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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar: Great Cathedral Fundraiser

It's back...

The city's premier sparring event returns to The Golden Hart with a mission to raise funds to help rebuild the Great Cathedral of the Pantheon.

Join us once again in the Hart's arena for another night of exciting sparring, high spirits and excellent company!

All levels of fighters and marital arts welcome, including melee, brawling, archery, knife throwing and more. House armour and weapons available for those light on equipment.

Wagers welcome or simply come to enjoy the scene and a drink or two.

Donations of silver and/or writs in support of the rebuilding of the Great Cathedral encouraged and very welcome.

With your help, through the labour of our hands and the generosity of our hearts, we will rise again and take a stand. Let us show them that we cannot be so easily defeated!

All are welcome! Drinks are on the house! We look forward to seeing you!


OOC: This event is created to offer players some relaxing fun and more great chances to get to know and RP with characters they may not otherwise have a chance to meet.

As always, the Hart is open to everyone and all are very welcome. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please join us.

If you have questions, @mail Valencia. We look forward to seeing you! Winners from past events are listed here:


Nov. 29, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Lucita Patrizio Rowenova Orland Thea Kritr Drake Delilah Porter Irisa Lisebet Brianna Piccola Merek Kaia Korka Hamish Lexir Kalani



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Renato, an overconfident attendant, Bastien, a strapping Malvici escort arrive, following Kaia.

Matteo, an eager knight's apprentice, Kaia arrive, following Irisa.

Lucita comes into the arena and glances around. She spots a table overlooking the arena and there she moves to take a seat. A hand is lifted to give a wave to those she recognizes.

3 Ivory Shields arrives, following Lexir.

Lucita has joined the ringside table.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 2 Bisland pride guards, Pearl, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, 2 Armed Confessors arrive, following Delilah.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout, Delilah arrive, following Lisebet.

Gunther, a Rottweiler have been dismissed.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

Orland has joined the corner table.

Patrizio comes in from the main hall, with a faint air about him of one who's debating where best to be making a seat to both optimize his view and the availability of alcohol. That and, perhaps, to best encourage the trio who follow him to find a discreet distance at which they can watch him, so as not to be breathing down his neck, as is their wont.

Scout Rowenova and Sir Floppington show up behind Baroness Lucita, since the Saik woman is their lovely patron, of course, and they would likely coordinate.

Lucita sends her guard dogs off with a guard to watch over them as she settles into place. "hmmm. I miss the regulars here. Wonder if Lord Ian will show up to give tips on the techniques people use, and Armorer Waldemai to urge on betting!

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador arrives, following Porter.

Orland has settled in a corner table. There's no telling when he got there. He's so plain faced that he probably came in with that group there, or the other group over there, or that one. Regardless, the young man has found a seat, in the corner, by himself. A place for wallflowers not looking to fight.

Seeing as it takes a bit longer to get from point A to point B, Thea got here a bit early for a seat. With all her drinks in place. Or to share. Who knows. The Malvici leans back, lookimg a bit better, but not enough to participate. No. Thea is definitely only watching this evening.

The Hart's hums with excitement as the arena begins to fill with many of the most notable, and in some cases notorious of Arvani society. Everyone who is anyone seems to be here. The Hart's staff rush to and fro, seeing that one and all are well cared for. Drinks flow and the buzz grows as some of the Hart's previous Sip n' Spar champions arrive, and there in the midst of the happy chaos is Valencia, looking more than happy to see everyone arrive, offering each a warm welcome and a bright and appreciative smile.

Kritr arrives armed and armored, gripping the haft of his longaxe in anticipation.

Drake hasn't been to a sip and spar in a while, but since this one is for a good cause, it seems like a good time. He's here, with a lot of weapons too, prepared depending on the needs of an actual spar. But it's SIP and spar, so first, he goes over to the bar. He finds a spot next to Thea and her already-readied drinks.

Light of foot and blithe of aspect, Lilah attends with Lisebet; double Crownland duchies on display, demonstrative of delightful devotion. Or something of that sort. Kindred spirits to seek out convivial enjoyments, the occasional drink or more, who is to say? The copper-haired girl doesn't carry any particular weapon, though the guards trailing her certainly do. Her bright gaze travel among those already settled and gathering still, looking out for familiar faces. "There's Scout Nova, and there's Lady Thea," she murmurs to Lisebet, sidelong, mezzosoprano lilting warmly.

Stepping up to Valencia, Nova gives her a big hug if the foxy princess lets her (and would even lift her off her feet then set her back down, too). "Thanks." says she with a big smile. "Glad you are hosting these again!"

Porter slips into the Hart, though he doesn't seem as if he's going to be fighting tonight. He moves through the crowds, nodding to the occasional familiar face as he passes them. He seems to have on particular destination in mind and that's Valencia, cutting through some of the other people to get into her general range of vision. He nods his head once, bringing his hand up to his chest in a formal sort of hello. The breastplate gets a rap of his knuckles. "Your highness, thank you for hosting this fundraiser tonight. On behalf of the Faith of the Pantheon, you have our gratitude."

Lady Kaia Malvici and Lady Brianna Halfshav arrive with Dame Irisa, Knight to Malvici. She walks just behind them as befitting her station but it doesn't seem to bother her one bit. She's in a pleasant move and wearing a long green dress. There's her diamonplate on her left hip, belt and sash keeping it in place. On the back of the sash is a high quality steel sword in another sheathe that seems to be the item of primary use this evening. Whispering to the two Ladies with her, she gestures towards a table and gives Thea a bright smile that seems to almost light up the room.

Lisebet, the darkhaired petite duchess of the two, is definitely wandering in arm in arm with her fellow Duchess. She grins at the response, nodding briefly. "And of course Princess Valencia and oh look, Sir Porter. That reminds me, I promised to send him some funds, which I suspect would not go amiss." She inclines her head to the Hostess, with a bright smile. "Princess Valencia, so good to see you. I brought company with me this time, even if Harlan is busy doing Duke-things." That's definitely a very strong and official work topic right there.

Brianna is rolling up as the tallest, reddest member of Dame Irisa's posse. She breaks off to give Nova a quick peck on the cheek, and to gently punch Porter in the shoulder. "You're looking less like shit," she tells him amiably.

Valencia throws her arms about Rowenova and hugs her back as tight as she can, giving a little squeak of warm affection as she is lifted from her feet and set back down again. Her dark eyes light up at the thanks and she bows her head in gracious thanks. "Thank your coming and encouraging me to do so, my dear friend," the little vixen replies. "I have missed everyone and this is for such a very good cause, yes?" Her gaze falls upon Porter and she greets him in kind, a hand places upon her own chest and her head bowed in warm welcome, "No, no, thank you for leading the restoration and rebuilding of the Cathedral, my lord. I am proud to be able to offer a chance for so many to help you in your endeavor. It is important work."

Kritr has joined the ringside table.

"No longer a lord," Porter says quietly and with a lopsided smile. The breastplate gets a tap again. "Currently a Sir and proud of it." Then he's getting punched in the shoulder by Brianna. His smile turns a bit brighter and less polite as he swivels in that direction. "Thanks! I'm back to tidying up my beard regularly again. See-" he starts touching his own face like this is some kind of grand accomplishment.

Nova lets go and steps aside, "Most welcome." says she to Valencia before then wolfy hugging Brianna, too. "Hey, I have that thing scribed for you: Here." After letting go she pulls out a folio from her Messenger Bag that she then hands over to her Halfshav. Hearing her name out there somewhere, Nova up nods her wolf-framed/shaded visage to Duchess Duo: Lisebet and Delilah!

Patrizio lets his green eyes pan over the room while he's considering the various members of the public who're coming in to see the spectacle about to take place. A hand rises to stroke through his hair - not that it's not already impeccable as it is - and he's settling once he's found for himself a drink.

Thea looks up and already spies people she knows. She smiles and overs a wave to Kaia, Brianna, and Irisa. There's a nudge to Drake as well as he goes to sit. Kritr and Nova get a wave as well as Thea spy them going to sit. "I--wansn't expecting this many. Though I definitely should have known better,"offering Valencia a smile. "Princess Valencia. Hello. This was an amazing idea you know.."

Another smile blossoms ands he turns to greet Lucita as she settles, and then offers a warm smile to the Duchess Lisebet as well. "Darling Duchess, I am so glad you have joined us. I'm sorry your lord could not be here. Please offer him my best. And welcome to you, Duchess Delilah. I am so very pleased to see you in our Hart again. Both, please be so very welcome. It should be a fine night I think," she nods warmly to both.

Orland makes quiet motions, his eyes wandering all the people, noting how many of them know one another. He looks down into his cups, swishing it around.

Lucita gives Valencia a warm smile once she spots her amid the people gathering. Her voice lowers as she speaks with those at the table at which she sits.

