly into the crowds, before he drops one hand off his sword and grabs his bedsheet's knot. He might just be holding it up. It does seem a touch loose. There's the momentum again, as Luca's curved blade becomes a whirling thing that eats up the air around it. A risky style at best against someone fighting with a knife, the most precise of weapons. There in the last moment, he whips the sheet off from around his waist and cracks it like a gentle whip, coming around the distraction of it and attempting to catch Caspian off his guard. He does, it would seem, but he's oh so careful not to leave lasting damage, drawing first blood with the shortest little opened wound on the back of the man's shoulder. He knows what he did, and cries out, "Ha!" and immediately after, "Sorry!" and he drops his sword to gather up that sheet quickly and wrap it around his waist, clearing his throat.

Derovai strolls in, clad in black, studying the fight. He happens near Reese, wondering aloud, "I can cheer for Caspian, right? Though that's just as a matter of principle, considering the crowd at hand." His grin towards her is warm, vaguely teasing, but not terribly serious, and he finds Agatha's no doubt easily spotted form in the audience. "See? I'm cheering. Go, Caspian." It's flat, of course, and he shoots a grin to the bearish Redrain woman, to connote the joke. "What are we -- sheets?" Blink.

Cassima checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Zoey checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Zoey lofts her eyebrows and coughs quietly when Luca flashes everyone. She glances sidelong at Ian. "Well, another unorthodox yet effective maneuver," she drawls.

Agatha checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Caspian was not expecting that. Luca's sheet is whipped off and Caspian's eyes go down for the brief moment, unable to not look at what was exposed. And that is all Luca needed, because he gets a cut right upon the shoulder! He lets out a wince as he steps away from the man, reaching up to touch his back and paint his finger tips in blood. "Ah shit," he says, turning to Luca with a little grin. "That was so sneaky. Good job though!" he walks over to Luca and lifts his sword arm, "Prince Luca The Nudist wins!"

No composure roll necessary for Ian. Even as absorbed in the fight as he is, dissecting every movement with his gaze, he cracks a grin, a real grin, no dry sarcasm or anything, when Luca whips off the sheet. For exactly the wrong reasons, it turns out, because he says to Zoey: "I was wondering if he was going to bring cloak fighting into this."

Reese watches the fight with all this intense interest, being worried about Luca possibly getting hurt, like she always is at his duels. She looks toward Derovai, giving him a gentle smile. "Oh, of course you can." She says in his direction. Her cheeks stay very pink as Luca drops his sheet. She sucks in a soft breath and then another soft breath. "Um.." She rather awkwardly says. She goes does go reaching for her healing supplies, heading over toward the fighting ring. She heads to Luca first, despite Caspain being more hurt. She is still blushing, still awkward and looking for injuries.

Adriana checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Tabitha has rolled a critical success!
Tabitha checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Tabitha places a dainty hand over her eyes when Luca does the scandal with his bedsheet, averting her eyes in a polite manner. She didn't see nothing, honest!

Adriana's hand clasps to her mouth and she stares in stunned silence at the sheetless man's... distraction. She then squeaks and covers her eyes, turning away as her cheeks go a cherry shade of red.

Mirari gets to her feet, clapping for both of the contenders. She leans in to say something quietly to Agatha before she nods at a few people and strolls back towards the Lyceum Ward.

Agatha lets out a loud HAH as Luca goes all showy and reaches over to 'delicately' (for Agatha) punch Reese in the arm. "HAH! So that's why you married him! What's with princes putting their peckers out to fight this week? My cousin was accidentally dropping trou at the training center earlier this week too!" There are some bears you just can't take anywhere. She'd blame it on Mirari's cupcake booze, but she didn't even try taking a drink of that.

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Derovai checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Cassima's mossy eyes don't linger. They just take it in, and file it away to be the fodder for nightmares later. Instead, she drains her glass and rises, handing off the empty. "It is won, then?" She's not going into that ring until she's sure there's no more flying swords. Of any variety.

Aviana is watching and when the sheet comes off she blinks in shock for a long moment sitting there her hand reaches out to touch Adriana's shoulder and her cheeks go pink but there is still a grin there and then after a moment she reverts her eyes looking to the ground.

"And this is why Galen and Luca are best friends," Sorrel mutters, shaking her head at the bedsheet shenanigans. She doesn't seem surprised or scandalized; husbands losing bedsheets is a Thing.

Zoey smirks a bit at Ian and reaches for his hand. "Well, it -is- Luca," she murmurs quietly. She looks back after the sheet is back in place and Reese is tending to the wounded.

Luca grins at Reese, trouble writ across his face as she moves in toward him. But he notices the healer's kit, tilts his head to the side just a little, and gestures at Caspian, "No, him! Him! He's the one that got cut!" he says, stepping over to Caspian, one hand on his sheet, holding it there. "Sweet Gods, Flash. I'm getting sloppy. I didn't mean to cut you /that/ much. I think the sheet tripped me up too..", he offers. He's not holding his sword now, having dropped it, and he strides the last couple of feet to offer his opponent a hand, "You're as fast as ever. Always a pleasure to fight, my friend. Let the Princess of Ribbons put a bandage on that thing, won't you?" he requests.

