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SoE: Name Our Cog Contest!

The Society of Explorers purchased a ship last year. It has yet to have it's maiden voyage, or to be named. It's considered bad luck to ride on a ship without a name, and so Lou Grayson is holding a raffle to name the Explorer's ship. Entries are 2 resource writs of any kind - and your suggested name of the ship. All writs donated to the raffle will be deposited in the accounts of the Society of Explorers and be used to fund future expeditions - and the maiden voyage of their nearly built ship.

The winner will have the bragging rights of naming the ship, and be invited on a maiden cruise along the coast of Arx. They will also recieve a one of a kind plushie from the Explorers to commemorate the moment.

This contest is open to all members of the Compact. All entries must be to Lou by prior to the name drawing event, or the will not be counted. Lou also reserves the right to refund anyone that tries to name the ship Shippy McShipperton or something else deemeed too silly to be on an explorer ship!

The name drawing event will take place in the Explorer's Charter Hall, accompanied by food, explorer stories, and drink! Including ales, wines, whiskeys and other appropriate explorer type drinks.


Sept. 23, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Silvio Lucita Sabella Sebastian Delilah Merek Vitalis Etienne Niklas Monique Jordan(RIP) Alarissa Ophelia Arcadia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

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Dandy, the red fox arrives, following Etienne.

Primus, First of Monique's Assistants, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Etienne arrive, following Monique.

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrive, following Niklas.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard, Niklas arrive, following Sabella.

Delilah has joined the marin'alfar wooden bench.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Silvio before departing.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The room isn't decorated fancy, but there is a table by the map room set up with a jar on top of it as well as a plush toy - Steve the Explorer, a pelican plushie - which was one of the prizes offered for the winner of the Name Our Cog Contest!

Silvio has arrived and hands over his writs and entry with a serious face, then elegantly sways through the room of explorers with a subtle smile, thereafter. He does not seem to immediately recognize anyone, but that hasn't stopped him from being someone's best friend before!

The tables and chairs have all been put back into the charter hall after being used during the Explorer's meeting for the Lodge. There's drinks and snacks for people to refresh themselves with. It's nothing fancy, just normal explorer fare. And whiskey. That's always on hand now that Lou is the Pathfinder of the explorers. Willen is talking to some of the patrons who decided to linger for the event, while Lou is seeing to a few last minute items to make sure no one is tampering with the jar of numbers, or Steve - first and only of his kind - the pelican plush toy.

Lucita moves into the area, giving a smile as she quietly greets those who are present.

"Even if you don't win I think you will like the prize I designed!" Sabella says excitedly as she waddles in on the arm of Niklas. She gives Willen a cheerful wave before looking around for Lou.

Sebastian strides in, solo, with the usual confidence that seems to accompany the Pravus artiste. He's wearing a mix of clothing today, only hints at his usual blue-and-steel colors he prefers. He nods towards Silvio, heading in the other man's direction. "I didn't realize you were a member -- or just here, like me, to try and sneak in the ever-lasting glory of naming a ship?" His gaze roves, even as he's talking, and he lifts a hand as he spots Lucita entering, smile curving up the edges of his lips.

In a frisson of twilight-dredged shadows, Delilah comes out of eclipse after Sabella and Niklas enter. A cheerful, "Good evening," does set a somewhat discordant not for someone much wrapped up in shadows, but there one has it. She carries a book with her, the faint scent of beeswax adding to the usual perfume left by sandalwood and other precious woods from distant corners of Arvum. Her path carries her straight for the Marin'alfar bench, though not without bestowing waves on nearly everyone.

Merek has come to listn to who has won, dressed up in his black-silvers as he finds a place to take a seat. He adjusts both his gloves while he does.

Vitalis has joined the a comfortable ivory leather and mahogany wooden sofa.

