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The Morning's Song - A Musical Performance

For their first performance in the city of Arx since returning, the Dragon Bard - Prince Talwyn Valardin - will be hosting his first piece in several months. For those budding performers, an invitation is extended to join in. Do write to him before.

OOC: Mostly just an opportunity to RP in the same room, listening to some music, but that'd mostly be background for you all RPing together. Beats an 8am bar crawl!


Oct. 8, 2019, 2 p.m.

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Mabelle Zoey Lucita Domonico Rafael Sanya Evaristo Berenice Aksel Thea Korka Modi Braith Sorrel



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Performance Hall

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Comments and Log

Talwyn has joined the stage.

Maple, a brown golden retriever, Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, 2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Truffle, an energetic mountain puppy arrive, following Mabelle.

3 Grimhall House Guards, Ivan arrive, following Sanya.

Evaristo has joined the stage.

Mabelle has joined the lower right seating.

With the evening in full grip over the city, chimney smoke becoming a common theme now and the smell of it cakes the streets. Servants are attentive to those who come and go in the bard's college and further back into the performance hall itself. Other servants, well dressed in fine umbra, have silver trays and make offers to those entering, escorting some to seats about the hall while Prince Talwyn Valardin is stood upon the stage. Smiling his pearls out as some make their way in, "Come join us today. Please. Master Evaristo and I will be playing a few notes to suit the background sounds of you all socialising. Mingling and talking. Make yourselves comfortable, get a blanket and white wine. Milk also avaliable."

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Mabelle travels into the hall quietly, offering smiles and curtsies to those she knows and is quick to find a place as closer to the stage as she can possibly find, remaining unobtrusive.

Zoey puts Intricately forged ancient steel recurve bow in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Domonico has joined the lower center seating.

Zoey enters the performance hall and looks around. When she spots her uncle Rafael, she smiles, waves, and makes her way over to him.

Lucita steps into the area, vivid red shawl being swung in a dramatic arc as she removes it and folds it to lay over one arm. "Well that is a plesant way to spend the time, listening to lovely music and talking. I can only be here for a short while, a previous apointment to keep but did want to be here as long as I could.

Domonico has been waiting in the centre seats for some time now, attired for war as he is wont to do, with a look of intense concentration on his face as he watches the stage and those on it. If he could look any more out of place it would be a feat.

The gentle chafing of healer's robes against the floor marks Rafael's movements as he claims seating. Whatever the hour, the Mercy looks well-rested as he cooly smiles and lifts a hand as if to grab hold of Zoey's attention from afar.

Rafael has joined the lower right seating.

Zoey has joined the lower right seating.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

Gleeful as she tends to be before watching a peformance, Sanya enters the hall, casting a gaze around the room to look for familiar faces. She raises a hand to wave to Mabelle and Domonico, she approaches Lucita. "It's been quite some time, my lady. Lovely to see you." She beams.

Evaristo has climbed up on the stage, lute all ready to be played. He looks quite alert for it being morning, not known for being much of a morning person otherwise. "Prince Talwyn, this is a GREAT idea, even if it's all early in the morning - but music knows no boundaries when it comes to time of day. I guess one wouldn't want a loud drumming concert outside your bedroom though," he jokes, eyes glittering with mischief. He bows to the people entering and takes a seat to start playing. He does sing as well, but he isn't raising his voice high enough to overpower conversations. He's a very talented musician and focuses more on the instrument than his voice, though the songs might be familiar enough to some.

Spotting Sanya from afar, Mabelle wiggles her fingers to her and offering her a warm smile. She invites her to join her if she likes, and turns her gaze back to the stage.

Berenice makes no attempts to be unobtrusive. She enters in a whisper of smoky seasilk, the fabric adorned with stygian, iridescite, and the new alloy mirrorsilver. There's a moment she pauses, catching the start of a very familiar song sounding from the stage, and her lips curl into a smile of mischievous amusement. "Well, that was certainly well-timed." Her gaze travels idly over those gathered, noting the faces both familiar and un.

Aksel enters into the performance hall as quiet as a shrine mouse, his green eyes scanning about the room before making a quick bee-line for one of the servants who's got whiskey. He glances left and right before snagging the bottle, giving the servant a wry grin before shuffling off way wordlessly to find a place to sit.

Evaristo plays one note wrong, just as Berenice enters. Surely just a coincidence.

Leaning across to Evaristo, Prince Talwyn laughs and murmurs for a moment that is picked up by thouse around in the front rows, "I am banned from playing at later times by my cousin." Shaking his head for a moment as he decides to pitch this different, "Voluntarily offered to not." From there he steps aside to give Evaristo freedom to play after a short introduction, "Our first performance today. Master Evaristo." Lifting his chin up, Talwyn's dark eyes reach to the back rows as he applauds Evaristo thrice and stands off to the side.

