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Lycene Open Court

Eleyna Velenosa, Grand Duchess of the Lyceum, and Archduchess of Lenosia holds open court to address petitioners. Furthermore, a ceremony for commendations will be held, including the Order of the White Lily and the knighting of Sir Merek Black.


April 20, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Eleyna Talen


Stefano(RIP) Enyo Signe Ennettia Luca(RIP) Ian Luis Lucita Theron Jaenelle Kia Mydas(RIP) Calista Valerio(RIP) Dario(RIP) Victus Giulio Leta Antonio Ignacio Pasquale Sidney Wash Cadenza Isabetta Merek Artorius Dante Juliana Emily Eirene Silvio Mirari Micaela Waldemai Alessia Apollis Lysander



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Audience Hall

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Comments and Log

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer arrives, following Theron.

Marius, 3 Armed Confessors arrive, following Giulio.

Gino, a surly sailor, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Antonio.

Gino, a surly sailor, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Antonio.

Gino, a surly sailor, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Antonio.

Leta arrives, a figure in black who walks quietly to the rear of the Lycene section and takes a seat. She glances around at the others nearby, offers a few nods, some deeper than others, to those she knows. Then she stares right ahead, either at the thrones or somewhere behind them.

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Apollis enters the Audience Hall with his cousin Lord Dieto Igniseri. They gather up a bottle of Lenosian Red and find some seats.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes arrives, following Alessia.

Has Kia always been here? Maybe? Who knows. She simply stands where the commoners would stand or sit, watching and observing.

Already seated and settled, Calista looks to Ignacio and Eirene. Her smile reaching her eyes as she speaks softly to them in her melodic voice. "Cousin, Lady Eirene. I am glad to be in such good company."

Theron is probably not that late, but he is remarkably thoughtful. As it had been with war, his cloak obscures his armor, pinned in place by the brooch depicting the sigil of his House. He bows towards the Dais, a smooth, practiced motion, and then settles down beside his brother for this.

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Yep. That's an Inquisitor alright. He's got the Confessors and everything. The Mazetti Lord enters towards the rear, leaning against one of the benches. There's somthing of a grin on Giulio's lips as he settles down. Is that an earthenware jug he's got? Yeppers! It is! He pours himself a few fingers of the clear liquid for himself -- well, really Marius does, but, its the thought that counts, right?

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Pasquale has /not/ always been here. He's here now, though. He slips in among the crowd as unobtrusively as he can mange, finding a seat to tuck himself into.

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Victus was already seated in the non-lycene seating with his cadre of guardsmen. His cat does not join them, opting to be a nuisance by splaying out toward the center of the audience hall itself. The High Lord had his arms crossed, black eyes peering over at the duo of thrones. "... Should get some thrones for our place..." He murmurs to one of his bodyguards, who grunts noncommittally in reply.

Alessia arrives and moves to join her family. She's wearing her white, blue and gold armor in Mazetti colors with her silvered fox fur cloak. The young glaivedancer settles into a seat with her cousins and smiles toward Theron and Giulio before glancing around to see who is present.

Eirene nods at the other two in the fancy seats. "Duchess. Sword." She gives a sharp nod of greeting to the pair. "If the Duchess Calypso shows up I won't stink up your section," she say with a wry laugh. "Not that I smell like booze or anything these days." Her lips twitch into a stern scowl. "Stupid baby..."

Silvio arrives with Lysander. DUN DUN DUN!! It is unusual to catch them together, but the draw of various petitions is promise of some dramaaaa. He drags Lysander towards some fancy seats.

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Luis arrives with Lucita on his arm, the man dressed in his black leathers, well oiled and repaired since the last battle. Upon his hip is the rubicund saber with its cross hilt marking it an Igniseri blade, while over the man's dark cloak of smokey flames is a black, cloth wrapped blade shouldered in a holster there. His hood is back and his curls flounce with each step that he takes into the Audience Hall. "Well, my dear sister, it would seem that there's already a large crowd gathered. Were you told anything else about the Order? I feel like I should know something other than just having my name attached to it, don't you think?" This asked of Lucita as he leads her towards the Lyceum seating.

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Once Merek has settled in at his seat, he looks forward to listen to the court and its various actions. All quite intriguing, he takes out a flask of whiskey and also takes a drink, as he settles to relax.

"Oh nonsense, Lady Eirene. You look beautiful." Calista smiles warmly to her Malvici kinswoman. "Inigo will be thrilled to hear you are expecting."

As the hour arrives for the beginning of the Lycene open court hours, Eleyna emerges from the east wing of the estate. Two of her retinue of guards trail her with large boxes held in their arms. The Archduchess moves to the thrones, glancing briefly over the crowd. After making sure those boxes are settled somewhere near her, she turns to address those gathered, "Lycenes and honored guests." She just -looks- at Talen for a moment before she continues, "Thank you for joining us tonight. While my purpose here today is to honor those who have faithfully served the Lyceum in its time of need, I also encourage any who has business with the Grand Duchess to make your petition known. Any Lycene, fron Duchess of one of the Hundred Cities to commoner, may feel free to make a petition before the Archduchess during the open court. Are there any here this evening who wish to speak?" Her pale blue gaze sweep over the crowd, icy and impenetrable as those eyes fall upon those gathered.

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Lucita shakes her head, managing to keep pace with her brother. "No anything beyond what was in the Proclamation and other such public information, Luis." She narrowly avoids waddling as she completes the distance to the seating, gives a curtsy and then settles into place to listen.

Stefano enters the audience hall and moves toward one of the seating areas. He glances at the section for inferior sorts, sees Victus, and nods. Not in greeting, but in agreement of his chosen spot. Grinning at his internal monologue - he's so clever - the Sword of Lenosia makes his way to the Lycene seating area and finds Enyo so that he can sit beside her.

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Juliana arrives after having been dashing around all afternoon, pausing just inside, to sweep the room as if looking for particular faces and spotting one or two, there are nods and crinkled noses smiles before quickly finds a place to sit with the others, hands smoothing out the pale yellow silk of her dress as she settles.

