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Lowers Wellness Clinic Outreach

As the colder months arrive, the Physicians are mobilizing to prepare. The Commons Clinic in the Lowers is hosting a week long event, donating clothes, blankets, food and medicines to those who live within the Lowers. They are also making a push to offer their services to the impoverished, seminars and demonstrations on how to treat minor wounds and illnesses.

Anyone interested in donating to the cause is welcome to come down to the clinic, take in a class or demonstration and join in the food and refreshments being offered by the Physicians. Come in casual style and enjoy an evening focused on good food, good feelings and good health.

There will be games, for adults and for children, as well as raffle.


Sept. 20, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Reigna Rukhnis


Kael Merek Caspian Derovai Rikako Peri Bhandn Catalana Thea Richard Juliana Behtuk Estil Rysen Sigurd Ras Bree Jaerith Elisha




Arx - Lower Boroughs - Commons Square

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Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette arrive, following Caspian.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane arrive, following Catalana.

Thea has joined the the First Aid table.

The Wellness Faire is still going strong. A lengthy line is curled around the clinic as residents of the Lowers line up to collect blankets, clothes and medical supplies purchased on the generous donations given to the Guild. There is a decent amount of chatter, the squeals and laughter of children as they scamper about and dash from one bank of games to another. Several are sporting face paint, or new toys won in the games. Reigna is in overseer mode, lingering on the periphery, arm in arm with her husband. She looks exhausted, but that seems to be typical of her these days. Still, things appear to be going smoothly and thus, she is pleased.

On this fair and beautiful evening, Rukhnis herself is presiding over the centrally located First Aid station, taking questions from members of the crowd whose expressions range from merely curious to concerned, clearly reflecting a variety of inquiries. Whenever there is a lull at her table she greets the new people arriving in the square, telling them with her usual courtesy, "We are very glad to see you here tonight. Please be sure to take in a demonstration, play a game, pick up blankets or other things for your families, or ask any questions you may have. There are also several kinds of tea in the trunk, from which you are welcome to take a sample of your choice. Shortly we will have a demonstration on how to splint an injured arm, and a competition afterwards to see who among the audience can do this best. There is also a raffle with some very fine prizes." She sounds a little bit as if she's repeated this many times already. Her assistant Ayallah stands by her side, ready to wave people towards the trunk of free tea or on to whatever other destination they have in mind.

Arm in arm with her husband due to the fact that there is steadfast support between the pair or simply because she is so exhausted? Perhaps it is a combination of the two, for Kael makes certain that Reigna is able to lean on him just as much as she needs, with a little sidelong look to her. This Keaton looks tired as well, fatigued, but nowhere near as much as his wife. That must be the reason that he keeps sending her concerned little glances, his lips pursing just slightly. "The guild did an extraordinary job," he murmurs to her, keeping his voice pitched low and nudging her with a shoulder before removing his arm from her. Abandoned she is not, for said arm snakes about her middle to take more of the weight from Reigna's feet.

Merek is coming about to look at the place, his dark attire on while he wears a cloak about his form which is tattered a bit. He seems to be curious about the games which he checks as well.

Don't worry, Caspian is here! In he walks, heading right over to where the food is to get his grub on. He grabs a bowl and loads some on some stew, shoving a piece of bread in it. Once done he wonders to Rukhnis, "Is there a signup for the competition or the raffle?" He wonders, calling over towards the woman.

Derovai's approach is a casual stroll, utterly unhurried and almost sedate. He's clearly not here for blankets and medical supplies, though he does pause in the general vicinity of the line to look over the gathering in general before coming any closer. It's questionable whether he's hear for the offered food either, because while he does head that way--eventually--it's, if possible, even more slowly than his arrival.

Rikako was curious to learn things, so she came and hovered on the edge of the crowd. Smiling she looks about with interest, though does not look to be in need of relief.

Peri is sniffing bark at the first aid table and comparing its scent to that of a sachet of tea she took from the free samples.

He'd heard about the Wellness Outreach, but Sir Bhandn had not really taken the time to come observe. Today, however, there is such time, but his arrival is done in a slightly off manner: he's staring at his feet as he walks, barely tilting his head upward so that he cannot see more than a few paces in front of him. Not only that, but he actually passes on by, taking his time to navigate the crowd, until he can turn his back to the docks. Only then does he finally look up, those grey eyes glancing around with a ghost of a frown on the knight's lips. Not displeased, but thoughtful, considering, especially where the demonstrations are being done. He'll watch that for a time, a lone boulder in a river of people who finds it easier to not move to avoid running into others.

Catalana arrives with two small, and very excited children in tow. Cerillia, the eldest is immediately in line to get her face painted. Rayne on the otherhand clings to his mother's skirts. Catalana herself is her usual bright and bubbly self. Finding Reigna in the crowd, she comes to greet Reigna. "Marquessa. What a wonderful turn out."

For now, Thea is helping oversee the First Aid station until it's time for the demonstration part. She peers around looking to see if anyone really is broken. "Oh,"Hello..."she greets someone near her.

"I am not sure just how the raffle works," Rukhnis replies to Caspian. "Marquessa Reigna is the one to put your inquiries to, as it was her idea, and she was responsible for obtaining the many lovely prizes." She scans the crowd briefly, and spotting the woman in question, nods in her direction. At the same time a furrow creeps onto her brow to see how exhausted Reigna looks, but she only purses her lips briefly and returns her gaze to Caspian. "As for the first aid contest," she continues, "that will follow the demonstration, and all who wish to participate may simply gather around this table."

Currently, Richard is sitting with a group of children, and he's working on wrapping up one in straps of cloth. "You keep this up, you won't be able to walk." he announces, a slight frown on his face. The kid, makes a muffled noise through the bandages and then rises up to start to shamble after his friends. "Arrr. Rawr." comes the child's cries, causing the medic to shake his head as he lets out a breath and bows his head to Thea. "My Lady."

Caspian has joined the the First Aid table.

Reigna checked dexterity + sewing at difficulty 9, rolling 11 higher.

Reigna drops Raffle Information.

Juliana took a different approuch, she has laid out a blanket in which she is sitting cross legged on, Argent laying beside her. The Igniseri lady as boxes and boxes of fresh oranges with her. Any child that wants can come claim an orange or as many as they can carry, she has baskets ready. All they have to do is tell her their name, their age.. count as high as they can and show her their biggest smile. It's not much but it's enough for her aid to right down the in formation and for Jules to give a fast cursory once over on their development. Gives Argent time to muzzle and lick those that are willing to pet him.

Merek makes his way to where Reigna is, then he places a writ on the table, while he shifts his tattered cloak about him, "This many raffle tickets please!" he says.

Thea has left the the First Aid table.

Thea has joined the beneath the black-and-red striped awning.

Thea has left the beneath the black-and-red striped awning.

Thea has joined the the medical demonstration station.

Was about to head to the table, but then he spies Derovai. "Dero!" He cries, approaching the man with a bright smile given his way, stew and bread in one hand. "I'm back!" He tells the man with a wide grin. "Good to see you again, it's been a while. Has life been well for you?" He wonders to the man with a tilt of his head towards him.

Rukhnis scans the crowd, perhaps assessing the number of people around her who look as if they're in need of a good splinting demonstration. She gives a small nod to Ayallah, who begins to tidy up the table in preparation of whatever amazing, educational thing is soon to take place.

Peri is overheard praising Rukhnis.

Peri is overheard praising Reigna.

Caspian is overheard praising Reigna: This is a great idea! Great work. Always good to see the silks helping the poor folk.

Merek is overheard praising Reigna.

Peri has left the the First Aid table.

Derovai turns his head when he hears that particular nickname, and his return smile is, while somewhat smaller, no less genuine. "So you are. Although I suppose it's fair to say I'm back as well. Business. It doesn't seem like the city slowed down in the slightest while I was gone." He tips a glance toward the first aid table next. "Things have been well, yes. A little quiet.


Caspian is overheard praising Rukhnis: Great idea. Great event. I hope many people were helped.

Reigna offers over a sheet of numbers to Merek and smiles, "Thank you very much for your donation, with that amount, you have provided three families with food and blankets for four months."

Duchess, a graceful greyhound, 2 Navegant Marines, 2 Navegant Sailors, Palwen arrive, following Estil.

Behtuk doesn't really know how to handle himself in these social situations, but Rukhniss appears to be in charge, so he heads in her direction carrying a leather valise. He slows as he passes the refreshments lineup, looking over the food longingly.

Thea starts laying stuff out on the table. She eyes the crowd, considering. Well--how to wrap a simple sprain or how to set a broken bone? Or--how to stop light bleeding?

Catalana glances over at the raffle and her mouth rounds in pleasure. Moving to Reigna and waiting her turn, she too asks for some tickets.

Rukhnis clears her throat as she fixes her gaze more firmly on the crowd, rubbing her hands slowly together as she waits for everyone's attention to drift her way. When this fails to happen -- it wasn't a very loud noise, after all -- Ayallah shakes her head disapprovingly and, lifting her fingers to her lips, makes a piercingly loud two-fingered whistle. Rukhnis nods to her assistant in gratitude, and then begins to address the crowd in a low yet oddly carrying voice. "If anyone is interested in learning how to create a splint, or wishes to take part in the first aid competition, then I ask that you would come over to the First Aid table where we will begin shortly."

