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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XXV

Join us for another fun-filled night of excellent sparring, high spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart.

All levels of fighters and disciplines are welcome (including melee, bare knuckle and archery). Bring your weapons and armor or borrow the Hart's equipment and truly test your skills. Or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favourite fighters.

Everyone is very welcome. Drinks are on the house.

Donations to the Golden Hart's charitable fund much appreciated. Deepest thanks for your ongoing support!



This event was created to have some fun and offer more chances to RP a bit before the battles to come.

As always, the Hart is open to everyone in Arx. Everyone is welcome to attend.

If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please feel welcome. If you have questions, you can @mail Valencia.

Look forward to seeing you!

Please see the Winners Circles from past events here:


Nov. 18, 2018, 9:30 p.m.

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Orelia Mirella Pharamond Lore Lisebet Elias Berto Waldemai Macda Ajax Carmen Shae Jeffeth Terese Gaston Ailys Nigel Michael


Golden Hart


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

A bitterly cold wind blows and rolls across the city as snow falls heavily. People, heads tucked low, move swiftly to their destinations. Throughout the city golden lights from windows show people gathered from the winter's cold, but none are so warm as the light and golden spirit as seen at the Golden Hart

Clad in scarlet southern silks the little vixen is speaking happily with Lady Stonewood. Guests begin to file in, shaking the snow from their coats as they are greeted by warm smiles of the Hart's staff.

Orelia pauses just a moment before tipping her head to Valencia, an easy smile settling in place. "It's good to see you again Princess. Sorry I've not been around as of late. Trip home to Stone hearth and been busy with training and learning and singing and... a lot." She takes the mulled wine and takes a sip of the warmed liquid. "I've been well. Just very very busy. How have you been?" She asks with a note of concern in her voice as she unshoulders her bag with it's armor and puts it on the floor near her feet but not so close that she'll go tripping over it. "I've been a terrible friend I know."

Mirella was here from the start. Having already made her polite introductions to the host, and having then settled into a quiet spot thereafter, the dark-clad Lycene observes faces quietly, dark eyes taking in the activity of the arena.

Guillermo the First Mate arrives, delivering a message to Mirella before departing.

Pharamond is glad to make his way in. It's been a while, and he hasn'tbeen able to spar in them for even longer. So seeing those about he is pretty enthused, giving a glance around as he shakes snow off his cloak, having already kicked some off his boots at the door. "I don't care what it is, but there better be a drink in my hand that is both warm and full of alcohol in 5...4...3...." he teases, having used a similar entrance last time but of course, even if he gets to zero nothing will happen other than his having to wait longer.

Looking up the little vixen smiles to Master Waldemai, who gets treated with such warmth you'd think half the Hart girls were sweet on the smith, a jug of ale offered his way as he settles in the rafters as per tradition. Valencia smiles back brightly to Orelia and gives her head a shake, "Give me a proper hug hello and all is forgiven," she teases warmly. "You have been missed, I'm glad you are home, my sweetest lady," Valencia smiles as Mirella arrives. The little princess offers a smile her way, too, as she calls out, "Welcome to my Hart, Mistress Fiorelli. Will you be sparing this night?" she asks with a little nod as the tour de force known as Pharamond arrives.

Lore traipses in, underdressed for the weather and happily oblivious to it! She offers a wave to the hostess, sweeping into a flourished bow before popping back up with a grin, "Princess! Lovely to see you! Looking forward to seeing what this sip'n'spar is all about!" THen she's headding towards the bar to find herself something to drink!

Lisebet wanders in, having stopped in the outer room to warm up and get a drink. So she's a bit ahead of Pharamond, in that regard. She raises her mug in a salute of sorts to the fellow, as she moves to find a nice spot to sit and watch. No sparring for this petite Lady. She has already cleared the snow off, though she still has her cloak and hood, and she pauses to offer a smile and a wave to Valencia by way of greeting.

Anyone who knows Elias knows that he's horrible at brawling and fighting. But they'd also know that he loves a good drink, so what better time to visit the Hart than today? He steps inside, scrubs his boots to get the snow off, and moves straight for the bar to secure a warming drink.

Orelia turns her head and grins when she spots Pharamond. She raises her cup in his direction. "Mulled wine over here old bones. But you have to come and get it." She turns back to regard Valencia and steps in to embrace the other woman, giving her a tight hug and murmuring something softly to her. Anyone that can see her lips could read them pretty easily. She's just repeating that she's sorry for being a crappy friend. "Been quite an adventure the past few months. Trip home to Stonehearth and then back and throwing myself into my Champion training." She huffs out a sigh. "And getting smacked around the ring by old people. Who knew they had so much fight in them still?" She asks, with a smirk slanted in Pharamond's direction. "Tour de force?" She laughs lightly and shakes her head, sipping deeply from the mulled wine in her hand. "Any chance of some warmed spiced rum?" She asks hopefully, looking around a bit, though not giving up her cup.

Lore is offered a bright smile in return, her dark eyes dancing with delight to see so many she adores arrive. "Welcome Mistress, you are so very welcome here. I hope you enjoy all that my Hart may offer. Please feel free to explore as it pleases," she nods warmly before turning to welcome Lady Lisebet as well with a wave and a wamn incline of head.

Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard leaves, following Mirella.

Elias has joined the bar.

Pharamond winks to Orelia as he sees her, giving a warm wave to Lisebet but waiting for his warmed rum and fruit concoction that gets rid of the cold and liberates the sensibilities, and of course, his shy bashful demeanor...okay so that last part is pretty much totally made up. He blows a kiss to the hostess of course, and he does head over to sit near Orelia and if she's not already near them, he beckons over Lisebet, raising his glass and pulling out a chair as he settles all comfortably. At least until he's called to head down into the ring. "I got to the last one of these too late to get to play. Not letting that happen again. I don't care if it snows so much they have to rename the Blackrose Theater to Whiterose Theater. I'm getting some exercise tonight damn it all!" His words don't match his tone however, nor his expression, for he is clearly a bit more jovial than he has been the last few days.

Valencia returns the hug and whispers there is nothing to be forgiven, giving Orelia another hug to seal the deal. "I'm just glad you are safe and you are here," she nods with a smiles. "What ever do you mean by being smacked around by old people?" she queries with a confused blink. A bright smile blossoms once more as Lord Elias arrives and she offers the man a shy smile and warm incline of head as he arrives. "My lord," she calls out in greeting, offering him a delicate hand. "Welcome to my Hart. I was hoping we might see you," she nods only to blush even more as Pharamond blows her a kiss, her large dark eyes dropping demurely.

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Berto ambles toward the Arena, with his perpetually present plesantness, a wide white grin on his dark face. He glances around the arena of the Hart, looking to see if anyone's taken the challenge, and moving toward the drinks on offer. He might have had some already, by the looks of him, but maybe it's true what they say about a sober brewmaster.

Orelia isn't sitting quiet yet, she's standing next to Valencia. But Pharamond might note her lether bag that holds her armor is on the floor near her feet, pushed slightly out of the way. She came with the ability to spar, though whether she will or not is still up in the air. "Uh huh. I'm pretty sure getting out of bed has your bones cracking and your knees aching Lord Ashford." It's a comfortable jab though, a familiar back and forth between her and Pharamond. "Oh. Lord Ashford and I sparred a couple of weeks ago and he reminded me just why the experience and wisdom of age should never be discounted. That is all. Well and he rewarded me with some bruises for my insolence." SHe winks at Valencia but takes another sip from her cup, finding a table nearby to take a seat at. "Feel free to join us if you find time during your hostess duties." She remarks to Valencia before taking a seat at the table Pharamond has claimed.

