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Come put the Rum in pa-rum Pum Pum Pum! Contest, (ooc: Yes this doesn't fit for the time in game...)

Do you enjoy rum? Do you have a special blend that you wish to share with everyone? Do you simply enjoy drinking and want to sample the best collection of rums you just may ever find in the city? Is your name Wash?

Princess Lustry Thrax has found that her cabinent has gone empty and is seeking the absolute best rums that the citizens of the compact have to offer.

Venturo Thayne and Lady Medeia Eswynd will be judging all rums that are submitted to the contest, and YOU CAN TOO!

Prizes up for the taking:
First Place, the Absolute Best Rum - Bragging Rights, and a voucher to Seaborn Weaponary (1 rubicund Weapon) and Silken Symphony (upto 75,000 silver).
Second Place, Bragging Rights, and a voucher Seaborn Weaponary (1 high quality steel or cupridum weapon) and Silken Symphony (upto 35,000 silver).

How do I submit my Rum you ask!?
Well, find yourself a distiller, if you're not already one and create a rum. Then send your rum with messenger to Princess Lustry Thrax with a note that the rum is for the contest.
(OOC Note: make a tchochke with a lovely description of the rum. ASCII art is not required. and send it to Lustry with a note that it is for the Rum Contest.)

Wait! You said I could also taste these rums and judge them!
Well, we did say that! um...
Simply show up. Each guest will have one vote that they can make on the available rums.

Did we mention that there will be games?
'Cause, there will be drinking games too!


Jan. 15, 2021, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Lustry Medeia Venturo


Ciro Grimgar Isabetta Ophelia Mabelle Svana Patrizio Calla Zakhar Thea Nina Avita Brigid Jeffeth Gaspar Dio Raven Domonico Cassimir Deva Valencia Sloane



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Raconteur Brewing Company - Taproom

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Zakhar drops 37 books.

Zakhar takes 3 books.

Mabelle takes 37 books.

Mabelle drops 37 books.

"Welcome one and all to my lovely rum contest! Thank you for your attendance. I assure you, there is plenty of these delicious rums to go around for sampling. Please be sure to submit your votes and once I know all have been tallied and re-tallied. I will announce the winners and either give out the prizes or send them if the one who submitted their delicious rum is unable to attend. Once all the rums have been tallied, we can start playing silvers for fun!" Lustry announces cheerfully while wearing her newly designed luxury brodcade outfit.

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a pirate, Fluffy, the wary wildcat, 2 Eswynd shieldbearers, Loryk, a cocky but amiable reaver arrive, following Medeia.

Nina gets 37 books.

Nina drops 37 books.

Zakhar drops Rum Vote.

Lustry takes Rum Vote.

With the night of the rum contest having arrived and the hour drawing ever closer Ciro made his way into the tap room dressed in a new outfit of Umbra, the darker fabric accented with golden embroidery and further light given with the flutter of his cloak around him and the glimpse of gold lining it. The Seraceni Lord accompanied by Calla on his arm leans in to murmur to the woman, "Glad I had that cigar still, Still nervous though." A brief pause given as he mutters, "And peckish.." His grey gaze drifting over the tap room, when he spots Lustry he grins lifting his left hand to wave to the Princess. "Princess Lustry, A lovely outfit. And.. you will need to visit soon, I found something you might like."

Grimgar stands beside Lustry, towering in an outfit made from undyed exquite honeysilk with gemstones. The shirt is made to look like honey running down his strong body. His breechs and boots are black, umbra and leather. He watches calmly, extment in his green eyes and an arm around Lustry's waist.

Zakhar drops 2 books.

Nina gets 37 books.

Isabetta arrives on her own, looking eager to see the proceedings and perhaps get her hands on some free samples, maybe lots of free samples, maybe she's planning on not walking home so much as being carried. .. This is an event about Rum right? It seems like a fair assumption to make.

Ophelia arrives with a clackclackclack of her heels into the Raconteur's taproom. Dressed in citrine silks, she makes her way over to the bar to find a seat -- one with a view of whatever game will soon be played! When she's settled, she sweeps her gaze over the immediate area and gives a wave to Venturo when she spots him.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Welcome to Princess Lustry's Rum contest with cohost's Lady Medeia and Master Venturo. Please be sure to read both sets of rules. If you are unable to use the write command after picking up a book, please just page Lustry your rum vote! Thank you all for coming!

Mabelle makes an unusualy quiet and entourage-less entry into the brewery. Clad in a gown made out of oleander lace and jewels to match, she flashes a warm smile to the hosts, "A whole event dedicated to rum. You could not keep me away even if you tried, thank you for hosting this", she inclines her head to Lustry, Medeia and Venturo while looking around for a place to sit.

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Svana flutters in without anyone on her arm, but she does look worried - which means she's ready to drink. She looks at everyone's clothing first and then smiles to Princess Lustry, bowing her head respectfully. She moves to find a seat, licking her lips in anticipation, looking around at everyone for a familiar face or two - or perhaps an interesting one.

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It's never hard to discern when Patrizio's arrived - he comes, after all, with that entourage of centurions who trail him throughout the city. There is this once no argument about the matter of where they're going, and they're following after him at a discreet distance as he sweeps into the brewery to see what's going on about. Though he's chuckling as he hears Mabelle as he's coming in, and shakes his head. "Anything involving sugar in some level, mmm, my lady?" He teases her affectionately, before he's greeting Lustry. "This was a wonderful event and a wonderful idea, highness. Thank you for putting it forward."

Calla arrives on Ciro's arm in a seasilk gown in fiery hues, her hand giving a little squeeze of encouragement as she leans in to murmur back. "Your rums are fantastic, you'll do splendedly, I know it." She offers a warm smile then as she's lead towrds the hostess, offering a deep curtsy when they get there. "Princess Lustry, so nice to meet you. What a fantastic idea for an event."

Brother Chester, Fudgy, a chirpy crow arrive, following Jeffeth.

Dio gets 2 books.

Nina drops 36 books.

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Dio drops a book.

All the old man needed to be told was where the rum was, and thus he has wandered into the brewery. Standing over six feet with a deep and long since healed scar in the middle of his face, wearing black and gray leathers, with two kittens riding on his shoulder. He nods to a couple of those that he recognizes then heads to the bar.

There's rum here. Rum CONTEST. Hearing she could taste said rum was enough to draw Thea out. Dressed in a very low cut gown, she maked her entrance, a smile on her lips. "Princess Lustry, hello,"she greets. "Baroness Calla, Prince Patrizio. Good to see you again as well." Grabbing a drink, Thea starts to make her way into mingke a bit. As much as she Thea does anyway.

MThe evening of the much anticipated rum contest has arrived and Medeia is a vision in bold rose red honeysilk with minimal accessories of neodymium and special deeplight coral, her heair left down and flowing in sleek waves around her shoulders. On her arm is Marquirs Gaspar Tessere, who puts the rest of her accessories to shame. As they make their way to speak with Lustry, she murmurs to him, "Thank you for agreeing to this, I know I am asking for a /boon/, darling, and I appreciate you." Her lips curl in a sultry, slightly mischievous smile. "Come, let's get settled in for the judging, hm?"

1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrive, following Raven.

Though fall is beginning, Nina is still feeling summery as she walks into the rum event, in a breezy step, wearing perhaps the last of her summer's silks. The event is an absolute embarassment of riches for any hard drinker... and she does not have the highest tolerance in the land, but, anyone who loves a party could hate to pass up the variety on display. Nina walks up to Princess Lustry, giving her a bit of a curstey before she looks at the different drinks on offer. "I suppose one just begins at the beignning!" she cheerfully exclaims, getting a glass of samples.

Venturo is indeed situated off by the table near where all the rums are, having already went through to taste them. He's left with a glass of one of them, whichever he had happened to try last to sip upon. "Princess Ophelia. Lady Laurent," He greets them both as they cast looks his way, a rakish, broad smile curling to the corners of his mouth.

Grimgar eyes Patrizio. "Prince Patrizio. I put on silk, and don't even get a greeting?" He rumbles out to the fellow prince looking amused. Snickering he grins. "Good to see you your highness. Enjoy yourself."

Hers is not a familiar face around these parts, but she is convinced it soon will be. Avita is without guards, or fanfare given as she makes her way in, vague smile creeping across darkly painted lips. Her attentions can't help but shift toward those impeccably dressed, her lower lip protruding ever so slightly, her brow furrowing in a momentary souring of mood that she doesn't quite hide from the keener eyed folk. She takes in a slow, deep breath and heaves it in a sigh, golden eyes giving an exaggerated rolling at her predicament. "I should have had something made and waiting for my arrival..." She mutters to herself, lips pursing before she lets out a soft 'tsk' and meanders her way toward where tastings might happen.
She recognises ... no one.
She glances from person to person, likely calculating the best people to approach for maximum impact. By fashion alone, that points her in the relative direction of Ciro. A quick smile is flashed, and her feet take her that way, before she pauses to turn toward the hosts of this dilectable display. "So lovely to be here, what an event!" She can be heard saying on her way through. When Nina enters, however, her attentions shift from Ciro over to her direction. All of these people, in such glorious fashions. She's torn.