Kael's tilting his head slightly in toward his Reigna as she murmurs something to him, his brow arching slightly. His expression becomes a rather speculative thing followed by a shift of his focus across toward Rukhnis. After a moment of deliberation he nods and murmurs something back toward Reigna. Ah, and you see, that sharp whistle has him focus on the woman once more curiously.

"Naa, nothing has really slowed down, it's as wild as always," says Caspian back to Derovai with a shrug of his shoulders to the man, looking around a moment, shoving a spoon of stew in his mouth. "Duels have slowed down though, getting no work now that I'm back. How am I suppose to call myself a Champion if I don't duel?!"" He hears the man, then says to him, "You gonna compete? I'm going to, even though I have no faith that I'm gonna win. Anyway, let me buy a raffle and get over there. We need to catch up."

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist, Deor, a young swordsman, 2 House Crovane Guards arrive, following Rysen.

Caspian heads over to Reigna, telling her, "Three raffle tickets, please. Two for me, one for my friend Derovai over there," he says, pointing to Derovai.

With light slippered footsteps, Estil joins the party, looking a tad wary of being past the gate, but relieved to see so many other nobles here. She moves towards the refreshment table accepting a glass from Palwen, then blinking and turning towards the sound of the loud whistle. After a moment of thought she heads towards the first aid table, "You've made a game out of medical prodecures?" She asks dubiously.

Rikako has joined the the First Aid table.

Head turned towards the whistle, Rikako smiles brightly as she hears that the demonstration is about to begin. So she weaves her way deftly to the crowd to claim a space for herself at the table before getting crowded out by taller people.

Behtuk tries to offer the valise to Ayallah, and is redireted to Reigna, meaning that he joins the general throng headed in that direction. He mills about somewhat aimlessly.

Derovai follows after Caspian as he heads toward Reigna. His expression breaks a little when the other man offers to buy him a ticket, and he makes a very small noise of protest, but not enough to actually dissuade anyone. "--No, not planning to participate," he says, in belated reply. "I'll join you in just a moment though." As, it seems, he intends to linger at this spot for just a while longer, because he leans in to murmur something to Reigna.

Rukhnis simply nods to Estil in agreement, saying, "Games and competitions are excellent ways for people to learn new skills in a way that seems fun and unthreatening. And sometimes people will put more into it if they are competing to see who is a best at a thing." She spreads her hands and adds, "And indeed, it is not as if anyone is going to be actually hurt from it. It is all only play."

Reigna spies Behtuk's aimless wander and waves him over, "Hello, may I help you?"

The loud whistle from Allenya startles the little boy in Catalana's skirts. And he begins to cry. Like really cry. Catalana picks him up and gives his brow a kiss. Rayne on the other hand stares daggers at Rukhnis and her assistant. How dare they ruin the fun with their noises.

Behtuk pushes the leather valise in Reigna's direction. "Donation." He says simply.

Reigna bursts into delighted laughter at something Kael murmurs to her, and she looks up at him with obvious adoration. As Derovai approaches she stills to listen to what he has to say. He gets a bit of a quixotic look and she nods, murmuring something in return.

Juliana is busy with the children when the raffle starts, but that doesn't stop her man Tyce from crossing to where Reigna and Kael stand, the half Eurusi, handing over writs with a murmur of where they came from, nodding towards the blanket where Jules hands out oranges and smiles.

Rysen drifts through the streets of Arx flanked by Deor and Lygeia, and a pair of Crovane guards, carrying the last of the boxes of blankets and old but warm clothing from the Black Hall. Rysen makes his way through the large crowd that has been passing in and out of Commons Square for the last week to stand near Rukhnis, offering a polite bow to Estil, and listening and smiling as Rukhnis emphasizes that competitions can be unthreatening. "Seems like everything has gone well," says Rysen to Rukhnis. "The kids and guests look happy," he says gazing at ever shifting mob of people, "and it seems like you've collected a lot. Speaking of which," he says, glancing over his shoulder at the Crovane guards holding their boxes. "This is last of what I could dredge up. Want it anywhere in particular?"

Reigna looks over to Behtuk, trying to keep up with those asking for tickets, and she smiles, looking at the case, "My thanks to you. Ah, may I look inside to see what is in it, so that I can offer you comparable tickets?" When Juliana's man arrives, the amount of tickets are handed over to Tyche while Juliana gets a friendly wave from Reigna.

Ayallah, listening intently to Rysen, nods to him and says in strongly accented Arvani, "Yes, please put it there," as she waves towards one of the tables whose donations have run down nearly to nothing. Rukhnis nods in agreement, adding, "We are just about to begin the splinting demonstration, so if you wish to be in the competition you may wish to come around the table and watch."

Evidently Kael has decided he is going to back Rukhnis up, or at least cast himself into the supportive role. For he actually abandons his wife after shooting Reigna a flash of a grin and kissing her cheek to excuse himself. Mind you, he dips his head low to Derovai in passing. As he ventures to the first aid set up, he remarks sidelong to Estil, "I rather think that it is a good idea. You do not?" A pause. "It certainly catches attention."

Bhandn wanders, taking in the sights and activities, but he'll catch sight of the Keatons, try for eye contact and a long distance, short duration bow, but in the end he'll be making his way towards Rukhnis just in time to hear her talking to Estil about ways to learn new skills. Bhandn will be nodding along with her words in complete agreement, but quietly with his hands clapsed behind his back. And his back still pointed at the docks.

Merek nods a bit to Reigna and smiles, then he waves while he looks to the demonstration, waiting for things to show before he moves to apply to be part of things also himself.

Estil murmurs something to Palwen, who hurries off to hand over a number of small papers to Reigna or those helping her collect resources and looks at the table again, "It is certainly...creative," she replies cautiously to Kael, giving him a faint smile, "I'm afraid I lack the imagination for such clever ways of teaching. I am more straightforward. But I applaud the attempt. I once thought to be a mercy, but it turns out I lack the right sort of bedside manner. A little too abrupt is what our old healer told me."

Whatever goes on between Derovai and Reigna, it only lasts a few moments. He hands her something, murmurs something again, and then turns to amble after Caspian with a faint grin and a two fingered wave.

Behtuk opens the valise and holds it out to Reigna wordlessly.

Rukhnis bows a little to Kael as he comes over to back her up, and then gives another small nod as people begin to assemble around the First Aid table, waiting for everyone to settle down a bit before speaking. If some people's attention is still diverted, so be it: medical education must go on.

"Regardless of where one lives or works," Rukhnis begins, "broken and sprained limbs are a very common injury that will affect many of you here, whether it happens to you yourself or to a friend, a comrade-in-arms, or a family member. Knowing this, it is very well to have the knowledge and skill to manage this injury, and to be able to secure it with a good splint until the wounded person may receive the care of a healer. Splints provide support to all manner of such injuries -- broken bones, fractures, sprains, and painful joints. In all such cases, the most important first aid that can be given is the immobilization of the affected limb, so that no further damage will occur to it."

Derovai has joined the the First Aid table.

While that demonstration of splints goes on, Thea remains at the other table. She watches the splint one too though, listening to Rukhnis. She shifts a bit at that.

"You are secretive as always," says Caspian back to Derovai with a roll of his eyes. Though he quiets down to listen to Rukhnis with a tilt of his head towards the woman, listening to them, nodding along as they speak.

"With this in mind," Rukhnis continues, "I am going to demonstrate to all of you how to construct a simple splint for the arm, as well as a sling. My assistant Ayallah will be my patient." She waggles her fingers at the other Eurusi, who immediately falls back onto a nearby chair while holding one arm at a dramatically awkward angle, pulling a horrific grimace of what must be the most horrible agony before looking perfectly composed and attentive again.

Behtuk seems relieved when the leather valise is finally disposed of. He receives raffle tickets and bows to the Marquessa. "Thank you my lady." He says in aa soft mumble before backing away and heading over to the refreshments table.

"In the competition?" asks Rysen cautiously, as the guards follow Ayallah's instructions and make their way to the table to unload their boxes. He listens to Rukhnis, and nods. "Sound advice," he murmurs. Before his eyes are drawn to Ayallah as she pantomimes a gruesome injury.

Catalana listens intently to what Rukhnis is saying, even if her son has deemed her a mortal enemy. Her daughter on the other hand has decided that splints make great swords. She's stolen two and is organizing kids into teams to battle. Shortly there'll be real injuriesm

Derovai tips his head toward Caspian at the remark. "I promise, you missed nothing interesting." He pitches his voice low for the reply, but he, too, quiets entirely as Rukhnis continues speaking.

Caspian also wanders back to the refreshment table to grab a beer during a convenient pause, chuckling quietly to Derovai.

