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Valardin Bonfire

An Oathlands barbeque, pot luck side-dish, and bonfire gathering. An event where we can give remembrance to those who fell in recent battle, as well as honor them and the living who showed so much bravery. Together we ensure their sacrifice has meaning.

Steel Bends, Honor Holds.


April 7, 2018, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Alis Edain Isabeau


Reigna Margret Monique Dominique Ansel Philippe Fianna Marius Jordan(RIP) Derovai Aurus Terese Tessa(RIP) Preston Holden Jael Talwyn Genevieve Eshra Ardoin Vano Amarantha Alarissa Simone Kael Margerie Caelis Alessandro Peri Morrighan Cristoph Gaston Norwood



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Grounds

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Comments and Log

Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Oaken, a massive Oakhaven bloodhound, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Reigna.

Echo, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Vern, Reigna arrive, following Kael.

Ravana the tawny eagle, Lourche the Butler arrive, following Ansel.

As of yet, no one from the Laurent crew has arrived to usher Cristoph and his broken leg around the grounds. At least, they're not with him! He's learned from the last time however and manages to not pile his plate so incredibly high with food that he's unable to swing around on his crutches to find a place to sit. He discovers a bench and sinks down onto it and proceeds to eat his corn peacefully and quietly.

Bonfires! Dominique hasn't been to one in quite some time, and it's always good to catch up with her lieges, friends, and family. As such, she glances about as she neters the grounds, running her fingers through her dark locks before she beelines towards Edain. "Your highness!" she says with a bit of a curtsy. "I just wanted to let you know, you of course have my support for the academy. To bring the values and ideals of knighthood to others...well, it would be an honor."

Tessa arrives, without dogs for once, but carrying a plate of snacks in one hand and a bottle in the other, and sachays over to one of the picnic tables to set down her contribution to the bonfire.

Cristoph has joined the a small cherrywood picnic table.

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Kit, the grey fox, 1 Telmarine Armsmen, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrive, following Monique.

Jael has joined the a small cherrywood picnic table.

Tessa drops apple and cheddar pastries.

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2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, The Second arrive, following Margerie.

Margerie has joined the a small cherrywood picnic table.

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Kael moves into the area with his wife on his arm, as is typical. The Keaton is murmuring quiet things into his wife, flashing her a grin before tapping her head with his own in a light motion. While the Laurents might not have spotted Cristoph yet, Kael certainly has. Up goes both of his brows and he is immediately starting to head that way, forsaking food in favor of stealing a seat by his liege. These things tend to get crowded after all.

Gaston enters the Valardin Grounds, his head held high - very high, since this guy is huge. He walks with his hands held behind his straight back. Beneath his silks is a bruised and beaten up body of cuts and scrapes. He has a split lip and a stitched up ear and bandaged nose.

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Alessandro.

Loitering about and surveying the food with an expression of approval, Ardoin notices Marius' ring and strides over to him and Simone with a beaming smile. "You two must be the Marquis and Marquessa Greenmarch. It is a pleasure to meet you in person. Princess Marian is a friend of mine, so I've only heard of the both of you. To see you is a joy. Prince Ardoin Valardin." Giving both a dip of his head in respect, the Prince steps back to pick up a cup of coffee afterwards.

Preston steps into the area, the young Templar leader still wearing the cloak he took north - the de-boned wolf's head sitting over his head as a hood and his two longswoords sit at his hip. His hand sits on the dominant one, its dark reflective pommel rubbed by his palm as he tries to avoid it stabbing anyone behind him. Which tends to upset. Behind him comes his squire, who is holding a small kestrel on a thick leather glove. The two look like old old enemies in an uneasy truce. As Preston nears things, Preston reaches up to flick back the hood, reaching up to ruffle his blond hair where it is alonger on top of his head and he smiles warmly as he approaches the Valardin lord "I hope, Prince Edain, you won't mind the Templars crashing even if it just myself, Balian and Guy?"

Jael gave up on trying to keep her brother from wandering around while all beat to hell weeks ago. She shows up and heads right for the food, making up a fairly typical Oathlands meat and potatos plate for herself. She lingers there to murmur to Alis and Edain, "A magnificent feast, as always. Thank you for this." Her free hand gestures to the general area.

Ansel arrives, in armor clad, with the tawny-golden form of Ravana perched atop his shoulder. The Telmar pauses near the fringe of the area, scanning around at all of the familiar faces from the Valardin ward here for the bonfire. Even a couple relatives, too. He heads over in the direction of a certain smole Valardinian Princess. "Princess Alis," greets the Telmar, bowing head and shoulders. Because of course. "It's been a little while."

Edain smiles and shakes his head to Preston, "Not in the least sir Preston. There will be plenty for all. Even for Guy and hungry squires."

And just in case Kael might have missed Cristoph on his crutches, Reigna and Kael have. Reigna points and grins up at her husband as she does, "There he is, oh, I feel for him with that leg. Did I bring my tea for him?" As they move to join Cristoph, she reaches out to the Duke and smiles, "How are you feeling my lord?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tessa before departing.

Having made her congratulations to Edain, Dominique glances about once more. There's so many people to meet and greet and do such things with. Catching sight of Alis, Dominique heads on over. "Princess Alis!" she says with a bright smile, curtsying in front of her and Ansel. "I figured since we didn't have time to catch up at the duel, we could here."

Cristoph looks mildly bewildered as people begin to show up at the little picnic table all around him. He has a mouthful of food when they arrive and he kind of waves at them with one hand before he can say anything. "Oh, hello. I'm doing well. They say that this thing can come off soon." He says with a gesture to the cast. He peers at Reigna. Can it? Can't it come off NOW?!

As the bonfire is stoked to a healthy height and a small crowd has assembled to enjoy the libations, Princess Isabeau lifts her silk flower-crowned head and announces in a rich voice pitched to project, "Ladies and gentlemen! House Valardin thanks you for attending this celebration of life and loss tonight with us. If you would please allow us some small measure of your attention as we honor our heroes here this evening, we will recognize them with awards and then you may toast them until the sun again rises!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tessa before departing.

Whatever is spoken, Alarissa nods to Edain before easing away for others to speak to him and taking Astrid toward food. With a pause beside Ardoin. "Getting ready for your journey?" She teases him, a cheerful smile on her face.

Alis flashes a smile to each newcomer as they arrive, including Jael - "Enjoy! I plan on burning some meat later." and Ansel. "It has been, Lord Ansel. Do we have you back for awhile? Or are you just eating and fleeing back to Telmar?" she wonders, innocence itself as Dominique walks up to speak too. Yay! "Congratulations to you, Marquessa. On your betrothal. We will definitely make time to talk."

