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Assembly of Peers III.5

The most solemn and august body of the Assembly of Peers is called to convene, regarding several crises of governance confronting the city of Arx and the greater Compact of Arvum. Agenda items include the selection of a Regent, the problem of the recent crime wave in the lower boroughs, and the blights afflicting the Gray Forest and Oathlands.


Feb. 16, 2017, 7:12 p.m.

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Khanne Cassius(RIP) Alistair Ainsley Edain Tristram Remi(RIP) Tobias Calypso Driskell(RIP) Lianne Margot Darren Thesarin Fortunato Victus Sylvie Harald(RIP) Belladonna Max(RIP) Niccolo(RIP) Samantha Ywaine Julea Aldwin Valencia Dominic(RIP) Simone Hadrian Talen Larissa Vercyn Rymarr Dmitry(RIP) Silas Ford(RIP) Eleyna Alis Mydas(RIP) Kieran Deva Orazio Lark



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Comments and Log

Calypso steps in a touch late and at the all-hailing of High Lord Victus! She offers a polite nod and settles in at the Lyceum benches.

Victus looks out across the Assembly, a calm and steady gaze that sweeps the great space. He gives his beard a scratch, once. But otherwise he makes no reaction. When Orazio makes his prayer, he sits silent. Not that he's usually the most talkative of men, but its a respectful silence in this case.

Alis bows her head in prayer as Orazio leads the blessing, a few words murmured quietly to herself between the time he is done and the time she looks back up to the others at the table. Her expression remains impassive despite the disruption as some walk out, and she waits for the Highlords to begin the discussion of a new Regent.

Driskell is overheard praising Victus for: See how great men rise like the tide!

Alistair steps in, fashionable exactly on time. His Confessors do their disappearing act... dispersing through the crowd in case trouble arises and people need to be 'questioned'. The Inquisitor keeps to the edges, stalking about as he does as his eyes sweep amongst those present.

Tristram is overheard praising Victus for: He's gonna make Thrax great again, hoo boy!

Hiss, the Lenosian viper, Sybilla, the Lenosian courtesan arrive, following Talen.

Tristram mutters a comment maybe just a wee bit too loud.

Darren respectfully bows his head in prayer before straightening after it has ended. At Donella's words, he rises, lifting a hand to those in attendance in a bid for quiet. He does, however, look to Donella with his answer. "House Redrain nominates Duke Gabriel Bisland to the seat of regent," he says in a firm but clear voice, before adding, "And also asks for quiet among those in attendance, so that we can proceed."

Talen marches into the hall and proceeds to sit amongst the Velenosa and their vassals, courtesan, snake and himself to settle nearby.

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Niccolo bows his head in prayer when Orazio does his blessing. He looks up at the disturbance, with features that remain schooled as ever. When Darren makes his nomination he rises. "House Velenosa will second House Redrain's nomination for Duke Gabriel Bisland."

Maximilian settles back down - the point made. The isles are behind Victus. At least, the cool islanders.

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6 Grimhall Reavers, Jorcrux the Grim Shadow arrive, following Dmitry.

More lords, particularly those with legitimized bastards, slip out from attendence. Others are prickly about matters of succession, or especially from the Crownlands, have longstanding dislike with Thrax. The buzz quiets at the request from the highlords, and becomes more muted as Gabriel is nominated, but the ugly undercurrent remains.

6 Grimhall Reavers have been dismissed.

Jorcrux the Grim Shadow have been dismissed.

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Edain looks over his shoulder and watches as some Lords and Ladies leave the Assembly in Victus' wake. His attention returns to the table where the assembly meets and he says in a clear voice, "With the Nomination, of Duke Gabriel Bisland seconded, let Valardin state that they have no questions or concerns with his candidancy. He has proven a champion of the crown in the past, and if he is willing to be so Valardin will stand behind him."

"The nominations is seconded, and even thrived." Donella says simply. "Would the Assembly give voice to its concerns? Rise, and you will be recognized in order. Please keep your remarks succinct."

Victus leans back in his chair. With a scarred hand he makes a gesture brusquely indicating that he has no issue with the nomination of Gabriel as the new Regent of the Compact.

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Lark lifts her gaze, having diverted her eyes at the disturbance following Victus taking his seat. She considers the other speakers at the table before looking into the assembly expectantly. She brings both hands forward, interlacing them carefully together on the table.

Darren leans back in his chair, averting his gaze to those in attendance. He pays close attention to the Redrain benches, in the event any one of them want to speak up.

Having reclaimed his seat, Niccolo looks in the direction of the Lycene benches. He lets his dark brown gaze linger there, before it moves to the commoner benches and then it lingers there. From them, those eyes consider the others, waiting to see if anyone would like to rise.

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taps her fingers upon the table. About as patient as the old man used to be, point of fact. "No one? How novel. Shall we move on to a vote by show of hands to confirm Gabriel Bisland?"

Mydas stands, and when he speaks, the deep bass of his voice can easily be heard. "Not a point of concern, more a query. Has His Lordship exposed any inkling of his plans, should he be regent?"

7 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Rymarr.

Donella answers, "One would how, attending Assemblies," trying to keep it light.

Darren clears his throat at Mydas' question and rises to his feet to address the concerns. "Duke Gabriel has been spoken to by several members of the High Council, and we are all confident in his abilities to lead while the King sleeps. The war is his primary concern, currently, as it should be," he answers in a clear voice. "I have no doubt that his Grace will lead us well, as he did several years past when he was regent before."

Darren also adds, "He has promised to work along with the High Lords during his reign as Regent, as well."