"We will imagine that poor Ayallah has suffered the very commonplace incident of breaking her forearm." Ayallah nods dolefully, flopping her arm limply. Rukhnis nods very sombrely back -- this is all clearly Incredibly Serious Business. "It is not at all well," the physician observes astutely, "that this poor patient's arm should be allowed to move freely in such a fashion." Ayallah flops her arm again, pathetically. Especially /that/ fashion. "All manner of mischief will result," Rukhnis says deploringly. "And so, we will take materials to make a splint, using whatever we have to hand. A great many things will serve, so long as you have a stiff object to serve as a stabilizer, and something with which to secure the stabilizer to the affected limb. For our purposes, we will use a flat length of wood made expressly for the purpose and some very ordinary bandages. But one could just as well make do with a stick, or a broken-off broom handle, or even a thick roll of parchment."

Rysen is overheard praising Rukhnis: A skilled physician working to benefit all the people of Arx.

Kael's good natured enough, even if tired, and offers back a friendly smile in turn to Estil. "Are you?" he asks. "I admit that typically I am far more concerned with the skill of the physician - or Mercy - than any sort of bedside manner. Though to be fair, all that I know of medicine comes from being on the receiving end of it." He tips his head to Rukhnis, just so, before bowing it a bit deeper to Estil. "Marquis Kael Keaton, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." As Kael catches sight of Bhandn, he offers the man a reverse - a little uptick of his chin in amiable acknowledgement.

Rukhnis takes her flat splint, a bit shorter than Ayallah's forearm, and layers the bit of wood lightly with cotton batting before wrapping the whole thing in cloth strips. She then lays her patient's arm deftly against the now adequately padded splint, being careful to keep the limb steady even as she shifts it into place. Finally she quickly and surely uses two lengths of linen to tie the splint to Ayallah's arm, just below the wrist and above the elbow.

"You must be very careful to keep the injured limb as still as possible even as you move it. You will want to be sure to avoid tying the splint over the injury itself," Rukhnis explains as she goes. "Also, you wish to tie it tightly enough to keep the splint firmly in place, but not so tightly that circulation is cut off. You will want to inspect the injured limb from time to time afterwards, checking to make sure the pulse is strong and that the fingers -- or toes, in the case of a broken leg -- are not either pale or bluish, nor swollen."

As Rukhnis begins the lecture on first aid, Rikako listens closely and nods from time to time. Hearing that even a roll of parchment will suffice, she giggles and quickly covers her mouth.

Estil gives Kael a proper curtsey, "Lady Estil Navegant, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I have never been good at games of chance, but the cause is good so I have purchased some tickets that will count towards your goal. And I hope you have not been on the receiving end of such care of late, although who better considering the things I have heard about your wife's healing talents." She tilts her head a bit to listen to Rukhnis while not appearing to rudely turn away from Kael, "Perhaps I will try my hand at being a patient for someone."

Rysen glance competitively at Thea, and cracks his knuckles, as Rukhnis goes on with her thorough explanation.

Bhandn's mouth closes, having been on the verge of asking a question, only for Rukhnis to promptly continue to the very point he was about to raise. There's a faint uptick of his lips as she explains the sweet spot for how tightly a splint should be wrapped, but his grey eyes are nonetheless watching closely. Ayallah's flopping movements did amuse him slightly, but he sobers quickly, glancing down at his own right arm for a moment.

"Lastly," Rukhnis says, after allowing Ayallah to show off her splinted arm, as if it were the season's latest fashion, "we may create a sling to give extra safety to the arm, preventing it from moving about or knocking against anything which might cause additional injury. This is very simple," the physician reassures her audience, "and nearly any sufficiently large piece of fabric will do. In this case, I will simply use my own sash." And, unwinding it from her waist, she folds it into a triangle and then holds one corner of the triangle up to the shoulder of Ayallah's "injured" arm, letting another corner hang down across the young woman's chest. "We place the cloth just so, and then we place the elbow over the bit that hangs down." Doing just exactly this, she goes on, "We then pull the hanging corner up, again just /so/, and tie it to the corner at the shoulder. We do not tie it at the back of the neck, as that is bad for the spine." All this accomplished, she cautions her audience, "You will wish to keep the hand a few finger-breadths above the elbow, again to allow proper blood flow. But that is all there is to it."

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Rysen. A look that really inquires if he wants to go there?

"Of course, this simplifies the matter as much as possible, but even with just this knowledge, one can create a sling that is at least adequate to the task at hand. Now," Rukhnis says, turning her gaze out over the crowd, "who wishes to enter the first aid competition, and try it for themselves? You will need a team of two, one to act as the medic, the other to play the part of the patient, just as Ayallah and I have done." Ayallah gives a small smile, looking a great deal more shy now that her part in the first aid drama is done. Rukhnis adds, "If there are any questions, naturally I will also be glad to answer them."

Rysen grins as if to tell Thea, 'Bring it.' Unfortunately for the Crovane lord, he has ceased paying close attention to Rukhnis's directions.

Kael's moving a half step away to pivot slightly so that he can listen attentively to Rukhnis as she provides the demonstration. Mind you, there's also a sidelong look to Estil. When that introduction comes forth, his brows lift in unison and it is unmistakable. There comes forth a look of absolute and sheer delight. So he does not look entirely foolish, he's attempting to sober up, but Kael's game face? Absolutely horrible. He's amused, for whatever reason. "No, no. Not of late, though you are correct. My wife's skill is exceptional." The man rocks on his heels, hesitates, and remarks in a much lower tone to Estil, "Unless I am mistaken, we are cousins. You and I. Turo wrote me of it some time ago, but... timing."

"Okay, who wants to pair up with me?" Asks Caspian back to the crowd, looking around. "I can't promise I'll be any good, but I can promise I'll look good doing it!" He assures them with a bright grin.

"I'll play!" Rikako offers, raising her hand at the full length of her arm and bouncing a little as if she fears she may be overlooked. "I'll need a partner, though."

Behtuk is more interested in snacks than games. So he grazes on the provided refreshments.

"That depends on if you'll be the healer or the victim," calls Sir Bhandn to Caspian. He pauses, deliberately. "I can even make it authentic if you want to be the victim," he adds in a falsely more mild tone.

Glancing up, Richard considers, and then nods to Rikako. "I am Lord Richard Wyrmguard, of the Physicians. If you would like, I will assist you with your training." Not a game to this physician. This is a real skill she may have to use in the future1

"I would like to play, I will need a partner," Merek offers, while he lifts up a hand, making his way to the place people are about as well.

As the talk goes on, Catalana's daughter grows more and more displeased with how the children are fighting. Boss boss boss goes the little girl until she's had enough. Spotting Rysen, a real knight she decides he'll show them how it's done. Stomping over to the knight, she draws back her splint and THUMP! straight on his shin. Catalana unfortunately notices far too late. Lifting her voice and lunging for the small girl, she scolds her "Cerilla! no!" Shooting Rysen a mortified apology, Catalana begins to hurry out of the lowers, even to Cerilla's disappointed shrieks "But daddy would let me!" This will teach Catalana for coming unprepared without backup.

Thea smiles briefly,"I will be a victim, but I think it will be unfair to be thr actual physician. "

"I don't think the Physicians would be very happy if people started breaking actual bones at their clinic," Derovai notes, in the mildest of tones.

Rysen checked composure + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Surprise colors Estil's face a moment, but she soon composes herself with a light smile, "Are we? I have only just returned to Arx after some time away, so had my brother included me on the correspondence it is likely still en route to Escuma and I missed it. Cousins? How interesting." When people start pairing up she looks around, seeming to reconsider her offer of earlier, but then raising her slim fingers slowly, "I could partner with someone," she offers.

"I'd like to play too. Time to show Lady Thea how's it's done," Rysen says with a wink to the physician of the House of War. Turning to Merek, Rysen says, "I'll be your partner if you like, Sir Me -" *Whack* his leg is struck by Cerilla. He grins through whatever horrific pain he must be feeling and says to Catalana, "She's quite strong."

Last of her oranges finally passed out, well except for the two she has in hand, Juliana leaves her assistant to clean away crates and left over baskets. With the oranges in hand, Jules starts to wander, Argent close to her side. As it happens part of her wandering takes her past Kael and Estil, one of the oranges held out to the Marquis with a smile and wink. "For your cider." then a nod to the Lady before moving with her own to watch the contest.

Caspian smirks to Bhandn as he says, "Welcome to try." Hearing Estil, he points to the the woman. "How about you and I partner? Together, we'll be unstoppable!"

As Lord Richard introduces himself to her and offers to be her partner, Rikako smiles brightly at him. "I would be honored if you would help me, Lord Richard! I'm Rikako and I'm glad to meet you!"

Rukhnis desn't quite suppress a sigh as she looks around. "Please remember," she adds dryly, "For the purposes of this competition, tt is all only pretend. There is no need to truly break your partner's arm -- or other limb -- for realism."

Catalana mutters to Rysen as she passes, "You can bring that up to her father, if he survives the scalding for teaching her sword fighting. But excuse me. I think it's best as take them home."

Sigurd arrives somewhat later than most and being a late arrival looks absolutely flabbergasted about what all is going on. He moves around the square trying to keep out of people's way and find out what he's seeing. "Looks like a triage area after a battle, but make believe." He muses to nobody in particular.

"It was a goodly amount of time before, and yes, I believe just after I had found out you had left Arx. Through the Blackshore line," Kael explains before dipping his head and withdrawing a step. "I shall let you partner with someone so that you have a chance to win, yes? Well met, Lady Estil. Do feel free to come by Keaton Hall sometime and meet your second cousins." He withdraws a step more before bowing in typical Oathlander fashion. With his withdraw he moves back to his wife.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane leave, following Catalana.

