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Lady Belle's Sweetest Birthday

This year Mabelle decided to celebrate in a Carnival!

Liquer - check!
Chocolate - check!
Huge cake - check!
Carousel - check!
Game with prizes and a chance to get messy? - Check!

Come happy!


Dec. 13, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By



Athaur Merek Alessia Ryhalt Lethe Catriona Dianna Adalyn Reese Liara Ashur Jules Kaia Zoey Vanora Arianna(RIP)



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

The room is looking colorful and festive. Even before the guests arrive, it is filled with all sorts of whimsical characters, clowns, jugglers and people on crutches trying to be funny. Maybe its a physician joke. Mabelle is standing by the cake, which is almost as tall as her and you can easily mistake the two as they are both pink and bubbly. She is all smiles welcoming the guests with calls of, "Welcome, welcome. Come in! It is a carnival with no masks. Know your rival". Did she just cackle?

Athaur strolls into the Laurent hall, a wide smile on his face. Bells of Mirrorsilver twinkle along his clothing and braided in his hair, and they jingle and flash light with each step he takes. He arrives on time, being right next door leaves little excuses for lateness after all. He apporaches Mabelle first, bowing low to her and taking her hand in his and pressing a kiss to the back of it. "You look divine Lady Belle. Happiest of birthdays to you my dear."

Alessia gets a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Athaur takes a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Jules gets a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman, Fiorenzio Palmisano, a charmingly-confident middle-aged chef arrive, following Dianna.

Merek has on the black and nice crimson attire with the belt cape about him, boots moving along while he looks to the place as a whole, scarf shifting with a look and an incline to Mabelle also!

Entering the hall of the manse, eyes widened as she takes in the decor, Alessia beams when they rest on the birthday girl. "Mabelle, this looks absolutely beautiful. As do you!." She gives the woman a hug. "Thank you for the invitation. I look forward to what the evening holds." She chuckles, attention drawn to the jugglers.

Though he had heard of the theme for Mabelle's party, it was still quite a bit to take in, so Ryhalt pauses just inside the door, looking about, bemused. When he sees Mabelle, he smiles and has himself a chuckle as he takes in her gown. When it is his turn to greet her, he walks over and says, "You have surely outdone yourself this year. Happy birthday, Lady Mabelle."

Lethe looks around with an eager smile. She waits to speak to Mabelle. "Everything looks so pretty. Happy birthday!" She steps back and looks to see who else is attending.

Mabelle curves her lips at Athaur and thanks him with a smile, "Count, I am pleased you could make it. And look at those bells, goodness!". She makes a pretty curtsy in return, as the fluffy gown dances around her. The staff continue to circulate the room offering refreshment and Mabelle catches Alessia's hug, "Thank you! I am so pleased you could make it. Sir Merek, hello!", she calls and turns to Ryhalt as well, "Duke Farshaw", she chuckles at him, "There is always room to grow - I'm glad you could make it - you must taste the coffee liquer". She invites all toward the various stations, "There are lovely desserts and games, help yourselves.. oooh Lady Tyde!", she calls toward Lethe.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Catriona enters the room at a moderate pace, grin already forming in her face as she takes in the area around her. The large chocolate bar and all its goodies almost immediately catches her attention, but she makes sure to greet the birthday girl at her turn. "Lady Mabelle, you look lovely. Happy birthday."

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Stepping into the extraordinary room bedecked in silk organza of rose, apricot and peach and on the arm of a tall, older gentleman with striking blue eyes and a charming smile creasing his cheeks is Sister Dianna Godsworn, trailed by Dianna's assistant, Trini. All are dressed in bright colors; they make their way to Mabelle and beam. Dianna leans forward in a slight bow; her companion bows deeper and Trini curtsies. "Best wishes and blessings for your day, Lady Mabelle!" Dianna beams, her amber eyes twinkling. "My, but is this not the most extraordinary party - such variegated colors! So beautiful. Thank you so much for inviting me." After a warm smile, she step to the table to find herself a strong drink, then spots several others, beaming.

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Athaur smiles and bows again, his bells twinkling on the dark umbra like stars in the night sky. "I shall give you time to greet your guests, but I shall expect a dance and a time to give you your gift." He flutters his fingers to Mabelle before making a line towards one of the servants so that he may acquire a glass of wine.

Adalyn strides into the familiar hall, her grin growing as she takes in the sights. Passing by the hostess, she calls out a warm greeting. "I hope your day is everything you dreamed of and more, Lady Mabelle. If anyone knows how to throw a birthday party, it is you. And you look stunning, of course!" The Clement, by comparison, is rather drab in her trousers and blouse, but if she feels out of place, it doesn't show.

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Seeing her sister enter the hall, Alessia follows her to the chocolate bar. For chocolate.

Mabelle seems a bit overwhelmed with the turnout and flashes a grin at all that enter, "Princess, you've made it!", she greets Catriona, "Please enjoy the chocolate bar, I know you like it". She nods to Athaur quietly, "Of course", before turning to Dianna and Adalyn, a moment before they find their places, "Sister Dianna, Dear Adalyn, thank you both for coming. I pray you shall enjoy the festivities."

Reese arrives in the mansion while adorned in her rosy tunic and ivory leggings. She has pink ribbons threaded in her golden locks. The princess looks over the party, trying to get a sense for things here. She has a blade at either hip.

Crossing the threshold, Liara quickly warms with a smile as she sees the people about, and the decor - and pony! She doesn't dawdle for too long so as not to block up the entrance, and moves nearer to the cake instead to greet Mabelle, "I wish you a thoroughly marvellous birthday, Lady Mabelle. This is all splendid."

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"I look forward to seeing how you will do better than this." Ryhalt grins teasingly at Mabelle as he issues the challenge. "Coffee liquer? I knew there was a reason I came!" With a broader grin, he glances towards where it'd be served. "I think I will do so right now." Not to monopolize her time, he heads over to get himself a taste.

Ashur enters the hall, carrying a paper-wrapped square under an arm, and smiles in amusement at the festive surrounds. "Doctor Diplomat Belle," he declares cheerily as he approaches Mabelle. "Happy birthday." The package is set down out of the way on a table nearby, and he sweeps off his hat to place over his heart in a shallow bow. Perhaps unaware or perhaps uncaring towards fashionable conventions, he is simply wearing his usual jacket and hunting leather.

Ashur drops A painting of a blue and white teacup.

Waving to Adalyn and Catriona, then to Merek and Ashur from the chocolate bar, Dianna seems quite pleased with the turn-out, as well.

Jules enters into the main hall and stops as he enters, giving a quick clap of his hand as he looks around, he's not quite blocking the door but he is not too far inside. After a moment taking it in, he says, "Would you look at that cake!" He then turns to look around at the various people and then begins to make his way over towards Mabelle without encroaching on those currently engaged with her.

Not needing to be told twice, Catriona flits off to the chocolate bar after giving Mabelle a mirthful smile. Upon arriving at her intended destination, Catriona gives the occupants there warm hello.

