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Sideshow Shennanigans

One of Galinius Roderic's demonstrations has ended and the crowds are dispersing when something odd happens.

Part 1.5 of arc. Soft cap of 10 players. Healers get preference, but all are welcome.


Sept. 11, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

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Sina Adora Kyden Rey Alaric Juniper Lucilia Godric Coraline Nuala Sophie Skriggs Kalani



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The City Center

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Alizarin, an ethereal bard arrives, following Nuala.

Alizarin, an ethereal bard leaves, following Nuala.

Sina pauses along her way to the booksellers, as she becomes aware of several things at once. First, the King's arrival draws her eye naturally, given the way the crowd parts before him and his retinue. Along with others, she offers a deep curtsey, though she does nothing to draw specific attention to herself. She then glances around as she hears someone shouting for a muffin, and her eyes fall on Meriah, and eventually Kyden. She looks thoughtful for a moment before she alters her course, heading in that direction. She stops at a vendor along the way, and purchases a muffin. When she reaches Meriah and Kyden, she offers out the muffin with a slight smile. She apparently didn't hear the bit about the oranges in the hubbub.

Alizarin, an ethereal bard arrives, following Nuala.

Adora stomps into the market as she is wont to do, looking absolutely and completely annoyed that there are so many people here. "Some of us work for a living!" She grouses as she shoulders past those who don't move out of her way from the force of her glower alone.

It may come as a surprise, due to her whole... thing ... but Kyden, indeed, has a pulse. Her body is limp and allowing as Meriah's doctorly hands flit about it. Baggy eyes rise from their apparent obsession with the ground, falling upon Meriah once again; dead and empty as ever. "Oranges," she repeats. "Fine." Her nose crinkles somewhat as she considers something -- as much of an expression as anyone's going to get. "I've been able to have orange juice. At that inn, where everyone glares me." She glances south, towards the Crown Ward. "It is... easier to stomach. Than most things." A tic of her gaze to the side, and then down a little, and then's staring at Sina. And also, Sina's muffin. "Sina," she says, with some familiarity. "Muffin," she also recognizes, nodding to them both.

Rey returns the hug to Coraline after a very pretty curtsy towards the King's way. But then there is look up and up at Godric and she tsks softly as she tugs at one of his hands. "Don't scare her, she just arrived.." She whispers to him, offering up a smile to her fellow wall hugger and then turns back to the conversation.

Alaric's well-guarded royal run on bolts of fabric proceeds along about on schedule (the speed gains from a noble lack of haggling are somewhat more than offset by the checkpoints and general traffic jammage resultant from his security detail). Ergo, he doesn't have a whole lot to do than stand around looking royal at the moment under the partial cover of a brightly colored awning in the little bubble of well defended space staked out by the King's Own. Coraline's little group gets a regal return wave and whether or not any of them were winking, Alaric definitely winks back.

Enter Juniper, stage right. The Whisper is a slip of silky green and glinting gold today, summer-hued and appropriately sunny both in dress and mien. Starry dark eyes are perhaps a /touch/ distracted but who's going to notice that, in light of the city center being so well-populated? Shouting does at least draw a curious study and a drifting pace which winds her through the crowds. Around one finger she twirls the strings of her purse. It's light enough to rotate without difficulty, wrapping wrapping wrapping... and then being spun about in the opposite direction, short arcs to leave it dangling from her hand again. Aimless stuff, really, until she's jostled aside by Adora's stomping confidence. "Beg pardon!"

Lucilia turns her head, until now completely unknowing of the presence of Alaric. Her pale skin somehow pales! She kneels down, looking to the floor. "Apologies, I had no clue, your Majesty," she says, otherwise staying completely silent, staying down on bended knee.

"Thank you all, my subjects," Alaric receives his inbound gestures of deference with a noble air and a bit of an impish smirk. "Ah, do rise before you get run over by a cart, though," he announces in his clear Proclaming Stuff voice. "Rather busy here in the plaza." Also, people not him don't have a sworn order of knights specifically created to defend them from carts (and everything else).

Godric gives a long and somewhat drawn out sigh when Rey tugs at his hand; dammit, it's hard to be a mean crabass when the tiny healer is all quiet and smiley and shit. "Fine." he mutters back, giving a proper sort of bow towards the King when he looks their way. And then he gestures with just that LOOK of 'ugh really?' when Lucilia prostrates herself. And then he looks at Rey, and then back at the poor woman, and back at Rey. "C'mon, really?" is whispered.