A laugh from the Pravusi prince, but he's drawing over to clasp Grimgar's arm and draw the man in for a hug as he shakes his head to the bear prince. "It's good to see you, highness. It's been too long since we last saw one another, and certainly a joyous enough reason tonight."

Lustry smiles to Ciro as she responds, "Thank you, one of my own designs. And I do know I need to visit soon, I have just been very busy with planning and numerous other things is all." She smiles up to Grimgar as she picks up her own first glass of the rum to sample. Her fingers wiggle in hello to Isabetta and gives respectful bow of her head to Svana in turn. She smiles fondly as she responds, "Thank you. I am glad you could make it, Prince Patrizio. And thank you as well Lady Mabelle, I was more than happy to." As she looks to Calla she responds, "I not think we have met before but thank you for the praise. I truly appreciate it." Her attention flitting to Thea as her smile remains welcoming as she responds, "Lady Thea, lovely to see you once more." She looks to Medeia as she responds, "Oh I have already started, I think you may need to catch up," her words said with a playful tone.

Mabelle beams at Grimgar, "You put on Honeysilk, I'm the one who owes you a greeting and a congratulations for winning the tournament. I just put Cristoph out of his cast today". Her eyes watch in amusement as Medeia and Zakhar too wear those fabrics and she cannot feel prouder, there's also a scheming expression on her face. "I see they have honey gold rum.. I'm intrigued", she mentions to Patrizio.

Striking was the usual way of her entrance whether it be in a full Knight's regalia or that of her favored riding boots covered in stable mud. However, Brigid Moore seemed to have tailored herself this evening to the event at hand and to better suit the guest whose arm her own was entwined with, battle worn fingertips in light press upon the Marquis Dio's arm as he led her into the space, autumnal hues of gown trailing behind in a whispering flutter. Depthless blues misted tranquil and serene as the infamously austere Oathlander retained her rigid posture. Sidelong is a glance settle on her Seraceni companion, "Do I have to worry about you misbehaving, Marquis?" Came with eloquent cadence, a tad playful perhaps.

Flashing beryl hues drifted over the familiar faces of Gaspar, who caused eyes to roll and lips to twitch into what might be a smile before the rather large lumbering familiarity of a particular Solace member snatches attention. Taking a deep breath, Dio is granted a demure smile, "I'll leave the first rum choice to you."

A massive hulking figure lumbers into the room, the titanic man sporting rather extreme scarring that makes one side of his face rather //intense// looking that goes down his neck and under his shirt. The colossal knight moves in at a slow pace, a light smile curling up his lips (at least on one side.) There is a deep bow given in direction of Venturo, his fist pressing to his chest before Jeffeth is making his way to go sit at the bar. A familiar sound catches his ears, the Grandmaster of Solace glances in the direction of Brigid, his lips curling in a warm and lazy smile.

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Grimgar laughs warmly and grins happyily. Then Patrizio is a tight bear hug. Redrain style. "We need to speak more. I enjoyed our company. Have you met Princess Lustry Thrax. I am assisting her tonight. I have never tried rum so..." He looks to Mabelle and smiles. "Ah. A Laurent! Nice to meet you. I too have been eyes the honey gold rum..."

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Upon seeing Thea there is a dip of Ciro's head to the woman, "Evening there." When Avita makes her way over the man's smile grows, Ciro's eyes dancing with amusement as he looks to the woman. "Lady Avita, when did you get in?" His brow raising as the question is asked before he is looking to Lustry, "Of course, This here is Baroness Calla Vaevici." The man giving a brief pause before he motions to Avita, "And Lady Avita Seraceni." the man making those introductions looks to Calla offering her a warm smile, "Sure you and the Princess will get the chance Baroness. But we shouldn't take up too much of her time." With that said he looks back to Lustry, "Soon Princess, within the next few days yes?" With that said he begins to draw Calla away motioning for Avita to follow and join them. "Baroness, My cousin Lady Avita."

There was a smile at Medeia's words and he flashed the woman a quick wink. "It's the very least I could do, after all you do for me." The hand that held hers against him gave a light squeeze as he turned to look at all those about with a congenial smile, seeing more than a few familiar faces. "It's already drawn the very finest of folk." He smiled at Lustry with a warmth to it. "Your Highness, I'm both proud of and impressed by you. You have wanted to get this together since our first meeting and this is simply spectacular. Brava, princess."

Nina looks around and sees quite a few unfamiliar faces, but several she knows, as well. She sees Avita glance in her direction and notice her dress, and raises a glass of - currently, the Harlequin's rum, in her direction. Then she smiles in Mabelle's direction... "I do have to say, the honeysilk has been absolutely the talk of fashion this summer! I'm so happy I learned to work with it myself." When Avita is introduced, Nina looks back to her, and Ciro, making note of the names as she drinks.

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Brigid, Dio and Gaspar from the side table as they enter, but her eyes smile to Grimgar, "I suppose we should start with that one, shouldn't we?". Mabelle then grins at Nina, "I am sure you create wonders with it. Perhaps it the gods will be in my favor, I'll give you something to work with in the winter too", she winks to her.

A hot sound passes his lips when Grimgar's taking him into that tighter hug, but it's clear that he's at least steeled himself for such a thing as he's laughing. "We /do/ need to speak more," he agrees, even as he's extricating himself - but not going far - so that he can get himself a drink. NO reason for him to be teetotaling this evening, after all. "And yes, her highness and I've crossed paths in a few places to date, though it's a joy to have to not be rushing off anywhere at the moment." The last said with a smile to Lustry, and his grin lingers as he turns to look to Mabelle. "I'd say they have quite a few rums, to be fair. Something for everyone, and yet it'll be a joy to find which one delights the most here."

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"Probably," replies Dio to Brigid, with a grin. "Just promise me you'll get me home before the Iron Guard arrives." When Brigid mentions chosing the first rum, the marquis says, "I hope you plan on trying each. I may not be the only one misbehaving." He waves to Mabelle, happy to see a fellow rum lover, and when he notices Avita and Ciro not far from Lustry, Dio says to Brigid, "May I introduce you to my cousin newly arrived from Arx?"

Raven strides in and scans the crowded room just in time to see Patrizio getting a bear hug. Thin lips twisting in amusement she makes her way towards Patrizio, "Making friends I see, your highness." Her head dips respectfully to Mabelle, "My lady, good to see you again."

Calla looks over at the woman Ciro addresses as Lady Avita, but then just as soon is turning back to Princess Lustry. "Yes, do forgive me, I should have offered my name. Good thing I have Ciro here to remember for me." She giggles softly looking at the Seraceni Lord. She dips her head respectfully one more time before she's bring led off. "Your cousin! And a new arrival to the city, did I hear that right?" She asks curiously with a friendly smile towards the woman.

A drink. Svana decides she needs a drink not seconds after she sits down, and goes about finding one. Color rushes into her cheeks and she wrings her hands a bit, looking around at everyone gathered. She inches closer to the rums that have been put on display to look at them all so she might cast a vote. "Mmm..." She licks her lips again and then rubs the pearl ring she wears on her hand, getting a drink from someone passing by before she casts her vote.

Thea offers a wink to Ciro as she goes to sit. "Did I hear right? You entered a rum as well? I tasted a few already, I dont want to know whose is whose until the end however. " There's a nod to Svana too, a slight smile as she goes to try the next. "This really is the best idea,"waving over to Medeia and Gaspar.

A laugh from Patrizio, when he hears Raven, and shifts to let the woman join them. "Blackheart, it's good to see you out and about." He looks as if he's about to say something more, before ehe gestures to the companions with whom he's standing. "Not so much 'making friends' as perhaps enjoying the chance to see familiar faces."

"I shall endeavor to do my best, Princess," Medeia says with a smile as Lustry teases her. She gently squezzes Gaspar's hand in return before lifting her free hand to catch Venturo's attention. "Messere Thayne, you look marvelous... As usual." As she scans the room, she passes on greeting to Mabelle, Patrizio, Dio, and Calla before calling out to Ciro. "Dear Ciro, best of luck to you." Her smile is warm and fond as she speaks to him. Then? Well, it's a rum contest. She collects the first rum, handing the glass off to Gaspar before waving back to THea.

Grimgar looks around, releases Pat and stands in front of Lustry. "Everyone! Before the fun starts. Please indugle me. I am Grimgar Redrain. I am courting your hostess and wish to show off a tiny bit." He kneels before Lustry. "I saw something in your estate that inspired me. While nowhere as interesting or lively as you nor does it hold a candle to your beauty, it would augment it I think. Princess Lustry. I present you Twin Mini Squirts." He opens a black jewlery case revealing A pair of shiny, colorshifting iridescite earrings shaped like a playful octopus inside. he looks up at Lustry attentively.

Grimgar looks around, releases Pat and stands in front of Lustry. "Everyone! Before the fun starts. Please indugle me. I am Grimgar Redrain. I am courting your hostess and wish to show off a tiny bit." He kneels before Lustry. "I saw something in your estate that inspired me. While nowhere as interesting or lively as you nor does it hold a candle to your beauty, it would augment it I think. Princess Lustry. I present you Twin Mini Squirts." He opens a black jewlery case revealing A pair of shiny, colorshifting iridescite earrings shaped like a playful octopus inside. e looks up at Lustry attentively.

