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Written By Arik

April 21, 2019, 10:33 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Rowenova

My retainer has won the commoner's fisticuff tournament. This isn't surprising to me a hardy northerner with some pep. I am more surprised she won the fishing challenge. I wonder if it was ice fishing?

Written By Mia

April 21, 2019, 10:33 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Amari

At the urging of Lady Keaton, I have been practicing with a bow every afternoon for at least one hour a day. I cannot say whether or not I've discovered any particular talent as an archer, but I can say that I have discovered muscles I was never aware I had. And they are sore.

All of them are sore.

Written By Josephine

April 21, 2019, 10:22 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Exhausting. Utterly exhausting.

And yet, not done. The sheer amount of individuals who have turned out. But then, this is a life changing pot that has been put up. What will those who take it home do with it?

I am sorrowful for those who will not be taking it home. But no doubt this will provides stories a plenty around home hearths and taverns, the tales of those who ran, caught, fought and flung themselves off rooftops.

Tomorrow though.


Written By Arcadia

April 21, 2019, 9:57 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

I went to the agricultural college thinking that I would be assisting in some mild scouting. an adventure of sorts. I did not expect to be fighting in such conditions.

It is the first time I've seen death do close. There was so much blood. I can still smell it. I see it when I close my eyes.

Apparently with enough whiskey this will pass.

Written By Amari

April 21, 2019, 9:33 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Shae

Thank you for helping me off the field and making sure I was cared for after the battle. Lady Olivia did a fine job of stitching my arm back on, and when I returned home, Reigna looked it over and redressed it. She's sure I'll make a full recovery, I just won't be training for a time. If you haven't you should let Reigna treat your leg as well.

Written By Marisol

April 21, 2019, 9:25 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Michael

I thought to write to you about Basil since you seem to be so greatly concerned about the well being of the lamb. Basil is well and full of delight and far too much energy. I worry that our grounds are not extensive enough for her but she seems to be growing bigger by the hour - which is likely true. She eats far too many leafy greens then is likely advisable for I do not even like that many leafy greens. I will keep you advised to her status.

Written By Silas

April 21, 2019, 9:21 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Luca

I knew you would never fall in battle. That misadventure - if anything - would be what took you. And even then, it would be a close match.

I will miss you. Until we next meet, friend.

Written By Marisol

April 21, 2019, 9:21 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Bhandn

I favor those who have done me a service. Sir Bhandn spoke for me when I could not find my voice and it could have cost him more. For that he has more than my thanks. May he look to me should he need of anything.

Written By Gregory

April 21, 2019, 9:12 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

I was asked a question today that shows to me the failings of speculation. If I had not become godsworn, had the accident never happened that prevented me from taking on my fathers farm in time, would I have been happier as a farmer? When we look back at the choices we made, or that were made for us, we must always bear in mind that the grass is greener on the other side, for when we look back, we look back with fondness for what might have been. What do we know of that grass from a distance?

Written By Gregory

April 21, 2019, 9:06 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

If I am to be a senior scholar one day, I must complete a project. My only project thus far is into the canticle of the dawn, and that has led me to a place that I fear I cannot go. It is acceptable to put together an expedition and count that as part of my research? I should spepak with Archscholar Sina to confirm the details. Otherwise I need to look for something else to research.

Written By Gregory

April 21, 2019, 9:03 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Recently I have been spending time within the shrine of The Thirteenth, as part of the preerations to take the vows that will mark me as Scholar in the name of Vellichor. I have been reading the White Journals to see what others make of their time in the shrine, and one of the themes that emerges is that of an oppressive silence. This is a concept that I can both relate to, any yet wonder why those who experience it allow it to be so. In silence, you are with your own thoughts; and if your own thoughts are opressive and bear down upon you, then is that not the time when you need the silence the most in order to reflect upon them?

There is a dual reason to my pressence here though. The first is reflection upon what I am about to do, which for most would be a bigger step I feel. As a Godsworn, my life is already in service to the gods first, and to myself second. This furhter binding of myself to Vellichor is a step which within my heart I have already taken, though I have not spoken the words of the Scholar's vow to him.

The second is more cynical. It is to see the consequences of a vow not kept. Look and see those with one hand, with no tongue and no face. They were found lacking, and so have been punished, their penance is to serve as a silent reflection. Channel well your passion and beware your failings, for they are no excuse for a vow not kept.

Written By Mailys

April 21, 2019, 8:07 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

I think I'll look into the woods of the Great Houses. I enjoyed the driftwood, so maybe I'll make sets in another specific wood. Ash, maybe?

Written By Khanne

April 21, 2019, 8:06 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Luca

I did not know you well, but I knew OF YOU well... if that makes sense.

Last time I saw you, which wasn't long ago, just at the Clearlake Archery Tournament about a week ago. I said I owed you a drink for... fifth place was it?

I was looking forward to it, and now, well, maybe another turn. Until then, one day soon I will host a Luca night at the bar and buy a drink for whomever comes.

You will be missed and you will most definitely be remembered.

Written By Mailys

April 21, 2019, 8:04 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Dragonweep. What an amazing gemstone! I think I'm going to find out everything about it that I can.

Written By Vanora

April 21, 2019, 6:10 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Luca

There has been so much grief, I don't know how to add to it.

There ought be space to mourn the happy Prince, the man whose presence lit up any space he was in, and brought laughter despite everything.

Now he won't be there to do it the next time. Or here to do it this time.

We will miss you, Prince Luca.

Written By Jeffeth

April 21, 2019, 5:51 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Luca was a good man. I have seen some confused on the circumstances of his death. If any would like clarification I invite them to write to me.

Written By Sudara

April 21, 2019, 5:36 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

"Tenebrae's Towers"! Though I readily confess that it had never occurred to me that our people might choose to rename Esterhold's primary defensive structures in her honour, I am as delighted as I am proud of my wonderful Shield and Voice. The accolade is deserved, since the project was a resounding success... not least because we managed to pair the construction efforts with development of the necessary crafts and resources. Esterhold's still an impoverished backwater by the standards of most longer-established domains, but there's a great deal to be said for seeing one's plans take tangible form, as one's people build new lives for themselves.

Written By Zacharie

April 21, 2019, 4:40 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

There are still mysteries that need solving, at least one which I promised my niece and nephew I would be there with them throughout. What happened to their father, to my it the same as what almost happened to Niccolo? Was I to be next? There is much to puzzle out.

Written By Ajax

April 21, 2019, 4:26 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

A rough couple of weeks, so many dead. So many people mourning people I have never met before. I cannot claim that I will miss those who fell. But I wish them well on the wheel.

Written By Samantha

April 21, 2019, 4:26 p.m.(12/18/1010 AR)

Relationship Note on Rymarr

I still have it in one of the drawers of my keepsake box.

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