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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XX - Emerald Edition

Join us for another fun-filled night of sparring, spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart.

All levels of fighters (and disciplines, including melee, bare knuckle and archery) are welcome. Bring your weapons and armor or use the Hart's equipment to truly test your skills, or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favoured fighters.

This is a casual social fundraising event. All drinks are on the house.

Everyone is welcome!

Proceeds from this event will go to support the Golden Hart's charity fund. Thank you for your support!

(OOC: This is a casual event created just to cut loose and have some fun. The Hart is open to everyone. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please join us. We would be very happy to have you.)


June 17, 2018, 9 p.m.

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Sorrel Jordan(RIP) Gianna Arcadia Waldemai Mailys Galen Octavia Theodoric Lisebet Ian Giulio Barric(RIP) Ariella Neb Mirari Coraline



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

The little vixen is on the move, southern silks swirling about her as kegs and bottles are brought and the sands are seen to with the expectation of a wild and thirsty crowd. Valencia beams brightly and waives warmly as Waldemai arrives and heads to his customary seat and is soon in possession of a rather impress stein of ale brought to him in the rafters by a surefooted barmaid. Turning, Octavia is spied and welcomed with another smile and the offer of a gently embrace, "My sweetest and most dear lady. I am so happy to see you in my Hart. Thank you for coming. Please, what would you wish to drink?" she invites, turning to offer Barric a beautiful smile, nodding as he settles, just in time to see the surefooted Lizette give the prince a playful wink and sashay her way to get the man his usual drink.

thump, tap, thump, tap, creak are some sounds that precede Neb's entry into the arena area of the Golden Hart. Drab leathers, drab man, nice scarlet coat, passable mustache.

Gianna makes her way into the Hart, casting her gaze about for someone she knows. For once, she's not carrying an instrument with her. The Whisper is also clad rather plainly. No gowns for her tonight.

Waldemai hoists his stein in the direction of their host. "Thank you very much, your highness," he calls, and then quaffs. It's far too early in the evening to be worried about spillage from on high.

Octavia smiles and offers Valencia a hug in reply, then motions to her mug of mulled wine. "Your staff already knows what I like," she muses, "And as always you are too kind. I'm just here to see what all of the fuss is about, though I'm not sure I'll ever find fighting entertaining like others do."

Lisebet hasn't been here for some time, but she makes her way in, finding a drink first, and then raising it in a salute to Velencia quietly. She's not at all dressed to fight, no leathers, no armour, no weapons. But she does look purely ornamental, to be sure.

Waldemai calls down from the rafters, "I've got a new hammer, if anyone's interested in a warm-up bout." He holds it up, the leather thong wrapped around his wrist for fighting, as opposed to loose for smithing.

Carmichael Ulbran arrives, following Theodoric.

"It is an acquired passsion, but regardless of how much one enjoys it, one must appreciate the talents and skills of those who excel in it, yes?" Valencia smiles to the Lady of Kennex. "If it pleases, you are most welcome to join me at my table. But if you would pardon me, I should say hello and see to the other guests," she nods sweetly. "I will return," she says and then she is off to greet those who have arrived.

The Inquistory receieves a gracious bow and offer of a delicate hand, "Good evening, Sir inquisition. Welcome back to my Hart. I'm so glad you are here. You must be familiar with the lovely Lady Octavia of Kennex yes? And of course Prince Barric of Grayson?" To Gianna another bright smile and the offer of a gently hug. "Welcome, my dearest Whisper. Please be so very welcome. I'm so glad you are here. Let us get you a drink as well, yes?" the little vixen nods and turns to offer Lisebet a warm smile of welcome as well. "My lady! How wonderful to see you! It has been some time," Valenica nods with a happy smile. "Please join us, yes?"

Gianna seems surprised by the offering of Valencia's outspread arms and immediately takes a half-step back, holding up her hands, brows arched. No on the hug, apparently. "Thank you. A drink would be wonderful. How is the whiskey here?"

As he gets his drink, Barric smiles towards the barmaid when he gets his golden colored whiskey, "I suppose I could give it a go. I'm passable with a sword I'm told." He offers to Waldemai with a smile before he drains his whiskey and stands up from his table. Looking over towards Lisebet he smiles brightly, "Lady Lisebet, such a pleasure to see you again." He offers a polite bow towards her before he chuckles at Valencia's introduction, "Of Grayson for limited duration, soon to be Thrax." He smiles widely at that as he makes his way from his empty cup towards the ring, "Steel or Diamondplate?" He asks Waldemai, "Which would you rather I used?"

Octavia has left the raised seating.

Neb takes Valencia's hand and bows over it, no kiss, before she is off to hug Gianna. "Sir Neb is suitable, Princess. Thank you." he says in his even-keeled and dead fish way. There is a general peering about that is occuring with those dull eyes roaming over the assembled and the servers. "I believe the Prince and I met once, the rest I do not recall. One to many nights in the stacks I am afraid." he doesn't sound particularly tired though.

Octavia smirks slightly at being called lovely, rising to her feet and picking up her drink to relocate to Valencia's table. She's not going to turn down an invitation, her friend might pout.

Mirari walks into the arena room, and once she spots Waldemai she moves towards the rafters, aiming a wave at the gathered people before she climbs up to find a seat.

Mirari has joined the upper rafters.

"Prince Barric, congratulations on your upcoming marriage," Lisebet says. "And it is good to see you again as well. Princess Valencia, you are as always most gracious." She pauses glalncing to see who is near, listening to Valencia's introductions. "I would be pleased to join you, your highness," she adds, after a moment. "If there's room. I'd not wish to displace one of the regulars."

Gianna inclines her head to some people she recognizes as she makes her way to a seat. She's fairly certain she's met Neb before, and she nods to Barric should he happen to glance her way. Mirari is also acknowledged. Regarding the question of whiskey, she will get her hands on some one way or another.

Waldemai has no armor except his protective leathers. "Steel, then, your highness," he calls down, and swishes the new hammer through the air. "I know something about working steel, and maybe I can put it right after, if there're any dents in it."

Waldemai has left the upper rafters.

Being just in leathers himself, Barric smiles, "Steel it is, though I can hope that it doesn't get bent out of shape. It's been a constant companion of mine since my first Tournament." He draws his steel longsword as he makes his way down into the ring.

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Barric wields a simple unadorned long sword.

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Waldemai wields a steel smithing hammer with a long oak haft.

Valencia gracefully adjusts her stance and happily allows Gianna her space without missing a beat, turning to wave over a pretty little blonde barmaid with instructions to see to their needs. A surprised but happy look is offered to Barric and she nods to his new, "Ah, well then, congratulations, my Prince. She is a very lucky woman. I wish you both so very well," she offers with sweet sincerity, pausing to bestow a friendly nod Mirari's way as the woman passes by to the rafters. Lisebet's kind words are met with a little shake of her head. "There will be plenty of room and you are always welcome to join my table. Please. Have you met Lady Octavia?" she says stepping back so the ladies might meet properly.

Neb has joined the ringside table.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

While others are joining Valencia's table Neb detours away from the group to take a more ringside seat with the stave leaned against the wooden edge and his posture appearing stiff backed and formal. Probably uncomfortable for a man to be sitting as primly as that.

Waldemai climbs down into the ring, the blacksmith against the prince, the beast and the beauty, the ugly against the good...Where's the bad?

Valencia excuses herself a moment andmoves into the center of the Ring of Valor. She offers a smile and a warm incline of her head to the arena and then begins...

