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Valardin Military Meeting

A meeting for the military-minded members of Valardin fealty. The aim is to gather information on who is currently planning military action, and coordinating the responses of each House so that when the banners are called, there will be no confusion. This includes Naval action and personnel! Suggestions on action to be taken are welcome, as are our allies if they wish to request specific actions be taken by Valardin.


Jan. 10, 2018, 9 p.m.

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Veronica Ian Gawain Derovai Reese Margerie Driskell(RIP) Sorrel Sparte Cristoph Jacque(RIP) Reigna Eshra Lucita Wash Titania(RIP) Kael Katarina Desiree Daemon(RIP) Edain Corban



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Manor - The Vow

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2 House Wyrmguard Guards, Springbottom, the ravenous pygmy goat arrive, following Sorrel.

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"It should," Jacque agrees with Katarina as he reclines comfortably against his seat, his hands joined at the edge of the table while he waits for the meeting to begin.

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Sparte looks a bit uncertain if he should be here or not, be he came anyway. He works on finding a spot where he can just sit and pay attention to those organizing the event. The people already at the table are giving a nervous smile, yes darting around like he expects the white dragon of Valardin to be working as an usher tonight.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Desiree.

Derovai arrives without an announcement from Herald Steve, curiously enough, and slips into a quiet alcove towards the back, making no effort to alert others to his presence. He's just an all but motionless figure in mostly black (and gray checks!), waiting patiently.

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Eshra arrives a little behind the others, dressed in her brightly patterned silks and quietly ringing bells, the woman pauses just inside, scanning the room before finding a place to stand against the wall, watching silently.

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Sorrel enters quietly and heads over to sit with Corban and Cristoph at the cool table. She seems in a fairly good mood, smiling and bowing her head to each of the two men as she sits down.

Reese arrives at the meeting while adorned in pink and toting along her weapons. She is pace-faced and somber.

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This time, she makes no use of a chair to stand on. Nor any of the other props that she is wont to do in order to start of a meeting in an attention grabbing manner, or with humor to promote a more casual atmosphere. Today, Alis stands at the front of The Vow, hands clasped in parade rest and in full armor. She is going to trust that her large voice and her words will carry to the far corners of the room to assure she has them all aurally captive. "Thank you all for coming. I know you have all heard that the ancient enemy of the Thrax sails for three different places. And, that the King is calling his banners. In turn, today I tell you that we will also call our banners." She gives the representatives from each Duchy a tip of her head before continuing.

"And in turn, we will ask you to call /your/ banners. All the way down the line. I know that we have already faced one long and arduous battle against the Bringers of Silence. But I want nobody to wonder why we will, without question or hesitance, muster our troops again to face this next dire threat. Yes, we do so because our liege commands. And we do so because by rendering aid to our allies we know they will help us in return. But beyond all of that, there is a reason we are the Oathlands. Our ancestors gave their Oath that we would always come when called, to fight against the dark. No matter how many times we are called, we will come. We respect our vows of allegiance, and we fight /always/ to protect the innocent. Every time. And every single time, we have beat them back no matter how bloody the battle. This time will be NO different. They know not the resolve they stand against, and we will not let the dark win. Not now, not ever."

"And so.." she takes a breath. "Today we begin our plans to best this foe, and protect those who need us. We cannot yet make any firm commitments, because we need to gauge the response to our own calling of banners first." Now she will pause.

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Kael arrives with his wife and his aunt, his wife of course on his arm. He looks across the seating arrangements as a whole and, upon deliberation given only the single seat available here and there, he instead ventures toward the main floor with his fellow Keatons. One can assume seating there, and if not, he'll just remain standing with his focus on the proceedings.

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Lord Corban Telmar, Voice of Telmar, the fist of Valardin, nods his head slightly when Alis announces that she will call her banners. As if he was quite expecting that. And he is in agreement.

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Desiree arrives with her usual air of confidence. She says little as the event starts, but she looks to Sorrel with a smile.

Jacque nods once at the words spoken, his face betraying no expression as Alis speaks. His eyes are on her.