Juliana arches a brow at Rukhnis's warning. "Well that takes half the fun out of it." states dryly

Merek nods a bit to Rysen, "Of course," he says, then he watches as the lady comes up to him. He blinks a bit owlishly, then he motions while he finds a station to settle in at, "I think we will likely be doing drawing straws next," he adds.

Rysen smiles at Catalana. "She's going to one of the finest knights in Arvum," he says softy. He then nods to Merek and moves over with him to the station.

Thea hears Rukhnis then. She sighs a moment with--is that disappointment? But then her gold-flecked green eyes spy a child smack Rysen and a slight grin appears on her lips. Thea likes that little girl. A lot. "You were saying, Lord Rysen?" Maybe there will be injuries yet..

Bhandn does turn his grey eyes towards Estil as she calls out for a partner, but the knight doesn't use words rather than a politely inquiring lift of his eyebrows and his attempt to meet her eyes with his own.

Rysen checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Merek checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

"I hope for your sake, Master Wild, you end up being the physician," Estil replies, nodding to affirm that she would indeed like to be partners. She also gives Kael another curtsey, "I will take you up on that offer and am glad to know that I have more family here in the city." She appears to misunderstand Bhandn's offer, blushing just a bit as she moves towards Caspian.

Richard checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Rikako checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Estil checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Caspian checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Richard checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Hearing Thea's voice, Sigurd moves about in her direction while avoiding crossing directly over the teams or in anyone's way. "Lady Thea, this looks like it is right in your area of expertise." He says with a brief but warm smile.

Rysen squints playfully at Thea. Before drawing the 'patient' straw. "Gods and spirits," says Rysen in disappointment. "Well, I suppose I did just suffer an injury. Best of luck, Sir Merek," he says, doing his best impression of Ayallah when she demonstrated a broken arm.

Caspian draws straws with Estil, and he draws the shorter straw, he's the patient. "Well, looks like my fate is in your hands," he says, poking her with the shorter straw. "Try not to break my arm or leg while doing this, alright? Though if you do, good thing there are physicians around!"

Nodding down to Rikako, Richard starts to say something. Then he pauses. "Shall we then, Mistress Rikako?" Honestly, until he saw that she was in a dress, Richard had thought Rikako a lanky teenager boy. Well. That wasn't all terribly awkward, at all.

Estil checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Merek checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Caspian checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Richard checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Reigna finishes her most recent sale of tickets and welcomes Kael back with open arms. She leans up on tip toe to kiss him, and then loops her arm through his as she looks over towards the competition. She laughs a little at the chaos and shakes her head, "She is doing a phenomenal job."

Finding herself with the shorter straw between herself and Richard, she nods. "Sure! This might be actually lucky to have chosen this way... assuming you do know what you're doing? I er... don't mean to offend!"

Reigna is overheard praising Rukhnis: A successful endeavor breeds more responsibility. You are a treasure!

Rikako checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Estil flinches back a bit at the poke by the stick, reaching up to rub at the spot uncertainly with ink stained fingertips, "I will do my best, Master Wild. But I'm afraid you may learn why the mercies declined to train me. Hopefully your work does not require two working arms," she might be teasing him, but it's hard to tell from her tone as she looks over the materials, reaching out to pick up one of the strands of silk, "This should be strong enough to hold a limb that needs to be set."

Merek looks at his straw, then he nods to Rysen, "Alright, I'm the medic, I will look for materials for splints, if you'd assist," he says then to Rysen as well.

Bhandn will, while the first aid competing is underway, take the opportunity to contribute to the raffle. Which is to say, he'll make his way over to Reigna and try to pass off his own raffle purchase under the guise of activity. "It's not much, Marquessa, but one hopes it does some good."

Thea nods to Sigurd as be ventures over,"It's a physician's event, so here I am." Eyeing Rysen for a moment,"I am apparently going to be made to look bad,"her eyes looking gold with amusement.

"Sure, I suppose the silk would work," says Caspian back to Estil, giving her a confirming nod. "It'd feel good against the skin at least!" Hearing Thea, he chimes in, "At least you're more famous?"

Rysen checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Rysen does his best to help Merek choose the best materials, though he double takes to see the alacrity with which Richard selects his materials.

When those arms are opening up to him, Kael laughs in response and shakes his head. His arms move around Reigna and he scoops her up so that he might give her a twirl. Said theatrics however end with his settling behind her, his arms wrapping around her middle so that he can once more play the role of a support wall. "She is," he agrees, his voice pitched low as he speaks to her. Absolute agreement. The next few words he speaks are pitched more quietly for her ears alone, though he's nodding to Estil in indication. Likely an explanation.

While Richard knows what /he/ would pick for materials, he glances to Rikako, and nods. "What do you think would make a good splint for an arm injury?" he asks her, prompting her to chose the materials.

Juliana watches as the for a moment as the teams start to work then arches a brow, backing away as she peels her orange. Glancing towards Rukhnis, bites her lip in amusement but otherwise doesn't say a word.

Ras is walking from Crow's Lane with his hands in his pockets, and doesn't seem surprised by the crowd, since the program has been going on all week. This time, though, he lingers, watching ongoings from the side with the hint of a smile across his face.

Reigna laughs delightedly as she is spun, and when they settle, she leans back into him with an air of extreme comfort and contentment. His murmur is answered with one of her own.

Behtuk eats his fill, though he's not greedy, when someone else approaches the table laden with food he's quick to help them fill a plate, but he never wanders far enough away that there is time to empty his plate before he returns for more.

"That is absolutely impossible Lady Thea, perish the thought." Sigurd smiles again and then starts backwards to not be in the way. "Good luck." Reigna's laughter gets Sigurd mobile in that direction with a polite bow and a Marquessa, Marquis." Looking at the shenanigans he asks, "Your doing Marquessa?"

Caspian checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 13 lower.

Estil checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Merek checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Rysen checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Richard checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Caspian checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Rysen checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Richard checked dexterity + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

Derovai watches on, if only halfway attentive. Indeed, he seems as interested in looking at the crowds still making their way to the donations, to the refreshment table, to the first aid booth as he does the contest going on right in front of him. But he does offer some encouragement toward Caspian, "Try not to squirm in horrible agony, I imagine it makes it harder to set your arm."

Richard checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Richard checked dexterity + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

"Oh..." Rikako, catches her lower lip between her teeth, folding her right arm up as if she was favoring it after Richard asks her what she would think to choose. "For an arm..." She looks over the table as short as mine... Goodness, so much stuff. Umm..." She points to a medium thickness of bark about the length of her forearm and a roll of the linen. "Those two for the splint. I guess some pins to hold it together?"

Rukhnis stands back a little from her contestants as they team up and make their selection of suitable splint materials, and from the calm expression on her face it's impossible to tell whether she thinks their choices good, terrible, or merely indifferent. As they begin to actually construct their splints, though, she moves around between them, giving each an equally critical eyeballing and nod.

Thea groans at Caspian,"Seriously. I'm just going to send you so much food. You'll wonder what it's in it." She might be teasing...might. Thea answers Sigurd,"I'm not participating...just watching."

Estil selects a strong looking piece of wood and then starts trying to figure out how to splint Caspian's arm, "No," she says with a light frown, "I believe the woman positioned it a different--if you just turn it--not that arm--" it sounds like they might be having a little bit of difficulty.

Rikako checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Nodding his approval, Richard takes the supplies and starts to assemble them. "Do you have any formal training in medicine, Mistress Rikako?" the medic asks as he sets everything out so that he can start on her arm. "Please be still while I apply this to you." he offers to her in a firm tone. But never once do his hands waver as he works.

"But squirming in agony is more realistic!" Says Caspian back to Derovai, while he gives bad advice to Estil's otherwise good performance, dragging the woman down to his level rather then raising her up to her own natural talents. At least he is perfectly still during it!

"True!" Derovai says, as his gaze shifts briefly back to the contest. "You could try some light screaming as well, for effect."

"Ah, Lord Sigurd Nightgold," murmurs Kael, and he hesitates - he's caught being a supportive wall, you see, and thus is unable to actually execute a bow. The man's a recipient of a deep bow of his head instead to serve as a replacement. "I am pleased that you were able to make it. I have not been able to acquire my wife's *full* schedule as of yet, but unless things go horribly awry with meetings for one or the other of us, the first day of the next week would be excellent for that dinner at Keaton Hall, should you wish to join us."

Rikako checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Bhandn settles in to watching as splints start to get wrapped around arms. He can't stop himself from being rather impressed, watching Richard go about his work with a will, eyebrows rising. "Almost seems unfair to the others," the knight says to the air. "Someone's done this before."

Estil checked dexterity + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher. Estil rolled a critical!

Richard checked dexterity + medicine at difficulty 24, rolling 34 higher.

Merek begins to do his work on Rysen, wrapping him up nice and neat, wiuth the splint which he places on, while he makes a preperation for the sling also.

