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Lodge Fall Harvest

Fall harvest at the lodge! We will be tending to the plants, harvesting fruits, playing autumn games and much more. Fall treats and autumn plants will be given out to free to those who come.


April 8, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Olivia Lisebet Kaya Rhiannon Helle Bhandn Aerwyna Alessandro Mirk Beatrice Willow Puffin Helena Oswyn Margret Ophelia Thea Kaia Sorrel Cerdensulathara



Outside Arx - Lodge of Petrichor - The Orchard

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Comments and Log

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten arrive, following Helena.

Pudds, the fluffy white kitten arrives, following Aerwyna.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound, Aerwyna arrive, following Mirk.

The planting at the lodge is taking place. There are lots of gardening supplies about. There are also lots of baskets and other items. A leaf chest is filled with bottles of maple syrup and baskets of baked bread. Petal smiles at all the people arriving, the girl seemingly flattered. Her cheeks are pink and everything. "I thought we would start by gathering up any of the ripe fruit, so it doesn't go to waste. Everyone who wants to help can take a basket. "In a bit Lady Olivia is going to lead us in a prayer. Lady Olivia, you can whenever you want." She adds.

1 Greenmarch Guard, Soraya, the out of place Lycene lady's maid arrive, following Margret.

Rodrigo, 1 Greenmarch Guard, 2 Greenmarch trained guards, Margret arrive, following Alessandro.

Olivia nods quickly to Petal, and then starts to compose herself.

Lisebet totally accepts hugs from Petal. And from Rhiannon, after she jumps with the words that Rhiannon says, suddenly right behind her. She smiles at Petal, and nods. "I can do that, I think." It seems it might be okay, so long as she doesn't have to reach up toooo high. She's short after all.

Lisebet checked wits + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Kaya is quietly waiting for instructions on what to do

Kaya checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Helena checked perception + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Rhiannon is standing with Lisebet, quiet for the most part. As the group starts into the work, she goes with, more than willing to climb up high into the trees to help get the fruit down.

Duchess Cottontail, a gorgeous fluffy white angora kitten with odd eyes and a pretty pink ribbon, 2 Bisland pride guards, Luella Sedna, an influent and renowned pearl trader, Colin Laurent, a quiet and serene companion, Thea arrive, following Kaia.

Rhiannon checked dexterity + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

Helle's arrival is heralded by the thick cloak of an Iron Guard, though the woman herself doesn't look anything like an Iron Guard. She is bedraggled, sable hair tangled and snarled in a forgotten tumble down her back, and every step she takes seems to take an eternity. Melancholy eyes stare at the baskets, then at the hostess, then at the crowd. Very carefully, she edges towards the nearest tree to simply cling to it in commiseration.

Aerwyna checked dexterity + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Olivia checked perception + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 64 higher.

Bhandn came somewhat prepared: he's wearing a pack to go with his weaponry. It is a /harvest/ after all, so there's a little more room to spare riding on his back, should it be necessary. Or he ends up with more than just a jar full of honey. He does not engage anyone quite yet, preferring to take in the sites and get his bearings before committing to a plan of action.

Aerwyna looks most excited as she arrives in the Orchard to join the others, waving excitedly to Petal and she's dressed quite simply and ready for work.

Petal adds softly. "While I just got general prizes for people, I will make something special custom for whoever can pick the fruit the best, while leaving the branches in good shape and helping to get the trees ready for the coming winter. Any extra fruit we get, we will give to the soup kitchen. It can be furniture or clothing."

Alessandro arrives with Margret on his arm, and in the company of Helena as well, all chatting together pleasantly as they make their way through the Lodge to the orchard. "...haven't really done much fruit picking," Alessandro is saying to the other two, "though I suppose there's a first time for everything, isn't there?" So it would seem, anyway.

A little late, Mirk arrives in the Orchard with Aegis close on his heels, the bloodhound's tail wagging with puppyish enthusiasm. He's dressed in leathers, cloak discarded in anticipation of a little work, and he pauses to listen as the plan for the harvest is announced, a slight quirk of his lips near the end. "Simple," he says in a low, rumbling voice. "I like it."

Helle has joined the near the wooden scarecrow.

