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Unrivaled: Fecundo v. Helia

Thrust. Thrust. What? There's going to be a sword duel. Someone's gonna get stabbed. Come watch as Lord Fecundo Rubino and Helia Andrasko have at it in the first round of the Unrivaled Tournament.


Sept. 19, 2018, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Helia Fecundo


Bashira(RIP) Caspian Agostino Isidora Jophiel Jordan(RIP) Faruq(RIP) Caelis Coraline Carita Gailin


The Champions


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Cecily, a coy secretary arrives, following Agostino.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

The Proving grounds have been set up with banners for the Unrivaled Tournament of the Champions. Settled at either side of the dueling circle are spots for Fecundo and Helia and both seem to be ready in their places. As the people come in, Fecundo makes his way to the center of the dueling ring and takes off his helmet, lifting a hand to get the attention of those gathered, "Welcome to the first round of the Unrivaled Tournament. Todays contest is myself versus Helia and the first contest of the tourney. Look for announcements of further contests coming. Tonight's duel will be to first blood. Thank you and Enjoy the show."

Isidora has joined the Noble Seating.

Helia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Caspian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 29 higher.

Bashira wanders in quietly and makes her way over to the commoner stands. She's in her leathers today with her weapons at her side. There's a look over those who are going to be fighting and then she settles down into a seat and pulls a bottle of rum out of her bag. The top is yanked off and a drink is taken. May as well start in!

A little late, Caspian comes running into the proving grounds, feet carrying him as fast as they can. Here just in time to hear Fecundo and his introducting, he calls out, "Remember that we're also running a popularity contest! Send your votes to me! And good luck you two!"

As he enters the area, Agostino glances around at those already seated before making his way to the commoner stands. Here, the dark-haired Arxian native looks for a seat from which to observe the upcoming contest.

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Isidora makes her way to the front of the nobles stands. Her face betrays no emotion one way or another as she watches Helia and Fecundo in the ring. She nods to Jophiel and Jordan as she sees them the easiest.

And into the ring skips Helia, big sunshiney grin on her face. Performing a little cartwheel, just for fun, before she bounches her way to the dueling ring, the full-of-beans duelist dips into a flamboyant bow towards Fecundo. To the crowd she waves, with a smile towards Caspian, "Thank you, Grandmaster!" Then back to her opponent as she draws her glinting sword, swishing it in a salute, she nods decisively, "Are you ready, my lord?"

Replacing his helmet on his head, Fecundo offers a flourish of a bow to Helia, axes out to the side and head bowed, "Perfectly ready whenever you are, Mistress Andrasko." He rises and rolls his axes in turn over his hands, just under the beard before taking a firmer grip.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"Don't forget to put your weapon in your hand!" Jophiel calls out from the stands.

Helia wields storms upon a fiery horizon oathlands steel short sword.

Caspian looks to Bashira with a lift of his brows, then smiles her way, reaching to give the woman a half hug. Though he looks to Agostino, snorting as he replies, "Everyone knows I'm the good looking one between the two of us. But that's sweet of you to say otherwise." He gives a little grin to Bashira before turning to Agostino, "Good to meet you."

Jordan is late to the party, but no less excited. He shouts, "GO, HELIA!" As, clearly, he has a favorite here.

And so the duelists launch into battle -- Helia with her shortsword and Fecundo with his axes. There's whirling, there's twirling, there's oh-so-much swirling as metal flies through the air with a whoosh and a glint. In fact, there's probably a little /too/ much -irling as Helia puts all the showmanship into her moves, with neat little steps of her feet and lithe dodges to sidestep the lord's attack. Every time she slips out of reach of a impacting hit, she flashes a cheeky grin at Fecundo, with a nod in appreciation of his skillful axemanship. There's barely a breath wasted as she chirps, "Good work, my lord! But you need to be a little quicker than that t--" And then, probably because she's chattering away, she gets grazed with a particularly well-timed ding of an axe, which luckily hasn't enough proximity to do any damage to her stomach due to the purple leather armouring there. With a wide-eyed glance both to whereshe just took a hit, Helia looks back up at her dueling partner with a serious shake of her head. "Alright, point taken." Then it's back to dodging and thrusting and slashing with the same nimble grace, though perhaps a little more caution from this point onwards.

