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Dame Morrighan's Birthday Bash II

All are invited to stop by and visit the Redrain Ward for Dame Morrighan's birthday festivities! There will be entertainment provided by minstrels, food and liquor aplenty, and more! Feel free to join and participate in a dagger, hatchet, and axe toss, with awards going to first, second, and third place winners! Depending on interest, there may also be wrestling matches for you brawling types out there, a little something for archers, and after all the games there will be a little friendly drinking competition, and the last one standing receives a trophy. So whether you come to fill your gullet, participate in the festivities, sit by the fire, or dance the night away, all are welcome!


Nov. 17, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Darren Rowenova Acantha Triton Fortunato Eilonwy Khanne Arik Sparte Mirk Cillian Cirroch Amund Brianna Valencia Elias Draven Tesha Lucita



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Grounds

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a grey horse with black points, Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrive, following Rowenova.

Darren comes walking out of the Villa and onto the grounds, carrying a little redheaded lordling in his arms. The child squirms around excitedly, flailing his arms while Darren tries to avoid getting punched in the face. "Mo! Mo! Mo!" the babe chants, which just makes Darren laugh loudly. He sets the child down once they are on the grounds proper, and little Taran immediately waddles in Morrighan's direction. "This looks like quite a celebration!" Darren mentions proudly as he walks over to Morrigahn, "Happy birthday, Morrighan."

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrive, following Sparte.

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger leave, following Sparte.

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrive, following Sparte.

Atop her grey palfrey with black points (and equally dark dorsal stripe), the wolf scout Rowenova Bruvir rides up toward the ensuing festivities with her trusty friend Sir Floppington dutifully heeling alongside the ridden horse. Underneath one arm, Nova has a mysterious item under a covering cloth!

Ugarte arrives, following Fortunato.

Acantha gives a smile to Morrighan and there's a shake of her head, "I think everyone should have cake for their birthday." she tells her. "I hope you enjoy it." she tells her. Then there's a smile to Arik and a nod, "Good evening my Lord." she tells him. Then there's a smile to Khanne, "It's nice to meet you, Lady Khanne." she states. Then there's a look to the High Lord as he appears and there's a smile, "Your Grace." she greets Darren. Then she steps back to wait for someone.

Triton finds his way in...probably by following the growing crowd, craning his head around to check out faces and look for familiarities. Well, he's a little on the short side, which makes that a bit harder to accomplish, but at least people get big hands waved at them as he ducks his way around the taller folks. Spying the birthday girl already engaged, he veers off towards Arik and his entourage, sorta, following voices he recognizes.

2 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Mirk.

A small man in black slips into the periphery of the grounds, his dark eyes searching the crowds.

Coming out to the party, Eilonwy has a bowl tied into a napkin in hand. She spots Arik and drops off the parcel with him looking at his post fight face with a small cluck of her tongue before wandering off. Her eyes crinkle in amusement as she goes to look for Morrighan to greet.

Khanne walks over to Morrighan to lean down and give her a one-armed hug. "Happy Birthday, Morrighan. I am sorry I do not have a gift this time... forgive me?" Standing again she smirks at Arik. "Maybe you shouldn't sing, eh?" She nods towards Acantha and says, "hello, a pleasure to meet you." For the record, she looks far better than Arik... not only is she not beat up, but, she's lovely; willowy with porcelain skin and wine-red hair. She is, perhaps, under-dessed by most people's standards, wearing a silk gown of white, but it has a hood with fur on! But, she rarely dresses much more warmly. She smiles at Darren then. "Hey! Good to see you, Darren! Kid duty tonight? How is Donella?"

5 Sanna House Guards, Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met arrive, following Cirroch.

Arik is loitering near the benches in grand courtyard and accepts the wrapped bowl of berries with a brief and easy exchange with Eilonwy before make a *hrmph* sound at his sister Khanne. "Good songs don't need good voices. The lyrics are the reason we sing em, just like you don't expect everyone shouting 'To the Last' to be pretty to hear either." he mutters something else in uncouth northlands shav while unwrapping his own gift from Eilonwy and popping some berries into his mouth.

Arik says in Northlands shav, "I'll just hire some commoner to follow me around and sing worse than me to make my voice sound better, mrrrrr."

Sparte slips into the gathering, glancing around as he goes. Rather than step up to greet anyone directly he offers small smiles and little finger ways when people glance his way, continuing on along until he finds a quiet spot to sit.

3 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Cillian.

Sparte has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Acantha gives a smile when she sees Triton and she raises a hand to give a bit of a wave to him, "Lord Ravenseye." she calls. Then there's a look to Arik and she laughs at what he says. "No reason to do that...just take some singing lessons." she grins at him. Some protege she is, telling him to practice.

Eilonwy says in Northlands shav, "That won't make a songbird out of your cawing."

Mirk arrives slightly late, a bottle of whiskey under his arm, most of his family already arrived. "Do that, Cousin," he says, to announce his arrival, "And we'll all pitch in to have them assassinated. I cannot imagine worse." He offers Arik and Khanne both a nod of his head, smirking slightly, before he approaches Morrighan. "I haven't been to a birthday party in a while. Should I hold off on the gift, place it somewhere else for now, or allow you to get drunk on it now?" He indicates the bottle of whiskey he's carrying, strangely only half full.

Cillian comes walking into the grounds he maybe a bit late? but he is here none the less. Folding up a letter and sticking it into a pouch his hazel eyes look around to see who is present.

Cake AND babies. Morrighan knows that chant anywhere, visibly perking up, looking for the source. It doesn't take but a moment for her to spy Darren and the little Prince, and the sight of the pair brings a jubilant smile to her face. The dame just gets downright giddy. "Ah, there's tha' lil' boy, an' he's got pants on this time!" she states with cheerful laughter, fingers wiggling and reaches down to lift the waddling Taran. "It's good tae see you both, I'm glad you could make it," is remarked to the father son duo while giving the latter a tickling at his stomach. "I dunnae remember if'n I had cake last year, but there was an awful lot o' drinkin'. An -awful- lot o' drinkin'." The sword offers the toddler a gentle hug before moving to return him to the High Lord, now that people are beginning to filter in. "Dunnae worry about it, Khanne, gifts are nae necessary, jus' bein' able tae see so many o' th'fealty in one place is gift enough, more so if'n you all get tae have fun," she states, returning the side hug to the Halfshav, and notes to the belated arriving one, AKA Mirk. "Now or later, does'nae matter, mighty thoughtful o' you, though."

Khanne has joined the shaded garden grotto.

The small man in black scratches under his elbow, exhales through his teeth, and approaches Morrighan rather directly. The ebb and flow of crowd seems to make him antsy.

Darren has joined the shaded garden grotto.

Arik has left the courtyard benches.

Arik has joined the courtyard benches.

In comes Cirroch, bearing no presents! The shame. Though he does come in bearing smiles as he heads over to Morrighan, giving the woman a wave in greeting. "Happy birthday, Dame Morrighan." He looks over to Taran, giving him a smile as well, "And there is the little prince! I've not had the pleasure of seeing him yet. I can see the resemblance with his father!"

Darren beams a smile at Morrighan. "I tied them on him with a rope!" he says proudly, chuckling as he moves aside so other people can greet Morrighan. The baby continues to squeal happily, laughing as he's tickled, and looking adorable because of course Darren's child would be cute. "Donella gives her best wishes. She's resting," he says to Morrighan, and also to Khanne, since she asked.

Riding over to an out-of-the-way location, Nova gracefully dismounts before ground tying (just dropping the split reins) to the grey horse by which the soulful hound Sir Floppington hangs out for now. The Wolfy Nova heads forth toward the party people with the linen cloth covering up a spherical object which could be the same diameter of a pie tin under there, under one arm. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

So Amund receives this message. From the man he watched, a night before, smash his head into some woman's face. But it's a good reminder there is a Sword who happens to be a Birthday Girl and so he joins in on the celebrations. "Dame Morrighan," the sellsword greets, nodding his head respectfully. "Congratulations to you." He passes a small pouch of silver coins. "Not much. But meant well."

Walking over to see Morrighan, Eilonwy tries to get in a wave around people as she stands on her toes. "Morri! I'll catch you when it quiets down! Happy Birthday!" She calls and looks about to grab a drink before ambling towards Arik again. "I can't wait to hear about this fight." She tells him and quirks her brows.

Mirk gets a teardrop marked bottle of Northland's Fire amber whiskey from a simple wooden crate.

As the grounds quickly become more crowded, Khanne slinks off towards a slightly quieter place, smiling at everyone but perhaps seeming a little flustered with so many people around. She watches, instead, people file past, greeting Morrighan and wishing her all the best birthday wishes.

Eilonwy gets a teardrop marked bottle of Northland's Fire amber whiskey from a simple wooden crate.