Cora moves to help Lucilia up, does she look amused? If so it is carefully hidden, "Yes, he is regal and impressive but lets not incite bodily harm or he might feel guilt or something." she murmurs with a grin. "How about you and I find somewhere quite later to discuss work hmm?"

Nuala is in no apparent hurry, weaving through the marketplace with her bardic assistant Alizarin in her wake. They make a striking pair, one dark as the night and the other pale as the moon. Leading the way past a stall selling gemstonse and another favoring incense, the Redrain princess is in no particular rush. She moves wherever she will to examine the different stock in fabric. A look at heavy damask here turns into a pinch of something sturdy and heavy there, nothing that would make a comfortable summer outfit. Her armor is dark and mostly leather. "I need a better shirt," she announces simply. Then she twists to Alaric's procession, shielding her eyes. It's his majesty! Cue bend of the knee, dip of the head. "I love traffic," she tells no one in particular. Probably Alizarin. "It lets you know you found the city. You're alive."

Sina smiles at Kyden, and offers the muffin out to her. "I heard someone call for a muffin. I see you have found your medic," she says, giving a respectful dip of the head to Meriah as the medic departs. She waits to see if Kyden will take the muffin, while glancing about a little. She glances at Alaric a bit sidelong, not getting many chances to see the King out in public, but she maintains that same quiet composure she has learned a servant among the highborn, and turns her attention back to Kyden. "How are you doing? I got your message, but hadn't had a chance to reply back yet. It's good to see you out and about, Kyden," she says warmly.

Reigna GM Roll checked charm(5) + propaganda(3) at difficulty 20, rolling 40 higher.

The Market place is still abuzz, the crowds thicker than usual, with folks congregating around a new setup consisting of multi-room tents and a small stage. All the proper permits are proudly displayed, as well as a number of hand painted signs declaring this to be THE Galinius Roderic, famous trader, explorer and alchemist extraordinaire. Several people are lining up already, in preparation for the next show to begin. The assistants Mordo and Abdrigal emerge from behind the curtain on the stage and begin to hype up the crowd. "Hello people of ARX! Are you tired of those everyday aches and pains that keep you from feeling your best?" This from the woman as she walks to the edge of the stage, plants with a half turn and a crossing of her arms as she smiles at the crowd. Mordo follows suit on the opposite side of the stage, "Do you suffer from a weak bladder, hair loss, toe fungus or bad breath and none of the healers can do anything about it?" Together, they both shout, "LET GALINIUS RODERIC FIX YOU!" With that, the curtain falls open and there in the center stands a tall, elegant figure. Silken hose, a leather jerkin lined in velvet, silver hair styled just so, Galinius Roderic is a handsome, older man. "Hello Arx! How can I heal you today?" The crowd roars its approval as people clamor towards the stage.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands, Anouk Ardennes, Anais Ardennes arrive, following Sophie.

Lucilia rises, along with many other plebians and commoners alike, smirking at the King's humor-- maybe it was genuine. She looks to Coraline, fixing her own cuffs again and dusting her trousers off. She extends the smirk to Coraline, chuckling. "Of course, your highness. Do not worry, I have been dodging carts since birth-- Lenosia is a busy city." With that, she steps back, giving herself a decent distance between her and the Princess.

"I think I'd like traffic more if I were taller. Or armoured. Or had a horse," Juniper chimes to Nuala's overheard observation. She pauses to give herself a quick onceover, tucks a wayward curl behind one ear (only to have it escape a moment later) and draws herself up. The shift of posture... does nothing to lend her additional height. It is a sad thing. But with everyone kneeling around Alaric, she is able to send a grin and a small finger-wiggling wave towards the monarch (curtsies being impractical at a distance).

"More like Fullofshitnius Roderic." Yep, that was Godric. Surprise! He's skeptical. But how can any of them leave without seeing a miracle performed?

As Lucilia steps back, clearly not about to get run over, Cora nods with a grin which becomes strained as the stage and hoopla appears again. She laughs softly at Godric's words, "Looks like he is taking over for Meriah." she nods "Good."

It's on the outskirts of the city center that Sophie first comes into view. She's flanked by Rosario,and they seem to be discussing something of some importance which is being read from a book, and the crowd doesn't garner Sophie's attention at first, but when realizes there is a gathering she moves closer to it, her brow furrowing curiously. She closes the book, giving Rosario a brief smile before stopping to watch curiously.