"My lords and ladies, misseres and madames, dearest friendsÂ… welcome to my Hart. As always, tonight is an evening to come together to enjoy excellent skills and fine company with a strong drink or two. All here are welcome to participate and the bar is open for your pleasure".

"Tonight we are celebrating our 20th Sip n'Spar event. I cannot believe we have had so many wonderful nights together. We are so greatful to you all for making this one of the best ongoing events in all of Arx! Thank you so much for making our Hart the welcoming and vibrant place it is. I hope we will enjoy many more nights together.

In celebration, tonight I will be entering all those who have attended tonight's event into a draw for a special prize in honour of our twentieth - a beautiful emerald ring or necklace in the design of your choosing crated by the very talented Master Asher Grayhope. We will announce the winner in the whites and at the conclusion of the evening.

For those in a giving mood, always, welcoming donations in support of good causes so we may continue to see our city and realm grow stronger. We thank you deeply for your ongoing support. It is your generosity and good will that makes a difference in our city."

And finally, I am pleased to say that we are continuing to list the winners of our matches on our rosters so we can honour their wins. We thank all of our warriors here for rising to the occasion and sharing their incredible spirit and skill with us.

"Once again, thank you to everyone for blessing us with your kind company, inspiring spirit, and for making this event, and all our events, such a wonderful tradition in our city. We are so glad you are here and wish you much light, luck and love."

"And now, warriors, if you will please take to the sands!"

Octavia has joined the ringside table.

Theodoric wanders in, his coat wrapped tightly around him to stave off the chill from outside, it seems he stopped at the bar as he is already suitably equipped with a glass in each hand. His face a rough semblance of humor he stands observing the ring for a few moments, cradling each glass like a small treasured child, that he intends to drink.. as one would with a child.

Waldemai checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 11, rolling 32 higher.

Waldemai remains capable of fighting.

Ariella comes walking into the Arena, none of her men with her, but with all the unearned swagger of a brand new member of the Champions guild. For the spar she's wearing her brand new not at all gaudy or gauche leathers, black and shiny and decorated from head to toe with bright yellow, orange and red flames. She wanders over to a ringside table and looks in as the latest duel is going down. A glance over to Gianna. "Have I missed anything, Mistr- Ah, no, Nightingale, right?"

Mirari puts a soft caramel, wrapped in wax paper in some soft black leather pouches.

Mirari puts A delicate cotton drawstring filled with pastel coloured sweets in some soft black leather pouches.

Saluting with his steel when Waldemai comes down from the rafters and into the Ring of Valor, Barric looks over at Waldemai curiously, studying the other man's stance and the way he carries himself which is decidedly... not very professional fighterish. "Are you sure about this Master Waldemai?" He asks at first but when it appears assent is given Barric nods. He flips his sword around into an underhanded grip, the steel running the length of his forearm and then a bit further. Placing his left hand on the pommel of his sword Barric nods, "At your ready sir." Then he waits for Waldemai to be ready.


When Waldemai is ready Barric is rushing forwards and he ducks under the swing of the hammer, cutting hard as he twists to the side and plants his foot to pivot he spins and slashes thrice in quick succession at the smith. Each time when the blade would cut at Waldemai's leathers he turns his wrist to smack the flat of his sword into Waldemai's leathers with punishing hits. Another plant of his foot and he spins again, twisting to avoid the answering swings of the hammer except for once, that barely grazes the sleeve of his coat. After those three hard hits Barric steps back and asks, "Ready to continue?"

Waldemai is not making much of a fight of it, although he manages to stay on his feet through the first few rounds. He's still swinging the hammer, around and around in a circle, and his feet are still moving. "That's how it to take a lick to give a lick," he says, shaking his head to clear it. "Sure, I'll go one more, your highness...Best healers in the city here at the Golden Hart..." He raises his voice. "...And a round for ale for all of them on me!"

Waldemai checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 63, rolling 21 higher.

Waldemai remains capable of fighting.

Valencia is overheard praising Waldemai: One of the most spirited and honoured guests of the Hart! Long may he grace our rafters.

Waldemai checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 75, rolling 2 higher.

Waldemai remains capable of fighting.

Waldemai checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 127, rolling 62 lower.

Waldemai checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 81, rolling 26 lower.

Waldemai is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Lisebet nods to the others, those she's met and those not, with a friendly smile. "Lady Octavia, how nice to meet you," she says. Her eyes gleam briefly, as she takes a seat and settles in. She smoothes her skirts, and turns to watch the sparring match on the sands.

Mirari puts Oseyan - Kennex Brand Mango Vodka in some soft black leather pouches.

Mirari checked command + teaching at difficulty 74, rolling 33 lower.

Valencia has joined the ringside great table.

Octavia nods as she sits down, then turns to watch the fight for a bit. The magistrate seems less than impressed by all of the movements. They're certainly impressive from a physical standpoint, but... fighting just isn't really something she cares about. She turns to offer a nod to Lisebet, and then turns as something in the ring /does/ catch her attention - namely Barric nearly knocking Waldemai out of it.

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Mirari calls for someone to bring Waldemai some ale, her legs crossing as she winces towards the fighting ring.

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Theodoric is approached by a tall lanky man dressed in patchy brown leathers similar to his own, a message it seems. He reads it. Theodoric hands the drinks to the lanky man and steps out of the arena towards the exit.

Carmichael Ulbran leaves, following Theodoric.

"As you say." Barric agrees with a smile and then he bolts in again, this time he isn't quick enough to avoid a couple of swipes from the smith's hammer and he gets knocked to the side a bit, but still Barric seems unphased by the hits from the heavy hammer, rolling with them and adding the force into his spinning slashes that hammer into Waldemai again, and again, and again. It doesn't take long before Barric lands a grievous strike that takes the fight out of Waldemai entirely and Barric straightens up, flipping his sword around to a traditional grip he sheaths it and then offers a hand to Waldemai with a smile, either to clasp hands, or to help him up off the sands, "Well fought! I felt a couple of those hits!" He congratulates Waldemai.

Waldemai falls down and kicks his legs into the air twice. He's not just out, he is O-U-T. Good thing the Hart really does have very good healers. They slosh him down with a bucket of water, and soon have him back up on his feet. "Thanks for the lesson, your highness," he calls, and climbs gingerly back into the cheap seats. "A round of ale for all of them on me...wait...Didn't I just say that?"

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The crowds go wild at the battle below. The little vixen joins in the cheering, graciously offering Lady Ariella a big bright smile as she joins the table. "Welcome, my Lady! I'm so glad to see you. Do you know Lady Octavia and Lady Lisebet, and this is Sir Neb, and Mistress Mirari," she nods to the woman in the rafters with a happy smile. "Please have a drink, yes?" she welcomes her. Once settled, Valencia turns to greet Theodoric, but the rogue seems to have slipped away for a bit.

Mirari waves down to Lisbet, smiling politely before she glances towards Waldemai to quietly murmur something in his direction.

Gianna inclines her head to Ariella. "Good evening. You didn't miss much. It's still... not much."

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Neb watches the fight come to a conclusion and begins to rub one hand over the other before collecting his thumb into the opposite palm and giving it a tug with a semi-loud popping sound as the joint cracks.

Barric walks off the stands with a chuckle, clasping Waldemai on the back, "Still, good showing goodman." He smiles, "And yes, you did. If you ever want more training let me know and I will happily teach you. I've finished with my current set of students so have a practically free schedule these days." He walks over towards the large table with the ladies at it and smiles, "Well, a bit of a warm up for the crowd at least." He says with a smile then sits down, requesting more whiskey.