Smiling relief at Richard's approval of her choices, she holds her arm still while he stats to work. "Not formal training. I've wandered about quite a bit on my own so have picked up some stuff here and there."

Estil's got this, Caspian is just a hindrance. He nods to Estil approvingly as she places the sling on his arm, "Damn you're good," he says to her with a grin. "The Mercies need to take a second look at you!"

Sigurd oh's at Thea, "I wasn't sure if you were acting as an advisory role or a judge or some such." He flashes a quick smile to her but is all solemn and formal when he addresses Kael's comment, "I am looking forwards to that dinner very much. I am hoping it works out well for all involved. Or at the very least is an excellent meal and good company. It is hard to go wrong with that."

Estil purses her lips and tells Caspian in a firm voice, "Stop. Moving." Then when he doesn't because squirming does make it more realistic, she just moves along with one of his movements, tying a firm knot by his neck. Definitely not around his neck. She gives him a nod, "There. Had you a broken arm you'd at least not make it worse."

"Have you ever considered training?" Richard asks. "The physicians are always looking for new talent, and it would help with your skills and employment in the lowers." he offers. Of course, he has all the charm of a slightly poached fish as he makes the pitch to her. Probably not the best one to make it.

Richard checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

"There's also fainting from the unbearable pain," Derovai calls. He's helping.

Caspian checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

"Oh, the pain!" Cries Caspian, holding his arm, and flops upon the table, fake passing out. Just like Derovai suggested!

Caspian checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 14 lower.

Caspian is no help, because he doesn't say anything, he just fakes passes out. In fact he might be helpful because he's not moving.

Estil checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Estil checked dexterity + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Caspian checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 14 lower.

Caspian checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Trying not to blink and giggle, thus squirm while Richard is working, Rikako nearly loses herself to laughter and has to bite hard on her lower lip. Will puncture wounds be the next lesson?! When she thinks she's safe to speak, she diplomatically says, "Er, well... I haven't exactly. I'm all busy at the moment trying to figure out how to make wounds. I might yet run away from that and tell them I'd be better of helping fix things up, though."

Derovai applauds politely. Whether he's applauding Caspian's performance or Estil's valiant efforts is entirely unclear, but there is applause.

Rikako checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Rikako checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Estil checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

"Have you ever had to threaten anyone with a knife at their throat when you've had to sew them up, my lady?" The question comes from Sir Bhandn, to Reigna. "Because they wouldn't stop fidgeting in their bed or tried to get out of it, or the like. I've seen that happen once or twice, and you'd think someone had broken guest right, from the looks on their faces."

Richard checked dexterity + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 55 higher.

Estil dutifully works on Caspian until he passes out, which startles her so much she takes a step back, paling a bit, "Master Wild?" She asks in a quiet voice, quite uncertain as to whether he's faking or not.

Merek checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

"Indeed, Lord Sigurd," responds Kael in an easy enough fashion. "I also hope to reach an amiable agreement, but if not? Fine company serves quite well." When Bhandn poses that particular question toward Reigna, Kael is snorting softly and shaking his head in response. "Have you met Sir Bhandn?" he asks of the Nightgold, gesturing vaguely to the knight standing yonder. "He is fair company as well, I should note."

"Ah. I see. Well, I am a warrior as well." Richard explains as he works. "A member of the Knights of Solace, as well as the Physicians. You can do both." he points out to her. "If you want, I could introduce you to Marquessa Reigna. She is better at this than I." he admits sheepishly.

Merek finishes up his splint well enough, no idea how Rysen manages, but assuming that it is well enough, he nods a bit also.

Ras notices Behtuk over by the food as the crowds between them thin for a moment, and he works his way around the edges of the square to show up suddenly beside the northerner and mutter a quiet greeting.

Caspian doesn't say anything to Estil, he just lifts a thumbs up to her. Otherwise he keeps up the passed out act, laying flopped upon the table.

Where else would Behtuk be? He offers Ras a turkey leg to eat, no plate required.

"Sir Bhandn?" Sigurd looks over towards the knight, "Well met again." He inclines his head politely. "Yes, we've met on a few occasions. A good and steady man from what I've seen of him." This was said to Kael of course. Looking at all the people playing mercy he chuckles softly, "You'd think I'd have picked up some talent or knowledge of healing with how many times I've been hurt, but my primary medicine was always whiskey."

It's clearly been a hard, gruelling, heroically fought battle between the team of medic and patient and their mutual foe, the cruel splint and sling. Rukhnis has to give everyone a nod of respect as she goes around, even those (*cough* Caspian *cough*) who put on the most melodramatic showing. After witnessing the valorous feats of each time, and inspecting the results of each in turn, she finally comes to a stop before all of them and assumes a momentous silence.

"Whiskey isn't bad, for when you need someone to go under quickly," the Knight of Solace offers to the air, but Bhandn's grey eyes remain focused on the competition as he says that. "The question is whether they have a weak stomach for drinking too much."

Behtuk looks around and then asks Ras a quiet question.

"He is, yes," murmur Kael in an easy enough manner, responding to the other Lord that he converses with. Of note, he still has not bothered to release his wife, but then again he'd be a poor support wall if he let her slump from fatigue, yes? That comment from Sigurd has Kael chuckle easily enough. "You would think that *I* would have caught on a talent for that - given how many times I have been on the receiving end of being patched up, or observed others come through the Hall in need of it." That's just rueful commentary by him, however. To Bhandn, well, Kael's just providing another little up-tick of his chin once more.

With a broad grin at Behtuk as he accepts the turkey leg, Ras turns slightly to view the competition while ripping off a bite. He chews open-mouthed, pensive, and mumbles something through half-chewed meat, skin and gristle. There's a gesture of his turkey-wielding hand towards Rukhnis.

Ras is overheard praising Rukhnis: doin good for people

Merek is overheard praising Rukhnis.

Bhandn checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 8 higher.

"To this very persistent team," Rukhnis nods gravely to Caspian and Estil, "who persevered even when all seemed at its worst, I am awarding.. the third place." She turns then to the other teams, looking just as solemnly between them. "To the quietly efficient Sir Merek Black and Lord Rysen, I am giving the second place. And.." There are no surprises left, there being only three times, but nevertheless she makes it /seem/ like a dramatic moment. "To the two here," nodding now to Richard and Rikako, "one of them whom I believe is, unsurprisingly, an actual physician, I have the pleasure of awarding the first place." She blinks and looks askance at Ras and his turkey, but this doesn't break her gravitas in this solemn moment.

Caspian is overheard praising Estil: She's putting up with my bullshit.

Rikako tries to keep her arm still so Richard can work on the sling, ending up nodding stiffly to him in the process. "True. When we're out on the field we won't have access to a clinic or maybe even a highly skilled medic. That's why I thought to come today to learn a little more so I can be of us." As big as he is, it's no surprise he's a warrior, so she grins. "Is that why you got interested in medicine? And I would be most grateful for an introduction to the Marquessa, please! Learning some more for different wounds would be helpful. This probably won't work when there's a bunch of blood all over."

Estil gives the faintest of scowls when Caspian gives a thumbs up, but then Rukhnis is awarding them third place and she gives the other woman a nod, "Thank you," Then she reaches out while everyone else's attention is on the other groups, and flicks the passed out Caspian at the top of his ear, "And now you understand why I am not a Mercy."

Merek stands up from his work, while he offers a bow, shifting his tattered cloak about him, then he smiles to Rukhnis, as well as to Reigna, "Thank you, congratulations to the winners!" he says.

As he finishes his work, Richard looks sheepishly at Rukhnis. "I am. But I was more assisting Rikako with her skills. But she is skilled herself. And I believe she should meet the Marquessa about future training." he offers. "But as I am a physician, she may have my prize as well."

Bhandn's arms fold, as his ears process the words of both the Marquis Keaton and Lord Nightgold. "That is... kind of you both to say." The words come from the knight with barely a pause, but pause there is in the midst of that sentence. He then turns and follows it up with a brief, arm-over-chest bow towards Kael and Sigurd, righting himself to return back to studying the results of the teams competing.

Behtuk gives a pile of tickets to Ras. "For you."

Caspian pops his head up when his ear is flicked. "Hey, we got third place! That was better then I was expecting," he says back to Estil with a bright smile her way. "Good job. It was mostly you who carried us."

Rukhnis clucks her tongue reprovingly at Richard, telling him, "The both of you receive prizes for your very good efforts here today, as do the members of each other team." She ponders briefly. "Well. Such prizes as they are, in any case."

Merek is overheard praising Rysen.

Merek is overheard praising Caspian.

Merek is overheard praising Estil.

Merek is overheard praising Richard.

Merek is overheard praising Rikako.

Hearing that she and Richard had one, Rikako looks around and seems surprised. "Oh...oh dear. Thank you!" She beams at Rukhnis as she accepts the pin and curtsies awkwardly with her arm to Richard. "Thank you, too!"

Ras accepts the tickets in his free hand, but gives Behtuk a bewildered look as if he has no clue what they are. He whispers a question before tearing off another chunk from the turkey leg.

Reigna takes copper banded prize chest.

