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Kennex Pool Party

As summer is coming to an end the Kennex family wish to invite you to join them for an evening of swimming and frolicking with good friends, food and drink.


Sept. 8, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By



Zoey Wash Aethan Evander Ian Caspian Evonleigh Ember Lethe Mikani Lucita Sabella Artur Rysen Galen Peri Niklas Reese Isabetta



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Kennex Kay - Inner Courtyard

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Comments and Log

Zoey splashes Wash, giggling.

Wash gets Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Wash puts Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka in a sturdy wooden chest.

Evonleigh gets a white cotton towel embroidered with a violet ship from a sturdy wooden chest.

Ian has joined the Wicker Couch and Table set.

Caspian has joined the Lounge chairs by the pool.

Ember has joined the Large Rectangular Pool.

Wash is in the pool serving as a mount for a tiny version of Catalana. Cirella splashes back at Zoey while Wash encourages her. "Zoey to port, loose all splashes Miss Kennex!"

Catalana is in her absolute element. She has berated and annoyed her family and friends and encouraged them all to come spend a night outside around the pool before it turns chilly.

She has just finished having plates laden with fruits and cheese and other nibbles around on the tables. The liquor cabinets are stocked and ready for the guests. She finally finished fussing and readies herself to receive guests. Her excitement is almost palpable.

On time and happy to be here! At least, one assumes. It can be a little bit hard to tell what Aethan is happy about sometimes, but he does seem to be smiling as he comes into the courtyard with Evonleigh on his arm. Whatever she's just said to him seems to be amusing, because he lets out a little huff of a laugh and says something quietly back to her, before looking around at the siblings and cousins and everyone who's already arrived.

Evander isn't really one for parties, especially ones involving pools. But he's here (although it's a pretty safe bet this was as a result of nudging from his sister), a cup of tea in hand, dressed in his wool clothing and looking very un-pool-party-like. Probably because while he's seated on one of the chairs by the pool, he has a book, resting open on his lap, a sure sign he doesn't have much intention of actually going near the water.

Evander takes a white cotton towel embroidered with a violet ship from a sturdy wooden chest.

Ian has taken a seat out of the splash zone with a glass of something alcoholic. In the spirit of the event, he's shedded his many layers of leather armor in favor of slightly less armor and a loose white shirt.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men arrive, following Mikani.

Caspian comes in, grabs some food, and heads right for the seats to sit himself down to get his munch on

Hrafn the stoic raven arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Evonleigh's laughter is much more effervescent and hard to miss as she enters the courtyard with Aethan. "Lords and Ladies Kennex," she says warmly. "Thank you for the invitation. You are becoming quite the hosts for social gatherings, now that Lady Catalana has returned to Arx." Catalana gets a smile from the Whitehawk. "Everything looks lovely. Oh, the little ship from the Taste of Arx -- those were so charming."

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

Gunther, a Rottweiler have been dismissed.

Ember is there, in the pool, currently leaning against one edge and up to her shoulders -- not quite at the shallow end, not off in the deep end, either. After all, when there's water to enjoy, why settle for wicker? Not that it's easy to tell if the Bloody Baroness is enjoying herself. The Redreef head has never been a particular bon vivant, and she has this way of somehow managing to look like she's sternly judging the other swimmers.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

A messenger brings a note for Ian, and he looks it over and starts to slide it into his coat pocket. His coat pocket that doesn't exist because he's not wearing his coat right now. Godsdamnit. After a moment of trying to figure out what to do with the note, he shoves it back in the messenger's hands. "Tell Prince Galen there's a party," he says, before giving the man some silver and sending him on his way.

Wash says, "If you want Prince Galen to arrive, just say the word Party with his name three times. He will appear." Wash maneuvers through the pool to allow Cerilla, his daughter on his shoulders, the maximum amount of room to splash Zoey."

As guests start to arrive, Evander's polite enough to close his book, though it still rests in his lap like it's a guard against the water. When Caspian nears, he offers the man a polite nod, studying him for a moment as if trying to recall a name. "Evander Kennex," he introduces himself. Aethan and Evonleigh's arrivals earn a nod and a, "Aethan, Lady Evonleigh. Good to see you agin," presumably the latter directed to the Whitehawk.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

Zoey waves her hands comically. "Oh no! It's a direct hit! I'm taking on water!"

Caspian lounges and snacks, looking quite relaxed. He gives a wave to Wash and Catalana, but otherwise chills

Aethan doesn't argue Catalana's hand in being the one to actually host parties that involve House Kennex -- there aren't too many others of the family that do anything of the sort. "Evander," he says when his cousin speaks, lifting a hand, before he starts himself and Evonleigh toward the couches where his brother sits. Not the pool for now, though he does look over at Zoey and Wash briefly with another little huff of amusement before he turns. "Ian," he says as he moves to sit down.

Aethan has joined the Wicker Couch and Table set.

Evonleigh has joined the Wicker Couch and Table set.

Catalana is happily greeting each guest at they come in, all the while stealing glances at her husband and children, it's always hard to tell how much mischief they will create. She beams at Evonleigh. "Lady Evonleigh. A pleasure to see you again. I'm so glad you could make it. Please, help yourself to some vodka and there's towels in the chest should you decide to swim." She laughs at Ian, her voice smokey and low, "I thought Galen could smell a party from five miles away?" It's then she goes to check on Evander, briefly helping fix his hair "Having fun? Will you come swimming tonight?"

Lethe arrives with an eager smile. She finds a quiet place to sit and observe.

Mikani enters with Rysen. Unusual for her she's holding Rysen's arm a bit tightly. She murmurs to the man as they enter and her smile lights up as she sees those gathered. "Cousin! Ember!" She calls out into the group. Her head bows at the Kennex crew.

"Telling him will be enough," Ian remarks to Wash and Catalana, taking a sip of his drink. "Unless he's already too drunk to make the trip. Ian. Lady Evonleigh." He greets his brother and Evonleigh without a change in tone, so that it sounds like part of the same thought. "Caspian. Good to see you back in town."

Wash moves closer to Zoey. "Boarding parties ready!" He calls out lifting Cerilla from his arms and leans toward Zoey, threatening to capsize both of them... figuratively.

"Maybe in a bit," Evander acknowledges Catalana with a tiny smile: one that probably says her chances of such a rather slim. "Lady Mikani. Lord Rysen," he greets the pair with a nod, and though he goes so far as to set his book to one side he doesn't actually stand, owing to the relaxed nature of the party. He still looks kind of twitchy for a moment, though.

Lethe has joined the Lounge chairs by the pool.

Hrafn the stoic raven arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

2 Redrain Guards arrives, following Artur.

Lucita arrives with her guard dogs and promptly sends them back toward the entrance with a guard to watch over them. She glances around the area, amber gaze slipping from person to person till she spots familiar faces. Over toward Ian she heads first. "Looks like you all have a good turnout tonight for this. Is Lady Zoey going to get a chance to come or is she busy with the little one?"

"Party, party, party!" Sabella announces as she steps in, wearing Kennex colors and spreading her arms, beaming a brilliant smile to those in the room, "Cat! Thank you so much for throwing this! Nik will be by any moment, he was trying to find Mean Nanny to get the kids to go to sleep. They just run rings around Eliabetta and Lily will let them tear the room apart until they tire themselves out, but lately she's been a little touch and go. More go than anything, really."

"Oh no! I've been capture!" Zoey declares, reaching out her arms to take Cerilla from Wash.

Ember lifts a hand out of the water towards Rysen and Mikani. "Lord and Lady Crovane," she says in greeting when they've stepped close enough to hear. "I'd curtsy properly, but with most of me submerged at the moment, I fear the effect would be spoiled." She's probably joking, but she doesn't smile to make it explicitly clear. But she's probably joking.

Another message delivered to Ian. He looks it over, and then hands it back to the messenger (no flailing with the coat that he's not actually wearing this time), and looks towards Wash and Catalana. "He says he's got business." Sip. "So he's probably too drunk. We'll see if he sobers up." Then he nods to Lucita. "Baroness Saik. She's in the pool with Wash."

Caspian gives Mikani with a warm smile given to them. "There is my beautiful cousin! How are you?"

"Thank you," Evonleigh says with a smile for Catalana. "Is that the pepper vodka? It was so intriguing. I still have one of the bottles from last year." She turns to dip her head in Evander's direction. "And you." She seems about as unlikely to jump in the pool as he, not dressed in anything resembling a swimming outfit. As Aethan leads them to the couches where Ian sits, she smiles at Ian. "What, are we frightening and you're calling in the reinforcements?" she teases. Sabella's arrival has the Whitehawk lady dipping a quick curtsy and then smiling brightly at the Grayson. "Sabella, how lovely to see you." Others also get a nod of recognition and a wave, but wow are there a lot of people here!

Wash strides to the edge of the pool and greets the new arrivals. Now Cerilla is Zoey's hassle. He pulls a bag closer to the edge of the pool and fishes out a flask to drink from. "Evening gentlemen. Caspian. I have something for you." He tosses a token in Caspian's direction.

"I knew you were my type of Princess." That would be Artur speaking as he pases by Sabella and gives her a swift smile. "I heard that word of your beautiful singing voice has spread like wildfire throughout the Northlands, even getting admirers from those that would frown at such a thing as a non-Northerner singing one of our songs." he doesn't seem to be bothered by it as he is already dressed down for swimming and goes to gather a towel and some vodka as he gives a bob of his head to ther others. "Evening!" he greets warmly.

Artur gets a white cotton towel embroidered with a violet ship from a sturdy wooden chest.

Mikani smiles at Ember warmly. "I wouldn't expect you to try. This doesn't seem that formal of an event." She laughs her calm and warm laugh. One of good mirth and such.