"Your Highness," sings Delilah in greeting to Valencia once the elegant Lycene has dispensed with greeting Rowenova, and a good many others ahead of them. Porter earns a friendly smile for it all, and she nods to Lisebet. "Restoration for the damage is most appealing. I may send Lord Wyatt your way, and that reminds me to pen him a letter." Thoughts tucked away in that mercurial swirl of thoughts, she clasps her hands together and then stands on tiptoe, the better to greet Rowenova. Forget dips and nods, she opens her arms in a warm greeting. "I spot other familiar faces. We should possibly find our way over to the Malvicis and steal our favourite scout with us."

"Sir, " Valencia blushes a little to Porter and bows her head as she corrects herself. "My apologies. It seems only like yesterday we first met. So many things have happened since then. I am happy you are here. Please have drink and allow me to prepare," she nods graciously and turns to smile to Thea. "General Thea Malvici! My lady, thank you again for the generous donation. I think you will bring us luck tonight. I don't think I can say thank you enough," she smiles to the Malvici Lady. "I am glad you approve. I am so excited. Will you be sparring this evening?"

Here comes the General.

She enters with her hood back and her face set in a practiced expression of austere calm. But her face cannot hide the intensity in her eyes. After all, tonight is tournament night: her last couple of matches at the Golden Hart's Arena have been odd, but memorable. And tonight, she has come to spar; that is clear from the way she goes from the door to where the Princess Hostess with the Mostest is taking donations and making greetings.

Piccola waits for her turn after Thea, whom she gently pokes in the shoulder before holding a hand up in greeting.

Irisa watches Brianna with a smile and walks through the crowd with Kaia, waving to people she recognizes. Delilah gets a wink. "Duchess," she greets with a respectful dip of her head. But she angles for the bar and seems intent on seeing if they have any of that strongmead.

Patrizio has joined the corner table.

Feeling a familiar poke, Thea looks up and chuckles. "Well hello General Piccola. It's been awhile, how are you? I've been meeting numerous members of your family and thought you abandoned me,"winking at her.

"You are very kind, Duchess Delilah. Anything we can do to help the Faith and our people," Valencia offers earnestly back. "We cannot let such evil prevail. Avrum takes care of it's own as it is well known. I thank you."

Stepping closer to Delilah, Nova wolfy hugs her, too! Sir Floppington joins by way of leaning against their legs for the duration of the hug before then standing up when it is complete. Nova gives the Duchess some back pats before turning to the other Duchess (Lisebet) and offering over similar treatment. "Stealing is not necessary! I think Sir Flop and I will gladly follow!"

Lisebet promptly returns 'Nova's hug, with a smile. "It's very good to see you, 'Nova," she says. "Do come with us." A glance over to Irisa - wait, was she talking to Delilah or Lisebet? Either way, no doubt she gets a smile from both. "Certainly, Lilah, though only if we can collect a drink or two on the way?" is her mild request.

"No matter how she runs, the moon can never abandon the sun."

Piccola smiles very briefly to Thea, after delivering what seems to be a heartfelt greeting. Or compliment. Flirtation? Damned Lycenes and their greetings. "I am well, thank you. I was away from the city a while, but I've returned. In my absence, I have noticed that House Tessere has grown a little. It's good to have a few more people around to compete with." Sounds like an awful family to live in, if it is so competitive.

She reaches to her utility belt for her donation, as she steps up to greet Valencia.

Thea looks up to Valencia, belatedly answering her. It's loud in here guys! "I'm afraid not this evening." Her gold-flcked green eyes look toward her family and she smirks. "I've been injured and then recently fell ill. I think my family would cut me down if I made the attempt." When Piccola--Thea totally takes it as a flirty, obviously, she flashes her a smile. "GOod to have you back."

The slender arc of Lilah's arms encloses Rowenova in a warm embrace, and then she steps back for Lisebet to not be squeezed in too much. All the same, she glides to the side and clasps her hands, a warm smile fixed for the brilliance of the sun as Irisa, Kaia, and Brianna come into view. "It's been an age -- Dame Irisa, you've been hiding! I owe you a visit to catch up, and tea, with all the rest. Have you been formally introduced to Duchess Lisebet Ashford? If not, here we are." She nods to all, her arm looping around LIsebet's if tolerated. "Whichever way we want to go. Lead on, and I'll sit wherever I can or must."

Drake points back and forth between Piccola and Thea. "Which one of you is the moon or the sun in this equation," he asks. He has no head at all for metaphor, really.\

Kritr adds onto Drake's question with his own booming query, "And which is doing the running?!"

Lucita's voice rises a little as the crowd noises grow. "Joined the Iron Guard? Oh, good, They always needmore members, and good ones. My husband used to be a member back before he got killed.

Lucita's comment is obviously part of the conversation she is indulging in with Kritr and Thea

Irisa has her strongmead in a tankard and walks back over to the introductions of Delilah. The Dame smiles happily and curtsies to Delilah. "You're very kind ot say so, Duchess Delilah. Thank you. It would be lovely, definitely. There has been a lot happening, though. Diplomatically, its been a powerfully busy time for me, my Lady." The introduction to Lisbet has her curtsey all over again. "Duchess Lisebet. I've not had the honor and pleasure. I've heard many very good things about your House which speaks well to you, my Lady." She then looks to General Piccola and waves to her. Apparently Irisa knows a lot of people here.

Piccola's eyes move from Drake to Kritr, and then back to Thea.

"Does it matter?" she murmurs to both men in response to the question. There's a note of exasperation in there. "I would not worry about the games the House of Foxes play, my Lords. Some say we play out of salacious habits; others, boredom; but, in faith, just as the sun and the moon, it may very well be in our nature." That's a fancy way of not really answering the question, as the General turns to tell Valencia quietly, "It's good to see you again."

And then she drops her donation on the table, as if to indicate her desire to spar, and turns towards where Dame Irisa sits.

After doling out her fond/wolfy hugs to each Duchess, Nova softly smiles before back patting both of them then moving along in whatever wake that they carve through the event's crowd. Seeing 'Clan Malvici', everyone with that last name (plus Dame Irisa) could get a wolfy hug, too, if they might desire one. Meanwhile, Sir Floppington sniffs out -- with his houndly nose -- someone new. He has never seen this Prince Lexir before and so he steps closer to the man, doing so with those inquissitive eyes so soulful.

Merek makes a way into the place, looking about.

A look warm look of welcome is offered to Piccola as she arrives that turns to one of gracious appreciate for the donation. "It is wonderful to see you again, Lady General Piccola. I am so glad to see your lovely face with us again," Valencia smiles "Thank you so much for donation. I am so grateful. This will go far to help the cause. Truly. I thank you. I look forward to catching up, but first I must start the event. I will return," she nods and starts to make her way to the ring of Valor.

Drake looks to Kritr, and nods in a way that is respectful. The ways of two warriors who are better fighters than poets, clearly. Then he picks up a glass of whiskey.

Thea gives Nova a brief pat on the back. Yep. Pat pat. "Hey Nova. How are you,"she asks with a chuckle. "And it really doesn't matter,"she tells Drake and Kritr with an amused look,"taking another sip.

Clad in rich red southern silks that embrace sensual curves and slender waist, Valencia gracefully moves to the center of the Ring of Valor. Offering a warm smile, she holds up her hands and gracefully inclines her head to the eager crowd.

"My lords and ladies, misseres and madams. Dearest friends -- please be welcome to my Hart and thank you for being here this evening. We are so very happy you could join us."

Porter has joined the bar.

"Tonight, as always, we are very pleased to offer a chance to enjoy the finest of martial arts and skills that you will see anywhere in the realm," the little vixen calls out nodding to those who will soon be entering the ring. "But tonight, we also make a stand against the evil that threatens to destroy us all."

Merek nods a bit to Valenica, while he seems to content in wearing that dark attire, adjusting the scarf, while he places both gloves together finding a place to settle in.

"The loss of the Great Cathedral was heartbreaking, but we are Arvani and we are made of stronger stuff," Valencia says defiantly. "And as always, the Hart will do its part to fight back against this malevolent darkness that wishes to lay us low. We will not let our realm fall."

"We know that you will not either. So, tonight, we ask for you to give generously to the cause, so we might help raise the Great Cathedral again. Let us show them that we cannot be so easily defeated. That together, we are unstoppable!"

Lisebet laughs softly at Delilah's words. Hugs from 'Nova finished, Lisebet looks to the scout. "So, after we finish our greetings, do you have a spot we should all sit?" she asks, with some amusment. Then there's an introduction and the petite black haired duchess turns her attention to Irisa. "Dame Irisa, a pleasure," she greets lightly. Then Valencia is speaking, and she hushes to listen.

'Some may ask, how do we know this? We know because even before the lights were lit in our arena tonight, your generous donations have already started to roll in," Valencia explains her expression one of deep gratitude and pride in the realm. "Lady Rosalind on behalf of House Ravenseye has generously donated 10,000 silver to help. And, General Thea Malvici, who has shown such heart and skill upon these very sands, has risen as well, donating 1,000 economic writs to the cause!"

For the most part Kaia keeps on sauntering about the room. Bright smiles, polite nods and courtesies issued when proper to the peers as she moves. There's a little wave from afar given to Thea and Rowenova before she moves on to greet the familiar pair of Crownlander Duchesses as they get closer. "Duchess Lisebet; Duchess Delilah. It's lovely to see you both again.~" she says sweetly, before her attention is pulled away by Valencia's speech.

