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A Summer at Sea

What is the point of owning a very large ship if you can't host parties on it's deck? Come join ths Velenosa family as they extend the hospitality they are famous for in a small voyage aboard The Carlotta, the first of Arx's caravels constructed.


March 7, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Elise Ysabel Jeffeth Orathy Brianna Antonio Beatrice Mikani Ailith Elsa Vercyn Berenice Gilroy Gretchen(RIP) Rayne River Vanora Gunther Lore Duarte



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Dockyard - The Carlotta

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Comments and Log

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay, Disciple Fulgence, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Ailith.

Elise boards the ship rather quietly. She just hangs back kind of near the ramp from the docks. Watching the comings and goings.

Gino, a surly sailor, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Antonio.

The Carlotta's crew sets off from the docks as people arrive, any late comers are taxied to the large ship from smaller ones going back and forth from the dock as they arrive. The caravel isn't going /too/ fast right now for those smaller ones not to be able to catch up. Jaenelle herself is standing beside the ship's boarding plank, greeting those who've arrived, and after they are encouraged to explore the ship, taking advantage of the food and drinks that servants carefully walk around with on silver platters.

Ysabel boards the ship wearing a simple but elegant sky blue gown. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun with locks that frame her face. Her smile lights up the area around her as she looks around curiously. Tries to find herself a place to settle in till she can find someone to talk to.

When Jeffeth arrives it is with a deep lingering bow to Jaenelle and a warm smile as he rises. Rather than go and explore the ship or eat food or talk to people the large man steps right past Jaenelle and turns on his heel. Standing at her shoulder. As if her were one of her guards. Clasping his hands behind his back the big man looks around with a small smile before murmuring quietly to Jaenelle. "This is lovely Your Highness."

Tonight of all nights, one would think a well known uppity rabble rouser would keep his distance from the grand ship called The Carlotta -- considering what he usually barks about. Nevertheless, the Culler has been scrubbed and freshly rinsed by the look of it. His hair has pomade in it, so the lengths of it sweep aside from his face (making scars more evident) and settle at the back of his shoulders, his beard and mustache have been trimmed (although grays still show through). Best of all, his attire looks washed and cleaned. Leathers mix with silks, lending Orathy Culler a sort of polished 'thug' look - he very much could still bite by the look of an axe upon his hip. His arrival was allowed, more or less, and after a brief look about, he makes his way toward Jaenelle, cutting through other people to come upon her welcoming form. "Jaenelle..." his rasp of a lowers accent greets, "Aye, yer still lookin sweet as the day I met ya."

Senna, a whip of a man, Argos, a large Graypeak Mountain Dog, Blue Steele, a Blue Roan Graypeak Vanner Stallion, Elsa arrive, following Vercyn.

For all that she's a northerner, Lady Brianna Halfshav has a fondness for boats. The hair around her face is pulled back and secured with hairpins, the rest left to cascade down her back. She's dressed in green seasilk, which she felt was appropriate, the gown sheer and flowing. She greets Jaenelle courteously. "Your ship is remarkable!"

The Carlotta is not normally Antonio's vessel of choice- but for a such an auspicious occasion and distinguished guests the Lenosian admiral has decided to take command- or at the very least oversee for the ship's regular captain. And so he finds himself busy with making sure the ship is ready to get under way, a contented expression on his face. This is where Antonio is home, on the deck of a ship.

Waiting in the line to greet her host, Beatrice takes in the Carlotta and the view it affords, openly impressed. "Your Highness," she greets Jaenelle when it is her turn, dipping into a brief, polite curtsey to the rustle of umbra, "You-" Cutting off, Orathy's greeting interrupting her, Beatrice straightens with a blink and a lifted brow look over him. Her mouth twitches. "... look lovely." She moves to back away for refreshment.

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 higher.

Jeffeth's eyes widen slightly. He gasps. Just a bit. "Your /Grace/." The large man corrects, looking over to Jaenelle as if he had just said something extremely offensive. "I am so sorry. I. We haven't.. It's--" The large man claps his mouth shut. "My mind slipped, my apologies, Your Grace." He smoothes over rather rapidly before Orathy approaches Jaenelle. Which has the large man slowly tightening up, jaw tensing.

Mikani steps aboard the ship. She smiles as she steps aboard the planks. Her fingertips almost lovingly touch the siderails. As one from the Isles, ships were a part of life and this was a beautiful one. Her dark eyes move about the crowd and she smiles warmly to those she knows. Seeing Elise on her own she goes and joins the white haired woman. "Hey Whisper. I didn't think I would see you here."

6 House Velenosa Guards, Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job arrive, following Berenice.

There is an instand smile for Jeffeth as he arrives, though she keeps her attention forward as he positions himself. It appears this is not a one off thing. Her head tilts just slightly to regard him, "I love this ship. It is where Mydas and I decided we were hopeless." She speaks of the dead with fondness rather than hurt, amusement in her eyes rather than sorrow. As she turns to greet the next, Orathy has decided that he is it. She smiles, and despite herself there is the amusement still there. "Orathy" she greets with a delicate dip of her head in greeting. "You have not died. I am impressed! It is good to see you again, it has been too long." She mokes a movement between her eyes and the man, a silent gesture of 'im watching you'.

"Thank you Lady Brianna! Welcome to the Carlotta. It is Talen's baby, truly, but as he is no longer here to get thrown overboard I have claimed the ship as my own. It was always my dream in Arx to steal a ship, look at that" she beams. "Lady Beatrice" she turns towards the woman, "thank you. You look stunning yourself. That gown is certainly eye catching and contrasts your coloring perfectly."

Ysabel is overheard asking about getting a Ysabel's Rainbow Surprise. The crew seems slightly thrown off and confused but rushes to see if they can figure out how to put together this strange drink for the young Baroness who has found a place to sit and seems oddly quiet as she looks on at the festivities as if trying to decide whom to speak with.

Elise turns to Mikani, a polite curtsey as she approaches. "Well I am eyeballing that crows nest... so you might have caught me at a good time." She looks up again. "Why would you not expect to see me here my lady?"

Mikani looks around at the crowd. "Well the obvious." Mika turned her attention back to Elise. "You could go up there but the good drink is down here I believe." She motions her head to Ysabel as she hears the woman ask for Ysabel's Rainbow Surprise, "See. The good drink." Mikani laughs warmly and softly as her arms clasp behind her back.

Orathy's attention is on Jaenelle, despite how close the Bayweather is. He completely lacks the etiquette, seems to jump the line ahead of a few patient nobles and grins rougishly at Jaenelle, arms extending out, "Not yet, aye. Reckon ya didn't see that comin - neither did I, eh?" He winks at her, tipping his head, quirkin a wolfish grin in return to her as his hands pointedly raise upward, as if to defuse that silent gesture, "Only gunna take a few baubles off yer guests-" he states with another dark amusement rolling over his expression, eyes flicking to Jeffeth then, "Bayweather." And then he's moving on, to figure out what there is to drink

Beneath twilight's stars and the glow of candlelight, the gold threads of pantheon sigils glisten along the sleeves and neckline of the Legate's white robes as Ailith arrives and carefully ascends the boarding plank. Her blue eyes widen, soaking in the marvels of the rare class -- the hulking Lenosian caravel. When her footfalls reach the deck where the host and yon Solace Knight stand, there she bows respectfully. "Archduchess Regent, what a lovely gesture to host an evening aboard this fine vessel of House Velenosa. I am quite certain this a night many shall remember." And her eyes gradually drift to the tall man. "Sir Jeffeth, what a pleasure to see a fine Knight of Solace standing ready in the defense of others. I hope you permit yourself time for any enjoyments."

Gretchen arrives, following Gilroy.

Orathy has joined the By the Mast.

Elise smiles sweetly to Mikani, "Ah but the sun is not out my Lady. I am shall not turn to dust this evening. And if we should sail so long I have my handy dandy parasol." Yup that's the obvious. "I suppose I shall have to find a drink or two before heading up then"

Elsa steps onto the deck of the Carlotta, handed up and immediately followed by Vercyn Halfshav. She waits, taking his arm with a small smile. Once both are aboard, she leans in and murmurs, "To the hostess first? Or would you prefer to greet your daughter first and we can wait for the foot traffic around Her Grace to slow?" She offers a smile towards those around, enjoying the slight breeze.

Beatrice has joined the Quarter Deck.

Antonio has joined the Quarter Deck.

Mikani looks around the ship again sighing. "Yeah maybe I'm wrong about the Crow's Nest." Mikani murmurs quietly before she just starts heading up to the nest.

Mikani has joined the Crow's Nest.

Elise has joined the Crow's Nest.

