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Clearlake Archery Tournament

House Clearlake will be hosting an Archery Tournament for the archers of the Compact to come and showcase their skills and talents. All of the Compact is welcomed to attend this event. Prizes for First, Second and Third place will be awarded to the top scoring archers. There will be refreshments provided during the tournament.


April 9, 2019, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Zoey Ophelia Elgana Merek Fiora Kaya Mikani Kanean Thea Elsa Luca(RIP) Carmen Magnus Rysen Rukhnis Vitalis Corban Khanne Mirk Maja



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Shaman Walk

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Comments and Log

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Serissa, the ever-present nanny arrive, following Zoey.

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Ophelia.

Serissa, the ever-present nanny have been dismissed.

Moxie, a high-spirited hunting terrier arrives, following Fiora.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist, Rukhnis arrive, following Rysen.

Fiora has joined the line.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist have been dismissed.

Zoey walks in, scans around, and heads straight up to Luca, pulling a longbow off her back and extending it to the man. "Good luck," she teases. "Try not to shoot me, will you?"

Zoey has joined the line.

Ophelia has joined the line.

Zoey gets Dawn's Light, an alaricite bow from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Cuddles, a jumpy and cuddly puppy arrives, following Kanean.

Ophelia Velenosa arrives dressed in her ebony leathers with purple stitching and a rubicund bow strapped to her back. Her hair has been done up into a ponytail and she appears to be ready for some archery judging by how she walks with purpose into the area. It's not long after she arrives that she makes her way over to a quiet spot to say a prayer or two and center herself for the competition that's about to take place.

Kanean has joined the line.

The Clearlake Archery Tournament is being held at the Shaman's Walk and much like everything that Lady Acantha Clearlake hosts, there is a lively atmosphere and a few people taking practice shots at the archery targets that have been set up. It's a whole archery grounds and it's a lovely one. There's also a few places set up offering warm drinks, alcohol and of course foods that can be eaten easily while roaming around and speaking to others.

Acantha herself is over at a table where people can check in and get in line for wanting to shoot. It's not something that she's unuse to, but there is a huge turnout! "Thank you for coming!" she tells everyone as they prepare. "We'll get started in just one moment. Want to make sure everyone gets in." she smiles to people. She's dressed wonderfully in a new Autumn gown, because sometimes the girls have to get something new!

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

"And the spider jokes haven't stopped since," Elgana is half-heartedly lamenting to the Grayson-Fox Prince she is standing nearby. The pair of them having wandered in from some other part of the Redrain grounds when Lady Zoey comes walking right toward them with a purpose. The Redrain princess offers the Kennex a curious look and then a laugh as Luca gets handed a bow. "Are you going to be competing?" she questions Luca with far too much amusement before she turns her warm smile upon Zoey. "It is lovely to see you, Lady Zoey. I hope you've been well." There's a touch of sympathy to that smile but it warms right back up quickly.

Merek has come to participate, bringing his diamondplate bow with him while he makes his way to the line of people which will be there for archery. He bows then to Acantha as she speaks, as well as any other nobles he comes across also.

Unassuming and light of foot, Fiora Malvici makes her wait towards the lines. Checking in and going to take her place, her bow strung around her shoulder. One thumb looped around her bow with the other hand resting on the swell of her hip, over the quiver of arrows resting there. Her icy gaze flicks to the targets before back amongst the other competitors.

Kaya gets silently into the line waiting to shoot. She seems to quietly wait her turn not really speaking to anyone. Her honey brown eyes taking in the event

Mikani enters, her bow isn't as fancy as some of the others but she walks confidently to get into line. She smiles warmly at those she knows and those she has yet to know.

Kanean comes running in, almost late. He sees a line that seems to be where all the competitors are going and runs to join in.

Thea arrives dressed for once not in armour. She's in a tight fitting gown. Strange. She walks with the same Malvici pride however, coming to observe. She flicks her green eyes at her surroundings, noticing her cousin Fiora. She gives a brief nod of acknowledgment and a slight smile before stepping off to watch.

Elsa steps out from Halfshav Hall, her hair pulled back into a neat tail at the back of her head, a coat on to help ward off the slight chill to the air. She carries with her a bow of Oathlands craft, offering smiles and nods to those she recognizes. Joining the other archers, she takes a moment to string her bow, precise and practiced motions easing the task. The sight of Luca has her chuckling and she looks towards the Grayson Prince, "I wasn't aware you're versed in archery as well, Your Highness. You should have said something, I'd be happy to organize a hunt in the woods sometime."

Prince Luca arrives just so, and he's gossiping over to Elgana as he does so, "So here's the plan. My sister's going to enter this thing. So I have to enter too. She has to know there's some competition for her here..". He kind of glances over his shoulder, while muttering, "I wish I'd remember to have brought some with me..". The southerner laughs when he's ambushed Zoey from the other direction then, "Gosh, did you bring this for me?". A bow's handed off to him, and handles it like he's at least seen one before. "Well, I'll be shooting where I'm looking, so..", he teases back, before casting an aside to Elgana, "You didn't know you were joining this with me, did you?", he asks, that given with a wink before he catches sight of his sister and waves over to her, "O! Hey O!", like he might get her attention. What a distraction!

Luca wields Roar, a lion rampant steel and blackwood bow.

Carmen, already here to get some practice shots in, belatedly shoulders her bow and takes long, lean strides over to the table to get her name on the list before she misses the contest entirely. Vibrant green eyes look across to Acantha from beneath a furrowed brow, her easy grin in place. "Thanks for hosting. You've got yourself a good showing, my Lady." Straightening, Carmen tips a courteous nod to Acantha and adjusts her bow - a dark, unassuming thing. Spying out Mikani, she wanders up alongside the Redreef and offers a hip check in greeting. "Looking good, Lady Mika."

It doesn't take much for Magnus to join the line of competitors. The Shaman Walk is really close to his home, after all. His eyes watch the longbow he is carrying, as if this object had a special meaning to him.

Rysen and Rukhnis arrive from the east. Noticing the Redrain Princess, he makes his way over to Elgana and bows respectfully. "It's good to see you, Princess Elgana," he says warmly. When Mikani joins those who will participate, he grins widely.

Elgana has joined the line.

Rukhnis follows in quietly after Rysen, raising her eyebrows slightly to see how many people are already assembled here. She offers a formal bow of her own to Elgana, greeting her quietly, "Your Highness." At Mikani she looks sidelong, curiously, but another courteous bow goes to her too, just in case she happens to be looking.

Mikani laughs and hip checks Carmen back with a grin. "Looking good yourself Dame Carmen." Mika says formally with a playful bow. "Good to see you again. We should go drinking sometime. Been a long time since we drained a few glasses." With a wink she adds, "Or a bottle."

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Zoey probably never left.

Carmen has joined the archery grounds.

"Quite well, your Highness," Zoey replies to Elgana as she pulls a silk-wrapped longbow off her back. When the silk is undone and tucked away, it's an alaricite thing, and she swiftly strings it before checking the quiver on her hip, making sure that the arrows are loose and easy to retrieve. "The shock has worn off, thankfully, but the work continues. And so does Kennex." She smirks at Luca. "What? Did you forget a drink, too, Nimble?" she asks, and hand dips into her satchel to pull out a bottle. "I swear to the gods, Luca, if you chug that... I will shoot -you- this time instead of Galen."

Ophelia collects her rubicund bow and draws back on the string a few times to warm up. She keeps thinking that she hears her brother's name every once in a while -- surely the Fox Prince wouldn't be /here./ But, then she spots him! "Luca!" The archeress beams a smile and beelines straight for him in hopes that he's braced for her hugs, because here she comes! "You're here and you have a /bow?/" Okay, so what planet are they on.

Thea gets a small little nod, as Fiora goes to pull the bow off her shoulder and clasp it with both hands. She slowly looks down at the ground. And just stares at it. That seems like a good place to look at.

