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Iron Pentathlon - Swimming

The Iron Pentathlon is a contest featuring five events, with athletes from each fealty participating in the competitions over the span of a week.

It will start with the Foot Race and end with the Duel tournament. The skills demonstrated in each of the five events in the Iron Pentathlon are thought to be useful in war or battle, making them invaluable to a warrior. The first, second, and third-place finishers in each event receive medals: gold, silver, and bronze, respectively. The fealty with the most amount 'medal points' is declared the overall winner and receives the Iron Cup.

The registration fee is 15 economic resources per event. You can register for every event if you can afford it. Others can pay the registration fee for a competitor. All resources should be given to Silas along with a note of the competitor's intent to compete. The resources will go to the Iron Guard, essentially making this a fundraiser event. You have until the start of the event to register.

There is a limit of three competitors from each fealty for each event. This is to prevent the contest from being inundated by competitors from one fealty. It is first come first serve, though you can sign up as a substitute if the slots are already filled in case someone doesn't make it. Please check the sign up sheet ahead of time: if all slots are filled, Silas will not be accepting your resources, but he will put you on the list as a substitute. He will only accept the registration fee if it is a certainty that you will compete. If you do end up competing after registering as a sub, he will accept the registration fee after the event.

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July 26, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Aiden Aksel Korka Eirlys(RIP) Alexis Nicia(RIP) Alarissa Jael Estaban(RIP) Lou Reese Fergus(RIP) Marian Esoka Dante Lydia Cristoph Katarina Artorius Luca(RIP) Gaston



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


I made a rather good showing in the Iron Guard Pentathlon swimming competition, I think. I took the silver medal for second place, coming in behind only Princess Reese. If I had to take less than first, I'm pleased Grayson won the top spot. That woman swims like a fish! Dame Alexis Wyrmfang did Valardin credit, earning third. All in all, it was a fine, spirited competition from the men and women of Redrain, Velenosa, Valardin and Grayson. I am proud to have taken part. For kin and honor, and all thanks to the Iron Guard for providing us a field on which to excel.


If Baron Whtehawk decides to do a repeat of the Iron Pentathlon, I hope he'll consider doing it earlier in the year - the water was freezing.

I admit, I went into the contest hoping only to acquit myself well for Valardin. I did go all in, however, and while I didn't have any of the amazing bursts of speed that some of the other contestants were capable of, I managed to keep a mostly even pace (even if I swallowed some sea water). Call it Oathlands persistance - it paid off, as I earned the bronze medal and third place, behind such luminaries as Prince Reese Grayson and Dame Esoka Greenblood.

I admit I'm proud. And I admit I hadn't expected to place so well. I'll give some credit to the cheering section that I could hear all the way over the crashing waves - with Duke Laurent using his battlefield voice.

Maybe that's why Princess Reese did so well - her cheering section was swimming after her, after all.

Alexis makes her way to the beaches, quickly stripping down to breast bindings in white linen, her Valardin ribbon, and a simple shift. Leaving her clothes and Wyrmstooth in the care of Alarissa, inquiring quietly of the Princess if she would mind, terribly. Then, assuming a positive answer, she gives a rueful smile, and hurries into the waters, shivering slightly in the chill, and giving a small wave to her fellow swimmers. "It's... Fresh. Yes. Fresh is the word." She's trying to keep her teeth from chattering. She's not -quite- succeeding.

Tiny Tom arrives, following Sparte.

Aksel looks over to Silas and makes his way towards him. "I will compete for Redrain, if a third does not show."

Silas blinks when Aksel steps forward, but nods. "You may compete, for a third is not signed up for Redrain."

Aiden sits down underneath the trees and warps his arms around Severa, he's sitting somewhere near to Estaban and Alarissa.

Reese peeks over to her husband and despite likely sharing a room with him, she looks him over as the man strips down. Her cheeks are as pink as the ribbons in her golden locks. "Are we having the same bet again, Bimble?" She asks the man. "And I will take that. I am a seal, instead of a polar bear." She stretches trying to look all seal like. She smiles over to Alexis when she joins the near the water. "Hi, Dame Mermaid."

Lydia looks around for a gathering from Nightgold as she makes her way down to the beach.

Artorius strips down to the bare minimum, cracking his neck a little as he shakes his hair free of the braids in the side of his head so he could swim free. He breathes for a moment as the chill water, humming a little as he receives his ribbon, lifting his arm after wrapping it around his bicep. He breathes, looking then to SIlas.

Alarissa looks over from where she knelt to murmur to Aiden but there's Alexis and Alarissa takes what is given - the weapon with a bit of a wary look but taken one the less - and with a dip of her head and murmured words of encouragement, settles in to watch.

Luca has joined the In the Water.

Reese has joined the In the Water.

Being clad in full armor, it is evident Dante is not here to swim. He walks with the easy grace that only Dante manages to pull off. Dante reaches up to remove his helmet and tuck it up under his left arm after having moved to a spot to spectate.

Eirlys strips down to under things and folds them and places them on her folded cloak before looking around. When she sees Alarissa she walks over and asks. "May I leave my stuff here, Princess?" She has to look so silly stripped down in the cold. She seems to be doing ok though even if she is kind of dancing back and forth from one foot to the other so both don't touch the ground.

Marian winks at her husband, "Oh I'll be flashing more than you love." She starts to remove her clothes, stripping down to what's underneath. Unlike her fellow ladies that have chosen to wear fancy swimming outfits, she's just in a leather vest and matching leather shorts that are basically pants that she cut off to make them shorts and they molded to her form. They do nothing to hide the scars that riddle her chest, arms and hands, but the warrior doesn't care. She jumps into the water and then moves to join her husband, "Nice and chilly...sure to keep you awake."

"Hello, Princess Seal." Alexis retorts, having overheard Reese. It comes out a little more staccato than she intends, but she smiles bravely. "I don't have enough scales to be a mermaid, more's the pity." Raising her hand in a wave to Eirlys, and giving Luca a nod as he joins as well. Biting her lip, glancing to where Silas is situated. "Well. I'm sure we'll warm up once we start swimming, right?" She decides, looking to Esoka for confirmation.