Nonetheless, a beaming grin when Jordan shouts encouragement. Awww! Someone's on her side.

Jophiel does not have a favorite, but he is cheering on the two combatants as they go around and around, paying close attention to combat that he will most likely never be in himself.

Valla, Bosun of the Black Siren arrives, following Faruq.

Caelis has joined the Noble Seating.

Isidora watches the duel. Without a glance at Lystra she hands her assistant a piece of paper to pass to Caspian. Her honeyed eyes take in the duel. Though she is impressed by Helia's style it is Fecundo she watches closely.

Faruq arrives late to the fight, ambling through the crowd he looks to see what might be going on or if it's even still in progress. A few people gain tips of his hat, Jordan, Caspian, Jophiel. Isidora gets a smile and a wave though as he moves over to the seating area for the nobles to find a place near to her.

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Late, Caelis slips in and finds a seat quietly to watch the duel more than a little late. The princess is looking a little green around the gills as she settles in.

Looks at Faruq and smiles for a moment in greeting. "Good to see you." She states simply before her eyes go back to the duel. "You almost missed it ... I'm surprised Miranda isn't here."

Watching how Helia moves, Fecundo shifts here and there feeling out Helia and he laughs a little as the dance begins. He misses a few swings, but manages to slips his way away from the young lady's sword, even coming close an letting it slip off his armor on close grazes. After the hit, he offers her a smile, "No need to rush, dear all comes in time....rushing will just get you caught." He dances away following the light hit, moving smoother than his size would suggest.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Coraline.

Nodding back to Faruq, Jophiel perches in the noble seating, enjoying a roasted corn on the cob as he watches the fight between the two champions. There's a glance towards Caelis, but he thinks better than to offer some corn to her. "Do you require some ginger root, your Highness?" he asks her curiously.

Faruq murmurs to Isidora: "Miranda is off on a training exercise with her unit, or I am sure she would be." He watches the action going on down in the fighting grounds with interest though. A studious survey of both Helia and Fecundo nets him the current status of things and he nods to himself. Caelis gets a curious look when his attention drifts that way, maybe it's the green around the gills: "Are you alright?" Concern touching his deep rich voice.

It has been a long while since Cora stepped onto the sands, even to watch. Today however she seems to be looking for someone, and finds him. Her small army following behind, Cora heads t Jophiel's seat and smiles to those sitting nearby as well as her intended target. "Hello all, might I join?"

"Of course you may, dear Princess." Rising to his feet, Jophiel greets Coraline with a kiss to the cheek before settling down so that she may join him. "Roasted corn? It is quite juicy." he promises with a playful smirk.

Looking over at Jophiel, Caelis blinks and shakes her head as she looks at the fight, admiring the fluid movements of Fecundo. "Just hot under the armor." She murmurs and looks to Faruq with the same little shake of her head. "Just the heat." She deadpans. "Look at that gorgeous sword play though."

As Fecundo dances away once more, Helia does a few bounces on the spot, like a very deadly bunny rabbit equipped with a glittering length of awesome steel (thanks Dame Ida). She pulls a cocky face at the lord's words, though it's not entirely serious and it's followed by an amused chuckle. Apparently she has learned her lesson thanks to her near-brush with axe-induced DEFEAT. "I can't help it! I get over-excited!" And so she carries on, spinning that sword until it sends a blur of silvery serpentine trails whipping audibly through the air. Once she's done with her showboating, she launches herself back at Fecundo with a lightning lunge of the slender blade. Very dashing! Very showy! Very unwise? Who can tell. "Wheee!"

Returning the cheek kiss, Cora settles next to Jophiel with a warm smile tinged with amusment, "Certianly I would happily nibble your corn." She nods even as her eyes go to Fecundo and Helia. "Ohhh how goes the fight?"