Arcadia rushes into the arena, an overeager skip in her step propelling her forward with enough kinetic energy to cause her heels to skid across the ground for a good few inches when she tries to stop. She wobbles in place, eyes darting about to take in everything there is to see. She radiates a sense of wonder; as if it were her first time in a fighting arena at all. "Have I missed it?" she asks the gathered crowd, edging up as close to the ring as possible without being obtrusive.

"Only the first fight between Prince Grayson and the man whose nursing a drink." Neb states in a flat voice and a motion of his gnarled hand towards Waldemai

"I must admit, I have not seen many fight with a hammer before. It seems it would be a rather awful impact if met with one's face," Valencia says with a little wrinkle of her nose. The crowd settles in it's cheering of both men and the master of arms calls for all comers for the next match. The little vixen settles down in her seat as well and looks about the room to see who might stand upon the sands. Arcardia's arrival has her smile again and she shakes her head, "Not at all, my darling. You are just in time for the next match," she returns warmly, offering the woman a seat at the table.

Arcadia bounces on her toes, uncontained energy fluttering through her compact figure. "One of the Grayhopes is sparring, yes? The important one?" The excitable Leary smiles at Valencia, but does not seem like she wants to sit. Not at the table at least. Her eyes lift up to the rafters, a touch of curiosity glinting behind them. "How does one get up there?"

Valencia grins and point to the ladder at the fall end of the arena that leads up to the network of rafters in the ceiling.

Mirari glances down at Arcadia and blinks at the mention of a Grayhope. "I believe that's happening elsewhere, I think." She says, taking a drink from a flask at her side.

3 Thrax Guards, Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy puppy arrive, following Sorrel.

Octavia nods in agreement with Mirari, noting, "I believe that the greyhope fight is elsewhere." She takes another sip of her drink, then sits back to watch the next fight, still not at all understanding what people see in it.

"Hammers are a great weapon." Barric says to Valencia, "They can break bone, shatter skulls, and if used on heavy plate can be a right terror. If you cave in a man's breastplate, the armor itself can cause greater injury since the body can't recover." He gets his fresh whiskey and looks around, "I believe there were a couple of others who wished to fight too. I would feel a hog to take the sands for myself all night."

Lisebet has a drink in hand and is sitting decorously at the great table at ringside, with an excellent view. She watches poor Waldemai for a long bit, before turning back to Ladies Ariella and Octavia, who she has just met. "A pleasure to meet you both," she says, with a smile. "Are you going to spar?"

Mirari hops down from the rafters, walking towards the fighting ring. She gathers her hair and wraps it into a bun, stabbing it with hairpins before she pulls her knife from her belt.

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Mirari wields Flayer, a long rubicund skinning knife.

Waldemai is so groggy he has to have it pointed out to him that the prince has been talking to him. "Lessons? Lessons? I'd say it's clear I need them. Thank you, your highness." He follows that with a large swallow of ale and then calls out, "A thousand silver on Mirari!"

"Oh gods no," Octavia replies to the question about her sparring. "Last time I was in a fight, I ended up hiding under the table and stabbing shins with my hairpins. That was a few years ago."

There's an awkward crease of Arcadia's brow as she realizes her mistake. Her fingers fiddle with one another, feeling a bit naked now. "Ah," she says in a light, airy chirp, not really knowing what else to say. Wrong burrough, perhaps. She places herself within the crowd and lingers for a few moments longer, and when no one's looking, she slips away.

Arcadia checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Neb has rolled a critical success!
Neb checked perception + investigation at difficulty 44, rolling 43 higher.

Sorrel steps into the place with full armor on and carrying a well bundled little prince in a baby carrier. She steps over to Lisebet and unhooks the baby carrier. "If you'll hold him," she says to the Lady Farshaw. "I am going to spar." Then, presuming that Lisebet takes the infant from her, she moves to the ring and starts pulling out her sword to get ready.

Ariella flops into a ringside seat and glances down toward the others at her table. "Chief Magistrate. A delight." She doesn't sound delighted, but she still gives the woman something approaching a smile. When Lisebet addresses her she gives a nod. "I certainly hope so. I'm dressed for it. We'll see, though

Sorrel wields Symphony's Blade, a violet edged rubicund saber.

Sorrel has joined the ring of valor.

Neb seems to note the sudden disappearance of someone looking for 'another' fight. There is a dull eyed look towards the door and then back towards the ring awaiting the next bout.

Lisebet totally takes the baby!! And takes care of him, with a bit of startlement, and then glee on her face. "Oh my," she says. And then to Octavia. "That sounds about what I would do, except I'm not sure I would think to try stabbing shins."

Mirari smiles as Sorrel joins the fighting ring. She sweeps an arm out as she bows dramatically in front of the taller woman. "Let's have some fun, hmm?" She flips the knife in her hand and takes up a fighting stance.

Gianna leans against one of the pillars, sipping her whiskey and watching the next match. She straightens up some when she recognizes the combatants, one eyebrow raising.

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"I'm a little out of practice, but I'm looking forward to it," Sorrel replies with a grin to Mirari, bowing with a flourish of her sword to the woman.

Valencia gives Octavia a little sidelong look and blinks. "I... I would thinks shins would be a hard mark to drive in. Would the back of the knee work to better advantage?" she wonders to those who may have more knowledge of such things as the ladies take to the sands with dangerous grace.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Jordan is late to the party, but seems to have come just in time to watch Sorrel duke it out with Mirari. "You can do it! Beat her up!" He shouts... to no one in particular. Stoking the flames, clearly, as he orders a tankard of ale for himself.

Octavia nods to Ariella and offers, "Captain, good to see you still alive. I trust your ship is well?" Boat lives matter, after all. With a smirk, she notes, "Well, perhaps more towards the back of the calf, where the muscle is. I'm no mercy, I don't know much about bodies."

"If you're aiming that low," Barric says with a soft chuckle, "Should try for behind the ankles." He then turns his attention towards the fight, but he lifts his whiskey in salute to the newest arrivals.

Sorrel is remembering how to fight again against a real opponent, as opposed to things that don't hit back, and it's clear that she's fairly rusty. Still, she's managed to get in some regular touches against Mirari, moving gracefully with the flow of a dancer. Her motions could probably be set to motion.

Mirari watches Sorrel move, and she circles the woman as she sways in and out with her rapier. She tries to compensate for the slightly longer reach that the Princess has, but can't quite avoid the blade. Her expression goes from smiling to intent as they start to circle each other again, switching her knife to her other hand. She winks towards Sorrel as she tries to find an opening in her guard, waiting to dart in.

The little vixen nods thoughtfully as Octavia and Barric offer their comments, dark eyes lifting as Sir Jordan arrives and calls out in his deep resonating voice that fills the arena as he cheers for Sorrel. "Good even, Sir Jordan. Welcome to my Hart, won't you join us?" she invites, turning back to watch the ladies move gracefully about the ring.

Gianna happens to glance Jordan's way and inclines her head to him. "Hello again, Sir Ober."

Jordan smiles over at Gianna and Valencia. "Your Highness, Mistress Gianna. Glad to see you both." He nods a greeting to both, staring at the fight with assessing eyes.

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Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 193 higher.

Mirari remains capable of fighting.

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 21, rolling 23 higher.

Mirari remains capable of fighting.

