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SERMON: A Threaded Tale

Gather at the Catherdal to discover the mystery behind Legate Ailith's sermon and how it pertains to the thousand donated threads.


Feb. 21, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Merek Alarissa Sparte Perronne Lethe Mia Vanora Tabitha Calypso Rowynna Victus Lucita Fiora Valdemar Quenia Acantha Delilah Fortunato


Faith of the Pantheon


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, white-tailed eagle, Lianna arrive, following Mia.

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1 Inquisition Confessors, Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Delilah.

The finest by the Faith is on display in the Great Cathedral; from massive tiered gold candelabras lining the outer aisles to the gold silk cushions set upon the benches, all is neatly arranged to direct the eye to the main altar. A ceiling-to-floor white curtain with subtle symbols of the pantheon embroidered in gold covers the wall directly behind the altar. The Legate of Concepts is in her finest aeterna robes, accompanied by disciples on either side.

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Merek has put on his robes, while he pulls the hood up, and moves into the Cathedral. He makes his way to a seat to listen and to observe the sermon also.

Alarissa sits beside Victus in the nobles pews, all blush seasilk and dove grey wispy feathers, coronet of Maelstrom on her head. Occasionally there's a lift of fingers to someone she knows, to discreetly greet but otherwise, she remains quiet beside the Prince of Maelstrom and eyes front to the altar, composed and serene.

Sparte finds his way into the commoner pews, sliding onto a seat near Oswyn with a familiar nod.

Sparte has joined the Commoner Pews.

Perronne takes a seat in the commoner pews, near Oswyn. She beams at the Scholar, and scoots over closer to him to whisper and gesture excitedly.

Lethe makes her way inside and goes to sit at the noble pews. She nods politely to those nearby.

Mia slips into the Cathedral quietly, or at least as quietly as can be managed with both her condition and her small entourage of guards and assistants. Passing the commoners' pews, she offers a small nod of her head and a whispered greeting of no more than a soft 'good evening' -- lest she interrupt the proceedings -- before making her way to an empty seat.

Vanora takes in the sight of the faith's magnificant display, taking a moment to look around the room. She nods to Valdemar when she's finished, and he leads her directly to the pews, where she gracefully seats herself, smoothing silver-blue seasilk into place.

Without any fuss, Tabitha makes her way along the pews with graceful steps, finding a seat among the nobles. Curtsies and sweet, shy smiles are given, but she says nothing in greeting, nor opens her mouth to speak. She too focuses on the altar, for it's time to listen and watch.

Calypso has positioned herself in a side alcove, waiting for the sermon to begin. Pale eyes drift over the row of pews strategically placed to draw attention toward the altar where the Legate stands, keenly taking note of the faces of those among the seats along the way.

Rowynna makes her way to the nobles' pews after a moment gazing about the room. She smiles faintly to herself as she gets seated, eyes taking in the cathedral and it's environs.

Victus looks markedly different sitting beside his wife as he is. Mostly due to the fact that his longer hair has been sheared off and shaved down on the sides. He's presented much cleaner without any extra braided tails or locks of hair being left to hang off his shoulders. The Prince is utterly quiet through the procession, his icy gaze upon the altar.

Lucita quietly comes into the Cathedral, her manner serene and respectful, grooming impeccable as is the usual for her. She makes her way forward to the pews set aside for nobles and takes a seat in them after a curtsy given and a little smile of greeting.

Delilah has joined the Noble Pews.

Arriving, the slender form of Fiora Malvici gives a frosty glance over those gathered. She hesitates only for a moment at the door before stalking silently towards the side alcove. The young women makes her way towards Calypso, going to give a short, clipped nod before taking her own seat near the woman.

Fiora has joined the Side Alcove.

As he and Vanora make their way inside the Cathedral, Valdemar occasionally tugs at the collar of his seasilk tunic. He, too, stops for a moment to admire the display put on by the Faith before walks with her to the noble pews to quietly ease into a seat there.

Quenia steps inside the Cathedral, her expression holding a curious note. She makes her way over to the noble benches and finds a seat amongst them, waving a hand at those people she knows and offering them a smile.

As the Faithful gather, Legate Ailith patiently assists her disciples with lighting the candles adoring the altar. The pristine aeterna altar runner is neatly smoothed, the faint gold pattern of interlocking rings glistening under the flickering candlelight. A hushed breath and she calmly begins, her voice raised to be heard in the far reaches of the Cathedral.

"Over a thousand years ago, five separate leaders entered a hall. A decision was made that bound them together in unity to this very present." Ailith pulls five distinct threads from a basket and lays them stretched out on the altar. "In the words of Dominus Tin, witness and representative of the Faith, -- ' ... and so the four knelt to King Alar of House Grayson, with Queen Sugan of the West kneeling first." She slowly weaves a stark silk blue thread with a thin braid of white and gold.