After some time, the Lady Kaia arrives with a small gift box held in her hands. She moves around the hall, offering nods, smiles and little waves to the known faces as she makes her way in the direction of her dear cousin. "Cousin Mabelle! Happy birthday!" she exclaims cheerfuly, with a beaming display of a smile. "Look at you! So lovely.~" she says, and then glances around the room briefly before returning her gaze to the Laurent. "And, this place! Looks amazing! You outdid yourself!" she says with a smile. "I brought you a little gift for you to enjoy later.~" she adds, before handing Mabelle the small box she was carrying, and giving her a brief hug.

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Following her sister's gaze, Alessia raises a hand to greet those she knows, a warm smile on her lips.

Mabelle beams at Reese and Liara, "Good evening! Hello! I'm glad you could make it! Do come in and enjoy the games". She invites people to collect their liquer from the chest and chuckles at Ryhalt, "Well, now I have a whole year to Prepare!" Inclining her head to Ashur she thanks him, "That is kind of you Aaaa. Thanks for coming!" She embraces Kaia and grins, "Goodness! I did not expect you here with the wedding tomorrow! What a boon! Thank you for coming!", a smooch and release as she spies Jules, grinning at him as he walks toward her.

Reese continues further inside, moving with the grace of a warrior. She looks over to Dianna, having a smile for her. She then waves in Jules' direction. "Master Jules, greetings." She smiles over to Catriona and then Kaia as well. Reese then looks around the room, trying to find Mabelle and she is givena dimpled framed smile. "Happy Birthday."

Merek smiles a bit, "Happy birthday!" he mentions to Mabelle.

"Aaaa," Ashur echoes with a laugh, shaking his head, and strolls away as multiple more guests approach the host. Accepting a drink from one of the circulating staff members, he sips at it politely while curiously wandering through the party.

Wine retrieved, the jingling Rivenshari count looks around for a moment before he spies the large carosel horse. He blinks a few times and grins. "Wonderful, a horse that will not try to murder me." Athaur finds a spot on it's back, crossing one leg as he sips his wine and observes the group for a moment. Though Reese does receive a finger wiggle in greeting.

Ryhalt gets a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Kaia takes a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Dianna takes a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Merek gets a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Merek puts a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine in PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Merek gets a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Mabelle teases Merek quietly, "Good thing there are festivities or I would never see you". She watches pleased as the guests roll in and she wonders at Athaur, "Do horses try to kill you? now I know who shall be my accomplice". She winks to Ashur from afar, "Have to get back at you somehow"

Adalyn smiles warmly to Mabelle, stepping away to allow room for other guests to greet her. She turns in a slow half-circle, gaze sweeping over the decorated room and its occupants until she spots a few familiar faces. Brightening, she eagerly directs her long strides toward Dianna, Alessia, and company. "Sister Dianna, Lady Alessia, a pleasure to see you again! It seems you've scoped out the perfect spot. Who can possibly resist the lure of chocolate?" A jaunty grin is cast toward Lethe, Catriona, and any others gathered nearby before she turns to eyeing the chocolate bar as if concocting all sorts of ideas.

Reese gets a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Liara before departing.

Reese waves over to Athaur as well. "Count Feline Bells." She greats in his direction, even while going to get a glass of the chocolate-coffee wine. She takes an eager sip of such. "Ooo, this is good."

Merek nods a bit to Mabelle, "Ah, right. I don't come about often," he grins to the woman, and smiles, "I am glad to celebrate for you," he adds, lifting the decanter to place on the belt with a nod also.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Athaur laughs softly and nods to Mabelle. "Oh yes. All the time. Great big savage beasts that they are. They have murder in their eyes. You can see it."

Ashur shoots a grin back towards Mabelle across the rim of his glass, and migrates over to greet Dianna and Alessia with another slight bow. "Sister and lady," he states, smiling. "It's nice to see people I've met here."

Zoey gets a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

After a brief moment of hushed conversation with her cousin, Kaia quietly moves to depart. A beaming smile directed towards Reese as she passes her by. "Your highness.~" she says, with a nod and a brief courtesy, before being on her way. A brief hug given to her sister Zoey by the door, and then she's gone.

Ryhalt carries his 'Sweet Danger' wine over to the pie-throwing station, reading the rules as he samples the wine with an air of contentment.

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"Lord Ashur." Alessia says with curled lips. "What a delight to see you here. You've already met my sister?" She turns to Dianna curiously.

"Lord Ash! Gods, it's good to see you," Dianna beams, stepping away from the bar to greet Ashur, placing kisses on his cheeks. "How have your adventures been of late?"

Upon reaching Mabelle, he waits for a moment when she's not occupied and gives her a quick birthday bow and the mouths something to her. He gives a wide smile to Reese and waves to her and mouths something. -- If you're looking, you could make it out. Feel free to let me know -- He then scans over the entire room once again.

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Mabelle abandons her post of greeter at the door just as she sees her cousin Zoey. She smooches her cheek with a greeting, "Hello Zoey, you look radiant". She leads her inside as she spies Ryhalt, "Oh, do notice you do not throw the pie -at- the guests, Duke!", she grins at him and then notes to Ashur, "This is a mess you might actually enjoy. Its not mud but its... close". She chuckles. She eventually reaches the chocolate bar and shakes her head amusedly, "I knew this will be the hit of the evening, try asking him for the super secret stuff". As Jules approches her she leans to listen

"Indeed, we met under an apple tree," Dianna smiles warmly to Alessia. "Isn't he wonderful?" Dianna captures Ashur's arm and apparently claims the man with a smirk and a twinkle in her eyes. "We must take him with us /everywhere/. He's an adventurer."

Ryhalt chuckles wryly at Mabelle's warning. "Oh, good thing you got me before I had a few more of these excellent wines... I dare say giving us drinks and pies to throw is a dangerous move. Sweetly dangerous?" A hint of a smirk at the intended pun passes his lips before he sets his wine down to take up a pie. "Is the hostess off bounds, too?" Just checking!

"Sir Merek, good to see you again." Reese says while still enjoying the drink. "A pie throwing contest..." She says, looking over to that booth. "That is going to be fun." She says before looking to Jules and trying to catch what hei s mouthing. She peeks over to Dianna once more. "An adventurer.." She murmurs before adding to Ashur. "I'm Princess Reese, sometimes and adventurer, but not the degree that my sister is."

Ashur blushes at Dianna's cheek-kissing, probably still not used to such greetings despite a couple weeks spent in the city now, but his smile persists and he gives a chuckle at her comments. "Aye, everywhere," he insists, and cocks his head to listen to Mabelle's call about the pie. "That sounds like an adventure!" He attempts a shallow bow to Princess Reese, but it's difficult to do with an arm captured. "Very pleased to meet you."

Mabelle makes her way toward Liara, "Princess. I appreciate you took the time to turn up. You've been well, I hope?". Ryhalt's teasing doesnt escape her and she warns him with a smile, "Its a new gown. Consider your next step carefully!", she might have even wagged a finger. As Adalyn is right by Liara at the bar she inquires, "You've been well as well? I have not seen you since my last party, but I do plan a Laurent girls party next month, I hope you will be there". Reese and Ashur's excitement of the Pie throwing has her overly joyed, "Oh yes, things will get messy!", she murmurs to Adalyn, "And Cristoph will have a viable reason to kill me", she grins

"Indeed, we made plans to go hunting one of these days." Alessia says to her sister with a wry smile before turning to the pie throwing station. "Shall we?" She gestures, before heading over.

