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Whitehawk Craft Fair

The Whitehawk Craft Fair has finally started! There is minimal decor: the setting itself lends plenty already. Noteworthy additions, however, include an art gallery showcasing the paintings up for auction and a myriad of furniture and other crafts, some for sale and some for the upcoming raffles. Attendants serve finger foods and a fine selection of drinks for consumption.

There is an attendant with a bag, offering guests party favors. (bag with party tokens) as they enter.


Dec. 1, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

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Ephraim Tabitha Aiden Jyri Kenna Eshken Emele Delilah Bedivere Rhue Gaius Farrah Mina Evonleigh Jaufrey Sapphira Elora Khanne Calandra Reese Cirroch Maddox Felicia Sparte Gianna Isabetta Sabella Liara Ilvin Eddard Quenia




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Jayus Gallery of Art

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Comments and Log

Reese gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

Silas drops a portable artist's easel made of lightweight pine.

Silas drops a wooden jewelry box covered in tooled leather.

Silas drops a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Silas drops an elegant tea set made from porcelain china.

Khanne walks in and smiles at the attendant who hands her a small favor bag. She is dressed in mossy tones that make her red hair stand out like a flame. Drysi is, as ever, by her side, though both are rather quiet as they take in their surroundings, walking further into the gallery.

Silas drops an array of colored glass bottles.

Silas drops a classically elegant bookcase.

Silas drops a sturdy wooden crib with tapered feet.

Silas drops twined threads, a large tapestry.

Warrior, a skittish pygmy goat kid arrives, following Felicia.

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby kitten, Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, 2 Whitehawk Guards arrive, following Tabitha.

Kenna is dressed nicely, done up all in blues and whites for the night. She is off with those who have helped the Whitehawk's set everything up. They're each getting greatful hugs from the Whitehawk voice before she breaks away and goes towards the guests. Her smile is as bright as the sun, "Welcome! I am so glad each of you could come!" She repeats this for absolutely everyone who enters.

Calandra Whisper arrives with little fanfare but wide, dimpled smiles and an eager step. She wears a long-sleeved silk gown reminiscent of a blossoming stargazer lily, all rich tones and matching beaded silk slippers. The jewels are themed to the winged and crawling creatures that might frequent the lily, sparkling on her fingers, in her ebon hair. The Nightingale Whisper looks around, eyes wide, murmuring musically, "This is /incredible/!" And there's a deep curtsey for the noble hosts.

Tabitha is here, in the background, doing this and that, but you won't see her just yet. Busy busy!

2 House Deepwood Guards arrives, following Maddox.

Reese looks over to Kenna, having a gentle smile of greeting for the Lady. "Thank you for having us." She says softly to her. She peeks over to Isabetta a moment later and keeps close to the Lady. She then waves to Calandra and smiles toward Tabitha.

Cirroch is here as well! Yay! He's just walking in, looking around the place with a curious gaze, letting out a long, quiet whistle. "Quite the place," he mutters to himself with a smile upon his lips.

Maddox comes stepping in, looking about as he enters. His eyes bright and attentive and a slight smile on his face.

Felicia prowls in with the rest of the crowds, dressed in simple black leather with the usual presence of Wheelspinner on her hip as she comes to take a look at the wonder of the galley... for the first time, to judge from the absorbed expression on her face.

One of the ubiquitous Whitehawk ladies, Evonleigh, is also already present, ready to meet people as they enter. "Thank you for coming. Please take a look around and make yourselves at home," she says, nodding to each person as they enter or curtseying to those whose status outranks hers.

Sparte slips in quietly, finding a place to stand and admire the art. Because that is what you do, right? Stare at things on walls you only half understand.

Reese peeks over to Evonleigh. "Thank you." She says in her direction. She then waves in Sparte's direction.

Gianna Whisper makes her way into the exhibition hall, the heavy everwinter fur-adorned cloak parted but not removed. She's still too cold for that. Tilting her head up, the Nightingale touches one of the opals adorning her necklace and lets her gaze roam her surroundings.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The Whitehawk Craft Fair has finally started! There is minimal decor: the setting itself lends plenty already. Noteworthy additions, however, include an art gallery showcasing the paintings up for auction and a myriad of furniture and other crafts, some for sale and some for the upcoming raffles. Attendants serve finger foods and a fine selection of drinks for consumption.

There is an attendant with a bag, offering guests party favors (bag with party tokens) as they enter. - Bid form - Live bids - Descs

For raffles it is 1 economic resource/300 silver per ticket, done after the contest.=2473

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The Whitehawk Craft Fair has finally started! There is minimal decor: the setting itself lends plenty already. Noteworthy additions, however, include an art gallery showcasing the paintings up for auction and a myriad of furniture and other crafts, some for sale and some for the upcoming raffles. Attendants serve finger foods and a fine selection of drinks for consumption.

There is an attendant with a bag, offering guests party favors (bag with party tokens) as they enter. - Bid form - Live bids - Descs

For raffles it is 1 economic resource/300 silver per ticket, done after the contest.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: - Bid form - Live bids - Descs

For raffles it is 1 economic resource/300 silver per ticket, done after the contest.

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Bedivere.

Calandra grins to Reese, rising from her curtsey to offer the Princess Grayson a wave. "You look wonderful, Your Highness. The gryphons are incredibly striking." She turns to Evonleigh with another wave. "Lady Whitehawk. I'm looking forward to helping with the judging this evening. It's all I've been able to talk about in the last week!"

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby kitten have been dismissed.

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant have been dismissed.

2 Whitehawk Guards have been dismissed.

"We're glad to have you Princess," Kenna says with a swift curtsy to Reese, then winks to Evonleigh. "I feel like we've been planning this //forever//. I'm just happy it is here!" She giggles and when she sees Maddox raises a hand, "Lord Maddox! How are you doing?" Moving towards him in greeting.

Evonleigh beams when Calandra comes toward her. "I'm so pleased you accepted the invitation to come! We are quite honored to have you, and perhaps you'll do the honor of singing for us sometime before the evening is through," she says, reaching to offer a hand in welcome. "But no pressure, of course. We are happy to have you as a guest with no other strings attached."

Bedivere has joined the a small circular table draped in snowy linen.

Silas dusts off his hands once he is finished with his lifting and peers at the gathering crowd. He smiles, and cups his hands around his mouth to better project his voice.

"Auctions start now and last throughout the fair! Raffles are done at the end. Kenna is coordinating the later - the other attendants will collect bids throughout the night!"%n Silas shouts. "If you don't know what is up for bid or raffle, feel free to ask the attendants. Paintings are in the art gallery!"

He then pauses to catch his breath, and quiets down. "Thank you, everyone, for coming. There are favor bags, too, if you want them."

Isabetta gives Reese a hug and says something to her before looking like she's heading out.

Maddox smiles and bows politely to Kenna, "A pleasure to see this wonderful event." he looks about "This looks quite lovely." he then moves to head on in, letting Kenna continue to greet others.

2 Grayson House Guards, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Kenna is way too bouncy right now, but that's okay. Another familiar face is picked out, and she waves vigorously at Sparte. "Sparte!" Moving to intercept the guardsman, "Did your meeting go well? I'm almost afraid to see the state of the Officer's Quarters now."

Gianna tilts her head to the side, her gaze lighting on Evonleigh and Calandra. The bard arches her eyebrows and stalks that way, the corners of her mouth curving up just slightly in one of her usual almost-smiles. "Lady Evonleigh," Gianna greets the woman. She looks to Calandra, giving the woman's ensemble a quick once over. "Oh, bees. How adorable."