Antonio has little time for plesantries and greetings- he's busy! And thats why he won't pose for abit as his player runs a work errand and then heads home.

the crew of the Carlotta delivers a strange looking rainbow drink to Ysabel as she sits quietly watching the people and listening to the conversations that are going on.

Ysabel has joined the starboard side bench.

"I'm glad it brings fond memories." Jeffeth rumbles lowly, watching Orathy closely. When the other man gives his greeting Jeffeth just gives a wordless nod in return. Then with Jaenelle is greeting all the everyone, Jeffeth tries to remember himself and particpate as well. There is a quick bow given to Brianna. "Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Knight Commander of the Solace. At your service, My Lady. Welcome."

Another deep bow to Ailith. "Mother Ailith. Her Grace is my patron, I don't get to see her often enough. So this is my enjoyment." He explains a slow and broad smile working its way up his lips. Beatrice receives a deep bow as well, "My Lady."

Vercyn steps up onto the boat after Elsa, offering the lady his arm. The heavy boots of his armor thump across the deck as he walks and his gray eyes sweeping over the deck for a moment. "Brianna first I think. The hostess appears rather busy at the moment." He smiles to Elsa for a moment, leading her over towards Brianna.

It is a Velenosa party, and so Berenice, naturally, is in attendance. The gown she wears is of the new cloth-of-neodymium that has been so /expensively/ popular in the city, the luxury brocade a bit weightier than her usual styles, but balanced by a shorter hemline and playful cut. Glass of wine in hand, her gaze is quick to pick out those she knows of the arriving guests, and her smile is ready and warm with all the grace of a born socialite. "Sir Jeffeth!" she proclaims, drawing up alongside him. "What a pleasure to see you keeping such close watch of my dear cousin." And she offers a brilliant smile to Jaenelle beyond, but clearly gives her space for her hostly duties; Berenice, as family, is a point of support rather than one who needs tending to.

Orathy has left the By the Mast.

"Baroness Gilden" Jaenelle turns towards Ysabel as it seems the woman is attempting to test her staff as they move to make the drink asked for, "if you do not get what you desire, do let me know. I will personally find each ingredient to the drink you ordered and make it myself. You will never have a better version than that and you'll need to create a new drink as it will be completely ruined forever more." When Ailith arrives, it seems that all goes out the window and Jaenelle gives the woman a hug if she'll allow it. "Thank you." She knows what she did. Then she steps back, reaches for something out of sight and offers a single flower to Ailith, "your hideout."

As the crew begins to take the boat further out, Jaenelle looks towards Antonio, wiggling her finger at the Lenosia Admiral. She is certain that he wont kill them all. From one Velenosa to another, Jaenelle smiles at Berenice, dipping her head to the woman, "he has a habit of picking me up so I can avoid sand on my feet. I am safe from /everything/. It is wonderful."

From her place at the boat's railing, Brianna hears familiar footfalls and turns to see her father. "I didn't realize you were coming, Father," she says to Vercyn with an easy smile, glass of wine in hand. "And would this be Lady Elsa?"

Her smile brilliant for Jaenelle, Beatrice turns to a server to collect a glass and, considering it, takes up a second. Sliding back to Jaenelle and Jeffeth, Beatrice offers the second to the giant. "Have a drink, Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, and enjoy yourself tonight, hm?" Her smile is no less warm for him as she follows the flow of the crowd to escape to the higher ground, and sparkling views, of the quarter deck.

Orathy had been lumbering around the mast before he decides to take a stroll around this 'grand' ship that cost more than he could ever dream of. His hand skims the railing, his expression had fallen into a neutral reflection, narrowing his eyes once and a while as he looks back toward the welcoming gang plank. Eventually he settles alongside and near to Ysabel, side glancing at her, "Ya think anythin interestin will happen or do I be drinkin all the booze first?"

Orathy has joined the starboard side bench.

Nodding to Vercyn, she follows his lead, approaching Brianna and dipping a quick bow towards the younger lady. "Hello, Lady Brianna. I am indeed. Its a pleasure to meet you," she looks back to Vercyn. "He's told me so much about you, I can see why he's so proud of you."

Ysabel glances at Jaenelle as she takes a sip of the rainbow colored beverage handed to her and says, "Oh, well there is no one way to make it. It is always interesting to see what will be thrown together. It never really is quite the same everytime." She than looks at Orathy and says, "I am not to sure but you may try a sip of my drink if you like." The young Baroness offers her strange looking rainbow drink over to Orathy.

Gilroy and Lady Gretchen Moore arrive together and about as not on one another's arms as it is likely to get. Instead they're bickering about, well, anything and everything. Once on the Carlotta Gilroy gets sour because he had apparently insisted the entire walk that they'd be late and the ship would be gone. As it heads out into the bay he offers to go get drinks, then reappears with a glass of port for her and a late summer ale for himself. He leans against the port railing and says to Gretchen, "See? No stars. Pfft." He digs through his pocket before producing a cigarillo and offering it to her before actually lighting up.

Smiling to his daughter, Vercyn inclines his head to Brianna. "Hello daughter. It is good to see you out and about." He turns his head, watching the conversation as Elsa and Brianna introduce each other.

When the Archduchess Regent claims a hug, the Legate warmly returns the embrace and softly murmurs, "You're welcome," as her cheeks flush. Taking a step back as well, Ailith nearly composes herself until the flower is presented. Shoulders shake. A gentle rumble builds until a chuckle escapes her lips and her eyes glint. Her forefingers carefully pinch at the stem of the lily before she tucks it over her ear. "Do I blend?" She wryly winks and steps aside as more guests approach their host. And in passing, she remarks to Jeffeth, "All the more that you should be commended." Then she murmurs low solely to him before heading to the main deck.

Another deep bow, this time to Berenice. "Your Highness." He got the title right this time. "A pleasure and an honor to see you again. Her Grace has done so much as my patron, I desperately try to hang about her so that I might be useful at some point." A beat with a broad smile. "I'm still waiting." When Beatrice offers a drink to him there is a gentle smile, "Ah. Thank you, my Lady." And that glass slowly floats over as the big knight looks to Jaenelle. "Your Grace, would you like a drink?" Jeffeth offers the recently received glass to the Archduchess before looking back over to Beatrice. "How have you been, My Lady?" And finally a glance back to Berenice. "How is Harlex doing, Your Highness? I haven't seen him in some time."

The big man cranes his head down to Ailith to listen.

The strange looking drink does get a curious inspection from the Culler, the big tough leaning in curiously to make his leathers creak as his brow lifts, "Ain't seen so many colours like that in one drink..." The fact that the baroness extends the glass to him has him further pivot against the railing to turn toward her, head tilting, "Be a sure way to kill me, reckon so. But aye, been a bad day, reckon it can't get much worse, eh?" He reaches for the glass, "What be in it?"

Orathy ^

Brianna gives Vercyn a sideways glance before returning Elsa's bow. "Now my vanity must know what precisely he's told you about me," she asks with a grin. To her father, she scoffs a bit. "Do you really think me some sort of hothouse flower who would hide in the house?" There's no animosity there, just amusement.

"You'd have to look past the end of your nose to seem them," Gretchen replies dryly, accepting the glass while giving Gilroy a withering look and taking a sip. She looks over the rest of those gathered and says, "You know everyone, right? Who do I need to go introduce myself to?"

Elise sees Gilroy from her perch in the crows nest. She takes careful aim and drops a little piece of wadded up parchment on him.

Ysabel giggles as she watches Orathy inspect the drink carefully and says, "I have yet to fall dead. How bad can it be?"

Ailith has joined the port side bench.

The Young Lord Rayne Bisland arrived at the event not really expecting much of attention on him, he soon sees himself walking on the mast seeing people wherever he goes giving a nod to anyone that greeted him

Beatrice scoffs with teasing dismay at Jeffeth as the wineglass exchanges hands. "I should, I think, offer you my own, but you will find me utterly selfish tonight. How are you this beautiful evening? Will you be shooting more stars?" Her attention follows Jeffeth's to Berenice. She greets the princess with a playfully blown kiss.

"Beauty, spirit, strength of will and arm... believe me, I've heard more praises sung than I could recount in a single meeting. But you exemplify them all, my dear." Elsa responds with a bright smile. She glances to Vercyn once more, then back to Brianna, "Tell me, my lady... do you ride?"

"Reckon it can make me sick all over ya 'n yer a bit too pretty fer that I reckon. Yer dress be costin more than me life, reckon so-" His eyes glide over Rayne Bisland as the young man arrives, before it turns back to Ysabel and the drink, suspicious of it but then taking a sip. If it's SWEET he's going to make a puckering of lips because this guy drinks the swill of the Lowers and that probably taste like rusty iron. So if it's sweet the expected outcome might just be SPITTING it out or swallowing it with a twisted expression.