Margret arrives arm in arm with Alessandro, a bottle of some substance that appears to be mead in her free hand. The knights may want to drink tea, but it appears she has brought something for everyone else. They deposit the mead onto a table and then she murmurs to Alessandro, "I'll start introducing you to the people I know..." She quiets, however, as Isabeau makes introductions.

Margret drops A Sparkling Semi-Sweet Honey Mead.

Marius comes in with Simone on his arm, making quiet small talk with her along the way. The Marquis gives a quick survey of the grounds as he comes in and then steers his steps on over towards the table where food is being served, taking Simone with him. It's as he's filling his plate that gets that introduction, flashing a wide smile at Ardoin, "The pleasure is all mine, Prince Ardoin. Don't believe all that Marian tells you, I am much more pleasant in person." He dips his head back at Ardoin, hiding the slightly more playful smile by turning his head towards the ground and then returns to stockpiling food on his plate.

"I am! I've been studying very hard, and have some new armor, I've trained...I am quite excited, it's my first expedition," Ardoin murmurs to Alarissa with a beaming smile back.

Alarissa has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

When Isabeau makes her announcement Jael flashes a little grin to Alis before hustling over to the picnic table where her brother has made camp. "Shove over, Cris." No more sibling fuss, it's back to sibling torment.

"Oh, thank you." Dominique offers with another bow of her head. "But most definitely. I want my friends and family to get better acquainted with Prince Calarian afterall, so I will be holding a dinner soon. Please come." she tells the princess before glancing towards Ansel. "ANd you'd be invited as well, Lord Ansel." It's then that she quiets as introductions are made.

"Well, it seemed like a good idea that one of us should be here to commemorate with you - and it would be useful to meet more of the noble lords whose lands I will be travelling with the Faith, hrm? The Telmarch I think." And then Preston is distracted as the call indicating things are about to start, and he turns to watch what occurs.

Smiling happily at Fianna's arrival, Ardoin takes her by the arm and leads her to the oakwood table with an impressed look at her dress. "Lady Fianna, I am so glad you made it!"

Ardoin has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Lady Eshra steps into the grounds in a swirl of green and gold silks and dozens of bells woven in her hair sound softly with every step. Her dark gaze sliding over those present, the Rivenshari steps close enough to where Edain is greeting others, to bow but not interupt before taking herself off to the side, settling on the outer shadows to watch the preceedings.

Gaston gathers up a drink for himself as he listens to Princess Isabeau speak, his head nodding respectfully at her announcement before he goes to find a nice place to sit and listen.

"My lord and my lady," rumbles Kael by way of greeting toward both Cristoph as well as Jael. His head inclines humbly toward the Laurents and then he is helping his wife take a seat before claiming one himself. When Princess Isabel speaks up however his focus is turning toward the Voice of Valardin. His head is inclining in a deep manner, respectfully. Of course.

Cristoph inches over for Jael until there's room for her, but he gives her a dirty look! Because he can.

"I look forward to it, Marquessa. I will be sure to attend." Alis murmurs, quieting a bit as Isabeau gets up there to speak. Her expression remains serene throughout, before she leans over to murmur to the two people beside her and then start to head towards the front. Without a chair for herself to stand on though, so pay attention!

"I look forward to it, Marquessa," replies Ansel, quiet enough to not disturb Isabeau's forthcoming words.

"Jael!" Reigna moves away from Kael long enough to hug Jael and then she settles, looking over to Isabeau as she speaks. She claps along with the others and she watches the comings and goings, returning to Kael's side and slipping in next to him.

Fianna enters a touch late, on her own, smiling brightly as she looks around. She has a lovely new dress! And has vibrantly brilliant colored powder streaked across her face, hair, and hands! Someone was at the egg-flinging event. Her smile brightens at the sight of Ardoin, taking his arm. "Thank you! I'm sorry I'm late, I was trying to pick up the dress and get cleaned up and I didn't have time for everything so I'm afraid I still have some leftovers from the festival..." She follows along with him, waving to those people she knows along the way.

Another Valardin Prince is nearby, Talwyn moving along through the grounds with a purposeful stride as he heads over to where the food is arranged. His eyes glance briefly toward the crackling flame, then respectfully toward Isabeau as she speaks. Once he has reached the table, he retrieves a drink before moving over to take a seat so that he can watch the award ceremony.

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Monique arrives on the heels of Marius and Simone, and makes no move to separate herself from their company, though she remains several shadowing steps behind.

Simone looks around the crowd, following Marius as he fills a plate, giving warm smiles and greetings to friends and family here and there. On hearing Isabel speak, she turns to listen respectfully. Seeing her brother standing nearby, she gives him a brief wave in greeting.

The Prince of Sanctum smiles as his golden haired cousin gets everyone's attention. "I want to thank everyone for coming here today. I look around and see faces of those I call friends, family and honored allies, I know how greatly the gods have blessed me, and blessed the Oathlands. I also see faces that we have lost, and that the sting of their lose still weighs heavily on us all. Today we honor the heroes that we have lost and those that carry on the fights that come." Edain turns to one of the servants who is bringing some wood for the fire and he takes it form them to stoke it yet higher. "We come together to break bread and share a meal, because it is one of the truest expressions of family, for that is what the Oathlands is. A very large family. Sometimes they are the famlies we were born too, sometimes the families we have chosen. Tonight I would like to celebrate however feels right to you. Be that to share a store of a lost of loved one that makes you laugh. Be that to cry on a shoulder and you will find many that are offered and none that will judge you. Even be that just to sit quitely and enjoy a meal with the people you love. But as you are all gathering your food, I would like to ask the Champion of the West, Princess Alis Valardin to come forward as we present honors on those who's service and bravery has been exceptional!"

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"I would certainly appreciate it," Alessandro says, looking around at the people gathered, though he falls quiet as Edain speaks, his expression sobering just a touch as he listens.

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Cristoph makes some more grumpy noises before resumes eating his food, poking at some macaroni with a fork. When Edain finishes his portion of the speech, he politely claps his hands together and waits for Alis to come up.

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Alis strides along to stand beside Edain and Isabeau, smiling up at both of them before she turns to face everyone and begin. "The first award is the Order of the White Dragon. Our highest military honor, reserved for those who have displayed great feats of bravery or leadership on the field. Without which, undoubtedly, a victory may not have been possible or a loss much greater. In the battle against the Pirate King and his minions we have three recipients, and I would like to honor their deeds specifically." Clearing her throat first, she lifts her gaze to seek out the Greenmarch, current and former, in the audience.