"Prince Galen would have taken me to task if there was a party and I didn't let him know," Ian explains to Evonleigh.

Mikani takes a white cotton towel embroidered with a violet ship from a sturdy wooden chest.

Aethan looks up as he hears Sabella, and he follows Evonleigh's greeting of his cousin-in-law with a wave and a little smile. His eye is caught by whatever Wash tosses at Caspian briefly, the latter getting a nod of greeting as well, before he turns to the other new arrivals. So many nods and waves -- though it seems like the stoic Kennex lord is getting more used to doing that sort of thing, since he does seem a little bit more comfortable now with such greetings than he did when he'd first arrived in Arx.

Rysen arrives with Mikani dressed only in a black linen wrap and the network of scars found on various parts of his body. He smiles to see Evander, Ember the others gathered. He offers a brief, respectful bow and says to Evander, "It's good to see you again, My Lord." He laughs softly and says to Ember, "The water looks perfect." He picks up some rum, and walks with Mikani toward the edge of the water.

Lethe has left the Lounge chairs by the pool.

Catalana practically gapes at Ian, "Oh. Well. I'll make him come. " She quickly scribbles out a note. Finding Wash free of the splashing monster she heads to the edge of the pool. Sitting and letting her long tanned legs dangle into the water, she smiles to him, "It looks like you're in charge of all antics tonight."

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

Catalana has joined the Large Rectangular Pool.

Caspian catches the token and looks it over. "Pretty. thank you. I'll keep it close."

Hrafn the stoic raven arrives, delivering a message to Catalana before departing.

For a moment, Evander looks sympathetic for Prince Galen as he glances Catalana's way. "It'll be too cold soon to swim, I think. At night I can already feel the chill of winter starting to make itself known."

Ember gives Mikani a look where the corners of her lips twitch just a little bit -- it's like the zygote stage of what might eventually, one day, become a smile. "It's good to see you both," she says to Lord and Lady Crovane, then lets them find their own way into the water. Ember's own attention is caught by Artur. She turns to pull herself up to the tiled edge and hold herself there for a moment. "We seem to meet in and around an awful lot of pools, Your Highness," she deadpans.

"Would he? Are you his social secretary?" Evonleigh says very solemnly to Ian. Aethan's deadpan delivery must be contagious. "Wash is always in charge of antics, isn't he?" she calls lightly to Catalana.

Mikani strips to a light swimming outfit. The tattoo on her forearms are very visible. Many scars on her back can be seen around the swimming outfit. They look old and fadeed. Kissing Rysen's cheek she winks at him before diving into the pool. The water feeling like heaven she stays under for as long as she thinks she should before surfacing. "It's good to see you."

Zoey is holding Cerilla around her middle to help her swim around the pool, which is really more like flailing in the water in a vaguely doggy paddle like motion. "Go go go! Look at you!"

Sabella has the audacity to blush under Artur's compliments, "I have heard a few stray compliments here and there, but surely it could never have happened if you had not been willing to let me join you on the stage. Your vision was quite extraordinary! Do you know Lady Evonleigh?" She gestures to said lady while also smiling her way, "She's an incredible playwright herself! And Lord Aethan, you look positively conversational tonight! We shall have to talk long into the morning about all sorts of things! Like what is your take on the latest fashion trends sweeping Arx? And is that--no it could not possibly be Master Caspian Wild! Is it true that you left Arx to learn the mysteries of the giant's hammer so as to be able to knock Sir Jeffeth from his feet with a single blow? And oh, here Lord Evander, there are plenty of towels! If you like you and I can make ourselves a blanket by the fire for I can't swim an ounce and will likely not get near that water once this evening unless pirates attack!"

Hrafn the stoic raven arrives, delivering a message to Catalana before departing.

"Swimming as it gets cold is a good way to acclimate yourself to the weather," Ian opines to Evander. He shakes his head to Evonleigh. "But he knows I know he likes parties. As a friend, he'd expect as much."

Catalana calls back to Evonleigh "Wash has lost his edge on antics I fear. He is getting old." She teases her husband with a smile "So old. And so so serious now."

Mikani grins and looks at Artur. "She wrote a wonderful play that was amazing to act in. I'm afraid Evonleigh gave me the acting bug."

Sabella gets a white cotton towel embroidered with a violet ship from a sturdy wooden chest.

"Well," Artur drawls to Ember and gives her a smile. "Perhaps that's just Limerance and Mangeta working in concert. Or you know, you just like pools and I like pools." he points out as he undreses down to something a little modest at least. He doesn't want to cause any scandals as he chuckles at Sabella. "I'm no playwright, trust me, I was just sharing a story I know very well." he admits with a small smile as he moves to slip into the water next to Ember to get comfortable. "And.." he points out to the others. "It is never too cold for a good swim. It's a right of passage in Farhaven to take a dip in the frozen pond in the early spring and then sprint inside for a warm fire and hot drinks. Maybe I should do something similar. But first, the turkey hunt, which I'm more familiar with - and the adventure I promised Lord Rysen and Lady Mikani." He gives the pair of them a grin as he settles in.

Evander glances at Caspian as Sabella mentions his name, seeming to tuck that away. "That sounds like something completely made up," he retorts to Ian, brow furrowing for a moment. "Something to convince yourself of the reason why you're swimming in freezing weather." Sabella's greeting earns a half-bow from his seated position. "Your Highness. I'm not sure how adept I am at building forts - but better than swimming, I'll bet."

Aethan's eyebrows raise at Sabella's comment about what the two of them might be talking about for hours, and for a moment he just looks bemused, but then the look shifts into //a//mused instead, and his smile widens just enough to be noticeable. He must assume she's joking. "Wash //is// always in charge of the antics," he confirms to Evonleigh as he leans back, looking over at her again. "But he does it so well, none of the rest of us can measure up. Except Porter, but he's not here." Obviously.

This is the worst thing to say while sitting within arm's reach of Wash in the pool. He reaches out to pull his wife directly into the pool. "Unleash the hounds, of the sea!" He shouts.

Rysen takes a long drink of rum as he watches Mikani dive into the water. Turning to Aethan, Rysen grins and says, "Looking forward to swimming in something other than chainmail." He sets aside his drink and dives into the water, surfacing near Mikani in time to hear Artur. Rysen smiles and says, "I'm looking forward to the turkey hunt, Your Highness." He brushes back his dripping hair with a hand, and sweeps Mikani into his arms for a moment, swirling her around in a circle.

Catalana checked perception + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 12 lower.

Ian shakes his head to Evander. "I learned it the first time we sailed to the north. Aethan didn't do it that trip. You can ask him how he did." His gaze slides over to Aethan, and the corner of his mouth quirks.

Caspian " I wish I had left to learn the secrets of the giant hammer," says Caspian back to Sabella with a chuckle giving her way. " I don't need a hammer thing to knock him down. I'll get him before the year ends."

"I think everyone knows Galen likes parties," says Evonleigh to Ian with a smile for Ian, but looks back to the sound of her name being bandied by Sabella and Mikani. Her lashes lower, but she doesn't quite manage to blush. "The princess Sabella and Lady Mikani are too kind, and it was my honor to be able to have them in my play, to breathe life into it and make the story sing -- even if it wasn't a musical like Prince Niklas' masterpiece." She nods to Artur. "A pleasure to meet you, though, Prince Artur. Storytelling comes in many guises." She turns back to Aethan and leans to murmur something to him, before rising to get some glasses for each of them and a little plate of snacks for the couch folk to share.

Catalana should know better than to bait Wash. Especially when sitting so close. She doesn't even stand a chance when he grasps her. A loud squeal of surprise and splash! In she goes. Dress. shoes. jewelry and all!

"Go get her!" says Zoey, pointing Cerilla in her mother's direction and letting her go.

Cerilla swims like a fish once released, under the water and fast, but she comes up a little wide-eyed as she arrives at Catalana. She's not a strong swimmer yet but relishing being the only Kennex child allowed at the party.

Ian takes note of Catalana getting pushed (well, pulled) into the pool, and the other corner of his mouth quirks up. No sympathy. None at all.

Wash backs water toward Rysen. "A turkey hunt? Are turkeys particularly dangerous?"

4 Thrax Guards, Chief Rin Redreef, Hrafn the stoic raven arrive, following Galen.

With Ember leaning on the edge of the pool, scars are visible on her toned shoulders and arms. Her own bathing outfit is red and, as bathing outfits go, it's neither prudish nor Lycene. It's just there. And red. "Cold swims build character," she agrees with Artur, and then turns to kick her feet under the water and bring herself over towards where Rysen and Mikani have ended up. "So, they said he'd show up if you say it three times -- Galen Party, Galen Party, Galen Party." She raises an eyebrow to Mikani with a deadpan expression.

Evander appears to take his sister's spill into the pool as a word of warning, carefully edging his lounge chair back a little from the pool.

Catalana reaches for her daughter and props her on her hip. She tries in vain to not look the drowned cat that Wash has just made her, she murmurs to the girls ear and sets her off after her father.

Cerillia is not sneaky, or fast. She swims over to Wash and waits for him to pick her up. Once in his arms again, she begins to splash at hard as her little hands can.

When Ember pulls away, Artur gives a shrug and leans back as he gives the newlyweds a grin and just relaxes, since it seems everyone else is chattering at the moment.

Whatever Evonleigh says to him draws another nod from Aethan, and there's a brief hesitation before he leans in as well, but it's to give her a brief kiss on the cheek. Very brief, but it did happen. That gesture having happened, he turns back to his brother, and he looks from Ian to Evander as he says, "It's very true." But he does not go into how he learned it -- for now, anyway.

