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Written By Sira

Feb. 16, 2019, 11:02 a.m.(8/2/1010 AR)

The champagne silver and cardian snakeskin bar bar set sold recently, and I was only too pleased to see the funds go into increasing my stock of materials to work. Now if only I could get the feet to look right on the dawnstone and gilded bed.

Written By Willow

Feb. 16, 2019, 10:57 a.m.(8/2/1010 AR)

It was intriguing to meet Lord Danvir and the conversation he shared with me put me very in mind of some of my family's own more obscure practices. I am fascinated to hear anything he might know on Druids of old.

Written By Arik

Feb. 16, 2019, 10:03 a.m.(8/2/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Shard

One would imagine that as long as your fealty oaths are re-affirmed in light of your new title than until you break faith you are a Compact citizen. As to whether you owe fealty oaths to de Lire, Velenosa, or the Crown directly. I'm sure some scholarly sort will have an opinion but a public re-affirmation is likely in order.

Written By Beatrice

Feb. 16, 2019, 9:30 a.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

Nilanza has my love, but I left a piece of my heart in Setarco. I bantered here once with a perfumer on bottling dreams. Would that she could bottle this instead.

Thousands worked in concert to transform dust and air into wonder. Architects and artisans, sailors and soldiers. Is there any greater mark of our Compact, our humanity than creation? Of vision realized through unified purpose?

You know how cynically I left Arx. I was repaid it better than I deserved. It seems, too, that I must find my next project. The Titan of House Pravus is my credential.

Oh, Arx. What shall we build next?

Written By Ajax

Feb. 16, 2019, 7:29 a.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Jennyva

My patron, I think in the very least. Our relationship will be interesting moving forward.

Written By Ajax

Feb. 16, 2019, 7:26 a.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

A new job today! A little different then what I am used too. A lot of the higher up in society types, so it should prove lucrative. I will have to give thanks towards the Employer for the treat.

Written By Belladonna

Feb. 16, 2019, 7:25 a.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

On the Titan of Pravus:

Not a mere woman, she soared above gods and generals not on the backs of mighty beasts, but by virtue of her own so-called sins. She waited not for her wishes to be wrought by the hand of others, wresting them from the icy grip of those she should have feared.

This is her gift: for centuries ahead, and countless Reckonings yet to come, her shadow will fall upon any who hoist their sails in southern seas, shielding Setarco, eternally beautiful and forever unbowed.

A helpless girl turned legend, Archduchess Procella was blood of her House, Sin to her very bones, a testament to Setarco's will and its people. May her whispers be carried in the winds of the ageless seas, so all who sail past Setarco know our words: Cunning is no sin, a foolish ideal is no virtue.

Written By Ajax

Feb. 16, 2019, 7:24 a.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

I've hit a new breakthrough in my training. It's strange to think not too long ago, I was feeling like an old man. Now, I have mastered skills I had believed I already mastered, I keep learning while in this city. I keep growing too in ways I never thought possible, I suppose in the very least those I actually genuinely care for here I thank you. For things I will not speak too publicly to write in a journal which surprisingly a few of people read my thoughts. I am genuinely surprised by this and think my ramblings are boring but erm, I hope you're entertained.

Written By Bliss

Feb. 16, 2019, 5:08 a.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

A question I have seen posed a few times is this one:

"Where are our Nox'alfar and Marin'alfar allies during all of this?"

Now, I cannot speak for the latter group and will make no attempt to do so. I have had no interactions or dealings with them, and I know little of them or their culture. But I do suspect that much of what I'm about to write will apply to them as well.

The Nox'alfar are, simply put, one of the - if not the absolute - longest standing, most consistent allies of the Compact of Arvum. Consistently, again and again, when we faced an existential crisis, the Nox were there.

They stood beside us at the Reckoning, dying and bleeding with our own troops.

They stood beside us in the Elven Wars, providing warriors, weapons, tactics and tools to use against the forces that we're ravaging us at the time - in many cases, their very own, very important personal weapons, many of which are the very same heirloom blades that have come to represent your families and their honor.

They've aligned their strength with ours to deter foreign Invaders on more than one occasion. They have laid their lives down for ours on more than one occasion. They have promised to do so again.

In exchange for everything they have done, they do not ask much from us. A marriage every generation to renew and reinforce the ties. Having specific Abandoned tribes that are under their protection that we will not attack. Asking humans to not enter their lands without permission, and if we do violate that, being subject to their laws (and do keep in mind - I am one of the few who knows firsthand, more than most, just what that means). Requiring mutual defense against those foes which threaten both of our peoples.

They do not ask us to give up our right to self-rule. They do not ask us to give up our gods. They do not ask to put us under any laws that are not our own and are not those specified within our treaty.

They allow us to be free. Asking why the Nox'alfar aren't doing more is foolish - they have been incredibly generous to us and continue to be so, despite us forgetting the treaties, despite us violating them even recently.

The Compact would not exist were it not for our allies. And that is what the Nox are. They do not seek to usurp us. They do not seek to rule us. They are, in fact, allowing this choice to happen - because they believe we should be free to choose our own destiny. Yet they still support us as allies should.

I'm not quite certain what more people want from them.