"The first recipient, unfortunately posthumous, is Lady Eirlys Greenmarch. She sacrificed her life at Stormwall, and in doing so she saved specifically Dame Esoka Greenblood, Sword of the Twainfort. There are many plans to honor her, in groups and individually, but let this be part of the Valardin fealty tribute to her. Her brother Prince Fiachra and I request that this medal be displayed at the castle of family Greenmarch, along with a statue that we, the Valardin family, are having commissioned to send there. We hope her legacy of bravery will be a source of encouragement and pride for the future generations of Greenmarch. Marquis Greenmarch, I would be honored if you would accept the award in her name and ensure it reaches its new home." ((No object for this one!))

Peri arrives carrying things for the pot luck along with a servant. After they have deposted them, she dismisses them but not before being reminded to get certain dishes back. "It's fine. If I forget I'll go get another dish for you tomorrow," Peri reassures distantly. The servant ends up hovering for a moment, and then stays for a few minutes from a further distance with a worried look before finally leaving. She looks around to take in the gathering and where people have settled. She ends up just picking a picnic table at random so she isn't standing during the ceremony.

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Margret waves at Monique when she sees her come in, and then spots Marius ahead of her. She watches as he goes trough the food line, and waits until he is through before she leads Alessandro in the direction of that table. However, when her cousin's name is read out she stops, and turns to listen. A bit of a sad smile crosses her face, and once the announcement is made she continues onwards to the table.

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Reigna looks over to Alis as she speaks, swallowing tightly, lips pursing as she listens to the words for Eirlys. A deep breath is taken and she begins to clap for her fallen friend, for the sacrifice she made.

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Monique catches sight of Margret and waves in return, though it does not stop her from cheering the announcement made by Alis. She cheers loudly, boisterously for Eirlys.

Marius puts his food away hastily and makes his way on over, inclining his head to Edain and Alis both. "It would be my honor. Erilys was the best of us, and her memory will forever echo in the Greenmarch's halls."

Preston moves over to one of the large tables and, bowing his head to Alarissa and the others, takes a seat just as things get underway. With the announcement of Eirlys' award, Preston does bang his fist on the table a few times to show his agreement. "There are none so blessed as those who obey the tenants of the Gods in even the darkest moments. To die so others can live, it is all any of us could wish for our end." The TEmplar says, quietly.

A stormy expression crosses Jael's sharp-featured face, her jaw set hard as she applauds Alis' words, and Marius'.

In her role as 'she who holds the goods', Isabeau wears a somewhat solemn expression as she offers Marius the medal made for Lady Eirlys, though there is the hint of something warm in the way that she nods her head as if in deference before meeting the man's eyes and offers quietly, "She was, indeed, my lord."

Simone takes a place at the table next to Ansel, but pauses as she hears the announcement about Eirlys, her face taking sad expression which is quickly replaced by a smile at Monique's cheer for Eirlys.

Kael's expression sobers substantially with the announcement of Eirlys' award. He folds his hands politely before him and he takes a deep breath, squaring up his shoulders, before applauding.

Margerie has been here with Norwood for a bit, mingling and catching up. But as the speeches begin, the former Countess and current Sword make their way to join the Keatons and Larurents. Her eyes well up a bit at the discussion of Eirlys, hand going to her chest and attention diverting to Reigna as she says something softly.

Eshra claps softly from where she watches as they announce the medal for Eirlys, watching as Marius accepts, the Rivenshari woman falls silent again.

Alessandro moves to the table with Margret as the announcement is made. He applauds as well, his expression still sober, before he sits down with a nod to everyone at the table.

Alis blinks a lot of times after that one, reaching over to squeeze the Marquis' arm lightly if he allows. and then clear her throat a bit and glances downward until seats have been retaken. "Thank you, Marquis." is murmured quietly. "Our next awardee of the Order of the White Dragon is one of the newest members of the Compact. Lord Vano Rivenshari, whose actions during the naval battle off the shores of Setarco undoubtedly saved many lives. He wore a bracelet on his wrist like the one I am wearing now. A lovingly made combination of silver and leather and stones, blessed through the work of Lady Eirlys, and originally gifted to Princess Caelis for protection the day of the most unusual wedding vows that the Oathlands has seen in quite some time. Princess Caelis loaned the item to Lord Vano, and he called upon its protection at a vital moment. It is not that act itself for which he is awarded this though. It is his endurance, perseverance, and bravery in that moment when the energy that flowed through him may have caused a lesser man to give up and cast the item aside to spare himself pain. But now, he has a permanent reminder of his actions as the bracelet has welded to his wrist. And the Compact has far more still living then it would otherwise. ((He is not heeeeeeere. So we will send him his award via messenger))

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Marius reverently accepts the medal, meeting Isabeau's eyes with a quick nod. Lips pursed tight, he clasps the medal in his palm. "It will be displayed in a place of honor, and all will know of her actions." He gives a short, warm, smile at them and then turns back to resume his seat by Simone and the others.

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven arrives, following Morrighan.

Morrighan arrives, following Derovai.

Ansel stands are Marius comes back over towards their table, giving his brother-in-law a quick clasp to the shoulder as the Greenmarch returns to his seat. The Telmar's expression is a bit forlorn, and his jaw tightened. The Sword returns to his seat, looking back towarsd the front.

There's another round of applause as Vano is announced, and Monique smiles widely, seeing the man honored.

Jael fights down the surge of anger at Eirlys' loss writ clear on her face, and it's with a more composed expression that she claps for Vano's award.

"Last, but not least, is Duke Cristoph Laurent. I watched this scene unfold, as our cavalry charged the enemy and he led them. It is difficult to unseat one of our mounted knights, but leading the charge left him uniquely vulnerable and he was dismounted, landing in the midst of a most vicious foe. But, with the bravery and skill and honor our knights and cavalry are known for, he did not falter. Grievously wounded, he continued to fight until the job was done and the brave Sir Norwood came to escort him off the field. I do not doubt that his unflinching response encouraged exactly the dedication and bravery it took to see that cavalry charge through to completion. Without which, many less armored soldiers would have been lost to us." There's a brief pause, but then Alis is unable to help herself and she adds, "Lady Jael, I trust you will make sure he's sufficiently healed before he risks his life again. I have extra shoes if you need them." |

For her part, Dominique remains mostly pensive, intently listening to the stories of heroism as she claps for each honoree.