Grimgar looks around, releases Pat and stands in front of Lustry. "Everyone! Before the fun starts. Please indugle me. I am Grimgar Redrain. I am courting your hostess and wish to show off a tiny bit." He kneels before Lustry. "I saw something in your estate that inspired me. While nowhere as interesting or lively as you nor does it hold a candle to your beauty, it would augment it I think. Princess Lustry. I present you Twin Mini Squirts." He opens a black jewlery case revealing A pair of shiny, colorshifting iridescite earrings shaped like a playful octopus inside. He looks up at Lustry attentively.

Calla spots Thea then, and offers a little wave in her direction. "I've tasted them, and they are both very good, and that's all I'm going to say about that." Then, to Medeia's greeting, she offers a little waves of her fingers in the woman's direction on her way by.

"Oh, that sounds lovely," Nina says, always interested in talking textiles. "The velvet from Artshall is already splendid. It's very much an embarassment of riches for those who love fashion." She drinks another sip, and smiles as a gift is presented. "Oh, how very romantic," she says... and then looks at the rum on offer. Perhaps the coffee, next, but first she gets a bit of bread to cleanse her palette, as she's being a good taste tester.

Mabelle accepts Patrizio's challenge and taps the table in good mirth, "Line them up then!", she grins at him and smiles to Raven as she joins them, "We are just beginning the tasting, join us. Baroness Vaevici, it has been a long time", Mabelle then greets Calla as she surveys the new Seraceni, Avita. "How many of those rums are from the distillery you mentioned?", she asks Ciro. Pausing, Mabelle 'Awwws' at Grimgar's gesture, concuring with Nina and wondering amusedly, "Embarassement of riches?"

A light laugh surprises her, richly warm in delivery as an exhale of breath is expelled, "I can't promise that I'll get you home safely because if you have me trying every rum, I'm going to need that hulk of a figure near the bar to carry -me- home." There is a tender smile flashed towards Jeffeth in kind, bright eyes drifting towards Mabelle with wave of hand. Then she is guided forward to be introduced to yet another dashing Seraceni with bewitching eyes of captivating amber, " Well met, Lady Brigid Moore." Is offered in kind, that umber hued crown dipping into a respectful nod of greeting.

"Also, I want to know why Marquis Tessere is here judging anything at all - this isn't wine!" Is voiced loud enough for all to hear, there is a mirthful lit flickering vivid in tumultuous depths.

Domonico has been hanging further back from the general conversations as he slowly makes the rounds of the rums and looks distinctively out of place at the moment.

Ophelia slips from her seat at the bar and makes her way toward the table that has the samples of rum. She collects two drinks and lifts both of them in 'cheers' to Venturo with a beaming smile before turning to make her way back to her seat. When she gets there, she sits next to Jeffeth and gives him one of the rum samples, leaning toward him to murmur something.

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Avita's smile broadens just slightly as she arrives near to Ciro, a charming thing that dimples her cheeks for the brief few moments it lasts, her head dipping forward at the mention of her name. "Only just." She responds to his question of her arrival, "And you know me, I simply can't resist the promise of a good time, and better drink." She begins, her hands neatly clasping before her, resting against her abdomen as she looks toward Calla, then Lustry and back again, granting either that same shallow nod of practiced propriety. "Seems I was not mislead."
She dutifully follows as the party moves, one hand reaching out to claim whichever offering of rum is closest to her, "Fresh off the boat, my dear, you've heard exactly right." She provides to Calla before taking a discerning sip of the rum in her hand. It's about then that she hears Dio, one of her brows quirking as she shifts to look over her shoulder toward the sound of his voice. That smile again can be seen, sneaking across her features in a slow curl, golden eyes bright. "My dear Dio! It's been -so- long." Has it? Maybe. She turns fully to face him, and the lady on his arm, her chin tilting upward just slightly. "And you've got a friend! You look lovely." It's hard to tell which of the two she's speaking to.

Raven takes advantage of the invitation and settles into the alcolve. Patrizio's commentary earns a grin but no commentary.

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Lustry grins to Grimgar as she mentions, "Yes indeed. A little unofficially but I am thankful for it since I did ask. Why not go ahead and sample some of the rum." She looks to Ciro as she greets both Calla and Avita, "It is wonderful to meet you Baroness Calla and you as well Lady Avita." She offers a nod to Ciro's words and looks to Gaspar as she comments, "I am very glad for this. We do need to catch up soon Marquis." She mentions to Nina, "My next outfit I am currently designing is honeysilk. I am just working on the finishing touches before I see a tailor or seamstress about it." Then Grimgar is stealing her attention and presenting her with earrings, her cheeks flush as she brightly smiles, "Grimgar, they are absolutely adorable. Thank you." Her hand eagerly taking her new present from the Redrain Bear Prince. Her hands moving to put them on herself right now, "I adore your presents ever so much." She stands on her tiptoes to give Grimgar a sweet but brief and chaste kiss on his lips.

"Yes, it means too many good options," Nina says to Mabelle. "If there's another winter fabric that comes into fashion I will have to choose!" She raises her glass, shaking it slightly. "Much like with these rums. Too many good options."

Perhaps overwhelmed with the sudden explosion of people in the building, Svana nods to Zakhar and weaves her way through everyone to get back out with something of a gasp.

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Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason leave, following Svana.

Patrizio turns his head slightly when he's hearing the discussion about the origin of the bottles and the discussion of how it might be from a distillery in somewhere in the Saffron. Though he comments not, even as he's lifting the cup to his lips to take a sip of the first of the rums he's chosen to sample.

There is a warm smile over to Brigid, letting out a quiet laugh. Jeffeth raises one hand over to her, "Let me know if I'm needed. I might need to carry quite a few people tonight." He calls out before his attention is distracted by Ophelia returning with rum. He leans forward to pick it up, immediately drinking it down without question. When he lowers it the massive man lets out a breathy laugh to the Princess, speaking to her softly at the bar.

Ciro looks to Calla giving her a quick wink and warm smile hearing her response to him introducing her. "Just one of the services I provide Calla." The man's tone brimming with warmth and amusement as his honeyed Lycene accent sounds out. When Thea gives that wink and asks the question he nods, "Then you heard right, And well I guess I will just have to hope you pick mine." When he hears Medeia call his name Ciro is quickly looking around before spotting the woman, A broad grin spreading along his lips as he calls back. "Thanks Deia, here's hoping." The man producing a small flask lifting it up to her before its opened for a sip to be taken. The question from Mabelle has Ciro looking to the Laurent, "I have two I submitted. So long as people enjoy them I'm happy, be better to win but well I heard there are a few good bottles so who knows." The man falling silent looking between Calla and Avita as the two talk.

Grimgar moves to secure rum for him and Lustry now, rising gracefully. He beams as he receives a chaste kiss as a present in return. "You honor me. I'll get us some rum!" Then he is off to the bar, going straight for the rum with a scent of honey....bear wil be bears.

Waves went out to Thea and Mabelle, to Brigid and Ophelia. But at Brigid's words, the marquis feigned indignation and stared blankly. "I happen to have a refined palate in every aspect of spirits, darling. Just because I choose to drink something far su--" He cleared his throat and raised his voice a bit. "--surpassed by these /wonderful/ rums, doesn't mean I can't bring a different view to such an event. Besides, what are you doing near alcohol at all? What sort of penance with you place upon yourself for such sinful behavior?" He gave a nod to Lustry again, smiling gently as he leaned into Medeia for a quick moment, sharing a quiet word.

Dio's dark eyes pass from Grimgar to Lustry with awed curiosity as to how the princess may react, but as Brigid laughs, and Avita greets him, his attention is stolen away. "It's been too long, and I likely won't remember much of our conversation this evening," replies Dio to Avita as Brigid introduces herself. "Lady Brigid has put up with a very poor student, and so I hoped to reward her service with a lot of rum and a very good time." He turns to Ciro, and says, "I've got to try the Saffron Siren." He finds glasses and has them filled, offering one to Brigid. "To Princess Lustry, and the rum makers of the Compact," he offers as a toast.

Mabelle grins at Brigid's comment about Gaspar and calls in his direction, "I concur that sentiment! and also, who is in charge of the pudding cake rum? I think I want to marry them", she teases. Is it possible she already drank too much? The evening i young! She nods to Ciro then, "I will try to guess".

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Jeffeth receives a toast from Venturo's own tumbler, before he leans back against the bar, taking a long sip from it. His eyes scan over the crowd, with the known faces each getting a warm and welcoming hello from him.

"Indeed it has, Lady Laurent!" Calla replies when she is addressed by Mabelle. "Oh right! We need to actually taste the rums, I'd almost forgot the reason we were here." Then to Avita, she smiles brightly. "How well I remember that feeling. Let me know if you ever want company or someone to show you around. I'm still pretty new myself, but I have found a few gems in my time here." She offers with a smile, before turning it on Dio. "Marquis Seraceni. Always a pleasure to see you." Then Ciro's wink gets her attention, and she just smilrks back with a spark of amusement in amber eyes. then she moves closer to where Mabelle and Patrizio are sampling the rums and pours herself a small sample from the first bottle.

