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Physicians Fundraiser - With Cake!

This year Lady Mabelle dedicates her birthday to The Physicians, holding a fundraiser on their behalf to support their efforts during the upcoming war. All are invited to donate writs and silver as their heart desires and their pocket allows and participate in a raffle for a particularly sweet prize.

And there will be lots of cake.


Nov. 20, 2020, 9:30 p.m.

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Cristoph Ripley Tyche Ryhalt Zoey Grimgar Thea Drake Merek Caprice Valerius Michael Jael Kalani Kiera Mikani Deoiridh




Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Dire Bee Lounge

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The Dire Bee Lounge looks the same as ever, warm and cheerful. The only difference would be the enormous red velvet cake standing in the center of the room, oozing with some cherry jam upon it. See what we did there?

Mabelle is standing by the cake, not tasting the oozing jam with her finger. She's a Lady. What's wrong with you?

Calluna, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Drake.

The Dire Bee Lounge looks the same as ever, warm and cheerful. The only difference would be the enormous red velvet cake standing in the center of the room, oozing with some cherry jam upon it. See what we did there?

Mabelle is standing by the cake, not tasting the oozing jam with her finger. She's a Lady. What's wrong with you?

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Drake gets a slice of rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing from an enormous, rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing.

Arriving by way of a carriage that stops outside, Cristoph and Tyche enter the Dire Bee together. They're mid-conversation about something not terribly important, but once they get in, he lifts his chin to indicate the room. "Have you been here before? Mabelle is the mind behind most of this, of course she doesn't run it herself." When he spots his cousin over by the giant cake, he smiles and tips his head in her direction. "We should go say hello before the crowds get too much," he advises and starts moving in that direction. "Cousin!"

"Isn't this interesting." This from the shaggy haired and shaggy beareded not-a-noble who stands at the door a few moments after coming in. Then quickly shuffled to the side, a heavy pack on his shoulders. Fingers scratch at a little bald patch on his ginger beard and then steps in further, eyeing that massive cake. "Well isn't that a sight." Ripley mutters and looks ins earch of where to come drop off gifts. Or donations.

"I haven't," Tyche admits when quizzed on BEEing here before. "I'm glad to make this my first trip. Isn't this the place with the bacon?" she asks, a memory sparking to a conversation had over dinner some nights ago. She hooks her hand looses in his arm, fingers resting comfortably against forearm, and she leans in close when she speaks. To his mention of his cousin, she nods, "Yes. Let us greet her, and I can make my promise of writs." When he calls out, she lends her voice, "Lady Mabelle. Hello again." The greeting given, she spares a moment to glance about the room. "This is so distinctly Laurent. I love it."

Ryhalt arrives, smiling per usual, and looks bemused as he sees the cake. To Mabelle he says, "Is... the cake bleeding? I'm thinking I'd rather eat one of your dogs instead." It's a joke, right?!

Zoey's aide opens the door to admit her next, holding her head high as she takes slow steps that favor her right leg. Once she passes the threshold, Ruslana stands to her left side, protecting an arm immobilized by a sling from any who might accidentally jostle it. Zoey looks at the cake, smiles, and shakes her head. The surroundings are familiar enough to her, so she looks for Mabelle.

In through the door come another just then. The tall form of Grimgar Redrain enters with slow confident strides. Green eyes widen a touch as he spots the cake and his lips twist upward into a merry grin. "My word. Thats enough cake there to challenge even me." He peers around at the other people present, his gaze curious.

Mabelle manages to somehow detach herself from the cake enough to actually greet her guests, "Good evening, welcome to the Physician's Fundraiser slash my birthday this year, so yes, the cake is bleeding! The Physicians are going to be going to war alongside you in the effort to travel to the Safforn Chains and offer immediate medical attention. So be generous with your donation as I was with this cake, of course, if you like! There will be a raffle between those donating with a sweet small prize".

She turns then toward Cristoph and Tyche, "Oh hello! yes this is the place with the bacon, there is some on the tables. Thank you for showing up!" She bows her head to Ripley and Grimgar, amused at the cake commentery and then notes to Ryhalt, "Why do you think they are not here?" A peck is pressed to Zoey's cheek, "How's your arm?"

Ryhalt gets a slice of rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing from an enormous, rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing.

With slow and careful steps comes Thea. She looks better, color in her cheeks as she walks over to Mabelle first. Hostess and birthday girl first of course. "Lady Mabelle, happy birthday,"Thea greets with a brief smile.

Zoey gets a slice of rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing from an enormous, rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing.

"It's a birthday party?" Ripley's cheeks start to turn red. Right. It's a birthday party foremost and ripley's reaching up with his free hand to fiddle with a pin on his shirt. Takes a moment to get it off and taking a few steps forward, waiting for a break in greetings, is handing over the pin, and then unslings the seemingly heavy bag. "Happy birthday and happy.... fundraising!"

Zoey returns the kiss to Mabelle's cheek. "Oh, the arm is fine, though the shoulder still has a way to go yet," she answers. "I am actually considering making a new gown that will showcase it rather than hide it."

Zoey says, "Happy birthday, dear cousin."

