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Laurent's Annual Honey Festival

Join the Laurents as they celebrate their pride and joy - Honey!
Expect good food, fun games, sweet prizes and hopefully less injuries than the previous time.


Aug. 6, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Mabelle Cristoph


Mattheu Liara Bhandn Amari Cesare Quinley Kia Zoey Ianna Medeia Scythia Raja Rowynna Kiera Patrizio Ryhalt Cornelius Dycard Raven Gianna Savio Rook



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Estate Grounds

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Comments and Log

The Laurent grounds has taken on a festive look for the festival with beehive shaped lanterns hanging from poles and trees, stands of drinks, desserts and appetizers scattered about and a large fire-pit to keep everyone warm. There are also a curious queen bee on a pole for the children to ride, a few poles with hanged velvet beehives and a row of curious bottles, a stack of coins, wax candles, wooden beehive, wooden canes.... What is happening?!

Mabelle is standing somewhere on the grounds with a deep red velvet dress and a white shawl to match, looking a little bit like Mrs. Santa only without the hat. Greeting those who enter, she smiles, "Welcome to the annual Honey Festival, we've lovely honey food for you in the respected booths and new and interesting ways for you to injure...", she coughs, "Enjoy yourselves tonight! Lovely prizes too! Have fun", there is somewhat of a frolicsome smile on her face, looking a bit ominous.

Mabelle adds, "Party favros in the beehive!"

2 Farshaw trained guards, Suzette - a Westrock Aerie Page arrive, following Ryhalt.

A tall, burst of color, jingling bells, and very wet Mattheu Rivenshari bounces into the Valardin ward and to the estate grounds of the Laurents with a loud series of SPLISH-SPLOSH-SQUISH, with each step followed by the melodic ringing of the bells upon his clothing and in his hair. He stops just outside of the festivities and lets his passenger down from his back, then looking back to Kia with a smile as he surveys how much of the wet from his cloak has covered her. He speaks to her softly before turning to the festivities itself and his eyes go wide as he spots the stand with HOT CHOCOLATE. The firepit is noted as well, though his first direction is to make a direct path much like a river, as he is trailing half a river with him, to the steaming sweet goodness that everyone has been talking about, and he has yet to have any upon his tongue. An order of the drink is made, and he bounces from foot to foot in a wet loud squishing and chiming dance while waiting for the mug.

Liara shows up just about on time, and slows as she makes her way across the grounds, gaze drinking in everything about. She notes the location of some of the desserts, then heads on over towards Mabelle, who she greets with a warm smile and a brief, half-joking query, "Do you expect anyone will stab their hand this time? This all looks excellent."

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery, 3 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Zoey arrives, following Raja.

Sir Bhandn came dressed up in rubicund for this occasion, making it clear without words who and what he's representing by way of the tabard covering his armor. He's not alone, either. He dragged his retainer Aendal with him, who is nervously glancing around at all. these. people. that have come to the Laurent manse for a bit of fun and honey. Yet he's not running away! The two of them come up to greet Mabelle, offering bows, but only Bhandn has words to give to the hostess. "Lady Mabelle, how are you?" he asks with a smile as he rights himself. There's a bit of startlement for what he hears from Liara as she arrives, and Bhandn, followed by his aide, give the Highlady of Grayson a bow of her own as well and, "Your Grace. It's good to see you again."

Ryhalt gets a flat bumble bee paper weight from a large wooden beehive.

"Please don't injure me tonight, Mabelle." Amari says as she strolls in onto the grounds, flanked by a ridiculously huge brindled dog by the name of Barf, and a much tinier, and cheekier goat (Marigold). The trio stop at the beehive where she fishes out a chubby bee paper weight which she then holds aloft to examine in the torchlight. Her judgement is swift: "Ha, these are the cutest."

Cesare is delighted by the decorations and the evidence that there will be mischief later in the evening, floating about in good cheer with his patron on his arm. It has been noted that gold is his favorite color, but it also seems he's dressed for the occasion, in one of Raja Culler's honey-themed hairpin designs and a great deal of glimmering honey-colored fabric otherwise as well. "Oh, Lady Medeia, I hope you'll be my partner if there's some sort of potato sack race," he teases with a conspiratorial smile to her. The height difference alone will make that interesting.

Lady Quinley Blackshore and Lady Scythia Redreef enter the Laurence Grounds together. The Thraxian ladies come close to the fire pit to avoid the chill in the air. "Would you like something to drink?" Quinley asks Scythia. "I heard something about hot chocolate."

Kia smiles as she follows along the Rivenshari, she is wearing a colorful sash of bells at her waist, she jingles along side him as they walk. She seems to giggle as she looks over to him his wet cloak dripping on her she trembles a little as she looks to him "well then .. take me closer to the fire?" she asks him politely with a waggle of her brow as she trembles. She looks around at the decorations and she grins, "this is lovely, oh look there is chocolate.. we should get some, and since you got me all wet I suggest you go!"

Scythia has joined the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

It is not long into the festivities that Lady Zoey Kennex arrives with Raja Culler, the pair dressed in honeysilk and themed hairpins that speak to a desire to dress on theme, if not coordinate with each other. Zoey glances around, taking in these scene a moment before she spots the hostess. "Let us greet Lady Mabelle first, then see what this party has to offer, shall we?" she suggests to her protege.

Ianna manages to get here on time, although from the look of her it almost didn't work out that way. There's a forgotten quill tucked behind the noblewoman's ear, a couple inkstains on her hands, and an overly happy fluffy dog prancing along in her wake. She's certainly dressed for warmth and comfort rather than for a social event, too. But despite all that, she managed to make it, and strides quickly in the direction of what appears to be a cup of honeyed jasmine tea.

Quinley has joined the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

Medeia is with Cesare, eyes wide and a grin slowly curving up her lips as she recognizes that the decorative beehives are made of velvet. "I wonder if there are any of those in the Laurent nursery?" She murmurs aside to her protege. "Potato sack race? Oh dear. Of course I'll embarrass myself completely with you. There is no one else I would endure such shame with." A wink is given to the Whisper before greeting Mabelle. "My lady, I still find it hard to believe that this is the first of your events that I am attending. I have been missing out! Every looks wonderful."

Mabelle squints a moment at Mattheu, looking relieved the festival is outdoors today, but she promises quietly to Liara, "I removed sharp objects, but there are dull objects and we're all grown ups here, so if someone is hurt it is entirely not on me", she smiles. She further greets Bhandn, Cesare, Ianna, Kia and Quinley with a wiggle of her fingers, "Enjoy the food, while you can", she grins and promises Amari, "I wont injure you, you will injure you. Duke Cristoph should be here any minute".

Raja and Zoey are recieved with a warm smile, "Cousin, Raja, someone here is wearing your hairpins! Magnificent that they are. I'm glad you both could make it and you as well, Lady Medeia, thank you".

Scythia moves with Quinley and sucks briefly on her canine tooth before releasing it, even as they approach the fire, "Is there rum in it?" she questions in her velvety voice. "Everything is better with rum." The Islander woman is adorned in crimson and stygian, hair drawn up in a knot and features set into a pleasantly neutral expression.

Liara offers Bhandn an easy, affable greeting. "Sir Bhandn, how do you do? I trust the day finds you well. While you're here, I might say that I have not forgotten the conversation we had in the Queensrest Inn quite some time ago, although the opportunity to inform you further has not as yet arisen, with everything else going on." Then she flits a look over towards the desserts available again, and she decides, "It would be quite remiss of me not to sample a few things."

Liara then replies to Mabelle with a little laugh, "Someone may very well find a way." And she's off to find something with honey on.

Liara gets a flat bumble bee paper weight from a large wooden beehive.

6 First Legion Centurions arrives, following Patrizio.

Raja steps alongside the Kennex noblewoman, looking fresh with her new flowing dress. "You know, I used to spurn events such as this. But, for some reason, this whole celebration inspired me in many ways. I had a lot of fun making things in honor of our buzzy little friends." She nods to Zoey, "Of course!" She makes her way closer to Mabelle, smiling brightly to the Laurent, "I am glad! I still have two pairs for sale at the shop. I figure someone will eventually buy them." She laughs. "This looks to be a fine and fun event and I haven't even started getting into the mischief of yet."

Duke Cristoph is around, but unaccompanied tonight! Which really just means that he spends his time drifting from group to group, engaging in a lot of polite conversation and doing his best to look interested in the things people are saying to him. He's very good at looking interested, even when someone starts showing him their baby. "Ah yes, very cute. A beautiful baby."

Clinging close to Cornelius's side glides Rowynna Blackshore donning luxurious, supple velvet of a pale, wintry hue which hangs from her shoulders and falls loose to her feet. Having arrived to Arx by ship only a day before, she has had time enough to sleep off the restless nights' journey aboard a storm-tossed ship; fresh of face and bright of cerulean eyes, she's able to appreciate the general splendor of the Laurent grounds as its decorated for a honey themed occasion. Her long hair hangs loose down her back, face framed by an iconic white streak. After murmuring some private words to her cousin, arm-in-arm, a hand gestures toward the familiar faces of Quinley and Scythia as they idle by the fire pit.

Zoey smiles brightly to Mabelle. "It is good to see you, cousin. This event looks wonderfully put together! Did I hear something about a sack race?" She turns a warm glance to Raja. "Events like this can do a lot of good. I am glad you have chosen to attend them more. I probably should as well, honestly."

Kiera walks into the party and surveys the whimsical and bright surroundings before locating the hostess with a bright smile "Lady Mabelle everything looks wonderful including yourself of course. The umbra black dress she wears a stark contrast to her red locks and green eyes

There's a sense of intentional lateness to the arrival of Patrizio Pravus - he's dressed, for once, in silk rather than armour, but that sextet who follow him /everywhere/ apparently have missed the message about the dress code for the evening. Which is fine, because he's clearly not worried about them fitting in, even as he's managing to find his way across the city, to take a few moments to cast his jade eyes about to see which familiar faces might well be present, as much as making his way towards Cristoph and Mabelle to give his regards.

Ryhalt arrives at the Laurent Estate grounds, issuing soft commends to his page. "Yes to the salt, no to the flour..." By the harried look on his page's face, it's doubtful she's remembering the list, but she runs off when he's done. Looking about to see quite the crowd gathered already, he smiles warmly. He heads over to greet Mabelle. "So do we get to play tag with bees? I see a bunch of bee-killing," blasphemy! "stuff here..."