Mikani shrugs a bit. "I wouldn't know. Though a swim is always welcome. I swim in the ocean well into winter." She grins thinking about the water. She relaxes against Rysen's side. "Perhaps ... maybe there is another play I can tryout for?" She looks hopeful.

"Oh, that's what Elizabetta and Lily are for," Sabella laughs, gesturing to have the ladies gather up spare towels to start constructing a fort that's probably too close to some lanterns, "Though of course we'll have to instruct them. Do you think you can build a tower out of towels and lawn chairs?" She grins then waves a hand at Evonleigh, "Shhh, you must save such lovely compliments for when Niklas actually gets here. Which he probably will since you've mentioned his name and I swear the man must speak with birds to be able to hear the nice things people say about him all around the town."

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"I'm not sending invitations to two people," Ian tells Sabella, his voice flat, but his intense eyes alight with a sharp mischief. "Someone else will have to remind him there's a party."

Catalana takes the advantage to hop out of the pool and strip off her water laden clothes. Her rich gold bathing suit underneath now revealed. She eyes Wash. Waiting for the right moment.

Zoey pulls herself out of the pool and wrings out her ebon curls. After a quick pass with a towel she ties her sarong around her hips and heads to the liquor cabinet. "Anyone else want some of the blackberry?"

Zoey gets Oseyan - Kennex Brand Blackberry Vodka from A fine wooden liquor cabinet.

Wash throws his first-born daughter into the air and toward an unoccupied part of the pool. An act that is accompanied by a leap from her which adds to the overall effect. She splashes down and swims back toward Wash to go again.

"I could, perhaps, find a book that might help?" Evander ventures in response to Sabella's suggestion, looking faintly bemused as she directs the ladies with her to assist.

Rysen laughs and shakes his head. He says to Wash, "No, My Lord. I've seen swans and geese that were pretty aggressive, but I'm guessing Prince Artur plans to hunt turkey because they taste delicious. Truly, I had a great time hunting elk this summer though. Thank you and Lady Catalana for suggesting it." Rysen kisses Mikani's cheek as she leans against him and says to Evonleigh, "The play was truly amazing, My Lady. It was the first time I've ever seen Mikani on stage, and I will never forget it."

Catalana strikes now. Before Wash can move, she shouts "Cannon ball! " And flings herself into the pool in Wash's direction.

Ember glances over just in time to see the shrug from Artur after her little weird 'Galen Party' joke that won't possibly work. She motions for the Redrain Prince to come over -- and it's the diabolical brain of Ember that figures out how to make a 'c'mere' motion with one hand, while dipping her head and adjusting her posture to make it a duly RESPECTFUL 'c'mere.' And then she gets hit by a stray splash from Catalana' cannonball. "--!"

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The monumental splash is even enough for a few drops to hit Ian's boots. He looks down at them, but seems pretty philosophical about the whole thing.

Eina arrives, following Peri.

"Is that how he does it!" Evonleigh says with a laugh over her shoulder at Sabella's quip, as she puts a few goodies on a plate and balances the plate with glasses back to the couch, settling back down beside Aethan but putting the plate where Ian can snag some of the nibbles too if he likes. To Mikani, she smiles. "I have a possible project in the works -- not one of my own, but an old piece I'd like to see restaged -- but it has some kinks to work out. I'll be meeting with the Nightingale soon to discuss the possibility." When Rysen chimes in with praise, she smiles his way. "Thank you, Lord Rysen. It was my first I'd written and gazillionth -- that is totally a number -- I've performed in, and a small role for me but I was so much more nervous having been the writer and director than an actress. I don't know if I have another in me, but we'll see. I don't know how Prince Niklas does it time and time again. Perhaps he can give me some tips on toughening up my hide." She ducks a bit as stray bits of water splash all the way to the couch and laughs merrily.

"Turkey are quite delicious and keep well in the winter months - not to mention, they look rather regal when they are mounted and stuffed." Artur grins at that. "I have started to do some taxidermy work - as Rysen and Mikani can attest to - and I plan to do a turkey as my next project." he admits, before he notices Ember trying to be a respectfully diabolical summoner, and he chuckles, looking around him to make sure that Ember isn't gesturing to someone /else/ first before he makes his way over to her.

"I'm sure that you will! Do you think--oh, I'll have to ask him later," Sabella gives Caspian a wave as he heads off and then grins at Evander, "If you think it will help, although I'm not sure you'd want pages so near to the--" and then Catalana's cannon ball splashes a large amount of water over her side and she shrieks, dancing away from the pool, "Elizabetta! I'm going to need some of those towels!"

Wash closes his eyes and blindly reaches out for both his ladies, one so that she can be safe from other swimmers, and the other so he can be safe from her. Cerilla is easy to grab, since she's reaching out for him anyway, Catalana may be harder to catch.

Mikani laughs as she covers her face from the splash. "Oh yes the wolf .... beautiful piece but I did have to turn it to face the wall ... "

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

"If I had thought about it, I would have left that one eye out instead of replacing it." Artur comments to Mikani. "Then it would only have one eye glaring at you." There's a chuckle at that.

Catalana laughs as she surfaces, also reaching for her child to help execute the end of the plan "Now Cerillia. Dunk him under." She aids the child in reaching Wash's head and getting him under the water too.

Mikani grins at Artur, "Well it was attacking ... I was aiming to kill."

Once she's done responding to the various comments her way, Evonleigh turns to return a kiss to Aethan on his cheek when he's not looking, then takes a sip of the drink she'd poured, lips curving into an impish smirk as she looks the other way.

Zoey pours herself a drink, then sits down next to Ian. "When are you getting in the pool?" she asks him with a grin.

Ian takes a sip of his drink. "Pool looks pretty crowded."

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"Gods and spirits," says Rysen laughingly, as Artur speaks about his interest in taxidermy. A splash of water covers him from Catalana's cannon ball, and he laughs even harder. "So before Mika decided to turn your fine stuffed wolf to face the wall, she thought it'd be funny to set it beside me in bed so it'd be the first thing I saw upon waking up. I'm not going to say I screamed - but I'm not going to say I didn't."

Some of the water that splashes over the Princess also ends up on Evander: or to be more precise, his book. He looks distinctly perturbed about that, frowning at the tome.

Lucita gives a nod to Ian then moves over toward the pool, squatting down to greet Zoey and the child and Wash as she does so. She does not have on swimming tunics or is prepared to swim, just to socialize. She gives a soft laugh. You look like you are having such fun.

There is a sound, at first, it probably isn't completely discernable but it grows louder and louder until it is made clear: Trumpets and with trumpets, the sounding of a loud metal clang, then, without warning and spilling out into the inner courtyard is a Thraxian guard playing said trumpet! Nextly enters none other than Chief Rin Redreef, first mate and chief officer of the Warlord of Thrax affairs, he holds in one hand a small metal gong which he hits once and a while to some unknown timing in his head.

Then a clanging sound of an all different kind and a brief voice, "Watch it boys!" now into view comes none other than the Warlord of Thrax himself that old sea dog the man, the myth, the Moustache! Galen Thrax! The Prince is carried on a small wooden platform by the remainder of his guard and they seem set to head straight toward the edge of the pool. The Prince is dressed in only a skimpy pair of slate blue swim trunks with a red sea creature embroidered on them. His arms are stretched outward in a display of his presence, his muscular body glistening as if it had been oiled by some means. His hair is tied behind him and his warstache is perfectly sculpted.

"I thought I heard someone summon me, I believe three times even?" the Prince announces as loudly as possible, "Who has summoned the Galen? Prince of parties to this place, thou shalt owe me a boon!" he declares before allowing his stormy eyes to dance about those gathered. His grin is bright and wicked as any Cheshire cat. Finally, he gazes down at the pool, "I'm feeling a cannon ball..."

Wash disappears under the water, never to be seen again. Unless one looks closely. He holds his breath and misses Prince Galen's entrance.

Aethan takes the glass that is presumably for him with murmured thanks to Evonleigh, before he leans back, falling quiet -- or staying quiet, as the case may be, since he wasn't saying that much before, either. However, he is looking perfectly content at the moment, taking a sip from his glass as he looks around at those assembled, letting their conversations wash past him for the moment. Until Evonleigh's kiss, which has him looking her way again, and the contented look shifts into what can actually be called happiness.

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Ember seems pleased when Artur comes over. Again, it's one of those things where you really just have to take it on faith, because it's not like she's going to grin about it and make it clear. There just seems to be a touch more serenity than sternness on her face. And that's even WITH having just gotten splashed hard. She pushes wet hair back -- an up-do slightly knocked askew. She's about to say something, no doubt witty and terrific about the stuffed wolf, or the turkey hunt, or... something, and then: Galen. Ember has to pause for a long moment, and then says: "Ah. Well. I suppose I got what I asked for." Ember says this as she's gently putting strong, callused hands on Artur's shoulder to move herself somewhat behind him, positioning herself for maximum splash blockage if Galen follows through on his cannonball threat.

Catalana stares at the enterance of the courtyard and grins. Beams when it's Galen. She immediately moves out of the way when she hears cannonball. Wash can fend for himself.

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Lucita leaves the pool side and then moves over toward the table and wicker couch to sit. "So many people here, can't keep up with them all and what is happening.

Wash pretends to struggle under the weight of his tiny daughter, while simultaneously holding her head above water. Were those trumpets?

Peri is here and no one noticed because she slipped in during the pomp and circumstance of that majestic entrance. She pops up beside Evander's chair and asks what he is reading.

Ian answers Galen's question by pointing to Ember, and then calmly takes Evander's book and moves it so that he's between it and the water.

Mikani winks at Rysen. "Well ... it entertained me most mornings." She teases before kissing his cheek and murmurs to him lowly. "I wouldn't have done it if I didn't love you."