Silas picks up a bag with party tokens.

Silas drops a bag with party tokens.

"How good to see you and thank you so much for coming!" says Evonleigh to Gianna, also beaming at the bard's presence. "One moment, so I can introduce this contest."

Evonleigh moves to where Silas stands. She doesn't have to cup her voice, being an actress and used to projecting to the nosebleed seats, after all. "*As part of our festivities, we have a Songs on the Fly contest where our bards or would-be bards can write a song -- you guessed it -- on the fly, with a little help from the audience. Please let me know if you are planning to compete in this competition by raising your hands, and I'll explain the rules." She smiles widely. "You do not need to be a professional bard to take part -- and you can always go for the comedic route. Trust me, this is not a Bardic College calibre event, despite our lovely judges in attendance." She smiles at Gianna and Calandra. "Anyone with a heart full of song can sing, after all -- our voices are instruments of varying timbre and range, and all voices are welcome."

Bedivere gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

1 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Felicia gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

Calandra smiles a greeting to Gianna that is all warmth. "Gianna, lovely to see you. I hope you're well." The Nightingale Whisper turns back to Evonleigh's announcement, applauding. "Yes, come! I've been so excited to hear the voices of Arx this evening, all of them. Are you sure we can't make this contest mandatory?" the ebon-haired beauty teases.

Coral, a cross and over-critical clerk arrives, following Karadoc.

Silas picks up a bag with party tokens.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen leave, following Silas.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Silas drops a bag with party tokens.

"Sounds fun," Says Cirroch, mostly to himself though, shaking his head. "I'm not competiting. I'm no singer!" Seeing a familiar face, Sparte and Reese, he offers both of them a wave in greeting.

Gianna turns her faint smile to those gathered when she's introduced by Evonleigh, inclining her head in what would be a humble way for just about anybody else. "You really should join the College," she murmurs to Calandra, that smile still in place.

Felicia can't help but glance towards Calandra at 'mandatory', electing to park herself near the paintings with a curious tilt of her head and a worry of her teeth at her bottom lip.

Coral, a cross and over-critical clerk leaves, following Karadoc.

"Oh my Lady Whisper," Kenna catches the edge of what Calandra is saying, a grin stretched across her features. "I absolutely assure you - the last thing you want is me singing //anything//. I hear that the house staff would prefer if I never tried to sing //anything//."

Reese smiles over to Cirrich. he is watching the bids closely and sees to have a hard time keeping up. "Um, I can sing, sometimes." She murmurs.

Maddox begins to move around slowly quietly looking things over, he doesnt touch anything, but just moves slowly around the room. He does glance up when he spots the Grayson guards, and spots Sabella, giving her a smile and a wave in greeting without intruding on her.

Tabitha is still scurrying around in the background, but at the mention of mandatory singing, she goes skittering off to hide somewhere.

Calandra gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

Silas momentarily leaves, then hops back in, re-taking his place next to his cousin Evonleigh. He nods to Gianna's aside. "I concur. She and Sapphira both." He flashes a smile Evon's way. "I'll compete, if too many people are shy."

Sabella comes gliding in on the end of that announcement, bouncing a little baby bundle in her arms and beaming a smile around the room, "Oh, Elizabetta, go buy some raffle tickets from Lady Kenna. Lady Tabitha!" she calls out, giving a wave to her protege as she runs around. "What a lovely place for such a fair!"

Sabella gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

Liara shows up quietly, gaze roaming the gallery briefly after she enters, then she makes her way along to view the various exhibits, her features brightening with a smile as she takes things in.

Maddox picks up a bag with party tokens.

Calandra grins sidelong to Gianna, dimpling and demuring. "I don't think the bards college could handle two Nightingales. The Whisper House can barely handle us, hm? Though my patron, Master Rook Champagne, is a sponsor, I hear, so I shall be content with helping him to help you in your endeavor." There's a wicked brow waggle to Kenna. "I absolutely want to hear, now. You can't /possibly/ be as bad as that..."

Maddox drops a bag with party tokens.

Gianna gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

At this point, Tabitha does appear to curtsy to Sabella, and with a genuinely warm smile (that's a little nervous around the edges) she calls out, "Thank you, Princess Sabella!" And then, "Oh, and congratulations!"

Maddox gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

Maddox gets Quill and Ink Set from a bag with party tokens.

Calandra gets Quill and Ink Set from a bag with party tokens.

"Oh, but I really can." Kenna assures Calandra firmly, a grin lingering on her lips despite her passion for the fact that SERIOUSLY, no one wants to hear her sing. When she hears Sabella calling out her name she goes onto tip toes and waves broadly at her. "I'm glad you could come princess!"

Reese gets Quill and Ink Set from a bag with party tokens.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Gianna takes a moment to nod to Silas. Right? And then, "I'm sorry that your nickname would keep you from joining us," Gianna tells Calandra, also demurely.

Khanne quietly approaches Kenna, waiting in line to purchase some raffle tickets. When it is her turn, she smiles at the woman and hands over payment. "Good evening. Raffle tickets please. I... forget, what is the funds raised being used for?" She smiles a bit sheepishly, eyes scanning about, nodding at anyone she knows.

Khanne gets Quill and Ink Set from a bag with party tokens.

"Oh, gods no," says Evonleigh with a laugh. "I don't think I am in an position to require it, but if the Graysons present were to give the decree perhaps." She laughs at her sister's comments, and nods very solemnly after. "This is true. You do not want to hear Kenna sing. The hounds all wail until she stops when she does," she says teasingly. She gives a nod toward Silas, and adds, "If you do not wish to sing, but write a poem instead -- the idea is simply to take some inspiration from a few words given by the audience, and write a quick song -- or poem -- using those words. If we have no contest, perhaps our esteemed judges would simply honor us with a song or two of their choosing instead, while people take their time to examine the crafts."

"We could have a contest for the very worst singer?" Calandra offers up an alternative with a chuckle. "But I'd be happy to honor Whitehawk in any way I can, so many inspiring stories I have heard about your House and the good deeds it does for the Compact."

Kenna pints at Evonleigh. "She is teasing, but it's not far wrong. I broke glass once singing. Of course, my mother would tell you it was the ball I was throwing at Gauis when he made me mad but..." She winks before turning to Khanne. "We're working on some improvements in Whitehawk, and to fund some projects to encourage more Shav to come swear to the compact. The project is very dear to our Jyri."

Silas bites the inside of his mouth when Evonleigh offers writing as a suggestion. "I'll sing - I'm even worse at on-the-spot creativity," he admits. "And I'm not sure if you've learned to read my handwriting as well as Kenna has." He tilts his head curiously at Calandra, when she reveal that's she heard stories. "Really? Have you heard about the ghostly bovine that stalks our lands?"

Gianna's lips curve just a bit more to the left. "I'd be happy to sing, of course," she tells Evonleigh, turning her attention away from Calandra once more. "Whatever you decide." A pause, and she blinks twice. "Ghostly... cow?" she murmurs to Silas, eyebrows arching.

"Ghost cow?" Asks Cirroch, overhearing Silas as the man turns his way, lifting his brows to him. "As in, mooOooooOooOOOOooo?" He says, making a moo-ing wail at Silas. "Is it around because it was angry it was turned into steaks?"

Sparte looks away from the painting he has been looking at in an attempt to appear busy, giving a look to Silas of some concern.