Aerwyna gets a bottle of Lodge maple syrup from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Thea takes a bottle of Lodge maple syrup from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Alessandro gets a bottle of Lodge maple syrup from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Bhandn gets a bottle of Lodge maple syrup from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Oh, why, must harvests happen in the fall? A hand tucked into her pocket and a seasilk coat fluttering at her knees, Beatrice strolls through the orchard, openly enchanted. And a tiny bit cold. A crease knits her brow as she looks to Helle, stride slowing over the uneven ground. "Messere, do you need to sit?"

Bhandn puts a bottle of Lodge maple syrup in a traveler's backpack.

Kaya gets a bottle of Lodge maple syrup from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Kaia takes a bottle of Lodge maple syrup from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Kaya gets a woven basket filled with fresh baked bread from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Beatrice gets a woven basket filled with fresh baked bread from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Is this a harvest festival? Perhaps someone forgot to tell Willow. The northern blood seems shown off to effect as she shows up barefoot, her toes rimed with topsoil, the same lingering under her nails. She has definitely been gardening /before/ she got here. But the worn leather pouches she totes in one hand are bulging with contents already inside.

Thea takes a woven basket filled with fresh baked bread from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Fruit? Fruit is delicious. At least to one small bunny who hops into the Orchard, looking around and sniffing with his little nose scrunching. Hop hop hop. Sniff sniff sniff. His tail twitches. He hops a little more, finding a piece of fruit on the ground and - well. He doesn't collect it, but he does reach out for a little nibble. The little bunny is white but there's a sash around his waist, with the symbol of Petrichor on it. Is this one of the Order? Perhaps so. Hop hop hop.

Beatrice has joined the near the wooden scarecrow.

"I've climbed plenty of trees in my time, and eaten a lot of fruit, but not much in the way of actually harvesting," Helena says with a grin for Alessandro and Margret. She takes a deep breath of the orchard air, redolent with the aroma of apples and pears ready to be picked. The fair Redrain seems to have more color in her cheeks and look a bit frail out near the trees and away from the city. "I love the scent of autumn," she says to Margret.

Rhiannon gets a woven basket filled with fresh baked bread from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Mirk gets a woven basket filled with fresh baked bread from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Mirk gets a bottle of Lodge maple syrup from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Ophelia.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog arrive, following Sorrel.

Petal seems to be watching people picking the fruits and even watching the trees to make sure they are doing alright. She has a gentle smile and seems satisfied as the baskets are filled up. The girl looks over to the bunny with a bit of confusion and she gives the lupine a smile. "We are growing autumn carrots and cabbage, you might like that?" She says, gesturing to the plots ready for autumn plants. Some plants can grow in colder weather and Petal seems to have picked out some of those.

Olivia finds a nice tall place to stand. "E... excuse me... If you all would bow your heads a moment and join me in prayer?" She is clearly not often a public speaker. She can be seen shuffling in place a bit, very fidgety. "Petrichor. We have come her today to bask in yet another glorious harvest made possible by You. Through your gifts of the many plants and trees You have graced us with, as well as your continued blessing of the soil year in and year out. Season after season. We are able to continue to feed all of Avrum. In times like this it is easy to be over joyed about what we have been given, and it is easy to forget what we must do to prepare for next year, as the cycle of seasons begins yet again. It is easy to forget the blessing of Petrichor in the winter, when many of us find ourselves huddled indoors. But now more than ever we must continue to give thanks to Peteichor, so we might see our soil blessed again next year for us to enjoy the harvest once more." Olivia bows her head respectfully for a moment before looking back up to everyone. "Thank you" She is bright pink by this point and runs herself off to hide a bit.

Oswyn makes his way into the orchard, collecting an empty basket as he goes and joining the others. The basket's handle is looped over his arm and he bows his head in prayer when Olivia addresses them. "Thank you," he repeats. Thank you Olivia? Thank you Petrichor? Both?

Oswyn checked perception + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Petal is overheard praising Olivia: Lovely prayer!

Margret breathes in deeply as she arrives in the Orchard with Alessandro and Helena before she admits with some longing in her voice, "It smells like home out here." Her gaze turns towards the bunny, and she watches it curiously. Then Olivia is leading a prayer to Petrichor, and her head bows respectfully.