The hot chocolate is handed to Mattheu and he takes both of them over towards the fire, handing one over to Kia as he takes a seat by the fire in a loud SQUISH as water runs out from his cloak and pantaloons. He smiles broadly to those around him and holds the mug up with both hands then proceeds to take a long slow noisy slurp of the drink. His eyes go wide and as his tongue is starting to be burned from the hot liquid he keeps trying to drink it down. "Ow. it's hot... but... mmmMMmmmhmmmghhnn. Hot... Hot.. Ow. My tongue. Oh this is good." He finishes the drink, even trying to lick at the mug. "I need to get more." And proceeds to stand up and go back for seconds trailing more water in his SPLISH-SQUISH-SPLOSH trail of bringing the river with him.

Cesare lets out a laugh. "Nursery for babies, or nursery for plants? I imagine they have them in both." He turns to Mabelle as Medeia greets her. "I can't say this is my first of your events, my lady, but after the last one, I'd hardly miss it. You put on a wonderful party, no detail spared, as usual. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in terms of entertainment."

He murmurs a soft aside to Medeia, pressing a kiss to her cheek, and looks around at all the faces enjoying themselves as the party begins to begin in earnest.

Bosun Orrick, a looming Blackshore mariner, Pirate, a calico kitten arrive, following Dycard.

Cornelius arrives with nary a shake and shiver, as it seems the ironwool cloak was a good pick for the evening; indecision would not be the ruination of him this night. His head cranes along to hear out what Rowynna had been sharing with him, offering some asides and soft laughs before his face limbers as his hallmark cerulean eyes peer around the Laurent ground. He lingers nearest the favors table, looking puzzled at the nature of the favor before he lets loose a soft chuckle, picking one up and selecting another aside for his companion and cousin, Lady Rowynna Blackshore. "Take a look at this, hm?" He maneuvers along to present her with one of the adorable bee weights.

Mabelle welcomes the additional guests, smiling to Scythia, "I second that. But also with honey! and oh Dear Zoey, its not a sack race, it is much much worse than a sack race". Mabelle greets Ryhalt and Patrizio as they enter, "Duke Farshaw, Prince Pravus", warning the Oathlander, "No killing bees!"

"All things have their time and place, Your Grace," is what Bhandn has to say back to Liara. He offers her another bow and, "One hopes to be of good service when the opportunity presents itself." With that said, he turns to regard his retainer for a moment and says, "Lad, you don't have to follow me around here. Enjoy yourself. There's plenty to eat and drink, and I dare say merriment." Exactly what Aendal has to say back is a mumble, but it makes the knight sigh faintly and shake his head, but not press the point. "Let's go for drinks." And the two of them do exactly that, the knight choosing the jasmine tea and his retainer opting for the milk with honey. They then start to mingle, wandering their way towards the firepit.

"This is Valardin. I'm not sure about rum, but I'm sure we could find milk." Quinley mumbles to Scythia. She returns Mabelle's wave with something resembling a smile--this is rare for the Blackshore woman. Oh! Is there more than one Blackshore at a social event? This is notable. "Rowynna. Uncle Cornelius." She acknowledges her family with stiff nods. "Welcome to the city. I hope your time away was pleasant." She brushes an ebony curl away out of her face with a scarred hand then rubs her hands together over the firepit.

Patrizio looks positively appalled at the concept of killing bees, hearing the admonition to Ryhalt as he's drawing close and hearing the greeting. "Lady Laurent. You look delightful this evening. And indeed, no slaying bees. Not until I've had a chance to try to saddle a dire bee." This is said with as much seriousness as he can muster - which is not much - even with the cast of a wink in Cristoph's direction, and the warmth of a call to the man. "Good evening, my duke." And, as much, the respectful inclination of his head to Scythia at his notice of her, and a warm smile. "My lady. We cross paths again. How was the wedding?"

Kia looks around as she sits close to the fire.. she trembles a little as she grumbles a little to Mattheu, she takes the coco and she laughs a bit to his reaction. Her eyes glistening as he splashes all over the place. She shakes her head and she wrings out her own shirt. She decides to get herself closer to the fire, leaning over it almost dangerously close. Her eyes blink before she finds the others near her, "oh this... this is hot coco?" she asks "where is it from to you know?" she asks no one really before she trembles "I need a jacket."

"I bet I will." Amari can't argue with Mabelle's logic. She will unintentionally hurt herself, if given opportunity. Cradling the bee in her arm, she wanders on with a slight limp that gives her a halting gait. As she passes Cristoph and the baby he's complimenting, she says only, "Cute!" She probably means the infant, but doesn't specify. There's no time, she has to fetch herself something to drink and also look around for other familiar faces, which there aren't actually many of.

Raja laughs. "Well, at least we know it isn't a sack race." She says to Zoey. She looks up to Patrizio as he draws near, giving him a dip of her head. "Your highness." She says to him, showing some respect to his title. Oh, and then there is talk of 'saddling' a dire bee. "Do bees come that large?" She asks, eyes widdening and looking slightly horrified.

Mabelle wanders over toward the wooden beehive set upon a pedastall, "Seems you are eager to begin, so shall we?", she collects the stack of coins and walks over toward a stick that is laying there, innocent upon the ground. "First game is simple, really. No risk of injury. You need to take a coin and toss it toward the beehive and.. make sure it gets inside, easy enough isnt it?"

Medeia's expression turns thoughtful as she considers Cesare's quieter words, but she gives a nod. "Please do?" She smiles brightly at the kiss to her cheek. Then, something quieter is said before she looks around and perks in recognition. "Oh! The Blackshores are out in force this evening. Lady Rowynna, Lords Cornelius and Dycard! It's been a long time since I've seen any of you." THen there's a wave or nod for Quinley, Scythia, Zoey, Raja, Amari, and Kia each as she gets her bearings.

Raja checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Mattheu checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

"I have heard stories," Zoey tells Raja ominously. She dips into a practiced curtsey to Patrizio as well. When Mabelle announces the game with the coins she perks up. "Shall we?" Medeia gets a quick wave as she gives the game a try.

Medeia checked perception + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Patrizio takes a flat bumble bee paper weight from a large wooden beehive.

Quinley checked dexterity + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Amari checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Kiera checked perception + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Cesare checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Ianna has acquired her tea and is wandering, listening to snippets of discussion hither and yon. The Greenmarcher is quiet, but as she approaches the area where Mabelle is, she catches enough about the game that she moves to join in. "Coin in the beehive?" Well, why not.

Ryhalt laughs at Patrizio. "Fine with me, I want more than coins and a wood stick to deal with a dire bee anyway. Dire bees, all yours." He flashes a grin at Mabelle, but makes no promises about killing bees. As the first event is about to start he chuckles. "Don't kill bees by teaching us to kill bees... I'm good with this." He lines up and takes a shot when its his turn.

Rowynna checked perception + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Zoey checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Bhandn checked perception + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Raja gets a flat bumble bee paper weight from a large wooden beehive.

Mabelle looks a little puzzled at Raja, "There is a real story behind the Dire Bee Lounge!", she ducks from the line of fire that is the beehive right now.

Liara checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Scythia checked perception + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Kia checked dexterity + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Ianna checked perception + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Ryhalt checked perception + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

"Messere Culler. A pleasure to see you again," Patrizio responds, with a dip of his head and a warm smile in response to Raja's greeting. And a gesture to Mabelle. "You could ask the good lady, as she's the one who put me up to thinking of such a thing, even if her cruel duke's decided I oughtn't make the attempt." Zoey, too, gets a warm smile and a proper bow in response as well. Ryhalt's response gets the playful wiggle of his eyebrows in response to the remark by the Farshaw lord.

Dycard checked perception + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

There is thankfully only one baby being shown to Cristoph tonight, so when he straightens up again, he spots Patrizio's approach. He smiles crookedly and lifts his hand, "I'm sorry, Marquessa Inverno isn't here tonight. Your family has her /busy/." His tone is gently chiding, amused and entirely good humored about it. The call of cute, earns an uplifted eyebrow and he twists to find the mystery calling. Spotting Amari, he smirks and shakes his head. "Hello, Amari! Good bye, Amari! We still owe each other drinks!"

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Patrizio checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

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With a quick smile, Liara replies to Bhandn. "Of course. It is good to see you again, Sir Bhandn." Then she's off, first to help herself to a slice of apple pie, and once she's suitably furnished with a plate of it, she heads over to have a go at tossing a coin at a beehive.

Scythia gives a faintly bemused noise at Quinley's remark, "I often come to the bars here when I am craving milk." She remarks. A slight dip of her head is offered to Mabelle as she answers in her velvety tones, "An exceptional party, my Lady, as usual." She turns those dark eyes to Patrizio, spreading skirts in a grace-filled curtsey that remains and holds for a moment before she straightens, "So we do, your Highness. The wedding was exceptional. The bride and groom seemed pleased with the match and there was dancing with my betrothed." Only that remark causes the edges of her lips to curve up at the corners.

She waves to Medeia, then moves over to take a coin and toss it, flippantly, saying to her, "I heard of your good works, my Lady. It seems the city can't quite decide how to feel about you." An almost-smile again.

Trying to slip onto the grounds as quietly as possible, Dycard Blackshore found long limbs moving to sneak around a particularly festive looking table and he was about to find a corner in which to watch until Medeia called out his name in eloquent sing song. Sea wrought blues shimmered already to match the smile that found itself slowly forming. Settling in quickly to play a game of toss, leaning a bit as it soared in the air and smacked right into the side of the grossly enlarged wooden hive, "Well."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kia before departing.

Cesare nods to what Medeia says, giving her a little squeeze, and heads over to greet Duke Cristoph who very well may have no idea who he is. "Duke Cristoph," he offers with a bow. "I'm not sure if I ever properly introduced myself. Cesare Whisper, and you probably know Lady Medeia Eswynd? You're without Marquessa Tyche tonight, I see. I hope all is well with her after whatever went on at the wedding the other night." Suddenly there are a lot of other people saying Medeia's name, and he loosens her arm a little so she can go attend them, if she likes.

Raja casually makes her way closer to the game, taking a coin and aiming for the beehive. She slaps the stick on the lever and the coin flips end over end, sailing into the beehive with a satisfying *thunk* when it hits bottom. Her gaze turns back to Patrizio, "Pleasure is mine!" She glances to Zoey, "You will have to tell me the stories sometime." To Mabelle, she smiles, "Perhaps I can hear the tales at another time." The Laurent woman is quite busy currently!