Brother Solomon arrives, following Ilvin.

Reese look over to Kenna, nodding. "That sounds great, Lady Kenna.' She murmurs softly.

Reese is overheard praising Kenna: Great auction!

"No," Calandra replies to Silas with a laugh, "but I'd /love/ to! I can't even imagine how that story goes, and having grown up in the Lowers, I've heard a lot of weird stories on the docks. And I want even more to hear you sing, Baron Whitehawk, but I couldn't promise to judge you fairly." The Nightingale Whisper shakes her ebon head, jewels winking. "Perhaps a duel with Lady Kenna?"

"Oh!" Khanne nods a bit. "A good cause, indeed. Good luck tonight!" She smiles and takes her tickets, wandering off to find a place to watch the festivities.

Liara steps over towards Kenna to remark quietly, "Some marvellous pieces on display, my lady. Unfortunately, I have a prior engagement to attend, but as far as raffle things go, here." And she presents some money. "And in the off-chance that I'm actually supposed to be here in the event I win a thing, I suppose you might redraw it?"

"And I'm telling you Solomon, after being out and abroad for so long, I'd like a little bit of time to relax and let my hair down..." The Archlector speaks to his fussing attendant as he walks into the gallery, comfortably dressed in loose robes and a warm, fur-lined cape, with a pair of gloves tucked into his belt. "Besides, I heard there was an auction tonight, and it sounds *fun*. I hope I'm not late..."

Silas nods to Gianna, but looks mildly thoughtful at Cirroch's suggestion. "I don't think it was eaten. Though she may seek to protect others of her kind from such a fate." He snickers at Calandra. "You may regret that! But I always think I sound better than I actually do." Silas lifts his shoulders in a casual shrug. "But I'm never above making myself look like a fool, for the right cause. I only hope I don't shatter the glassware and make ears bleed."

"Well, if we're going for bad singing, /that/ I can contribute to... though it usually gets better after some whiskey." Felicia turns from her spot near the 'Emerald Queen' to direct towards those talking about the singing competition.

"Oh, that would be something that perhaps people would pay for me to stop singing!" Kenna winks at Calandra, before grinning at Reese. But then Liara is approaching and Kenna shakes her head, "Not at all. If you are gone I'll send you a messenger with your winnings. My Sally Acorn most l, oh," This is where a small furry red squirrel chatters angerly from the pouch she's curled up in, "//Princess// Sally Acorn. So sorry your majesty." That directed at the animal.

Reese looks over to Kenna. "This contest might be quite the epic treat with both Whisper Calandra and Whisper Gianna here." She murmurs softly.

"Guardian cow, now I've heard everything," says Cirroch to Silas with a shrug of his shoulders, then extends his hand out to Silas. "Marquis Cirroch Sanna. Great auction you are holding. I like the paintings."

"She's very squirreled away," Liara observes, in response to Kenna. "Anyway - some truly marvellous work on display there. And I'd better get on my way." And with that, the princess is off.

Ilvin walks further into the gallery, looking about, with a wide-eyed, boyish interest. He studies the items laid out with great curiosity. "What do you think, Solomon?" he says, as he stops before the portrait of the Crimson King, "...I like it, but do you think it'd be a bit much?" He strokes his chin.

Khanne has joined the a larger circular table draped in snowy linen.

Reese looks over to Ilvin. "Oh, a pleasure, Archlector Ilvin." She says seemingly all excited by his arrival.

Tabitha dips into a cursty as she notes Ilvin's ruminations, remaining for the moment neat to Sabella.

Silas offers Cirroch a friendly smile and pulls his extended hand in for a solid handshake. "Baron Silas Whitehawk. It's an honor to make your acquaintance, Marquis Sanna." His gaze drifts back to the art gallery. "Indeed, they're great paintings. The work of Jyri, who has recently pledged to our House, and my cousin Tabitha." He nods in Tabitha's direction, so his conversation partner has a face to put to the name. "I did the woodcrafting."

Khanne takes a seat and smooths her silk gown over her legs before looking up again, watching others interact.

Ilvin looks over to the others and grins, broadly, his hands clasped in front of him. "Blessings upon you." He says, before he straightens up. "...Could someone enlighten me? I seem to have come to the party late, but it all looks so terribly interesting, doesn't it? Also... hm. I don't suppose there's any white wine in circulation?"

"I think I'd like a drink," Gianna announces to no one in particular. "And to have a little look at the showing." The blue-clad bard says. She inclines her head to Evonleigh - "Do call me back when I'm needed, if I'm needed" - and makes her way to find a drink. She inclines her head to Reese as she passes her, and offers a faint little half-smile to Sabella. "Hullo!"

Reese looks over to Silas when he speaks of Jyri joining his house. "Oh, congrats, he is such an amazing talent. Probably chose the right house for art." She muses. She looks over to Gianna, having a smile for her.

With a quick smile to a servant, and a little wave of her hand, Tabitha gestures for white wine to be delivered to Ilvin, And there it is, passed over to him. White wine from Clemenstone Vale, crystal clear and delicious.

Felicia offers an upnod in the direction of Khanne, wincing as she adds to the bidding list and electing to find herself a seat.

Sabella shifts the baby from one shoulder to the other, rocking back and forth as she checks out the prizes on display, "Archlector," she greets Ilvin with a smile and then turns to Gianna, "Nightingale! Have you met Relara yet? She's smiling now!" She holds the mostly sleeping baby out as if to threaten her with holding.

"Delightful. Thank you, my dear," The Archlector says to the server, before he says, "And thank YOU," Before he raises the glass to Tabitha in a salute and takes a taste of it. "Gorgeous." He looks to Sabella, and grins.

Reese smiles over to Sabella and to Relera too. "She is super adorable." She says softly.

Drinks are also offered to those who would like them, attended to by politely smiling servants. Tabitha is keeping a close eye on everything. She looks SUPER nervous.

Gianna eases back a step and retracts her hands immediately when Sabella holds the baby out. "I have!" she tells Sabella. "At that last dinner at the mansion. I think everyone was a little distracted then. She's certainly lovely." And Gianna --- well, she doesn't scurry away, because that's not what an elegant Whisper does --- but she definitely leaves the immediate area and finds herself a glass of that Clemenstone Vale white wine.

Maddox moves quietly through the room, he will accept a glass of wine, as he continues to listen and examine the artwork.

Calandra stares rapt at the paintings with something like wistful desire, but there's more than half an ear for the explaining of the competition, too. A grin is given to Ilvin in passing. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Calandra Whisper," the Nightingale Whisper offers to the Archlector. "It's a pleasure. Will you be competing?"

Calandra is overheard praising Whitehawk: A wonderful night

"Well, I'm trying to figure out who's going to take my silver to bid on the tea set," Ilvin whispers back, sidelong, "But... sure, that sounds like a lark. And it'll make Solomon absolutely *clench*." He gestures to his hapless assistant.

Eddard arrives! Late, as usual without a trace or smell of caribou on him, thank all the gods. Pleasant and comfortable clothes for this evening. A list? Sure. He'll sign up for something. Whatever it is.

Khanne is overheard praising Whitehawk.

"We have some contestants! Now for everyone to help give them some inspiration," calls out Evonleigh. "I need ten words for them to incorporate into a song -- either adventure or romance, their choice. Since we only have a few singers, we'll keep it simple and have the same ten words for all of them. Soooo," she claps her hands together and looks out at the rest of those assembled. "Call out a few words and I'll create the list that they have to write their songs from!"