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"Oh, good evening, Princess!" Dianna holds Ashur's arm and attempts a small curtsy for Reese. "Oh, have you not met Lord Ashur Sanna? May I present an adventurer extraordinaire... and we are going to throw pies. Joining us?" Dianna beams and gently presses Ashur

After being briefly delayed by her sister upon entering, Zoey makes her way into the hall and takes it all in. So. Much. Chocolate! She spots the birthday girl, but sees she is currently engaged in conversation, so she decides to mingle instead.

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Reese looks over to Dianna, having a dimpled smile for that reaches her blue eyes. "I haven't met him yet. It is good to see you again, Sister Dianna and well I think that I would be very good at pie throwing." She says, now heading over to that booth.

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Ryhalt winds up as if he actually will throw the pie at Mabelle, but laughs as he does reconsider and turns smoothly to the real target. After a moment to assess his aim, he tosses the pie towards the target and laughs as he misses horribly. "Well, I should stick to my strengths. Coffee!" He takes up his wine again and drinks, moving aside so others can give it a go.

Dianna checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 27, rolling 18 higher.

Alessia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 27, rolling 31 higher.

"That sounds enjoyable. You can count me in," Adalyn assures Mabelle with an eager nod. There's a sudden shift in her expression, a twinkle in her eyes, the promise of mischief lurking. "Oh, I do have a penchant for causing headaches for Clement's head of house as well. Therefore, I heartily approve. The messier, the better!"

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Ashur selects a pie and balances it on his palm. From the very dubious look that he gives the confection, it's clear that he does not see it as a very efficient projectile. He raises his arm and attempts to loft it towards the target...

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Zoey and winks to her from afar, assigning a waiter to make sure she has all she desires, "Lots of chocolate", she instructs him and in the meantime, watches the pie station with clear pleasure, disregarding the north wall's mess.

Cheers are heard from Sister Dianna as she congratulates Reese, Alessia - and herself! Three hard smacks hit the target one after the other, splatting pies everywhere.

Ashur checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 27, rolling 11 lower.

"Princess Ribbons." Athaur responds to Reese as he moves to lounge on the wooden horse, sipping his wine. He turns over to observe the pie throwing with keen interest.

Hanging round near the chocolate bar, Liara offers up a warm and easy smile to Mabelle. "I have been splendid, thank you, if rather busy - I suppose that is to be expected. This all looks altogether joyous. Thank you for the invitation."

An unfortunate slip of the dish causes Ashur to flip the pie at Alessia instead.

Zoey checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 27, rolling 12 higher.

Jules returns from his engrossment in the presentation again and begins to try to take in who is there and in the processes find his place in the pie throwing station. With a broad smile on his face he looks at the pies and says, "Dear me, seems a shame to not eat them!" And gives a laugh.

Alessia checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 27, rolling 50 higher.

Jules checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 27, rolling 93 higher. Jules rolled a critical!

Mabelle grins at Liara, "Well I am pleased to hear that. If there is anything I can do for you, do let me know", she then laughs helplessly at the exchange between Alessia and Ashur, wincing as the pie hits a lamp, quickly shoving a server to clean it before Cristoph shows up.

Ashur bounces suddenly, eyes rounding with horror. The drink in his other hand sloshes across his wrist. "Ah --" An expletive is murmured that befits a caravan guard more than a nobleman. But Alessia mercifully dodges, and he emits a great sigh of relief, lamp casualties or no.

Used to evading objects hurled her way, Alessia manages to side step the pie as it's thrown in her direction, watching it hit a lamp. "I'm almost impressed that you managed that." She says to Ashur with a laugh.

Reese reaches for a pie and her throw is pretty good, although not nearly as amazing as Jules' throw. She looks quite impressed and even claps when he throws his pie. "That was amazing." She says in his direction.

"I fear pie throwing is not for me," Ashur apologizes graciously, smiling at Alessia.

Adalyn checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 27, rolling 25 higher.

Mabelle checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 27, rolling 4 higher.

Giggling at the Ashur-Alessia episode, then gasping at Jules' impressive feat, Dianna claps for him, as well. "Bravo, Messere! Goodness, that was extraordinary!"

"You might tell me where the inspiration for that gown came from. It's a lovely piece," Liara replies to Mabelle, gaze turning then to the pie throwing with some apparent amusement. She muses in general, "That's a game to remember."

Mabelle claps her hands impressedly at Jules, "Would you look at that! have you been practicing?"

Jules, unlike Alessia, is not use to evading objects or anything remotely combat related. He squints his eyes at the target and prepares to make a heft when some random lady dressed in such a way to draw his eye causes him to shift just enough to get it far more on target and with a bit of a spin. Clearly this was chance happening and not skill. Turning his eyes away from the woman he blinks and says, "I say!" As shocked, or more, than anyone else here.

Mabelle beams at Liara, "Oh I always am happy that you enjoy my attire. I was thinking of spring and it came to mind", as for the pie throwing she explains to Liara, "Last year there was a cookie decoration post and the frosting reached the ceiling. Honestly, they all seemed to enjoy the mess more than they did the art, so I figured, why not just give them to mess?", she grins at her and then spots Athaur on the horse, "Not even trying? Now I know what to get you for your birthday!", she chuckles at him.

"You were lucky." Alessia approaches Ashur with a teasing smile. "I would have had to pay you back in kind if it got on my hair." She chuckles.

Merek checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 27, rolling 9 higher.

Merek makes a way to play with the people in the games!

Ryhalt applauds Jules' impressive technique. "Might be a shame not to eat them, but shows like that make it entertaining enough to counter-balance the loss."

Adalyn watches the pie-throwing with great interest, stifling laughter as one of the objects narrowly missing party-goers. "It would be an altogether different kind of party were we to be aiming for each other," she notes aloud, trying her own hand at lobbing a pie. She manages to hit the target, but not nearly with as much accuracy or (accidental) showmanship as Jules's lucky throw. "Well done!"

Athaur lifts his brow Mabelle's way. "The pie throwing? Oh I fully intend to try. Just once it is less crowded." He smiles brightly, sipping from his wine.

Dianna leans in to murmur to Ashur and grins at her sister, nodding. "Indeed; and my twin is fearsome! Nearly as fearsome as our cousin..."

Mabelle encourages everyone, "Well, you know there is also a gift for the sourest loser", she teases.

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"I'm not dressed for _that_ sort of party," Zoey remarks to Adalyn with a grin.

Reese looks over to Adalyn. "Oh, I am changing my clothing if we throw pies at each other, but that could be fun." She says in her direction. "Oh..sourest loser gift..I should really throw a fit." She gently teases.

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Mabelle makes her way toward the pie station, not without concern, "How -do- you dress for that kind of party?", she asks Zoey amusedly, "It should likely be held by a pool. Maybe my next event should be food fight", she jokes as she watches the contestants.

Jules turns to look to Ryhalt and gives a bow and as he stands up says, "Dear me, but I do think Lady Mabelle is as much to give credit to that throw as anyone." He clears his throat and glance around, "Dear me but it is warm in here." He turns back to Adalyn and bows to her with a smile and says, "Thank you so much my lady! Quite a wonderful party!"