Luca is overheard praising Caspian for: He's one of the fastest men I know! And always a pleasure to meet in combat.

Derovai stares at the sight, adding to Reese, as if he can't resist teasing her a little more, "Careful to keep your hands above his waist! I missed something, though. Why in the Gods' names are they fighting in /sheets/?" And then he calls over to Luca, "I'll give you five hundred silver to drop that sheet for ten seconds in full view of the audience, Your Highness. Just to see the reactions."

Caspian releases Luca's arm and nods, looking over to Reese with a wide, hopeful smile, "Pretty Pretty Princess Pink?" He asks, turning his back to her so he can show the woman the cut upon his shoulder. "He got me good! You need to fix your husband's mistakes! Also, make sure he knows where his pants are next time." He gives her a playful wink. Also, Caspian is not in a bedsheet, he is just shirtless!

It's only when he starts to take in the reactions of the other people watching the fight that Ian realizes the implications of Luca's using the bedsheet as a stand-in for a cloak. The implications beyond the beautiful strategy and flawless execution of the move, that is. He was very aware of those. He looks around. "Oh," he says, very, very belatedly.

Cassima is overheard praising Luca for: Big ... job.

Caspian is overheard praising Luca for: Is going naked during the middle of a fight cheating? Who cares, it was fucking funny and fucking brilliant! He deserves the win!

Adriana squeaks again at Derovai, staring at the man in black. More nudity? Her cheeks go back to pink-as-Reese-ribbons pink at the thought.

"If princes are showing off at duels, I'd like to see two of them engage in an good old fashioned oiled wresting match. Now that would be fun." She rubs her hands together greedily. "And then when the first two finish two more have to start.. we'll call it the bear pit.." She looks at Agatha, "Not those kind of bears."

Reese's cheeks are still warmed with pink when Luca gives her that grin. She looks over to Caspian and ohhhs softly. "You will need to see a really real healer soon." She says, but pulls out her bandages and tries to be helpful. She start to clean the wound first with clean water. Reese then looks over to Derovai and gasps at his words. Reese is starting to look like she wants to vanish about now. Still her touch is gentle.

Agatha is overheard praising Reese for: You know, I may question her clothing choices sometimes (So much pink), but she's got good taste AND a healer? I didn't even know that part!

Zoey laughs when Ian finally catches on to everyone else's reactions. Wordlessly, she leans over and kisses his cheek.

Ian is overheard praising Luca for: An absolutely flawless... execution.

Aviana chuckles at Adrianas reaction to Derovai shaking her head, "Relax, have you never seen a hansome man naked before?" she looks to the woman then back over to Caspian and and Luca watching them both.

"I heard there was an oiled up duel a while back before the war, but I couldn't make it out to that one," Agatha answers Isabetta. And points at the item she'd given her earlier. "When the moment is right," she says with a patient, sage nod. In other words, just a nod. She doesn't have those things. So instead she calls out to Derovai. "Hey, I'm passing the hat for charity for the Knights of Solace. Donate some of your silver and maybe you can convince them to put their shirts back on before anyone swoons."

Zoey is overheard praising Luca for: What a great

"If you haven't, I can fix that!" Caspian calls over to Aviana and Adriana, giving the two a wave and a grin. "Luca might be on to something with this no pants thing! I might have to try it out!" He calls over to them.

Seeing that it's safe now, in numerous ways, Cassima moves to the center of the the courtyard, nodding to Luca first and then to Caspian, deep and respectful both. "Thank you, gentlemen, for the very close fight. I daresay it was an experience not soon forgotten by any of us." She turns to those gathered, clearing her throat. "Both these men are true Champions, yet the Gods have truly blessed Prince Luca in body and in spirit." Oh Gods, she heard it after she said it. Cassima blushes, clears her throat, and continues. "I thank them both for their service, and hope with this honorable conclusion, we shall see less policing of others in their times of grief. Let there be more compassion and less judgement between all of us." She turns back to the men and bobs once more, though she's a little wobbly getting up. Is she hung over ... or still drunk?

Adriana blushes again at Aviana's comment. "Well. Not... in broad daylight," she says sheepishly, stealing a peek at the pair again. "It's not like I've never seen a man shirtless either; farm lads in the fields and all that. This is just... different," she concludes. Caspian's cheeky comment makes her gasp again, her hand at her lips to hide her shy smile.

Isabetta looks down at her hand where she is holding an egg, looks at Agatha then at Luca. Her expression is entirely blank as she winds up and hurls the egg at the prince, just it wasn't a big deal or anything. Maybe the egg hits, maybe it misses, maybe it accidentally hits someone else! But whatever happens, the egg is full of the colored powder from the festival of color on the beach. So.. Color is going somewhere.

Agatha is overheard praising Luca for: People keep complimenting Luca on his great WIN and his excellent execution, but they forget the obvious. I mean the man has a great co...verlet

Isabetta checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

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