Gracefully clad in scarlet southern silks that embrace enticing curves, Valencia nods warmly to Orelia and sets off to welcome the crowd and start the event off right.

The little dark eyed vixen moves to the center of the Ring of Valor. She offers beautiful smile and a gracious incline of her head to the room, "My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, dearest friends.... welcome to my Hart. Thank you for joining us tonight."

"As always, we are so very happy to have you here in our Hart and we thank you for your fine company, generous spirit, and for making this a gathering place for all of Arx," the little vixen calls out with a gentle smile.

"It goes without saying that our realm has been hit hard with terrible grief and loss," she continues, her expression growing more solemn. "Our hearts, though heavy, are with those so terribly affected by such loss."

"But though we grieve deeply, let us not forget why they did what they did. Let us take a moment tonight to smile at their memory, raise a glass, and offer them the greatest respect by living well and true so that their lives and sacrifices are honoured with each breath we take."

"Without their bravery and yours, we would not stand today," the little princess offers as she raises her glass to the crowd. "Thank you to those who rise again and again to defend us. To those who fight for good and light. To you who bring joy to others. And, to light, luck and love."

"And now, warriors, if you will take to the sands!"

Lisebet heads over to Pharamond and Orelia, slipping into her seat and relaxing easily. "Good evening, I make no promises that I won't be frozen by the end of the night, but I am here to watch and cheer on all the fighters," she calls out, not making it a big secret. Her gaze goes to Orelia and then to Pharamond with a grin. "Lady Orelia, how nice to see you again."

"Just for a short while, I'm afraid. I'm feeling a bit out of it," Elias directs to Valencia with a dip of his chin. He secures the woman's hand and gives it a gentle squeeze as he drops onto a barstool nearby. "Massive headache. I was trying to reorganize a few things and I fully regret it." As Valencia makes her announcements, Elias turns to the barkeep to really quickly snag a drink for himself. And afterwards, with a smile, he asks, "How are you, dear Princess Valencia?"

Slipping through the crowd, a young man with a dark blue cloak arrives, delivering a message to Elias before departing.

Thistleton, an elderly and devoted manservant arrives, following Macda.

Macda arrives, following Ajax.

Waldemai cheers the Princess's speech, because it was a pretty good speech. "That's telling them!"

Pharamond grins with that little impish look of his, his hood pulled back so his light eyes and smiel show though at Valencia's calling he raises a glass, standing quietly and bringing his hand over his chest as he bows in honor of those who have fallen or can't be here as a result. As he rises he looks over towards Orelia. "You're lucky it would be bad form to tease you back after the Princess' remarks," though of course, his teasing about teasing her is teasing. (See what he did there?) And so Pharamond takes his drink and heads over to where those willing to toss their hat in the ring end up standing.

Pharamond is overheard praising Valencia.

Berto cheers at Valencia's speech, and lifts a glass of something brown and smoky in her direction. He drinks to their memory, and moves to sit down, getting a good view of the spectacle.

Entering in the shadow of another, the blond's face is partially covered by the tipping of a bottle on her lips. She appears to be nodding to something Ajax says but it's lost in the uproar that was blaring around them.

From his spot at the bar, Elias lifts his drink to Macda and her companion. "You're just in time, looks like we've got a good brawl starting up!" He takes a swig from the bottle and beckons the two over before asking, "You going to participate, Princess Macda? I'd be happy to wager money on you."

Waldemai leaves his ale behind to climb down from the rafters and into the ring. He looks up at his opponent and jokes, "You're a big one, aren't you?" To him there are a lot of tall ones. "Waldemai Isenhu, master smith<' he introduces himself. "I can punch a bit."

Tightening the clasp around his cloak, Ajax enters the arena, his gaze settling on at the princess he seems to be escorting, his other hand resting on his hip.

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Lisebet smiles quietly, as she listens to the back and forth, not really taking part in it. She looks to Macda, recognizing her somewhat. A brow arches just a little. Her attention goes to the ring of Valour though as folks get started. "Good luck!" she calls out generally to both Lore and Waldemai.

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Lore heads on out to the ring and grins at Waldemai with a shrug, "I kept telling Talen to stop pulling my legs when we were younger, but he never listened. Now I'm too tall!"

The little princess smiles to Elias and nod gently and offers a little wince. "Let's see if we might win this day with the hair of the wolf, yes?" Valencia offers as she returns from the sads, nodding as she notes Elias as seen to himself. Dark eyes lift as Ajax and Macda arrive, both receiving bright smiles and warm inclines of head in happy welcome. Berto as well is greeted with warm intent, the master brewer also getting a nod from Maggnus, the Hart's master barkeep.

Pharamond has joined the ringside table.

Waldemai grins at the story. "Better too tall than too short," he says. "Unless you've dropped something under the table that is. I'm ready," he calls.

Berto has joined the ringside table.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

With the average man in the room being eight inches taller than she, the figures of towering knights dot the sprawling crowd and shift for a view. A familiar voice beckons her but it takes navigating a few bodies to get a clear view of the bar. She'll need the bar itself to see from here but what's the use- and she strides over the greet him and Valencia closer with irreverence where the sellsword ends up. "Leary, why is it every time I see you, you are trying to earn a silver off my back?"

The fight starts out like most boxing matches. Two fighters circling each other, jabbing, leading, trying to take each other's measure. Neither landing hits that do any damage, but both perhaps more ready to take that leap. Lore grins at Waldemai and nods, "You're faster than I expected. This is going to be fun!"

Orelia tips her head to Lisebet as she joins the table. "And you. Lady Farshaw I believe it was? Sorry there have been so many new faces as of late. Well new to me." She looks over towards the sands and sighs. "And here it is I guess I leave you by your lonesome." She rises to her feet and snatches up her bag with her armor in it and makes her way over, taking a seat and beginning to pull her armor on, starting from the legs and moving upwards, though she swaps her current more fashionable boots for the boots from her armor bag. She's not in any great hurry to get in there and get her ass kicked, but she's willing.

Waldemai is actually pretty fast on his feet for a stocky blacksmith type. "I can't lay a fist on you," he says. Is he beginning to get tired? Are all those years of ale taking their toll on his wind as well as his liver? Only the healers know for sure!

Valencia watches the ring with rapt attention as Lore and Waldemai begin. Bare knuckle brawling is rare for the Hart and the crowds cheer with excitement as the competitors move about the ring.

The second round through, Lore changes up her game a little, going a little more aggressively after the blacksmith. She lands a few glancing blows, managing to at least catch him with a few quick jabs while still managing to avoid the worst of Waldemai's own blows. Grinning, she offers, "You'll have to let me buy you a drink after this. I always enjoy a good workout!"

"I am rooting for Lore." Ajax offers in an aside to the priestess.

Lisebet glances over to the others watching and she calls. "I'm cheering for both fighters!" A grin towards Ajax with thta.

Waldemai shakes off a blow he can't quite duck, well, mostly. Might have a bit of a shiner tomorrow..."Got my bucket of ale waiting up in the cheap seats," he says. "Come on up and we can spill it on the nobs."

