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Crafter's Guild Meeting: Lou

Princess Lou Grayson has carved out a bit of her time to speak to the Crafter's Guild regarding the new metal she brought back from Brightshore. Those who are interested in seeing this new metal and potentially working with it are encouraged to attend the meeting.


Jan. 2, 2021, 9 p.m.

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Rowenova Decius Azova Apollo Emberly Cufre Ripley Vitalis Merek Caprice Samira Alaric Eithne


Crafters Guild


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

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Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points, a grey mare with black points arrive, following Rowenova.

Stepping inside, Nova slinks up to where Vitalis is and ultimately joins the quiet club who mostly watches.

Decius is sitting an the stunning wooden bench, running one hand over it as if it were living flesh, the other with an box of chocolate truffles in his lap. His face has chocolate about the edges. He is only looking at the table. "This is some smooth plane they used upon it, and the sand paper. This is like glass, how was the achieved?"

A beautiful songbird arrives, following Emberly.

Once more the tables of the Society of Explorers are set up in a way that suggests there's another meeting going on. This time it's with the Crafter's Guild. Lou is over by the map room door, waiting to see who arrives. She nods to those who are already present stating, "This is the meeting of the Crafter's Guild, or really anyone who crafts, to discuss ways that a new metal to Arvum might be able to put to use; assuming more can be obtained. Right now, there's only 30 ingots in total in all of Arvum, from the island nation of Brightshore." Just in case anyone is confused about what this meeting is about.

Azova is mostly here because she is interested to see what people learn, and has a quantity of this new metal as well. So it would behoove her to see who will be able to work with it. But when she enters it's with polite smiles offered to everyone, and a seat quietly taken. Her alchemy expertise may come in handy? Maybe.

Apollo rises for a moment, gives Lou a brief bow. "Thank you for having us, Pathfinder Lou," he says. "I appreciate the welcome and your willingness to share." That said, he re-settles.

1 Culler Boatswain, 2 Culler Midshipman arrive, following Samira.

Samira arrives, following Caprice.

Emberly comes into the guild as a professor of the college, she looks about and she listens to Lou before she moves to join the meeding.

Cufre's gaze is drawn downward to the mosaic floor as she enters the Hall. Unfortunately for those entering behind her, the crafter - her clothing leaves this designation unmistakable - her fascination with the floor slows her steps a bit. Lou's words eventually snap Cufre's attention to the task at hand. She finds a table with a chair to spare and settles in.

"Stop fondling the wood, and pay attention." Ripley's plunking down on the bench beside his cousin, leaning over to snatch up no less than three chocolates before quieting down to listen to the Grayson Princess and the guildmaster. Though he eats with his mouth open now and then.

Cufre has joined the Table 2.

Vitalis stiffens as someone draws near, easing when the voice is familiar. "Scout Rowenova," Vitalis nods, "Good. Thank you." He reaches a hand down for the inevitable Floppington, the dog can present his ears for scratching. His own creature, roosting... somewhere about. Ah. There. The bright-plumed creature has settled on a coat rack. Hopefully no one has anything interesting in their cloak or coat pockets. It's summer, who is using cloaks anyway? Still. He is here both as a Seeker in the Explorers, and as patron to the Guildmaster Apollo. A seat carefully chosen to make best use of the hall's acoustics.

Merek walks along into the place and takes a moment to pull his scarf along his features. The man's dark attire is adjusted about his frame, while he takes a moment to place a cigarette into his mouth, lighting it up with the burning red glow from it wafting smoke.

Decius gives Ripley a look. "Good cratmasship should always be admired, something you know little about I see. Do you not have some cheese to go violate someplace, cousin?" He does however turn his attention to the metal on display, and the hand which had been touching the wood now was in the air, fingertips moving as they extended towards the metal.

Caprice slips in perhaps a trifle late, not... reeking of whiskey exactly, but carrying proof on her breath of some recent tippling for business or pleasure. After a quick glance around, noting faces familiar and un-, the copper-haired clothier makes a quick line for the nearest available seat.