As she works, she continues speaking aloud, "Followed by Queen Valeria Redrain of the North." A gray woolen thread, finely plied, is added. The Legate purposely angles the braid for all to see. "Then Grand Duchess of the New Lyceum Procella Pravus." This time a vibrant purple thread is lifted to add to the braid. During the careful application, Ailith says, "And finally King Aposyr Thrax of the Mourning Isles." A blood-stained red thread is produced, then woven with the other four. She whispers over the four before presenting the rope to be seen.

Acantha makes her way into the Cathedral with a look around at the decorations and the size of the place. She'd not visited before, but found this the perfect time. The Clearlake woman makes her way up to the Noble Pews and seats herself quietly, watching the Legate as she speaks.

When Delilah arrives, Tabitha lifts a hand to signal to her cousin that she's already arrived. She links her arm through Delilah's when the Spookhawk settles down next to her.

Mia has joined the Noble Pews.

A green thread, the fifth and final thread, is raised, then Ailith begins to weave it between the four threads, linking it to the main rope of white and gold. She solemnly recites the words of Dominus Tin, "And each then spoke as follows: 'Before the gods, I swear my life, my house, and my sacred honor to our Compact. I swear that when the Compact calls me to war, I will answer. I name Alar of House Grayson my king, and swear my leal service to him.' And thusly, the Compact was born and the five kingdoms made one."

Ailith traces her finger over the rope, the links and chains by the braid quite visible. "To make an oath before the Gods, and then knowingly break that Oath is unthinkable. Our Honor is reliant upon our Fidelity to our sworn word. Over time, these leaders made oaths with other Houses -- from liege to vassal." The disciples on either side of the Legate present new baskets, five in all, and they begin weaving new threads with the rope to creating a longer and thicker one. "Valardin, Redrain, Lyceum, Thrax, Grayson, Crownsworn, Godsworn -- more people made oaths and pledged to a fealty. Each of us uniquely part of this union."

"At other times, new people, even elves, became known to us. Through mediation and diplomacy, our allies could see how we held ourselves accountable to our sworn word. That the words fidelity and honor were linked to our Faith, to our bond with the Gods." Ailith pulls a hot pink thread, along with a pale blue with sandy bits, and an assortment of other colored threads. "By this understanding, a bit of trust was forged and contracts could be made."

The rope by now grows thick and heavy. Ailith holds a length over her fingers and walks toward the edge of the curtain behind the altar. The end of the rope is hooked to another piece and slowly, the Legate pulls which causes the curtain to gradually rise.

Clink. The curtain reaches the top, the metal rings rattle and sway, while the Legate ties off the other end of the rope to a hook, fastening it in place. What's visible by now is a multi-colored tapestry that consumes the majority of the wall. The wild assortment of gradients and hues should not make logical sense. The tapestry should be garish to the eyes. But when observed as a whole, the colors unique blend and the image becomes clear -- thousands and thousands of individual threads were plied together, then woven to create the map of the entire Compact.

Perronne makes a sound of sheer pleasure as the tapestry is revealed, just loud enough to be heard beyond the immediate pews. She sits back, studying the riotous colors with a bright, wide smile.

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There's an audible inhale and a smile of satisfaction on Alarissa's face at the sight of the tapestry, a faint lifting of her chin too.

"Oh, that's so beautiful." Vanora speaks aloud without quite intending to, and she flushes a bit before lowering her tone to keep it focused to the pews.

Carita has joined the Noble Pews.

"For the past months, many of you have kindly donated a thread. From King to an orphan, from templar to champion, from leader to vassal, from traveler to farmer, from ally to abandoned. Each of us has created the Compact." Ailith then gestures toward the map to the very taunt and pulled threads along the Great Road. "But as we pull and tug at our threads, our fidelity and honor is weakened by oaths broken, alliances fallen and forgotten, wars declared, and lives lost. We attempt to mend and repair the damage made." Disciples add golden threads; their needles weave along the tapestry to highlight patches such as those by Stormwall, Darkwater Reach, and other regions impacted by war and ruin over the recent and ancient years. Gradually, interlocking rings by these golden threads glisten. "When one of us falls, we shall endeavor to lift another up, mending, adapting, and re-shaping ourselves, but the weave becomes stronger than most."

Lucita says, "Magnificant! So much time, so much effort into making that." The words slip out though just barely audible to those along the pew on which she sits but silence then falls so she may listen again."

