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Redrain Pajama Party: Stahlben Edition

Pajama Parties have become a tradition in the Redrain ward, and this time it's House Stahlben that's hosting! Come to Stahl Hall in your favourite pajamas, and mingle with your fellows! Snacks and booze will be provided, but feel free to bring your own, as well!


Nov. 3, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Volcica Arcadia(RIP)


Gwenna Erik Merek Rosalind Rysen Lorenzo Alessandro Helena Mirk Donella Niklas Vicente Esme


Stahlben Redrain Halfshav Sanna Crovane Ravenseye Nightgold Clearlake Blackwood Acheron


Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Stahl Hall - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

2 Redrain Guards, Ciro Sclafani, a world-weary manservant arrive, following Lorenzo.

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant, 2 Redrain Guards, Lorenzo arrive, following Gwenna.

Arcadia is standing at the door, the baby future countess on her hip and she welcomes people to Stahl Hall. The fire has been lit and lots of cosy nooks have been set up for guests to enjoy and relax in. Tables of food have been set up and an even bigger table of booze is ready. It is a northern party after all.

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten arrive, following Helena.

Rodrigo, 1 Greenmarch Guard, 2 Greenmarch trained guards arrive, following Alessandro.

Gwenna's face lights up as she sees Arcadia and the little one perched upon her hip. "Oh, what a fierce little darling," she says, clearly of the baby and not the current Countess. Shrugging off her cloak and handing it to one of her guards, she dips her head a bit more formally. "Thank you for hosting the pajama party here in your halls. Lorenzo and I have some whiskey as a gift from House Redrain as well, because of course." Her smile broadens as she holds up the bottle. "We can put it on a table since you already have your hands a bit full." With that offered, she steps out of the way so others might greet the hostess.

Shaking off a powdering of snow, then his cloak a moment later, Erik looks about the Hall with intent before peeling his boots off as well, until he's down to nothing but comfortable linens, wools, and curiosity.

Merek makes his way into the party, it was pajamas? He comes with his black silks he wears back at home, which is nice and all. He settles about so he can look to find a drink, likely a beer if there is any.

Rosalind comes running in wearing comfy leggings and tunic, her bright red hair actually neat and tidy. She grins at Arcadia's baby and coos,"She is so adorable! And thank you for hosting this,"Rosalind says with enthusiasm. Seeing Gwenna she grins and bows her head respectfully, waving to the others as she goes to get some whiskey.

Rysen enters the hall wrapped in his black mantle, and a black linen loincloth. Once he's inside, he sweeps his mantle from off his shoulders, and hands it to an attendant, coming over to Arcadia. "Good to see you, Cady," he says, warmly. His movements seem uncharacteristically stiff, and some of the bandages on his body seem to be stained crimson. He kneels down and offers a calloused hand to Genvieve. Rising again, he bows to Gwenna and Lorenzo. "Princess Gwenna, Prince Lorenzo - always a pleasure," he says, and he offers a wave to Merek, before turning to find himself some whiskey.

Lorenzo enters the hall alongside Gwenna, wrapped up in a robe and pajamas that seem completely designed for warmth and comfort. He gives a warm smile to Arcadia as she greets people at the doorway. "Countess Arcadia, so nice to see you again. What striking hairpins those are!" He hears his name called and looks up towards Rysen. "Lord Rysen, it's good to see you as well. I hope you have been well?"

In the true spirit of both the fealty and the attire, Alessandro has come clothed in a truly magnificent red silk robe, with an extremely fierce-looking bear embroidered on the back. It is quite a sight to behold. Just behold it! He has a wide smile on his face as he starts toward Lorenzo and Gwenna for a hug for each. "Lorenzo," he says, "Gwenna, wonderful to see you both. I was just talking about you in the Spirits not an hour ago with Princesses Helena and Elgana. Ah, and Countess Stahlben was there, too, so she can confirm."

A red cloak ensconces the slim figure of Helena Redrain, who despite being a northerner, is shivering just a little, thanks to the brocade slippers instead of boots she wore to dart across the ward. Beneath she's even less dressed for snow in a gauzy, diaphanous night gown of the palest of green silk. It's translucent but not transparent, seeming to nearly glow in the light, and giving her more of the look of a fairy creature she's sometimes purported herself to be as a child. "Friends," she says warmly, despite being chilled. She moves toward the fireplace to warm up -- and then she'll go back to mocking those who cry about the winter weather, like a good northerner.

Arcadia thanks Gwenna, a warm happy smile on her face, "How kind. Yes. Thank you. But please help yourself to drinks. There's whiskey, wine, rum, beer. Something for everyone. And food! Please eat." Seeing Rysen in a loin cloth she groans and laughs at the same time, "At least you are more dressed than the other night." She eyes him crimson stained bandages and mutters, "And you call me reckless." She gives a soft coo at Helena's nightgown, "That is stunning Your Highness. You look like a fairy." She ushers people into the warm cosy space.

Erik joins the queue of greetings to Arcadia while unfurling a blanket from his pack, which is then draped around his shoulders in a makeshift covering somewhere between thick cloak and robe. He seems happy to offer his acknowledgement and appreciation to the hostess when he has the chance, lips splayed broad against the goatee of his beard and head bobbing. "Thank you for the invitation earlier, Countess - I'm excited to see the depth and breadth of what a pajama party entails!"

"Lady Rosalind!" The cheerful call come from Gwenna and she moves to give the Ravenseye a polite kiss on the cheek, if allowed. "Thankfully I suspect we all had a short walk here, hmm?" Her own seasilk pajamas are fiery snowflakes themed, though it is doubtful the fire part of them manage anything of actual warmth. The blues, though, maybe compliment the silver gray of her husband's outfit. She dips her head respectfully toward the Crovane nobleman. "Lord Rysen, how truly wonderful to see you. Did you fight in the Legate Cassandra's Rite of Gloria? I have seen no few people bandaged yet from the event." The hug from Alessandro makes her smile a bit wider, though she arches a brow. "Surely you spoke of us kindly, hmm? Also, that robe is beyond! You truly are in the spirit." Speaking of outfits, the Redrain turns and espies Helena. "Cousin, you are a vision in green."

Merek chugs from the beer, looking like he's not slept in a while. He then finds a blanket to pull about him, listening to folk. He sighs, leaning back upon a place he can watch folk.

"It's been too long, Your Highness," returns Rysen to Lorenzo, accepting a glass of whiskey. Glancing at Arcadia when she groans, Rysen winks. "It was your idea to have a pajama party." When she mentions the part about being reckless. He laughs. "It was in honor of Gloria, Cady. Even you can't give me a hard time for that. Besides, most of the worst of these came from Sir Merek," he says, gesturing to the knight nearby. Turning to Erik, Rysen bows and says, "I was glad to hear you've returned to the city, My Lord. I'm sure you've missed all our odd parties here in Arx." To Gwenna, Rysen smiles and says, "I did, Your Highness. Managed to win third place, though the champion was none other than Lady Brianna, so the Northlands was well represented."