Neb remains off to the side as Mirari and Sorrel go back and forth watchin from the smaller of the two ringside tables.

Sorrel has gotten some decent hits in, for she is a fairly good swordswoman. But though she is used to fighting in armor, the stresses and lack of sleep of new motherhood are getting her tired quickly and fatigue is beginning to set in.

Mirari is used to fighting with two hands, but she's making a go with just one, she switches hands again and stalks the Princess, darting in for a quick hit. She pays for it with a slash to her torso and she backs up, jerking her chin up before she murmurs something quiet for Sorrel's ears only. The blades clash a few more times, and when Mirari backs up a few steps, she's bleeding heavily.

Lisebet has baby in her arms, and at least she's had some practice with her neice, so she's not totally strange at this task. That's something. She watches the fight, with interest, quietly, as she's got the baby. But perhaps it's no surprise she's cheering for her sister-in-law.

Octavia takes another sip of her drink, but seems to be losing interest in the fighting rather rapidly. The magistrate is far more interested in words and deeds than steel, and she's made that abundantly clear in the past. Eventually, she leans over to Valencia and whispers something.

A gentle smile is offered at Lisbet holds the wee one in her arms. "Such a lovely baby," Valencia says softly, not her voice tender and sweet, the vision a rather starkly different one to the swift and violent dance below. Dark eyes lift and she smiles to Octavia, "Thank you for gracing my Hart with your fine company, my lady. I promise you that our next event will be hopefully more to your passions, yes?" she nods apologetically. "Please take care, yes? And my best to your family."

Sorrel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 19, rolling 20 higher.

Sorrel remains capable of fighting.

Sorrel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 32, rolling 38 higher.

Sorrel remains capable of fighting.

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 27, rolling 43 higher.

Mirari remains capable of fighting.

Sorrel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 33, rolling 41 higher.

Sorrel remains capable of fighting.

Octavia nods once, then rises to her feet, leaving her empty mug behind, and heads out into the night.

Octavia has left the ringside great table.

Ashe, the studious Stormward paralegal, 2 Kennex corsairs leave, following Octavia.

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 62, rolling 5 lower.

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 29, rolling 14 higher.

Mirari remains alive, but close to death.

Mirari is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Waldemai applauds. "Whoa! Now there was an even match between two game opponents! Well done! Well done!"

Neb has left the ringside table.

The crowd roars it's approval, many rising to their feet as the battle wages on, both ladies so close matched it could be anyone's day. Valencia is about to take her seat once more when the crowd cheers again and she joins them with a joyous call, "Bravo!!! Well, fought! Bravo indeed!"

Barric claps and whistles as the fight comes to an and, "Good fight!" He calls out, "Well done both of you." He smiles finally looking away from the fight to look over towards the rest of the gathering crowd and the newcomers, "Sir Ober, it's been some time. If nobody else is of a mind, care to have another bout?" He takes a drink of his whiskey, "After all, you did win last time and I would like a rematch if you're willing." He smiles.

Back and forth they go, the princess in her heavy armor having a difficult time with fatigue while managing to get little hits in every now and again. But Sorrel is wily, and she moves fast, despite her exhaustion, and eventually she finds an opening and knocks Mirari down!

Mirari raises her knife to react to Sorrel and when the Princess ducks under her guard and knocks her off her feet, she's laughing. She holds up a hand to get help up from the Thraxian Princess and she touches a hand over her heart, bowing towards the woman. "Remember what I said in the ring, Princess. I look forward to it, yes?" She makes her way over to the mercies and lets them tend her wounds, holding her arms up to make it easier on them.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mirari before departing.

"Congratulations, Your Highness. Well fought, Mirari." Jordan calls out with a sligiht smile, nodding again to Gianna and Valencia before making his leave.

Barric says, "I guess not."

"Very good! I will not forget!" Sorrel calls to Mirari as she makes her way down towards Lisebet and the baby with a broad grin on her lips. "So," she says to Lisebet. "How is Prince Kyrios doing?"

Mirari watches Jordan stride out of the arena, eyebrows raised. Tended now, she climbs up the rafters and takes a seat, crossing her legs again.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mirari before departing.

Lisebet has the baby, and he's at least not wailing, that's a start right. She makes a face at him and then glances up as Sorrel arrives. "He's very cute," she says, with a smile. "But I'm sure he'd prefer to be with you. He's also still pretty tiny - it's kind of awe inspiring how we can all start so small and some of us end up so tall and all." And of course some end up petite and decorative.

Again the crowd cheers to see such a beautiful showing of skill and the little raven haired princes raises her glass in salute to the ladies of the ring. As they depart the sands the Master of Arms calls out for any other contenders to take their place and try their skill.

Sorrel moves to ruffle the baby's midnight black curls, and he opens his storm blue eyes and peers at Lisebet for a moment before sighing an adorable little baby sigh and going back to sleep. "I... need a glass of whiskey," she declares, apparently ready to resume drinking and fighting tonight.

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Barric wields a simple unadorned long sword.

Mirari slips down from the rafters and makes her way back to the fighting ring with Barric, she pulls her knife from her belt again and eyes the man for a few brief moments. "All right, another sword. Damn your larger reach." She raises a hand and beckons him in. "Lets have a fun fight."

"It was a good fight Princess." Barric says to Sorrel as he stands up and starts removing leather armor, "Alright, since we're apparently doing unarmored spars..." Barric grins and gets down to his silks and then looks at Mirari, smiling wryly, "I have yet to learn how to knife fight, eventually though. First I am finishing my mastery of larger weapons." He is down to silk underclothes and a silk shirt by the time he makes his way down to the sands. "Every fight should be fun." He says with a wink to Mirari.

"Some of us can't help it if we're tall!" Sorrel calls out from the ringside table where she's busily consuming a glass of whiskey.

Mailys will make her way into the Arena, just in time it would seem, and she cups her hands to her mouth, "Knock him on his backside Mir!!" she calls out as she moves to find a spot to watch the fighting from.

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Mirari aims a droll grin at Sorrel and rolls her eyes before she turns back to Barric, swapping her knife to her right hand.

Barric salutes with his sword, "If it makes you feel better." He flips it around to the same underhanded grip he used with Waldemai, "I can fight like it was a knife... just overly large." He grins wryly and then nods, "When you're ready."

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Awww, such an adorable sleeping baby. Lisebet smiles and looks over to Sorrel. "That's okay, you go ahead, while he's sleeping. because if he wakes up I'm going to be too terrified to do anything but give him back to you."

Ian comes into the arena, mostly watching his feet as he goes. He only pauses to look up once well inside.

Gianna watches this new match, her glass of whiskey now empty. She turns the pewter ring on her finger absently, eyes half-lidded.

It with remarkable surprise and respect that Valencia watches Barric and Mirari return to the sands, the little southern princess so rapt to attention that she nearly misses Mailys's arrival. Fortunately her loud call of support draws attention and a bright ane welcoming smile from the little vixen. "Mistress Mailys! Welcome! You are just in time for a rather remarkable match. Would you care to join us. I think you know everyone, yes?" she asks looking from face to lovely face of those gathered at the table.

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It's clear that Barric isn't used to fighting a knife fighter as when the fight starts he closes into Mirari's range, he scores a light hit but in response takes a vicious hit from the woman that straightens him up and sends him back a couple of steps with a grimace, "Ow." He grins afterwards, "Nice hit." He is much more wary after that hard shot and he twists to present less of a target to Mirari and then takes a deep breath before he steps in to engage again. For all his longer reach he still gets clipped several more times, nodding each time he gets hit to acknowledge it. His smile though grows as the fight wears on and he starts scoring more hits while avoiding the answering swings from Mirari, apparently learning her reach and style enough to be able to avoid any more hard hits like the first one! Still they do add up...