Cornelius smiles gently toward Quinley as the two Blackshores were regarded, bidding his head toward her in a respectful nod, "Good evening, Quinley. Yes, it was indeed. I was quite happy to be able to make it in time for the wedding. And it was an utterly beautiful occasion. I could not want for a better evening. Rowynna and I will be staying, thankfully. At the best of the Baroness." His attention sweeps along to Medeia with a cordial nod, "My Lady Eswynd, a good evening to you. The family doing well? Hm?" At the mention of his son's name, his gaze pins back toward the entry way to the grounds to spy the sailor Lord now. Too late, son. You have been spotted. "My boy. Good evening, how was the journey from Maelstrom?"

Mabelle assures Raja, "Its my favorite story. Prince Patrizio will know, he has heard it about 10 times, Duke Ryhalt heard it even more", she grins amusedly and notices Dycard and Cornelius belatedly, "Hello Blackshores, its a pleasure to have you here tonight", she circles between the guests while keeping an eye on the beehive's activity.

It's a quick detour that takes Amari to the FESTIVE DRINK STAND, and there she has no trouble whatsoever with making a selection. She makes two in fact, but before she accepts either, she takes up a coin and lofts it at the beehive, as Mabelle instructed. Somehow, and it's unclear how, exactly, she's not terribly injured in the doing, and the coin goes where she intended. Pleased about that, she collects the two drinks and finds her way back to Cristoph. "Your drink, my lord." It's by happy coincidence that Medeia and Cesare have approached the Duke in the meantime, she takes the opportunity to dip her head and greet them both, "Lady Medeia, lovely to see you again. Whisper Cesare."

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It is very hard to ignore the adorable bee weight favors that Lady Mabelle has prepared for her guests this evening, they are just /that/ sweet. She takes one from Cornelius and delicately turns it over in her hands. A slight lift of her lips accompanies the cursory inspection of its design, but then familiar voices call her name, and capture her undivided attention. Wide eyes lift and rest upon Quinley's face, which elicits a smile steeped in warmth. "Quin! I came to see you when I got in, but you weren't in your room. It was, very pleasant. Baroness Skye is in good health, and begged that I give my regards to the family here," she explains first, then her eyes list to behold Lady Scythia. "Good evening," she says in friendly tones. Medeia approaches before she can offer her name to her. "Lady Medeia," is murmured next, with feeling, and on the heels of that, the first of many games begins. She participates, to some success owed to good luck, at least as her sheepish expression betrays.

Zoey nods. "And a good one to hear over a hot drink. I am going to get some cocoa," she says before moving in the direction of the drink cart.

"As there should be, my lady. May you and your betrothed have many dances together, before /and/ after your wedding day comes, and follow not after the example of my cousin, who had to be /pushed/ into dancing with his bride at their nuptials." Patrizio's in good spirits - even without having spirits in his hand, this evening, as he shares such advice to Scythia. To Raja, there's a wry grin. "We'll have to find time to chat, when we're not both trying to enjoy an evening. Business to discuss and all, since as our mutual acquaintance would say, the goods must flow. But, not now."

Kiera goes to fetch a coin from the bag only afte fetching her own cocoa judging this a sufficiently non compatesque affar to warrant participatiob what she lacks in strength for striking the lever, her keen eye make up for allowing the coin to find its target

Moving with Cesare, Medeia casts a friendly wink in Dycard's direction before she greets Cristoph. "Duke Laurent, a pleasure as always." She looks aside at Cesare and smiles. "My protege here is a remarkable performer, if ever you have the chance to hear him? You will be in for a treat." As others pass greetings, and a game is announced, she gives Cesare's arm a light squeeze. "I'm going to go throw a coin. I'll be right back." And right back she is, after her coin toss goes... nowhere near the hive. "And this is why Haakon doesn't let me throw spears. Lady Amari! The conservatory is ready for winter. You /must/ come by." Flicking her attention back to Cornelius and ROwynna, she smiles. "The family is well, yes. Thank you. I hope you've all been fantastic."

"Lady Eswynd. Good evening. We should catch up." Quinley greets Medeia. "I am glad to hear that Skye is well. I have not seen her in quite some time." This is directed towards Rowynna and Cornelius. Then her cerulean eyes catch sight of Dycard. "Cousin! Hello. Come sit with us by the fire. I'm sure you've met Lady Scythia?" A soon as she has asked someone to sit with her she stands to play the coin game. She looks at the coin, then looks at the beehive for a moment before flicking the coin. It falls just at the top of the hive, teeters there for a moment then falls in. "Satisfactory."

Kia smiles as she watches Cornelius with his son and she moves to get in line to try her luck at the game, she evenly takes a look at the game and she tosses her coin, up and into the beehive.. Looking astonished she spines slightly, little drops of water spray out from her as she turns. Her eyes look over to Christoph then back to Patrizio, her eyes move back and forth not really knowing what was what she finds her way back to the fire.

1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrive, following Raven.

Setting aside his tea, Bhandn will take a shot at tossing a coin to the beehive, but he comes up short compared to other tosses. "Why don't you try?" he asks his retainer, who shakes his head furiously and goes red at the idea. No amount of cajoling convinces Aendal to give it a shot, and he looks around furtively as if scared someone had so much as heard the idea voiced aloud. With a sigh, Bhandn just rejoins the fire, drinking at his honeyed tea.

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Ryhalt looks somewhat disappointed when a horde of bees don't fly out every time someone lands a coin in the beehive. Still, he claps for successes.

Raja beams a smile at Mabelle. Then Zoey is taking off for the drink stand. "Oh! I will come with you!" She dutifully walks along Zoey to the stand. From behind her belt, she pulls out a flask. "Want a little something to add to your drink?" She says with a smirk.

Mabelle smiles warmly to Scythia, "I've heard of your good news, I was very happy to hear it and it is a pleasure seeing you here tonight, its been a while". Some faces are met with curiousity since she's not seen them before, but a hostess never misses her smile. She steps toward Amari for a moment, whispering something to her ear.

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Ianna flips her coin into the beehive, although it clatters against the inside a bit noisily. With a satisfied nod, she moves back towards the drink stand, trailed by her prancing puppy. Time to refill her tea again.

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"I believe we met at the opening of the embassy in the Velenosan Ward a few months ago. You were speaking to myself and my friend that evening," Cristoph says to Cesare, his arms crossed comfortably over his chest. But it's good to see you again as well. "Marquessa Inverno is doing quite well, thank you for asking. I'll send along your regards. And yes, I've met Lady Eswynd as well, thank you for coming." When Amari turns up with a drink, he smiles gratefully. "This wasn't what I meant, but thank you anyway."

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kiera before departing.

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Raven arrives quietly in a throng of people, skirting along the edge of the crowd and sizing up the festistivies and scanning for familiar faces.

Kiera likewise approaches medeia to give greeting "Good evening Lady Medeia . How are you?"

Mabelle claps her hands as support for all the coin tossers, "Magnificent job all of you, we will be handling all the prizes later, I do not want to waste a single moment... since your arms are allll warmed up by now", she grins and steps over toward the row of poles from which hang about two dozens of velvet beehives, "SEE. The Beehives are filled with bees. Not bees bees, honey candies. You need to set the bees free". She proceeds to the end of the row and collects a long wooden stick, "Do you think you have what it takes?"

Glancing in the direction of kin, the spare Blackshore son raises a gloved hand in greeting before glancing towards his father with a deep nod, "Evening!" Is boomed boisterously. Was it perhaps a bit too boisterous? Perhaps. If this was to be a bee festival and this was Laurent? Of course there had to be - a-ha! Out of the corner of this reaver's eye does he spot a drink stand and already is he on the way towards it until he paused, glancing over a broad shoulder towards Quinley as brow arched before sidelong do attentions slip towards Scythia who turns that boyish smile to something purely impish, "Oh, I've definitely seen that minx about - she lurks sometimes in my dreams and leaves me waking in an awful fit." Turning right back around, returning that lashes wink towards Medeia does Dycard grab himself a frothy mug of mead.

Gianna glides onto the grounds - well, she walks, but it's very stately. She pauses to sweep her gaze over her surroundings, one hand on her hip. Wait. There's a contest? She looks to Mabelle, brows arching.

Zoey winks at Raja and holds her mug out to her protege. "Always! I made room."

Before Rowynna takes the invitation sit beside the warm fire pit, she stands up on the tip of her toes to search out and locate Dycard in the crowd. It isn't long before, over the shoulder of a passing partygoer, the man's jovial features come into view. After greetings are uttered, and without standing on ceremony, she takes it upon herself to give him a cousinly hug. After all, he is the most inclined of all the stoic Blackshores to accept them without squirming, even from family. "I missed you," she admits as she releases him and takes a step back. "You grew your hair out." The observation is made with kindly intent.

Amari flashes Mabelle a reassuring little smile before returning her attention to the trio nearest. The drink she's brought for Cristoph and the one for herself are both honey apple whiskey from Duskshire. To him, she wrinkles her nose a moment, as if to express without saying that it was no trouble and nothing to fuss over. "I hope you've been doing well, considering, and conservatory? I shall have to visit, now that I'm not quite so busy." The rest of the conversation washes over her, as she's distracted for a moment by Gianna's arrival. A hand is lifted in greeting.

Kia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Bhandn checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Patrizio checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Quinley checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Patrizio notices the glance from Kia, offering an inclination of his head to her when he's noticed the attention, and a warm smile, as if he's aware of how daunting it can be to be in a crowd at an event. Though it seems an excellent chance for him to slip to the side to get himself a refreshment, even as he's minding participating in the games afoot....

Amari checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Rowynna checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 15 lower.

Gianna raises her hand in reply to Amari, her hat drawing some attention. She strolls thataway. "Oh. You hit it with the sticks?"

A small smile traces the edge of Scythia's lips as she nods to Mabelle, "Thank you, my Lady. I am pleased to have so many well wishes for my future." Her dark eyes trace to Patrizio, "I won't have such a problem, your Highness. Which is exceptional. I love to dance." She turns he dark eyes to Dycard at that impish smile, her eyebrows raising in a slight arch, "But truly, Lord Blackshore, you shouldn't speak so when I am clearly your cousin's escort!" Amusement traces her velvety voice.