Helena's cheeks grow rosy at the compliments of her gown. "They may not count as pajamas, but I do prefer gowns even when sleeping," she says with a smile. "You all look charming." Rysen gets a wry look at that, because, well. Maybe less so in his case, thanks to the display of bloody bandages. "I hope you wore armor. I recall in the one tournament, someone wore nothing but silks and was a bloodied mess, lamenting over the state of her silks. It was quite simply the most foolish thing I ever saw." Her smile turns a little impish. "I do think she was a southerner," she says with a conspiratorial whisper, and a grin for Alessandro and Lorenzo.

Lorenzo returns his brother's hug, accompanying with it a warm smile. "Alessandro, it has been far too long. I can't even tell you the number of times Gwenna and I say we need to stop by to see you and Margret and the kids." He gives a warm smile to Helena as well, casting a wave in her direction. "Cousin Helena, hello!" He notices she heads over towards the fire to warm up, likely thinking she has a good idea. If there's whiskey, though, he'll make sure that he and Gwenna have glasses with a splash in it.

Arcadia agrees with Erik, "I am glad you could make it. Though. Is that a blanket?" She peers at him with a laugh. To Rysen, she rolls her eyes "Next time your invitation will ask for you to be covered completely. Though, considering how many times I've seen you in to bed this winter, I worry how much worse it will be in the summer." Hoisting Ginny on her hip she complains to her friend, "How will I teach her to sneak into your manor if we have to worry about unwanted sights?"

"Of course, sister, of course," Alessandro assures Gwenna as he pulls back, taking in her pajamas as well. "A very fitting ensemble," he pronounces, before Helena herself is entering, and he gestures to her, continuing, "She can confirm for herself. Helena, please assure your cousin that I spoke only of her and my brother in the highest terms." Though his tone does sound a little bit teasing, it is clearly also fond. "I am glad to see you as well, Lorenzo," he says as he turns back. "I miss you both, as do Margret and the children." Those greetings done, he turns to the others, a little wince at Rysen's state. "I wish you quick healing, Lord Rysen," he says, before he inclines his head to Rosalind, and then Erik in turn.

Rysen checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Gwenna's brows arch and she clasps her hands together a moment. "Third? Many congratulations, Lord Rysen! I heard there was quite an impressive field of warriors for the event. I am not surprised that Lady Brianna did well, though now I am regretful that I did not manage to make it. She then blinks a couple of times overhearing Helena's remarks. "Someone wore silks to a tournament? I think it's one of the most foolish things I may have ever heard," is agreed with a roll of her eyes and chuckle. She is then nodding her head to what Lorenzo says to Alessandro. "We truly do say as much all the time. It's been too long. I was telling Elgana just the other night that perhaps Princess Donella might like to host a family dinner now that she's returned to Arx. You are all, of course, family as well." She offers a polite nod to Erik on the heels of Alessandro's.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

When Helena speaks to Rysen, he turns his grey eyes on the Redrain Princess, and seeing her clad in her silks, chokes on his whiskey and starts coughing, immediately wincing, and pressing his hand to a particularly deep cut courtesy of Merek's axe. Red faced, he smiles to Helena, and says, "I did have armor on, Your Highness - thank the gods and spirits. They're in a worse state than my body, believe it or not. Lygiea just took them back to Apollo." Bowing to Alessandro, Rysen says, "Thank you, My Lord. I hope you and your wife are well?" Rysen grins at Arcadia and her baby daughter and says, "First of all, you should probably teach her something less dangerous and more useful than sneaking into the Black Hall - and secondly, you asked for a pajama party. It's not too late for me to send for normal clothing, as my own estate is but a few steps to the east." Rysen smiles warmly to Gwenna, and says, "Thank you, Your Highness."

Erik offers as courteous a bow as he can manage in turn to Rysen while holding his blankloak in place, head dipping as his torso rises. "I imagine I may be more glad to be here than you are to hear I'm here, my Lord. But a pleasure all the same that our courses have crossed once more", he responds with a chipper air to his rolling baritone words before adding "I got talked into one of the masquerade balls as a matter of learning, so now I've been finding social gatherings a peculiarly riveting facet of study."

When Arcadia inquires about his blanket, the Grimhall's head bobs in a few rapidfire ticks of affirmation, and the bright smile splays wide. "I came readied with appropriate armor for the weather. Or sleeping accommodations, whichever comes first. It's a functional utility, if nothing else." He spots the head gestures of acknowledgement from the direction of Alessandro and Gwenna, and his inclines to both in turn with as much courtesy as can show through his broad, bright smile that's just a twitch shy of a grin.

3 Last Watch Sentries, 3 Redrain Guards arrive, following Donella.

"The fighters all did well, honor to Gloria," Merek offers, lifting his beer while he chugs it more. He's clearly drinking to get his mind off things, not to enjoy it. But happy for the distraction.

Rosalind has gladly accepted Gwenna's kisses and smiles,"Thankfully we do! Not that it matters! Little cold doesn't hurt anymore, right?" Seeing there's others appearing, Ros waves and offers a grin,"Hello." Seeing Rysen, she remembers,"Drinking contest!"

Arcadia shushes Rysen with a laugh and lets the baby lean over to grab at his hair. A trick she's obviously been teaching her. "Rysen. She's my daughter. She will be as much trouble, if not more than me. And anyway, sneaking into your home is harmless. I've yet to even be caught." She shoos Rysen further, "Go help yourself to some whiskey. And congratulations for coming third. It truly is impressive."

"A family dinner would be lovely," Alessandro replies. "I hope Princess Donella would be amenable to hosting one, and should you need any help, I would be happy to provide whatever I can." He turns to Rysen again then, adding, "They are quite well, thank you, my lord. Wishing she could have attended, but unfortunately the children are a bit under the weather, and she will never let the nurses tend to them by themselves when they are sick. She says she can do it better herself, which may or may not be true, but does not make it very convenient to attend parties." He shakes his head as though supremely disappointed, though Erik's words have him adding, "There can never be enough blankets at these things, so you are to be commended."

When Rysen begins to cough, Helena glances down at herself as if to see if she has blood on her own person, then looks back with wide and innocent eyes, brows lifting. "I can confirm," she tells Gwenna over her shoulder with a smile for Alessandro, before reaching to pat Rysen on the back a couple of times, careful not to pound on any of the bandaged parts. She looks over at Lorenzo as if to ask him what is wrong with the man, before adding, "Congratulations. I'm glad your wounds are not for naught," she says. Erik draws her attention next, a face she doesn't know. "A Grimhall I think?" she says, tipping her head as she offers a hand, ladylike with the palm down. "I'm Helena."