Ryhalt pretends hurt, hearing Mabelle's not having her dogs here because of him, hiding a grin, but fails the hide the chuckle in his belly. "So we're eating a person instead?" He contemplates the cake in that new light, but helps himself to a slice. "Good evening Lady Mabelle and happy belated birthday."

Drake is... possibly a little late to this event. Not terribly late, though. As one might predict... the first thing he goes for is some cake... but once he has a plate of that, he waves over at all the well-wishers surrounding Mabelle. "You know," Drake says, looking around. "I cannot believe that this is my first time here. I've really been too busy lately."

Mabelle smiles welcoming to Thea, "Lady Malvici, I do hope you are fairing better. But it is Ripley that nearly makes her drop with that bag, which she quicky hands to one of her guards, "Why thank you that is very very generous. The physicians thank you", she beams at Tyche, "And you too, Thank you for your generous donating, Marquessa", she looks at Cristoph, "And yours, Duke Laurent", which is likely her way of telling him she went through the family's bank account. Behold, Laurent will be bankrupt in a matter of weeks.

"You look lovely", she promises Zoey and then shares with Ryhalt, "Tanith refused to make the cake shaped like a human chest. I did ask". Dropping her jaw at Drake's proclamation, Mabelle admits, "I cannot believe it either!"

"Please, settle in, enjoy the cake and we will soon start sharing all your favorite physicians story. There can be more than one!"

Azzurra, a marvelous assistant , Cressida, messenger dressed in fine black silks not at all an assassin, Vix, a small red fox arrive, following Valerius.

"There is bacon here, I'm sure there's bacon in other parts of the city," Cristoph replies with a quick huff of laughter. When it's mentioned that the cake is bleeding, he looks at it for a long while as if trying to decide whether or not that's going to stop him from eating it. "Do you want a slice? The last time we went somewhere, I'm not sure we actually ate any of the dessert there. At least here we're starting off with it?" his eyebrows furrow together at the end, amused. "I'm talking about the wedding with the crepes and the mysterious fire, of course." Of course. That event. "Duke Ryhalt, it's good to see you again," he greets once they're near enough to him. "Oh, did we donate already?" Cristoph says to Mabelle, "How convenient for me."

Merek makes a way along into the place and looks about.

Caprice arrives and joins the informal line coming to wish Mabelle a happy belated. "Lady Laurent, you're looking lovely," she offers in greeting but doesn't linger - there are more coming in! Next stop is likely to be the cake.

Caprice gets a slice of rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing from an enormous, rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Ripley bows his head to Mabelle, before a full and proper bow. "Apollo told me I needed to thinka bout honouring and gilt and all of that." Nervous scratching of his beard is now creeping in. Fingers scrape across that tiny bald patch again. "So." So. Then without further word, but with bows for everyone who looks remotely noble in the immediate area, one particularly deep one for Cristoph as he recognizes the name and then he's taking a step back, two steps back, three and then turning to scurry off, still flushing with color. There's a lift of his fingers to Caprice.

Nadine, Persimmon, the darling fainting goat arrive, following Jael.

Valerius takes a slice of rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing from an enormous, rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing.

"I donated," Tyche laughs when Cristoph believes he has already been cleared of that responsibility. "But it can be from the both of us. You're welcome, Lady Mabelle. I hope it helps." She turns to Cristoph then, brows lifting. "Yes, let's start with dessert," she agrees, and then lowers her voice to murmur something more privately to the Duke. She spies Ryhalt after a moment, and waves a hand to him, "Duke Farshaw. You look well." The greeting done, she moves off with Cristoph toward the desserts.

To say that Valerius is stumbling into the Dire Bee, would be mildly accurate, though to be fair he was also trying to turn around to answer a question from Azzurra and Cressida as he was walking. And is now proving that it might be hard for him to walk and talk.

Thea nods to Mabelle, straightening a bit more,"I am, thank you. Definitely can't wait until I'm completely there though,"going to take a slice of cake. Seeing Drake, she offers him a smile as well before she turns to greet the others she knows. "Lady Zoey, it's good to see you up and about,"while giving a wave to Caprice.

Michael shows up...eventually. Clatter-clatter-clatter in heavy armor that he is rarely seen out of since the days of the attacks. Helm-less though. Ohhh...right....Donations. He'll turn to look behind him for a certain Physician who is bound to be showing up momentarily.

"Ripley," Caprice's expression warms with the quick smile directed his way. She raises her slice of cake as one might in toast, angling to follow after him - wait, is he scurrying out, or just farther away? The cake slice lifts again in greeting towards Thea.

Drake walks up to Mabelle, and gives her the appropriate kiss on the cheek, in greeting. He holds his cake out to one side with his left hand... his right hand on her waist, but only for a moment. "Better late than never, eh? Happy birthday."

Ryhalt makes a sound of appreciation as he tries the cake, which doesn't taste like blood at all. Mabelle's words make him laugh, "Tanith needs praised for stopping you from a truly revolting idea." He hands Mabelle a note for a transaction at the bank and moves on to a table to let her continue greeting and gathering donations. Hearing Cristoph's greeting, he smiles to Cristoph and includes Tyche in it. "Good evening Duke Cristoph, Marquessa Tyche. Nice to see you when it isn't a complete surprise." He glances over at Mabelle with a playful squint of death. Send the physicians! Looking back to Cristoph and Tyche he says, "I apologize for not responding to your letter yet, Marquessa. I trust the both of you have been well since we last met?"

