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I Dare You - A Carousing

The Celebrated Nightingale Whisper
Calandra Whisper
invites you to a carousing!

There will be games and prizes and
bold dares that may defy even the most
courageous of Arvum.

All are welcome!



Oct. 19, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By



Bliss Cambria Tabitha Waldemai Acacia Nurie Grazia Isabetta Marcas Delilah Rowenova Caius Brogan Felicia Reese Sidney Cosimo Cullen Eilonwy



Arx - Lower Boroughs - The Hollow - Arena and Bar

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Comments and Log

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

She doesn't make it down to the Lowers often, but tonight, here Bliss Whisper is. Certainly not unfamiliar with how rowdy bars can be, and dressed in Champions leathers rather than silks tonight, she happily elbows past a few patrons on her way to the bar, rapping her knuckles against the counter before she yells, "Ale or wine or whatever the hell you have back there," turning to look and see who might have dared show up to the carousing.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, Rowenova arrive, following Tabitha.

A woman clad in a cloak of darkest night, its hood pulled up and over her head to leave all but her chin in shadow slinks into the Hollow. While it cannot be said that the cloak truly disguises its wearer, one might argue that it is the thought that counts...right?

So perhaps there was some sort of miscommunication, but finding her way to the side of Bliss Whisper is, in fact, a woman of noble birth. Not exactly the most welcome sight among the Lower Boroughs, it needs be said. The hooded woman leans aside to the Champion-Whisper, and mutters something low.

Into the Hollow comes a figure wrapped up in a grey woolen cloak, which is totally there despite her list of notable clothes. In a mousey fashion, with strawberry blonde hair peeking out of the top of her covering, she finds a quiet place to sit and sits there completely quietly. Looks here, looks there -- it's clear that she's no entirely at ease, and she looks over her shoulder to see if someone followed her in.

Waldemai is sitting at the bar, because, after all, if there's a show he wants to see it.

There are steps on the stairs and door swings opens. A tall, curvy redhead steps in from the stair well wearing form-fitting dark leathers and a dangerous smile. Acacia takes a quick look around the room. Not seeing what she's looking for, she wrinkles her nose and strolls towards the bar with a confident swing her in step and a spark in her eye. "Whiskey," she says with a wink and placing down a neat stack of coins. "Bring the bottle," she nods warmly to the bar keep before turning to scan the room again her honey-brown eyes falling on Bliss, who gets an upnod, and Cambria, who is offered a bit of a grin.

Nurie drifts in with the perhaps larger and more diverse crowd than usual. The young Lycene's face is freshly scrubbed, and and her dark hair is gathered back from her face in a plaited bun, but her clothing almost blends well; A well crafted but simple linen shirt, wool skirts to ward off the autumn chill, a woollen cloak as well. She makes no effort to hide her face, which is bright with curiousity and undisguised eagerness, though a little trepidation as well, as she notes the roughness of the suroundings.

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Someone followed the strawberry blonde in, another cloaked figure, who also looks a bit ill-at-ease to be making her way through the Lowers. "Well," Grazia says, peeking out of her hood at the company. "This is not what I expected."

Isabetta has never been here before. She's a tourist. She looks like a tourist and she looks like a noble. A noble tourist, the best kind of tourist. A fairly clueless looking one. Probably the sort that someone somewhere is thinking, 'that pocket needs to be cut'. She doesn't seem to notice any of this, the looks, the glares? She's completely in her own little world. "Can't wait to see what this is all about." She murmurs as she looks around for someone she recognizes, but doesn't. That is doesn't really recognize anyone.

Over in the corner, Marcas has already claimed his seat, because he's a regular visitor to the Hollows. The big Northerner grunts, eyeing some of the new arrivals -- especially those dressed more fancifully. The look could easily be taken as someone sizing up the competition -- or for something vastly more nefarious -- though the big man seems content with the beer he's nursing. One of the arrivals gets his attention, nodding towards Acacia as he notices the woman, though he doesn't seem inclined to join her at the bar.

Others in the Lowers prefer dressing down and Delilah stands among them. She wears dark leathers and a sorry white seasilk shirt that once upon a time declared itself to be blue, but those days are long ago when it was ignorant, bright-dyed, and idealistic. Such moments are to be forsaken while she somehow finds a path through the regulars drawn to such a haunt. "Come on, it will be fun," she's insisting to Tabitha ahead of her. "You can't imagine I would abandon you here." Slinking shadows would do better for her, the prodigal child of dusk, copper hair and tawny skin hard to conceal.

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Isabetta has joined the A Curved Stone Bar.

Scout Rowenova and Sir Floppington buddy up with 1 of the many cloaked figures who head down into this particular place. Nova certainly seems 'ready to go' with her wolf pelt neatly framing her fair face, her gloved left punching hard into her gloved right, and her loyal friend in Flop perfectly heeling beside.

An upnod is returned to Acacia from Bliss, who leans in to murmur something low to Cambria. There's a playful smile on her face after, and when she gets her drink - a red wine that smells particularly vinegary, she downs it. She doesn't succeed in not making a face, but at least she holds it down and motions for a refill. "Alright, so, looks like it's going to be up to us to figure out how to have our fun!" the woman calls out to the crowd, grabbing her refill and striding out to where she can claim her rightful spot as the center of attention. "So, all of you who are so brave, the understanding I got is that we're here to egg each other on into doing outrageous things. Yeah? Yeah!" she calls out, raising her voice. "So. Who's up for giving it our best try, anyway?"

Armed and dressed for a walk-about, which is to say wearing a jacket, trousers and boots, blade sheathed at his side and hat tugged slightly forward to shade his eyes, Caius strolls into the bar and eases his way through the crowd toward the bar. Waldemai is nodded to, recognizing the smith with a glance and lifting one hand to signal for a drink when the 'tender has a breath to slide one in his direction.

Wandering the lowers, with Felicia on his Arm, Brogan actually still has his shirt on for a change. He's boisterously recalling something to her as they step down the tunnel. "So I punched it in the nose, and it ran off yeowling in the process. Pretty sure it's what peed on my gear the next day in the cave, but I suppose that is fair." He stops verbally and physically as they arrive, as well as others. "Wait. Where is the booze you promised me, Fel?" His shaggy head does turn towards the sound of Bliss makin' some noise! He murmurs something to Felicia.

"I certainly am," says the companion of Bliss. "But first, I must take care of a small matter..." And Cambria steps away for the moment.

Marcas' look is caught and she offers him a bit of a grin. A wink is offered to the broad shouldered northman and she reaches to take up her whiskey and glass. She offers a nod to Waldemai, Caius and Isabetta as they settle at the bar, and then pours herself a portion, with a little look Marcas' way, a clear invitation offered along with a playful smile.

It would probably be expected that many in the boroughs would look askance at so many "silks" arriving, but there's something about their number that feeds just a little more confidence into Nurie. She breathes out perhaps a little sigh of relief. Content to stand amongst the gathering crowd, she listens and observes with wide owl eyes. Bliss' call to action inspires a very excited lifting and waving of a delicate hand. "I am!" she cries out, unable to contain herself any longer.

Waldemai drains his mug of ale and lifts it toward Bliss. "You're right," he calls. "Fill that up again," he adds for the bartender before going on. "I'm no singer but I challenge anyone to a dance-off, and put up a thousand silver on it."

An empathetic and slightly anxious smile-and-nod is given to Grazia before Tabitha moves deeper into the Hollow. She's almost shadow-close to her cousin, as if to stray from her company would be to stumble across a pack of wolves. Rowenova follows too, a sentinel beside them.

It would be a mistake to assume that Delilah isn't comfortable in such a location. She slides with an uncommon ease through the dark space, gesturing for her cousin to join her. Not much about her looks to be overly fancy. She waves a friendly hand in Rowenova's direction. "Have you had the opportunity to meet Nova lately?" she asides, sotto voce, to Tabitha. The warmth of her smile adds its own light to a room sorely lacking, and the easy way for her to settle into a seat. Soon enough there will be time for her eyes to alight on Brogan and Felicia, necessitating /more/ waving. "We could possibly do well this time, Fel!"

Rolling his shoulders, Marcas draws back in his seat as more and more cloaked figures enter the bar. He doesn't precisely look ill-at-ease, but he does seem somewhat uncomfortable. Acacia's invitation, even with the added bribe of drinks being poured, seems to do little to stir the big northerner, mouth thinning as he grunts and takes another deep gulp from his mug.

Felicia is not dressed in a hundred pounds of steel for once, though the sheathed 'Persuasion' and 'Wheelspinner' aren't liable to make her seem incognito,"I figured I'd take you to a different place." she smirks,"Not the murder or the house." she offers, attention going to Bliss at least briefly before she snorts at the Northerner with her. A hand raised towards Delilah with the uptilt of her chin and a grin,"Lailah's here, and a few others. Come on."

"Thousand silver on a dance off?" Bliss wonders to Waldemai, and a grin spreads across her face. "What, afraid you'll lose and have to pay up?" she asks with the easy swagger that she's so used to. She takes a moment to look around to see who else might be able to take the dare being given, before she nods at Waldemai. "You have music, or we just going to do it the right way, to people pounding their fists on the table?" she wonders.

With a mug of ale comfortably at hand, Caius leans into the edge of the bar and uses his free hand to tip his hat back so that he can eye Waldemai from a better angle. "One thousand silver on it, for a dance off?" is queried with a faint grin of amusement.

Sir Floppington sits down between Delilah and Tabitha by whom Scout Rowenova currently stands. She enthusiastically waves, too, to Brogan and Felicia then shouts out to Bliss, "Ready to fight if there is one!" Wait, Nova is a nerd, right? Well, she must want to fight like any other Northerner usually do! The grinning girl turns back to Delilah and Tabitha, "How have you been, my Lady? Are you well? I just told Lady Tabitha about your desired portrait!"

Waldemai waves his mug back at Caius. "Sure, why not? Got to get the party started, and a little silver makes anything a little tastier."

An upnod is offered to the new faces and a sly grin to one. Still grinning, Acacia takes up her glass. One shot is taken and then another as her big brown yes eyes drift back to Marcas. She frowns a little and then sweeps her bottle and glass off of the bar and begins to head over to the large northman's table.

Nodding quietly to Delilah and giving another nod of greeting to Felicia, Tabitha then speaks on Rowenova's words in a quiet voice, seemingly modulated to be loud enough to be audible and yet low enough not to attract any attention to the little gathering. "Yes, I met Scout Rowenova a while ago. Cabbit loves her almost as much as he loves Bedivere." With a tentative but heartfelt smile, she adds, "I'd be more than happy to do a painting for you."