She starts to unbutton the front of her overcoat as the room warms with action on the arena floor. Her eyes skim from the momentary view to the people watching. Macda's eyes linger on Pharamond for a moment, clearly trying to discern familiarity but is distracted from the ringside table by the fight progressing. Her head turns to Ajax as she finds him there, ignorant a moment before, "Don't like the look of the man? Or just want to see her make him bleed?"

"Is that what I do?" Elias says with a tilt of a smile up at Macda. "Well," he looks down at his hands, counting off fingers. "You're a princess, for one. And you're a /Grayson/ princess at that. Apparently you punch pretty hard... And I could make up my losses from yesterday." Because yes, he lost a bet the other day. "So -- going to participate?" At Valenica's remark Elias grins. "I don't suppose you're the betting kind, are you?"

Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd arrive, following Shae.

Pharamond watches the fight, a look over to Orelia as she starts to put on her armor and he continues to watch the exchange. "I don't know too much about just pure brawling but still," he says with a little chuckle. "They look like they've got a bit of experience doing what they do." He settles back and gives a wave over to Macda as he spies her glance. Not that it helps her figure out who he is or when they met, but at least he's polite! Nodding to Berto, "I've had your brew. It's delicious," he says with a grin. "I missed your opening but I still need to buy a bottle or cask or whatever else I can carry it in."

Now that she's found the chink in the blacksmith's armor, Lore isn't about to let up. She advances again, getting in a few harder blows while dancing lightly around the older man. Grinning at him, Lore gives a nod, "Sounds like a plan! You just say when and we can call the fight and head up to drinking and spillage." Of course, she sneaks in a last blow that might just ring the man's bell a little.

Orelia is watching the ongoing fight as well as she puts her armor on. Piece by piece until she's sitting fully armored, just adjusting a last couple things, then slipping her leather longcoat over the whole mess, blades at her hips, and then she retakes her seat, the one near the fighting sands and looks over to PHaramond. "I guess you get your rematch Lord Ashford. Though why the winner wants a rematch is beyond me." She smirks though and reaches out, nudging him with an elbow before turning her focus back on the fight.

"Nay, Princess, I believe I watched Lore brawl before." Ajax offers with a wry smile, as his gaze returns to the arena.

Waldemai is unquestionably slowing down. More importantly, he can't lay a glove on his opponents. "Speed kills," he jokes, but he's getting visibly tired.

The little princess cheers both contestants with a yell likely not as lady-like as she normally would be, the scene of to capably fighters facing off making the crowd cheer. Valencia applauds and offers a little smile to Macda and then Elias. A little vixenish look comes to here eyes as she looks at the Leary Lord. "What did you have in mind?" she asks with a little grin, a smile sent Ajax's way.

Her glare slashes from the sellsword to Elias, "Make up your losses? I ought to just punch you, Leary." Macda leans in as if to loom aggressively at the taller scholar. "Besides," she begins and her arm extends to point directly at the tall figure that is Jeffeth.

"You see that mountain over there with your clever eyes? He'd /love/ to beat me in public." Her arm drops and she turns bodily to Elias again. "Do I look like I want to be beaten by him in public? Not an abyssal chance."

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Shaking free of her helm, Carmen pauses near the doorway to take in the crowds. Melting snow drips down her armor. She walks slowly toward a table, much more interested for the moment at fighting wrapping up in the ring.

Waldemai dances away, to the extent that dragging his butt can be called dancing, and he raises his hands in the air. "I've been bested by a better woman! Heckuva a whupping you put on my ass!" Most of the damage seems to be on his face, actually. "Someone get me a bucket of snow to soak my jaw in, and alee's on me for everyone!"

Berto looks up toward Carmen as she steps in. And up. He gives a low, impressed whistle before he looks back toward the ring. "Generous in defeat! A cheer for the vanquished smith!"

Dropping her hands when Waldemai backs off, Lore flashes him a grin and offers a bow to him, straightening up with a laugh. "Come on, I'll fetch the snow myself! Then we'll drink and be merry and see what everyone else has to offer!"

Pharamond finishes his rum and looks to Orelia as she nudges him and he grins. "I have to see if all the bruises I gave you have taught you anything," he teases, chuckling a little and looking entirely amused. He takes off his cloak though and draws his sword, swinging it a couple of times as he hops into the ring with Orelia when the other fighters are done. He does clap though, bowing to them both. "Good show."

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Valencia cheers again as Waldemai dances out of reach and then gives teh field. The crowd goes wild with a renewed burst of vigor, both fighters being cheered enthusiastically. The Hart's mercies take a little look at the Master Smith before he's allowed to head back to his seat of honour in the rafters so he can nurse his drink and his bruises. Lore is given three cheers as she departs the sands, and soon the are ready for the arrival of Orelia and Pharamond.

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Lisebet claps, and calls out, "Well fought, both of you!" And then it's Orelia and Pharamond setting up, and Lisebet gives a look of mock indecision. "Oh no. Who shall I cheer for now?"

Elias passes a quick look of appraisal over Jeffeth and he turns back to Macda, whispering out to the woman, "Yeah, he'd probably kick your ass. Fair. I wouldn't want to be punched by him either." There was a huff of a laugh and he shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well, I'll just bet on one of the other folk... unless you do wind up in the ring." Then to Valencia, he drops his voice into a whisper so only those around the bar can hear.

Pharamond wields Bringer of Dawn, a shimmering alaricite long sword.

Shae arrives at the Hart, unbuttoning her fox-fur coat as she enters. Dressed in green, her gown sweeps the floor as she peers about the establishment; she hasn't been here in a very long time, her brow furrowed, watching the antics, catching the conversation. She hesitates just inside the entrance. Observing for the moment, conflicted.

At the whistle, Carmen cocks an eyebrow down at Berto, enjoying this far more than she has any right to, despite having been so tall for many years now. "It's a nice tune. Little simple. Does it have lyrics?"

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Sir Jeffeth is sitting quietly at a table, leaned back fully in his chair. He doesn't look like he wants to beat anyone up in particular right now. Just quietly nursing a bottle of some dark liquid. Watching the proceedings with a bit of a distant stare.

Terese looks about for any faces that she may recognize, and eventually spots Macda and makes her way over to the woman, greeting her and her company, "Mind if I join you this evening?"

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A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Orelia raises a hand and waves in Jeffeth's direction. She's over by the sands, armored up and ready to go out, especially now that the bare knuckle brawl is done. She rises to her feet. "Evening Sir Bayweather!" She calls out to her very large friend, then nudges PHaramond. "Come on old bones. Lets go. I want to get this ass kicking done with so I can go back to drinking." She steps into the ring, shifting and moving. She did her stretches as she was getting armored up, so now it's down to the fighting. She slips her blade free and rolls her head on her shoulders, facing Pharamond. She pauses though when she sees him pull out his alaricite long sword. "Ahh." She slips Crescendo back into it's sheath and slips Siren's Song free of hers instead. It is an absolutely perfect blade. Beyond perfect really. The rubicund blade is without any flaw whatsoever. She whips it through a few cuts in the air, then settles into a fighter's stance, waiting for the call to begin. "I'd use Crescendo but she's only a steel blade. Would leave me at a fair disadvantage." She winks at Pharamond, a smirk pulling at her lips.