Reese gives Jules who threw the pie much better than her best pout, the princess maybe trying for a sourest loser prize. Still her blue eyes are bright, her cheeks are pink and she seems to having a good time. "How can I complete with the charming ways of Jules." She says, trying to lay it on further.

Reese is overheard praising Mabelle: Happy birthday and great party!

Reese is overheard praising Jules: Expert pie thrower!

"Trousers, for one," Zoey answers Mabelle. "I've tried obstacle courses in gowns before. It was... difficult."

Brightening as she overhears Mabelle's suggestion, Dianna beams at her sister, but wanders away from the pie-throwing contest and pauses by Mabelle. "But the wooden pony - who crafted it? I should love to have a few."

Athaur is overheard praising Mabelle: Happiest of Birthdays to the prettiest Belle

Mabelle is overheard praising Jules: Would you look at that throw!

Zoey is overheard praising Mabelle.

Mabelle is overheard praising Ryhalt: Nice try!

Athaur slips off the horse, handing off his empty glass to a passing servent. He makes his way over to the pie throwing station, eyeing the target and hefting the pie in his hand.

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Zoey puts a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Mabelle wrinkles her nose at Zoey, "Trousers, sounds horrible", she remarks and notes to Dianna, "Ah, it was bought in Mistress Petal's shop. I just could not ignore it. How cute is that?". Her sweet tooth then gets the best of her and she makes her way toward the cake, asking the server for a big knife.

"It's the most /adorable/ thing! I shall have to ask her to make one for me, as well. So very, very pretty," Dianna assures Mabelle, then waves as the birthday girl makes her way to the cake. Dianna, meanwhile, steps to Adalyn and smiles warmly. "My lady, how are you?"

"Lady Adalyn." Alessia says with a warm smile. "Sorry I missed you earlier. My sister just reminded me." She grins, joining Dianna. "It's good to see you here."

Sharing a smile with Mabelle, he comments, "I might have done better with a moving target. Sure there's no one I can throw at?" As Jules addresses him, he grins. "I don't know, I would like to see her pull off that kind of throw in her dress, though. Then she could have even more credit!"

Athaur winks at Mabelle. "Trousers have certain advantages though." He eyes the pie and gives a nod of his head before he lets it fly towards the target

Athaur checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 27, rolling 30 higher.

Adalyn laughs, nodding knowingly to Zoey and Reese. "I would assume it involves much grubbier clothing, although I suppose there are different strategies for dressing for such an event. Some might opt for less clothing in general." The Clement doesn't appear to have the problem of fancy dresses to protect from mess, however, grinning widely as she gestures to her own comfy trousers. The approach of Mazettis former and current earns an instanteous smile, both warm and genuine. "Sister Dianna, Lady Alessia, it's good to see you both! You're both naturals at pie-throwing. Is this the Lycene way of solving arguments?" she asks with an amused look.

Mabelle touches her earring a moment while she waits for that knife, "Hrm. I do not throw, nor do I have to aim, that's why I have guards", which are not here. "What possible advantages are there to pants?", she wonders at Athaur , truly expecting an answer. Yes. We shall discuss it now. She gasps at Adalyn, "Less Clothing?! in the Laurent mansion? Your father will be shocked!", she smirks at Adalyn. Oh there is the knife.

Reese smiles over to Adalyn, her dimples briefly appearing and her cheeks are pink. "I would strip down to my bloomers and camisole right now and throw piles at people, but..maybe I shouldn't." She says toward her. "I hear you a warrior of house Clement?" She asks, before looking to Mbelle. "Those are beautiful earrings."

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Jules laughs at Ryhalt and says, "I'm certain Lady Mabelle could do nearly anything she desired but I'm thankful she holds back for the rest of us." His tone half-teasing. He then gives another bow to Ryhalt and says, "Jules Fabron, your servant - my lord." He glances around and then says, "I've not been in the city that long but I've not seen a party like this before." He turns to Reese from her earlier pouting and says, "Dear me your highness, I hope that's only teasing!" He seems half-seriously concerned but then of course she's talking and he should not have interrupted her.

"Art by way of thrown pies as a sort of compromise?" Liara hazards to Mabelle as a compromise, at least after a moment of watching on - or of her thoughts straying elsewhere. The Grayson turns to look for something chocolatey, and is not left wanting - she comes away with some sort of chocolate-filled, chocolate-covered ball of dough complete with chocolate decoration. Overhearing Reese, Liara breathes a low laugh and suggests, "Would not some pie-resistant suit be more fitting?"

Athaur gives a small nod of his head as his pie finds the target. Not the best throw of course, but decent enough. He turns over towards Mabelle and grins brightly. "Oh a myriad of reasons. Hard to board a ship in a gown such as that." He smiles innocently. Clearly utility was what he intended. Clearly.

Chuckling, Dianna winks at Adalyn and smirks. "Of course not. We simply throw fits, not pies. Of course, that often winds up with all sorts of messes, as well...."

"Better fits and pies than some of the stories I've heard," Zoey says as she greets Dianna properly at last.

"I don't throw fits, I'm as cool as the Everwinter." Alessia says with a wry smile, taking a glass of wine from a passing server. "How do they solve problems in your house?" She asks Adalyn.

Mabelle grins at Reese, "Oh I'm sure no one will object to disrobing of a woman". She chuckles at Jules, "Do not tempt me, truly. But if we are all painted in the end", she asks Liara, "Does it count as Art for a good cause?" Mabelle gazes down at her exposed legs and considers a moment, assuring Athaur, " I can board a ship, easy". When the knife finally sinks into the cake, a lovely piece comes out and an abundance of small chocolate candies spill from the insides to the table below with a bubbly sound, which has Mabelle laughing, "Oh these cooks and their Cristoph chocolate instructions". Still she is pleased, not noticing some of the frosting went to her nose. "Cake anyone?"

Reese looks over to Jules, giving him a smile. "Well...if it is only teasing, I won't admit to that. I am trying to win a prize here." She teases. The Princess then looks over to Liara, nodding to her. "Aeterna would be good for a pie throwing contest. She then smiles over to Mabelle."I would love some cake."

"That she could. We are saved by her outrageously expensive fashion sense!" Ryhalt nods to Jules' point and lifts his wine to Mabelle. "To the hostess having mercy and not trouncing us all in an avalanche of pies!" When Jules introduces himself, he smiles. "Duke Ryhalt Farshaw. A pleasure to meet you in person Mister Fabron. Lucky chance we came to the same engagement together, though I won't ruin your enjoyment of Lady Mabelle's party with business."

Adalyn casts Mabelle a most innocent look, although it's clear she's not fooling anyone. "He would be beside himself to hear me suggest it," she agrees with a laugh. "Poor, dear man. Really, you think he'd be used to it by now." She inclines her head affirmatively to Reese. "I am. Lady Adalyn Clement. It's a pleasure to meet you! Maybe you shouldn't... or maybe you should?" It's clear this one is going to shy away from mischief-making. Gaze shifting between Dianna and Alessia, she grins widely. "It certainly would be an interesting way of solving things. In my house, the others tend to solve their problems with honor and aplomb, although I tend more toward shouting and stabbing things with my sword." Her words are accompanied with a playful wink.