=Acantha, with her pal Benny by her side is making sure things are alright. "If you don't have a bow we have spare ones. Don't let that hold you back." the petite Lady states with a smile. Benny thumbs his tail in agreement on the table a few times. Yes, it's a beaver, yes, the jokes have been said. "Signups will be closing in five minutes!" she calls. Then there's a familiar face that she sees as Magnus joins the line and then Rysen, "Count Stahlben, Lord Crovane. I am glad to see you both this evening." she tells them. Then she's going back to checking people in, a smile is given when she sees Carmen, "I was wondering if you were going to come up for our Tourney." she states.

Fiora has joined the archery grounds.

Zoey has joined the archery grounds.

Elgana's eyes get big - REALLY BIG - at Luca's words and she blinks a couple of times before she just laughs as if he's teasing, that warmth overflowing her laughter. "Oh come now, do you realize the last time I shot a bow I was ten?" she says with a little wave in Luca's direction but luckily she has a distraction when Luca starts to call Ophelia over. The Redrain then turns her gaze outward to the others gathered but instead of Ophelia she lands upon Rysen. "Lord Rysen it is always so good to see you! And Rukhnis, you as well." The Crovane Lord and his attendant both getting a respectful cant of Elgana's head.

Elsa has joined the archery grounds.

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Mikani smiles at Rukhnis wondering why she's getting the sidelong look from the woman she doesn't know. But her smile is warm as always. "Lord Rysen, good to see you!" She waves before she pays attention to where she should be standing.

Mikani has joined the archery grounds.

Kaya has joined the archery grounds.

Merek has joined the archery grounds.

Good humor draining from her expression as she studies the other competitors, Carmen quirks a brow down at Mikani and gives a curt nod. "Drinks... would be good. By the bottle." She whispers a quieter question until Acantha's comment has her flicking a glance back to her hostess. Nodding pleasantly after another look to Mikani, Carmen answers, "Wouldn't miss it. Might be that you need another target."

Kanean sees Kaya, "Oh hey, you're here as well. First time joining a tournament?"

Magnus snaps out of his focus to offer Acantha a broad smile, "And I'm glad to be able to join the event, my lady. I've been postponing learning archery for far too long, maybe today will serve as a good practice." He says, glancing over to see who Acantha speaks next and clearing his throat.

Zoey wields Dawn's Light, an alaricite bow.

Vitalis arrives in time to catch the beginning of the competition, announcements, rules. Excellent. He knows a few of the participants and waves, smiling at her Highness, Princess Ophelia and - oh, there's someone else he knows. The mercenary. Vitalis touches his brow at Carmen Harol.

Kaya nods at Kanean, keeping her quiet focus on the event and the targets.

Sir Corban Telmar, First Captain of the King's Own, strides into the Northern district, looking this way and that for one particular face in the crowd. And then he spies her! Corban raises a hand to Ophelia and waggles his fingers as he moves to find a space to watch the competition

Ophelia has joined the archery grounds.

Prince Luca shrugs at Zoey as if to say.. what can you do? "I had my arms full up on the way over..", but the bottle's handed off to him and he takes it for the delightful boon that it is, helping himself to a strong drink of the stuff and overing it over to Elgana, "Here, a little to soothe your nerves. I know public performance can be frightening..". A tease with the offered bottle. Who else? Oh! O! "I had a bow brought to me! So I could give you a little personal competition!". He challenges! "I'm just going to need you to give me a few quick pointers or whatever..", he offers a little more quietly. Cheekily, even. Over to Elsa goes his attention, while he tests the draw of his borrowed bow, "Wow, you archery people are so helpful. Nobody's ever this helpful in swords.", he praises. Grinning, he reaches for an arrow. Just to uh.. have it ready.

Rysen smiles at Acantha, and, turning to Rukhnis whispers something to her. He makes his way over to Acantha and stands by her side as she speaks with those wishing to compete. "Are you an archer yourself, if I may ask, My Lady?" he says to Acantha curiously.

Inexplicably shouldering and unshouldering her bow again, Carmen makes a show of examining it, wiping away invisible dirt from the rubicund that is artfully concealed. Movement draws her attention and she's casting Vitalis a professional onceover before realizing that it's him. She returns the greeting by tapping a knuckle to her forehead before making long, too-quick strides over to the range.

Renault, the fluffiest Velenosan cat arrives, delivering a message to Rysen before departing.

Vitalis fades into the woodwork, as is his wont.

Acantha looks to the end of the line when it finally appears and there's a little clap, "Perfect!" she beams. There is a look to Rysen and a smile, "I am not an archer my Lord. I favor the sword most times." she smiles as she pats Dawnflame in it's sheath. "I should learn it though, at some point. Safer than trudging into the melee in my work." she smiles. "Come with me and we'll get started." she adds softly. Then she's heading over towards where the targets are set up, "If everyone that is shooting can all line up with a target, we'll begin. If you miss a target, you are out. We will keep upping the difficulty of the shots until we have our third, second and first place winners. House Clearlake thanks all of you for coming out and having a spirit of competition this evening, even with the turbulent times we are having in the compact and across Arvum." she smiles genuinely to them all.

Zoey smirks and hands Luca a few arrows. Her head shakes slowly. "What am I going to do with you, Nimble?" she asks. "And we are, as a general rule. Especially if we have spare bows for princes who decide to use them on a whim, likely endangering everyone around them." Her tone, mild as ever, is fond. Her eyes turn to Ophelia. "I'm sorry, your Highness," she apologises. "I'll make sure the Mercies tend to whomever he shoots."

Rukhnis bows to Rysen in acknowledgement and turns off into the crowd, casting glances here and there as if in search of something. Finally she seems to spot what she's looking for -- a booth serving plentiful quantities of ale. She fills up a tankard and pauses for a moment, observing the teeming throng of people with a thoughtful air.

Thea clasps her hands comfortably in front of her. Watching the excitement around her. Is she an archer? Absolutely not. Does she hope to learn something while she's here. Yes. Not expecting Fiora to be here however, Thea can at least support her cousin while she's here too.

Offering a smile towards Mikani, Elsa tests the draw on her bow and gives a quick nod. She glances over towards Luca and chuckles, "Possibly because we're not aiming arrows at one another. Its harder to be nice to your competition when you have to try to stab them in a minute." Turning towards Acantha, she listens to the opening and gives a nod and smile before turning to face the target before her.

"As it must," Elgana says but softly to Zoey after a moment but Luca is soon passing off a bottle to her hand, so she takes it up with a quick glance toward any identifying markers before she shrugs and takes a quick swallow. Then a second. Finally, after a third, she passes the bottle back to Zoey, cheeks flushed by more than just the nip in the autumnal air now. "Princess Ophelia it is so lovely to finally have a chance to meet you," the Redrain says cheerfully, watching the interplay between siblings with quiet amusement. "I wish you the best of luck!" Elgana clearly hasn't bought Luca's - threat? promise? - that she'll have a bow in her own hands so she simply continues to take it all in, eyes scanning the others who clearly seem more suited with a bow in their hands than she would be.

Zoey looks at Elgana. "I have a third bow," she offers gently as she takes the really old whiskey back, "if you're willing to let him shove you into this. It's a recurve, so it's a bit easier to shoot with."

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Luca checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Fiora has rolled a critical success!
Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 140 higher.

Elsa checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Ophelia has rolled a critical success!
Ophelia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 54 higher.

Magnus checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Kaya checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Rysen laughs, and nods, following Acantha as moves towards the targets. "I myself prefer the sword arts, but I agree. The wisest warriors probably learn how to shoot before taking risks in an ugly melee battle," he replies. His eyes pass over Mikani's recurve bow, and he grins as the archers start to take aim.