Zoey gives Caprice a small wave as well then smiles to Thea. "Thank you, and the feeling is mutual! Your brother did not elaborate on your condition, but he seemed concerned. Is all well with you?"

Jael is late. She eels her way through the small crowd directly to Mabelle, to press a coinpurse into her hand. "For the physicians," she says, unnecessarily no doubt, especially with a horror show of a cake on offer. Not that she cares. "That looks delicious."

Ryhalt is overheard praising Tanith: Said no to a chest cake, we are all relieved!

Mabelle beams at Caprice, "Mistress Caprice. I was getting impatient with the armored items", she showcakes her dress to her when she wanders in and then turns to Tyche and Cristoph, "Excuse my cousin, the best bacon in the city is here, you will see", she points at Ryhalt as an unbiased witness". Examining the pin she was given, she mentions to Ripley, "That is a beautiful pin, thank you". Teasing Thea, Mabelle asks her, "So you're joining the hospital ship? Thank you Drake", she leans into the man a little. Surprised to see Jael, Mabelle practically beams at her, "Hello Cousin! It is delicious. Is this your first visit here?"

Kiera takes a slice of rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing from an enormous, rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing.

Valerius looks through those gathered and spots a couple to have a conversation with, though heads towards Mabelle first.

By comparison to Valerius whose is not stumbling of course, he's walking, he's probably moving along with exquisite grace in fact and a sonnet of some kind will be composed by the end of the evening to commemorate the symphony of his movements, Kalani walks along in the wake of the other new arrivals. In fact, her arrival is a non-arrival, lack of fanfare and no bells or whistles. She's just there, having arrived in time to see all of the other recent arrivals and.. "Ooh, cake," she says in a low voice that conveys absolute delight. Because. Cake.

Ripley's disappearing, shuffling out the door with his shabby self after a pause that looks like he might stay but more people coming in and so the man's making a quick exit.

Ripley is familiar to Cristoph and he lifts a hand to him, even as he's backing away. "That man helped me out with my clothes about a week or so ago," he explains to Tyche as he steps forward and frees up two slices of cake from the... giant cake. One is handed off to her and the other he keeps for himself, leaning into hear her lower words. His mouth pulls into a smile and he replies to her quickly, voice pitched low. When he straightens again, it's to say to Ryhalt, "I'm afraid that they're both now conspiring against us." He's about take a bite of his cake, Jael's appearance noted. "Sister!" he turns to Tyche, "That's my sister that we had to get out of the tree."

Drake gives Mabelle a little up-down look, as if he's just checking out what she's wearing... but everyone knows he's easily distracted. But now that Thea is here, he gives her much the same. Then takes a bite of the cake he's holding. "A good break from thinking about war at the very least." He seems to be looking around now for a place to sit... and finds it, falling down casually into the couch by the hearth.

Drake has joined the a cushioned chaise velvety lounge couch by the hearth.

"I'll be fine," Thea assures Zoey. "Eirene patched me after calling me a few names. An arrow, a sword. I was pretty busy bleeding." Taking a bite of cake, Thea amusedly tells Mabelle,"If you ask Eirene, I really will be on one vessel soon enough soon enough. Gods help everyone.." Seeing Kiera, the Malvici bows her head with a small smile,"Lady Kiera." Noticing Valerius, she greets him too. "Lord Valerius."

"Gods, no. I've been depleting the honey-glazed ham supplies here for a few weeks now," Jael replies to Mabelle with a flicker of a grin. "But I like to come in during the lulls because no one wants to see that." She turns to look at the rest of thr grouping, many, though not all of whom, she knows. "Marquis Malespero, it's been a while," she notes to the unsteady Valerius, snagging herself a plate of cake. She's working on a mouthful when Cristoph brings attention to her in the most brotherly way possible and she rolls her eyes, long-suffering.

"I can hardly blame you," Caprice side-comments back towards Mabelle, another smile surfacing as she nods her appreciation. Fitting that it's something sartorial that distracts her, and lets the Thornburn escape! Eyeing the distance to the exit, then the size of the cake slice she's taken for herself, she opts to retreat into the background for people-watching over jam-bloody dessert.

"We might be," Tyche admits to both Ryhalt and Cristoph when the mention of conspiring is made. She casts Mabelle a grin, but she's no doubt engrossed in her duties. Whatever plans they have to torment the dukes are left unspoken. She listens to the other introductions, blinking at Ripley's, "Why?" comes the natural question with a surprised laugh. "Could you not take them off yourself?" And then he's calling to Jael, and she's being given insight into his family life once more. "I see she survived the youthful need to climb trees," she remarks with a grin, and then lifts a hand to greet the woman. "Lady Laurent," she smiles, and then takes a piece of cake Cristoph offers her, whatever shared words given the the cake earning a mischievous sidelong look at him. She replies quietly before taking a bite of the dessert.

Zoey nods to Thea. "Eirene came to visit me as well." She gives an almost mischievous smile, then leans over to whisper something to her.