Alarissa, keeper of the garb. There's a nod from the Valardin Princess, a gesture for Eirlys to lay her things nearby to her for protection. "Good luck" She offers to the woman. "Try not to eat Princess Marian's wake. Make Prince Fergus eat yours." Tongue in cheek and a grin none the less.

Aksel nods his head politely to Silas before removing clothing and placing them someplace safe and dry before making his way down to the waters edge and ultimately into it.

A wave then from Gaston to those he knows, the Blackram already out on the water, and moving to keep warm.

Esoka takes a place not far from Reese and Luca. "Your highnesses. May one of us find glory for Grayson this day." A bright grin is flashed at Alexis. "It will be very brisk! But, aye, I suspect we won't notice it by the second leg or so. It shall serve as motivation! This is not water I'll have any particular wish to linger in."

The realization that Eirlys forgot to say hi to Aiden hits her and she blushes, though it is probably hard to see given the cold. "Sorry, Hello again, I am sorry. My mind is all over the place today." She says to the man. When Alarissa says yes she smiles, dimples showing. "Thank you!" She sets her clothing down. What possessed her to say yes to this she has no idea but here she is and she is going to represent Valardin the best she can. She moves back to the water.

Reese smiles with pleasure at Alexis' nickname, seeming to like such. She then peeks over to Esoka. "Woots, Graysons!" She says in her directions. She starts to stretch as if getting ready to dive into the water.

Katarina prises herself away from her seat in the sands. A gloved palm dusts off her rear before she sets off down the dune with a haggard step. Briefly she glances out toward the waters, then over the spectators, before turning to continue her departure from the beaches.

Katarina has left the Northern Dunes.

"Good luck out there today..." Aiden looks up to Eirlys, then pushes himself up from the ground, murmuring something to both Alarissa and Estaban.

Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl leave, following Katarina.

Estaban moves to put his cloak on the ground near him smiling at Alarissa then taking a seat and looks to Aiden tilting his head speaking with him.

    Silas clears his throat and turns to face the gathering crowd and the competitors now wading into the water.

    "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the Iron Pentathlon's swimming competition. It will be a race that is five laps long. Swimmers may perform any technique they wish during the course of the race, at any time."

    "For our competitors today: we have Prince Luca, Princess Reese, and Dame Esoka entering on behalf of House Grayson. We have Prince Fergus, Princess Marian, and Master Askel representing House Redrain. Dame Alexis, Lady Eirlys Greenmarch, and Lord Gaston Blackram will be competing on behalf of House Valardin. And last, but not least, Lord Artorius Malvici will be competing on behalf of House Velenosa."

    "It seems like everyone is already in the water, so we shall begin shortly. I apologize for not having enough ribbon favors on hand, and those who don't get one right now will have one delivered to them later!"

Aiden has left the Beneath Trees.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Severa, the Guard Shepherd leave, following Aiden.

Aksel has joined the In the Water.

As Luca kicks off his cloak and alaricite blade to the old Lyucene man that's something of his shadow now and then, he can't help but catch a brief admiring glance of Marian's various scars on display. Not leering or whatnot, though there's simple appreciation there too. More just someone who admires toughness it seems. As he's striding then towards water practically naked in that little scrap of cloth, unabashedly so, he grins lopsidedly and nods Alexis' way at the Princess Seal bit to Reese, winking said wife's way and offering quick. "There you go Ribbons the Speedy, another nickname jut for you." Esoka gets another relaxed grin at her greeting and Reese's ensuing declaration, and Luca's calling out in turn. "Go Griff...ins!" Unfortunatly that last word pitches about two octaves higher by the end of it, as Luca just then had reached about waist level in the chill water, and judging his widening eyes and the pitch of voice, brisk doesn't even begin to cover it. His voice normalizes quickly as he settles into the water, dunking himself down and shivering off a layer of water with a gushing huff of air before adding with proud tone for Esoka. "If anyone has a chance to take this, it'll be our Ribbons, but good swimming to us as well, Soka. Perhaps we can take all three medals, eh?"

2 Pravus Guard arrives, following Nicia.

Hearing only one competitor for Velenosa, Dante calls out from where he were standing. "Dante Fidante to compete for House Velenosa." He begins to quickly strip from his armor, waving over a servant for the Fidante house to hold his house sword.

Cristoph winces as people get into the cold water. He's used to winter-y stuff but really, he's not into swimming in water in the late fall. As others sign up last minute, he turns his head in their direction as faint amusement crosses his expression. "This is going to get interesting."

Reese wades into the water, shivering a she does. She peeks over to Luca at this words. ""Oh, I am not sure about that. We will see." She says, even as goose bumps raise up on her pale arms.

At the call of his name, Aksel simple offers a polite nod of his head. His drops to a knee in the water splashing some up his chest. He shivers, because you would have to be a polar bear not to, "I don't think I drank enough before coming down here," he says his brows furrowing a bit before he dunks his head under the water. Coming up he grins just a little, "Definately not."

Is it late if they haven't started swimming? Possibly. Probably. Nicia makes her way down to the beach, moving at the quick pace of someone that knows they are running behind but doesn't actually want to admit it by running. Running just leads to falling, and falling leads to never arriving.

"And at the last minute, Lord Dante of House Fidante joins the ranks for House Velenosa! Good on him."

    "Five minutes until we begin: on your marks, everyone!" Which is just being in the water, frankly.

"Well met, Lord Fidante." Alexis bobs her head at the southerner joining in. Exhaling softly, trying to keep from shivering, she looks to Gaston and Eirlys. "Let's try to make a good showing. Even if Grayson have their sights set on all the medals." She declares.

Artorius turns his head to Dante, a small smile on his face when he announces he will also be competing for Velenosa. He bows his head to him in appreciation, before going waist deep in the water. "Well met, Lord Dante. Lets make Velenosa proud."

e "//Very// brisk!" Esoka says, with a big grin at Luca and his sudden reach of a higher octave. She waves a hand to wave boisterously to Dante when he announces he's joining. And, also to beckon him. Hurry up, it's cold in here!