"Yes, the Archduchess /does/ have that annoying habit of aggressive efficiency that she seems to handle everything herself, doesn't she?" Berenice's reply is to Jeffeth, of course, but she casts a teasing glance over to Jaenelle. She watches the pass of drink from Beatrice to Jeffeth to Jaenelle with the slightest purse of her lips, and then her attention draws back to Jeffeth swift as he asks that question. "Oh, he's quite well," she says with a blithe air. "He's sworn his fealty to House Velenosa, you know. We're quite delighted. A number of houses were trying to lure him to their service, although I can hardly think how they might have expected to. But he's such a remarkable swordsman that it's hardly a surprise." There's a casual sort of pleased smugness there in her words, offered playfully and without shame. Her gaze shifts to Beatrice with clear amusement. "Lady Beatrice, always a delight." She reaches into the air, catching that kiss in the curl of her fingers. "I hope you've been properly harassing our favored brewmaster."

"Also that if I try to get you to do anything you don't feel like you take after people with an Ax." Vercyn responds, deadpan. He looks at Brianna, smiling down at her. "Can I not be pleased to see you out in the world?"

Elise now is just making it rain wadded up pieces of parchment on Gilroy. Ah the advantage of height is wonderful.

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 3 lower.

"Hmph. Why should I ever look past my nose? The things I love most come before it." Gilroy lifts his drink to Gretchen. "To my beautiful fa-" But then some parchment falls into his drink and he looks first down at it, then up at Elise. "Ah. It is certainly snowing early. I do hate this Crownlander weather."

Ysabel giggles at Orathy as he tentatively takes a sip of her drink and asks, "So what is the verdict? I swear they put a hint of coconut in this one. Maybe some varities of berries. Rather sublte spirits but effectively strong. What are yout thoughts?"

Brianna griiiins. "You flatter me, Lady Elsa," she says with a little chuckle. "Do I ride? Yes, but not nearly as often as I would like. Why?" She turns to Vercyn. "Oh, that reminds me. Earlier today, some pompous lordling thought it would be a good idea to sneak up on me and kiss my hand and I'm very proud to say I /didn't/ split his head open," she says sweetly.

Jaenelle considers Ysabel's answer, hmming softly, "that is one of the best things ive heard all day. That sounds very exciting, and I do like getting surprises. May I borrow this sometime to see what I might get as well?" A shake is given to Jeffeth at the offer, her smile soft, "no thank you, I shall finish greeting those who've entered first and allow them to get settled before I find my own." Speaking of, as Rayne arrives, the hostess offers the man a smile, "welcome to the Carlotta, I am not sure we've met. I am Archduchess Regent Jaenelle Velenosa. And yourself?"

Orathy is on his BEST behavior or something, because he's not snarling at everything that moves. Presently, tasting the wild colourful drink of the Baronness Ysabel. He hands it back to her with a nose wrinkle, "Too sweet fer me, supposin I be likin ... whiskey." The OUT OF PLACE criminal element on the ship, that's him, he isn't even hiding it much, continues to regard Ysabel with a sense of interest behind his ever encroaching movements, as if he were going to maybe sit with her or something. "Yer alone-" he notes, "-ain't you got some Fluffy fella to be takin yer arm 'n showin ya off?"

Gretchen has another sip and looks up, squinting, "Ah, I think that's Whisper Elise up there. Do you have her sonnet ready?" without waiting for an answer she pushes off from the railing and heads towards Jaenelle, flashing a winning smile, "Princess Jaenelle? Lady Gretchen Moore. What a fabulous ship, thank you for inviting us on this voyage, however short."

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

Stepping up onto the deck of the ship in a gentle glide, his body clad in a robe that is as almost as much see through as it is covering, River scans the deck, only to spot Orathy, his lips tightening before he huffs out a sigh making his way across the boards of the boat, canting his head as he waves through the various groups, bowing to lords and ladies alike, as he moves to settle in at a quiet spot in the midst of the party.

Ysabel beams at Jaenelle and says, "Why of course you may! I would be honored. Soon every bar will try to figure out how to make Ysabel's Rainbow Surprise." The young Baroness giggles at this before glancing at Orathy and saying, "I just have yet to find one's lap to steal. When the perfect chair arrives, I shall claim it." She seems not to really answer the question as she continues speaking in her normal happy animated fashion

"The stars will survive the night, I think." Jeffeth murmurs softly. He holds up one hand in a forestalling gesture, "No, please. Keep it, I will go get one in just a moment." His eyes turn back to Berenice and there is a light blanching in the large knight. Eyes widening with clear shock, his mouth falling open for a fraction of a second. "Oh. Has he?" Jeffeth asks, his voice flagging slightly. "Well." Forcing that deep bass back into motion he starts gathering the momentum to produce more words. "Well, that's wonderful for House Velenosa." When Jaenelle declines the drink he pulls it back towards him, just holding it up somewhat awkwardly in front of him. "Very, very good news. For everyone. Good news." Jeffeth is murmuring kind of to himself as his chin tips down and he looks down at the floor. As Jaenelle introduces herself to Rayne, Jeffeth quickly looks up and bows, nearly spilling that drink. "Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Knight Commander of the Solace. At your service. A pleasure to meet you."

Rayne sees the hostess and answer's " Thank you for the welcome" he bows " I'm pretty sure we have not met before this event which I may add is pretty magnificent and I am Lord Rayne Bisland it's a pleasure to meet you"

A young messenger, clean-shaven and spry, boards the boat via one of the shuttle ships. Swerving through the crowds, he stops to deliver a small bundle to a bewildered Beatrice Malespero. A glass of wine in one hand and the package in the other, she looks to the young man with frank confusion that turns to wide-eyed delight when she finally realizes its sender. "I hope she paid you double," Beatrice murmurs laughingly to the young man, setting aside her glass on a passing tray and untying the bundle to reveal... jewelry?

Giving a content murmur, Beatrice finally returns her attention to her companions. "I would hope that, too, Princess Berenice, but I'm only recently returned from Setarco and Nilanza, where I was sadly short of any company that was not corpulent and bureaucratic." Working her new treasures on because, really, where else would she wear them, Beatrice notices Gretchen and flashes a smile her way.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Beatrice before departing.

Vanora Grimhall arrives only slightly late, climbing to the deck barefoot in an umbra gown cut far more Lycene than Islander. She skims the area with pale green eyes and locates Jaenelle, making a beeline for the hostess first if only to greet her with an airy near-kiss on each cheek. "What a lovely idea for a party, and at a time we surely needed it. Thank you, Archduchess."

Orathy promptly settles in the bench next to Ysabel, an unspoken impish light in his gaze. Nope, he hasn't seen River yet. He leans back on the bench, "Reckon there be 'nuff puffers out there, who be dressin fancy, fer yer choosin." He exhales a breath then, "Ya know a bunch of these people then? All I be hearin is title-this .. title-that. Must be fuckin exhaustin to be kiss ass to one another all the time, eh?"

After greeting Rayne, Jaenelle turns towards Berenice with a grin, "I believe His Majestry recently said I was quite competent without being nearly neurotic. He has a way with words, and it might have been the greatest complement I have ever received." As Gretchen approaches, the woman gets a dip of her head in greeting as well, "a pleasure to meet you Lady Moore. I am sorry" she doesnt finish, they both know for what, "I hope you enjoy the evening and take advantage of all the ship has to offer." Then turning to Vanora, she too gets a dip, "Duchess Vanora, it is wonderful to see you! Welcome to the Carlotta. I thought perhaps the sea air and the distance to the city might clear minds and hearts. It is important."

Ysabel giggles and says, "I may know a few. Hard to catch everyone at big events like this. You can call me Ysabel for tonight."

Vercyn turns to look at his daughter, his eyebrows lifting higher. "I do not know. It sounds like this Lordling needed his head caved in. Who was the lad? Perhaps he requires a lesson in manners."

Gunther was around somewhere. No one knows where. When you are short and squat like the man you can be hidden by various short-height objects. And so from around the way short little legs stride as the meaty figure looks around. He wears suspenders and a ratty white shirt. His pants are whatever the equivilant of rope tied sweats are. The hairy arms of the man swing and his thumbs give the suspenders a snap. He is dressed for success. His comb-over neatly threaded to one side. "Hullo!" He announces cheerfully and has a look about.