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"Oo, a pudding rum? I'll try that one next," Nina says, putting her glass down, already a bit tipsy herself. She sits in close to Raven, just being friendly as drink tends to make her.

Dio takes a sip of his rum, and smiles at Calla. "Gild's blood, this is good! Do you happen to know who inspired the name?" he asks the baroness with an amused gleam in his eyes. When Mabelle mentions marrying someone, Dio glances over his shoulder, looking for his rival like a shark for its next meal.

Patrizio chuckles as Calla's drawing closer, and he offers an inclination of his head in greeting. "Baroness, I trust all's well with you?" says he as he's finishing the first that he's chosen to sample, and is moving on to his second. Not /wholly/ bereft of manners, those green eyes of his find Medeia and he's smiling warmly to her in response to the earlier greeting. "I /am/ curious, truly, as to who besides her highness knows which rum comes from which contestant."

"Aye. Tis my pudding." Zakhar says with a wink to Mabelle

Lustry smile fondly to Grimgar and as he returns with the rum, she is lifting hers with Dio as she agrees, "And a toast to all of you as well who chose to come to my contest tonight, thank you for your help with voting for the best rum!" She giggles as she overhears what Mabelle says in regards to the rum pudding and just keeps silent with a very amused grin. Then looks all the more amused when Zakhar admits he is the creator of it.

Thea flicks her gaze to Mabelle, teasing a moment. "Im surprised you didn't come up with some cake rum,"making her way to try some coconut one next.

Cassimir arrives to the Raconteur dressed in his usual duskweave attire, accentuating his rangy silhouette. Verdigris eyes are bent toward the clean hardwood floors as he strides into the midst of ebbing and flowing bodies, lifting only to spy familiar faces so that he can properly adjust his course and make every effort to join them. But first, a detour is made to stop near Lady Medeia, who receives what amounts to a passing kiss to the side of her head. He murmurs a word of greeting before sidling up to Marquis Gaspar, perhaps undetected for the moment, as he does not say a word until a natural lapse in conversation allows for interruption. "I thought this was a rum contest," he remarks to the man, the corners of his mouth twitching with the anticipation of a smile.

"Very well indeed, your highness. And yourself?" Calla smiles at Patrizio as she takes a sip of the alchemist rum. "Oh my. That's quite lovely. Refreshing almost." She adds before finishing the small sip in her next swig. Then to Dio's questions, her cheeks flare with a blush as she dips her head just a bit. "Why would you think I would know the inspiration behind it?" She counters with a question of her own before going after that pudding rum that everyone is talkign about.

"I've no doubt you shall provide in spades, dear cousin. We Seraceni are legendary for our ... very good times." Avita's smile turns cheeky, her gaze cast downward toward the rum she's procured, giving an idle swirl of the contents before lifting it once more to her lips to take a second taste, giving an approving nod to the contents. "If you will excuse me but a moment, I must see to it that I'm left dumb come morning, myself." She gives a quick wink and turns away to find herself another, different rum before returning just as she's taking a dainty whiff of the contents, "Oh, that's decadent..." She murmurs to herself, her attentions shifting back to Dio. "If we are not to remember tonight, let us drink to tomorrow." She raises her glass in some vague salute, before drawing it back to herself and making a good few first steps toward that hazy dreamless evening that awaits her with open arms.
"My dear, I would be thrilled to have your company. You can tell me what I have to look forward here, tell me of the names I should know, hm? The game is only just beginning, and I must quickly learn the rules." She offers another broad smile, her attentions flitting back over toward Ciro, "I should have come sooner. None of you told me how grand these events could be... you've all left me all on my own back there, wasting away!" How dramatic. She turns to lift her drink toward Lustry, sharing a smile just the same as she'd given the others before, only to notice she's already finished the contents.
"Goodness, I can't toast the hostess with an empty glass..." Something says she's about to meander off again.

Mabelle teases Zakhar, "Duke Laurent will love that! I vote for the pudding!", Mabelle informs Lustry and winks to Dio's as she catches his expression, with a reassuring smile about her eligibility. Thea gets a smile out of her, "I seem to have been missing all sorts of submissions due to being out of the city a lot. I would probably make a lemon cake rum. To battle the sweetness, but alas, maybe next year". Battle the sweetnes. She is drunk.

Domonico continues making his way around the rums, serious faced as always but he does pause for consideration after each taste, sometimes even accompanied with a raise of his eyebrows. He scribbles something on his piece of paper and moves towards the hosting Princess to pass over his vote. "This is quite the event Your Highness," he says to Lustry before raising his drink at her toast, "And congratulations on your courtship as well," he says, his eyes flicking up to Grimgar Redrain.

Medeia's smile for the display Grimgar puts on is radiant, and she leans close to Lustry to say something softly before continuing on with Gaspar as rums get sampled. She has a glass in hand as she socializes. "Sir Jeffeth, I believe I still owe you a spar!" She hears Nina says something about a pudding rum and looks confused. "Nina, did you just... say...? Hm, we shall get to that one!" Her eyes flick over Brigid before she dips her head to the woman. "We have not met. Lady Medeia Eswynd. I am doing my best to keep the Marquis out of trouble this evening." A quick wink is given to Gaspar.

When he hears Dio's words there is a nod from Ciro, "You should, I am looking forward to sampling them all." The words leaving Ciro playfully before he is moving with Calla's guidance over towards Patrizio and Mabelle with the woman motioning Avita to join them to sample the rums. Ciro moving to pour himself a drink only to hear the response from Dio over tasting it, A look is given to his cousin. "I am glad you like it cousin, that one was tricky but worth it." The man smiling before he is looking to Patrizio dipping his head to the Prince. "I am sure a few know some but I am not sure anyone but the Princess knows who submitted which your highness." The man moments later is looking to Mabelle, "Oh we must meet soon, I have need for more honey after a bit of late night inspiration." Hearing Avita's words on coming sooner gains a nod, "Well you are here now, and we shall take the city by storm. Me and the Baroness can show you a tailor or two you might enjoy, Never know when a new outfit might be needed here."

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Grimgar looks to Dominico and raises his glass with a smile. "Thank you. I don't think we have met. I'm Grimgar Redrain." he smiles and eyes the rum warily. Then the smell of honey lures him...siiipp. Eyes widen. "Rum is...good. Or this is. Amazing. Notes of honey sweeter than the best northern beehives, a bit of smooth spiciness? Lovely. Can I drink it all please?" He looks at Lustry. puppy eyes.

Nina looks at Medeia, and nods, but she's already got her glass to her lips as she samples the next rum, so she can't speak aloud, for a second. "...Oh my, well, it is sweet, but complicated."

"Refined palate, indeed." Is snorted with equine agitation, features soon find themselves schooled once more at the mention of training. There is a glance towards Dio with a corvid cant of head sending tendrils of dark brushing in a skim across shoulders, "You did remarkably well, actually. I've had recruits who showed less understanding and know how." The offered rum is indeed raised in that toast and then sipped, there is a wrinkle of nose but it soon finds itself school as the Moore instead goes to shoot straight the entire shot. There is a bit of a fiery exhale of breath, glancing in time to see the arrival of Calla as she greets Dio, "I hope that one isn't named for your sister." Is murmured, tongue running the length of lower lip as if that might dispel the taste that lingers.

The arrival of a far too familiar Inverno causes a brow to check, "Alright, next one, Seraceni." Is rumbled with teasing bite, glancing towards Medeia as she is greeted and there is a smile that flashed, "Ah! Cassimir's other brilliant cousin." There is a glance towards her betrothed where he is settled near the vulpine rascal himself, "I'm glad someone is as he needs all the help he can get with or without liquor."

Lustry whispers back something to Medeia, holding her rum glass over her lips to obscure from them possibly being read, though she is grinning in sheer delight as she sits back. "Thank you Count Domonico. I am glad you were able to make it." She offers a nod to Mabelle, notating her vote down as she looks over what other votes may be coming in, the tally seeming to be coming together. She looks to Grimgar as she responds, "Not yet darling. After the contest you can but not yet. Patience darling." She is puppy-eyes immune it seems! She is sipping on more of the samples, trying to keep her best 'poker face' as she samples them.

"Is that so, My Lady? My apologies. One too many wallops to the head makes it difficult for me to remember too many things. If you're certain you would like to spar, I would be happy to oblige." The massive knight rumbles with a warm smile, bowing in his seat to her. "It's good to see you." Sitting back up, he lets out a laugh at something Ophelia says at the bar. Jeffeth is leaning in to fold his massive arms over the surface of the bar.