"Third place might as well be a participation trophy," Estil sniffs to Caspian, though she does accept said participation trophy gracefully. "Although I did not ever see us winning, you're right. You made for a good, if dramatic patient. I will pray for any mercies or physicians that do ever need to tend to you."

Reigna smiling, Reigna gestures to the winning team, "Please come up and select a prize!, First place winners first, then the others,"

Behtuk replies to Ras with an equal level of bewilderment and perplexion.

"Oh trust me, Reigna nearly straggled me last time she needed to treat me," says Caspian to Estil with a snicker given her way, popping off the table.

"Thank you, Marquessa." Richard approaches Reigna, and then gestures. "May I present my very capable assistant, Mistress Rikako. We will have to set a meeting sometime to see about getting her training as a possible future medic." he offers with a kind smile.

Sigurd gives some polite applause at the announcement of the winners. "A far better job than I could ever do." He smiles briefly but warmly at the first round event winners. "Have a pleasant evening." Is offered to Kael, Reigna, and Bhandn while Kael does the wall of support for Reigna. Stepping away and giving more space to the prize winners Sigurd walks back over towards Thea and asks her, "Was it any surprise who won to you?"

"Wear them proudly," Rukhnis says as as she and Ayallah hand out the little prize medallions, more seriously even than before. So seriously, in fact, that she gives a certain impression of being not actually very serious at all. As she looks around her contestants once again, there's even the hint of a pleased expression on her face.

Receiving the chest to pick a prize from, Rikako continues to smile brightly at Rukhnis. "Thank you!" She looks into the chest and giggles at some of the prizes within before she makes her selection.

Reigna looks to Rikako and grins, gesturing to the chest, "Oh, truly? I would love to have you come and see us. We are always happy to train more healers."

Rikako gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from copper banded prize chest.

Thea scans the crowd. No one got hurt or or anything, so that's good. She congratulates all the ones that participated, not just the winners before she turns to Sigurd,"I--wasnt sure who was going to. I'm just glad everyone learned a necessary skill,"she says honestly.

Bree is late, and not even fashionably so! She wanders in, thumbs hooked in the waistband of her trousers, sans armor or really any indication of her knighthood. It said come casually dressed, and that might have been what kept her so long. Figuring out what to wear! She's here now, and wide blue eyes scan the gathering for familiar faces, or exciting sights, and she smiles at the number gathered to help those in need.

Kael's naturally letting his wife go so that she can go to see to the event. He nods in reply to Sigurd, able to offer a bow of departure to the man, before drifting off. He? Is more than comfortable moving toward the refreshment table to look at his options. Does he select some fine liquor? Nay, he is actually going for simple water, content to sip at it as he observes the proceedings.

Noticing the blade in the chest, Richard laughs. While it would serve Tesha right to get the very blade she donated, he decides against it, instead, picking the aftershave and then passes it back. So terribly practical. "Thank you, my lady." he offers to Reigna.

Richard gets Leather Aftershave from copper banded prize chest.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Merek before departing.

It's okay to be fashionably late as long as you're fashionably fashionable, right? Especially when one is fashionably late from being in the city for quite some time. Jaerith Keaton rolls through the commons on the way from the docks to the city at large, walking with the casual pace of someone who might have a place to be but is entirely distractable if something interesting comes up. And look at this, something interesting has come up! Jaerith slows to a stop and looks around at the street fair, taking a moment to try to figure out what it's all about, then figuring out that what it's all about is free turkey legs and heads over to collect one. Once he's fully equipped with a turkey leg of at least superb quality he finally sees, "Kael!" He quickly amends that to, "Marquis Kael, rather. And Marquessa Reigna." He gives both of them a bow that probably isn't quite as stiff as one might expect from an Oathlander while still managing to be respectful. "I don't know how you knew I was coming, but this is a fantastic party and I do appreciate it."

With Richard's introduction, she turns her bright smile to Reigna. "If you don't mind someone who's very busy, but is willing to learn everything, I'd be delighted to give it a try!"

"Indeed," Rukhnis agrees with Reigna, glancing between Richard and Rikako, "there is never any lack of work for healers of all kinds to do, and it would be very well to have more of them. Truly," she adds, folding her arms loosely across her chest, "I am pleased with all of you who participated. You have all demonstrated a passing ability with a very useful skill."

Reigna looks to Merek and gestures for him to come forward, "Sir Black, come and select your prize." She looks then to Rikako and grins, "Trust me, you will be very busy if you join us. But it is good work that leaves you feeling tired in a good way."

Derovai leans forward a little, presumably to get a look at the prizes being picked, before rocking back on his heels. After a moment of apparent consideration, he wanders over to the refreshment table to fetch himself some tea.

Richard gets a pewter caddy of peppermint tea from a trunk carved with the sigil of the Physicians' Guild.

Sigurd nods in agreement with Thea's assessment, "I will have to put my faith in far smarter men and women than I to patch me back together when I need it. I tried to sew once, it was not pretty. My straight line patch job on a tunic looked like some crazy whirlpool lightning bolt when I was done."

Behtuk nods to Ras, quietly talking with another commoner is much easier than interacting with the wealthy nobles, at least for him.

Nodding eagerly to Reigna, Rikako rests her box on her 'wounded' arm. "I'm not afraid of that kind of work! I might like it better than end up a big bunch of bruises *and* tired." Smiling sheepishly, she glances around to make sure her commander isn't around.

"So, what we learned today is I suck at treating wounds, and I'm better off rubbing spit in it," says Caspian as he heads over to Rikako, greeting her with, "Hey there, Caspian Wild's the name. Good job getting first."

Ras sees Derovai approaching the refreshments where he's standing with a turkey leg, and offers a nod towards the man before returning his attention to Behtuk. It's apparent that he feels much the same as the northerner...

Leaving Rikako in the hands of someone more capable of selling the Guild than him, Richard steps back to let the pair talk, though he is drawn to the smell of peppermint and picks a small tin. It is the simple things, really, that make the large lord happy. And it will be a nice gift /

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Merek before departing.

Merek gets White Mocha, a sweet fragrance from copper banded prize chest.

Rukhnis lets out a long breath, her shoulders loosinging in the winding down of the competition drama as she looks around at everyone. Peering curiously at Rikako, she asks the other woman, "What manner of work is it that you usually do?"

Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant have been dismissed.

Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

Estil stays by the table a moment longer, surveying the crowd and then moving through it to get herself another drink, "That might leave an interesting scar," she comments to Sigurd, "Not one many people would want on their forehead, however."

Derovai returns Ras's nod with one of his own. He certainly doesn't look a noble, though he carries himself with an obvious confidence, and his clothing is neat and well tailored. Once he's fetched himself a cup of tea, he lingers with his back near the table, looking back toward the gathering while sipping occasionally at the cooling drink.

When Caspian comes to congratulate her and introduce himself, she turns her brilliant smile to him, though still listens if Reigna has something further to say about future training. "Thank you, Mister Caspian! It was more luck than anything... I wasn't expecting to get a *real* expert as a partner! Maybe they will teach us how to use spit on wounds next." Or, maybe not!! "Oh... I'm a member of the Redwood Mercenary Company, so I guess all sorts of things? Mostly I focus on research and investigation, but they are trying to get me so I know a thing or two about protecting myself."

Refreshments. Right. That's where Bhandn will make his way towards, now that there's a small void which food and/or drink can fill. He ends up standing in front of that table, arms folded, looking at it all with a slightly unfocused gaze that occasionally blinks. It lasts for all of five seconds before he's sighing and grabbing a drink. No liquor tonight for him, he'll raid the tea as usual.

Behtuk has joined the beneath the black-and-red striped awning.

Ras has joined the beneath the black-and-red striped awning.

Sigurd smiles briefly but warmly at Estil, "They say that every scar should have a good story. Something like that would be quite the page turner." He chuckles softly, "At the very least there would be plenty of options when it came to the telling. Just never the truth, Lord Sigurd Nightgold tried to stich me up and failed horrifically." He bows politely to Estil after he introduces himself in roundabout fashion.

Merek takes up a fragrance, then he makes a smoothing along his pin, while he inclines to Reigna, then he settles about also.

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Rukhnis snorts softly as she listens to Rikako's reply about the spitting, replying blandly, "You most certainly will not. That is only for very advanced students in the field of medicine." Perhaps more seriously, she goes on, "Well, investigation is a useful talent in nearly every field. As is medicine. Truly, a knowledge of medicine is very helpful in any manner of work that puts one in a perilous or simply unpredictable situation. And it is as helpful to those around you as it is to yourself. I do hope you will consider broadening the natural ability that you seem to have."

Derovai has joined the beneath the black-and-red striped awning.

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Caspian has joined the beneath the black-and-red striped awning.

Jaerith makes his way over to the drinks tent and leans in next to Estil and Sigurd to get himself a glass of a coffee spiced with seasonal gourds, then turns to look to the others at the tent. "I once saw a man get a scar from a lightning bolt. Looked like a map of the rivers of the Oathlands, twisting up his arm from where he was hit in the hand. It was a hell of a thing for a time, though it eventually faded. It would have been an excellent way for him to get the attention of ladies, but unfortunately the strike also caused him to drool uncontrollably for about a year." He gives a shrug. Such is life. "Good man, though. Fine first mate."