Reese looks over to the tea sea. "That is very very nice." She say ssoftly. She then smiles to Lord Eddard when he arrives.

Liara's squirrel pun has Kenna clapping her hands together gleefully, "That was a good one! Be well princess!" A tiny wave as the princess leaves, and she steps to one side to continue taking bids. Her eyes skip across the area before they settle on Ilvin by Sabella's side. "I'm not sure I've met you before my Lord," speaking directly to him, "But I am glad you are able to be here."

"COW!" Silas calls out, to Evonleigh.

Sparte flinches when Silas shouts cow, glancing around like he expects one to manifest.

Khanne twists her lips in thought, humming softly. Eventually, she calls out to Evonleigh, "lollipop."

Eddard...stands confused, doublefisting glasses of wine, one of which is already empty. "Celebratory?"

Calandra calls out, "Jayus!"

At the call of 'COW' Tabitha gasps, darts a sharp glance at Silas and indignantly calls back, "Silas! Don't talk to your cousin like that!"

Silas snickers at the collection of words already suggested. "Lolipop-wielding cow champions of Jayus."

Ilvin gestures to Solomon, who, after some fussing, opens up a purse and disgorges some bright coins, which the Archlector passes to Kenna. "Two tickets please. Specifically for the tea set, unless the drawing is for everything."

Poor Tabitha clearly did not hear the part about improvisational word games.

Sparte goes over to Kenna, handing her a sack on his way to find a corner to mutter in about cattle.

Sparte has joined the The Potters' Wheels.

"Did he call me a cow?" asks Evonleigh, glancing at Tabitha, narrowing her eyes dramatically at Silas, then grinning.

Then the Whisper Nightingale turns back to Ilvin with a wicked grin. "Making songs out of these words. It's going to be a great deal of difficulty not to blaspheme too terribly, I think. I don't believe I caught your name, my lord?" Calandra asks Ilvin.

Silas looks aghast at Evonleigh. "Of course not! I'd prefer not to have to sleep with one eye open."

Sabella beams at Reese and Gianna, "Isn't she? She's so good too. Always smiling!" that always smiling baby starts to fuss and is quickly handed off to Elizabetta who whisks her away to a quieter corner, "Motherhood is so exhausting," she says as she takes a glass of wine from a passing server.

"I'll submit orange, since it's hard to rhyme with," says Evonleigh with a smile. "Halfway there -- five more words!"

Kenna takes the silver from the Archlector Ilvin, grinning. "It is a drawing for all. Whomever's ticket is drawn first will get first choice of items till they are gone." She says this even as she looks over a shoulder and giggles at the play between Silas and Evonleigh. "Buy a good lock Cousin!" Then there's a bag of coins dropped into her hand from Sparte and Kenna pats him briefly on the back. There there Silas, it's okay. Back to the Ilvin, "That tea set is adorable though, right?"

"Oh. Ilvin of Steadworth, Archlector of Limerance." Ilvin says, turning to Calandra and then pausing -- he drains his wine glass and passes it to Solomon, his attendant, before he claps his hands together and gives a faint bow. "A pleasure." Then he gives a big grin. "Technically I'm supposed to admonish blasphemy! But I'm a little hard of hearing tonight."

Gianna calls out, "Strife!" from over by the painting of Dame Leola, her voice carrying easily. She has a demure sip of wine, eyes narrowing slightly.

With a little nod of agreement to Silas, Tabitha then quirks a small warm smile at her cousins before she goes off to do some more organizationingments.

Felicia can't help but mouth some of the words that are being suggested, a waiter flagged down for 'inspirational' whiskey shot even as she shakes her head at the suggestions being thrown around. There's a mumble under her breath and cast of her eyes towards the ceiling as she mourns the task she's signed herself up for.

Quenia slips quietly into the gallery, her expression curious as she squirts around the room to start looking at the various pieces. She doesn't really recognize too many people here, so she keeps to herself at first.

"Oh yes. It's a prize for whoever wins it." the Archlector says. "Limerance willing, me. And then all of you beautiful people will want to come have tea with me, since I'll own a fantastic tea set."

Silas seems amused at how the contest is unfolding so far. He expected nothing less. He glances to Evonleigh. "So what do we have now? Orange, cow, Jayus, celebratory, inspirational, and lollipop?"

"And strife," Gianna calls out in a sing-song voice to Silas.

Gianna wields Nightingale's Song.

When no more words are called out, Evonleigh glances around the room, keen ears picking up bits of conversation. "Our list is: orange, cow, Jayus, celebratory, lollipop, inspirational, strife... and lock, prize, and blasphemy." She smiles. "So," a sandfilled time glass is picked up from a small table, held up for all to see, "when this time is up, we'll have our performances."

"Performances? What unlucky folks have to figure out a song from those words?" Eddard laughs heartily from the audience.

"If I win it, Archlector," Calandra tells Ilvin, dark eyes dancing with delight, "it's yours if you'll let me be the first to have tea with you?" She cringes at the list of words thus far. "This will be a great challenge. I /hope/ your ears are plugged, Blessed Ilvin. I can offer the service of my hands to cover them, if it gets too dangerous."

"Tisk tisk," Kenna says, reaching out to attempt to tap on Ilvin's chest if he looks willing to allow it. "I'm sure everyone wants to visit you anyway, being all important that you are. In fact, I believe we have an appointment next.... Thursday, isn't that right?" So much beaming up at the ARchlector. "I'm doing a round of the different shrines, and I'd LOVE to speak to you about it."

"...Do we? I suppose we do! Write that down, Solomon, I have an appointment with this beautiful girl next Thursday." He puts his hands on his hips, and says, "And I'd love to be spoken to about it."

Silas nods to Gianna, and Evonleigh for the correction. "Those are certainly words," he sagely comments. Now, the hard part: actually coming up with a song. He looks at the hourglass, then looks ahead vacantly. Uh-oh...

Silas checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Probably best not to listen too close to Felicia's muttering, all things considered. There's a request for a refill, a /generous/ refill on the whiskey, and some paper and something to scratch on it with, becuase holy cow bells the redheaded knight's no Whisper.

Gianna takes a few moments to lean over and regard the jewelry box on display with some interest. She eases the lid open with one fingertip and peers inside, eyebrows arching. "Hmn."

Ilvin checked charm at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Calandra catches sight of Felicia's quandary and grins, dimples deepening on either side of her mobile mouth. "Sometimes best to just let the muse come naturally, my lady," the Nightingale Whisper offers with a dark-eyed wink. "Or pick something or someone in the room for inspiration. Perhaps the good Archlector of Limerance, here?" She offers up Ilvin with mischief.

Kenna claps her hands together when Ilvin says that they have an appointment. "Perfect. I'll be by the shrine then. We'll call it a date." That's said with a wink at the man before Kenna drifts herself off, heading towards Silas to try to hear what he's muttering for his song.

"Unfortunately like many priests, I had any sense of key or rhythm *beaten* out of me in seminary." The Archlector says, "So this should be absolutely execrable."

Gianna returns to Evonleigh, having had a quick tour of the art on display. "That is a truly wretched lot of words," she remarks, almost absently, as she watches various attendees mingle and mull over possible lyrics.

5 Sanna House Guards, Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met arrive, following Cirroch.

For the moment, her part in hostessing done, Evonleigh steps away for a few minutes to make the rounds, making sure all her bards' or bards' for the night alcohol needs are met. She turns when Gianna speaks to her. "It certainly is. I'm sure you're happy now not to be singing but judging? Maybe. All the audience might regret having to listen," the Whitehawk lady says with a grin, looking amused. "I'm glad I didn't have to sing after all... or come up with a song with those words. I would have, if we hadn't had at least four contestants."