Khanne gets a teardrop marked bottle of Northland's Fire amber whiskey from a simple wooden crate.

Eilonwy has joined the courtyard benches.

Darren gets a teardrop marked bottle of Northland's Fire amber whiskey from a simple wooden crate.

Amund gets a teardrop marked bottle of Northland's Fire amber whiskey from a simple wooden crate.

Cirroch has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Arik is munching on berries and has finally taken a seat at the courtyard benches when Eilonwy makes it back in his direct, he offers out the bowl while calling out to Morrighan. "Was ever a Swaggart so loved as you, Morrighan? My family doesn't even show up at my birthdays!"

Rowenova gets a teardrop marked bottle of Northland's Fire amber whiskey from a simple wooden crate.

"Here you are, then," Mirk says, placing the bottle of whiskey in Morrighan's hands. "I wasn't sure if I was going to give a gift, but I recalled I had one thing you wanted for yourself. My finest bottle of whiskey." His gift delivered, he meanders over to find a drink for his now alcohol-less hands, and searches for a seat.

Triton pulls up to flash a grin at Acantha and shoots a glance at Arik, "Is he singing again already? I should have grabbed a drink when I first walked in." He glances around at the other faces still piling in, adding, "I've got to come out to these more often. I do not remember several of these faces..." But then his attention is back to Acantha along with a tilt of his head, "You found everything well, then?"

Cillian gets a teardrop marked bottle of Northland's Fire amber whiskey from a simple wooden crate.

"When is your birthday again? Have you even ever thrown a party?" Khanne asks with a sly smirk, settling herself in the peace of the garden.

Running late, as always, is one Brianna Halfshav. She's trying to tame her hair as she runs full tilt to the grounds. Her cheeks are pink and she's out of breath, moving in to smile at Morrighan. "Happy Birthday!" She manages to get out, before she bends over at the waist, holding up a finger. "Just need... to catch my breath."

Movement out of her peripheral catches her attention just before she steps towards the center platform where the rather enormous pile of wood is stacked in preparation for a proper burning. "Tell Donella I said thank you, an' tha' I hope tae see her soon," she remarks back to Darren, graciously accepts the half-filled bottle from Mirk (though gives him a questioning look), then steps off towards the black clad figure and renown artist, beaming another bright smile. "Good tae see you, I'm glad tha' you could make it, feels like it's been forever." Her head lifts a little higher, peering across the crowd to that one mouthy Halfshav. "I dunnae sing at my parties."

"I'm old and stopped counting. Mayhap when I die you can cut me in half and count my rings, Vala." Arik quips right back at his sister before returning to his idle conversation with Eilonwy

"I'm sure your sister would show up if you stopped being a pain in her ass!" Cirroch calls over to Arik with a playful grin.

Dropping into a seat at Arik's side, Eilonwy snorts. She looks amused, talking to the Lord quietly.

Brianna gets a teardrop marked bottle of Northland's Fire amber whiskey from a simple wooden crate.

Khanne points towards Cirroch with a single nod of her head. The man, it seems, said something she can agree with.

The small man in black waggles his fingers toward Morrighan in mild greeting. "Morrighan, it has been forever and I think the air is dying in my lungs. Your party is so attended! But I wanted to drop by. Tell you I'm going by Dusk. Vanish into the night. All that."

It would seem the Halfshav branch of the fealty came out in force for Morrighan's party and their gift to her is heckling Arik

Acantha gives a smile to Triton, "I did find everything alright, yes." she tells the Ravenseye lord. She does give a bit of a laugh when Arik ends up being heckled. But she doesn't join in.

Cillian:spots Eilonwy moving in her direction and puts a hand on her shoulder smiling to her quietly just to let her know he is here then he turns to move off to find Morrighan to wish her a happy birthday.

A look of appreciation flits across the flame-tressed dame's features at Amund's gift, her smile bright, head dipping into a nod of thanks to the man. "Much obliged, it's always th'thought tha' counts, good tae see tha' you could make it. Plenty tae eat an' drink, everythin' will get started here shortly," she promises, hand waving at Eilonwy in indication she'd been heard, and returns her attention to Dusk. "Aye, I know this kind o' gatherin' is a bit overwhelmin', but I'm glad tha' you stopped by tae say hello. Missed your face. Dunnae be a stranger, yeah? Will have to have a sit an' chat sometime soon."

Mirk has joined the courtyard benches.

Dusk bows slightly to Morrighan. "We'll meet soon. At the shrine or otherwise, hm?" With that, he slips out.

Ugarte leaves, following Fortunato.

Amund nods to Morrighan, meeting her gaze so as to convey the sentiment of gratitude to her words. "You are welcome. And thank you. I could use a few bites." With an upward twitch of the corner of his mouth, he makes room for others to greet the birthday woman as he makes for the refreshments table, pours himself some whiskey and grabs a pheasant's leg if there's pheasant. Let the devouring begin.

Eilonwy looks up to keep half an eye on Cillian, winking to her twin briefly before focusing on conversation.

Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid, 1 Ulbran Thug arrive, following Valencia.

Cillian moves closer to Morrighan, "Dame Morrighan, happy birthday." he says to her with his thick northern accent, "If you have a moment their is something I wish to ask you."

Brianna stands up straight and walks to her kin, nudging in to give Khanne a big hug. "You're as elusive as the wind, cousin." She murmurs, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "You look wel, how are you doing?" She nods at Arik and Mirk, wiggling her fingers to them in greeting. "We're all behaving tonight, aren't we?"

Arik is sitting with Eilonwy and Mirk on central courtyard benches the Sword of Whitehold nursing a scab over the bridge of his noses, bruises on his face, and a healing split lip. He is sharing a bowl of berries with his two companions though. Brianna just gets a squinty eyed look and no remark.

Triton nods once at Acantha and seems happy with that answer, "Good, good." He takes a step to the side so he can catch the interactions with the birthday girl, though he leans a little closer to excuse himself with Acantha and nods at her, then finally starting towards Morrighan. He just waits for a small break in the conversation to flash the similarly-haired woman a grin and a dip of his head, "Triton Ravenseye. Afraid I did not come as prepared as some of the rest of the family, but want to be telling you happy birthday before the drinking starts and we forget who's being celebrated."

The little vixen arrives a little late to the party but she is more than all smiles. A look about finds familiar faces and the smile blossoms all the more as Valencia sees Rowenova across the way. Without further adieu she makes her way to the wolfscout with a warm smile. "Hello," she offers with a warm little embrace, "Thank you so much for inviting me. I'm sorry I am late. I was trying to find a beautiful wine for the birthday girl," she explains with a little nod.

Mirk lifts a bottle of whiskey in greeting to Brianna. "Mostly," he says. "You just missed the chance to heckle Arik, however. I'm sure he's thankful."

"Who, me?" Khanne asks with a smile to Brianna, hugging her cousin back. "I am alive and that in itself is cause to celebrate. I mean, you know, to be alive.. not that people should celebrate me being alive. Today is for celebrating Morrighan for being born. Anyway... I am good." She gives a nod then snorts softly. "Behave? Why? Well... give it time, the whiskey isn't flowing long enough yet. How are you?"

Rowenova smiles brightly to Valencia and hugs the vixen woman with one arm whilst the other arm carries the mysterious sphere. "Hello! We just started, so all is well! You are not too late!" says she. "Thank you for showing up!"

"He's giving me that look like I hired womeone to pee in his whiskey." Brianna shifts a little cloer to Mirk, not because she's scared or anything. She flashes a grin at Khanne, and glances down at her whiskey-free hands. "I think I'm behind, let me fix that." She quips, calling for a bottle with a wide grin. Once she's settled she shrugs, leaning in to speak quietly to Khanne.

Khanne rises from her seat to walk over to Morrighan for a moment, leaning down to murmur into her ear before she returns to her seat and Brianna's company.

Valencia is all too happy to smile at this and nods warmly. "Thank you for inviting me," she offers back with a cheerful laugh. "It is my great pleasure to attend," she nods. "It has been some time since I have visited, and it is long overdue, I think," she offers back with a little sparkle in her eye and a cant of head as she notices the object under Rowenova's arm. She offers a curious look, "May I ask what is this mysterious object, Mistress Wolfscout? I must say, I am intrigued."

Cillian waits till Morrighan is free to try and get her attention to speak, he looks over to his twin watching her speak to those she is with then back to Morrighan.

"I propose a toast." Amund calls out, though he's not particularly good at the 'calling out' thing. Something about being afflicted with brevity and a lack of use of his voice anyways. "To Dame Morrighan. Only the strong are earnest as she is."

Sparte pulls his soupflask from his belt and lifts it up for the toast to Morrighan. "To Dame Morrighan!"

Sparte gets insulated soupflask of the Iron Guardsman from a double wrap sword belt made of quality leather.