2 Grayson House Guards, Max, an emperor tamarin, Rosalee, The Champion arrive, following Ailys.

The Marquis of Blackram enters, snow melting and mingling with the fur mantle of his cloak and dripping freely down the cold metal of his armor, his dark barbute helmet tucked loosely under one arm. He's quick to notice Shae, and moves to join her side, touching a gauntleted hand to her arm and murmuring a warm greeting.

Carmen is offered a warm smile as she seen through the crowd. Shae's arrival is noted as well, the little dark haired princess offers another warm smile and welcoming wave of her had, inviting the woman closer in as Terese enters the large arena though the heavy double doors. Valencia smiles as she approaches, "Good evening, welcome to my Hart," she smiles gently.

Rolling her eyes at Elias, "Keep pushing. And it's 'fish elves' for you." Her smirk manages to linger long enough for her glare to soften at the presence of Terese.

Macda turns around then and makes a gestured low bow, flashing an indecent bit of cleavage as her coat opens further. "Your Highness, am I on duty this evening? I forgot my apron, but you have your cloak! Lovely as ever." The whole exchange is saccharine.

"Just a start, this far," Berto says to Carmen with a nod and a grin. "Goes 'Tehom's bollocks they grow 'em big here, 'tween this lady and our man Bayweather.' Need to work out how it goes from there." The short man shoots Carmen a wink and he leans back in his seat.

Wincing at a particularly nasty looking hit in the ring, Carmen tears her attention back down to Berto and Lisebet. "You seem to be the man in know. Mind if I pull a seat?

Macda lips, 'excuse me," to Terese and turns to the bar to ask for something.

Carmen has joined the ringside table.

Lisebet promptly gestures to the table. "By all means," she offers. "There's room!"

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 14, rolling 27 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

There's a distracted little wave sent in the direction of Orelia as she goes to begin her fight. Though there is a distinct frown at Pharamond's blade. The large man narrows his brows lightly as he watches the fight, bringing his bottle up to his lips to take another sip. The behemoth is sitting by his lonesome at a corner table. Though his eyes do wander round the room from time to time. Jeffeth sets the bottle back down and continues to watch the fight quietly.

Things are well under way, but that doesn't stop Ailys from arriving. When she does manage to arrive, anyway. The Grayson Princess steps into the building and is directed to the arena where the crowds have gathered for the evening. She pauses as she arrives, looking around curiously, assessing who has gathered for the evening's entertainment.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 22, rolling 27 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 28, rolling 16 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

With a quick grin to Lisebet, Carmen settles onto a chair, only to sit up a bit to get a better view, heedless of anyone who might be sitting behind her.

Terese grins and chuckles to Macda, shaking her head, "No service required tonight, save company. I must give you some time to relax after all. I'd hate for you to think me a tyrant." she moves to join Macda and her company, adding a pleasant, "How's your evening been?"

Shae reacts to being touched by a gauntleted hand with neither surprise or rejection, tilting her head to take in the figure she's happy to see, delight in her eyes. Her eyes drop to the pendant at his chest, the armor he wears. Her features, relaxed, neutral, are at odds with the joy in her eyes. "I did not expect you here. I came -" She frowns. "Actually I can't remember why I came." She tilts her head, sniffs the air. "Maybe the fight."

Only needing a glance to find his target, a short lad in a faded green cloak arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

Orelia is getting her ass absolutely kicked. She manages to touch Pharamond a couple of times, but it's literally that. Nothing more than a touch. Meanwhile he is battering her around the ring. All her quickness and agility means absolutely nothing tonight as swing after swing of his connects. Most of them only connect a bit, but a few are more staggering hits. She is getting her ass absolutely handed to her by the more experienced fighter.

Pharamond himself seems to be a bit less guarded than normal. Anyone who's ever watched him fight or train has seen him keep a very guarded stance, in close, little movements for maximum effort. Today he's less defense and while still guarded, is a bit more aggressive than usual. He's not today. It's clear the lesson that he's giving to his friend, the young duelist. In sparring and fighting there is a thing called angle of cancellation. He's moving, cutting her swings short, not letting them reach that deadly point, well, what would be a deadly point if this weren't friendly. And then on occasion he parries back but the blows that hit him are innefctual, not that she doesn't touch. There are grazes that the armor takes, deflections down that run down his blade. And so he pushes the attack, keeping her off balance, aggressive but not hostile. His attacks hit, but are not abusive. There will definitely be some bruises though when this is all over for his friend.

Returning with another drink, Macda answers Terese with a simple, "I got scolded by a Baron. I suppose that's something?"

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Sitting up a bit at her table, Carmen calls out to Pharamond, laughing, "Quit playing! Poor kid's had enough."

Ajax dips his head to Teresa politely, not interrupting the twos conversation.

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Spotting Ailys, the large knight stands up quickly. Bowing deeply in her direction, his fist hits his chest. Jeffeth motions to some of the empty chairs at his table before going to reclaim his seat.

Orelia wields A Siren Song.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 102, rolling 62 lower.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 61, rolling 16 lower.

Orelia is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Elias lifts his hands in surrender to Macda. "Please, by all the Gods. Not the fish elves." He ends things there by drinking heavily from the bottle. "Definitely not that." He eyed Terese with a lift of his brow, confused by Macda's suddenly saccharine behavior. But he knows better than to push it, so he returns to his quiet conversation.

Ajax dips his head politely to Lisebet in turn, "Ma'am." he offers, keeping the tenor matching with the politeness of the gesture.

Terese chuckles and nods, "What did a baron scold you for?" she glances out on the field to witness the defeat of Orelia and winces in sympathy for the bruises that she shall be feeling later from that combat, remarking, "well, I suppose bruises are just instructions for us to get better at our defenses."

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The crowd is cheering wildly as Princess Ailys arrives and it is by chance that Valencia, so wrapped up in the fight, notices her. "Welcome, Princess Ailys," the little vixen manages to chime out above the cheering, offering Jeffeth a polite nod as well. "And you, Count Gaston. Plase be welcome as well," she nods with warm courtesy as the crowd renews its cheering.

Gauntlets noisy, Carmen claps slowly for Pharamond and Orelia as she settles back properly into her chair.

Orelia continues to get smacked around the arena like she's never picked up a sword a day in her life before. After a few more moments of it she takes a knee, admitting her defeat. Then rises back to her feet, wincing a little bit in pain. Her blode is spun and slid back into it's sheath with a little more force than need be, an audible smack of metal on sheathe as it snaps into place. Her teeth are gritted and she takes a slow and respecful bow in Pharamond's direction, though there is no hiding that Orelia is pissed off. Not with him, entirely with herself. As soon as is polite she exits the sands and begins to strip her armor off, probably being more than a little rough it it as it gets shoved back in the bag piece by piece. Thankfully she's a rather small person with rather small armor so it fits in the bag without much issue.