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"Baroness Lucita. Take a break from the water and have some snacks with us," greets Evonleigh, turning to look at their new couchmate, before looking at all the hubbub and lifting a brow as Galen is carried in on a platform. She looks over at the Kennex lads on the couch for an explanation, though there probably isn't really one. "Not something you see every day. Well, I don't. Maybe that's how he gets around Thrax ward everyday?" she says wryly, lips curving into that impish smile again.

Chuckling at Rysen and Mikani's antics, Artur's amusement is clear. "Perhaps if Rysen brings down a turkey, you will wake up next to it in bed." he points out to Mikani as Ember moves behind him and he feels hands on his shoulders. Surprise massage? Nope, he's being used as a splash guard. There's a lift of his brow as he looks over his shoulder. "Did you not ask him to show? I had assumed you were close to him." he points out to the Baroness.

Evander starts to open his mouth - maybe to warn Ian about the book's wellbeing - but just takes his choice with a tiny nod of appreciation. "Lady Peri," he gives her a tiny smile. "It's good to see you. Oh, just a little historical work about Darkwater. I've heard it described as dry, but I find it quite entertaining."

"Her?" Galen asks looking toward Ian, "Are you sure?" a puzzled look dances over the Princes features as he turns his stormy eyes to the Bloody Baroness and quirks a brow, "Baroness, art thou prepared to pay the boon owed to the Prince of Parties? he questions before leaping from the platform and balling himself up into a cannonball to splash into the water with the force of his size and height from where he jumped. The ensuring splash is no doubt huge. Once the Prince surfaces he brushes back his hair and searches out Catalana to offer a wink and brief beaming smile, then, Ember becomes the target of his focus and toward her and Artur he swims.

Zoey drains her glass and takes off the sarong, tucking it somewhere out of the splash zone.

Artur checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

"It's not dry anymore," Ian snorts to Evander. Then, to Galen: "Definitely her. Everyone heard it." And then a wave of water soaks his pants. He's philosophical about this, too.

And just as Galen hits the water, Artur ducks beneath the surface - disappearing, and leaving Ember bare to the elemental surge of a Galen splash!

Rysen squints playfully at Mikani, and laughs, nodding in agreement with Artur. Noticing Lucita, Rysen waves to the baroness just before his attention is drawn by Galen's servant's trumpet. Rysen looks a little astonished until he sees Galen, and grins as the waves splash outward from his cannonball. "Good to see you again, Your Highness. It's been a long time. I hope Princess Sorrel and your son are well." he glances over at Ian, and grins saying, "All of this reminds me of that time you were speaking of Princess Denica's portrait in the Ebb and Flow."

"Maybe we ought to erect a towel wall between us and the pool before any other terrible things happen to your books and my skirts," Sabella says, though her voice is tinged with amusement, even as she towels off. "And you're reading about Darkwater? How fascinating! Does it have something in there about the magical waters that I've yet to find a good moment to ask the Countess about?" She glances over to the refreshments table in time to see the impossible: Aethan happy! Her smile broadens and she waves her hands and bounces at him and Evonleigh. It probably looks a little weird.

Wash straightens up when Galen hits the pool and waves, Cerilla standing on his shoulders (with help). "My prince! Glad you could join us." He strides through the water, holding Cerilla's feet on his shoulders as he moves around.

"It started about like this," Ian agrees to Rysen, as he takes a sip of his drink. "We'll see how late the party goes." He eyes Sabella. "... You okay?"

Ember absolutely shoots Ian a look. It's not an angry look. But it's a look. Giving Ian that look is a fatal distraction, though, as it gives Artur his opportunity to dip under the water (which, it must be said, seems unsafe to do when someone is doing a cannonball). Ember is actually knocked backward in the water a bit, and she sputters afterward. Her hair is all messed up now and it's all she can do to peel it back from her eyes like so much seaweed. "Wh-- What have I done," she murmurs.

Catalana beams at Galen. See. it just took some arm twisting to get here. She shouts out to him. "You're too late. Wash is now king of parties and antics." Her eyebrow arched in a look of pure mischief, "Unless you wish to challenge him for the title back."

Lucita gives a warm smile as she joins the others. "Snacks sound perfect." She looks toward Galen. "er.. which Baroness? I only caught word of the title amid all the conversations and noise going on?" A little vague gesture follows that comment. "Hard to keep up with so many around, not intentionally ignoring anyone."

Unfazed by what water managed to hit her, Zoey sets down her empty glass, steps to the edge of the pool, and dives in.

"And this is my crown!" Wash roars, gesturing to his daughter. "Wait no! Ceri!" The 'crown' finally unbalances forward into the pool itself with a squeal.

Zoey checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Popping up from the water, Artur bobs on the surface for a moment before he turns to face the bloody Baroness, and seeing her so much like a wet cat, he bursts into a peal of laughter, unable to control himself.

"Yes, but there's a way to-" Evander makes a face, and wisely elects not to espouse the best methods for drying books in the midst of a party. "I'm not sure that will be a deterrant," he adds wryly, before he glances briefly towards his book. "It doesn't, Princess Sabella. But it's an interesting tale - you definitely should ask the Countess about it," he informs her.

Evonleigh's reaction to Galen's entrance gets a shrug from Aethan, and he spreads his hands out, looking from her to Galen and back again. "Maybe not //every//where in Thrax," he says. So somewhere, perhaps. He reaches for Evonleigh's hand with his free one, just as his attention is caught by Sabella's waves. It may look weird, but it seems that he understands better what it stems from than his brother does. He lifts the glass in his other hand in a toast to her before he takes a sip, still smiling.

It's worse than Ember being fatally distracted by giving Ian a Look, though, because Ian turns out to be pretty much immune to Looks. He turns out to be even more than immune to Looks. He catches the Look out of the corner of his eye and mischief flashes in his intense blue eyes again, accompanied by a twich of a smile -- especially at what comes next.

Sabella's bouncing and waving draws Evonleigh's gray eyes taht way and this time she blushes, though, and her lashes fan her cheeks as she looks down into her drink. There's a smile and a laugh though to accompay it, along with another murmur to Aethan. The water from another cannonball edges close to where she sits, and she pulls her feet up to keep it off her slippers and hem. Ian takes the brunt of it and acts like a good human shield, so there's that.

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Wash is overheard praising Galen.

Wash is overheard praising Zoey.

Wash is overheard praising Ember.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Niklas wanders into the Kay like he owns the damn place. Which, hey, but for a certain marriage and princehood he probably would. As he walks through the hallway toward the pool he looks mighty pleased with himself as he sees a number of empty displays that once had miniature ships. Once in the open pool room he calls out, "Hello, Kennex Kay! Your most beloved son has returned! And he brought Farhaven eggs!" Sam, looking distinctly unhappy with his lot in life right now, sets down an enormous plate of boiled eggs in a layer of spiced meats. "Now, where are my nieces and nephews and cousins one time removed? I bought all of them knives!" Once Sam is done setting down his load Niklas gives him a wave. "Take the evening, Sam. Hell, swim if you'd like. There should be a spare swim costume in the guest room." Sam flushes furiously, shakes his head and makes his exit. "Huh. He must not like swimming."

Mikani looks between Artur and Ember. She quirks an eyebrow yet says nothing. "How is Redreef going, Em? Fall is beautiful there. I miss it."

Galen stops halfway in his swim toward Ember and looks over to Wash, "Wash...I shall send the men to fetch a barrel of Serpents Tide rum and we shall do a barrel stand to decide the victor of the crown this eve. And then..." his eyes cut back to Ember, "The Baroness shall pay her boon by also partaking in a barrel stand of equal measure! We shall honor the Bloody with tribute to her very skill in such arena." Never once does his smile fade, nor his over the top tone of voice.

Peri expected to get soaked at a pool party, but perhaps Evander and Sabella did not. She pulls off her cloak and offers to drape it over their legs. "Princess Sabella, Lord Evander, I offer my cloak as armor." She bows and flourishes her cloak. She sets down her satchel out of the way so that she can go swimming, and her cloak can be foled if it is not deemed a good protection.

Lucita listens to a messenger then with a sigh stands and excuses herself."Enjoy the evening, seems a matter I need to take care of has arisen."

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Reese arrives at the party a bit late and while looking rather pink. She is in the company of Isabetta. The girl looks over the party quickly as if trying to get a sense for things. Mikani and Peri are noticed first and given given a warm dimpled smile. She then peeks to Isabetta. "Sounds like maybe a game is going on."

Bob the chartreuse parakeet arrives, following Baelos.

Wash nods somberly to Galen. "Thus shall the crown pass to him who has the strongest liver." He intones, fishing Cerilla out of the water and back into his arms. She promptly insists on another catapult.

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Catalana collects their daughter from Wash and safely moves her away from where the barrel stand will take place. She comes over to rest beside Mikani and Rysen. "Hello Lord and Lady Crovane. Enjoying yourself?" Her small daughter stares at Mikani a long moment taking in the tattoos before murmuring in a hushed whisper to her mother "Pirate."

It's rapidly becoming clear why Ember usually just hangs out off to the side at pool parties -- because as skilled as she is on the battlefield, there are some situations that just seem to short-circuit her brain. One of them is Artur laughing at her. She almost freezes for a moment, like she's sorting through a long list of possible responses, and then she's got Mikani speaking to her and Galen coming at her -- "Redreef is doing well. As for its Baroness, I cannot be quite so sure," Ember replies. She's much more measured than Galen, which is an understatement for the ages. "Though if my opponent is merely rum -- then I suspect I'll handle my own."

