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Lord Cornelius Blackshore

Every ambitious move is a gamble.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Ruthless Social Climber
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Blackshore
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widower
Age: 53
Birthday: 10/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Shipwright
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Chestnut with silver flecks
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Sun-Bronzed

Description: Light flecks of silver pepper the edges of his chestnut locks. Swirling cerulean eyes that have the hints of crow's feet at the edges reflect whatever the occasion calls for. Proud nose connects him to a long line of ancestry. Smooth tongue, smiling lips and deep voice that always have the right words for any situation. Even though he's experienced the rigors of age causing a little rounding here and there, his powerful body would rival any young man. Whatever scars the man carries are not for public viewing.

Personality: A hint of steel lies beneath the smooth tones of his voice. Commanding without even having to say a word, he draws others to his web by radiating confidence. Brilliant mind that sees opportunities not roadblacks in his ambitions. A fine connoisseur of beauty, he is selective on his associations, claiming his allegiance to his departed wife keeps him from developing anything deeper.

Background: With other heirs apparent, it was clear when Cornelius was born that he would never inherit Blackshore Isle. However, he was groomed to serve his brother Oswald by the stern, unforgiving hand of his father. Mother was nothing more than a glittering show piece that was valued only by her ability to engage their social peers in the drawing room. He never found any maternal warmth from her. Under the harsh rule of a Thraxian warlord, Cornelius quickly learned to navigate among some of the most ruthless warriors of the Compact.

Cornelius met Lady Florence Gilden, his future wife, at a society event. She was nothing like what he was used to. Fragile, vulnerable and so trusting. It was easy to sweep her off her feet, and convince her to marry him. Of course her family had misgivings that he was ten years her senior and only after her dowry, but he managed to convince the idealistic artist that he had only eyes for her. They were married after a quick courtship. It was her dowry that allowed him to launch his career as a naval architect for House Thrax.

Serving Donrai was never easy, and his back bears the scars of a few missed gambles but overall he managed to get the High Lord to sponsor his ideas. When his first son, Romulius, was born while his brother had yet to produce an heir, other ambitions caused him to stop more often to visit Oswald. Florence never liked him so he was careful to balance those two when they were together. The next few years passed quickly, his fortunes ebbed and flowed depending on his investments. Dycard and Skye were born. His family thrived on their many travels as he gave his duty to the Compact. While Florence's health seemed to wane as time passed, others would remark that he was the consummate family man.

Cornelius will tell you it was a difficult decision to leave his wife with his brother, but her wasting illness got to the point where she needed more medical care. He managed to convince Oswald to take his wife in. Then he placed his daughter there to assist with her care. Of course, he kept his sons by his side to make sure they would learn the business. There were times that he perhaps in reflection were harsh, but he only was trying to raise them to be warriors that would thrive under Donrai's rule. As a staunch traditionalist, he managed to gather popularity among his peers.

All the pieces were in place. His daughter had gained favor with Oswald, his oldest son was being groomed to be the heir of Blackshore. Dycard was a bit of a disappointment, being more of a dandy than a warrior, but perhaps in time he would find his place in society. Then it happened, the reavers attacked their ship. Cornelius bravely fought off the pirates, creating an escape route. He yelled at his oldest son to come, but the foolish man wouldn't leave Dycard. The window of opportunity was closing. Suddenly Cornelius had to face a decision to escape or be taken by the pirates with his sons. In a split second, Cornelius chose escape, promising himself that he would return with troops to free Romulius and Dycard. He traveled back to Blackshore Isle to rally his brother, only to find the isle in ruins. Everyone was dead. Without the means himself to rescue his family, Cornelius was forced to lean back on his wits. To lean on others more powerful than himself, slowly rebuilding his connections.

Relationship Summary

  • Florence - My dearly departed wife.
  • Oswald - My elder brother.

  • Family:
  • Romulius - Firstborn son.
  • Dycard - Second son.
  • Skye - Capable daughter.
  • Aedric - My younger brother.
  • Lucene - Niece by marriage.
  • Iseulet - My dear niece.
  • Name Summary
    Aine The man has some vanity, surely, but he will definitely be a challenge to get to know.
    Alarissa A man who knows his place, even if he doesn't like it. He has manners at least.
    Alessia A charmer. He never seems to lose composure, whatever the discussion.
    Anisha Lord Cornelius has a vivid imagination and a gift for oratory. Thrilling to finally meet a man I've heard so much about.
    Bellamy What a terrifying, horrible man! Why would hit your own child? It's a wonder that Dycard didn't return the favor, or doesn't have him arrested.
    Calypso He's got a pair of balls on him, I'll give him that. I'm pretty sure he's secretly Lycene, though.
    Catalana A traditional thraxian. Unfortunately he walked into a room full of Lycenes who don't fully understand his view. But oh so traditional.
    Corrigan In a bizarre way, I find myself feeling almost feeling sorry for this Silk. An artefact from older times, being forced to listen to another Silk bleat about a commoner's love life. Must be horrible for him.
    Dante Sly, this one. He took the thorn with the sort of wit and deceit that is very useful in the Tournament of Thorns, he should do well. Very rigid and standoffish towards commoners, but it is good to see the more formal ways in Arx. Gods know we see enough of the opposite.
    Dycard Should have stayed dead.
    Esme He seems just so disappointed in everything or disgusted in it. He did listen to part of my current tale though, so there's that. Surely one day we shall be good friends
    Ian It's been years, but I remember the things Baroness Skye said about him when we were both just arrived at Arx.
    Iseulet I don't see what all the fuss is about. This man is perfectly polite and well spoken and for the first time in a long time I can't wait to get to know a family member.
    Katherine A very pleasant man, for the brief time I spent speaking with him. By my estimation, the Blackshores are certainly worth knowing.
    Kenna He thinks he is charming, and perhaps he is. But he has some ass backwards ideas of women.
    Korka An old Thrax lord whose whip is as sharp as his disdain for for just about everything. Refreshing to see someone that doesn't hide their opinions on things.
    Lucene Interesting. I was so certain that the man had been lost at sea. I'm glad that's not the case - perhaps now I can find out why my mother was never keen to talk about him. He is very careful with the words he uses, which is something I can admire.
    Mabelle A man who doesnt fall charmed to those who he outranks. That is a rare thing in the city. Not a bad thing, rare. I should like the explore this in less busy rooms.
    Niklas He isn't going to win a lot of friends. Though he probably won't care.
    Norwood Wait, what?
    Orelia I saw that look, and it had better end at that. Open your mouth and I'll make sure to shut it for you.
    Rane Far more sociable than I had expected him to be from gossip, which I rarely pay attention to. It's my own fault for listening, but he has his own family's best interests at heart and I hope we can find more common ground in the coming days.
    Revell What am I supposed to do to make him spare me a glance? A moment of his time? Does he really think he's all that important? I've met with princes and princess, I even have a meeting lined up with the King! This man is nothing.. nothing!
    Sydney I can't put my finger on which facet of his personality I liked best - when he called me rabble, or when he threatened to lash my potato-grubbing back.
    Thea The most Thraxian man I've ever met. We may have disagreements.
    Veronica Blunt as a bull one minute, charming as a snake the next. Not something you get every day.
    Ysabel An uncle of the Balckshore line, so very charming.
    Zebulon A man of strong conviction, though perhaps to a fault. Seems to hold quite strong beliefs about woman and their place in the world.
    Zoey I understand and respect that you were raised in a different place and a different time, and likely are unaccustomed to speaking to women directly, but I still find it disheartening that you would ignore the friendly overtures of someone of higher social status.