Mabelle flashes smiles around as people are coming in, trying very hard not to leave them all and go on a shopping spree. "Lord Bisland", she greets Michael, "Lady Kalani, Marquis Malespero, thank you all for coming". Being reminded that Jael is the black hole of meat and cookies, Mabelle grins at her, "That explains why Maurice was saying we need bigger meat deliveries", she teases her. She wouldnt know. Not saying much to Cristoph about the conspiring, she mouths to Tyche, "How does he know?".

She taps her lips, considering, "Does it count as my favorite physicians story if I was the physician?"

Thea has joined the a cushioned chaise velvety lounge couch by the hearth.

Thea is murmuring to Zoey, a look of--shock on her face. "Well--um,"she starts,"before looking over to Mabelle,"Still counts,"taking another bite.

"Lady Mabelle, happy birthday, and may I say, that cake looks fantastic? How has this crowd managed not to devour it down to the last whorl of frosting?" Kalani wonders with a teasing lilt to her voice as she shares a graceful curtsy along with her words before straightening again. "I'm going to have to try a piece here and, if there's any left, take a piece home."

Kiera walks toward Mabelle to give greeting and donation first despite takeing a long look at the cake. "the happiest of birthdays Lady Mabelle zzzz' she says smiling "I hope you are well and you have not overworked yourself planning your owb celebration" She nods with a greeting to Drake "Brother how are you?

"Conspiring together?" Ryhalt asks quizzically of Cristoph, glancing between Mabelle and Tyche. "That's dangerous, better kidnapping measures need employed to deter this behavior." He grins lightly and resumes eating his cake. "Keep them too busy entertaining us to plot against us." It's bound to backfire!

Zoey lets out a small laugh at Thea's reply.

"He was having some older outfits taken apart for me," Cristoph explains. "He wouldn't take my money either... so I just found other ways to repay him." A bright grin is turned in Jael's direction when she rolls her eyes at him. "Jael has been a Voice for our house since-" he pauses and looks for the right way to phrase something. "Since I became duke." He takes a bite of his own cake and nods to Ryhalt, pointing his fork at him. "I agree. We'll have to launch a counter-offensive immediately."

Valerius nods and returns greetings to Thea, "General Thea," smiling, turning to say hello to Zoey, Caprice, Kiera, Drake, and Kalani, each with a smile and little light hug, with an extra careful hug for Zoey. Then turning to Jael, "Lady Jael, It has been too long. You remember Vix?" He holds up the little red haired fox that is nestled into his arm, continuing to smile, "How are you?"

Drake looks up at Kiera, and seems to be in good spirits right now. "Doing all right. How are you? The dogs giving you any trouble?"

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant arrives, following Mikani.

"She probably has four or five cakes and another one gets wheeled out." Michael is quick to tease as he steps up beside Kalani and joins in the well wishes. "Yes. Happy Birthday, Lady Laurent. I haven't quite gotten my own donation taken care of and sent but it is on the agenda."

Mabelle grins widely at Kalani, "No idea, but all I think is.. more for me, right?", she winks to her and cannot help but be distracted by that group of people composed by all sorts of Oathlanders and one Marquessa, "The word conspiracy keeps coming up at that table. Keep it up the cake wont be the only thing oozing", she grins at Cristoph, Tyche, Jael and Ryhalt. Is that a threat? Arent physicians sworn to save lives? My oh my. She lets people just hang about as they want, and occupies herself with frosting, assuring Michael, "The war is not in the morning"

Mabelle also collects Kiera's donating and thanks her, "You're generous, thank you. Enjoy the cake!"

Jael offers a nod of sympathy to Mabelle for the plight of poor Maurice, and slows to a halt beside her brother, though not before pausing to look closely at the little fox that Valerius is carrying and shaking her head. "Either you hadn't got Vix yet or it was hiding from me." She then cants her head at Tyche curiously and replying, "Barely," with a crooked little smile. "Lovely to meet you," and here there's a pause, accompanied by dark quizzical eyebrows.

Zoey smiles and pats Valerius with her right hand when she gets her hug. She has been whispering quite a bit with Thea for the last couple of minutes, but finally she looks up again.

"Did you have Mabelle send him cookies?" Tyche guesses at the payment, but she seems to let that go in favor of these plans for counterattacks. "Do not tempt a war you will lose," she warns both men with a laugh. "Lady Mabelle is a fierce enough force without my help, but together we will not rest until we've claimed victory." She takes another bite of cake, and that is when Jael speaks to her, so she's forced to swallow and turn, a hand to mouth for a moment. "Marquessa Tyche Inverno. A friend of your brother's," she casts a sidelong glance at Cristoph.

Mabelle calls toward Tyche puzzled, "I thought I already won, what is this about? Keep notes for me!"

Caprice is pleasantly surprised by Valerius's greeting and the hug is returned. It's also used as an excuse to listen into his conversation more closely for a few minutes before her attention moves to other faces and figures, catching names to connect to those less familiar.

Mabelle puts a large chocolate cake topped with cherries in a green hued silk tote bag.