Gaspar was comfortable in his place at Medeia's side, grinning a bit as Cassimir approached and gave the Eswynd lady a kiss. But once the man spoke those words, a dark brow lofted at one of his dearest of friends. "My lord, I regret to inform you that your betrothed has made the very same quip just before your arrival. I welcome the debate in my garden between the two of you who truly thought of it first." He reached a hand out to Cassimir and gave him a fond pat and squeeze to his waist. A quick shift to Medeia and Brigid then with a soft shake of his head. "I never find trouble, darlings. It just seems to..follow me, for one reason or another! It's a perpetual losing battle to all that try to 'keep me out' of it. Though, I do appreciate /every/ effort."

Patrizio is clearly in the midst of drinking all the things - methodically and slowly, but with a total devotion to the cause that probably augers nothing good for when he so applies himself to other things. "I have to admit that I'm startled at the variety of the entries. So many takes on a single thing... it's a wonder." That Mabelle's making jokes about battling sweetness has him smirking. That curve of his lips easily hidden behind his cup when he's taking a sip and shaking his head...

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"Well I might not know all that, but I can introduce you to some people who might." Calla replies to Avita with a little giggle as she takes a sip of the pudding rum. "Hmmm... A little on the sweet side, but very good none the same." At Ciro's insistance that they would show his cousin around, Calla nods emphatically. "So many beautiful things to wear to all the fun events like this one." She adds with a grin as she peruses the bottles to see which rum she wants to try next.

Domonico hmms as he looks over Grimgar... and then up at the impressively large Redrain. "No. I don't believe we have Your Highness." He extends a hand, not for a handshake but a warrior's forearm grip of greeting, "Count Domonico Magnotta, Admiral of Southport. Well met Prince Grimgar."

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Mabelle elbows Patrizio discreetly, "So what are we drinking now? Lets try the spiced one". Ciro's request has her nodding, "I'm heading out to Artshall after this - I will make sure to arrange another delivery for you. If you introduce me to your cousin", otherwise her eyes washes over the room.

"Wasting away?" echos Dio to Avita, raising and eyebrow. "In Ischia? Word has reached me of the parties you held there, cousin. I have spies everywhere and the silver you spent is almost beyond comprehension - though I'll admit you've a gift for spawning coin." The smile for his cousin is a warm one. When Calla blusehs, Dio chuckles. "Just curious, My Lady. The inspiration for such a spirit must be someone very special." Mabelle's glance and smile seem to enhance the mood of the marquis even more, and Brigid's words regarding his sister cause him to laugh outright. "It may as well be. She has all the allure and talent of her namesake - and she is also a great lover of rum."

When Brigid calls for the next rum, Dio says, "Aye, aye, m'lady!" and wanders over to find the next to try.

Grimgar smiles and returns the Count's greetinglike a true warrior with a strong bearlike grip. "An honor to meet you Count Domonico. Do you spar? I am decent with a greatsword, training is my passion." He smiles again. Looking to Lustry he relents. "As you wish my Treasure. Pudding rum next?"

Patrizio briefly lifts one well-plucked brow when Mabelle's elbowing him, but he elbows her back. "I'm not about to say otherwise," he says with a chuckle, and a bob of his head to Ciro, as he smiles. "I think it best that it be something wholly blind. Not that we can't guess from some as to where they're from, and thereby take guesses." To him, clearly, it's a game - a drinking game, to be certain, as he's moving to fill his glass anew...

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"Cass!" Medeia is never quite able to contain her excitement at seeing her favorite cousin, even if Cassimir did startle her with his greeting. "Wait..." Her gaze passes from her cousin to Brigid. "Yes, oh, are you Brigid? I've been anxious to meet you!" If it is possible for a person to sparkle with happiness as much as their honeysilk dress does, well, Medeia is doing that. Gaspar's comment on trouble draws a grin. "I don't balk at a challenge, you know that." She turns to Dio and Ciro, eyes flicking to Avita. "My favorite Seracenis, do tell me if I am hearing correctly: you have a new family member in the city and you haven't introduced me?" She tsks at both men before smiling at the unfamiliar woman. "Lady Medeia Eswynd, friend - I think - to your house."

Stepping over to the dark rum now, Thea gets a glass. The woman's cheeks a bit flushed. "How do you try all these and not--drink too much?" Small sips clearly, something she doesn't understand. HA!

Does Domonico spar? Only someone who has never met the Count would ask that question. Domonico's serious face breaks out into a smile at that and he nods once, "I do indeed spar. I train everyday. I can respect a man who claims training as a passion. I myself favour spear or a shorter blade than a greatsword but I would be more than willing to test myself against you." His eyes flick to Lustry, "If Princess Lustry minds you potentially gaining a bruise or two?"

"Fashion! Oh, that's what I've been missing. The finest fabrics, the most skilled hands, yes... I shant be seen in public in these rags again." They're not rags. They're simply not the glory that has been beheld thusfar at this grand event, and she shall not be outdone! Er, again, that is. Avita slowly turns her head back toward Dio, a new drink inexplicably grasped in one hand, her expression momentarily vacant. Almost like a deer in the headlights. Softly, she sniffs, and looks away from him and up toward the ceiling.
Does she look innocent yet?
"My dear Dio, I have no idea what you're speaking of. The -silver- spent on parties, how -crass-..." She snoots out a haughty 'hmph'.
"It matters not what you spend, it matters only the praise paid." She asides, no longer looking directly toward him, her pale cheeks only slightly rosier than before. Though why the fluster is anybody's guess.
"But, our Ciro is right. I'm here now. The party can truly begin." That sour mood is completely forgotten, her smile bright once again, just in time for Medeia to address her. "They're terrible, aren't they? Remiss in introductions, speaking of -coin-," She casts a scornful gaze toward Dio, coupled with a slow shake of her head before she lets her attention drift back to Medeia, "A pleasure, my love, I'm pleased to meet a friendly face in an unfamiliar place."

Deva enters the taproom with dark leathers and a confident stride. She steals an attentive, broad sweep around the room, soaking in the details as if this is her first visit. Given the small smile on her lips, it likely won't be the last. A drink is her first priority, but her steps catch and pause when she spies a familiar face in Ophelia. She starts to approach the princess and those around her with a hopeful expression and a wave of her hand.

The event is well on it's way as Valencia arrives what some would like to call fashionably late, though she looks rather apologetic for it. She pauses a moment at the door, her smile soft and perhaps a little shy as she attempts to get her bearings before stepping into the joyful fray.

Grimgar grins to the Count. "We will spar soon then aye? Reach out sometime?" he goes and gets some pudding rum for him and Lustry to sample before returning and offering the glass back to her.

Lustry answers, "Oh he does spar darling. In fact, I do want to watch the two of you spar some time. I am very curious as to who would win. And yes, some of the rum pudding would be delightful, thank you." She laughs softly as she looks to Domonico, "Why would I mind. I absolutely /love/ to watch a good spar." She sips upon one of the rums, seeming to let the flavor rest on her tongue before swallowing.

Brigid checks composure at hard. Brigid is successful.

Cassimir reaches out to place a companionable hand upon Marquis Gaspar's shoulder, that burgeoning smile now livening his features fully. "Did she, then? All credit to her. I would have it no other way." His cousin's mirthful greeting implores him to turn and grace her with that broad smile. "Yes, Lady Brigid Moore," he confirms gesturing with his hand toward his betrothed, who seems to be making decent headway on the tasting. "I'm sorry I have not had an opportunity to introduce you both far sooner." Cassimir pauses in his conversing to turn back to Gaspar and say, "Now where do I begin? I trust your judgment first and foremost, seeing as how you are the very pinnacle of taste and refinement." With that, the Inverno casts a sidelong glance to the row of spirits laid out for tasting, and waits for the recommendation of his friend.

Having acquired glasses of Summer's End Honey Gold for Brigid and himself, Dio raises his eyes to Medeia. "I have not introduced you, because I wish to remain among your favorite Seracenis." He grins, and glancing to his cousin says, "Indeed, Lady Medeia is a great friend to our House. This is Lady Avita Seraceni," he says by means of introduction. "She is dramatic, but extraordinarily influential. And money is one of my favorite topics of discussion, though I've never claimed to be anything but crass." He offers a glass of rum to Brigid, and holds his glass out to touch hers.

Whilst Dio is away finding a rum apparently more suitable to Brigid's apparently temperamental taste buds so that she may accurately cast a vote, attention drifts towards the dazzling Medeia whose smile was absolutely too much to handle. It causes the Moore to look upon the efflorescent Eswynd for a startled moment, those haunting silvery sights owlish in their surprise and lips bending into a circular motion of shock before the corner of lips curl into a smile, "Oh." Is all she manages, glancing towards Cassimir briefly before giving a small cough as if that might invoke more words, "Please don't be anxious! I'm really not all that worthy of such excitement." Is finished with a smile that soon finds it's place, blooming with languid unfurling.

When called out by Medeia for not introducing Avita there is a wince from Ciro as he grins looking to Medeia, "Come now Dearest Deia, I think you know by now you are a friend to the house and a treasured one to me." A warm smile given to the woman clear fondness showing there before he is nodding looking to Avita, "It can and will, We may just have to throw an actual party. Welcome you to the city in style." The man moments later leaning in to whisper something to his cousin before he is leaning back once more. The man lifting his glass taking a sip from it before holding it out in clear offering to Calla, "Might need a bottle of that one myself."