"Personally, I'd pay someone to dance for me. I'm not really one for dance contests," Grazia interjects with a little frown.

Isabetta finally recognizes someone an that someone is Rowenova. She waves eagerly toward the woman and then turns her attention toward Bliss and the antics. She doesn't say anything and draw attention to herself, rather she trains to keep it quite and calm and very much not attention grabbing lest she need to dance to no music, which sounds horrible. Especially here.

The idea of throwing away such a huge -- at least to someone like Marcas -- amount of silver on something so trivial is clearly the last straw. He's probably not the first, but certainly not the only local adjusting to the presence of so many outsiders. Fortunately, the big northerner doesn't seem prone to random violence, thumping his way across the room and laying a hand on Acacia's shoulder as she approaches him. "Let's go," he grunts at her, tugging.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Well, dancing is not quite her forte. But Nurie squares her shoulders resolutely. When in a like a barmaid? Her smile grows to an all out grin. Though at the mention of silver, she bites her lower lip ever so slightly, trying hard to look in her little coin purse without attracting too too much attention, but then bounces a little on her toes as she realizes she does have enough! She starts to make her way up towards Bliss.

Tabitha is also petting Sir Floppington with smooths strokes on his head. The glorious beast seems to bolster her courage, at least to some extent.

Reese arrives in the hollow while moving with her normal nimble grace and adorned in her rosy hues of pink. She glances over the bar, trying to get a feel for things here.

Acacialooks up to Marcas and nods once. He doesn't need to ask twice. The people at the table get a lovely gift of half decent whiskey and the curvy redhead turns to move to Marcas' side. "Lead on," she winks with a flash of a grin.

Without another word, Marcus thumps his way out of the bar, moving closely with Acacia. He'll push -- pretty rudely if he has to -- past people on the way.

Isabetta is sitting silently at the bar until she notices Reese and she waves eagerly, "Reese Reese!" She didn't expect the see the princess and so she gets off her stool to hurry over to her.

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Acacia leaves, following Marcas.

There is enthusiastic waving back in the direction of Delilah and her guest. "Oh hey, it's Delilah." Brogan helpfully points out to Felicia in time to notice she is already waving and telling him the same thing. "All right, you have a point. It's different. Booze. Now. Overdue. I firmly lay this blame upon you." He starts to follow Felicia and looks about, waving back at Rowenova. He gestures to the dance off. "I feel rather constrained being back in the city. I could do with some running amok. Uh, not necessarily dancing though."

As Nurie approaches, Bliss leans in close and the Whisper murmurs something to her, before giving her a faint smile and stepping back, looking around. "Alright, so it's me and this lovely lady right here. Are you dancing as well, Waldemai?" she wonders to the man, stepping back to let Marcas and Acacia pass.

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Lilah is indeed here -- though her evil counterpart in the Bisland house may not be. The deliberate lengthening of a smile strays into a wicked territory stirred by blithe relief as Bliss calls them all to attention in her irreverent fashion. "A dance off? That's going to be a sight to see." Fingertips wiggle in warmest of greetings to Sir Floppington, allowing him a chance to nose about for scritches. "Her paintings are gorgeous. The last auction of one went for a lovely price," she murmurs to the scout with quiet pride. Tucking in her cloak a little closer, the copper-haired girl shakes her head. "I'm only participating if it's talking someone to death -- as that's about the only talent I possess. Oh, and potentially rhyming things horribly!" Her enthusiastic waves to Brogan and Felicia have passed, but not that sense of gentle welcome.

Waldemai hops off a barstool. "Sure...Can't let my thousand go without a fight, can I?" He is built low to the ballerina he!

Reese peeks over to Isabetta, having a warm smile of greeting for her. "Lady Isabetta." She says in her direction.

Nurie's big brown eyes look as entreatingly as a child's towards Waldemai, even though she tops him by nearly half a foot. "Oh yes, please, won't you--" she begins, but then the man is getting up to join Bliss and her, and she claps her hands together excitedly. "I am sure you will be a fearsome competitor!" she tells him with all confidence. She does listen to Bliss intently. "I don't know many dances, I am afraid, mistress, but I shall do my very best to give you a fight!"

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Sir Floppington absolutely loves Tabitha's pets and adoringly leans on her, doing so while gazing up with those soulful eyes for the kind attention. Meanwhile, Scout Rowenova -- herself -- suddenly spots the waving Isabetta and waves back! "Hello again!" she calls out before she somewhat blushes after Tabitha's words. It is a rare sight, a Nova blush. She does not do such often, and definitely not whenever it ever concerns human beans. Sir Floppington definitely noses toward Delilah's fingers but stays put until the human folk eventually move, if they do.

"Just don't expect your fancy whiskey's here, it's all just... whatever swill they can get their hands on, usually." there's an upnod offered towards Lilah, Tabitha and Rowenova, the last of which to whom she says,"I got your note, sorry I didn't have time to respond. Lord Arik's always a good one to learn from but I'm afraid I already organized something with someone else." she makes a low noise for Brogan's words, glancing towards the dance-off in puzzlement before she laughs,"Well... usually, as I understand it... there's fights here? But not of the sort that have a team of physicians standing by."

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With a anxious wince towards Delilah and Rowenova, Tabitha points over to the shadowy back table. Perhaps that's a spot they could hide away in.

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Waldemai knows Bliss, of course...everyone does. He introduces himself to the other woman competing. "Waldemai Isenhu, Armorsmith. I run Champion Chainmail down to Southport Square." He plops a pouch of coins down on the table. "There. A thousand. Anyone else want to try for it?"

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Reese seems interested as they speak about a dance contest. She then looks over to Isabetta. "Oh, I can't dance, but lets still join?" She says toward the Lady. She is standing near the shadowy table now though. She smiles over to Felicia, Rowenova and Tabitha. Her cheeks are pink and reese seems to be in a happy sort of mood.

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Bliss checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 10, rolling 67 higher.

Exhaling a chuckle, Caius slides down the bar but only so he can lean against the the edge and nudges the coin pouch with the bottom of the mug of ale. "I'll babysit the wager. The lot of you," he uses the mug to gesture with, "get to fancy feet dancing."

"Oh, you don't need to be formal here with me. Just call me Bliss, it's what your partner does," Bliss teases Nurie with a little wink, before she steps back, putting her own silver on the table next to Waldemai's. Then she begins to clap her hands in a slow rhythm, and as she does so, her feet begin to move. It's a slow waltz at this point, but if there is anything that a Champion and a Whisper are both good at, it's fluid, graceful motions. Bliss is weaving between the crowd, grinning as she tries to get the onlookers to clap along with her.

Waldemai checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 10, rolling 23 higher.

"Oh I don't know, I've always liked your rhyming." Brogan comments Delilah's way as they get closer, and start detouring for a shadowy table. "Hello, Nova!" Squatting down a moment, he gives her hound a double ear scritching. Straightening up he sighs and gives his own mournful look towards Felicia at her mention of terrible booze. "You take me to the most wonderful places." Noting the coin plopped down, there is a deep sigh from the Bear-Man, who then bellows. "Not my thing, well. Not without way more alcohol in my system at least!" At least his shirt is still on.

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Waldemai is from Southport and it shows. He hops around in a classic hornpipe, whistling a sea chantey VERY off-key.

Nurie checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Reese tries to drag Isabetta out to the dancing floor!

Reese checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 10, rolling 20 higher.

At last returning, Cambria, peers at Bliss when the woman begins to clap. The gods only know the direction of her brows, but her lips appear thinned in either a thoughtful manner or an outright frown. "Dancing," she says, arms folding. "This one I'll spectate."

"This bet is like 'pick the Whisper,'" Grazia remarks dryly, crossing her arms under her black concealing cloak. She seems to have opted to spectate the dancing as well.

Isabetta is not dragged, she is WILLING! But oh boy is this going to be a spectacle.. probably.

Isabetta checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

The last bits of whatever trepidation Nurie might have held vanish at whatever the Whisper murmured to her, and the young woman offers a look of near adoration for half a heartbeat, before nodding. "A pleasue to meet you, Master Isenhu. My name is Nurie. I've recently arrived along with my lady, from the south. The clapping begins, and suddenly there's a moment of panic. The girl looks around, seizing the nearest mug of--whatever it is, and downing a deep swig, her eyes widening further as it BURNS all the way down! But with the fortification done, she joins in with a whoop. She doesn't go with graceful, but she's certainly--enthusiastic--with her prancing about, after a deep curtsy to both Bliss and Waldemai, her skirts swirling about her legs and feet and not even tripping her up! And then there are more joining! She laughs with delight to dance around Resse and Isabetta as well, her laughter weaving in and out with the clapping.

Bliss checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 39 higher.

And with all of that, Bliss ... steps off of the dance floor entirely, slipping to the side of Cambria instead and continuing her clapping. Hearing the shanty from Waldemai - even if it's from Southport, ugh - she begins to sing along with it, trying to provide rhythm for the others to dance to. "My silver is up for grabs, I'm afraid I have to chicken out on this dare!" she calls good-naturedly in-between verses.

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Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Nurie checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

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Reese is attempting to lead Isabetta in a dance. She isn't very trained, but she makes up for such her agile grace and so far she is doing okay.

Reese checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Isabetta is all left feat. She is at first looking down to try not to step on Reese's toes and succeeds in that but fails in not stepping on her own. She quickly takes the role of the follow, putting a hand on Reese's shoulder for dear life and looking into her eyes with a furtive wistfulness, it just screams 'don't let me die' because dancing is life and death. Also the lady is in leathers, like many of the nobility trying to appear like they belong, but her leathers are shiny and very nice and do not belong, so yeah, another failure on her part. Needless to say the grace and beauty of the dance is thus far entirely coming from Reese. Despite this she looks like she's enjoying herself.

Waldemai checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Isabetta checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Fashionably late as ever, Sidney arrives to the sounds of -- clapping? He pauses (or poses) a moment just clear of the door, looking both very overdressed and entirely at ease with the world (surely a Whisper, then), and flashes a bright, boyish grin toward Bliss when he spots her. The others in the rather ominous arena-slash-bar each get a moment of warm, curious consideration, and then he swans his way over to the bar to begin properly with alcohol.

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Waldemai knows mostly folk dances and so folk dances it will have to be. "Check this," he says, and balances his mug on his head before doing a few squat kicks that seem to follow something resembling a rhythm scheme.