Katarina watches familiar faces trickle in, a small smile that does not quite reach the eyes made for many of them. As the meeting begins with Alis' speech, she turns her head to look upon her adopted sister in silence, absorbing her words. A solemn bow of the head is made, unsurprised, shifting in her seat to lend her the full of her attention.

Reese goes to take a seat near Katarina. She lifts her gaze to Alis listening to her words with close and somber attention.

Edain stands slightly behind his sister, his hands restingly lightly on the hilt of his sword as his sister, and the Champion of the West begins the meeting explaining what to expect. He bows his head to his family vassals, and even their guests as they arrive. Otherwise he is quiet.

Reigna's attention, once they are settled quietly and seated, settles on Alis and stays there. Her chin lifts a touch, inspired, obviously by the Princess's words.

When Alis tips her head towards the duchies, Cristoph nods his head in agreement. He doesn't look surprised, he does however, give a quick glance aroudn to the room at large to catch their reactions.

"Right now, our best intelligence tells us that Setarco, Stormwall, and Darkwater Watch are the three places that are going to be attacked." Though it's hardly news by now, Alis lets that sink in for a moment. "The King is to be presented research detailing the benefits and drawbacks of defending either Setarco or Darkwater with the combined naval fleet, and with the help of the council will make a final decision. Stormwall, it has been decided, can be defended by land forces and prepared for a siege as it would be the hardest location to take by sea." Gesturing to the map table she had brought in, the three locations are circled.

"I know that many of us have ties to the Lyceum, and that if Setarco is overtaken, then we also risk both Sanctum and Arx being the next targets. But..." a hand is lifted. "There are several other factors to take into consideration. One, is the ease with which we can send ground aid to each location. Two, is how easy or difficult either location is to defend on the ground. Three, how easy or difficult it is to defend by sea. And, which port will provide the enemy with the most benefit if captured. You should know, however, that whichever of the two ports is defended with the full force of the naval fleet, the other is not going to be abandoned. We do have ground troops and we will use them. But until that final call is made, we cannot yet make plans on how to deploy them." Turning, she gives her brother the floor and takes a step back

Veronica arrives and discreetly slips in, observing the crowd before finding - ah, Keatons. The Sword heads in that direction with an ear immediately tuning in to what's being discussed so far.

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Margerie remains standing beside her niece and nephew, but as Alis's oratory ebbs and flows she finds herself knocking her fist against the nearest chair to emphasize her support for the rallying cries. It's easy to get a bit caught up in the rhythm of the speech.

Katarina sets her mouth into a contemplative purse, golden eyes taking in the details of the marked locations upon the map before they shift to flicker over the faces of Corban and Cristoph in particular, observing their expressions for a short time. She shifts, her quiet words kept sparse to her tablemates as Alis turns the floor over to Edain.

Jacque speaks at his table, though he pays attention to Alis' words. He grows pensive for a moment, before his focus changes from Alis to Edain as the High Lord is given the floor.

Kael tips his head toward Veronica, greeting and acknowledgement both. He shifts his weight a bit as he listens, but this is more about key locations than the actual calling of banners. No surprise there.

Cristoph's mouth presses into a thin line and he looks from Alis when she finishes, across to Edain. His fingers drum lightly on the table.

Reese murmurs softly at her table. She still keeps much attention upon Alis. She seems respectful, somber and maybe even grateful for the information shared.

Derovai watches Alis' speech with his head tilted, no overt reaction crossing his face. He does seem to be taking it all in from his vantage point, though, gazing upon the crowd before him from his spot in the alcove.

Alis remains near the Highlord with her hands clasped behind her back, and doing her best to look every inch the General rather then just the shorty spitfire. She can't help the way her lips quirk at Margerie's vociferous rabble rousing, though her gaze sweeps the room now and she nods lightly at everyone gathered. A lower dip of the head for Reese and then Sparte.