Lucita looks over toward some of the others as they enter, a little grin on her lips. With a curtsy as Berenice passes near she murmurs to her softly, keeping her voice down enough that the music can be enjoyed.

Thea steps into the hall, gathering her dress as she plucks a glass of wine from a tray and moves to make her way to a seat.

Domonico still has his frown on his features as he listens to Evaristo. He has managed to spot Sanya when she waves before giving a nod and then returns to staring at the stage and the players.

Thea has joined the upper left seating.

Sanya has joined the lower right seating.

"I should take a seat." Sanya says to Lucita with a warm smile. "I'll talk to you after." She inclines her head to Mabelle as she approaches the seats by her. "Lovely to see you, my dear." She turns to Zoey. "My lady."

Aksel has joined the upper left seating.

"Lady Sanya," Zoey returns with a smile and a polite nod.

Aksel gives a nod of his head to Thea as she sits down without looking up at her. He starts to offer his purloined bottle of whiskey when his gaze goes up to her and sees she already has wine and ohh so smoothly brings the bottle to his mouth to take a drink.

Evaristo's first song, a powerful ballad, ebbs out - and he shifts to a much merrier, folkly song. There's some tapping of feet and definite humor in the text; it's a total contrast to the ballad but likely to lift someone's spirit. He's not long up there on the stage and stands up when done, bowing to the guests and to Prince Talwyn. "I'll leave the stage for the main act of the ev-.. err, morning," he says and he grins widely at Talwyn. "I look forward to hearing you, your highness. An applaud for Prince Talwyn for hosting this, and for entertaining us with his music!" he suggests and makes an inviting gesture before he steps off the stage.

Thea bows her head in greeting to everyone, a slight smile appearing. "Thank you. I may hold you to that later,"she hushedly tells Aksel.

Berenice arches a brow at whatever Lucita whispers to her, amusement lingering on her lips, and murmurs a quiet response in turn before her attention draws nearer the stage. When Evaristo steps down, she drifts closer in his direction, taking his arm and whispering some amusement to him next.

Lucita looks toward Sanya with a smile. "Alright. That would work but I still need to do that appointment soon..." She seems distracted by the music and loses the flow conversation but manages to nod to Berenice.

"Well," Aksel says bringing the almost full bottle up to examine it, "You best hurry, there may not be much left by the time you're looking for a drink." His gaze slowly goes about the room before giving a shrug of his room, "Though, I doubt the drink will run dry in this sort of event."

Evaristo finds himself arm in arm with Berenice - not that he looks like he wants to complain, that wide grin on his face making it obvious he's enthralled. He blinks rapidly at her, then murmurs something back with a lopsided smile.

Stepping from the left side of the stage, Prince Talwyn's right hand lifts to wave across to an imaginary person at the back before stopping beside Evaristo to applaud him while a lute lives under his right arm. "A round for Master Evaristo. Perfectly played as he always does." Another applause before stepping forward to the edge of the stage and announcing to those gathered, "I will be playing something of a new piece today. Winter's Crawl I have called it. Please, do have a second or third glass of wine while I play."

Talwyn is overheard praising Evaristo: Perfectly played by the master musician

Korka slips in between songs, deciding to linger at the doorway rather than taking a seat, folding her arms and watching the crowd more than the performance it seems.

Mabelle fascinatedly observes the stage and releases excited applause in the direction of Evaristo as his performance concludes for a time.

Mabelle is overheard praising Evaristo: So graceful!

Domonico hmmms quietly to himself, offering polite applause as his frown remains as he watches Evaristo leave. Obviously the Malvici Admiral is hard to impress right now.

Sanya joins in on the applause when Evaristo finishes.

Modi is slipping in quick and quiet under the cover of the music. Swathed in umbra, he's mostly a shadow save for his jewelry and the leather sling he carries over his chest with precious cargo weighing him down in the back. He settles into a seat and joins his hands in applause toward the stage.

Lucita is overheard praising Talwyn.

Lucita is overheard praising Evaristo.

Sanya is overheard praising Talwyn.

Evaristo has left the stage.

Sanya is overheard praising Evaristo.

Rafael applauds from where he sits as well, careful not to allow his idle chit-chat to carry over the sound of playing.

Lucita checks the time and then discretely steps out, a bit of reluctance showing as she leaves the lovely musical display.

Mabelle is overheard praising Talwyn.

A gaunt young man with oily black hair and ice blue eyes arrives, following Braith.

1 Saik Guard, Micana leave, following Lucita.

Modi has joined the lower left seating.

Talwyn drops a musical wooden lute.