Caprice has joined the Table 1.

Ripley has joined the marin'alfar wooden bench.

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Alaric.

To Vitalis, Nova nods. "Welcome." The Goodest Boy (Sir Floppington) does indeed closely lean toward the Now-Clement lord, gazing up gratefully for the pets whilst gently wagging his long tail. Meanwhile, Nova curiously regards the klepto avian before glancing back to ongoing event about the rare metal.

Samira enters the building, voice pitched low as she leans in to murmur a quiet remark to Caprice. The diminutive artist clutches a bottle of whiskey in one hand, a bottle that has been nearly emptied of its contents, while raking her free hand through her tangled hair. A distracted upnod is offered to any familiar faces she passes as she moves to find a seat.

Samira has joined the Table 1.

Now that it seems like a majority of people have arrived, Lou stands away from the section of the wall she was leaning against near the map room to signal a couple of explorers to bring two of the ingots out that she'd brought with her to the Explorer's Hall. "Brightshore is an island located about six weeks past the Saffron Chain, existing in a place called the Bright Sea," she tells the crafters. "In total, it takes about three months to travel from Arx to Brighthsore. When you leave the Saffron Chain behind, there's no other land in sight for those six weeks, so you must be well stocked and prepared for such a journey, assuming pirates and storms don't take you," she notes. "For there's no other place than Brightshore to restock, if you manage to convince them to allow you onto the island. The denizens of the island require that you take many, many, many tests in order to step foot there. They are also a well armed island, with cliffs largely protecting the majority of the island, and ballista being set up along the only set of docks and beaches we we had the opportunity to observe. The island itself is as big as Setara, and with tropical forest, desert, and jungle existing all at once upon it, with a smaller mountain range. And, the land itself seems to be mired in veins of the the material you see being set out before you, goldsteel."

Vitalis checks composure at normal. Botch! Vitalis is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

"You are free to come up and look at it if you should like," Lou adds to those who've come to the meeting. "And touch it as well."

Alaric inhabits a place in the back, attempting an inocuous presence as the monarch of Arvum can achieve. His is an expression of genuine intrigue as Lou begins to speak upon the newly discovered material, head inclined slightly, brows knitted.

Alaric has joined the Table 4.

Who wants to see the new metal? Ripley's up, quick as can be and nearly running over his shoelaces so that the ginger haired thornburn can come get a look at mineral. "Good for armor and weapons only yeah?" Arms windmilling a little till he saves himself from a stumble and then it's just suave - not so suave - strides to the front.

Standing up from the remarkable bench, Decius moves to step forward to where the metal is on display. Standing next to it, he picks up one of the ignots and hefts it, then clanging it upon other metal, then upon itself, curious beyond belief at a new metal to work with.

Emberly looks over as she looks over this thing called goldstel she tilts her head as she looks to Lou "what do we know of it?" she asks quietly looking from one face to the other. She was right behind Ripley as to follow him close.

Vitalis listens as Lou recounts the highest of highpoints of her long voyage to Brightshore. The explorers and others who went with her are the toast of the Society. Exotic creatures, new languages, and this: goldsteel. Tests and trials, distant locations, horizons that call. He listens, face growing more and more grim by the moment. Vitalis, most know, has spent bulk of his life cultivating the ability to disappear. That talent, however, is in tattered disarray as he pushes to his feet, chair legs hooting as they scoot abruptly back. He bumps into the table as he hustles past, halberd butt tap tapping as he makes his way to the exit.

Earl Peckworthy Flappington the VII, a blue and gold macaw leaves, following Vitalis.

Seeing Vitalis and his bird escape, Nova glances back with concern after him, and she steps out after him, Sir Flop following along after her.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points, a grey mare with black points leave, following Rowenova.

Well, that was an unexpectedly abrupt exit. "Honestly, six weeks aboard a ship is a rather frightening prospect for most." she agrees, having decided for herself that must be the reason for the suddenness of that exit. A discrete nod is offered to their monarch when he seats himself as well.