Cesare checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Ryhalt chuckles at Mabelle. "Now, this is what I'm talking about... bee killing." He glances over at Cristoph, so asking for a duel challenge or something! He takes up a stick and takes a swing at a chance to set a bee free. From life?

Liara checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 40 higher.

Scythia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Ianna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 22 lower.

Raja checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 46 higher.

Savio doesn't glide in anywhere, he is not that cool, and he is slightly less pretty. But he is here, nonetheless, lacking a date and any redeeming qualities whatsoever. "Oohh," he does remark at the splendid appearance of Gianna as she turns heads in her brocade, before he wanders over toward Raven and attempts to link his arm with hers. "Imagine being that pretty. Ah, must be something, don't you think? Nice hat by the way, you want to wager that I can't win it?" Grin.

Zoey checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Mattheu checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 39 higher.

Mabelle sticks her tongue at Ryhalt very unceremonially, grinning at him before greeting Gianna and Savio, "Hello Nightingale, Lord Savio", she wiggles her fingers, "Come do some anger management"

Cornelius blinks rather wildly at Dycards's greeting, chuckling gently as he watched his son meander off toward the drink stand to get himself something to soothe himself. And it seems like a fine idea that the elder Blackshore partakes as well. But not of mead or anything alcoholic. A conservative choice of honeyed jasmine tea is chosen as he begins to meander about the party grounds, taking his leave of Rowynna for the moment as cerulean eyes befall onto Cristoph. "My Lord Laurent, a pleasure to see you." A polite bow is offered to the Duke before teacup is set to saucer.

"I know not if the good Marquis is fond of dance, to be fair," Patrizio rejoins with some delight to Scythia, when he's returning with something to wet his whistle. "But that's my not knowing him as well as I ought, and that's a mark against me, I fear." Noticing Raven and Savio, though, there's a brief dip o this head to both, and a playful nudge of his head in the direction of the game that's currently afoot, as if to help encourage them.

Ryhalt checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Medeia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Raja laughs and tilts her flask over to add a portion into Zoey's cup. She then looks to the new game happening, laughing as people attempt to whack at the beehives to free the bees! She of course goes to take her turn, swinging around and wacking what she could. "FREEDOM TO BEES!" Silly liberator.

Savio blows a kiss toward Mabelle, "You look perfect, I hope you know that, I love the honey gems, I love this for you. Isn't your game already in progress though! We don't want to disrupt!"

Having fared out well enough with the coin tossing, Liara heads on over to poke at the beehive with a stick. She does pretty well at this, considering that she's still holding an apple pie-bearing plate in one hand. Drawing back, she gets to actually eating some of the pie as she heads over towards the drink stand.

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Gianna bows slightly forward when addressed by Mabelle. "Lady Mabelle, hello. This seems to be quite the affair. I don't really... hit things with sticks, though." She looks to Savio, inclines her head, and to Raven as well - she gets a nod, too - and possibly Gianna still seems unfamiliar to her.

Kia trembles even as she closes into the fire.. only pausing to try her hand at the games before returning back to the fire once more she sips on her cup before she smiles a bit as she looks to the lord, "Freedom to the Bees" she says as she spins and the bells on her sash jingle as she fails with grandeur.. she laughs and falls back into Mattis space as she looks to him "having fun?"

Ianna responds to something Mattheu said by the drink stand, then holds up a finger to briefly stall discussion and sets down her cup. Now it's time to move towards the whacky-whack thing and do... what again? She retrieves the stick, waits until it's her turn, and sizes up the target. Then, with everything she's got, she swings the stick. Unfortunately, what she apparently now HAS is a flying stick, and with a yelp she says, "Look out!" to warn people in its wake.

Raven's just got the one one arm, the other still in a sling but she gladly surrenders it to Savio, "Lord Savio, Hi there! Oh please. You know you're at least in the top five of the prettiest people here." She flashes a broad grin and gives him a sisterly peck on the cheek, "Ooooh, no. I like this hat. I What is it with you and my hats, man?!" there's a pause and rake of teeth over her bottom lip before she asks, "What sorta wager?"

"Lady Quinley, we must, I agree. With the children back at Eswynd Rock, I have more time... Available. Tell me when and I will make time for you." Medeia's expression falters slightly as she mentions her children, but she moves on quickly and brightens when she sees Kiera. "Lady Kiera." She reaches a hand out to the Wyvernheart lady, offering a gentle squeeze. "You and I should get together sometime, as well." And then there's another game, and it involves swinging sticks. "This might be better than throwing." And it is, better than throwing, her effort is far less disgraceful here. Savio and Raven gets greetings as she steps away from the velvet beehives.

Ianna's dog, of course, just thinks Ianna is playing fetch and charges willy-nilly between people's feet, chasing after the flying stick. Oops.

Mabelle winks to Savio amusedly, "Game two out of three, go for it!", she snickers at Raja's proclamation and steps toward Patrizio for a moment, "How are you faring? Enough whiskey for you?", she wonders, but stares a moment as Liara is really... freeing the bees, "Remind me not to irritate my patron", she murmurs to him, "Why do you all announce freedom to bees? They are free creatures!", she huffs playfully and promises Gianna, "Well the next one is more about the hips", of course it is. "Lady Greenmarch!", she calls Ianna, "How are you enjoying the food?"

Quinley stares at Scythia then Dycard then blinks. The minx is hers it would seem. "Let's try to free the bees?" This is meant as a suggestion that comes out as more of a question. She grabs a stick feeling comforted bye the idea of hitting something rather than navigating social situations. She winds up to hit the hanging hives and thwacks it. A small crack opens up in it and a few bees trickle out. "I am not amazing at the games tonight." Then she replies to Medeia. "You should come visit our house. Let me know when you are free. I doubt you truly have much free time."

Somehow Mattheu is convinced to put the hot chocolate down and picks up the stick to whack at the Bee? He has a quizzical look, then shrugging and taking a swing to send the pinata swinging. "Ha!" He screams at it as he takes the swing, though it doesn't break and he trudges with a good amount of the water still dripping off of him back to get his drink.

"I'm sure that she will be," Cristoph says of Tyche attending the academy's opening, as if he could plan her social arrangements! He probably can't. But maybe she will! Who can say? "You can't a be a duke with a poor memory, and who could forget such a fine example of a Whisper such as yourself?" He sips from the drink that Amari has handed him and nods again to Cesare. "I am, of course. Lady Mabelle is a wonder." He turns to Amari, a grins. "Yes! The conservatory. Have you been up to the solarium since it's been re-done?" he wonders. A hand is lifted to wave to Cornelius. "Lord Cornelius, good to see you again. I hope you're enjoying yourself."

A look of genuine surprise and then warmth floods Dycard's features, wrapping one arm around the lithe wisp creature that is his younger cousin, "I have grown it out." The tip of her nose is tweaked, "I wouldn't have to miss you so much if you showed yourself every now and then." This coming from the man whose rarely at home or where he should be. At Scythia's comment, there is a slow drink from his mug, head lolling this way and that before giving a shake, "My cousin has heard worse, I'm afraid." Chuckling at Quinley, that impish grin flourishes, "Best take her to free the bees - let me know if you get stung, Scythia, I'll help you look where."

Bhandn's own swing meets with a solid whack to the bee, but no freedom to bees occurs for the knight, and he gives up his turn with a little bit of a grumpy expression. The tea he has mollifies it soon enough, and he'll withdraw to watch as others have a go at giving the bee a wolloping it won't soon forget. Hearing Mabelle call out Greenmarch catches the knight's attention, though, and Bhandn's head is suddenly swiveling around quickly as if looking for someone.

"Hips I can probably do," Gianna tells Mabelle. She heard mention of whiskey. She would like some whiskey, and she goes to find herself some.

Raja overhears Gianna, "You should hit things with sticks. It is quite therapeutic." She chuckles. She walks away from that game feeling quite accomplished. Freedom! She looks to Mabelle and laughs, "I was just getting caught up in the game." A hint of a blush touched the dark coloration of her cheeks, "I may have had a drink or two. I was just having fun."

Though no bees are actually dying Ryhalt seems to be enjoying himself, laughing and chuckling at attempts to swing at the pinata.

Kia tries to continue to wack a bee *strike, strike... over her shoulder she hits Mattheu, "ooooh My Lord! I am soooooo sorry!" she says her eyes wide and she puts down her stick.

When Amari's turn happens, she takes the stick and gives the hive a good thwack, which nearly causes her to spill her drink. She offers the stick to Gianna with a slow nod of confirmation, "You hit it with the stick, but I'm not sure why." Nothing happened. She barely put a dent in it. Oh well. The stick is passed along if not to Gianna, then someone else. It's the Nightingale and her hat that's stared at afterwards. She can't help but reach out as if to lightly touch it. It's a real hat? "Wherever did you get that?" She'll ask, even as she backs up to sit next to the pond with Cristoph, Medeia and Cesare again.

Savio blows kisses to various people he has noticed greeting him, mwah, mwah -- Medeia and Gianna; Patrizio just gets a wave. He glances to Raven, parting from her enough to hand her a stick that people seem to be using to take a swing at the targets! "You want to give it a try?"

A laugh for Mabelle at the question. "I'm doing quite well," Patrizio assures her, with a tip of his glass to her. "I can't imagine attending a party of yours, and encountering a lack of such things. The gods would frown upon it." Thus decrees the prince when he's turning his attention to the other things that are afoot. Though he gives a grin in response to Savio singling him out for but a wave, and there's a respectful dip of his head to follow it.

Fingers twitching up in a little wiggle towards Savio, Scythia is sitting with... a lot of Blackshores. A lot of them. Almost too many of them. But her face says nothing of the sort as she goes with Quinley to take her turn at the game, managing something, but not doing too badly anyways. She steps back and gives Savio an injured look as she apparently doesn't get blown kisses before her greeting.

Savio checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Cornelius grants Cristoph a tip of his head before he gave a gentle nod to the Duke's question, "I am, despite the chill. Though, I had been torn to some indecision whether or not all the ironwool would seem terribly gauche or just the right amount of warmth for the season. And, I did not fail in such a deduction!" He chuckles softly, pursing his brow to make a gesture to the table housing the party favors, "Those are quite whimsical, if I may say. I was quite tickled coming in upon seeing them." He pauses to take a gentle sip of his jasmine tea, licking the sweetness off his lips. "Mm."