The crowd and all the charming dancers (and perhaps whatever brew it was that she choked down) prove to be too much for the lady's maid. It stokes Nurie's courage just a little TOO much, and a ambitious leap and twirl that real dancers or those at frisky balls make look so so easy ends up being so so NOT so easy. The girl bumps her rear into a nearby table, slipping on the slight splosh of beer that it creates on the floor, and barely manages to not end up in a grizzled spectator's lap. She bows out, but moves to clap and stomp along with the other spectators at the bar now!

Reese seems to be still dancing well enough. She has a smile for Isabetta that touches her blue eyes and brings dimples to bloom. The Princess seems to be a cheerful and maybe even wistful mood. She certainly doesn't look like she belongs here though.

And hark! The endless irritation of work will always find someone. No matter where they hide, it will locate the victim. It's worse than the herald of an Archfiend, just about. For Delilah has no respite, oh no, when a pinch-faced messenger pops up out of somewhere and hopes clearly that he won't be singed by dubious quality of the place. Well, too bad -- he practically gets his arm on the poor copper-haired explorer. There are Words Exchanged. She sighs and murmurs her apologies to those she sits with, but if it makes anyone feel considerably worse? There's a Confessor outside thoroughly ignoring the uneasy looks of the usual denizens of the Lower Boroughs. That stern-faced man would be better served terrorizing a class of naughty boys. Instead, he is confronted by a Whitehawk girl.

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Isabetta is mystified by the display Nurie has been doing and then she looks at Reese with this crazy determination. She's not in the lead, but she'd going to do something with a flourish. If only she had a skirt. Reese doesn't have a skirt either. She'll have to make due. She tries to lift one of Reese's arms to create a place for her to twirl underneath. A flourishing move. . . if she can pull it off (she probably can't).

Isabetta checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

"When the hell did you get back, Sidney Whisper?!" Bliss yells to the man with a laugh as she sees him enter. "I thought for sure you had been eaten by a wild puffin out there on the Isles!" She keeps up her clapping and rhythm with half-attention as she speaks quietly with Cambria, content to let the dancers still on the floor work their performances.

Waldemai checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

At the shadowy back table, Tabitha almost fades into the shadows, silent for a while. She's petting one Sir Floppington, quite content to watch the sweet moves on the dancefloor for now.

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Nurie is standing at the edge of the improptu dance floor, keeping the clapping rhythm going. Well, okay. Maybe it's just a little off. But she is certainly very very exuberant about it. Seeing the metalsmith move into squats and kicks draws a whoop from her, and she gives the twirling Isabette and still-dancing princess an encouraging cheer as well.

Waldemai is about out of gas. Dancing around like a maniac is somehow not the same as beating the crap out of some steel in his forge. "Well, that was fun," he says. "What say you...Is Bliss Whisper the champion?"

Reese peeks over Nurie a she continues to dance along with Isabetta. She is still doing alright and tries to lead the Lady in a graceful spin. "Oh, very nice." She says toward her and seeming to Waldemai as well. The princess seems to be very much enjoying the dancing.

"She is not! She has forfeited!" Bliss calls out to Waldemai with a shake of her head. "You were too much for her!"

Isabetta looks wide eyed as Waldemai addresses bliss very formally and puts her head to Reese's shoulder. She is trying to hide her amusement by laughing against the princess while they continue to dance, but the rocking shoulders gives her way. Either that or she's weeping (she's definitely laughing).

Well, maybe Sidney doesn't actually look all that overdressed in this crowd. He's only wearing silk and wool, after all. Perfectly reasonable for a social event in a sticky, blood-stained part of the Lower Boroughs. "The secret is to eat the puffins first," he calls back to Bliss, his light eyes glinting with laughter as he takes her in. He looks sun-golden and healthy, and as soon as a tankard of something dark and strong is passed to him he takes a deep draught. "We're dancing, now?" He leans lazily back against the bar counter, his attention divided between Bliss and the others. "You've been doing more daring things in your -sleep-, if half the rumors are true."

"A valiant effort all the same, Master Isenhu," is Nurie's encouragement. Though then her gaze moves towards the remaining two dancers. Who will it be? But she grins over to Bliss all the same.

Cosimo typically does not wander into a Lower Boroughs alleyway completely unguarded, but upon hearing that particular individuals were attending a party at this peculiar location he decided to act on his curiosity regardless. Not expecting anyone to recognize him here, he doesn't bow upon arrival, but his gaze does alight on Nurie with some surprise when he spots her nearby. "Nurie," he says, turning and projecting his voice in her general direction. After a thoughtful pause, he decides to close the distance between them. "Didn't expect to see you dancing here." Though Nurie didn't appear to actually be dancing so much as encouraging it!

Cambria smiles and claps for the competitors, just shortly after speaking lowly with Bliss. Upon noting Nurie's own smile for the Whisper, Cambria waves the woman over - at least until Nurie is approached by a one Cosimo!

Waldemai looks around for the pouch of silver he laid down. "Well, someone has to take the prize...If I can find it...Who shall it be?"

Having kept an eye on the pouch, Caius taps it again with the bottom of the mug of ale he's holding. "Safe and sound," he calls with a laugh.

Bliss is also seeming quite welcoming to Nurie - and when Cosimo approaches her, Bliss includes him in the wave as she turns her head to Sidney, rolling her eyes. "I have no idea what rumors you might be speaking about, Sidney Whisper. I am a perfectly calm, quiet and timid woman, able to fit in among the Mourning Isles just as easily as the Oathlands," she says as her thick Lycene accent and - well, let's face it, rather public boldness of late - probably do little to hide her playfulness. Something that Cambria says has her stop, though, blinking as her eyes widen, murmuring something right back and briefly looking much, much more serious.

A familiar voice weaves its way into her ear, and Nurie also turns towards Cosimo, her face registering shock. "Cosimo!" she gasps. "What are /you/ doing here?" Her tone is quite protective, as she searches for the guards that surely must have accompanied him. But it's hard to see in the crowded room. "Don't you know it's supposed to be /dangerous/ here f--" and then, as mind catches up with mouth, "Well. I won't tell if you won't. You just missed the opportunity to dance, my lord!" she teases him. And then if he allows it, she'll touch his arm briefly, as if to try to tug him over towards Cambria and Bliss without actually doing something as unseemly as that. "Would you like to meet some people? And then we can find out what the /next/ daring thing to do is!"

Grazia is not partaking in the dancing either, and she glides her way over to the bar where Caius sits with his tankard of ale. "The prize is safe, but has a winner been discovered?" she asks softly, her voice husky and warm like whiskey.

Isabetta has no idea what the dancing has to do with anything, as far as she was concerned? It was just something they were doing for fun and so she'll continue it seems as long as Reese too is enjoying herself.

"Not as yet," Caius replies as he angles a nod of greeting to brown haired young lady who joins him along the bar. "Waldemai is giving lessons," and he grins, "in dancing, that is. Of course."

"The dullest woman I know," Sidney agrees with Bliss, and while he's barely capable of a straight face at the best of times he isn't even bothering now. His dark eyebrows climb pointedly and he winks at the Champion over his tankard before taking another deep drink and leaving Bliss to her whispering. At Nurie's excited tumble of speech he turns his attention to her and Cosimo, sweeping a warm look over both before inclining his head respectfully to the latter.

Cambria takes Bliss by the elbow, seemingly giving it a comforting squeeze. Her eyes, however, are upon Nurie and Cosimo. "Yes, yes, come and meet new people. Are we making introductions, or are we promising to remain mysterious faces for the evening, so as to prevent any word of our antics from reaching ears we /may/ not wish them to?" Her mouth quirks into a lopsided grin.

Standing up first at the Shadow Table to applaud the dancers and victors, Brogan next stands onto the table. "Well done!" He looks down at the table occupants as if he is going to give them a moment to reconsider something. It is a brief chance though and gone as he bellows. "Attention everyone!" He'd even cupped his hands to shout. "The ladies at my table, in the spirit of tonights gathering, have asked me to make an announcement." Beat. "They want you all to know, that I. Have a nice ass!" Another pause. "Now, typically I am just baring my chest for everyone. However, I will refrain from baring my arse unless requested by crowd majority. At least at this time, once I get drunk?" The Bear-Man shrugs shoulders. "I can make no such promises."

Cosimo casts his gaze over the cavernous bar, but if he is apprehensive about being here, he does a good job masking it. "I confess this is not my usual haunt," he retorts to Nurie's surprise, then adding, "But neither is it yours." He dips his head. "I won't tell Sabine. But I'm not going to subject this fine establishment to my dancing, thankfully." His gaze turns to Cambria, Bliss, and Sidney when his sister tugs at his arm, and he steps towards them. "Hello, people," he greets initially, then offers a respectful bow. "I am Lord Cosimo Tessere." His brown eyes flit back to Nurie. "Her brother, if you haven't deduced yet."

"Such lessons they are," Grazia murmurs dryly to Caius, arching one perfectly manicured brow in amusement. "One hopes that he's a better craftsman than a dancer, but perhaps the Bear will dance." She motions to the bartender for wine. He doesn't have what she wants and she finally concedes to drink a glass of whiskey, which is not at all what she ordered in the first place.

Reese is still dancing with Isabetta. She doesn't seem to be following everything in the room about her. Still she catches Cosimo's introduction and has a smile for greeting for him. "Oh, I'm Princess Reese Grayson." She says in return. She looks to Brogan at his words and her cheeks are pink, but she doesn't comment. She then smiles o the Duchess.

"I am going to say that Messere Isenhu is the winner," Bliss declares as she is pulled away by Cambria. "My bag of silver is on the table!" she tells him, before calling to Brogan, "A real man of the North shouldn't need a few drinks to give the crowd what they want!" Her mood is cheerful there, and she glances at Cambria, raising a brow, before turning her attention to the Tesseres. "Ah, I had heard you had come to the city recently! A pleasure, my lord, my lady. I am Bliss," she says, dipping her head before motioning Sidney over to join them as well.

Felicia turns about as red as her hair at Brogan's pronouncement and quite visibly slaps her hand over her eyes and hangs her head like 'oh dear gods he really just did that'.

Waldemai doesn't seem to be able to find a champion. He picks up the pouch and nods to Caius in thanks. "I'll donate it to the Lodge of Petrichor, then," he declares. "That way we all win!"

Isabetta tries to follow someone in the crowd with her eyes but soon gives up. "I'm not sure what this is all about or what is happening," Isabetta tells Reese, "but I also don't care it's just fun to dance like this."