Mirk arrives, a little late, dressed in umbra rather than any kind of pajamas, though at least he left the fireweave at home. "I'm not dressed for the occasion," he says to Arcadia with a nod of his head. "But I thought I'd stop by to see kin and neighbors." There's a polite nod of his head to Lorenzo and Alessandro, in particular. "How is everyone? And more importantly, is there whiskey?"

There isn't a bit hoopla when Donella arrives. There is the ensemble of Spousal Unit Protection (also known as guards) that follow her as she moves into the area. The Princess seems to be wearing clothing, BUT, over top of that clothing and wrapped around her is a silk robe. "Remind me to spray it with perfume before I return it. Rather girlish perfume." She's speaking to one of the guards in an even keel to her voice. "Remind me to get some flowery perfume too. Or maybe some bear musk, except knowing him; he would enjoy that." Her deep blue eyes lift so that she might look around for the hosts of tonight's event.

"Princess Gwenna Redrain," is offered by the very same to Erik in introduction. "Are you recently arrived in Arx? Or returned, from the sound? Either way, it appears you have hit the very best of parties already," is said kindly to the Grimhall nobleman. A laugh soon escapes as Rosalind replies. "Little cold certainly doesn't hurt us as much as others, though I'm worried my blood is thinning the longer I stay in Arx!" Her smile remains in place at Helena's words, and then she overhears Mirk's inquiry. "Lorenzo and I brought a bottle as a gift, but there seems to be no lack of other varieties of whiskey as well." Speaking of as much, she looks up to her husband. "I should go set this bottle down. Do you need a refill?" It's about then that the Princess-Consort of Farhaven makes her appearance and Gwenna's face seems to light with joy all over again. "Were your ears burning, Donella? I just mentioned you."

Rysen smiles warmly at Helena, and turns to Arcadia, as baby Genvieve pulls his hair, "You are pretty sneaky - and thank you," he says, with uncharacteristic sincerity toward the Countess of Bonespire. He nods to Alessandro, and says, "I hope they recover soon, My Lord." Rysen grins at Mirk, and says, "I'm well, Elder Mirk, and you made a wise choice ignoring the 'pajamas' part of this party. I've merely been ridiculed so far." When Donella enters, Rysen bows, "Good to see you, Your Highness." To Erik, Rysen nods, smiling. "Visited one of the masquerades myself, and had a great time dancing. One of these days, I'll put some serious effort into a costume - or my wife will, and it will turn out better for it."

"It's been too long since our children had a playdate," calls Prince Niklas Grayson to Alessandro from the door. To fit in Niklas wears a set of pale seasilk pajamas with tiny images of pajamas in aeterna and umbra stitched all over. He's even got himself a bedtime coronet, with a poof at the top like a nightcap and rimmed with duskstones, because dusk, right? It works. He walks into the hall, looking around like someone who's never been here before, because he's never been here before. "Luca once bought me a very nice sculpture of the Bonespire. I'm honestly not sure why." His assistant Sam follows along, wearing a set of jammies that Niklas must have definitely made him, because they say 'SAM' all over. He looks very nervous and pretty much immediately peels off to go play cribbage with a guard.

Lorenzo gives Erik an amused but friendly smile at his explanation of the blanket. "It looks like both a functional and comfortable mode of dress. I only wish I had thought of the same a bit earlier." He gives a nod of agreement with Gwenna and Alessandro as they discuss the family dinner. "We certainly should find an excuse to get together at the Villa soon. Or if nothing else, bring the kids by and we'll have tea and cookies in the library some afternoon."

"Cousin, very good to see you," Alessandro says in response to Mirk with a nod of greeting. "I hope you're well, though I cannot condone your lack of pajamas." He says this in a relatively straight tone, though there is a hint of amusement in his expression. Of course, that's usual for him, too. He turns as Niklas enters, his smile widening as he replies, "Niklas! I was just saying the same to your lovely wife. We do need to get them together soon, so as to make sure there is a match in their future." Noble houses, right?

Erik's chest jostles with a low, easy chuckle at Alessandro's words, broad shoulders hiking in a shrug and mirth flitting in his gray gaze so much as lacing his reply, as if a conspiratorial aside in a stage-whisper. "I'll make certain to raid some of the linen closets of Grimhall if I have the pleasure of dropping in again and haul them over." When Helena approaches close enough to offer a hand, Erik offers a half-bow over it and as politely as he can takes it up in his as he sketches a sidelong sweep of his blankloak (which is totally going to become a thing now) with his free one. "Indeed, a Grimhall that can sometimes think!", he muses with a quick grin and a bow of his head, before elaborating. "Lord Erik Grimhall, to be precise. Scholar and Disciple of Vellichor, at your service Helena."

He rises, for the gesture, hand just as carefully drifting away, and his attention only flits long enough to address the others speaking to him. "Newly returned, yes Your Highness.", he affirms to Gwenna with the polite smile that's eased just a tad away from the natural grin. "But indeed, I have had quite the interesting experience with the events of late, especially starting out with the Masquerades and the Moon." A breath later and he's looking toward Rysen and stifling a snicker. "I believe I spent more time on the costumes than I did on the dancing, and I was on the floor more than otherwise. There's something infinitely amusing about the process, for some reason." When Lorenzo remarks on his blanket he adds with a wink, "Don't worry, I'll bring spares next time though I make no promises on how frilly they might be."

Donella turns her eyes from her Arcadia search to focus on Gwenna. For a moment, there is that serious sort or look which Donella excels at. The mask of politics, if one will. Then she allows her lips to curve up to a smile. "I do hope they were burning. For I find then I shall find something warm this winter." She moves over to Gwenna to attempt to kiss each of her cheeks in greeting. "It is a good thing that Darren has on his winter bear weight, there is much more warmth in our bed." A pause. "I will, of course, deny I said anything about his weight if it is brought up. He is nothing short of fantastic." Her voice has a soft and even cadence to it when she speaks. "However, I find that I must inquire what you were saying about me." That smile is displayed towards the others as well.

"Not at all. You merely look prepared to prove your manhood to a cadre of drunken friends by running outside for a minute," Mirk suggests in a dry tone, eyeing Rysen for a moment. "Congratulations on third place at the tournament, though. Was there any prize for that title, or only for first?" He chuckles at Alessandro and shrugs a shoulder. "Oh well. I suppose I'll have to live with that." He nods his head to Gwenna. "Good, good. I doubt there would ever be a lack of selection in a Northern House, but one has to ask, all the same. How are you both and Prince Lorenzo?"