Ianna looks rather embarrassed as her little scraggly dog comes proudly back, dragging a stick that's much too big for him. "Lady Laurent," she says quickly as she looks towards Mabelle, trying to pretend entirely like she meant to do that, "Such a lovely event. And the tea is wonderful, too. I admit I haven't yet had the chance to try the food, but I assuredly will!"

Rowynna's nose is pinched by Dycard; it's not the first or last time he'll do it, to be sure, but after so many months away, its since grown more endearing and less...irksome. Her cerulean eyes, much like Quinley's, pass between him and Lady Scythia, a hint of amusement evident in her soft features. But it's short-lived, as her cousins have the great idea to play another game. This time, however, luck is just not on Rowynna's side. She misses, badly, and then awkwardly, gingerly sets the stick back down and returns to Dycard's side, again.

"That's entirely too kind of you," Cesare replies wryly to Cristoph, dipping his head graciously. "I hope you enjoy the rest of the evening, my lord. If you'll excuse me, I've got a few more people to greet, as Whispers always do." He rises, a little wary of the situation involving the bees and the sticks, but can't resist giving a whack of his own with an adeptness that might be surprising if you didn't expect a musician to have a decent amount of dexterity and strength. "Lord Savio," he says very suddenly over Savio's shoulder, in a position he's probably plenty aware may get him elbowed or punched.

"Drinking and hitting things with sticks sounds like as good a way to cut loose as any," Zoey assures Raja with a pat on the arm. "I am curious what this game involving hips is though."

Mattheu has retrieved his hot chocolate, then it is flying across the lawn as he doesn't even pay attention to who has hit the drink out of his hand. "But... Chocolate." He looks a little disappointed, as a tall lumbering child that has watched the best sweet to hit the ground and is now trying to decide if there's a time limit to when he can pick it up.

Savio checks luck at normal. Savio is successful.

Mabelle smiles warmly to Raja, "I was most definately teasing, I am glad you are having fun". Beaming quietly at Patrizio, "That is the nicest thing anyone ever said", she nudges him and winks, parting from him for a moment. She steps in the direction of Ryhalt next, "Good evening Evil Duke", she elbows him a little, "You look too pleased, I came to put a stop to it". Noticing Bhandn's gaze, she directions him to Ianna, "Do you know Lady Ianna Greenmarch? Sir Bhandn from the Knights fo the Solace".

Mabelle further encourages everyone, "Do drink the honey whiskey, it will make things interesting".

Raven checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Raven is successful.

Gianna checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 32 higher.

"I'm better with knives than sticks," Gianna tells Raja with a little upward twitch of the corner of her lips. She takes Amari's stick, noting, "I had it made at Talia's shop." She wrinkles her nose, peering at the bee thing, and then grips the stick in both hands. She swings it back and then whacks the stuffed thing a good solid hit. That done, she rests the stick on her shoulder. "Do I win?"

Raven checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Zoey gets a flat bumble bee paper weight from a large wooden beehive.

Savio manages NOT to bash Cesare with a stick as he makes an okay attempt at the game. It is, however, only luck that spares the Whisper, because is Savio paying attention to what he is doing, no, no he is not. "Cesare, hello, hi, hi," he greets, like he didn't almost just bash the fellow. A kiss to each cheek to greet him. Mwah! And despite how all those Blackshores may have tried to conceal Scythia, he does spot her as well. Of course she gets a blown kiss too. Unthinkable not to -- one for her, one for Zoey.

"Don't forget them," Cristoph teases Cesare as he makes his escape to other social circles, a small cluck of amusement. "I'm glad that you were able to determine which clothing was most appropriate for the evening, my lord. And it's good to have you here," he says to Cornelius now, taking a moment to sit and quietly observe the goings on of the party.

Kia looks a little flustered, though saved by the fact that Mattheu dose not know it was her, that knocked his chocolate away, she is replacing it with her own, before he knows it. she is leading him back to the fires.

Raven blinks owlishly at Savio, "Where'd you get this and why am I trying to beat inanimate things with a stick?" Her green eyes wide even though he JUST answered her question. She obligingly gives it a swing but then promptly looks to pass the stick off to someone else. She grins a bit watching Savio dispense his greets amoungst all his adoring fans.

Amari laughs softly as she settles in again with her drink. To answer Cristoph, she says, "I've not seen the solarium nor the conservatory. Perhaps after the games I'll wander the estate, and try not to get lost." Gianna's resounding hive smack earns her a light round of applause, made awkward by her still holding her cup. It's really more a pat, than a clap. "You've beat me."

Ryhalt smirks at Mabelle. "That won't be enough to stop it." He escapes to go try the honey whiskey. After taking a sip, he nods in appreciation and continues to watch the festivities.

"I don't," Bhandn says back to Mabelle at being introduced to Ianna. To the Lady Greenmarch, Bhandn has a bow and, "My lady, a pleasure to meet you. One of my comrades is family of yours, I believe. Jamie, his name is. I heard the name Greenmarch and thought he might have shown up here for tonight's festivities."

Medeia dips her chin to acknowledge Quinley's invitation. "I will, my lady. Perhaps we might invite the others to join us? I don't know if they have been filled in on our project." She makes a motion to Dycard, Cornelius, and Rowynna. "I did write to the Compact's newest prince today, I'll have much to speak about with many a Blackshore in the coming weeks." As Amari settles back down nearby, she murmurs aside to the woman, "Yes, conservatory. The room you walked through to get to the garden? I think you'll love it." She looks thoughtful. "I really should host a party there." She settles back for a moment to people watch, noting Mattheu and Bhandn both with a nod in greeting.

Zoey makes a gesture like she is catching the kiss Savio blows her way and tucks it in a pocket for later, then replies with a smile and a flutter of her fingers. She drinks deep the hot chocolate that Raja spiked for her. "You heard the Lady Laurent. Honey whiskey!" she tells her protege with a grin. "Then the game with hips!"

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Kiera watches as Medeia tries the contest and is debating whether to try it herself when she sees Mattheu's cup go flying "oh that's unfortunate" she says approaching him "perhaps a warning i out not attempt this one.. Oh? You've found the Laurent pool?"

Mabelle chuckles at Zoey, "Yes yes, drink, then I wont be responsible for any injuries, are there physicians present?", she calls, as if she is not one. She rolls her eyes at Ryhalt as he escapes her and smiles to Liara, "That was impressive and terrifying all at once, Your Highness". The mentioning of the pool has her looking at Kiera, "Oh wait until it freezes over"

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"Raven, dear one, light of lights, shining through the darkness like a, um, bee lantern." Savio might be a little drunk. Little bit. "We don't need an excuse to cause havoc by feats of fantastic and amazing athleticism against random environmental hazards, do we? No we do not. Honey whiskey?" Somehow he has not one but two.

"You would be surprised, my lord." Cornelius glances to Cristoph with a genuine smile, "While layers may seem to unflatter the figure, it helps to keep the old bon--bah, what do I know of matters of fashion and what is flattering. Yes, I sound like a scattered old sod when I say that it was not a trouble to pick out my clothes." His brow cruxed rather quickly with a sardonic glance to his face, chuckling at his own admission. Medeia's bid for his attention had him twist his head, catching the flag down, "Oh?" His eyes settled back on Cristoph, "My lord, a fine pleasure, as always. Do excuse me?" He bids for Cristoph's leave with a cordial bow before meandering along to where House Blackshore was assembling for the evening.

Ianna lets out a low chuckle. "Ah, yes. Everyone's always looking for my brother Jamie," she admits to Bhandn with a tiny smirk. "I haven't seen him since passing him on my way to the solar this morning. Rather surprised he's not here myself, but who knows, he could show up still. The night is not yet over." A small sip of her tea, and she adds thoughtfully, "Wait, didn't I see you in passing a few days past, at a tavern? If I did, please do accept my apologies. I was a bit frazzled at the time. Long day."

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Quinley looks suspiciously at Medeia. "You have to speak to Prince Romulius about /many/ of us?" She looks around at her cousins. "Have we done something? How is your cousin by the way? I have not seen him since our meeting."

Raja perks a little. "Honey whiskey? Oh. I have to try that." She looks around to where she can find such a thing. Her whiskey senses are tingling! Raja wanders away from Zoey in search of this golden treasure. When she finds it, she is s ure to take an entire bottle, staring at the attendant straight in the eye when she takes the whole bottle. "Mine."

Mattheu looks to the suddenly appearing hot chocolate mug and smiles to Kiera. "There's a pool here too?" He turns as he's led off by Kia towards the fire, "We took a swim before coming here. Come join us."

While people are drinking, the servants are lining up empty bottles of mead in a row in equal spaces. That's not weird.

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Raven's eyebrows shoot up, "Oh, my." she chortles in amusement, "When you're right, you're right, my lord." she trades her stick for a drink, "I can't drink and swing though, and clearly I need to catch up with you." she tells Savio.

Lingering over at the drink stand now, where she helps herself to some hot chocolate (with lots of cream) to pair with the apple pie, Liara answers Mabelle, "The snacks make for good encouragement!"

Cesare plucks one of the honey whiskeys from Savio's hand and downs it in one fell swoop. Delicious. "It's good that I'm here," he says pleasantly. "Have some of the pie, I'm told it's delicious."

Gianna passes her stick on, sniffing once when it is determined she has not, in fact, won. She turns back to Amari, letting a shoulder rise and fall. "Well, that's something," she says. Honey whiskey: acquired. She heads for the pond benches and seats herself, crossing one leg over the other.

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"OH my gods, pie, I love pie," Savio is easily swayed by Cesare, and drifts toward a dessert stand while he watches the mead bottles set up! "Ohhhh another game is about to begin im-mead-iately!"

"We might have," Bhandn says to Ianna, eyes going distant for a moment as he tries to recall that day. "It was a long day for us both, my lady. We retired to bed early that night as it turns out. Do give your brother my regards if you should see him before I do. I haven't had the opportunity to put him through his paces in training, yet, so if you /do/ see him, warn him I have that on my mind. One does like to make sure the younger generation is fighting fit."

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Gianna points at Savio. "NO." No puns!

Savio looks over his shoulder as though, being totally and perfectly innocent, he has no idea who Gianna might be speaking to.

Raven snorts, "Go ahead and encourage him if you like, my lady. No way that's EVER gone awry." she grins crookedly.

And while Mabelle is slipping to get herself some cheesecake, someone brought in a torch. Just a man. With a torch. Its Lit. Nothing to see here.

"She is right, Savio," Zoey tells him before winking. "Show a little *glass*."