"My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, please join me in offering our deepest thanks to House Ravenseye and General Malvici leading the way in our efforts today, and to all who will make generous donations today" she invites the audience to share their applauds.

Patrizio looks quite impressed with the amounts being mentioned as having already been donated to the event, even before a single warrior's taken to the sand to show their prowess. And as such, he's rising from his seat to applaud the donors who've already come forward to offer up such generous amounts already.

Delilah draws her hands together in a light shimmering of applause to those making their donnations, the appreciative smile lifting warmly.

Nova does take care not to quish Thea too much. Very light is that one hug, and the pat pats are definitely appreciated. She lets go. "Doing well. Thank you. Hope you feel better soon." She has no idea what happened but scouty senses certainly detect something up. After Lisebet's query, Nova motions forth to where Lucita currently sits at the ringside table. "Over there by the best patron ever, of course." She half grins before looking to hear out Valencia, firmly nodding in agreement with the sentiments expressed. She goes to get out several chairs for all of the people who would like to sit over here/there.

Kritr salutes Drake in return. "I think it does matter, but perhaps it is different in the South, GEneral TEssere."

The plain faced Orland is at least chatting with one person, the Prince Patrizio. When the prince starts applauding, he gives a half hearted attempt to clap too, but it's those awkward 'why am I clapping' clap.

Valencia pauses as one of her staff interrupts and she looks to Thea with wonder and appreciation and then smile. "My friends, A correction! Lady General Thea has offered another 2306 in social writs as well. Please, if I may. Raise your glasses to her and let us sing the praises of her and all that have and will be donating tonight! I thank you! Cheers!"

2 Halfshav skilled veteran guards arrives, following Brianna.

3 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar, 1 Harlequin jongleur arrive, following Hamish.

Piccola brings her hands together to clap loudly, but slowly.

"The key is the chase, Lord Clearlake. That is what matters." She smiles momentarily, and then continues over to Dame Irisa. To her, she offers her hand in friendship. "Dame Wainryte: it is good to see you again. When we next have the chance to talk, though, I would appreciate your counsel on a matter of defense." Of course. Because Piccola is never, ever //not// thinking about defense. Or business. That General is non-stop, apparently.

She resumes clapping again, perhaps to cover her conversation with the knight.

After hearing about how much Thea has donated, Nova sends up a Northern cheer, which is very loud, and very roar-ous!

1 Harlequin jongleur arrives, following Korka.

Rowenova has joined the ringside table.

Drake puts a hand on Thea's arm, and nods to her. "That was very generous of you," he says.

The Hart's arena erupts into cheers and the little vixen waits for a lull before continuing.

"Thank you for your good hearts, and for your bravery, as we face this fight. I am so proud and grateful to be in your company tonight," Valencia offers earnestly, her chin lifting softly as affectionately looks out to the crowd. "It is a wonderful start to our fundraising, and I know there will be more examples of your generosity tonight, and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Korka nudges Hamish in the ribs as they enter and Valencia makes her speech, "That's one."

"And now, competitors, Missere Sergeant of Arms, if you would please take to the sands," she continues with another warm smile. "Let spirits lift and voices rise. I now pronounce tonight's event open!"

The Hart's arena again is filled with cheers as the Hart's vixen gracefully bows her head and gracefully steps from the ring. The event has officially begun.

Delilah has joined the ringside table.

The Hart's Sergeant of Arms is a grizzled, no-nonsense kind of a man. A veteran with a glimmer in his eye and more experience under his belt than most.

Moving with a grace of a much younger man, the old warrior moves onto the sands and holds up his hand before rumbling out, "Lords and Ladies! Good folk and gentles all! Lady Piccola Tessere and Lord Drake Wyvernheart are called to the sands!" he bellows as he eyes the combatants with a look of approval as they enter. "Sir, madame, present yer arms. May your fight with honour and fire in your heart and the rest be damned. LAY ON!" he barks with a gruff grin and a bow to each before stepping back.

Piccola has joined the ring of valor.

Thea hears her name called and well...she turns all sorts of red because well--attention. She does however offer a nod a small smile as the applause errupts around her. Thea glances to Drake and murmrus quietly,"It's--needed. It's the least I can do. Really."

2 Halfshav skilled veteran guards arrives, following Brianna.

Hamish snorts at Korka. "If you'd like to spar we can do two and three as well." Hamish, still wearing his archlector's robes despite the promotion, pushes his sleeves up and flexes his fingers. "I haven't had a few new bruises in a while. Maybe I'll hit the sands. See if I still have it. Of course, I've yet to win a fight, so maybe I never had it. Or at least haven't had it in a while." He nods toward the bar. "Buy you a drink? I won't expect anything untoward of you later."

Drake has joined the ring of valor.

Patrizio looks all the more surprised when there's the correction, and his head turns briefly to look in the direction of the Malvicis, before there's a very appreciative nod as he's considering the general. And then he turns, to settle in to his seat again, even as he's gesturing for one of the Hart's staff to come to attend to him at his table.

Irisa dips her head to Lisebet and then looks to Valencia as the woman speaks. The Dame falls respectfully quiet and looks to the speaker with an easy smile. Then the announcement of just how much is being donated gets a lofted brow. She lifts her tankard in cheers to Thea and dips her head. Malvici leading the way. To Piccola, the Dame bows her head respectfully. "Of course, General. However I can be of service. Perhaps tomorrow? I have someplace to be after this. Busy times and all that." She sips the tankard and grins over to Kaia, the Dame's spirits obviously high and happy. Surrounded by booze and violence for a good cause, what's not to love?

As the first fight is announced, Porter makes his way to the bar where he has a decent view still because he's taller than plenty of the people seated around him. Hurray.

Kritr has left the ringside table.

"I think all the drinks are free tonight, so I guess by that logic you should expect lots of things from me later," Korka says with a wink, heading towards the bar and ordering herself a glass of white wine, "Who do you want to lose tonight? I'll be sure to bet on them."

Korka has joined the bar.

Hamish has joined the bar.

Kritr has joined the ringside table.

Drake walks out into the ring. He's not wearing a helm - maybe he doesn't think his head is worth protecting - plausible - or, maybe he doesn't want the audience to be denied looking at his face - also plausible. He pulls out his rubicund sword. It's fancy, a bit flashy, and one that picks up light well from the stands. He's sizing Piccola up a bit. "I don't know that we've had the pleasure of a direct spar, but I think I'll enjoy it." If he can stop looking out and trying to mug to the crowd.

Drake wields Breath of Fire, a Rubicund Broadsword.

Brianna has joined the bar.

Called up first, Piccola holds up her hand to Irisa.

"Of course. I will probably need an apothecary. Would you excuse me?" She smiles faintly. "My number has been called." And then, the small woman -- Drake has got a good foot on her in height -- moves to and hops into the ring of honor. As she does so, she takes off her bow and quiver, leaving both near a bench on the edge of the fighting area. She then draws out her sword, which seems to be of almost-ethereal quality. It certainly looks like the sword she usually uses, but it's different somehow.

Like, really different, for whatever reason.

Piccola wields a cupridium sabre with scaled patina blade.

Valencia is overheard praising Thea: Leading by example. So much gratitude for her generosity.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

When the first fight is announced, Thea's attention is grabbed. Thankfully. She squints at Drake's empty head. Take that as you will, and lifts her eyebrow. "Gods above..."

Valencia is overheard praising Rosalind: Grateful for her generous donation on behalf of her family.

Kaia chuckles and joins in on the crowd's applause for Thea's generosity. She seems to be holding a glass of red wine she grabbed at some point from a tray carried about by the always attentive staff of the Hart. A smile returned to Irisa before taking a sip and leaning in to whisper something to Rowenova.

Orland is overheard praising Patrizio: For sitting with the guy in the corner.

William, a taciturn quartermaster arrives, delivering a message to Porter before departing.

"It's been a while coming, Lord Wyvernheart; I think you challenged me the first time I participated in this kind of event," remarks Piccola soberly, drawing her cloak about her and flipping her hood up over her head for protection. "Shall we?"

Valencia is overheard praising Piccola: Always one to rise up for a good cause. So grateful.

Valencia is overheard praising Irisa: A kind and generous donation. So very appreciated.

Hamish nods down to Porter, impossible to miss given that he's one of the few at the bar taller than Hamish himself. "Sir Porter. I hope things are going well with the reconstruction of the cathedral. Every time I talk to people it seems like more and more are involved, which is good. It is the cathedral of Arx. It should be a project for all who loved it to help as they may."

Valencia is overheard praising Rowenova: Dearest Woflscout and friend with the generous heart. My thanks to you, your Tarik and your Sir Flopps for your support.

Brianna gets ready for her bout, and apparently part of that is getting a pint of some kind of stout. She heads over to the bar, her helm tucked under her arm. She nods politely to Hamish. "Feels awkward to congratulate you on the promotion, given the circumstances," she muses aloud. "But, still. Well done." Then she looks over to Porter. "You feeling good enough to fight?" she asks, sipping her drink.