Talen can't quite hear Victus, which is a shame really, but he does watch the building arrival of folk. as Eirene strides to the side to take her position as Voice for House Malvici, she's given a smirk, then he offers stage-left, "We could've sent a carriage..." It's the arrival of the Archduchess that stems his babble, however, for he rises with those present in reaction to the presence of the ruling woman. "Your grace," he says formally, even attempting a smile, the kind that says 'I didn't do it I swear but if I did you'll forgive me'.

Ennettia arrives alone, yawning lightly as she drifts in. Did she really come with her own wine glass? She did. A delightful red, and she sips it as she wanders towards the seating, a curious eye thrown towards Victus and his guards before she makes her way to the Lyceum seating. Eleyna's words earn half-attention, the rest of her finding who to sit next to - it seems she's spotted the Inquisitor in their midsts, and offers a lazy smile before finding a seat close to Giulio. If one of his confessors happens to be seated in said seat, well. They have laps.

Eirene has joined the line.

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Turn in line: Eirene

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Aneka have been dismissed.

3 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Meeka have been dismissed.

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As pages or officiants or whoever is managing this sort of thing takes note of those who are lining up to make their petitions, Eleyna nods to the first one in line as the usher announces, "Lady Eirene Malvici, Voice of House Malvici."

A stoic non-expression on his face, ANtonio makes his way down the stairs- he doesn't join any of the benches, instead choosing to sit at the foot of said stairs, his hands coming to rest on his knees.

The matron Voice of Malvici, still not showing so early in her recently announced pregnancy, takes her place before the dias. She makes a sharp Southport salute- her hand in a fist over her heart, heels clicked together rapidly. "On behalf of House Malvici, I would like to thank the Archduchess and all our sister cities for their continued support and loyalty in our fight against the enemies of the Lyceum; this includes the shavs at our door - many of whom are seeking the civilization that only the Compact can bring. We appreciate all the offered help and are proud to stand tall with our allies in these days to come." She manages this without a single curse word, having carefully prepared her diplomatic statement.

The Archduchess gives Eirene a nod as she makes her salute and, after the Malvici is done speaking, offers a husky-voiced reply, "We are a united Lyceum, Lady Eirene. When one is in need, we all rise to assist. Just as in Setarco, just as in Southport. We stand and, more important, we stand together."

"Thank you, Archduchess," Eirene replies, offering a more formal bow of her head. "We will be departing soon for Southport. I hope to return with good news," she says with a ghostly smirk. That said, she bows from the waist and resumes her place in the Voice's stands.

Atila arrives, following Signe.

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"Next," Talen calls after Eirene, offering a firm nod, an acknowledgement from his side of the thrones. "Lord Theron Mazetti, Sword of Ostria," announces the page.

Turn in line: Theron

Raising his hand, Theron rises to his feet, waiting to be called. He's carrying... something, on his other hand. It is contained by a leather bag, has that faint smell of whatever passes for formaldehyde in this time and age and world, and is almost bursting at the seams. But he carries it in one hand, so surely it can't be too heavy, can it?

Or maybe it is. Still, when called forward, he approaches the throne, bows to Eleyna and Talen, and starts, "Before the war, I made a promise to you, Your Grace," is addressed to the Archduchess. "That I would fell sixty of their men to our one, for the honor of bestowing the Cobalt sword upon me. And that I would prove it."

He clears his throat, opens the straps of the bag, and starts to slowly upend it. "I could not get the sixty heads, but I made do with two dozen. This is my gift to House Velenosa, for, as your House words is 'None may harm us unpunished' so it is that you rule the Lyceum and I made those words my own. For all that the Pirate King has done to your people, for all that he has taken from your family, I bring you the heads of those followers of his I personally slew. It is my gift of esteem to you, and to your House, and a warning to the enemies of the Lyceum: they will not survive challenging the Hundred Cities, nor the rule of Archduchess Eleyna Velenosa, and I will personally do my part in ensuring this is so. Then, now, and in the future."

Once the bag is fully upended, then, the heads of pirates bearing various expressions ranging between horror and pain and stoicity roll everywhere, a grisly display of dedication to a craft that, honestly, is more destructive than creative. All the same, it's a testament of loyalty, and he meets the Archduchess in the eye as he does so. One head rolls close to the dais, until it is stopped by a panicked guard. Finally, the Sword of Ostria kneels, tossing the bag aside.

"Long live the Lyceum, and long live Her Grace, Eleyna Velenosa, Archduchess of the Lyceum."

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Theron gets a grisly bag of severed heads from a totally mundane leather backpack.

Theron drops a grisly bag of severed heads.

Eirene knows that smell. Oh lovely. Her nose twists as her expression goes into a grimace. Arms fold over her chest, as she resumes her seat, and she keens her head as her expression goes neutral.

Eleyna checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Victus doesn't seemed too shocked by the sudden grisly display. If anything, he actually seems a bit impressed, rolling a hand under his chin as he appraises the scores of Theron's labors. He nods approvingly. Lilybelle in the meanwhile wanders up to one of the severed heads and idly starts batting at its frozen expression with a paw.

Ennettia turns her attention more fully on the stage at the sudden smell and words, and with a wrinkle of her nose, giving a little shudder before half-turning away, bringing her glass closer to her face. This is why you bring alcohol to these meetings: it helps cut the smell.

Merek is unsure on the etiquette of being given head during an open court, and decides to watch with some interest although not seeming to have any thoughts one way or the other.

Eirene checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Eirene can't stop laughing as the cat starts to bat the head. It's the funniest thing she's seen.

The whole production of heads being presented is, honestly, a new one. Enyo glances away from those nearest her to watch this, her brows lifting upwards just slightly before she lifts a hand to her mouth, coughing to cover up some inappropriate laughter of her own.

Pasquale checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Silvio checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Oh, there are suddenly heads. Whatever Pasquale was expecting at this court demonstration, it probably was not that. He just lifts a kerchief to his nose to cut the smell and clears his throat, though, eyeing Theron's demonstration side-long.