Kalani gives a mild eye roll at Michael's teasing words, "Okay if there's several cakes already lined up to keep replacing this one, I'm going to steal more than one slice to take home," a brief - if somewhat impish - smile forming on her face "Oh!" she fishes a slim coin purse out of one pocket and passes it to Mabelle. "For the cause, and I hope it helps in some small way."

"Marquessa Tyche Inverno," Jael echoes with a smile, committing the name to memory. She came here to donate silver and eat cake, and she's all out of silver. And while she is in fact a black hole where food is concerned, at least she's very neat about it.

Cristoph has a piece of cake in his mouth when the introductions he probably should have made are happening, there's an apologetic nod of his head for that. "Yes, sorry. That was poor manners of me," he admits when Tyche has to introduce herself. He lifts his voice to call across the room to Mabelle, "You're losing! You don't need notes." This sounds like maybe he's lying, but who's to say?

"I'm telling Mama," Jael asides to Cristoph.

Ryhalt laughs at Mabelle's threat and Tyche's warning to believe her. He shrugs, grinning widely. "I'm most alive when courting danger, I imagine Duke Cristoph and I will make it. We may turn up as cakes next year, but that'll be amusing. I'm requesting that mine be coffee-flavored, not that this, whatever it is, isn't delicious."

Drake glances over as Tyche is introduced, nodding in her direction to commit this to memory. "Pleasure as well. You're in the Pravus ward, eh? Quite a ride to here from there I imagine."

"Ruslana," Zoey calls her aide over, says something to her softly, then sends her off to Mabelle to present her donation.

"What?" Cristoph replies incredulously. "No, I'm going tell her. You know. About that thing." What thing.

Kiera smiles to Drake, moving to join them at the couches, cake in hand puppy trotting at heels as she lifts a hand to wave to Thea "No Winter's been a perfect ang.."It is about this time winter notices vix, which is a bit too much for the very young pup and makes a beeline for the fox at which point kiera worlessly hands the cake to her brther and rverses course after the pup "winter sit" she says in the most commanding voice" she can muster. Then to Valerius "Do pardon us Maquis.. Haven't got the hang of this quite yet"

Valerius lightly laughs at the Laurents. Then finds that he has to hand off Vix to Azzurra if he's going to attempt to eat the slice of cake.

Tyche lifts a hand to touch a finger to her temple, "All the notes are locked safe right here. We've got this, Lady Mabelle." She sounds ever so confident as she turns her attention on Drake. "I am indeed in the Pravus ward. All over it," she laughs. "The ride is not so bad when you have the right company. And worth it, too. I didn't catch your name...?" When Cristoph and Jael begin the battle of who is going to tell their mother what, she remarks with good humor, "This is when it is nice to be an only child." A beat. "Although then I had no one to blame it on when things went wrong." A sigh, and she takes another bite of cake.

"Cake makes you fat. I'm going to eat two or three slices so I'll float better." Michael is apparently responding to a quieter question being posed from Kalani. "I don't think Haptenna is going to practice her 'arf arf'. Nobody is practicing."

Mabelle glances at the table where her family is sitting and makes a very dramatic draw of her hand over her face. Did she just face palm? Maybe. But she's grinning so that's alright. "You just gave me a theme for next years party", she informs Ryhalt, "Bring your own cake party. I will have so much cake". She rubs her hands happily, murmuring something to her girls about thanking people for donations". Eyeing Michael who is still by the cake, Mabelle asks him with her eyebrow raised, "Did you just call me FAT?!". DUEL. Did anyone else hear that? Duel. Tyche gets a winning smile from her, "Only child, dead parents, we got this", she winks.

Mikani enters in and smiles as she sees everyone. Though it's Zoey who's side she goes to. "Good to see you."

"Drake Wyvernheart," Drake says to Tyche, standing up for a moment... to do two things - one, hand off an empty cake plate, and two, give her a bow appropriate for a knight. Drake slumps back into his couch seat a second later-- and Kiera hands him her slice of cake as she tries to tame the puppy. Now Drake has more cake again. He doesn't seem to mind this. He also does seem to be accompanied by a similar dog, but the dog at least is heeling, sitting at the foot of the couch... for the time being. "... Highhill puppies. We're still working on the training."

Jael sighs through her nose, not remotely moved by Cristoph's threat. "You've got nothing on me. But because I am such a nice, dear sister, I'll make sure Nora's etiquette teacher is at your door tomorrow bright and early."

"Ahh, so this is how you plan to deal with actually standing on the deck of the Sealion, when it's not actually at port safely tethered with it's mooring lines?" Kalani wonders with a thoughtful glance up at Michael and then over to the cake. "Yes, many slices of cake for you." A quizzical glance goes back to Michael, "Arf arf? I don't understand the reference," she admits and as she's turning she's spotting many many familiar faces and lifts one hand to wave to Zoey and Thea, Valerius - of course! - and Thea and so many other familiar faces and physicians, all in one room. And not a wounded person in sight.

Mabelle steps over to Drake. She collects the little puppy and hefts him onto her armoured bodice. He cannot tear that one, "Awwww you're so cute! Are you my birthday gift?". She takes the puppy and goes to socialize elsewhere.