At Mirk's arrival, Helena turns and smiles at his greetings. "Somehow I feel you don't own pajamas, but simply lay down fully dressed and armored, close one eye and keep the other open, ever ready to leap out at whatever troubles may rear their heads, Lord Mirk. Do relax a little with us, even if you are dressed more properly than some of us, no matter what Lord Greenmarch says." Donella's arrival draws her attention next, and she beams at seeing another of the Redrains present. "How good to see you. Did my tiniest kinfolk put up a fuss at letting you out of the villa?" she says warmly.

Arcadia laughs at Niklas's coronet "Your highness. Your bedtime assemble looks slightly uncomfortable. Do you sleep with that on? We were just talking with your lovely wife. She said you have a new play." After a beat she admits, "Ginny has a play house modelled after the Bonespire. I look forward to her holding tea parties out of it." She beams at Donella joins them, "Your highness. Welcome. Please. Come and get warm and enjoy some good food and drink."

Rosalind takes a glass of whiskey or well maybe, she sneaks a whole bottle and off toward the hearth she goes! Seeing the princes and princesses, she gives a better bow and smile, greeting them proper,"Good evening, hello!"

Erik's bow and 'at your service' draws a smile from Helena. "I am as well, so perhaps we'll run into one another in the archives at some point," she tells the Grimhall.

Gwenna snaps her fingers and her expression brightens as though an idea has struck. Because one apparently has. "Tea and cookies in the library sounds like a wonderful idea." She dips her head to Niklas and grins. "Perhaps you and Princess Sabella could join? Maybe we'll make a small event of it. Tea, cookies, and some story reading," she muses. Donella's approach and cheek-kissing is echoed with cheek-kisses of her own, along with a laugh. "I would never say a thing to His Grace, your highness, and am glad you find some extra warmth this winter. Ah! I had wondered to Elgana the other night about a family dinner, and if we might persuade you to host one with your recent return from Farhaven. Maybe even an informal bonfire some night." That said, she turns and grins at Mirk. "It never hurts to be sure about whiskey, my lord, no. Lorenzo and I are well, thank you for asking. And you? Oh! I keep meaning to send word that the flowers I offered in the grove seem to be doing well. I hope that will help."

Gwenna totally isn't rude! It's a lively and exciting party and she does return her attention to Erik soon enough. "A true pleasure, Lord Erik Grimhall, and welcome back to Arx. I will hope the coming weeks prove as exciting as the last couple, or perhaps less so if you might need to catch your breath," is said with a chuckle.

Lorenzo gives Erik a cheery laugh. "This time of year, I don't think anyone would complain about there being too many blankets or how frilly or otherwise they are." He gives Mirk a warm smile as he spots the man. "Cousin Mirk, how good to see you. It has been entirely too long since we've had the chance to sit down and talk." He smiles as Gwenna answers the inquiry, saying what he would say. To Helena he gives an amused laugh. "Not all of us can come wearing such a spectacular robe as my brother Alessandro. At least, not with out planning. I'll have to commission something spectacular for the next one of these."

"To be true, Countess, I always have a new play. It's actually rather hard to tell which one is the one I'm really working on until the first performance has happened and the actors have been paid." Niklas offers waves to everyone he recognizes, and then some extra breezy waves to anyone he doesn't. "Princess Gwenna, I can honestly say that tea and cookies sounds fantastic and Sabella would absolutely love such an evening. She could use it, as well." He keeps walking until he's able to give Alessandro a slap on the back and then what would be a big beefy manhug if Niklas were a big beefy man, but is instead more of a Niklas hug, which is pretty good too.

Gwenna drops Farhaven Label Ten Winters Aged Whiskey.

Donella gives a soft laugh and will move to offer her lips to each of Helena's cheeks as well. "They really wanted to come with me. They were excited about the pajamas part. In truth, I left them in Darren's care. I am never quite certain who is watching who in those regards." There is a rather warm and affectionate smile though in regards to her spouse. "When I left, he was growling with Taren on his shoulders and the girls shrieking in delight. I do fear it might be awhile before bed. His stories are rarely the calming ones." She lookws towards Gwenna. "Of course we can, I will have to check Darren's schedule as he will want to come. Just let us know." Then she moves over towards Arcadia. "Thank you for invitation to the party. I hope you do not mind that I came a bit later than most."

"Ah, yes - the drinking contest!" says Rysen to Rosalind. "Is tonight the night then?" he asks, drink the rest of his whiskey. To Mirk, Rysen says, "You're not far from the truth of it, My Lord. Some of the people in the west of Stormwall dive naked into half-frozen rivers to aid in healing. Believe it or not, the cold, for short periods of time anyway, does seem to accelerate the process a little. At least here I'm in a hall with a fire," he says, as a passing servant pours some more whiskey into his glass. "And indeed, I got a silver trophy for placing third. Wait until you see what Lady Brianna won for taking first, if you've not seen it already." Noticing Niklas and his pajamas and cornet, Rysen grins. "Gods and spirits. Even the finery of your pajamas is unparalleled, Your Highness," he says to the Grayson Prince. "I hope your family is well," he says with a smile.

Rysen drops Rite of Gloria Tournament - Silver Cup.

Erik's beaming broadly at Helena's mention of being a Scholar as well, and it's only after his head stops bobbing in agreement that he speaks. "It is quite a possibility! Though I've been undertaking some personal studies that are more akin to field research most recently - are you a disciple as well, or an academic?" To Gwenna he returns a chipper appreciation and affirmation. "Oh, not in the slightest! My breath has been keeping up just fine, and if anything I've been looking for more, even though I spent the whole of the last two balls dancing from start to finish somehow." When Lorenzo laughs at the possibility of blanket frillery he hefts a relaxed shrug, hands rolling out from the folds of his Blankcloak. "Some people are very particular about their sleep aids, so I try not to predetermine." There's a glint in his expression as if he may be joking, but he at least affects a straight face.

"We were discussing the fact that we were hopeful you would finish soon," Alessandro says to Niklas, probably regarding his play, "otherwise the suspense may kill me." He's only half-joking, and when Niklas gives him the hug, he returns it in kind. "I am very much looking forward to it." Once it breaks, he steps back, reaching for a glass to take a sip from it as he looks over to Lorenzo. "I won this at the last Redrain party," he says, "so I thought it would be fitting to bring it out again. Though I do wear it quite often at home, especially when pretending to be a bear with the children."

Mirk returns Helena's greeting with a nod. "A pleasure to see you as well, Your Highness. I'll stay at least a little while." He smiles, very slightly, at Gwenna's comments. "Every little bit helps, I assure you. We're still waiting for spring, to see whether the Grove might be healed entirely, but I'm hopeful. And a pleasure to see you as well, Your Highness. It has been, I'm afraid, but we can always correct that soon enough, hm?" He chuckles at Rysen and says, "I wouldn't be surprised. A little shock can force the body to react, sometimes, though I'm no healer. I seem to recall similar traditions in Halfshav lands, though the details are all a little different. That's always the way of things, isn't it?"