An arched brow from Patrizio when he's listening to Grimgar talking about a spar with Domonico, but he's quickly enough drawn back to where he's settled with his rum and laughing warmly as he shakes his head. "It's /hard/ to choose between them," he says assertively to Nina, Zakhar and Mabelle since they're the closest to him at the moment, and there's that rueful shake of his head. But even so, when he's looking around, he lifts a hand to beckon Valencia over on seeing her, as if perhaps not wanting to see another familiar face lingering in the door. "We're not so far into our cups yet that you can't catch up," he calls out to her.

Ophelia is in mid sip of her drink when she spots Deva approaching the bar where she is seated. "Deva? Deva!" The glass is set down on the bar and both arms extend for any kind of hug the woman is willing to give. "Come here and sit down, yes? Join us and have some rum?" She motions to Jeffeth sitting next to her, smiling brilliantly as she does.

"I'm sure it is." Calla replies to Dio with a soft smile before picking her next choice of run and pouring herself a sample. When Medeia comes over to introduce herself to Avita, she smiles, "And Lady Eswynd is certainly one of those people I would have introduced you to first. I certainly consider her friend as well." Then she is taking the glass offered to her by Ciro with a smile of thanks. Taking a sip, she hums softly. "That is good. Definitely something I could drink more of." She leans in to whisper something in Ciro's ear then.

Pausing from her viewing of the remarkable spirits entered into the contest, Valencia's smile blossoms as Patrizio's voice rings over the din. "I shall be happy to, Prince Patrizio, if it would please you," she smiles and nods gently as she conclude the preliminary inspection to drift to greet the Prince of Pravus warmly. "Good evening. You are well?" she queries.

For Ophelia, Deva is all hugs. It's a big one that's at least six years overdue and trying to make up for it. "I missed you," she tells the woman warmly. "Has the bird population suffered much since I've been gone?" she wonders with a playful smile. "You had me at rum. Hi there," she adds for Jeffeth, a hand raised in a friendly fashion before she settles into an open seat.

Ah yes, then Dio returns with a different rum that Brigid chimes softly in greet to the Marquis' glass before taking a sip, "Yes." Is all she manages, taking another sampling and before long it is absolutely finished. Glancing towards those verdant sights that are home for the Dragoon, "Cassimir, have Gaspar give you Summer's End Honey Gold."

Gaspar gave his date and companion a playful nudge and lean once more. "You most certainly do not." With Cassimir's words and far-too-easy surrender for a Brigid-victory, he sighed and just shook his head. "Oh my friend, you have so much more to learn yet." He grinned and gave Medeia a quick wink as he left her side and guided Cassimir to all of the various libations out and about. "Well, we're a society of order, last I checked, so, let's just order! Left to right, right to left...if you /really/ wanted to get wild." He winked and poured a bit of the first rum for each of them. "Here's to the entrants and a fabulous evening."

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Grimgar goes and retrives pudding rum for them both and sips his eyeing the count. "Maybe we could arrange something soon." he grins mischieviously. "Would you like to watch My treasure? You can kiss my bruises..."

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Domonico raises his drink to Lustry, "I look forward to it. I enjoy testing myself against other warriors. The best way to improve oneself I find."

Medeia dips her chin to Avita, an amused look for Dio and Ciro. "Horrible. Getting me into all sorts of trouble, those two." Her smiles warms for Dio. "You will always be one of my favorite Seracenis, Marquis. And I /do/ appreciate theatrical." Ciro's wince makes her laugh, shaking her head. "Trouble. The lot of you. Lady Avita, welcome to the city. I can't wait to get to know you." To Calla, she offers a wink. "And I, you." When she turns back to Brigid, however, she notes the startled look and attempts to rein in her enthusiasm. "Oh, Lady Brigid, I disagree. I have very little family left and any who so captures the attention of Cassimir is certainly special." Her gaze follows her cousin and Gaspar as they head off to taste the rums.

Mabelle smiles warmly to Valencia as she approaches the table, "Sweet Princess, its a pleasure to see you", her smile is a little tipsy as she begins to rise from the table, "Might have to skip the game, Patrizio, but get a copy of the rules and we can attempt it tomorrow, or when I return", she eyes the carriage driver at the door.

There is a curling of Ciro's lips when he hears Calla's whisper, His head dipping and raising slowly as the man gives her a little look. "I am too." The man moments later retaking the glass from her setting it aside only to take up the next glass of rum set out. The glass raised up for a small sniff of it to be given taking in the scent before he is taking a sip, his gaze drawing over the gathering before he lowers that glass. Moments later as if remembering and learning from the prior mistakes of moments before he is quickly looking to Mabelle motioning to Avita, "Lady Laurent, My cousin Lady Avita Seraceni. Watch out for this one if you have the hard cider out." Hearing Medeia's words Ciro looks to her looking upon her in mock shock, "Trouble? Us? Never in our.." And another sip is taken saving him from a clear lie.

Patrizio tsks softly. "I'm quite well, thank you. I know you know good Zakhar here, and I /have/ to believe you know Lady Laurent. Though I don't know if you've met Messere Autumndale." He chuckles quietly, but there's a smirk at Nina as he's shaking his head. "It's not /that/ hard to get back to the ward from here," he chides her. "Just straight down the road, and... well, there's the whole navigating through the Lowers..." He chuckles, and briefly turns his attention to Mabelle. "I can do that. But only if you're not going to substitute cake for the rum."

Nina looks at Patrizio. "Well, I do have my friends who help me get from place to place," she says. Nina means guards. Naturally. "I think I can make it through the lowers even in honeysilk."

At Ciro's whispering, Avita leans in to listen, a wry curl of her lips as her amber gaze slinks toward Ciro, then toward Medeia, to Calla, and finally back again. There's a quick lick of her lips, a subtle straightening of her back, "I see... how delightful." She muses, her low words more of a coo than actually speech, her lips pursing in exaggerated fashion before the new glass she has is raised to her lips so that she might take a sip, nodding to herself without explaining anything further.
"A proper party," She gives a soft smack of her lips then, the conversation shifting. "We must. I shall begin preparations immediately upon returning to my room ... I've just the refreshments in mind, and shall recruit the finest of entertainment. Something thrilling, of course," She is already off in her own little party planning world. In fact, she's all but forgotten about those around her for a few brief minutes, until Medeia's voice is heard and a few quick blinks clear the bright lights and sinful decadence from her mind.
"... Hm?" Her brows lift by fractions, "Oh! Yes, yes, they'll do that... you see, the trick is to be good enough at talking that you get to walk away, and can leave them to rot." Another quick smile, "Not that I would do that." A beat, "Not unless there's a lesson they need to learn." Her lips press to a thin line, gaze again cast down to her drink, before a new smile springs to her lips. "Do you two remember when I convinced you to--," Her eyes flick toward Mabelle, her words stopping dead, her head bowing in a shallow bobbed nod.
"A pleasure, Lady Laurent." She provides, her story falling dead on her lips before she can even really begin to tell it.
It was probably going to be juicy, too.

Mabelle winks to Patrizio, "Why not both?". Mabelle's crystal gaze than falls upon Avita, "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Avita. I've seen you around the pallazo when I visited Ischia, I believe, but never dared approached. I apologize for interrupting your story however, I was just on my way out."

A bright smile is offered to Mabelle and a graceful bow of her head offered. "My lady, it is wonderful to see you. You look beautiful tonight. I'm glad you are all here and thank you for inviting me over," she nods again Patrizio. "It has been some times sinceI have departed my Hart, but what a wonderful reason," she confesses before smiling to the others gain. "You are all well as can be I hope?"

Dio smiles at Calla, and then takes a drink of the Summer's End. "I am poorly constituted to judge, so much as to enjoy," he mutters. When Brigid speaks to Cassimir, Dio offers a bow of his head. "Well met, My Lord - and congratulations on your betrothal." Medeia's words bring a smile to the marquis. His dark eyes pass to Brigid, and he says to Medeia, "I would have to agree, My Lady. Few can show her skill and patience."

Calla giggles against the rim of her glass before taking a sip when Ciro almost denies being trouble, her eyes dancing with amusement before she finishes the little bit in her glass. Her cheeks are already a little bit rosy as she tries to find a rum she hadn't tried yet. Dio's comment gets a briefly quizzical look before she makes her next choice and pours a small amount into her glass.

Patrizio smiles warmly to Mabelle, and just shakes his head at the wink. "See, you are /determined/ to cause trouble, my lady. But it's a promise that I'll ensure I grab a copy. If you'll promise to be safe on your journey." He's definitely in good spirits - better for having several strong spirits before him and within him - as he's attending to the matter of the party. Nina's quip gets a smirk as he's breathing out and.. "You /do/ need to get out more frequently, highness," he says softly to Valencia. "And hopefully not just for drinking events with me, to be fair. This makes twice we've been away from your Hart together specifically to drink."

Mabelle smiles warmly to Patrizio, "I will. Well. I must be off", she grins at Medeia, Venturo and Lustry, "Lovely party, may the best rum win!", she eyes Zakhar, "I want a bottle of the pudding one!", and she walks, STRAIGHT, to the door.