"Oh, your highness!" Mailys says as she hears Valencia call out to her, moving to stand from where she'd seated, calling once again, "Come on girl! Stop playing with your food!" she urges enthusiastically before starting over towards Valencia's table and offering a curtsey to the gathered.

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Mirari moves into the ring, dressed once again in her normals clothes and watches at Barric does the same. Each time the Prince moves in to attack, she is able to match his blows - at first. Then things get slightly more serious and each time she darts in to attack Barric, she comes back with a new wound. She narrows her eyes and laughs softly. "I really am starting to hate people with swords." She admits, taking a breath and preparing to reengage.

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 3, rolling 53 higher.

Mirari remains capable of fighting.

Ian makes his way to the bar and takes a seat. He motions to the bartender to order a drink.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gianna before departing.

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 40 higher.

Mirari remains capable of fighting.

Barric checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 5, rolling 90 higher.

Barric remains capable of fighting.

Gianna returns to the bar to get a refill on her glass of whiskey. She settles next to Ian, inclining her head to the Kennex. "Good evening." Apparently, she expects him to remember her. Whether he actually does, however...

"C'mon, Mirari! Knock him on his ass!" Sorrel calls, maybe a bit of a lightweight after months and months of not drinking.

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It's hard to tell whether Ian remembers Gianna. He nods a greeting to her, his expression fairly neutral.

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"If it makes you feel better," Barric says with a chuckle, "That first hit alone makes me regret agreeing to fighting against a knife without armor..." He moves in a circular motion around the sands, darting in and flicking his blade out to probe at Mirari's defenses, landing a couple more light hits and taking a few in return. He smiles wryly, "I seriously have to learn how to fight with a knife..." he says to himself but then he calls out, "Thanks for all the support!" With a laugh to the crowd as everyone seems to be shouting for him to lose.

4 Thrax Guards arrives, following Galen.

Mirari laughs aloud as Sorrel yells from the crowd, but she's clearly hurting. Favoring her left leg she is getting worse at dodging the blows that weave in towards her. She constantly tries to bring up her off hand to block or deflect a blow, swearing when she realizes that she isn't wearing her talons. "Knife fighting is pretty easy. You find a vulnerable place, stab it. I can teach you if I'm not completely knocked on my ass after this bout." She aims a smile at Barric before she moves into engage him again.

Ariella pushes herself to her feet, nodding to those at her table, and walks over the bar where she orders up a glass of dark rum. Looking down to Gianna she says, "I was hoping to spar, but I'm not sure I'm ever going to find someone as bad at this as I am to make it any kind of an interesting fight."

Barric checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 69 higher.

Barric remains capable of fighting.

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 24, rolling 46 higher.

Mirari remains capable of fighting.

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 37, rolling 43 higher.

Mirari remains capable of fighting.

It would seem that the ladies are uniting in this and most are cheering Mirari on with calls and cries of encouragement. Mailys and Sorrel get playful looks as Ian arrives. The little princess smiles to Ian as he arrives and waves him warmly over to the table to join them. "My Lord Ian! Welcome. Will it be whiskey tonight?" Upon hearing, Ariella's words the little princess smiles shyly, "I promise to be fair worse than you if you would like to try the sands. I cannot promise much of a challenge, but if more talented souls are not able, I am most willing, my lady."

Ian lifts his whiskey to show Valencia that yup, whiskey. "She's better than she claims," he remarks to Ariella before taking a sip.

"For some reason I think it takes more than that..." Barric says with a chuckle, gamely moving to avoid the majority of Mirari's cuts and slashes, and indeed, even those stabby bits as he finds little purchase with his own strikes. He's favoring his side where he was struck earlier now, left arm wrapped around his stomach and holding onto his ribs. Right arm bent slightly and blade held horizontal at Mirari as he steps back, twists with a wince, but he continues. Both of them are clearly feeling the results of their time on the sands, neither seems to be willing to open themselves up to greater hits as Barric takes another hit when trying for a harder one of his own which teaches him well.

Mirari is bleeding from a few places now, but she still has a smile on her face, even if it looks more like a grimace now. "Maybe." She says, rolling her shoulders as she shrugs, she winces and swears under her breath. She takes a breath and stands up straighter, nodding at Barric. "I think we're about done here in any case. I can't take much more of this. Don't let me catch you somewhere alone, I'll break that sword." She teases, falling back into her fighting stance. She holds out a hand towards Barric, and motions him in.

Gianna tells Ariella, "I participated in a knife throwing contest here once. I believe Lord Wash won that one. I don't think I'd last long in a spar, either." She flicks some of her hair over her shoulder. "Face to face, no surprise advantage? Not ideal."

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 47, rolling 6 higher.

Mirari remains capable of fighting.

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 80, rolling 45 lower.

Mirari checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 44, rolling 7 lower.

Mirari is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Sorrel has thoughtfully handed the baby to Lisebet, since she brought him to a bar so that she could spar. She's got a glass of whiskey, but she hasn't drank more than a sip or two from it. It's like owning it is vindication enough for her. Her focus is almost entirely on the fight, and she claps for the fighters as they circle one another armorlessly.

Waldemai cheers like crazy. "Wow, what a fight! Well done! Well fought!"

Valencia glances to Gianna and Ariella as the fight rages on. "If it pleases, we can have another throwing contest again?" the little vixen invites with a smile. "It would take but a moment to turn the arena for such. Would that interest you ladies?"

"If you are really worried about reach..." Barric says with a chuckle as he sidesteps another cut from Mirari's knife, "I am having a greatsword forged for me... That would be even worse." He blocks the rubicund with steel and then draws the blade up along the shorter edge to land a hit on Mirari's shoulder. "I think you're right..." He says taking a soft breath, "But we haven't even broken into a sweat yet... maybe next time." He twists and then spins quickly with a surprising burst of speed to avoid one of Mirari's attacks only to land with the flat of his sword in one of the harder hits of the fight so far, not the hardest... that belongs to Mirari's opening strike but hard enough...

Ian leans against the bar and takes a sip of his drink as he watches the tail end of the fight.

Ariella tilts her head toward Ian. "Charmer." He probably doesn't get called that very often. "I thought my skills were getting better, but every time I spar with someone I end up on my ass in ten seconds flat. Which isn't usually a problem, unless it's due to a fight. Then I spend the next twenty minutes putting my damn teeth back in." She nods to Gianna. "I remember that. Jeffeth did have that divine throw without even looking, though!" Valencia gets a smile. "If you would like to try me, I would be happy to spar. I would be useless throwing knives, though."

Mirari darts in at Barric and by the time she manages to turn to parry whatever oncoming strike was incoming, it hits her. She sprawls on the arena floor, dazed. Once she manages to clear the fog from her head she holds up a hand for help up. "Noted. If I see you with a greatsword, sneak up on you and get in a preemptive strike." She mutters, limping from the ring towards the stationed Mercy. "I think I've had enough for the night." She manages to get a seat at the bar and calls for a whiskey. "Waldemai, I'm not climbing the rafters in this condition!" She calls out.

Gianna gestures at Valencia and Ariella, making a little shooing motion. "You two ought to go fight, I think. I perform much better with my voice than with my knife."