"All settled, then?" Alaric asks his assistant as she returns to his side from presumably successful economic transacting. He follows Zelda's look towards Galinius and then squints at her. "Oh, don't start acting innocent now, I know what you're implying with that look. For your information -I- certainly don't need to be fixed," he scoffs in amusement as he gestures to the King's Own to form up for departure. "I wasn't planning on stopping at two heirs," he quips. "Thank you again, good merchant!" he declares as they start to troop off.

"Stepping up on a barrel is invariably a much better way to go about it." Nuala smiles sideways at the nearby Whisper, nodding to Juniper. She is not above offering a hand if stepping up to someone's handsome chest or stack of boxes is needed. However, the benefit to being a Redrain is being tall and looking over others. She runs her hand down her loose dark hair, and moves a little inward to see what the business of illness is all about. Fascination is riveted there, though she chuckles after Alaric. "Why have two when four will do?"

Adora eyes the person hawking the healer and snorts, shaking her head and trying to get to the stall of the wood vendor, "Hey, I hear that guy over there cures all ills, so maybe he can teach you some fucking manners. Move!"

As it seems there is some sort of show about to begin, Sina turns slightly away from Kyden, her dark eyebrows lifting in surprise as she looks toward the stage that had been erected. She watches with a slightly bemused expression as the apparent entertainment unfolds, her eyes narrowing just sightly at the huge production, and the crowd of people surging forth for cures. There's a slightly confused look on her face, and her two assistants shift a bit nervously, eyeing the crowd as it pushes closer to the stage. The young priestess does not appear to be nearly as taken in by the whole thing as some of those present, her expression skeptical. It seems she has been left with a muffin, so she begins nibbling on it, lingering a bit to watch.

"Who here would like to be cured of an annoying habit or dangerous past time? Do you have a stutter that makes you terribly embarrassed?" Mordo continues the spiel, looking around the crowd as Galinius is in the back mixing up various things into a vial and shaking it vigorously after putting in a stopper. Abdrigal picks up the patter, "Feeling the effects of a long life? Too tired to do all the things that need doing? Galinius Roderic is here to help!" At the mention of his name, the tall silver haired gent moves forward, unstoppers the vial and out poofs a fine, fragrant mist, that begins to drift into the crowd. "Welcome my patients! During this demonstration I will not charge for my services, and afterwards our items will be for sale for the next three hours. Come forward and be healed!"

"We should buy up some of whatever crap he's selling, so we can test it and figure out what he's putting in those vials." At least Godric is keeping his voice down, though he also smirks at Coraline. "Someone has to be the skeptic, right?" And why mince words? Pffft.

"Four!" Alaric repeats, hearing it suggested from the crowd. "Too conservative. I'm thinking five is a nice, round number," he declares intrepidly as the whole parade of his retinue heads back to the Palace.

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen leave, following Alaric.

Small and looking up to nearly every passerby he meets on the way to the center - with some taller children included, Brother Skriggs can be seen thumbing through a small booklet before he stops in at the city's center, trying not to trip on his slightly soiled robes. The Godsworn's lips seperate in a large grin at the many gathered faces. He closes his book and silently begins to observe those around, his attention drifting towards the demonstration.

Cora nods to Godric, "Yeah I have some fast healing stuff, but not sure what you plan to pretend to have to get this stuff."

Coraline checked willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Godric checked willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 5 lower.

Rey checked willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 17 lower.

Nuala checked willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 15 lower.

A huge hideously ugly mastiff, a Solace acolyte named Pyotr, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Thena.

A huge hideously ugly mastiff, a Solace acolyte named Pyotr, 1 Templar Knight guards leave, following Thena.

Rosario takes the book as Sophie quickly thrusts it toward her, and as she struggles to catch it without dropping it Sophie begins to actually pay attention. She murmurs a quiet, "What sort of nonsense is this...?" to Rosario. She's only just entered the square, so she's not close enough to the stage to catch the aroma quite yet, but she's certainly headed in that general direction.

Adora checked willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Skriggs checked willpower at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

Sina checked willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Godric actually... leans back against the wall a little and stuffs his hands in his pockets, while he stands there and listens. Remarkably, there is no commentary from him just yet on what a load of crap this is. He's just there, with maybe a mild curiousity showing in his expression.