Reigna shifts in her seat, her eyes growing so very serious, still she listens. She is chewing on her lower lip however, a typical sign of heavy thinking and fretfulness. She looks to Kael for a long, long moment and that solemnity deepens before she glances to Veronica as she arrives, flashing a brief, but sincere smile to the Sword of Oakhaven.

a black robed Silent Reflection arrives, following Driskell.

Driskell arrives, following Titania.

Sparte stands up straighter as Alis looks right at him. He seems concerned that other eyes might go towards him as well, giving those that do a nervous smile.

Standing with her back against the wall, Eshra watches and listens intently, the Rivenshari keeping whatever she is thinking to herself behind her dark eyes.

Stepping forward the Prince of Sanctum says, "We are sending out the call to our bannermen to raise arms and get ready to fight. On the sea and on the land." Edain says, "There is much are still learning, so it is important we use this time to gather more information about our foe and make the best decisions we can while waiting for our bannermen to rally."

The Prince of Sanctum looks around the room, "Most intel we have available to us now, says that any one of these fleets is equaly in size to what the compact's combined naval might would be. And so the the King's COuncil believes we should hit one fleet as hard as we can, and though there is some debate still most appear to be in favor of trying to crush the fleet approaching the Darkwater Watch, and th en digging in and holding htem off at Stormwall and Setarco. Most believe the Gyre's ultimate goal is something at Darkwater Watch. I think Stormwall will be very hard to take by naval invasion. I think the real question is how quickly can our allies, and ourselves get forces there to help them hold out by forcing the Abyssal Fleet to put boots to ground if they want to take the city."

The Prince sighs, "I think Setarco will be more challenging to defend. Before I elaborate on why does anyone have any strong feelings on which of the 3 fleets we should confront?"

Veronica offers the same nod back to Kael, a smile to Reigna and Margerie, and she sits close to their seats. Solidarity. She's silent, still, and listens, briefly turning her eyes over the rest of the crowd at the prince's question but she herself remains quiet and absorbing the facts.

A hooded figure makes its way into The Vow with Driskel not far behind silent the figure stays at the back the black cloaks wrapped around its body.

"Please, do not be afraid to give us your honest thoughts. We need all information and opinion to make the best possible decision." Alis encourages. "And, I do not want anyone to feel that we will leave any of the three locations defenseless. Honor does not allow us to do that. /Something/ will be done to protect them."

"I think Darkwater Watch should likely receive the fleet's assistance, but I am no strategist, Your Grace." Jacque speaks up, frowning a little. "By all means, it is harder to send reinforcements to an island than it is over land, and Setarco still enjoys the advantage of being connected to the landmass. If the enemy fleet encircles Darkwater Watch, they are in for a very rough time."

It's in that moment for call of opinions that Katarina speaks up, a quiet voice but heard all the same, "I'm working on mounting a team to gauge the Herald's location out on the seas, insofar as whether his presence will be amongst the three locations. If it's Darkwater Watch like we believe, then I'll be able to confirm it."

Jacque nods once to Katarina's words. "I defer to my cousin's caution and good sense on this matter."

"Setarco as well as Darkwater are surrounded by water." Cristoph floats that rather obvious fact out there first. "Whatever land troops we send to help either location will be there. Possibly for a long period of time without any hope for renforcements or more /food/. While I have certain personal biases, I'd have to say sending the fleet to Darkwater is most appropriate." He rubs his hand along the side of his jaw. "The question then is how much land troops can be sent to Setarco and what can we do once we're there to help them fortify and survive a siege with no strong hope of resupply. Also- how many cilivians can be evacuted? Because even if we're successful in defending it, a lot of people are probably going to die." He tips his head. "Plus, the more non-combatants we can get out the more soldiers we can feed." He nods to Jacque, "True. The island Setarco is located on is larger. Makes it harder to know if it's being attacked in other locations on that landmass. You can't assume they'll straight walk up to the city itself."

Reese lifts her gaze to Edain and then looks over to Alis as they speak. She seems quite impressed with them so far and yet her somberness remains. She looks between Jacque and Katerina as they speak, nodding in mute agreement.