Valencia is overheard praising Tarik: He has excellent taste in women!

Drake angles his eyes toward Piccola's blade, seeing a gleam on it. It's rude to ask. But he's intrigued. His sword, though elaborate in design is rather mundane in nature. At least, this one is. He crosses weapons with the General, and finds no immediate purchase. His cuts get past her guard once or twice, but not enough to draw the blood that would win a Champions bout. "Ah, yes, now I remember. Glad to find you're as skilled as I expected."

It looks as if Piccola and Drake are evenly matched. For her part, she uses a set of defensive maneuvers to feel out her opponent, whipping her blade out to ward off blows and cut with her own. Her cloak and pauldron give added protection on her leathers, even though she seems to be relying on her quickness to stay safe. The blows that do land glance off of her, just as hers glance off of Drake. Unlike Drake, though, Piccola fights in utter silence, save for her moves, her parries, and her breathing.

Lexir leans over and absently scratches the dog between the ears for a second or three before straightening once more, gaze on the spar. He watches with a professional's eye.

Valencia is overheard praising Kaia: Lovely as they come and so generous. I am humbled and honoured for her kindness.

Korka takes her glass of white wine and gives it a sip, tilting her head towards the bartender to incidate it's adequate. She lets her gaze slide over the fight and then over to Sir Porter, "Tell me, does everything you own smell like burning now?"

After getting those ear scritches and a few sniffs, Sir Floppington gently wags whilst gazing gratefully to Lexir before then moving along and heading back to the ringside table.

After a few sips from her wine, Kaia leans in towards Irisa. "I'll be back in a few, I should go say hello to Princess Valencia." Then, she is doing just that. The petite Malvici makes her way through the crowd and waits for Valencia to be freed up before making her approach. "Your highness." she says, before making a proper courtesy. "Looking radiant as ever.~ Thank you so much for hosting. Your words were most inspiring. I would like to show my support to this noble cause as well.~" she tells her, before motioning for her assistant to hand over the proper. "I do hope it helps."

Valencia is overheard praising Lisebet: A generous woman and a delight. I am glad she has once more found her way to my Hart again. My thanks.

What with the ready exchange of silver, Lilah tilts her head in and speaks softly to Lisebet. Probably something that warrants a thoughtful look without, and then she gestures lightly. "We ought to acquire that before it grows too late. Shall we? I dare not dart away on my own."

Drake likes to joke around a bit in a fight. As a Champion, he seems to consider showmanship part of his job here... but would that be really useful in a real war? It's definitely hard to read that. His moves, by themselves, don't seem too flashy. He's watching Piccola and taking her seriously as an opponent, making contact eye to eye, looking for a weakness in her defenses. One hit from her penetrates his sword defense, but glances off his leather vest, which seems to be quite well-made. Then, after a few more short, test strikes, he lunges in... Striking straight and true.

It's a decisive blow, the kind that would end a basic duel, though the rules of this spar tend to be different.

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Valencia is overheard praising Lucita: Perhaps one of my oldest and dearest friends. I know her heart is made of gold. She honours me with her friendship.

Irisa looks over to Kaia and bows her head to her. "Ofcourse, my Lady. I'll linger and see what kind of trouble I can cause or witness." She sips from the tankard and drifts off towards a table while the Duchesses talk amongst themselves and then depart. She takes a seat to herself and relaxes back, watching the fight as if it were a lovely sunset.

Hamish gives Brianna a look of some chagrin. "Much like noble houses, it is only a few elevations that happen in the faith without some amount of tragedy. I am glad to be able to assist the dominus in any way that I can, even if it means being spread a little more thin when it comes to serving her Harlequins. But I thank you, my lady."

Piccola's sword does land hits, but they don't cause harm. Meanwhile, Drake's last blow strikes hard, causing her to stagger back, fall, and force her into a roll back to her feet. And, to her credit, she doesn't seem to pause, despite the force. She just wipes the rivulet of blood from her lip, and puts herself back into a readied stance. Fighting a champion is usually an honor. And, it may be a trick of the light, but the General may be smiling.

Thea sees Irisa and lifts her hand to the knight. "You can come sit here if you'd like,"she calls over a bit weaker than normal. "I promise--I'll keep you in check-ish." Ish Risa!

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As Kaia approches, Valencia smiles warmly, "Good evening, my dearest Lady. I am glad you are here, she begins returning the curtsy in kind. "You are to sweet to me. It is you who always look so radiant, and it is my pleasure and honour to host this today. We all must help, yes?" she nods. The sizeable donation is accepted by Valencia's lady in waiting Lizette who curtsies and smile. Valencia turns back and with a catch of breath, loses composure and hugs Kaia tight. "It will. It will. This and that hearts like yours, there is nothing we cannot do here. I thank you, my lady. Truly."

As one fighter yields, the crowd roars with delight. The Hart's Sergeant of Arms nods with quiet approval as he steps back into the center of the ring, "Well done," he offers with spark of a smile as he turns to the crowd to bellow, "And, your winner, and Lord Drake Wyvernheart!"

The crowd cries out their pleasure again as they step from the sand and the Sergeant waits till there is a lull again. With a deep rumble he bellows, "Stand tall. Our next match is called," he cries, his sharp eyes sliding to those who enter the ring next. "Lady Brianna Halfshav and Lord Kritr Clearlake! You've been called to the sands. May your fight with honour and fire in your heart and blood. Show them how it's done," he offers with a brisk nod to each as he steps back out to give them room. "Fighters, present yer arms and lay on yer leisure! Good fright!"

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Patrizio briefly is seen murmuring to one of the Hart's staffers, with a small folded note passed from the prince to the lass before he's pointing her in the direction of the quite busy Princess Valencia, even as he's conversing with Orland at the corner table.

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At the bar, Porter is ordering his first drink of the night when a messenger arrives and he gives it a quick look over before tucking it away and thanking the bartender for his drink. He's swallowing a gulp when Hamish and Korka arrive. "Ah, hello. Congratulations I think on your promotion." Maybe Hamish doesn't /want/ congratulations, he's covering his bases! "They're going very well. We got most of the scaffolding up today and more tomorrow. Eventually we'll get a safe path to the bell tower and roof and then the real fun work can begin. The crafters told me they need to make the hole in the ceiling bigger though," he frowns. "I guess to properly patch it. I don't know. I'm not a roofer." Korka's question earns a grimace and he looks down at his clothes. "Yes. I'm hoping eventually it's going to smell like paint or uh... something else. But for now, yes." As to whether he can fight tonight, he shakes his head to Brianna. "I'm going to be skipping tonight."

Lucita glances toward the others with whom she sits and gives a warm smile. "I'm going to have to return home if I am to keep my word to family not to stay out too late. They will worry about me if not on time and don't want to do that to them."

Drake notices the smile on his opponent's face. He's smiling, too, as soon as he sees it. Even through blood, she seems determined. He is also a determined fighter... and it seems like he's in good fighting shape right now. The blows exchange a bit further, and Drake gets another choice cut in with the next blow. Piccola gets back a bit, though not as good as she gave... Drake would fight for longer. But it appears the judge has called it, and so he lowers his weapon as well. He gives Piccola that same smile. "A good bout. I'd buy your drink, but they're covered, so I'll cover the next one. Or... a longer fight perhaps." He winks at her, and sheathes his weapon.

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Thea applauds both Drake AND Piccola, a smile on her face. "General Piccola, you've improved quite a bit since our first bout,"she says with approval. Looking to Drake, Thea too murmurs, teasing him naturally,"Footwork."

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Brianna sips her stout and considers Hamish's words, but before she can reply, she's called to the ring. "Hey, your holiness, hold my beer," she says, pressing her drink into his hands and heading on down to the ring.

Irisa bows her head to Thea and smiles. She rises and then moves over to their table and takes up a chair. "Thank you, Lady Thea." It may also be that Irisa knows better than to invite herself to sit with Peerage. Whatever the case, she seems happy to be in either location. Sitting among her own, though, brings a different sort of magic to her eyes.

"A general that leads from the front lines is easy to respect." Kritr booms in Piccola's direction. "Champion." He nods again to Drake as they pass each other on the sands.

Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing arrives, delivering a message to Porter before departing.

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Kaia's expression takes on a light pinkish hue as the praise and compliments are returned by the princess. A lovely melodic laugh let out as she is hugged, and she warmly reciprocates. "It's my pleasure.~ Now, with your leave, I shall return to the crowd and see if I can persuade our Knight to show off at the sands." she says with a chuckle, before giving a little wave and being on her way back to Irisa.

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Valencia is overheard praising Drake: A fine warrior as every seen. Well done!

"A general that leads from the front lines is easy to respect." Kritr booms in Piccola's direction. "Champion." He nods again to Drake as they pass each other on the sands.

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Merek looks around a bit, he does wave to Delilah and anyone else which he notes about.

Kritr wields Skycleaver, diamondplate axe.

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The final few seconds of the fight are vicious.