Rowenova suddenly launches into a super hug around Felicia before settling down not far from the knightly woman. She looks up, quite distraught to begin with before suddenly shouting, "HE SAID HE HAS A NICE ASS, FOLKS!" with all those Northern Lungs she obviously has. She ahems quietly before settling down and quietly speaking at the shady table once more.

At the shadowy back table, a figure in a blue wool cloak claps her hands over her mouth. Her eyes are wide above her fingers, but then she lowers them and (after a few attempts) uncertainly raises a voice that is pure well-bred Crownland's accent, "It is a nice backside!"

Reese looks over Waldemai. "Congrats Master Waldemai!" She says in hsi direction. She smiles to Isabetta, finally slowing the dance and trying to give her cheek a kiss.

"What happy chance," Cambria says as Cosimo introduces himself. "We all share ties back to the Fidante." She winks to Bliss before saying to Cosimo and Nurie, "I'm part of the fealty. Because tonight I am not paying heed to the rules of formality. Not entirely, at any rate. We shall call it a /surprise/ for later." She smiles brightly. "Lord Cosimo, your sister danced wonderfully. Even if Bliss says master Isenhu won."

"I make no objections," Sidney calls mildly to Brogan, and then his lips curl with appreciative humor as Cosimo reintroduces manners to the room. "Sidney Whisper," he introduces himself, touching the fingertips of his free hand to his sternum. He accepts Bliss's little gesture of summons and straightns from his languid lean against the bar to move into easier conversational range.

There's something of a furious blush that darkens her dancing flushed cheeks a little further, when Cosimo introduces their relationship. No shame at being named his sibling, of course, but. It is hard for the moment for the lady's maid to look either whisper or Cambria directly in the eye, instead peeking at their reactions sidelong through a thicket of lashes, and offering another curtsy. "Nurie Baseborn," she explains in a quieter tone. "In service to Countess Sabine." There is a renewing of her pride in speaking her sister's name. "That was such fun, Bliss...will there be another wage?" And then as a man rises and stands upon the nearby table to present his heretofore clothed arse, of course she looks. And with a professional's eye. "Oh my," she murmurs. "Oh it is indeed!" Ahem. Yay distraction?

Isabetta accepts a kiss on the cheek happily and gives Reese a squeeze in return. She is breathing a little as though the dancing tired her a touch, so she's probably happy to return to her seat. She's all for ordering a drink. . until she remembers where she is. "Can I have a glass of . . " *squint* "..nevermind."

"It's fun. To observe. To attempt, at times, and to accomplish - with minimal injury - at the best of times," Caius remarks with a measured shake of his head. He leans against the edge of the bar still, one hand curled round the mug of ale he's still holding, a faint and slightly lopsided hint of a smile on his face. "I admire the skill. I'm lousy at it myself. Dangerous to the toes of my unfortunate partners."

'Ties to the Fidantes' seems to amuse Bliss, and she says to Nurie, "You were certainly very stiff competition to him. Well, it's a night of daring, and the mood seems to be going where I expected it to. You are certainly welcome to challenge me or anyone else to it if you feel the desire. The more interesting and chaotic the night gets, the more it is in the spirit of what Calandra had planned, I think." She shrugs, apparently unsure, then says to Cambria, "Have you met Sidney yet? He is a dear friend of mine, able to keep up with me on wit and charm, but he has some way to go before replacing my attention seeking ways." The man gets a quick wink, then she looks to Cosimo. "I think any dancing is a good thing. Life is meant to be lived, isn't it?"

Grazia glances to her whiskey resignedly, peering through it a moment at Caius with eyes the same color as the liquid. "I admit that I shall never make you dance because I too am dangerous to the toes of prospective dance partners," she says to him reassuringly, practically purring the words. "But it is quite nice to watch, particularly if it's someone like Bliss Whisper doing the dancing. I do not mind watching her body undulate sinuously to music."

"I have not," Cambria answers Bliss. She turns her attention to the other Whisper, saying, "The pleasure is all mine." Then, to Nurie and Cosimo, "We shall have to arrange to properly meet your Countess as well. Properly welcome her and House Tessere to Arx."

"A pleasure to meet you, Mistress Bliss, Master Sidney, Marquessa Mazetti, and Your Highness," Cosimo politely replies to those assembled, plus Reese. When Cambria compliments Nurie on her dancing, he turns his attention to his sister once more. "It's a shame I missed it, then. But congratulations on the victor. I'm more of a music appreciator than a dancer, myself." He arches a brow at the conversation over someone's fine arse, but it doesn't seem he has an opinion one way or another, and he turns again to nod to Cambria. "I agree. Perhaps we can convince her to throw a small party at our manor grounds, once she's settled in."

"Did the gentleman over there offer the next challenge?" Nurie asks those near the bar, still looking towards Brogan. "Or does that count as a wager? Though one might wonder, how should the judging go? Firmness? Circumfrence?" Just thinking aloud, but it's quite pleasant thinking aloud, at least to Nurie. She looks to the others expectantly. "Oh I am sure there will be more formal introductions very soon, and that my lady should welcome a visit," Nurie tells Cambria with confidence. "But just the same, I am glad that we met here as well." She does a near curtsy to Sidney, at his introduction as yet another Whisper, her expression awed. "A honor to meet you as well."

"Only because I don't spark diplomatic scandal and swing swords at people in public," Sidney objects, making a brief little performance of being offended at Bliss's comparisons before grinning at her and dipping his head to the others. "A pleasure," he murmurs, making brief eye contact with each person in their cluster of introductions. Cosimo gets another look of amused approval for fixing everyone's names to memory. "I was hoping Calandra was just hiding in a back room somewhere," he murmurs to Bliss, and then lets out a bright laugh at Nurie's suggestion of judgement criteria.

There is no doubt Brogan is overly amused at his table companion reactions and proclamations. However, Bliss Whispers challenge rocks him back on his heels a bit. "Well then!" The man bellows out at the poor crowd. "I seem to have been challenged that I need not be drunk to produce a sight. So, what say the crowd?!" Brogan looks about from his perch with a wide grin, oblivious to any embarressment he is creating. "The crowd seems to be in agreement thus far!" Another pause to look about and he snaps his fingers. His arms shift and grab at his top to yank it up and over his head, floofing out his hair and beard in all directions. Pecs bared and popping a bit. "After all, it is supposed to be a night of dares, right? So, continue? Yay or nay?!"

"I do believe it must be touched to judge firmness, and grabbableness," Cambria says to Nurie, completely serious as she glances towards Brogan.

There's a swivel from the waist by Bliss, a lifting of two fingers to her mouth, and the kind of sharp whistle that is only produced by someone used to urging someone on in a crowded, noisy bar as Brogan removes his shirt. She lifts a hand, motioning him on, before turning back to her company. "I think it counts now," she says to Nurie, before asking Cambria, "Are you volunteering?" Then she looks to Sidney. "If you'd like, I can teach you my ways. Be warned, for they are not easy, and not all can master them." She wonders to Cosimo then, "So what is it that you do, then?"

"If you grab his ass, sister, I'm afraid I will have to inform Sabine," Cosimo comments when Cambria adds to the possible ass judging criteria.

"Knowing how to dance also helps keep you alive in a fight," Caius notes with another tip of his head to the amber eyed young woman at his side. "Being light on your feet, agile, able to react without getting trapped in ponderous steps and plodding movement. Key skills to train up. Bliss Whisper," he prods at his memory of the dancers before tentatively assigning names to faces, "she is quite skilled, yes. Give her a light fencing foil and stay out of her way, I'd imagine."

Rowenova says, "Of course she's volunteering."

Blushing furiously at the shadowy back table of shadowy... backness, the shrouded form of one Tabitha Whitehawk is probably not prepared for the spectacle ahead, whatever it may be. She covers her face with her hands, shielding herself from the rippling flesh on show. But what's that? Is she peeking out from beneath that modesty shield just for second or two? No. Certainly not.

Cambria checked composure at difficulty 25, rolling 9 lower.

"Only if the contestant and the crowd believe me to be a fair, and impartial judge," Cambria says, nodding sagely. However, she cannot maintain the facade, and very quickly begins to laugh, a hand over her mouth.

"This is true," Nurie is remarking solemnly to Cambria. "But perhaps one could attempt to bounce a silver piece off--" And then comes Brogan's shirt off with a flourish, his hair and beard poofing out in all its fuzzy bear glory. And indeed the beautiful auburn color would be distracting and dazzling on its own. "Oh! But he's removing clothing from the wrong end!" she says, confused. Or hopeful? It's hard to tell. "I wouldn't grab anything without permission," she retorts rather uncharacteristically grumily to Cosimo. "It would be unseemly! And it might cause him fright or dismay!"

Cosimo looks to Bliss and opts to answer her question. "What most noblemen do, I suspect, plus a few scholarly pursuits." He wrinkles his nose. "Minus the dancing."

"Are you much of a fighter, friend?" Grazia wonders, looking up at Caius curiously. "And I do believe that Bliss Whisper is also a Champion, making her duly skilled with the sword." She smiles in amusement and calls across the bar. "Definitely an impartial judge! Fair and impartial; I'm a lawyer and I know these things. Make sure you judge him very thoroughly!"

Over here with Lady Tabitha at the shady table, Scout Rowenova pipes up from her seated situation with projecting laughs! She personally owns no shame and does not even hide the her intent gaze as she checks out the visual display. Then, she crudly comments, "I bet he has a hairy ass."

"I see," Bliss says to Cosimo, then looks right at Cambria. "I /dare you,/" she says to the noblewoman, and then points at Sidney, "And you," she adds. "To determine who in this room has the best ass. It is up to you to determine the metrics!" She cants her head at Nurie, then says, "Are you worried about looking unseemly in the Hollow, of all places?"

Cambria calls out, "Do we say a hairy ass on a man is a positive or a negative feature?"

Felicia shakes her head adamantly and looks for her whiskey,"Gods... this is how the trouble starts." she snorts at Brogan,"It's not a nice ass. It's flabby, from all the sitting you do on it, lazy bones." she accuses.

"Tch, your ways are too much work," Sidney tells Bliss philsophically. He's already found another vertical surface to drape himself aesthetically back against, his curls partly crushed against the wall when he tilts his head back to drink. "Mm," he hums, nodding to Nurie as he swallows, "I do enjoy getting permission." There's a teasing glitter in his eyes as he looks from her to Brogan and back. "I imagine he would give it, if you asked." At Bliss's pointing he blinks, his dark brwows lifting curiously. "Is it? Well, then." He slips into contemplation, taking this seriously.