Alessia watches from where she is seated as Theron upends his bag of trophies, and she doesn't make any show of pretending to hide her grimace at the grisly display. But there is a hint of pride in her amber eyes, and a smirk crosses her feature as she settles back in her seat, folding her arms in front of her, stretching out her legs to cross at the ankles.

Leta sits in silence, barely even following the audience, but she does wrinkle her nose at the smell, and fixes her gaze on Theron for a while. When the heads are dumped, she blinks and her brow furrows. Maybe she finds it distasteful. Maybe she's just pensive. Either way, her gaze doesn't linger.

Signe attempts to slip in quietly to observe. Just in time to witness the collection of seered heads roll in all sorts of directions like an upturned back of rotten apples. With twisted faces on them. And decaying. Her brow raise as she slowly sinks into a seat for the section for the Lycene rejects apparently.

Orland arrives, following Duarte.

"Oh good, someone brought heads," Apollis says with a nod of his head. He pulls out a bag of sweets and digs his fingers inside and pulls one out, popping it into his mouth. He then turns back toward Victus to speak quietly.

Mydas' war dog, Aurum, looks very interested in the heads. Or possibly the cat. Yet the black beast shows enough restraint as to remain at his master's side.

For this, Eleyna rises from her throne and glances over the offered 'gift'. There is no disgust nor horror on her face as the contents of the sack are revealed. Instead, there is a certain grim satisfaction on her face. She looks from the severed heads to Theron and offers out a hand for him as he kneels. "Sword of Ostria, you did indeed make a promise to me when I bestowed that sword upon you. I am delighted to see that you've kept your word. None may harm us unpunished. You have brought truth to those words, Lord Theron. And you have our thanks." Sybilla, good sport that she is, subtly gestures for someone to start picking up the heads and placing them back in their bag. At least before the cat gets any friskier.

Wash comes in with a mostly empty bottle of vodka in hand. He blanches at the sight of heads, staying in the background.

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

Eirene does, after a few moments, stop giggle-snorting at the severed heads. She resumes a semblence of calm authority. Only the occasional smirk.

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Talen leans forward and accepts the head from the guard at the dais, grasping it into his clawed gauntlets, then offers the face front and forward to Eleyna in better demonstration. There's a little effort to move the jaw, but it seems remarkably hard to move, so he gives it up before he starts trying to make it speak. Thank fuck for that. It's then cast off to the poor attendant instructed by Sybilla, and he smirks faintly before leaning back and kicking up a heavy steel solleret across the other, eyes to Theron in consideration. There's a solid nod as he's dismissed by the Archduchess, then a murmur to his wife.

Once offered Eleyna's hand, Theron leans forward without taking it, as is proper, and kisses her signet ring, bowing his head humbly to the Archduchess as he does so. He draws away, rises to his feet, bows again and, once dismissed, silently goes back to his bench, after a salute to the dais. There's a flicker of a smile, the intensity not leaving his gaze when he settles back down onto his previous seat.

"If anyone else present wishes to petition the court of her grace, now is the time, or we shall proceed onto the next matters at hand," the Archduke Consort then speaks to the room.

Lysander stood as his sister, Grazia, joined them taking his eyes from the presentation before retaking his seat looking vastly amused.

3 Fidante House Guards, Isla, a small silver fox, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Sofia, a saucy sailor's aide arrive, following Cadenza.

Cadenza was so gonna be there come hell or high water. Now....time to silently find a seat.

Eleyna murmurs something to Theron as he kisses her ring and then waits a moment as the Sword of Ostria returns to his seat and further petitioners are waited for. As none step forward, the Archduchess moves on. "For our next order of business, I summon Baron Stefano Gilden and Baroness-Consort Enyo Gilden to stand before the throne."

Ignacio sitting quietly in his polished steel plate armor, his helm sitting next to him. He raises a hand to Cadenza as she enters the hall, gesturing her over to him.

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When her name is called she gets to her feet, hands smoothing out her tunic, then giving a quick pass over her hair as well before heading towards the throne. When she reaches the spot before it Enyo sweeps a deep bow to the pair on the thrones, "Your Grace."

When his name is called, Stefano rises and steps out of the row of seats, waiting for Enyo to join him. Once she's ready, he proceeds toward the pair of thrones and executes a graceful bow. Enyo speaks, but he says nothing as he stands there and awaits Eleyna's business.

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Once the rulers of House Gilden rise and find their place before the dais, so too does Talen, extending a hand out to Jiacomo who steps forward to attend his liege with a velvet lined box. Taking the sheathed blade from within, he handles it carefully, presenting it hilt-first toward his wife. Addressing the room, he proclaims, "The Baron of Caith represented a cavalry as large as any of our Duchies in the battle outside of Setarco. In defense of our vassal, House Pravus, he lost many men and many horses. Baroness-Consort Enyo Gilden attended the Archduchess of Lenosia personally during her various journeys around the Lyceum, and so for that we thank them both, and offer a gift. House Gilden is the direct vassal of House Velenosa, and they are without an heirloom like that of our older Houses, but they are no less treasured. Let this badge of office be held at the hip of their next Sword of Caith, to remind them of our love, and her grace's."

Acilius arrives, following Valerio.

Once handed the sword, Eleyna nods to her Consort and then pulls the blade free of the sheathe. After placing the blade flat in her hands, she approaches Stefano and offers the sword to the Baron of Caith as she says, "The purpose of a House Sword is to protect body and honor. There are few positions of higher trust given. I named you as Sword of Lenosia because of the trust, love, and respect I bear for you, Baron Stefano. Because I know that you would defend me not just with the blade that you carry, but also your very life. And now I offer you Lightbringer so that you might name your own Sword, a defender of the honor and body of House Gilden."

Enyo's brows twitch upwards just a bit, but she remains standing where she is, doing her very best to not fidget too much or peer overly obviously and curiously at the sword as it is passed from one person to another and then presented. It's hard, to be honest, but she manages to keep herself somewhat professional seeming. Maybe.

2 House Deepwood Guards, Rona, Aurora, a dark coated Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Emily.

Are sparkly things being shown? Sure, it's a sword, and so perhaps not as eye-catching as other options, but it at least makes Ennettia almost straighten, peering towards the weapon in question. She does tilt her head to the side to comment to Giulio - but that section is all murmured conversation anyway.