Felicia wags a finger in Calandra's direction as if trying to ward off the dimples, if the solemnity is ruined by the flash of a grin when she elects to wind up her curls and pin them to the top of her head with her hairpins. Must be serious if the hair's going up. There's scribbling and scratching out and mumbling and whiskey. In fact, the second went down so well the poor server is going to get a work-out.

Cirroch is overheard praising Whitehawk.

Silas looks up to Kenna, helplessly. "I'm bad at this," he admits. "But I might be able to win if everyone else is worse." He leans in to whisper his song into her ear.

Kenna checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Kenna leans in to listen to Silas with his whirl of words, and has to reach up and slap a hand over her mouth as he whispers his rhyme to her. So much giggling going on right now. She's trying so hard to keep it in, and only //just// managing to keep her giggles behind that hand. She's turning red though, "That's //amazing//," is finally gasped out.

Silas blinks when Wilhelm, Sparte's assistant, approaches him with a latter. His gaze scans it over and he scratches his chin thoughtfully.

The colored sand in the time glass is about one quarter of the way through, seeming to slip faster and faster through the narrow bottleneck into the bottom of the glass.

"Your laughter brings me hope, cousin," Silas admits to Kenna with a grin.

"I was glad when you joined Prince Niklas' play," Gianna tells Evonleigh. "I do like your voice. I realize you're primarily an actress, but the College is always open to you if you care to join, you know," the Nightingale of said Bard's College murmurs.

"Are judges allowed to be bribed?" Calandra wonders mercilessly, her dark eyes dancing watching everyone frantically try to find a muse and compose a winning piece.

Kenna shoots a hand into the air, "I am absolutely bribeable," that in response to Calandra's words. "I left my Iron Guard Crest at home today."

"Maybe if they're cheap," Gianna tells Calandra before having a sip of wine.

"That is so kind of you!" Evonleigh says with another dimpled smile to Gianna. "I would love that. I could definitely use the tips and inspiration from your bards to better my own singing and performance." She grins over at Calandra. "Any side dealings, I hear nothing, I see nothing..."

Is Sparte slipping snacks to the adorable Dash, while he mutters and sulks by himself? Apparently he is.

Kenna has joined the The Potters' Wheels.

Reese seems to be working hard on her song! She looks all pensive!

After a moment of thinking to himself, the Archlector says, "All right, I think I have something." He says. "If it would make all of you feel better, I'll go first."

Felicia finally tosses her quill down and settles back in her seat. Whether she gave up in disgust or has some kind of lyrical diarhhea to inflict on the audience, who knows? She's currently working on her whiskey and running a hand across her hair.

Reese peeks over to Ilvin. "Oh, if you want Archlector." She murmurs to him, giving the man a smile that reaches her blue eyes. She has paper in front of her now that she clutches.

On another of her mousey-quiet journies across the gallery, Tabitha stops momentarily to dip down and whisper something to Sparte. She looks up when time-up is announced, though.

"Two against three, I'm thinking that it's okay," Calandra teases, shooting appreciative looks to both Kenna and Evonleigh. "I'll happily accept bribes of donations to the charitable good works of the Whitehawks!" If she's serious or not, it's hard to tell.

Eddard only caught on halfway through the timer that HE signed up to sing a song and got to work somewhat rapidly.

Ilvin checked charm at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

"As you say. All right everyone, here's my best shot." The Archlector clears his throat, and after a moment, begins to sing -- he has the enthusiastic voice perfected through years of religious ceremony coupled with absolutely no inborn ability to carry a tune -- enthusiasm and vigor must carry the day. He clears his throat, and begins. "Oh, Jayus's cow led an inspirational life / A great orange beast what caused blasphemy and strife; / One celebratory day I won her as a prize / But on her my jealous brother made a lock with her eyes / In midnight's darkest hour he let her run free / Come the morning sunrise this he gloated to me / But revenge, it was mine, as I said / 'I'm afraid, my old top, the cowpat that she left, I smear'd on your lollypop!' He seems terribly, terribly amused by this. His attendant Solomon looks like he's trying very hard to vanish.

Silas doesn't seem to have written anything down. Is it all in his head? This may prove to be a terrible mistake. He clears his throat and nods to Kenna, now looking super serious.

Reese turns to Ilvin, eagerly awaiting his song. "Oh, that is good!" She murmurs when his song comes to an end. She looks impressed.

Kenna is overheard praising Ilvin: That was AMAZING. Keep singing Archlector!

Ilvin checked charm at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Ilvin checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Silas checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Sparte is distracted from whatever he was fussing over to watch the performance. Jaw slightly agape.

Khanne covers her mouth as she chuckles, listening to Ilvin's song. When he is finished, she gives him a smile and applause.

Felicia bobs her head in amusement for Ilvin's performance, applauding with a broad grin. Apparently she figures she's liquored up enough, now, at least, there's no requests for further whiskey forthcoming at this point.

Kenna checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Evonleigh applauds when Ilvin bursts out in song. "Thank you, Archlector! Next up is Lord Eddard!"

"I want to record that song in a book. If I can remember it. I probably won't be able to though." Reese says half to herself. She then cheers as Lord Eddard is announced.

Ilvin bows his head and sweeps away. "Oh, that was FUN! More wine, please."

Tabitha just blinks open-mouthed at Ilvin's beau--- well-worded song. With one hand behind Dash the the corgi's ear, her fingers halted their tickling, and the other hand placed across her heart, she looks struck with awe, I tell you. Probably one step away from heart-eyes, to be honest.

Calandra applauds the efforts of the Archlector, listening intently, her laughter musical when it comes. She takes a moment at the end, and then scribbles something down thoughtfully, sending it Evonleigh's way via runner.

Silas stifles his laughter at the conclusion of Ilvin's song. Barely. The notion of an Archlector composing such a thing, and singing it so delightfully was just as humorous as the contents of the song itself. "That... that's going to be hard to beat."

Silas is overheard praising Ilvin.

Gianna blinks a few times as Ilvin sings and, holding her wine glass very carefully, she applauds when he finishes it. It's a bit difficult to read her expression. She seems to be taking it very, very seriously.

Maddox is definately not going to be singing or anything, but he seems like he is interested in hearing the others. he smiles and applauds as the first song is sung.

Eddard hup-hup-hups over to wherever people are standing for their performances. The young man has elected not to bring his lute with him, because thats cheating. Obviously. A quick glance about the gathered audience before he'll launch into his song.

A long long time ago, in a town called Lollipop Zoo

there lived a family, inspirational and true

But nay, there was a black sheep, who's strife made them all so blue

The young man's music was called blasphemy

they locked away his lute, he snuck out and lived in a granary

Jayus, can you hear me,

I am lost and so alone

My father thinks music is distracting

and I should focus on the bees

I hear you, brave young Eddard

You are hungry for the prize!

Escape your father's clutches

and this oppressive town!

On a journey you must go

to find the land of Arx

(Credit To Jack Black)

Eddard checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

2 Grayson House Guards have been dismissed.

Clark, an exasperated guard have been dismissed.

Reese cheers for Eddard even as she clutches her own song. She seems all into this contest.

Kenna is overheard praising Eddard: That's a SAD SONG, not a happy song!