Isabeau gets Order of the White Dragon Medal CL from a soft, blue garment bag embroidered with the letters MG.

When Vano is called on, Eshra nods softly clapping again for her cousin. Not offering where the Rivenshari Shaman might be at this time but glancing towards Edain with a nod of her head and slight smile before looking back to the proceedings.

Aurus makes for a rather striking presence, but this time, his entrance isn't extravagant. He edges through the crowded grounds, applauding for the awards. His normally bright features seem sober and thoughtful, for the moment. He heads into the area, finding a seat near Dominique, to whom he nods, offering a slight bow of his head towards Ansel additionally.

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Aurus' arrival is met with a polite bow of head and shoulders from Ansel as he returns to his seat between Dominique and Simone. His attention remains ahead on the Valardins at the front.

With the gathering begun, Terese steps out onto the grounds with a light step. While understated in dress, she presents an impeccable form. Her long dark dresses gleam in the light of the flicker of the bonfire as she moves, swept up and pinned neatly into soft rolling curls. Her azure gaze sweeps that ground, sliding over those both familiar and new faces alike. Her steps pause along the outskirts of those gathered as Alis speaks, her own hands folded behind her in a respectful silence even as the last of the names are read.

Thankfully, Cristoph is just about done eating his food when Alis calls his name. There's a bunch of moving around that has to be done before he's freed from the picnic table and able to get up by Alis and company. He looks towards the medal, nods his head once and then cuts a look over the crowd. "Let this be a lesson to everyone that nothing protects you better than a good set of solid plate. And that you should always bring your house sword with you into battle, because they may need to drag you off of it." He shoots a wry smile in Norwood's direction before completing the exchange and once again hobbling off.

Derovai slips in during the announcements, Dame Morrighan at his side. He looks around, hanging out near the fringes, ushering the redhead to an out of the way space with a quiet word to her. The two seem content to stay out of the way, though, the awards ceremony proceeding uninterrupted. He does, however, motion a passing server over to them with a wave of his hand, getting drinks for them both.

Isabeau's previously somber expression slowly slips away as Lord Vano is lauded for his fortitude and then Duke Cristoph for his bravery. As the latter is present, the princess prepares to offer over the medal to the man while simultaneously displaying it for the assembly. Oooh! Ahhh! Shiny!

Reigna cheers loudly as Cristoph's name is spoken, his deeds held up for praise. "Duke Laurent! Well done!" She cheers loudly, as Keatons are wont to do.

Is it appropriate to clap? It likely is, and people have been clapping a lot this whole while. Kael is one of those people. Now, then there is mention of Duke Cristoph Laurent. What might not be appropriate -- but come on, they are at a bonfire -- is his response when Cristoph is awarded his medal. The Keaton Count is rising from his bench, clapping loudly, and offers a, "Hoorah!" in his best Tournament Voice <TM>. "To Duke Cristoph Laurent!" He does not cry Norwood's name, but he does reach over and slam a hand against the Sword's upper arm with a heavy clasp. Luckily that's the last of Tournament Voice. For now.

Margret applauds, first for Vano, and then again for Cristoph. And since Cristoph is here he gets extra enthusiastic claps.

Terese and Aurus are given smiles of greeting, the former a hushed, "Princess Terese! Good to see you, cousin! I hope all has been well since last we spoke. We need to remain in touch, I've not seen you around since then." Afterwards, he goes back to being quiet other than cheering for Cristoph when he receives his award.

Laurents are loud by nature, and Jael lets out a whoop (Tournament Voice <TM>!) when her brother is called for his award, which phases into a burble of laughter at Alis' addendum. "He keep escaping," she notes with a gesture to the hobbling Cristoph, then shakes her head at Norwood. "It is /not/ an upgrade."

Rohm the Blackguard, Karrigan's Watchful Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd puppy of ultimate fluffiness arrive, following Caelis.

Alis waits until poor Cristoph has hobbled back to his chair before she continues. "The Sword of Sugan is our other medal of military honor. It is awarded to those who have shown bravery against nearly impossible odds, cutting through our foes while showing nothing less than the honor and chivalry that Gloria commands. We have multiple awardees, and if you would each come up to receive your award from the hands of my lovely cousin Princess Isabeau..." her voice trails off and she flashes a brief smile the woman's way. "Count Kael Keaton, Sir Norwood Clement, Princess Caelis Valardin, Marquessa Demura Lyonesse, Prince Jericho Valardin, Lord Corban Telmar, Duke Arn Telmar, and Sir Holden Morgan." There are a lot of names, okay? A breath is taken, before the rest are read. "Sir Thorley Sandreef, Princess Katarina Valardin, Marquis Consort Jacque Lyonesse, and Lord Alban Farshaw are also recipients."

Isabeau gets Sword of Sugan Medal KK from a soft, blue garment bag embroidered with the letters MG.

Isabeau gets Sword of Sugan Medal NC from a soft, blue garment bag embroidered with the letters MG.

"Anyone would have done the same," Norwood is much calmer about this whole cheering thing going on, and takes the buffet from Kael in good humor. There's a wink ot Jael for her words, "It is an upgrade for the rest of us who no longer have to keep track of him. Congratulations!" cue old man twinkle-eye there. But then his name is being called out and he turns back to Alis with an upraised eyebrow. Excuse him as he'll go do that with the smallest fuss ever and then get back to the table quick.

Isabeau gets Sword of Sugan Medal CV from a soft, blue garment bag embroidered with the letters MG.

Margerie gives another little sniff. It's going to be one of those emotional days. She leans towards Norwood and murmurs, "He was still such a little acorn when I met him," she says as she watches Cristoph's journey to and from medal. Of course then she has to nudge Norwood to his feet so he'll go up to get his bling. "Well done, all of you!" Kael gets a patented proud Auntie look.

Alis flashes a dimpled smile at Norwood. One that can be seen even though she's so short.

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Aurus's respect for those names called out is a sharp *thunk* *thunk* *thunk* of a heavy fist thudding against wood on the tabletop.

Nice try, Norwood. Jael sticks her fingers in her mouth and lets out a piercing whistle as the Sword of Artshall goes up for his medal, and there's hearty applause for the rest as well.

Exciting the manor late to the party, Caelis stumbles into an award ceremony . She accepts what's handed to her and looks about blinking. She looks for Edain with a confused expression.