Titania moves her gloved hands up to pull her hood down her ocean blue eyes move directly to Edain, "Your Grace." she speaks up looking to Driskell nodding to something he says to her. "If I may." she asks him her eyes on him.

Sparte considers a little while before speaking up. "I only wish we knew where the strongholds of the Marin'alfar were. They've been fighting this threat for a very long time, we may be mistaking the target of the enemy. I agree with the choices made given what we know. It is what we don't know that troubles me."

Reigna gets to her feet after holding up her hand, "Is it not odd that the third fleet heads all the way up to Crovane lands when the other two remain relatively close and both attack islands?" She glances around and finds her voice again, "It seems to me that both the Setarco and Darkwater reaches will have swifter reinforcements, in one another than the third fleet which will be passing up along the Saffron chain and then the Mourning isles and still further north."

Cristoph points to Reigna from where he sits. "Also that."

Katarina looks aside to Titania when she reveals her presence, her brows marginally lifted with quiet interest. Her arms fold, fingers steepled together beneath her chin. "The Mourning Isles stretches nearly the entire eastern coast, so it isn't far-fetched, given Tyde Hall's approximation from Stormwall. We found him in an island in that general location of the sea northwest of Tyde Hall when he captured one of his daughters and killed her, so ... maybe there's a reason for that."

Edain nods to to Titania and says, "Of coures Lady Titania, please." He looks to Sparte then and says, "Hopefully the Embassy in the Maelstrom has heard something from them," and finally to Reigna he says, "Some thing it is a diversonary tactic, and while I think that is probably accurate, I still think there is something the Gyre wants in those cities. I have nothing to base this on other than a gut feeling but I would not be surprised if he thinks ther eis a chance one of his remaining children is one of those cities." He looks to Titania, "I apologize, please speak Lady Titania."

"We will be in a better position to answer some of those questions once we know just how many troops and supplies we can rally by calling our banners." There's probably a creeping note of frustration there in Alis' voice for all the time they must wait to make solid plans, but her expression is of somber resolve. "The observation has been made that it's the distance between Setarco and Crovane lands that has made them targets. The length of time it would take to move troops to either location time consuming and giving them, the enemy, an advantage. But the terrain there gives the Redrain an advantage in fighting and knowing the best supply routes."

Alis quiets then, giving Titania the floops. Oops! Player hit enter too soon.

Derovai murmurs something to Eshra over in the alcove, before he turns to study the new entrants, in a moment of quiet observation, his gaze darting back to Alis and Edain after a moment.

Reigna nods to Cristoph, and listens to Katarina, then Edain and Alis in succession. The answers offered have Reigna considering and nodding, and she quiets to let others speak. She's back to chewing on her lower lip.

Titania eyes stay on him, "First the Mairn'alfar are not answering I think perhaps things have become to much for them and they have retreated back perhaps to protect their own." she looks to Sparte then back to everyone else, "If you plan to send ships out into the battle to not split them apart, if the compact fleet is split it will be doom for all." she looks around at them all then to Edain.

Reese finally lifts her voice. "First I want to say that I very much appreciate Princess Alis and Prince Edain for holding this meeting and being so open about the situation with your vassals, but also with guests like myself. I am impressed. Moved and feel much more hopeful now." She says and then pauses. "I tend to agree that defending Darkwater might be best. Although the situation is beyond complicated and I am encouraged to hear that the other places will be no abandoned and left defenseless."

Sparte gives Titania an apologetic look at her words, nodding in acknowledgement before pulling some notes from his bag and setting them on the table in front of him. He shifts the pile around, trying to get something prepared.

Eshra who has been standing silently against the wall, arches a brow at whatever Derovai muttered to her, a crooked grin pulling at her lips though her attention never seems to waver from the conversation at hand.

Cristoph's eyebrows lift up towards his forehead when Titania declares there will be doom for all. He looks around and scrunches his nose. "I need a drink."

Katarina magnaminously sends Pawn, Rook's stolen courtier-in-training, to send Cristoph a flask of the 'doomsday' supply she keeps in stock.

Reese looks at the flask of booze with jealousy in her blue eyes! "Do you think he can get me one too?" She asks of the exotic seafaring Princess.