As a server makes his way on by, River seems to come to a decision, smiling impishly, he plucks up a glass of something light to drink, then he's content to watch the brutish culler from across the deck. He does seem to be making mental notes of every slight and dillmannered behavior of the larger man though he's soon distracted, by well, jewelry and the finally dressed, his own bracelets and earrings sparkling in the light. Then he spots the large form of Jeffeth and he lifts a hand in a polite wave, trying to gain the knight's attention.

Berenice's brow arches at Jeffeth's response, and she takes a sip of wine with an air of mild curiosity. "Whatever is the matter, Sir?" she wonders of him. "I would not have expected you to have so much concern over where he swears fealty." She looks to Rayne as he introduces himself, offering a brilliant smile. "Princess Berenice Velenosa. Charmed." And then, another moment later, she's back to Beatrice. "Well, you may have lacked for clever company, but at least you had the southern sun, hm? Ah! Lady Vanora!"

"Sonnet?" Gilroy looks pretty confused by that non-sequitur. He looks around, at a loss. Looking back up at Elise he says, "What kind of sonnet? Lycene sonnets are a b b a a b b a c d c c d c, Oathlander sonnets are a b a b b c b c c d c d e e, and Crownlander sonnets are..." He stops and thinks. "I don't know. Also, I don't know any sonnets." He squints down at his mostly ruined beer, shrugs and finishes it off, then passes the empty glass off to whoever looks like they know what to do with it.

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Brianna waves a hand dismissively. "Oh, some dull Oathlander whose name I promptly forgot. He's no threat to anyone, save himself." She sips at her wine.

Elsa glances between Vercyn and Brianna, chuckling softly before responding to Brianna, "I was going to suggest you join us for a ride out of the city soon. Your father is kept quite busy, but every now and then I'm able to tempt him away for a few hours to ride. I thought perhaps you might like to join us."

When one of the servers pass with the tray of mysterious and marvelous culinary and refreshment delights -- this causes the Legate to rise from the bench to have her eyes dance in taking in the wonders. "What do you recommend?" Ailith asks the server while observing the crowd and their selections.

Elise shouts down to Gilroy. "Which ever is the best. You promised me a book of sonnets about me I believe." Then she ducks back in to the crows nest.

"I would like that very much, Lady Elsa. It's always interesting to see what that ill-mannered stallion of his will do next," Brianna says airily. She's clearly playfully pushing Vercyn's buttons.

"Aye... reckon I worked fer that one-" Orathy upnods at Jaenelle, "gave me me first axe-" he pats his hand against the weapon he's shifted aside to sit. He looks over to Ysabel, "Reckon I ain't usually up fer this sort of... fake shit. But, me friend... Tessa Moore would be lovin to see me all fuckin Puffed up like this 'n I reckon, owe it to her ta... try to be uh, good. Eh? If yer missin baubles at the end of the night, it weren't me-" He winks over at her, the Lowers accent thick as he starts to recognize a figure from across the large ship. Head tilt. Then he notes to Ysabel, "Parties where I be comin from are much more excitin than this..." side glance to Ysabel, whispering lowly to her.

Jaenelle is flashes another warm smile and then Vanora frees the hostess to hostess, lured by Berenice's voice. "Your Highness. The famous Oleander of Lenosia. How good it is to see you and how beautiful you look, but that is to be expected. If you wish to make a stir /now/ have to do it by showing up in sackcloth. Now who is swearing fealty to whom where? I missed the beginning." Of the gossip, but she's right on time for the end.

Mikani looks at Gilroy from the crow's nest. "You are going to write a whole book of sonnets about her?" Makes a tisking sound. "Brave brave man."

Vercyn looks at Brianna with an expression of disbelief for a moment, but he decides to let it go. "Yes, the Lady Elsa and I are known to take rides out of the city on occasion when work frees up enough to allow it. You should come and join us sometime."

Ysabel leans into Orathy's whisper and seems to whisper something back to him.

hears a voice saying 'hellu' and looks at Gunther, he decides to walk up to him and introduce himself "Good evening, I'm Lord Rayne Bisland and who might you be?"

Sometimes the best way to put out a fire is to let it burn out. But this awkward fire is fanned, and Jeffeth's deep blues shoot up to Berenice. "Hmm?" Is asked, overly loud as if to demonstrate the party had suddenly gotten much louder and it was hard for him to hear her. It hadn't. Even if someone was doing letter sonnets. "Ah? Hmm? Oh. No I'm not concerned. No, I'm very happy, that is all very good--" While he swings his hands around a bit wildly to gesticulate a little bit of the wine flies out of his glass.

"Oh. Your Grace!" Jeffeth pipes to Jaenelle. "Have you met Gunther? Gunter." The big man waves at the far shorter man over to where he stands next to Jaenelle. "Archduchess Regent Jaenelle Velenosa, this is Gunther. Gunther has been considering joining the Knights of Solace. All things turn out, this might be my new squire." Jeffeth pipes happily. There's a glance across the crowd and River gets a distracted wave. A flustered distracted wave.

Elsa glances from Brianna to Vercyn, then clears her throat, trying unsuccessfully to hide a grin as she murmurs, "My lady... I gifted Vercyn his current stallion from my personal stock..." The attempt at a straight face falls away completely and she's left laughing lightly.

Vercyn laughs softly. "Yes, this new horse the Lady Elsa has given me is far more well behaved then the last old cur that I rode."

A bit of a shadow passes over Gretchen's expression when Jaenelle says she's sorry, but it's gone in an instant and that golden smile is back, "I shall, thank you." When Vanora mentions Berenice she turns to head that way, "Princess Berenice," she dips a shallow curtsy, "I've been meaning to track you down. Lady Gretchen Moore, owner of Moore Serenity Spa. I've heard you enjoy the finer things in life and it just so happens that's what I pride myself on providing."

Brianna sips her wine. "I meant no offense, Lady Elsa. After all, I have a particular fondness for rude creatures. You should meet my sparrowhawk, Ondine. The rudest bird in the world, and I love her." Her freckled nose wrinkles a bit in amusement.

Gilroy calls back up to Elise. "I don't remember who you are! Are you Lady Sunaia?" He snaps up another drink and has a long gulp before adding, "I can't write any sonnets about you! Nothing rhymes with Sunaia!" He starts counting off on his fingers. "Pariah? Maybe? Zachariah? Jeremiah?" He grimaces at the derth of options, then shrugs and calls, "I'm out of words and you're out of luck! Find a poet! Lord Rysen, for instance. You could marry him. A mighty alliance between Ashford and Crovane. Pfft. That's so easy, I should be a Whisper."

Newly acquired rubies glinting in the light, Beatrice opens her mouth to speak, only to find herself splashed with a few drops of wine. She pauses and then laughs airily, wiping at the splashes from Jeffeth's exuberant gesture on her neck and cheek. "I'm wearing red tonight. If you will please excuse me," she says, Lycene-accented voice warm with mirth as she backs away for her long-delayed retreat up to the quarter deck.

"I took no offense, my lady. I presumed you spoke of his previous mount, not knowing that he'd acquired a new one. But I am very glad to know that my gift was timely. I would be happy to meet Ondine. I've never actually tried training birds before. Perhaps I should give it a try sometime," Elsa smiles towards Brianna once more before looking up at Vercyn with amusement in her expression. "Should we go greet our hostess? We can keep it brief, I don't wish to take up too much of her time."

lifting his glass to his lips, River takes a sip of his drink before he finally seems settled enough to Mingle, his eyes drifting over the various patrons for familiar faces and recognizing anyone, though he spots Gunther and then Gilroy and he purses his lips drifting through the crowds to plant himself near the former, asking the bulkier man. "New to the city?" his gaze drifting over the faces about him.

Gunther grins to the man that introduces himself, "Oh, hullo!" He tells Rayne, "Gunther Crownsworn I reckon, most folks just call me Gunt." Unfortunate. "Or Gunther, reckon I like Gunther." The fat-bellied geezer grins and smiles brightly, "Ain't never been on no boat before!" He informs Rayne matter as fact. "Oh, I'm bein' called by my friend, Rayne, reckon you can comes with if'n you want."

And with that Gunther heads over to Jeffeth! "Hullo!" His tone is excited and his smile is bright. The man's arm extends to Jaunelle, "Hullo there! Gunther Crownsworn at your service." He informs her, "Wow! Archduchess Regent! That's right and proper. I meet all sorts of them high muckity mucks in Arx! Real pleased yur majestic-see!" The man furrows his brow and thinks a minute, "Yur royalness?" He tries, "Reckon I'm just happy to meet you and we can leave it with that!" He concludes. Friendly. Warm. Happy!

"You good ma'friend?" He asks Jeffeth. "Good to see you, been missin' ya!"