Marian might have seen Luca's look and sends her old trainer a wink and wave in greeting. She also waves to Reese as well. She looks around, realizes that Cristoph is not in the water, "Your Grace, you're not joining us?" She laughs and treads water, keeping an eye on Silas to see when it's time to go.

"I am not fucking hairy." Fergus snorts at Marian, looking down at himself. Sure he's got chesthair, which might make him a bit furry, but nowhere else on his torso. His wife gets a nudge before moving deeper into the water.

"By the gods I'd best do this fast so I can get out of the water." Dante offers Artorius a wink and as Esoka waves boisterously he moves to line up with the rest of the competitors. "Lets get this party started."

"Aaaand... GO!"

    @check stamina + athletics at 15 for the first lap, if you want to do the standard free style. If you want to do a Breaststroke, check at difficulty 20 and if you succeed you get 10 points added to your result. If you want to do a Backstroke, check at difficulty 25 and if you succeed you get 20 points added to your result. If you want to do a Butterfly, check at difficulty 30 and if you succeed you get 30 points added to your result.

Reese stands in the water, getting ready to swim. She notices Marian's wave and smiles gently in return. "May the princesses out pace their husbands again!." She says, but sounds playful.

Alexis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Eirlys checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Esoka has rolled a critical success!
Esoka checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 65 higher.

Luca checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Gaston checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 8 lower.

Reese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 48 higher.

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Dante checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 8 lower.

Artorius checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Luca's back to being a terrible competitor, given that when Dante steps up, he's actually cheering from the waters along with others on land. "That's the Lycene way! Give us a good showing! Bravo Dan, kick some ass Artie!" Yup, the Lazy prince really doesn't seem to get this whole process. But when the swimming starts, he's hopefully going to stop screwing around and actually focus. If nothing else, he makes a beautiful lot of bronzed flesh cutting his way through the water, even if he's not likely to be that near the lead.

At the signal, Alexis dives in, body bobbing in the butterfly style, but she's - again - far from the fastest, and settles for finding as comfortable a place she can in the wake.

Aksel checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Marian gets off to a slow start, still dealing with the cold of the water, even though the leather should help insulate her a little. She starts off with the butterfly, knowing that it will get her more points. She glides through the water but not fast enough as quite a few people, including her husband pull ahead.

3 Laurent novice guards arrives, following Jael.

Artorius at the call for them to go, he would dive into the water, doing a standard freestyle for now to get his bearings. He passes quite a few people right out of the gate, at Luca's cheering, he laughs, making a strong first showing as he moves through the water with a focus.

And for the first leg, Aksel has decided to do the back stroke. It's not all that impressive of a stroke, but it affords him the oppurtunity to conserve some energy. Maybe in a race like this, being conservative will work.

Not known for his swimming prowess, Dante tries for a backstroke so as not to have his face submerged in the cold waters, but soon enough he is floundering in his attempt to synchronize his kicks and pulls of his hands in the water.

Esoka //blasts// into the sea in a splash of cold autumn water and tattooed muscle. She plainly knows how to swim. Her arms and legs propel her through the surf like she was born to it. She lets out a high-pitched sound that's like a mix of a battlecry and a yelp of shock as she throws her body fully into the water. Because it's //very// cold. She does the butterfly stroke with practiced athletic grace.

For the first lap, Esoka pulls out *way* ahead of the pack. Reese is some distance behind, and Eirlys is behind her. Luca is barely ahead of the rest of the group behind them.

Reese does the butterfly stroke and she is working her nimble limbs rather quickly. She is not quick enough to keep pace with Esoka, who is well ahead of her though.

As the race starts, Nicia pauses to see who is in the water, taking note before she begins to scan the rest of the crowds. A small, thoughtful frown tugs down the corners of her mouth downwards until she spots Cristoph. When she does her expression brightens and she begins to make her way in his direction.

Jael hustles down to the beach wrapped in a cloak and with red nose-tip and cheeks, just as the swimmers take off. But not her. She's just hear to support the team and not ruin her dress. "Team Valardin!" she whoops when she's near enough to be heard.

Eirlys manages to burst into butterfly stroke quickly, she isn't in the lead but she is doing pretty well, apparently the cold is a very good way to motivate someone into moving!

Full out, that's how Fergus tends to live. Balls to the wall and so forth. He might be in the lead or at the top of the pack, somewhere in the middle but that's good enough for him, since he's ahead of Marian, that's good enough for him. Now to just stick to it.

Gaston tries to start out in a backstroke, but well... Perhaps he's cramping from the could. Regardless, there doesn't seem to be much speed coming from the Blackram this lap.

Wrapped up with a cloak over her jacket, Korka trudges her way down the beach in the direction of those gathered, and as she closes the distance her eyes are already out on the swimmers, curiosity and interest showing. Still, once she gets into range where she might actually bump someone her attention does shift to those nearby, and she finds somewhere to stand. At least mostly out of the way.

"GO EIRLYS! PLEASE DON'T DROWN!" Cristoph calls out to her as she picks up a good pace and pulls into third. He claps his hands and puts two fingers to his mouth to make an obnoxiously loud whistle happen. It's to everyone elses benefit that he spots both Jael and Nicia and pipes down (for a hot minute) to wave them over. "GO BLACKRAM!" Yeah, that was a short minute. "ALEXIS!" Maybe Edain made him team captain because he's loud. Damn Laurents. Can't take them anywhere.

Lou makes her way upon the scene, grossly late - but she makes it. Curious eyes search around, checking out those who are present. She recognizes a few figures in the water, some of them family, and at least one of them an acquaintance. She grins widely, then looks to see where she might get a good vantage point. She says to those gathered around her, whomever they might be, "Who is winning so far?"

Lydia jumps up and down on the shoreline, cheering on Fergus and Marian and Aksel. It's not clear who she wants to win, and maybe that's just her style.

@check stamina + athletics at 20 for the second lap, if you want to do the standard free style. If you want to do a Breaststroke, check at difficulty 25 and if you succeed you get 10 points added to your result. If you want to do a Backstroke, check at difficulty 30 and if you succeed you get 20 points added to your result. If you want to do a Butterfly, check at difficulty 35 and if you succeed you get 30 points added to your result.