Kiera looks back at Mabelle's words "I almost fell through trying to skate last year but the company was enjoyable" Her eyes look to find patrizio for a moment before moving to join matthew "gods it seems lifetimes ago

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Medeia shakes her head at Quinley. "No no. Did I misspeak? I misspoke. "I have to speak to many Blackshores, not to the prince about Blackshores." As for the cousin? "Back on the island for a brief visit, I believe. Honestly, I never know where he is when."

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On a scale of puns to throwing knives at your friend's heads, Cesare knows which end of the scale he prefers Savio at. A few puns? Harmless. Knives thrown at members of the peerage? Potentially less harmless. He tosses Zoey a smile. "Lady Zoey! How have you been? Enjoying the party?"

Raja slowly slips away from the attendant, maintaining eye contact with him as she steps away. It's all in fun. Then she spins and makes her way to Zoey, "Hey.. want some?" She works on the cork, tugging at it with her teeth. She blinks at the torch bearer and the shots of mead in a line. "I wish Tanith was here.." she finally gets the cork loose with a resounding POP! Then, in a manner of Lower Borough politeness, she offers the bottle to Zoey to take the first swig.

Raven's gaze notes the torch with a small frown, large green eyes following the torch though she half turns to face Savio, her features splitting into a grin.

Patrizio is clearly enjoying his drink, when there's a tap on his shoulder - one of those annoying, and not fashionably clad, centurions of his, who hands him a slip of paper. There's a sigh and a frown, and then the prince moves to excuse himself, with a wave to those familiar faces he's greeted before he makes his way out.

"But of course," Ianna responds fluidly to Bhandn. "And actually," she adds a little slyly, "I think I'll quite enjoy letting him know you'd like to test his mettle.." She pauses for a moment to watch the torch move past, her expression thoughtful, but then her eyes immediately leap back to Bhandn. "But yes, I'll be sure to let him know. I daresay I can catch him in the morning."

6 First Legion Centurions leaves, following Patrizio.

Mabelle grins at Kiera, "Well you have a couple months to practice until the next Winter Wonderland", she winks to her and squints at Gianna, Savio and Cesare, "Are you making bee puns? I'm very bad at bee puns. Baron Norwood however, he's exceptionally good at beeing funny".

Raja stares at Mabelle. STARE.

Zoey accepts the bottle, lifts it slightly while making eye contact with Raja, then toasts, "To the First Harlequin of the Mother, Tanith Grayhope." She takes a sip, dabbing her lips as she hands it back to the Culler woman after.

Gianna eyes Zoey and Mabelle and downs a rather large gulp of honey whiskey. She mutters something that sounds suspiciously like 'wretched'.

Ryhalt catches the scent of cooking bacon while he's drinking and heads over to the entree cart to get himself some. On the way he squints suspiciously at the torches and bottles being set up, looking somewhat like the bees are plotting revenge here.

Mabelle huffs amusedly at Gianna, "Try living your whole life around it"

Zoey waves to Cesare. "Oh, I have been well, my good Whisper. And you? Obviously you made it back from the wedding."

"Make sure to tell him I do not mean sparring alone," Bhandn says, still to Ianna, grey eyes twinkling just a little bit at the small conspiracy unfolding before him. "We might go for a run or two with weighted packs. For example," he adds a tick late in a complete deadpan that might just mean he's being serious. "But I shouldn't spoil the surprise; training is best when it's unexpected."

Eventually, people are intoxicated enough and Mabelle wanders toward the line of bottles where she is handed some beewax candles with very very long wicks. Very long wicks. Enough to tie around one's waist and a small wick peeking from the other end., "Time for hip action!" Mabelle declares and lifts the candles, "I am going to tie the candles around your waist so the candle hangs behind you. You need to do something very simple. PUT THE CANDLE INTO THE BOTTLE. There is of course extra points for, you know", she coughs and declares, "Lighting it".

Raven's eyebrows shoot up, "Oh dear gods." they've done it. Raven's SPEECHLESS.

5 Silvershields, Jeeves, a sophisticated valet arrive, following Rook.

Savio declares, "I was made for this, Raven." He might mean setting himself on fire.

5 Silvershields have been dismissed.

Jeeves, a sophisticated valet have been dismissed.

Aedric has joined the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

Ryhalt stares at Mabelle as if he's either too drunk to understand what she's just said or he understands and can't believe it. By the way he drinks, he's probably hoping to get a little bit more drunk or is hoping for an excuse to avoid this.

Zoey checked composure + dodge at difficulty 45, rolling 15 lower.

Mabelle murmurs to the staff next to her, "Get some water buckets, if you will".

Quinley checked willpower + dodge at difficulty 45, rolling 3 higher.

"Oh, of course," Cesare acknowledges with a nod and a smile. "A lovely wedding party it was, too." His head turns as he hears Mabelle announcing the last contest and says, "Oh yes. Oh /yes./" If anyone is going to be lighting anyone on fire, it is probably going to be him and Savio. But he does not seem afraid in the slightest.

Bhandn checked willpower + dodge at difficulty 60, rolling 4 lower.

After hours of preparation and careful scouting, the notorious honey thief made his approach and found a way to slip into the grounds. The bear knew that its best approach was in blending in so it walked around as if going to buy something but never does.

Raven checked willpower + dodge at difficulty 45, rolling 13 higher.

Cesare checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 45, rolling 8 lower.

Ianna is absolutely delighted at the mention of weighted packs, and it shows in the sparkle of her hazel eyes and that grin that's rapidly starting to spread across her face. "Oh, I'll make it clear that he'll be put to the test," she assures Bhandn readily. "And I won't be more clear than that, so as to keep that surprise. He should be prepared for everything, anyway. It'd be a shame if he wasn't." She might already be plotting how best to recommend that her brother prepare. And then there's suddenly a rather crazy event, and with a hrm, she accepts the bottle and candle that are pushed into her hands. "Well... here goes nothing, I suppose."

Medeia checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 45, rolling 8 higher.

Kia checked willpower + manipulation at difficulty 45, rolling 32 lower.

Cesare checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 60, rolling 23 lower.

Mattheu checked willpower + dodge at difficulty 45, rolling 15 lower.

Gianna checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 60, rolling 8 higher.

Someone wearing Manly Man in a Bear Costume has joined the A FESTIVE ENTREE STAND.

Raven checked willpower + dodge at difficulty 60, rolling 16 lower.

Savio checked willpower + dodge at difficulty 45, rolling 1 lower.

Savio checked willpower + dodge at difficulty 60, rolling 18 lower.

"I... um..." Zoey allows the candle to be tied around her waist, but it would seem the combination of honey whiskey and whatever Raja slipped her earlier has taken its toll. "Well, clearly I am not coordinated enough for this anymore," she says, laughing.

Dycard checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 45, rolling 2 lower.

Raja checked composure + dodge at difficulty 60, rolling 11 lower.

Scythia checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 60, rolling 4 higher.

Medeia checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 60, rolling 5 lower.

Ianna checked willpower + dodge at difficulty 45, rolling 35 lower.

Rowynna casts a wary glance toward the next game and, after watching her cousins volunteer, sighs and joins in the fun.

Rowynna checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 45, rolling 8 lower.

Raja perks up as she is having the wick tied around her waist. She laughs at the instructions. Looking to Zoey, she nudges her and points to Raven. "Hey Raven!" She turns around and wiggles her hips, making the candle wiggle back and forth behind her. Raja is not good at all with this game, but she does seem to be enjoying herself!

Amari rubs her cheek and looks out speculatively upon this whole thing with the bottles and the candles. "I'm going to sit this one out." She'll blame her lingering injury, as she gives her hip an absent pat to indict it. Yes, that's totally the only reason she's not rushing to set herself on fire. The only one. "Good luck Gianna!"

Mabelle checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 60, rolling 11 higher.

Zoey looks up, sees Raven, and waves.

Having committed to play games tonight, Quinley is going to play the candle game against her better judgement. However as a sailor, she has been taught to fear fire. And lighting something attached to her body is a bridge too far. "Can you tie this?" She asks Scythia who helps if she is willing. "Ok... here we go." She finds a bottle and bends her knees learning how the physics of her new tail work. The woman's hips are strangely dexterous, and the candle is maneuvered to the bottle with relative ease. Depositing it proves harder. It ends up sitting just in the neck opening but tilted wildly. She was right avoiding burning things.

Raven laughs at Savio's declaration and belts back her drink to free up her hand. She grins and waves, "Hi Raja! I Like your form!" Raven manages it for a while, maybe one of her arms is damaged but there's NOTHING wrong with her hips! She's got the motion to get the candle in but alas she's unable to light it-but that look of PURE concentraition while she's at it does up the comical ante somewhat.

Someone wearing Manly Man in a Bear Costume has left the A FESTIVE ENTREE STAND.

Someone wearing Manly Man in a Bear Costume has joined the a set of chairs and benches.

"This can only end poorly..." Medeia doesn't seem deterred by that. She allows the candle to be tied to her waist with a grimace. "My rose leather." Please don't let it burn. She doesn't manage to get the candle lit, but she does get the candle into the bottle. A slight smudge of soot on her dress. "No one tell Messere Audgrim."

Scythia pushes up, flashing a challenging look to Dycard as she steps over to join in, having her candle lit. She does, indeed, help Quinley tie. Not only does Scythia manage to get that sucker in the bottle, she does it straight-faced and gracefully. With a hiss of the candle going out, she allows herself a brief smile of satisfaction, as she looks to Quinley.

Gianna stands up from her place at the benches by the pond and strides toward the candle and bottle people. She raises her arms and allows the wick to be tied around her waist. Light it? May as well. Nevermind these are new pants. A thoughtful look over her shoulder and the Nightingale squats just a titch, resting her hands on her knees. Then she starts to work her hips. A shimmy to this side. A shimmy to the other side. A bounce. The candle is guided toward the bottle, an artfully swinging pendulum on a controlled arc.

Raven says, "What happens to it after you pay for it ain't any of his business, Lady Medeia!"

Mabelle cannot help but laugh as she sees her guests struggling with a little candle following them around, she cries cheers of encouragement at some of them, but looks mightily impressed at some of the ladies, "I knew this was a woman's job!", she proclaims, clapping her hands for Gianna, "See? I told you this one is for you! Very impressive!"