Lisebet pauses to listen to Olivia's prayer, and then she says, "In Petrichor's name," softly. That said, she gets a basket and starts trying to get pears and apples. She's not very good at it, slow at figuring out which are ripe, but she at least isn't damaging anything, even if she won't quite get everything she needs done. The bunny gets a blink, and then so too does Petal. Lisebet hasn't run into sash wearing bunnies before, and only notices this time because she's ridiculous at fruit picking.

Thea puts a woven basket filled with fresh baked bread in a lovely wooden leaf chest.

After silently repeating Olivia's words in prayer to herself, Willow tries to come in and offers her a hug. She offers a wave to Beatrice and Mirk and Petal, before wandering off to one of the areas which is being harvested from.

Kaya checked perception + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Aerwyna bows her head as Olivia speaks, her hands clasped together before her as she smiles softly then lifts her head when the prayer is complete.

Thea checked dexterity + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Petal listens to Olivia's prayer and stops her bustling about for the moment. She has a gentle smile for the Lady. "Thank you, Lady Olivia that was very lovely. If anyone else would like to offer a personal prayer to Petrichor, please do so."

Willow is overheard praising Olivia: Beautiful prayer.

Petal has joined the line.

Kaia checked perception + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

As the prayer ends, the wind picks up and there's a swirl of leaves. It's a gust of wind that blows all the leaves up from the ground for a brief moment, obscuring everyone, and then it dies as quickly as it came. Leaving a wreath of leaves in Olivia's hair.

Willow has joined the line.

When Olivia calls to attention for joining in prayer, Sir Bhandn's reaction is to start unbuckling one of the straps, and bringing his swords around to the front. He does not draw any of them, but rather places them so that the scabbards are pointing tip down and touching the earth, one hand on Vigil, one hand on the other, head bowed. He even closes his eyes for the span of Olivia's prayer, offering no words and giving a sound from his throat. Then he's having to take off the pack, rebuckle his gear to his back, then replace the pack, and then he's off. He does not seem to notice the effect the blessing has on Olivia's hair, save for briefly covering his face as a leaf goes right between his eyes.

Margret's ginger head turning toward the rabbit makes Helena look that way, and she too tips her head to watch it with a charmed smile, bowing her head but continuing to watch the little bunny throughout the prayer. She smiles at the words Olivia murmurs, nodding her head in thanks as well. At the swirl of wind, she gasps a bit, before looking back to Olivia, and she sighs softly, then tips her head to murmur something to Margret and Al.

Bhandn checked perception + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

A chuckle escapes Alessandro at Helena's admission, and he eyes her with both amusement and skepticism, but mostly the former. "Hm," he says, but he quiets when Olivia begins to lead the prayer, laying his other hand over Margret's on his arm and bowing his head until it's through. When it is, he nods, looking up and seeing Oswyn. "Master Oswyn," he calls, waving to the scholar to come join them. That us, until he suddenly can't see for leaves. He squints, until the leaves settle on Olivia's head, and his smile widens a little bit at that, enjoying the effect.

At the prayer, Mirk falls silent and bows his head slightly, the shamanic charms tied into his beard clattering together slightly at the motion. Despite his obvious beliefs, he's silent and respectful throughout the prayer, his hands clasped in front of him. There's a small smile at the gust of wind. "Both sounds appropriate to me," he says drily to Oswyn, grabbing a basket and heading towards the nearest tree. He takes a second glance at the bunny, a little surprised by the sash, though his attention is turned towards the fruit soon enough.

Petal looks over to Olivia and to the leave in her hair, seemingly all impressed. "Oh...oh.." She says softly in her heavy accent. The girl then smiles a moment later.

Hop, hop, hop. The bunny gets blown over in the gust of wind and just tumbles onto his back for a moment, little feet pawing at the air. But then with a twist he rights himself and hops toward Petal and the carrots and the cabbage. Hop, hop, twitch, twitch. It's a good day to be a bunny, apparently. Free food.

Ophelia Velenosa, a member of the Lodge of Petrichor, arrives dressed in her ebony leathers and her blonde hair done up into a braided chignon. She shows up just in time for Olivia's prayer and stands beneath an apple tree with her head bowed in respect as the Lady speaks. Once the prayer is given, she gives thanks and then a friendly wave to Petal. The archeress then begins to make her way through the crowd to see what everyone is up to. "Time to pick fruit?" is asked of no one in particular, but with a beaming smile. Apparently, she wants to get to work!