Gaston checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 4 higher.

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Alexis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 7 higher.

Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Esoka checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 24 higher.

Aksel checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 7 lower.

Luca checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 6 higher.

Reese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 39 higher.

Jael arrived only just before Lou, slightly less grossly late and therefore not far from Lou. "A Grayson, I believe, your highness," she replies, looking out into that cold cold water and gesturing towards Esoka in the lead. She tilts her head to shoot a little glare at her brother for his imitation os a wavy arm man while she's trying to /talk/ over here.

Artorius checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Eirlys checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 23 higher.

Dante checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

"Cristoph." Nicia greets when she's within speaking range, which hopefully is heard with all the cheering happening. She glances at Jael, giving her a nod of greeting as well before turning her attention back towards the swimming.

The breaststroke, that sounds like a more fitting swim move for Dante Fidante. Spinning over and beginning to try out the different swim move, Dante manages to actually accomplish something this time, sharp breaths coming from his mouth at the brisk water temperature.

Lou's eyes easily slide to Jael when she's addressed. She offers the slightly younger woman a nod of her head. "Thank you," she looks curiously out at the water, standing on tip toe a moment to look over a taller fellow, then settles back on her heels. "Oh my. There are several Graysons out there. Is this a relay or are they each competing individually?" she asks.

Well, Luca may not be winning, but he's actually trying this time! Lenosia's got enough beach he grew up with the sea and he's moving like a fish through the water in a smooth, steady butterfly. He's well behind the Grayson ladies, but the grin on his face as he breaches the water makes clear he's enjoying it all despite that. The one bad thing? He can't mouth off and call out encouragement to his opponents and cohorts without risking drowning.

Can a man go backwards in a swimming race? Well Aksel certainly is trying to do that when he flips from the backstroke to the breaststroke. He totally timed things wrong and ends up sucking up water. He rights himself somehow and tries to continue.

Well, it seems flipping over for the breast stroke certainly made a difference for Gaston. Still near the back of the pack of course, but at least he's moving better than he was on the first leg.

Right now Eirlys is focusing on the swim, she is trying her hardest to get ahead though when it is all over she should give Cris a big hug, yeah a big wet hug of Thanks!

Marian switches to the backstroke for the next leg of the race, flipping over so she can breath easier in the cold water as she starts to speed up. She looks over at Artorius that's keeping pace with her, and she's a bit in front of her husband, making her smile bigger as she calls out to her other half, "You're slowing!"

"Should I buy a horse for Edain and Alis?!" Cristoph calls out loudly but not quite /shouting/ this time to Jael. Is she talking to someone important? When Nicia gets near enough, he slings an arm around her shoulder and drops a kiss onto the top of her head. "You made it!" It means that he can still whistle, thankfully he's taller than her so it's not happening in poor Nicia's ear. - And he should get a wet hug of thanks. Since last even he wiped his sweat on people. It would be fitting. And he's not quite done being loud: "GO VALARDINS!"

Reese overtakes Esoka, and Eirlys closes in on Esoka! She doesn't quite catch her yet, but she's getting there. Alexis, meanwhile, swims alongside Luca in fourth place.

With a body like his, Fergus is not the most hydrodynamic of swimmers. He's built for the long swim, not the sprint. And then Marian has to go and give him shit for him passing by. This is how it starts, she's going to be him. Again. At everything. The emasculation never ends with his wife. Even if it's all in his own head.

Artorius shifts into a backstroke and it appears he's doing MUCH better with it, breathing through his nose as he manages to not be last yet not be first either. He breaths a little and notices that he's keeping good pace with Marian! He's gonna give it his all, even though he notices reese quite in the lead.

Reese continues to to the butterfly, pumping her tone limbs and edging just ahead of Esoka and then Eirlys. She seems quite focused on this competition.

Esoka continues to attempt to fly butterfly-style through the water on the second leg of the race. She doesn't glide //quite// as swiftly this time, falling a little behind Reese as the competitors swim through the water, but she keeps going strong. Head coming up for gasps of breath and quick shakes of her dark, unruly curls.

Alexis keeps up, swimming as best she is able, gasping for air and keeping that butterfly stroke going. Focusing more on herself than the competition, though hearing a certain duke be so terribly loud, the tiny knight can't help but smile.

"Individual. Winner takes all," Jael replies to Lou, clasping her gloved hands before her and blowing on her fingertips to warm them as everyone crazy enough to get in the water flips over in the water for their own private reasons. "Oh look, now it's /two/ Grayson-types to beat. WHY?" The last part is tossed over her shoulder to the man who looks a fair bit like her and is shouting at her relentlessly.

Nicia wraps an arm around Cristoph's waist, giving him a half-hug before she glances back towards Jael at the answer to the horse question. She's somewhat curious about that herself, but doesn't add her own why to it. Instead she just smiles, "I almost thought that I wouldn't make it, but I was able to get work done just in time."

@check stamina + athletics at 30 for the third lap, if you want to do the standard free style. If you want to do a Breaststroke, check at difficulty 30 and if you succeed you get 10 points added to your result. If you want to do a Backstroke, check at difficulty 35 and if you succeed you get 20 points added to your result. If you want to do a Butterfly, check at difficulty 40 and if you succeed you get 30 points added to your result.

Luca checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 5 higher.

Gaston checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 2 higher.

Alexis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 1 lower.

@check stamina + athletics at 25 for the third lap, if you want to do the standard free style. If you want to do a Breaststroke, check at difficulty 30 and if you succeed you get 10 points added to your result. If you want to do a Backstroke, check at difficulty 35 and if you succeed you get 20 points added to your result. If you want to do a Butterfly, check at difficulty 40 and if you succeed you get 30 points added to your result.

Dante checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Fergus has rolled a critical success!
Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 64 higher.

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 13 lower.

Esoka has rolled a critical success!
Esoka checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 57 higher.

Artorius checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 10 higher.

Lydia screams, "Go Fergus!!"

Aksel checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 4 lower.

Reese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 10 higher.