Vitalis was already here, engrossed in a book amidst the rearranging of the tables and chairs of the Hall for the evening's event. He stands as one table is moved right out from under him, the chair whisked away. He continues reading without missing a word, lips moving faintly in effort to keep his concentration. He comes to the end of a section and blinks. "Huh." He gives himself a shake and closes the book with a snap, looking a bit owlish as he surveys the room now full of people. He returns the book to shelves and hies himself to the snacks, availing himself of a glass of whiskey before settling with Delilah on the bench.

Etienne glides in taking some time to admire the surroundings, with a mixture of interest and wonder at the great mosaic in stone. He stops somewhat short of charging into the middle of the fray, scooting to the side, and waits for a brief moment before Lady Monique Greenmarch appears as usual in her fine and glorious presence. He leans close to comment to her, a friendly smile on his face, waving here and there to catch the attention of those he may recognize.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

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Vitalis has joined the marin'alfar wooden bench.

"The stuffed toy is breathtaking." Silvio oozes the compliment as if the toy were a solid gold naked statue. When Sebastian nears, he forms a broader smile and dips his head to the man. " you, the /everlasting glory/ of naming a ship. You know I came close one time. I was seeing someone in the naval arena and...well, in the end it did not work out. But...maybe this time! Or, perhaps whomever wins will give the toy to me." He winks at Sebastian and gets himself a glass of whiskey. "And how have YOU been faring?"

Delilah puts The Lycene Cycle, Vol VI in a willow basket with a white ribbon tied to the handle - Delilah.

Delilah puts The Lycene Cycle, Vol V in a willow basket with a white ribbon tied to the handle - Delilah.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer arrives, following Theron.

Lou has joined the Table 1.

Niklas offers smiles and waves as appropriate. "Lady Delilah! So sorry about the other day. Someone was attempting to seduce my wife and I needed to go watch!" Quick nods to others. "Lord Vitalis, it is good to see you back in the city! Lord Sebastian, did you submit a painting to the Inquisition auction? I'm thinking that I rather liked your entry, but suddenly I'm doubting my own memory." Niklas stops and glances around. "Archlector Etienne and Lady Monique! Hello to you both!"

Lou manages to pour herself a glass of that whiskey and takes a sip of it for fortification before she begins; a necessary thing when doing anything regarding the public! The Pathfinder offers everyone a warm smile, and begins, "Thank you for coming this evening. Tonight isn't just about naming our Cog, which was an endeavor many explorers saved to bring about, it's also about giving people the opportunity to mix and mingle with our explorers and hear some of our stories. So, grab a drink, grab a snack, and make yourselves comfortable." She looks around the room and grins a bit, "And, if there's any Explorer here who wishes to tell a story, please step forward. I fear, otherwise, I'll bore everyone with all the things I've experienced - and I'm sure I've told people my stories over and over again." Her eyes crinkle a bit in mirth as she says this.

Monique joins Etienne moments later, smiling as if something has greatly amused her. Whatever the Archlector murmurs aside lifts the corners of her lovely lips further and she inclines her crimson head. "Your Highnesses," she calls out in happy greeting to Niklas and Sabella. "I can never tell which of you is more radiant but I think it must be Princess Sabella, shining for two. How are you, Princess?" the Greenmarch asks, before falling silent to listen to Lou. Not Princess Lou. Just Lou. Mo knows better.

"And really, what would /you/ do with the toy, my friend?" Sebastian asks Silvio, laughing, as he eyes it momentarily, though not with any particular interest. "Oh, you know. Locking myself in my studio, as is my habit," he gives a brief smile. "And you?" He, amazingly, doesn't reach for a glass, though his gaze follows that way for a beat. "Prince Niklas," he lifts a hand in greeting to the man. "Good to see you. Two, actually -- I was inspired," he gives a low-throated laugh, though it fades as Lou begins to speak and he focuses on her.

Lucita curtseys to some of the Royals when they are nearby and drifts over toward Sebastian and Silvio. "Some of those tales should be quite interesting to hear. "

Sabella beams at Monique, "Lady Monique, it's always a pleasure! And thank you, it's nice to hear people say something other than how I must be having twins." She elbows Niklas, "Oh, hush, She was there to seduce you! Or so the footman thought."