Elise shouts down from the crows nest. "Tsk Master Gilroy. Shame shame. Run back to Lady Gretchen so you at least look like you keep good company!" Her voice is light hearted. She does duck back in the crows nest.

Ysabel is sitting whispering with Orathy

Mikani looks out of the crow's nest and sees Gunther. "Gunter! Hello." She calls out before hiding again in the crow's nest.

"Yes, Sir Jeffeth, you look /quite/ unconcerned." Berenice has to take a quick step back to avoid the slosh of wine from his goblet, in fact, and there's the /slightest/ hint of annoyance for it. Vanora's approach seems a bit of a relief, and she steps in to brush those habitual air kisses to either cheek. "Oh, Harlex Valtyr has sworn his service to House Velenosa; Sir Jeffeth was asking after him. And is very disturbed by the news for some reason, despite claiming not to be." Her attention turns to Gretchen, her brows sweeping upwards. "Ah, yes, I believe we met at my cousin's little fighting soiree. I cannot say that I've had the pleasure of visiting your -- spa." There's a moment's pause, and then she adds, "You said you were Lady, yes?"

Vercyn nods his head to Elsa. "Yes, I think we should go and make polite introductions." He looks over towards Brianna and smiles. "Have you done the rounds daughter, or would you like to join us?"

Orathy's sitting on the bench, keeping his conversation quiet with the Baronness as he nods once, casually reaching into his jacket to retrieve a small metal tube on a chain. It looks like some sort of jewelry. He leans to Ysabel and whispers something as he puts the item in her hand, a smirk on his face. It's probably not good that the Culler is being quiet. His eyes flicker over toward River and his free hand gestures, "River be all sulkin over there, look at 'em. Get over here, eh!" He calls out across the deck.

"I have not" Jaenelle tells Jeffeth, "I would love to, though" she adds, placing a calming hand gently on the man's arm as the wine rocks in the glass to avoid it spilling out any further. As Gunther approaches, the woman waits patiently for the man to finish his greeting. All of the greeting. They are the same height so it really is perfect and Jae doesnt feel so small, as she does around Jeffeth. As the arm is extended, Jaenelle returns the favor and shakes the man's hand. She looks completely charmed. "Gunther Crownsworn, I believe you are what has been missing my entire life. I am all the better for this meeting."

Smiles at how the

River checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

River checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

"I made polite noises at our hostess, but otherwise, I haven't had much of a chance to mingle. Father says you know more about social goings-on than either of us do, so I will be happy to follow along," Brianna replies.

Gunther checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Ysabel palms the jewelry looking thing and leans in super close to Orathy as he whispers to her

Vanora intones to Berenice. "Goodness, you smell divine. I absolutely love it. One of Mirari's?" She inquires about the scent. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting him, the gentlemen who has sworn service to House Velenosa, but I cannot imagine a wiser choice. Perhaps Sir Jeffeth hoped he'd take a different path?" She's really not vested in the conversation. "Who else is here that I should absolutely know. I'm sure everyone is lovely me focus."

"Thank you for the offer but I sadly have to go" he bows " I hope we get to meet again someday"

turns with a dip of his head to Gunther and Jeffeth before he drifts about the deck in Orathy's direction his tone delivered gently though with a threat of a social blade in the words , murmuring. "There is a difference between sulking and what indescretions my husband has fallen into again." That tone is turned quickly warm and polite as he speaks to Ysabel, dipping his head in a polite nod. "A pleasure, My lady. I do hope Goodman Culler has been keeping you properly"

Gretchen gives Berenice a wide grin, "Pretty sure I did," She has a sip of sweet wine, "It would be a real issue if I started introducing myself any other way." She looks up at Jeffeth and then further up to make eye contact, "You must be Sir Jeffeth," she guesses, poking a finger into his chest, "I can tell by your winning smile."

Jeffeth's shoulders are rising and falling at a slightly more accelerated pace. His eyes slightly wide. They flicker over to Beatrice who gets splashed with his wine. And a deep crimson sets into his features. "Oh, My Lady. I am so--" His apology is cut short, his brows arching high at Berenice, first her features and then her words. That redness intensifies in his features. "I am so sorry. Your Highness. My Lady." Jeffeth calls out towards Beatrice's back. Holding the glass still very carefully as if it might spontaneously fire wine at someone. Through all this he manages to stay somewhat in the conversation and looks down distractedly to Gunther. A little short laugh is let out. "Your Grace. 'Your Grace'. Like that, see?" Jeffeth mumurs before smiling broadly at Jaenelle's response. "Her Grace is my patron." His brows knit then, looking down to Gunther. "We ought to work on getting you--"

There's a finger stabbing into his broad chest, bringing his eyes down. They travel down the arm of the woman to her eyes. There's a blink and a nod. "I am. My Lady. Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Knight Commander of the Solace, at your service." He is still bright red, eyes flicking about to different spots of the ship that might be available for escape.

Orathy palms something back into the inside of his jacket, his mouth curling as his dark eyes lift up to River, wolfishly watching the young man, "Ain't no indescretions 'ere. I be showin the lady some secrets of the Lowers, eh." His eyes glance over toward Ysabel, then back to River, "This be Ysabel." Because he doesn't know how people keep track of titles, let alone names!

Ysabel seems to take a moment leaning into Orathy than beams at River and says, "He does seem like a nice fellow. Care to taste a sample of Ysabel's Rainbow Surprise." The young Baroness offers her glass to River and her sky blue eyes study the reaction of being offered the drink.

Chuckling, Elsa gives a small shake of her head and murmurs, "Your father is exaggerating, but I do try to keep up on the pleasantries of the city and its inhabitants." Since she will apparently be leading the way, she takes Vercyn's arm and moves towards Jaenelle, Jeffeth, and the small crowd gathered around them. Upon approach to the group, Elsa dips into a picture perfect bow in front of Jaenelle and smiles warmly. "Your Grace, its lovely to meet you. I'm Lady Elsa Shepherd. I'm sure you know Duke Vercyn Halfshav, and his daughter Lady Brianna Halfshav?" Her smile turns towards Sir Jeffeth, giving the knight a nod, though she waits as he seems occupied at the moment.

The weather is good- there are no reports of threats on the horizon and Antonio is quite satisfied on how the crew has brought the ship out of the harbor. "I think should show people what she can do, Mr. Enzo," prince comments to the helmsman, "Lets have full sail and take her further out. It's a fine day for a sail!" That done, Antonio now, perhaps, has a little bit of time to enjoy himself. Maaaaybe.

Gunther looks up to the Crow's nest. He brings his hand in a cupped position and rocks back on his heels to look up! "Mikani! Hullo there!" He chuckles good naturedly, "Rayne, that's Mikani. She's good people I reckon!" Gunther's friendly eyes set down between Jeffeth and Berenice. Then back again. He notices nothing of the look of annoyances and is oblivious between the two. Both get beaming bright smiles! "I am?" Gunther just blinks at the Archduchess. "Reckon I'm happy to meet you an' all." He answers, "'fraid I ain't available none." He informs and lets her down gently of course with a sad look while shaking her hand enthusiastically, "Ain't cuz you isn't pretty. You is." He tells her eye-to-eye. "But onna account of I met the lady I was missin' my whole life. Mah Sally. But she gone and took to plague and well, she's with them Gods now. Reckon I pray to Limerance erry day onna account I met her an all. But I'm happy to be yur good friend an' all! I try to be a good friend to thems that's decent people. And even thems that's not. I was no good when my Sally found me and turned me from my path onna account of her love and them apple cart sized hips and booty!"

%Gunther reaches out and pats Jeffeth on the back. "Oh, yur Grace! Reckon I'll try mah best to keep sayin' it that way. She's your patron? Ain't sure what that is but I reckon it's special." He nods, "Jeffeth is my best friend here in Arx. And, he's inspired me." The man hooks his thumbs in his suspenders and tugs and releases them with pride, "Gonna become me a Knight of Solace. And helps thems that needs it. He's gonna be my knight and all. Ain't no better man then Jeffeth. Anyone who says otherwise gonna be tastin' mah knucks."

"Your Grace." Vercyn bows deeply to Janelle. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I thank you for the hospitality that you have shown us here on your magnificent ship." The Duke straightens, turning towards Jeffeth, offering the Knight a nod of his head.

River leans into a gentle whisper from the older Culler, before he reaches out and takes the glass gently sipping from it briefly and then smiling. "Very interesting..." he murmurs to Ysabel, passing the drink back. He gives Orathy a side-long look, but seems passified. "Are you new to Arx?" he asks of the lady.