Lustry smiles as she finally has all the votes in and carefully stands up on the bartop as she calls out, "All of the votes are in and the tallies have been counted not once, not twice but thrice! The second prize winner is the Summer's End Honey Gold Rum which was submitted by Princess Valencia Velenosa and our first place winner is the Sin's Spice Dark Rum Reserve which was submitted by Prince Patrizio Pravus. Congratulations to you both on winning and I want to thank everyone for them submittals and know that they will be cherished forever within my personal collection for all time." Doireann begins to make her way towards Patrizio and Valencia to hand over their prize vouchers with a gracious curtsy before moving back towards the bar.

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Ciro's eyes settle on Avita as she talks of how him and Dio are trouble as she begins to tell the story his brow lifts just slightly only to fall back into place as Mabelle's response to his introduction stops the story. The man grinning as he looks off after Mabelle giving a small wave to the woman. When Lustry calls out his gaze settles upon the Princess, a breath held in only to be released as his brow furrows. The man leaning in to whisper to Calla before giving a small shrug, "Well it was worth a shot.." the man's head shaking slightly as he grabs up his glass downing the drink quickly.

"Now for all who wish to start quarters, please sit across from who it is you desire to challenge!" Lustry calls out joyfully, clearly the night isn't over just because the contest it. She moves to grab a flagon of the rum herself as she calls out, "Who wants to go against me!?"

Grimgar blinks and claps for Valencia and Patrizio. "Congradulations. Princess Valencia. Your rum was my favorite! Good work Prince Patrizio well done." he grins broadly. Then goes toi get a little more honey rum.

"Excuse me. Sorry. Ex- ow, my fault, sorry." Sloane Starling squeezes between, around, and among the many guests of the Raconteur on her way to the bar. Her light silks are terrible for fall but excellent for a crowded and drunken taproom. She finds herself at the bar and taps both palms to the surface, triumphant. "I'm behind. Which won and how do I get some?" she demands of the bartender with an irrepressible smile.

Patrizio blinks. And then /blinks/ as he realizes what Lustry's saying, well before Doireann's on her way over, and he's settling back a bit. "Well, I'll be damned," he murmurs, as his cheeks colour quite distinctly despite himself. And hat's when he's rising from his seat, the current glass of rum in his hand as he lifts it in salute. "And thank /you/, your highness, for offering up this contest, and encouraging all of us to rejoice in these times we're living in. I'm.... Actually without words." Which helps that he's holding the rum, since the glass is quickly brought to his lips to help him silence himself.

In quiet conversation with Dio, lettings other conversations and announcements take precedence, Brigid offers that bright smile in return to Medeia before gaze shifts around to see exactly what this next game is all about.

Dio, whether by nature or by the rum, cheers heartily when Lustry announces the victors. He places a hand on Ciro's shoulder and says, "It's worth more than a shot - or a glass - keep the bottles coming, Cousin." He smiles, and drinks the rest of the Summer's End. A word from Brigid, brings a nod, and he smiles, making his way to collect some of the Sin's Spice Dark Rum, stopping beside Valencia and Patrizio. "Congratulations, Your Highness, General," he says to the nobles. "The Summer's End is fantastic - and I cannot wait to try the Sin's Spice."

Calla turns her attention on Lustry when she goes to announce the winners, clapping demurely when they are named. "Congratulations your highnesses!" She calls out with a warm smile before hooking her hand into Ciro's arm again, giving it a slight squeeze when he whispers to her, which she then replies to in equally lowered tones.

Grimgar looks at Domonico and smiles. "Want to play?" he looks curiously at the count with interest in green eyes.

Cassimir reaches out to pluck up rum in neither order, choosing the option in the middle, first, and then going at each of them in whatever fashion suits him best. Perhaps he selects them based on how clever the names are, or what smells waft up from the surface of the liquid. No matter the reason, it is sure to elicit some reaction from Gaspar, and so the wry smile that curls upon his lips anticipates it, and even provokes. "When he's finished his taste test, the decision he makes is briefly captured by the hostess, and then he turns to finally address those in his near party, especially now that Marquis Dio has addressed him formally. The congratulatory words earn a bow of appreciation. "Marquis Dio, thank you," he replies; no introductions are needed, of course, because Cassimir picked up on that fact fairly early on. "I am sorry to say we have not become acquainted before now." Lustry's voice carries as she announces the winners, and it is then the Inverno's face fills with mirth and his hands clap heartily together for the winners.

Zakhar nods to Valencia and Patrizio, "gud jobs. on yer both"

Amidst the excitement of the announcement of the winners, Medeia applauds and calls out, "Congratulations Prince Patrizio and Princess Valencia!" With a few murmured excuses, she retreats to stand by Venturo, pardoning herself from the game.

Nina claps her hands at the announcement of the winners. "Oh! Congratulations!" she says, and looks at the prince. "Between us, your rum was my absolute favorite too. I'm happy that a Pravus won this contest." She starts to stand up. "But I am too dizzy for games, so I think I will be off!"

Nina is overheard praising Patrizio.

Ciro's finger gives a little twirl after he sets his glass down, the man leaning in to whisper something else to Calla before he is turning looking to Dio, "Yes well we will see, Not much a distillery can do when faced with the resources of their highnesses." With that said the Seraceni lord is heading for the door muttering in Eurusi on his way out. The man letting that facade slip just a touch as he heads for the door.

Nina is overheard praising Valencia.

Domonico gives a couple of hearty claps in applause at the winner and then has a sip of the Sin's Spice that he had been nuturing. He looks over at Lustry at her announcement of the silvers and then looks to Grimgar at his words. "Hmm..." he thinks a moment before nodding to the big Redrain. "Very well. I prefer wine to rum but will give it a go."

Ciro says in Eurusi, "Well how did the contest go Ciro? Well about what you would expect after that blonde took my luck. Beaten by a Prince and a Princess of course, so much for the fucking work."

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"Ciro..." Calla starts, her hand leaving his arm after his next whisper, brows creasing with concern. She stops herself when he says what he does to Dio, worry etching a bit deeper before she smiles to those gathered. "Excuse me." And then she moves to follow after him at a quick step.

Cassimir turns to look squarely at Lord Ciro, his brows furrowing deeply with curiosity for the man's uttered words.

Lustry takes Lustry's Rum Contest Rules.

Grimgar takes a seat accross from Domonico and smiles at the count. "You first my Lord! Do your best." He smirks.

Valencia smiles and turns to look to Lustry as she begins to speak. There is a blink as well and then a bright smile. "Patrizio! You won first prize!" she calls out with glee, her composure slipping away naturally as she grabs his arm and gives a little jump up and down. "Congratulations, my dearest sir. I'm so pleased for you," she beams up at the man. There is a pause as Dio speaks and it seems to take a moment at first not seeming to understand.

"Oh? Oh," Valencia repeats as she catches breath, her chest puffing up softly with delight and pride. "It is not me, I promise. I only speak silly ideas. It is my Hart's staff, Missere Master Barkeep Magnnus and his assistance. Truly, this is their win, but thank you so much. I am... so... " A glance to Parizio and she takes a hint from him and takes a sip from her glass to find her composure again. Smiling to Dio she adds, "I am honoured you liked it so much. I will be sure we have some for your next visit to my Hart, sir. Thank you."

Head whirling, Sloane waves cheerfully to Medeia, arm stretched high. "Rums for the ages!" she cheers, despite as yet having had none. Soon to be fixed. Tapping a glass to the bar, Sloane tosses back her first shot. "There. Is there a- oh, yes, there's a game. Does anyone need a partner? I'll be absolute shit at it."

Hands came together in applause for his cousin Valencia as well as Prince Patrizio as their victories were announced. "Well done to all contestants! These were all delicious and creative, each in their own ways." He looked back to Cassimir then and gave him a little elbow before leaning in, grinning from ear to ear. After words were shared, he looked over at Deva, comfortably (seemingly!) settled not far away. A quick wink was given to the fiery-femme.

Domonico settles into his seat and he looks at the flagon at the end of the table, hmming softly to himself as he judges the distance and feels the weight of the coin before he casts his throw. The coin bounces off the table and...

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Cassimir forcibly withdraws his eyes from the departing Seraceni lord, his expression still twisted with confusion and no small degree of irritation. However, he does manage to lean in and accept Marquis Gaspar's whisper, which provokes those lips to curl upward somewhat. When paired with the rest of his expression, that smile takes on a cruel edge. He turns his head to respond to Gaspar's murmur in a low volume.

Patrizio is still, clearly, in awe as he's getting another rum, as he's staring through a second round of the contestants. It's a very good excuse for him to /not/ gawk too much as Ciro, and then Calla go bolting out the door, and he's taking a breath and letting it free... and then shaking his head. "I /am/ sorry that he's disappointed," he murmurs softly, to both Zakhar and Valencia as much as to anyone else. Though there's the faint dip of his brows at the language - not an understanding of what was said, but an understanding of /what/ language it was, and then... "I'm not going to worry about this tonight, I swear," he murmurs."