Brianna raises her bottle, a bright smile finding its way to her face. "To Dame Morrighan! May she see many more years and no shortage of fun!"

"To Dame Morrighan!" Acantha calls with a smile as she raises her mug as well.

Eilonwy glances up at Rowenova's voice with a smile that she turns on Cillian while she sits shoulder to shoulder with Arik briefly in quiet conversation before addressing him and Mirk. She joins in the cheer as well! "To the Dame!"

"Swaggart." Arik calls out stubbornly not meshing with the others.

"To Dame Morrighan!" Darren raises his voice - and his glass - from the seat he's taken. Taran also lets out a loud shout, though he only manages to yell: "MO!"

Silhouette, a Volkov courser, a zealous Ostrian gelding arrive, following Ruslan.

Silhouette, a Volkov courser, a zealous Ostrian gelding leave, following Ruslan.

Rowenova turns away from the party crowd for a brief time to let Valencia see the secret gift then covers up the spherical object once more before then turning back to shout aloud, "HERE HERE! To Dame Morrighan, indeed!"

Khanne gets her bottle and opens it up after rolling her eyes in quiet conversation with Brianna on one side and Darren on the other. She lifts it and says, "To Morrighan!" then takes a drink.

"To Dame Morrighan!" he joins in for the toast with a smile on his face, yes he is smiling!

"To Dame Morrighan," Mirk says, raising his bottle of whiskey in honor of Morrighan.

Triton sidesteps to grab himself a mug when the call goes up, because he can't claim to be part of this family if he doesn't have a drink in his hand for this! Taking a step back, he lifts it up to join, "To Dame Morrighan!"

Cirroch hasn't gotten his whiskey yet, shame on him, so he just pumps up his fist and calls, "To Dame Morrighan!"

Valenciajoins the cheer, raising the bottle she brought with a happy call to Morrighan's health.

Night has fallen. Gone are the last vestiges of sunlight, replaced now by the numerous lanterns strung high about the grounds. Heavy clouds veiled the sky, snuffing out the moon and stars, and from them came a steady curtain of large, fluffy snowflakes. The grounds are maintained and swept clear, ensuring passage in and out of the location is safe with little risk of slippage. At the center of the grounds is a stone platform housing an impressively pile of stacked wood, while off a short distance within a tent minstrels begin playing, filling the air with upbeat melodies. Morrighan drifts through the crowd, bouncing on her feet, greeting and chattering at familiar faces, the majority those being Northlanders - with a few exceptions. It takes a bit of time for her to make her rounds before making it to the center platform, but when she does she retrieves a lit torch from a lingering servant, and steps off to stand beside the unlit wood.

"If'n I could get your attention for jus' a moment!" the Sword calls out. LOUDLY. "First an' foremost I want tae thank you all for attendin' an' stoppin' by, it's pleasin' tae see so many familiar faces come t'gether, an' for those I'm seein' for th'first time, welcome an' well met! Th'festivities will begin shortly, startin' with a dagger toss. Those interested can head on over towards the wrestlin' pit where we've got a target set up." Pausing there, she lifts the torch at the call for a toast, head bobbing to all the voices that ring out, and once there's a moment of silence, the torch is lowered onto the wood pile, which is quick to be set ablaze. "While we celebrate an' enjoy the night, let us nae forget those tha' cannae be here with us, those who have recently fallen, who gave all an' sacrificed so much in th'protection an'defense o' th'Lodge an' th'Compact."

Arik watches as the bonfire comes ablaze and then makes a *huh* sound before uncorking his whiskey from Morrighan's crate and taking a swing.

Once the explanations are given, Triton fades back with his mug to reapproach Acantha, Khanne, and Arik, well, okay, mostly Acantha, and flashes her a bright, toothy grin, guesturing with his free hand, "I dont think it's a good idea for me to be throwing one of them around, so maybe finding a good place to sit, drink, and cheer you on instead?"

Cirroch has left the benches under the oak trees.

Khanne nudges Darren's shoulder with her own, smiling as she rises from her seat in the garden. "I'll give it a shot..." She smiles as she passes Triton, nodding towards him. "Tossing sharp things is fun. Maybe not for the person it possibly ends up making bleed... but.." She lifts her shoulders in a shrug like, what can you do?

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Setting aside his bottle of whiskey, Mirk rises to his feet, smirking briefly at something Eilonwy said, and says quietly, "If there's betting, be smart. Bet against me." He nods to both Arik and then makes his way towards the wrestling pit. "I will, too. What can possibly go wrong?" He asks Khanne, as she voices her interest in the contest.

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The little vixen give a smile and shrugs, "I would be willing to try, though I would humbly suggest that everyone step back when I throw. My skills are perhaps less than adequate, but how can I resist such fun?" Valencia smiles softly as she moves to offer her give to Morrighan. "From my Hart's private reserves. I hope you enjoy it," she smiles warmly as she presents the bottle.

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Arik seems to be on his way to the wrestling pit.

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Rowenova quietly speaks with Valencia, wolfishly grins after having said a couple things, back pats her with her free arm, then moves away over to the gifting pile where she sets down the mysterious sphere with its linen cover. Afterwards, she moves away and heads over to join up the gaming group. "Aye! Thank you to all those who gave their suffered and gave their lives!" says she with a serious tone to her Northern voice which easily projects itself out to everyone here before she joins up with the wrestling pit.

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Amund considers the contest for a moment, sipping from his whiskey after the toast. Instead of going to the pits, however, he approaches Khanne, nodding a greeting. "Amund." No bows or anything. He's as good as a rock at etiquette.

Eilonwy seems to be following Arik to the wrestling pit hand in hand as she gets to her feet. Jury's out on if she's meaning to throw.

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Brianna takes a seat on the sidelines, drinking whiskey with a thoughtful look on her face. "I need to be a little more drunk before I start throwing things at people, or targets." She leans in to nudge Darren, her voice low. "You get my messenger?"

Acantha was just watching the festivities until Triton had returned and there's a dip of her head to him, "Come on, we can watch everyone with their daggers." she grins to that. With that she makes her way over to the swing and has herself a seat.

"Hello Brianna!" Darren says happily to the Northern lady, before he chuckles low. "Yes, yes I did. Don't worry, I think we're working on something that will make you happy."

Khanne arches her brow at something that catches her attention, then looks to Amund after. She smiles and nods to him. "Well met. Vala Khanne," she says. She's not very formal herself.

Tossing the torch into the roaring fire, Morrighan hops down from the platform, immediately meandering over to the wrestling pit, but not before greeting a few people along the way and picking up a few bottles of alcohol in the process. "Now now, it's all fun an' games an' naebody got hurt th'year b'fore, it'll be fine, promise," she chirps up upon hearing some voices of protest. At the pit, there's certainly a rather large, round target set up, rings painted, and upon a table nearby are an assortment of weapons, ready for throwing. "Aaaaallright," the Sword drawls, "Those who want tae play, line up here," she says, indicating a marked line on the ground. "Will start out at close range. It'll be five rounds, an' each round th'target will be moved further an' further away. Any questions?"

There was a tilt of a smile shared with a few familiar faces as Elias found his way out onto the Redrain Grounds. He flops down onto a bench with a huff of a breath and he cants his head to the person seated beside him, Darren. "Good seeing you, High Lord." His following words carry in a quieter tone.

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Rowenova steps up behind the Halfshav nobles and merrily chimes, "Greetings: Vala Khanne, Lord Arik, Lord Mirk!" She merry birthdays Dame Morrighan with a sudden hug before the instructional talk, but soon lets go to not disrupt her.

"'lo Row," Morrighan softly greets while awaiting for the participants to ready themselves, and absently reaches over to ruffle the scout's headdress covered noggin. "Thanks for comin'."

"No questions," Mirk says, selecting a knife from the table and testing its edge curiously. He waves, with sharp implements in hand, to Rowenova, and then turns to eye to targets, staring down the line as if judging the distance.

Releasing Arik's hand at the wrestling pit, Eilonwy smiles. "Try not to lose Lord Arik, I'll be cheering." She tells him with a bright smile after instructions are given on how the competition will go.

Cillian looks to Morrighan as she seems busy and looks to Eilonwy moving over to her, "Will you be playing Little big sister?" he smirks, "I think you should."

Khanne steps up to the place Morrighan indicates as the line. "I think I got it.... Does Arik hold the target?" she asks with a mischievous smirk.

Rowenova giggles softly about the headdress ruffling of the wolf pelt before piping up, "Of course. I said I would!" She smiles brightly to Dame Morrighan then over toward Lord Mirk, not even feeling remotely threatened by all the sharpened implements he is waving around there. She picks up one, too, but keeps it in her calloused hands and safely held.

"Don't think I won't." Arik says in a challenge tone to his sister as him and Eilonwy split and then he adds, "I could probably catch a dagger." he doesn't sound very certain.