"Not necessarily the manner of art I would actually support," Liara remarks to Mabelle. A mite distracted by watching the chocolate candies spilling out, she then says to Reese, "It would certainly hold more appeal than snowballs."

Reese looks to Adalyn, giving her a smile. "I try honor first and well try stabbing secondly generally." She says in her direction. "I hope to see you fight one day." She adds, before nodding to Liara. "I like that idea, Aeterna pie throwing party."

"Oh, I don't throw fits... any /more/," Dianna smirks to Adalyn and Alessia after gazing across the room for a time, lost in thought. "What need is there for fits?" Dianna glances, surprised, at Reese. "Goodness, Princess, I had no idea you'd not yet met Lady Adalyn."

Jules' expression lifts at Mabelle and says, "I can tempt my lady?" There's something of a twinkle in his eyes with a smirk but then he turns back to Reese and says, "I shall certainly not make any attempt to ruin your attempts, my apologies!" With everyone seeming in such good spirits, he does seem relaxed and he gives a surprised look as he looks to Ryhalt and drops to a bow and comes up with his typical smile, "Duke Farshaw, what a delightful chance! I shall certainly attempt to seek you out but I am certain a party is not the time for me to disturb people with business." He smiles and leans in to whisper to the duke.

Mabelle wonders helplessly, "Aeterna? Wouldnt it be best to wear Umbra? As the sailors keeps telling me, it hides the blood and all", she chuckles, "Perhaps not pie cream tough". She encourages the serve to start circulating cake pieces as they go. She nudges Ryhalt and informs him, "I aim to outrage". She laughs suddenly at Adalyn, "Can I be a fly on the wall when you suggest it? Oh please, pretty please". Gazing at Dianna she admits, "I do not know how you get rehabilitated from throwing fits, impressive", she winks to her. Her gaze falls to Jules, "Tempt me with what?"

Dianna touches Adalyn's arm softly and nods to her, her sister and Princess Reese before departing, then wanders to obtain some cake. "It happened shortly after being godsworn, Lady Mabelle. Hardly anything touches my mind in quite the same way - though it is, admittedly, a rather drastic way to 'rehabilitate," Dianna smiles halfway.

Dianna has joined the a large cake upon a lacy table, covered by spring flowers.

Athaur nods his head, moving up along side Mabelle. He shares a few quiet words with her for a moment and slips something into her hand. "Happy Birthday my dear, and I would adore some cake."

Athaur takes a trio of bearded iridescite iris' that clip to an outfit from a simple velvet bag.

Ryhalt nods to Jules and rubs thoughtfully at his jaw as he looks about the room to whatever Jules had whispered. He whispers back with a grin. Nudged by Mabelle, he laughs. "Then definitely throwing pies at each other next time."

Mabelle apologizes to Dianna, "I did not mean it that way, forgive me", she offers her a piece of cake and beams quietly to Athaur, "Oh it is beautiful thank you so much". She considers the room, "If you are all so intent on getting messy, we can make it happen".

Jules blinks in a fake shocked expression at Mabelle's words and says, "Dear me, you flatter me that there's any way I could tempt you ... except my natural pie throwing ability." He then snickers at Ryhalt and gives a firm repeated nod, "Indeed! Indeed! But even if not I would still agree with the final conclusion." He leans back in and whispers to him...

With a warm smile and a soft chuckle, Dianna shines her eyes at Mabelle, "Nonsense. It's only true - and astounds me, too. Thank you for the cake, my lady. And for the lovely party."

"That's a sound theory," Adalyn notes to Reese with an approving nod. Dianna receives a fond smile as she drifts off toward the cake, before Mabelle's comment draws attention. "Only if we can make a run for it after I suggest it. Or have a physician there in case he passes out from the shock."

Mabelle checks if the pie contest has been done with, and observes the wall as it... well... she's dead. A construction crew first thing in the morning. Maybe she will build a new wall, "I think our winner is Master Jules and our Loser", she winks to Ryhalt, "Is Duke Farshaw. You both gets pies!", she smiles to Jules, "And you get to tell me who will recieve your charity!"

Ashur grinned at Alessia's comment, and was very distracted for quite some time, watching some clowns put on a hilarious skit with some of the jesters on crutches.

Athaur smiles brightly at Mabelle. "I am glad that you like it. I saw it and immediately thought of you. Now, I'm afraid I have been far to responsible of late and I know almost nobody here. Would you introduce me?"

Mabelle blinks at Athaur, "Oh goodness, forgive me", she turns to the entire room and introduces Athaur, "For those of you who do not know him, this is Count Athaur, leader of the Rivenshari, the expanse is right next door, lovely if you wish to visit it. A dear and fashionable friend", she winks to him

"Fair enough, there are many dressed fetchingly, it was a difficult choice." He listens to Jules' whisper and laughs. "Indeed, indeed." As Mabelle gives him another pie for being the loser, he laughs again, but accepts the pie from her. "Ah, thank you. This one looks far too good to throw and imagine I'll enjoy it quite a bit." He takes a sniff of the pie and lets out a contented sigh. "Bad aim paid off today." He goes quiet as Mabelle lifts her voice to introduce Athaur and he smiles to the Count. "Duke Ryhalt Farshaw. A pleasure to meet you, Count Athaur."

"My lords," Dianna carefully curtsies to Athaur, then to Ryhalt, smiling gently. "I beg your pardon for having not introduced myself already. I am Sister Dianna Godsworn, born in my life before being godsworn to the Mazetti family - and that is my twin sister, Lady Alessia Mazetti. I am pleased to meet you both." She turns to Ryhalt, "Congratulations on your pie; to whom will you donate your contribution, Duke?"

Reese slips out of the party, after having a smile for all gathered here. She does try to sneak a hug into Mabelle if allowed. "Happy Birthday, lovely party and lovely hostest." She says and then then quickly darts off after getting a message.

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Zoey looks up from the piece of cake that has kept her occupied for some time now. "Would it be wrong to hope you remember me?" she asks Athaur.

Adalyn bows her head as introductions are offered. "A pleasure to meet you, Count Athaur. I'm Lady Adalyn Clement. It seems we live in the same general vicinity," she adds, vaguely gesturing in the direction of the Clement house.

Ashur turns to wave to Athaur, smiling, and approaches him and Mabelle. He offers a shallow bow, introducing himself. "Ashur Sanna. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Count Athaur. I believe I heard of you the other day, from your...aunt?" He chuckles and adds, "My apologies, I'm not very good with names and such...but I promised to take her to the Lodge one day."

A messenger shows up for Liara though before receiving the note, the high lady quietly excuses herself from the hall and slips out.

Liara has left the a chocolate bar that is all about chocolate.

Jules takes the pie gladly and whispers to Mabelle as the pie gets handed to him. He then glances around and smiles and whispers something else to her before glancing to the pie and says, "Looks so delicious!"