Reese is overheard praising Alis for: Sharing info with so many in a clear and respectful way. She is a voice who gives agency to her people and that is a great thing.

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

Alis is glad someone came prepared with the whiskey! "Thank you, Lady Titania. It was somewhat disheartening news to hear that we must consolidate to one fleet. We are crunching numbers, trying to see if there is any way we can manage to defend two ports at once, but.." her voice trails off. "This is really all of the information we have so far. So if you have any additional information to offer, now is definitely the time to do so. So we can relay it to others."

2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Philomel, the Nightingale arrive, following Lucita.

Sparte raises a hand to what Alis says, holding up a finger as though asking for more time before returning to sorting his notes.

Reese is overheard praising Edain for: With him as Highlord of the Oathlands the abyss doesn't stand a chance.

Katarina sets her mouth into a soft line, fingers drumming softly over the tabletop before her. A quiet word to Pawn upon his return from Cristoph just sees him going to confer with a servant to get the 'doomsday' good stuff flowing to those who need it; the last of her Eurusi rum, it would seem. "Of course," she murmurs to Reese.

Kael peers all the way yonder toward his liege (the Laurent one), considering a moment before glancing back to his fellow Keatons. He makes a wave-hand motion toward Vern who had been thankful to leave them, summoning the young man back and acquiring parchment. Thus a great amount of scribbling begins.

Cristoph looks puzzled when someone /actually/ hands him booze. "Oh, thanks." Uncertain and then he watches that person scuttle back over to Katarina and there's an 'ah ha!' sound from him. He gives the princess a two-fingered salute from his forehead.

Lucita has joined the Cavalier Table.

Edain nods to Titania, "That would make sense if they did." Edain says, "As for splitting the fleet, we have no intention of doing so. If we can destroy the fleet at the Darkwater watch and draw them into a prolongued seige at Stormwall, I think we have a chance to wheel on the Fleet at Setarco and strike at it while it is engaged in seige their, and we can keep them two remaining fleets from rallying to one another."

Edain turns to Reese and bows, "Thank you for your kind worlds Princess Reese. There is nothing about this fight that is going to be easy. But for whatever fearsom servants the gyre has... and no matter how powerful they are, and no matter how many ships he has, in the end what he has is pirates. And Pirates will bucklel if they have to put boots to ground and fight us in the open field."

"That said, think Setarco presents a problem. It is an island... we are going to have to get forces there by /boat/ which the Gyre's feelt could very well be looking for. My hope is that since reports are that the Gyre's fleet is moving through the Saffron Chain towards Setarco, that perhaps we can bring our forces to the southern side of the island and move them north to Setarco while the fleet goes around the southern short of Setarco and skirts the edges of the Saffron chain to rally with the Thrax and Grayson fleets. It might be worth our while to have a fast ship scout southern setarco to see if they spy any Gyre Patrols, and find a good place to make landfall."

Lucita quietly moves into the area, glances around and moves toward the table at which Sorrel sits, joining her there.

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

The offer of rum seems to include those in the alcove as well, but Derovai waves a black-gloved hand to dismiss the offer, motioning the servant on towards Eshra a bit offhandedly.

"I can get with Caelis and work with choosing one of our ships to take on the task, or confer with House Pravus to check on their intelligence on how close the fleets are to their outlying satelite islands." Katarina offers in quiet aside to Edain and Alis, the navigational admiral surprisingly not offering to do it herself.

Alis is in obvious agreement with Edain. And LOOK, while he's been speaking she's been detailing the plans that he describes by drawing them out on the map (don't worry, it'll come off the table.. hopefully). This way, there is a clear visual. And she adds in some fortifications there too, because there have to be fortifications. "Thank you, Kat. I think that would be perfect." is murmured then.

Cristoph slides the bottle across to Sorrel silently before speaking up, "The Knights of Solace are working on helping with the evacuation of civilians as well. If anyone could lend them aid, I think that Dame Thena Grayhope would appreciate anything she can get. She's coordinating the efforts."