Estil gives Sigurd a faint smile, "Lady Estil Navegant," she gives him a deep nod of her head, "Everyone in the competition without training did better than anyone should have expected. The instruction at the beginning was very well given," she lifts hazel eyes to Jaerith as he makes his way over, "That story is horrible. Was the man permanently incapacitated?" She asks bluntly.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes have been dismissed.

Juliana had wandered off during the contest, now can be found sitting with a number of children, as they play games. These games consist of little songs and rhymes that tell them the most basic of care. Pepermint for an upset stomach, honey for a cough or if needed on a wound to stop infection. The children are winning coins whenever they answer a trivia question of the songs they have heard or are able to repeat them back to her. Needless to say, the Lycene physician is lost in a sea of small eager faces.

"That's really a medical technique?" Rikako stares at Rukhnis, skeptical, but wondering. Hearing the change in her tone, she giggles and glances to Caspian. "Sounds like we need to train harder before that." Back to Rukhnis, she says, "I definitely am interested! I've heard that it's dangerous to go poking about and I can just imagine it'd be helpful to know something to help in an emergency. Even a little might be worth the difference between life and death. Is there a...uhh school or headquarters or some such place where you study?"

Sigurd blinks, "I didn't know all the rivers had been mapped at all." He shakes his head, "Given how we're still uncovering new places within our own lands. How did he end up struck by lightning on the hand?" Morbid curiosity compels him to ask of Jaerith. "That is a good question, did he recover and stop drooling or did he eventually succumb and expire?" He nods at Estil's question.

As things seem to wind down a bit, the young Malvici medic decides to make her way exit. Thea bows her head to everyone, a brief smile on her lips. "

Ras checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Rukhnis nod to Rikako. "The Physicians Guild is housed in the Saving Grace Hospital, which is just beyond the visitors' gate into the Ward of the Compact. There are offices for some of the physicians there, and rooms for surgeries as well as the usual wards for patients." Ayallah gives two nods of confirmation to this as she comes back over to Rukhnis, having finished with tidying the first aid table up again. "It is the lovely place," she agrees, though with something darker in her tone that suggests some sad association there. Rukhnis touches her gently on the arm, then says to Rikako, "I am sure most physicians are ever glad for a chance to train others and help them to learn. You would be welcome so long as you are sincere in your desire to help others."

Under the awning near the refreshments, Ras is having a friendly-seeming conversation, mostly with Behtuk, and then throws a turkey bone at Caspian. It doesn't seem malicious.

When Bhandn approaches her, Bree snaps out of her reverie, having been quite taken by the Raffle Information sign. Oooh. Look. Words! She turns to the elder knight, smiling brightly at the sight of him. "Sir Bhandn!" And then her voice lowers, a shared word in confidence, her expression one of bemusement.

Caspian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 46, rolling 8 higher.

"Depends on what you mean by incapacitated, I suppose." Jaerith turns to lean back against the ground and slurps his drink. To Sigurd he says, "Even with the great road I don't know that we'll see the rivers mapped in our lifetime, but no riverman worth his keel doesn't know his routes. But no, he was mostly back to normal after a few months. He stopped repeating himself and apparently regained most of his sense of taste." With a grimace for Sigurd he says, "Let's just say that when you decide to make a rude gesture at the weather the weather may answer."

Caspian ducks under the bone as it was thrown at him! "I was talking to Dero, not you, Ras!" He says, watching as the bone hits some confused soul in the butt. He shrugs to them and turns to Ras. "You suck at throwing by the way." Turning to Derovai her smirks. "One of these days I'm gonna get you pickled, and it'll be hilarious."

There is a salute from one Knight of Solace to the other, the older of which listens at that momentary word of confidence. There's a nod from Bhandn to what Bree has to say, looking a touch thoughtful. "Most of my own contributions have already been diverted into similar work to tonight's work." He keeps himself positioned so that his back remains mostly pointed at the docks, even if it does mean at times he can't observe matters directly, such as out of the corner of his eye.

"Ah, a guild!" Rikako nods, committing the name and location of the Hospital to her memory. "I surely will come visit soon! Your teaching was simple and informative, so I look forward to more. I might be too busy for a full formal training, but sitting in on others' lectures from time to time would be better than nothing?"

Ras develops a flat, sullen look, but nevertheless doesn't seem too bothered that Caspian ducked his primitive bone-throwing attack. He decides to skulk away from table, circling around the crowds, after muttering one last thing under the awning.

Estil gives Jaerith a distasteful look at the slurping, clasping her hands in front of her and looking distinctly away, in time to see Ras throw a bone. She sniffs, turning her attention to Sigurd, "Mapping of lands and rivers is a noble endeavor. I adore maps myself, although I lack the constitution to take on such work."

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"I don't doubt it," Derovai tells Caspian in return, though if that's true or not, who can know. Either way, he's very determinedly drinking half-cold tea, and doesn't seem inclined to switch beverages at the moment. His eyes follow Ras for a few moments as the younger man wanders off.

Reigna returns from her brief errand and calls over, "Caspian Wild and Lady Estil, come and claim your prizes!"

"It surely would be," Rukhnis assures Rikako approvingly. "I am sure I am not the only one who would be glad to assist you." Even in the midst of speaking with the possibly-would-be-medic she can't quite keep from glancing in the direction of the turkey-bone throwing beneath the black and red awning. She sighs slightly and shakes her head.

With a somewhat rude squint towards Estil as he notices her glance and sniff, Ras heads around towards the first aid table, slipping both hands into pockets as he makes his way through commoners and nobles alike.

Ras has joined the the First Aid table.

"I just don't like taking prizes that other people can enjoy," Bree remarks with a shrug. "Others always seem to take such pleasure in them, and I want that! So I will wait," she repeats what she had whispered, turning to look over the group gathered.

Caspian gets a simple bottle with a woody, spicy perfume from copper banded prize chest.

"You might be surprised my lady." Sigurd says to Estil with a small smile, "A carriage can be rather comfortable and with practice you could become quite the adept rider. Or there is always mapping coastlines and islands by ship." His attention shifts to Reigna and he smiles, "Go get your prize my lady, it was well earned."

Caspian looks through the chest and picks out some perfume, giving it a sniff before nodding his head approvingly.

There's a tilt of the head from Sir Bhandn to Bree's words, a vestige of a nod given during and after that motion. Yeah, he can see that. He leans in to offer a soft word to his comrade in arms, but there's a faint uptick of his lips as he speaks, concluding those words with his first drink from that tea in his hands.

Estil gets gorgeous maple wine case from copper banded prize chest.

Smiling with a nod, Rikako says, "That is good to hear. I will try not to make myself too much a bother, to you or others there." As Ras comes up, she remembers something. "Please excuse me." She goes over to the raffle information sign and bites her lip, calculating her wages and which would be better.

Estil gives a nod to those around her as she goes to select her prize, rather than picking it up, instead having several servants cart it away since it is rather large. Then she returns to Jaerith and Sigurd, smoothing down an imaginary wrinkle in her dress, "I do enjoy sailing more than carriage rides. Smoothing and easier to read. I'm from Escuma, so it is hardly a surprise that my tastes would favor the sea."

"I would like to donate, but I do not wish to participate in the raffle," Bree calls out after speaking a few words with Bhandn. And she moves forward, then, handing over a small pouch of silver to whomever is collecting.

Rikako has left the the First Aid table.

Reigna hands over a few more tickets to Caspian and then accepts Bree's donation, with a look of genuine appreciation, "Thank you so *much* Dame Bree. Truly, your kindness will not be forgotten."

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist, Deor, a young swordsman, 2 House Crovane Guards arrive, following Rysen.

Sigurd nods, "That is understandable my lady. I haven't spent as much time aboard ship as I have upon horseback, but that is not surprising. Nightgold does not have an ounce of coastline." He smiles ruefully, "If you will give me a moment, I wish to buy some raffle tickets." And he heads over to do just that.

As Juliana is trying out nursery rhymes, Richard considers, and tries one of his own to help the kids.

"Jack and Jill were on Farhaven Hill,
the day she broke her water.
Jack said 'push', Jill said 'shush',
and then they had a duaghter."

That.. probably did not go over so well with the kids.

After Reigna has thanked Bree, Rikako steps up as a least minute purchaser into the raffle and hands her enough for an entry. "Just one ticket, please!"

Caspian is overheard praising Richard: Best nursery rhyme I've heard in a while!

Squeels of laughter suddenly rise from where Juliana sits in a sea of children, her own laughter lost in the higher pitched ones as they all try to work on a tongue twister that hidden within is the symptoms of the winter flue. When Richard adds in his rhyme Jules offers the man a smile, while one little girl wrinkles her nose. "But my momma had a brother instead."

Juliana is overheard praising Rukhnis: Well done!

Jaerith tuts softly as Estil looks away. "I have many maps of the rivers I and my men have traveled, my lady. Though I have never sailed the sea. Rather far from Oakhaven. But one does new things every day, I suppose. And if one doesn't, then a day has been wasted." He finishes his drink and sets it down, moving to his cousin-in-law. "I'll participate." He nods toward Bree. "And following the example of our chivalrous friend, put any prizes toward wherever they may best be used."