Delilah watches the ongoing events from the safety of her bench seat, where she remains safely out of the way. "Never fear, Prince Niklas. All these tales of seduction I will have to learn from you both later." She curls her fingers to Monique and Etienne, but the announcement from Lou for stories shifts her gaze with a sharpness owed to her house name.

Lou steps away from the jar and starts moving in to mingle with the crowd. She smiles warmly at Silvio. "Lord Silvio. I'm glad to see you could make it. How is your sister? I haven't heard from her in a bit. I expect she's gotten herself trapped somewhere, again. Hopefully she's not surviving on only lichen and mushrooms this time," she lightly teases Silvio. She looks over at Niklas and Sabella next, and her eyes brighten somewhat. "Niklas, Sabella. Thank you for coming tonight. And for donating towards the contest."

"The toy? Oh...I would absolutely put it on a magnificent hat. It would go with my slippers." Silvio insists, though how seriously, its hard to tell. He draws in a deep breath and listens to Lou, in a fair mood. Lucita's arrival gets a twinkle in his eye, and his gaze also lingers on Monique too. "Sebastian, do you have a tale to tell? I feel like you could weave one hurriedly." A wink. As Lou asks after his sister he replies with extremely polite-sounding...and therefore HIGHLY catty..."Oh, my sister? You mean Duchess Grazia? She is doing quite well and if she is dining on mushrooms, I am certain they are in a risotto." After the sister-burn, his tone changes back to actual politeness with, "It is very nice to see you."

"On a hat?" Sebastian, at first, seems taken aback by Silvio's answer, and then laughs, long and low-throated, trying to picture it. "That would be something. Oh, me? No -- I find it much more comfortable to weave a story on canvas than verbally." As Lou approaches and engages Silvio, he gives her a nod, but doesn't interrupt her questioning, instead turning his attention to Lucita with a brief smile. "You don't want to offer one of your own, Baroness? Your test, perhaps..?"

Monique glances in Silvio's direction, the redhead catching his gaze and waggling both brows in a caterpillar-like motion. "I could talk about the time we went to the ruins of Stormwall and Sir Calaudrin turned out to be a big old softy," the Minx volunteers with a fond, reminiscent smile.

Jordan arrives a little late to the auctioning and everything, but it's in a beeline to Lou that he makes his way across the main hall, carrying a small sheaf of writs. "Next fortnight, there'll be more. Right now, that's my gift to fund the maiden voyage of your ship, whatever the name they choose, Lou." He smiles brightly to her and steps back, standing to the side. If it wasn't for the fact his armor is way, way too shining he might even disappear in the background. Or the noise it makes when he moves.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jordan before departing.

Lucita chuckles softly to Sebastian. "That was not a real exploration. I actually have had one but expect most people would find it not so interesting as many would be.

Alarissa eases into the charter hall, a little - okay not a little - late to the ongoings. Retinue disperse and she's looking around to see who all made their way for the shindig.

Lou is caught off guard for a moment by Silvio's response to her query. "Uh. It's nice to see you too," she says, a puzzled expression crossing her features. So, don't broach Cadenza. Check! "A hat decoration might be lively, if Steve can fit on a hat." She says to Silvio, and then looks over at Sebastian. Having never met him before - that she can recall! - she offers, "I am Lou Grayson, Pathfinder of the Explorers. Thank you for coming. If you have any questions about the Explorers or what she at we do, please feel free to ask. Or," she looks to Lucita, grinning, "perhaps you've already asked. Baroness Lucita, how are you settling in as one of our latest additions?" she asks.

Etienne sets about getting drinks and looking for a suitable place from which to listen to the rousing stories from the Explorers or hear the name of a boat, whichever comes first. He fills two glasses with whiskey, offering one to Monique he indicates a table.

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"I'm glad this is something you could make happen, Pathfinder. And soon, a Grayson caravel. Things are getting very boaty. I may as well have stayed in the Mourning Isles." When he overhears Silvio he stops and looks around for the toy, then stops and stares at it. "How... familiar." He turns a look on Lou and Sabella. "If you would like to make the original an official mascot, I can arrange that. I'm not sure I want her around the baby."