Mattheu finishes off the /new/ hot chocolate, nods to the group at the firepit smiling to them, "just a moment." And then tromps off with a little less squishing in his boots. The candles are tied to him and he dances a little with them. Hips rising in a turn that the candle is put out as it spins around behind him in his dance. "Was that the point? To put out the candle!?"

There's a thoughtful, sagacious nod that Bhandn gives to Ianna when she mentions Jamie should be prepared for /everything/, but some stray thought causes his amusement to sober up for a moment before he can replace the faint smile on his lips. "Quite," he murmurs back, and then he's being patient as a candle is tied around his armored waist. At least he finished off his first cup of tea before this particular game began. He's fairly spry for his age, it turns out, even while dressed in armor, but getting the candle into the bottle while lit proves to be beyond him.

Cesare gets a candle around his waist, tying it adeptly with far more flexibility than seems reasonable. He tries first without the candle lit, and to be honest, if he was just doing some kind of dance that involved rolling his hips and bouncing his butt - not bad. The candle? Complicates things. It jiggles around but does not manage to make it into the bottle whatsoever. Disappointed, he decides that /lighting/ the candle is clearly the solution. So now he is making dat ass clap with fire attached to it, and no better results. On one of the jiggles, the candles catches the fabric at his calf and immediately smolders. The dance turns into an entirely different dance, which is falling to the ground and rolling around to put his leg out, and then shaking it in the air. Just stunning. Just truly stunning.

When Ianna said "here goes nothing", she did not quite realize just how literal she was being. The candle is suspended around her waist, and she's ready to do... something. wait, what were the instructions again? Oh, yes. Hip action. She wriggles a little bit, sending the candle swinging. Then another wriggle. The candle swings the other way. Putting her hands on her leather-clad knees, she tries to aim a candle she can't quite see and that's swinging like a pendulum towards the neck of the bottle. But what she wasn't expecting was that there was a loose patch of gravel underfoot. In a series of events accompanied by a rather undignified yelp from the noblewoman, her right footing is lost and her foot shoots forward. At the same time, her dog comes up to helpfully sniff the bottle, as it smells like mead. The noblewoman starts to collapse backward, but catches a glimpse of Barkus under her and twists to try not to hurt the dog; this sends her left foot flying, too. And with the undignified yelp, she crashes down onto her butt, knocking the bottle askew. The candle swings up into the air and comes swinging back down, smacking her straight in the face. It's a good thing that she didn't light it first.

3 Proscipi veteran guards arrives, following Giorgio.

Mabelle calls out, "Is someone on fire?", she sounds concerned but also a little as if she's hoping someone is on fire.

Savio has no caution, no shame, and will not be discouraged by the notion that this might be a women's specialty. No. There is too much movement happening, that is the actual problem with his endeavor here. There is also a song.

"I put my hand up on my hip
When I dip you dip we dip
With that fire light the wick
In that bottle place it quick
Try not to mess it up and slip
All you need's a little flic---


Effort forgotten. "Nooo I saw a BEAR THOUGH. CESARE. BEAR!"

Mattheu shouts from nearby, "Not I. I danced and wiggled and put out the candle"

Kia laughs as she watches cesare dance, she moves a little as she tries to light her candle, she moves this way and that way turning her body around and then back in a weird and rather seductive dance. She has the bells upon her sash jingle and she looks over to see how the others are doing.. well, none of her candles are light and she ends up tripping on her own feet, before the candles all fall to the ground... and as Mabelle says it she calls out "oooooooh fire!"

Mabelle is overheard praising Gianna: Shake that!

Gianna is overheard praising Cesare: Just stunning.

Someone wearing Manly Man in a Bear Costume looks straight, clearly caught in the act. He drops the plate and grabs the ham, making a run for it.

Mabelle is overheard praising Savio: He can rhyme!

Gianna is overheard praising Savio: Such a ditty!

Quinley is overheard praising Mabelle.

Raja is laughing at all the chaos! The Culler woman just brings her bottle to her lips, drinking deeply of the honey whiskey.

Dycard is overheard praising Mabelle.

Raven laughs at Savio's rhyming. She blinks and watches the man take the ham. She'll give chase for a lot of things-but not over a ham, "Damnit, having one hand is lame, how am I supposed to party AND drink?" she grabs another drink.

"I was on fire," Cesare says. His leg is still in the air. "I'm fine, though." He rolls to his feet. "Oh, Savio, you have to sing that song again, on a night when I'm not lighting myself on fire." Brushing himself down, he examines his pants. Ah, the joys of natural fibers - only a little hole. That's ...what ... Nope. Not going there. "I suppose that's probably the time at which one is meant to leave. When one lights oneself aflame."

Gianna is overheard praising Mabelle: A truly sweet honey festival.

3 Proscipi veteran guards leaves, following Giorgio.

"Only when in search of water to douse oneself," Zoey says to Cesare. "Otherwise, wait until after the flames are extinguished."

Kiera is overheard praising Mabelle.

Savio knew he wasn't freakin crazy. "BEAR." Oh, the candle's still on fire. "Ah, my pants, shi--" He lifts the candle away from his waist and extinguishes it, then cannot resist the sight of the bear costume fleeing. "Hey! Heyyy wait! Where are you going!"

Savio proceeds to attempt to pursue the bear, but the candle is still dangling like a tail behind him as he goes.

Medeia tries to brush the soot off, looking sheepish. To Raven, she notes, "But he made this special for me. I should have been more careful." But then her assistant is weaving through the crowd toward her and she sighs. THe message passed on is summoning her away. Quietly, she makes her way out.

Someone wearing Manly Man in a Bear Costume stops at a fork on the road. It looks over its shoulder and roars before having to decide which path to take. Seeing the man chasing after him, it begins to run.

Rowynna is overheard praising Mabelle: A lovely festival hosted by the lovely Lady Mabelle.

Someone wearing Manly Man in a Bear Costume checks charm and performance at hard. Critical Success! Someone wearing Manly Man in a Bear Costume is spectacularly successful.

Mattheu shouts from nearby, "BEAR!? Where?"

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a reaver, Fluffy, a wild nanny-cat, 2 Eswynd shieldbearers, Loryk, a cocky but amiable reaver, Butterpup, a Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Medeia.

Kiera blinks at the calls of "bear" "Did someone put something a bit special in Lord Savio's wine

Gianna does look amused at Mabelle's comment. A little quirk of her lips at the corners. She starts to untie the candle now that it's safely in the bottle, though she is very much distracted by the BEAR. She straightens up, blinking at the manly man. And Savio chasing.

Prizes in bundles and little boxes go out to the winners and then some toys are handed out to the runner ups, they know who they are! She then looks at the bear and looks mighty confused, "Who... is that?"

Raven blink-blink-blinks and looks around, "Crap, where's savio?! I looked away for ONE minute!"

"Lord Savio's new husband, I think," Cesare replies, bemused, splashing some water on his leg. "Proscipi will now have a new and glorious bloodline of half-bear children. Imagine their physical prowess." He smiles to Mabelle. "Lady Mabelle, thank you so much for such an amazing party. I only lit myself on fire a little, and enjoyed every moment of it."

2 Laurent trained guards have been dismissed.

Cupcake, a cookie girl have been dismissed.

1 Laurent veteran guards have been dismissed.

"Bear?" Ianna says perplexedly, trying to detangle herself from the candle, legs splayed out in front of her. Her little dog, of course, is thrilled and promptly starts bouncing all over her, licking her face and confounding her efforts to detangle from the candle wick and the bottle and to get back onto her feet. "Barkus!" she giggles, dropping the candle to try to ward off the canine tongue. If there was ever a bear here, she never saw it.

Sir Bhandn is one of those who got a little singed by the candle as well, but aside from a little damage to his surcoat, he's largely fine. Armor helps with avoiding minor candle burns, after all. The calls of BEAR and roaring catches his attention, and he turns to watch as Savio and the ... bear...?! are making a getaway. "Well that's something," is what the knight has to say. His retainer is just watching with wide eyes as though Aendal had never seen such a sight before. "They're weird," Bhandn's retainer declares to the world, completely oblivious to the fact he just said that out loud.

Gianna accepts her little box, distracted from the bear by the promise of a prize. Opening her box, she gives a little almost-smile at the contents. It is quite possibly greedy.

Mabelle chuckles at Cesare, "Well if its only a little", she winks to him and finally settles down, "Well no need for a physician. I do not know if its a good night or a bad one", she finally collects a piece of food and looks like she devours it. All ladylike of course

Kia raises from the fire ans she trembles, she moves out of the party. "Thank you for the prize!" she calls as she exits

Mattheu looks absolutely happy about the small bee toy he has been given. He looks to Mabelle with a smile and bows as the last bits of water drip off of his tunic. Even his little sharkie plushie looks happier now.

Kia has left the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

Raven vanishes into the crowd cussing under her breath as she tries to find the person she lost.

Amari is overheard praising Mabelle.

Cesare has left the pond benches.

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove leave, following Cesare.

Cornelius stepped off from the firepit as he bid his farewell to Kia with a smile, "A good evening to you, my lady. Do excuse me." He parted to meander about to the food table where he could wrangle himself something to eat once some of the revelers had cleared from the joyous, good-natured chaos that was going on around him. A pause to ensure no gallavanting Bear was going to careen into him. And back to the food.

Rowynna accepts her box containing a wooden figurine prize from Lady Mabelle with an air of appreciation. Much like the bee weight she observed upon arriving, this one is also turned over and smiled upon. "Lovely, thank you. It's going on a shelf in my room."

Mabelle grins warmly to those who choose to depart, and then turns her eyes to Rowynna, "I believe people who attends my events happen to have a lot of bee things by now. Goodness. I just realized that"

The bear buys itself some critical time with quite a performance of a roar, enough to give Savio pause in pursuit. Which then means of course that running, the mysterious Manly Man is no doubt well poised to escape. "No, wait, leave something behind for me to remember you by!" he calls after the bear, "Like a fairy story! Awwh." He is left only to pine. And perhaps be tracked down by Raven, whose supervision he has only temporarily escaped.

Liara has left the A FESTIVE DRINK STAND.

12 Grayson House Guards have been dismissed.

Quinley gathers up her adorable spoils from the night. She is grousing and mumbling "... a bear?....cute bees... fire tail." Her head bobs as she seemingly says goodbye to her family and the Redreef she came with. "Lady Scythia." This is as thanks for the evening. Then she is off into the night.

The bear escaped but not without leaving a mess. On the pile of trash, a ham bone sits like some lost treasure.