Pharamond looks back at the shout out to him and spies Carmen, and hearing the call and looking away for a moment he has to quickly spin out of the way of one of Orelia's thrusts, as it was going to be a sincerely nasty blow had he not. But the fight goes on a little bit longer before he's able to get in behind her and taking the butt of his sword he smacks Orelia in a spot on the leather armor where it doesn't cover well enough. Of course, even as he does it, he immediatley extends a hand to help her down, for he's not trying to truly injure her. "Easy now," he says to the Lady Stonewood. As she rises though he bows, sheathing his sword and heading off to the side, giving the young noble a bit of a berth. One doesn't deliberately walk into a storm and he knows better right now. He heads to the bar to grab another drink after offering a clap to those watching, thanking them for the support

Ailys offers Valencia a warm smile at the greeting, nodding to her. "Thank you. Things like this are often what people need to warm their spirits, especially in this sort of weather," she says. Her eyes shift to focus on Jeffeth as he rises, her own brows lifting a bit. So he ISN'T dead. The Princess makes her way over to his table, slipping herself down to join the Knight. "You seem to be more or less in one piece."

Most assuredly trying to focus on the small talk with her taller Princess companion, Macda's eyes keep drifting across the room and back. She responds to Terese with a practiced smile, "I have-had-have," she settles, "/no/ idea who he was, Thistleton save me. It is impossible to keep up."

%Macda spots another Grayson moving in the crowd and says to Terese, "A moment? I need to get the image of Leary and fish elves out of my mind." She steps off with a laugh and a bottle of something clear plucked from another table rudely.

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"My Lord!" comes a cry of surprise at the bar as Valencia responds to something someone has said and her cheeks turn pink as a summer posy. "I... what?" she offers with a shake of her head perhaps rethinking her reaction and that maybe she might have misunderstood.

Lisebet claps, though given Orelia's response, she does not call out to the two fighters this time, as she did previously. She does however finish her drink and look mournfully at the empty cup for a moment.

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Despite her tall frame, Carmen manages to sink just a little into her chair as Pharamond and Orelia rejoin the spectators. She's pretty familiar with storms, too.

There's a warm laughter from Elias at Valencia's reaction as he begins fishing for something to write on. People leave things laying about all the time, so when he finds a writing utensil and some parchment, he pens his thoughts down, speaking them out all the while. "Princess Macda Grayson... hates... fish... elves..." And then his voice raises as he asks anybody and everybody, "Anyone got an empty bottle? One of you is probably quick with their alcohol. I plan on bottling a message and sending it out to the lovely Marin'alfar. Or some boring pirates, probably."

"I can keep emptying bottles," Berti calls over toward Elias, "if you tell me how you turned our hostess pink as a smacked...!" The short man grins, and then coughs, perhaps having some sembiance of an idea that he's surrounded by nobility. "Er. Cheek. Lordship."

It is most definitely a good thing that people are leaving her alone. There's no angry looks at anyone. No the anger boiling is clearly at herself. She's red cheeked with embarassment and yeah. Storm is definitely a good word to describe it. She finishes packing the armor away, but she takes the time to pull an oiled rag out of the bag and she draw's her exquisite blade once more, and sees to it, making sure it's clean of any dust and dirt or anything else before it's once more sheathed, this time more gently. Not that her anger has abated but it's not the sword's fault that it's owner was a bumbling baby on the sands. With her armor packed away she slips her coat back on once again, and walks up out of the arena area, towards the table where she left her rum. The glass is picked up and knocked back in one go before she haeds towards the bar, coin purse out as she counts out some silver to pay for her drink.

Berto's comments seem to hit the little princess from across the room and her cheeks go crimson now, her dark eyes widening and her cheeks blazing so hot it might rival the fires in the large iron braziers keeping the Arena warm. Coughing softly, Valencia turns back to Elias, "Perhaps a different ante, my lord," she suggests gently.

Pharamond looks at some of the folks here. Terese, of course, the Knight. Sir Jeffeth. As people put their name out in the ring he nods to Princess Valencia. "I can go another round or two if people need someone to spar with. I'm not in a hurry and the more I fight, the less I drink which, though sad for me, does save me a little coin." He doesn't want someone eager to test their skill to go without a dance partner, as it were. He does smile over to Macda again, seeing the Grayson Ladies and Princess as he tips an imaginary hat, giving a bow, before smiling again to Lisebet and her table companions as well. many familar faces and then some he does not know as well.

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Lisebet smiles. "Nice to meet you, Mistress Carmen. Good day to you, and I hope to run into you again."

Berto lifts a cup toward Carmen, empties it, and gives a round of applause for Orelia and Pharamond. He leans back in his seat, waiting to see who's making their way to the sands next.

Terese smiles and waves her hand nonchalantly to Macda, "

Gaston's eyes flash with good humor, and he nods at something Shae has said at their table. "This is the only way I can stomach the rest of it. Getting battered, or battering one of them until they just...stop talking sometimes. Who needs all the words?" There's a fierce edge to the feral grin that flashes across his face, and he looks up when Pharamond extends his offer to the arena at large. "I will take you up on that, if no one else is willing. Though it seems a shame to keep you from your cups."

Terese smiles and waves her hand nonchalantly to Macda, "no trouble at all, I'll mingle a bit and see how folks are enjoying the evening. I'll be back soon enough, I don't doubt" she shifts from Macda's company and finds herself wandering towards the popular Valencia, to offer a greeting and compliment, "What a fine event, if I may say so. I can only apologize that I was unable to arrive sooner to see the bouts and enjoy the fine company of the establishment."

"No can do, my friend," Elias tells Berto with an apologetic smile. "Any more teasing and she'll probably stop the Sip'n Spar!" Opting to work away at his own drink, he knocks back whatever was left and rolls up the scrap parchment, slanting a grin at Pharamond. "Congratulations on your victory!" - Then he's back to whispering with Valencia.

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Pharamond wields Bringer of Dawn, a shimmering alaricite long sword.

Gaston wields Might of Cloudspine.

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Pharamond nods to Gaston, inclining his head. "They'll be there when we're done," he says with a smile and gives a salute with his blade. "I don't think I've had the chance to meet. Pharamond Ashford, House Sword," he says, taking his fighting stance once more as he greets the 'opponent' politely.

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Amid conversation, Macda's eyes wander back the way she came and shares a smiled greeting to Pharamond now making social rounds. Maybe it was the distance or the darkness of where he stood, but finally the princess seemed to place where she saw him last.

Orelia finishes paying for her drinks that she's had, then shoulders her bag and starts towards the exit, though she pauses near Valencia's table, just for a few moments. "We'll need to catch up soon Princess." And with that Orelia is slipping out, heading back out into the cold and the snow.

Pushing away from the table, Carmen flashes Lisebet a brief smile and tucks her helm under one arm. She walks for the corner table and pauses a polite distance back from Ailys, Jeffeth, and Macda. The former are her acquaintenances and she offers them a brief smile, gaze focused longest on Jeffeth. "Excuse me? I don't mean to interrupt. Wanted to pass by and offer my respects."

2 House Riven Soldiers arrives, following Nigel.

"My dearest lady, that you came to be in my Hart at all brings me great joy," Valencia replies to Terese with a bright and beautiful smile. "Thank you for joining us. You are enjoying the matches, yes?" she asks with a little look from Berto to Elias again, the later getting a little look of "don't you dare!"

Gaston quickly stands, and salutes as well, drawing his greatsword from over a shoulder with one hand and flashing it up as his other joins it on the hilt for a moment, and then he props it against one shoulder slides his barbute helmet down over his head with the other. "Marquis Gaston Blackram."

Shae follows Gaston as he accepts the challenge given, trying to look comfortable and failing at it. She's tense, curious, there's too much to pay attention to and yet? A server passes and she accepts a cup of something that smells delicious and fruity, and she sips at it while anticipating the coming spar. Because. Sip and spar!