Eddard's song? Well that actually gets some applause from Tabitha.

"THAT IS A SAD SONG!" Kenna calls out to Eddard, her hands about her mouth as she catcalls. "And you didn't use cow!"

Evonleigh applauds for Eddard, raising her brows at the quality of the man's performance (no anxiety there, apparently.) "Next up is Reese!" she calls out, looking for the princess with a smile.

Silas looks mildly disappointed at the lack of cows, but otherwise impressed by Eddard's clear performance skills. "Oh so we -do- have a legitimate bard in our midst."

The applause keeps coming from the Nightingale Whisper. Calandra whistles at Eddard's tune, clearly enjoying this contest to the fullest. Another moment, another score sent to Evonleigh.

Ilvin looks up, and claps, enthusiastically. "Oh, *glorious*" The archlector says. "Well DONE, firehair!" He grins at Eddard, broadly, and then winks, before he gets a fresh glass of wine. "I assume the cow was the one who sang the song to him in the first place. At least that's how I interpret it, and I AM a theologian of note."

Felicia apparently rethinks the whiskey thing after Eddard's performance, though at least, to her credit, she's just sipping this one. There is a glance towards the door but from the way she takes in a deep breath and straightens slightly she's at least determined to go to her doom with some form of dignity.

Reese steps up and tries to sing her song!

Reese checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Once during a blood orange moon

a knight named Sir Blorenge went

riding upon

his silvery white cow.

He sang loudly, proudly of a vow.

He rode past the gory red lands,

his song celebratory. His faith in

Jayus strong. Soon we cleanse

the pus. On his silvery white cow

he rode. To fill his powerful vow

and fight against all the strife.

His weapon crafted by a wife,

a prize, an orange lollipop of

a size! He would mop the land

with such.

Many men did mock

and yet he still fought to lock in

beauty in Jayus' name

Some said

It is blasphemy and yet Sir Blorenge

said it is me! It is inspirational!

And he fought for

national need.

He fought with his lollipop and

rode is cow and he kept his vows

and mopped all the land in sweet

blood orange. Sir Blorenge!

Kenna is overheard praising Reese: Blorenge!

Gianna has to give up her wine so she can write little score notes to pass to Evonleigh; she applauds once each song is over, her expression remaining neutral. Mostly. Every so often, an eyebrow will arch or there'll be a quick quirk to the corner of her lips.

Silas checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

"Blorange is a wonderful name. Perhaps the next royal child will bear it," says Evonleigh while she claps, taking the score cards and grinning. "Baron, you're up, cousin," she says. "I so look forward to this."

More musical laughter from Calandra. "I've never heard anyone so ably rhyme something with orange," she calls out to Reese, applauding and then writing down her score to send to Lady Whitehawk.

Maddox is overheard praising Kenna.

Reese smiles over to Evonleigh and then Calandra, seemingly flattered by her words. "I should tell Sabella to name her next baby such." She says hopefully.

Felicia is overheard praising Whitehawk.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Ilvin.

Ilvin applauds, enthusiastically! "What fun."

Evonleigh is overheard praising Reese.

Ilvin is overheard praising Reese.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Eddard.

Maddox smiles a bit and claps clearly impressed by the skills.

Silas gapes at the length and quality of Reese's performance and song. "Well, okay, time to make myself look the fool as promised." The Lord Commander of the Iron Guard clears his throat and strides towards the makeshift performance area. He takes another second to properly prepare his best singing voice... and he sounds like a dying moose. At least it isn't high enough to actually shatter the glass valuables, but cringing? Plenty of that among the servants, at least.

Jayus came to me one rainless August night

He taught me how to wield my inspirational might

My first attempt, was a wooden cow

Not the best prize, looking at it now

I tried to sell it, in vain

And in my sorrow, consumed a lollipop in the rain

My poor wooden cow remains in a box, behind a lock

So my blasphemy no one can mock

Molded in love, my strife remains unseen

For the wooden cow that could have been

Noting the reception, he slowly slinks back into the crowd.

Silas is overheard praising Reese.

Maddox is overheard praising Silas: A wonderful art and musical opening

Evonleigh is overheard praising Silas.

Ilvin is overheard praising Eddard.

Kenna puts fingers in her mouth and WHISTLES LOUDLY.

Ilvin is overheard praising Silas.

Kenna is overheard praising Silas: Poooooor wooden cow.

Reese looks over to Silas at his words and her eyes widen. "Oh, wow, so well written." She murmurs softly.

Having whispered something to Sparte, and then applauding first to Reese, and then to Silas, Tabitha declares, "That was wonderful, Princess Reese." And then to her cousin, "The words were excellent, Silas!"

Gianna's eyes narrow. There's a little twitch beneath her left eye as Silas makes... makes those noises. With his mouth. And his throat. She quickly writes something on a slip of paper to be passed to Evonleigh.

"Whitehawk, represent!" calls out Evonleigh, grinning at Kenna's whistle. "We all understand inspiration that fails to realize itself, no?" she says with a smile for her cousin, applauding, then taking the notes from her judges and adding them to her notebook.

Felicia gives Silas a sympathetic wince and glances towards her own paper anxiously. A look at Reese, and Eddard, and then up towards the ceiling with a sigh, dredging her paper out from under her quill with a grimace.

"You couldn't carry a tune in a bucket." The Archlector says to Silas, "But I assure you, in the eyes of Limerance you're *adorable*." He makes a benediction on him.

"That leaves us with Dame Felicia. Don't look so sad -- it's meant to be fun, love," Evonleigh says with a grin for the harrowed-looking Harrow.

Felicia checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Calandra doesn't cringe. Instead, the ebon-haired beauty calls out, "Very good use of mood, Baron Whitehawk! Rainless August nights are my favorite nights!" And then she's applauding and writing down a score for Evonleigh.

Bedivere stands up from where he had been fairly quiet this whole time and holds up a single fist (his left one) in an upward shake of a symbolic cheer because actually applauding is beyond possible.

Silas chuckles when Ilvin doesn't bother to lie to him. "Your honesty is appreciated, Your Grace. I will try better to make my voice sound more adorable next time."

Bedivere says, "Good singing, Nephew."

"Adorable is about the best that can be said of my voice as well, and not in a particularly flattering way, despite what our esteemed judge tells me so kindly," Evonleigh says in an aside to the archlector, and with a grin to Gianna. "It might run in the family."

"Oh, *piff*." Ilvin says. "Nobody here should be embarassed, that's why I went first. My song is based on a true story, in point of fact. Though my sister would NEVER admit that I did that to her."

Silas looks over to Bedivere, when he finally pipes up. "Thank you, uncle." There's a pause. "And all of my wonderful cousins."

At that, tabitha pipes up, "You have a lovely voice, Evonleigh. And Sapphira certainly does!"

"No," Gianna tells Evonleigh and Ilvin, quietly but earnestly. "That was really awful."

Bedivere nods once to Silas before he sits back down where he had sat before then pipes up right after Tabitha do. "Quite right!"

Felicia rises to her feet, eyes the gathering and then shrugs her shoulders slightly, abandoning her paper,"Ah, alright." she offers as she dusts off her hands. Apparently it's going to get 'musical' accompaniment. If one can call the stomp-rhythm she starts as she collects up her whiskey. There's a breath and some 'inspiration' in the form of liquid courage taken before she elects to warble:

Aye's, a cow of a thing,

to put to a song.

Orange lollipops and celebratory wrong.