"We would be gigantic cakes," Cristoph shoots off to Ryhalt, his voice laced through with easy amusement. He turns a smile onto Tyche and his shoulders, "It's not so bad. Even if I've been outnumbered by sisters my entire life. He's about to say something to Jael again when Michael and Mabelle exchange words and his eyebrows lift up gently, his expression briefly frozen in something close to polite dismay. "I'm not sure that I'm the one who needs it," he says to his sister and there's a quite sigh.

Zoey greets Mikani with air kisses. "Good to see you too!"

Mikani air kisses back gently as to not hurt Zoey further, "glad to see you are recovering. Soon you and I can go for a swim in the ocean."

Ryhalt chuckles at the antics going about the room, smiling and having a good time. "If I have to bring my own cake, who says I'm sharing it with you, Lady Mabelle?" Cake denial! He nods in agreement with Christoph, "I think if she forces us to bring cakes, of ourselves or otherwise, we shall counter with watching her eat *every single one*." Be careful what you ask for! "And, bet on how much she can eat."

"Lord Drake," Tyche echoes the name, dipping her head to him. "A pleasure." But he's distracted by a puppy, and she's distracted by assurances that siblings are great. "I imagine that your sisters helped you become who you are. Lady Jael especially, with her tree climbing." She quiets again to take a bit of her cake, which she seems to be rather fixated on anytime she's not speaking - because it is /that/ good.

Tyche gets a slice of rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing from an enormous, rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing.

Thea wiggles her fingers at Kalani and Michael. "I didn't hear you, what was that,"she teases Kalani. There's a smile to Mikani as well, greeting the Crovane.

Michael gets a slice of rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing from an enormous, rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing.

Kalani gets a slice of rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing from an enormous, rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing.

Mikani takes a slice of rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing from an enormous, rich, red velvet cake with a swirled coat of thick cream cheese icing.

Mabelle smoothes that brown puppy's fur as she approaches her family's table, "I'm going to call you chocolate", she totally steals away Drake's puppy. "Hello Lady Crovane!", she greets Mikani from afar, and asks Ryhalt, "You want me to eat a cake that looks like you? That's wrong in so many levels".

Jael dabs at the corner of her mouth and, a little more subdued, offers to Tyche, "I daresay he's helped me far more than I've helped him." But she doesn't expect an answer, because yes, the cake is absolutely that good.

Michael checks charm and performance at easy. Critical Success! Michael is spectacularly successful.

"Not you, my lady. Myself. I need the weight so I don't sink when I inevitably get thrown from a boat in the near future." Michael is shaking his head at Mabelle with a playful narrowing of his eyes. "Sealions are blubbery sea creatures. They bark like dogs. I don't know why they didn't call them Seadogs." Michael....demonstrates loudly. For no good reason. Just a loud ARF ARF sounding out from a corner of the room.

Successfully acquiring a slice of cake, a fork and a napkin, and glad to have found a fork because the cake was going to be sampled with or without! "Thea, you're looking lovely tonight," there's a merry gleam in her eyes, "I promise I won't talk fashion. And have you tried the cake?" as she glances around the immediate group near where the cake is drawing admirer's armed with forks.

Ryhalt gestures at the cake and stares at Mabelle. "You really are setting a double standard here, Lady Mabelle. Eating a bleeding cake, okay. Eating Duke cakes, not okay. You could start with the head, if that helps. Quick death and all." He chuckles, amused.

Mabelle has called for a check of luck at normal.
TIE: Kalani is successful. Zoey is successful.
Valerius is marginally successful.
Cristoph is marginally successful.
TIE: Jael marginally fails. Kiera marginally fails.
Tyche marginally fails.
Michael fails.
Botch! Ryhalt is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Drake chuckles. "Her name is Calluna, Belle. Luna for short." As Mabelle picks the Highhill puppy up. "We're still working on things like heel and stay, but... Dame Katryn gave her a stern talking to that seemed to help."

Mabelle mentions sweetly to Michael, "Good. I'll throw you out of a boat now if you called me fat". Eyeing Ryhalt, she grins, "Dont I chew on your mind enough in regular hours?". A sharp glance toward Drake, Mabelle informs him, "You are wrong. Her name is chocolate", she grins at him playfully.

Mabelle has called for a check of luck at normal.
Zoey is spectacularly successful.
Kalani is marginally successful.

Valerius checks luck at normal. Valerius is marginally successful.

"No, that's definitely not true," Cristoph replies, his attention drawn back over to Jael and Tyche once again. "It would be impossible for me to do all of the things our family needs done without her. I couldn't ask for a better sister or Voice." It doesn't come across as rehearsed at all, a genuine and immediate reply to that.

Thea climbs to her feet. "First thing I tried was cake. Mabelle wouldn't let me live it down if I didn't. It would come in a box at my door." Looking from said mentioned to Drake, Thea lifts an eyebrow, amused,"Good luck renaming the puppy." With an apologetic look, she admits,"I'm afraid I need to be on my way. Mabelle, happy birthday onece again---"

Tyche looks between Cristoph and Jael, a smile creeping to her lips as she notes the clear love between the pair. "I'm going to guess that you've both helped one another more than you realize." She finishes the last bite of cake, setting the plate aside and exhaling a contented sigh. "I really need to space out my seeing of Lady Mabelle. Eating like this every day?" She draws a hand over her stomach and then hooks it in Cristoph's arm again while he finishes his. She murmurs something quietly to him, a glance across the room.