Pharamond is overheard praising Orelia.

Looking about himself with a certain curiousity, Nigel finds himself in the Hart. Something about sipping and sparring. Talented at the former, perhaps, though quite unlikely the latter. As part of this all, he makes a beeline to the bar to order himself some delicious, delicious port. Ruby beverage in hand, he proceeds to contemplate the universe about him, smiling warmly at everyone as he meanders in.

Terse gives a relaxed nod in the positive to Valencia's query as to her enjoyment, "It's always a pleasure to watch and enjoy a spar, I like to think that even if it's not myself out there that I learn something new, or review how I approach certain techniques and tactics." she smiles to Valencia, "It is a joy to me to know that in coming, that I have brought some happiness to another. Is this a regular event?"

"I think you are very right in this," Valencia smiles to Terese again. "There is much to be learned, and here some of the greatest fighters in Arx have stepped on these sands. And yes, we try to host two a month if it pleases. I hope this means we will see more of you," she nods warmly, her large dark glimmering eyes spotting Nigel as he arrives. A beautiful and bright smile is offered to the Lord of Riven alond with a warm incline of head, "Good evening, the fight has just begun. Would you care to join us?" she invites nodding to Terese, Elias and any others who have joined the bar.

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Slowly looking up at Carmen as she approaches, Jeffeth bows his head. "Thank you." His bottle raised to Carmen in quiet salute before he lowers it back down to take a prolonged and lengthy sip of his bottle once more.

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"Thank you," Nigel says, offers Valencia a similarly warm smile in return. Taking a sip of his port, he settles down at the bar. He extends his free hand to the Vixen of the Hart. "Lord Nigel Riven, at your service. It is a quite lovely evening." Elias and Terese both receive smiles as well. "It is a pleasure to see so many estimable figures here tonight."

Ailys glances up briefly from her conversation as Carmen approaches, giving the other woman a small smile of recognition. "No interruption," she says, gesturing towards Jeffeth. That's who Carmen came to offer her respects to, after all. Then her focus returns to Macda, an amused kind of expression dancing on her face.

Shifting her weight to pivot in a perfectly executed, partially drunken sway, Macda greets Carmen with a smile after listening to her speak. There isn't much to add that the knight hasn't spoken. So the princess simply nods respectfully to her condolences given and returns to speak to Ailys.

Pharamond finishes the salute and looks at the man with the greatsword and one can almost hear his sigh. He's used to duelling, so when it comes to the larger combat weapons, that's going to be a challenge for the House Sword. He finishes his salute and tries to probe around, to find ways to get in past the larger weapon and the larger man. Pharamond is giving up just shy of a foot in height. It looks from the proper height and distance like a kid duelling with his dad. Seriously. And so he takes his blade and is stuck at times trying to deflect with two hands, trying to meet and angle the blade and swings from Gaston in different directions but it doesn't matter. Blows are traded. A lot. And it seems that the larger man with the larger weapon is for sure getting the better of Pharamond at the moment. "I'd say it's not the size of the weapon but how you use it that matters, but you're using yours just fine, Marquis," says Pharamond, sweat on his brow, the hair at the top of his head and near his ears clinging to his head this time. He's not playing with anyone this time. It's a dance and a good one. Still, for those keeping score at home, as good as Pharamond has given, he's clearly taken a bit more.

Terese nods to Valencia, "I shall do my level best to make attendance and perhaps on occassion participate." she offers an easy smile in greeting to Nigel and Elias, adding to Valencia, "I should like to continue to enhance my social circles. As in combat, I like to believe that there are many people I can learn from in life as well. And I have not been getting out nearly enough outside of my duties of late."

Shae sits upright, watching the fight, riveted to the spar, her expression both interested and very, very serious. She forgets her drink in her hand, so focused.

Carmen's eyes stay fixed on Jeffeth for too long. They narrow for a moment, and her brow furrows. Her smile is belated but easy to Ailys - and a touch grateful for the distraction. "I hope you enjoy the fighting. Good afternoon." She turns away as quickly as she came to take up a spot distant where she can look back down to the fighting, attending it little.

As Gaston steps into the ring and they finish their salute, he eases into a familiar defensive routine, wrists twisting the greatsword into a great, arcing spin around him in a shield of white metal as he takes Pharamond's measure, slowly pacing around him and daring the other man to strike first. As their blades clash, however, it quickly becomes clear that this is a very even match, the pair trading blow for blow, though the giant Blackram man does indeed have the edge.

He's panting hard, animal-like, but grinning behind the bar of his helmet. "You are doing better than I have faced in some time, Lord Ashford. You may have this yet."

The little vixen smiles, offering Nigel a delicate hand. "I am so very pleased to meet you, my Lord Riven. Please be so very welcome in my Hart," Valencia offers sweetly, her dark eye dancing playfully. "I hope this means we will see you more often, sir. You are new to Arx? You will pardon my terrible memory but I woudl think I would remember such a face such as yours," she smiles. "You have met the Princess Terese Valardin and Lord Elias of Leary, yes?" she offers with a nod to each as she places more port upon the counter.

"Well met," Elias says in a simple greeting to Terese and Nigel as he's introduced by Valencia. "Unfortunately, I don't get out as much as I should. So no -- I haven't met the either of you, but now's as good time as any." He turns a smile to the two as he settles and watches the folk in the ring.

Watching Carmen go, Jeffeth doesn't move much. He stays in the same lazy lounge he has been this entire time. His eyes flit over her as she leaves and then flit back to the sands, where his features darken once more. Frowning. But the frown softens when he turns to speak softly with those at his table.

Pharamond checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 74, rolling 38 lower.

Pharamond checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 39, rolling 4 higher.

Pharamond remains alive, but close to death.

Pharamond is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Macda turns to see the man fall to the sands and sucks a breath through her teeth. "Oh, he'll bust a stitch," she muses to herself quietly before turning to see Carmen walk away already.

Pharamond can see the writing on the wall. The larger blade, the man's height. He can stand here and try to make this a match but it's one he's going to lose in the battle of attrition and so he suddenly changes tactics, launching an offensive barrage. The swings are quick and aggressive. Not quite reckless but definitely not the controlled, measured thrusts of before. And he lands a solid blow, but it doesn't take more than a trained eye to see the way he's leaving himself open if the Marquis can find the footing for a counter attack. Of course, if he doesn't, then it's likely that the change in tactic -might- be enough to give him the duel.

Bowing over Valencia's hand, Nigel brings it to his lips, a soft, dry lipped brush before releasing, one eyelid flicking in a wink. Rising, he then says, "It is a most pleasant welcoming indeed. And... for the most part? I have been attending to matters in the Twainfort, but my darling sister needs the aid. And so..." The hand not holding his wine, opens outwards in a 'what can you do' sort of gesture. Then, to Elias, the man smiles. "Times are oft like that, my lord. It is a pleasure, though, to make your acquainatance." The same smile is flashed to Terese and he bows his head. "I've not yet had the pleasure. Lord Nigel Riven," he says, plitely.

Carmen applauds the Pharamond and Gaston from one side of the arena by clapping one gauntleted hand against her leg. She missed most of a good fight and frowns, discontent.