Berenice plucks up a glass of wine from a passing attendant, drawing Evaristo to one of the nearby seating arrangements as she chats amiably with him.

Berenice has joined the lower left seating.

Braith has joined the lower left seating.

Evaristo has joined the lower right seating.

Evaristo has left the lower right seating.

Evaristo has joined the lower left seating.

Braith is late as she enters, keeping quiet as best she can as she grips the strap of her lute upon her back. Dark eyes flit about for the familiar. Evaristo being pulled to sit is noted but her gaze settles on Modi and is quick to make her way in his direction, quick as a flash as she scurries to plop herself down and adjust the instrument upon her back so not to club anyone behind her or in the case, around her.

Sanya has left the lower right seating.

3 Grimhall House Guards have been dismissed.

Ivan have been dismissed.

Sanya has joined the lower right seating.

Evaristo takes a seat and turns to look at Talwyn, applauding him - he looks expectant. He IS a bard, and any new songs are likely to draw his attention. Still, he balances that with paying close attention to Berenice there as he sits down.

With his left hand on the neck of the lute, right hand over the strings, down Talwyn's fingernails brush over the wooden instrument's strings as he plays out a low litany of sound. The waves of it, washing over the crowd about as dark eyes seal away behind eyelids. Starting slow, soft even, Talwyn's plucking has delicate sounds to start before his hand shifts up upon the neck. His right hand now drawing across in whole batches before he shuts it off with a rest of his hand. Building the sound, a wall of music like a beating heart, Talwyn repeats and repeats while his eyes remain closed. Providing something more than just background music.

Aksel gives a clap of his hands for Evaristo, having to place his bottle of whiskey down next to him. When asked to have another drink, Aksel reaches for his bottle and brings it to his lips for a health draw from it.

Thea applauds now, carefully as to spill her wine.

Finally, as the music build more from Talwyn's lute, he rests his hands upon it to force the lute silent. He holds it there on stage to allow nothing more before returning back to the soft plucking of notes. A twinkle here, a feathered sound there as his dark eyes open once more to make themselves known to the crowd. "Thank you. If another bard would like to join upon stage. It is yours, or I can return another round."

Evaristo makes some very vigorous applauding from his seat, and isn't afraid to be the noisy one here, clearly. "Amazing performance, Prince Talwyn! That rhytm... like a beating heart, and the passion when you play - it's enough to make another bard quite jealous, your highness."

Clapping quickly, Braith pulls from the quiet conversation at the seating she has taken up, a smile pullsing across her lips. Her hands come to rest after a moment more and then adjusts the strap upon her chest, making sure that the lute sits just right.

Mabelle stands in her seat a moment, offering a standing ovation to the stage that had just hosted two magnificent performances of Talwyn and Evaristo. As a few patrons join the applause, she is sated and regains her seat.

Talwyn takes a musical wooden lute.

Korka applauds politely, still leaning against the wall by the door and watching those that come and go. The music has put a bit of a smile on her lips and in spite of herself there may have been a toe tapping or two.

Oh, it's time to clap again. Aksel joins in after placing his bottle down, yet again. He looks towards the stage to see if it's safe to take up his bottle again. Judging it safe he retrieves and drinks.

Checking about the stage for others to play, Prince Talwyn steps aside to introduce a violinist to stage wearing dark common cloth clothes. "Please welcome, Master Peyter Myers. Newly arrived to Arx." Clapping his hand and making himself back to the edge of the stage, Talwyn's hands tuck back.

The Master Peyter lifts his violin to chin and holding the bow, slowly draws it across. A somber sound to accomany the previous beating heart from Talwyn. Something different, slower. Much more forgetable but more appropriate for background sounds.

Domonico offers a slow clap, shifting a little in his seat, his face still either looking confused or in deep, intense thought regarding what he has seen.

Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Thea has left the upper left seating.

Aksel turns his head to say something to Thea and gets his mouth open before realizing she's gone away. He snaps his mouth shut before giving a shrug of his shoulder and letting his gaze go back towards the stage to listen to the music.

Evaristo is bobbing a foot or moving his head where he sits, in rhytm to the music played and often looks at the musicians, appreciative and attentive even when socialicing with the people he's sitting with.

Master Peyter Myers' bow still moves slow over the strings of his held violin, the sound of the sole musician struggling in part but still adding a wash of musical beauty. His fingertips are slower, more thoughtful, as the young commoner continues to learn their craft on stage.

"Was there another who wished to play?" Talwyn steps forward now as Peyter lowers his violin down to his hip and makes his way down with an applause from those gathered off-hand at the back. "Lady Braith? Congratulations and I know you can play."