Elgana checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Ophelia bursts into a fit of giggles at the very /idea/ of Luca giving her pointers. "Alright, alright. I'm excited that you're here!" There's a polite nod given to Elgana and a smile to follow. "Princess Elgana, it's a pleasure! We must get together sometime so I can tell you all of my brother's embarrassing secrets." See how she twinkles? Then she spots Vitalis and Corban within the crowd, waving to them both with a grand smile. And when instructions are given, she glances at Luca again. "Good luck!" Then to Zoey, "Thank you. I'm a little nervous for him..." Kidding! She goes to line up with a target now with her rubicund bow in hand -- her first shot to follow.

Magnus moves into his target, checking the bowline absently as he seems very distracted. Still, he breathes in to focus on the task and amanges to hit well enough to survive in the tournament.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Rukhnis tracks her way back through the crowd, charting a course for minimal jostling of her precious cargo of ale, and rather miraculously manages not only to figure out where Rysen has wandered off to with Acantha, but also to make it all the way over there with a tankard almost exactly as full of ale now as when she started out with it. She presents the object of her quest to him, then turns her gaze towards the part of the walk where all the archers are lining up for their shots.

Merek lifts up his bow to take a simple shot which hits the target. He manages well enough, not a lot, but well enough. He then looks to the others while he watches some of the amazing abilities that people have. He notes Rysen as well as Rukhnis, offering his bow to the two of them from where he's at, then back to the competition.

Zoey is still amused by the time she lines up her shot. Perhaps distractedly so, for though the arrow strikes true... She winces faintly.

Kanean shoots his target with ease and takes a look on how the others fared.

Nocking the arrow to the string, Elsa draws back on the bow. Releasing a soft breath, she releases the arrow at the same time, holding form for a moment before letting her arms drop to see the arrow hit its target. She smiles faintly in satisfaction before looking around to see how others have done.

Corban roars with approval when Ophelia strikes the target dead on like so, cheering loudly for her. "Well done, Your Highness!" bellows the First Captain from the sidelines. "Dead on shot! What an excellent start to the match!" He claps. Clearly, no one could top that. Right?

Mikani checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Khanne.

Oh, so it is happening. Elgana gives a pout, a very sad looking pout at Luca before she switches gears and is smiling at Zoey. "Lady Zoey you are pinnacle of kindness. I hope you won't hold it too much over my head if I snap the string or anything by accident," Elgana says self-deprecatingly. "I admit I barely know what is what when it comes to... anything of this." But she smiles anyway.

Zoey gets Intricately forged ancient steel recurve bow from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

"You people worry too much. Watch.", Prince Luca says, with absolute confidence. He takes an arrow that was handed to him and notches it, or whatever it's called. As if the target were already dead, he steps up and does his best impression of a younger, wilder version of his sister off hunting the invasive songbirds of Lenosia and.. wow.. just narrowly hits the target. Phew. "I think glancing wounds count.", he says, half-assuredly with a squint. He looks over to Elsa, "Glancing wounds count in archery, right?", but the bow's being handed over to Elgana so she can go. "Here, don't close both your eyes like I did. It's terrifying.".

Fiora slowly looks up at the targets as shots are being taken. It's not clear what drives her to do this, especially at the beginning. Fiora takes a single step back, drawing an arrow from the quiver on her hip. She nocks it quite simply and then, instead of pointing it at the target downrange, brings up the bow and points it at a fellow competitor. Apparently one way to win the competition is to kill the other archers. Fiora aims her arrow at Carmen.

Before anyone can scream or yell at her, Fiora looses the arrow. Goodbye, Carmen.

Except, that the arrow doesn't fly at Carmen.

Something about Fiora's aim was funny, the bow taking a funny swing in her hands when she releases. The arrow flies at Carmen, and then /around/ her and curves dramatically. The arrow flies in a wide, curving arc before it hits dead center on the bullseye of Fiora's own target. Fiora gives Carmen a little smirk, then looks back to her own target. No one is murdered today.

Kaya aims her bow with steady focus at a target and releases an arrow that strikes the target dead on, she awaits instructions, her bow ready if needed.

"So long as you're inside the target, they do," Elsa responds to Luca with a chuckle. "Congratulations on surviving the first round."

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Fiora's shot, her eyes following the arrow to its target. She whistles lowly to herself. She masks her face however, keeping her jaw from the ground.

Mikani smiles back at Elsa wonders why the woman smiling at her. She doesn't know her too well. But she does does take a deep breath and lets the arrow fly. Not the best shot but not the worst.

Khanne comes walking down the walk from the direction of Halfshav Hall, stopping as she sees the tournament in full swing and a ton of people gathered. She smiles, lifting her hand to wave. "Late again... but I had to see how things were going." She looks for Acantha in the crowd, finally spotting her and giving a wave.

Zoey blinks. And then a bright grin spreads across her lips. "Lady Fiora. My gods. What a shot!"

Carmen moves efficiently through this routine, a focused, "don't screw with me" hostility to her bearing. Stand, notch, draw, fire. The contact barely registers on her face. You know what DOES register though? A FUCKING INSANE PERSON raising a bow at her. "No!" She barely has time to blink, so stunned is the distracted mercenary. She's going to die at a gods damned archery tournament to some gods forsaken silk with her- That line of thought dies as the arrow swishes past her leathers, never contacting. Full of menace, Carmen looms down over the shorter Fiora. "Give me a reason why I shouldn't snap that in..." Carmen catches up with events, looks over her shoulder, squints at the target and Fiora's arrow, "... the fuck did you do that?"

To Ophelia, "Not all of them at once, highness. I like for a little dread to hang over his head some." Elgana winks at that before she is taking up a bow - favoring Zoey it seems as selects the very intricate looking recurve bow. "Oh, this is lovely! Are you sure?" Oh, the worry is alive in Elgana's eyes then as she glances at Zoey, paler now despite the nip of the air and the small bit of alcohol she's had but she steels herself and nudges Luca playfully before she goes to take her shot. And she struggles with that bow. Oh, she struggles a lot. She fiddles with the arrow trying to notch it into place, only to get very clumsily along with it until Lille steps up and gives her a helping hand. That straightened up, Elgana lets the arrow loose! And.. it falls maybe five feet in front of her on the ground. Flushed with color, Elgana dips to grab the arrow up. "Waste not!" And then she turns and hurries back toward Zoey to hand the bow back over. "I'm definitely not a marksman!" But there's laughter even in her embarrassment.

Fiora smiles sweetly, which looks odd on her. And gives a demure little shrug, drawing another arrow from her quiver. She nocks it early. Just in case Carmen comes to murder her.

Rysen thanks Rukhnis for the ale, and whistles low as Fiora almost assassinates a fellow archer, only to hit the bullseye dead center. He raises his ale in a warm toast to see Merek again, and says to Rukhnis, "I believe that is Sir Merek, is it not? You danced with him under Lord Martino's instruction, I think." A slight smile passes over his lips, and he takes a drink of ale. A fluffy cat approaches him with a message attached to its collar, and Rysen stoops to get it. His eyes pass over the message, and he looks pensive for a moment.

All of a sudden, the Kennex lady's face grows cool as she looks at Carmen, the perfect picture of Crownlander Disapproval. Zoey regards the woman for a -long- moment before turning back to Luca. "Thank you for not shooting anyone," she says.

Acantha claps, "That was an amazing shot!" she calls. Then she gives people time to clear out that didn't make it to the next round, "Alright. Second shots, you can line up!" she calls! Then she looks to Rysen and there's a curiousness to her eyes. But she doesn't interrupt his messenger.

Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, Luca II, the laziest of the feline lot arrive, following Carita.

Ophelia flicks some blonde hair over her shoulder and glances down the line at Luca, then over at Luca's target. "Yay!" she squeals and bounces a little with /excitement./ "You hit the target! Aim a little higher next time, okay?" She beams at her brother, still bouncing, and then swats the person's arm standing next to her in line. "Did you see that?" Nevermind that she just smashed her own target. Ahem. Then she waves cheerily to Corban in the crowd when she hears him!