There's a sigh as Artur receives a message, before the Redrain prince rises from the water. "Sadly, I have to depart. Rysen, I look forward to the turkey hunt with you." As he notices Ember, he gives her a quick wink and reaches up to brush some wet hair out of her eyes. "You're pretty adorable when wet." he offers to her in a loaded statement as he moves towards the edge of the pool to rise out and towel off to dress to head home.

Mikani arches an eyebrow at the Pirate comment. She smiles warmly at the little girl before looking at the girl's mother. "Very much so. Yourself?" Mika's smile is warm as her voice is calm. "I am not a Pirate. I just like decoration. Each one is an important event in my life." She informs the girl before looking at Ember. "Ooooo Rum ... my favorite!"

Whatever Evonleigh says to him has Aethan nodding, and he murmurs something back, crossing an ankle over the other knee as he looks around again. It's just in time to see Niklas' arrival, and a laugh escapes him as he sets his glass down to wave to his cousin. "I suppose I'm going to have to find something else to gift them, then," he calls, perhaps regarding the knives. As always, it's a little hard to tell if he's joking or not, but considering his mood, today it's less hard than some other days.

Something Mikani says to Rysen makes him blush, and he beams at her happily. He turns to Catalana as she asks her questions and says, "Very much, My Lady. This is my first time in Kennex Kay, and it is very beautiful." He laughs softly as Niklas announces his entrance. When Ember speaks, Rysen grins and says, "You would most certainly handle your own." He then says to Mikani, "I truly would love to see your homeland sometime soon - preferably when it's not supremely hot." He bows his head to Artur, and says warmly, "Farewell, Your Highness."

Evander gives a tiny, if genuine smile at Peri's sacrificing of her cloak to the threat of water. "Thank you, Lady Peri," he says. "I hope there's nothing susceptible to water in there," he nods to her satchel, "I'll keep an eye out for you." Niklas' arrival earns a half-bow from the thin man. "Prince Niklas. Knives...?" he looks puzzled, glancing at Sabella as if she might comprehend better.

Reese smiles over to Wash and Catalana as well. "I made it here, a bit late, but I really tried to rush though things so I could at least stop by." She says happily to them. The princess then waves to Rysen. "Lord Rysen, nice to see you."

"Lady Peri! How noble of you!" Sabella laughs, casting another grin towards Aethan and Evonleigh before her smile brightens even more at Niklas' entrance, "Nik! Watch out for the water they've--what have you brought?" She eyes the eggs and spiced meat, " that an islands thing?" She waves a hand at Evander like, don't worry about it! Then she mouths to Niklas, 'you did not.'

The Warstache of Thrax looks up and out of the water, "Rin go and get the cart!" he shouts and with that his men vanish. "Your opponent tonight is rum, tomorrow it is yourself," Galen says seriously toward Ember before turning toward Wash, though he speaks to another Kennex, "Ian I trust you shall make certain no one dies tonight?", then to Aethan, "He might need a hand with that..." And now back to Wash, "Your crown is very cute by the way!"

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Rysen beams when he sees Reese. "I'm glad you made it, Your Highness," he says, "I hope you're planning to swim a bit. The water's perfect!"

Wash swims over to the edge, while he is still mostly sober, and dips into a satchel for his flash again. "Thank you my lord. I think she is my finest creation. What crafter could compete with such a jewel." He fetches a token from his satchel and holds it out to Peri. "Lady Seliki! I saved this for you."

2 Redrain Guards leaves, following Artur.

Ian lifts his glass to Galen. "I'll make sure nobody drowns," he promises. "I'm not taking drinks out of anyone's hands."

Reese smiles over to Sabelle as well and then to Niklas. "Hi Sabella. She says in her direction. The girl also has a polite nod for Galen. "Prince Galen." She then turns to Rysen. "I was thinking about swimming"

Isabetta nods to Reese while keeping quiet and then saying to the princess next to her, "Party games are always fun, but I'm not sure about pool party drinking. Does that mean someone is going to have a pool party vomiting? " She looks suspiciously at those in the pools. "I am not sure I like the look of that revelry, it looks ripe for mischief and mayhem. Two m words I do not approve of."

"Then you should!" Zoey calls to Reese. "There are plenty of towels if you decide to join us." She points to the chest.

"There's always siege engines," suggests Evonleigh to Aethan as a back-up gift for the little Kennex spawn running around. She smiles at the newcomers as they arrive and lifts a hand in farewells to those leaving, before resting a hand on Aethan's, and leaning to murmur something else.

Catalana groans and laughs at Niklas "Whoever dubbed you as favorite? I am pretty sure I am the absolute favorite Kennex. And no more knives for the children." She shoots Wash a look at that. She then apologizes to Mikani, "She spends much too much time down at the harbor." She hands the little girl off to a nanny to head inside. Who knows what could happen now Galen is here.

Wash attempts to look innocent. "What's that? Knives all around?"

Reese peeks over to Zoey, the girl having a warm smile at her words of welcome. "Thank you." She says, before looking over to Isabetta. "Do you want get into the water?" She asks, sounding cheerful.

Mikani smies more at the girl. "Oooo that harbor is an amazing place. I don't blame you." She winks at the little girl before she is escorted out. "I know I like knives. Daggers are some of my favorite weapons."

Zoey splashes Wash again. "Not in the pool!"

"Every young person should have a knife, Evander! Even people with no idea how to use one and who cannot possibly be trusted with one. Just ask your sister! Jan got me a knife for the first Grayson Mandatory Giving Occasion! Useful knife it was. Except for the time I nearly lost a finger." Niklas sniffs a little. "I probably shouldn't be allowed to have a knife." Then he's sidling over to Sabella, gauging the distance between her and the pool. "No, my treasure, Farhaven eggs are a Northerner thing, not an Islander thing. I think. They might be a Crownlander thing that's named for Farhaven because the idea of an egg rolled in meat seems like something a Northerner would do. You should have them. I bought them from The Spirits. It's made with the sausages you like." To Catalana he says, "I said favorite son, Cat. So you can still be its favorite daughter. Gods know that's not Octavia. Speaking of which, where is our Marquessa?" He sets a hand on his chest. "Who I genuinely love and respect, which is why I kid."

Wash encourages Isabetta. "Jump in! You can't miss a target this size!" He spreads his arms to indicate the large pool.

"I oughn't be allowed, either, Cousin," Evander notes rather dryly to Niklas. "And Jan is... well. Jan." He doesn't look surprised at that information.

"It was a pretty useful knife," Ian agrees with Niklas about Jan's present. "She got me one, too. I stabbed a pirate and a shark with it."

"Princess!" Galen says lifting a hand toward Reese and finger waving toward her, "So first we have the barrel stand and then there is the fire walking." the Prince says firmly finally making his way up close to Ember, "What requests do you have of me my Baroness? You summon, I arrive I shall grant you a wish if it be fitting." he says quietly with lips turning upward into a more thin grin.

Catalana gives Niklas that look. "The Marquessa is busy. She was disappointed not being able to make it." She then glances between the Kennex men. "I think collectively we have five billion and one knives in the house. We are good for knives." She grins widely at Ember "oh. All the things you could make him do." She suggests, "Perhaps a wish of him to keep his pants on at all parties from now on?"

Reese strips down to her camisole and bloomers. She folds her clothing and leaves such with Rosalie who seems a bit bored, watches the clothing closely and goes to find some food while carrying it around. The girl then peeks over to Isabetta. "Are you ready to jump in?" She asks. She then waves to Ember as well. "Good to see you Baroness."

Ian nods to Reese when she comes in. "Princess Reese. Good to see you." Her outfit gets a twitch of his eyebrow, but he's probably not very used to seeing her out of her armor.

Ember draws in a breath and stares Galen down. She's not mad. It'd be VERY obvious if she was mad. As it is, she's a physically fit woman with battle scars on her arms and shoulders and sopping wet hair, and that's intimidating enough on its own, especially because she seems allergic to smiling or injecting any warmth into her voice. "Challenge accepted," Ember says simply. There's a glint in her eyes, though. Like as if to say: 'This is where I'd smile, if I did things like that.' "As for my wish? Mm. Very well. I wish for this barrel stand challenge to have some stakes to it." A half a beat. "For both of us -- not just me." She then moves to get out of the pool and towel her hair a bit, giving dips of her head to Catalana and Reese along the way. To Catalana, she adds: "I don't want to be CRUEL to His Highness."

Isabetta nods to Reese, takes off her boots. She's wearing her cloak, some sort of end of season dress and.. SPLASH. She can't miss it. The water is really hard to swim in nearly fully dressed. "Gah." She says, realizing her error, "I didn't miss the target!" she exclaims, splashing like a cat that was just tossed in a pool. "But I really wish I had."

"Gods and spirits, I love eggs rolled in meat," says Rysen in earnest as he overhears Niklas. The Crovane lord smiles to hear Mikani speaking to the little one. Rysen kisses his wife's cheek before he pulls himself out of the pool and finds his rum. Dripping water, he moves over towards Zoey's side of the pool and sits on the edge, dangling his legs in the water, and takes a long drink of rum. "May I ask, My Lady," says Rysen to Zoey, "How you met Lord Ian?" There is a gleam of curiosity in his grey eyes.

"Probably in her study," Aethan replies very helpfully to Niklas regarding Octavia, and this time he might not actually be joking -- at least, it sounds like a serious answer and not amused. He settles back in the chair again, adding, "That knife //was// pretty useful. But not as pretty as Niklas' gift." His fingers curl around Evonleigh's hand as he quiets again, watching the goings on.

Peri checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Peri reassures Evander, "it will be fine. Wool sheds water." Her attention is drawn to the pool. "I'll be back later to sit by the pool and read." When Wash hands her the token she spouts, "Oh! thank you." She then dives into the pool with almost nary a splash.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 54 higher.