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Ian gives Ariella a puzzled look when she calls him a charmer, like he's not sure what to make of the comment.

Mirari gets a full set of sharp alaricite finger talons from some soft black leather pouches.

Mailys is overheard praising Mirari: Good Fight!

Mailys is overheard praising Mirari: Good Fight!

Waldemai pretends to drop ale down to Mirari, and then thinks better of it. "Barmaid, bring that woman a whiskey and an ale on me. The whiskey's for the pain, and the ale for blood loss. Apply them both internally." There, what healer has better advice than that?

Galen makes his way into the arena with a glass in one hand and his other swaying at his side. The Warlord seems relaxed, perhaps it was finally getting back out to sea for a bit, or the fact that his wife had given birth to a healthy strong child. Galen's steps are light, his smile bright and his moustache is just right! Seeing Sorrel he immediately moves toward her, "Love!" he shouts.

Mirari wields a full set of sharp alaricite finger talons.

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Lisebet isn't getting up, nope. She's got the baby in her arms, even if it's not her baby. "If you saw my miserable attempt at the Telmar Gauntlet, you know well enough why I am not going anywhere near those sands," she says wryly.

"You better not have knocked her about too much, Your Highness! I need my cousin with all her wits!" Mailys calls, though Mirari seems to be doing well enough and she flashes a bright smile, "Mir fought great, didn't she, doing so well against Prince Barric and his sword!"

Barric helps Mirari up of course, after switching his sword to his other hand. "I might take you up on that offer... of training with smaller weapons after I finish with the larger ones." He winces as he examines his side, going over to the mercies to get tended to as well. "I would hope that were we to run into each other not in the sparring ring, it wouldn't end up with a mugging or that sort of violence." He says playfully then lifts his arm to show his side to the mercies so he can get tended to, "Well fought Mirari, I'd like to see you and Caspian spar." before he returns to his seating.

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3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering arrive, following Coraline.

A warm and welcoming smile is offered to Galen as he arrives. "Good evening, Highness. I'm so glad to see you. Your lovely lady and Mistress Mirari had the most extraordinary bout earlier. They are both so beautifully talented," the little vixen nods brightly as she waits for Ariella's answer, and then, if accepted, gamely follows her to the sands.

"Galen!" Sorrel says brightly, rising to greet her husband with a fond kiss. "You just missed my spar with Mistress Mirari! It was a good time. She's quite ruthless. Now Lisebet is holding Kyrios, and the evening is lovely!"

Mirari chuckles and shakes her head. "I try not to spar Caspian. I can't handle his ego and it beats me into the ground before his weapon can." She quips, taking a drink from her delivered whiskey.

As Cora arrives and hears Mirari's words Cora laughs, "Just through underwhere at his head, it will amuse him enough to distract him. Although his ego might be words after, maybe toss men's underwear?"

Galen catches sight of Valencia as he moves toward Sorrel and he stops, "Good evening to you, your Highness. I am equally glad to be seen and glad to see you, I am glad to know she is already getting back to her old ways," a bright smile and a respectful nod was given with this as he continued toward Sorrel at least until he saw Prince Kyrios in Lisebets arms and there his stormy gaze would fall, his son capturing his attention until he is kissed by Sorrel which is returned, "The evening is even more lovely now that I have found you two!" and then without warning he wraps his arms around Sorrel, lifts her into the air and spins around while laughing, "I have heard from a certain Fox of her ruthlessness," obviously this was in response to her words about Mirari.

Hearing Coraline's voice, Barric smiles and looks over towards the Thraxian Princess and waves. It just so happens that he is holding his leather vest so waves it like a flag as he is still getting his clothing back on after his spar with Mirari. He chuckles, "I'm not sure that's a valid tactic for everyone... but I am curious as to how you know that one Cora." He says with a wry grin before he starts getting into his armor again. Galen gets a wave, thankfully without a garment with it. "Prince Galen, long time no see." He chuckles wryly, "I think our shipboard duties kept us apart for the whole of the tour of the Mourning Isles."

Mirari glances towards Galen and makes a face. "I'm not ruthless. I'm a peach." She says, pointing towards Mailys. "Ask my cousin, she's an excellent judge of my character." She winks towards Mailys and raises her whiskey before she takes another drink.

"An absolute angel, there isn't anyone more sweet or adorable than my dear cousin Mirari." Mailys calls over towards Mirari and Galen before turning towards Barric, "You fought quite well, Your Highness, even if I was hoping for you to lose. I've got to root for my dear cousin afterall!"

Lisebet smiles as she sees the expression on Galen's face. "He's a handsome baby, your highness," she says to her - uhm, well not-quite-brother-in-law? "Princess Sorrel, that was most wonderfully well fought. I have your armour by the way. I think it saved my life, along with Alban's making me jog regularly."

Princess Coraline's comments draws another smile from the little southern princess and she offers her a hand in warm greeting. "Hello you, highness. Welcome to my Hart. Please join us, yes? Now what is it you would care to enjoy? Wine? Whiskey? I have a beautiful spiced rum if that is your pleasure," she offers with a bright nod of her head. "Whatever pleases best. I'm sure we might have it. Just ask and it is yours."

Grinning Barric's way, Cora moves over to give him a kiss, "Hello love, did you win?" She shrugs, "Well there was a spar and Caspian's opponent asked for distractions and well after trying doing a butt wiggle, and pantsing my guard," She looks over at that particular one who is blushing, she mouths 'sorry', she adds, "I found some underwear and tossed it at his head." Valencia gets a bright smile, "Hello highness, a spiced rum sounds amazing!"

"Sweet, adorable, and will cut you with a knife," Sorrel says with a measure of mirth, winking at Mirari. She looks back to Lisebet. "Ah! My leathers! Yes, you really should look into getting your own set of them," she says brightly to Lisebet, sitting down so that she can pet the baby on his black curls. "I should feed him before I drink. Hold him another moment for me." She unbuckles her breastplate, loosens the ties on her tunic, then takes the baby back from Lisebet to pop him on a breast nonchalantly where he immediately suckles. Tiny princes need to eat, apparently. And she manages to do this without flashing anyone overmuch.

Ian finishes his drink and heads back out.

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"Prince Barric, I do think that is correct...I belive we ran into each other in passing but that was about it," The Thrax Warlord replies to the man while he turns to cut a stormy glance to Mailys, "An absolute angel indeed," he winks then looks to Lisebet, "Thank you! He is quite handsome just like his father if I do say so myself," and then Sorrel is getting naked so he loses himself for a moment, however, his son is quickly blocking his view, "Damn," he mutters playfully falling into a seat next to his little family.

Mirari gets to her feet and chuckles softly under her breath, making her way towards Mailys to lean down and kiss her on the cheek. "I have to go cousin, but you and I need to get together soon. We've some things to discuss." She turns to wave at the rest of the crowd. "Have a good evening all, it was a pleasure to see you." She sticks her tongue out at Sorrel as she moves towards the exit. "I'll send you a messenger, Princess. Soon."

"I should hope so." Barric says with a grin at Mailys, "It'd hardly do for the Sword of Bastion to be an unskilled fighter now wouldn't it." He chuckles as he starts pulling on his boots one after the other, then pauses as he remembers to put his pants on first. Then his boots. Minutiae like that can get a man in trouble! "Arx is full of great fighters though, we have to be in order to survive these dark days." He lifts up to return Coraline's kiss, "I did, twice so far tonight. I am sure a third would be my undoing though... Mirari caught me a wicked cut on my side that I'll be feeling for a while even after the mercies tended to it."