Apollo is looking at the goldsteel, but turns eyes after Vitalis when he leaves, mouth setting in a grim line. Seeing Rowenova going after seems to help, but there's still a distracted air about him. He blinks back to Lou. "Yes, have you... learnt anything about its working properties?" Back to the door.

As the voyage to Brightshore is described, Cufre's attention returns to the floor, her gaze tracing some estimation of the path described. The mention of 'goldsteel' returns her attention to the Pathfinder and to trying to lean into a glimpse of the material described.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points, a grey mare with black points arrive, following Rowenova.

Rowenova has joined the Table 2.

After returning, Nova and Flop move to sit by the Harrow in the room.

Those that stand up and look over the metal get a good feel for it. The color is as gold as the name suggests, and it seems to have the look and consitency of Arvum's red rubicund line. In fact, some might even hazard to suggest that this is a gold rubicund.

Lou turns her attention to Ripley. "We know that it's been used for arms and armor. I don't really recall seeing anyone using it for refined items like jewelry. We think it might be close to rubicund, but if accessories and jewelry can be made from rubicund, I'm sure it is likely to be able to be used in that way too." Lou wouldn't know. She's an explorer and not a crafter. "Lord Ian Kennex had the opportunity to fight one of their best warriors using the weapons made there. Their style of weapons are somewhat different from ours. In fact, he lent me his blade for this evening." She also directs this question to others as she's reaching into the map room to also pull out Ian's long, slender goldsteel blade and place it on the table with the goldsteel for the crafters to review.

Lou's gaze goes to Vitalis and his departure and her brow crinkles in concern as she watches him go, and perhaps some confusion. She then sees Alaric entering and inclines her head in his direction, offering her curious cousin a warm smile.

Samira listens to Lou's words with silent interest. When the group is invited forward to examine the new material, she cranes her neck for a glimpse. It's not until Lou sets the goldsteel blade out on display that she rises abruptly to her feet and steps forward for a closer look.

Ripley beams a smile at Lou, reaching up to scratch at the bald spot in that tidy beard of his and then elbows Decius in the ribs just a little. "Betcha between you and Eithne you could make a pretty damn fine Cuirass. Between my dad and I we could probably make a sword real breathtaking like. Maybe not as good as Felix or ida though."

Smokey, the Wolfhound Pup arrives, following Eithne.

Emberly nods her head a little looking over the blade "do you have small bits the Alchemy school can study?" she asks to Lou quietly before her eyes turn slightly to the King and she watches him for a moment.

Merek looks then to the person that takes off from the place, then he takes a look to the blade, nodding a bit to examine it in thought while he scratches his cheek.

"It's certainly beautiful," Apollo comments, "but I fancy gold-colored stuff a good deal." He's looking over the styling of the blade she shows perhaps more than the gold itself. "Do you mind if I make a sketch, Pathfinder Lou?"

Lou drops a long, slender goldsteel blade.


It's possible Eithne is late. A message from Ripley had her dropping everything to race across town. She definitely looks like she's been working hard. Her hair is still wrapped up in a silk bandana, and she's forgotten to remove her large leather apron, never mind that she reeks of hot metal.

Alaric leans forward in his seat to cast an appraising look over the goldsteel from afar, expression one of admiration. "It certainly has earned its namesake," he remarks to Lou with an affable grin. "How will the right metalsmith or armorsmith be chosen to work with the raw material itself?"

Frowning at te metal a bit, he takes the ignot and taps it against the blade next. "Beautiful color, but there is a reason why gold is a poor choice for weapons and armor. It is soft and heavy. What advantages would it give over other materials we have here which do not require three or more months on a risky voyage?" The boat part is what made Decius wary. He hated boats.

"Eth! Come, come!" Ripley catches sight of his sister and holds up an ingot aloft. "Godsteel!" Godsteel. He screws up his face then corrects himself. "Goldsteel!" He shouts. But then there's another person in the room and he's gesturing to Alaric. "It's the king! Decius! The king!" Terribly loudly.