Eirlys checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 5 lower.

Alexis gets distracted, and she swallows some of the freezing water, and then she's staggering and coughing and falling behind.

"ALEXIS NO DROWNING!" Cristoph calls when she starts staggering. He makes a flaily gesture with his one free arm.

It is a lucky thing that Dante is more or less near the back of the pack of competitors so he does not see his fellow Sword, Fergus, take off like he has something to accomplish. Dante sticks with his breast stroke. "Stroke..." He begins to pant when his mouth is out of the water exhaling and inhaling once again.

Marian shouldn't have taunted her husband, it backfires on her because she jinxes herself and get a cramp, having to slow almost to a crawl while her husband just leaves her in his dust. She knows she's falling behind but she has to work it out before she can push herself to keep on going. Marian might have fallen behind this leg but she is not out of the competition.

Lou perks up a bit when it's mentioned that there are now two Graysons at the lead. She seems somewhat conflicted by that. "It's just Lou, by the way," she says to Jael. Always one to dismiss titles where she can, no matter what people might think socially. "And so I see. Dame Esoka and my sister, Reese." Her eyes move along the swimmers and alight upon Luca. "And it seems my brother-in-law is in there somewhere. And he's trying to gain!" she observes.

What more can be said about Aksel's swimming? Well, it's definately horrible. Just when he thinks he's got it figured out, a friendly little wave comes up and pops him in the mouth. He sputters a bit even wading in one spot for a moment before pushing on. Never give up. Never Surrender. Nobody said anything about not drowning.

Artorius finally switches things into high gear, going into a butterfly stroke and really passing some people now! He starts breathing a little, but he's still going strong! Doesn't appear to be slowing down either.

"GO RIBB*GLUG!*ONS!" Luca manages to call out between his unwavering butterfly presses cutting him through the water. He misjudged timing of it and got a mouthful of cold seawater, but at least he's cheering for his wife. He's unable to see how amazingly Esoka's mimicing a mermaid far ahead him, but he at least knows Reese is up there ahead of him. Another bet being lost it seems! At least Fergus is winning one for the male team though!

Go ahead, poke the bear. Or well, the walrus right now. Maybe it's his chest hair that's making the war move over him. Or maybe because he just became so manly that he just got a little more furry and all the women in attendence just got pregnant. Whatever the case may be, he surges forward, throwing his arms forward and surging forward. He may not win, but he's going to at least make a good show.

Slow and steady wins the race... Okay, maybe not. But at least Gaston's not going to finish pointless. Dead last perhaps, but hey, finishing last is better than not finishing at all!

Apparently convinced that no one is going to outright drown, Cristoph leans over to say something into Nicia's ears ovver the crowd. The next lap seems like it's going to be bring some shake-ups so he just makes odd gestures with his hand. What the-

Lou seems to agree with Cristoph. "YES - ALEXIS - PERSON I JUST MET IN THE SHOP EARLIER TODAY - NO DROWNING!" It just pops out of her mouth and she looks a bit sheepish afterwards. She comments an aside. "How else can I tell her the story about the wolves on patrol like she wanted?" By way of explaining of course.

Esoka flips over in the water, like a large fish, to assume a //slightly// less taxing backstroke as they wind into the third leg of the race. It costs her some speed. Some. Her powerful arms and legs still eat their way through the water at a swift clip.

Eirlys seems to have fallen behind in this lap, here is hoping that she can catch up!

"Just Jael," Jael supplies back easily, with the same apparent disregard for formalities. She winces as Alexis sputters. "Blast. I guess swimming is not a Valardin forte." The woman doesn't seem overly upset about it though, and she sort of laugh-coughs into her gloved hand when Lou adds her shout to the mix. "She'd /better/ not drown, she does extraordinary work."

Esoka pulls out ahead again! Reese is in second as Eirlys falls slightly behind and Luca overtakes her to position himself behind Reese. Then Fergus suddenly surges from out of nowhere to overtake -them-. Artorius is doing better, though still behind them.

Reese works her limbs against the water as Esoka swims ahead of her Luca calls out from behind her. She doesn't say anything in return, but she is probably being all Graysony and focusing hard on trying to win.

She's not entirely sure who she's cheering for, but the shifts in the position of the swimmers and all of it has Korka lifting her voice. She even claps, making generally excited sounds. She realizes it before _too_ long and shuts right back up, cheeks flushing a bit.

Lou glances back to Jael momentarily. "Does she work at the Imporium too? I just commissioned a backpack there from..." she scrunches her brow a moment, then lights up as her memory triggers. "Haati I think he called himself. She was there when I was asking after it."

@check stamina + athletics at 30 for the fourth lap, if you want to do the standard free style. If you want to do a Breaststroke, check at difficulty 35 and if you succeed you get 10 points added to your result. If you want to do a Backstroke, check at difficulty 40 and if you succeed you get 20 points added to your result. If you want to do a Butterfly, check at difficulty 45 and if you succeed you get 30 points added to your result. (Hopefully that's right lol)

Alexis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 6 higher.

Eirlys checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 8 higher.

Aksel checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 11 lower.

Esoka checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 1 lower.

Luca checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 4 lower.

Gaston checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 8 lower.

Jael shakes her head, blue eyes focused on the swimmers. "GO EIRLYS! Swim all over them!" Then she drops right back into the flow of conversation with, "She's a smith. The Dragon's Hearth. Fantastic work with plate, though admittedly I prefer leather. Oh thank the gods, I think she's done drowning now."

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 8 lower.

Dante checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 31 lower.

Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 1 lower.

Reese has rolled a critical success!
Reese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 157 higher.

Artorius checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 8 higher.

Figuring now is the time to try and make a move for some winning points, Dante attempts to switch things up and immediately begins to drown, all swimming stops for him and he surfaces, spitting out water. "Dying for the Velenosa..." He mutters, coughing a few times over and over again. He attempts once more to get back into the swing of this whole swimming competition.

Esoka is getting tired. It starts to show slowly, but she just can't keep up the punishing, fish-like pace she was going on. She gives into the tiredness of her muscles and coldness of the water and lags during that final leg of the race.