Margret has joined the line.

Thea steps in with Kaia, enjoying the cool air on her face,"It smells really nice in here..."

Petal crouches down near the bunny and she holds out a carrot to the lupine. "We will plant lots so we have them into early winter." She softly says. She gives Ophelia a gentle smile of greeting and then has one for Thea.

Turn in line: Willow

Oswyn nods to Mirk, offering a faint smile. Then he heads toward the sound of his name; batting leaves out of his face when they're stirred up and, once he's arrived by Alessandro, Margot, and Helena, dips forward in a bow. "Lord Alessandro, Lady Margot, Princess Helena. Good day to you all." There is a leaf stuck in his hair. He seems entirely unaware as he smiles at them.

Olivia blinks a few times as the leaves settle on her head. She just stands there a little dumbstruck, giving Petal a glance as if to make sure that really happened.

Lisebet has joined the line.

Kaia nods, "It does!" she says, her attention setting over the bunny next, "Oh, look it's a bunny! How adorable!~"

Mirk has joined the line.

"Thank you for the bountiful blessings offered," Willow murmurs, her own prayer a quiet thing as she pulls out a pouch with ground up bone meal and egg shells. "May we remember when the Winter comes to call, that the new blessings of rich spring are nearly upon us." She pulls out some crushed tobacco to add to the mixture, and moves to let another join the chorus of prayers as she continues to set out offerings.

Aerwyna looks in awe as the wind swirls the leaves up and she stares at Olivia, brows lifted high.

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Duchess Cottontail, a gorgeous fluffy white angora kitten with odd eyes and a pretty pink ribbon have been dismissed.

2 Bisland pride guards have been dismissed.

Luella Sedna, an influent and renowned pearl trader have been dismissed.

Colin Laurent, a quiet and serene companion have been dismissed.

Helle remains clinging to the tree she has chosen, the sable-haired waif wincing in abject sympathy at every accidentally broken branch, talking quietly to Beatrice as she watches. Manically, she clutches the Iron Guard's cloak tighter around her frail form, and shakes her snarled head to something the other woman says.

Petal looks at all the baskets filled with fruit and the girl seems pleased. She smiles over to Olivia. "You picked the best. We will talk later about your item." She says, before adding. "If anyone wants to help plant the winter veggies, we are planting carrots, beets, pumpkin and cabbage. The one who plants the best, I will also make an item for. Also...we are allowing people to take some veggies home, so long as they take good care of the plants." She says, but after Willow gives her prayer. "Oh, very nice Lady Willow, thank you for the harvest Petrichor." She chimes in with.

Turn in line: Margret

Sorrel has come out to enjoy the harvest, although she doesn't look like she's actually inclined to do much in the way of actually harvest anything. She hums a cheerful little song to herself as she walks along and looks at things, mostly plants.

Turn in line: Lisebet

Olivia checked intellect + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 61 higher.

Willow checked intellect + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Aerwyna checked dexterity + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Rhiannon is quiet as Olivia moves up to the front and bows her head during the prayer. She gets a basket and then picks trees further from the group and climbs up easily to get the fruit at the top. She gets the fruit that's so hard to reach from the bottom and then returns the basket for another before she picks another tree.

The leaves just - Lisebet sort of blinks, startled, and then she looks over at Petal, and over to her mostly empty basket of fruit. She stands up to her full five feet nothing, looking around. "I was going to go to all the shrines and offer a prayer so I might as well start here," she admits first. "I want to thank you, Petrichor, for the harvest this hear, for the planting that goes on, and for those who know what they're doing. I am glad to be able to be here and enjoy this day of comradery and helping my friends and family. I hope to start a tradition with this, and to come every year, bringing my children with me, when I have them."

"Scholar Oswyn, lovely to see you," says Helena, reaching up to pluck out the leaf stuck in his air and hand it to him with a smile. Her hands push a strand of wind-swept hair out of her own eyes as she looks to those murmuring orisons to Petrichor, tipping her head thoughtfully. "A lovely day for this. And charming visitors." She nods to the rabbit rolling around, her eyes bright, before glancing at Olivia and offering her a smile. "You seem to have pleased someone today, Lady Olivia."