Reese swims over to Isabetta and she is a pretty good swimmer. Just being in under clothing she is not weight down either. She tries to reach out for her. "Issy..." She says with concern. Reese seems to be attempting a rescue.

Ian snorts. "What he really wants to know is what I did to convince you to marry me," he says to Zoey, after giving Rysen a quick look.

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Isabetta starts to flail more as she is clearly in less danger, like some sort of bizarre inverse. Reese may get to hear and it goes on for a moment looking like Isabetta is struggling before. "Oh hey, I can touch the bottom." And she stands up properly, her clothes billowing about under water.

"Stakes?" Galen asks while following Ember out of the pool and moving toward Catalana, "Ian she wants stakes!" the Warlord calls out, "Another painting perhaps?" he cuts a glance to Wash, "A bathtub full of silver?" he queries before finally turning toward Ember. "The winner must wear the others bathing suit?"

"I admire your optimism and sudden love of knives, my love, but maybe still to quills next time hm?" Sabella laughs again, reaching a hand out to Niklas from where she's sitting now, SITTING, on a chair and not near the edge of the pool, with Lady Peri's cloak across her knees, "Reesey! Are you going to swim--oh you are. Well, I'm glad one of us can swim. And I assume that Lou can too since she can do everything. And I assumed that what you did to convince Zoey to marry you was ask," She pipes up to Ian, "Honesty everyone makes such a big deal about courtship everyone forgets that you just need to ask and receive a positive response."

Catalana grins at Galen and gives him a splash, "Oh then I hope the Baroness wins. You'd look very fetching in her red number."

Reese looks to Isabetta, seemingly relieved when she touches the bottom. "Maybe taking off a few layers would whelp?" She offers up. She then looks over to Sabella having a smile for her. "Oh, I love to swim and I think you could if you tried and well Lou I am pretty sure she can swim."

Mikani moves to be by Ember. "Maybe I will come out and visit the island soon. While I can still enjoy it." She grins at Ember.

"You'd stretch mine out," Ember replies, calmly, as if this is a normal conversation to be having. "And on my figure, yours would be awfully loose in the front."

Wash leans on the edge of the pool and addresses Ember's concerns. "Doesn't that just give you an excuse to buy a new one on the Prince's silver?"

Isabetta is scandalized. Scandalized! She turns on Reese and says, "You're just trying to get me out of my clothes! I knew it, you want to steal my cloak for yourself, even though you're the one that gave it to me. This insult cannot be unanswered." She then looks at Sabella, gives her an apologetic wave and with said waving hand of non-apology, assaults Reese forthright with a vicious splash.

Niklas eyes Ian. "With one swing?" His expression strongly suggests he is extremely hopeful that the answer to that question will be an enthusiastic yes. When Rysen confirms the existence of the Farhaven Egg Niklas points at the Crovane. "Lord Rysen knows what I'm talking about! This guy gets it!" Aethan gets a somewhat sober, for Niklas, nod. "Those were good work. I should see if I can't find Luca's and do something appropriate with it." He leans over and kisses Sabella's head. "I am swearing off all weapons except for the one I have commissioned from Brother Felix. And that one's a gift!"

Catalana swims over to join Wash at the edge of the pool. But she then stares at Sabella "Sabella. You married a Kennex and never learnt to swim? Never?"

Ember then turns to Mikani and gives her a wry little look. "I hope that you do, my Lady. And I hope that it will be at some point after the next several months, which is how long I imagine it will take me to sober up from whatever I'm going to be made to do to win this wager." To Wash, Ember says: "It's the principle of the thing. Besides, I don't want my handmaidens telling me that the gossip around the Ward of the Thrax is that Prince Galen looks better in my bathing garment than I do. Because I suspect that's just the rumor he'd start." Ember's eyes turn to Galen to add on to that accusation.

"A fair point Grand Admiral," Galen notes of the point Wash has made. Then he catches someone talking about getting out of their clothes and looks over toward Isabetta, "Clothes are optional at this party are they not? I am pretty sure that is what the fine print on my summoning said." then back to Ember, "Then what terms would you have oh most Bloody one?"

"That rumor would certainly be started," Galen admits.

Evonleigh's grown a little quiet, watching the ongoings in the pool and half listening to conversation, a bit of a far-off look in those gray eyes of hers. But the mention of commission from Niklas has her bounce up. "I just received my bow from Dame Ida that I commissioned. I never thought I'd have a commissioned weapon -- or that I'd be able to use one. I haven't taken it out yet. I just keep looking at it. It's so pretty." It's said to Aethan and Ian, as she reaches for a slice of fruit at their table.

"I'm not sure Niklas knows how to swim either." Wash comments. "I've never seen him even drink water."

Rysen laughs and shakes his head. Glancing back over his shoulder at Ian, Rysen says, "You forget, My Lord, that I have stood by you on many a battlefield at this point, when it would seem that we wouldn't return. That fact that I can drink this rum and enjoy myself is testament to your skills and abilities, so it's hardly a surprise to me that Lady Zoey would marry you, but the idea of you courting is -" Rysen turns to Zoey as she speaks and he clears his throat and nods. "Indeed, My Lady. That is very true."

Catalana gives a serious nod to Wash, "It's likely why we had to kick him out. Useless."

Reese looks over to Evonleigh, having a smile for her. "Oh, Dame Ida, makes amazing work. I have a few of her hairpins and so does Master Felix. I have some of his work as well."

"Zoey's a good shot," Ian says to Evonleigh, nodding in Zoey's direction. He eyes Rysen at his description of their battlefield antics. "It wasn't as though I conquered her."

"She once shot me in the ass!" Galen calls out to whomever Ian was just talking to, "It was quite painful!"

Mikani kisses Ember's cheek. "Trust me it will be soon." She murmurs to Ember before climbing out of the pool. She yawns largely. Softly she caresses Rysen's cheek before she dresses and slips off for home.

Ember is quiet for a long moment, but gears are plainly turning within her head. Her eyebrows do knit a bit at Galen's complaint about being shot in the ass, like that's a tempting one. "We play for the title of Prince of Parties," Ember says, finally.

Catalana tells Rysen, "It's because you've never seen Ian around Porter. When Porter comes to town, Ian is either drunk, in jail or really loud." She shakes her head at a particular memory "So loud. And so stupid."

"They were," Aethan agrees with Niklas. "And it's served me well on several occasions." Evonleigh's words have him looking that way again, though, and his eyebrows raise. "Did you?" he asks. "I'm sure it's beautiful. Dame Ida does very good work. I've thought about buying one of her pieces more than once."

Peri watches wistfully as Mikani leaves teh pool. "I was going to dunk that woman," she tells Rysen.

"My bow is just upstairs, _Your Highness_, If a demonstration is needed," Zoey teases with a splash in Galen's direction.

"I willingly surrender the title Prince of Parties." Wash proclaims. "But I shall never willingly relinquish the title Prince of Antics."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Catalana before departing.

Ian gives Catalana a sharp look. "I was loud -one time-. I was trying to shut Porter up." Porter is a big man. A big man with very big lungs. "Aethan did have to get us out of jail a couple of times though. And that one time we thought Wash drowned..."

Wash says, "I got better."

Ian says, "You were in a bar the whole time."

Mikani has left the Large Rectangular Pool.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men leave, following Mikani.

Isabetta realizes she can float.. sort of, which she does. . . sort of.

Rysen grins at Ian and sighs. He takes a sip of rum and takes Mikani's hand in his when she touches him, and kiss her hand. Rysen raises and eyebrow when Catalana mentions Porter. "You're right, My Lady. I can't say I recall meeting anyone named Porter - but I had always thought Lord Ian a man of few words. And there was the Artshall School battle," says Rysen. "Lord Ian was literally grabbing soldiers by the collar and shouting such that a fire blazed in their failing spirits. Probably turned the tide too, though our tactics worked out well in that instance also." Overhearing Peri, Rysen smiles. "Pretty certain she'd have enjoyed it."

Catalana shakes her head at Ian. "No. Not the holding down Porter time. I meant that other time. When he convinced you to woo that girl at the bar with a song."

"She does. As does Felix. I have one of his hairpins as well, but mostly Dame Ida's, and a couple of y own design." Like the set in her hair today, silver-wrought feathers. Her hand goes to touch them to see which set she's wearing. "I think I saw her shoot at one of the Sip n Spars," she nods to Ian and then to Zoey, laughing at Galen's contribution to the topic. "I'm still an intermediate I would say... but it's a beautiful bow, so I want to learn more to truly do her justice." She leans to murmur something to Aethan, then rises. "I do have an early appointment in the morning so while this has been lovely, it's time for me to say farewell. Lady Catalana, thank you for your hospitality. You are such a warm presence here in the Kay," she says with a smile for the Kennex lady.

*Evonleigh says. ^

Niklas nods to Evonleigh. "Sabella once commissioned me a sword, but ultimately it is something that decorates my writing office. The idea of actually carrying it seems like a good way to get myself killed." To Wash he says, "Fill an ocean with brandy and I'll be the finest swimmer you have ever known."

Ember nods to Wash, as if in appreciation of his grace in ceding the title. Perhaps the pool party will one day look back and realize what a titanic battle between good and evil the Bloody Baroness is trying to bring about -- and how she's actually the 'evil' side of it, because as Princess of Parties her first move would probably be to never hold any, ever.

Reese peeks over to Isabetta, checking to see if she is alright. She seems to be wathcing her closely for signs of drowning. The girl then looks over to Niklas. "Well if you want to learn to use a sword, I could teach." She offers.