Jayus forgive me,

for the sins that I wreak,

inspirational strife and merriment bleak.

Adventure's a crock,

with your eyes on a prize,

a blasphemy written in cadence and lies.

But with a bit of whiskey,

and a whole lot of luck,

clearly I'll keep the drinking on lock.

So tip back the whiskey,

and bring me a beer,

and maybe your ears will recover next year!"

She offers in bar-room drinking song style, finishing it by draining her glass and offering the room a bow.

Kenna is overheard praising Felicia: A poet and she didn't even know it!

Silas is overheard praising Felicia.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Felicia.

Silas is overheard praising Eddard.

Gianna touches two fingertips to her chin, her eyebrows arching. Then she's writing another quick number on a bit of paper and passing it along.

Ilvin is overheard praising Felicia.

Kenna is overheard praising Silas: The craft fair went off well!!

Silas applauds Felicia heartily. "Beer solves everything!" He declares.

Calandra applauds enthusiastically, foot stomping along in rhythm to Felicia's song. There's a bright smile on her face at the end, and the score is sent towards Evonleigh. "Bravo to you all!" the Nightingale Whisper calls out. "It takes a lot of courage and skill and you rose to the occasion beautifully."

Sitting down on a seat next to Sparte, Tabitha looks a little flustered around the edges from all the skittering around she's been doing. Her eyes are wide, but she aims a beaming smile and a little wave at Bedivere when he speaks up. Gianna's comment about Silas' singing gets a sympathetic expression moving across her face, but then she looks over to Felicia with a mixture of surprised and approval. Hands are brought together in polite but enthusiastic applause before she turns back to say something quietly to Sparte.

Ilvin is overheard praising Calandra.

The catchy words and rhythm make Evonleigh tap her toes. When the song ends, she applauds heartily. "Agreed. Thank you so much for all of your lovely songs. Let me finish tallying these scores, and we'll announce the winners in just a moment!"

Tabitha has joined the The Potters' Wheels.

Sparte gives Felicia an approving smile, though he is mostly keeping his tone low and visible attention shifted to Dash. Who is the best boy? We all know the answer.

Ilvin is overheard praising Kenna.

Reese peek over to Felicia. "That was amazing. Although I do feel like having a whiskey now." She peeks around for a drink and takes an ale instead.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Calandra.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Gianna.

Gianna raises her hands to applaud. "Such efforts!" she remarks, which is not as encouraging as kinder Nightingales, but whatever. Gianna makes a low-key grabby hand at a passing server with wine and, when it's presented to her, quickly downs a gulp.

Calandra is overheard praising Ilvin.

Calandra is overheard praising Eddard.

Calandra is overheard praising Reese.

Calandra is overheard praising Silas.

Calandra is overheard praising Felicia.

"There is rarely a wrong time for whiskey, your highness." Felicia opts towards Reese with a wink, cheeks flushed as much from whiskey as the embarressment of performing as she goes to drop backk into a seat,"Compared to a couple of real talents in the room, though... well, I'm just good at encouraging people to drink?" she offers with a toothy grin.

Gianna gets that wine, and moreover a sort of starstruck little grin from the female servant who delivers it. Tabitha has been watching the servants all night, giving them little sideways nods to indicate that more alcohol to provided to anyone who wants it.

Bedivere waves back to Tabitha! He gets up and shifts over to the wheel.

In fact, it seems like there may be a few fans of the Whispers present here. Lots of giggling from small groups and 'look, it's her' and all that.

Bedivere has left the a small circular table draped in snowy linen.

Bedivere has joined the The Potters' Wheels.

Eddard has joined the a larger circular table draped in snowy linen.

Evonleigh stands and smiles at the group. "Thank you again for your brave and dauntless participation in the Songs on the Fly, and a very sincere thank you to our esteemed judges. Our first place winner will have their choice of the adventurers kit, a perfume display case and perfumes, or their choice of the prize trunk's cloaks or belts," she says. "Annnnnd the first place goes to Princess Reese!"

Felicia whistles sharp approval for Reese and applauds, the grin writ on her face wry as the sparkle in her eye. The parchment with her song on it does at least get rolled up and shoved in her cincture though.

Silas whoops for Reese, and gestures at the prize trunk and the perfume display case. "Congratulations, Reese! And great job."

"And our second place will have second choice of those items," Evonleigh continues, turning to smile at Eddard. "Lord Eddard is our second place winner!" She applauds for Eddard, before adding, "And finally our third place runner up is," she pauses, "Dame Harrow! She will get third choice of those items. Thank you again for coming and singing and praising Jayus with us!"

"Oops, I think that's my cue!" Kenna bounces up from her spot, and winks at all of the people at the table. "Love you all." And then she's just going to bounce herself away to go cheer on the winners.

Kenna has left the The Potters' Wheels.

Silas picks up an array of colored glass bottles.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen leave, following Silas.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Calandra applauds the winners until her hands are red from clapping. "This was amazing." To Evonleigh, "Thank you, Lady Whitehawk, for allowing me to participate. I've had the most enjoyable night!"

Eddard gets a canvas backpack with leather accent straps from a simple wooden trunk - Prizes.

Reese seems all happy with her win and she admires the display the case. "Wow...I love Baron Silas' work so much." She murmurs softly. She gives Eddard a smile.

Silas smiles warmly at Reese. "I miss having you come by my shop and buying everything. I know it's going to be used well."

Eddard pulls through canvas backpack from the trunk itself. "I always loved a mystery bag." The fasteners are unthreaded and he peers into the backpack before he heads back towards his table. "An adventurer's kit has 8 bottles of fizzkey wine?"

Gianna has a glass of wine and thus cannot applaud. Instead, she simply smiles one of her slight smiles and raises her glass in toast to Evonleigh, and to Calandra, and then to the rest of the attendees.

Reese looks over to Eddard, seemingly all curious. "It does? That is quite the adventure you will be having."

Felicia can't help but blink,"Me? But... the Archlector was better?" she insists, an apologetic look shot in Silas' direction. Not that she's about to complain about going to rummage through the trunk after Reese and Eddard, not by a long shot. It's not likely to be any kind of surprise when she goes for the black cloak, smoothing her hands over it admiringly. Even if she can't help but glance towards Eddard at the idea of an adventurer's kit of whiskey with at least some small envy.

Felicia gets a rustling black silk cloak embroidered with bats that appear in just the right light from a simple wooden trunk - Prizes.

Eddard gets a rectangular steel-framed candle lantern from a canvas backpack with leather accent straps.

"Archlector," Silas intones. "Help yourself to one of the leftover prizes in the trunk. You deserve it."

"Oh, pfff," Ilvin says, "The point of these contests for me isn't to *win* them. My station is lofty enough." Ilvin sips his wine, lightly. "It's to have a good time, meet the people, spread the love of my god..." He turns, and looks to the chest, and approaches it. "Hmm."

Silas gets a silken white cloak with iridescent snowflakes embroidered along the hem from a simple wooden trunk - Prizes.

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 126

Standing, Kenna claps her hands together cheerfully. "It's time to pull the raffle tickets!" There's going to be a BOWL that numbers have been put in, and Kenna dives her arm into it and pulls out a nmber which she announces, "126! You get first choice of our raffle choices!"

Ilvin removes the cloak, and shakes it out. "Glorious." He says. He takes his cloak off and hands it to his attendant, before he puts it on with a flourish. "It'll have to be taken up a bit, since it was made for a taller man than me, but I always DID like a cloak with a low hem." He works to adjust it, so it's not dragging on the floor.