Theron is almost bear hugging both his sibling and his cousin after some exchanged words. He lets go of them after a moment, though, paying attention to the ceremony of bestowing a heirloom sword, and nodding in agreement to the words spoken.

Stefano has little problem standing still or being chill in the face of such official business and the gift of the sword. Smiling at Eleyna, he bows his head as he takes the blade from her. Spending only the briefest of moments to admire the weapon, he glances aside to Enyo, "Thank you, Your Grace. I expect no reward for serving honorably, nor for doing my duty as a vassal of House Velenosa. But thank you. Though I did not expect such a gift, I have thought about who would wield this blade. Someone I trust, though her time as a Gilden has been short. Someone I know will serve the house and our liege lords diligently." he turns and holds the sword out to Enyo. Presumably she won't pass it along again, "Baroness, I would name you Sword of Caith."

Merek is quiet for the most part, hoping to keep from offense in such sensitive matters. So his subtle cues all show respect to recipients of honors, as he watches them with a curious gaze. He seems relaxed all the same.

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Theron is overheard praising Enyo for: My fellow Sword of the South! A great honor!

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Isabetta gasps audibly from her place in the back, in the overflow seating. She puts a hand to her mouth, but it is hard to tell if it is a good gasp or a bad gasp. Is she pleased? Displeased or merely surprised? The gasp isn't telling.

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Eirene lets out a single "Ha!" of victory as her niece is offered the blade. She nods, once, in extreme satisfaction.

"Congratulations, Sword of Caith," Talen tells Enyo directly, presenting a hand toward her, to shake if she pleases. Then, after a moment he steps back, a step upward before he lingers ready to reseat himself on the throne-- but only once the Archduchess herself is seated in her own time.

"Thank you, Your Grace." Enyo starts out with that, accepting the sword from Stefano when he passes it along to her, taking a moment to study the sword, testing the weight of it before she grins. "I'll do the best that I can, no...better." She nods, reaching out to accept the hand, giving it a quick shake before she waits until being dismissed back to her seat with Gilden's shiny new prize.

Enyo wields Lightbringer.

Luis raises his fingers to his lips and whistles for Enyo at the proclamation of her new title and the sword that was bequeathed her. Catching sight of another coming through the door though, he rises and joins the overflow seating as the Lycene table already has a line of people waiting to sit down at it. Once there he settles and waits.

Calista sits up a little straighter in her seat. She glances to Eirene with laughter on her lips as she claps for Enyo.

A true smile of delight curves Eleyna's lips as Stefano accepts the sword and then names Enyo as Sword of Caith. The Archduchess steps down off the dais and leans in the press a kiss to Stefano's cheek and then another to Enyo's in turn. "I think you have made a very wise choice. Congratulations Baroness Enyo Gilden, Sword of Caith." She then turns and steps back to the throne to resume her own seat as the Gildens are dismissed back to theirs. She glances at Talen.

There is a dark haired figure that enters the back of the audience hall and attempting to remain small and unobtrusive, Emily dressed yet in her leathers looks about the gathered for perhaps someone in particular. Her gaze finds quite a few faces she knows and should she garner any attention they will receive a nod and smile as she finally spots that who she came for. Meaning not to interrupt she slips in, keeping quiet as she lowers in suddenly next to Luis and will offer him a smile and some soft words as she looks to the front to watch what is going on.

Calista is overheard praising Enyo for: Sword of Caith! She has the POWER!

Merek is overheard praising Enyo for: CatSword

"Next order of business, a brief one, and then we will conclude with our final matter," Talen begins, looking out over the benches, then settling on one face. "Master Merek Black, subject to House Fidante, you are called forward to stand before the throne. Please present yourself."

Cadenza stands from speaking to her husband once the presentation was made then moves off to stand somewhere.

Lucita watches the ceremony with appreciation, some of the paleness that followed the wafting scent of the heads has diminished. She watches as her brother rises and moves to sit with his betrothed but remains sitting quietly where she is to continue listening.

Eirene is overheard praising Enyo for: Damn straight you make a Malvici a Sword.

Merek checked wits + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

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Merek stands up and adjusts his cloak around his shoulder, the sigil of the House Fidante and his personal Crafters Mark is upon it, as he moves forward to present himself once at the throne, with a respectful practiced bow and all proper other etiquettes. He seems to manage it well enough, "Your Grace," he offers towards the Archduchess with respect in that husky purr of his.

Talen glances toward Eleyna as he rises, steps down a few steps-- god this is way too march cardio these five steps over and over-- and presents himself before Merek. "It is the decision of her grace, Grand Duchess of the Lyceum, Archduchess of Lenosia, Eleyna Velenosa..." pause for breath, "that you are to be entitled as a knight. Kneel, Master Merek Black," he orders, a hand upon the hilt of his broadsword, which is drawn from its sheathe. "You are to take your vows; repeat after me."

Talen wields a wicked, sanguine schiavona-style rubicund broadsword with an elaborately wrought basket-hilt.

Merek shifts to take a knee and kneel before the throne and Talen, as he looks up with his smouldering golden amber gaze, and awaits for the words to be given that he must repeat. This is far from when he came to the city as a simple smith.

The Archduchess watches the proceedings from her throne as her Consort, and Minister of War, descends from the throne to give Merek his oaths.

Talen begins the first of the oaths, droning onward, as if it's dredged up from some memory somewhere in his noggin, "I will live and die to protect the unity of the Lyceum under Archduchess Eleyna Velenosa, as a Knight of the Lyceum."

Once Luis gets up to go join Emily, Juliana shifts on the benches to settle into the place he vacated, settling in beside Lucita with a smile before looking back to the proceedings.

Merek speaks with that husky oice of his, "I will live and die to protect the unity of the Lyceum under Archduchess Eleyna Velenosa, as a Knight of the Lyceum," he starts, as he keeps his bearing and attention, trying his best to do all of this perfectly.

Talen says, "I will no bring shame upon the Lyceum through attainment of my personal gains or glory and I will remember the people whom I serve to my last breath."