"Once Helia caught her wind, it's been very showy and she's had the advantage. I am not sure if this is the standard champion's duel to first blood, or until yield." Jophiel admits and offers the cob to Coraline as he leans against her casually.

Looks back and nods to Coraline and her cousin-in-law Caelis. It was good to see them. "How goes it?"

Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, 4 Redoubt Buccaneers arrive, following Carita.

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Fecundo lets Helia come and, at first, switches out axes to let sparks fly from the connection of their weapons. He seems to be measuring her reach and speed, waiting until she draws back to moves forward on his own. He gets a bit showy, himself while attacking with one axe, the other is spun and brought back to take the place of the attacking axe. He takes a glance off his armor and gives one to the lady, moving her back toward the center of the ring, where they started.

Carita's bubbling with excitement when she enters the grounds, chatting away with her assistant as the pair walk together. That is, until they fully enter and Luna parts from her as Carita makes her way up to the noble seating area, a warm smile for those that look in her direction before she settles.

Nibbling on corn, Cora waves to Isidora and Carita once her friend settles, she is leaning casually against Jopiel as well.

Looking at Isidora, Caelis nods a little, putting a brief smile on her face. "Really good." She answers quietly and looks up at the fight, clapping at Fecundo's control a little gingerly.

Jordan offers a bow in the nobles and royals' direction, remaining standing and off to the corner as he watches Helia and Fecundo fight, watchfully.

Nods to Carita before flashing a worried look at Caelis. She moves to sit next to her cousin. She murmurs softly to Caelis.

Helia's expression has become a lot more serious, furrowing with concentration as she focuses on stepping backwards with exactly the right placement of boots upon the ground. Fecundo's attack hits hard enough against her armour to send her staggering back a fair few paces too, forcing her to brace her feet to keep from stumbling back along the floor. Fortunately, she's found her momentum now, a swaying thing that combines dodges and slashes in an almost dancing rhythm each and very time Fecundo moves towards her with another swing of axe blades. Most the slashes sail past him, enough to ward her opponent back, but some of them send that scraping cry of steel into the air when a block is achieved. There's no flash now, no bravado, but the swordplay is more precise and pointed, yet as fast and fluid as ever. And then, finally, with a narrowing of he eyes, Helia sidesteps one last time, arcing her sword in a crescent towards Fecundo's arm with one sleek sidestep. It's a hit! Thank the Gods! Because Helia's finally starting to lose her breath.

Caelis murmurs back to Isadora with a small shake of her head and a wine glass gesture. She watches Helia retreat and rally with an encouraging whistle.

Murmurs back to Caelis as she keeps her eyes on the ring.

Faruq sprawling out in the stands as he watches the back and forth between Helia and Fecundo, Faruq reaches into his coat to pull out a silver flask. Uncapping it with a few twists of his fingers the Corsair Lord takes a few swallows, pouring them into his mouth rather than nursing from the flask directly. Coraline and Carita's arrival gets a lift of the flask in salute to the pair. Attention returns to the duel on the grounds rather quickly. He doesn't want to miss any of the action!

Cora seeing the salute from Faruq, waves his way cheerfully.

The more serious the duel becomes, the tighter Fecundo's moves become. Maybe he was settling into a pattern, because it's when he extends himself for the strike that Helia catches his forearm,. More of a jar as the armor keeps him from a cut. He backs off, guarding with his other axes to shake out and get feeling back in the hand. He circles again with the lady, changing his stance and rolling those axes to look for an opening.

After a few more crosses of weapons and lots of sparks, Fecundo shifts to one side and brings both axes back for a hard strike. As fast as Helia moves, Fecundo took too long to complete the strike and when her blade flashes forward to for what looks like a light graze along his shoulder, sinks into the seam between sleeves and cuirass, the blade coming back bloody. Fecundo stumbles back and can be heard to curse, holding up his hand to yield to Helia.

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3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Coraline.

Coraline leaves, following Jophiel.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Coraline.