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Quirking a brow, Cora puts a hand on Barric's chest, "So, did you forget your betrothed is actually trained in medicine? I can attend to that for you. Or don't you trust me?" Her voice might be a little too innocent.

"Looking forward to it," Sorrel replies brightly to Mirari, and then the woman is gone. She winks at Galen playfully. "He does look like his daddy, and that's a damn good thing," she informs him, then eyes Coraline and Barric curiously.

Ariella looks back at Valencia and smiles at the princess. "All right, lets give this a shot. Neither of us know how good the other is, but both of us have thoroughly talked down our skill. So let's see who was lying and who was just being accurate." Ariella finishes her rum, then starts for the ring.

Galen overhearing Coraline and Barric stands, "I can look at that for you! I technically am somewhat of a mercy!" he announces while beating one hand into his chest, "It would be my pleasure to tend that wound Prince Barric," he glances back down to Sorrel and whispers something.

Lisebet promptly returns the baby to his mother, grins at Galen's playfulness, but takes advantage of her opportunity to get another drink. Because her first one is empty, after all. "Ooh, this should be good," she adds, as she glances over to the ring. "Good luck to both of you; may you fight well!"

A warm farewell is offered Mirari as she departs and Valencia nods to Ariella and laughs. "Well, my lady, what we lack in skill we will more than readily make up in heart and comedic effect. At least on my part," the little vixen smiles as she smooths her gown and gracefully rise from the table and moves to the sands below.

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Gianna raises her glass to her lips and has a sip of whiskey. She observes Barric and Coraline over the rim of her glass, briefly.

Valencia wields Fox of the North.

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Ariella wields Revival, a rubicund saber.

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There is a laugh at that, "Neither of you were here for it." He tells both Galen and Coraline, "The on hand Mercies tended to it but if you want... you can unwrap the bandages and take a look for yourself." Barric tells Coraline and then he winks at Galen, "Sorry Galen, she's /way/ prettier than you are... and I've got to live with her." He says playfully but then more seriously to Coraline, "I am fine, promise. Just a touch sore. Once we get out into that blizzard again I'm sure I'll be too cold to notice."

Ariella follows Valencia down to the ring. "I have my first duel for the Champions tomorrow, so here's hoping you don't bruise me too badly." Ariella adjusts her sword belt as she walks, then when she gets to the sand she draws her sword.

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With a swirl of southern silks the little vixen arrives on the sands and offers a graceful and respectful curtsy to Ariella. "Oh, congratulations, my lady. I fear I will offer you little sport, but I shall endeavor to not go down lightly," she smiles brightly and readies her weapon.

Galen waves a dismissive hand toward Barric, "Fine, ignore my medical genius!" he laughs and lowers himself back down beside Kyrios and Sorrel, playfully tickling his son while he eats, "I am glad you are feeling good love. I know you enjoyed being back in the ring, I need to practice some myself, I have been working too much and not fighting enough lately," he notes while turning his attention to the sands, "Shall we place a wager?"

"Humph, well then I suppose I will let it alone then." She grins and waits till he is fully clothed then leans against him. "Does that mean if I fought you it is likely I might win that bet?" She says teasingly. Her eyes then going to Sorrel she winks before saying innocently, "So Sorrel, when should we go shopping for wedding armor?"

On seeing that Valencia is just wearing her normal clothes Ariella takes a moment prior to the start of combat to treat the whole arena to a strip tease, but without the tease part. She peels off her ridiculous leathers and tosses them aside, then faces Valencia in bloomers, socks and a silk top.

"Stranger things have happened." Barric tells Coraline with a playful smile at her mention of the bet, "But I wouldn't count on it. It's not a bet I would just throw no matter what I get if I lose." He grins at Galen, "I'm sure you'll have ample time to try and resuscitate me when I fall off the deck of a ship when I am forced to learn how to sail." He chuckles, "I am not looking forwards to that if I were to be completely honest. I may be a knight, and a Sword, but a Sailor..." He shakes his head and then turns his attention to the spar going on down on the sands. He ooh's and ah's and winces at the hits and misses.

"Heavy armor or leathers?" Sorrel wonders of Coraline, just nonchalantly feeding her son. The baby blocks most of the view of her open tunic, and her breastplate leans against her legs. "I'd go heavier, if I were you, but I prefer heavy armor. Then you decide if you want to do rubicund etched with sea serpents, maybe with an aeterna tunic underneath, stitched with red."

This is a hell of a fight for anyone who likes seeing two fighters who are evenly matched when it comes to getting the hell out of the way of oncoming weaponry. Ariella and Valencia nimbly leap out of the way of the other's attacks over and over, each scoring a touch now and again, though nothing decisive. When Valencia lands a significant blow to her bare stomach, one that's definitely going to leave a mark, Ariella grunts hard and steps back out of the range of the knife fighter, then feints one way before moving in hard and fast, bringing the flat of her blade down with an audible smack across the princess' shoulders. "Hah!" Which is a little cocky considering how the fight had been going until this point.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Galen before departing.

Valencia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 8 lower.

Valencia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 12, rolling 56 higher.

Valencia remains alive, but close to death.

Valencia is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

"Ohhhh," Cora says softly a little bounce against Barric at that, "Ohhh, yes yes rubicund etched with sea serpents. Er," she blushes, "I am afraid I don't know my fabrics. What is aeterna?" Her eyes move to the fight appreciatively then back to Sorrel. "I like this design, I like it rather a lot. And yeah I am more particular to heavy." She blushes and looks at Barric briefly, "I do have a lovely set of leathers but I don't think getting married in them is wise."

The ladies begins to move and turn, testing each others defense with little thrusts and parries, the dark eyed little princess turning away and also receiving several solid hits by the amber-eyed beauty with the quick-silver smile. Again, Ariella presses and the little princess is pushed back, turning lightly to dance out of the way. A lucky strike has her turning back only to be struck hard by the duelists sword and she gasps at the sting, her breath taken quickly between clinched teeth. "Well, struck," Valencia concedes as she falls back and gives her shoulder a little roll. But there's no time for talk, as Ariella is upon her again with keen eyes and a wicked slash.

"You will not regret getting Sorrel to help you with armor," Galen says cheerfully with bright stormy eyes that trail from Sorrel to Coraline, he points a single finger at his breastplate, which is the only piece of metal he is wearing right now, "She did that." then he is back to watching the fight and whispering to Sorrel.

As the melee continues Ariella pushes her attack, taking another swipe before following it with a hard shoulder that sends her opponent to the dirt. The captain stands for a long moment, breathing hard, then reaches out a hand to Valencia. "You were better than you said, Princess. Neither of us could land a touch for the longest time. But this is auspicious for my duel against Lady Lys, who I believe also uses knives."

"Aeterna is irridescent white, and it'll make a lovely contrast with the red of the rubicund. We'll get you some jewelry with rubies and garnets in it, maybe in silver or even iridescite if Barric decides to make it a wedding gift, and you can wear it with your armor," Sorrel suggests to Coraline, though she gives Barric a Look. Galen murmurs something to her and she smiles adoringly at him and drags him down into a kiss.

"I think getting married in them would be sexy as all get out." Barric says to Coraline with a wry smile, "I get to wear either my leathers or my steel for the last time. I'm going to give my Tournament Steel to Gareth, and I think someone else was going to need some leathers..." He gestures towards the set he's wearing, "So I will need to get some Rubicund, and some new leathers as well after the wedding." He looks over at Sorrel and raises an eyebrow then shakes his head.