Mabelle digs into her piece of cake and then Ashur jogs her memory. She notes to Athaur, "Oh yes! I met your aunt Petra, lovely woman - we did discuss you, probably because I asked her way too many questions", she chuckles and returns innocently to her cake. "The pies were baked with Laurent apples, they are spectacular, not that you expect me to say otherwise"

Athaur offers a deep and jingling bow. "A pleasure to meet all of you." He looks towards Ryhalt and nods. "Of course, My Lord Duke. I believe I have been instructed to speak with a member of your family about some trade negotiations." He turns to Diana and smiles brightly. "Always a pleasure to meet on of The Faith. I am so curious about your lifestyle and what made you make your decision." He laughs softly to Zoey and inclines his head. "Of course I remember you, Lady Zoey. A pleasure to see you again. And do you Lady Adalyn. A pleasure to meet another Neighbor." He looks between Ashur and Mabelle for a moment. "I trust that my aunt only had wonderful things to say about me. Lady Petra is a treasure of my House and my family."

"I shall be happy to speak with you about it, my lord," Dianna assures Athaur, her voice warm and smooth, her amber gaze attentive. "At any time you like - after the party has concluded? If not today, then send me a message, and I shall make time for you." Dianna turns to Zoey and beams, her eyes twinkling. "My lady," Dianna purrs, stepping to her friend and kissing cheeks adoringly. "Forgive me; I got so caught up with so many things. How are you? And how is Sprout?"

Ryhalt smiles in return to Dianna. "A pleasure to met you, also, Sister Dianna. A donation? I thought only the winner donated?" He glances to Mabelle to confirm he had read the rules correctly. To Athaur he listens with his face lighting up at the topic of trade. "Oh, excellent. Either myself or my brother Ciaran would be who I'd suggest to approach. My brother is proving quite intrepid in such matters, but I always enjoy talking trade and make time for that, too."

Alessia stares at Mabelle's tiara, practically entranced by it. "It's so beautiful. I was thinking about having one made. I adore the metal." She smiles.

Mabelle confirms Ryhalt words, "Only the winner and he had whispered me his discreet wishes", she grins at Jules. "How is your brother, Duke?", she asks Ryhalt, but Alessia has her laughing, "I do too and I use it often, but last time you said I wear more mirrors than a shrine!"

"I believe she treasures her family greatly," Ashur agrees with Athaur, seriously. He looks around, catches sight of the cake, and goes to get himself a slice.

"My dear, I told you it was a compliment." Alessia says with a grin. "I'm Lycene."

Though the hug between Zoey and Dianna lingers fondly, Dianna turns when Ryhalt smiles and speaks to her. "Oh, I see I misunderstood." Dianna, at last, notes Mabelle's tiara and is mesmerized. "Gods, that is /beautiful/... and you're reminding me that I've yet /another/ task yet to do: I must make my Mirrormask," Dianna pouts, still gazing at the gorgeous, sparkling tiara.

Athaur takes a bite of his cake, considering for a moment before he smiles to Dianna. "I will take you up on that. I need to learn more on the Faith." He looks to Ryhalt with a nod. "Ciaran is who I was directed too. But I would not be opposed to meeting with the both of you at some other point." He nods in agreement with Ashur. "She does, yes."

Mabelle reaches up to touch her tiara, "Oh it is one of my favorite pieces, likely due to its ability to make people frown at me and carry the pinched expression of 'How dare you'", she laughs.

Ryhalt grins to Mabelle and nods. "Ah, good. The wine hasn't gone to my head. It is excellent, by the exquisite pairing I might have to pester you for the recipe so we can sell it at the Expressions." After a moment, he goes on about his brother. "His leg pains him more than I wish, but he is adjusting to a more social life rather well from what I hear." With a grin, he nods to Athaur having been directed to Ciaran already. "Very good. I will be happy to meet whenever, other than the upcoming Assembly of Peers I don't have any pressing affairs."

Talk of the tiara captures Adalyn's attention, the Clement pausing to study it curiously. "I feel that's a look I receive often even without wearing such a daring piece," she responds to Mabelle jokingly. "I admit I know little of fashion, but it's such an interesting piece."

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

Jules seems to have returned from some self-induced euphoria after whispering to Mabelle but is now back with it and looks about slowly, "I say!" The cheerful expression on his face and attempts to regain his bearings.

"There is not too little to learn," Dianna assures Athaur. "I, myself, am learning much, day after day." She turns to Zoey and gazes into her friend's eyes for a long moment, then kisses her cheek softly, following with a warm embrace. "Sprout, ...though," Dianna reminds Zoey quietly, and rests her fingertips on Zoey's distended belly. "Be gentle," the godsworn murrs in a hushed tone to the belly. Dianna takes a bite of her cake and listens to the conversations around her, then furrows her brow slightly. "Lord Ciaran... I met him. He is your brother, Duke Ryhalt?"

It looks like the Duchess Grimhall has managed to make the party after all, though she arrives with a retinue of guards and without the Duke. Pale green eyes seek out Mabelle who she walks towards and greets with an airy kiss to each cheek, the Lycene fashion in which she was born and raised. "Happy Birthday, dear Mabelle. May you have many many more to come." The scent of perfume follows her lightly as she steps back away.

Jules turns and looks over at Zoey and blinks in surprise and gives her a bow, "Lady Zoey, my apologies for not recognizing you sooner! I hope you are well tonight, can I get you anything?"

Mabelle grins at Ryhalt, "Well I brought quite a few bottles from that Merchant I met in Artshall, I will send you bottles for the coffee house, I brought many", she smiles to him, "Business partner or not?", she nudges him and turns to Adalyn amusedly, "This is not the worst piece I own", she comments to her. Vanora's appearance surprises her and she beams at her, "Duchess Grimhall, such an honour. Please join us, you smell absolutely magnificent", she pecks her cheek if she allows it, urging the servers to offer her a drink

Taking a sip from her glass, Alessia beams, standing beside Mabelle. "Duchess Vanora. Good to see you. I hope you've been well."

"It's all right, Jules," Zoey insists. "Everything I need or want is in easy reach."

Athaur nods his head as he procures another glass of wine. "Of course my lord Duke. I shall arrange a time to speak with you."

"I'd love whatever wine you tell me is best." Vanora responds to Mabelle and the servants likely overhear, selecting just that to bring back for the Duchess. "So how have things been? You look as beautiful as ever. And its a lovely night for a party."

Porschia, an albino Portia spider arrives, delivering a message to Mabelle before departing.

"My lady," Dianna smiles pleasedly to Vanora. "It is good to see you," she echoes her twin, lowering to a careful curtsy. Gently, Dianna's gaze shifts to Jules with a gentle smile, "Hello, messere. And congratulations on your win."

Ryhalt nods to confirm Dianna's question regarding his brother. "Indeed, he is. He'd stayed back in Westrock Reach to convalesce his injury, but I am pleased he's come to join us here in Arx." He grins widely to hear that Mabelle has many bottles to send over to the Bold Expressions. "Very business partner. Though, I will have a hard time not drinking most of them myself. You'll get your share still, though." Smiling to Athaur, he nods. "I look forward to it!"

Jules bows a nod to Zoey and says, "Of course but do let me know if I can do anything for you." He turns over towards Dianna and gives a bow to her and says, "Why thank you ... sister." The final word still stated in question more than statement. He gives her a smile, "I consider it more a matter of luck than skill but it was a delight!" He takes an awkward pause, "And has life been treating you well?"

"Lady Alessia. Sister Dianna. Lovely to see the both of you. I adore that perfume, Lady Alessia. I think I have the same limited edition, from Mirari Corsetina's shop. Divine." Vanora smiles when a wineglass comes her way and takes a sip.