Kael finishes his scribbling in little time and then presses the parchment to Vern's hand. Vern looks... confused. Now Kael looks confused. Somewhat flabbergasted, Kael shakes his head, huffs, and takes the note back so that he can show it to his wife. All sorts of discreetly.

Reese listens to Edain's words with close attention. "The Graysons are a bit lacking in navel forces, but also in sailors. I have been training with Duke Harald in sailing which will help. I might want to reach to out the other wards about sending us some sailors to help man our boots. I mean, we have rowers, but what I mean is those that can command a ship. We are much heavier in ground forces."

Veronica is distracted from still listening to the discussion at hand by Kael's and Vern's exchange. She lifts an eyebrow as Kael speaks with Reigna, then at Margerie. It's all kinds of silent 'what's this about now?'

"I did offer to help House Grayson with their naval needs, if I can be spared," Katarina chimes in Reese's mention of Grayson's lack of naval captains.

Getting to her feet again, Reigna asks, "Do we know what supplies are needed, or is it best to assume 'Everything'? Coordinating supply lines with things like food and medicines to provided for the added numbers of ground forces we're sending to Setarco is going to be a massive effort." She glances to Kael, looking at something briefly before she nods and returns her attention to Edain and Alis "Or is this along the lines of too soon to ask? Because we could try to blend evacuation efforts along with the supplies. The boats of stuff go in, same boats of civilians and children go out?"

Daemon nods his head at Cristoph when he mentions the Knights of Solace. "We are aiding with all common-folk that need places to be, or protection beyond the military. It's difficult enough between all the armies moving every which way. Some breathing room would be much appreciated."

Ian follows Wash (rather belatedly) inside and goes to join him.

"I will get in touch with Dame Thena, then. Or, delegate that to someone to look into." Alis nods at Cristoph gratefully. "Unless you are already working with her?" Just in case. "And our own navy is a fledgling one, Princess Reese. We definitely understand the constraint." is added in a comisserating tone. "Cavalry and ships..." They just don't match. ".. that's a good question Countess Reigna. Right now, I would say 'everything'. But, it's still too soon to really get a grasp on how much we will need. So for now, I would say hold off until we've heard back from the banner call. I'll be calling another of these meetings as soon as we have those numbers."

Titania looks to Alis and Edain, "Also it is impotrant to know, that he is not free. His reach is further then before but no he is not free. If he was this meeting would not be happening right now, he would be here in person on land." after she speaks she steps back and falls silent looking to Driskell then back to Edain and Alis.

Reese turns her attention to Katarina, giving her a smile. "Thank you. I would be honored and happy to take you up on that, assuming that you are not needed more elsewhere." Reese then turns her focus to Alis, giving her a nod. "Yea, these fleets present quite the challenge."

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

Gawain is a little late. He probably doesnt have an excuse so don't ask! And so he tries to slip in as unobtrusivly as possible... as unobtrusvie as a big dude in horse themed plate armor can be anyway.

Wash appears, but doesn't say anything, unless called upon.

Edain nods to Katarina, "That would be great, thank you." He looks out to the room again, "As soon as we learn wher ethe fleet will rally, Princess Admiral Caelis and Princess Admiral Katarina will start coordinating with any naval forces you have been able to raise as to where to join them. In the mean time I would encourage well start figuring out the logistics of sending troops either to STormwall or Setarco so when we are gathered we can deploy quickly."

Edain looks around the room, "There is one other thing. I won't speak in vagaries, we have all heard by this point that among the gyre's fleet he has powerful servants. Death dogs, and abyssally empowered warriors that are hard to hurt with anything but very special weapons. But this is important. Hard to hurt. not impossible." Edain's voice is somber but confident, "I fought Bringers of Silence in the Grey Forest, and on the Walls of Arx. At the tragedgy of Sanctum..." Edain closes his eyes for a moment and then continues, "There were demons as well as fanatics that attacked us. And while certain weapons can be more effective against some of the monsters of the world. There is one thing that I have yet to see fail at felling a monster. Will and persistence." Edain's voice raise just a little as he continues, "IF you find yourself faced with such a foe, remember to hold ranks. Protect the warrior to your left and trust your comrade will protect you. Be a wall of steel and fury, and if you have to.. send those bastards back to hell an inch at a time."