Piccola's fast, but Drake is faster. He hits her once, twice -- four times -- as solidly as his first, knocking the woman back again and again. To her credit, the General just pushes on, and eventually pushes back with a strike of her own. But then the announcement is made and the fight is called before she can fall from her feet. This is probably for the best, but the expression on Piccola's face is momentarily of offense.

But she sheathes her sword and nods to Drake.

"It was a good fight, Lord Wyvernheart. I look forward to the next." Breathing hard, the General pulls herself out of the ring of honor, and start back towards where Dame Irisa and the others are sitting. And she frowns: oh, does she frown hard at the outcome of the fight. Did she expect to win? No, that's probably not it. Maybe she disagrees with the fight being called before she could bite the dust.

Tenacious little snake, she is.

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Brianna wields wicked wildfires one-handed waraxe with deer hide wrapped handle.

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Drake heads back to Thea's table as she jokes about footwork. "It's what I've been working on the hardest, Lady Thea. Do you think it paid off?" To Piccola, as he's returning to his seat... "Absolutely." Thea might notice him limping just a little... as Piccola did strike him hard near the end and he's got something bleeding underneath that black shirt of his. But whiskey will help enough for now.

Hamish looks at the beer in his hand for a moment, then shrugs and gulps it down before setting the empty glass aside. "She didn't say where I had to hold her beer." To Porter he says, "I'll miss being an archlector, but you'll not find our new Dominus sitting around saying 'why do I have so much responsibility now?!' so I don't plan to do so either. I'm looking forward to working with Blessed Astrid and Blessed Vayne and their discipleships and possibly tidying up the shrine of the Dreamer." He scratches his chin and adds, "I'll need to find a new archlector of our Queen, of course. You interested? The first was the Dominus and the second was me, so maybe we can start a tradition of gradually increasing heights. Imagine a century from now when the archlector of Death is eight and a half feet tall!" Hamish looks back to Korka. "One doesn't always reek of their work. Why, I can barely smell the screams of mercy on you, Inquisitor." When he spies Irisa he offers the peacemaker knight a brief wave.

"Rissy!~" can be heard Kaia's voice as she approaches the table where Thea and the others are at. "You should go show off your skill on the sands in behalf of our house, with Thea nor Olivian being able to." she suggests. "Wouldn't you agree, Thea?"~ she says before finding a seat of her own.

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Kritr's still relatively new to this style of fighting. He salutes Brianna respectfully before readying his axe and meeting her first blow with patience. After getting a sense of her, he becomes more aggressive in his style, spinning through one strike after another without enough regard for his own protection, regard he should pay more attention to as Brianna's strikes are actually stronger than his own. The second truly rings his bell, but nevertheless he persists.

Thea looks up to Drake and she looks to be in agreement. "I could tell, yes,"her words trailing as she skims his injuries. When Kaia makes her way over, she instantly perks up and looks to Irisa, growing a bit excited. "Yes! I absolutely agree,"nudging the knight. "Please do. You'll make me feel better too,"Thea murmurs to her,"as she goes back watching the fight was well..

Hearing what Hamish says brings out a laugh from the Northern Nova. "He would definitely be a great fit." Of course, everyone knows it is because jokes!

"Thank you, Lady Thea. I'm going to enjoy the strongmead for the moment and see where my night goes. Thank you for your generosity." Irisa dips her head to Thea and then looks back to Kaia's approach. She waves her hand to the woman and then looks to Piccola. "Good fight. Be wary the judgments of swordsmen who have never lost a fight, for they have learned nothing in blood, General." The Dame says it quietly, but seems to stoutly believe the saying. Despite the woman's generally good humor, this seems to be spoken in a more serious tone. She lifts her tankard in cheers to the General. Looking past the drink, she see's Hamish and seems about to get up to go see him when suddenly Kaia is making suggestions. Irisa looks to the LAdy and her smile seems to fade. Fight? "If you wish, Lady Kaia." Then hearing Thea back it up, the Dame looks to Thea. The Knight bows her head to them. "Then it will be done."

Northerner against northerner, axe against axe. Brianna is well-matched against the massive Kritr Clearlake, and the two circle each other before laying into each other ferociously. He's bigger, but she's faster and she's strong, trying to get in under the Clearlake's guard.

Kritr checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 9, rolling 69 higher.

Kritr remains capable of fighting.

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Patrizio is overheard praising Valencia.

Patrizio is overheard praising Acacia.

Kritr checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 42, rolling 67 higher.

Kritr remains capable of fighting.

Piccola looks okay, but she is probably doing a good job at covering her injuries.

Cats and snakes, like any predator, are skilled at appearing to be perfectly fine when they aren't. She doesn't have anything to drink, but that's all right; she just slumps at the table, and relaxes. Shifting her attention back to Irisa, she tells her quietly, "I learn more from my losses than from my victories. Besides, I have known enough swordsmen that I ended up putting down with my bow." She gestures at where hers lies. "They can't boast too loudly when they are drowning on their blood."

Emo-General is emo.

Kritr checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 79, rolling 22 lower.

Kritr checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 43, rolling 11 higher.

Kritr remains alive, but close to death.

Kritr is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Drake gives Kaia a nod when she comes by. Cheering someone else on to spar is something he happily agrees with. "I think you should," he says to Irisa. "And good luck to you out there. Or I should say, good skill." He seems fine now that he's seated.

Patrizio cringes a little bit when there's that viciousness between the two in the ring - though he's still leaning towards his companion as the pair are talking, with a few points towards the pair as they parry and swing at each other.

Eventually, the repeated blows, even the carefully restrained blows of a spar, are too much for Kritr, who has trouble finding his footing after the last blow and lifts a hand to concede.

Valencia is overheard praising Patrizio: Charming and generous. One could not ask for more in a champion of my Hart. Thank you for this and all that you do.

Valencia is overheard praising Kritr: Wonderful fighter as fierce as they come.

Porter's eyebrows are gradually raising at Hamish as he drinks from his glass, but when he gets to the part about the future Archlector of Death being eight and a half feet tall, he nearly spits his drink. But he keeps it together, if barely. A hand comes to his mouth and he swallows, then clears his throat. "Brilliant idea, I love it."

Brianna is a gracious winner, offering Kritr a hand up. "Good fight, big guy," she says with a slightly feral grin.

Again the crowds go mad. Both fighters receiving cheers in the end, but there can only be one winner.. Again, the Hart's Sergeant of Arms nods as to the combatants as he steps back into the center of the ring and holds up his hands. "Another fine match. Give a cheer for the first fight of the night worth seeing. And now, your winner, Lady Brianna Halfshav!"

The crowd rises to cheer again, and again the man waits till at least a little calm comes. Holding up a hand again, he nods to the next fighters, "And now our next match! Wolfscout Rowenova and Dame Irisa Wainryte. Warriors, you've been called to the sands. May your fight with honour and fire in your heart and blood. And may the gods smile on ye, Blessed," he grins with an approving wink. "Fighters, LAY ON! "

Hamish quickly orders a replacement drink for Brianna, lest she knock him to the floor as well.

Kritr can use a hand up, considering how much his armor weighs. "Gratitude." he says. "You hit harder than I expected. Is this sealskin?" He gets a closer look at Brianna's armor and like the mountain man he is, he is immediately distracted.

Orland bobs his head to Pricne Patrizio but is quickly making his escape once he's made the polite departing words.

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Valencia is overheard praising Brianna: Northern women are known for being bold and fierce in a fight. Lady Brianna is certainly a fine example of this.

As her name is called, Nova stands up from her chair and gives a bit of a bow to those from whom she depart before heading to the ring and doing so with a momentary wave to the surrounding crowd before lithely hopping right over the barrier between them and the sands beyond. Looks like she has no weapon, but then she pulls on her fancy gauntlets with the soft shimmer of white metal.

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Patrizio takes another swallow from his glass of wine as he's returning to his seat after Orland's departed, a smile on his lips when he's turning his eyes once more towards the ring.

"Never underestimate a Halfshav," comes Brianna's reply to Kritr as she heads back up to the bar. "I'd buy you a drink for that fight, but the drinks are free." She takes the drink from Hamish, surprised to find that it is more full than the drink she left him with, but she doesn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Merek looks then to Valencia, "I would like to have a match, if you know anyone that'd like a partner and doesn't mind high end equipment, since I don't have a lot of spares today."

"We would be happy to add your name to the list, my dear missere Merek. Thank you," Valencia smiles warmly and turns to speak to Lizette who is already adding him to the roster for the upcoming fight.

Hamish looks around. "I need someone who wants to dust up bare handed but who isn't very good so when I am trounced it's not too definitive and I can feel good about it."

Irisa looks up at the announcement and then back to Thea, then Kaia. She doesn't smile, though. But there is the sense that this is not a normal thing for her. Stepping into the ring, the Dame waits for Rowenova to approach. Seeing the woman put on gauntlets, Irisa looks skeptical of this fight and then draws her steel sword from the scabbard on her back. Apparently she isn't going to use her Diamondplate for this.

Irisa wields Victory, the elementary oathlands steel sword.