1 Rivenshari Clansman arrives, following Vano.

"Keaton!" Reigna cheers loudly again, clapping (unsurprisingly) wildly for her husband as he is recognized. When Norwood is called there is another cheer, and the others get their due as well, but really, she's cheering like a happy young woman.

One by one, each by each, Isabeau offers the Sword of Sugan medals to their worthy recipients with a warm, winsome look and personal congratulations on her lips, murmured in the midst of their exchange.

Isabeau gets Order of the White Dragon Medal VR from a soft, blue garment bag embroidered with the letters MG.

As Terese's azure gaze slips towards Ardoin she flashes him a warm, if fierce little grin in return for his greeting and hushed words. She slips in his direction for a moment even as further names are called out. A dip of her head is given as she murmurs quietly, "It would not do to miss such an event and things have been quite well. It is difficult not to keep myself busy, cousin. I hope you are well in turn and seem in better spirits."

Daisy, a mountain dog arrives, following Holden.

While Kael might be exuberant in the face of Duke Laurents' award, he is sobering with his own name being mentioned. Norwood happens to be a large fellow, but Kael is as well. Nonetheless he tries to fall in behind him. He'll just be quiet in the wake of the Laurent Sword, inclining his head and offering, "My gratitude," quietly to Isabeau before slipping back to the table.

Daisy, a mountain dog have been dismissed.

Isabeau gets Sword of Sugan Medal HM from a soft, blue garment bag embroidered with the letters MG.

There's more than a few names that she's familiar with in that list. As such, Dominique claps and bows her head, giving her cousin Reigna a wink as Kael's name is announced.

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Derovai laughs at something Morrighan says, shaking his head and waving a hand dismissively. He murmurs something back to her, a joke from the sounds of it, and then motions her along the edge of the party, as the two make their way around the edge of the goings-on.

Vano was away, dealing with a what some will likely call a 'shaman issue'. And then someone mentioned to him that there was an awards ceremony of some kind. Which caused him to remember that he was supposed to be there. He all but runs into the grounds, panting and a touch out of breath. Only to run into a crowd, coming up short to a stop. "Shit." he mutters.

When the many names are called out, Ardoin claps for them all, but especially for Count Keaton and Princess Caelis, a smile beamed at the both of them as they receive their awards, a nod given to Terese at her words before he murmurs something in reply.

Norwood takes his award, but there's zero way it's going to stay on him. Holding it in his hand he'll return to the table and settle again.

As Vano runs in, there is a chuckle from Eshra, because Vano being late really isn't suprising. The Rivenshari Voice raises a hand to get his attention and motion him towards the table she sits at.

It is with a bow of his head to Isabeau as she grants him the medal, and a thoughtful look, that he takes it with a gracious, "Thank you." Holden is a man of few words at the best of times. He smiles at the murmured words from Isabeau, and dips his head to her once more, before withdrawing again, to retake his place among those gathered.

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There's a brief scuffle at one of the picnic tables as Cristoph tries to make Norwood wear his medal.

Waiting this time until each Sword of Sugan recipient is given their medal and a personal word from Isabeau, Alis stands with her hands laced together and resting on what will soon look like a shelf of a tummy. Can she speak now? Are we there yet? Yes! "Despite our emphasis on martial bravery and skill, we know that without those civilians who support us in battle we would neither make it out alive, or have even a fraction of the comforts and supplies that are vital to success. The Shield of Valor is our award to those civilians who have provided invaluable service during a campaign. And it pleases us to award it to two of our dedicated and skilled healers. You honor us all with your bravery, your skill, and your commitment to our lives. Countess Reigna Keaton and Lady Ianna Greenmarch, please come forward to receive your due."

Isabeau gets Shield of Valor Medal RK from a soft, blue garment bag embroidered with the letters MG.

It's one thing to be composed when other names are being called, but when her cousin Reigna's name is called, Dominique lets out a happy cheer and a whistle before glancing about as she catches herself and then quiets down again. Prim and proper is the recipe of the day.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gaston before departing.

Derovai becomes the recipient of a squinted look or two while Morrighan mumbles quietly to him, occasionally glancing about for some far off corner to wedge herself into - but instead is ushered along the outskirts of the gathering.

Reigna is startled, deeply, when her name is called and it takes her a moment to realize she is supposed to be getting up to her feet. She blinks and looks around with those wide eyes and finally moves up towards Alis and Isabeau, taking her medal with a startled sort of bemusement. "Oh my goodness, thank you!" Reigna's cheeks are pink, her lips twitching and head bowing. "Thank you!"

Margret lets out a cheer when her sister is awarded a metal. Clearly, it doesn't matter that Ianna couldn't make it. She'll applaud anyways.

There is much clapping from the Telmar Greenmarch contingent, cheering on all the recipients and their honors.

Of course, Princess Isabeau looks just as pleased to greet Countess Reigna as she was offering medals to brave knights and soldiers. The princess murmurs a few words into the woman's ear before offering over her Shield of Valor medal, cobalt blue eyes all brilliant and bright.

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Just excuse the old man and his former students over there, Norwood doesn't want to put on that award and apparently his duke DOES want him to. THERE IS CONVERSATION GOING ON.

There's a smile offered from Kael for those that cheered to him. Now, that being said, he's in general quite quiet once he's settled down. Until his wife is mentioned. It is at this point he rises and everyone near can probably sense that incoming Tournament voice. "Reigna!" There's no doubting the swell of pride, chest puffing and shoulders squared up. "Wonderful job! Hoorah!" Yes, he cheers a bit more for his wife than he does the Duke, but such might be expected. There is an additional, "Lady Ianna Greenmarch!" despite her inability to attend. "Well done in Setarco!"

Eshra makes room for Vano at the table beside her, pushing a plate of food in front of him and a kiss to his cheek before she turns and claps for those that are getting their awards.

More shouting and cheering from the Laurent contingent; Jael is happy to keep up the noise for the Keatons and others while her brother argues with the sword.

The Prince of Sanctum smiles again as the last of the awards are given out. He stokes the fire again and says, "Thank Princess Isabeau and thank Princess Alis, and most important thank you to all that have given so much for the Oathlands. I can never truly express how deep my gratitude runs. I can however make sure no one goes home hungry. Please eat, drink, laugh, toast to friends, lost, shed a tear without judgement and... just enjoy our time together. Steel Bends! Honor Holds!" And at the last clarion call Edain fades back from the fire and lets people eat drink and mingle.

Norwood has rolled a critical success!
Norwood checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Clapping for Countess Keaton without reservation, Ardoin smiles and gives her a look of gratitude for all she has done, before looking over at Princess Terese with a nod, then his eyebrow raises in response.