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Magnus stares wide eyed at the shooting, for a moment it looks like he's about to jump, but since the arrow hits the actual target and not Carmen, he goes back to his routine of getting distracted by something in his environment.

Carita has joined the archery grounds.

Luca checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

Kaya checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Magnus checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Kaya checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

Ophelia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 52 higher.

Luca checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Fiora has rolled a critical success!
Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 162 higher.

Thea shifts her gaze to Carmen, silently. Satisfied no one is shooting each other at the moment, Thea's attention returns to the archers.

Mikani checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Elsa has rolled a critical success!
Elsa checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 31 higher.

Fiora checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

"Well done!" calls out Corban, cheering wildly again for when Ophelia puts the arrow right on the same target as she did last time. "Good job, Ophelia! See! That's the thing! Lady Fiora landed an excellent shot, but you have /consistency/! There is no way that she can do that again!" Right?

Kaya releases another arrow that strikes the next target right on the mark but nothing as impressive as others

Mikani takes a deep breath not paying too much attention to the others. She lets her arrow go and is still glad that it hits the target.

Merek lifts up to take another shot, but it goes a bit wide and hits one of the trees on the walk, then he lowers the diamondplate bow so he can adjust it to a shoulder. He bows to the competitors as well as the hosts, then he makes his way to the stands to watch.

It might seem that Zoey is just not on her game today. The shots are solid but lack any creativity. And, to be honest, she still has that cool, disapproving look on her face.

Rysen is overheard praising Acantha: A great host for the eagle-eyed archers of Arvum.

People are taking more shots, and Carmen continues to look from Fiora to the target with blank confusion, no experience with archery or familiarity with geometry going to help her puzzle this out. She meets Zoey's gaze, blinks. "She shot at me!" is her muttered defense, and then... oh, right. She's competing. Another arrow flies at the target and connects. But her attention for the moment is focused on Fiora. And only maybe because the Malcivi is trying to murder her.

Merek is overheard praising Fiora: Skill worthy of Estaban himself!

Rysen whispers something to Acantha. He smiles, and bows. Then Rysen throws back the remainder of his ale, and cheers loudly for Mikani as she fires a clean shot on her target. Turning to Rukhnis he nods, and the two make their way to the east as unobtrusively as possible.

Zoey looks sidelong at Carmen. "We mustn't let our shock cause us to forget ourselves, Mistress," she replies, not unkindly.

Rukhnis leaves, following Rysen.

/Two/ arrows are taken from the quiver this time. Fiora holds them in the same hand as she looks downrange at the now further target. She glances over at Carmen. Before she pulls back the string and lets fly her arrow.

And it's horrible. It's as if she just learned archry. It wobbles and swings in the air almost going horizontal as it flies all weird.

But a breath later the arrow that is aloft is split mid-air and sent splentering, while the second arrow flies true and slams into another bullseye against the target. Carmen gets a small little smile and a finger waggle of a wave.

Watching the archers, Khanne's brows raise, clearly impressed by what she sees from most. Fiora though... Her shot has Khanne's eyes opening wide and her lips parting in surprise. "Well damn! I certainly am not sorry I was too late to compete. I wouldn't compare in the slightest to that... Amazing!" She applauds heartily from where she stands.

"LUCA!" Ophelia is practically jumping up and down when her brother hits his target again! Apparently she is having waaaay more excitement over the fact that he hasn't killed any-- err, that he's not missing the target in front of him. "You're doing so good!" When she herself hit her own target with clean precision, just as before. Wheeee! She can hear Corban cheering for her and appreciates his enthusiasm, causing her to waggles fingers at him.

Thea smiles briefly,"Malvici seems to be doing well this week... "

Magnus doesn't seem to pay attention at all to his target, his arrow flies completely to the side, hitting a patch of grass and driving the archer out of the competition. "At least I didn't hit anyone." He comments, smirking at himself and stepping off to the side. His eyes linger for a moment at some of the other competitors as he proceeds to find a place among the stands.

Magnus has left the archery grounds.

Whirling, Carmen looks back to Zoey. She presses her mouth into a hard line. By some force of will she avoids saying anything and only points her bow at Fiora accusingly, as though SHE isn't to blame for the rest... and it gives her time to see Fiora's second, mind-blowing shot at the target. "Who the-" A look goes back to Zoey and Carmen growls under her breath, "- who are you?" Carmen's gaze drops bewildered to Fiora's finger waggle.

Kanean shoots his target but watches what the Lady Malvici has been doing.

"There is an awful lot of talent here," Elgana muses but she keeps her gaze locked on a couple of the competitors in particular. Ophelia gets some applause, "Well done, Highness!" Other impressive shots get Elgana to offer more applause as she watches quietly happily from the sidelines. Though Carmen's call of being shot gets a more concerned look, Elgana craning her neck a bit.

Acantha gives a soft nod to Rysen, "Be well, Lord Crovane." she tells him. She then looks to the archers and there's a clap at how good people are doing. "You're doing wonderfully!" she calls. "Next shot is coming up!" she states.

"It was my pleasure not to shoot anyone.", Prince Luca offers so very politely to Zoey, "Watch, I'm going to not shoot anyone again.", and also with a grin, "Not hitting things is what my bow life is all about.". The Fox-Prince whistles over to Ophelia and calls back, "Watch out, I'm coming for you with this one! I'm done warming up!". All through it, the man's holding the straightest face he can through Elgana's last attempt at firing her bow. He does finally let a laugh escape him, and leans over to her, "That was truly a spectacular shot. I'd have let you pass to the next round, really..". His assurance is light-hearted, still laced with dying laughter. It's round two! He takes that bow up again before conversation can distract him too much, steps up and does the archery thing again. He looks like he can walk the part, and he acts like it too, and this time if anyone were keeping measurement they could maybe swear he hit the target a little further /in/ this time. But to him it's a win, "Hah!", he cheers, gesturing at his latest arrow victim. "Look at that, I bet bandits are already thinking twice about jumping me during archery practice. That practice I'm going to start.. uh.. next week..".

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Elsa checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Luca checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

Ophelia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 68 higher.

Kaya checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Fiora shoots an arrow and hits the target. She smiles to Carmen.

Kaya releases her next arrow at the next target again striking true but not with much flare added

"Oh, this /day/," Carmen mutters after turning away from Fiora's mute smile as she draws another arrow and launches it cleanly at the target.

Thea hears Magnus. She smirks a bit, amusement in her eyes.

Mikani pulls back her bow string and releases her arrow. It lands against the target and she looks somewhat surprised at the hit. She grins softly.

Zoey has rolled a critical success!
Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 54 higher.

Khanne walks over towards Elgana, standing just to her side. "Princess, how are you tonight? Enjoying yourself?" Looking over towards the archery grounds, she waves to Elsa and Carita who are amongst the remaining archers. "Who should I cheer for in this contest?"

"I am Lady Zoey Kennex, Voice of Stormward," the Kennex replies evenly to Carmen. "May I suggest we focus on the targets as the competition is continuing?" With that, she nocks an arrow that speeds through the air and sinks deeply into the bullseye of the further target. Simple archery with no fanfare... but that would have hurt.

"Are you good at /everything/?" Elgana queries Luca as he continues his way through the archery contest, laughter ringing her words. "Gods and spirits, I am going to have to pry some good secrets out of your sister!" A tease for sure as Elgana's gaze then shifts back to watch the archers step up for another round. When Khanne approaches she gives the Lady-shaman a deep, respectful incline of her chin. "Vala Khanne I am afraid you missed my first - and last - shot but there are some rather good contestants left." She points toward Ophelia, "She's my favorite but don't tell her brother." And then toward Luca, "He's my favorite but don't tell his sister." And then toward Lady Zoey. "She's my favorite, don't tell Ophelia or Luca."

Kanean manages to hit his target but it somehow leaning to the side now.