Maximilian stands up, then offers... "Man can run a war. Seen it myself. And right now - we need a warlord. So. Good on him, eh?"

Maximilian then retakes his seat.

Mydas nods, seemingly satisfied. "That war should be his primary concern is only proper. Nightgold has no concerns over His Lordship being made regent." And he sits back down.

"Thank you, Lord Mydas," Darren says to Mydas, before returning to his seat. He does glance towards the commoners benches expectantly, to see if anyone there wishes to speak.

Jiacomo arrives, following Eleyna.

A few armed and armored folks make their presence known, taking up position near the commoner benches. The King's Own march in to the point that they hover near the seating, before falling still to watch the Assembly unfold. The Lord Commander of that very group doesn't seat himself, but remains silent in order to watch in stoic silence and with stern, but open observation.

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Tristram just holds up a thumb. No need to speak on this one.

Lark raises her arm up above her head at Donella's call for hands. "House Grayson votes in favor of Duke Gabriel Bisland as Regent." The gesture is done languidly and with no sense of urgency. She lets her hand casually sag on her wrist.

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Edain says something to his fellow High Lords at the table, and then shows his hand, confirming his vote for Duke Gabriel Bisland as Regent. He catches Tristram's thumbs up out of the corner of his eye and gives a small smile.

Eleyna arrives with servant in tow and makes her way immediately to the Lyceum benches to seat herself.

Rising to her feet, Belladonna sends a reassuring smile to her husband at her side before she fixes her attention on the front. She lifts a hand, but does not immediately speak up.

"I think by now, we all understand the nature of the danger we face. A danger we must face, together. For this reason House Velenosa feels he is uniquely qualified, having both experience in the war front and the experience of the regency," Niccolo offers, with a look at those gathered and those that share the table with him. He inclines his head and is about to cast his vote, but then adds "Yes, Duchess Belladonna?"

Princess Donella says, "Duchess Pravus. Better late than never, probably." She allows Velanosa to recognize it's vassal.

"Setarco expresses concern that the man being discussed for Regent also happens to be very needed on the battlefield. The Regent should be remaining in Arx, which makes that a difficult feat. What is the plan for reconciliation of these things? He will lead well, he has demonstrated such, but he cannot lead both." Belladonna lifts her voice to speak clearly, having no problem with her projection for all that she is usually so quiet.

Maximilian mutters to the other Thraxians.. "The mainlanders do that? They have other people fight their wars? -Wierd-."

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Vercyn speaks from the Redrain benches, "The crown does normally lead militarily, unless he appoints someone otherwise. Duke Gabriel has done it before, I have confidence he can do it again, considering the enemy is coming here regardless."

Victus lifts his hand in confirmation that House Thrax votes for Gabriel as Regent of the Compact. It has a tired and somewhat bored look to it, like he's going through the motions already planned for and agreed upon, and now simply have to follow through if they can only get to the damn point. For a moment it looks like he might even say something, but then Belladonna's rising and he's content to hear the Duchess of Pravus instead. His hand falls back down again as he listens to her. At the end he gruffly remarks: "Kings and Queens of the Compact have managed to both rule and make war. Highlords have done it before. Duke Gabriel did before."

"I appreciate your concerns, Duchess Belladonna, but KIngs and Queens have long lead the COmpact in war when needed. Most of us have been ruling our lands from Arx because of the current Crisis. Queen Alarice fought a war from the front not from behind the walls of Arx. I believe he can handle the burden, and there is amble support to do so. The bulk of the leadership of all five kingdoms are here to help him shoulder the burden." Edain looks briefly to Maximillian and says mock softly, "Setarco is on an island."

Maximilian glances at Edain, a grin on his lips... but he doesn't retort.

Belladonna gives a dip of her head and says nothing further, settling back down beside Cassius.

Dmitry grunts in agreement with Maximilian, then nods his head to Victus and raises his hand, signalling House Grimhall supports the Duke as well. "If need be the Regent can always appoint a voice to babysit whatever matters can not possibly wait in Arx, while serves as the warlord we need."

Kieran adds, "And the Regent has his ministers to handle things here as well."

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"Thank you for the brief lesson in geography, Your Grace," enthuses Donella. "The motion will carry unanimously. Duke Bisland will assume his duties as soon as someone breaks the ... news to him. I am sure that this body will do everything in its power to support a successful term of duty. Moving on. The matter of the Lower Boroughs..."

Niccolo's gaze lingers on Maximilian. There is no anger in the man's expression. Although there is a small lift of his lips at Edain's response to the Count. "I recognize the concern of House Pravus, and I thank the duchess for bringing it up. But that is why, we feel he is qualified. He has done this before. He knows what it entails. He also understands war. As Duke Vercyn states, I think that if Duke Gabriel Bisland does not feel he can serve at the front, he will have the wisdom to appoint someone in his stead. But I doubt that will be the case," he notes. "To continue my previous thought, House Velenosa casts his vote for Duke Bisland."

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With the vote for Regent cast, Darren turns his attention to Donella once more as she proceeds through. He clears his throat, and looks pointedly towards Julea. "House Redrain invites Mistress Julea Sanguine to address the Assembly and give a summation of the situation in the Lower Boroughs."

"After Mistress Julea is done, Lord Commander Silas if you would speak on this matter from the perspective of the Iron Guard?" Niccolo says in Silas direction.