Coraline arrives, following Jophiel.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Coraline.

Coraline leaves, following Jophiel.

Stands and applauds for the end of the fight.

Agostino takes a break from his conversation with Bashira and Caspian to stand up when the contest ends, applauding for the combatants.

Puma, The Stonewood Forest Cat arrives, following Gailin.

Applauding for the duelists, Caelis looks at Isidora as she stands with a curious expression. She's fine with remaining in her seat, a little flushed from the whispered conversation between her and her cousin-in-law. "That was well fought!" She calls out and adds "What a pleasure to watch!"

Whoa, there's blood? There's blood! With a sudden exhale, Helia stares at the spreading blush of red that's blossoming on Fecundo's skin. The look in her eyes is one of mild surprise, vague satisfaction, but overall, immense relief. And yet she manages to shake it off like she totally trusted her own skills, halting before she makes another swing at the Rubino lord. She comes to a graceful stop, nodding at her opponent with a courteous smile. Then, sword hanging down by her side, she raises her voice and speaks, "Well fought, my lord!"

Caspian applauses as the two finish their fight, calling out to them, "Good job you two! A great match! Woooo!"

Two fingers come up to Faruq's lips and he whistles loudly at the end of the fight, it's hard to clap while holding a flask of rum after all! Attention shifting to Isidora for a moment, Faruq smiles playfully and murmurs something softly to her. Afterwards he rises to his feet and calls out: "Good fight!" The flask is capped and with a tip of his hat towards those in the noble stands he ambles down out of the stands with that rolling gair that he's so accustomed to.

"Congratulations, Helia! I knew you could do it!" Jordan calls out, holding out a gauntleted fist in celebration.

"Well fought!" Bashira calls from the stands for Helia and Fecundo.

Laugh slightly at Faruq's words and shakes her head, she murmurs back to Faruq.

Carita claps along with everyone else, leaning to murmur something over the din of the crowd to Jordan.

Fecundo hangs both axes with one hand on his belt, tucking the injured arm against his side, moving to shake Helia's hand and then raise hers in victory, "Well fought....more scars for me." He grins and steps out of the dueling ring, letting the victor have the circle.

Fecundo is overheard praising Helia: First win of the Unrivaled tourney.

Caspian rises to his feet, calling out to the crowd, "Remember, if you want to vote for a Champion who you think is the best Champion, talk to me! You could even vote for Helia or Lord Fecundo!"

Gailin wanders in lateish to the party itd seem. "More spars. Oh well I guess its worth a watch." He says to himself heading to a spot to watch seeing Carita he makes his way over to her. "Would you mind if I sat with you Lady Carita." he asks when he finally gets close enough to her.

Blushes slightly. She looks at Faruq slightly and just shakes her head again.

Jordan flashes Carita something of a grin at something she says, shaking his head in amusement. He nods a polite greeting to the Fireviper count, reaching into his bag and producing a bottle of rum. He removes the cork with a pop, and takes a sip, before reaching for a mug in his bag, filling it with the rum and giving it to the Darkwaer.

Lifting her hand along with Fecundo, Helia observes, "Scars lend character, Lord Fecundo!" And then, louder to the crowd, "Thank you!" Once hands are released released she peers at the lord's cut and nods seriously, "I think that'll stitch up nicely once you get to a healer." Waves are given to the crowd, then she bowss deep and elegant her to her gracious opponent. And then, stepping away with a few swishes of her sword, she then sheathes the blade and bows once to the crowd. Jordan gets an especially bright grin and wave of her hand.

Faruq laughs at Isidora's response: "That's twice." He tells her, holding up two fingers at the Princess. Then he continues on his way calling out: "New you could do it Helia! That's another time I've won money on you." He then heads off to collect his winnings.

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Valla, Bosun of the Black Siren leaves, following Faruq.

The approach of Count Fireviper makes Carita smile, brows lifting as she pats the spot beside her on the opposite side of herself from Jordan. "By all means, Count Gailin."

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