Cristoph has changed tactics from trying to strong-arm Norwood to whispering to him quietly! Look at how nice he's smiling. He's wheedling him.

Monique is overheard praising Edain.

With all of the awards for those present offered over, Princess Isabeau reaches her arms out to clap for the crowd, as surely even those who did not receive direct recognition have contributed in some fashion to House Valardin's well-being through war and peace.

Monique is overheard praising Alis.

Simone cheers along with the others as she hears familiar names mentioned, turning towards Marius and Jeffeth as she hears his introduction, a warm smile on her face, "Greetings, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Cristoph is overheard praising Edain.

Cristoph is overheard praising Alis.

Vano looks a touch bewildered, especially when an attendent offers him the award he was given, turning it over in his hand. Didn't expect an award. It makes him look to his forearm, where the bracelet has been seared and fused to his skin, the skin having since healed over. It doesn't look nearly as ugly anymore. "They do not abandon." he murmurs.

Cristoph is overheard praising Isabeau.

Monique is overheard praising Isabeau.

"You're welcome. You earned it." Alis counters quietly, a bit of amusement showing at the woman's surprise. "Alright, baby is starving. Thank you, Prince Edain. I am going to pile a bunch of meat on my plate and mingle now." She gives both her brother and her cousin a kiss on the cheek and waddles over to start doing just that. FOOD. And then, a table. "I am so happy to see so many of you here. I've been stuck in my office writing letters and making arrangements. I forgot what it's like to be around those who can have multi-syllable conversations. Ones that don't involve 'MAMAMAMAMAMA I SAID NO'.."

Ardoin is overheard praising Edain for: A wonderful gathering for those who ought to be recognized.

Marius is overheard praising Isabeau.

Ardoin is overheard praising Alis for: A wonderful gathering for those who ought to be recognized.

Norwood is trying to congratulate the others and apparently being //very// //very// stubborn about it. But when his SECOND student joins in he finally sighs and puts it over his head. his look is one of 'FINE ARE YOU HAPPY NOW'?

Ardoin is overheard praising Isabeau for: A wonderful gathering for those who ought to be recognized.

Alis has joined the a large maplewood picnic table with decks of cards evenly placed.

Marius is overheard praising Edain.

Marius is overheard praising Alis.

Cristoph is overheard praising Norwood for: For putting his medal on.

Alis is overheard praising Norwood for: I knew you could do it! Put that medal over your heard!

Alis is overheard praising Vano.

Norwood is trying to congratulate the others and is apparently being //very// //very// stubborn about his own award. But when Jael and Cristoph join forces in he finally sighs and puts it over his head. His look is one of 'FINE ARE YOU HAPPY NOW'?

Alis is overheard praising Cristoph.

Cristoph does look very smug indeed.

Jael smiles at Norwood like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth as her mentor finally puts on his well-deserved award. "It looks well on you."

Eshra is overheard praising Vano.

Jael is overheard praising Norwood for: You WEAR that medal old man.

Kael is overheard praising Cristoph for: For that charge. People are STILL talking about it.

Lacking an Edain, Caelis will amble over to Alis and bump the woman's shoulder lightly in greeting. She's keeping more or less quiet, looking around the gathering taking stock of all the faces that did come back.

Kael is overheard praising Reigna for: For organizing the healers during the war.

After a polite pause, Princess Isabeau begins to blend in to the crowd for the sake of making with the mingle. However, her destination is not haphazard, but rather directed toward Lord Vano and Lady Eshra. Dun dun DUN!

Alis smiles up at Caelis from her spot at the picnic table and pats a nearby seat. "Come sit, Cae. I'm glad you were able to make it."

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For the names called out and each award given in term Terese retains a graceful poise as she stands near Ardoin. They speak quietly in between as would be respectable though her azure gaze remains intent upon Alis and Isabeau along with each in turn that is called up. Her hands finally unfold from behind her to clap heartily in recognition before folding neatly once more before her gaze finally slips from the center of the gathering to her cousin and the rise of his brows. A smile tugs at the corner of one lip along with a soft murmur, "Duty always calls though it seems I might spend as much time out of the city and within it."

Derovai and Morrighan have planted themselves in a corner, their quiet conversation continuing. At length, he reaches out to fix two plates from whatever's nearby, putting only a little bit of food on each plate. He moves to pass Morrighan hers, but keeps chatting with her, seeming to feel no need to mingle.

"Sammy didn't want to go down for his nap. I think he could hear all the noise outside. That child is far too curious. I'm dreading when he learns to crawl." Caelis admits and takes a seat near Alis with a tired sigh. "It's a fine turn out." She tells her sister in law softly.

Having accepted the medal, Holden studies it, running a thumb over it for a moment, and then he tucks it away quietly with no one to insist that he wear it. He gives a nod of greeting to those with whom he is familiar, and then begins to ease his way away from the celebration as quietly as he'd arrived.

Eshra takes the metal from Vano and slips if over his head, patting his chest before noticing Isabeau and standing, her head bowing. "Your Highness."

Alis lifts a hand to wave towards Ardoin and Terese. She sees you, promise! And Derovai, and Morrighan. And just everyone there are so many people. "I don't blame you. I suspect Ellara is going to show him all the best places to cause trouble." is directed at Caelis, with a grin. "It really is. I'm glad so many people came. We need this time together, I think."

Binky, an asshole crow arrives, delivering a message to Preston before departing.

Rather than put on airs and pretend that being a princess might mean anything more in the moment, Isabeau dips in a low curtsy for both Vano and Eshra as a sign of her profound respect. "My lord, my lady... I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your bravery and faith. That which you have done, Lord Vano, saved countless lives and will always be remembered by House Valardin." The beautiful blonde directs her winsome smile over to Eshra and adds, "Please, my lady, relay my gratitude to your Lord Athaur. House Rivenshari is truly filled with a wealth of blessed souls."

Eshra smiles to Vano then back to Isabeau with a nod. "I will be happy to let my brother know, your Highness." her hand touching Vano's arm with a chuckle. "And to think he was annoyed with me for making him take the navy instead of our ground forces." that is obviously a tease as Eshra couldn't be more proud of her stubborn, hardheaded cousin.

Philippe is not one for outings, preferring to stay home and handle his house business unless honor dictated otherwise but here he was, riding on a cob; short but stout commoner horse exalted to the role of knight horse for being at the right place and right time during a battle long-forgotten. The older man exudes a sense of regal with disciplined posture and well-behaved horse that barely moved when they stood still, as he looks on over from his horse for a moment at the party-goers. Climbing off his horse and securing the beast among the other horses, Count Philippe approaches the bonfire.