Julea rises sharply to a stand from one of the rear most seats within the Crownsworn seating and with some elbow jostling and side steps, she makes her way towards that central circle. Digging her hand into a front pocket searchingly, she tugs out a crumbled piece of paper while eyes rise to quickly scan her audience. It is in seeing that everyone, from the lowest born to the upper echelons of society, have their eyes on her, that she freezes. There's a good two minutes of silence where not a word comes from the young smith's lips. It is one thing talking in front of your own, but it is another thing entirely addressing the Assembly of Peers.

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Juleas eyes eventually find refuge somewhere in the audience and after a few long and deep breaths, she begins..."There is not single a fuck-- " That word catches on Julea's lips before it can be fully uttered, and there's colour on her cheeks, eyes briefly darting to Prince Darren, before she continues, throat clearing as she tries to remember her place,. ".. single.. Not.. Oh, not a single reason why crime has been on the uprise in the boroughs and around the city. To consider the cause to be just one thing, would be to underestimate the scope of the problem. And I cannot speak for everyone in the boroughs, who are not just one voice, but many voices. But I will try touch on a few of the reasons." The last bit is said with a clear nod towards the Crownsworn benches.

Rymarr is overheard praising Julea for: Rousing orator.

Silas looks up when he's addressed, directing his level gaze on the Voices of the Realm, but simply nods his head instead of vocalizing anything.

Remi is overheard praising Julea for: The lass has balls that's for sure.

Darren turns his whole focus onto Julea as she begins to speak. Of course, he can't help but quirk a smile at her slip up, but his lips soon after return to a more neutral expression. He is listening very attentively.

Sure he was late, But then again Remi had been 8 years late in showing that he wasn't dead and being shit out of some squid. Remi's movements guiding him through the doors catching just the last of Julea's little pronouncement. The man's eyes focusing briefly upon the smith as he moves to settle in near the same doorway he had entered making no move to join any one group within the assembly just yet.

Victus' gaze fixes on Julea as she works her way through her hesitant delivery. When the silence stretches, he makes a noise of gruff impatience, but at least he doesn't bark at her to get on with it. Instead he just waits. Then when she finally speaks he paying her the full weight of his attentions, a brooding thoughtful stare beneath frown-knitted brows.

Julea presses her lips together, and then more deep breathes come, eyes briefly settling upon Orazio in the audience, before she continues. There's more strength in her words now, and rather than focus on the audience as a whole, she clearly selects one or two people among them. "People are scared about the rumors surrounding the Bringers and all the things that were once just nightmares and now have become a fixture in our reality. With little in the way of official information being released, rumors and gossip reign and people panic. And there are those out there that take advantage of that. People are worried."

"People were unhappy about the division between the Crown and the Faith and the actions of the Crown in paying the Teind. But probably the most prominent reason for the increased crime is the rise in the patrols of both the Knights and the Iron Guard in the boroughs. And the current solution to fix this, by further increasing their presence there, will likely make things worse, and further weaken the already tense situation and undo the hard work we've been doing to improve relations over the last few weeks."

Ainsley's gaze finally slides off of the back wall, gunmetal dark eyes settle onto Julea. He shifts ever so slightly in his seat, blinking at the woman as she begins to speak.

Ywaine settles into his bench seat. He seeks to meet Silas' gaze, a nod of his head. He settles in at the Valardin section, listening to the conversation that's ongoing.

Ford lifts his chin a bit as Julea speaks, something of a smile on his features.

"And while I'm sure that the Lord Commander is bloody good at what he does," This small slip of Julea's is not corrected, and in fact, she doesn't seem to even notice it, instead gesturing to indicate the whole talking-speaking thing, before she continues on, "Most of the Iron Guard have no clue when it comes to respectfully handling matters in the boroughs, and each day they are there, it's a bloody miracle that people are not getting hurt as they manage to offend and basically shit over all of the prominent families there and ignore traditional methods, and time honoured traditions of handling such things."

"Think there's no single solution that's going to fix things in a hurry, but a bloody good way to start would be to set up a special precinct of the Guard made up of people from the boroughs and Captained by one of their own. Someone who they respect and knows how things work down in the boroughs. Who would be considerably less likely to offend people they ought not to."

"I seem to recall proposing freeing up more of the guard to do other things, and to settle things down in the Low Boroughs, by making a temporary hire of the armed companies, that at least the faces be familiar. Unfamiliarity also breeds contempt, apparently... Thank you, Mistress Julea. Sir Silas?"

Belladonna is overheard praising Julea for: That's a damn fine plan.

     Julea glances down at the paper, and then after a moment, scrunches it up and stuffs it back into her pocket. She turns to respectfully bow her head to the Regent Council, saying, "Thank you for allowing me the chance to speak." And then, she's making her way back to her seat.

Costas is overheard praising Julea for: Finally a solution that isn't just an iron boot stomping on a peasant face, harder.

Mydas is overheard praising Julea for: Local solutions for local problems are always the best.

Edain bows his head to Julea, "Thank you for your input Goodwoman."

Ford is overheard praising Julea for: At least someone said it out loud

"Thank you, Mistress Julea," Darren says to Julea, offering her a bold smile from his seat.

Maximilian is overheard praising Julea for: You can't release pressure by applying more. Good on ya.

Remi's brow raises hearing mention of hiring armed companies to handle the boroughs, The man's brow falling back into place as he shakes his head muttering under his breath. "sellswords now there is a brilliant fuckin idea.." Sarcasm dripping in his tone as the words are muttered out under his breath. His eyes drifting from speaker to speaker as he follows the path of hte conversation.