Marian changes to the breast stroke, hoping that the new position will help with the cramp in her leg but no such luck. She's taking in a little water as she continues to fight with the currants and her own stiffening body. While Marian is a decent swimmer, this is the first time she's tried this polar bear swimming and her body is in full rebel. Luckily, a lot of her fellow competitors are facing similar struggles so she doesn't fall out of the race but right now she's is not doing at all the way she wanted to.

Luca keeps trying to push himself, but he can't help it when he sees Reese ahead and he's calling out again. "GO*GLUG*RIBBONS!!!! GO*GLUG*SOKA!" And yeah, he's totally starting to flounder because of it. Luca truly is terrible at this whole competition thing. But he's having fun at least, and so he's pushing himself the last bit, but really he's more keeping an eye forward to the waters to how his wife's doing.

It is unclear as to what stroke Aksel just attempted. It might be something new, they'll call it The Aksel. It involves some flaying about, some drinking water, a bit of sputtering. Perhaps its best not to teach the kiddos how to do the Aksel.

Say what you will of Alexis, she's nothing if not -stubborn-, keeping at her butterfly strokes, even if she's quickly showing that she's a better runner than a swimmer - still, she's managing to find her rhythm again, the admonishment from Cristoph apparently being just what she needed to get into things. And with a lot of people losing some steam, the steadiest little Oathlands knight continues bobbing forwards as best she is able!

Artorius really pushes it this round! He bypasses almost everyone except for two people, really pushing himself as they make way for the final lap! He's starting to get tired, but he's still going strong against most bets likely. At least he's shooting for the top three!

Now Jael's words really do capture Lou's attention. "A smith you say?" she looks back over at Alexis, her gaze considering. "Then I might have to make use of her skills sometime. I'm sure eventually I'll want to upgrade from regular leathers," she pats her own armor as she considers future purchases. She winces slightly as most people seem to he having trouble with the water. "Oh dear, I hope things haven't gotten too cold for them."

Eirlys is doing better this round than the last at least! Though she knows she lost some of the momentum she had. Also she isn't sure who is in front just that people are. Someone may have possibly jetted ahead very fast.

Reese suddenly becomes Forrest Gump of the Sea and surges ahead of everyone else. Esoka is in second and Eirlys in third. Artorius picks up some steam and closes in on Fergus, tying up with Luca.

"Keep going! You've got one more lap!" Cristoph calls out to the Valardin swimmers, freeing his arm from around Nicia's shoulders to do another round of loud clapping and a whistle. "They're flagging now! Knock 'em dead!" Pause. "NOT DEAD. JUST WIN."

Fergus just couldn't keep up with that kind of pace. He's not built for water, he's built for fighting and combat. Swimming wasn't something he was ever good at. A shame this isn't a race based on who can do it long enough. Might be better at that.

@check stamina + athletics at 35 for the final lap, if you want to do the standard free style. If you want to do a Breaststroke, check at difficulty 40 and if you succeed you get 10 points added to your result. If you want to do a Backstroke, check at difficulty 45 and if you succeed you get 20 points added to your result. If you want to do a Butterfly, check at difficulty 50 and if you succeed you get 30 points added to your result.

Alexis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 26 higher.

Esoka checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 8 higher.

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 11 lower.

She cannot help but bounce a little. Korka moves down closer to the water to get a better position for watching, her attention so so focused. She curls up one hand into a fist, lifting it up to her lips to press a knuckle against them.

Nicia cheers as well, although she's far more reserved with the cheering than Cristoph is. When she's finished cheering she murmurs something quietly to Cristoph, her eyes remaining focused on the swimming.

Gaston checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 28 higher.

Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 7 lower.

Dante checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 29 lower.

"She's so tiny, right? But yes, a smith." Jael rubs her hands together as if to ward off the Autumn chill and nods. "Water that cold'll just suck the strength right out of you." This said in a definite better-them-than-me tone.

Artorius checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 13 lower.

Luca checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 14 higher.

Reese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 26 higher.

Aksel checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 37 lower.

Eirlys checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 15 lower.

Dante does not make mistakes, only poor choices, and attempting to continue the butterfly stroke to try and make up for nearly drowning was a poor choice. Dante eventually just gives up and starts to float on his back, his legs slowly kicking to carry him probably at the rear of teh pack across teh finish line. "Just keep swimming."

Esoka gives into her exhaustion //just// enough to ease into a less taxing stroke as they go into the final //final// leg of the race. She keeps going, though. The cold almost forgotten now, as she exerts herself to push through the sea.

Marian doesn't care anymore if she drinks the whole damn sea on this last lap but she's going to put everything into it, pushing herself with her cramping leg screaming a her. Her butterfly is messy, so freaking messy as she pounds the water but at least she's not landing in last. And she's not drowning. But she is probably going to throw up as soon as she makes it on dry land if the green tinge of her skin is any warning.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Estaban before departing.

And at the finish, Gaston finally has a burst of speed, pushing through at the end far stronger than he started. Apparently it just took a long time for the man to warm up, though by that point it was far too late.

Artorius pushes himself hard! he manages to swallow some water for a moment, but he finishes strong! He loses his spot, but surely, he did Velenosa proud eh? He's huffing for a moment and he ends strong, moving back to shore once the race concludes!

As Dante continues to float on his back and do his idle kicking toward the shore, he passes Artorius, offering his swim-mate a thumbs up. "Good showing!" Dante winks at him, and once he reaches waters where he can stand up in, he does so and begins to wade ashore.

Lou continues to watch, worry etching her features more and more as she does. "It seems Reese and Esoka have pulled out of the troubles, but that man there," she nods to Aksel, "isn't doing too well. Perhaps someone should have some brandy on hand when he's brought to shore. It's certain to warm him right up, and help expunge some of that sea water."

What have we learned here boys and girls? Aksel can't swim worth a damn. In fact alot of what he was doing, while technically can be called swimming one wouldn't actually call it any form of swimming known. He's likely last. Finishing welllll off the pace of the other contestants and when he's able to touch the bottom with his feet he slowly makes his way to the shore stopping and dropping to his knees once he's about ankle deep. "Well, that certainly leaves room for improvement." Understament of the century.