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer leaves, following Theron.

"Well, perhaps you can share it later," Sebastian suggests to Lucita. "Over wine," is added, to probably no one's surprise -- like he needs the excuse. When Lou introduces herself, he gives her an easy smile. "Lord Sebastian Pravus. A pleasure to meet you. Actually -- the Baroness has been stoking my interest in joining, though I fear my skills out in the wilds probably lack what you'd normally be looking for," he admits, with a shift of shoulders.

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Delilah maintains a quiet conversation with Vitalis on a bench of decidedly foreign inspiration, if not outright construction. Their words may not be particularly loud, though the discussion proves relatively engrossing enough to keep her from immediately noticing everything. Though she does, however, take note of the comings and goings.

Lou tilts her head at Sebastian, "Oh, the Explorers take everyone who has an interest, provided you can pass the tests. We've room enough for people who are mainly book learned than forest learned, or even city learned. Every type of exploration is encouraged. We share our knowledge with the Scholars, in order to make sure it's preserved and we can learn from our past --- or rediscover our history with new leads. If you do not pass the tests, we simply ask that you learn a bit more and try again. You can find out more information regarding the tests over there," she points to the poster on the wall which explains the Explorer tests. And then Monique grabs her attention and she grins widely at her. "Oh! Do please tell! I sent you all there, but never had a chance to debrief any of you other than to inventory the items you found. What happened? Why was he an old softy?" she asks.

Ophelia makes her way into the hall and notes the large gathering of people already present, which makes it difficult to see if she recognizes any familiar faces. When the task proves futile, she decides to find possible locations to sit or to perhaps get a glass of something to carry around with her as she wanders. For now, though, there is a bench across the way that is free and she makes her way toward it.

Silvio elbows Sebastian lightly. "Regardless of you being out in the wilds, I am certain your money and support would do just fine surviving in the wilds." He chuckles. "I am in the scholars...stay up all night reading books." The way he says it doesn't really sound like he's up all night studying. "Tell!" He calls to Monique in support and peer pressure. "Oh it is such a treat to see you away from your art. I cannot seem to get Lysander away from /his/. See if you can lure him away from his latest muse."

Lou glances over at Niklas and lifts a brow when he mentions the original Steve. "Oh. Erm. I wouldn't know how to care for a pelican. You might want to speak to Aiden, perhaps he can re-home it in the menagerie? He's good with animals and seeing that they are happy, and he has a way with birds especially," she tells him. She glances over at Jordan then and offers him a warm smile. "Jordan," she greets, and then gives him a surprised look when he hand over some writs. "Thank you. We'll put them to good use. After the Lodge crisis, we'll be preparing for Whitepeak, don't forget," she reminds him. She says as an aside to others, "We're going to try and discover the location of the city once created by the Metallic order to showcase and try out their latest magical contraptions."

Arcadia is late -- and fully conscious of that fact, given the flurry of footsteps that carry the disheveled noblewoman into the charter hall. She brushes at her hair, making sure any stray bits of grass or crumbled leaves are cleared from her messy and matted mane. She wants to look proper for the event; be it for the Explorer's or not. She clears her throat, hurried steps falling into something a bit more graceful as she slips into place in the crowd, acting like she's been there the whole time. Her eyes stay on the stuffed pelican for the most part, staring at it covetously.

Monique follows Etienne with her whiskey, sliding into a chair, eyes sweeping the gathering and resting briefly on Sebastian with curiosity as he introduces himself. There's some recognition there, like sparklegas light all of a sudden switching on, but then before the redheaded Greenmarch can call out, there's Lou, and Monique accedes to the request of the noble Pathfinder. "It was my first mission with the Explorers, and I think Princess Sabella can fill in the details I miss, having been there too. We went to search the rubble at Stormwall for items that we could return, any family heirlooms or treasures. While we found some of those too, we also found a young girl, an orphan, a thief. Not me," she adds with a self-deprecating smile. "Sir Calaudrin and I gave chase, and we caught her up. She fairly undid him with her quivering lip and big eyes. Within moments, he had his cloak around her, and was promising he'd find a place for her. I think he did, in fact. I heard rumors he brought her back here."