Kritr nevertheless follows Brianna to her table gesturing for a beer for himself. "I'd like to say I won't do so again, but I probably will. Only find out afterward that I did, right?"

Valencia is overheard praising Piccola: I adore watching her fight. Even in a tough match, she shines so bright.

Merek nods a bit, "Thank you!"

Piccola is overheard praising Valencia.

Piccola is overheard praising Medeia.

Piccola is overheard praising Sabine.

Piccola is overheard praising Nurie.

Thea is quick to cheer on Irisa when her name is called,"You'll do great, Irisa,"her eyes turning to Nova. "Oh. You too Nova,"a smile to her friend. Looking to Krtir and Brianna, Thea tells them both,"That was amazing. Really.."

After finding her spot to start, Nova gives a bow to Irisa before stepping back to make space and hopes to entice the swordswoman to come chase her, maybe! Well, if the Dame decides to. At no point does she turn her back and she does ensure there is a little gap betwixt said back and the barrier behind her.

Valencia is overheard praising Merek: Spirited. A man who is always up for a spar.

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Meanwhile, Sir Flop is still around but on the outside, looking in. Soulful eyes!

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Valencia is overheard praising Rowenova: I have always admired how this woman fights. I am grateful she is on our side.

Irisa bows to Rowenova and then steps back as well. But only just. She wheels the sword in her wrist, making sure she has the weight right and then watches Rowenova. The Dame says nothing, but there is no sense of the warmth of former humor. She doesn't step up towards Rowenova, though. She walks a few steps, keeping Nova on the other side of the circle for the moment but doesn't give chase, spending a few moments to size up her opponent. But there is no sense that she is about to run in and close the distance. Going blade to gauntlets, the Dame seems smart enough to understand a trap when she smells one.

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Kaia grins slightly mischiveously as both Irisa and Rowenova are called into the sands. A set of laughter following after Thea's set of cheers for the pair.

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A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Drake is sitting back and watching the fight. He's always a keen observer of other combatants, who might be someone he has to face later. But hearing his name, he glances over. "Ah, yes, she got a good hit or two in I'd say."

Piccola slowly rises to her feet.

"I can feel as if I will be moving sluggishly tomorrow. So I think it may be best if I retire now." She nods her head to the people at her table, and then goes to retrieve her bow and quiver. She puts both of them over one shoulder, and then starts towards Valencia, to whom she says, "Thank you for the open invitation and for holding this event." She smiles briefly. "I'll come see you soon, my friend. I promise."

And then, she heads for the door.

@emit After some time, Nova realizes that Irisa is not going to take the bait and ultimately zigs and zags her way at messenger speeds toward the Dame with the sword in hand. Although Nova is swift, she does not get out of closing that distance to Irisa without taking some sword. She moves beyond the pain and then roughs up the other woman with a few macks of metal against her arms to try to tire those as she side sweeps with a leg but does not quite manage the hook to draw her down, instead just smacking her in the back of a knee which may sting, but there is no grevious damage that either of the duo have taken so far.

Valencia looks with concern to Piccola and gently inclines her head to the woman. "Thank you for again attending, my friend. And yes, please. I would like that very much." The little vixen pauses and studies the Tessere General. "You are alright," she asks with a slight frown of concern.

Irisa is using the blunt sides of the sword, ensuring that there's no real damage being done. But when the fight begins, the Knight seems rather adept at either parrying the strikes or having the damage brush off her. But Rowenova does land some solid hits and the Dame has taken some tamage, tearing the sleeves on her dress and leaving her face and body bruised. Leaving a few heavy strikes to Rowenova's body, the Malvici knight does not seem to be enjoying this. But nor does she seem to be losing her cool. For her, this is her job.

Kritr settles in weith a beer to watch. "No weapon means she can't parry, she must only dodge." That amounts to the sum of his knowledge in the arena.

"Oh, I'll live."

Piccola is oh-so-laconic about life. She bows floridly, perhaps playfully, to Valencia. "But thank you for my concern. I will lick my wounds and come back. You'll see."

And then, she departs.

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Hamish cracks a couple of knuckles. "You can parry if you're really desperate, but it's a good way to lose a few fingers. Or a forearm."

Patrizio takes another sip of his wine when he's watching what's afoot in the ring, and there's the shift of his weight in the chair, the rock of it back onto its back legs as if the motion seems to calm him while the combat proceeds.

Piccola's long legs have carried her towards the door. Valencia watches with a little worried frown before turning back again to give gracious thanks for yet another generous donation. "Thank you, my Lady. This will go so very fair to helping the cause," she offers with deep appreciation. "I am so grateful that we have such generosity in this room. I am endlessly in awe of what can happen when we come together like this. Thank you for this."

After getting in the mix with the Dame, Nova seems to become a bit focused on that sword arm and its shoulder if she can manage to keep within distance. Smacking Irisa in the face was an accident before, so Nova tries harder to ultimately ensure she is not hitting her there anymore, and all the blows to everywhere else are basically like slaps or 'finger tag', not to use the additional cutlery and keep it all blunt like the Dame seems to do for her.

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After a while of watching the spar, it's clear on Kaia's face, there's so much regret. "Oof...I shouldn't have asked her to fight." she says softly to Thea. A slight grimace on her face as she catches sight of Nova landing another punch.

Despite the workout, Irisa isn't even winded or breathing heavy. The faintest damp skin can be seen by her hairline. But with all the hits, the Dame is obviously hurting. It shows in the way she twists and turns and the grimaces on her face. But the punches with metal against what amounts to thin cloth for armor? It takes its toll. The Dame takes a couple of hits that clearly hurt and goes a few more rounds before she lifts her hand and calls the fight before anything more serious is done. She sheathes the sword and it looks like a painful movement to the scabbard on her back. Her bare hand is offered out to Rowenova to shake, looking to pull her close for a hug.

Nova backs off as soon as Irisa calls it and pulls off her gauntlets right away before stashing them over her sashy belt of coppery cloth. Then, she steps up, clasping hands with the Dame before mutually moving into that offered hug, and doing so with a surprised smile. "Might be the first time anyone fought me and then hugged me right away."

"She is starting to tire." Kritr notes. "But I think that Bova has done enough to win this, if she is careful to finish it quickly."

"Ah, well, a little practice is fine," Drake says, trying to look on the bright side. He looks at Thea for a moment, and mutters something to her, with a brief nod.

The battle is as intense as you would imagine and the crowd goes wild as both women reel and move across the sand in their deadly dance. As one fighter yields, the crowd cheers their pleasure again and the Hart's Sergeant of Arms nods his approval as he steps back into the center of the ring, "That's showing, em, lasses. Well done," he offers with slight smile, his coal black eyes glimmering as he turns to the crowd to call out with a loud rumble that can be heard by the entire hall.

"And, your winner, Wolfscout Rowenova!"

The crowd rises to their feet again cheering as the Rowenova and Irisa step from the sand. The Sergeant waits till there is a lull in the cheering and rumbles again. "Rise and stand! Our next match is called," he announces his sharp eyes sliding to the next pair who enter the ring next. "Sir Merek Black and Lord Kritr Clearlake! You've been called to the sands. May your fight with honour and fire in your heart and blood," he nods briskly to each as he steps back out to give them room. "Fighters, present yer arms and lay on! Good fright!"

Thea stays just long enough to watch Nova and Irisa finish. She applauds them both, a tired grin on her lips. After murmuring something to Drake, she looks to those at the table and murmurs,"I need to head home, but it was nice to see you all." Stepping to Valencia, Thea mentions again,"This was great. Thank you again..."

Irisa is hurting but she isn't limping. But she does whisper to Nova and the two share some quiet words. The Dame gives a gentle squeeze and walks to the edge of the ring with her arm over Rowenova's shoulders for about half of it before she moves back to drop into her seat heavily. She reaches for the strongmead and tips the whole tankard up and back, chugging it down for the glorious effect of killing the pain.

Kritr stands again, hefting his axe, which is carefully tied to blunt the edge. "Let us add to my collection of bruises." He says with his booming voice and clear joy."

Drake applauds, politely, for the end of the bout and the match to come up. Then he refills his glass.

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Kritr has joined the ring of valor.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

A wince is offered to Irisa as she limps off. A bevvy of mercies hurry over to see to injuries, quietly speaking to see how hurt she might be. Valencia nods with approval as she is seen to and turns to offer Thea a smile. "No, my sweet Lady General. Thank you. For this and all that you do. I am always so happy to see you in my Hart. Thank you for supporting us tonight. I do hope you will come and visit soon so we might raise another glass to you. Please, standing invitation, yes?"

Happy to help, Nova does so until Irisa moves on her own. And then Nova does follow somewhat to sink into her own chair not far from the Dame. She does seem fairly content for the time being and declines alcohol in favor of tea service which Lizette sees to. "Thank you." says she to the buxom bar maid before then pouring up a shaky cup. It may be that she has some more pain than she lets on, but that gives it away. It is only temporary, though, and she soon steadies before setting the teapot on the platter and adding cream to the tea, too.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Hamish before departing.