Tabitha's hand, the one attached to the arm that's not hooked through Delilah's, lifts to her chest to lie flat over her heart. The artist's eyes shine with admiration from beneath eyebrows that raise at the sight of the tapestry. It's a beautiful sight to see, and there's no hiding that Tabitha clearly thinks it so.

Sparte has a big childish smile on his face as he watches the map lift into position. It fades when the topic turns to people pulling at threads, but the wonder in his eyes remains.

Valdemar smiles briefly over at his wife after giving the map an impressed look of his own.

An appreciative sigh lilts away from Delilah. Campions crown her braided hair in shades of indigo and stark, brilliant fuchsia, almost a hot pink, and they are a simple chaplet to go by. Her hand squeezes Tabitha's, and she whispers something softly to her cousin.

The Legate swallows a breath, her attention lingering upon the mended places. Her whispers gradually builds, a prayer, as she turns to face the assembled -- her voice lifted for all to hear, "This great and glorious Compact has withstood so much over a thousand years. We have this moment not to fold and to show any doubters that in our unity and our Faith, that the fidelity and honoring of our oaths has woven a solemn strength. We have proven that we shall rise and endure. And by the grace of the Pantheon, by our unity, we stand. This is us."

Ailith lowers her head briefly, swallowing her breath, and permits a moment of thought and reflection. To see what has been created by them -- figuratively and literally. It's but a moment and she strides forward, walking past the altar and attempts to meet the eyes of those watching.

"I offer you this opportunity now -- to approach and renew your oath. Be it in the Compact, be it to your liege or vassal, be it to the Gods themselves. Come. Join me. And let the Gods hear our prayer. Let them be riveted by our fidelity. Have them hear our Compact."

Ailith motions for any to approach, be it to observe the tapestry up close or to pray and speak aloud or in private prayer to the Gods.

"It's a poignant symbol, don't you think?," Mia murmurs softly to her companions as her dark eyes take in the details of the tapestry.

Ailith takes a united woven tapestry of threads and oaths from a simple leather backpack with flourishes.

Ailith drops a united woven tapestry of threads and oaths.

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Nodding gently to Mia, the sparkle of enchantment still shining within her eyes, Tabitha agrees in quiet but sincere tones. "It truly is. How marvelous."

Sparte rises and approaches without hesitation when the opportunity is given. He smiles at the tapestry when he nears, lowering his voice to say something quietly to Ailith before stepping to one side and looking expectantly at the others in the crowd.

Merek shifts a bit and has some thread to add which he sends, while he takes a moment to settle back into his seat. He seems content to watch as people do all the re-oath taking, but doesn't participate, watching from hood also.

Vanora follows rather swiftly after Sparte. She studies the tapestry quietly for a moment, her expression both pensive and devoted. She then turns to Ailith herself to speak quietly, and steps back.

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Victus' walk to the tapestry is slow and measured. With a quick look to Ailith, he bows his head. Murmuring something under his breath with reverence. When done, he's quicker to return to his seat beside his wife.

Lucita rises and joins the others who are stepping closer to the tapestry. She bows hr head toward Ailith and then spends a few moments in reverent prayer, those done privately then spends a few moments additionally studying the threads so interwoven into the tapestry fabric. Once done she returns to her seat.

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Ailith smiles warmly at Sparte's approach and bends slightly in order to hear his whisper. Agreement is mad as she nods, and moves to extend her hands out to Vanora, whispering as well to her. She murmurs once to Victus as he passes, reaching out if he doesn't pass too swiftly to gently squeeze his shoulder. There's a bright gleam in her eyes when Lucita arrives and Ailith whispers once more.

The Lady Rowynna leaves the pew she was sitting after a pause, stepping down to eyeing the tapestry in all it's glory. She takes in as much as she is able, before closing her eyes, her mouth moving in silent prayer. A nod and a smile goes to Ailith before she too returns to her seat.

Perronne rises from her seat and moves slowly to the tapestry. She curtsies deeply to the Legate, then turns her attention to the fabric. Her smile is soft, and she bows her head, whispering a quiet prayer or affirmation to herself, before she turns and makes her way back to her seat.

Lethe rises to walk to the tapestry. She looks at it for a mintue and then bows her head to quietly say a prayer. She pauses to look at the tapestry once more before returning to her seat.

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Valdemar is among those who remain seated to observe the others who go to reaffirm their oaths. He looks on attentively until his wife returns to his side, then glancing over at her.

Dusk also rises, to approach Ailith with a drift and a small bow, then the tapestry. He studies it with a dreaming drift of a smile, and then bows his head. He stands and stays for only a moment before retaking his seat.

Whatever it is that Ailith whispers back makes Vanora's pale green eyes shine slighty, and she dips her head low to the legate. "Thank you."