Reese looks up at the mention of her ticket being drawn. She seems all excited. "Oh, wow..." She says and glances over the ideas. Her cheeks are pink and she looks excited. "That cloak is very lovely." She then adds to Ilvin.

Ilvin winks at Reese, as he continues fiddling with the clasp.

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 275

Silas settles into a seat at one of the circular tables now, smiling and watching the raffle now unfold.

Kenna beams at Reese, "Go ahead and choose out your prize! Thank you so much for helping us raise funds for Whitehawk!" She waves towards the items, and then plunges her hands in to do it AGAIN. "This time... 275!"

Silas has joined the a larger circular table draped in snowy linen.

Reese seems drawn to the bookcase. "Oh, I have to have this. It has books, I don't have." She says.

Ilvin looks at his tickets, and snaps his fingers. "So close."

Silas picks up a classically elegant bookcase.

Silas has left the a larger circular table draped in snowy linen.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen leave, following Silas.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Felicia can't help but blink,"Oh, hey, that's me." she offers a little belatedly, from the slight moue that crosses her face she was eyeing the bookcase, but instead after turning her ticket in she picks up the tea set, and bee-line directly for Ilvin with it to present to him.

Felicia picks up an elegant tea set made from porcelain china.

Silas chuckles when the bookcase is the first raffle prize to be taken. "I know that'd be a favorite for the book hoarders. It's all yours."

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 130

So my clapping goes on, even as Kenna claps a hand to her heart. "That makes everything about me happy." Then, it's back to BUSINESS. The Business of GIVING STUFF AWAY. "Number 130!"

Ilvin blinks, and then he puts his hand over his mouth. He grins... and then he waves his hand. "No. No, that's *yours*." He says, waving it off. "Really, you're so sweet, but it'd be unseemly to take such a princely prize from you as a gift. I have a perfectly fine tea set in my apartments."

Evonleigh tips her head when Felicia heads to the earnest Archlector to give her prize to him. "Oh, gods, how sweet is she," she murmurs, one hand touching her chest. "That is just lovely."

"That's wonderful," Calandra concurs with Evonleigh, the gesture bringing a smile to her lips too.

Tabitha places her hands over her heart, looking very touched! How lovely.

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 9

Silas looks between Felicia and Ilvin. "We all know that was what you were gunning for, Archlector. Let Dame Harrow make your dream come true."

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 246

"Blessed Archlector, it is my honor to give this to you." she advises to Ilvin insistently,"Although it was with his majesty's grace that I was recently excused from vows made to him, I still feel that there is penance to be made to Limerance for doing so. It will do some small measure in giving it to you. And look better in your apartments than my family's home, assuredly." she advises with a wink.

"It looks like our next is from someone who had to leave us early, but Princess Liara had me mark down her name, so.... I'll give her the crib. Graysons are always having babies, right? It'll make a good gift." Kenna had pulled another ticket, and then goes to scoot the crib off to one side. Claimed for now.

Kenna picks up a sturdy wooden crib with tapered feet.

Gianna arches an eyebrow at Felicia's words, immediately turning her attention to Ilvin to see his reaction. Her lips part like she's going to say something, but she doesn't.

Ilvin looks down, and then lets out a sigh, before he says, "I suppose this is going to turn into a fight about which of us is more modest. Well, I suppose, I lose." He graciously accepts the gift, and then leans in to kiss Felicia on the forehead. "Bless you child, you have completely embarassed me, and *that* is some trick."

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 157

Reese nods in response to Kenna. "So many Grayson babies." She says, but she sounds cheerful about such.

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 181

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 80

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 12

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 133

"Make sure it's named Blorange," quips Evonleigh about the next Grayson baby.

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 151

Kenna has rolled 1 293-sided dice: 53

"Well. Yes. Lou Grayson has selected me to be her protege. Which involves following her along and recording the results of her expeditions. So. We're going someplace very cold, very soon." Khanne and Eddard are sitting at the same table and discussing the contents of the adventurer's backpack.

Felicia dips her head, well, as gracefully as she can so as not to make the height difference too obvious, offering Ilvin a flash of a smile,"Enjoy in good health, Archlector." she requests before electing to prowl back to her out of the way seat.

"Lady Khanne, you are our second to last winner! Please come choose between this tapestry and display case!" Then it's down to the final item, and Kenna digs down deep before pulling out a number, "Princess Sabella! Oh... wait," Kenna goes up onto tip-toes, "I don't know how in the heavens she managed to sneak out. Anyway! The final prize goes to her. Thank you ALL who helped us raise these funds!"

Reese looks over to Evonleigh. "I really think thats a good idea. I just need to talk to Sabella into this plan. Might be an epic feat." Reese then looks over to Eddard. "Oh, congrats." She says when he speaks of his patron. She has a smile for him.

Evonleigh grins at Reese. "An epic feat worthy of ballads sung in your honor, I am sure," she says with a grin. "Congratulations, winners! Thank you so much for coming," she says, rising from the chair she's somewhere along the way sunk into to watch the raffle.

Khanne rises up from her seat and conversation with Eddard when her name is called. "Oh! Well, if you want to adventure, she is definitely the best patron for you. I think I have heard of that trip... I'm a bit interested in it... Pardon me." She smiles and looks over the prizes that remain. "The tapestry, I think. It will look lovely in the Study at the Halfshav estate."

Kenna picks up a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Khanne picks up twined threads, a large tapestry.

"Well done," Gianna tells Evonleigh, inclining her head to the lady. "I think I'll take another look around." That said, the Nightingale of the Bard's College turns in a swirl of velvet silks, wine in hand.

Maddox quietly starts making his way toward the exit finally, he smiles as he slips on out.

2 House Deepwood Guards leaves, following Maddox.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Kenna.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Tabitha.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Whitehawk.

"Indeed, thank you. This was a splendid evening, and Whitehawk is eternally grateful," Silas stands as he addresses the crowd. "This won't be the last craft fair we hold - we're quite fond of Jayus. We hope to see all of you here again in the future." Silas claps. "Five more minutes before the auction is finally closed and the winners are announced. We have a bit of clean up to do."

"Oh, thank you, Princess Reese. It seems like it will end being /very/ interesting." Eddard pulls the whiskey bottle free now to examine it.

Eddard gets a cloudy green bottle of potent common whiskey from a canvas backpack with leather accent straps.

Silas picks up a simple wooden trunk - Prizes.

Kenna gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

Evonleigh gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

Kenna gets Quill and Ink Set from a bag with party tokens.

Then Ilvin heaves a great sigh. "I will have to find a way to repay all of you for this incredible kindness." He says, "Somehow, some way." Then he gestures. "I'm afraid Solomon and I have a little bit of shopping to do... I don't suppose one of you could direct me to a merchant open at this late hour?"

"One of our guards can show you, Archlector," says Evonleigh, summoning one of the Whitehawk guards to direct the man to the city center. "It was so nice to meet you and thank you for coming. It was truly a blessing to our house to have you here."

"Don't forget our meeting!" Kenna calls out after Ilvin, "Thursday!!"

Khanne gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

Eddard gets a festive favor bag from a bag with party tokens.

Ilvin pauses, and then he winks at Kenna, before a grin splits his face. Solomon presses a quill and ink set into his hands. "Oh, delightful--"

Standing from where she sits with Bedivere and Sparte, Tabitha has a word with the servants, then waves to her cousins. Before she leaves, she sorts out a few last arrangements.

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