Corban waits for Fiora to shoot this time before cheering for Ophelia. But when Ophelia lands what is clearly the best shot of the round, he goes wild again. "Dead on /again/, Princess Ophelia!" he calls out. "Simply stunning, consistent work! I would not want to be your enemy!"

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

Elsa looses another arrow, landing her target if only just. She seems to have been distracted, perhaps by Fiora's amazing shots! Its hard to not want to watch and see what the lady will do next! Still, she offers a smile and wave towards Khanne before looking back towards the other archers.

Carita has left the archery grounds.

Ophelia waves enthusiastically at Elgana and then points at Luca with a look that says 'can you believe it!?' Meanwhile, her arrow hits the target with yet another precise shot, but she doesn't seem to get that wound up about it. She's a little busy monitoring how Luca is doing -- which is pretty darn good! "Yay! You did it again, Luca! Aim a teensie bit lower next time, okay?" She practically twinkles at Corban cheering her on. Aww!

Acantha gives a clap, "Excellent! No one is out this turn." she gives a smile. Then she gives everyone time to get their arrows renocked. "Fire when ready!" she calls.

Elsa checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 8 lower.

Kaya checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 12 higher.

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 21 higher.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 4 lower.

Ophelia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 10 higher.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 36 higher.

Fiora checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Mikani checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 13 lower.

"Yeah! She's Lady Zoey Kennex! Voice of Stormsword!", Prince Luca chimes in to back up Zoey against whoever for whatever reason. Mostly he seems interested in digging up a flask to have a sip from it. Just a little splash. Everyone having fun and all. Over his shoulder to Elgana, he grins again, "It's a trick. I just don't try things I'm not good at..", he confesses, like he were more competent at archery than he really is. He's got the bravado down, that's for sure. "Really, that's the best cheering anyone's ever done for me.", the duelist - is he an archer now? - calls over to his sister. And he also tells her, "You're even better than everyone constantly says you are!". Boy, this competition is really heating up. The prince steps up again, notches another arrow.. and..

Luca checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 19 lower.

Khanne chuckles at Elgana's words and nods. "I am sorry to have missed your, surely spectacular shot. I bet it was just so artfully done that... Well, I got nothing. Still, Sorry I missed it." Looking from Luca to Ophelia to Zoey, she nods. "Your secret is safe with me. I was going to enter, but alas. I can't seem to get anywhere on time anymore. Most important to support Clearlake though." And she nods towards the busy Acantha again.

Kaya releases her arrow, hitting her intended target true

"All right! Staying in it! Keep going strong, Princess Ophelia!" calls out Corban, clapping for the Lycene princess as she lands a shot on the target, but not with the same gusto as some of her other strikes. He can adjust his cheering to fit the circumstances!

Carmen notches an arrow into her bow. With an oddly tender hand, she lifts it, draws the string. Her fingers brush her cheek, still dusted with bruises. The moment holds. And then Prince Luca Grayson is yelling and she /swears/. The bow drops. Carmen works her jaw to one side. She looks to the sky for patience. And then she launches a brutal shot directly at the target. Turning away, she spits into the dirt.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 45 higher.

Smiling sweetly at Carmen, Fiora raises her bow to take another shot. This time making eye contact with Carmen and not looking at the target. So it's a rather unpleasant surprise to find that she missed the target altogether. When Fiora looks downrange and find that she MISSED, her brows tighten inexorably. Her lips pull back into a snarl down at that cursed arrow. With a huff, Fiora quickly takes out another arrow and fires another shot at the target. This one hitting seems to sate her wrath slightly, but still has the Malvici woman stalking away with no small amount of irritation resting on her brow.

Zoey takes aim again, Carmen seeming to have been left to her own devices, and yet another powerful shot is loosed from Dawn's Light. Once more, it finds the target at that further distance, sinking deeply enough that the attendants have a problem pulling it back out. But then, JUST as she's about to turn to Luca... She drops. Hard and fast. "NIMBLE." The arrow goes sailing past. Seems Zoey had been practicing a little dodgery. She pushes back up and starts dusting off her umbra, giving Luca one of her Looks. "No more archery for you." She holds her hand out for the bow.

Mirk strides towards the gathering from Halfshav Hall, and quietly finds a position to stand along the sidelines, watching the competitors loose another volley. "Seems I didn't quite miss the entire contest," he says, half to himself. "Good." He glances aside at his fellow Halfshav and asks Khanne, "Any favorites to win the competition?"

Elsa has left the archery grounds.

Fiora "trick shot" Malcivi missed and - wait, why is Lady Zoey Kennex, Voice of Stormward, dropping to the - Oh. Carmen scrubs a hand down the lower half of her face.

Elsa nocks up another arrow, but it would seem the raucous atmosphere has done her in. Her attention is splitting too far and her shot swings wide of the target, thankfully thudding into the dirt just past it rather than continuing on. Letting out a small breath, she shoulders her bow and gives a nod, stepping back from the line and moving to join the spectators. Nodding towrads Khanne and Mirk, she continues on towards Shaman's Walk, apparently intending to put her bow up before the end of the competition.

Ophelia wilts a little when Luca misses his target and lets out a big /sigh./ "Next time, Luca! You did so good, though!" When she shoots an arrow at her target, she hits it but it isn't as precise as she had been earlier. Maybe now that her brother is out of the competition she can /focus./ Rolling her shoulders she attempts to center herself for the next shot, hearing Corban cheering for her and smiling to herself as he does.

Acantha is overheard praising Fiora: For being an amazing shot!

"Oh, it was spectacular alright," Elgana laughs, a little rosy color coming to her cheeks again. "I shall stick to the things I know but it is fun to try to step outside of the box now and again." A beat. "So long as no one gets maimed in the doing, of course." She smiles toward Acantha then at Khanne's words, nodding. "It is. I am sorry that I missed the other archery tournaments as this is a lot of fun." But then there's the next shot and more applause so Elgana gets right to it - gasping for some reason at one point which is probably right when Zoey asks Luca for her bow back. There's a little laughter somewhere but it is all warm. "You were doing so well, Prince Luca!" But it is Ophelia and Zoey who gets the call, "It's up to you two ladies now! Good luck!" When Mirk approaches he gets a respectful nod and a smile, "Lord Mirk."

Acantha gives a look down the row as more people start missing and there's a bit of a clap to them, "Very well done everyone!" she tells them. Even if they didn't hit. The talent was extraordinary. "Prepare for the next shot!" she calls in a happy tone. Then there's a smile to Mirk and a wave.

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 3 higher.

Kaya checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 7 lower.

Ophelia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 20 higher.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 4 lower.

Kaya tries to aim at an odd angle and her arrow lands just slightly in front of her target

Arriving faaaaaashionably late (yes, that is the sort of late we'll go with), Maja makes her way through the crowd and tries to find a spot with a good view. "Oh, excuse me!" is said here. "Sorry about your toe!" is said there. "Goodness, don't you look lovely," is said more than once. Just as arrows start flying for this next round, she finds a place to stand and observes the spectacle with bright eyes and a wide grin.

Merek is overheard praising Carmen: You can do it!

"Wow, sometimes those arrows just go wherever they want. I must've gotten a bad arrow..", Prince Luca mumbles to the people around him after forcing the Voice of Stormshore to hit the dirt. He laughs, knowing better than to offer her a hand up, "That wasn't archery. That was clearly part of your dodge training. You're doing wonderful! You have a great teacher.", he praises, passing the bow back. He's just in time to catch Ophelia's shot as she makes it, "I guess it's up to you, now! Your turn to save the world!", he calls out, before stepping back over toward Elgana and Khanne, a smile shared for both of them, "Can you believe how great I did? Is there a prize for fifth? I got fifth place or so, right?". He seems good-natured about the whole thing, in his sleepy-eye'd sort of way.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 19 higher.

Zoey still has that stiff poise some people get when recovering from an indignity. Unfortunately... Stiff and archery do -not- go well together, and her shot sails -just- over the edge. With an inhale, she turns to Luca. "You're buying me a drink," she says pleasantly.