Now it's Vano's turn to look a touch awkward. He's not used to these things, as opposed to his cousin, whom he supposes has more grace than he. " you? Really, I only did what I thought was right. I feel like any number here would have done the same thing were they in my position." He lets that hang just for a second. "But I don't recommend it. I don't suggest the bit where your arm becomes a permenant piece of jewelry, as nice as it looks." It's to Eshra that he snorts. "You're the better sailor than me. You've always been the better sailor." And as if it was a final thought, he pulls something out from his armored robes. A flail, oddly. However he hid it is a mystery. Old Rivenshari trick. "I believe this is yours, Princess. Thank you for letting me borrow it. It saw use." Considering how Alis is stuffing her face, he sets it next to her chair.

Caelis smiles at Vano when he returns the flail. "I should have a weapon made for you Lord Vano, after Setarco. Do you have any preferences?" She asks and asides to Alis. "He's a life saver, this one."

There's not much to say about Genevieve's entrance into the scene. She just walks neatly into the grounds, back held straight, soldier that she is. Other than the red flash of her tunic she's a silent figure in the crowd, no more likely to be noticed than anyone else.

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Isabeau is overheard praising Vano for: Brave, faithful, and modest!

Alis perks up at Caelis idea, nodding her head in tacit agreement. "Agreed. Can't have a recipient of our finest award without a really good weapon."

Piling up a plate with a lot of meat and side dishes, Ardoin hands it to Lady Fianna before making another one for himself, giving Marius and Simone another dip of the head in passing. "I shall be sure to let Princess Marian know I finally got to meet you in person. Incidentally, this is Lady Fianna Crovane, who recently has come to the city from Stormwall." Arm linked with Fianna's, he gives them both a warm smile.

Isabeau is overheard praising Eshra for: A credit to House Rivenshari!

Glancing about from her table, Dominique catches sight of the presence of the horseman. "Count Philippe!" she calls out, waving him over, cause well, she's in a good mood.

Isabeau takes a step back from the pair of Rivenshari, ducking her fair-haired and flower-crowned head in the process, and slips back into the crowd to mingle elsewhere.

"A weapon?" Vano blinks. Now there's something to get the man's attention. Shaman. Warrior. Sailor. He wears a couple of hats, even if the last one doesn't fit right. There a sword at his side. A simple steel thing. "I...would not say no to another weapon. I find that's something Princess Alis and myself have in common. Even if I lack the collection she does. But, I would not say no to another falchion or scimitar." Clearly, the man has a preference for what kind of sword he likes.

Taking the plate from Ardoin, she laughs at the sheer amount of food on it and looks at him, "I hope this is for both of us! I can't possibly eat all this myself!" Fianna pauses when Ardoin starts chatting with Marius and Simone, offering both a bright smile and dipping into a slight curtsey. The amazing part is that she does so with her arm linked through Ardoin's AND while holding the plate of food! "Hello! Its lovely to meet you both."

Philippe cranes his head to the side, looking over to his liege, Dominique Wyrmguard. The old lord-knight turns his whole body and slowly marches over to her. Dress more like a huntsman than what you expect to see a knight wearing, he makes no sound expect for when he arrives and he greets Dominique, "My liege." He simply says, his bluish grey eyes scanning her companions.

Simone smiles over to Ardoin as he walks past, "Please give her our regards! We miss her greatly." Turning her head to Fianna, she smiles a warm greeting, "A pleasure to meet you."

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Getting up from her picnic table is Reigna Keaton, sticking close to her husband as they look like they are getting ready to say their goodbyes. Reigna does pause and look around before calling out, "Prince Ardoin! Thank you for your support, your highness!" She waves to him in a friendly way before slipping her arm through Kael's.

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Derovai shakes his head at something Morrighan says, forking another bite of food. Their quiet conversation continues in the corner.

Monique leans in to Marius and Simone, offering a quiet, "I spoke with the Archscholar today. It was an interesting conversation, something I ought to tell you about when we get home later. I'll see you both there?" There's a hug for each, warm and easy. "Right now, enjoy the celebrations. Our vassals have done us much credit, and our cousin died for this. She would want you to celebrate in her honor."

Kael rises from his table with his wife, looking toward Ardoin when the man is pointed out. Kael is delivering a bow in the direction of the knight before shifting his focus to the Voices of House Valardin and offering them a deeper bow. He's on the move with Reigna, flashing a smile and dipping his head toward Marquessa Wyrmguard on his way out.

"I certainly will. I was up in the Stone Grove the day before last and we were chatting about her time here as a Valardin, I told her we miss her very much, but she's done so much for the Redrains. Clearly, a most excellent ally to have, and I am proud that she once was one of us," Ardoin replies to Simone and Marius with a bright smile, then looks over at Countess Reigna with a grin. "Countess Reigna, Count Kael! A pleasure to see you both! I dropped by the other day and saw Lady Veronica and Lady Margerie. I shall do so again soon!"

Tessa frowns as her sleeve gets tugged on and takes a note from a messenger. "Shit." She hisses, such a lady. She winks to those at her table and bounces to her feet. "I need to go make sure someone hasn't died. Please tell the Wyrmguard lord I said he was handsome." She winks and bounds off.

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The hand lifted in Terese's direction doesn't go unnoticed as the woman straightens from her quiet conversation before seeming to drift off into her own thoughts. She inclines her head towards Alis, her dark pinned tresses quivering a moment as a loose strand falls free about one cheek while a smile rises to her lips. She inhales the scent of the bonfire and drift of smoke before her gaze alights on the food that has been set out. Her svelte form slips through the small gatherings of people about to peruse the selection through the drift of voices in an easy stride.

Reigna follows suit and offers her warmest smile to Alis and Isabeau, waving to each before waving once more to Ardoin, "You are welcome, always, Prince Ardoin. Be well!" And with that, she and Kael head out.

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Marius smiles at Ardoin and Fianna both. "A pleasure." He intones with a dip of his head, "Please send my regards to Marian as well. I don't see her, or my niece, enough." He then returns the quick hug to Monique, "We will join you there before long, sister."

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Gaston holds a mug of beer and walks around the Valardin Grounds, his posture perfect and his clothing crisp and clean. You might even get fooled to think him a gentleman were it not for his beat up and bruised body beneath his clothes.

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Derovai turns from his conversation in the far corner of the grounds, studying the crowd, a hand tightening for a second on his plate of food before it relaxes.