Alaric checks composure and diplomacy at normal. Alaric is marginally successful.

"Oof. Metal armor and boats. Never a good marriage. Someone always ends up drowning." The fiery redhead saunters towards her brother Ripley and gives Alaric and Lou her typical little bow as a sign of some sort of good manners. "Your Majesty, Pathfinder Lou." Her stormy eyes scan over the blade. "Tis beautiful though. I'll definitely say that. Who doesn't like to glimmer in gold?"

Alaric is taken by surprise when Ripley suddenly announces his presence, but he puts on a regal grin, bowing his head to the sets of eyes naturally drawn upon him. "Hello, hello."

Decius shakes his head. "I do not like gold. Gold attracts wives, and wives attract husbands. Angry husbands with knives, and never believe them when they say there is no angry husband, there is always an angry husband." He does hush up when the king is pointed out, giving an enbarrassed bow and returns to his study of goldsteel."

Apollo opens his mouth at Ripley's interjection about the king being there - shuts it, moving over to the jeweler to tip his head toward, murmur something fond and quiet.

"As far as working properties," Lou says to Apollo, getting back to that question a bit, "I'm afraid I don't know much about asking the right smithing questions. I have 6 ingots myself, Lady Azova Darkwater has 11, and Lord Wash Kennex has 11. I'm certain among the three of us that we'll be able to hand a few over for the sake of experimentation." Lou's attention goes to Emberly at her question, both brows raising a bit. "I had not figured the apothecary college would be interested in metals." Another field she's not familiar with. "Perhaps if you can explain the purpose?" As she mentioned, there's so precious few ingots available. Also, that's not a no, that's a please convince me to give one up.

Lou's attention goes to Decius, "This metal is definitely not refined metal like gold and silver. It's weapons and armor grade material. As for whether or not it has some additional properties over our own metals," Lou shrugs her shoulders a bit. "I think that's a larger discussion for those who know about metals with the people of Brightshore. Though, I caution, that we will not be able to set up regular trade with them. Queen Zhruri'ral'shalruthdo was quite specific about her requirements for anyone coming to the island; only those ships bearing my personal banner will be allowed to approach. And only those who can prove that they are not tainted by the abyss will be allowed on the island and maybe allowed to trade with the merchants - who will have tests of their own to complete before you may trade with them, otherwise you will be turned away."

Lou then turns her attention to Alaric. "I think, for myself, it's the person that can come up with the most unique design for a weapon to be made with the ingots I have remaining. Assuming we can figure out how to work with the metal."

Azova glances over at Decius like he's grown a second head right there in front of them all at his words, and just clears her throat while trying to listen to the more education minded comments about the metal. "I have a quantity of the goldsteel I am looking to have made into weapons, for reference. But I have some specific design requirements in mind. And, I am familiar with alchemy if the Apothecary College needs more minds to add to the mix to help determine the properties of the metal before smithing can begin."

Whatever Apollo murmurs, eyes widen and there's a strange expression on Ripley's face, hands gripping the goldsteel bar tighter before putting it down and wiping his hands on his pants. Turns his head to his shoulder and gives an unmistakable sniff of a man trying to discreetly make sure he doesn't smell. He wrinkles his nose at what he smells and then straightens. Like Eithne, he's got the smell of hot iron on him too. He runs his hand through his hair, adjusting it to look presentable while listening to Lou and then Azova.

Emberly moves, out of the way of this new goldsteal, her attention on the king then, and she draws a little breath as Lou answers her question by answering Apollo's. She listens to Lou as she talks about the availability and the hand over for sake of experimentation. She looks over to Lou "well I have been named the Professor of Metals." says Emberly quietly with a roll of her shoulders. "Metals are used in alchemy as are gemstones." she says quietly before she pierces her lips - looking from one person then another.

Alaric inclines his head with understanding toward Lou. "I look forward to seeing what the brightest minds have to offer in terms of ideas on how it might best be used," he chimes amenably.