Whatever Evonleigh has whispered to him gets a nod from Aethan, and he stands as well, looking around at those gathered. "Good night, everyone," he says. "Catalana, thank you. It was fun." And he actually sounds like he means it, which is probably a wonder in and of itself. A wave to his cousins and his brother, as well as the others assembled, before he starts toward the exit with Evonleigh.

"Just remember that playwright's rule -- if you put a sword on a wall of a set in the first act, be sure to have someone use it in the second," Evonleigh ssays to Niklas with a snap of her fingers and a point in his direction. Playwright jokes. She waves to Sabella with a wink and lets Aethan lead her out.

Evonleigh has left the Wicker Couch and Table set.

Aethan has left the Wicker Couch and Table set.

2 Whitehawk Guards leaves, following Evonleigh.

William, a taciturn quartermaster, Evonleigh leave, following Aethan.

"An ocean of brandy." Wash says dreamily. "What ship would sail such a tide. A glass ship, naturally."

Peri takes a white cotton towel embroidered with a violet ship from a sturdy wooden chest.

Reese gets a white cotton towel embroidered with a violet ship from a sturdy wooden chest.

Galen gets a white cotton towel embroidered with a violet ship from a sturdy wooden chest.

Ian watches Aethan and Evonleigh leave with a twitch of his eyebrow, then looks back at Rysen. "That was a fun afternoon," he says of, uh -- the battle? The battle.

"Wash did drown didn't he?" Galen queried as he jumps into random conversations here and there like a hyped up chihuahua on crack. "I humbly accept Wash's surrender of my title and his toes shall be safe for such!" Galen says with a grin in the man's direction. "So Baroness I guess it seems we shall compete for my title once the men return!" A curious look is given, "They should have been back by now I hope they didn't stop and get drunk on the way back..." Looking over toward his Raven which is never too far from the man he speaks up, "Hrafn go check on the guys," and off the bird flies.

Catalana glances as Aethan and Evonleigh leave. Her brow furrows a touch and she murmurs to Wash briefly.

Reese tries to whisper something to Isabetta, murmuring softly and then heading out of the water. She might even help Isabetta out if she seems interested in such.

Ember rests her hands on her hips. Even when dressed for a pool party, she's still standing like she's got a sword on her hip instead of just a scar on the side of her butt cheek from when someone tagged her while she was on a horse. "I look forward to it, Your Highness. I hope that you won't hold my victory against me."

Peri has left the Large Rectangular Pool.

Peri has joined the Lounge chairs by the pool.

After swimming a few laps Peri leaves pool. She wobbles a little without the bouncy of the water. She towels her hair while padding back to the lounge chairs.

Reese reaches the side of the pool and climbs out while all soaking wet. She offers Isabetta her hand, trying to help Issy. Reese seems to be on the strong side.

Rysen drinks the rest of his rum, and sets aside his glass. He stands up and bows to Catalana and Wash from the edge of the pool. "I should be getting back to see Mika. Thank you all for a wonderful time." He waves to those nearby, and then makes his way out of the Courtyard.

As the budding competition becomes more serious, Ian takes more of an interest. His gaze slides over to Ember and Galen.

Rysen has left the Large Rectangular Pool.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist leaves, following Rysen.

Isabetta takes the hand and boy does she need it she seems to weigh all the weight thanks to being soaking.

Wash rubs shoulders with Catalana content to float at the edge of the pool in her company and let Galen challenge for Prince of Parties. "I did drown once. But not that night. That night I just forgot we weren't swimming home and and went to a different bar altogether. Didn't even realize they were looking for me for two days."

Evander, having finished his tea, looks like he's considering reclaiming his book, chance of getting it getting wet again or not.

Ian glances at Wash and snorts. It's pretty clear he doesn't agree with something about that representation of events.

Reese goes to get Issy and herself a towel. She then smiles to all gathered here, but her attention lingers the most on Catalana and Zoey. "Thank you both for having the party. You are wonderful hosts and your husbands are super blessed." She says in their direction. "And bye Sabella." She adds warmly to her sister.

Zoey pulls herself out of the pool and sits on the edge with her feet still in the water. She grabs the bottle of blackberry vodka and takes another drink.

Catalana smiles at Wash as they bump shoulders "They were only looking because they feared my wrath if they lost you." Noticing Evander and his book, she warns him "Pick it up and I will throw it in the pool." It's likely not the first book she's threatened over the years. She waves to the people departing. "Thank you for coming. It was great to have everyone here."

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Isabetta leave, following Reese.

Ian disagrees with Catalana's interpretation of events, as well: "We were looking for him because Aethan would have had us strung up on the yardarm if we didn't find him alive."

Evander gives Catalana a look. "You do and I'll tell the Archscholar you're threatening books," he warns. Probably jokingly.

Peri pulls a book out of her satchel with a defiant flourish.

Peri takes 13 books from a canvas satchel stitched with grey clouds and golden waves.

"Meanwhile I was drunk for days on the windward side of Stormward, should really be a better name for it. Stormwind?" Wash muses. He reaches for his satchel again to pull out that flask for a drink.

Evander glances towards Peri, and his mouth quirks upwards into a tiny smile.

Catalana checks with Ian, "Was that the time before we married or the time after? Actually, there's a lot of stories that involve Wash drunk and either lost or drowned." She grins at Evander. "Next party I will remember to ban you from bringing books."

Galen quickly darts over to where Zoey is and pushes her back into the pool, "Thats for my ass!" he calls out with a laugh. Finally the sound of squeaking wheels can be heard echoing through the courtyard, it seems the cart is arriving. When it comes into view it is being pulled by one man and pushed by two others, a simple wooden cart with three large barrels sat in it, each barrel has a spout on one side. A sign hangs on the side of the cart that reads 'Warlords Wagon'. "Its here!" Galen exclaims as his raven lands on top of one of the barrels.

"It was right after I turned sixteen," Ian says to Catalana. "Aethan let Porter take me out to get drunk for real for the first time." A pause. "The first time that he knew about." Another pause. "... But don't tell him I said that."

"Before we married. But after I made midshipman." Wash clarifies for Catalana before offering her his flask. It's adult beverage time. "Drunk usually precedes lost or drowned, yes. I swim excellently well, and have a sense of direction." He looks trepidatiously at the arriving kegs of alcohol. "I sense drunk arriving soon."

In contrast, the other challenger for the title of Party Royalty has shoved no one into a pool, has pantsed no nerds, hasn't put a single bard up to reciting dirty verse, has barely drank any liquor... Ember is not looking like she's going to do well, here. When the barrels arrive, she draws in a deep breath, and stares at them like a commander taking in the battlefield in the moments before a war.

Catalana takes a small sip. Likely even less since the barrels arrived. Someone needs to be the designated adult tonight. She encourages Wash. "I think you need to make sure you keep claim to your title, prince of antics."

"I'll find a way to get around it. Book-shaped dessert, maybe. Or a book shaped like dessert." Evander shrugs in a show of not-so-casual defiance.

Zoey gracelessly tumbles into the pool with a yelp. "Gods damn it, Galen!" Zoey laughs after spitting out the pool water she accidentally inhaled.

"Oh I shall." Wash says grimly, heaving himself out of the pool. "Antics are my middle name. Along with Washburn Stupid Antics Kennex they called me growing up. Which was weird, because I was a Grayson back then. You think they knew something?"

"Water-proof book, maybe. Or book-proof water," Peri adds to Evander's list.

Ian watches Galen shove Zoey into the pool. Just watches.

Evander snaps his fingers at Peri's suggestion. "Excellent idea. And useful for being ship-board, too," he adds. Not that he is that often.

Niklas sets down the brandy and the Farhaven egg that don't actually make a great combination and moves to Sabella, touching her on her elbow. "I almost forgot. Mean Nanny has decided to go for the evening and the others are all in a disarray. So we should probably go home and tell our staff how to raise our children."

"Anyone who calls Wash stupid shall be arrested for slandering a Thraxian officer!" Galen announces before moving toward the cart and barrels, "Baroness, I will do the honor of allowing you the first pass at the barrel...Rin stand ready to open a spout of her choice,"

Sabella looks up from where she's ben reading a rather long missive, "Hm? Oh. Yes. Of course," she says almost absently, certainly distracted by whatever it is she just read, "Thank you all for the party! And Cat, I never did learn to swim as I know if I did Wash would have me out on his boat more often than not and I like my lunch to stay in my stomach," she grins, taking Niklas' arm and heading for the door, "Wonderful party! I especially liked the part where Aethan smiled."

Catalana climbs out of the pool too, gathering a fluffy towel as she does. Seeking clarification from Galen, "Does it count when it's his wife?" She comes and sits next to Evander. Still dripping. Water getting closer and closer to that book.

Ember checked stamina + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 3 higher.

"Oh good point...No a wife is allowed to say whatever." Galen clarifies for Catalana, "Tis only fair after all."

Ember gives nods to those who pass by in their path to the exits. On some level, perhaps she can't blame them for wanting to shy away from whatever it is she's unleashed. "The one on the left," Ember says. She approaches that barrel, and then looks to the men who brought them in. "Don't drop me," she says, and... executes a perfectly decent barrel stand. It's nothing special. It might even be a first-timer's. Afterwards, she has to fix her hair again, tying it into a more secure, unpinned semi-chignon.

Galen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 16 higher.

Evander glances at Catalana wordlessly. Not really warning her, just looking to see how close she's getting.

Niklas offers a wave to Catalana, Wash, Zoey, Ian and everyone else too. "Good evening, family! Don't be strangers! Ian, we should talk about a couple of things!" Then he points at Evander. "You too, cos! Don't think you're going to get away!" Then he's off, stealing away with his wife. As they wonder off he can be heard saying to Sabella, "Let's make a quick stop by my old room. Ahah."

Sabella has left the Lounge chairs by the pool.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard leave, following Sabella.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Sabella leave, following Niklas.