Reese is the first to reach the shore and complete the race! Esoka follows suit behind her for second, while Alexis overtakes her competition in a last minute surge and makes a surprise finish for third! The crowd mets out plenty of applause.

Eirlys finishes the last lap then gets to the shore. At this point she has no idea where she placed. She is standing on the shore shivering and breathing hard. Her hands on her knees, her hair feels like ice that is plastered down her back.

Luca drops off to an almost sedate steady pace for the last leg, having decided apparently it's better to finish rather than drown, and content with wherever he comes in as long as Reese and Esoka take it home. He's also, you know, exausted! And half frozen! So there's that.

Fergus could've beaten his wife. He would've beaten her, but in that last moment before it looks like he was going to cross the finish line, he slows, turning around. What's he doing? Infact, he's going back to assist the Nighgold man who looks like he's struggling with the swimming. "Aksel, hey. C'mon. We'll finish together." He just tossed away his win against his wife. But in this instance, he did it for a good cause. Helping out one of his vassal houses.

Jael lets out a victory howl (sorry Lou) when Alexis takes third, jumping up and down a little and applauding. We're number three! We're number three! Then she adds, reassuring, "I'm sure Baron Whitehawk has arranged for provisions for the swimmers."

Reese changes her style in the last leg of the race. She keeps swimming and swimming, working her limbs against the water as she struggles to stay ahead of the athletic Dames that are shortly behind her. She reaches the swore and scrambles out of the water. Now her smock, her bloomers and her braid is fully soaked. Her cheeks are flushed, she is breathless, but Reese looks happy. She likes to win. She smiles over to Alexis and Esoka as they are so close. She then peeks out over the water, looking for Luca.

Marian makes it to the shore, almost crawling out as that damn leg of hers feels like it's going to fall off. She can't even stand up right now. She's just going to discreetly exit all the sea water that she took in on the last few laps of the race. At this point, she doesn't even care how she placed. She doesn't even care how Fergus placed. She just wants to get all of this sea water back where it belongs...not in her. When an attendent finally takes pity and brings her a cloak to cover her, she manages to groan a thanks.

When it's finished, Korka cheers again, clapping to go along with it. She does manage to avoid hooting this time. The dark haired young woman heads away from the water once the swimmers make it to shore, circling around to watch them there from a better angle.

Esoka pushes herself to the shore. Just behind Reese, huffing and puffing like a race horse as she emerges from the water. "Bracing!" she exclaims. She takes a moment just to catch her breath, beaming at Reese and Alexis. And then the others, as they pour out of the water.

Alexis continues chugging on, a brightness spreading in her eyes, and when she realises just how close she is to Eirlys, she kicks off, leaving Fergus behind and overtaking her fellow Valardin, bursting out of the water with a chatter-tooth cheer, and stumbling towards the shore, making grabby hands for the blankets there presumably handed out by the attendants. "W-well done," She offers to Reese, with a bright smile, and a nod to Esoka. Raising her fist with her soaked Valardin ribbon, and cheering back at the contigent of Valardin who have been so very encouraging.

Lou seems to take heart from Jael's comment, her eyes lighting on Silas a moment. "Mmm. Yes, likely so. Excuse me a moment," she says to the Valardin woman, then makes her way over to Reese, Luca and Esoka. "Well done, all of you," she says, a smile easily coming to her lips.

"EXCELLENT JOB ALEXIS!" Cristoph loudly shouts in a booming voice. He should be seriously down for now. There's a quick shake of his head for Nicia, "No, I don't plan on it. I'll just be the cheerleader for them. I'm planning on entering the Tournament of Roses though." Can't enter everything! Or can you?

Luca comes trailing into the shore laughing as he spies Artorius in line with him. "Gods above and below I could use some potent and fiery liquor, eh Art?!" Then, as the effectively naked Lycene prince unsteadily pushes himself to feet, breachcloth clinging and bronze skin bumped with gooseflesh, he's staggering forward towards Reese with huge grin for her and a hearty congratulatory hug that includes a whisper that goes a touch louder than planned. Something about blue balls?!

Reese is sitting on the shore now and looking rather soaked and breathless. She looks over to her sister as she draws near, having a smile for her. "Lou." She says and smiles a smile that touches her eyes. "I'm glad you are here." She says in her direction. She returns Luca's hug and then blushes rather brightly at his whisper. "Luca! To loud, to loud."

Aksel is also helped along by Fergus, it seems "Thanks," Aksel says to the man who just sacrificed his one shot at glory in beating his wife. Bros before and all that..

Coming out of the drink, Gaston rubbing at his arms some and shaking the water from his body. "Well! That was... Brisk!" he remarks, heading towards his clothing to at least get his cloak from hurried warmth. "A fine showing!" he calls to the other competitors, a large, bestial grin splitting his lips.

"I'd better go do that myself," Jael notes before picking her way over to where the rest of the Valardin contingent is gathering, noting to Cristoph when she overhears him, "You better have your own horse for jousting, you're not taking Waldorf."

Reese is overheard praising Esoka for: A super fast seal-like Dame!

"The Tournament of Roses?" Nicia wonders, glancing aside at Cristoph at that, then she nods before giving those coming out of the water a bit of a cheer, then she glances back at Cristoph, "Jousting? Sounds terrifying."

Esoka barks out a //loud// laugh at what she can hear of that exchange between Luca and Reese. She reaches over to clap Alexis on the shoulder, heartily. "Well done all around. We should do this again. In spring, preferably! Parts of me are chilled that I wasn't entirely aware I had until this moment." She beams at Lou as the woman approaches. "Grayson made a good showing, I think. Princess Reese is like a fish! I never knew she could swim like that."

"I don't want Waldorf, he bites!" Cristoph mutters. "I have my own new horse anyway. And she's magnificent and I bought her off of Princess Alis." He grins brightly at Nicia. "It'll be fine. It's fun!" If you like falling off horses in full armor.