"I have seen one of the tests before -- the Lady Miranda applied it to Baroness Lucita," Sebastian confesses to Lou. When Silvio elbows him, he lets out a brief cough, smiling. "Well, I'd hope to do more than read books. As the lovely Baroness suggested," he gestures to Lucita, "There are places out there I'd love to see -- be inspired by -- commit to paint. It seems like a good match." He, too, seems intrigued by Monique's offer of story -- or perhaps just some recognition in turn, nodding towards the lady, as he listens carefully to her tale. "So you went in search of heirlooms -- found one after all," he murmurs.

Waylaid by messengers, Alarissa stood off to the side dictating replies but when she's done, starting to move in and makes for the bench that Delilah and Vitalis occupy, a smile on her face. "Lady Whitehawk. Lord Mazetti." Cheerily spoken to the two.

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"I'm not forgetting," Jordan grins brightly at Lou, offering a bow to her as he steps back. "I've got things mostly prepared for /that/ trip already. It'll be fun, I think. And I've got a few people who can help us puzzle together some of the wonders that may have been left behind." Spotting Ophelia, then, the knight heads that way, approaching just close enough to offer a bow, and then some quiet words of greeting.

Lucita listens attentively to the story and then Sebastian. To Lou she mentions. "Lord Sebastian painted a picture after that trip into the forest for the test. He does such beautiful work both in sculpting and paintings."

Lou smiles a bit as Monique recounts the tale. "I seem to recall something about a young girl. I'm glad he found a place for her." She nods in Sebastian's direction. "I offered to go to Stormwall, free of charge, to House Crovane after the city was burned down to keep it from becoming a stronghold of the Gyre's forces. We managed to return several precious heirlooms to the House and some of the other residents." Her eyes then fall on Ophelia, someone else she's not met before. She inclines her head in her direction, "Good evening. Welcome to the Explorers Hall. I'm Lou Grayson," she introduces herself. "If you have any questions about the Explorers or what we do, feel free to ask." She wiggles her fingers over in Alarissa's direction in greeting, coupled with a warm smile, then goes back to hostessing the event. She grins over at Jordan. "I'll be traveling to that mountain range out west I told you about, or think I told you about, soon enough. If I find anything relevant there, I'll let you know - though I think that mountain and the one we'll be reviewing for Whitepeak will be quite different." Or, at least she supposes. She glances between Lucita and Sebastian after Lucita's comments. "Oh? I'd love to see it sometime," she remarks.

Turn in line: Vitalis

Sabella laughs and nods to Monique, "A falling wall nearly killed me!" she says as cheerfully as someone recounting they happened to have someone hand them a free puppy. "My first and last expedition with the explorers. Hasn't kept me out of the Gray Forest with Reese though! Mostly the bugs do that."

Silvio bows his head to the story. "Heartwarming to be sure. Ohhh...I would love to see the picture, Lucita. must let me see some of your works in progress as well. That is the fascinating part for me. All the /before/ work that goes into the finale." He takes a solid drink of his glass of whiskey and falls to doing more observations than flapping his lips once the stories begin.

Sebastian glances at Lucita, with a brief, if warm smile, accepting the compliment with an ease. To Lou, and then Silvio's expression of interest in the painting, he answers "You'll have to negotiate seeing that with the Baroness. I suggest insisting on tasting some of the wines while you're there, too." After a beat, he rubs a hand over his chin, telling Silvio, "I'm working on a triptych, at the moment. It's slow going, because of the size. I'm not sure I'm... ready to share yet. But I'll let you know, soon?"