Half-Mast, a short and surly-natured little person, Strongtall, the strong and tall arrive, following Arthen.

"Well met, Vala Khanne." Amund inclines his head to the Halfshav. "Interesting competition. How many accidents?" It's always important to get the best questions out beforehand.

Half-Mast, a short and surly-natured little person, Strongtall, the strong and tall leave, following Arthen.

"He could, but accidents could happen, y'know," Morrighan mumbles all conspiratorially at Khanne, then gives a non-apologetic smile at Arik. "Alright, ready your daggers!" she then shouts, giving a few moments for the participants to prepare. "Let 'em fly!"

Rowenova has rolled a critical success!
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Arik checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

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Valencia checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Khanne smiles at Amund. "I am sure there will be more shortly. Do you happen to be a healer?" Then, "Oh! Here I go..."

Looking up at her twin, Eilonwy shakes her head. "I'm being a good companion and cheering Lord Arik on this time." She pats his arm. "You better do the archery one."

Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Mirk has rolled a critical success!
Mirk checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Arik sends a dagger soaring at the first target and then squints as Khanne's goes soaring and Rowenova's too and even Mirk's. "Do you all just practice knife throwing when I'm not looking?" he wonders with a health dose of suspicion.

And then the party shows up, through the main doors. Draven completely covered in soot and grime comes bustling in through the main doors with his bright and cheerful self, giggling and bouncing as he enters. He sees Morrighan and sends his bright smile in her direction, then darts towards her, only stopping a few paces away with his cheerful smile. "Happy birthday! Is it okay! Can I hug you! Birthday hugs!" He says and then starts to look around, then takes a step back, drumming at his thighs. "Oh! Sorry! Do your Thing! Happy birthday again!"

Cillian nods his head, "I will be sister." he looks over at those w ho are doing the daggers and cheers on Arik with his sister.

Sparte lifts his hands up and claps. "Huzzah for no daggers into the crowd!"

Khanne watches the blade slice through the air after her throw, doing adequately well but not as well as the Princess who said she would likely not do well in the contest. Still, Khanne seems pleased enough with her toss. Looking to Arik she asks, "have you seen my extensive hairpin collection? I have to do -something- with them."

Darren has left the shaded garden grotto.

Mirk flings his dagger at the first target, squints at it, blinks, and takes a second look. He seems pleasantly surprised, though the emotion smooths over into an unreadable, neutral expression after a moment. "No practice," he says to Arik. "Maybe I'm just talented." He peers at Khanne skeptically, but doesn't comment.

The little vixen carefully concentrates, her hand seeking a fine balance on the blade and then let's fly. The blade lands well leaving Valencia looking rather surprised. There is a blink as a flush of pink finds her cheeks, "Beginner's luck," she notes with a little smile.

Rowenova let fly that single dagger at the short range which stuck well into the target beyond her and then turned back to Arik with a little laugh, "I do!" After saying so, she turns back toward Draven, "Hello!" she calls out with a merry wave of her right, ringed hand. Afterwards, she tells Khanne and Mirk, "Well done!" Then, "Princess Valencia, wow...!"

Acantha has left the a walnut wooden swing with a steel chain.

Arik likewise looks at the Lycene dagger throw and makes a quiet *huh* sound before pulling the next dagger from nearby. "Thousand silver to the last Halfshav standing?"

Morrighan clasps her hands behind her back, rocking slightly on her feet while she watches the weapons hurtle through the air, spinning end on end, all striking the large target. Thunk-thunk-thunk-thunk. She loosens a soft whistle, chin ticking at the servants that loiter closeby. They shuffle off to retrieve and return the daggers while others lift the target, moving it back several paces. "Nae shabby, but it'll only get harder from here on out," she says with a snort. "Once you're all settled an' ready, toss away at your leisure, jus' dunnae take tae long."

Arik checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

"Beginners luck?" Elias barks out a laugh at Valencia's comment and shakes his head. "So /that's/ why you have an arena in the Hart. Practicing all day and night, I bet," he mumbles out in a mixture of shock and surprise. Seeing as Darren stepped away, Elias opted to relocate -- stopping by Morrighan to quietly share a few good birthday wishes.

"I should be on my way." Amund says to Khanne. "Best of luck. Competition seems tough." Turning to look at Morrighan, he approaches the redhead again and leans in to murmur something. The gesture seems deferential enough that it might be some sort of apology. Then he's leaving.

Arik throws a dagger, it clips the target and goes spinning off into the crowd. The Halfshav Lord calls out and says, "My servants husband is a physician... maybe."

Mirk checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 2 higher.

Valencia checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Elias has left the shaded garden grotto.

Elias has joined the courtyard benches.

Rowenova quietly naws to Arik, "Temporarily wagering no money right now." Then, she picks up a new dagger and deftly chucks it out toward the next target!

Cheering, Eilonwy claps for the knife throwers and smiles. She spots Elias and gives him a cheerful wave. "Hello Lord Elias!" She greets and considers standing behind the knife throwers in retrospect.

Rowenova checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 9 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Khanne gets ready to toss her dagger again and smiles to Amund. "Thank you. It sure is... I'll be seeing you, probably. Have a good night." She turns back to the target and sends the dagger flying towards it, again, not hurting anyone in the process.

Nova deftly sinks her own dagger into the target beyond then turns away to be immediately met with a new messenger. She whispers back a reply message, then the speedy person runs away from her.

When the next round of daggers get launched, and the blades fly into the crowd, Draven eeps, ducking down into the crowd first so he doesn't get hit by a loose flying dagger, his hands coming up to cover his face. "I'm a Physician! Yes! Official and all! Only an Apprentice! But I can mend wounds!"

Cillian has joined the courtyard benches.

Draven checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

The little vixen watches the others respectfully until it is her turn only to laugh as Elias calls out as her is blade let loose with much less finesse. She turns to smile at Elias and shakes her head and then cheers as Rowenova's blade sinks home. "Bravo!" she calls out cheerfully!

Brianna cheers for Khanne and Mirk, and maybe even occasionally Arik. She steadily drinks from the bottle in her hand, eyes squinted as people start throwing sharp objects. "If I get stabbed tonight, someone is getting an axe to the head."

Mirk raises his dagger, eyeing the target, lines it up, throws...and misses. Badly. He winces at his accuracy this time, any confidence he had from the first throw completely deflated now. "Hopefully no innocent bystanders are harmed," he says. "If they do..." He points a finger over at Draven. "Keep it in mind."

While observing the second round of dagger throwing, a smug look comes over Morrighan's face, her eyes shifting to Arik, smirking. "You're out," a look aside to Mirk then, less smug. "Out too, Mirk, nice try, though." Once again once all the weapons are retrieved, the target moved back even further, and the Sword stares off at Elias after he moves away, and she looks down to a rather questionable bottle? Jar? Of..something. "Thanks..? Thoughtful o' you, stranger." That said, she bobs her head into a faint nod, walking down the line one way, then back up again. "Arik an' Mirk are out, those tha' remain, ready your daggers an' throw when ready.

Arik leaves the line and makes his way towards Eilonwy and Cillian with an upturn of his hands. "When we get to the throwing axes, mayhap I'll do better. Did I hit anyone, did you see? I figure I'd have heard a scream if I did."

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Rowenova suddenly cranes her wolf-framed neck to peer out toward Draven, "Hun, are you okay?" she calls out with a coiled stance to spring over if need be.

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Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 4 higher.

Valencia checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 12 lower.

Mirk returns to the benches to take a seat and watch the competitiors with actual skill throw daggers, nursing on a bottle of whiskey as he does. "I did better than expected," he admits, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm not trying axes, though."

"I'm okay!" Draven calls out, bouncing on the balls of his feet and raising his hand so he can wave it wildly through the crowd and still be seen by his Wife. "Not dead yet!"

"Draven did a dance that was most interesting." Eilonwy tells Arik with a smile up at him. "I'm sure you did better than I would have." She offers consolingly and nods to the benches. "Sit and drink time again my Lord? There's berries to eat after all."

"It's good," Elias assures Morrighan from his sprawl on the benches. "You have my permission to test your knife-throwing abilities on me if it isn't so." After cracking another grin for the birthday girl, he waves out to Eilonwy. "-- I would pay money to see you toss axes."

Rowenova hollers out, "OK!" Then, she turns back to square up and send off a dagger throw toward the further target during this third round. "He has a lot of great dances." She points out after the knife has been let loose!

Rowenova checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 13 lower.

Looking at Elias, Eilonwy laughs. "I imagine I'm as big as a proper Northern ax." She tells the Leary with an amused shake of her head. "To my good fortune no one has thrown me so it's hard to say." She sits down at Arik's side on the benches and looks to answer a question posed to her.