Helena checked intellect + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Lisebet checked wits + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

The wind whipping about to put leaves in Olivia's hair is met with a slight widening of Margret's eyes. Her hand tightens on Alessandro's forearm. Whatever is whispered to her by Helena earns a serious nod of her head. She smiles gently to Oswyn when he approaches and says in a quiet voice, "Scholar."

Petal peeks over to Lisebet and the girl smiles gently at her prayer. She is now busy starting to plant carrots, but she keeps listening.

Margret has joined the line.

Turn in line: Mirk

Oswyn blinks, looking a bit startled when Helena reaches out toward his hair. He takes the leaf. "Oh. Um. Thank you!" he says. "I didn't even know that was there." He turns to peer at the bunny. "Is that rabbit wearing a...?" he starts to ask. Up go his eyebrows. "Oh!"

Never having made it close enough to the main congregation anyway, Beatrice stands in quiet conversation with Helle and ignores the goings on of the actual event. Her demeanor is calm, but she keeps a noticeable distance between herself and the other woman.

That said, Lisebet moves over to Petal, curiously. "Carrots are good," she says simply. And then she starts working on planting, keeping a close watch on Petal so she knows what to do.

Helena has joined the by the cabbage patch.

Willow has no idea how deep to plant new things. But she doesn't realize it until she is looking around and comparing her work to others. She gives Olivia an embarassed smile and asks, "Those lessons still an option?" Rather than ruining the planting, she decides to work on mixing fertilizer into the topsoil instead.

Ophelia makes her way through the gathered crowd of people and then over to the apple trees. She's out of the way but can still hear the prayers that people are saying aloud, which brings forth yet another smile. The amount of people present is heartwarming! And she then begins to make her way along the line of trees as if inspecting them.

Oswyn has joined the by the cabbage patch.

Petal checked dexterity + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

Alessandro smiles when Oswyn comes over, and his eyes move to the leaf, but Helena's picked it out before he can. He was totally going to, okay? "Very good to see you," he echoes Helena. Whatever the Redrain princess has whispered to them has him nodding, and he says something to Margret then, kissing her cheek briefly before his eyes move to the bunny. "Huh," he says, but that's all before he moves to sit down.

Aerwyna smiles as she hears the prayers, a basket at the ready as she begins to help with the planting.

Alessandro has joined the by the cabbage patch.

Olivia makes her way over to Rhiannon and hugs her tightly. "Hey Cousin." She turns to Helena, "Well it is nothing I could have done alone. I just support Mistress Petal, and try my best with the words, I am no wordsmith." She grins and nods to willow, "Any time for you cousin Willow."

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Petal has joined the a garden of many carrots.

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Olivia has joined the a garden of many carrots.

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Halfway through picking fruit, Mirk sets the basket aside, reaches into a pouch, and withdraws a seed and a handful of fertile soil from distant places. He sets them down carefully, as his offering, and offers his own prayer, "My thanks for your blessings of bountiful harvest, of the prosperity of all the inhabitants of the wilds," his glance goes towards the bunny briefly, and then distant, in the direction of the Gray Forest, "and for the rains that nourish them both." He straightens, then, finished with that relatively simple prayer.

Margret has joined the by the cabbage patch.

Petal listens to Mirk's prayer, having a gentle smile for him. She is busy planting carrots still and speaks softly with those nearby.

Turn in line: Sorrel

Kaya seems a bit overwhelmed by the crowd and falls quietly into the background watching

When it is her turn to offer a prayer, Sorrel just casually sings hers where she's standing under a tree, a charming little prayer that's easily appropriate for a child to sing or recite.

"Green are the fields, the crops planted in loam

Sweet is the honey from each honeycomb

Lovely the land is where'er one should roam

Warm is the hearth of every dear home"

Petal is overheard praising Sorrel: Lovely song!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Oswyn before departing.

The little bunny noms a carrot happily, but then decides to stop. The half-eaten carrot in his mouth, he turns and starts to hop away. Apparently whatever reason he had for being here has gone - or is complete perhaps. Hop, hop hop he goes, with his little tail twitching all the way, the rest of the carrot held in his mouth. Perhaps he's going to feed his bunny friends.