Finally Rymarr begins to move. The King's Own quietly march around the interior perimeter of the Assembly, taking great pains not to interrupt or otherwise intrude upon Silas' opportunity to address the Assembly. Once near the table of Highlords, the Lord Commander's hand shifts up to rest atop the pommel of the blade worn at his right side. The opposite hand slips aside and shifts the heavy wolf fur cloak around the curve of his left shoulder. There he remains relatively still and attentive while he patiently awaits.

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Larissa smiles to Julea and nods "Very well done. And yes, exactly what Saedrus said. You were very on point. Just because not everyone is going to like what you have to say, doens't mean it shouldn't be said."

"Lord Commander Silas Mercier, don't you tell me that you are shy, too?" Donella motions. "I'm told that it's easier if you picture them all in their smalls."

Mongoose, 1 Unliveried Guard arrive, following Joscelin.

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Hadrian enters late. Later than fashionably, but arrival nonetheless with a hesitant duck of his head in genuine, embarrassed apology. Attempting to be as quiet as possible, the tall, broad shouldered Duke moves to situate himself in expected seating.

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Silas doesn't make any distasteful expressions when Julea speaks, or when she concludes her speech. He rises from his seat and clears his throat, though he raises a brow at Donella's remarks. "The patrols are there in response to the uptick in crime and unrest. That unrest stems from a lack of certitude and fear of what is to arise, but that is not something easily rectified. But it is a response to the problem, not the problem in itself. There aren't -more- Iron Guardsmen on the streets - there literally *can't* be with us losing a third of our forces after Lord Everard's betrayal - and the aid provided by the Knights of Solace and Crimson Blades are barely tying us over. My men are attempting to do their jobs and will continue to do so, but they will also remain overworked unless my recruitment drives are successful. These recruitment drives have been focused primarily on the Boroughs, as I do want to attempt to have more of them among my number." He pauses and tilts his head. "But I have denied the requests to form an entirely new division within the Iron Guard fixated primarily on social caste. I instead want more denizens to join us, as a whole, and work together to try to change the culture within the Iron Guard. Obviously, some disagree with this, and the idea has been put forth for you to decide." He sighs and closes his eyes. "There's not much else to say."

The Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace may not have chosen to attend the meeting, but his boss did, and now Orazio nods at Silas, with respect, and looks to the Regent Council, clearly seeking leave to speak.

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Sylvie is overheard praising Silas for: A fine decision, not to divide your ranks by where they were born or the circumstances of it.

Edain nods to Silas and says, "Thank you Lord Commander. Have you had any success with your recruiting efforts in the Borroughs? Could recruits from the Borroughs be paired with veteran guards. They can benefit from their experience of the veteran, and the veteran could benefit from the recruit's knowledge of the Borroughs and that part of the city?" Edain asks.

Rymarr is overheard praising Silas for: Compromise is an early symptom of progress. Wise decision.

Remi's movements finally guide him away from the doorway the man moving through heading for the seating for Thrax pausing briefly near the redrain seating to lean in and whisper something to Valencia before he is continuing on to head for his seat with the others of Thrax.

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"Thankfully I have. Princess Reese in particular has been introducing men from all walks of life into our fold - but it is a process, and they are still untested. That will change. Lord Ywaine has been training a good portion of them, and he is a retired Iron Guard." He purses his lips. "I will pair my trainees with experienced guards, and I will pair noble guards with commoner guards so they can bond with people not necessarily like themselves. It's... practical, if nothing else."

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Donella Thrax says, "Thank you, Lord Commander. When do you think you will have an update for us on your progress? If there are no motions from the High Lords?"

Cassius rises up, and raises a hand. And clears his throat, just to make it extra clear.

For a moment Rymarr's right hand lifts up from the pommel of the blade worn high on his right side. He shifts his gauntlet up and the thumb of his left gauntlet seems to fish down and into the recess of the armored glove. He seems to freeze for a long moment, before he glances up from whatever it was he sought. He clears his throat quietly before he slowly leans forward to make quiet mention the table of High Lords.

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"Yes, Duke Cassius," Niccolo says, with a dip of his head to the man.

Remi reaches out to take a bottle from Driskell at the Thrax benches before the man is raising up and with it the bottle is lifted as well for a long pull before it's lowered. The recently returned Thrax male settling his gaze upon the council before he calls out. "Oy, I got a fucking question." The man clearly having taken a different path in the study of diplomacy and manners than some even by Thrax standards.

Donella hrms to something said t her, and ahhhs? "Forgive men, Legate of Concepts Orazio-- father, did you have something you wished to say, in brief?"

Silas takes a few long, contemplative moments before replying. "A few weeks at the soonest, a month at the most." He looks to Orazio and quiets, though he remains standing for now.

"Thank you, your grace," Cassius says, to Niccolo. "I do believe Father Orazio had something to add to the previous topic," he says. Then lowers himself back down.

Driskell looks at his bottle a moment curiously with a squinted eye before raising it to his nose to smell. A shrug given and he takes another drink from it while looking at Remi and the council.

Orazio stands, expression grave. "Thank you, High Lords and Ladies. The rising crime in the Lower Burroughs is of concern. That is true. And without knowing what Lord Commander Telmar's policies were in his tenure, it is difficult to say how much of what resentful relationship there is was due to the policies set by a traitor to the realm - I feel that the good, loyal men and women who resisted that corruption are doing everything possible to build the relationship with the Lower Burroughs to a healthy one, and deserve the time and support to do so. Abandoning innocent people to the tender mercies of whoever or whatever exerts control in the Burroughs, while it may paper over the suffering for those who do not have to live there, is not an answer, particularly when these incidents may be engineered to create exactly that result. Neither is turning over the protection of the people to mercenaries; I honor and appreciate the work done by Lord Tobias and Captain-General Audric, but the safety of the streets of Arx is a /Crown/ responsibility, and abandoning that responsibility to hirelings would not, in all likelihood, make the situation better."