Caprice quietly makes her way from the establishment, some time after finishing cake and eavesdropping. And clothes-eyeballing.

Thea has left the a cushioned chaise velvety lounge couch by the hearth.

Rocco, the rascally assistant, Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes leave, following Thea.

Kiera smiles as mabelle argues with drake over luna "we clearly need to breed more pups do we not?

Mabelle squints at Tyche, "Did you call me fat now?", what is her bodice hiding? She wiggles her fingers at Thea and Caprice as they leave and grins at Kiera, "I'm waiting for him to get the hint".

Drake checks luck at normal. Botch! Drake is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

"Never, Lady Mabelle!" Tyche laughs, shaking her head. "I'm suggesting I might become more plump in your company. Three days in the past week I have eaten my full of your food."

Ryhalt shrugs to Mabelle, trying and failing to hide a grin. "Perhaps it'll put me out of my misery. Someone eating your mind sounds horrific."

"If you do, let me know," Zoey tells Kiera after Thea departs. "My son has been wanting a dog."

Jael really does look a bit taken aback, but recovers, after swallowing her cake, with, "Well yes, I'm helpful /now/ but we both know perfectly well that I was a holy terror as a child. Trees were the least of it." She looks down at her cake then, and stabs at it awkwardly. "But thank you." Look, it's even bleeding.

"If everyone here could please refrain from eating Duke Ryhalt's brain, that would be great," Cristoph announces to everyone near to him.

Kalani is laughing quietly, standing to the side and using the fork she's holding to sample from the slice of cake in small bites. The interaction between Mabelle and Michael, and the 'ARF ARF' examples of Sealion sounds has the Seliki physician looking highly amused.

Mikani takes a bite of her cake.

Mabelle sighs at Cristoph, "What am I supposed to do with all my free time then?". She cooes over Calluna and finally lets her go before she meets Drake's sword. Winking to Tyche, she taps her metal corset.

"That's revolting." Jael crinkles her nose. Sibling moment over.

"Well, you can't just go renaming a named puppy. You'll confuse her. But. If you do WANT a puppy..." Drake starts to get up, but it does seem that Luna, or whatever she may end up called now, has been scooped up and commendeered. "...We can breed them. The mastiffs will be war dogs when they're all grown."

Drake meanwhile is also, for all his skills, not terribly lucky, but it remains to be seen what comes of that. He takes the puppy back when she's offered. "...You're already breaking ladies' hearts, aren't you?" he slightly scolds the puppy.

Mabelle explains to Drake heartbrokenly, "Someone promised me a new dog for my birthday", she eyes someone being Cristoph. She then sends her girl with a package to hand something to Zoey.

Kiera is overheard praising Mabelle: wonderful hostess as always

"Eat more cake!" Cristoph taps his finger against the table as if this is very much the obvious answer. He smiles apologetically to his sister when she announces what he said was revolting, "It had to be done." Did it, did it really? There's a few words that he says as an aside for Tyche, his eyes drifting across the room and back to his cousin once more. "I'm sorry, I'm going to find you a dog!"

Ryhalt laughs at Cristoph's suggestion and nods in agreement. To Mabelle he says, "Build something BEEfitting in Artshall. Save a Duke, build a building." Sounds like a good cause! He chuckles at Jael's reaction to the cake. "But, it tastes great!" That's not really making it better.

Plate empty (braaains), Jael sets it aside. "I'd better get back to the Manse. If Cassander wakes up hungry and I'm not there he'll lose his bloody mind. We'll hear the shrieking all the way down here." She offers a brief farewell curtsy to Tyche, a few waves, and an air-kiss for Mabelle as she makes her way out.

Jael is overheard praising Mabelle.

Zoey motions to Ruslana to take the package, then opens it with her good hand. Her eyes go wide. "Oh, Belle, it is beautiful! I must design a new gown to do it justice."

Zoey is overheard praising Mabelle.

"Ah. Well, you can't have TWO birthday dogs," Drake agrees. "That's one dog too many."

Mikani is overheard praising Mabelle.

Kiera answers Zoey "It is currently on a long list of thing to accomplish for high hill. i'll be sure to let you know when we do. Winter and I should be getting on home now. A pleasure to see you all"

Mabelle eyes Jael amusedly, "If he cries all night again, -I- will bust the door and feed him cake", she grins, but she means it. Eyeing Ryhalt, Mabelle gives him the "Oh you didnt" eye. She winks to Zoey but then Drake. Oh Drake. She turns to Drake, "There is no such thing is one dog too many. I want a puppy, one I can call chocolate. So it better be brown". Bossy. She does wink eventually, does it count?

When people start sipping out, Mabelle does announce, "We raised over a million silver in donations, you are all very kind. Thank you for coming, and feel free to stay and enjoy yourselves", which is what she is doing.