Petal smiles at Sorrel's song. She tries to sing such herself, but the girl is not a very good singer and Arvani is a second language for her and her repeat of the song is off key and mispronounced both. Still her eyes are bright and her cheeks are pink.

Mirk is overheard praising Olivia.

Turn in line: Helena

Aerwyna is overheard praising Petal.

Dusting her palms off after having mixed all the fertilizer she brought, Willow stops near each and every tree that fruit is being picked from, and lays a pinch of tobacco at its roots.

From where she is, planting carrots, hands all full of loam and dirt, Lisebet glances up, a poor little plant in hand, and though it's not her turn to pray, she says, in between all the others, when there is a moment, with serious fervent words, "Please Petrichor, don't let these plants die just because I touched them."

Rhiannon stops as Olivia finds her and she smiles a little, just a little curve of her lips and she hugs Olivia back. "You good? You need anything?" She glances over to where Lisebet is, checking on her at the same time.

Sorrel wanders the grounds, looking at the lovely plants and smiling at the lovely people, and just generally being at peace for a bit.

To add to the prayer, Helena pulls a small glass container from her pocket, pouring some water onto the earth as she crouches down. "I'm not the most pious, but it's no secret I have a heart full of love for trees and green things. I ask for protection for all lands and all that grow on them, the oaks and pines and crops and the flowers," she says softly. "I thank you for all the bounty you give us." She smiles as she stands. "Oh, and I especially thank you for all the ways to eat a potato." Her smile turns a bit crooked and impish and she moves back to her job of gathering apples once more.

Turn in line: Margret

Mirk fetches his basket, a few pieces of fresh fruit in it, but little enough that they slide around loosely at the bottom as he moves the basket. There's a sharp chuckle as the prayers continue, and a shake of his head, before he peers over at the soil where Willow is working. He adds a small sprinkle, barely a pinch, of ash to one, and mentions, "Wood ash. But don't mind me, I was merely curious what all was in it. Is that from the Lodge, or your own?"

Olivia smiles and shakes her head at Rhiannon. "No ma'am I am going to have to run in a moment. I just wanted to come help as much as I could."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Beatrice before departing.

Willow mutters, "Tobacco has long bednnhsld to carry prayers skyward, ... ... ... the ... ... ... ... sacred. It can ... put on bug bites and ... ... ... to draw out venom. ... it is the ... ... belladonna ... ... ... pain relief ... well. ... you for your gifts. ... ... find ... and ..."

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog leave, following Sorrel.

Lisebet shrugs delicately, smiling at Rhiannon. She turns back to the carrots, needing to concentrate, in order to do this right. Because she really isn't very good at it.

Ophelia continues to pluck fruit from the apple trees and place them within the basket she brought with her to the orchard. Once it's full, she's picks it up and begins to make her way down a row of trees to deposit what she had gathered. Then it's back for more she goes! All the while, she remains in silent commune as her prayers are given.

Margret kneels down on the ground when it is her turn to pray, and takes an acorn from her pocket to place it on the ground. "I know we're probably supposed to say things like thank you for the harvest or the bounty of the land, and I am grateful for all of that. Thank you for that." She says in a near whisper as if she were saying something private. "But I think I will say something close to my heart as well.

Olivia waves to everyone as she heads out.

Margret says, ""Thank you for your protection of the Greenwood. I have always felt your presence there even when I didn't really know what that meant. Grant us strength so we can continue to protect our woods. Grant us a will as hard as oak so we are brave enough to do what needs to be done to protect all lands within your protection.""

Olivia has left the a garden of many carrots.

2 Ashford House Guard, Bethany, 1 Ashford veteran guards leave, following Olivia.

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Ophelia.

Blinking and looking up from the pinches of tobacco left at the roots of the various trees, Willow smiles up at Mirk and says, "My own. I like to mix it with other things before use, so that it is more diluted and so less likely to turn to lye if it rains too quickly. Mostly egg shell in this batch." She smudges her face with dityy fingers as she scratches her cheek.