"As to the presence of the Knights of Solace - I freely admit that these duties are outside their area of training, and their initial deployment was only to prevent rioting and damage to the innocent in the wake of the schism in the Guard. Which they did, and did well. I have since offered several times to withdraw them." His smile is tilted and wry. "They do not lack for places to be deployed. However, I also believe that the lives of those who live in the Burroughs are worth preserving, even if some would rather have leave to exploit them as they will; so when the Knights were asked to remain at their patrols, they stayed. I have also changed the patrols to be headed, where possible, by those born and raised in the Lower Burroughs, and instructed them that their focus is /only/ on defensively protecting those subjected to violence, not to investigate crimes, nor to harass or cause disruption. I have no preference on whether they remain, but simply wish to offer that context and explanation."

Brief doesn't appear to be in the Legate's vocabulary.

Tobias checked composure against difficulty 15, resulting in 17, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Maybe he's a fast talker?

Dmitry's expression turns from grim to dark as the Legate's speech... continues to go on. He rubs his head as if it pained him slightly, but does grunt and speak of, and Duke Grimhall speaks up, his voice even, "The most important thing the Legate there said was: the safety of Arx is the /Crown's/ responsibility. We have a Regent now, he can either handle it or order someone else to take charge of the issue."

Lark hems, "Thank you, Legate Orazio. I motion to defer this to Duke Regent Gabriel, encouraging the Faith to work alongside him on this matter." She looks to her peers at the table expectantly.

Maximilian glances sidelong at his.. uh.. Grand... Leige. One brow goes up just slightly as he reaches for his rum. Rum time!

Edain nods to Lark and says, "I second Princes Lark's Motion."

Darren's been focusing on Orazio as he speaks, but once the man is finished, he nods his head. "Thank you, Father. And thank you, Lord Commander, for your continued hard work. House Redrain seconds Princess Lark's motion."

Tobias gives a glance to Orazio, openly looking him over, before he relaxes back into the benches again.

Orazio bows to the Council, expression still grave, and sits down.

Remi sighs as another talks up and then another, The man's head gives a small shake as he quickly hands off the bottle back to the one who had given it over to him before he is moving from the Thrax benches. The man throwing a hand in the air as he mutters rather loudly, "Well fine, fuck ya lot too." The man clearly not happy about something or other as he makes his way to leave the assembly.

Silas hums lowly as he listens to Orazio's speech, and his slight frown suggests he may not entirely agree with what's being said, but he bows and seats himself when it becomes apparent it will be left up to the new Regent.

Ford can most likely be seen leaning back in his bench, going doubles with Max's rum and massaging his forehead with his fingers.

Sylvie checked command + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 38, 23 higher than the difficulty.

"One wonders how a Thraxian prince who is not a Head of House can speak so during an Assembly without being thrown into jail for his contempt," speaks Sylvie, her voice raising from the Lyceum benches for the first time during the Assembly.

Finally Rymarr's thumb hooks whatever it was he sought. He pulls a folded piece of parchment from within his gauntlet before he steps toward the High Lords table. The Lord Commander of the King's Own comes to stand at Darren's flank before he leans forward. Only after Darren's cast mentioned his agreement with Lark's motion does Rymarr's helmet shift as though he begins to speak quietly to Darren. Soon enough the parchment is place before the Redrain prince.

Dominic looks up to Sylvie, "You want to be the first to try?" He says to the Duchess, icy blue glare fixed on the woman.

"Prince Dominic," Niccolo speaks up.

Maximilian glances at DOminic, then murmurs to him....

Hadrian checked command + diplomacy against difficulty 15, resulting in 61, 46 higher than the difficulty.

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"Threaten my vassal again. Do so," Niccolo remarks and rises.

Donella nods to this, "The motion carries and the matter will be deferred to His Excellency. Third item on the agenda, the blights upon the Oathlands, and the Gray forest... Excuse me is there a problem over there that might involve eels at home? Eels with very pointy teeth?"

"No, /I/ know my place," Sylvie replies, standing briefly as she slides a look across the Assembly towards Dominic. Then she sits again.

Hadrian says, "Now, now, let's breathe."

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Princess Porkingham, a tiara-wearing mini potbelly piglet arrives, following Natalia.

Maximilian nods to Dominic then, settling back with his rum. The occasional pithy comment is one thing. Venom and threat.. are something else entirely.

Princess Porkingham, a tiara-wearing mini potbelly piglet have been dismissed.

Victus casually lifts his hand to vote in favor of the motion, just enough for his vote to be clear while putting a minimum of effort into it. At Remi's words, his eyes fix on his younger cousin. He makes a gruff noise in the back of his throat, irritable. Dominic gets to share in it, and he motions for him to sit back down.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Victus before departing.

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Dominic glances away to speak to the Thraxs for a moment before catching Niccolo with a nod as he settles back on his seat, chugging another glass of rum.

On his way out Remi does glance back over his shoulder as the motion is carried, The man's jaw tensing as he near growls in dissaproval with something about the recent item on the agenda before he is slamming his hands into the door to throw it open. The man stepping through the flung open door and back out onto the city streets clearly upset over the events brief as they may have been he was witness to in the assembly.

Dominic motions to Victus with another nod and a hand of surrender.

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"Now, lets continue," Niccolo remarks with a glance to Donella as he sits back down.