Merek says, "I will bring not bring shame upon the Lyceym through attainment of my personal gains or glory, and I will remember the people whom I serve to my last breath."

Eirene is usually flippant. Not so this time. A knighting is a serious thing especially for the city of swords. She stands attentively and waits, her hands folded in the nape of her back in parade rest.

Talen says, "All hundred of the Hundred Cities are mine to protect, for each and every one of them represents a united Lyceum, and their people are my people."

Jaenelle looks from Mydas to Talen with the unmistakable look of amusement. It seems the Voices are being very well behaved tonight.

At least Antonio rises from his seat at the steps for this.

Ennettia continues sipping her wine, half-paying attention and occasionally whispering ever-so-softly to Duarte.

Merek says, "All hundred of the Hundred Cities are mine to protect, for each and every one of them represents a united Lyceum, and their people are my people."

Merek speaks fervently!

Talen checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Talen nods once, gravely, gunmetal eyes severe. "These are your oaths," he intones, back-handing Merek across the face, a painful smack, "and that is how you will remember them. Now rise, Sir Merek Black, as a Knight of the Lyceum," proclaims the Archduke Consort. "Go on, serve, and protect." With that, he retakes the throne by his wife, giving an inscutable look.

Duarte is overheard praising Merek for: Outstanding! Congratulations, knight!

Wash watches from the wings, trying to be unobtrusive.

Merek takes that clean back-hand with ease, not dodging it, as he has blood shift from his lips at the strike, some hitting upon the floor. He then turns his gaze back and with respect, "It shall be so," he states, then he rises as a Knight, before he takes his time to also pay his respects to Eleyna, waiting for any of the words she might speak, and offering the etiquettes required before stepping back.

Victus checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Signe's clapping following Merek's intiation smacking. Blood has been spilt for service, respect.

Silvio claps for the newly knighted man and smiles, glad that being a fashionista only comes with New Shoe Pain.

Calista is overheard praising Merek for: Sir Merek Black has a nice ring to it. Congratulations!

Alessia has been watching everything, occasionally commenting at quiet conversation at the bench, but her attention has been mostly focused on the Knighting. Once complete, she joins in the applause.

Cadenza claps softly as she leans against that wall she found one the knighting was over.

Alessia is overheard praising Merek for: Congratulations, Sir Merek!

Juliana claps from where she is sitting, leaning in the whisper Lucita before looking back to the front.

Luis is overheard praising Merek for: A knighthood, well done, good Sir!

Luis is overheard praising Enyo for: Sword! Congratulations, weild it with honor!

Lucita draws a quick breath when the man is struck but says nothing. She claps with the others as the knighting concludes.

Eirene snorts in amusement at Talen's whack, grinning at the sound it makes. She releases her hands from behind and starts a solid appreciative clap. "To Sir Merek, of the Lyceum!"

Eirene is overheard praising Merek for: Knighthood is a serious responsibility to wield.

Valerioleaned back in his seat, and nods slowly in thought a few times as Merek rises. He too engages in clapping for the man, as he looks from Talen to Eleyna.

The Archduchess winces a little as Talen seems to strike Merek with relish. She speaks up from her throne and says with a nod of her head, "Congratulations Sir Merek Black, Knight of the Lyceum. Serve us well." Then, she rises herself and nods to a nearby guard who approaches with a case. "For our final order of business, I present the collar and badges of the Order of the White Lily to our inductees. We all saw the horrors of the battles at sea and on land in Setarco. I have never felt such pride in my people as I did when we helped push back the Pirate King's fleet and hold the walls of Setarco. I saw such courage. Such honor. Such -cunning-. There are tales from those battles that will be told by our grandchildren. To honor those who offered exemplary service, I have formed the Order of the White Lily. Lenosia is the city of flowers, famous for our gardens and blooms. Some look at flowers and merely see beauty and yes, we Lycenes are the most beautiful in the Compact." She slants a glance at Victus in particular and grins.

"But flowers are also resourceful. They can poison. They can heal. They can tell stories all their own. The white lily is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. We have faced darkness. We will face darkness again. But no matter what enemy we face. Or what we might lose." Her voice breaks slightly, but Eleyna takes a breath and continues, "We will return stronger and better than we were before. Always." As one of the ornamental collars is handed to her, Eleyna calls out, "Baroness-Regent Lucita Saik, please step forward."

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Merek returns to his seat and settles in, with respect towards the words of the Archduchess. He seems to be somber when she speaks of the war, then watches as it moves on to talk of the Order.

Mirari slips into the audience hall and moves to sit on a bench near Enyo, leaning in to mutter something in her ear. She turns her attention towards the ceremonies as she settles into her seat.

Talen has left the an elegant pair of marble thrones.

6 House Velenosa Guards, Jiacomo, the Velenosa seneschal arrive, following Talen.

Lucita rises from her seat, eyes widening as her name is called and slides past the others on the bench to then walk forward, approaching Eleyna. She gives a graceful curtsy and on rising twitches the silk skirt of her garment so the gravid mound does not look so pronounced. Her gaze rises to meet Eleyna's as she softly says. "Archduchess, I am here." She does not seem to quite know what to say after that but has a respectful demeanor.

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Eleyna gets an ornamental collar of iridescite, pearl, and amethyst, signifying membership in the Order of the White Lily from cloth pouch.

Ian is making a habit of this better late than never thing. He comes in, watching his feet as he walks, every step carefully placed. He's got the smell of the ocean clinging to him; someone must have been out sailing beyond the bay.

Emily sits up a bit, but pauses to look between the others amongst her as her eyes briefly flicker before returning to watch Lucita approach, her smile warming. Her gaze then strays and spying Juliana with the vacant seat next to her she lifts her hand to wave.

"Baroness, all of us who were on the battlefield in Setarco heard your song. You and the other singers gave us support and hope that day. Your song helped push back the darkness. For that, I name you as the first inductee to the Order of the White Lily." Eleyna lifts the collar from the box and settles it over Lucita's shoulders before leaning in to gently kiss her cheek.

Ennettia seems to actually pay attention, pausing in her whispers to her companions as she looks forward, watching Lucita's turn with interest.