Cosimo looks to Brogan, then back to his sister. "I don't know if he's capable of fright or dismay, if he's gone this far already."

Well, a whistle like that certainly can command attention. Brogan rather stares at Bliss for a few moments then just barks out a laugh. He turns himself in place, putting himself on display, still on the table. Pants still on. For now. Of course, this means a show of flexing display simply must occur. This is becoming a trademark. He pauses to look about. "I shall let you all decide, how you wish to determine the fineness of my arse."

Oh poor, poor Cosimo. Nurie seems to take Bliss Whisper's challenge about propriety in this establishment to heart. She nods with renewed determination, giving her throughtful input to Cambria. "It's very cold here," she observes. "And even a strong fighting man deserves a nice silken cushion to sit upon now and then. Positive!"

"I'm a bit long in the tooth to be peeing on that particular fence line," Caius replies with a chuckle. "Back in the day, yes. But those days are quite a bit back, and comfortably so, as it's easier to reminisce over the wages of misspent youth than to go about sleeping on the cold ground and living off the land from one campaign to another."

Reese seems to be be daydreaming a bit. She gets herself a mug of mead and finds a place to sit. She has another smile for Isabetta. "That was fun." She murmurs softly.

"A positive feature, if the man's backside is in proportion to the rest of his hairiness," Sidney weighs in eventually, carding his fingertips back through his hair as he looks from Cambria to Brogan. His eyes have narrowed slightly in concentration, as if there might have been a lesson on this type of thing at some point in the Whisper House and he's now trying to remember the details.

"The correct answer is, of course, that it's mine," Bliss idly tells Cambria and Sidney, before bringing her hand to her lips and blowing a kiss over toward Brogan, wiggling her fingers. "After all," she tells those near her, quite calm and confident, "The Nox'alfar have written songs about it, and I don't think the same can be said for anyone else here. Yes, the ass of Bliss is famous from Setarco to Stormwall, Maelstrom to Sanctum, and even in the darkened halls of the Twilight Court." With that, she wiggles her hips in a slow sway. In tight leather pants.

Rowenova does not commit either way to hairy or unhairy besides having said her betting words. "If only he had a challenger this time, like the last time!"

"What's with this bias?" Felicia snorts,"A woman's ass is not generally hairy... so unless you're declaring this a male only contest... the hairyness can have no weight. In fact... it should count as a negative.." she slants a look at Brogan as she tilts back her whiskey,"Because it hides the ass itself. I mean... if we're talking about bare asses.... clothed one's the hairiness or lack thereof is meaningless."

"He'd rather look like a beaver if that were so," Cambria blurts, as though tact was completely unknown to her. She then waves her hand dismissively. "No matter! I know how to handle this. If you will excuse me, my friends, I shall head just over /there/," the elevated section of the room. "That I might judge our worthy contestants with a /fair/ and completely /unbiased/ opinion, sans any mentions of exotic songs by a mercurial people."

Grazia motions once more in Bliss's direction. "Sinuously undulates," she repeats, as if making a point. "It's a very pretty thing to watch."

"What about Master Isenhu?" Nurie wonders allowed. "You /saw/ that unusual and quite becoming dance he did. One simply couldn't move like that without some robustness in the hindquarters!" She shakes her head sadly to Cosimo. "You might be surprised," she tells her brother. "At how many lords will be most squeamish about inseam measurements, even if you /don't/ have pin in your hand yet! It's better carefully done, with gentle and sweet words, I tell you." She tilts her head to listen to Felicia, and bites her lip gently in indecision. "Oh, please forgive me, mistress or my lady," she calls out. "You make a most convincing argument. Perhaps we ought not consider hairy-ness at all then!"

If Cosimo is disturbed by his sister's slide into debauchery, he doesn't show it. But he doesn't show much in general, really. He is observing the unfolding spectacle with complete composure, as though this was nothing out of the usual. Who knows, he's Lycene, it's not that outrageous. "Overall porportion matters," he replies to Felicia. "And if yours is more sculpted, well..."

Cambria just makes grabby hands at Cosimo's retort to Felicia. What happens in the Hollow, stays in the Hollow?

Waldemai is enjoying the feel of barstool under his buttocks too much to yield it up for inspection. "I'll use my bottom's best attribute and sit this one out," he declares.

"The original question specified that the ass belonged to a man," Sidney reminds Felicia, sympathetic to her objection. "I would apply the same standards to a woman, and..." He takes a sip of his rapidly-dwindling drink and considers the demographics of the crowd. "The pool of contestants will be a great deal wider if we include women."

Caius tilts his head toward his amber eyed companion, one silvered brow lofting ever so slightly at her quietly issued words before he glances toward Bliss again then back. A half smile forms on his face, the angle of the hat he is wearing casts long shadows over his face but the light still picks up the gleam of silver visible in the stubble that has formed throughout the day. "That may be so," he agrees with a measured nod.

"I will acknowledge the possibility, that Dame Harrow's arse is likely more shapely." Brogan nods in agreement, and he snorts unexpectantly as Marquessa Mazetti makes grabby hand motions. "However, I would say mine is definitely more muscular, and likely more firm." All that said, Brogan, with no further ado. Suddenly. Drops trou.

Cambria checked composure at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Cosimo checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Cambria checked willpower at difficulty 10, rolling 12 higher.

Tabitha checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 24 lower.

Rowenova checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

It's definitely not quite at sinuous swaying yet, but Bliss does seem to likely be overhearing, seeming to shift a little more, carrying her weight lower. She doesn't even try to hold her composure as she turns and sees Brogan drop trou. Instead? She lets out a cheer, immediately, a broad grin across her face. "Remind me to come to the next Woading!" she calls. There's an amused shake of her head, then she looks back at the others. "Everyone always gets so silly about nudity," she observes.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Nurie checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

"I'd see that bet." Felicia snorts at Brogan,"After all, you just hang around with goats on mountains, I routinely exercise in full suit of steel." and then he's dropping trou, and from the reaction... it's probably not the first time she has seen that ass. But it doesn't stop her from facepalming,"/REALLY/?" she asks of him plaintively with a shake of her head.

Grazia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Reese's cheeks are very pink and she even covers her eyes. She murmurs softly with Isabetta.

Sidney offers up a twinned call of appreciation more or less in time with Bliss's, though his isn't quite so loud. He seems as much interested in the reactions of those around him as the specifics of Brogan's flesh, and he tilts his head in agreement to Bliss. "The light in here isn't even the best for this. Though the shadows do bring out the planes of muscle nicely."

Isabetta checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Tabitha too has her beetroot-red face cupped in her hands. Brogan is quite the specimen, after all.

It could be the abrupt timing, the fine musculature in Brogan's kaboose, or other displayed 'features' but the show finally manages to make him gawk. No blushing, but Cosimo does abruptly clear his throat and avert his gaze from Brogan. That potted plant suddenly looks very interesting.

When Brogan shows the world what he's made of, Cambria just whoops with laughter. Not the 'ha ha, let's all point and laugh,' style, either, but a genuinely amused laugh - one indicative of a person having quite a lot of fun. Still...once she manages to regain her control, Cambria leans forward. She uses one finger to make a spinning motion, indicating that Brogan should turn in place. Her other hand holds her chin as she murmurs, "Yes, yes," in a contemplative manner. Afterwards, she looks to Felicia and asks, "Dame Harrow? Do you wish to compete in like manner?"

There's nary a blush from the Lycene's lady's maid. Though who knows what kind of naked people she's seen cavorting and running about in her young years. But there is a sigh of appreciation, and a lean against the bartop. "I would not have thought a man of such large size could be endowed with such magnificence," she says dreamily. "Do you /know/ how many embroidered breeches I could sell, Cosimo, if they were modeled upon such a canvas?"

Grazia doesn't blush. She doesn't blink. She just stares at Brogan like she's appraising every inch of him that she can see, and she manages to keep a straight face while she does it. The Falcon Duchess has a piercing gaze.

Rowenova somehow keeps herself perfectly calm besides the humored laughter which ultimately erupts from her. She reaches over and back pats Tabitha while wolfishly grinning. "Go Dame Felicia Harrow!!!" is enthusiastically cheered! Mayhaps, this is a little odd, considering how they first met and all, but... that must not stop Nova from inappropriately commenting!

Isabetta looks on, appearing perhaps distracted and mostly unimpressed. She fans her face lightly and toys absently with her hair then inspects her nails. Really laying it on thick.

Flicking a glance toward the fellow with the dropped trousers, Caius exhales a short laugh, shakes his head and taps the edge of his mug to signal a refill order.

Cosimo looks aside at Nurie again, as she swoons. "You could always ask..."

Brogan checked strength + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

"Would they fit, though, if you modeled them after him?" Bliss wonders to Nurie, a bright grin on her face and no attempt to hide her enjoyment. She looks to Cosimo and Nurie again, then asks, "Are you a tailor, then?" to Nurie.

Felicia is still eyeing Brogan not so much like a piece of meat, but rather that she's contemplating the virtues of stabbing him multiple times even as she lingers over her whiskey with her cheeks faintly pink. It thus takes a moment, and the consuming of not just her own glass, but what remains of Brogan's before she sniffs oh so delicately in the Northerner's direction, setting the cup oh-so-delicately back on the table as she rises,"Lazy, good-for-nothing, /pretty/ sure that's some sag I'm seeing there, oh ancient bear." she directs at Brogan archly. Electing to at least remove Persuasion and setting it on the table even if Wheelspinner is staying right where it is on her hip,"Sure. I'll compete."

Inconveniently for Cosimo, Sidney is close enough to hear the clearing of the man's throat and, for whatever reason, it catches and holds Sidney's attention in a way the public nudity hasn't. He breaks into a sympathetic grin, not quite teasing, and gestures to the bartender for a refill of his own drink -- very dark beer, apparently -- as well as a tumbler of whiskey for Cosimo. He passes the drink wordlessly aside to him.

5 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrive, following Eilonwy.

There is a big paw pointing a finger at Bliss. "Absolutely!" He just allows himself on display, covering nothing. Front Back. Nothing. ALL his glory. At Fel he barks another solid laugh. "yes REALLY, you had this coming. Bare up, Felicia!!" As a matter of being on display, of course, since he has mastered the Pec Pop of Love. Brogan simply has to try the same thing with his back side. Bump bumppity bump. As Cambria indicates, Brogan splays out his arms and does a slow spin on top of the table for all to see. Brogan, is definitely made of all smiles even as Felicia moves to challenge him. "Ha! Let's see it!"