Gilroy takes Elise's advice and heads Gretchenwards, though he pauses to send a wink Beatrice's way as she makes her retreat. He gives Gretchen's glass a grimace of distaste despite the fact that he actually got it for her earlier. "Sir Jeffeth. I hope things are well. Your white was wonderfully compassionate. I was surprised, but I suppose a big fellow has to have a big heart." He tilts his head toward Gunther. "Wee, but wide." To Berenice he says, "She also cuts hair. Which is handy, since everyone has some." He looks back to Gunther, then adds, "Well, most people have some."

Gunther has hair. It's combed over to one side and has gaps. But it's there. Sorta!

Orathy fishes out something again from his pocket, lifts up the item to his nose and takes a short sniff which wriggles his nose before he wipes at it. His expression slowly changes, into something of a relaxed glassy eyed look. His head might even sway backward. His arm might casually sort of wrap behind Ysabel's head, settlng across the back of the bench. "Mm, you be lookin good--" his eyes rake over River, free hand sort of hedging forward to grasp at the fabric, "Be new, ain't it?" He side glances to the rest of the party, "Sounds borin over there-"

Mikani smiles at Gunther. "Good to see you my good man!"

Ysabel seems to stare a un normally long time at River before saying, "I arrived more recently, yes. And you." Seems to get lost in her own thoughts as she nestles into Orathy's side.

There is a soft look given to Gunther, a nod and knowing smile. "My husband recently passed" Jaenelle begins, and as if on cue her right hand moves to her left, fingertips lightly touching her wedding ring. She leans forward, voice lowering just a touch, "sometimes there is no attempting to replace our light when they leave us, and we must just be thankful for the time we had, the memories that remain, and focus on the future that would make them proud of us until we meet them again. I love friends" she finishes with a brighter smile then. "Lady Elsa, Duke Vercyn," she says, turing towards the pair, "welcome to the Carlotta. Thank you for deciding to spend your evening with us." Turning towards Brianna then, "and you've had time to inspect her, what have you decided on about my ship?"

"Handy indeed." Berenice takes a sip of wine, some amusement glinting in her eyes as she looks between Gretchen and Gilroy. "It's not generally the habit of the peerage to keep shop. But what were you hoping to track me down for, Lady Gretchen?" Jeffeth is all of his truly brilliant crimson blushing is thoroughly ignored now.

"I think she is absolutely stunning and I should hope for more opportunities to sail on her," comes Brianna's earnest reply to Jaenelle. "The sea is terrifying, but so many of my favorite things are also terrifying, so it is in good company."

River looks down at his robe before he nods slowly, not pulling away as Orathy reaches out though he looks a little guarded for a moment his eyes studying Rath again. "I thought I've shown this piece to you. I need to visit one of the more formal designers in time, but this was simple and so I had it prepared." He turns to Ysabel again then he nods. "I do hope... you have a good time in the city. I am the head of the casino and if you'd like you may visit anytime. I do like making sure our guests are provided for. in a variety of ways."

Mikani looks down at the group of people below. Her dark eyes just watching people mingle. Her eyes stop on Brianna but she doesn't disturb the lady. Gunther gets a bit of her attention. Mikani seems to be more comfortable up in the crow's nest away from the crowd.

Orathy stretches out his hand to River, the little metal tube there, "Take some.. aye." He sniffs again, one side of his nostril flaring up, "Reckon this be her first time--" he side nods to Ysabel, his arm relaxing around her side as if they were old friends. His eyes look languid and his pupils are large. His hand flops back into his lap from where he had been reaching toward River, grunting at the former Whisper, "It be lookin good, aye."

Ysabel all the sudden it seems as if Ysabel can not sit still and is very distracted. "I am hungry, Are you hungry." She forgets all about her rainbow drink and sets off to go get food.

The ship in a good place, Antonio moves to make his rounds now- giving Beatrice a polite nod of his head and smile as he passes her, carefully heading down off the quarterdeck, his gait sure and easy- its no surprise he's got his sealegs, after all.

"Thank you for opening your ship to us, a nice sea breeze is just what was needed to help cool down after this humid weather we've been having lately." Elsa smiles towards Jaenelle, giving a small nod as she glances around the deck. Turning her gaze back to the Archduchess, she glances towards Brianna, then gives Vercyn's arm a light squeeze and murmurs, "I'm going to find us something to drink, I'll be right back." She separates from the duke to go seek out one of the circulating servants.

"Is it not?" Gretchen asks lightly, smile growing a bit. She has surely heard that before. "I was wondering if you wouldn't like to stop by. We have several cosmetics that might be to your liking. And for a Princess with such a finely tuned sense of fashion, nevermind charm and beauty, to be see wearing our creations, well, it could be quite a turning point for us." She gives Jeffeth a nod when he introduces himself formerly, "I hope you got my note. I remain truly grateful for your sympathies." Gilroy gets a look when he interjects, "Mostly my staff handles the treatments, but I have been known to step in for a member of the peerage who wants to be in the best hands. That still belong to the nobility."

Orathy's long arm slips back up on the bench when Ysabel gets up off the bench, not attempting to keep her pinned there and simply grinning wolfishly as she sets off across the ship. Then the expression dies down as he swings his head toward the main gathering of the party, before his gaze settles on Antonio, brow lifting at the watch of the man's sea legs, as if it were impressive right then.

River laughs a little inspite of himself before he turns and settles down on Orathy's other side before he takes the small tube, produces a handkerchief and then takes a small sniff of the contents, his other hand dabbing delicately at his nose, because even doing drugs can obviously be done with a sense of propriety, passing the tube back. It's not long though before he's mellowing out, settling back and leaning against Orathy, his eyes looking sleepy, but in a relaxed way. "Have you met anyone new here or are you engaging in the passstime about complaining about the silks as you put it?" eyes looking across the boat at the various people mingling. A sympathetic is shot after Ysabel but he's too content in snuggling up to something that is a little bit of an anchor for a rapidly high induced mind.

Brianna manages to slip away to find a fresh drink and happens upon Antonio. "You certainly seem like someone who was born to life on a ship," she remarks to him, impressed.

Gilroy briefly sets a hand on Gretchen's arm and says soberly, "There. I gave you a compliment." If 'she cuts hair' could be considered a compliment. "I think that settles us up as far as the ship wager goes." To Berenice he adds, "I appreciate your requesting Captain Valtyr spare my face. It's the last thing I have that is particularly appealing. I apologize for denying everyone the show of my crushing defeat, but there's always next time." Then he's departing from that particular knot of people to make his way over to the hostess. She actually gets a bow, which one can't say for most, and he says, "Your grace. I never met Prince Mydas, but it is one of my great regrets that I did not. His whites make me think that he would have been a challenging man with whom to converse, which has always been my idea of fun. He could make a devotee out of the apathetic, I think, and for that you have my condolences, as does all of Lenosia."

Vercyn nods his head to Janelle. "You are to kind. The ship is marvelous. I have seen very little to match it." He looks to Elsa with a smile, before leaning close to whisper something in her ear.

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Ysabel has seemed to forget about much else and heads over to the food and samples a bit of everything before spotting Elise and rushing to hug her as if noticing her existsance for the first time. "Whisper Elise, my bestest girl friend. How are you?"

whisper vercyn=I'm tempted to see if we can disappear down below and find an empty berth...

Ysabel has left the starboard side bench.

Mikani looks at Elise, "Oops we have been spoted."

"Oh." Jeffeth pipes. "Lady Gretchen? Ah. My Lady. I-- I am so sorry." The large man goes into a deep bow to the woman, fist pressing to his chest. There is a frown as he straightens up. "I wish there was something more I could do. I-- I'm sorry." Jeffeth lowers his head frowning deeply. "Then there is the group approaching Jaenelle, the red in his face slowly dying down. A deep bow is given to Vercyen, Elsa, and Brianna. "Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Knight Commander of the Solace. At your service." The big man rumbles straightening up with a gentle smile. A glance to Gilroy. "Ah. Master Gilroy. Thank you. For the kind words."

There's a slow look down to Gunther. His features slowly redening once more. Jeffeth brings up his hand and settles his hand on Gunther's shoulder, letting out a quiet little laugh. "You're going to set my head on fire, Gunther. But thank you."

River has joined the starboard side bench.

"Ysabel-" Orathy responds, "The rest of 'em peacocks be too busy tryin to fluff eachother up over thar-" he indicates the bunch settled around the Archduchess and Knight, admitting, "Reckon I were gunna see if there be anyone interestin 'ere. Looks bout they be all copies of one another, pretendin to be interested 'n pattin eachother on the back fer... shit, abyss if I know." And as Brianna comes nearer to, he grunts over to Antonio and Brianna, "Life on a ship be somethin to be envios bout! Aye. He got a good gait there." He's being FRIENDLY.