Someone wearing Manly Man in a Bear Costume has left the a set of chairs and benches.

Quinley has left the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

2 Blackshore Marines leaves, following Quinley.

Scythia begins to gather up to her feet, stepping over towards Mabelle and offering a gracious dip of her head, "My thanks, Lady Mabelle. A generous prize and a fun party."

"I'll have to start up a collection of my own," Rowynna replies to Mabelle's observation, then curtsies respectfully, and walks back to Dycard's side with the lid of her box flipped open in case he or the other members of the family want to look at it. By Quinley's reaction, probably not...

And now it's time to depart. She waves to everyone and then follows the Blackshore retinue out.

Raven finds Savio, "Here. Look, something shiny. IT'll have to do. Behave, yeah? I've got to scoot." She pecks Savio's cheek and slips for the exit,

Rowynna has left the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

2 Black Vanguard leaves, following Rowynna.

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1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven leave, following Raven.

Gianna takes her prize back to the benches and settles down by Amari again.

Zoey is overheard praising Mabelle: Hostess with the mostest!

After looking mighty impressed with that spectacularly made bee, he waves after Rowynna and stands with a mighty stretch that is a farcry from Scythia's lithe feline lounge, "I forgot to congratulate you on your engagement, Lady Scythia. I hope that you find yourself rightly satiated." With a roguish wink, mead drained, and squeezing hand upon his father's shoulder squeezed in departure does he take his leave.

It was a lovely event that is sure to be buzzed about!

Ianna manages, at long last, to get her feet back underneath her and her dog to stop licking her. And by that point, the bear is gone, the festival is slowing down, and... well, it seems like an excellent time to grab a sandwich and slink off to preserve what limited amount of dignity she has left. Retrieving one sandwich -- a slightly-cooled grilled cheese with a thick slab of honeyed bacon in it -- she moves over towards Mabelle to proffer a little quirky smile. "A truly wonderful festival, Lady Laurent. Thank you for hosting it!"

Ryhalt has left the A FESTIVE ENTREE STAND.

Dycard has left the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

Mabelle rises up to locate Ryhalt, finding him likely with a pile of bacon. "Thank you for coming", she smiles warmly to Ianna and then to the Blackshores who gathered, "So many of you in one place I am in awe!", she greets and waves to here and there.

Ryhalt finishes off his bacon and whiskey just as Mabelle comes over. "I think I'm drunk. I saw a bear and... people setting their rears on fire." He says that last part like he's not actually certain that's what he saw.

Cornelius glances off toward Dycard on his departure, and it occurs to him he is the last Blackshore standing. He exhaled heavily, shaking his head before approaching Mabelle with a genuine bow, "My Lady Laurent, your festival and reveling seemed to empty the Blackshore Manor to staggering effect. I thank you for the hospitality for this evening."

Mattheu takes a flat bumble bee paper weight from a large wooden beehive.

Zoey gestures with her mug to Ryhalt. "You might be drunk, but I am fairly certain that did happen."

Kiera takes a flat bumble bee paper weight from a large wooden beehive.

Mabelle grins entertainedly at Ryhalt, "Certainly you are drunk, Laurent house is a very calm house", she chuckles and turns her eyes to Cornelius, "Welcome back to the city, Lord Cornelius, I am sure we will cross paths soon enough. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself". She winks to Zoey then.

Savio has been abandoned by the bear, and abandoned by Raven, who gave him a bottle of Honey Gold Rum to hold on to for just a moment. Probably she did not intend for him to drink it. BEHAVE, she said. He tosses the bottle by the neck in a neat little 180 flip to catch it again by the base, remarks in a general sort of way, "Not a chance," and moseys off! But those still here that he knows, Scythia, Zoey, Gianna, and hostess Mabelle, get a wave and a grin as he goes!

Raja has found a nice place to sit now, enjoying her drink and enjoying the antics of the people. She had laughed heartily at the antics of Savio and 'The Bear'. Honestly, it seems the woman really needed this party today.

Gianna tips her chin in Savio's direction, which is like a wave, only more regal?

Savio has left the A FESTIVE DESSERT STAND.

Ryhalt chuckles at Zoey. "Oh, other people saw the bear, too? I..." He shakes his head, having no words to express his thoughts. Glancing to Mabelle he chuckles. "Calm. You can't say that after making people throw stuff, hit stuff, and then set themselves on fire!"

Mattheu has left the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

Mattheu has joined the pond benches.

"Fairly certain they did all of those things of their own accord," Zoey points out. She finds a slice of chocolate cake at the dessert stand and goes to sit with her protege.

Scythia has left the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

Rylan, a distracted scholar, Captain Bryon Gethrys, 2 Seliki Pikemen leave, following Scythia.

"Thank you for the levity, Lady Mabelle," Bhandn has to say to the hostess, bringing his shy retainer in tow to meet with the Lady Laurent. "We enjoyed ourselves, I think." No nods or comments from his retainer, who is looking down towards everyone's feet right now. "But we must be off," Bhandn continues, throwing in a bow that's echoed by Aendal in imitation of the knight.

Cornelius chuckles lightly, "Yes, thank you, my lady. It was a nice sojourn to see the Baroness and attend my son's wedding but I am quite happy to be back pon my second home. We shall run into one another indeed. And I must say, the favors are very precious. Take care and have yourself a fine evening. A good evening to you all." He rose his free hand up as he carried his little Bee favor under one arm, making for the exit.

Ianna carries her sandwich over and comes up alongside of Bhandn. "I'll make sure to tell Jamie to prepare himself for what is sure to be a truly memorable training session," she remarks to the knight with a smile, and then she is also off, little dog prancing in her wake.

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Savio and others who depart, and huffs at Ryhalt, "I did not make them they...", and then Zoey says just that, "See? They did it themselves, thank you Zoey!". Mabelle bows her head to Bhandn, winking to Aendal so scandalous it makes him blush, "I'm pleased you are unharmed this year, thank you for coming". Her smile remains for Cornelius, "Oh do stay a while, you might enjoy the winter here", that's a stretch, most do not enjoy winter, but she does!.

Cornelius has left the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

Slard, a whip-scarred bodyguard, 2 Black Vanguard, Marwyn, a one eye'd scarred raven leave, following Cornelius.

"I guess so." Ryhalt grants Zoey her point. "But, the industry of bees...calm. I'm not sold on this idea yet. Say fun, and I'd agree. But calm?" He shakes his head.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mattheu before departing.

Aendal, a jumpy and introverted bookworm leaves, following Bhandn.

Mabelle eyes Ryhalt, "Said the man who makes his coin by keeping people awake".

Ianna has left the A FESTIVE DRINK STAND.

Barkus the friendly scruffy dog leaves, following Ianna.

Kiera has left the a steel and stone firepit surrounded by short stools.

Ryhalt grins widely to Mabelle and shrugs. "I don't think anyone's described a Farshaw as 'calm'."

Mattheu looks around and is confused why a messenger is tugging at his cloak. Looking down to the lad and smiling to then be presented with a box. He looks at the box with wonder, then looks to the lad. "where.. who gave this to you to bring to me?" He's handed a note, which he smiles fondly at. Then putting the box down beside the bench he sits down and nods to Gianna. "Good to see you again as well. You've been well?"

Mabelle points out to Gianna, "Those were very impressive hips movements, I should come by the Whisper house for lessons", she smiles to her, looking at Amari, "Maybe you can tell Raja about the Dire Bees now"

Kiera wanders briefly over to the benches "Good night m'lord. Be well

Mattheu nods to Kiera, "Thank you Lady Kiera. Please write me when you are seeking that lesson."

Gianna inclines her head to Kiera when the woman approaches; she tosses some of her hair over her shoulder and tells Mabelle, "I'm not sure whether to credit the Whispers or the College for that, really. Though we do have a dance instructor at the College."

Mabelle peeks curiously at Gianna, "Oh really? Will there be one at the Artshall chapter? I look forward to it. I hear you are working with Lady Amari on our historic play".

Kiera nods "I shall do that"

"Sir Gerard," Gianna tells Mabelle. "And I'm not sure. Dancing isn't entirely in our wheelhouse, really."

Ryhalt smiles warmly to Mabelle. "Thank you for hosting, it was an enjoyable time. Especially the bacon and the bee slaying."

Amari bends her arms to rest her elbows on her knees so she might then lean forward a bit and peer off in the direction Mattheu points. "Oh? I'm Lady Amari, and I have a tent. It's over there." She gamely replies, pointing east-ish. "And you know, maybe dance lessons would be just the thing." She thinks aloud, still following the general thrust of the conversation.

Mabelle draws her hand over her face at Ryhalt's words. Amari declaring she has a tent, makes Mabelle look at her a little puzzled, "You live in a tent?"

"A tent is similar to a yurt, just more portable depending upon how it is built." Mattheu smiles broadly to Amari. "Do you prefer thatch or canvas for your roof?"

Ryhalt chuckles at Mabelle's expression, waves to those who are left and heads on back towards his home.

"At least it has a roof," Gianna says mildly. Her turn to finish her drink and stretch. The Nightingale rises to her feet.

"I did. All summer, until I was mangled by a bear. Then it was best to sleep in a proper bed, indoors." Amari explains, as if this wasn't traumatic or peculiar in any way. When you sleep in tents, bears are bound to maul you. True facts. "I like canvas. It's easier to roll it all up and move it, definitely. A yurt is made of poles and hides and things?" After she's said that, and Gianna rises, she does the same. "My hip is aching. It was nice to meet you, Lord Matthue of the yurt. Lady Mabelle, that was fun! Thank you. Gianna, shall we?"

Raja lifts her bottle of honey whiskey to her lips, watching the fstive going ons. Then she rises up, casually making her way over to Zoey, "Hey. I just remembered, I have something I /really/ want to talk to you about. I think you just might be interested in it." She glances to Mabelle and offers a flash of a smile, "Lady Mabelle, thank you for the wonderful time! I am stealing my patron."

"We shall," Gianna tells Amari, offering her arm to the other woman.

Zoey nods to Raja and prepares to follow her out, waving to Mabelle as they depart.

Zoey has left the A FESTIVE DRINK STAND.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery, 3 Kennex corsairs leave, following Zoey.

Zoey leaves, following Raja.

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to the remaining people as she moves to the rest of the guests until the night dies out.

Barkus the friendly scruffy dog arrives, following Ianna.

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