"I will be sure to send word to Princess Sabella then," Gwenna replies to Niklas with a quick dip of her head. "Thank you, your highness. Please let he know that I asked about her, if you would." When Lorenzo mentioned having something made, she perks up a bit. "Would you let me help design something? Or, better yet, surprise you?" She looks rather hopeful as she glances up to her husband. A few bobs of her head are then offered to Donella before more chuckles escape, this time at Erik's possibly-joking remarks to Lorenzo. Pausing to take a few sips of her whiskey, she is then nodding again, this time to the Halfshav nobleman. "If there is anything else I can do to help, Lord Mirk, please do not hesitate to let me. I will certainly try to help. And, indeed, it has been some time, which we can hopefully correct soon." Then the Redrain quiets to sip her drink and listen to the conversations as they go on around her.

Arcadia hears Mirk and tells him, "We've found a grove of flowers up near Bonespire. The scholars think they may heal the grove. Some sort of curealls." She checks with Rysen. "What were they called again?" Clearly the book phobic countess wasn't paying super close attention to that bit.

"Oh, no, just an academic. I'm a little too unfocused in my worships, one might say, to narrow it down to Vellichor, myself," Helena says with a smile at Erik's question. "And you?" she asks, curiously. To Mirk, she smiles. "Good. You work very hard at looking out for us and the Grove. Do let us know if we can do anything to help it heal all the more." Donella's anecdotes of the children draw a fond smile from the other Redrain and she laughs at the thought of Darren dealing with them all without Donella's help. At least there are servants. She looks to Arcadia curiously at the mention of a panacea for the Grove, then to Rysen to supply the answer.

Niklas doffs his coronet to give Rysen a deep bow. "Lord Rysen, always good to see you. And congratulations! I never knew you were so doughty a fighter, but when I heard those you overcame on the field I was more than impressed." Niklas looks around for a moment, then gets himself a big glass of something beery and a smaller glass of something whiskey-y. To Gwenna a quick nod. "Of course. She will be happy to hear it." And back to Alessandro, "I imagine you've been asked enough how Margret is doing, so instead I'll ask, how are the Marquessa and Marquis doing?"

Rosalind perks at Arcadia's words and becomes instantly curious,"Can I help sometime? What kind of flowers" She grins at Rysen and nods,"Absolutely!"as she sits comfortably near the fire. Ros listens for a bit, deciding when to interject.

Lorenzo gives Gwenna a surprised look and his laugh is a bit sheepish. "Actually, I wouldn't complain at all if you did help design something. You know what a terrible procrastinator I am." Truthfully, he's surprising that either of them accomplish anything, considering how much they both make elaborate plans and talk about things endlessly before putting things in motion. "I make no judgments about any items a person uses for sleep, whether it is on their person, their bed, or otherwise. It's a terribly personal matter!"

"I can't recall the name myself," says Rysen to Arcadia, but turning to Mirk, Gwenna and Helena, "but a pair of scholars from the Spirit Walkers did identify some plants that they believe will help the Grove near Bonespire." He glances again at Arcadia with a look of concern, but takes a sip of whiskey. Rysen also smiles as Donella speaks of the children, and he says to her, "I used to love the most frightening and exciting stories myself before bed. Nowdays, I much prefer something relaxing." Rysen smiles at Niklas, and says, "I'm still learning, but I recieved a lot of training from the Knight of Ribbons and Lord Arik." After hearing Alessandro's words, Rysen raises an eyebrow to Niklas and says, "You've got a play nearly ready?" There's more than a little excitement in his voice. "Can I read the script beforehand - I swear to the gods and spirits I will not give anything away!" At Rosalind's answer, Rysen grins. "Sir Merek! Join us in a drinking contest?" he calls to his friend.

After a fleeting grin toward Gwenna's laugh, Erik looks back to Helena and answers, "Ahh, quite understood. I'm a disciple, though I admit I tend to feel that the greatest way I can show praise or devotion is through acquiring and sharing knowledge so it's a comfortable approach for me, Your Highness." It seems he may have been listening into some of the other exchanges to pick up the title, but when the conversation begins shifting toward mention of cureall medicine groves, Erik's brows tick up and suddenly he's got an additional thread of banter through the Hall that he's lending an ear out for.

Rysen gets Rite of Gloria Tournament - Silver Cup.

The comment about Margret has Alessandro chuckling, and he nods to confirm the truth of it, instead answering the actual question. "They are both well, back from Greenhaven recently and, I think, enjoying their time in Arx at the moment. For how long, who can say -- they are both quite busy, of course, and even though the Great Road is long built, there are still things to be seen to there." He looks to Rysen at the other man's words, cautioning, "I am not sure how close to being done it //is//, only sure that he is working on it. The rest is my own impatience to see it put on."

Gwenna gently takes Lorenzo's hand and gives it a quick squeeze, smiling wide. "Truly? I already have a wonderful idea, of sorts," is noted with some excitement in her tone. "Not that I am much less of a procrastinator, but since it will be a surprise and a gift? I think I'll get it accomplished." Rysen's words lead her to turn a bit more serious and her lips wrinkle in thought for a moment. "If there is anything House Redrain can do to assist, Lord Rysen, please do not hesitate to send word." She glances at her glass for another sip, but it appears to be empty. "Pardon me a moment, as it seems a refill is in order."

Donella considers for a moment before she smiles towards Rysen's words. "I always liked the story where there is a good moral at the end. A lesson to be learned." Of course, she does. "The children just love any story that comes from us. They are growing so fast. I can't believe the twins are two." A shake of her dark head to that. "Do you have children?" There is a look towards Gwenna as she says that. Not implying!

"Not yet," Gwenna says with a laugh to Donella. "You know Lorenzo and I. We do things in our own somewhat untimely manner." And then for real she goes to fetch that drink.

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant have been dismissed.

Volcica steps in to the Great hall from the Augury, dressed in a beautiful nightgown! It's definitely not her usual style, but it suits her pretty well! It's covered in butterflies, even. Her dark hair is down, long down her back and left loose. "Sorry, I didn't notice the time!"

"Curealls, hm?" Mirk asks, raising an eyebrow. He glances around, at the party, and suggests, "It might not be the time to go into that now, but I'd be very eager to hear all about that, next time you're both free. Or even one of you." He nods his head to Helena, at the offer, and says, "I'll certainly reach out, if there's anything that needs to be done. Though for now, it's a good time for relaxation. A quiet winter, it seems like."

Lorenzo gives Donella a shocked but good-natured look. "Cousin Donella! Gwenna and I take our time with such things. We do a great deal of traveling, and there seems to be no great rush, especially when there are so many cousins and children of cousins in the line of succession. We fully intend to have children of our own, in our own time." And there might even be a pointed look in his brother Alessandro's direction too, in case he decides to pipe up on the matter.