The call from Talwyn stops her reply to Berenice, hesitating before she slowly rises. "I have a song tale..I guess you could say," she replies to the Prince and then dips her head, a riot of glossy curls shifting about her face before she rises. "Thank you." She glances to the others at her seating and then climbs to the stage, pulling the lute about to keep the strap in place but make the instrument accessible. She quickly strums it and then puts it slightly off key as she messes with the pins.

She glances down upon those gathered and smiles a bit more before she begins.

"To all those that come and go," strum goes the lute as her epic story begins to unfold in a half singing voice, half story telling voice. "I have a story of great and unexplainable woe. A bard, her lute, a prince and song...weaves a story that is not really all that long," comes the forewarning as she grins.

"The bard was sitting as a bard does, tuning and playing her lute. Seeking solace at a sacred pool she did take root. Alone was she and when a rather rapscallion Prince did aspy her!"

"So focused was she that she did not hear his stealthy approach. So he thought to himself what a joy it would be! To surprise the young bard all alone."

"Up he did creep?..up he did sneak...and with voice so loud it did boom. He cried out her name in greeting near her ear and startled the poor thing no longer alone."

"BOOM! CRASH!....CRAAAACK!" Each one gets a thump and sorrowful strum of the strings of her lute that she makes sound despondent.

"Oh my, oh my, the lute it is cracked! Ruined by the fun of a gallivanting Prince! Poor bard and her lute, such trauma they suffered! The Prince for his part was given a whack and lay on the ground stunned on his back! Poor lute my poor lute you can hear it cry. Lamenting the fact it was made sword on the fly!"

The bard stops there, grinning from cheek to cheek.

Braith wields Larksong, a diamondplate lute with amethyst larks.

Zoey applauds the song with a wide grin on her face.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Evaristo lets out a laugh and applauds, his expression filled with mirth. "That explains the diamondplate lute!" he calls out. "Remind me not to startle you, my lady. That is a brilliant song!"

Modi is overheard praising Braith: That poor lute.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Sanya rises to applaud once the sung tale is finished, her smile mirthful.

Evaristo is overheard praising Talwyn.

Applauding the song from Braith, Prince Talwyn is once more to the side of the stage and steps across the wooden boards to appreciate Lady Braith. "Please. Give it up for the newly married, Lady Braith Mazetti." Hands from Prince Talwyn continue to sound together before he turns chin to the crowd once more as he makes his final call out, "After having Master Evaristo. Me. Lady Braith and Master Peytr. Would there be our final performance for today?"

Evaristo is overheard praising Braith.

Clapping, Rafael can be heard remarking on the clumsiness of princes. It's something he apparently believes to be widespread.

Mabelle finds the evening extremely entertaining, she laughs at the last tale and claps with enthusiasm.

Rafael has left the lower right seating.

Dionne, a Mercy Novitiate leaves, following Rafael.

Sorrel, who has stepped into the back to quietly listen, applauds the song with pleasure, and then, in the lull, looks for somewhere to sit.

Sorrel has joined the lower left seating.

Bowing forwards over Larksong, Braith slowly rises and then dips her head graciously to Tawlyn. "Thank you, your highness." Braith winks at the crowd and slips her lute to her back once more, letting the amethysts to glinting as she gives a quick walk off stage, climbing back down to return to her seat and perhaps share a few laughs. The curly haired bard nods to Evaristo about something. "Still have the lute too, afraid I can not give it up."

Braith is overheard praising Evaristo: A gracefully adept performance!

Braith is overheard praising Talwyn: Gracious host and lovely performance.

Giving over to a bit of time, Prince Talwyn bows his head as none others come forward. His head turning to invite Master Peyter, to bring across his violin and allow the Valardin Prince to play.

"This will be our last one for today. Thank you everyone for coming along. Enjoy these last few bits of music, stay for longer and bask in the gentle hall that is the Bard's." Words finished, Talwyn's dark eyes close once again as his pearls bare out and slowly he draws his bow across the strings for an etheral hum.

Talwyn is overheard praising Braith: That lute! She sung words as well to go with her music. Now that's talent.

Braith looks up from greeting Sorrel and quiet conversation to gaze upon the violin. "Ohhhh I do so love that instrument," she murmurs and waits, her hands settling to her lap despite fixing the vest and silk shirt briefly.

Domonico hmmms quietly from his spot, eyes flicking over the violin as it plays, resting his elbow on the rest and his chin on his thumb. The Malvici is otherwise silent and still as he seems to ignore everything else.

With his violin coming to a slow, gradual halt. The haunting sounds from Prince Talwyn slowly disappear and, instead, he bows silent and makes his way back stage. Footsteps all that remains from the music today as he takes his leave to mingle back behind the curtain with the other performers and thanking those who helped set it up.

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