Lou chuckles warmly at Sabella's additions. "I'm sure House Crovane appreciated that you went in aid, however," she tells her sister. She grins as Vitalis gets in line and says, "I'm certain you have some great stories to tell, considering you only just got back from some grand adventure yourself!" she exclaims, ceding the floor to him a moment. She wiggles fingers over in Delilah's direction and nods in Arcadia's when she sees the woman. "And, after Lucita's story we'll draw the number for the winner of the Cog contest," she announces. "So as not to hold everyone in suspense all evening!"

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"I'll never forget that time that I saved Sir Jeffeth's life in Stormwall. He nearly fell into a large hole, but fortunately I saw it in time." Niklas shoots Sabella a mock glare. "I'm still not particularly happy about that wall thing, but you've gone and done worse since. Adventuring is best left to others, I think! I'm the sort of explorer who enjoys exploring things at home. I went exploring on Luca's room and learned a lot about Dame Astraea, for instance."

Ophelia makes her way across the room and then offers a bright smile for Lou, pausing to make an introduction. "Ophelia Velenosa. Thank you for the warm welcome, I've never been here before." A hand waves to indicate the Hall. "And I shall... explore a bit." Pardon her humor, it's not as on point as her brother's! With a polite nod, Ophelia is about to continue onward to a bench when Jordan steps closer. "Sir Jordan! Hello." She, too, leans a little closer to exchange some quiet words with the knight.

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Silvio clenches his hands into little fists, each holding a precious ticket. "OooooOooo...forget all the dancing contests, fashion contests, this is the one to waste my luck on." He chuckles and relaxes then, tucking the tickets away. Its clear he's having a good time with the whole event.

Vitalis excuses himself from Alarissa and Delilah, "I suppose I'll kick things off. For any who don't know me, I'm Vitalis Mazetti," he pulls the broad-brimmed hat from his head and presses it to his chest, "Still making my bones as an Explorer for true, but as folk are keen on old Steve here-" he grins, lopsided, at Lou, "-and pelican millinery, I thought I'd tell the tale of the feather on my hat."

Settling in, he raises his voice a bit to carry, bright tenor overtones cutting through the muller, rich undertones resonating in the large space, "There is a bird that lives in the islands of Saffron Chain. The Foo Bird..." he winds into a tale of a bird whose droppings are so foul that they could drive a person mad. It's the creature's waty of claiming territory and driving off competitors, see? But its territory is very dangerous and folk in haste to get the foul smell off of them make unwise decisions, leaping into rivers, running into bogs, slipping into ravines. The only way to survive is to endure the stench until it dries and flakes off...

Vitalis finishes with a wink, "And so... if the Foo shits, wear it." He grins, "Partly true, partly fabrication. In truth, our ship moored on a tiny spit of land barely worth the name 'island,' and found several large nests and mated pairs. Big things, both handsome and homely. They are, however, wildly unpleasant creatures, though in fairness, they were sitting on eggs. In the morning, after enduring a night of their shrieking and swooping, we sketched - quickly! - and collected feathers and egg shell fragments, before setting out again. If anyone knows what they are, I'd like to know myself." He grins and ruffles the feather of his hat, before sweeping it back into place. He bows and cedes the floor to Lucita.

Jordan smiles at something that Ophelia murmurs, and he offers his arm for her to take, all gallant-like. He looks over to the exit after something Ophelia says, though, and nods to her. "True. A shame, she was good company last I met her at the Ambassador. I don't recall what we talked about, though." The knight tries to recall, and shakes his head. "Probably nothing important. Nevertheless! Let's see how many people I can introduce you to before I run out of breath."

"A pleasure to meet you," Lou tells Ophelia, but easily lets her move on so the Velenosan can go explore. Niklas's tale causes both of Lou's brows to shoot skyward. "I'm sure I don't want to know what you discovered about Dame Astraea in Luca's room." Her words are more than a touch neutral on the subject of her not-brother-in-law. Though, she cheerfully says, "I once shot Luca in the ass with my crossbow when it decided to jam and then unlock itself during a mission fighting abyssal wolves in the Gray Forest." A short and concise story, that. "Though, I contend, that arrow was meant for the wolf, not the misfiring that happened." And she'll not change her story! She glances over at Vitalis appreciatively, "Thank you for telling your story. Not everything Explorers do is all grand and adventurey. Sometimes, we get our dirty simply because people want a survey of their lands, or need us to help collect samples for a project." She then looks to Lucita. "Baroness, I believe it's your turn."