Entering into the great hall, Vicente is dressed normally as he would be outside except that his cloak is draped across his arm. His mouth has a scowl across it but his eyes don't seem quite so harsh. His eyes slowly scan across the great hall as though he is either assessing or searching. The arm that does not have the cloak draped across it is folded behind his back.

Rysen chuckles and nods to Alessandro. "It's the same with me, My Lord." Rysen bows deeply to Gwenna at her offer of help, and says, "Thank you very much, Your Highness. Countess Arcadia and I truly appreciate it." Rysen smiles, and a flush of color comes to his cheeks at Donella's question. "We are expecting, Your Highness. I believe another month or two and our first will be born." There is a look of immense pride on the face of the Crovane lord. When Mirk speaks of his interest, Rysen nods. "To be honest, we could use your advice on few matters related to the journey to find them." Rysen watches as Volcica makes her way into the hall, and just stands for a moment open mouthed. He glances at Arcadia and mouths, "are those butterflies?"

"A very fitting form of worship," Helena tells Erik. "I find my allegiances are torn among a few of the gods, and also the spirits, so I shall not name myself a disciple of one. It seems like perhaps tattooing someone's name on my heart -- like it's just inviting me to change my mind," she says merrily enough. Mirk's words to her draw a nod. "A quiet one is always welcome," since they aren't all, as they all learned. "Lady Volcica! you look lovely!" Helena says. "Doesn't she look lovely?" she asks Donella, perhaps to help out Lorenzo a bit.

Arcadia beams when the older Fidante lord arrives. "You came!" She does give him the briefest of pouts as promised before greeting him. She presents her small daughter to Vicente, "This is Ginny. Future countess of Bonespire." See. Ha! the current countess is hardly a toddler.

Donella nods her head towards Helena. "She does indeed look lovely." Then she just looks at Lorenzo for a long moment. Those deep blue eyes do seem bottomless which makes it hard to read her thoughts. "Of course you do. I will let Mother Redrain know that. I'm sure she will have questions." She's going to sic Drea on them. Yes she is. Then a larger smile for Rysen. "It is a wonderful and frightening time. I am sure that everything will be a wonder. I cannot wait for the announcement. Are you in need of anything?" The Princess-Consort glances towards Arcadia as she greets the older Fidante.

The look from Lorenzo has Alessandro's eyebrows raising, in a very innocent expression, and he gestures to himself as though a little affronted by his brother's tacit accusation. "Of course," he says. "I would not have it any differently. I merely mentioned that Valarienne begs constantly for a cousin to relate a story, not to pressure you." There's a little smile that he can't quite hide at that, before he looks to Donella, belatedly but hopefully he'll be forgiven in the crowd. "Princess Donella, a pleasure to meet you. Alessandro Greenmarch, formerly of Velenosa, which explains the relation to Lorenzo."

Vicente glances down to Arcadia as she addresses him. He bows to her sharply and extends the arm that has the cloak draped across it as though he was informing her of something but does not speak to it. He looks at the little creature and says, "Ginny? I see." He extends his hand and gives her a hesitant but gentle pat-pat on the head, "I told you I would come and here I am." His eyes scan about briefly and turns back down to her, "Did my niece show up per chance?"

Arcadia smirks over to Rysen, "They are. Doesn't Volcica look wonderful?" She nods after to Mirk, "I would love to talk with you. I have some questions." She then shakes her head then to Vicente, "Another Fidante?"

Vicente gives a nod to Arcadia, "Yes, her name is Esme." He continues to scan around, "I asked her to be here as I knew I would be late." His expression seems to harshen a bit, "If she hasn't been here..."

Donella nods her head to Alessandro. "The pleasure is mine to be had. Princess-Consort of Farhaven, it seems you know my name. Formerly of Thrax." One can almost see her silently tack on 'First female voice of thrax EVER.' It's not spoken, but it should be. "You are related to him, hm?" Her blue eyes move back towards Lorenzo.

"You know I'd be happy to offer my advice," Mirk says with a nod of his head to Rysen and Arcadia. "So we'll discuss that in the near future, when it won't distract from the party." He helps himself to a glass of whiskey, and says, "Princess Donella. It's been some time. How are you and the High Lord?" Along with that pleasantry, he sits down, a little quieter, his eyes flitting from face to face as he pays attention to the various threads of conversation around him.

Volcica actually blushes, a bit of colour flooding her pale cheeks. "Thanks, everyone. Arcadia gave this to me." She runs a hand through her hair, shaking it out a little before moving towards the plentiful alcohol. "What are we talking about now? Which journey?"

"Lord Rysen, you are more likely to know when I am finished than I am, since you'll be receiving tickets while I'll still be shouting at everyone and changing dialogue up until the lights go up and I go home so I don't have to watch a bunch of /actors/ make a hash of my work." Niklas makes a face that doesn't look ENTIRELY serious. But, like, not entirely not? When he sees the Princess Consort of Farhaven mingling with the participants Niklas positions himself where he can offer her a bow. "Princess Donella. Now, I believe, this is an event."

Merek lifts up his beer to take a drink from it, then he wiggles that at folk a bit, nodding to them from the blanket, "This is nice, haven't had time to relax in a while."

Lorenzo is really too kind and soft-spoken to back up accusing looks with any sort of heat. "I'm happy to speak with Mother Drea at any time and tell her the same thing," he says. "I believe we've had that discussion, too. Gwenna and I do things in our own time." He gives a thoughtful glance in the direction his wife disappeared off to. "I'll let no one pressure her into something that is the decision of the two of us." He turns a good-natured grin to his brother before adding to Donella, "Alessandro was a tremendous role model to me when we were growing up. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when he married out of Velenosa." Clearly, he got over it.

"Those of us related to Redrain in some fashion forget your name at our peril, Your Highness," Alessandro replies to Donella, and though there's some humor in his voice, it doesn't mean he's joking. No, that is very serious. "And yes, I am. His elder brother, specifically." He might have said something more, but Lorenzo is speaking then, and his smile softens a little bit, though he can't resist adding, "So disappointed that he could not imagine being in Velenosa without me, and had to marry out as well."

"Any advice you might be willing to share, Your Highness," says Rysen to Donella warmly. "To tell the truth, I am very nervous." He grins at Arcadia, and turns his eyes again to Volcica and takes a drink of whiskey. "The rose of the north, indeed." Rysen laughs uproariously at Niklas real talk with regard to the muse of drama and theater. "Looking forward to it in spite of the wretched actors," replies the Northlands bard. In a moment, Lygeia arrives and comes to Rysen's side, whispering a few quiet words. Rysen nods to her and says to those near him, "Apologies, but it seems I must be getting back to the Black Hall and dressed." He turns to Arcadia and says, "I enjoyed myself, Cady. Thank you." He kneels down and takes Genevieve's tiny hand in his for a moment, smiling at her, before rising and throwing his black mantle over his shoulders to trudge through the snow to the east.