Elise grins, "I think that means it is time to makenour escape my lady."

Ysabel seems too distracted to care and moves to explore the ship

"Oh." When Jaenelle talks to him the beaming and cheerful Gunther frowns, "Reckon I'm real sorry fur ya, yur Grace." He whispers with his utter good and genuine nature, "But I knows exactly what you mean. And I couldna agree more." He then adds, "You ever need somethin'. Someone to talk to that knows that sorta loss. I stays with them Redrain's now. Teachin' knucks to those that wants it. Until I'm a squire an' all. But you just gotta call on me. An' I'll come onna account you and Jeffeth got somethin'. Means a lot to a fella like me. Thems that shows love and care for others, thems the one's that often forget themselves an what not in these things. I'm here whenever." And when she greets the others he smiles and gives Jeffeth a few more grins, "Oh, well, reckon you knows I always intend good. Ain't the easiest bein' chums with a fella like me at times. Especially as you knows all these high-fallutin' big-wigs."

River sighs with a bit of patience, before he murmurs, "We reallyneed to..." He trails right off though as his mind begins to wander. There's a long pause before he rambles on, "Teach you how not to offend others when explaining something, or I don't know... I'm tired... are you taking me home... or are you staying either way I would like...time..." another long pause, and then he yawns and snuggles on in. "What is this stuff anyway?"

Antonio pauses his in his patrol- offering a grin to both Brianna and Orathy, a rather pleased sparkle in his brown eyes. "Its the best life there is," he tells both of them, before breathing in deep, clearly enjoying the sea air, "I hate being in the city- out here is the place to be. I hope you're both enjoying the cruise."

Mikani nods to Elise as she climbs down the rope ladder from the Crow's Nest. She gives a wave to Brianna as she sneaks off the ship with Elise in tow.

Elsa returns the whisper to Vercyn, chuckling softly before turning a warm smile to Jeffeth. "A pleasure, Sir Bayweather. Lady Elsa Shepherd, its been a lovely party. Everyone seems to be having a wonderful time."

Elise makes her way down with Mikani

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"My father was a Redrain, I am sure they appreciate the teachings you are able to provide. I have always had a fondness for the Spirits and it has been some time since I have been there for a drink. Perhaps you and I shall have to take time to meet there one day" Jaenelle tells Gunther. "Thank you" Jae then tells Gilroy, her smile still soft. "He was a complex man. I would tease him and call him an onion because nothing else had as many layers as he did. He was truly special and there are not many like him. I am biased though, and saw a different side of him than most others." SHe takes a deep breath, head shaking slightly, oh a distraction. She turns her attention towards Orathy, squinting at him. Thats right Orathy.

Brianna catches sight of Mikani up in the crow's nest and gives a little wave, before replying to Antonio, "It's exhilarating. I don't often have much opportunity to be on a ship, and it absolutely is a thrill." She extends a hand. "Lady Brianna Halfshav," she introduces herself. "And you might be?"

Orathy lifts up his hand to give a two fingered salute from the curve of his brow to Antonio, "Be respectin them of the seas. Always be wantin to be sailin, but it ain't worked that way..." His arm slides around River as the younger man curls up into his side, his eyes lazy and languid, speaking across to Antonio, "Reckon I were gunna get me a ship ... big one like this one, but shit, ain't knowin how to sail!" He grunts, "Be knowin how to party though 'n this shit, ahh, ain't nothin like a real drink." He looks over to River, "Aye, we be on a bloody ship. We go when the ship be turnin back to port." Then a chuff of laughter, "Do I be lookin as iffin I care bout people bein offended? Reckon they gotta get thicker skins." To the last his eyes lower, "I be givin ya a couple guesses..."

Ysabel seems to be seen bouncing around the ship every little thing catching her attention but not really people unless they speak to her.

Berenice only looks more amused at Gretchen's tease of innocence; she's hardly allergic to scandal, naturally. "Well, perhaps I will have to consider visiting," she says, teasingly coy in her lack of promise. "I'll certainly try to remember. A pleasure, Lady Gretchen." She drifts away, a passing smile offered to Gilroy for his comment, and then her gaze is traveling over the crowd as if considering her next social targets.

Like Ysabel, Beatrice seems enraptured by the Carlotta, attention drifting over its masts and deck and crew and guests. Unlike Ysabel, she wanders further onto the quarter deck, stopping alongside competent Mr. Enzo and another of the crew. She chats smilingly with them, mindful if inconsiderate of their duties.

"A big ship like this, messere?" Antonio asks Orathy, an amused smirk on his face, "If someone can afford a ship like this, I don't think you need to know how to sail- you can hire a crew and a captain to sail it for you!" His attention shifts back toward Brianna, give her a pleased nod of his head, "Glad to hear it," he says, before taking her offered hand, "Antonio Velenosa."

Ysabel catches a glimpse of Beatrice exploration and seems to join her so she can check out more of the ship

Orathy rolls up off the bench, "Rivs, get up, be introducin ourselves to this man eh?" He nods to Antonio, side glancing at Brianna, "Allo thar." He looks to Antonio, "How much ya reckon it would be takin, to hire a crew fer a ship this big eh?" Then he stops dead. Wait. Velenosa. Shit. His one hand draws up to his eyes. He should've known. He eyes the man up and down then scoffs, "Go figure, yer a bloody prince. Why do I always be runnin into Prince bloody sailors. Shit." He looks a little disappointed, "And 'ere I be thinkin ya know how to have a good time."

"I should've known," River says, giving a little bit of a sneeze common of snuffing, and dabs his nose once more efore he mumbles, "You're warm." He does manage to pull out of it a little upon spotting Antonio, but obviously he's quite a firsttimer, or pretty close to it as he smiles a little languidly, too languidly. "My is nice to see you...of...of course." He gives Orathy sort of a worried, help me out here sort of look.

The big man gives Gunther's shoulder a little squeee and a broad smile. Gunther gets a pat-pat-pat on his shoulder. Jaenelle gets a brilliant smile. The large knight takes a step forward to murmur something quietly to the Archduchess. Looking down to Gunther, "I'm going to go take a moment. Get a drink, get some air." And with another pat, Jeffeth takes a step away from the group. Starting to lumber away from the group and head off to get a new drink and find a quiet place. To recover.

Jeffeth has joined the port side bench.

"Of course," Gretchen nods to Berenice, giving a smile and wave Beatrice's way, before finally turning her attention to Jeffeth. Her smile falters a little and she says, "Yes. Well luckily the creatures responsible have been dealt with so we can all move on." She turns quickly, finishing her wine and moving over to say something in a low voice to Gilroy. "Master Orathy," she calls out, raising a hand, "So glad to see you aren't any worse for wear from that bump on the head. I'd expect your speech to even out in a few days!"

Beatrice flashes Enzo and the crewman a mirthful glance before sipping at her wine. "I'm incorrigible, and you are most patient..." Trailing off, she greets Ysabel with a more sober smile, dark eyes watchful. "An admirer of ships, my Lady, or people?" She tilts her head back, looks up to the tallest mast. "Or this ship in particular? It is something. My /good/ friends," she murmurs with a sly curve of a smile and tilt of her head to the crewmen, "were telling me about how she handles."

It's only now that Berenice seems to notice Orathy over at his bench, and there's a slow, dry surprise in the arch of her brow to see him there. He does not seem to be her next victim, however. In truth, her next victim was one of her first victims, but Jeffeth slipping off by himself seems to put her in a particularly investigative mood. And so she saunters after him, drawing close enough to slip a hand through his arm and murmur a quieter word.

Berenice has joined the port side bench.

Ysabel seems to consider Beatrice for a long moment before speaking in a highly animated and happy say, "Oh the ship. I have never been on one before. I would love to learn more."

"Sailor first, prince second," Antonio offers with a little shrug, a smirk still writ plainly across his face- some dim recognition flickering in his eyes, "So I -think- I know how to have a good time. Most of the time." River is given a little nod his head, "But if you'll excuse me messeres, I should continue my rounds."

Orathy's head swings toward the call of his name, because you know, he's like a dog that way - ears are practically perking up. No, really, he nods his head, "Reckon I got forced ta be all cleaned up too. Be hearin bout the wolves... good fer... things, aye." He isn't actually going to grumble about it. It's probably because his pupils are large and the form of River is nestled up against him, his arm loosely swung around the young man, "Yer first time? Aye shit. Ya looked like ya knew what you were doin." He chuckles, "Makes ya feel good though, no? Shit, even noble parties are... fun with help." His gaze flicks back to Antonio, "Guess so. Oy... don't I--" but then recognition fades as the Prince makes to move off.