Darren's jaw tenses as he looks between Dominic and Remi, though he clearly defers to Donella to handle the matter. His eyes flick to the paper that Rymarr's set down beside him, and he murmurs to the man before straightening once more. He says something quietly to those at the table.

Deva looks from Niccolo to the Thrax and Lycene benches respectively, twisting in her chair a little to do so. She nods as the moment dies, and then her attention returns to the table.

At the mention of the Gray Forest, Samantha's spine straightens, chin lifting as she pays particular attention to the High Lords.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Samantha before departing.

Hadrian remains seated, offering no more words but a subtle smile along the benches.

Donella leans back once more and says, "Would you be willing to do so, please?" addressing Khanne.

A nod is passed from Rymarr to Darren, before again the Lord Commander of the King's Own steps back and away from the table occupied by the High Lords. He moves to rejoin the gathered knights and once in place falls still and silent in order to watch the Assembly unfold.

Ywaine settles back into his seat. He shifts his weight a bit, adjusting his belt and glancing at the other folks at the Valardin bench. His gaze slides back to the High Council and he focuses his attention there.

Darren nods over to Donella, before looking across the Redrain benches to settle on Khanne. "Lady Khanne, I think you know the most about the blights. Please speak on them?"

Of all the things that people are expecting to seeing at an Assembly of Peers, Aldwin taking an active part in them is likely to rank with the Spanish Inquisition's appearance. The old man levers himself to stand, leaning against the staff in his hand to do so. A shuffling step forward is taken and Aldwin gives a single tap of his staff on the floor, just loud enough that the Voices of the Realm might hear it.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

"Dominus Aldwin, do you have something you wish to say?"

Alistair seems to have no reaction as he sits at the Godsworn benches when the Dominus moves to rise, though his eyes shift over to the High Faith and then to Legate Orazio.

Dominic stands up and walks out.

Dominic has left the Thrax Benches.

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Orazio looks...a touch surprised, himself, but certainly not disapproving, his attention oriented on the Voice of the Pantheon.

Aldwin gives Donella his normal genuine smile. "Your Grace, since the Assembly has elected a Regent for the Compact..." The Dominus looks around at the gathered, "should we perhaps postpone further talks until that Regent could join the Assemblage?"

Dmitry can be seen nodding to the Dominus with approval, crossing his arms over his chest.

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Khanne blinks a little and realizes she has been addressed. She rises in her seat and says, "pardon me. Yes... A number of... Pardon, should I wait?" She looks then to Donella.

The Prince of Sanctum bows his head respectfully to Aldwin, "I would agree Dominus, but it is my understanding, that Lady Khanne is going to update us on the state of the blights. I do not think we are voting on any specific action. This is a report the Peers should here as well, no final decicions of what to be done next will be made without the Regent."

"An excellent suggestion, Most Holy. I do however think that some education on the Blights and the progress made in understanding them is worth some attention before we depart?" Lark chimes from her seat, lifting her tiny brow to her fellow Highlords and their esteemed Voices. She doesn't bother tossing her own Voice the same questioning glance.

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"I think we're all in fucking agreement that now we have a Regent, further decisions aren't likely to be made today," Victus drawls in Aldwin's direction. "This is all.." And when someone mentions 'education', he grimaces and makes a rough gesture to suggest that's good enough word. Even if he probably was thinking of a different phrase for the whole political circus.

"I would ask that the Assembly give some time to hear what Lady Khanne has to say, although the Most Holy has a most excellent suggestion," Darren chimes in with Lark.

Calypso rises from her seat and quietly makes an exit. There is a nod passed to those at the Lycean benches before she slips out the door.

Calypso has left the Lyceum Benches.

There's only a simple bow of Aldwin's head before he retakes his seat. He's not a Voice of the Realm, so he sits down.

Driskell has joined the Thrax Benches.

Khanne stands, hands clasped before her, watching the number of people leaving with a gentle sigh. She looks to Darren and Donella for a sign to continue.

"One hopes that fucking does come with agreement," is said just a /bit/ too loud, not meant to carry except for a sudden quiet lull in conversation that Sylvie isn't expected. She doesn't look embarrassed though. She only smiles, crookedly, before she looks attentively towards Khanne.

"With respect to our wise Dominus, we will hear Lady Khanne on the blights," Donella says. "And actions will be left for His Excellency to hear, and decide upon with advice from the realm."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Maximilian before departing.

Khanne nods then as Donella speaks. She licks her lips and starts again. "As I was saying, a number of us have been working to help heal the lands, as many of you know. Shamans and those of the Pantheon Faith alike, working together." She pauses and looks around. "Some of note have been Duke Cassius, Rowan Greenmarch, Percephon Telmar, as well as many others. We have taken trips to the Oathlands, a few of us recently returning to look at the progress there first hand, to see if our efforts were successful. It... Well, the lands are.. vibrant and verdant, as if they had never seen such troubles.... still, we were watched by those inhuman eyes. So too, I have heard, life returns to the blight near Ashford Keep, though I have not yet seen this with my own eyes...." She pauses a moment, misty-grey eyes looking over the crowd. "There was a whisper to me, when i was there, the Spirits telling me the lands were safe. The lands, but that does not mean... It was clear the mutated shavs were still there."

"Lady Khanne, is there any possibility that those working to heal the lands, can cast some attention on how to /protect/ the lands?" Darren asks the Shaman, lofting a brow. "So that the lands cannot be blighted in the first place?"