Delilah again squeezes Tabitha's hand, her expression utterly radiant in the bright cast of sheer delight. Smile rivaling the sun for brilliance only for a moment, she moves her way down the pew in anticipation of approaching Ailith and that fine tapestry. Her arm she offers to Mia, should the countess of Riven seek it.

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Mia rises from her seat with care, slipping her hand into Delilah's elbow as she might her husband's, to be escorted towards the altar and the tapestry. It seems the oaths they will renew will be renwed together.

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Vanora is overheard praising Ailith: Legate Ailith is compassionate, inspiring, and truly gifted at the work she has taken on.

Merek is overheard praising Ailith.

Calypso is overheard praising Ailith.

On the other side of Delilah, arm hooked through her cousin's other arm, Tabitha rises from her seat with a dainty smoothing of her skirts done to help her slide into the aisle. Together they go to the tapestry, with the artist's smile being one of sincere but shy greeting to anyone she knows along the way.

As more approach, the Legate attempts to personally visit each person should they appear wanting of an exchange. To Valdemar, there's a few words shared in low tones. Then she reaches out to welcome Fortunato, her hands extended in greeting. A word or two said before she turns to notice Delilah. "And here approaches one of the many skilled and talented tailors who aided me in this creation. Lady Delilah, are you pleased by the results? I think a few islands remained that I finished with Dame Morrighan and the disciples and friends of the Palace."

When Ailith approaches to speak to him, Valdemar lowers his voice to respond, smiling back at the Legate somewhat. Once she has passed, he then stands and offers Vanora his arm to help her up so that he can escort her quietly out of the Cathedral.

"Countess Mia, you may notice the white and blue for the Twin Rivers. Dame Esoka once told me of the beauty of your lands. I had my disciples reach out to the Seraphs to ensure even your vassals and people would be represented," Ailith explains, then adds with a smile to everyone else walking past the tapestry, "That is -- every House is represented this way. By the generosity and hard work of the Seraphs, Templars, and Knights of Solace, we've collected threads from all stretches of the Compact."

The murmur to reaffirm the vows and oaths to the county of Riven lilt easily off of Delilah's lips once they reach the tapestry. Her attention lies first on Ailith and Mia, despite the magnetic presence begging her to look. She defers to Tabitha thereafter, the admiration for the handiwork holding her starry-eyed for more than a few seconds. Or many more than is proper. "The completed piece is breathtaking. How so many individual contributions transform into something so harmonious, and distinct at the same time, remains a bit of a mystery," she murmurs aside to Ailith, a trace of wonder in that mellifluous voice. "Dame Morrighan, you, and everyone else deserves the highest credit. It's an accomplishment for all."

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"I ask of each of you, share this tale with your family and friends, with your colleagues, even with a stranger -- remind them of how we've created the Compact and of our fidelity and honor. We all play a role, we all matter -- united we stand as one." Ailith bows before everyone, the blues in her eyes sparkling, somewhat overcome by emotion. "I thank you for coming. Thank you for making this possible. May the Gods ever hear our prayers."

With her own murmured reaffirmations and oaths, in the same vein as Delilah's, Tabitha sends a little smile, bright and find to her cousin and the Countess, but not before she offers the same to Ailith. Her own gaze is equally admiring as she takes in each detail of the tapestry with an artist's eyes. "It's truly beautiful. I'm not sure I can do do it justice with words." Glowing with pride at Delilah's contributions, she turns to Ailith and nods with respect. "Thank you for this. Such a lovely sermon."

Acantha had made her way up quietly to pray and reaffirm, then it was back to the noble pews where she was sitting before. She seems to be happy to have went up and looked things over. She smooths her dress down before taking her seat and giving a look back up to the front.

"Every thread was prayed over and applied with holy water. As we plied them, we sang hymns and others focused on the gifts of the Gods. Lady Delilah aided in organizing the colors and mixture of textiles to ensure the harmony among them. I was worried how the patches would turn out, but her skill along with the others made what was a dream possible," Ailith bows her head to Tabitha. "For a while, my office was nothing but baskets full of thread." She chuckles. "And you're welcome. I am pleased the tapestry meets your artistic eye."

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Mia returns Delilah's oath in kind, with old, old words spoken by many Counts and Countesses before her, stretching back several centuries. They speak of honor and of protection, of justice and of love, of loyalty and legacies that stretch beyond one lifetime. And by the inflection of her voice, the words she emphasizes, it is quite clear that they are promises that she takes quite seriously. And when they are done, she offers a curtsy -- made a touch wobbly, perhaps, by the change in her center of gravity, to Ailith. "My thanks for it -- for your consideration of our small House, and by your devotion to seeing the Compact stand united. It a cause I believe in with the a great fervor and to see that dream woven into a reality is truly a treasure."

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