Zoey puts Roar, a lion rampant steel and blackwood bow in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Zoey puts Intricately forged ancient steel recurve bow in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Merek checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Carmen rolls back her shoulders, tension knotted there while the targets move and she toes the line, kicking up dirt with her boot. Letting out a long, slow stream of air, she studies the target before letting her shot fly. It connects. She exhales again and lowers her bow, one hand running soothingly along it. No one is shooting at her and, ungrateful as she is, her mood looks no improved.

"That's it, Ophelia!" says Corban from the sidelines where the Lycene princess scores the best arrow in the cycle, nodding his head. "You have this! Consistency and focus!"

Merek looks over to Zoey and blinks a bit, rubbing his beard in thought, "Cobalt?" he asks, as he watches the others, then he cheers for Carmen.

Apparently that moment of quiet (and Luca not distracting her anymore) allows Ophelia to smash her target with familiar precision again. She catches Luca's praise and then beams a smile at him, "I will!" No pressure or anything. A few long breaths are slowly inhaled and exhaled as she readies herself for the next shot. Corban's cheering merits another grin.

Khanne watches the competition and when Mirk arrives, she shakes her head towards him. "Not really... there was one who was doing amazing earlier, thought her arrow would go straight over to Eurus it was so finely shot... but..." She nods towards Elsa when the Lady makes her exit then looks back to Elgana. "No one got maimed by your arrow... did they?" As Luca approaches, she applauds him. "Magnificent, of course. I am sure... we could find some sort of prize for fifth. A drink at the bar?"

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 60, rolling 6 lower.

Fiora checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 60, rolling 4 lower.

Ophelia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 60, rolling 19 lower.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 60, rolling 2 higher.

Someone big and tall moves and ends up standing right. in. front. of. Maja. NUTS. While she isn't short, she isn't tall enough to see over this tree in human form. So the slender young woman with the riotous hair is on the move again, slipping though the crowd to find a better spot. In the process, she accidentally bumps against Magnus and she lays a hand on his forearm, crinkling her eyes at him as she smiles. "I'm so sorry," she tells him. "Forgive me!"

"You did very well. I never thought of you as a marksman but with a talent sister like Princess Ophelia perhaps there would be the reason for a little skill there," Elgana says warmly to Luca as he rejoins. Her gaze shifts to Zoey as the Kennex Voice takes her shot, "Oh no!" But Ophelia scores and manages to stay in so that gets some applause. "Very nice shot, Highness!" When Zoey approaches the group Elgana gives her a warm smile. "You did well, Lady Zoey." Though Khanne's worry gets Elgana to laugh and blush even brighter. "Thank the gods and spirits no! It barely /flew/! Landed on the ground just a few feet from me."

Kaya checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 60, rolling 4 higher.

Magnus doesn't seem to mind people bumping on him at all, in fact his mind doesn't even seem to be there. However, the shock is enough to have him extend a hand to help Maja balance herself after the contact, "Oh, don't worry." He says, not bothering to hide his prodigal accent, "It happens all the time."

Zoey doesn't seem to hear Merek in all the hubbub, and she's wrapping the silk back around her now unstrung bow. With the recurve and the blackwood, it is placed on her back and strapped securely. Luca gets prodded in the arm. "Don't forget to send that bottle back to Ian," she tells him. "And not drained dry." Her eyes are sparkling. "You owe me a drink. I'll collect later." Elgana gets a smile. "Thank you, your Highness. I'm a bit out of practice; Ian will chide me for it."

Mirk returns the wave to Acantha, though he doesn't speak up much for the sake of not interrupting the flow of the contest, and instead watches the competitors with interest. "Fifth place out of what, a dozen, maybe more?" He observes, raising an eyebrow. "That's not a bad performance at all." He squints at Khanne and then at Elgana. "I guess those are our too extremes, hm? But it's good that you competed, Your Highness," he says to the latter. "You never know how you did. I made it to the second round of the knife throw, at Dame Morrighan's party, once."

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Acantha gives a cheer for everyone, "It looks like we've got our winners. Princess Ophelia, Kanean and Carmen if you can join me over here?" she smiles to the last three standing.

Her grin is warm and lights up her entire face. If she has 'thought' and 'opinions' about prodigals and Magnus' prodigal-ness, she is polite enough to keep them to herself. Taking the hand he extends, she balances herself and then gives him a pat of thanks. "You are very kind," she tells him and then peeks out over the contest area. "I just arrived. Did I miss anything of note? Any particularly spectacular shots?" Her smile becomes impish. "And that went wild and hit something -- or someone -- it wasn't supposed to?"

Mikani has left the archery grounds.

"It's okay! It's okay, Princess Ophelia! That was a ridiculously hard shot!" Corban claps for Ophelia even when she misses the target. But then there is an announcement of winners, and more whistling from the First Captain. She placed!

The line has been dismissed by Acantha.

Luca laughs, "I mean, a drink is pretty much the best prize anyway, right? That or a golden hour of silence for a nice nap..", all of that assured to Khanne with a sincerity that's hard to mistake, before his attention drifts over to Elgana again, "You know, there's a reason my sister's so good. I'll have to tell you the story sometime. I'm going to need a lot of feathers, though.", he offers, dusky lips pulling into a quick heartbeat's worth of a smirk. Hardly an unfriendly one, though. As Zoey's departing, he shoots over to her, "Don't let him chide you! I'll get the bottle back! I promise! Mostly full!", and he sounds so confident except for the mostly part of it.

Ophelia misses her target and then shrugs her shoulders light heartedly, turning to the fellow archers in line. "Good job, everyone! Great competition!" Here's looking at you both, Carmen and Kanean. The archeress princess smiles and then jogs over to where Acantha is calling her to be.

Zoey points at Luca. There are no words. She just points at him... maybe he knows what that means. And she heads off, already being approached by a small gaggle of messengers.

Zoey has left the archery grounds.

Carmen tips a collegial nod to Ophelia and Kanean as she turns away from the range to join Acantha. Carmen Harol is a strikingly tall woman, only some of that masked by hunched shouldered and a lowered gaze. "It was a good contest. Thanks for this, my Lady." For just a moment, her serious eyes flicker with humor. "When I said you needed a target, though, didn't mean for that to be taken quite so literal."

Kanean misses his last shot. But he was still called on by Acantha. "Good game.." he softly says with a nod to the other two as he walks up to where Acantha is.

Elgana's eyes go a touch wide at Mirk's words. "That is impressive! Though it is true, you never know until you try?" She doesn't seem quite sold still on the whole archery thing even as she glances back toward the targets. And then Acantha is announcing things so she quiets down and listens for the announcing of the winners. "Congratulations!" she cheers, giving a round of applause for the winners of the contest, but she asides to Luca, "Feathers?" Oh, that's got her curious now.

Elgana is overheard praising Ophelia.

Khanne applauds Ophelia, Kanean, and Carmen, the winners of the tournament, as she speaks to Mirk. "It's very true. I am an okay shot myself... saved my life a few times. Have a couple trophies in surprising things myself!" She smiles it him. "I probably told you about the time I shot a Bringer in the eye? Yeah... it was cool, for a moment. I tell that story too much though." She chuckles and shakes her head. "I need more cool battle stories." She doesn't lack them though, he was at a couple of her most interesting. She nods to Luca then and says, "alright then... consider me owing you a drink. Yours to claim whenever we both have a free moment."

Magnus glances over the field, watching as people start to depart, "Well, there was Lady Fiora aiming at..." His eyes look out in the crowd for a tall woman and a more observant onlooker might notice that he is starting to blush, "Carmen, but still hitting one of the targets. Eventually she lost an arrow." He shrugs, "At least I didn't finish last."