Samantha is studying Khanne with visible interest. Seeing the Blight averted is definitely of interest to the Marquessa whose March seat is smack dab in the middle of the Gray Forest.

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Hiss, the Lenosian viper, Sybilla, the Lenosian courtesan leave, following Talen.

Khanne looks briefly to her Uncle at the benches, then turns back to Darren with a nod. "Yes, these are the things we are working on now. The Shamans in Arx are banding together to pool our resources and knowledge, and we still work with those of Pantheon faith to combine our efforts. We do so in regards to the Stone Grove as well. Currently, we are all conducting research where we can, trying to speak to those who seem to know things." She pauses and looks around again. "Some may not like the answers we find... as they pertain to things long lost. But we continue to dig deep. There is a Grove thriving, untouched by the blights that surround, and with Lou's guidance, some of us visited there as well... trying to discover its secrets." She licks her lips again and says, "it is... risky and... well, we are not giving up until we find workable answers..." Her eyes are opened a bit wider now as she peers out, brushing back some of her wine-red hair and lifting her chin a touch with confidence.

Ford is overheard praising Khanne for: Not all soldiers wear arms and armor.

Edain bows his head to Khanne and says, "Thank you Lady Khanne. We are dealing with challenges to which there are no easy answers everyday. THank you for all your hard work along with those that have given so much to see these blights healed."

Darren nods to Khanne, offering her a faint smile. "Thank you for your summary. And for all the hard work that has been put into this matter already, and still to come," he offers in a clear voice, before looking to Donella with a nod. "I believe that'll wrap things up, your Highness."

Julea is overheard praising Khanne for: Doing amazing work trying to restore our lands and protect our forests from the Blight.

Mydas is overheard praising Khanne for: We owe her much.

Khanne dips her head to Edain and Darren, and then to Donella. "Thank you," she says before retaking her seat.

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Lark is overheard praising Khanne for: Willing to overlook differences for the greater good.

Vercyn is overheard praising Khanne for: A heroine to Halfshav.

Samantha lifts her hand briefly to Donella, expression inquiring. There's still an element of patience there, as she doesn't want to disrupt the progress of the meeting but does want to make sure her position on the docket is still there.

Donella says in a business like tone. "Why, yes, I believe we actually can. All of this information will be relayed to His Excellency. May the Gods that watch over mankind be with us, and bring wisdom, fortitude, and ... for his sake, a sense of humor to our lord regent. We are in adjournment."

Donella says, "Wait wait... Samatha Deepwood?"

Samantha rises. "Your Highness, I had presented some details concerning the refugees of the Gray Forest that I believe is of interest to this council."

Victus makes a grunt of acknowledgement at the end of Khanne's speech to the Assembly, scratching once or twice at his cheek in a thoughtful sort of gesture, even if his features are set in a hard expression. Brooding. When Donella adjourns the meeting, he starts to push himself to his feet. Only Samantha is calling for attention, and with a slow sigh and slump of his shoulders, he sinks back down again. His gaze settles on the Marquessa with expectation.

"Marquessa," Lark corrects without aggression, "Samantha Deepwood."

Donella says, "Forgive my familiarity. ... Are they matters the council should deal with, or would you like to make and appeal for aid, and present the matter to the Regent for proclamation?"

Alistair stops with whatever chat he was having with the Faithful, his brow furrowing as his gaze focuses on Samantha suddenly.

The black-wrapped Gemecittan duchess rises from the benches with a murmur to Valkieri, before Sylvie slips quietly and undramatically from the Assembly.

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Lianne leans in to murmur something to the Duchess and Duke of her house before getting to her feet in slipping out quietly.

"I believe what I have to offer in addition to my plea, may be worth the council's consideration." Samantha explains. "While the number of refugee numbers in Arx swell, the truth is the number of refugees in Old Oak are several thousand over that, and I am given word that number is likely to rise. I can maintain Old Oak at present and for some time, but if the numbers increase so severely and too quickly, I will need assistance. I will be frank. The numbers are sizable because I have not required those of the Abandoned who need aid to become Prodigal in exchange for my hospitality, so long as they maintain Deepwood's law." There's a pause. "I believe this goodwill may result in a swell in the number of our combatants, if we treat things carefully."

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Maximilian rises up from his bench then. "Alright. Lets go fight Dominic." Max says to Driskell, reaching for his helm and cradling it under his arm. "Assembly of peers. Never a dull moment."

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There's a glance aside to Cassius, and Belladonna rises, waiting for him to join her on his feet before she reaches to take his arm. There is a nod, for those of the Lyceum that do not immediately move to go.

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Driskell leaves, following Maximilian.

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Cassius rises up, just a second after Belladonna, and moves to follow.

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Cassius leaves, following Belladonna.

Harald rises as well, the old reaver replacing helm and gauntlets before throwing his cloak back over one shoulder and moving out of the chamber among other Islesmen.

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Joscelin is overheard praising Samantha for: Well spoken. The Crafters Guild would be happy to assist.

Ywaine steps out, carefully, avoiding making a scene and heading out, apparently to speak with a young private from the Blades standing outside on the street.

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The Duke Grimhall regards Samantha with an arched brow, "You would have us take in shavs and not demand they submit to the Compact?" His tone is mildly incredulous.

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"Thank you, Marquess," Lark bows her chin, "As your liege, I can say that I will continue to do all that I can to assist you in this matter. However with resources as they now stand, the matter of Crown interference will have to be considered carefully by the Regent -- whose ear you will likely continue to have in your capacity as Minister of Civil Development. This, too, is vitally important work."