Nuala has no apparent need to be near the magnificent, stupendous Galinius Roderic, but traveling from here to there requires her to push past a knot of traffic stalled by the interesting fellow and Alaric announcing his intention to have five children. Cue the rampant speculation and gossip happening all around. She hooks her thumb against her belt, content to be patient for others to move. Not like throwing around rank or weapons gets anything more than a night facing the Iron Guards - not useful really! Apparently throwing a vial's contents in the crowd do much more. Unfortunately she is not paying much attention in the commotion. Her eye is caught by Coraline's impressive white mink cloak. "That's just delightful style right there."

Rey checked perception + alchemy at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Rey takes a deep breath of the mist that lands on her, which, is probably a bad idea. She leans against Coraline and gives her the most beautiful smile that has been seen from her and she just peeks around the Princess as she relaxes and just seems to sag for a few moments before she perks up at the sight of the male on stage.

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Benvolio, a beleaguered valet arrive, following Berenice.

The crowd is eating it up and the first of the volunteers moves towards the stage, helped up by Mordo. The young man moves towards Galinius and starts to speak -- or tries to. The young man has a pretty terrible stutter. "I-I -- cah-cah-car.. cah--" Galinius holds up a hand and shakes his head, "Take in a deep breath my young lad. Breathe in slowly, deeply..." He makes motions as if to guide the deep breathing process, a kindly hand set on the young man's shoulder, fingertips gently flexing in the rhythm of his breathing. "Now... tell me son, what's your name?" The young man pauses, opens his mouth and says, "Kyle Clarkson, master Roderic." There is a shocked pause as the words come out of his mouth, stutter free. "How... How did you do that?!" Galinius steps forward and smiles, "Do you see? CURED!"

Lucilia checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Adora had been studiously ignoring the hawker but now, despite herself, she's glancing over her shoulder every so often to see what's going on. Seeming genuinely interested in what's happening. And when that kid says he's cured, that...she smiles! Then frowns. Then smiles again! Then looks so disgusted. While smiling.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Benvolio, a beleaguered valet leave, following Berenice.

Sina must be just on the edge of where that vial of mist was puffed into the crowd, because she doesn't seem particularly affected by... whatever it was. She does, however, step back even a little further, silvery eyes narrowing just a bit more, now turning from skepticism to suspicion. She glances toward the book vendors, where she had been heading originally, then back to the stage her eyes go, and the crowd surrounding it. She murmurs to one of her assistants, the dour-faced one, who trudges off toward the bookseller for her. Meanwhile, Sina stays where she has removed herself, close enough to observe, but far enough away from the stage, hopefully, to avoid the effects of any other mists that may be puffed out into the crowd.

Catching Rey in surprise, Cora holds onto her and looks around in shock at all the people going a bit floppy soft, "What the hell?"

Skriggs gave a surprised, "hmph," as he was covered in the fragrent odor. He was quick to shrug off his hesitation, however and claps lightly onto his book as the mood of those gathered take the small Godsworn along for the ride. "Wow," the Brother of the Faith exclaimed and scratched at his beard. "That's a marvel."

Godric looks over at Rey draping on Coraline, and though his brow furrows for a momnt the older physician shrugs a little. "Must be tired." Of that guys bullshit. But wait, he doesn't say it. In fact, he might even look a little bored for a second before a ... what? A smile appears? Yeah, a gods damned smile on /Godric/ when the kid on stage stops stuttering.

Lucilia a smile, sincere smile, appears on the Ulbran's lips. How odd. How quaint.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Godric before departing.

The puffed material carries lightly on the air. It sinks deep into the lungs. It leaves Nuala tapping her fingers against her belt slowly, to a pace that slips slower than any heartbeat. She turns her head to Galinius as he calls out to the troubled young man, taking care of some ailment. Her heliotrope eyes watch him with deep interest, every move, every accent. Forgetting anyone bumping into her while trying to get from here to there is easy. Alizarin lightly tugs at her elbow, leaning in close to the princess, and trying not to laugh. The pair smile, trying not to knock Skriggs as they move a little inwards.

Sophie checked perception + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

The people milling around the stage all seem to be in the best of moods, cheering and clapping for the cured young man. He clomps down off the stage, talking to EVERYONE who makes eye contact with him. None of his words are stuttered and he is almost in tears he is so happy. Galinius bows to the audience and says, "This is just the beginning! I can find a cure for what ails you! I have seen the sun rise over Eurus' shores and spoken to the greatest alchemists of Cardia! If it can be cured I can do it! Who else wants to come up and be freed from their woes?" He looks into the crowd, arms spread wide, invitingly. He points to Godric, "You there sir! Is there anything you'd like to fix about yourself?"