After huffing and puffing about her stupid shot, Fiora slowly manages to regain her senses and makes her silent way through the crowds towards Elgana and the small crowd around her. The Malvici straightens up, "Your Highness." With a light incline of her head. "Fiora Malvici. I was hoping you and I could talk sometime." A light little smile curls up her lips. "Even though we haven't met in person, I feel like I know you already. You wouldn't have time soon, would you?" Her eyes flick to Luca, then Khanne. "Fiora Malvici."

Corban is overheard praising Ophelia: Winner!

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Elgana is overheard praising Carmen.

Mikani moves to stand next to Magnus as she watches the end of the competition.

Kanean checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 2 higher.

Elgana is overheard praising Luca.

"Princess Ophelia! Thank you for coming to the Redrain Ward and for supporting the Archery patrons." she smiles to her. "You've place in third for our little tourney. And with that you get one of our trophies and a bit over silver to take home." she tells her with a smile.

Khanne looks to Fiora and points to herself with her brows raised in question, then to Luca. "Oh, we've met, been forever though! No surprise if you do not recognize me. Vala Khanne Halfshav."

"Oh! You competed?" Maja asks, chatting amiably with Magnus. The young woman holds her arms out, her limbs looking like noodles. No, not noodles but there isn't much muscle to them. "I do not think I could even pull the string back -- is that the right term? String? If I tried to shoot an arrow, I would likely hurt myself more than anything else. I'm Maja, by the way." The curly-haired cutie grins. "Actually, it's Majandra but everyone calls me Maja. Or Darling! Either or." She looks at Magnus expectantly, waiting for his name in return.

Ophelia is quite proud to stand with Carmen and Kanean as they are all are given prizes as winners of the archery competition. "Thank you, Lady Acantha. I look forward to the next competition you host. You are most gracious!" She accepts the trophy and silver with a bobbed curtsy to follow, remaining with the first and second winners until they receive theirs as well.

Ophelia is overheard praising Acantha.

Acantha dops her head to Ophelia, "We are honored to have such skilled archers attend." she admits. Then she lets her head off. Then she looks about, "Carmen! Come here, you seem to be one of our regulars here at the Clearlake festival and you've scored for second place this evening!" she tells her.

Kaya quietly watches the event wrap up

Magnus turns to whisper something at Mikani as she approaches him, straightening his back and turning to answer Maja, "It's just a matter of practice, but it does take a bit of strength to keep the bow in place, once you've pulled the string." He explains, "I'm Count Magnus Stahlben. You can call me just Magnus if you wish, just don't call me Maggie."

"I've never heard it," Mirk points out to Khanne with a low chuckle. He claps for Ophelia, as Acantha announces the award. "Well done," he says. "No it's not," he informs Elgana. "But it's better than I expected to do." He remains mostly silent, apart from those responses, letting the conversation flow around him and keeping most of his attention on Acantha and her continued announcements.

Kanean overhears a mention of Magnus as Acantha is awarding the winners. He turns to look at the man and keeps him in mind.

Mikani smiles at Maja, "Lady Mikani Redreef. Pleasure to meet you." Mika extends a hand to Maja for a handshake. Mika's voice is warm and friendly.

Grinning faintly to Ophelia, Carmen snaps to attention when her name is called and takes a long step to Acantha's side. A purse falls into her hand and she weighs it with a mercenary's careful appraisal. "Thank /you/, Lady Acantha," she answers smartly, pocketing her treasure inside of her leather coat. She gives Kanean a punch on the arm and walks with shoulders squared to Mikani, Maja, and Magnus. Tipping her chin to Maja and Magnus in turn, Carmen says to Mikani, "I should get out of here. That drink's still good, right?"

When Fiora approaches Elgana gives the Malvici lady a smile and a polite dip of her chin. Perhaps not expecting to be the one addressed she looks surprised but that quickly evens out. "Oh! Lady Fiora Malvici, yes, I remember now." Her brows knit slightly together and she offers an apologetic smile. "My time has been stolen up quite a fair amount these days and I've fallen a touch behind on things, my apologies if I owe you a letter or some time. I'll have to look at my availability and see what it looks like." She shifts and Luca gets a gentle nudge. "Did you want to go speak with your sister?"

Making an cross over her heart with her finger, she assures the giant Stahlben: "I will not call you Maggie, I promise." Maja crinkles up her nose and leans in a teeny-tiny bit, looking like she's up to no good. "I cannot promise that I won't call you 'Nus Puss, though." Before he can object, she holds up her hands. "Just kidding, m'lord! I would never." Her attention shifting to Mikani, her hand easily finds hers when she lowers them. Giving it a shake in greeting. "It is a pleasure and a delight to meet you, m'lady. Did you enjoy the competition?" She releases the woman's hand as Carmen approaches, giving her an amiable smile as well.

Kanean smiles to Carmen and jumps a bit as he gets a punch on the arm from her.

Acantha gives a smile to Carmen and there's a dip of her head, "It is always a pleasure to have you up here, Carmen. Thank you for coming out and for shooting." she tells her. Then there's a bit of a smile, "Master Kanean is our first place winner. If you'd like to come up and accept your tropy and silver." she offers to the man.

The Fox-Prince laughs again - he seems so merry tonight! - and tells Khanne, "I'm writing it down and hanging it over my desk.", entirely serious in his dedication to remembering, "I'll get a desk even.", he tacks on at the end. Then he's looking around, half-leaned into Elgana in a way that's almost certain to get best-friend-challenges coming out of the woodwork in it's comfortable familiarity, "Feathers.", he double-assures her and adds something in a lowered whisper with a certain sobriety on his face of great secrets being professed. Heavy. By that time, Ophelia's getting her trophy. He cheers over to her, "Third place! You placed! Not even a made-up place like my fifth or tenth or whatever!". Somewhere, someone else is.. oh, Fiora! He levels at her like he's less impressed than he actually is, "That was some good archery. Eirene always said you were a good archer.", but he's awful at hiding how impressed he is. When Elgana's mentioning his sister, he asides to her, "I was just heading over to see her. Maybe we can steal her for archery lessons. I mean, I don't need them clearly..". He makes the trouble and grins about it too.

Kaya is quietly keeping an eye of thing but not interacting with anyone. She has slung her bow over her shoulder and looks ready to head out.

Mikani gives a wry grin. "Always Carmen, you know it is." Her eyes look over at Maja. "I did. I know I'm not the best archer but it feel good to compete and get some practice in." She nods softly.

"Wait," Khanne blinks at Mirk. "Did I actually not tell you? Or are you just trying to make me feel better and less like that one relative who tells that one, same, story... year after year... that everyone could recite by heart..."

Kanean nods, "Thank you, Lady Acantha. It is a pleasure to join this tournament." he says as he accepts the trophy and the pouch of silver.

Kaya has left the archery grounds.

"Well, that'd be a first." Magnus' chuckle is cut short as Carmen approaches followed by Kanean. He inspires for a few seconds trying to summon some sort of innate ability, but when it doesn't come to him he goes to for the natural route, "You did great today, Carmen."

Ophelia bids Carmen and Kanean well wishes and congratulates them once again before making her way toward some familiar faces. She jogs toward her brother with prizes in hand and beelines right for him before he goes. "Thank you for coming and competing and not shooting anyone in the backside!" she says right before giving Luca a one armed hug. "I love you. I'll come visit you soon." She then glances toward Elgana. "Maybe after I bring Princess Elgana to tea." She practically twinkles again at the thought. Her gaze then casts into the crowd for signs of Sir Corban, her biggest fan of the evening!

"Oh." Fiora states rather flatly to Khanne. A beat. "Sorry." She pulls her slender shoulders up into a light shrug. "Vala. Pleasure to meet you-- Meet you again." She lets out. Though her ears do perk when she hears Nus Puss and Fiora is looking over in the direction of Maja. Her lips thin, but it is a.. familial thinning. You old so and so. Elgana's words have her nodding gently. "It's not a problem, Your Highness. I just think-- hope. I have some news for you that might make you..." She purses her lips. "Happy." There is a shrug of her slender shoulders.