Ashur eats his cake in a mannerly fashion, utilizing his fork and watching the others with waning interest. When he's done, he passes the plate to a member of the staff and murmurs his thanks. Approaching Mabelle again, he says, "This is a truly impressive party, Doctor Diplomat Belle. But I must be off. You have my sincerest gratitude for the invitation."

Mabelle indicates the chest, "Oh I brought some chocolate port from Artshall. Well a Merchant I met in Artshall so its good", she chuckles at Vanora, "I am honoured by your words, thank you. I do trust you have been well?" She merely tisks at Ryhalt with a grin. "Oh I have a limited Edition from Mirari too!", she boasts. She offers a bow of her head to Ashur, "Thank you for coming and thank you for the gift. I pray you have enjoyed yourself"

Carefully and low-key, Dianna replies to Jules, her eyebrow slightly raised, "I am ...healing... from an injury. But, yes; I am blessed. Thank you for asking. And, though it is formally 'Sister,' I am pleased to be called 'Dianna.' And, life is well with you in your new employ?"

"She's one of my favorite apothecaries, and I have spent a good deal of money in her shop over the years. I have a few custom scents even, as well as some of the limited editions that I rarely come across, but know when I get a whiff. The one Alessia is currently wearing is one of my very favorites, along with another that I had custom blended that smells of the sea as well, but storms upon them." Vanora considers.

"Oh, I love it. It reminds me of the sea." Alessia says with a grin that brightens with Vanora's words. "Mistress Mirari has exquisite taste." Then to Mabelle. "Which one do you have?"

Mabelle grins entertainedly to Vanora, "I once made a scent for Princess Cassima that reminded her of Maelstorm, that was an interesting experiment", she teases her. Searching her mind she thinks, "Hmmm I think.. something with apples?", typical.

Jules gives a nod to Dianna and says with a hesitancy, "Of course Dianna... it just feels somehow too informal but I shall try." He clears his throat and adds, "Lady Mikani is truly a delight and I am honored to serve her but" Here he takes an appraising look having somehow missed her injury and leans in to whisper to her...

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Zoey has joined the a whimsical wooden pony.

Ashur smiles at Mabelle, nods, and offers his farewells to the other guests he knows. After this, he saunters easily out towards the grounds, replacing the hat on his head.

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Zoey finishes her cake and carefully climbs on the wooden pony.

A rabbit-masked Templar, Porschia, an albino Portia spider arrive, following Arianna.

Vanora gets a crystal decanter of 'Sweet Danger', a chocolate-coffee wine from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Adalyn's gaze once more scans the crowd, although it seems the energetic Clement is yearning for some fresh air and readies herself to take her leave. "Thank you for hosting such an enjoyable party. Happy birthday! I'm looking forward to the upcoming girls' event," she calls warmly to Mabelle. As she winds her way through the crowd toward the door, she offers parting words here and there to those she passes, pausing to lightly touch Dianna's arm and offering a smile to both the godsworn and her twin. "A pleasure to see you again, Sister Dianna, Lady Alessia!"

Athaur bows to Adalyn as she makes her leave. "A pleasure to meet you Lady Adalyn. I look forward to seeing you again." He takes a drink from his glass before moving over to examine what remains of the chocolate bar.

Ryhalt listens curiously into the conversation about perfumes, drinking his wine as he lapses to thoughtful silence, just enjoying the wine and the company.

Softly dipping her head to Jules, Dianna smiles gently, "Oh, it is fine; the worst wounds are not visible; and my face is nearly healed - thank the gods." Dianna waves to Ashur and, to Adalyn, blows a kiss and beams. "Always, my lady Adalyn! You still owe me a drink!"

Mabelle smiles to Adalyn, "I shall work on it as soon as this one is over. Thank you for coming, it was lovely to see you", she smiles to her and then squints at Dianna, "Your face? What had happened if you mind not me asking?". She keeps eating her cake in glacial pace.

Quiet as a church mouse Arianna arrives with a rabbit-masked Templar (weird) as her escort - although he's just carrying a package it seems. The Pravus gives polite waves of greeting to some familiar faces, nods to others and blows a kiss to her cousin Vanora. "Why hello to you Duchess. You get around girl," mutters the young woman at the end of her greeting with a chuckle. She seems to be in a bit of a rush, from the way she just waits while the conversation goes on and how she skirts the others politely to reach the birthday girl. Promptly delivering kisses and a hug,"I am actually on the way to another party, surprise surprise, and thought I'd stop in to bring you my gift personally." Rabbit steps forward and smile sheepishly at the Laurent and her guests. He opens his mouth to say something but Ari just boops his snoot,"Shhhh...just hand her the dress will you?" Once it's produced she sighs,"This dress is a family heirloom of mine. It belonged to my grandmother and her mother before her. I've worn it but once and when I did, it just felt as if it were not mine anymore. I hope it resonates with you and teaches you the same things it taught me but even if it doesn't you'll look -fucking- amazing." Ugh. The gauche knight.

Merek looks like he's found a place to settle in and nap about, while he watches folk and also offers a wave to Dianna!

"Oh, we were just..." Dianna brushes her bare fingertips over her visage and replies to Mabelle. "Stygian shards just...." she hesitates, "...marred my face for a week or so. And... bee stings." Dianna softly shrugs, "All is well, though. My vanity will not yet be the death of me," she teases softly.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Count Athaur. I will look forward to future encounters," Adalyn calls with a polite dip of her head. A hand lifts, fingers waggling in a wave to Dianna. "Oh, yes. I await that drink with great eagerness, Sister Dianna. Let's do that soon!" A smile is cast in Mabelle's direction, partnered with a call of, "I can't wait. Keep me posted!" A cheery wave is directed to any others nearby before she drifts to the door and steps outside.

Athaur turns towards Arianna as she arrives and wiggles his fingers to her. "My Lady Arianna, a pleasure to see you again. I hope marriage suits you."

Let it not be said that Arianna doesnt know how to enter quietly and then boom out. Mabelle chuckles as she sees her, "Oh the blushing bride. Thank you", she smooches her cheeks, "I appreciate the drop by and the gift, thank you. It looks beautiful", she murmurs something to her and huffs, "Of course you are going elsewhere. Boo". She squeezes her again. Dianna has her worried, "Bee stings? Not our bees I hope", she furrows her forehead, "Vanity is still the best way to die".

Vanora's conversation with Mabelle pauses briefly as Arianna makes her entrance, and though the other woman's comment elicits a raise of Vanora's eyebrow there's no question to match it. The blown kiss is returned. "Hello cousin. It's lovely to see you as always." She comments briefly, turning her attentions back to Mabelle.

Watching the dress as it's handed to Mabelle, Alessia tilts her head intrigued. "Very generous, my lady." She offers Arianna with a warm smile. "Not your bees, Belle. I /wish/ it were the case." She grimaces at the memory.

The godsworn smiles appreciatively at Mabelle, her amber eyes twinkling. "No, not your bees - though you do make me feel quite a bit better about my vanity. The bees that stung me looked a bit like beetles, as well. They were..." Dianna slowly considers and softly shakes her head. "They were not normal bees." The gentle smile rises her lips with her sister's confirmation.