Rey wrasps her arm around Coraline's and she does her best to nudge the taller Knight towards the stage with her. Or atleast closer, she is just in the best mood and well there are always things that need fixing!

Godric suddenly has a red crab plushie in his hands after a messenger manages to find him in the crowd. And it prompts the most ridiculous smile out of him, which really ought to worry anyone who has known him for even half a second. "Hmm? Who me? No thanks, I'm good." He uses the plushie to talk by the way, waving one red crab claw at Galinius. He is going to be horrified by memories of this.

Godric gets Cora's attention such that she is judged by Rey towards the stage, "Wait what, hey hold..." she is still holding up Rey even as the tiny woman is nudging her.

It's with an exclamation of alarm that Sophie stops in her steps and turns to Anais, Anouk, and Rosario. She lifts a corner of her robe to cover her mouthe and nose and holds it there and she hisses at them, "Cover your noses, quick!" Then she moves toward the crowd. The first person her eyes settle on is Rey, one of her Mercies, and while holding the fabric over her mouth and nose she elbows her way through the crowd with her free arm until she reaches her. Her free hand settles tightly around Rey's forearm and before long she's pulling her from the crowd and passing her toward Rosario, nodding toward the outskirts of the City Center. When she's passed further from the group gather she speaks up, her voice muffled through the fabric, but loud nonetheless, "What sort of nonsense is this? You've drugged them all!"

"Shove off!" Adora snaps at Sophie before adding a begrudging, "Your Highness. What, no one can come out and do an honest days work for acclaim without silks wanting it to be theirs? Give the man his due, he just healed that kid!"

"Oh! It is you again." Galinius looks briefly bemused that Coraline and Rey are back, seemingly a bit thrown. Still, he motions them up onto the stage, Mordo and Abdrigal waiting nearby, ready to fetch whatever needs fetching. He is reaching for Rey's hand when Sophie charges forward, his assistants taking a few steps forward. "Madame! I object! I have done no such thing! I dispensed a perfume into the air, yes, but who doesn't love a good fragrance?" Galinius seems offended, wounded even, at the suggestion. He is appalled, APPALLED that such an accusation is being thrown his way. He looks over at the crowd and waves his arms, "It has already faded, my good lady. No one is harmed, or even sick. I do think you are overreacting just a touch!"

The crowd seems divided on this. Galinius seems like a good sort AND he did fix that kid's stutter. But this is SOPHIE. The Mother Mercy. The crowd starts getting a little restless.

Sina continues to observe the 'miracle man' and the crowd around the stage. She glances around, watching the way all the others are reacting, studying them thoughtfully. Finally she turns her attention to the stage directly, to the boy who had been 'cured' of his stuttering, to the assistants of Galinius, and finally the man himself. She narrows her eyes at him, a look of pure skepticism on her face. She sees other people begin to cover their noses as Sophie whispers in ears, and she lifts her sleeve a bit warily, and does the same. "I'd be interested to know where these 'miraculous' cures come from," the priestess says aloud, to those near her. "Surely if they were true miracles, they would come from the Gods, but I don't imagine the Gods would take pleasure in seeing Their gifts so greatly misused for personal gain. I fail to see how the boy's stutter was actually cured."

Nuala's laughter scores a high, warm pitch. "He's doing such a fine job. Did something go wrong?" Her hand rests on her hip. The other is tangled up by Alizarin who is hugging it to death. To DEATH. She looks over her shoulder to Sophie, watching the cause of the commotion. Then back to Galinius. "He seems like such a pleasant sort. Like a seal. It's an interesting show, isn't it?"

The white-haired bard hanging off her arm pipes up, "He has the prettiest eyes!"

As Rey is pulled away from her Cora is bemused in the extreme, "What is going on? Who was drugged? With what?" She looks at Galinius, "Perhaps if you explained what sort of perfume it was, like say the ingredients? I am certain nobody would be able to preproduce it with just the full and complete list of ingredients, especially with your special way for creation hmm?"

Godric suddenly realizes he is doing things possibly considered /cute/ with a stuffed animal and he stuffs his hands behind his back quickly. Nothing to see here, people! He'll just lean a bit more uncomfortably now, and listen. Yes, listen.

Skriggs pipes up, the short man obscured somewhere in the crowd. "And if you have soem sort of potion to return hair, we'd love to hear of that!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Godric before departing.