Acantha rises from her seat with Triton, offering the Ravenseye Lord a bit of an impish grin and then she's hurrying for the exit. Wonder where she's off to so quickly. "A happy birthday to you again, Dame Morrighan!" she calls on the way out.

There was a shrill whistle of cheer for the victor, Khanne, as Elias scoots over to make room for the others. "Exactly why I'd pay good money to see you throw an axe. It'd make for a good laugh, so long as nobody gets injured." Which remains a possibility. Still, he shares a carefree smile with Eilonwy.

It was down to just the three, Vala Khanne, Scout Rowenova, and Princess Valencia: who of the three would be victorious? Only the daggers can tell. Morrighan observes with a look of excitement, bouncing on her toes, whooping and hollering in encouragement, watching the blades fly towards their target. One audibly strikes, the other two..they went somewhere. Nobody cried out, so no worry of anyone losing an eye, right? "Khanne is th'winner!" the dame shouts, hopping up and down, and while the target is reset and weapons collected, she hands out trophies to the three. "Well played, ladies, I hope tha' you enjoyed yourselves. Next game is a hatchet toss, any who want tae play, line up."

Valencia looks rather chuffed to place in the contest offering Khanne a warm congratulations and a respectful thank you to Rowenova and then Mirk and Arik. I'm so happy. Thank you so much," she smiles sweetly, the prize carefully held to heart. "I promise you, it was beginner's luck. I am truly more familiar with throwing other objects, if I must confess," she winces a little as he cheeks flush once more.

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"Go Khanne," Mirk calls out, an upwards nod in Khanne's direction at her victory. "And now that you've demonstrated your victory, Arik has to worry about being stabbed from across the room. Well done." He smirks, hiding it a second late behind another pull from his whiskey.

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Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound arrives, following Tesha.

Rowenova perks up, "Good job, Vala Khanne and Princess Valencia!!!" Then, the Wolfy Nova suddenly realizes that there is something being given to her. "Oh! Trophy! I have never had one before!" She gratefully accepts it. "Thank you!" She briefly hugs Morrighan, breaks away, zooms over to meet up with Draven, and then pipes up: "Hi!" She must be feeling good because she dashes around and even waves to Acantha before quickly hugging Draven, "Do you want to do the hatchet toss?"

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Triton sets his mug down to cheer Khanne's throwing, but blinks and looks up at Acantha when the woman explains and takes her leave. He murmurs softly under his breath, "Oh no you don't," then catches himself, stands up, retrieves his mug and downs the rest of his drink - dont ever leave a drink unfinished. He calls out to Morrigan, "A good birthday, I'll be back to fetch a round for the first to get hit by a bad throw!" With that promise made, the dwarf of a Ravenseye ducks his way around the folks heading for the axe throw to head after the Lady Clearlake.

Arik lines up for the axe throw.

Khanne looks a bit surprised when Rowe and Valencia's daggers fail to hit the target. She blinks a bit, then smiles when Morrighan declares her the winner. "Well... I was not expecting that. Thank you." She smiles towards Rowe and Valencia then and says, "congratulations. Good show." She hmms and closes one eye, shaking her head. "I should... not take chances needlessly. I'll sit out the hatchet toss." She laughs and makes her way back to her seat in the garden.

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"You can do it, Lord Arik! Redeem that knife toss!" Eilonwy calls out from her seat, protecting the berries as she waves the Halfshav lord off.

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"It's always wise tae be on guard with Khanne, though it's good knowledge tae have tha' she can probably take out your eye with a vase or somethin' from across th'room," Morrighan quips in jest, giving Khanne a cheeky smile before she scampers off to go retrieve a hatchet for herself. A little back pat is given to Rowenova along the way, amused by her enthusiasm and glee over receiving her trophy. She lifts a hand off in Triton's direction when he slips out. Birthday girl is participating in this event, waiting and feels the weight of the weapon in her hand, and glances askance to Arik. "Think you're goin' tae win this one, do you?"

"I'll wager whatever you like, I beat you Swaggart." Arik quips right back as he hefts an axe.

After letting go of Draven, Nova speeds back to the wrestling pit for what is the upcoming toss of the bigger weapons. "Thank you so much, Vala Khanne!" says the zooming servant who passes by in a proverbial gust which blows past the Halfshav Voice on her way back to the wrestling pit as she picks up the next weapon of bigger size. "I bet I beat you, Lord Arik. No money, though!"

"I think I've had enough o' wagers with you," comes a bland remark, her freckled nose crinkling, and Morrighan's words trail off into incomprehensible muttering.

Arik flashes a wolfish smirk to Rowenova and Morrighan as the trio are about to start hucking axes.

Tesha has obviously arrived to a Redrain event when she hears someone cheering on her brother-in-law. There's a smile beneath that hood she has pulled up. But she looks about to see if her sister-in-law is about. Or Mirk. She gives a look to Morrighan and there's a wave to her as she sits a bottle down that's got a red ribbon wrapped around it for the Sword of Farhaven. She doesn't interrupt the two of them though, "If you hit him, don't aim for the face. Unless it's his beard." she teases. Then she's off to find a seat.

Khanne winks at Morrighan and says, "keep them guessing... you know, keeps people on their toes." She nods then sees Tesha. She smiles, lifting a hand to her sister-in-law. "Hey there!"

"I eagerly await th'day where you put his arse in th'sand," she remarks aside to Row, half turning to follow the flicker of movement out of the corner of her eye, noting the new arrival. "Evenin'," Morrighan calls out to Tesha, nodding in thanks to the bottle offered. "Welcome, plenty tae eat an' drink, games are underway." That said, she looks down the line, hatchet in hand and readies for throwing.

There is a trophy, which Rowenova gets, and Draven giggles happily at her. Especially as she hugs him, which he receives happily, squeezing himself into her arms and then letting her go so she can go win the next challenge!

Mirk rises to his feet briefly, heads for the exit, and says, "Don't settle the whole game without me, I'll be right back." He lifts a hand to wave to the familiar faces, and quickens his stride as he goes.

Valencia smiles as the new contestants take the field and she cheers! Another smile blossoms as she sees Draven and offers him a little wave, her expression delighted to see him and Rowenova together. The little dark haired princess takes a happy breath and smiles. "Will you be competing at all, my Lord Elias?" she calls out playfully.

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2 Crimson Blades Sergeant leaves, following Mirk.

Arik waves at Tesha with his hachet and calls out to his sister-in-law, "Whatever the first place prize for this is, I'll show it to you in a minute!"

Arik checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

2 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Mirk.

Mirk has joined the courtyard benches.

Rowenova waves back to Draven with her new trophy then sets down said trophy before readying up at the throwing line for her own toss of the big hatchet!

Rowenova checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Arik sends a hatchet swinging head over end until it thwacks into the target with a resounding noise. There is a pleased look until Morrighan's own hatchet sinks into the target. "Well..."

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

"I could," Elias calls back in response to Valencia as he digs through some silver currency, likely betting on the current participants. "Mind you, I'm horrible at all the above. But I could be convinced to step on up there if somebody else equally terrible were to join me."

Tesha gives a look to Khanne and there's a bright smile to her as she heads over to hug her, "Oh it's so good to see you." she tells her. "I'm running late. Apparently we have Lilia back in town. I figured Percephon would want to know." she tells her. Then there's a look to Arik and she waves her hand at him, "Stop showing off until everyones went next time." she grins to him. "We love you though." she adds with a smile. Then she takes a seat next to her sister-in-law.

Eilonwy whistles at the first throws and plucks up some berries from a bowl, snacking on them idly.

Giggling happily, Draven waves at his Wife again and then wiggles his way through the crowd until he is next to Valencia, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "Hello! Hi! Hey there!" He says towards her cheerfuly, his eyes settling on Rowenova through the crowd. "Look at her win! She's good!"

Not quite center, Nova's hatchet snicks the axe blade into the yonder target, but at least she is not 'out' yet! She randomly banters at Arik and Morrighan behind her calloused, ringed hand.

Valenciasmiles at this and laughs. "Do not tempt me to such things," the little vixen calls back. "It is likely I will cause myself or someone terribly injury with such heavier weapons," she grins back. And then Draven is at her side and speaking cheerfully. The little princess welcomes him with a bright smile and the offer of a delicate hand, "Your lady is a wonder, missere. I am so very proud to know her. I wish I was so very talented with so many weapons, yes?" she nods with great enthusiasm.

Lucita comes into the Redrain Grounds, gesturing to her guard and dogs to hang back and not bother any of those in attendance. She pauses, looks over those who are gathered and gives a smile.

Khanne hugs Tesha and murmurs, "mm... he's... at his worktable, as usual. I will pass on word though," she says softly. Then, "Eh... he failed miserably throwing the small dagger. You would think he'd be more practiced handling small weapons...." Straight face. "How are my other family?"