"Lady Jael," Tyche bids the woman farewell, and then turns back to Cristoph as he encourages the eating of more cake. "I'll take some home, and devour it in the privacy of my own chambers." She watches as the raffle is won, her own luck so far from the top. She lifts her shoulders in a shrug, and then comments to Cristoph, "I suppose I'll have to settle for your company as the prize for the evening." Her hand lifts, fingers brushing over the star pendant at her neck. The final number of funds raised has her lift her voice, "At your hand, Lady Mabelle. Thank you!"

Tyche is overheard praising Mabelle.

Ryhalt applauds Zoey as she wins the raffle. Raffle, what raffle? He probably forgot to enter... He grins shamelessly as Mabelle gives him the death glare for his daring pun. Not moving to leave just yet, he nods and smiles to Kiera. "Indeed, have a good rest of the night."

Despite all of the teasing, Cristoph lifts his hand to wave to Jael as she makes with her departure. He pushes his now finished plate of cake away and turns to Tyche, "I think we should probably make our exit as well. I wouldn't want to escort you across the city too late at night." He slips up from his seat and sketches out a quick bow the people they've been conversing with. "Cousin, excellent fundraiser and well attended. We're going to be going however," and he'll pause there. Because may want to say her own good-byes!

If there's one thing that Mabelle knows about Drake by now - if a woman tells him that she wants something - Drake will find a way to get it. So this request... does not seem beyond his means. "Very well, my Lady. Then we'll give you the pick of the next litter, that suits your liking." To Cristoph, he does add: "Good to see you. Busy event, but... I'm sure we'll be at the next official event too."

When Cristoph mentions they are leaving, Tyche makes no protest, although she does direct her guard to grab a piece of cake. "For later," she remarks to Cristoph with a grin. And then she's stepping along with him, letting him carry her off wherever they're going. "Thank you, Lady Mabelle. A wonderful event, for a good cause."

1 Inverno Ensign, 1 Inverno Captain, Cornelius, a studious looking attendant leave, following Tyche.

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, Tyche leave, following Cristoph.

Mabelle winks to Drake, "Good answer, very very good answer. Blue eyes prefered", so you have any more illogical requests? She's likely teasing though. Moving to stand next to Ryhalt, Mabelle warns him, "I have more mouths to harm you now and two more on the way". She smiles warmly to Tyche and Cristoph as they are rising to leave, "Thank you for coming!"

Valerius has been intently paying more attention to his slice of cake with some small asides with the other guests that he missed that some were already leaving. Looking around to those remaining he heads over to grab a drink before heading into another conversation.

"Huh?" Ryhalt glances sideways at Mabelle as she comes over with her warning about mouth. Then he looks to Drake. "Oh. No many how many are in your dog horde, I fear no tiny dogs."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant leaves, following Mikani.

As the fundraiser comes down from its peak, there are still people socializing and eating cake. Mabelle eyes Ryhalt, "Only one of them is small. I have four. About to be six. And there's cookie too!"

Drake has a second piece of cake now, since Kiera gave it to him, but he sets it aside for a moment. Seeing Valerius here, he gives him an up-nod, then turns his attention to Ryhalt. "These pups were from the litter that Lady Tesha took care of. The rest of them being in good shape, we should have more litters to train up. But they won't be small dogs when they're grown. We breed for fighting. You can't tell it now, but... she'll be vicious someday."

"But not to her human master, I am assuming," Zoey says to Drake.

Ryhalt groans at Drake as he tells that Mabelle's 'Chocolate' dog will be big and vicious. "Sounds like I will need to obtain one for myself to defend myself against the sweet doggy horde." The last thing Mabelle says actually makes him pretend to be afraid, "Oh, so it's true, I will die from an invisible horse with a dagger in its teeth."

Mabelle smiles to Drake, "Six months with me and she's fat, cute and cuddly", she nods to him, probably not he's looking to hear. "You need to get a dog and call it something salty", she notes to Ryhalt, "Like... " Her brain is incapable of thinking of something salty as apparent in her expression which seems stuck.

Deoiridh saunters into the establishment with a sluggish gait, her grey eyes darting about attentively. Likely standing out like a sore thumb, the pale, slender woman is clad in threadbard clothes of linen, and her face appears like something directly out of an Abandoned play, blemished by a great amount of ritualistic scars and ink of white and black hues, intertwining with one another. It takes no keen eye to see that she is lost, and she looks to the congregration with surprise and wariness alike, freezing in her steps.

"Fried potato?" Drake asks, when Mabelle gets stuck thinking about salty foods. He grins at Zoey. "No, they'll be well trained. Even if I have to keep calling in outside trainers to make sure of it." As Deoiridh, a newcomer, approaches, he gives her a friendly nod. "...Cake?"

Mabelle perks suddenly, "Cracker!" Really? Ten minutes of thinking yielded a cracker. "Or Pickle". She notices Deoiridh and cast her a welcoming glass, "Welcome to the Dire Bee lounge, there's some special cake today", she points at the birthday cake.

"What I really need," Zoey tells Drake, "Is a companion and protector for my children. Perhaps a war hound is not the best option for them."

Ryhalt flashes a wide grin as Mabelle suggests that he name his dog something salty. "Bacon." Is bacon salty, though? "It'd get really confused in the house, though. Sea something or other..." Can't help the sea being in his blood. He nods, liking that idea. "It won't be Pretzel, you'd get all confused and try to take it home for yourself."

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