Pasquale stands, to drink the remainder of his wine in toast to Merek and his knighting. "To Sir Merek of the Lyceum." He sits again, with that, after an inclination of his head as Lucita is honored.

At the call of Lucita's title and name, Luis turns in his seat, rising slightly, sitting up straighter so that he can watch her approach and then the words that are shared between Eleyna and Lucita. When it is done, he whistles and claps for her, cheering her own, in a polite manner, of course.

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"Lord Apollis Malvici, Lady Cadenza Fidante, and Lady Alessia Mazetti. Please approach," Eleyna calls out.

Ian stops walking and looks up just in time to watch Eleyna put the collar on Lucita. He leans his cane against his leg long enough to dutifully applaud.

Micaela meanders in slowly and unaccompanied. She pauses just inside the door to the audience hall as though to get a feel for the place before gliding to a quieter place to lurk, by all appearances. Seafoam green eyes track the approach of those called before the throne and she leans against a trellis, sipping a glass of wine that she apparently brought with her.

Lucita's eyes mist up and her expression softens and then firms up. She lifts her chin and says. "I could do no less than try to help if there was a chance we could. The collar is beautiful, and treasured. Thank you." She gives another curtsy.

Ennettia does not clap and whistle - far too much energy - but she does lean forward, grinning when Lucita begins walking back, kissing the fingertips of both hands and tossing the kisses in Lucita's direction.

Juliana stood to let Lucita get past, then waited, watching, applauding with everyone else. At the sounds of Luis cheering her gaze tips back to find Emily with a smile and wave back before looking back to Luci, keeping a watchful eye on the Baroness.

Cadenza nods and then quickly made her way up towards the throne. Looking to Alessia too she smiles and give her a nod before slowly turning and looking to her cousins. Bowing to the two she nods. "Your grace...."

Apollis smiles toward his cousin Luis at his seat after he is whispered to and then stands up. He walks over toward the dais from the back, bowing after getting close. "Your Grace," he says in his creaky, honeyed southern voice.

Alessia shifts slightly more in her seat, sitting up a little straighter as she cranes her neck a bit to see the induction of the Baroness-Regent into the Order of the White Lily. She smiles as Eleyna gives her speech to the matter of flowers, and by the time the Archduchess has finished her speech, Alessia discreetly wipes a hint of moisture out of one eye with the back of her head. She then applauds as Lucita is given her collar. Then she blinks as her own name is called, and she smiles and rises to her own feet, glancing toward Apollis and Cadenza after finding them, giving them a smile in greeting. She moves toward the throne together with them then, pausing at the foot of the dais before Eleyna to offer a deep bow. "Your Grace," she greets respectfully.

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Eyes follow Lucita after the brief exchange with Juliana and then watches as Apollis and Cadenza get up, noting the other must be Alessia as she does not recognize her. Her smiles warms again and she leans in to speak with Luis a moment. Eyes then look once more to the Baroness as she returns to her seat.

Eleyna gets an ornamental collar of iridescite, pearl, and amethyst, signifying membership in the Order of the White Lily from cloth pouch.

Eleyna gets an ornamental collar of iridescite, pearl, and amethyst, signifying membership in the Order of the White Lily from cloth pouch.

Eleyna gets an ornamental collar of iridescite, pearl, and amethyst, signifying membership in the Order of the White Lily from cloth pouch.

"The scouts in Setarco showed courage and cunning in ascertaining the threats that we face during battle. You risked yourselves against horrors to give us the information we needed. Your efforts saved countless more lives and, in gratitude, I name you as the next inductees to the Order of the White Lily." Eleyna settles a collar over Apollis, Alessia, and Cadenza in turn, pressing a kiss to each of their cheeks.

Lucita moves back toward the seating and turns to watch the others who are called forward.

"Thank you, Your Grace," Apollis says as he looks down at his on his chest. "I did it in remembrance of those I've lost, for the love of my mother, and for my love of the Lyceum," he says solemnly. "And it was pretty fun."

Ian stays still, watching the end of the ceremony, and only goes back to finding an out of the way place to stand once it's done. As he is clearly an Inferior Specimen Of The Compact, he takes a seat among his unwashed kind. (Banking on Victus not having washed today.)

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Juliana steps back to let Lucita sit again, offering a hand to help steady the Baroness if need be, soft whispers passing before settling back into the seat at her side.

Luis claps and applauds for those whom receive the most recent set of awards, knowing two of them well enough to give them both nods and smiles of congratulations.

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Eirene has remained standing for the presentation. Solemn. Proud. This... this she takes seriously.

Alessia bows her head as the collar is placed around her neck, and for a moment, she keeps her head bowed, overcome for a moment, before she lifts her head again. She offers another bow then after Eleyna kisses her cheek in turn. "Thank you for this great honor, your Grace. I hope to continue to be of service to the Lyceum in the coming years, and while we were not without our losses, I am glad to know our efforts made a difference in winning the day. It was a pleasure and honor to work with every member of the Vanguard Patrol," she adds.

Cadenza accepts that collar with a bow, smiling softly. "Thank you, your was an honor and my fellow scouts were amazing. Pulling it on, she nods then moves out of the way for others. A warm smile is given to both Apollis and Alessia before moving back to that place on the wall.

"Master Waldemai Isenhu, Marquis Dario Seraceni, Lord Luis Igniseri, Lord Ignacio Fidante. Please approach." Eleyna says after the collars are presented and the others return to their seats.

Alessia steps back, and then turns, returning to her seat next to Theron, glancing down to study the beautiful collar now displayed proudly over her shoulders in beautiful pearl, amethyst and iridescite. She settles into her seat, looking pleased, before turning her attention forward to watch as the others are given.

A squeeze to Emily's arm and then Luis rises at the mention of his name. He will meet eyes with the various other men called and then begin the approach that takes him in front of the Archduchess, "Your Grace," he states in a firm baritone, his cloak taking a half second to catch up with him as his soldier's marching cadence rings out across the hall. Done and poised in line with the others, he waits patiently.