Turn in line: Lucita

Lucita chuckles softly at Vitalis's story and moves forward. Facing the others she begins. Back during the times searches were being made for the Cobalt weapons to use against the Gyre, I was invited on a sailing trip by Princess Katalina aboard the Unsullied. Lady Carita, Khanne, Dame Thena, Sir Preston and Inquisitor Halsim and I set forth. It was a pleasant day till fog blew up and someone spotted an uncharted, spooky looking island. Rather than risk running aground, they used an old decrepit dock to tie off. I was totally prepared for an adventure, in my silks, with my rebec and a bottle of wine, a picnic lunch and a book to record any inspiring things to turn into a song.

The others decided to look around while the ship was at dock, and I did not want to be left alone so went with them. They found an old shack that looked almost ready to fall down and guessed it, they decided to go inside. I would have been perfectly happy to wait them outside but all of them went in and it was rather scary in the fog on an island with strange sounds and all alone so went with them. Inside was simply nasty, dirt and cobwebs and rusting tools. My rebec bow was tremendously useful in knocking down cobwebs and shifting piles of dust to see if anything useful in them and did not even have to get a hand dirty doing it. Someone, do not remember who, found some tunnel in the fireplace and off everyone traipsed to explore it with me tagging along, all stooped over and trying to keep my silks from dragging against those filthy walls. It led to a round room with a sort of hole in the middle and on the other side was a door. Halsim went toward the middle and it triggered a trap.

Lucita pauses a moment to give others a chance to visualize the situation then continues. The whole room shook and sent us tumbling heels over head and slamming up against the wall except for the one in the middle. Stone walls rose and it was pitch black, trapped in little pie wedge shaped cells. I screamed out loud, not in terror but to let people know where I was and come get me out. And wow, can a singer be loud! Hissing started and then felt something crawling over my feet and curling up my legs and then a scaly weight dropped on my shoulder. Snakes, lots of snakes, hissing, curling around my shoulders and long enough part of the coils dropped right down in my bodice. One was tickling my ear with its forked tongue and some around my feet were rattling. Carlita got bitten.

We had to feel along the walls without provoking the snakes to bite us and at the point of the wedge cell, found a lever. It had to be pulled in a certain order. I could not figure it out so just pulled mine when told to do so. Eventually the walls dropped and when light flooded the cell areas again the snakes fled, Lady Khanne healed Lady Carlita. Behind the door was a brass compass and a mural of the sea and some of the tentacle things in it and a ship. They got the compass and we left and the fog cleared and we sailed home. Needless to say that was enough to make an impression on me and I soon began to learn a bit about survival and defending myself and how to be better prepared so not quite so inept next time.

Lou grins at Lucita. "Even when we might not be as skilled as we think we are, all explorers are encouraged to think out of the box and find ways to help others help us should trouble arise. It seems you did quite well there!" she compliments the Baroness. "I know I'm glad to see that you made it home safe and sound." That said, she turns to their guests once more and says, "If everyone has their tickets ready at hand, I'll draw the number now." She walks over to the table with the jar and Steve the Pelican Plush and waits to see if people are ready for the numbers to be drawn. She adds, as she feels she has to, "You do not have to be present to win - as all donations garnered an equal chance at the prize of naming our ship, a place on its maiden voyage, and, of course, taking home Steve the Plush."

Arcadia seems tired. Presumably from running around in the wilderness all day, given the sylvan, dirt-touched mess decorating her figure. So, she simply lingers by her favorite place at any event: the liquor bar, drinking and silently picking at a small plate of hors d'oeuvres as she eagerly awaits the drawing.