"Velenosa's losses, and our gain -- and Greenmarch's," says Helena with a fond smile for her cousin-in-law and her friend, or 'brother by spirit' as she calls Alessandro. "And see, this is why I simply don't marry. No one asks you when you're going to have a child if you don't have a spouse," she says merrily enough. "Congratulations," she says to Rysen on his upcoming event. "Does anyone have a spooky tale for us, given we're all in our pajamas?" she wonders.

Donella nods her head to the brothers. "I understand that. I have siblings of my own." She gives a soft smile and then looks towards Mirk. "He is doing quiet well and I am good as well." She offers while her eyes meet the man's directly. She turns to look at Helena. "Oh, but Helena dear. We still have the talk about matches and marriages." It seems for a moment, she's kidding. Maybe. The Princess-Consort offers her smiles, but they are quick to fade to her normal watchful expression. She moves towards the outside of the room to watch the various conversations.

Arcadia encourages Vicente to come join the group by the fire, "Do you know Lord Vicente Fidante? I forced him to dance at the Grayson ball and again to venture out tonight to join us."

"That is quite convenient, isn't it?" Mirk says to Helena, chuckling. "But then some people start in on the 'When will you get married?' questions. As demonstrated." He gestures to Donella with one gloved hand. "Quite well or quiet and well? The latter sounds nicer, I think," he suggests to Donella. "There's always too much that needs done, in this city."

Erik checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

"I'll get married when my older siblings do first," says Helena with a grin -- Leif, Agatha, and Elgana all come before her, after all, and Leif is Crownsworn. Still her cheeks flush just a little and she quiets, lest that talk begin in earnest.

Erik seems much more curious on the topic of tales than marriages, offering up in a rolling, lilting baritone while not moving from the folds of his blanket-cloak. His gaze casts out over those might be listening, and his articulation is all in the shift of his features, the cast of his gaze, or the cant of his head. All in all, he could probably be more obnoxious, and at least some people are likely already tipsy.

"Once, there was a blood moon illuminating neverending snow that looked to all like frozen droplets of sanguine tears floating down from the heavens.. some wondered who might have been crying in the Heavens to make it appears so. But the oppressive cold drove denizens of the city indoors, to huddle in the warmth of their hearths and their halls, bringing together peers to parade and offer merriment through the curious uneasy times.. some could not maintain their composure before the sights they saw in the process, though. Others fell, lost in the banks of crimson-illuminated snows. There were laughs in the open, perhaps tears behind closed doors, as more and more began to wonder if the thaw would ever come, and hope with it.."

And suddenly, any air of somber storytelling is broken with a rippling laugh. "..Aaaaand, that was last week. How's everyone been since?"

Lorenzo gives Helena a sympathetic smile. "There are some people who love to talk about marriages, but I feel like there is less pressure there than when one is married and people are peeping into your marriage bed, waiting for your first born. And in any case, agreeing to go on dates isn't such a bad thing. If the match is poor, it's likely the other person knows it as well and won't want to rush headlong into it."

Happiness, a bluebird arrives, delivering a message to Vicente before departing.

"To be true I've been lucky to have some genuinely gifted actors. Lady Evonleigh. Princess Sorrel. Princess Tikva. Masters Alejandro and Jareth. And of course my Sabella." Niklas gives the wistful look of someone in goofy, dopey-ass love. "Though I have lost Radiant, though I suppose Lady is now in order, Lumen, whose acting career I launched and who I now dearly miss." He takes a sip of his drink and adds, "Bliss also shows up." Niklas turns to watch as Erik tells his tale. "You make me wish I hadn't slept through the blood moon, Lord Erik."

Donella smiles a bit to those and takes another step towards the door. She will offer a soft word to Arcadia to give to the others hosting. However, she seems to be on her way to deal with those many many matters.

Donella is overheard praising Arcadia: For hosting a lovely party in Redrain.

Rosalind grins at Helena,"My brother Cadern is getting married and at the rate my sister is going, she may too." Unbotheredly as she chatters endlessly,"I told them both I will teach their children to climb trees the proper way." Yep. She already has plans for their children." Now if my twin brother settles..." Rosalind realizes not everyone knows her and vise versa, so she gives a wave near the fire,"Hello! I'm Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. Rosa or Ros if you prefer." She she goes by all.

Donella is overheard praising Volcica: For hosting a lovely party in Redrain.

When Erik begins his tale, Helena looks pleased that someone took her up on the request, and she laughs at the dire and melancholy tone followed by the laugh that makes it all mundane. "Frightening to those not of the north, I think," she says with a grin and a nod for his performance. To Lorenzo, she turns, reaching to touch his arm lightly. "All in good time, as you say." She turns to smile at Rosalind, eyes brightening at the mention of tree climbing. "I do love climbing trees. I will teach any nephews and nieces that come my way as well," she says brightly. "I spend as much time in the tree house as the little ones of Redrain do, truth be told."

"A pleasure to see everyone, though I think I'm going to retire for the evening. A pleasure to see all of you, and thank you both," he nods to Arcadia and Volcica, "for hosting us. It's been a good opportunity to see many faces that I don't normally run into."

Arcadia smiles fondly at the Princess-consort, "Thank you. Hopefully dinner next week or so?" Listening to Erik she admits disappointedly, "I missed it too. I had to go help at Leaholdt for a few days."

Vicente hesitates at Arcadia's urging to join the group by the fire, "I'm a bit warm, perhaps something a bit further away if convenient." He turns to the approaching messenger and seems to grow a bit hot under the collar and whispers something back to him. He turns back to Arcadia, "Truth be told, I did not really think anyone would be in their nightwear." His eyes shift a bit, "A different type of gathering then."

Erik offers a loose wave of his hand to Niklas and Arcadia in dismissal. "There are worse things to miss, I think. Or be missed by - incoming arrows, uncomfortable social appointments, riptides pulling one under a boat. In the grand scheme of things I think no one should be too terribly disappointed in the loss." He wonders aside to Helena afterward with a quizzical squint. "Does that mean lunar coloration alterations are a more common event Northward? Or are you talking about the indomitable weather in particular?"

Happiness, a bluebird arrives, delivering a message to Vicente before departing.

Donella nods her head to Arcadia and reaches out a hand. "Of course." Then she's off and moving through the doorway.

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Arcadia tilts her head and gives Erik a blank stare at he talks about lunar... somethings. Gladly, she turns her attention back to Vicente, "Oh?" She grins, "I told you. It's the north." Her eyes so grow fond at the room. "It's pretty amazing really." She shows him her own pale blue nightgown. "I had this specially made."