"A falchion or a scimitar? Noted. I will see to it. It's the least I can do for everything you did to see us home. If I hadn't given Edain my favor to wear at jousts and the like I'd suggest should you take an interest in knight hood perhaps you should be my champion." Caelis teases Vano lightly and smiles a bit crookedly. She looks to Alis. "He guarded my back and still acted as an incredible shaman. He really is a wonder. I should have a shaman come out to sea more often in battle."

Amarantha slips into the party, very very not-so fashionably late. But at least her hair is no longer several different colors. She makes a beeline for the giant man that is Jeffeth--and also waves to Gaston

Like Fianna, Ardoin keeps his arm around the Crovane Lady while also balancing a plate a food, clearly a most dexterous pair. Making their way to Princess Alis and Princess Caelis, the Prince gives them both a respectful nod of his head. "Princess Alis, Princess Caelis, good evening to you both. I am having a most lovely time, and the people here are rather delightful, I've not met some of them before. May I introduce Lady Fianna Crovane?"

As things start to break up, Preston pushes himself to his feet and offers a more formal bow to Alarissa "The Templars are glad to call House Thrax friends, Princess Alarissa. I look forward to seeing as much of your realm as I have, and will, of the Oathlands. If you will excuse me?" As Preston makes a move to leave, he does stop as he passes Fianna and Ardoin "A pleasure to make your acquaintances, m'lord, m'lady. Lady Fianna, if your brother is concerned about the...ah...tar pits? Let me know. The Faith will do what it can to help Crovane."

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Simone smiles at Ansel's kiss atop her head and calls after him, "Farewell, brother!"

Gaston looks toward Amarantha when she waves but doesn't return the wave, nope. He looks away. If he happens to follow her over toward a table, that's a coincidence.

Alis stands up as Ardoin arrives there with his guest and inclines her head most politely. "Lady Fianna. Welcome to the bonfire. I hope you're enjoying things?" A glass of wine rests in her other hand, which she sips from judiciously. "I'm afraid I will need to leave shortly, as it's just about time for Ellara to wake up. And nobody wants to hear her wailing, believe me."

Jordan joins this bonfire, apparently curious as to how the Oathlanders party it up. There's a slight grin across his lips as he takes a good look around.

Moving along with Ardoin, she offers a final wave and smile towards Marius and Simone, "It was lovely to meet you!" Looking back around, she approaches Alis and Caelis with that bright smile still in place. "Hello! Princess Alis, Princess Caelis, its wonderful to finally meet you both! I want to thank you both so much for everything the Oathlands and its people did for Stormwall. I don't know that we would have survived if not for your aid." Giving a nod, she grins and her more effusive and energetic personality shines through briefly, "I am! This is so great! Almost like the parties we would throw for our people back home. Its been fun meeting new faces and getting to talk to people and you've all been so nice!" Grinning, she glances to Preston as he passes and bobs a nod, "I will! Thank you Sir Preston!"

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Alis shakes her head, though her expression is still warm after she's murmured a few things to her table companions. "It was both our duty and honor to help. And continue to help as you rebuild. If you need anything at all, please ask." With a reassuring smile she picks up her empty plate and gives it a brief sad look. "I must refill again before I go inside though. I will message you soon, Lady Fianna. Perhaps you'd like to come over for tea. I have whiskey you can pour into it I promise!" And she's off to one more stop before going in. This time, she pauses by Derovai and Morrighan. "Quick hi! Thank you both for coming."

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Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

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Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

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Looking from Alis as she rises to Ardoin and Fianna, Caelis smiles and settles her hands on her lap. "How good to meet you Lady Fianna, how is Stormwall recovering? It seems quite effort lies ahead of your family. I hope it has not been wanting for aid?" She asks and looks from her to the prince on her arm pleasantly.

Marius puts his arm around Simone's waist, leaning in and murmuring to her, "Ready?" before turning his attention to the gathering more generally. "Lords and Ladies, it's been a pleasure, but I'd rather put this medal away before I lose it." He takes a stand, helping Simone up to her feet as well. "You'll have to excuse us."

Morrighan glances up from her quiet conversing with Derovai, having caught movement out of her peripheral. She leans slouched back against a wall, nestled into a far corner, free hand lifting into a wave at the Princess, offering a smile. "'ello Alis. Nice tae see you, been quite a while."

Jordan looks over to Morrighan once he notices her, flashing the knight a smile and saluting her briefly. There's only a polite, faint nod to Derovai and he walks up to the Marquessa of Blancbier, noting, "Seems as though I'm REALLY late to the party, my Lady?"

Derovai smiles readily at Alis, looking away from his conversation with Morrighan. "Your Highness! You're welcome. Dame Morrighan and I were chatting over a request she's making for me, and I figured I'd offer her some food and drink. Though we both would have liked whiskey too," he suggests with a grin, waving whatever Valardin-appropriate drink he's got before him. It's probably not whiskey. "Dame Morrighan, Her Highness Alis Valardin," he makes a quick, if polite, introduction, although it trails off slightly as the two women seem to already be acquainted. Dark brows raise, and he takes a sip of his drink.

Giving Marius and Simone a respectful dip of the head in farewell, "Marquis, Marquessa, please, be well. It was an honor to meet the both of you, and thank you for all you have done. I'm glad you were both here. I hope to speak to you again soon, and I shall let the Princess know that she ought to see more of you," he notes with a friendly smile.

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"Dame Morrighan's work is top notch. So I'm sure you'll be pleased." Alis replies, giving Derovai a slight smile. "It's nice to see you too. Have I mentioned lately I'm glad that Marian has your help over there in Redrain? Because I very much am. If you see her before I do, please tell her I was inquiring after her. And Master Voss, I will likely see you soon I'm sure. But for now..." she inclines her head towards the manor. "Enjoy the rest of the evening!"

"Oh! I don't think whiskey would...." Fianna trails off as Alis heads off, lifting a shrug and grinning abashedly, "I'm a lightweight... I don't really drink much. But I do like tea!" Looking back to Caelis, she smiles brightly once more and responds excitedly, "Its going MUCH better than we ever expected. I am personally so very grateful to everyone that's been helping us along the way. This would have been a nigh impossible task otherwise. But no, everyone has been wonderful and SO supportive and we're much closer to getting Stormwall rebuilt than we could have dreamed otherwise!" She glances up at Ardoin with a smile, squeezing his arm lightly, "Prince Ardoin has been a great help both to our House and me personally."

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