Cosimo checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Reese tries to give Isabetta's cheek a gentle kiss. She then smiles toward those gathered here. "I need to head back to my tower fortress, but it was nice see you all and great dancing Waldemai!" She says. The Princess then starts to head off.

Reese has left the A Shadowy Back Table.

Waldemai bows to the princess Reese.

Caius is overheard praising Grazia.

Bliss is overheard praising Brogan: Seeing someone with a mastery of their body perform for you is always so lovely, isn't it?

Cosimo gets rewarded with a drink. He blinks at Sidney, not immediately making the connection between his reaction and the act of kindness, but he soon catches on and bites on the inside of his cheek. "Thank you, Master Sidney," he mutters but nevertheless accepts the whiskey. He does check to see that there's no bugs in it first before he consumes a sip, though.

"Mother, when I send him to you... you'll understand why." Felicia mutters, mostly to herself with a glance towards the floor. Harrumph. It might take some wrangling, after all, she wasn't planning on dropping trou at any point to judge from the shades of bright crimson her pale cheeks are. But still. She's apparently determined to prove a working knight's ass to be prettier than the Northern lords, at least. And wriggles out before setting her hands on her hips with an eye cast his way, then at that ass, then there's a snort, two can play /that/ game. Four flights in full armor says pop those cheeks.

Nurie checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Cambria claps slowly.

Cosimo checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Rowenova checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Cullen slides into the Hollow, looking around for someone. Upon spotting Eilonwy, he slowly wanders over to her side with a smile. "Anywhere you particularly care to loiter, or just out here in the open?"

Tabitha checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Isabetta stifles a yawn and rises to slip out quietly.

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5 Crimson Blades Sergeant have been dismissed.

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Tabitha has expired. Her hands are still cupped over her face. Done, just done.

There's an idle turn of Bliss's head toward Felicia, taking in what she sees before she tilts her head and murmurs something more quietly to Sidney, before lifting her own voice in a cheer for Felicia. Still smiling, she looks around, some consideration on her face, shifting her hips. "It does seem to be the kind of night where the dares are the ones I'm exceptionally overqualified for, doesn't it?" she muses.

Rowenova openly looks toward Felicia's bum but does not seem to be in the transfixed oggling as many others do, and nor is she completely paralyzed as her adjacent friend. "Impressive!" says she with a low whistle. Sir Flop has a mournful look for the ass displays, but he usually looks that way anyway.

Felicia checked strength + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Nurie can't dance, or keep the beat of the music for long, but my goodness can she keep her hands clapping to the rhythm of the knight's cheeky rejoinder. She looks on in delight, fanning herself a little from the press of bodies in the room and the vigorous displays going on. "I am beginning to think that we have the wrong impression of those beyond the Lyceum," she tells Cosimo in awe. "Why, the fighting men and women here are positively ravishing. Why on earth do they insist on hiding it so? Or do they not, and just keep the fun to themselves?" Though noticing his eyes cast down at his drink, she looks at him with softer eyes, leaning closer to murmur something to him while casting a grateful look to Sidney.

Sidney inclines his head to Cosimo with a warm smile still playing at his lips, the corners of his eyes creasing deeply when Cosimo accepts the whiskey and drinks. Sidney isn't the type to let an act of valiant nudity go unappreciated, however, so he does turn his attention to Felicia and offers over the same friendly cheer he had for Brogan. Whatever Bliss murmurs to him makes the cheer turn into a cough of laughter at the end, and he hastily sips his beer.

Eilonwy has TOTALLY been here the last couple minutes. She seems a little taken aback by the butts. She looks at Cullen as he enters and shrugs. "Somewhere to watch from safety." She suggests in a quiet tone, the Northerner a little amused.

And a sculpted rear it certainly is! Cosimo chortles in mid-sip as he observes that Felicia was the likely winner once the cheek-popping starts. He raises his glass. "Impressive flexing," he comments, then looks to Nurie. He shakes his head at whatever words they may be exchanging.

"Well," Cambria says, after having thoroughly examined both contestants - though not, it must be noted, touching either of them. (This time). "I have come to a decision. It was very difficult. We had a fierce competition and the stakes are quite high," she says to the group at large quite seriously. Her eyes close as she goes on to say, "As some of you many know," which is to say, no one, "I basically have the eyes of Jayus. I can see his blessings made manifest." She waggles her fingers. "A bit like an aura around things, but-- whatever. The point is, I /know/ who possesses the Best Butt, yet it cannot be considered for qualification here due to my impartiality. Instead, it is with great joy and satisfaction that I give to you..." She strides up to Brogan and Felicia, in between the two pantlessless champions, grabs a hand from each, and raises them high into the air. "Your winners. Lord Brogan, reigning King of the Manly Arse, and Dame Felicia Harrow, Queen of the Fittest Rump. Let's give them all a big cheer!"

Cullen somehow managed to fail to notice this thing with butts going on, an eye squinting at the bizarre display. Snickering a bit, he nods at Eilonwy. "Yes. There's this place up above the, I hope." From whatever this display is, perhaps, his fingers resting on the Marquessa's arm.

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Felicia see's Brogan's butt flex, and up's the anti with her own, in fact, with a delicate sniff, a squat is added, all the better to show it off. Never mind that her cheeks are five shades of red and that her emerald eyes are still giving the Northern bear a hairy eyeball of their own she gives him her best indignant huff, only to laugh at Nurie's words,"Well... unfortunately because somehow an enemy's appreciation of a fine ass is less than their desire to try and murder the owner." there's a laugh at Cambria's words, apparently content to take that as sign it's safe to pull up her pants again.

Though her eyes may well be closed still, her cheeks flaming (not those ones) Tabitha does regardless clap her hands daintily together in polite fashion to Brogan and Felicia. "Very brave. Congratulations."

The flexing? The flexing causes Bliss's brows to loft, apparently at least a little impressed at that before she says to Nurie, "Oddly, I have found that when it comes down to how to have fun, I have just as much with those in the North as I do those in the South. We certainly have our differences, but at least it's not anything like it was in the fucking Telmarch." Then Cambria is making her announcement, and a bright smile flashes across her face as she nods once in agreement, lifting both of her hands in rapid applause. "I do think it's time for another dare of some sort, then!"

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Rowenova launches up from her shady chair behind the shady table into a standing position and lets out a mighty CHEER! Very much Northlands style, "CONGRATULATIONS!" says she before capping up the black ink then banging hard onto the table top near her writing supplies! Sir Flop lets out a loud bay!

In theory Sidney had also been tasked with judging the Contest of the Butts, but as with most responsibilities placed on his shoulders he'd been cheerily pretending he hasn't noticed. He therefore offers no disagreement to Cambria's verdict, and in fact raises a hearty cheer for her decision that is, if anyone is paying an unusual amount of attention, louder than the one he gave either contestant. Maybe he was being impartial? "Hear hear!" He calls back, lifting his tankard in salute to Brogan and Felicia.

Eilonwy claps for butts, because everyone should clap for butts before joining Cullen to sit and talk more quietly. She waves to Rowenova in passing with a small grin.

Cheating isn't exactly what Brogan is doing by whispering, well something, to Felicia as they stand there on display. When Felicia pops her own ass in answer to his, he bends forewards to laugh. Straightening he swats the backside of Dame Harrow without hestiation. "Ha! Not as crisp sounding as it once was." But he steps back to allow Felicia to have her moment of display in fairness, or for his own safety depending on ones view. Then Cambria is grabbing his hand to raise it in Victory. "HA!" Then it registers Felicia, too, has won. "Ooooohhhh." Then he snickers and does not, like Fel go for his pants right away. "Folks! You have been absolutely amazing! You all should give yourselves some applause!" Thus proclaims the naked Bear-Man.

Nurie's smile returns to it's happy glow at the words she hears from Cosimo, and she murmurs something once more to him before once more saluting the champions with her applause.

Grazia claps politely for the winners in the most dignified and formal manner that she can muster. And then, she must miss out on further butts, for she moves to slip off and away.

Rowenova loudly claps (her gloved hands together, in case that really needs a specifying clause) after Brogan's suggestion. Perceptively spotting Eilonwy, though, the wolf scout suddenly stops to lift up an enthusiastic wave!

Cambria returns to the original grouping consisting of Bliss, Cosimo, Nurie, and Sidney, allowing the winners to don their trousers.

Felicia get's swatted, and once those pants go back up she elects to turn around and not just swat, but punch Brogan's arm,"Put your pants on. Who knows what you'd catch from the seats." she snorts at him, suddenly going even more crimson and adding another thump with a loud,"DON'T YOU DARE!" for whatever he just said to her.

"Drinking contest!" is apparently what Bliss has decided is coming next, her contralto raising over the room and motioning to the bartender. "Line up if you're interested!" She turns to give a small shrug to those near her, then says, "So. You couldn't remain impartial, hm?" to Cambria with an amused lift of her right brow. "And whose fault is that?"

Cambria looks left, then right, before she leans in to answer Bliss in a private tone. When she's done, she straightens, keeping an eye on Bliss, unblinking as she nods slowly.

Cosimo peers into his glass again when the drinking contest is announced. "How far along is everyone else...?"

Waldemai is 100% interested in a drinking contest...or in his case, a drinking more contest. "I'll have a taste of that," he declares.

Sidney has been away from the city for a while, and the claustrophobic nature of the Hollow might be beginning to get to him. "Not nearly far enough," he answers Cosimo in a murmur, and with the exchange of a few subtle hand signals trades his beer and a few coins to the bartender in exchange for a dangerously large glass of whiskey.

Rowenova merrily chimes, "Aww, why not?" to Felicia. Then, to Brogan, "It is might be a better experience than codpiece grabbing. If she lets you!"

Cambria demurs from this contest. "I shall have to pass," she says to those nearby. "Though if things continue on long enough, I vote we crawl towards the other end of the city to the coffee shop. You all know the one, I'm sure." She turns to Nurie, "Pardon me, mistress Nurie, I had not heard your answer - are you indeed a tailor?"

There is something akin to Mad Scientist Cackling from Brogan at Felicia's near-shriek at him. It dies to giggles and he is speechless for the time being trying to catch his breath from her reaction to what was said. Finally he gasps for enough air to call out. "Drinking contest? I'm in!" His left arm darts out so he can left blade-hand at Cambria.