Lou has rolled 1 89-sided dice: 40

Marie, chef of Keaton Hall arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Sebastian listens intently to Vitalis' story, visibly groaning when he gets to the conclusion -- though he's still smiling, clapping when it comes to an end. He shifts his attention, and focus, to Lucita as she recites her tale. He laughs, when she mentions an adventure in silks with wine -- something he clearly approves of. The laughter fades as she mentions a trap, and snakes, grimacing to both. "I'd never heard that," he murmurs to her, at the end. "No wonder you want to learn survival."

Lou rummages around in the jar and finally pulls out a slip of paper. She regards it carefully and reads it, "The number is 40." She looks around the room a moment, and then her eyes fall upon Merek. "It seems that Sir Merek Black is our winner! Congratulations!" She then takes a moment to announce. "The name of the Explorer's cog will be Dreamseeker. Both fitting and appropriate, I think."

"Oh that is a lovely name!" Alarissa calls out. "Very apropos!"

Monique applauds the winner and the name both. "Excellent! Congratulations to both Sir Merek and the Society!"

Niklas clucks his tongue. "I did like Unsinkable II for a name, tho Dreamseeker is not bad."

Lucita says, "Very nice indeed. Congratulations Sir Merek!" She glances toward Sebastian and gives a little wink. "Indeed. I learned enough to get by a little.""

As Ophelia accepts Jordan's arm, she catches sight of Vitalis across the room and that hat tip of his. Her cheekbones redden ever slightly and she waggles fingers in his direction, a radiant smile given soon after. She then directs her focus to the knight once again and laughs a little with a slight shake of her head, dark eyes cast downward. As they walk through the crowd, Ophelia leans closer to Jordan to quietly mention something to him and then catches the new name of the Explorer's cog. "Oh, I like that name very much!"

Sebastian, too, applauds. "An appropriate name. Congratulations," he adds, to the cheers going around, turning his neck to try and spot the potential winner. Chuckling to Lucita's murmur, he responds, "Well, that's all I am for, as well."

Vitalis gives Lucita a hearty round of applause for dangers faced and lessons learned, then stands and cheers for the drawn name, "I'd happily set sail on a vessel called Dreamseeker." He turns to get his glass of whiskey, lifting it with his voice, "To Dreamseeker!"

Silvio checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Arcadia just squints a bit, and stuffs another hors d'oeuvre into her mouth. She shrugs, then, and claps as well.

Silvio smiles and claps for the winner with only a little sharpness in his eyes.

Merek beams and nods a bit, as he takes a hold of the plushie, "Oh, thank you!" he exclaims, "I came up with it because you know, exploration in the dream. The Seeker will be wonderful." He beams.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

2 Grayson House Guards have been dismissed.

Clark, an exasperated guard have been dismissed.

Lou walks over and takes a moment to pass Steve to Merek, "And, here is the one of a kind prize plush Steve the Pelican to go with the winning number. I'll get with you regarding the maiden voyage of the Dreamseeker," she tells him, grinning widely. "Congratulations again." She looks around and says, "That concludes tonight's event. I want to thank /everyone/ who came out in support of the Explorers, shared stories, and donated funding to the naming of our boat. Our next big project will be the building of a caravel. In the meantime House Grayson answered my petition to build one for the Grayson family, and I expect we may be able to borrow theirs from time to time until we can collect enough resources to get our own for the Explorers. The caravel will allow for ocean travel to new lands and territories, many of which we've yet to explore. I wish everyone a very good evening."

Niklas calls out, "If you fall in love with that plush and decide you want the real thing, let me know!" Then he waves around before starting for the door

Arcadia's eyes track the adorable pelican toy into Merek's hands, and she stares it with a certain longing before washing away the expression with a swig of her wine.

With a nod to Vitalis in greeting, after following Ophelia's gaze, the knight leads Ophelia on the way to Lucita. "Baroness Saik, do you know Princess Ophelia Velenosa?" He smiles brightly as he introduces one to the other, but flashing the Princess another smile after he laughs a little. "A wonderful name, yes."

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leave, following Niklas.

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