The Malvici gives a little nod at Luca's words with a flat expression. "Eirene was drunk a lot." Fiora states quietly. She gives another incline of her head to the three. "A pleasure to meet you in person Your Highness--" Fiora glances to Luca and frowns gently. "Sorry didn't get your name. You seem famous but I..." She lets out a soft sigh. "Am bad at knowing who famous people are." Then once more to Khanne. "A pleasure meeeting you once more, sorry for my memory. Or lack of it."

Mikani is overheard praising Acantha.

Corban reaches a hand up and waves his fingers at her, smiling brightly when she spies him. But he does not know whether she is done saying her farewells elsewhere or whether he should come close. And so he remains where he is, just beaming at his Winner.

Mirk laughs and shakes his head. "You actually haven't told me," he says. "I think every time you've wanted to tell stories about the Bringer War, you've felt self-conscious about how many times you've already told them to others. But I wasn't here for it. I've only been in Arx for...Spirits, a year already?" He winces at the moment of realization there. "Seems shorter."

Kanean congratulates the others and starts going to an empty spot in the area. He takes a look at the stuff that he received.

Giving Mikani's shoulder a squeeze, Carmen adds after Maja's comments on the competition. "You did just fine, Lady Mika." A look up to Magnus - and it's a rare person that Carmen Harol has to look up to. "Thanks. You too." Her gaze drops to the axe sheathed to Magnus's back. "Might be that next time you can toss that instead." Shifting her weight, Carmen runs her tongue along her bottom teeth. "Sorry, I should get back to work. Good seeing you, my Lord, Lady Mikani." A brief smile to Maja. And then she's turning away, shouldering through the thinning crowds.

Mikani shouts, "Come on Carmen ... a drink ... won't be that bad! I'll buy!" She shouts more. "Tell you about my last lost"

Acantha seems to be done with the archery for the moment and a few people go to start cleaning up the targets. This leaves her to go and wander about the crowd. Doing her hostess duties and giving smiles to everyone. Benny decides to scamper over to Mirk and thump him on the foot a bit. Looking up to him.

The curly-haired commoner tilts her head to one side, considering something for a moment as she tap-tap-taps a finger against her lips. In that second, Maja seems to spot someone she knows and the young woman's expression is overcome with 'please forgive' me looks. "I see someone that I need to speak to," she says and then reaches for Carmen's hand, trying to halt her retreat. "Would you do me the hugest favor? Take my place here with the lovely Lady Mikani and towering Count Nussie so I do not feel terrible for abandoning them?" Without waiting for an answer, she trills: "Thank you so much!" Waving to the other pair, she slips off into the crowd.

"News is good," Elgana says, curiosity filling those dark eyes of hers as she regards Fiora. "Especially in regards to that little bit of business. And happy would be something unexpectedly pleasant. I'll see that some time is set aside, my lady. Thank you for your patience." Luca gets another nudge but she doesn't seek to dislodge that companionable lean he's adopted. And then there's Ophelia! "Ooh, tea. I'll take the tea over the archery lessons, feel free to enjoy those with your brother, highness." Another Luca-ward nudge but it's gentle as she says to Ophelia. "You are truly skilled with a bow and did so well. So did so many others."

Turning away, Carmen blinks to find Maja's hand in her own. Baffled, she gives it an easy shake, not quite hearing what was said. "Uh. Sorry. Lt. Carmen Harol..." she begins as she finds herself, by no will of her own, back in Mikani and Magnus's orbit.

Magnus smirks at Carmen, but it's clear that he isn't entirely comfortable being exposed like this, "If I had done that, there would be no contest." He says, blushing some more as Mikani starts shouting about lost loves. He turns back to see Maja departing all of sudden and turns for a messenger instead.

"I've been here for... Oh, Spirits... five and a half? Man... " Khanne shakes her head with disbelief then nods to Fiora. "It's okay, truly. it's been years." She smiles. "A pleasure to re-make your acquaintance." Then, back to Mirk. "So, it was during the Silence... when the Bringers were marching on Arx. I was up there..." She points over towards the top of the Redrain Wall. "With my arrow. We did well for awhile, keeping them off the wall but then... ugh, we were swarmed and I had to start shooting on the run, right? So... I had this Bringer bearing down on me and I ran.. Ran to get distance, turned, and shot. Straight in the eye! It was... exhilerating! I jumped up and down cheering...... and the bastard pulled the arrow out of his eye... and stabbed me with my own freaking arrow!!!"

Thea just blinks at Maja. She turns and decides that now that the tournament is over, perhaps it's time she heads out.

Acantha gives a look around and then starts to head over to Magnus, but seeing the messenger she slows until she's at a conversational distance. "Count Magnus, it is good to see you in Arx again. When you are resettled I'd wish to speak with you." she offers with a smile.

Mirk squints down at the beaver for a long moment, barely reacting to the thump on the foot, and says, "I know exactly what you want." He sighs, reaches into a pouch, and fishes out a small twig. Willow, this time. He offers it to Benny, keeping one eye on Khanne, clearly listening as he deals with the misbehaving pet. "There you are. Let Lady Acantha know that you're horribly spoiled." He straightens, after that, and shoots Acantha a look from across the crowd. Then he says to Khanne, "What a cheat. The least he could do is bleed a little. And stabbing you afterwards...That's just rude, is what that is. The Abyss never has any manners, does it?" He's smiling, more amused than mocking, though not at all serious.

Mikani smiles at Carmen, "So .. The Spirits?"

Carmen presses a hand to the back of her head, fingers tangling in an already sloppy braid. Squeezing her eyes open and closed, she finally blurts out to Mikani, "Anyone dumb enough to lose you isn't someone worth hearing about, yeah?" It sounded better in her head. Probably. Vibrant green eyes shift to look between Magnus and the messenger. Then back to Mikani. "Sure. No, wait. I have to get to work. Walk with me?" She bows a little in Magnus's direction before giving a military turn on her heel to continue - again - on her way.

Carmen has left the archery grounds.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards, 1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Vagari - Cinder Kitten leave, following Mikani.

Mikani leaves, following Carmen.

Magnus lowers his head briefly to Acantha as she approaches, "I'll make sure to drop you a messenger so that we can meet a time of your convenience, my lady." His focus shifts back to the group, "I was there earlier today, it hasn't changed a bit. Mikani, can you--" And off he goes.

"Eirene was happy a lot.", Prince Luca corrects Fiora, "That woman patched me up a dozen times or more at her happiest during the Bringer War.", he adds with a grin, "I'm not sure there's ever been another physician like her.". He isn't afraid to reminisce a little about an old friend, but before he carries on with it too much he's cutting back to Elgana, "You'd better be careful. My sister is a lush when it comes to tea. You wouldn't believe the amount she can hold down. I never won a tea-drinking contest as a child. That's where she learned it.", and then as if to explain, "We didn't have real parents to warn us about the dangers of getting hooked on tea. It never took with me, but she was never the same.". All of that in as brotherly a teasing fashion as he can manage, and loud enough to make it Ophelia's business too. Easy enough since she's jogging over to hug him! He takes it, and gives one back. He only uses one arm too, to keep it fair, "Don't you get this nice princess hooked on that tea nonsense..", he tells her, laughing again, "Catch me soon. We'll go find some trouble to get into and out of.", he promises her.

"Certainly doesn't. Rotten, all of them." Khanne places a hand over her right chest. "One of the many scars on my.. oh, you don't want to hear that part...." She laughs then seeing others leaving she pouts. "I should be heading back as well...."

Benny thumps his tail excitedly as Mirk pulls out that treat and he reaches up with his little paws and takes it. Then there's a noise before the animal returns to his companion. Acantha gives a nod to Magnus and then bends down to scoop up Benny and give him a pat, "Did you go find Mirk and get a treat?" she muses. There's a look to Mirk and she smiles, "Thank you, Lord Mirk and Vala Khanne!" she tells them.

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