After Thea's own departure, Kaia waits until both Irisa and Rowenova makes it back to the table to issue her congratulations to both on the match. She finishes her drink and says her own farewells. "I best head home as well. If I go now I might catch up with Thea.~ You all were amazing on the ring. Belated congratulations to you as well Lord Drake; and General Piccola. Be well all.~"

Valencia is overheard praising Brianna: As generous as she is fierce. She does the north proud.

Rowenova is overheard praising Valencia: The Hostess With The Mostess!

Merek makes a way along into the place to fight when everyone was finished up, while he begins to adjust his attire then takes up the weapon.

Rowenova is overheard praising Tarik: Whatta man whatta man whatta mighty good man, oh yeah!

Merek wields Starsong, An Alaricite Sword.

Rowenova is overheard praising Lucita: The best patron anyone ever had.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Valencia is overheard praising Irisa: One of the most gracious fighters I have ever seen. It hug an opponent after such a fight. Amazing!

Merek gets Diamondplate Axe from a backpack, made of black leather.

Merek wields Diamondplate Axe.

Irisa looks to Kaia as the woman announces that she is going to leave. The Dame is hurting so it'll be awhile before she is doing anything like walking home. She lifts a hand to Kaia and bids her farewell while the mercies tend to her bruised body. She should have called it sooner but.. Some people are stubborn when it comes to these things. Fortunately some brings her a refill, this time booze, and she is quick to drink more of that.

Merek puts Diamondplate Axe in a backpack, made of black leather.

Merek wields Starsong, An Alaricite Sword.

Kritr readies himself in the ring, axe head resting in the sand for Merek's approach.

Kaia has left the ringside table.

Renato, an overconfident attendant, Bastien, a strapping Malvici escort leave, following Kaia.

Kritr readies himself in the ring, axe head resting in the sand for Merek's approach.

Booze would make things better for her, but Nova stays strong and carries on with her lightly-creamed black tea. She even adds a little alchemy by way of a seagreen vial which is soon emptied into the cup and cuts the steam right away for swigging down the whole mix in one go without getting scalded. And then, that empty vial is put away in her inner cloak. "Farewell, Lady Kaia." Then, Nova glances up and shouts out, "Go Lord Krit!"

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 3 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Kritr might be taking out his previous loss on the wekk armored Merek. He lets out a string of long attacks to take advantage of his superior reach. This time his armor is of more benefit to him, saving him from several of Merek's more wellplaced blows.

Korka murmurs something to Hamish and sets down her glass, heading for the door.

Korka has left the bar.

1 Harlequin jongleur leaves, following Korka.

Merek seems to be doing well in striking, though he manages to not actually do anything to take care of the man assailing him. It's clear that the alaricite armor is well beyond his reach to manage, with him in only exotic leather.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 73, rolling 12 lower.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 38, rolling 12 higher.

Merek remains alive, but close to death.

Merek is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Another messenger arrives and hands Porter a large bag of something. He opens it up and blanches. "I wish people would stop sending me things like this." Things like WHAT. No explanation is given, he just takes his mystery bag of SOMETHING and departs.

Porter has left the bar.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador leaves, following Porter.

Kritr's booming voice matches his wide swings. "I have heard of you Sir Merek. A member of the Iron Guard and a knight. I would like to hear how you came about your knighthood." He says after crashing the handle of his axe into the other man's sternum. "I can only aspire to such heights, as my own house lacks an order of knights for me to join!"

Merek is bested with ease, while he winces a bit, then he's taken to the floor with a kneel, "Ah," he looks up then nods a bit, seeming to think about it, "Alright, win to you," he notes. The man thinks about the question, before he begins to speak, "I am a Knight of the Hundred Cities, after fighting in many wars, and doing what I can for the people," he notes.

Rowenova shouts from nearby, "He saved kitties in the Lowers, too!"

Hamish calls out to Kritr. "I understand the Faith has a knightly order or two. Have you ever seen yourself in the tabard of Solace?"

Kritr starts removing his armor. "I acknowledge the church exists, and that it worships the gods. Do not think that

Kritr starts removing his armor. "I acknowledge the church exists, and that it worships the gods. Do not think that I am required to do more than that." Kritr gestures to Hamish. "However, if you beat me in a fight, I will give you 1000 economic resources to do with what you will Legate."

Cressida, messenger dressed in fine black silks not at all an assassin arrives, delivering a message to Kalani before departing.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

3 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

1 Harlequin jongleur have been dismissed.

The fight rages on, both men seeming to give the crowd a good show. An audible groan slips as Kritr smashes his axe into Merek's chest and then a cheer rises again. Even the Hart's Sergeant of Arms winces and then promptly grins at that. In the end, the victor is called, "Well done! That's showing them how. Good fight," he nods as he steps to the center of the ring to bellow out, "And your winner, Lord Kritr Clearlake!"

The crowd cheers again. The arena is electric with excitement as the nest combatants come to the sands. The Sergeant hold up his hands and rumbles again. "Rise and stand! Our next match is called," he announces with a glance to next pair who ready themselves. "Father Hamish Farmer, Legate of the Lost, Shepherd of the Faith, and Lady Brianna Halfshav! You've been called to the sands. May your fight with honour and fire in your heart and blood," he nods briskly to each as he steps back out to give them room. "Careful with this one, my lady, he has the gods looking over him," he grins aside to Brianna before giving Hamish a hearty slap on the back before leaving them to begin.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Brianna chuckles at that introduction. "Don't know about that. I'm good with an axe, but rotten with my fists," she says, squaring off against Hamish. "Bright it, Death-boy."

Kritr offers Merek his shoulder if needed to leave the ring. "In fine tradition, let me stand you a drink. And if the Gods grant the Legate victory over Lady Halfshav, my offer stands, a thousand resources to do with what he will."

Slipping into the crowded room while the announcer is calling out the next match, Kalani threads her way toward the bar long enough to acquire a drink, changes her mind, acquires two and then starts looking for familiar faces to link up with.

"Okay, well, I didn't say you had to do anything. And the church doesn't worship the gods. The Faith serves the gods and its members worship the gods. And I didn't suggest you were required to do anything. I was only speaking up because you were complaining about your lack of options." Hamish shakes his head, finishes his beer and moves away from the bar. "I do apologize for having said anything. Though I mostly apologize to myself. Hamish? Sorry about that." He pulls off some jewelry and his robes, then hands them off to one of his Templars, followed by his robes leaving him in black wool. When he heads down to the fighting pit he snorts at Brianna's comment. "Actually, since I'm a legate now, I'm more of a Lost Boy." He clenches his fists and holds them up in the stance of proper Oathlander fisticuffs and readies himself for a good old fashioned slobberknocker.

Rowenova says, "You can do it!"

The crowd rumbles and calls out their support as Valencia finally gets a moment from her hostess duties to watch. Breath held she looks to the sands and then up and around the arena again. A smile of welcome is offered to Kalani as she is spied slipping through the crowd and another for Patrizio as she finally lays eyes upon him in the crowd as well.

Valencia has joined the ringside table.

Merek nods a bit to Kritr, "Thank you, I appreciate that," he notes to the assistance and drink, then he shifts a look to the next match.

Irisa see's Kalani enter and the Dame lifts her head. She's surrounded by mercies trying to bandage up her bruised body, putting salves on it. The Dame lifts her tankard to get Kalani's attention. "Lady Kalani!" she calls. "Would you care to join me?" The Dame looks like she's been beat to hell, but her face is largely left alone.

Kritr settles down to watch the fisticuffs, quaffing from whatever beer is nearest. "Apology accepted." He burps out after a long gulp.

Patrizio lifts his head in time to notice Valencia's smile, responding with an inclination of his head, and the lift of his cup to her, while he's settled at the ringside table and conversing with the others watching the bout.

Nova hangs out nearby Irisa, pouring herself her second tea. She looks up and spots Kalani and up nods her wolf-framed/shaded visage to the medical lady.

The Halfshav lady is clearly not a trained boxer, but she is fast and she is powerful. She gets in a good jab to the Legate's ribs before dancing away. "That does have a better ring to it," she admits.

Kalani smiles and lifts one of the glasses she's holding as a salute to Valencia in return just as she spots not only Merek but Nova and Brianna and several other familiar faces. She's angling her way toward Ris as she nods, "What? Why are you all banged up? Who did this?" is demanded in a startled and aghast tone of voice!

Nova makes sure she sets her tea down and scooches it closer to center after what Kalani just asked!

Merek offers a light wave to Kalani, a nod to Kritr, then it's back to being quiet while he takes the time to find a whiskey, pouring that into a cup to take a drink from it with a clink of ice.

Irisa looks at that face. "I was asked to fight for Malvici. Then the two of them left." She waggles a finger. There is the sense that she has some humor about it, but she isn't smiling. "As for who did it? Rowenova." She reaches over, painfully, to clasp the woman on the shoulder in a friendly fashion, giving a supportive squeeze. "She beat me in the ring. I elected to stay too long. She stayed in the fight as she should have. I am proud to have faced her. I will be fine in a day or two. Bruises heal. Come, sit, let her tell the tale of her victory over drinks."