Written By Martino

Feb. 16, 2019, 4:29 a.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

Quite fortunately a brawny looking scholar in the Great Archive did show to me where best to find a copy of a tome on brandy tasting notes. While one does enjoy a glass of the fine spirit, it is good for the pallet to reference back against notes. To remind the nose the journey it has to take.

Written By Shard

Feb. 16, 2019, 3:22 a.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Niklas

Am I an actual head of state now, then, rather than a mouthy commoner who clearly doesn't know what she's talking about? Fascinating.

They're not an army, they're a company of sellswords. People, usually nobles, hire them to do things, and that puts food on their table. On my table. They're all Compact citizens. And I've been helping to lead them for a number of years in countless battles. I led them at Setarco. I helped command at the Lodge of Petrichor.

I can see where this might be uncomfortable, given recent revelations. I can see where this might be questionable. By all means, let's have this discussion. Is it right, or proper, for me to be leading armed men and women into battle for members of the Compact? Is it right, or proper, for me to keep taking contracts from the nobility in order to carry out your wishes? To continue fighting in your wars as a mercenary? A weapon for hire?

The one thing that has changed, the one thing that is different, is that I've been named Prima of a faraway land most people have never heard of. Does that matter to the Compact, Your Highness? Because if it matters in this particular instance, it has to matter in /all/ instances. If my bloodline is important, then it's important. If I'm royal, then I'm royal. Not a joke. Not something to sneer at. Not someone to talk down to.

I mean this sincerely; I'm very interested in what anyone might have to say on this wrinkle.

Written By Lore

Feb. 16, 2019, 2:33 a.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

Your work is amazing and I am proud to wear it on my finger for more reasons than one!

Written By Valentina

Feb. 16, 2019, 1:42 a.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

On this day, the great project of House Pravus is complete!

The Titan of Setarco stands tall to welcome all who sail into the Drowned Bay and let them know the glory of the Pravosi. It is an enormous statue of Procella Pravus that took an incredible amount of manpower and resources to build. It stands as a true world wonder, a testament to the largesse of the House which built it.

The project was under the direction of Valentina Pravus, with the backing of Belladonna and Vivianna. Sebastian was the architect of its design, while Beatrice managed the onsite construction. Nisaa spread word far and wide, as Althea lured and gathered skilled artisans and craftspeople from all over the world to work on the masterpiece. Lucrezia was instrumental in shipping supplies, ensuring on-time deliveries. The entire colossal thing was built in far less time than it was believed to have been possible.

None who witnessed it's unveiling, or who sail under it's shadow, will ever forget such a breathtaking sight. Today all of House Pravus stands as one in the light of their great accomplishment and knows the reasons they have to be proud.

-Lady Valentina Pravus, the Silver Sun of Nilanza, Crimson Shark and Dowager Duchess of Setarco

Written By Sebastian

Feb. 15, 2019, 10:47 p.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

She is a great masterpiece, our Procella Pravus. Maybe the greatest thing I'll ever design. Certainly the largest by far -- a massive titan that towers above Setarco.

The sight of Procella Pravus standing over the harbor as one sails through the Drowned Bay into the Silken City is a sight to behold. One that will lift my heart upwards whenever I sail into Setarco -- and one that already makes me despair when I have to leave her presence.

That she will always be there, long after I'm gone, gives me comfort.

I will be forever grateful to Pravus and her allies for allowing me the opportunity to craft such a magnificent thing.

Written By Fairen

Feb. 15, 2019, 10:29 p.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

I don't mention it enough, perhaps, but my daughter's now a couple of months past her first birthday and she just continues to grow and grow. It's fascinating watching her, a little person constantly looking out at the world around her. I only hope she comes to like reading. I have a lot of books for her to read.

Written By Acantha

Feb. 15, 2019, 10:27 p.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

I think some changes are in order. For what I'm working on and for me personally. I'm hoping that things will fall into place and that people won't be angry with me.

Written By Acantha

Feb. 15, 2019, 10:27 p.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

I think some changes are in order. For what I'm working on and for me personally. I'm hoping that things will fall into place and that people won't be angry with me.

Written By Arianna

Feb. 15, 2019, 10:23 p.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Valentina

You have created something lasting and great, impressive leadership cousin. Procella's likeness and her legend will forever be intrinsically interchangeable with Valentina and Belladonna Pravus. The great leaders of Setarco who performed such a grand feat as this.

Written By Miranda

Feb. 15, 2019, 10:14 p.m.(8/1/1010 AR)

When bullies get what's coming to them only the prank goes too far.

I mean, seriously.

This is what duels are for.

And big brothers or sisters.

And swords.

Magic is for the experts.

Written By Josephine

Feb. 15, 2019, 5:52 p.m.(7/28/1010 AR)

There is a profound sense of joy that I am filled with when I am called to create something that will be placed upon the finger of another when they are asked to bind their hands. Noble or commoner, I care not. These pieces? These are pieces that the whole of my heart is thrown behind and I confess, perhaps they get filled before others. Wedding bands are such personal things, so unique. I like to hear the story of how they met, to know how the one will ask the other. To take the personality or the desires, and make something truly unique. The embodiment of them as a pair.


You have some of my finest and favourite work upon your finger. Now to stop rubbing my thumb upon my own wedding band. It never quite goes away, that longing. I am grateful for the time we had. Do take care of them up there. Till one day I join you. Till then, I've more things to make for more people to give to those they love. Even if it's themselves.

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