For the second round, Gaston switches from defense and goes on the attack, matching the smaller man's ferocity as the match draws in to a close, and the pattern of his singing blade changes as well, the arc of the deadly tip growing tighter, more erratic and unpredictable as he strides forward and presses the advantage of his height and reach. The white blade surges to the side as Lord Ashford gets in a solid blow, staggering the Marquis back.

But he recovers quickly, and his counterattack overpowers his defenses, striking the other lord down. For his part, Gaston pants and his chest heaves, sword point planted in the ground. "Well fought. Very well fought, and you've fought already, Lord Ashford."

Letting his eyes wander from the match, Jeffeth slowly looks over to the woman clapping over /there/ now. There's a pause before, "Harol!" Jeffeth barks out towards Carmen before motioning with his chin to his table in clear invitation.

Lisebet cheers for the fighters, clapping her hands, and then wincing a bit, at Pharamond's loss. "Well fought," she calls out to the pair.

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Nigel brings his hands together, head tilting respectfully in the direction of the combatants.

Berto stands from the table giving a short bow. "/Always,/ Ladyship." And he starts up toward the rafters, pulling his drunken frame up with... some degree of effort involved.

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Terese speaks to Nigel in return, her voice friendly, "Princess Terese Valardin, a pleasure to make your acquaintance Lord Riven. It is always good to hear of a brother who takes heed to the needs of his sister. I hope yours fares well, and I'm certain she's all the better for your presence and aid."

Brow perking, Carmen responds to her name with an immediate turn of her head, well-trained at hearing -that- in a crowded room. She cocks her head a bit before slowing returning to the corner table with Jeffeth and the princesses.

"Whew...." says Pharamond, standing a bit wobbily for a second as he gets his footing but he holds his hand out to the Marquis, that open handed warrior's sort of hand shake offered. Though hopefully it's a light one. Not sure Pharamond could take another strong blow. "Those damned long blades. Indeed, thank you for the lesson," he says, leaving the ring and finding the closest table at the side. The first fight still took energy, and the second, well that took the wind right out of him. He collapses down after giving the Marquie one more salute and a round of applause, holding his hands up to clap for the man and hoping the other attendants do as well. "Now...about those cups," he says, joining Lisebet and Ajax. The loss doesn't seem to have hurt his spirits nor his pride, at least not too much!

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The little vixen is rather attuned to what happens in her Hart and she watches the scene unfold between Jeffeth and Carmen, her expression thoughtful. Turning back she smiles to Therese, "Then I hope you will join us and come spar often with us, my Highness," Valencia invites. Another smile is offered to Elias as he offers a warm farewell, "Stakes were too high even for me, but next wager I shall be yours. Return soon, Lord Leary," she smiles gently up at him with the offer of a delicate hand as the crowd goes wild for Gaston and Pharamond as they leave the sands.

Jeffeth is overheard praising Juniper.

Berto is overheard praising Valencia.

Gaston is overheard praising Pharamond: A great match! I hope the cups sooth the ache we shall all surely be feeling tomorrow.

"well fought, my lord Pharamond," Lisebet says with a smile. "I do think it's definitely time for a drink, and perhaps a round for the table?" Such as it is.

Berto reaches out to wave at Jeffeth, nearly sliding off the rafter he's settled on before he quickly uses the waving hand as a hold-steady-hand at another beam.

"You fought well, ser. Good eve, my lord." Ajax offers, dipping his head over towards Pharamond politely, his lips remaining curled into a smile.

Elias is overheard praising Valencia.

"Thank you, your Highness," Nigel says, offering Terese a smile and a chuckle. Looking to his wine, he takes a swallow of it, licking his lips of an errant, ruby red droplet. "I do try. My sister says I'm 'trying', but, well." He grins a little, looking at his glass a moment. "It seems a great deal is to be... undertaken," he admits, with a flash of a grin. "So, well, send in the diplomats, no? Better ink than blood and steel, if one can avoid it. It so tends to ruin the carpet."

The crowd settles once more as the fighters move from the ring and the sound of laughter and talking rises to the roof, welll past Berto in his new perch. Valencia smiles and quietly listens to the conversations around her, her smile softy but very warm.

Pharamond looks about, his gaze moving over the room as drinks are ordered and he does indeed get to drinking. Still, glancing around it's fun to see the different groups, everyone having fun, and he stretches, twisting at the hip to work on a knot that he knows is going to need some work tomorrow. Nodding to Ajax however, he smiles. "Thank you," he says. "I tried to, but I'm going to have to admit the Marquis did far better," he says. "I can see it now. What's that line under your shirt? Me: nothing. You sure? Cause it looks like someone took a tree branch and beat you with it. Me: Shut up." He takes another sip though, clearly entertained.

Lisebet grins as Pharamond buys a round, that's a lovely thing, right? She even gets another one for herself, nice warm spiced rum. Yum. "Are we sending diplomats somewhere, and is my assistance required?" she calls, slightly amused. "If so, do let me know." She then glances to Ajax and Pharamond to shake her head. "I promise not to ask such a question of you, Lord Pharamond, but I cannot speak for any others."

Terese nods to Valencia, "How could I not? I'll try and take the time to ensure my readiness for such an activity, and join in as soon as I can ensure such." she chuckles to Nigel, "I've little enough talent at the diplomatic arts, however I can appreciate keeping my own blood inside me and off the carpets where possible. I would feel terrible making extra work for the staff." she offers to both Nigel and Valencia, "I'm going to slip away again if it's not a trouble, you've so many people here to meet and greet. Do feel free to send a messenger if you ever require my attention or might desire my company for a social visit."

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2 House Velenosa Guards, Renault, the mustachioed Lycene arrive, following Theo.

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"Mi'lord, you speak to a simple sell-sword. You fought well and there is hardly a thing to tease over it." Ajax smile actually softens, seeming more genuine for a brief moment as he regards the man his brown eyes, "If I did not have a job lined up tomorrow I would be injured more-so from such a bout."

Valencianods warmly to Terese and smiles. "And I will look forward to seeing you again soon, Highness," the little southern princess smiles and nods. "Please enjoy yourself, yes?" she invites brightly as more arrive in the Hart's arena. Another smile is offered Nigel's way, "Sadly true. Though often sometimes it feels unavoidable of late," she sighs gently.

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Pharamond waves a hand over to one of the servers and he beckons them down as it is a bit loud and he politely asks if they happen to have anything sweet. Particularly any cakes or pies or such. After the fight he has a sweet tooth. Of course, if the kitchen is closed such is the case and he will just have to have more drinks to console his lack of sweets but if they do, he'll order an apple tart type treat for the table. "It's honest work and not an easy one. Good luck tomorrow," he offers, lifting his glass once more to Ajax as well.

Carmen checked composure + diplomacy at difficulty 25, rolling 12 higher.

The princess shivers and looks around. She seems to find something or someone and shifts her attention back to the table she stands near.

Ajax shakes his head at Lisebet, "Nay, not this time. Though, it is interesting. I look forward to crossing blows with some of the combatants here the next ordeal." he blinks before lowering himself in a half bow, "Forgive my lack of manners, I am Ajax. A genuine pleasure."

"Be well, your Highness. I pray that I might meet you again, someday," Nigel says, offering a respectful bow of his head her way, before nodding to Valencia. "Mmm, rather such, alas," Nigel says, pursing his lips a moment, before taking another swallow of the port. "It's enough to drive someone to drink. More often. Maybe." Yep, that's a wink and a chuckle.