As the three receive their collars Emily clasps her hands together but does not clap, just shooting Cadenza a smile and a nod to Apollis. But it is when Luis is called that she glances aside at him and in turn gives his hand a squeeze before he rises she will shoot him an approving nod and watch him and the two others move towards the fore.

Once the knight's name is called, he makes his way from his seating to the Archduchess, giving her a bow once he reaches her but remains silent otherwise. Ignacio clasps his hands behind his back as he waits and listens.

Apollis smiles toward Alessia and Cadenza giving them a small nod. On the way back to his seat he pats Luis on the shoulder. "Quite the honor, cousin," he whispers before taking his seat back near Victus.

Theron nods to Alessia, smiling in congratulations to her decoration. The Mazetti Sword reaches out to squeeze her on her shoulder.

Silvio claps vigorously for his sister being collared with the great honor!

As those present approach the thrones, a warm smile, a rarity for the Archduchess, curves her lips. "My blades in the dark. Each of the four of you showed such bravery as you raised your swords, you raised your voices, and your raised your men against the minions of the Pirate King. Thanks to your efforts, the walls of Setarco still stand. Your courage humbles me. I name you as the next inductees to the Order of the White Lily." The Grand Duchess settles a collar on each of the men, offering a gentle kiss upon their cheeks.

Eleyna gets an ornamental collar of iridescite, pearl, and amethyst, signifying membership in the Order of the White Lily from cloth pouch.

Eleyna gets an ornamental collar of iridescite, pearl, and amethyst, signifying membership in the Order of the White Lily from cloth pouch.

Luis bows his head to accept the collar and then salutes the Archduchess, "Your Grace, it is our duty, and I do it gladly and will do so again," he tells Eleyna when she passes him by and then with the collar on his neck, he waits till the others have received their own before moving away at the ordained time.

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Juliana claps, glancing back at Emily with a smile, when Luis receives his collar, before settling back down in her seat.

Lucita gives a smile as Luis receives his collar, pride in her brother showing as she murmurs. "Indeed Luis, duty and we both will again when it falls to us to do so."

Lowering his head respectfully as the collar is placed upon him, Igancio nods to Eleyna, "It is an honor your grace. I will gladly pick up my blade in the defense of Lyceum and House Velenosa in the future." And once the proper time arrives, the Fidante Lord gives another bow before pivoting on his heel and striding back over to his seating.

"Lord Theron Mazetti and Dame Leta Broadbent, please approach." Eleyna calls out as one guard steps back with an empty case and another steps forward with the second case of collars.

Emily looks to Signe and Victus at the talk of flowers, her smile remaining as her eyes quickly watch the four men receive their own collars. There is a brief rise of clapping and she joins the sound as well, her tanned hands coming together with gusto for those ahead. Juliana's glance is noted and Emily nods her head with that smile showing a bit of teeth.

Talen looks to each of the annointed members of the order with an oppressive gunmetal gaze, though it's not unkind, just a kind of intense look. The kind that remembers faces, for good or ill.

Wash is lingering by the back wall, watching the proceedings with mild interest.

Eirene claps with solemn appreciation for each round of inductees. She seems the opposite of her usual devil-may-care self. This is the Brigadier General Eirene, not the Lady Eirene.

Theron rises to his feet after he is called, approaching the dais before giving another bow towards the Archduchess and the Archduke. He straightens, and looks up to Eleyna.

Lucita claps for each of the other inductees as they are recognized.

Talen is overheard praising Eirene for: When you stand that straight I can see the growing parasite.

Talen telepathically shares his thoughts with the entire world.

Micaela looks to Talen with the sort of gaze that is not unkind, but slightly curious. The kind of look that questions everything, for good or ill - and probably pokes fun at half of that.

Pasquale raises his glass for the inductees into the Order, drinking another silent toast to them.

Wow. An Open Court. Who left this thing just lying around for any old Lycene to stumble into? Here comes Luca, surely far later than would be considered fashionable. And fashion is just such a concern for him. Still. He's clothed, and he doesn't cause a scene by coming into the Audience Hall, so blessings must be thick in the air. He clears his throat, and doesn't bother to sit. Rather, he stands in the back like anyone, at any moment, could ask him to do something and he'll need an auspiciously convenient exit.

Leta hears her name. She's been sitting in the back, eyes lowered, rarely watching, but looks up when she is called, and blinks, a few small creases carving themselves on her brow. She hesitates, chews at the inside of her mouth for a while, and only reluctantly stands. Approaching the dais, she appears troubled, but manages a stiff bow and a softly-spoken, "Your Grace."

Wash sidles over and leans against the wall next to Luca, just so he can be as close to said exit.

As Leta and Theron stand before her, Eleyna steps off the dais and takes one of each of their hands in hers as she says in a voice that carries across the hall. "My swords of justice. You two were present when someone very precious was lost. You held your blades firm despite it. You avenged her and gave truth to the words that none may harm us unpunished. I thank you for doing what I could not." Eleyna's voice wavers and she takes the moment to turn her face away and reach for the collars. "For your service, I name you as the next inductees to the Order of the White Lily." As she settles each collar over their shoulders, she presses a lingering kiss to Theron's cheek and then pulls Leta into an embrace.

Collar received, duty completed, Luis heads back to the table that he had left, giving Emily's shoulder a squeeze, but not before nodding to Lucita and offering her a smile in passing. Juliana gets a look as well because she's right there. Done, Luis settles back down, waiting and watching the remainder of the ceremonies.

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Eleyna gets an ornamental collar of iridescite, pearl, and amethyst, signifying membership in the Order of the White Lily from cloth pouch.

Eleyna gets an ornamental collar of iridescite, pearl, and amethyst, signifying membership in the Order of the White Lily from cloth pouch.

Eleyna checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Theron bows his head, closing his eyes after that lingering kiss, smiling at the Archduchess afterwards, nodding to her. His expression is one of pride, and also empathy for the Archduchess. The collar worn proudly about his neck; a badge of honor.

Talen turns his head to one side, likely the same direction as Eleyna, and looks off into the audience. There's a quirk of his lips, then he looks ahead back into the crowd, to those who receive their honours. His lips move, in a murmur, to Eleyna.