Juliana is overheard praising Reigna.

Bree's tanned cheeks turn a faint shade of pink at the praise, and then at Jaerith's stepping up to follow suit. She lifts a fist to her chest and bows slightly to him at his generous offer, and then moves to return to Bhandn. Something he said before she stepped up to donate has her murmuring quietly with him again.

Sigurd buys quite the handful of tickets and then returns to Jaerith and... or just Estil, as Jaerith has departed for warmer climes. "What is Escuma like?" Sigurd asks Estil, "I've only been down south but once and that was to Setarco, so, not a pleasant trip given the circumstances."

There is a clanging of silver bells, a tinkling sound that is meant to draw attention. Reigna climbs up onto a small dais and says, "It is time for our raffle! Get out your numbers and get ready to claim your prizes!" She sticks her arm into a large jar of tickets, "Our three prizes tonight are a *gorgeous* star iron and epiphanite ring made by Guildmistress Josephine Arcuri, a voucher for an entire outfit made of seatouched wool designed by myself, and... last but certainly not least, an employment contract for one year of service for a personal medical assistant!" She digs into the jar and draws out the first number....

Reigna has rolled 1 703-sided dice: 43

"I have no idea," Bhandn replies to Bree aloud, "though I'm strongly considering trying to improve my skill with one, for... multiple reasons." He takes a breath, growing a touch distracted in looking elsewhere for a moment, before putting more hot beverage into his mouth. "The one being a gift makes me feel as though I /should/ try to use it. I have had some thoughts, but..." He shrugs, then more tea again, stopping there as Reigna calls the raffle to order.

"Sir Merek Black!" Reigna calls out, looking around for the man to come to the stage.

Hearing the bells, Rikako turns towards Reigna and listens as she starts to announce the raffle winners. She claps for Merek as his name gets pulled.

"Damn, was hoping I'd get that ring," grumbles Caspian as he snaps his fingers. "Good job Merek!" He calls, clapping his hands.

Despite not having any horses in the race, Bree eagerly leans forward to watch the raffle unfold, a delighted smile at her lips, hands poised in front of her. She's ready to cheer when a winner is called. And she does, clapping for Merek, while responding to Bhandn. "So learn! Never too late," she grins at him.

"Escuma is an island with a vibrant village and a relatively new Art Academy dedicated to Jayus," Estil replies to Sigurd, speaking plainly without great emphasis or emotion about what is likely her hometown, "As such, there are often many artists mingling with the sailors there. It lends a nice balance to the port." She turns to listen to the drawing of the raffle and then continues, saying to Jaerith, "Is it true that sailors who keep only to rivers cannot stand the motion of the ocean waves?"

Behtuk hunts through the table for pitchers of mead.

Reigna has rolled 1 703-sided dice: 541

Merek makes his way to the stage, with a smile when he's called, inclining to Reigna.

locked prize chest is now unlocked.

"Which prize would you like to claim, Sir Black?" Reigna asks, even as she draws the next number.

"Never too late," Bhandn agrees, inclining his head and going silent after that. After all, can't let the tea in his hands go to waste, and he's got a decent amount in that mug. He'll then devote his attention to the raffle, listening and watching in otherwise silence. While blowing on that tea to try and cool it down a little faster.

Jaerith offers Bree a bow before he turns and heads back to where Sigurd and Estil are speaking. "It may well be, my lady. They are as different, I imagine, as driving cattle and riding horses." He gets himself another drink. "I must admit, I've never heard of Escuma, but you do make it sound worth a visit."

Merek gets a necklace of raw emerald strands with a trio of interlocking rings from locked prize chest.

Merek puts a necklace of raw emerald strands with a trio of interlocking rings in locked prize chest.

The group of children around Juliana all quiet when the raffle starts to be called, their faces all turning to Reigna as it seems that each set of hands holds a ticket of their own. Jules herself stands, lifting a little boy to her hip.

"It sounds rather intriguing." Sigurd comments to Estil, "Can tell I am land locked, I would never have imagined sailors doing anything but being sailors and hauling goods around or defending against pirates." He chuckles softly then claps for Merek when he wins the first choice of prizes. "She does doesn't she." Sigurd agrees with Jaerith, "I am Lord Sigurd Nightgold." He introduces himself to Jaerith with a polite bow. "I don't think we have been introduced."

Rukhnis leans forward against the first aid table, folding her arms loosely atop its surface. Having missed the actual applause that went along with Merek's winning the first raffle drawing, she simply nods to him in congratulation as he goes to claim a prize.

Merek gets a brilliant cut epiphanite flanked by duskstones and diamonds in a star iron setting from locked prize chest.

When Merek selects the ring, Reigna laughs, "Excellent prize, Sir Black! That leaves us with the voucher for the seatouched wool outfit and the medical assistant! The next winner is... Lord Sigurd!"

"It is probably silly of me as I will doubtlessly need patching up sometime sooner or later but," Sigurd smiles over at Reigna, "I'm going to be taking the seatouched wool outfit. I am hoping it's a dress or gown of some type?" He asks. "Excuse me, once again please." He tells Estil and Jaerith before heading to claim his prize.

Kael's eventually finished with his water there yonder at the refreshment table. The Marquis Keaton is content enough to spend his time in silence, in quiet, and he surveys the area as a whole. Eventually his sights fall upon the Commander of the Riverdogs, Jaerith. His brow upticks and he moves slowly in the other man's direction. He's slow and steady in his approach, moving up to him from behind until he greets him with a bump of his shoulder. "Cousin," he says, just as simple as that - not interrupting conversation, just making with the greeting. At least it is a pleased, albeit tired, tone he uses.

Sigurd gets Voucher for a Free Seatouched Wool outfit from locked prize chest.

Merek nods a bit to Reigna, with a smile offered a bit as well, "Thank you," he says, grinning a little bit. He seems to be alright with his attire.

Reigna has rolled 1 703-sided dice: 312

Richard is overheard praising Rikako.

Richard is overheard praising Reigna.

Richard is overheard praising Rukhnis.

Once Sigurd has chosen his prize, Reigna picks the last number. "And lastly, we have... Lady Juliana Igniseri!"

"I've never done either of those things," Estil replies dismissively to Jaerith, giving Sigurd a faint smile, "I've heard good things about sea touched wool but never had anything made of it myself. Seasilk for an islander might as well be required," she gestures to her outfit, then looks over perhaps a touch hopeful at the last prize, "Us sailors early rely on luck, so I wonder why I bothered to gamble at all," she sighs.

Relived she didn't win the raffle, too, Rikako claps loudly for first Sigurd then Juliana. Each of the prizes was far more than she had expected to see today, so she looks on with some awe.

Rukhnis manages a vague clapping for these last two winners, looking glad enough for their having won (or perhaps just for having spent their money for sick people) but also tired enough that she looks just about ready fall asleep standing up at the table. How long has she been working the festival today anyway?

Reigna takes locked prize chest.

From the crowd of children, a squeel goes up at the number and a little boy holds up one of their tickets. Jules eyes open a bit wider, amusement showing before she sets the child she is holding down to tell the excited little boy. "One moment Rory, I will get it for you." stepping up to chest with a nod to Reigna, it really doesn't take much for the Lady Igniseri to drop a bag of coins into the chest and then come back up with them when she claims her voucher, the bag held out to excited Rory with a grin. "Well there we go then. Seems the rest of these." waving to the childen each with a ticket. "Are by default good for one pasty and coco at Lotties." Jules man' Tyce sighs and starts out of the Common's joggiing off towards Lotties.

Ras mumbles something, then shifts around the first aid table and strolls back to the edges of the crowd. In a minute or two, he's ended up back near the refreshments, to speak quietly to Behtuk.

Caspian is overheard praising Wash.

Ras has left the the First Aid table.

Ras has joined the beneath the black-and-red striped awning.

"You are a delight, my lady," says Jaerith to Estil, never losing his smile. To Sigurd he says, "Lord Jaerith Keaton, my lord. Commander of the Riverdogs, which one might think of as the Oakhaven navy, though I feel that might give some wrong ideas about our coastlines, our shores and our beautiful sandy beaches." When Kael approaches he gives his cousin a smile, leaning into the bump. "Cousin. It's been some time."

Rysen claps for Merek and Sigurd, and makes his way to Rukhnis, offering her a cup of tea. "You look like you need it," he says with a soft smile.

Reigna takes Voucher for a Medical Assistant for one year from locked prize chest.

Rousing herself a little as Ras moves away from the first aid table and Rysen approaches, Rukhnis straightens up and takes the proffered tea with a grunt of what is most likely gratitude. "It has been a long day," she concedes. "But a useful one." She wraps her hands around the cup of tea, taking a slow sip from it. "And you and Sir Merek have taken second place in first aid, so I am sure you ought both be proud."

Once the last prize is given, an entirely exhausted Reigna retreats to Kael and leans in. "I think I need to lay down."

Elisha stops short in surprise when he looks up from the pouch he's digging around in, and notices the crowd. He twitches a quick smile and retreats back into the courtyard, twirling a pigtail thoughtfully around one finger.

Juliana and her tribe of small faces, head off towards Lotties, waving tickets and singing nursery rhymes.

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