A smirk lightens Samira's solemn expression as Ripley announces the king's presence. She can't help but turn, glancing over her shoulders to lock eyes upon Alaric with an observant, openly curious stare. Lou's continued explanation eventually brings the artist's head swiveling back toward her, her brow furrowed as she ponders this new information. "And what do they make you do to prove to them that you're not tainted by the abyss?"

Decimus rubs his hand upon his jaw as he continues to look upon it. "I can make a set of vambraces from it as an experiment, at least to see the process of how it is processed and smithed, and after they are created, compare it to other vambraces out of other metals."

Caprice rises from her seat, now that the first wave of inspections has passed, in order to take a turn at getting a closer look (and feel) of the ingots on display. She has half an ear to the conversation as it continues, inquiring at some point, "The armor they were wearing, that used the goldsteel. Any marked differences from what we craft here - thicker, less coverage?"

Apollo murmurs something sidelong to Ripley, grinning, then dips his head at Lou. But soon enough there's an odd turn of his head, quizzical. "How exactly does one /prove/ such a thing?" he asks.

"If possible, I'd like to see if we can use it in any jewelry. Unlike Rubicund which we can only use in weapons and hairpins. And I'm willing to contribute an entire ingot towards study to that end, given to the Academy. And if there are silver or resources required to assist in that, then I would help in providing those too as a sponsor. Possibly with House Darkwater's backing, though I would need to consult with Countess Carita first." Azova adds, inclining her head towards Emberly when she mentions being their master of metals. "I would like a gift of a ring or accessory to be able to give to my Countess in the end, with enough left for the weapons I wish to make as well. And I have a limited quantity. So, it must be a single ingot I'm afraid, that is used for study."

"Probably wear a strong perfume and pass a sniff test.' Ripley quips but then is quiet, looking like the man is trying to be proper and... not ripley.

Emberly gives a little nod to what Azova has said

Decius turns towards Apollo and smirks with a bit of a wicked and playful cast to it. "Why we set them down on a table, get the biggest hammer and strongest person we can find, and we try to destroy them."

Eithne is quiet, observing, listening, gathering information. The wheels of her mind turning as she goes along. She is a legend in her craft after all. Part of learning is listening. Eithne offers a little nod of her head here and there, she's engaged in the moment along with the others.

With his curiosity of the metal satisfied, Alaric rises from his seat and visits Lou briefly to offer the hostess a few words of parting before he and his retinue make their exit from the premises.

Alaric is overheard praising Lou.

Caprice's question gets answered first here. "It's pretty hot in Brightshore. Therefore, they generally wear leather for armor there. They have strange animals there, called Death Fat Ones, that could probably provide ample coverage." Lou goes on to describe what Death Fat Ones look like, and she's describing hippos.

She then turns to those asking after the tests. "It depends. Each person you encounter could have a different question. And, each thing you want to do requires a test." This is something she has on rote now with how many times she's answered it. "They are a people that venerate the Pantheon. Our Pantheon," she stresses that part. "Legate Ailith was with us, and I fully believe it was because we had a flag of the Faith with us that we were allowed to approach the island. But we were not allowed to dock. We were met by the Captain of the Guard. His test required that someone step forward who had killed an agent of the abyss and never told anyone about it before and touch a feather to see if it would glow." Yep. She's talking about a magic seeming thing. But, she's also an Explorer and they talk about weird stuff all the time. "As it happens, one of our team had actually done this, and stepped forward, and made the feather glow." She doesn't say whom. "Once that test was passed, we were allowed to step onto his ship. When we approached the dock, we had to prove to Queen Zhruri'ral'shalruthdo," the name of the Brightshore Queen rolls off her tongue flawlessly, "that we carried the Pantheon in our hearts, and someone had to recite all that they could remember about each of the Gods. Each of the vendors had a test of their own. To leave the city and explore, we had to be tested by others of the Guards and promise to stay away from the Death Fat Ones."

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"Death... fat... ones..." Ripley's eyes widen. "Gods... they sound like.... deadly pigs...."

A beautiful songbird leaves, following Emberly.