Peering through the curtain of snow that falls, Morrighan half squints, hatchet raised, arm steady, waiting to get her aim -just- right. With the bonfire blazing and brightly lit lanterns strewn about, there's plenty of lighting, thankfully, given the evening hour. Stepping forward, she swings her arm, loosening her hold of the weapon with a subtle flick, watching as it tumbles head over end, striking into the target with a loud thunk. Much closer to the center than that Halfshav fellow. When the trio have finished, the weapons are retrieved and returned, the target moved back in much the same fashion as the previous game. "Throw yer hatchets when ready - jus' give th'servants time tae get out o' th'' drunken bystanders." There's certainly some staggering around, somewhere.

Arik checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 31 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Morrighan has rolled a critical success!
Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 89 higher.

Arik throws a hatchet and once again strike the target with ease but then Morrighan's hatchet goes soaring and he just squints at it and then the Dame and then kind of looks around before spotting Khanne. "Oi! Stop with your spirit bargaining over there."

Khanne is hugging Tesha and looks up when her brother yells at her. "Why would I bother them with such trivial things when you do so well at embarrassing yourself on your own?"

Draven takes the offered hand in one of his, and then cups his other hand over top of Valencia's hand, giggling happily and shaking the hand wildly, almost in tone with how he bounces on his feet. "She is! She's my favorite! I love her lots! She protects me! And Sir Flop too!" He says with a cheerful giggle, probably jostling poor Valencia with how he shakes her hand, rather than following normal convention.

"Yeah!" Tesha calls after Khanne.

"Rally, Lord Arik!" Eilonwy calls out before grinning crookedly. "Though it seems I asked the right person to be watching my back." She teases, clapping for Morrighan.

Mirk returns with a fresh heft to his purse, tucking it onto his belt. He's smirking, at the thunk of axes, his confidence growing as he slides back into his seat on the bench. "I didn't miss the whole occasion, then?" He asks, chuckling. "Good. I'm eager to see the resolution." He lowers his voice, afterwards, quietly conversing with the others nearby.

Nova hurls out the Northern hatchet and somehow manages to hit more toward the target's center (even though this one is further out than the last one). Then, Arik and Khanne's banter has her cracking up with so many laughs before calming down just enough to smile brightly to Draven before picking up the next axe. "Love you, too!" she calls out!

Maybe it was luck, maybe she just had killer aim and experience throwing sharp objects at..things. Brows shoot upward while she watches the hatchet fly, cutting deep into the center of the target, and Morrighan lifts her arms victoriously, loosing a pleased, "Woo!" Bouncing on her feet, she cackles loudly - mostly at Arik - and eagerly awaits the return of the weapon, for round three. "Still feelin' lucky?" the Sword wonders of the Halfshav with a shit eating grin.

Valenciasmiles politely and tries to maintain her seat while Draven vigorously shakes her hand and much of the rest of her enthusiastically. "Y-y-yes, she.. i-i-s a wonder," she manages as she is shaken but not stirred.

Rowenova says in Northlands shav, "Wow, Dame Morrighan! What a throw!"

Arik checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 36 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 11 lower.

Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 27 higher.

Then Tesha gives a sweet smile to Khanne and she sighs, "He'll come down eventually. We've a family dinner this coming week, if you would like to attend whether he does or not you are more than welcome to. You could bring Arik and Mirk even." she tells her softly. "We're doing alright with everything considered." she admits.

Arik might not be killing it like Morrighan but every time that hatchet sinks into the middle of the target and every time he looks smug. This time Morrighan's throw doesn't kill his mood and he declares, "I feel plenty lucky Swaggart. It might be your birthday but a good dose of humility is my gift to you!" he teases at the end

Alas, Nova cannot stop her giggle fit, one laugh syncing up with her axe throw which flies wide and never hits the /intended/ target. "Aww, well, good luck, you two!" She picks up her first trophy and then backs away from the line, doing so whilst still laughing so much!

Even with her less than impressive throw this time around, Morrighan isn't deterred, still hitting the target, looking just as smug and cocky - if only to ruffle Arik's feathers. "This ain't nothin', an' it does'nae count on our score board, jus' so you know, an' even if'n it did, I'm still ahead by..what..fifteen?" she wonders, looping an arm about Row's shoulder and passes off another trophy. "Did good, scout, here's your trophy."

Draven doesn't stop bouncing or giggling or just generally being his cheerful self as he shakes poor Valencia's hand, and he doesn't stop when Rowenova calls out her love for him. He giggles, still jostling Valencia as one hand reaches out and above his head to wave wildly back at her, probably jostling Valencia even more, with so much movement. He giggles and then looks back at the her, smiling brightly and finally releasing her hand. "You have the Hart! The one made of Gold! I haven't been there in a while! I should fix that! I'll come! I'll visit! Soon! Just you watch!"

Arik checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 12 higher.

Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 21 higher.

Arik has rolled a critical success!
Arik checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 79 higher.

Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 12 higher.

Arik checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 65, rolling 26 lower.

Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 65, rolling 15 lower.

Rowenova leans close to Morrighan and happily accepts the new trophy, "Aww, thank you! I did better than I expected to. I never practiced hatchets!" Yes, she has no skill! She moves away to let her do her throwing Thing and then speeds back to where Draven and Valencia are as she holds up bronze trophies: one in each hand in a victory V! "Yes, we should both go to the Sip N Spar!"

Lucita tucks her hands into her cloak for warmth and watches the axe throwing. There is a smile on her lips as she admires the skills shown by the others.

Sir Floppington perks up from where he has been watching everything unfold, then he gets up and pads over to Lucita with a nose nudge at her hand.

Arik rallies with a supremely placed hatchet that even sounds good on the impact. The next one however goes wide and although it doesn't hit someone there is some cursing from near the targets and a shake of someones fist. Arik just squints at it and then looks at Morrighan's own throw before pointing out. "You know if it weren't your birthday I'd demand a re-throw."

"I might be able to make it," Khanne says to Tesha. "He's just... our mission at the Lodge rather affected him I think. He'll come around eventually." She watches Arik and Morrighan take turns throwing hatchets and winces when Arik misses wildly, seeming relived when it doesn't actually hit someone. "Congrats, birthday girl!"

"To Morrighan," Mirk shouts, holding up his whiskey in a toast to the woman's throwing arm, a rare grin on his face. He turns to Elias, then, and offers the man a dip of his head. "A pleasure, Lord Elias," he says. "Mirk Halfshav. Shame the introductions are under such circumstances, I try to leave an entirely positive first impression, but a bet is a bet..." He raises his eyebrows at the man, waiting expectantly.

The little dark eyed vixen nods to Draven as her light frame is jostled about with the man's waving. "Ye-- eeep! Yes, sir, I should, should like that very much," Valencia replies with another smile as she tries to extract her small hand from his to perhaps escape the warm but rather zealous welcome.

"It's always good practice tae know how tae throw things, never know when it may come in handy when you dunnae have a weapon an' you have tae use..whatever is handy," the dame advises with a snickered snort, waiting for a beat as the scout steps away, and Morrighan sets her self to task. Her first throw isn't quite as on point at Arik's, or as impressive, and a less than pleased look is shot his way, but she keeps on! The next...well, it's not nearly as bad as his, missing the target entirely, clipping the top of it and toppling down onto the ground. "Feelin' lucky now?" she jabs, teasingly, making a face as she hands over the Halfshav's silver trophy. "You did alright."

Elias groans at the outcome and slaps the wagered silver into Mirk's palm. "Dame Morrighan appears to be the better one today. Birthday luck, Spirits, skill -- whatever it is, here you go. Share a sip of that expensive drink with me if you're feeling generous." Though he groaned, he's still seems to be in a cheery mood. "A good first impression nonetheless, it was fun. And I learned to put my money on Dame Morrighan."

"Do you think I should see about talking to him?" Tesha gives a soft frown when she hears about the Lodge and Perce. "Mirk wrote me and let me know that everyone was alright and had returned home." she states. "I'd be happy to do anything I can to help my brother should I need." she looks a bit worried.

Giggling happily, Draven readily lets go of Valencia's hand when Rowenova arrives near him and her. And he leaps himself at her, not regarding those trophies all too terribly much, giggling happily as he latches himself onto her. "Good job!" He says, kissing her neck rapidly, and then clammering off of her to smile at Valencia. "Oh! Maybe you can come over too! We can cook for you! I like cooking! Ask Nova! I bet! Watch! She says I'm good at it too!"

Arik accepts the second place trophy with a puff of a breath and he makes his way over to Tesha and Khanne. He presents the trophy to Tesha with a big gesture. "For my favourite sister-in-law... I'm always second place." he teases to the Lady Telmar and then adds, "Have you met Marquessa Blackwood, she's my companion for the evening." he looks around and then motions to Eilonwy

Rowenova happily hugs Draven with both trophies involved and smiles brightly for the affection received before she dips down and cheek smooches him then synchs up when they both let go. Together! "We should cook for the Princess, since she gave me the food that I brought to your lab the last time." says the wolf scout before resting down the bronze trophies then dashing away for the newest game!