"It seems not terribly far, save for a few of exceptional constitution or bravery," Nurie observes to Cosimo with some amusement. Though one brow lifts as if in inquiry as to whether he intends to participate. "I must return to the villa soon. My lips are sealed!" Not that rumors aren't going to get out about who was in attedance of the mASSter dare of the evening, most likely. Her eyes turn towards Bliss, and then Cambria. "Thank you ever so much for coming to the rescue of the evening, M--Bliss," she offers sweetly. "And I hope that we will welcome you soon to the villa, Marquessa," she offers with respect. "It was wonderful to meet you as well, Sidney Whisper." With one last gentle touch to Cosimo's arm, she seemt to be making moves to depart, though Cambria's question stops her. "I am indeed," she answers Cambria with a smile. "Though currently it is Countess Sabine that displays most of my work upon her person, I am seeking to open a shop soon, as my duties permit. And I often find myself doing house calls, as they say."

Brogan is overheard praising Cambria: To the best Impartial Arse-Judge of all Arx!

Nurie is overheard praising Bliss: For DAREing to save the day!

Cambria smiles to Nurie, saying, "I look forward to meeting your Countess. Best of luck in opening your shop as well."

Smirking at something that Cambria has said to her quietly, Bliss gives her a nod and then shouts out, "Line up the shots, we will do them two at a time, contest goes to last one standing!" She then turns to look at those near her again, and smiles at Nurie with a nod. "So many people here, always worth a try. I knew we could make something happen, even if it's not quite what she had in mind. Thank you for attending!"

Nurie is overheard praising Cambria: For sorting out the champions amongst the contASStants!

Felicia's butt-pinch isn't the nice or appreciative kind, it's the pinchy claws of death, even while she turns to stare at Rowenova in abject mortification,"Gods, there is not enough whiskey in this work. Fine. Sure. More." she can't help but groan.

Cosimo finishes the remainder of his own gifted drink. "I won't be much of an opponent unless my fellow competitors are particularly waifish." He eyes the others, particularly the ones not waifish at all. "I'll escort you back," he says to Nurie, setting his glass down on the bartop and dusting off the front of his tunic.

"And you, Miss Nurie," Sidney tells Nurie, inclining his head to her with something like warm approval in his eyes. He lifts his glass in miniature salute and then leans back against the wall as he drinks, not volunteering for Bliss's contest but participating in his own way.

Rowenova holds up her apricot brandy to the Harrow dame, "You can try this, if you would like to!"

Rowenova gets a booze bottle with apricot brandy inside from Messenger Bag.

Cullen listens to Eilonwy, then grins slightly at her. Descending to the bar with his arm around hers, a pale hand extends towards the shotglasses. "Alright. I have been given the idea by a northerner to take part in this, so I had better." Taking a seat, he picks up a shot of whatever is on offer and knocks it back. "Your cheering me on might help," he informs the Marquessa with a cockeyed smile.

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Rowenova packs up her writing supplies into her Messenger Bag before then saddling up over on a bar stool for the drinking game.

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As people leave the back tables and head towars the bar, Bliss grins and nods, waiting until everyone goes. "Alright, anyone who is joining - on your marks, get set... and drink!" she exclaims, lifting her hand into the air to signal the beginning of the competition.

Rowenova checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 27 higher.

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 38 higher.

Waldemai checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

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Cambria, meanwhile, calls over her assistant, murmuring lowly to the man to be ready to summon a medic at a moment's notice. These things being what they are and all.

Waldemai is out on the first round. "Shouldn't have had so much ale already." He doesn't sound all that ready.

Felicia had a few to start with, but, well, it's well whiskey. This is serious drinking. And requires the still faintly blushing redhead to wind up her unruly locks and pin them up off the back of her neck before rolling up her sleeves... /serious/ drinking.

Rowenova smoothly swigs at this first drink, not even breathing until it is fully drank before setting out the empty mug on the bar top for all to see.

Unlike most Oathlanders, those of the Greenwood are fond of their whiskey, and Cullen is no exception. Swallowing down the glass in a gulp, he sets it down afterwards with a grin at Eilonwy. "It isn't Stone Mountain, but it'll wash a wound, I figure."

Meanwhile, Sidney is watching all of this with pleased, almost academic interest as he sips leisurely at his own drink. "I'll just this one," he offers Bliss magnanimously, "if you'd like to join in."

Just waits patiently as the others drink their turns. Then with a bit of a smirk he tosses his back. Frowning he looks at the glass. "Did someone give me water?"

"It's Rotgut or nothing," Cambria says from where she observes. "If you're looking to hurt yourself."

Joining Cullen at the bar, Eilonwy claps and cheers for Rowenova and Cullen. She looks over the others drinking competitively with an easy smile. "It's not Fools Bane, that's aggressive."

Rowenova smiles brightly as the alcoholic warmth happily spreads all through, "Mmm, thank you, Marquessa! I have never had Fools Bane, but I have seen those who have tried it before." She visibly winces about those fond, old memories.

Watching approvingly, Bliss has a smile on her face before Sidney's offer. He gets a chuckle, and a shake of her head. "No, I don't think I'll be taking part. But if you're -" and here she pauses, turning to call to the bar again, "And DRINK!" Then back to Sidney. "- If you're willing to take over, I think I'm going to sneak away. Just be sure to tip the bar well, I'll have Whisper House reimburse you," she says happily as she steps back from the bar. "You've all been lovely!" she calls to the crowd.

Rowenova checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 31 higher.

Brogan is overheard praising Bliss: The best kind of trouble-starter!

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

This was obviously more than Sidney had thought he was volunteering for, and his eyes widen as Bliss makes to leave. "I --" He gusts out a sigh, his protest dying as soon as he'd started. "If anyone vomits on my shoes then I'll refuse to declare a winner and make you but your own drinks."

Brogan checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 11 lower.

Cullen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 38 higher.

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Cambria, too, decides to call it an evening. After all, she has chosen to be some sort of faux Oathlander and not participate in the drinking game, so what fun is she /really/? (The best, duh).

After Bliss's word to drink up, Rowenova deftly lifts the next mug, doing so with the practiced grace of a servant woman who likely handles drinking fare. Every day. Bringing up the booze mug, she tilts back not only it but also her wolf-framed face. The warming liquor goes down without much ado before it is also gone, too. Yes, that empty mug is soon set next to its equally-empty partner.

Sidney isn't the type of guy who's very good at staying annoyed about anything, and being entrusted with a group of sloshed mixed nobility and commoners is hardly the worst thing to happen to him this week. He brightens again almost immediately after Blis leaves, wiggling his fingers at Cambra in a fond wave as she moves to step out as well.

Felicia is overheard praising Cambria.

Felicia is overheard praising Bliss.

"Take care I know you've got this covered you're great really the best," Bliss says to Sidney, giving him a quick peck on the cheek as she turns to wave at those in the room. "Have fun, everyone!" she says as she heads out the door.

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Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper leaves, following Bliss.

Cullen picks up the next glass and takes a sniff, wrinkling his freckled nose at the smell of raw alcohol. Still...After shrugging at Eilonwy and slipping his arm around her, the glass of raw death is held aloft, then smoothly drank up. "Well, I think I'm getting used to this rather awful whiskey."

Possum leaves, following Cambria.

Felicia's used to rotgut whiskey, the knight's Lowers roots are possibly showing in just how well she can handle her rotgut whiskey, in fact, though she grins at Sidney,"Only time I've come close to puking was the Marquessa's Mint Madness... and I /still/ can't drink anything mint flavored."

"Ha! It will take more than that to best me!" Brogan boasts, boastfully. He chuckles away and downs the next one in an exagerrated manner. Promptly he falls out of the seat flat on his back with a hard whump. "Whatthfuck did I just drink? Whoo. Spinny."

Rowenova almost comments about the minty madness but then suddenly jumps after Brogan's fall. Looking back over her furred shoulder to her fellow Northerner, the wolf scout quips up, "You dishonor us all!" Comedic pause. "Just joking!"

Felicia snorts at Brogan,"Second-best ass /and/ can't hold your whiskey... I'mma take your Northerner card at this rate." she's got no qualms about taunting him with.

"Dishonor on me?" Brogan asks while trying to focus on one of the three Nova's "What about my family's honor? Or my cow's?!" brogan seems briefly panicked and then looks to Felicia. It is unrelated but TERRIBLE timing. Blink. Blink. "Tied for best ass. Ass."

"I really am the best," Sidney sighs theatrically, taking a deep drink of his own whiskey. There's no way he isn't overly drunk himself by now -- he has half the body mass of Brogan, although he hasn't had as much to drink -- but he's leaning elegantly against the wall in the way that especially practiced drinkers do, looking perfectly content with the world. "Equal-best ass," he reminds Felicia.

Rowenova lithely seats her own ass on the bar stool once more, doing so whilst wolfishly grinning, "ALL GONE" says she to the floored noble. Then, toward the drinking Dame, she bobble nods before reaching forth for the next round.

Felicia gives an exaggerated 'shhh' to Sidney before turning towards Brogan and nodding at Rowenova,"See? Official now. The wolf scout says so. Shame on you. Maybe less warm up drink next time." she offers by way of suggestion.

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 33 higher.

Rowenova checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 16 higher.

Cullen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 26 higher.

Eilonwy looks flustered and laughs at Cullen. "Awful? It can't be so bad, look at Rowenova go!" She claps for her friend and tucks her hair behind an ear. She's not going to take on drinking like that for sure!

Rowenova smoothly downs the third glass of the awful whiskey which starts to taste better over time. It is not so bad now! She sets down the third empty, glancing over toward Felicia with a lopsided grin which she soon pans toward Eilonwy over here. "Thank you! I am so glad you are here to save my life!" Then, back to Felicia, "Can I crash at your place if I get too wasted?"

Cullen "You're right, it's not so bad now." Guzzling down another glass of swill, Cullen drops it upon the bar afterwards and salutes Eilonwy. After her statement, he looks back over at Rowenova. "Yes, she seems to be doing a good job of it, too."

"Sure, Valarian isn't home at the moment, you can crash in his room." Felicia offers with a nonchalant wave of her hand, attention flitting to Cullen and Eilonwy briefly, but it's Brogan who she sets a foot on for a nudge,"C'mon, you flabby-assed disgrace." she offers at him tauntingly.

"I have no idea how you're all still standing," Sidney tells Felicia, Rowenova, and Cullen cheerily. He's using a broad definition of standing, obviously, and takes another sip of his own whiskey as he watches them all.

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 10 higher.

Cullen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 9 higher.