"Death fat ones." Apollo says... right on the heels of Ripley echoing. He glances at his jeweler friend, grins. "Do I imagine you'll have another line of pig jewelry, Ripley?" he asks, and gives him a nudge with his shoulder.

Eithne looks to Ripley now, arms crossed beneath her chest. "I dig it. Death Fat Ones. I have a feeling you are already planning on using this for the name of your next pet."

Merek nods a bit at the mention of the animals.

"I'm going to make a big fat death one tiara. I wonder if the Grayson princess will buy it...." Ripley looks between Apollo and his sister. "Toad doesn't need a friend. He's got me! And Caprice! Apollo! And his brothers and sisters back at keaton." Which rings and bells and he's murmuring to Apollo, lifting a hand to Caprice.

Lou listens to everyone being excited about Death Fat Ones, raising both brows. "Those animals kill people. Straight up kill them. Tourists got killed by them all the time. They also have other animals there that are used, like alligators." Crocodiles, alligators, mostly the same thing!

Samira appears slightly bemused, opening her mouth as though to ask a question before rethinking the decision and snapping it shut again. She drops back into her seat after her perusal of the material, slumped casually in the chair. "Death Fat Ones. What a name. Kinda makes me want to draw a series of images that that sort of name would bring to mind."

"What even /is/ a Death Fat One, if you don't mind me asking?" Apollo asks. "Those of us who'd rather just imagine, we can plug up our ears."

"Oh, imagine this, a cuirass of Alaricite with a giant death fat ones medallion emblazoned right in the middle made of goldsteel!" Eithne heard Lou after she shared her thought. "Even better! Great animal for a house sigil."

"Do it," Caprice encourages Samira as she returns to the seat next to her, eyes bright. Back to Lou and the others - but mostly Lou, as the resident expert, "How did the weapons hold up against our own?"

Eithne mutters, "Forget ... ... bush ... ... all ... ripped for because of our red ... ... ... ... Thornburns, the Death Fat ..."

Rowenova says, "We should get one in here so we can see it!"

"You haven't seen my work have you..." Ripley points out to Lou. "Screaming faces on a pendant trying to pull their skin off." He looks pretty pleased about that actually. "Bejeweled spines! Death ones and... alligators..." he stamps his feet. "If they'll buy a golden pig on a chain and a silver spoon, they'll buy a big fat death one.... pig... thing..." Eithne is talking to him and he just starts breaking down into laughter. "We should make them our family crest!" Deadly hippo's that kill people.

Lou gets a long, slender goldsteel blade.

"They are a cross between a walrus and a pig, really." Lou says in response to Apollo. "But consider the pig to be about grizzly bear sized in this case." Hippos are not small beasties! "Their teeth are as big as a walrus's teeth. They are fast, and deadly."

"So, about goldsteel," Lou tries to gently redirect the conversation back. "How many ingots do you think you would need to experiment with crafting?" She has to do the math and see who might be willing to give up a few, aside from herself. She picks up Ian's sword but puts it back down on the table. "They were comparable to our own, I should think, but Ian seems to think they are close to the rubicund ones."

"That depends, Pathfinder Lou. When it comes to armor, I'd say a good measure for experimentation would be a pauldron or vambraces. Something on the arms which could get hit and tell us how well they hold up in battle." She looks to Decius, the other armorsmith. "What do you think?"

Lou glances to Eithne, "How many is that?" she asks, blinking a bit since she doesn't know what recipes take.

"Ripley makes the best creepy stuff," Samira interjects, her voice carrying a note of approval. "That wine spout is still one of my favorite things." She sends a lopsided grin toward Caprice, her fingers flexing as though wishing to have her sketchbook and charcoal stick in hand. "I think I will. Death Fat Ones just lends itself to so many ideas." She quiets though as Lou guides the conversation back to the material itself, her gaze falling back upon the goldsteel on display.

Decius inclines his head in agreement. "Yes, it would be the best way. Live noble husbands preferably wearing them as we pound on them with hammers, but wooden target dummies if people are too squemish for latter."