Hearing her name, Eilonwy looks up and waves. She picks at a berry and calls out to Arik. "Never quite on top, Lord Arik. Must not be your night!"

"A bet well made," Mirk says, accepting the silver. He counts out at his winnings with a low chuckle, he nods to Elias. "I can admire a man that can take a loss with good grace and still have fun." He flashes him a grin. "I have no idea who will win the third round, however, so I think I'd best quit making bets while I'm ahead."

Arik squints in Eilonwy's direction and then to his sister and sister-in-law. "No never on top." he echoes with a straight face.

Tesha looks to Arik and then stands up to hug him, "If it's any consulation, you're my favorite brother-in-law." she tells him as she kisses his cheek in a chaste way. Stepping back and sitting down with the trophy, "It's a very nice trophy. It'll go good on your desk." she grins to that. "And I have not met the new Marquessa." she states. She does give a wave to Eilonwy though and a smile. "Mirk is over there reaping the benefits of your loss." she muses to Arik as she tries to hand the trophy back.

Eilonwy blinks and tilts her head. "What?

"This one's a bit out o' my skill set, so any tha' want tae take a try at throwin' an axe, be my guest." Tucking her shiny gold trophy under her arm, Morrighan ambles off to one of the nearby tables with a notable hop and skip to her step, in tune to the current tune being played by the minstrels nearby. She takes but a moment to look over the collection of booze she's accumulated this night so far, pleased with the results, and turns on her heel to face the line. "Same rules apply, once th'servants are in th'clear, toss your axe when ready - jus' please dunnae take out a window from th'Villa."

Arik deftly directs the trophy to Khanne from Tesha and then begins walking back towards Mirk and Eilonwy, "Oh well lets just leave this with Khanne and see you two introduced.

Arik has left the wrestling pit.

Arik has joined the courtyard benches.

"I bet twenty five thousand silver Rowenova wins first place!" Draven calls out with a cheerful giggle, smiling brightly as he turns from Valencia and chases after his Rowenova to join in this game. Yes. This little man is going to try and lift a weapon that is probably almost as big as him, if not just as big.

Lucita has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Rowenova cracks up about Arik's response about 'never on top' as she picks up the bigger exe. She suddenly shouts, "No! Save betting on me for archery. Screwing around is all I am doing! I have never used an axe like this for anything besides chopping wood!"

Sparte slowly rises up, looking to Valencia for a moment before looking off to the competitors. "I'm going to go try it, I think. I'll be honest, I've never thrown an axe that big before... I'm kinda curious how it'll go."

Draven checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Sir Floppington wags over to sit down at the benches under the oak trees and wagging softly next to Lucita.

Tesha gives a look to the trophy and there's a look to her brother-in-law...then to Khanne, "He acts like we were not talking." she whispers to her. Then she settles the trophy down, "I'll be right back." she states. Then she's off after Arik to go meet Eilonwy. Atramentous follows behind her like a big black shadow.

Gwyndolin, Champion of Valardin in Dragon Cloak arrives, following Zara.

Gwyndolin, Champion of Valardin in Dragon Cloak leaves, following Zara.

"Good luck, Missere Sparte! My luck to you, sir!" Valencia calls out to the man as he sets off to try his talent and luck. Another smile and a warm embrace is offered to Lucita as she arrives and is promptly invited to sit with the little southern princess to watch the event.

Gwyndolin, Champion of Valardin in Dragon Cloak, Toste arrive, following Zara.

Gwyndolin, Champion of Valardin in Dragon Cloak, Toste leave, following Zara.

"Anyone! Twenty five thousand!" Draven echoes, repeating his gamble as he grasps the large axe, trying to hefty it up as best he can. It's a bit of a strain for him, and as soon as he gets it off of the table, the blade of it falls straight down in a chopping motion and lands right in the floor boards in front of his foot. A few inches closer and he might have lost a few toes.

Tesha has joined the courtyard benches.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Morrighan before departing.

Tamorin, a bubbly Whisper apprentice arrives, delivering a message to Arik before departing.

"I'll take that," Mirk says, nodding his head to Draven. Glancing aside at Elias, he says, "I may have a problem." He grins at Arik and says, "At least this time it isn't at your expense."

With her axe at her side in her left hand, Nova carefully watches Draven but does not interfere with his attempts, visibly wincing and sucking in a gasp after having watched him nearly chop his own toes off. She steps over with her right, ringed hand reaching out to shoulder clasp Draven. "Hey." Then, the wolfy woman leans down to quietly whisper to him.

Sparte falls in next to Draven, giving them a friendly smile as he goes to grab an axe of his own. He grabs it near the head, balancing out the weight to make it easier to lift and hold while he gets into position.

Draven checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Lucita watches the contest start, her gaze focused on the ones preparing to try to throw the Axes.

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Valenciasits up a little straighter as the competition begins.

Something said at the courtyard benches brings about a sharp laughter from Elias. A proper laugh, one from the gut. And then he attempts to quiet down, watching the contestants with half an eye.

Khanne nods as Tesha walks away with Arik, she sitting quietly watching the activities.

"Deal!" Draven calls out happily back at Mirk with his unrelentingly bright smile, giggling, even if he did almost lose a few toes. He takes a couple of deep breathes, and then giggles as Rowenova leans in to whisper to him. "I'm glad to! I'm so going to beat you! Even if it will cost me money!" He tells his wife, and then grunts as he hefts up the axe with both hands, straining heavily and closing his eyes as he throws the weapon horizontally... And actually hits his mark!

Rowenova leans back from having whispered at Draven then she wolfishly grins, stepping up to the throwing line and squaring up. She then throws mightily!

Rowenova checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Exhaling a quiet yawn, arms stretching languorously, Morrighan clasps her hands behind her back, standing a safe distance behind the trio while they prepare to hurl their axes. They're of a considerable weight, being large in size, but thankfully, when thrown, nobody dies. All three bite into the target. Servants scurry down the way to retrieve them - with some assistance - ensuring they're returned for the second round as the other group sets to moving the target back several paces. "Nae bad, when you're all ready, throw again."

Rowenova checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Draven checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 17 lower.

Sparte does a little twist with his axe, showing some familiarity with using weapons the size of himself. He takes a moment to rub at the palm of one hand afterwards, before going and chucking his second in much the same manner.

Sparte has rolled a critical success!
Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 162 higher.

Arik watches Sparte handle the massive axe like a pro. Such power. Such prescion. He leans aside and audible remarks to no one imparticular, "So I guess in the Iron Guard they replace your limbs with fuckin Iron or something because sweet Spirits."

Eilonwy makes room for Arik to sit by her, but she might kick him out for Sparte after that throw. She blinks and stares. "I need to work on my arm strength, clearly." She sighs and nudges Arik.

Giggling happily, Draven steps back up to the plate, straining as he tries with the axe a second time. Throwing horizontally worked the first time, but certainly not the second time as it only gets a few feet from him, skidding across the floor. Then he peeks over at Sparte as he throws his axe, his eyes wide. "Oh! Hey! No fair! Magic and Spirits shouldn't help you do Stuff like this!"

Morrighan stares, unblinking, jaw slightly agape at the SOUND that comes from the target when Sparte's axe impacts it. The wood splits, threatening to break in two, a jagged gash spider webbing down the center. "Gods damn. Th'fuck do you eat for breakfast?" she wonders, moving over to hand the man his trophy. "Well, I mean it goes without sayin', Sparte wins."

The little vixen stares and then jumps up to cheer loudly for Sparte. "Bravo!!!!!" she cheers with a bright happy smile upon her lips unable to keep any illusion of decorum at the incredible throw.

Valencia claims this

Sparte impresses himself when the axe strikes, taking a moment to lean back and tilt his head. He then comments over to Arik with a grin. "As strong as stone, as unyielding as iron." A brief chuckle. "But I honestly just tried to pretend I was a trebuchet, and imagine how one of those would throw an axe." He does the throwing motion again, then starts to look a little embrassed. "I mean, I... I'm sure everyone does that? Right?"

From her spot in the garden, Khanne simply stares at Sparte with brows raised. "Holy Snowballs... as Gwenna would say."

Nova barely hits her own target this second round then peers over toward Sparte's precision. "Wow, Guardsman Sparte!" She peeks over and then sidles over to briefly snug Draven with one arm as she takes up the 2nd-place prize. "Thank you!"

Lucita stands and claps as Sparte makes that remarkable throw. "That was... just... never saw a throw like that before!