Sophie speaks up loudly, "I wouldn't be suprised if the boy is part of his show and never had a stutter to begin with!" Sophie begins to usher people further from the stage, and it's completely up to them if they wish to go or not, but as she approaches the stage, her nose and mouth still covered. "I think that's a perfect idea! Show us one of our being healed." She points toward the voice she heard from the crowd. "Give him a full head of hair and we might begin to believe you can produce these miraculous cures if he remains well and bushy tomorrow then we might believe in you and your cures and support it fully with our purses!"

Rey blinks as she is pulled away but it's Sophie! She smiles brightly and hugs the Mother Mercy with loving arms but then is being pulled away from Coraline and causes a frown. "But, It all seems well Mother Mercy, I am much more relaxed than normal, that is all, and he doesn't seem so bad. I'd like to learn how he makes this, it would be great for my studies?" She is confused, brightly confused, but confused nevertheless.

There is a squint from Galinius at Sophie and a tilt of his head, "Madame, the things you speak of are flights of fancy and whimsy. There is no overnight cure for baldness, nor do I peddle parlor tricks. I help those who need it, but as I told the Princess there," He points to Coraline, "The main ingredient in most remedies is time. I am no huckster, though I do enjoy a bit of drama. As for the boy, I have never seen him before in my life. But he did stutter, and he stutters no more! Perhaps instead of being so aggressive... you might instead try to have an open mind next time." There is a shake of the man's head as if *he* were disappointed in Sophie. "Well. I can see that the hecklers are out in force tonight! But tomorrow is another day." He shakes his head and looks to his assistants, "Perhaps we ought to hire some bodyguards for the next show?"

Godric checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 4 higher.

Adora checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Nuala checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Sophie checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Coraline checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 18 lower.

Rey checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 3 lower.

When the Princess suggests the idea Skriggs claps at the idea and begins to shift through the crowd, begging pardons all the way. By the time he's trying to clamor up onto the stage he hears the cure for baldness may in fact be far from man's reach. He sighs and detatches himself from the stage. The Godsworn looks just a little less joyful as he slinks back into the crowd.

Kalani checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 8 lower.

Skriggs checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Sina checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Lucilia checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 25 higher.

Standing at the edge of the crowd with many others who are observing, mumbling, and commenting among themselves, Kalani is just one more face in the crowd. She has her hands tucked into slim pockets at her sides, a curious - albeit slightly wary - expression on her face.

Sophie turns toward the crowd and says kindly, 'There are no magical cures, but if you wish to have real ailments addressed please come to see myself or any of the Mercies for assistance. At least you know we're properly trained and not selling you a mystery in a bottle for a pretty penny!" She is now on the steps to the stage and when she looks out at them she calls out to Skriggs as well, "While baldness is likely not curable I do believe we can give you herbs and oils to slow it! Come see me!" Then she steps down and starts to move away from the stage, sighing as she does and elbowing her way back toward Rey.

Godric had already been inching away from the crowd so he can scribble something down and sent it off with a messenger, but the sound of a cough reaches his ears and the sight of a young woman gives him enough pause that he shakes his head clear of the fumes and starts making his way over towards her. "Hey. You there. Are you alright?"

Lucilia rushes to the side of the coughing woman, signalling over Skriggs. "Skriggs, come-- you know how to help the wounded, you're a priest!"

The pretty spill of people all over the place are starting to depart, and seeing the 'healer' arguing with a Mother Mercy break a little of the fascination. Higher on Nuala's list of things to do is find her own space. She smiles a little, maneuvering her own place that brings her towards Godric by chance. The man reaches the fallen woman before she does, but she's still caught by that. "Are you all right over there? Hello! Let's help you up. Maybe we can find you a barrel."

Having made her purchase, Adora just sniffs and gives everyone a glower before heading on her way. "Damn silks ruining a good show..." She mutters. Maybe a touch overly loudly as she goes.

Skriggs balks as he scurries through people to Lucilia. "I'm no Mother of Mercy, lass, or did you not see the Princess there in the crowd?" He jumps up, the short priest chinning up to try and spy where Sophie had called from.

The girls that has earned the attention seems to sway on her feet and when Godric approaches, her eyes roll back in her head and she keels over. She's alive, but unconscious, her lips a peculiar shade of blue.

Sina's dour assistant returns with an armful of blank, leatherbound books under one arm. Sina nods to him, and he grunts, and then she is departing as it seems the show is over. Her two assistants follow her, and soon she's weaving her way out of the crowd, though she does spare a concerned glance for the coughing girl. Seeing that she is being tended to, however, the Prelate of the Scholars of Vellichor hurries off on whatever errands she was about to begin with.

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