"More the worrying about the thaw never coming," Helena supplies to Erik with a smile, before nodding to Vicente when Arcadia introduces him. "Well met, Lord Fidante," the Redrain princess says, touching her chest before adding, "Helena Redrain." She smiles at his uncertainty about pajamas. "To be fair, with perhaps the except of Lord Rysen, most of us northerners wear more to bed than some of the southerners wear out and about," she says playfully.

Rosalind hears Vincente and grins,"I'm not. So you're good,"turning to Helena gasping,"There's a skill to it, isnt there? I'll teach them how to be so quiet and things. My brother and sister wont know what hit them!" Rosalind listens to Erik as well, curious,"A lunar what?"

Volcica laughs, looking to those gathered. "It never really thaws properly where I'm from. Parts of the Bonespires' lands do, but not all."

"Moon color changes.", Erik provides with a chipper smile aside to Rosalind, after bobbing a nod to Helena's explanation.

Arcadia groans playfully to Volcica, "I should of married a southerner. Maybe I can send Ginny to foster in the lyceum?"

Vicente gives a bow to Helena and says, "A pleasure to meet you, and yes, the concept of wearing pajamas to bed seems a bit foreign but I suppose it's different in the north." He turns back to Arcadia, "I half wondered if it was designed to have me wear them here while no one else did. It just sounded like a good joke." He just turns his head and then turns back to Arcadia while glancing at her nightgown, "It's quite lovely. I'm certain it's very comfortable."

Lorenzo gives a distracted smile around. "I believe I should go look for Gwenna. Very nice seeing you all, if we don't catch up again." He turns and slips out.

Alessandro has been quiet for a while, just listening to the exchanges with a little contented smile -- but after Erik's story, he stands, saying, "Lady Volcica, thank you for hosting. It is always nice to spend time in the Redrain ward. I am reminded of my mother's people whenever I do. I should give my wife a reprieve from ill children." He looks around at those gathered, continuing, "Good night, everyone." With that, he turns to start for the exit after his brother.

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"Oh, I misunderstood," says Helena, a blush coloring her cheeks a little at Vicente's explanation. "Well, we do have those too in the north, I think." She finishes her drink, and glances at the sky outside. "I think I need to go as well. I have some early meetings in the morning. Thank you for hosting, Lady Volcica, Countess Arcadia. Give my best to Count Magnus." She retrievers her cloak and makes her way toward the door.

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There is always that slight curl of a chill when a new person enters from the outside. This person is covered in a cloak of fur with a fur hat pulled over her head. In fact, it might just be walking fur. It's alive!!! It is also moving very rapidly towards the fire. It might be a fiery draw. Perhaps it is a furry moth? This is the flame? Until the perky voice of one Lady Esme Fidante is heard. "Why? Why does it have to be cold? This is horribly cold. So cold. Has anyone been outside? There is white stuff on the ground." The lady seems to be possessively holding her furred outerwear to her too. No. Precious. No take from the cold Southern Lady. If there's people (and there are), she's sadly ignoring everyone for the heat.

Merek makes a way from the place!

Vicente is standing by the door near Helena and Arcadia. Vicente's cloak is draped over his arm and he has a scowl on his mouth but his eyes don't seem quite so harsh. His eyes are peering about from time to time. He shrugs to Helena and says, "I don't know about everyone else, just foreign to me. It's the benefits of solitude at night, you can do whatever you want."

Arcadia chuckles and heads over to greet Esme, "Hello Lady Esme. It is Esme under there isn't it?" She encourages Esme to shed her layers by offering, "I have wine and a fire. I promise to help steal off the cold for an long as you're here." On Arcadia's hip is an infant girl who immediately wants out and onto Esme and her warm furs.

Rosalind smiles at Esme and waves,"Good evening, Lady Esme! It's been so long!"scooting over to make more room for her near the fire.

Volcica is lingering by all the booze! She's definitely drinking whiskey, and happy as can be with the company and the party. She's not all that talkative, but that hardly matters, right? "Good evening, Lady Esme."

Esme will immediately attempt to open the cloak and wrap it around Arcadia and her daughter. "In here. You stay here. I need heat. All the heat." Esme laughs though in her manner of doing it without apology and with a fullness. "I'm not use to this, Cady. I'm going to freeze. Freeze, I say. How do you do this?" Oh hey there is a baby. "Well hello darling, aren't you the most adorable little infant who has ever infanted? Could you tell your Mommy to push nice Esme into the fire and maybe add logs? If I start to turn to ice, Little one, you can have all the stuffed toys I own." Then there is Rosalind and the hat is pushed back so that emerald hued eyes can peer about the room. "I'd offer to let you all in my cloak, but you won't fit. We can all try if you want. Rosalind, my most dearest. It has been a lifetime. I think I have died a million times without your presence in my life." Her eyes turn towards Volcica. "Oh praise Limerance and the rapture he displays on is Devotion..." She means herself there. "If your beauty did not light the room, than your shift is one reminder of spring. A promise this blasted snow will fade." Her eyes slide to a messenger calling for her and a hand reaches out before she looks back towards the others.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Esme before departing.

Niklas sat enjoying his beer for perhaps too long, so when he looks around and sees that a number of people have left for the evening. "Oop." He pushes away from the wall where he's been flowering and offers nods and cordial waves to people as he heads back toward the door. His assistant steps away from his game of cribbage and goes to get the silken pajama-clad prince some heavy furs before he heads back out into the night. "Good evening to all."

Arcadia laughs and snuggles Esme under her cloak, "Honestly Esme. It's not that bad. Are all Fidante's so prone to hatred of snow? Lord Dante promised that he would not leave his rooms until this snow is gone and it's not even do bad this winter."

At the arrival of Esme, Vicente's face softens though he seems to be fighting back a smile and does a reasonable job of it. He looks about to say something when she mentions pushing her into the fire and his face goes white and his left hand starts to tremble. He shifts the cloak to be grasped with that hand and his eyes shift about a bit more panicked.

Rosalind hops up from her place at the fire and smiles,"I'm afraid I have some things to finish,"disappointment in her hazel green eyes. She tells Arcadia though,"Thank you for the invite! I'll make sure to tell my family what they missed!" Rosa grins, a bit impish,"I'll embellish a little." She turns and waves to the others,"Was nice to see you all!"

Esme pulls Arcadia in closer to her and snuggles in. It's not a romantic gesture, she's really just trying to vampire all the heat out of the woman. "Don't believe him. He just got married. That's really why he's not leaving his rooms. Comeon. I, on the other hand, have never left Tor in winter. It is a vast, vast difference from our nice moderate climate. I will make you visit with me in summer and then I'll lounge around while you are scrambling to remove all your clothing and douse yourself in ice." When Rosa goes to /leave her/, Esme sighs out. "You could leave your body heat behind. Fine. I forgive you, but we must hang out again." She does not try to wave Vicente over to the fire but she sends him a bright smile. It's an 'everything is okay' smile.

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