Mirk claps for Sparte's victory, chuckling quietly to himself the entire time, the sound perhaps not that noticeable underneath his clapping, but his expression sure is. He's eyeing Draven as if he's waiting for something.

Cillian moves to stand up sticking his tounge out at Eilonwy and then smiles, "I am just Cillian M'lady." he smiles and moves off for the Archery time.

Cillian has left the courtyard benches.

Morrighan gets a teardrop marked bottle of Northland's Fire amber whiskey from a simple wooden crate.

Draven is just simply entranced as he stares at how that axe was thrown. He hasn't been this calm all night! Then he giggles and happily hugs his Wife, smiling and kissing her cheek. "Good job! You did amazing!" He beams, and then darts his way over to Mirk. Pulling out those higher value coins that equal 25k seems to be quick and easy for him, and he slams the coins down on the table. "You win! I'll beat you next time!"

Elias blinks in surprise at Sparte's throw and lets out a low whistle. "You pretended to be a trebuchet," he repeats, completely unconvinced. "What in all the abyss, man. And now when all the kids start telling me they're 'being trebuchets', I'm going to blame you."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eilonwy before departing.

Mirk counts the coins, more for his own benefit than out of apparent distrust, and offers Draven a nod of his head. "Pleasure doing business with you," he says. "And best of luck next time." He manages to make it sound mostly sincere, though it's anyone's guess whether it actually is.

Somewhat bothered, Nova feels better after the cheek kiss from Draven who the wolf scout lets go to pay up Mirk. She just watches a little while but then turns back with a grin for Sparte. "Are you doing the archery too?" says she as her grin grows. "That... I actually trained in."

Khanne has left the shaded garden grotto.

Khanne has joined the wrestling pit.

"Well then, tha' was damned excitin'," the Sword laughs, plucking a bottle from the crate as she makes her way back to the wrestling pit. The daggers, hatchets, and axes are promptly pulled and removed from the tables, in their places instead are an assortment of bows along with quivers of arrows. Morrighan pulls out the cork of one of the many bottles in her possession, taking a hearty swig and gestures at the crowd. "Archers, take a spot at th'line, choose your bow, get a quiver, an' prepare for th'marksman's challenge."

Sparte looks at Elias with a bit of a mischievous grin at the mention of the kids, mixed with his embarassment into a sort of shrug. "I, heh, I guess I'll be guilty." Looking over to Rowenova, there is a shake of his head. "Oh, no. I'm rubbish with a bow, going to go sit down and pretend I didn't just get rediculously lucky."

Rowenova wields steel reinforced recurve hunting bow.

Khanne yawns as she rises from her seat, lifting her hand up when Morrighan calls for archers. "Me... that'll be me. I'm.. middling at it, but don't get to let arrows loose often enough. It will be fun!"

Cillian nods his head to Morrigans words moving to picks a bow and a quiver up looking to Row he nods to her, "Good luck." he smiles in her direction looking over to Eilonwy then back and waits for directions.

Bringing around her new bow, Nova pipes up. "Well, ok! Was a good throw, Guardsman Sparte!" She looks over to the Voice, "Vala Khanne! Master Cillian! Let's do this!" She picks up and strings back a new arrow and aims forth to the yonder target at the short range.

Khanne checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eilonwy before departing.

Eilonwy cheers for her twin, clapping as Cillian shoots well and smiling for him.

Cillian brings the bow up and the arrow is brought back taking his time when he shoots and when he does let go the arrow zips through the air to hit its mark, nods his head seeming happy with where it landed.

There's an excited gleam in the woman's eyes as she watches the trio take up their places at the line, and Morrighan can't help but to bounce on her toes. It's hard to choose one to cheer for, but she offers encouraging whoops and hollers all the same. When the arrows fly, her arms lift in celebration, and the surrounding crowd gives praise and applause. All three hit their intended mark, though unlike previous instances, the arrows are not retrieved, but the target is instead moved backward. "Once they retreat tae a safe distance, go ahead an' let another fly."

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 5 lower.

Khanne checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

Too excitable, Nova pulls up the next arrow which she draws back and does not properly breathe and lets go too soon. The sailing arrow goes up over the intended target and much further than it! She briefly squints but then is glancing over to the other competitors.

Khanne seems casual as she shoots her first arrow, her demeanor more subdued than before. She smiles when she hits the target and cheers her other competitors on. She steps up to the line again after the targets are moved, She bites her lip when Rowe misses, then takes her own second shot, doing slightly better than she did in the first round. She smiles with a happy nod then looks to Cillian.

Rowenova says in Northlands shav, "Good shot, Vala Khanne!"

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Khanne nods towards Rowenova and says, "thank you, Rowe."

Lucita claps for Rowenova. "Very skillfully done. Good job."

"Well done, 'fraid you're out, Row, but you still made third place," Morrighan remarks, offering the scout a pat on the shoulder, and passes off another trophy. "Jus' Khanne an' Cillian now, but who will be th'victor this time, mn?" There's an expression of humor that flits across her face, one hand gesturing at the team of target movers to pull it back even further. "Whenever you're ready, fling away."

Khanne checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 8 higher.

Nova graciously accepts her third-place trophy with a bright smile, "Thank you!" says the wolf scout as she leans in to the shoulder pats from the fiery dame whilst glancing back to Khanne, "Most welcome!" She speeds away from the throwing/shooting line and merrily chimes, "Thank you, Baroness Lucita! Oh, yes! To all those who do not know, the lovely Baroness is my lovely patron!" Spinning back to check out the next shots, "Go Vala Khanne!"

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

Tesha has left the courtyard benches.

Rowenova has left the wrestling pit.

Elias directs Eilonwy's gaze to the archery grounds with a lift of his chin. "You've got direct family about. But I understand where you're coming from, there's only the few of you." As for Arik, he lifts a hand in farewell. "Nice meeting you, even though you did inadvertently spoil my night by losing that axe-throwing competition."

Morrighan has left the wrestling pit.

Khanne makes her shot, holding her breath slightly, after the target is moved further back. She exhales when the arrow hits then waits for Cillian to take his turn.

Arik waves to Morrighan as he begins to depart and calls out, "You should throw more parties."

Arik has left the courtyard benches.

Lucita watches more of the activities then rises and murmurs. "This has been fun but I need to get back home. Happy Birthday!"

Rowenova thanks Lucita for showing. She gives her a one-armed hug if let to!

Rowenova says, "Farewell, Baroness!"

Lucita returns the hug and with a little waves of the hand to others heads along.

Lucita has left the benches under the oak trees.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard leave, following Lucita.

Cillian lets his go holding his breath it hits but then after a moment it comes lose and falls, he lets his breath out and looks to Khanne nodding his head in respect to her, "Was a honor vala Khanne."

Khanne smiles and approaches Cillian. She holds her hand out to shake his. "Good show, Cillian. You did well."

Draven bounces all over the place, giggling happily and clapping at Rowenova's third place victory!

Clapping for her twin, Eilonwy looks at Cillian. "Well done Cill! That was solidly done." She calls out and looks between Elias and Mirk at the conversation happening.

After her hug with Lucita, Nova speeds over to Draven and then sets down yet another trophy, so their whole family has 5 total. She leans close and then whisper whispers.

"I'm throughly pleased tha' Khanne is takin' home more gold an' trophies home tae Halfshav than her brother," comes an amused snicker from the dame, her grin impish at the shaman as she extends a gold trophy. "Well done, an' I do hope tha' you enjoyed yourself," she says, extending the same to Cillian - as well as a silver trophy. "It has been an enjoyable evenin' as your hostess, an' thanks tae each an' every one o' you for comin' by t'night. As much as I'd prefer tae linger an' see who'd engage in th'consumption o' liquor tae see who'd be th'last drunk standin', it'll have tae wait for another time. Feel free tae stay an' linger, there's plenty o' drink an' food, an' th'minstrels will remain to entertain, for however long."

Valenciagives another cheer and gracefully rises from her seat to offer Lucita a fond farewell. "I think I shall take my leave now, but thank you for a wonderful party. And for the invitation," she smiles to Lord Arik and then Rowenove. "And very happy birthday to you, Damn Morrighan. Here's to a beautiful year for you," she wishes earnestly as she moves to say her farewells to Sparte and Draven and to offer Rowenova a hug farewell

Cillian takes the hand from Khanne and shakes it, "Thank you, Vala Khanne." he looks to Morrighan, "Dame Morrighan, if you have a moment?" he asks moving closer to her.

Valencia has left the benches under the oak trees.

Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid, 1 Ulbran Thug leave, following Valencia.

Nova lifts up her wolf-framed face with a laugh after Morrighan's comments, and then she firmly hugs Valencia. "Farewell to you!" She then lets go as well as picks up the linen-covered, spherically-shaped object which she helps carry on over toward Morrighan but at a pace alongside Draven as they make their way over.

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