Rowenova lifts up her fourth cup which is brimming full of the rotgut whiskey, and she merrily salutes Cullen with this new cup. "Thank you." says she with obvious recognition, "Lord Greenmarch." Then, she turns back, doing so with a squinched face after Felicia's comment, "Mmm, just wake me up if he shows up, since... oh yeah, drinking woo."

Rowenova checked stamina + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 13 higher.

"Darling girl, I will be unconscious and enjoying the opportunity to sleep in past dawn for once.. if he shows up you're on your own." Felicia advises Rowenova solemnly, electing to take her whiskey and plant herself on Brogan's chest. Because that's going to help him get up, or something. Possibly or something. Her thought processes might not be entirely sober right now, but it doesn't stop her from tossing back another one,"My first drink of choice... rotgut whiskey! Granted, usually I go for the better stuff now, but... it's not /shooo/ bad."

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 18 lower.

"That is the most excellent Scout Rowenova. She's amazing and I completely adore her." Eilonwy tells Cullen and looks over to Rowenova. "Have you met Lord Cullen?" She asks and whistles as they drink like champions.

"This reminds me of when we had to drink whatever we could steal from the countryside." Pale, freckled cheeks turning rosy pink, a finger lightly prods Eilonwy's forearm. "I thought you were cheering me on. I'm going to need it." Holding his breath and drinking the paint thinner as quickly as possible, the glass returns to the bartop afterwards, a salute with the empty glass at Rowenova. Squinting at her for a moment, Eilonwy's words have him remembering. "Oh yes! I recall her now, thank you, Eily."

Sidney cards his fingertips back through his curls, leaving his hair in a different but still mostly-intentional-looking mess. Felicia arranging herself on top of Brogan makes him gust out an approving laugh, and he glances toward Eilonwy and Cullen before turning his attention back to the drinkers. He is, after all, supposed to be judging, and this time there isn't anyone conveniently available to pass the responsibility onto.

Rowenova glances down on one side toward her own ass (which is covered up because this particular scene actually requires thorough specification). Then, she looking up to Sidney, "Well, I am sitting. I think. Feels like it, unless something bad has happened to me." She looks over toward Felicia, "Can I sleep with you instead?" The word choice of drunken moments. "I mean, actual sleep." Then, she nods over to Eilonwy as she sets down the empty cup for a filled one with a little grin, "You are so good to me, Mistress Eilonwy!" Such booze for that title slip! She still means very well, though and gently nods to Cullen before drinking down the new cup....

Rowenova checked stamina + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 0 higher.

Cullen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 7 lower.

A middle finger rises as his arm rises and he rotates it at those busting his chops. Brogan does ignore Felicia's taunting and booting. Then he gives an exaggerrated grunt as she sits on him. "On top as always, eh?" There is a leer, though he's chosen the right side Felicia Triplet to leer at. The one not there to everyone else. "I am semi-naked you know." He then turns to stare at Rowenova, then to Felicia, then to Rowen. Then he starts to snicker uncontrollably.

Utterly Rowenova's fault that Felicia attempts to breathe her next round of whiskey, and fails, and turns all kinds of interesting shades of purple and then thumps Brogan, well, it was probably supposed to be hard but he's hard to aim at for some reason, her face probably red enough to make things spontaneously combust as she splutters and endeavors to try and remember how to breathe without the scorching sensation of whiskey searing her lungs.

Something about that last glass just goes wrong, and Cullen's rosy cheeks turn to a more greenish pallor. "Oh. Eilonwy, I think I'm...quite done." Slowly folding his arms atop the bar, the side of his head follows onto it, eyes glazed and fixed upon the Marquessa. Except sideways and from below. "I do not think that was whiskey. I think I drank poison. Whiskey wouldn't make me feel like this."

"No, darling, you're perfectly fine," Sidney promises Rowenova, his eyes bright with laughter but his tone earnestly reasssuring. His Lycene accent has gotten noticably thicker in the last half hour as he's gotten drunker. He waits out Felicia's coughing fit, making sure she's still actually breathing at the end of it, and then sweeps a critical eye over Cullen. "Is that everyone, then?"

Rowenova girlishly giggles a little more than she might normally do so, but the drinking lass swigs down the current drink and sets down the empty cup with wavering aim. It almost tumbles back off the far edge of the bar counter, but the dextrous bartender easily nabs it. The wolf scout slowly beckons for yet another whiskey drink, having not really realized she already won. "I am? Good!" says she to Sidney, as she reaches out for the next cup.

Praising Rowenova, Eilonwy cheers for her friend and smiles brightly. She pats Cullen lightly. "Poor guy. You did very." She tells him and beams at Rowenova. "Row you perfect creature! Well done Row!" She cheers and claps.

Cullen raises a hand in the air, head planted upon his arms. A drunken salute given to Rowenova, "Three cheers for three Rowenovas!" Afterwards, his palm falls, smacking into the bar with a loud clapping noise.

"Haaa, you look funny Fel-Love." Brogan doesn't pat her back as she splutters. He pat-pats her thigh, still snickering. "Well done, 'Nova! You saved me from Fel's-eseses bragging!" He has to blink a little and shake his head again. "What the hell was that second, dr- drink?"

Sidney lifts his glass in salute to Rowenova and takes a sip of whiskey before winking at her and setting his still half-full glass aside. "Very nicely done, every one of you." His movements are all a little too careful, his fingertips lingering on the glass before releasing it and his step toward the counter athletically precise. After a bit of hand-weighing he passes a substantial sum to the bartender for the drinks (and the tolerance of their drinking) and then slides his coin purse away into a pocket. "A reminder of your mortality?" He asks Brogan, almost straight-faced, and grins at the group. "Are you all able to get yourselves safely home?"

Cullen props his head up with a sickly sound, taking in Felicia and Brogan. "Sorry, I don't know if I don't know you, or if I have rotgut amnesia." After pushing himself up to a tilted sitting position, he nods slowly to Sidney. "Yes, Valardin ward is...over that way." Pointing towards the floor, he sighs as Eilonwy pats his back. "Second place is first loser."

After Eilonwy's praise, Rowenova finally realizes she actually won! Then, the wolf scout lopsidedly grins in what she believes to be healer's direction, "Thank you!" says she in a husky voice which drawls out to some degree "It is always pleasing whenever you and Lord Arik call me purrfect!" She soon hiccups before piping up, "Yes, well done!" and almost falls off her own bar stool before suddenly grabbing the counter edge in her gloved hands and righting up. "Thank you, Lord Cullen, Lord Brogan, and Dame Felicia!" She squinty eyes to Sidney before then looking down to Felicia, "I am not sure yet. She never answered me!"

"No!" who Felicia may be answering might not be clear immediately, offered as it is when she can finally breathe again,"I.... uh... occupied, yes. Occupied." she mumbles,"He's not in town so he shouldn't be home and I... should totally sleep." she staggers to her feet suddenly with all the grace of a newborn gazelle, all limbs and no stability, having clearly suddenly decided that it's time to go.

Eilonwy is feeling quite well, she looks at Cullen and rubs his back. "Shall I walk you home then Lord Cullen? I would feel very guilty if you collapsed on the way because I suggested you try this." She offers and looks for her guards. "I'd have help after all." She murmurs and looks at Rowenova. "You are. In the best ways completely marvelous, Row." She assures her friend.

Sidney hums an impressed note when Rowenova manages to catch herself on the counter edge before falling. He's stilll resting a subtle hand on the counter himself. The squinty eyes Rowenova gave him get passed along to Felicia when she yelps, and he slowly raises his brows, mystified. "Was that consent for our grand winner to join you to sleep? It was... very difficult to tell. Let's assume yes," he decides, glancing back to Rowenova.

Cullen murmurs under his breath, keeling one way then another, before answering Eilonwy. "I vanquished fifty Valardin knights at once! With one arm tied behind my back! I can walk home a little tipsy...but I'd appreciate it all the same." Hiccuping with a bleary blink at Sidney, he decides on "Yes." For Rowenova he sits full height, elbows keeping him up more or less straight. "You are...impressive. It's the wolf power. Never try to outdrink a wolf." This decided, the Greenmarch lord starts to stand, but there's so many everythings around right now to run into.

Head turning towards Sidney he shakes his head. "Gods, no. It's more that she is not gonna leave me down." He jerks a thumb at Felicia who was using him as a bench seat until she suddenly was not." He sits up, and then slowly gets to a knee. Then the other, then pushes up to rise. "Woof. Yes. We should get some sleep and uh." Then there is a blinking at Sidney proclaiming Nova has won a Felicia. "Waitwut?"

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Rowenova simply nods after Felicia's response. "Ok!" says she. Sidney's idea suddenly spurs the wolf scout into cracking up with slow laughs, but then the young lass still stays somehow upright via her clasping hands on the bar edge. With heavy breathing, due to the consumed alcohol, she finally manages to ultimately address Eilonwy after her marvelous idea, "Thank you, Dame Felicia, but... Marquessa Eilonwy, mayhaps, would you mind an additional drunk within your traveling party? I can be dropped off at the next carriage up top?" Then, she smiles brightly for Cullen, "Aye, wolf power is where it is at!"

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Once everyone has more or less indicated they'll be getting safely home -- regardless of whose home they're going to -- Sidney blows a lazy kiss to the group and lopes out with the very careful grace of the drunk.

Eilonwy lets Cullen stand on his own and grins, lifting her hands. "Alright brave man. I'll go with Row since you're so strong." She rises and offers a hand to Rowenova. "We're in the same ward any." She points out cheerfully.

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Rowenova slides off the bar stool to stand up, doing so rather wobbily, but after finally getting her booted feet to work properly, she reaches out her gloved right and carefully accepts Eilonwy's hand after a couple tries with missing aim. She soon smiles at the completed clasp, though. "Thank you!" Meanwhile, Sir Floppington who had been somewhat worried looks less mournful and happily wags as he follows along.

Cullen looks surprised at Eilonwy's reaction, perhaps a bit confused, but then nods and slides out the door.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eilonwy before departing.

Looking after Cullen, Eilonwy looks frustrated. She holds onto Rowenova's hand lightly and waits for her to be ready. "Lets go home Row." She whispers and leads her friend out of the bar with Sir Flop and her guards to her get the both of them to the Redrain ward with an annoyed expression and a note in her hand.

Rowenova may move more horizontally than she usually does, but stays balanced for the most part around where her own hand is linked up with the other woman as she follows along.

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Sir Floppington, the soulful hound leaves, following Rowenova.

5 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Rowenova leave, following Eilonwy.

Silhouette, a Volkov courser leaves, following Ruslan.

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