Ariella is overheard praising Valencia: Great hostess and a good spar!

Valencia is overheard praising Ariella: An excellent and most gracious opponent and lady. I'm so delighted to have sparred with her.

Lisebet arches a brow, glancing at Sorrel and Galen, and then she downs her drink. "I'm sure you shouldn't be doing that in front of the children," she teases. "Though maybe I should get your help with a design for whatever armour I do get. I have little idea what it should be."

Gianna watches the nimble battle taking place on the sands, head cocked slightly to the left. Curious. Ariella wins, and Gianna downs a loarge gulp of whiskey.

Marius arrives, following Giulio.

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"If I get married in my leathers I am going to blush constantly and might pass out." Cora says with a kiss to his cheek, "Besides, rubicund, I can kick even more ass in rubicund." She pokes his chest, "And you wait before you buy a damn thing till after we are married or I shall be very cross." She nods to Sorrel, "I love all of this, all of it. Although I am completely ignorant as far as fashion or anything goes, I apologize in advance."

"If I get married in my leathers I am going to blush constantly and might pass out." Cora says with a kiss to his cheek, "Besides, rubicund, I can kick even more ass in rubicund." She pokes his chest, "And you wait before you buy a damn thing till after we are married or I shall be very cross." She nods to Sorrel, "I love all of this, all of it. Although I am completely ignorant as far as fashion or anything goes, I apologize in advance." She nods to Galen, "Oh I believe it."

"Kick his ass until he buys you something pretty," Sorrel suggests to Coraline, sliding the baby gently to his father and taking a moment to tighten her tunic and put on her breastplate. "I need to get going for now, but we'll talk more later. Get you a good design. Both of you," she adds, including Lisebet in the conversation. "Galen, did you want to come home with me or stay and spar a bit?"

The little vixen finds herself quickly set hard upon the sand. Stunned, she lays there a moment and catches her breath, wincing a little a the bruises she can already feel rising. "I do believe you will be a most fine fighter, my lady, though I am by no means a good measure," Valencia laughs and then winces as she is helped ot her feet wince more. "It think I shall know my place and leave the sands to you and the other talented warriors among us," she smiles and laughs softly again. "Come, I think I shall need a rather strong drink and a soak after this."

Flashing a bit of a grin, Giulio meanders into the Arena. Casually, he looks about, his eyes flitting this way and that, before he sees Mailys. With a tilt of his head, he moves to sit at the table. Marius flits along behind, stepping to the bar to gather a few glasses. A jug of Southern Thunder is settled on the table before him and Marius pours the man a glass.

Ariella laughs at Valencia's comment and shakes her head. "You sell yourself short, your highness." She grabs her leathers and walks back out of the arena, where she starts the process of putting her clothes back on. Which, with leathers, is never as easy as taking them off was. There's a lot of ungainly hopping around and at one point she nearly falls on her sword, it when she's done she gives Valencia a friendly wave and heads back to the bar. To Gianna she says, "She might look like a pretty bird, but this welt on my stomach is going to hurt like a son of a bitch for a week."

Galen tries not to squish Kyrios when Sorrel kisses him, he of course returns it and then remembers he has a glass in his hand that hasn't been drank, so when they pull away a touch he takes a long swig, "I needed that tour, the sea has been calling me for a while," he chuckles and then pushes himself up from his seat lazily before extending an arm to his wife, "I will most certainly escort you home my fair Princess," then a bright Galen smile is given to those here, "Well done everyone, a great show of honor and skill to all my eyes have beheld. I bid you all a good night, and please Princess Valencia, put Barric and Coraline's tab on me."

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"I've bought her plenty of pretty things Sorrel." Barric says simply to Sorrel, wrapping his arm around Coraline's waist as she bumps into him and then pulls her down, in rubicund and all, onto his lap. "But considering I just invested over fifteen hundred writs into a new ship for Thrax... we'll have to see what I can come up with before the wedding, which hasn't even been given a date yet, as far as I know, but then I haven't even seen the contract yet." He says with a wry smile, "I'm just the..." And then they are gone and he shrugs again, "Gods I need more whiskey."

Kissing him on the cheek she chuckles, "You gotta catch em quick, and I will show you tonight. I get so damn distracted. And I love the leathers you got me, I doubt I shall be replacing them anytime remotely soon. Or perhaps I shall show them off for you?" She grins.

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Gianna inclines her head to Ariella. "Well, try not to let it affect your fight tomorrow. For the Champions, was it?" She has another sip of whiskey, noting, "You both danced very well."

Lisebet waves to Sorrel, with a smile. She sips her next drink, watching for a few more minutes. Then she too gets to her feet. "I should also get going," she says. "Thank you again, Princess Valencia. I do hope you won't be hurting too much tomorrow. Everyone brave and talented enough to take part in the sparring, well done. I will see you all next time."

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A fond farewell is offered to Sorrel and Galen and a bright smile and the offer of a delicate hand is offered Giulio's way. "Lord Giulio! How wonderful to see you! Welcome to my Hart. Please join us, I think we may have one more bout in our company this evening. I was just taught a very keen lesson about dropping my guard by Lady Airella," she says with a smile the lady's way. "You are well?"

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Barric claps and cheers for Valencia and Ariella when their fight finishes, "I thought you were going to get her Fox, that was an amazing come back Ariella." Barric says with a smile, "I think you both deserve some hard drinks and a soak after that." He nods towards Lisebet when she rises to leave, "Take care Lady Lisebet. It was good seeing you again." He then looks up at Coraline after the kiss to his cheek, smiling wryly, "Promises promises..." He considers, "Did you know everyone was cheering for me to lose earlier tonight? I don't know what I've done lately but it must have been horrible."

Kissing Barric again, Cora smiles, "I will always cheer for you love. Oh here," she slips him a piece of parchment, a moment after she gets a messenger of her own and she chuckles, "And that's my cue. I will see you later tonight love." Another kiss and she waves to everyone, "Thank you all for fantastic company."

Taking a swallow of his Southern Thunder, Giulio observes the ring, one brow lofted. He looks between Barric and Coraline and offers a muted smile, his head half-tilted. Slowly, he takes a swallow of the pale liquid. At Valencia's statement, the man nods. "Well enough, your Highness. More tired than I might wish to be. But... tolerable, all in all." He seems prepared to say more, but, Marius hands the man a letter, apparently after speaking to some totally not suspicious looking fellow.

There is a sigh, his head shaking slightly. "No rest for the wicked." He drains his drink and meanders off.

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"Well if you must go... then you must go." Barric says to Coraline and reluctantly lets her go so she can go attend to the business she must attend to. "Be safe, there is a blizzard out there you know." He tells Coraline, "See you when you get home. Undoubtedly I will be there."

The cheering turns to more contained conversations and slowly the event slows down. The Hart's staff remain busy filling cups and seeing to guests wishes and needs with a warm smile and the little vixen leans back in her seat and takes a long deep drink of her whiskey. Lizette arrives with a small chest with the names of all the guests written in a finely scripted hand and the little princess close her eyes and draws a slip, reading it quietly and then smiling and nodding to Lizette. "We shall announce it in the morning in the whites," Valencia says happily. "It will be a beautiful prize I have no doubt. It was a lovely way to mark the end of twenty."

Cora looks a bit surprised, "Is that what that is? Huh, it was awfully blowy and stuff. Not that cold though," she shrugs and winks, "Good thing I can warm you up." And off she wanders

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