With reasonable steadiness over the orchard's grounds, Beatrice tilts her head to Helle before turning away to stroll closer to those leading the group in prayer. A messenger intercepts her and she greets him with a smile, flipping through a letter before pocketing it and turning to dig idly through a chest.

Petal is still busy planting. The girl seems to be all happy about such and seems to be enjoying herself.

Helle has left the near the wooden scarecrow.

Aerwyna hums softly as she plants, eyes looking up at time as some pray and others plant, her lips smiling gently.

Petal adds. "I think that Aerwyna is our best planter well besides Lady Olivia and she already won."

Abernathy, the big, bear-like dog arrives, following Cerdensulathara.

Oswyn keps picking up ground fruit and tucking it away into the basket on his arm; he's focused on that, rather than planting, and he's carrying on a quiet conversation with those nearby, too.

Mirk listens, his head canted, and nods his head slowly. "A noble offering," he says with obvious respect. "Egg shell, as well, I knew of that." He glances off to the side, waves a hand, and Aegis pads over to him from where he was sniffing at the plants. "That's not your food, boy. You need something with a little more meat on it," he informs the bloodhound, patting Aegis on the head, though it's likely more about the risk of the dog digging something up than about his diet. "I hope the plants appreciate the small touch. A mix, hm? Well. A blend of approaches always works best, so I'm sure they will."

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Beatrice has joined the by the cabbage patch.

Rhiannon watches as Olivia takes off and then she walks over to where Lisebet plants. "I don't think I dare try to plant things. I know trees. Little plants like that, I'd likely crush them just by getting close."

The orchard is quite busy right now and many are planting, including some of the nobles. Plants and food items are being given away.

A basket of bread hanging from one arm, Beatrice looks questioningly at a group of diligent guests and walks nearer. She tears a corner from one of the loaves of bread and chews it pleasantly as she comes to a stop not far from Helena. "Getting the perspective of the worms, your Highness?" Her mouth twitches.

Willow is standing barefoot with dirty hands and feet and a dirt smudged face. She nods as she quirks a grin at Mirk. "Felt like I should bring something, rather than take," she tells the Elder Shaman. "You know how I am about balancing acts." She starts to try and wipe the dirt from her face. It just gets dirtier. "I need to talk to you in the next couple days," she tells the man, "...about some of my paintings and the things we heard."

There are some worms and little bugs and stuff in the ground.

Beatrice's words draw Helena's eyes to the brunette, and she grins a bit. "Well," she says, tossing her blond waves back, "I prefer worms to the many-legged things, I admit, so I think I could find some empathy for them." Her eyes sparkle. "I take it you've received word of my next poetry theme. Are you planning to attend? We could write from the point of view of fruit and vegetables, perhaps."

"Thank you for the lovely time Petal, Princess of the Fields," Kaya says giving her a hug. "I hope I was of some help. I am going to head out." She smiles warmly at Willow. "Prehaps we can get together in a less crowded place."

Lisebet smiles to Rhiannon. "I figure I'm small, so these small things should be right my size," she offers with a smile. "Olivia - did something well today, I think. Good for her." She spies a worm, and stops, staring at it for a long moment. "Is that supposed to be there?"

Cerdensulathara wanders into the orchard, followed closely by her big black dog who trots along happily. Posture stiff and formal, she stands by a scarecrow for a moment, looking positively confused by it, before she slowly makes her way across a patch of vegetables, carefully, until she stands a yard or so from Petal, trying to remain unobtrusive.

Petal returns Kaya's hug, giving her a smile."Okay, Princess of the gutters. I am glad that you could come." She says.

Petal looks over to Cerdensulathara, having a smile for as well. "Greetings and welcome to the lodge." She softly says.

"There's always a push and pull," Mirk agrees with a low chuckle and a nod of his head. "It's why I brought an offering of my own, to accompany the prayer." The amusement fades, some, as she continues, and he nods his head somberly. "By all means. Simply reach out, and we can sit down and discuss matters fully. Though I hope to see some of your paintings, eventually." He reaches to pluck a piece of fruit off the nearest tree, taking the low hanging fruit first. "After the harvest, perhaps, if you have the time?"

Rhiannon was working, talking to Lisebet, filling up baskets of fruit from the trees and then she's gone. She seems to just disappear like that all the time, as though the orchard is where she belongs, but the crowds make it hard to stay.