Gunther grins and is all smiles. The kind fellow looks around and states, "Whelp. I'm snookered. Reckon I'll go saw me some logs." He grins and elbows Jeffeth, "That's fancy talk for sleepin'!!" He smiles to the Archduchess and he waves those fat little nubby finger goodbye. His mitts are mangled meat-hammers for sure. Many years of clobbering folk's upside their domes has seen to it. "Reckon I hope everyone has a wonderful night. And then Gunther does something entirely Gunther.

"Hope you have a good'n!" He tells Antonio. "Wooo-wee! You'z look high as a skunk! Have you both a good'n!" He tells Orathy, then River, "You too, fella! Bee good!" He then hits up Beatrice, "Thank you for bein' her an' all. Really nice to sees you!" And Berenice! "Hope you have a real good night an' all." Then Gretchen, "You too! You and that fella Gilroy!" Gunther grins to Gilroy, "Keep them knucks up!" And finally all the servants, guards, and npc's get that Gunther warmth and cheer.

Frost, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrives, following Lore.

Gilroy pushes away from the railing and rolls his eyes at Gretchen's whisper, grousing, "If you insist." Then they head off to a part of the boat that no one goes to until it gets back to shore, like maybe the galley or something, but definitely not an empty berth. As he passes Gunther gets a lopsided smile and a quick salute. "When they go low, I go lower, Goodman Gunther. Have an evening, friend."

Jaenelle nods to whatever Jeffeth softly says to her, watching him as she is perhaps as protective of the large man as he is of her. Turning back, she laughs softly as Gunther explains about logs, giving him an 'Ooooh' look of appreciation for the explination. "Be well, one of the smaller boats can take you back to shore without issue." As people seem to be going off on there own, the hostess seems to have a moment, and finds a glass of wine.

But only for a moment, as Antonio's rounds takes him past Jaenelle, and the sailor offers her a grin. "I hope you know, your grace," he says, pausing for a momment to bother her, "That this trip does not discharge my debt."

Gretchen leaves, following Gilroy.

Orathy looks confused, "High as a ... whaaa?" The Culler, marked as 'high as skunk' by the passing Gunther, tries to follow the spewing words of the man he's barely considered until that point, before he snorts a few times, maybe in amusement, maybe to cover up... who knows.

Mouth twitching, Beatrice murmurs in answer to Ysabel, "Is that so? Well, we shall give you an education." With a languid gesture of her glass to the tallest mast, Beatrice continues, Lycene accent tumbling and pleased, "This is what we call a maximum ship - that is, a ship with the mathematically-decreed highest number of masts installed. Caravel is the common name for it, you know. The first mast," she explains, pointing to the bow, "is helpfully called the first mast. The second is the bi-mast. And the third, for reasons involving sailorly superstition, is the fourth mast. That, as I'm sure you're aware, should not be confused with the foredeck /mash/, where the crew's quarters are." It's all very fluidly delivered and Beatrice pauses to look for Ysabel's comprehension. Of course. What else could she be looking for?

Lore steps up onto the deck from down below, dressed for the party, though perhaps having been pre-partying? She strolls around the deck in her bare feet, her shoes left somewhere belowdecks. She smiles brightly towards everyone, giving a wave here and there to people she knows. She's acquired a glass from somewhere, sipping from it as she strolls around. Enjoying the breeze and the rock of the ship, her gait rolling to match its movements.

River lifts his head from Orathy's shoulder before he calls out with a smile, spotting lore, quipping in an obvious joking tone, "Ah, My daughter your father hasn't seen you in so long," waving the woman over, before he flashes a grin at Rath nodding his head. "it's...nice...very nice... but my mouth... its so dry..." He murmurs, working his tongue around in it with a sigh.

Ysabel her sky blue eyes are full of curiousity and an eagerness to learn as Beatrice speaks. "Wow, I never knew a ship had so many parts and tiny intricacies," Ysabel says full of wonder. "You can read about all this in books but it is so different out of those pages and being something you can touch and see..."

"Absolutely not" Jaenelle informs Antonio, "the debt still remains. You dont get off that easily to claim your debt is paid at my own party." Taking the first sip of wine finally. Spotting Lore, Jae offers a smile and wiggle of fingers in the Artiglio's direction. "How is my favorite newlywed?" is asked, though she doesn't seem to wish to interrupt River.

Orathy's standing there for a time, kind of oddly too still for his own good. River's words tug at his senses and he blinks once, as if forgetting what he was doing there right then. "Uh.. drink somethin then-" he nudges River toward the drinks, "Get me somethin too..."

Orathy has left the starboard side bench.

Orathy has joined the By the Mast.

Laughing, Lore grins towards River and calls back, "Step-father! Only one of you can be the real one!" Enjoying the banter, she lifts a hand in aplacating gesture before stepping over to Jaenelle with a warm smile and a curtsy. "Your Grace! We're still deliriously happy. Caspian would have come but he's insistent on getting his speech just right for the Assembly. I've promised him I'll listen and offer insight when I return home. How is little Vittore doing?" She offers a warm smile and a curtsy towards Berenice as well, "Your Highness. Always wonderful to see you. That new brocade looks -wonderful- on you. Vincenzo is working on mine right now."

"Yes, books do have limitations," Beatrice answers Ysabel gravely. Lifting a hand, Beatrice moves to straighten a bit of Ysabel's hair, if she'll permit her. "I did not catch your name. I am Lady Beatrice Malespero," she introduces with the odd pronunciation of 'be-ah-tree-shay', "and you picked a remarkable ship on which to start your education."

"Good. I'm glad we have an accord than, your grace," Antonio glances toward Lore when she's addressed by Jaenelle, giving her a little nod of his head, before remarking to the Regent, "But, if you'll excuse me- I should continue my rounds." After all, sailing is serious business.

Starting to laugh, it's cut off by a rather rapid departure of Orathy, leaving him confused for a moment his eyes dilated before there's the word drinks. He smiles then and moves his way over to get a glass of water for himself, and something passing at least for whiskey for Orathy, frowning as he considers what he should do. While he does he starts to drink down his water quickly, and then gets a ssecond glass before he moves over and slips a glass into Rath's hand before drifting down the way towards Lore, smiling and giving a half bow to the woman and her companion.

Berenice is standing with Jeffeth in a quieter corner of the deck, her hand set through the crook of his arm, speaking quietly with him. But Lore's greeting is enough to steal her attention away from him for a moment, and she offers her a brilliant smile. "Messere Lore, always a pleasure. And thank you! I am /so/ very pleased with how well it turned out, and I have another six bolts of it at home to decide what to do with."

Ysabel has joined the Quarter Deck.

Ysabel seems to let Beatrice move her hair straighten her hair and says, "Oh, I am Baroness Ysabell Gilden, Baroness of Caith."

Orathy checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

Orathy has left the By the Mast.

One minute the Culler is there, the next minute... he's just not. Maybe he saw Lore and ran? For whatever reason, he's just not where a person last saw him. It may confuse the senses. It certainly should. Though his presence might be forgotten too, so, it's just a matter of how much a person really cares to keep tabs of the Culler.

Harlen, Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle arrive, following Duarte.

Turtle leaves, following Orathy.

Lore offers a quick grin towards Antonio and offers a quick curtsy, "Your Highness. Always running off when I see you." Her eyes sweeping off again, she smiles at River's approach, reaching out to tuck a hand into the crook of his elbow so she can draw him in closer, "Hello River. I haven't seen you in weeks! How have you been? I love your outfit, its delicious!" Berenice's return has her looking towards the Princess and smiling broadly, "With autumn arriving, a smart new jacket would be an -excellent- investment for brocade! And do let me know if you need more!" She glances around again, tsking lightly and murmuring to River, "I do believe he's abandoned us..."

"I don't know Harlen. How many times a day /do/ you feed a dog?" Duarte wonders as the pair arrive on deck followed by a poodle. "He's been fed thrice already this evening and he still looks hungry." He makes a grand sweeping gesture and a broad smile graces his features, "Ah! What a very huge vessel. I've never been aboard before. It seems the sort of thing that would be very difficult to capsize indeed!"

River glances about and he grumbles after Orathy disappear sighing before he lifts a hand and waves to the others before drifting off.

River has left the starboard side bench.

Chart Room <CR> is now unlocked.

As people begin to mingle in smaller groups, and the ship begins to turn back for the docks of Arx once more, Jaenelle takes this time to simply enjoy the fresh air of the night sky and becomes just another guest on the ship, wine in hand.

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