Simone Greenmarch does not seem to pay mind to those that exit. She is sitting, attentive and quiet, with the whole of her attention on the Deepwood Marquessa, hands laced together and resting in her lap.

Tobias visibly rubs his forehead, his eyes closed as he does so.

Victus gives Samantha a skeptic look as she mentions that the Abandoned have not all sworn to the Compact. His tongue pokes against the corner of his mouth, combining a sour expression with a thoughtful one. As if he's pondering something connected to the Deepwood actions. AS he has for most of the evening, he stays quiet, however. Chewing on his thoughts on the matter.

Samantha turns her head toward the Duke. "/I/ have taken in shavs, not only because it is the decent thing to do, but because it offers us more soldiers to fight the Bringers. We do not make peace with our friends, Duke Grimhall. We make peace with our enemies. However temporarily it may be, to serve the purpose of our survival. And if those shavs who ally with us see the light of the Compact's benefit because we showed them the way through our shared fight and generosity, so much the better." She looks back to the others. "We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I am placing my Count of Twainfort, Thesarin," she gestures to the man, "in charge of liaising to those shav'arvani leaders who have accepted my hospitality."

Edain dips his head to Samantha and says, "I have some questions about these refugees, Marquessa, but it is nothing I would bog down the Assembly with, As the Princess of Bastion says, How to use this resource will largely be a decisions for Duke Regent Gabriel. If possible I would like to meet with you later about them however."

Alistair pushes up from the Godsworn benches, and clears his throat with a raised brow, clearly asking leave to speak. Considering the woody tanned flesh of the Prodigal Inquisitor... one can only wonder what he wishes ot speak about.

"What happens if they don't?" Niccolo asks Samantha, his features showing very little to hint at support or disdain for the Marquesa's actions. "If at the end of this all, they decide they do not wish to the join the Compact, nor do they wish to leave your lands?"

Valencia quietly watches the majority of the crowd file out while the rest move to seek audience with each other with a slightly ammused look on her face, "Well then, that's that. For now..."

Thesarin nods as his liege gestures to him, the count says nothing as he does not have the floor, and has nothing to say at the moment. The proceedings have kept his attention, but he has not spoken to any adjacent nobles, as he wishes to keep his focus on the proceedings.

Dmitry grunts in distaste, shaking his head slowly, "The only use I have for shavs is as thralls. If they won't bow to the Compact their only other use is maggot food." With that the Duke rises, gives a respectful nod to Victus, and then turns intending to leave.

Donella says, "We will have to discuss this matter further outside of Assembly. We could stand here all night arguing about it; there is now another that will be to weigh in. We WILL stand in adjournment, with the agenda we had set as complete as we can make it. With your kind leave."

Alistair sits back down as the Assembly is called to adjournment, whatever the Prodigal planned to say seeming not that important.

Dmitry pauses, turning back to Victus, "Highness, care to walk with me? There's something I'd discuss with you if it is convienent."

"My intention is to approach the leadership of the tribes with respect." Samantha maintains calmly. "I have often found in my experience that when you treat a man with respect despite any cultural drive to be disdainful of him, you earn their respect. If they decide not to leave, they will be made to. There is no reward without risk - as every Thrax who's taken to sea has ever informed me." She bows her head to Donella. "Thank you, Your Highness."

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Victus gives Dmitry a little gesture that says 'give me a moment to finish up'. He starts to stand to his feet, his eyes returning to SAmanatha. Her words provoke just a hint of a crooked grin to the corner of his mouth, for quoting Thraxians. Amused, whether he wants to be or not. Soon after his gruff exterior disposition returns, however.

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Niccolo just watches Samantha as she replies and then inclines his head to Donella, his agreement that the meeting is adjourned.

Orazio stands as the Assembly is in adjournment, and reaches out a hand to help Aldwin up, if he should want one.

Margot rises from the Thrax bench and moves towards Samantha, rather purposefully. "Once the Assembley is over Marquessa.... If I could have a word."

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There's a curt nod from Dmitry to Victus, and he moves to step out and wait the Prince there.

Deva starts to push to her feet once the meeting is called to an end. She nods sharply to those at the table, while tucking her now empty chair neatly away.

Tobias shakes his head as he stands, leaving the Assembly with purposeful stride.

Ainsley pushes himself upward, scooting his chair back in when he steps around it. An inclination of his head is given toward Lark, and then he starts for the door, now that the assembly has been called to adjornment.

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Hadrian pins his cold harlequin gaze not angrily or hatefully, but merely scrutinizingly, upon Victus, narrowing to more keenly pierce the distance.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Samantha before departing.

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Fortunato rises from the commoner benches, having thoroughly made a nuisance of himself. He passes a glance over to the benches of the Faith.

Lark rises with her cousin, sharing a conspiratorial look with him as she takes her leave by his side.

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Samantha looks to Margot. "I've had several communiques in the last few minutes. Perhaps you and anyone else who would like to speak to me could join me at the manor?" She nods to Thesarin. "My lord, would you escort me?"

Margot nods to Samantha with a wave of her hand, as if to say lead on.

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Thesarin nods, "Gladly, my lady." He rises and joins his liege.

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Margot, Lydia, Thesarin leave, following Samantha.

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Once the meeting is called to order, Rymarr turns to send a stiff nod of his head to the knights gathered together behind him. At that the contingent of King's Own begin to march out of the Assembly of Peers in stoic silence.

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    Julea pushes up to a stand from her bench, and leans down to collect her pack from where it had been laid to rest beneath it. She puls it up to her shoulder and sets her hat on her head, before starting to make her way towards the exit.

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