Petal finally says her own prayer. "Thank you Pertrichor for these lands for being with us today and well for blessing the plants here." She says in her accent. Her prayer is pretty simple.

tells Kaya with a gentle nod, "I would like that, though at the moment I have too many things to do for the hours in the day, so it may take a few days before I am free." She looks back up at Mirk and says, "All I can paint of late is crows... or winds up crows." She looks troubled by that. "I am obliged to meet with the Duchess of House Pravus so close after this, I have to leave here early to get cleaned up for it, but if you are free after that, I would be glad to get together."

Margret's words to Petrichor earn a nod from the Redrain princess as well, when Helena glances in the direction of her protege. "Well said," she murmurs to the Greenmarch lady, before returning to her work plucking apples. Once in a while she pauses to look around, as if the beauty of the orchard and all of its colors beneath the sky is simply too much to take in. She nods at Petal's simple prayer with an encouraging smile for the shy crafter. "Well said as well, Mistress Petal."

Cerdensulathara rises on her toes, returning the smile to Petal, though she remains quiet to listen to the prayer. Hands clasped behind her back, she simply observes everyone, making no real attempt to help anyone of the people doing hard work. Abernathy spies a large, Oakhaven bloodhound and wags his tail, just as intent as his mistress, periodically glancing up at her as if waiting for a chance to go investigate.

Petal smiles happily over to Helena. "Thank you, Princess Helena." She adds, before peeking to Cerdensulathara. "I am glad you came." She softly adds.

"Then I'll look forward to it," Mirk says, lapsing into an easy silence to let Willow interact with Kaya undisturbed. Instead, he occupies himself filling his basket, Aegis watching from nearby, stretched out in the dirt and tail wagging away.

Helena is overheard praising Petal.

Willow tries to hug Petal before scurrying off to get ready for a meeting. She smiles at Mirk and Cerden before wandering off barefoot again.

Willow is overheard praising Petal.

Willow is overheard praising Mirk.

Aerwyna looks over to Petal, done with planting now and comes closer, "Anything else needing to be done?"

Mirk is overheard praising Petal.

Petal looks over to Aerwyna with a gentle smile. "Well, today and right now, I think that we are fine, but.." She then trails off. "We will keep to keep working to keep the lodge ready, all though winter really and well you are welcome to help anytime."

Aerwyna dips her head to Petal and smiles warmly, "I will help best I can."

Lisebet smiles, as she too has to head off it seems. "I might come by and see if I can help another day," she says. She gets to her feet, dusting off her hands, not that it works all that well, but she does try. "Thank you for letting me come help."

Oswyn heads out of the orchard, depositing his basket of ground fruit over by the others.

Alessandro stands up from where he and Margret were seated, and he offers her his arm to depart, nodding to Petal politely as they go.

Alessandro has left the by the cabbage patch.

Margret has left the by the cabbage patch.

1 Greenmarch Guard, Soraya, the out of place Lycene lady's maid leave, following Margret.

Rodrigo, 1 Greenmarch Guard, 2 Greenmarch trained guards, Margret leave, following Alessandro.

Cerdensulathara tells Petal, shrugging absently, "I'm late." She doesn't explain why, and instead digs a stack of writs, neat, organized, and bound with a red ribbon. Handing them to Petal, she says, softly, "I didn't want to do any work, so these are from people who agreed to do them for me." A quick flash of a smile, and she asks, hopefully, "I didn't miss the games, did I?"

Petal reaches out for the offered writs. "If you are sure?" The girl says. She then pauses for a moment. "Mostly missed the game. I could have came up with better games. Maybe next time I will talk to Princess Helena." She says softly.

Oswyn has left the by the cabbage patch.

Now is Abernathy's chance! He slips away, padding quietly and approaching Mirk, stopping just shy of touching him to sniff at the human before making brief, unchallenging eye contact with Aegis. He looks down at the ground now, hear lowered submissively.

Cerdensulathara tells Petal, a hint of confusion in her voice, "Yes

Cerdensulathara tells Petal, a hint of confusion in her voice, "Yes? I don't want to get my clothing dirty." She spares a quick glance around as people begin leaving, then continues, "I may have missed a bonding opportunity, I don't know."

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