Terese moves from the bar heading over to the ringside table, offering greeting to the occupants there, "Lady Farshaw, I pray you've been well. It's been too long. Have you enjoyed the evening as much as I have?" and to Pharamond, "A good fight this evening. It goes without saying that you fought well, and I thank you for the entertainment of making it public." and speaking to Ajax, "If I recall rightly, I seen you at the Lonely Hearts event a few days ago. I don't recall if we were properly introduced as the night itself was quite the whirlwind for me, if we were not, I am princess Terese Valardin, and it is a pleasure to meet you."

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"I shall raise glass to that," Valencia smiles back with a lift of her glass. Peering over she notes the tables where many congregate. A little look back to Nigel has her smiling again, "Have you had chance to meet any of our other esteemed guests, my lord?" she asks with a little cant of head as the drinks begin to flow in earnest around them.

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"A pleasure, Master Ajax," Lisebet says. "Lisebet Farshaw." There's a smile, and a nod of her head politely. She glances at Pharamond, as he orders pie, and smiles there as well. "Not as good as my favourite ginger cake, but a good treat indeed." And then there's a smile as Terese arrives. "Your highness," Lisebet greets with a bright smile. "I have been well, thank you. It is always quite the event here at the Hart. Princess Valencia is a wonderful hostess." She doesn't have to do introductions as those are taken care of, but she does add, "Do feel free to join us for a bit, your highness. I am glad to hear you've enjoyed the evening, and I assume you have also been well?"

Pharamond looks at Ajax and he grins as the man bows and he holds his hand out. "That's not necessary," he offers. But he does nod his head politely as well, "Lord PHaramond Ashford," he offers and then he's just about to relax before Terese comes over and as she introduces herself, he too stands up. Just as he got done telling Ajax he didn't have to, he rises and offers a bow. "Princess," he intones. "you're too kind." Of course there's a little wince too, cause...blows. Lots of them. Still though, he settles down afer the Princess does, and he offers a table, welcoming her and he nods in agreement to Lisebet. "I have enjoyed all of her events, to be sure."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Carmen before departing.

Pivoting on his feet, Ajax shifts the bow to Terese, "A pleasure, your highness. It is good to formally meet you." he raises back upwards, keeping his posture straight before he looks at Lisebet, "Princess Valencia is exceptional talented. The Hart is one of my favorite places to be at in the city so far."

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"Not overmuch," Nigel admits, nodding to Valencia. "Though, I suspect I shall soon seek my rest. A bit of a pleasant diversion all in all, but, there is always a great deal of work to do. You understand how these things are. Though, I do hope to meet others at a later date." A warm smile is offered to all those others, before he moves to depart.

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Adjusting her helm, Carmen offers a polite dip of her chin to the corner table and turns to leave, although not without a second, incredulous glance back to the trio there.

Terese smiles and thanks the table for its warm welcome, "Thank you all for the warm welcome, I have been fairly well. And I must agree that princess Valencia is a most excellent host. I think I'll be trying to make it out here more often, so do keep me in mind if you'd ever care for a companion to accompany you Lady Farshaw." she adds to Lord Pharamond, "Perhaps when you're feeling better we might spar, and we can establish what skills I need to work on most, if I shall offer any entertainment and display of skill for the next sparring event here, if it's not impressing on your time, that is."

Satisfied that one and all seem content and well cared for, the little dark haired southern princess settles in a seat at the bar, her gazes quietly watching Carmen offer a look to the table she has been occupying before briskly departing. Valencia frowns a little with concern at that and quietly takes a drink before taking a long breath and slowly letting it out. She smiles sweetly if not shyly to the high praises, her cheeks colouring once more and another sip is taken, "You are very welcome to use the Arena to spar in, Highness, my Lord. It is meant to be used and enjoyed by all, yes?" she invites wholeheartedly.

Pharamond settles back in his chair, turning it slightly in case he needs to get up again to make it easier. Looking up to Terese though, he inclines his head. "I've had the pleasure of serving as a pin cushion for Princess Reese. I'd consider it an honor to give you as much of a work out as I can, Your HIghness, before of course you properly run me through in friendly fashion." He puts his hand over his chest and bows warmly, well as he's seated now it's more leaning forward but nonetheless, he'd be happy to train and practice. Nodding to Valencia though, he cheers. "Excellent."

Michael arrives, post-haste! Rather, REALLY, really really late. And he isn't dressed to fight at all. So he must be here to carouse. But he passes up places with drinks easily enough before grabbing juice of all things. To lean over the railing to watch whatever fight might be on-going. Except There isn't on. "Who would square off against a most mighty of foe?" Is what he shouts towards onlookers.

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Valencia blinks and stares at Michael a moment and then offers a bright smile, her fondness clear. "Welcome, my lord," she offers with an impish grin. "You would care to spar this evening? How wonderful! It has been some time since I've seen you on the sands," she nods with approval.

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Lisebet smiles at Terese at that invitation. "I shall definitely keep that in mind, your highness," she acknowledges with a nod of her head. "I enjoy coming to watch and chat with everyone as I am able to. But it is always more entertaining to come with a friend." She pauses at Michael's arrival, staring for a long moment, and then she shrugs a bit. "It seems someone needs a sparring partner."

Jeffeth wields The Butterfly Effect, a giant high quality steel war hammer.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Berto before departing.

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2 Grayson House Guards, Max, an emperor tamarin, Rosalee, The Champion leave, following Ailys.

Pharamond looks over at the man who comes in and hops into the ring, no armor or anything an dhe stands up. He's already got the look of a person who fought at least one duel if not more tonight but hey, this is what it's all about right? "No man should come in looking for a fight and end up empty handed?" He sets about untying his leather armor, his clothes beneath meant far more for function than for actually impressing anyone, so Pharamond is...well...dressed functionally for the cold but hey - that's why he has such nice armor! That's suppose to be the impressive stuff but he walks out into the ring, giving a salute to Michael. "Evening m'Lord. It would be a shame for you to go home unsullied."

Pharamond wields Bringer of Dawn, a shimmering alaricite long sword.

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"Hey!" Jeffeth yells out suddenly, looking over to Pharamond as they start to saunter over to begin their match. "Wait!" And the massive behemoth is slowly rising and marching over to Michael and Pharamond.

Standing at Jeffeth's table, the princess turns to hear Pharamond call out to Michael in the sands. She offers a "tch" of interest, but then the knight bounces, nearly, to his feet and shouts next to her loudly.

Lisebet looks about to leave, but she pauses as it seems that Pharamond is going to fight again. "Well, I suppose I can watch one more fight," she says, with a bit of a smile. "Good luck, my lords." That said, she does finish her drink, and then relaxes to watch the final bout. "But then I should really get back."

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Pharamond sees Michael need to get summoned away, and he turns to look to Lisebet. "Were you looking to head off?" He smiles warmly to her, "I can escort you back before I head home as well. It is probably getting late," he offers, moving back to pick up his armor, giving a polite grin to Jeffeth. "I've already fought you once. No way I'm taking you on as my third fight of the night when your legs are fresh. But please do catch me another time. I'd like to see how much I've improved since we last played."

Lisebet offers a rueful smile, as she rises. "Alas, I am afraid so, Lord Pharamond. Thank you, that would be lovely, though I do not mean to take you away from such a fun and entertaining evening."

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