Kael gives Reigna a peculiar look at those words and, for whatever reason, is turning back toward the other two members of his household that are present. He shows off whatever is scribbled there and offers a few brief words to go along with it for the other two.

Margerie has been listening attentively, a quiet and steady presence. But it's as if there's some sort of old Valardin drinking game. Demons are mentioned and she's turning to look at Cristoph and Katarina. She caught glimpses of that whiskey or other alcohol passing earlier. "Do you have any more of that?"

Edain considers is words for a moemnt, "well I mean... Will and persistence go hand in and even thought that is technically two things. You all know what I mean."

Cristoph looks continuously surprised by this bottle of booze, it's returned again! Witchcraft! "I've contacted Dame Thena already regarding House Laurent, however I could do so on behalf of House Valardin and vassals if it was required of me. Or..." And here he gives a rather brilliant smile to Daemon down that way. "Sir Daemon would also be an /excellent/ choice. As he works more closely with the Knights of Solace than myself, clearly."

"I would recommend an effort into seeing if there are any more caches of Cobalt weapons we might've missed in the initial sweeps some months ago," Katarina opines sidelong to her brother Edain, when he mentions the death dogs and abyssally empowered warriors. "We know that those who wield them are immune to the effects of being exposed to the bile." Reigna receives a contemplative look. "So, perhaps that is an effort our more research-oriented peers could coordinate on with others?"

Lucita grows a little pale hearing Edain's words and her gaze slides around the room, lingering a little on the visages of those she knows best among those gathered.

Alis looks towards Sir Daemon, then. "Would you be willing to find out for me what kind of resource Dame Thena could use from us, in order to facilitate her efforts?" She tucked her hand under Edain's arm when he spoke of Sanctum and looked even more somber for a moment there. But, she also smiles at his comments on persistence and Will. "The Oathlands has always stood strong against what we fight. It will be no different now."

Reese takes part in the booze provided. She looks like she could really use a drink. She then turns to Edain, listening to his words and nodding in response.

a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Daemon looks quite surprised when Cristoph calls his name, almost making the Knight outright stammer when it's returned by Valardin's voice herself. His smile grows, bright and sunny as he bows deeply. "Of course, it would be my honor to act as an in-between for both. At your service."

Ian steps away from Wash and paces carefully to wherever Katarina is. He inclines his head towards her and says something quietly.

Katarina is seated at the honor table, writing messengers.

Sparte finishes what he was working on, rubbing at his left wrist and the palm of his hand. "I've finished copies of my updated theories regarding the darkwater, our enemy, and what we know the of the weapons against them. I don't have enough for literally every person here to wander off with one so please take a few to share at your table if you want to reference them."

Ian returns to where he was standing before.

:loks over to Jacque, giving him a nod. "That does sound good."

Titania watches Edain there is a stormy almost sad look to her eyes as she nods to Driskell speaking with him softly then listening and watching everyone move about and talk.

Something being whispered back and forth between Reigna and Kael is making the COuntess look grim and pale. She nods to Kael and seems to grow quiet.

Ian thinks of something else, and angles in Titania's direction.

Reese rises to her booted feet and has a somber smile. "Thank you for holding this. I found it inspiring and it will be helpful for when I hold my meeting. I need to get going through. Off to another meeting." She says gently.

Edain bows to Sparte, "Thank you Guardsman Sparte." He looks around the room then and says, "We have much to do, But we will honor the oath that was long ago. As the world endures, we will remember. And we will fight to save Arvum, our home and our allies. When steel bends, honor will hold." And that said he snaps to a salute.

Driskell is just a black robed figure against the wall observing what is going on.

Alis is an absolutely stereotypical Valardin in that moment. When Edain snaps out a salute, she does right afterwards. Maybe even looking misty eyed. *sneef* Martial pride, people.

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