"Hello sweet Count. Married life is wonderful! Thank you so much for asking. I hope you're taking good care of my sister?" Arianna tilts her head and looks at him with a deadly pout. If looks could kill he'd have a scratch. She smiles though and turns to look at Alessia with a smile. "Lady Mabelle is very special to me, of course I would provide her with something befitting her beauty." The Rabbit clears his throat and shuffles from foot to foot nervously after having signaled to his lady it was time to go. Vanora gets an actual hug and the others all receive knightly bows and then she slowly begins to make her way out of the party, wiggling her fingers towards Mabelle again before she mouths the word 'later' to her.

A rabbit-masked Templar, Porschia, an albino Portia spider leave, following Arianna.

"I take care of her as well as I am able. It was good to see you." Athaur wiggles his fingers to her again as he takes a drink from his glass.

"Those things were perversions of bees, and I was happy to watch them burn," Zoey declares from the back of the wooden pony.

Mabelle tilts her head curiously, "Well. Now I want to see those abnormal bees", she glances between Dianna and Alessia. She smiles quietly to Arianna and thanks her for coming before she turns to leave, returning her attention to Vanora, "How is the Duke doing? I've not seen him in months", but Zoey's comment makes her gasp, "Burn?"

"Let's not talk of such ugly things now?" Dianna gently requests, pouting. "It is nothing; everything is fine...." Mabelle says she wants to see the bees and Dianna's voice becomes gently grave. "No, my lady, you do /not/ want to see them." Dianna frowns softly.

"What is this about bees and burning?" Vanora has trouble shifting from the conversation about party dresses to wherever this is headed. She answers Mabelle in the meantime, "Duke Valdemar is doing well enough. He's been out at sea as much as in port these last few weeks so it seems, handling pirate enclaves and other Grimhall business."

Zoey slides off the back of pony and rejoins the conversation. "You really don't, Belle. Trust us on this."

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Merek frowns a bit pointedly at the mention of the bees, then he snuggles up into his nap while he takes a moment to look at the place.

Mabelle answers Vanora first, "Oh yes, I've heard and I also know. Edward has been away with him for what felt like forever". The avoidance of the bees does make her squint, "Alright. Well then I shall not press, of course, but you will have to come up with a different topic"

"He has meetings tonight with Grimkin, issues to raise before the Assembly of Peers or so they said." Vanora makes an idle gesture with her shoulder, clearly not terribly concerned about nor impressed by this mundane business.

Though Ryhalt looks curious about the abnormal bees, he drifts away from the conversation to get himself another of the excellent coffee-infused wines. While he is at it, he also accepts a piece of cake from a passing servant, having missed the earlier distribution.

Shifting her gaze gradually to Zoey, Dianna's soft frown remains for but a fraction of a moment longer before turning her attention back to Mabelle. "Where did you come up with the idea for this party? I should like to throw a party for Lessi and myself this year, and I haven't a single idea."

"Yes, he did mention a recent venture." Alessia interjects with a faint smile. "I'm glad it was ultimately successful." She takes a drink from her glass. "That dress is stunning." She studies the aeterna gown.

Athaur lapses into curious silence, sipping his wine as his eyes shift from person to person.

Mabelle hums interestedly, "Oh the assembly of peers is tomorrow. That should be very interting indeed". She mentions to Dianna, "In truth, I meant to hold a quite gathering, a bit like the one we are having now. But It is not very like me and I saw the pony and I thought, horses, carnival, that works", she chuckles, "It was a last minute thing". She notes the entire group of men turned to silence and she teases them, "Well how about those pants?"

"That it should. A new Great House, and all of the limitations and possibilities that come with it. There is no denying that the world we know is changing right before our eyes, in more ways than can be truly absorbed I think. Yet we will be here to witness it, this new stage of the Compact, and that is something." The Duchess Grimhall comments lightly.

"I should probably head home to rest up for that," says Zoey. "Between the Assembly and my sister's wedding, I have a long day ahead of me."

"It must be a proud moment." Alessia says to the duchess with a brightened smile. "To see your birth house achieve so much."

Athaur nods his head slightly. "Indeed. I expect that the Assembly tomorrow will be... interesting."

Ryhalt smiles at Mabelle. "Pants? I'm just waiting to see if that dress you were gifted can compare to this one you have on."

"Very." Vanora admits to Alessia. "I will confess to a touch of bittersweetness...that their rise culminated after I was married out but before I was gone...had I known I might have waited." She jests here, but is thoughtful on the matter.

Mabelle inquires interestedly, "Limitations? I understand possibilities but limitations? It would be interesting to see though". She leans to kiss Zoey's cheek, "Thank you so much for coming". She huffs at Ryhalt, "I would comment but..." she winks to him. She chuckles at Vanora then, "Would you?", she shakes her head amusedly.

A messenger comes in and runs along towards Jules. He he whispers something in his ear and he gives a nod with a scrunched up face. He gives the man a quick nod. He makes his way over towards Mabelle and whisper something to her and gives her a quick bow...

"Let me walk you home, Zoey. I fear I'm a bit tired, as well, and tomorrow shall be a long day," Dianna agrees. "My lady, I shall have to find something to inspire me, then; I thank you again for the lovely party," she smiles to Mabelle. "My lords, it was wonderful to meet you both; Duchess, it is /always/ good to see you." Dianna carefully curtsies again and kisses her sister's cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow, Lessi?" Dianna nods, lastly, to Jules and Merek, "Good evening, messeres." She steps to Zoey then, capturing her arm.

"I might have." Vanora repeats with a smile to Mabelle. "Be well, Sister Dianna, it was a pleasure to see you again. You as well Lady Kennex." She dips her head in farewell to Zoey.

"I'll see you at our section tomorrow," Zoey replies to Vanora. She says the rest of her goodbyes and lets Dianna escort her out.

Dianna has left the a large cake upon a lacy table, covered by spring flowers.

Zoey has left the a whimsical wooden pony.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, 2 Kennex corsairs leave, following Zoey.

Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman, Fiorenzio Palmisano, a charmingly-confident middle-aged chef, Zoey leave, following Dianna.

Athaur bows slightly. "A pleasure to meet you Sister Dianna. And good to see you as well Zoey."

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to those departing, "Thank you for coming and for the lovely gifts. Have a good evening", she smiles warmly to her departing friends.

Jules bows to Mabelle with a smile and says, "Glad to be a part of your life. I shall keep my eye out for you." He takes a quick glance to her clothing and adds, "And stunning as ever my lady! Always a delight."

Jules has left the PIE THROWING STATION - You Know You Want To.

Chuckling at Vanora's words, Alessia finishes the drink in her glass. "I'm sure you won't regret your decision in the long run." She smiles at Dianna. "I'll see you." To Mabelle. "This has been lovely, but I should be heading back." She gives the birthday girl a hug. "I hope to see you soon, my dear." She gives the Grimhall a warm smile. "Duchess." Then she's off.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid leave, following Alessia.

Athaur finishes his glass of wine and stands with a smile. "I have some business to attend too. But it was a lovely party Mabelle, thank you." He smiles at her and offers her a deep bow. "I hope your day was wonderful."

Mabelle kisses Athaur's cheek as he leaves, "Thank you for the gift and thank you for coming", she smiles to him and waves to Alessia and Vanora as well. "So much cake left", she widens her eyes.

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