Artorius smiles to Luca when they finish together, nodding a little "Some liquor would be nice! Haven't had to swim that hard in a while." he laughs, rising to his feet to dress himself, putting on his pants, boots, and coat, and finally, he wraps his tattered cloak around him, the long cloak flaring gloriously with the wind and showcasing the Golden Hawk of Malvici on it's back. "A fine good race...shame I didn't do better." he smiles.

Helping Aksel out of the water, Fergus slaps the man on the chest. "Well, we can't all be fucking perfect like that one over there and win at everything." he makes a vague gesture at Reese. "But you're still the prettiest." he grunts at the Nightgold Sword. "We're better at kicking ass than swimming. Who fucking swims? Fuck that shit. Put a sword in my hand and we'll take every single one of these fuckers to task." Is he trying to cheer the soldier up? Sure.

"Congratulations, everyone! You did great - it was a tough race. Princess Reese and Dame Esoka secure the Gold and Silver medal for House Grayson, while Dame Alexis wins Valardin the bronze!" Once all swimmers make it onto shore, the attendants scurry over to provide them with non-salt water and sliced fruit, and the healers tend to any bothersome cramps they may have gotten. Silas wipes some sweat from his brow as he observes, making sure that everyone is accounted for and hasn't been lost at sea!

Reese leans back against Luca, seemingly affectionate with him or maybe she is trying to keep him warm or maybe she is trying to keep herself warm. It is hard to tell. "Maybe, we should spare and see." She says toward her husband and then she adds something more softly to him. Unlike Luca, her whispers are not easy to overhear. Still if one really tried, maybe they could.

Nicia's very dubious of this fact, and it shows as she looks from Cristoph to his sister, but then she shakes her head. Evidently she decides fairly quickly she will not find any support in her dubiousness from that direction. "That does remind me...when are you going to teach me to ride one of those giant, scary beasts?"

Winking cheekily over shoulder to Esoka at Reese's chiding, Luca settles in with arm around her, proclaiming to the tattooed prodigal. "Well done to you as well. And yes, very good showing." Followed up by a mirthful look over to Lou then, mock-glaring her way for a moment before his grin breaks through again mid-words. "We might have taken all _three_ medals, if _someone_ hadn't shot me in the ass with an arrow a week before the competition!!!"

Eirlys walks over to Alexis. "Good Job! You did great!" She is still breathing hard and her teeth are chattering but otherwise she is fine, honest. Don't worry about the slightly possibly blue tint to her very pale skin.

Marian gives a grateful look as a healer comes and looks at her leg, giving it a massage as her stomach settles enough for her to take some sliced fruit. Ursa, her personal guard, hovers over her, quietly swearing at her for doing a darn full thing like trying to swim in the ocean in autumn. Marian finally has to growl at her to leave her alone and the woman stomps off to get her charge some dry cloths.

"In spring. Or summer. Summer is good." Alexis agrees, leaning in to give Esoka a hug. Nothing to take away the formality of an Oathlander like freezing water, apparently. "Gods, this was great. I'm half-tempted to go back in. But instead I'm going to dry off and get dressed and get something warm to drink." She accepts both water and fruits, and gives thanks to the healers, too. Giving Gaston and Eirlys a whooping cheer as they join her, and grinning over to Jael and Cristoph. "That was so amazing. I figured I'd muddle throuhg in the middle like veryone else." Wrapping her free arm around Eirlys and giving her a squeeze too. Looking over at Luca. "You're the moral support, your highness. The most important part of team Grayson, clearly."

Aksel laughs softly at Fergus' words, "I knew I should have drank alot more then I did." He glances over his shoulder at the water, "Could have gone worse, I suppose." he says to the other man, "Could have drowned. So at least we don't have to worry about that today."

"I figured the event would bring with it some sort of adventure to observe," Lou replies to Reese. "And, I wasn't disappointed. Though, I will say that your duel was a bit more exciting, except for that moment where I thought you and Luca both were going to drown!" She grins, then includes Esoka when she says. "Congratulations to you both."

As healers come rushing toward Dante as he is drying himself off before donning his armor once more, he might be overheard saying. "No, I did not actually drown, it just looked like it, I am fine." The Sword straps his swords around his waist and offers the healers a smile. "Truly, I am fine." That said, they leave him be and after a brief glance around to see if anyone were trying to seek him out, Dante begins to casually make his way out of the beaches area. "Time for a drink."

Baron Archibald Chirpington, a Gyrfalcon arrives, delivering a message to Nicia before departing.

Squee, the Flying Squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

Estaban nods to Alarissa standing up and picking his cloak up looking around and slipping off back to Arx.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Estaban before departing.

"I thought you were overtaking me at several points out there," Esoka says to Eirlys, turning her beaming face on the Greenmarch woman. "That was very fun!" She also looks a little blue, truth be told, now that her energy is wearing off. She enthusiastically wraps herself in a blanket provided by a healer. "You are of the Valardins, yes? Your folk are making a most good showing in this competition." A chuckle to Alexis. "I think my next dip in the water will be baths at the Grotto. But this all makes me think I might want to try a winter swim! I broke the ice occasionally back home, at the Twainfort, and it is a rush like no other! I mean, you have to be careful you do not freeze yourself. But when you don't? Entirely exhiliarating!"

"Just the one time," Jael says, of Waldorf, except, "Well, and a few other times. Anyway, you deserved it." Her pale eyes track to Nicia. "You don't ride? Well, we can fix that." Then, "DAME ALEXIS! Well done! We were worried about you for a spell there."

There's a hearty clap on the back from Gaston for both Alexis and Eirlys as the pair join him and the rest of the Valardin crew. "Well done, both of you!" rumbles the large man, beaming at them. A look to Cristoph then, and "With your win, and the Archery tomorrow, things are just looking better, aren't they?"

Alarissa dips her head to Estaban as he places that kiss on the back of her hand. Stepping aside to make sure he has his cloak back from the ground, she's turning her attentino to Eirlys and Alexia, standing guard, somewhat, ove rthier clothes. And sword.

Lou coughs slightly at Luca's mirthful admonishment, but can't help her cheeks going red. "I was aiming for the wolf! Honest!" Her eyes even get big a moment or two, as guilt sets in for another few moments.

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