Ennettia considers her own duty done, having sat here drinking alcohol long enough to see several family members honored, chatted with some people. But now her alcohol is gone, and after a few whispers to Duarte, she begins to slip away.

Ian slips a flask out of the inner pocket of his coat and takes a long drink, while making a quiet remark to Victus.

Leta stands there stiffly, head lowered, jaw clenched, lips pressed into a thin moving line. She's wound up tight. But she inclines her head further for the collar, and shifts her footing to avoid stumbling as she's pulled into Eleyna's embrace, so rigid was she. After a long silence, she nods, and raises her voice just loud enough that her, "Thank you," is audible.

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There is a brief clench of the Archduchess' jaw as something in the crowd catches her attention briefly. Then, she takes a breath and continues with the ceremony. "Count Artorius Magnotta and Lord Dante Fidante showed skill and bravery in the waters of Setarco. The Pirate King faced the fleet of the Compact and he failed against them thanks to the efforts of our brave sailers and captains of the Lyceum in effort with the rest of the Compact." The collars are set aside as she calls out the final of the thirteen (because of course it is thirteen) names, "Prince Antonio Velenosa, please step forward."

Once more, Antonio rises from his seat at the foot of the stairs, dusting his hands off quickly before he makes his way before the throned dias. His expression remains neutral- his gaze steely as he dips into a silent bow for both of his cousins.

Leta bows again, inexpertly, matching the motion with a nod as she reaches up to steady the collar against herself. Then she steps back, once, twice, before pivoting on her heels and walking back to her seat, far in the rear of the Lycene section, fingers briefly coming up to wipe at her eyes.

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Lucita quietly, respectfully continues to watch.

Theron bows once again to Eleyna as the next ones are called, and he withdraws back to his bench, settling down quietly.

Antonio is called and Juliana breaks off what conversations she may have been having, turning to watch the Prince as he makes his way to the front, chewing on her bottom lip.

Eleyna lifts the final collar from the case and steps forward to settle it on her cousins shoulders, gazing into his eyes as she lifts her voice. "And for the last inductee into the Order of the White Lily, I offer this collar and an apology." Her gaze remains on Antonio as she says distinctly, "You led the armada of the Lyceum. Our victory was possible because of the leadership and ability that you displayed. I should have named you my High Admiral in the first place, but I had to see how much you wanted it and what you were willing to give to attain it. You are a Prince of the Velenosa and one of my beloved cousins, but I cannot and will not let anyone ever say that you were simply given a title because of our relationship. I am sorry for making you doubt my faith in your abilities. I present this collar to you and induct you into the Order of the White Lily for your service to the Lyceum no matter what obstacle was placed before you." Eleyna settles the collar on Antonio's shoulders and leans in to press a kiss against his cheek as she murmurs a few words into his ear before releasing him.

Talen rises from his seat, leaving both thrones empty, and steps down to join his wife on the level stair. A vicious, taloned gauntlet is produced in offer to Antonio and remains there, unpaired, while he says, "Well done out there, on the seas, while I looked to the land. It was good to have you at our shores, with the," he uses his other hand to point out to the distant benches towards Victus, and then settles with a single clawed finger at Lilybelle, "Claw of Arx. The enemies of House Velenosa will know our armies and armada before they ever see them, Admiral."

"Oh fuck off!" Victus calls from his spot on the benches, whilst Lilybelle mewls in content for recognition of her services. As she deserves. Clearly, this would call for celebration back at the Thrax estate.

Ian looks down at the cat. Then up at Talen. He takes another long drink from his flask. Long drink.

Talen checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Talen only smirks at himself at Victus' outcry, stopped a hair from laughing.

"No apology is neccesary, your grace." Antonio's words are quiet- meant for the Archduchess, though he can no doubt be overheard- he isn't whispering. "But thank you." Talen murmers something, and at that Antonio arches an eyebrow, but his only response is a nod of his head.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Lilybelle for: Claw of Arx, greatest Admiral Thrax has ever seen.

Eleyna gets an ornamental collar of iridescite, pearl, and amethyst, signifying membership in the Order of the White Lily from cloth pouch.

A good deal past fashionably late, Sidney slips inside of the massive audience hall and darts a quick, calculating look over the staff, guests, guards, and nobility. His mouth quirks upward at Victus's call and he moves gracefully between bodies until he arrives at the seating best suited to his position.

Luca remains at the back of the Audience Hall, whispering back and forth with Wash, though his dark gaze remains on the ceremonies. At a point, the astute might notice him blow a thumb-kiss to.. Theron? No, that can't be right. Perhaps he's developed a tick that surfaces in the presence of serious events. Whatever the case, he doesn't move from the back of the class, all but passing notes.

Sidney has joined the Seating for Inferior Specimens of the Compact.

Eleyna holds Antonio's gaze for a moment before she nods and takes a step back, now addressing the assembly as a whole, "In a few weeks, we will hold a celebratory feast for our new inductees. For now, I wish to thank all of you for attending and bearing witness to the evening's events. There will be wine and some sort of snacks on offer since I imagine most of you are starving and in sore need of a drink after sitting through all of that. Court is now dismissed." She glances at Victus, atching her brow before she glances at Lilybelle and waggles her fingers at the... cat. At least it was a cat, once.

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3 Fidante House Guards, Alejandro leave, following Calista.

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3 Fidante House Guards leaves, following Ignacio.

Isabetta stretches and yawns before heading out.

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With the honors bestowed, Luis claps for everyone and then turns to rise, bowing to the Thraxian Highlord at something that was said. A hand extended to Emily, Luis will wait, bowing and begging apologies before pausing to speak briefly with his sister and aiding her out as well as Emily, should they wish.

As the ceremony comes to a close, Victus is a little caught off guard by Lilybelle's sudden behaviour. Namely that the cat proceeds to put her forehead to the ground and somersault her way onto her back, beginning to writhe and purr as she rubs herself against the floor. As if everything was just /amazing/. The High Lord looks... concerned.

"Victus, Elly's tossing her fucking cathaze again!" Talen bellows, as soon as the formal event comes to its close.

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