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River Culler

This man of fury and passion takes me to his bed. And, there I see the things that make him raw and hurt, even in the midst of our lovemaking.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Bedfellow turned confidant
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Culler
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Religion: pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: approximately six feet
Hair Color: black hair
Eye Color: Olive-green
Skintone: Bronzed

Description: Built with a strong frame and the musculature of one with familiarity to heavy labor, along with physical activity, This bronzed-skinned male stands with his head constantly looking down with a submissive cast contrasting with his masculine features. Jet-black hair and Olive-green eyes are set into a face that sseems to be all hard angles and strong features. Yet, there is a sort of soft quality to his expressions. His neck is muscled, and his shoulders are broad with toned arms and a thickly built chest that flattens out at his stomach. His legs are powerful, and his back is sturdy, showing that in another life this figure could've been a soldier. Scars however can from time to time be seen from what could've been beatings or abuse. It's hard to tell.

Personality: River is an innocent person and views the world with both a sense of curiosity and openness, even to the detriment of himself. He may find himself hurt, or slightly melancholy when he is saddened by things, but is quick to be a friend, or to comfort others.

Background: River was named after the large waterway that flowed through the forested lands near where he grew up by his mother. At the time it was just something he found to be an odd naming, but as he grew,and his mother grew ill, she told him that it was because she believed the spirit of the lands there spoke to her there. Throwing this off as her being ill, , River, thought little about this, since at this time he and his mother were both Thralls under Thrax's control. However he saw that he much prefered being the perfect compliment to the nobility and those above his station, and perfected his trade of both social skills as well as intimate attentions to those who wished to take him as both lover and assistant , with no hesitation. however as he had continued on he found that he wished to be trained further and so seeks to become a whisper. He also seems to learn more about why his mother still clung to the thoughts of Shamanism

Relationship Summary

  • Orathy - I have seen the caged animal you hide inside, and it's the best kind of poison you offer.
  • Name Summary
    Aella First this guy doesn't even fight the nightengall, then he's over there doing inferior dance moves and acting like he's some kind of big shot. Respect my legacy!
    Aethan Very theatrical -- good company, though.
    Ajax An easy going sort. Likely as ruthless as the lady Culler. Pity I don't like guys, he'd likely be fun.
    Aleksei Sadly can't account for his taste!
    Alrec The Whisper is an interesting man. He played along with our little charade admirably. It gets boring, holding a vigil over one's Duchess, but he provided an amusing diversion. I believe he is the rather taken with the legend that is me. Well, perhaps he'll visit the ship and get taken by the legend as well. Oh, did I say that out loud? Goodness.
    Amund Former Whisper. Married now. Generous person. No prejudice. Good person to know.
    Ann This man has no idea what he's in for trying to dress my husband. None at all. He's braver than I am.
    Ariella Harpist with a beautiful voice. If he could cook and clean a wound maybe I could get rid of my current doctor.
    Auda Kind and thoughtful, and very clearly in love.
    Barric A skilled man, talented at trying to defuse situations but unfortunately found himself in a situation not easily defused.
    Berenice A remarkably handsome job modeling!
    Calandra My new Uncle! Who would have guessed Orathy would settle down? But at least he had the good taste to choose Uncle River!
    Calaudrin Nice young kid. New to the city, but seems interested in getting his shit together and helping the Whispers almost right off the bat. Hope he settles in well.
    Caspian A man who helps a princess back to her home? I'm sure this belongs to the beginning of a fairy tail.
    Christine He seemed like a nice kid. A Whisper, even! And a harper. I need to remember that.
    Constantine An absolutely stunning musician and a Whisper at that. I look forward to future concerts. He seems well-mannered and seems familiar with the wide breadth of my family.
    Domonico This man has the look of someone who could have easily been a soldier, yet he carries and composes himself with an easy grace that is intriguing in itself.
    Duarte He made a splash at the fashion show! Charged way too little for his modeling services.
    Evaristo I can only wish to be that naturally charming - he seems to be a good sort, too.
    Fairen Thoughtful, inquistive, and very courteous. Master River is most certainly in possession of positive qualities, that I would be very interested in seeing more of.
    Gareth How young are they accepting Whispers these days? The boy has some learning to do if he is to be considered among the elite of the Whispers in Arx.
    Gianna One of the most skilled harpists I've ever met, and a fellow Whisper. Seems sensitive.
    Iseulet Harpist, Whisper, and Diplomat. A man that wears many hats. I'm excited to see if we will work together in the future.
    Jasher A former Whisper, sailing a curious course.
    Jennyva I met him at the Ambassador's Salon and he was playing a new card game with Princess Katarina. He was warm and welcoming, even though the hour was late and he needed to turn in. I hear he's a former Whisper - how fascinating! I can't wait to have a drink with him again.
    Joscelin He has a lap harp. A LAP. HARP. And he's too pretty too exist, goodness. Where did he get those gorgeous clothes ....?
    Jyri Another artist, one that is returning to it all. Hope it all goes well - I understand that struggle all of a sudden. Maybe I'll get to hear him play some day.
    Leif A thoughtful young bird. A little lost currently.
    Lorenzo Charming, as all Whispers are. No doubt we'd have a few interests in common, if we had the chance to talk more. I'd be delighted to speak with him again and get to know him better.
    Luca Well. He has the good taste to go to Mistress Mirari for his clothing. That's enough to like a person over, right? But then, his performance on the harp? An amazing thing. It was like the instrument was just an extension of him. I'll have to remember the man when I have need for a performer, someday.
    Monique A Culler with a great deal of interest in books and knowledge (or possibly just knowledge), and a good reason for his interest. He cares a great deal, a double-edged blade.
    Nigel A lovely fellow and a rather talented musician. A pity at him no longer being a Whisper, but, I still envy his freedom in some small ways.
    Oswyn An inquisitive mind is to be cultivated.
    Reese He seems nice. I can't wait to hear him sing one day.
    Riagnon A man who goes to priestly types for advice, which usually bodes well.
    Sabella River is a very friendly gentleman who plays an amazing harp and is all around a very talented Whisper!
    Sheena A Whisper I think. I didn't get tot alk to him much.
    Sophie If only I was able to heal his wounds, but I fear they are much too deep for traditional healing. I will strive to help him, though. He has a kind and gentle soul - I can see that about him.
    Theo A Whisper, a friend of Dycard, and an admirer of sweaty men; I can't fault his taste.
    Theodoric A whisper in questionable company, but which sought which
    Tomwell He's magical with a harp under his hands. I look forward to seeing what he can teach me.
    Turo Outgoing. Never met a harpist before.
    Wylla He's so handsome and dashing!