Wash starts hyperventilating in anticipation of chugging a keg.

Next up Galen strolls over to one of the other barrels, "Lets do it boys," he idly comments while Rin prepares to open his spout once the Prince has made a point doing a one handed handstand, even if one of his guards grabs his legs to steady him. Once he has finished his eyes cut back to Ember, "Well done."

Ember checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Catalana shifts an inch closer to Evander. Just an inch. To get a better view of course. She murmurs to those nearby, "Any bets?"

Ember seems to be approaching barrel stands with the courtly manners of a fencing tournament. "And you as well, Your Highness," she says, with a light curtsying motion. Then she grips the barrel and is hoisted back up to chug-a-lug her little Baroness heart out. And chug-a-lug she does! When she's righted, she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and grunts. "I didn't think people actually DID this," she comments. "I assumed it was something from stories."

Galen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Wash checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Ian sits back with the same drink he's been nursing for the last couple of hours and watches as the competition begins.

Zoey get out of the pool... again, towels off... again, and puts her sarong back on. She retrieves the bottle of blackberry vodka and settles down next to Ian to watch.

Wash strolls forward, gestures for the men to lift the barrel up and then knocks out the bung with his forehead. He plants his face in the flow and inhales. Better down than up, easier down than up, right? Is this cheating?

Evander glances briefly towards Peri, and carefully adjusts the book in his lap, reading. Defiantly, even.

Round two goes much the same with Galen in essence doing exactly as he did before, when he comes down this time though he grins toward Ember and lifts a hand to wipe across his mouth. "It isn't usually a thing...There was a party that called for some extreme events however, and I brought out the barrels. I will admit it is rare."

Catalana leans over Evander now, clearly trying to drip on his book. She winces at Wash takes the tap off with his forehead.

Wash checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 3 higher.

Ember checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Galen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

Evander pokes a finger into Catalana's shoulder to try and spare the book.

Wash checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 2 lower.

Ian checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 11 higher.

Galen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 4 higher.

Wash eventually starts coughing and takes a shower in the remaining beer from his keg. He closes his mouth and eyes and pretends to wash under his armpits.

Ian checked stamina + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 8 higher.

Ember chuckles, making sure her hair will stay in place for the next go-round. "My sister -- Lady Marina -- told me what sailors would get up to in some ports, like smashing barrels with their heads and th--" Ember's voice drops out as she observes Wash do exactly that. "I suppose it's a three-way race? Or he's that thirsty." Ember gives Galen a gentle shrug, and then positions herself to hup back up into a handstand and guzzle more rum. She seems to be getting the hang of it more, and she's even got a whole circular-breathing thing going to keep from choking. Once back on her feet, she lets out a gasp and then blinks a few times. "This is all going to hit me at once in about twenty minutes."

Galen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 9 lower.

Ember checked stamina + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 18 lower.

Galen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 10 lower.

The Prince goes in for round three and he holds on for several minutes before he falls to his knees from his handstand and starts coughing, "Down my wind pipe...Rumm..." he coughs, "You can't breathe rum...No matter what Caspian says." he coughs some more, "Damn it lungs!" Galen exclaims while pushing himself to his feet and looking over at Ember, "You got us there, beginners luck is all I can say about that." he winks, "Now the fire walk!" he glances around, "Uhhh...Where can we build the fire?"

"No fire," Ian calls to Galen. "You told me not to let anyone die."

Wash takes the empty keg from the guards and throws it in the pool. "Antics!" He shouts, running headfirst at a wall and leaping up to take holds of the second story, climbing to the roof with the agility of a man who forgot what sober looks like.

Catalana straightens then "What? No. No fire. We're not burning down the Kay. How do I explain that?"

Peri sets her book down. She asks Ian, "Is there really a firewalk?"

Ian looks up at Wash. "... I'm not taking responsibility for that."

Ian shakes his head to Peri. "Not when the people who want to do it are covered in alcohol."

Ember gives Galen polite applause all the same. "I've drank my share of rum, Your Highness. Just usually one cup at a time -- even if it's a lot of cups." She rests her hands on her hips, but instead of looking serenely authoritarian it seems more like she's trying to keep her balance a bit. Especially as her head turns and she watches a sozzled Wash run and smash and climb. "I feel bad about making Lord Wash relinquish his title, now. Or... well, not really. He kept the one that matters to him." Ember's cheeks are a bit flushed, as much as she's holding on to her poker face.

"No there is absolutely a firewalk," Galen affirms, "The proper ritual must be followed in order to take on the title." The Prince adds before staggering a step toward the pool and looking at Ian, "We can all jump in the pool to wash the alcohol off before we walk the fire!" he waves a dismissive hand, "We won't surely die."

Wash ascends to the roof of the second story and raises both fists to the air. "Is everyone watching?!" He shouts down at the party goers below. The tile roof of the Kay is mildly sloped, but even a little unsteady Wash manages to balance on it. Thankfully it was recently rebuilt and none of the tiles are loose yet.

Catalana confers with Ian, Evander and Peri, since they are obviously judges to this nonsense. "I think, the Baroness is now the Queen of parties, Wash the the prince of Antics and Galen is... the sad jester?"

Evander is forced to glance up from his book to weigh in on Catalana's judgement. "That sounds right," he says, after he glances about, then glances curiously at his sister. "What does that make me?"

Zoey watches Wash make the climb. "Oh, no..."

Catalana mutters to Evander "Sane."

Peri taps her chin. "I have to agree." She nods firmly.

Ian looks from Wash to the pool, and it's clear that he's doing the mental math -- how likely is it that Wash is going to splat on the ground vs. hit the water? And than a longer look at Wash as he calculates how drunk he is. Eventually, he gives Wash a thumbs up, presumably having decided that the odds of his survival are within allowable margins. PROBABLY he won't die horrible. To Catalana, he shakes his head. "Not taking responsibility for handing out party titles, either."

Wash checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 34 higher.

Peri shouts from nearby, "Climb high!"

Wash takes that for a yes and shouts down: "Okay! Here I go!" He backs up to the peak of the roof and takes a running leap into the courtyard, clearing the intervening space into the pool. He lands the massive cannonball immediately next to the floating barrel launching it out of the pool entirely. "Cataaaaaa - pullllllllt!"

Galen waves a dismissive hand through the air and turns from the cart, "Clean it up boys there will be no firewalk tonight." Then he looks up to Wash, "I have faith in you!" he shouts, "You're my boy blue!" why he adds this, he isn't sure. "Princess of Parties," Galen corrects turning to Catalana, "And technically the rest of the challenge wasn't completed, though ceding my title for the evening seems fitting enough."

Catalana realizes what Wash is about to do. Seeing Ian's thumbs up, she mutters to him, "If Wash dies, you're responsible for his babies."

"I'm not scared of a firewalk," Ember says, definitively. "But Lord Galen certainly sounds scared of losing to me." There it is -- that very tiny hint of a smile. One corner of her mouth lifts. When Catalana speaks, Ember lifts a hand. "Princess of Parties, my Lady. I am only a Baroness outside of them -- to declare myself a Queen would be overreach. Besides. I must leave a territory yet, to conquer in the future." She still has that little wry smirk. "And if the concern is that Prince Galen and I shall ignite -- then I will take the jester's suggestion and rinse myself off." This is about the point in the story where Ember steps towards the pool in very 'I'm focusing very hard on appearing sober' steps, divests herself of her red bathing garment and carelessly throws it aside. The cannonball that follows is the true sign that the Baroness of Redreef Shores is drunk off her (now completely uncovered) ass.

The second half of Peri's motto is drowned out by the splash and antics.

Evander actually laughs, looking happy with that.

"I have no fear of walking on fire. I have ridden a shark, faced down creatures of the abyss and giants," The Warlord begins, "Angered my wife and lived, sailed to port Defiance twice and came home..." He staggers toward the pool watching the Baroness, "I'd give that an 8.3," he says interrupting his own train of thought. "Where was I...Oh yes...Slew a unit of those cultists that have been plaguing us single handed! Yet, those of Kennex have been gracious enough to host us tonight and if they say no firewalk on their land we must abide."

"He was naked when he rode the shark," Ian says, his voice dead level, his expression straight. He's PROBABLY joking, but it doesn't sound like it.

"Do sharks chafe?" Peri asks Ian.

The barrel doesn't go out of the pool, just cracks loudly against the pool edge and the staves float capsized in the water. Wash surfaces face down. His pants remain on, but one of the violet stripes is straying from the edge, torn by impact with the barrel.

Wash is overheard praising Galen.

Fortunately, Ember DOES surface quickly. So she's not too-drunk-for-the-pool drunk, just too drunk for clothes. "Naked on a shark? You're lucky the hide didn't ruin anything for your wife." She still says all of this in a deadpan-ish way, but it's warmer now. Specifically, as warm as rum in one's belly. "Next party, Prince Galen -- you can challenge anew. In fact, I look forward to it."

"I imagine they do," Zoey says to Peri. "Their skin can be rough."

Catalana is overheard praising Galen: Gracious in losing his title.

Ember is overheard praising Galen: Gracious in defeat, though all I'm going to remember tomorrow is that he somehow rode a shark without shearing his balls off.

Ian nods to Peri. "Their scales are like knives if you rub them the right way. But he had a saddle. There's a painting in the Ebb and Flow, although it doesn't have the naked mermaids."

"You have to saddle the shark guys...I mean you can't just jump bareback on a shark." Galen squints as he looks around, "That would be insane I may be many things...Insane is not one of them, also, I am quite fond of my jewels."

Zoey puts Oseyan - Kennex Brand Blackberry Vodka in A fine wooden liquor cabinet.

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