Avita turns her head to watch Ciro meander off, one of her brows quirking, a frown tugging at the corners of her mouth. "... I do hope it was nothing I said." She asides to Dio, obviously more than vaguely confused. "... I should follow him." That's probably the worst idea anybody has ever had, but by golly, Avita seems very fond of it. A smile springs back to her lips, her now empty glass being placed down so that she can lift both hands to pepper her fingertips with kisses before 'flinging' them toward her family and new friends before, and giving a cheerful wiggly-fingered wave, turning and meandering toward the door.

"I am looking forward to it," says Dio to Valencia, with a respectful bow of his head. Ciro's words in Eurusi cause Dio to glance over his shoulder. He frowns briefly with concern, but some relief comes as Callas leaves to accompany him. Dio nods to Avita. "Thanks," he says in a low voice.

Domonico checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Domonico is marginally successful.

Valencia still seems a little suprised, though clear pleased and honoured. A gracious bow of head is offered to Zakhar with a sweet smile, then to Nina for her kind praise and Medeia as well. To her cousin Gaspar, she gives a little grin, her smile warm and affectinonate as she bask in his apprecition of her carefully crafted entry. "Thank you, so much. I will be sure to send you a bottle," she nods wamly. Taking in a soft breath she smooths her dress and turns to Patrizio and Zahkar. "Well, it should seem this may give me reason to venture from home more often," she smiles impishly. "I'm stunned, quite honestly."

...Domonico gets the silver clinking into the flagon. "Your drink Your Highness."

Deva is clearly having a grand time chatting with Ophelia and Jeffeth at the bar. As she works her way through the rums, she gives Gaspar a friendly wave of her glass in response. The wayward princess appears to be thoroughly enjoying the whole tasting process.

Medeia steps close to Cassimir and Gaspar, leaning up on tiptoes to give each a kiss on the cheek. "Dearests, I'm feeling a bit faint all of a sudden and am going to have my guards escort me home." To Cass, she adds, "I'm so happy I got to meet Brigid. We keep saying we should do dinner soon. We should hold to that. A whole extended family mess with Tyche." She smiles before turning to Gaspar and leaning back in to say something quietly. A squeeze of his hand is given, then she goes to say good-bye to Lustry, whispering quickly. Once done, she waves to a few others and heads out with her guards.

Grimgar downs the rum with ease, looking a bit dizy as he breathes after finishing. "That is strong. Okay. Let me try. Then I think that will be it. I don't want to get too drunk and lose my pants...." he snickers and winks at the count tossing th coin at Domonico's forehead.

Grimgar checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Grimgar catastrophically fails.

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the coin goes FLYING. Drunk bears have no strength limitation hits Gaspar HARD, the coin slamming below the belt hitting him where no man wants to get hit. Grimgar goes wide eyed. "Sorry!" He hiccups. "Minor Miscalulation. Never had rum before...."

With the departure of his family, Dio returns to Brigid's side with Sin's Spice in hand, but not before offering a warm farewell to Medeia. The marquis offers Brigid a glass and says, "I should probably head out myself." He reaches out to touch his glass to the lady's a final time. "Thank you for accompanying me, My Lady. I enjoyed the rum and the company very much."

Quietly has she been sipping on the particular rum provided, watching the coin toss with some amusement. There is a flush of color now in the Moore's cheeks, easily given to showing the pulse of fine alcohol coursing through veins, cracking that toughened exterior a fraction more to reveal a loose smile easily, "Of course, do enjoy the rest of your evening." Head is dipped into a nod. Feet skim in a rustle to find a quiet corner in which to sit, a shapely limb coming to cross over it's pair as bright eyes continue to take in the bustling activity.

"Oh no." Sloane's skin loses a shade of color when she sees the coin go flying. Then she snort laughs into the back of her hand. Coughs. COUGHS. It was a cough. "You're meant to abuse the alcohol, love," Sloane calls to Grimar cheerfully, "not the fine noblemen and ladies."

Patrizio frowns a little bit when he's watching Dio prepare to make his departure, and there's a faint inclination of his head to the Marquis from where he's resting. This seems to be something that's not been in his calculations. But he does turn a bit of a smile to Valencia for a moment, and he's nodding, as if in answer to a question posed to him.

Lustry's jaw drops as she watches the piece of silver fall off of the glass and bounce to his Gaspar. She winces briefly before gracefully moving towards the Marquis as she inquires, "Gaspar, are you alright?"

Gaspar checks composure and performance at hard. Gaspar is marginally successful.

Domonico checks composure at normal. Domonico is marginally successful.

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Anne, a dangerously alluring Seraceni first mate, Brigid arrive, following Dio.

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As that coin came flying in, he was in the midst of replying to Cassimir, but as it slammed home, he let loose an audible. "Ugh!" The marquis winced, grimaced, coughed and cleared his throat. "Honest mistake, I'm sure." Was his voice a few tones higher than normal? He waved Lustry away, mostly in a vain attempt to keep his dignity to be sure. "Oh yes, quite fine." Truly, he did very much /seem/ to be just fine.

Domonico managed to avoid flinching for the most part as Grimgar hurled the silver at his head... Domonico's fortune at being missed was Gaspar's misfortune and the Count winces before looking at Grimgar, "Perhaps we should... call a ceasefire here before more future generations are endangered?"

Lustry lets a mildly nervous grin curl her lips before she mentiones, "Perhaps we all need to be mindful of our strength while playing quarters, yes?" She looks thankful that Gaspar is saying he is fine, sipping on more of the rum herself and leaning against the back of Grimgar's chair.

A warm wave of farewell is offered to Media and Dio and Valencia turns her attention to the room again as the games begin. Intrigued, the little vixen gamely watches with keen interest, seeming happy to observe Lustry's guest test their skill. A wince comes as Prince Grimgar misses and she softly swallows her grimace as the coin hits home. However, her expression gently turns to a smile as the event's hostess graciously guides the vigorous play to something much less dangerous.

Grimgar looks embaressed. "Sorry. I will stop. Throwing and drinking." he smiles to Lustry and Domonico. "Can the count and I spar later My Treasure? Would you enjoy watching?"

Cassimir watches as the coin sails through the air, seemingly in slow-motion, and bounces off Gaspar's face. With a brief bend forward, he reaches out to pluck the coin up off the ground and then tosses it back to the offender with a cautionary smile evident in his features. "I think you lost this," he says, and then turns back to rejoin Gaspar's side. "Yes, well," he resumes, speaking at full volume, now, "I am inclined to agree with your sentiments." His irises list to the right, catching sight of Brigid as she sits alone in the distance. "It seems my betrothed's date has left her alone. That won't do." And without further notice, he steps around the marquis' position and starts to walk in her direction. That gaze is cast over his shoulder, as though inquiring whether Gaspar is going to follow suit.

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Lustry laughs softly, "Of course you two can spar and I would like to watch." As she sees all of those who are playing silvers beginning to slow after the Marquis hitting incident she happily says, "Again, thank you all for your submittals and coming to vote and participate, it means a lot to me and I do hope you all even the rest of your evenings. But I think it is about time I wrap up this lovely soiree before someone legitimately looses an eye."

Lustry takes Game Rules for Silvers - Read Me.

Lustry takes a slotted alcohol carrying case.

Patrizio watches those playing silvers with a smile on his lips, as he's lounging off to the side safely with Valencia. "I think you should hold a tournament for this game around one of your spars," he offers softly, with a chuckle. "Something for those who don't want to test their mettle with metal, but still wish to prove they have the fortitude to outlast others." He's smiling, even as his gaze shifts back once more to their winnings. And he chuckles softly, cheeks still quite ruddy to some degree.

Valencia is overheard praising Lustry: A delightful hostess and an inspiration. I cannot wait to see what other wonderful things she has in store.

Sloane grins cheekily at the bartender as another shot of rum appears before her. "I've found the rum. But where are the pirates?" She takes the shot after giving an exaggerated sigh. "Oh, my head," she laughs, fair skin flushed, before staggering with tipsy delight.

Patrizio is overheard praising Lustry.

Sloane is overheard praising Valencia: You can't spell Valencia without ale - and she even produces a fine tasting rum.

Domonico is overheard praising Lustry: Rum Hostess Extraordinaire

Sloane is overheard praising Patrizio: More like Pat/rum/zio, amirite?

"Oh, I am honoured to say the Princess is considering my Hart for a simlilar contest. I'm so inspired by her work. I cannot wait," Valencia offers back softly. "I think something as magnficient as this should have it's very own day. Truly, I am constantly impressed with how many talented people we have in the city. I'm excited to see what comes next."

Domonico smiles and nods to Lustry at her announcement before reaching foward to clap Grimgar on the shoulder. "A powerful throw regardless! I trust you are better with your sword though?"

Lustry confirms the Velenosian Princess's words, "Princess Valencia is indeed correct, the next contest will be for mead and held at the Golden Hart. Get you distilleries working while she and I set up the time and date as to when we will be holding this event and also looking for a third host to aid with the voting, much as I did it this past time. Again, thank you all so much for attending and I look forward to seeing you all throughout the city. And remember, I am but a missive away at all times."

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