"Sounds a truly breathtaking sort of beast. Mm." Apollo considers, then says: "Could likely make a dagger or set of hairpins with three ingots, yeah?" Apollo glances around, looking for ... who's here who's dedicated to weaponsmithing. He considers, then says to Lou: "If I had an ingot or two, I might consider if or how it can be used with Oakhide. Though I know it won't scale at all and I'm better off using domestic stuff - it's still a curiosity. The mesh is terribly hard to work."

"Dad. " Ripley looks between Apollo and his family. "Greer Thornburn. I could work with him to design some hairpins"

"For Pauldrons, covering the shoulder and the arm,"Eithne gestures from her own body to about her elbow, "3 ingots and some pelt. Vambraces or gauntlets take 2 ingots and pelt." Then she considers "A helm is about 2 ingots as well."

Caprice's eyebrows lift a little, a glance directed at Decius. But it's toward Eithne that she questions, "What tends to take more damage on the field? I would guess that would be the more practical choice for a finished product?"

Cufre finally makes the move to join those gathered around the samples of the new metal. "If any is to go toward possible refinement. For jewelry," she clarifies with a bow of her head to Azova, "I'm interested in helping. Or observing."

Cufre has left the Table 2.

"I admit my first thought was goldsteelsilk," Caprice murmurs to nobody in particular. "Which... ah, presents additional challenges, of course, but related to the subject of alchemical study..."

Lou drops a long, slender goldsteel blade.

"You'd make a beautiful dress out of goldsteelsilk." Ripley quips, shooting an adoring look at the seamstress.

Lou takes some time to listen to folk talking around each other about various projects. "What I'd ideally like is one group of people working to make a weapon, and maybe one group of people working to make a piece of armor out of the remaining ingots that I have. Preferably a medium weapon. By working together, you all benefit from learning how to work on the metal. How many ingots does it take to create a medium weapon?" She has six, so she has to carefully math it out in case something happens to some of them, so she has a few left over for another try.

Apollo's assistant comes in, and he listens to her murmur in his ear. "Pardon, I need to go." Quietly, apologetic, to Lou: "Lord Vitalis." A grim set of his mouth, and he bows. "I'll write," he promises, and then heads toward the exit, giving a chin-up to some of the other crafters, and a clap on the shoulder to Ripley as he goes.

Lou adds, "And Lady Azova would like a group of people to see if the metal can be refined enough to make jewelry or an accessory."

"Four" Ripley offers up. "One more than needed for a hairpin." Apollo has to head out and he ducks his head to Apollo and his departure.

Apollo is overheard praising Lou: So generous, sharing her hard-won knowledge with the Crafters Guild!

Lou gets a long, slender goldsteel blade.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound leave, following Apollo.

"Goldsteelsilk," Samira echoes in a murmur after Caprice's suggestion, eyes narrowed as though attempting to envision the finished product. "Sounds nice. I bet you'd make that into a sight to behold." She quiets again as talk turns to weapons and armor, unable to lend anything of substance but listening curiously.

Ripley is overheard praising Lou.

Lou gives Ripley an appreciative look. "What I'd like, so we may move forward, are the names of those leading each of the three groups, and between Wash, Azova, and I, we'll work in getting the initial sets of ingots out to you so you can start experimentation. So please discuss it amongst yourselves and get back to me within the week." She leaves that decision within the hands of the crafters.

Setting down the ignot, he looks over to the Pathfinder. "I only really know armor or wood, so I would like to be part of the team working with the armor."

Eithne is overheard praising Lou.

"I can work with the Lady Azova and Cufre to see to the application of jewelry. We can find out who in the guild would want to work with the weapons aspect." Ripley offers, already thinking.

"Of the options on the table, I can offer to assist with the jewelry research," Caprice looks towards Ripley, Emberly and Azova - a subtle nod of thanks given for Ripley and Samira's assessments.

'And Caprice!" He adds, after she speaks up.

Decius is overheard praising Lou.

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