As she's sliding into a seat alongside Ris and Nova, Kalani lifts one of her drinks to Merek in return to the wave he sent in her direction. Once she sets the drinks down she also hugs Ris and then - if Nova doesn't move out of the way fast enough - hugs Nova too. "Okay then these aren't reason to call everyone we know to show up and put their game faces on. Let me look at you," is said in a lower voice as she commences poking at Ris. She also grins at Nova, "Remind me to ONLY ever arm wrestle you, not actually spar with you."

"It does, doesn't it? Better than if I were an Arts Boy, at least. Or a Creation Lad!" Hamish should probably shut up because this isn't helping him not get the shit kicked out of him. He's big, but he's also old as the hills, so when he swings he's connecting with nothing. Brianna may claim to not be a great brawler, but she's a hell of a lot faster than him and it's allowing her to get in under his defenses far more than he ever gets past hers.

As Irisa clasps her shoulder and Kalani launches to hug her, Nova accepts all, thankful that she moved her tea out of the way though! She hugs Kalani back, before she lets go and sits back in her chair and smirks to Irisa before then revleaing what some here know to be true. "Did you know she beat me in a spar, upon those sands out there in this very Hart, all fisticuffs, even after I won the people's tournament, and then later she beat me at armwrstling, too?" Now, the cat is out of the bag (purr say). She looks back to Kalani with a grin.

"I suppose when you first took your vows, you were just a God Guy?" Brianna fires back, getting in a solid one-two along with a very stupid joke.

"He looks more like a punching bag guy right now." Kritr laughs, getting in on the ribbing.

Hamish clucks his tongue at Brianna, even as he absorbs another blow. "I was just a Farmer Fellow back then." Then with a bright smile, despite the pummeling, he calls out to Kritr, "Well, if we'd fought you'd get to keep your resources. Maybe one day your house can afford a knight or two you can join!"

Irisa looks over to Rowenova while she tips back some more liquor. The humor is beginning to return as the pain lessens. There's something to be said for it, having beat at each other up, that the Dame is easy to return to casual. "Wait, Lady Kalani beat you in the ring? And armwrestling??" The Dame's eyes go wide as she leans away from Kalani as if to get a better look at her. "What have they been feeding you at Pearlspire?"

"Did I just hear there was someone betting against me?" Brianna asks, dancing back and looking incredulously at the crowd. "Such nerve." Back into her stance, back into the fight.

"One day we shall!" Kritr roars back, lifting his beer.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 3, rolling 58 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 38 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 13, rolling 55 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 19, rolling 37 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 26 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 117 higher. Hamish rolled a critical!

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 28, rolling 104 higher. Hamish rolled a critical!

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 28, rolling 52 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 33, rolling 24 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 37, rolling 17 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 42, rolling 43 higher. Hamish rolled a critical!

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 52, rolling 63 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 55, rolling 4 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 59, rolling 33 higher.

Hamish remains capable of fighting.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 88, rolling 17 lower.

Hamish checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 6 higher.

Hamish remains alive, but close to death.

Hamish is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Valencia is overheard praising Hamish: Such resilience! There's no doubt that Gods smile upon him. Honoured to have such a man of the Faith join us this night. Blessed indeed!

Kalani shares a grin with Nova, "She says that, but it really wasn't a true fight. It was more of a exhibition of what a fight could look like, if I had any real skill for that sort of thing. But the arm wrestling thing IS true, it's how I won first pick of the puppies and picked Hermann," she explains to Ris with a grin to Nova. "Also, it's all the fresh air and diving off a perfectly good cliff for the fun of it, makes us Seliki's hearty," eyebrow wobble of course accompanies the words as she continues checking over and generally fussing at Ris

Drake is overheard praising Valencia: A good time at the Hart as always.

Nova hesitates to make sure Kalani gets to explain what was going on there, but then she awws softly. "Now everyone knows our dirty secret." It was dirty because there was sand in the arena: get it? "And then I got Clovis who the assistants and gardeners keep taking turns to take home every evening." Then, Nova lets out a little laugh. "He is growing bigger!"

As the fight goes on Hamish becomes more and more reckless and it clearly starts to work for him. Though he should probably be hurrying his ass over to the Sleepless Knights for the early bird special, he's still holding on, plowing through any exhaustion he may feel and making up for his earlier performance by landing several strong hits on the Northern lady. Still, there's no getting past the bruises already forming from the pummeling she gave him earlier, and at one point she starts landing solid blow after solid blow, staggering him. But something in there, Oathlands determination or commoner grit or the gods themselves, keeps him coming back in for more. And while more does mean another blow landed on his foe, it also means more him getting knocked back until she finally lands the hit that sends him staggering back and then off his feet and then on the ground with a solid THUMP. Staring up at the ceiling he says, "There we go. Nice and dusty. Still better than the time I decided to ride that bull."

After Hamish goes down, Brianna drops down into an easy squat to catch her breath. "Gods and spirits, you're almost as tough and stubborn as I am. Good fight, Father." Once she gathers herself, she rises and offers him a hand up.

Kritr applauds. "A good tussle doesn't need a reason, but like

Hamish has certainly fought upon the Hart's sands, but Brianna is a newcomer. Even so, both combatants draw loud cheers from the crowd. The Hart's Sergeant of Arms folds his arms and watches carefully over them, nodding as blows are dodged or landed.

Hamish is wily, but Brianna is quicker, gracefully avoiding his attacks.

In the end, it is Hamish who falls. With as slight grin of approval for a good fight, the Sergeant of Arms returns as a pair of the Hart's mercies rush to see to the fallen Father. "Well done! That's showing them how resilient we are! Good fight," he nods as he steps to the center of the ring to bellow out, "And your winner, Lady Brianna Halfshav!"

The crowd rise to cheer their approval and both receive calls of praise. Waiting for a lull, the Sergeant of Arms offers a bow of his head.

"Lords and Ladies, good folk all, this concludes the sparring for the night. To our fighters and charitable champions, our thanks. For those who have not yet had a chance to donate, be sure to get your silver and writs to the Princess Valencia before the night is out. All donations help," he reminds gruffly with a grin before bowing his head again.

"Thank you for joining us. The gods keep you safe this night. Till next time."

Irisa looks skeptical at Kalani. "Uh huh. An exhibition. I think one day, Lady Kalani, you and I should try punching each other. Just for fun." She glances to Rowenova, "I'm not punching you, though. At least not with anything smaller than an anvil." She does give a little wink with the remark before sipping more of her drink.

Kritr applauds. "A good tussle doesn't need a reason, but like I said to the good Lady Tessere, a General who leads from the front easily earns respect. Well fought Hamish. Well fought."

Patrizio rises at the call from the sergeant at arms to applaud as well, to add to the raucous sounds praising those who put themselves forward to display their skill before those assembled. And, indeed, for the sums raised for the Hart's contribution to the re-raising of the Cathedral.

Nova lets out a big cheer post spar then looks back to Irisa and Kalani with a quiet laugh! "If I see you with an anvil in your hands, I will know to run!"

Lani makes a quiet, "Pfft," of sound, rolls her eyes on purpose then lightly pokes at Ris then does the same thing to Nova. "Okay, if I can lift an anvil, I win, every game, forever. From now until the end of time."

Valencia rises from her seat to applaud wholeheartedly, happy to join the crowd as they cheer for one and all -- fighter and charitable donors all. The cheering dies down and the buzz of good natured chatter continues as people talk about the fights and calls for more drinks are made. The happy din so loud it can be heard on the street outside.

"Someone can lift an anvil." Kritr muses. "They move them about somehow. Horses you think?"

Drake has left the ringside table.

Patrizio eases himself from his seat, taking a moment to ease over to where the mistress of the Hart stands, and to take her hand for a brief moment as he bows enough to kiss the back of her hand. "A wondrous event, highness," intones he seriously. "Thank you for making sure I knew of it, and I'm pleased I could be of help in the fundraising. I'm only sorry I wasn't able to exchange more words with you while you were busy with the organizing."

Hamish hauls himself back to his feet and offers the room a wave. "I think that's my cue to go catch a nap. Thank you, my lady. Good evening, all."

Hamish is overheard praising Valencia.

Hamish is overheard praising Brianna.

Hamish has left the bar.

Brianna is overheard praising Hamish.

"My dearest Prince Patrizio, thank you. And than you so much for your kindness and generous donation. I am... honoured, sir, and so very sorry I was not able to speak with you more. I hope you will return so that I might make it up to you," Valencia smiles up to the Prince fo Pravus with a slightly shy smile. "It is good to see such good works done, though, yes?"

Patrizio inclines his head once more, even as he lets her hand slide free. "Which is why I was pleased to be here. Good works deserve the support. But I should be back to my ward. Thank you once again for it." He chuckles, and sketches another bow, before taking his leave, with his guard taking up behind him - looking quite relieved, perhaps, that he'd not taken sword up himself for the evening.

Patrizio has left the ringside table.

3 Ivory Shields leaves, following Patrizio.

Brianna is overheard praising Valencia.

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